49ers 3, Seahawks 29: Grades

SEATTLE – Here are my grades for the 49ers’ 29-3 loss to the Seahawks.

KAEPERNICK: F. Four turnovers. The worst performance of his NFL career, although to be fair he was his only running game and his receivers weren’t getting open. Still, Kaepernick never has led a touchdown drive against the Seahawks’ starting defense.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. One catch for seven yards. That was Anquan Boldin’s stat line. The Seahawks canceled him easily. Richard Sherman shadowed him in the first half, but other cornerbacks shut down Boldin in the second half. Kyle Williams caught four passes but basically was a non-factor.

RUNNING BACKS: F. Frank Gore was terrible. He gained16 yards on nine rushes. It seems like he’s entering the twilight of his career and has lost his legs. Kendall Hunter lost seven yards on his one run. The 49ers’ best runner currently is Kaepernick.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Vernon Davis caught just three passes for 20 yards before he left the game with a hamstring injury. Vance McDonald had one catch for 19 yards – he ran over Richard Sherman on the play. But McDonald later was flagged for an unnecessary roughness penalty in the second half.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. They gave up three sacks and got dominated in the run game. On Seattle’s turf, the Seahawks’ defensive linemen are too quick for the 49ers’ offensive linemen. The Seahawks were slipping off blocks all night.

DEFENSIVE LINE: F. Aldon Smith dominated the Seahawks’ backup left tackle, but he also was flagged 15 yards for hitting Wilson in the face and a few plays later the Seahawks scored a touchdown. This group, especially the Nickel front, could not stop the run. The Seahawks killed the 49ers’ with runs out of three and four-wide receiver shotgun formations.

LINEBACKERS: F. NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis combined for 19 tackles, but those tackles didn’t amount to much considering how well the Seahawks ran the ball. Ahmad Brooks was flagged for facemask penalty and a few plays later the Seahawks scored a touchdown.

SECONDARY: F. Donte Whitner gave up a 51-yard catch to Doug Baldwin. Nnamdi Asomugha was flagged for a pass interference penalty on a deep pass and he missed a couple of tackles. Eric Reid sustained a concussion.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F. Perrish Cox fumbled a kickoff.

COACHING: F. Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman over-thought the game plan. They did not rely on the talent of their players. The offense had no continuity or cohesiveness. Where were the power runs off tackle? Where were the basics?

And it’s not a surprise the team came out tight and completely lost its composure in the second half when the Seahawks went up by two scores – 12 penalties for 121 yards. The team mirrors Harbaugh’s personality. He talked too much during the week about Clay Matthews and the Packers. His focus should have been on this game.

    1. Prediction grades:

      Grant: A. Seattle by 14 (28-14). Would have been an A+ but he over-estimated our O by a bunch

      Matt: A-. Second week in a row Matt makes a good call (Seattle by 4). Also peakfreak and F’ing arrogant know-it all predicted a Seahawk win

    2. Vernon and Boldin are not wideouts. 9ers need to get some wideouts to give CK more open targets. Everything else is a waste of time if you don’t unlock CK’s potential to be a run and shoot QB. All the shifting and option are cute but won’t take CK to the next level.

  1. I’m ok with all the F’s. But Wilson had a terrible stat line and when all was said and done Seattle had only 290 yards of offense. This was really about a totally inept offense and costly turnovers. The D actually hung tough.

      1. His QBR was 63, that sucks. Wilson was mostly a non-factors. Lame penalties and terrible run D in 2nd half cost us hurt us more.

      2. What would you be writing if AS had been the QB and had those numbers? You would be screaming for blood. It is perception and not the quality of play that seems to count.

    1. Totally agree with your Take,

      Nobody is going to mention the obvious reason why the 49ers lost last night?

      2 words…..


      2 weeks in a row now that supposedly the Best O-Line in the NFL……FAILED

      Without them actually doing their job in the Running Game than K-Gun can’t do his job. It’s that simple, and that’s why the 49er lost last night.

      They need to look themselves in the mirror & ask how they can be better than what they’ve showed so far because it’s not good enough. Not even close

      1. I said it before the season started. This offensive line had not opened 1 hole the entire preseason. Thats why the running backs stats looked so bad then. It carried over into the regular season. We have to be last in the league in rushing(minus Kaps scrambles)
        We won’t beat very many teams if we have no running game. Right now, for 6 games, we have no running game.

  2. Well they certainly had their ass handed to them.
    This was not championship football tonight, they will have to suck it up and perfrom the rest of this season or…….

  3. 100% agree. Iupati in particular looked bad. Consistently beaten badly. Kaep seemed to be extending plays from the start, but WRs couldn’t get open. Did Niners run any bunch formations? Typically, Niners are slow and methodical, but that often seems like they find no rhythm. This was sure the case tonight. Would be nice to see more up tempo from time time. Regarding Gore, he looks,to have no quickness in his feet. Plodding. He was never a burner, but always had short area burst and quick feet. Appears to be gone. Roman seemed like he had no answers. After one hour delay, the best he could come up with was run Gore into the OL. You will not win in NFL with turnovers and penalties. Period. Having said all this, Niners really had no way to win in Seattle on their home opener. They played poor, but No way Seattle loses this one at home. They would have beaten any team in the league tonight…

    1. I think what’s more concerning about Gore is his vision. He is missing holes and cut backs that are there for the taking. Watch the tape. Two weeks in a row now he has done it. And there is NO excuse for Kendall Hunter getting 1 carry. None what so ever.

      1. Gore is s l o w
        Should’ve put in hunter more

        I think kaep is playing to stay healthy
        Towards the end they spread em out n he had a couple good runs b throws..
        Put in PATTON N MOORE
        These guys were making catches a few weeks ago
        I freakin hate Kyle Williams non factor
        Cmon man miller with the drop
        Hard catch buy hit him in the hands
        On to next week

  4. This one is on the coaches. The coaching was awful…and there is no excuse for it.

    Gore has looked old since last season. He doesn’t scare anyone. Is Hunter ready?
    Boldin can be eliminated from the game plan, count on Arizona and the Rams to do the same. The Niners don’t have any other viable WR, Boldin is it.

  5. What a lazy evaluation. Dline and LB F’s? The D played pretty well. The offense and coaching on the other hand…

    Article… C-. Lack of effort, lazy evaluation… but at least you should get some easy hits which is all you’re really trying to do.

    1. Wrong, Seattle ran for 172 yards. Until late they were averaging over 4.5 yards per attempt. That is garbage. Too often Willis and Bowman were making their tackles 5 or 6 yards downfield. The pass defense was the only decent part of the team.

    2. That is Grant’s Game. Front seven deserved a C, they were holding the team up until Seattle started scoring in the later part of the game.

    3. Agree, azninersfan. Grant’s grades have always been unintelligent. A bad overall performance, give everybody an F? Why even bother, if that’s all the analysis he can manage? Tight ends no worse than a C, linebackers no worse than a C, secondary no worse than a C (Reid had an interception, Russell Wilson’s QB rating was 63). Most of the rest were terrible, that’s true. I also hate Greg Roman’s play calling but maybe nothing was going to work.

    1. I thought the same thing… Except I would give the LBs and Special teams a C-… Grant you nailed it with the gameplan and the team talking. A little humble pie should get them back on track. Thankfully Seattle has tough road games and could be looking at 4-5 road losses.

  6. I get the niners lost badly but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give accurate grades. The whole defense deserves Fs? No way. Secondary played well at least. Front 7. I’d give them C- the point total was not their fault. 27 (-2 from safety) off 5 turnovers. 4 of which on the niners end of 50. Niners D doesn’t deserve all Fs.

    1. The defense played very well, there isn’t even really an analysis given for why they deserve Fs outside of mentioning a couple plays that the Seahawks made against them. They held the Seahawks to 4.1 yards per play, even though they gave up 110 yards on like 3 plays (Baldwin reception, Lynch long reception, Lynch long run). They kept the score very close until the end there even though there was no production on offense. The F is funny for special teams as well consider we had a blocked punt and Andy Lee played well. Way to let emotion overpower a logical analysis Grant.

      1. >>The F is funny for special teams as well consider we had a blocked punt

        Special teams turned it over, that can’t happen in close games (which thankfully for them this wasn’t). The block punt was an absolute fluke, refs were snoozing on that one.

        The was an entire team fiasco, Grant’s grades are entirely deserved.

  7. To be fair, the defense actually played the pass pretty well for the most part. But they still deserve an F for their inability to stop the run and for giving up 2 costly penalties that turned 6 points into 14 when the game was still somewhat in the balance.

    Offense was abysmal. Won’t win many games if only your QB can run the ball and none of the WRs get open. If Williams and Moore are better than Patton and Baldwin, the 49ers are in trouble.

    1. Scooter,

      Even when Kaepernick had men open he either couldn’t find them or didn’t pull the trigger. He had Williams open on the 3rd down play at the goalline before the FG, but didn’t throw it and ran instead. And earlier in the game on a 3rd down instead of running for the first down when it was there, he threw it to Gore who had someone all over him.

      Can’t wait for the all 22 film to be available on this one.

    1. Stats won’t be up for this game until late tomorrow but last week all the TE’s were graded in the negative especially McDonals who had a -1.5 for his run blocking.

  8. ESPN just announced 2 shocking incidents:
    1) Colin Kaepernick just inform the 49ers that he quits playing football to focus on his modeling career
    2) Pete Carroll was admitted to ER and in critical condition due to a piece gum blocking his airway. Carroll chewed lots of gum during game and he swallowed them all.

  9. Coaching was terrible and we don’t have a RB we don’t have a WR what do we have?…….number 7 running for his life ? C’mon Greg Roman needs to go…..

    1. Agree. It is only so obvious that Gore has lost more than 1 step, and our only receiver, Boldin can be taken out of the game by a good CB.

  10. Gore is done
    KAEPernick is a fraud..Joe and Steve won the big games Kaep doesnt…
    Haurbagh ia an ass and deserves all the bed Karma coming his way
    Niners have been the best team in the Nfl the last two years and blew it two ywlears in a row…Their window is closed….Thats all folks Haurbaugh is Shottenhiemer 2.0
    SEATTLE is the real deal..
    Niners looked liked scared sissys
    How did we not draft Sherman? Harbaughs ego is why..
    The Niners are only good at chokin..They excel in it…
    Watch this team all year just to be let down
    Niners are frauds and posers
    Way to get embarrassed on national Tv
    Got embarrassed by the lamest city in Amaerica and one of the most irrelevant teams in sports history
    Kaep is a loser go put on your Miami hat p*to
    Niners are done Baalke cant evaluate skill players..We ahve no recievers!

  11. I didn’t have the Niners going 16-0 this season and predicted they would lose by 17 on this blog. Everything was pointing to this kind of effort by the Seahawks and their fans. It’s not the end of the world. Payback will be verrry sweet at Candlestick. No need for grades. It’s a big fat Loss. Kaep will play angry and so will the rest of the TEAM – this will be a good thing.

    1. I don’t know about the value of this loss. Massacre II could have the opposite effect on their confidence. It appears the Seahawks are in Kap’s head and maybe Harbaugh’s too. Going to Seattle for a playoff game would be rough.

    2. Absolutely. A good ass whooping on the national stage is good for the players and the coaches! Way too much early hype, way too high and unrealistic expectations. I prefer us struggling a bit and improving throughout the season. The team has adversity to overcome, players have to step up. Coaches need to be better prepared. What is Mangini doing to clue us in on other defenses? Didn’t look like he or the coaches had knew what was coming.
      Let Denver and Seattle take the lead, the seasons a marathon not a sprint.
      I believe in Kaep and he will win more than he loses, but he can’t do it alone.

  12. Kaepernick looked scared. I’ve never seen him like that. Watch his plays again, he seems more concerned about not getting hurt. Not the way to play Seattle.

    Niners need to concentrate more on the games and not on their Twitter. Some of these guys obviously have too much time on their hands. If they have time to tweet, they have time to study the playbook and the opposition.

    Arrogance. The Niners had that same slouchy going-to-a-strip-bar look as they boarded the plane…the same look and attire they had when they boarded the Super Bowl plane. Maybe a little bit more professionalism when travelling? Dress for Success, it changes attitudes. Please, stop with the pants hanging down the butt. They looked like some of those Candlestick fans.

    Packers, Packers, Packers. The team seemed obsessed with last week’s game, don’t know why. We won, time to move on. Matthews and the Pack certainly did. We didn’t. Childish, from coach on down.

    Pete Carroll…SanFran native and former Niner defensive coordinator. He kicked our booties and did so with style. His guys were more professional leading up to the game and more focused. Excellent coaching. Yes, it’s called “studying”.

    Richard Sherman. So, tell me again why we didn’t nab him since he was a Stanford product? Right. Coach’s ego.

    I’m sure our homers on this blog will come up with excuses, but we got killed and we looked like we were dazed on drugs while it was happening. Like dude, let’s talk about that Green Bay game again, like totally.

    We were the worse California NFL team today…how sad is that.

    1. Yeah ironically I was a Pete Carroll fan at USC and hated Harb for running up the score with Stanford. Now the roles are reversed and I hate Pete Carroll and am loyal to Harbaugh for resurecting the franchise. I do wish he would have left the Matthews thing alone but I think it’s tied into his Pete Carroll and USC hate.

    2. I agree, Kaep had a scared look on his face. Now that he’s IT, he might not be ready.
      Funny how Alex has a better record than Kap……………

  13. Haurbagh is an ass..He passed on Sherman..Best corner in the league…..He deserves everything thATS coming to his arrogant as5…Sherman is a beast..The Niners are only guaranteed one thing and thats to let us down..Seattle is way better than us..Im a Niner fan through and thr9ugh but Harblaw has brought tons of bad karma on himself and this team! They blew it dont you get it? They shoukd have won two SB by now..Windownjust shut with that idiot Haurbaughs fingers in it!

    1. This team is getting younger…the window isn’t closing anytime soon. Its ONE GAME…are you sure you’re a Niner fan or some troll looking for attention (what’s that say about me, since I gave you what you so richly crave…ugh!)

    2. 31 other teams passed on Sherman for 4 rounds. Same thing happened with Terrell Davis and countless other low or undrafted players that blossomed into stars. Wtf are you talking about? Window closing… Dude have you not been around here the last decade? Give Harb some credit for the team’s turn around. Only one teams out of 32 wins the Superbowl which the 9ers hadn’ t seen for nearly 2 decades! ( I can’t believe I got suckered into responding to you)

    3. Just remember jackass, they play again week 14 at the the stick and Seattle sucks on road. Also, mark my words, the will be for west and it will be a different outcome away from home.

  14. What a let down. After months of anticipation after that heatbreaking SB loss they go down like this again in Seattle. What a putrid effort by all concerned. The “we’ll get ‘em next time” stuff is fallin flat to me. My biggest worry is Kap. His head wasn’t in he game. No intensity at all on his part. He is an amazing athlete but if his head and heart aren’t constistently in the game then forget it. I have lowered my expectations for a playoff run considerably after tonight. Yes, it was that bad. To be humiliated twice by a your main rival spells choke. And the crowd wasn’t even that loud. Simply put, the bent over and took it where the sun don’t shine. Absolutely pathetic game.

    1. You would be wrong about the crowd. They recorded a decibel level of 131.9. That’s like standing 100 feet from a running jet engine. As I work around these things, that is freaking loud! It will damage your hearing.

  15. Entire defense an F? I thought SeAdderal was held to 5 points at the half, despite the fact that the 49ers offense could not sustain drives. That’s pretty good in my book. Any team that looses Ian Williams, Eric Reid (and for several plays Ray McDonald) will be hurting.

  16. Im not a troll just not homers lkke you morons..This team is good not great..Seattle wins this division..They have a great fanbase unlike the bandwagon asain fans that show up at the stick who dont even know when to cheer..Meanwhile A Smith is 2 and 0..Kaep is a poser to worried about his next photo shoot than winning games..The Niners are gonna need a goodyear blimp for this guys helmet..Niners 17 Colts 31 book it..The Niners have ruined me 20 years of flawless football now we hqve Harbaugh and al jazeera for a qb…You guys be good little sheep fans..I have eyes and I see a scam team that will only let you down…Sherman is so good yet Haurba7ghs djmb a55 couldnt draft him cause of our ego maniac coach! Wake up peopoe.

      1. Someone needs to put him out of his misery… “not homers lkke you…” I think you left out the k in your spelling of like… “lkkke” Asians and Al Jazeera…. lol You keep bringing up Sherman but he wasn’t starting right away in Seattle. He got his chacce because Thurmund got injured and the rest is history. So technically even Seattle didn’t see him as a slam dunk play maker. You must be a”Smither”… Seattle won and has the 49ers number right now. Its not the end of the world nor does it mean they will win the division. They still have 14 games to play with plenty of tough road games left including going into SF. Nothing delusional about that… facts outweight emotion…

      1. JJJand Neal and a few others please do’nt respond to trolls they will eventually go away. If you respond to them they can almost ruin a blog, remember darren.

  17. Seahawk fan here, just wanted to say this is hands down the best commenting I have ever seen on a 9er/hawk page. I must admit i can’t even look at Espn comments anymore because I’m embarrassed over some seattle fans and get heated over 9er fans. Good to see there is still fans with class in this rivalry

  18. Some fans are happy just to have their team play well and be competitive and other fans want all that plus rings. I’m in the latter group. Just playing better doesn’t mean squat if it doesn’t lead to a championship. If Harbaugh can’t close the deal then what’s the point of him being coach. I haven’t given up on this current crop but I’m starting to wonder how far they will really go. I miss the days when the 9ers were great. I really miss the greatness.

    1. The Niners have been to the Championship game and SB in his first 2 years and your complaining. Go root for another team, you know nothing.

  19. I still can’t help but go back and look at this year’s draft. Niners signed Nnamdi, Rogers is one of their highest paid players and Whitner is a liability in coverage. Plus, Culliver is also a FA at the end of this season. So, why wouldn’t the Niners load up with more corners and secondary players in the draft? Why draft Tank Carradine, Quentin Dial and Lattimore if we won’t even see them take the field until next season? Niners are in “win now” mode and drafting for next season doesn’t address needs for this season. You need playmakers on both sides of the ball. Stop looking towards the future and play for now.

      1. It seems obvious that we drafted Tank Carradine, Quentin Dial and Lattimore, if we won’t even see them take the field until next season, because we are not going for “IT” now but recognize that we are building for later years. I think Harbalke knows we are not ready yet and are loading us up for the next few years.

    1. But man, doesnt E. Reid look like a great pickup! I really hope he comes back 100%. Next years draft I expect we see the secondary get some much needed help.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Reid is going to be really good. He actually is a FS, unlike Goldson, who was a SS, masquerading as a FS.

        The 49ers are still one of the SB favorites this year, and are well positioned for years to come.

    2. It’s about drafting the best talent Stan; not position. The Niner secondary was pretty good overall last night. They had the one breakdown when Wilson broke the pocket and Baldwin changed his route, but other than that, they were pretty good. The players the Niners drafted are eligible to come off the PUP in a few weeks. They may still see some action this year, with the exception of Lattimore.

      1. Rocket,

        They were playing well before Reid went out with the concussion. We know whitner can’t cover a wideout. He has trouble with tight ends. Dahl was invisible as the backup. His run and pass support was not good.

    3. Lattimore was the best RB in the draft prior to injury and if he comes back will be Gore’s replacement next year. Tank will take over for Cowboy and Dial would have come in handy yesterday if healthy.

      Plus there is this thing you may have heard about called the Salary Cap that needs to be managed years into the future if you are to sustain a winning team.

      Apparently you were absent the day they passed out Brains.

  20. I still like the Niners andI love Kaepernick. One game does not make a season, particularly one you figured to lose anyway. This game does make it imperative that you beat Seattle in Candlestick. Lose two to them and the playoffs go through Seattle which means this is not a Super Bowl year for San Francisco. I expect you to win the December game and let the issue be settled elsewhere.

    Two things do concern me. One is that Kaepernick’s attention is being siphoned off by the fact that the NFL seems determined to make money off his image. He is a newby starting QB with a lot to learn, not an icon. When I see him in 56 ads before he has even started 15 games, it looks to me like his agent is driving the car.

    And the second is that the 49ers seem caught in a cycle of subpar receivers. Whether by injuries or drafting mistakes, it has been many years since you had a Super Bowl caliber receiving corp. If none of these guys can get open against a quality opponent, to whom do you expect Kaepernick to throw the ball?

    1. The 49ers are a great team no doubt. But no matter how far him has taken them so far I think he is so caught up on this rivalry. The hawks cut wr Chris Harper. (Wr isn’t our deepest position here in seattle) so why does Jim go and sign him? If he can’t make the roster in seattle what makes him any good in the sf line up?

      1. Did you not watch tonight’s game? The Niners have no WR’s!! Boldin is Ok when he plays against scrubs…and he tends to disappear when facing a top-flight CB.

    2. I would say its injuries. Patton will be fine come end of year. Most rookies take time. Can’t lose Crabtree any more than cardinals could lose Fitzgerald.

  21. Niners will get over the loss quickly and start winning again — seems the fans will have a harder time forgetting it. Anyway, it was good that this beat down came early in the season. It’s long season. The line play has to improve and the mistakes have to be cut down. Other team, esp. Fisher, will challenge Kap by mixing zone and man coverage.

    1. Last year the Niners lost to the Giants pretty bad. It turned out OK. Everything that could go wrong went wrong today. Without the penalties and turnovers, it’d be a different game.

  22. ………….emotional catharsis, indeed: TURNOVERS & PENALTIES…
    COACHING: F. Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman over-thought the game plan. They did not rely on the talent of their players. The offense had no continuity or cohesiveness. Where were the power runs off tackle? Where were the basics?

    And it’s not a surprise the team came out tight and completely lost its composure in the second half when the Seahawks went up by two scores – 12 penalties for 121 yards. The team mirrors Harbaugh’s personality. He talked too much during the week about Clay Matthews and the Packers. His focus should have been on this game.
    Fantasy Football: … what can Colt McCoy do….? Soon it will be time to find out.

    1. We know what Colt Mc Coy can do. He wont play a down unless Kap gets hurt. He might be the 3rd string QB by then. Colt is horrible.

  23. What our coachingstaff needs to do is to compare our 2 games.
    My impressions are that where over thinking to much instead of playing ball.
    We should always stick to our strong points and not adapt to much to a opponent.

  24. Note to Colin (kiss the bicep) Kaepernick:
    1. Instead of going trendy (long-sleeve Lrg label T-shirt)
    2. Spend some of that tattoo and tennis shoe money on a quality suit & tie.
    3. Oh, and ditch the headphones around yr neck
    (at least until you win the Super Bowl)

    One thing is for sure; with the current Niner offense,
    you will be sporting more bumps and bruises.
    Other defensive linemen will observe how yr boys took their shots at Russell Wilson after he had gotten rid of the ball (that read/option question)… Those big boys will be motivated to roll you up, hmm?

    hand us a felt pen; we will give you some new logos to replace the standard Lrg foolishness.

    1. Hey Alice Smith fan, take a hike! It’s 1 game and no team won in Seattle last year. We get the seachickens at home week 14 when it will count and we are a different team at home too.

  25. It’s only one game. Learn from it and move on. We still have lots to improve and there is lots of time. Be supportive of our team and do not loose faith. They will work hard to improve on their mistakes and deficiencies.

    Go Niners!

  26. only week/game 2 into the season & seems as if some of the folks in here are giving up on the niners.. wtf? must be the bandwagon jumpers! i aint worried about nothing.. i have faith in the team that theyll pull through! they just played at the toughest place to play/hear at! thats a different team away from home! home field advantage is their best shot.. so i aint worried! @grant c’mon now.. your grading?? really?? wouldnt be surprised if you are behind some of these users (making up fake usernames) saying i totally agree with you! here let me help you out grant.. if the niners is all F’s?? im guessing you have the seahawks at all A’s across the board?? you only do these articles about the niners because they dont respect you as a writer & dont show any love to you when you ask questions! maybe you should stop thinking out loud & stop trying to be like your dad! try to be better than your dad (which shouldnt be so hard) smh.. stop making up & acting like different usets

  27. Ironically, Cohn, the secondary did not lose this game for us, everything else did. It was 5-0 at half and Wilson was terrible and Reid had an INT. Namdi call was terrible, he had his head turned looking at ball and was behind the receiver…refs killed us all nite…Clay Mathews slaps Staley twice and gets no call and we have two guy get called for slaps refs almost never call these days…they just separate them. It was our run O and run D again that failed us. Bowman and Willis constantly were non- factors, getting engulfed by lineman. Gore is done and Hunter only had one carry with the D lineman 10 yards deep…Hunter will again prove to be a excellent back if given chance. No way he could get around the end.

    Regardless, Seatle is a different team at home. Come week 14, Niners will be different team at home. That’s the NFL. It’s no coincidence that Seachickens were 8-0 at home last year.

  28. Folks, lets understand one thing, The Cohn’s r not Niner fans and never have been. If u r coming here for anything objective, you’re wasting time. I come here to give crap to Grant and keep him honest. I am not going to allow a hater constantly go after my team without a fight. All F’s? Gee that’s objective analysis. Can’t really give all F when it was 5-0 at half and Wilson had a final QBR of 63.

    1. Go after your team? It’s called speaking the truth.. The Niners played like garbage. Expect better from them. Fandom does not require you to be a delusional idiot.

      1. Maybe you should change your handle to ” FieldGoal Niners” Seriously though, Grant is just making an attempt to be cute. Kind of a lame attempt but he does look nice in that dress.

  29. Ok I slept on it and…….The Niners still suck!….posers posers posers…Kaepernick sucks and now a bunch of our players are hurt..What that was …was a bunch of boys who got smacked around by a bunch of men..

  30. Thats what happens when u go up against a redwood grad like coach carrol, you get beat down. Thats how we roll, mayor newsome will be govenor soon. Go niners

  31. The offensive woes of the 49ers were their inability to counteract Seattle’s upfront pressure. Number 1, they have to stop thinking that there is a rushing game to be established. This is the 21 century. You establish the passing game. I knew we would be in trouble the first play calling sequence on the first set of downs. When a team is being rushed well, a sophisticated team will use that to an advantage by using quick 3 step slants, receivers taking a step back, and above else using planned screen plays and draw plays. Where was this??!!! Kaepernick is not very creative on the run when he gets chased out of the pocket and needs to not panic and buy some time. He also needs to get some simple communications going if a crowd is too loud, even forgetting audibles. It just messes up the OL and WR’s much less having penalties called. This loss is from the top down. You don’t need a Rolodex in the huddle of fancy plays when you don’t know what to do when you’re being pressured. Now the Colts will just look at game film and try the same thing. If this were the Walsh Era, this would NOT be a problem! They used the short pass to open up the bigger passes and the running game EVERY week! Wake up Roman and company!!

    1. Those 3 step slants don’t work too well when your receivers get mugged at the line by much bigger corners. Even without Browner (who is 6’4″), Sherman (6’3″) & Co. play stronger than our receivers. Height will generally always beat weight advantages in this situation due to leverage. Especially when the taller guys are faster and play physical as well.

      1. I haven’t re-watched the game on the DVR yet, but it seemed to me that Hawks CB’s did not do excessive jamming at the LoS. They just seemed to do a superb job at keeping up with the receivers as they ran their routes.

      2. Mood…. Watch it. They were the same mugging cb’s and safety’s they’ve always been. I have to think Carroll is smart in telling his players to continue that play.
        1 they won’t call everyone of them for the whole game
        2 I think he willing to take some penalties for it because it obviously puts doubt and frustration into receivers.
        3 their style of mugging has been set into the minds of nfl officials. Now they go in knowing that’s their style. They should just abolish the five yard rule when Seattle is playing

      3. That’s what a quick slant WILL do! It will have the receiver pitter-patting his steps and make an immediate juke one way or the other; thus it will avoid a direct hit by the DB. And it will have him a least slightly open for the first few steps!

    2. Funny thing, we knew the niners had to trim down the playbook and calling because of the noise in Seattle. Now everyone is on Roman for not calling better plays. Niners couldnt use the shifts or deception plays because there is no way to coordinate that well with just hand signals.

      1. Just call a damn play that works once in a while! He must have mistakenly pulled out Jimmy Rays old play book. Worst Offensive game since Alex Smith got booed off the field at home.

  32. I’m not too worried about this loss. In fact we sorely needed this. I still expect to beat the Hawks at the stick. Honestly, head to head the Hawks are a much better team. They match up extremely well against us. However, the 49ers match up better against the rest of the NFL (home or away) than the Seahawks do.

    It’s just unfortunate we’re in the same division. But if you look at the Hawks schedule there is plenty of opportunity for us to win this thing as long as we play the way we normally do against the rest of the league and letting Seattle play the way they do against the rest of the league.

    Obviously, home field is key to a post season head to head matchup. More so for the 49ers. By that I mean a game at the Stick will be much closer but we’re certainly capable and should beat them here.

  33. Please tell me the whole 30-year old RB thing is a myth? I mean, I get that after 30 things turn south. But EXACTLY at age 30? C’mon?? Do you really lose that much skill from February to September in a single year?

    It’s crazy that the decline isn’t gradual, but sudden. Seems the same holds true for other RBs.

    On the other hand Gore is a rhythmic runner. With Kaep we now have a passing game and are no longer a run-first team. Our O-line and Frank suffer as a result and we need to just figure out how to break a few big runs in here or there. Otherwise we’ll become the Packers.

    1. More snaps under center like the old days. Play action, and running between the tackles. We’ve got to kill the read option formations. Get back to basics. Ck proved he can win with his arm. Force teams to stack the box again THEN throw if necessary

      1. Pretty sure they were stacking the box yesterday but the passing game sucked. Happens to the best of them. I remember Montana’s boys getting beat senseless a few times and they bounced back.

  34. My biggest concern from the loss is the injuries to starters. They definitely have to get the penalty issues straightened out, especially the personal foul calls. Kaep needs to take better care of the ball and I expect him to do so going forward. Games like this happen but good teams don’t make a habit of it, so we’ll see how they rebound next Sunday.
    One playcalling thought, which has been mentioned around here time and again. How about a screen pass to counter the pass rush?

  35. We got our lunch money taken from us last night. We lost on a couple of important levels:
    1. the physical matchup
    2. the psychological matchup
    These two very vital parts of the game are not the character that we have built under the Harbaugh regime.

    It irks me to no end to see Petey Carroll frolicking on the sideline like a giddy little school girl (no offense to the women who frequent here) who just won miss prom queen.
    But, that’s on us. We did very little to make Carroll’ b-day a bad one.

    Still, one win/loss does not a season make. 14 games left to play and we will see the c-hawks again at our home turf and no doubt his sideline antics we be remembered by Harbaugh and Co. the second time around.

    But for now, the hawks can enjoy their dominating win and like last years’ big win, look on it as their superbowl.

    1. Week 14 at Candlestick will be a huge game for the Niners!

      Too bad the Seahawks will be resting their starters while you fight for a Wild Card spot. Our second string will still beat you and then we will destroy you again if you make it to Seahawks Stadium in the playoffs.

      Keep looking forward to that big week 14 game. You will have more problems than a division title on the line like you think now.

      1. Don’t be overly confident like your old QB M.Hasselback bud. You guys need to prove you can win on the road before having a parade.

        You were lucky to get a win last week and Wilson does not look as sharp as he did last year and if Okung misses any time RW will take more hits.

        So for now, you guys are still the red headed step child trying to win just one Superbowl for a true semblance of respect.

  36. Wow there are a lot of overreactions to this game. Perhaps because we lied to ourselves about the complexity of our offense and so many other things.
    The Vanilla play calling was attributed to not wanting to show Seattle anything prior to week 2. Unfortunately, it appears that the Vanilla play calling is actually our playbook.

    Pass rush. We lied to ourselves saying that now that J. Smith is healthy and back with a healthy Aldon Smith, we’ll have a monster pass rush. That’s nonexistent when our rushers are playing the entire game without any substitutions or depth at pass rush.

    Half time adjustments. This came up a few times last year during losses. The coaching staff sticks to their game plan no matter how flawed it is. The rest of the NFL has figured out that if you find something that works against SF, keep calling it. They don’t adjust at all.

    Running game. Frank Gore was a great back. We aren’t doing him any favors by keeping him in to take more abuse. We lied about him still having anything left in the tank.

    Discipline. I was on here during the week saying that Dixon had no discipline. Most of the team has lost all discipline going back to a house party, beating up a teammate, thinking your too good. That wasn’t the team 2 years ago. Today it is. The Detroit Lions have infiltrated our locker room. That’s what I’ve seen this season.

    Now, I didn’t see the scared Kaepernick that was brought up here. I saw a guy who wanted to win, put his team on his back, and stopped believing in the game plan. Unfortunately, that lead to turnovers.

    Coaching was terrible. In the third quarter, they kicked a FG down 12 points. This made no sense. You’re on the opponents 3 yard line down 2 scores. Kicking a field goal keeps you down 2 scores. It’s no different than going for it and missing except you back your opponent up at their own 3.

    All of the 49ers problems this week and this year fall squarely on the shoulders of the coaches. They let this team down. This was a winnable game until the end of the 3rd quarter. The team kept believing.

    At the end of the day though, I remember an Eagles blow out in 1994. I don’t recall the exact score (they put up 40 something), but I can imagine the sentiment was much the same after that game. It’s where you go from here that dictates the season. That year, the team won the super bowl. Steve Young called it, “being in the zone.”

    This team wasn’t going undefeated into the super bowl. They have a tough schedule with many opportunities to rise to the occasion. This was a great loss to gut check the locker room. I’d bet the “she-hawks” phrase is shelved and as has been said before, if you have time to tweet, you aren’t preparing enough.

    Hats off to Pete Carol who kept his team focused and disciplined. The 49ers use to look like that. Let’s see where they go from here. I’m pissed they lost, but I’m not dethroning them.

    I’d like to see questions asked of Harbaugh as to why his team is so undisciplined. Why they didn’t use the scheme that worked in Green Bay to get receivers free releases. I’d also like to hear how he is going to address the twitter access leading up to a game.

    Maybe we’d all feel better if we were able to pose questions for Grant to ask Harbaugh. Let’s ask questions that might actually get answered. None of those cookie cutter questions that get the generic responses. Let’s call this team to action instead starting with their head coach. Accountability is in the building.

    1. Great post Matt, and I agree with pretty much everything you said.
      We’ll get the ship righted as we’ve done in the past, in spite of all this hand-wringing, doom , and gloom. It may take a while, but so be it. As someone said, we were never going to waltz undefeated into this year’s Super Bowl anyway.
      However… I will NEVER tip my hat to that moron Pete Carroll- running and jumping around like the grinning idiot he is. Made me sick to my stomach every time his mug came on the screen.

      May the current feelings of disgust serve to re-ignite our team’s passion for revenge and a return to winning.

  37. Over Reaction Monday. Straight Fs? Please. But, a stinker is a stinker, and that’s what they put out there. Hawks deserved their win.
    Yeah, I didn’t like the Game Plan too much. I think there’s plenty of worrisome stuff to work on. The loss of Ian Williams will hurt. The LBs made tackles 5-6 yds downfield because the DL was getting moved off the LOS. For all the ignorant statements about Gore on this post I just shake my head. The OL hasn’t moved anyone in the run game in two outings and that needs fixing; Jim Brown couldn’t make yardage behind SF’s line so far this year. And then there’s this ‘Strangler’ moron calling CK a poser and a loser…..sigh. Over Reaction Monday.

    1. I think that ole Niner friend Freddy P. Soft made a visit to the locker room during that 1 hour delay. Up to that point we had been playing pretty well. Russell Wilson was 0 for 6 at that point and the Beast Mode had been contained.

      Honestly, I think we will be fine going forward. Losing to the Hawks in Seattle is not surprising. They are a good football team and have a ridiculous home field advantage.

      Our fans should show some grit and determination. This is not mid 2000′s Niners.

    2. @Brotha:

      Re: Gore

      It’s that time of the year. The 49ers just played their 2nd game of the season, and right on cue, the Frank-Gore-is-washed-up crew starts calling for his replacement. That’s three years in a row now. To the crew, I can only say, “Keep at it. One of these years, you will be right and can say ‘I told you so.’”

  38. My one and ONLY grade ill be paying attention to for the rest of this season sits squarely on how Harbaugh will adjust to his players… Meaning what will be his approach to discipline on penalties. I read the stat of we were the 6th most penalized team last season. And the penalties I saw last night and the timing of them sits directly on the coaches shoulders. Harbaugh has got to look in the mirror and question his locker room strategy. And how he deals with his players and their temper when getting beat. They let the mouthes of Seattle get to them. Superbowl teams NEVER let that happen. Ill say this right now. If we don’t start 5-1 in our first 6 we are NOT winning a superbowl. That stadium up there is a nightmare for ck and our team. The road must go through sf.

  39. And one more thing. The option read has got to be called maaaaybe 5-6 times a game. With a defense that likes to split guards and tackles, that 2 second delay plays right into the hands of seattles defense. And the ball of traditionally instead of holding it for another second or two on most running plays. I would like to see the traditional running game back. The online didn’t just all of a sudden become bad at run blocking. Get back to the basics. Establish the old running game so teams will actually be surprised if the read option is called.

    1. I agree md, it seems JH is going against his own advice “Don’t overcook it”. It appears they are trying to out think themselves, ‘They think we’re going to do this, so we’ll do this instead’ kinda crap. Sometimes you got to just win some one on one battles instead of trying to always just out-scheme the other guy.

  40. Really Grant?! The defense deserves an “F” across the board?! Russell Wilson was 8-19… and after 4 sacks had a total of 118 yards. That was a QBR of under 70. He only averaged 3.3 yards rushing. As a team the Hawks only had 290 total yards on offense… and that is with the Niners coughing up 4 turnovers. There were a ton of stupid penalties which cost the Niners, but to say that the line, linebackers and secondary all got an “F.” That is the passion talking and not the reason. The defense made a lot of stops. There were not a ton of guys open. They sacked Wilson 4 times and pressured and hit him a bunch more. With the exception of a ridiculously face mask that cost the Niners a TD Brooks was fantastic. Bowman ran across the field and kept Wilson to a short gain on what looked to be a big play. Reid leveled some guys in the middle of the field. If not for the penalties I give these guys Bs. Because of the penalties Cs.

    The offense F- but a lot of that goes to the fact that the defense has a huge advantage in Seattle. The lineman and receivers have to watch the ball because they can’t hear a thing… kills the timing.

    1. I think Grant may have been still upset his “Superbowl bound” boys got beaten my the lowly Alex Smith! (Sorry Grant, I know its a low blow)

      We didnt do well, but there were some positives early on. Could Eric Reid be our Aldon Smith pick of the secondary?

  41. Glad this game was played early in the season. If you want a slice of humble pie served to you, this was the perfect time for it to happen.

    Coaches get the fattest “F” of all the F’s handed out. All we heard about all off season were the four plays in the redzone in which we didn’t score. We were in the red zone early and IMO lost the game in that sequence. That third down play should have been a shot play to McDonald and if he wasn’t open, they take the three. The offense last night lacked creativity. I left that game wondering “who are we”. IMO had we run the ball more, and used Dixon more, we would have tired the Hags D line out a bit which would have opened up other opportunities in the second half. Would have also love to have seen stretch runs with Hunter to allow Vernon and Boldin to take some shots at their big mouth DBs. Harbaugh last night you and your coaching staff were outclassed by gum chewing Pete Carol. You should be ashamed.
    Worst performance of his career is right. Receivers were not open “most” of the night. The only issue is, the very few times there were openings, Kaepernick either didn’t see them.
    Lets begin by saying this, we “used to be” a power running team. Love me some Frank, but he is done. The only back that ran with authority last night was Boobie and we rewarded him with one carry. Hunter is more versatile than Gore right now and he got one carry in which blocking assignments were missed. The coaches have some tough decisions to make with this group.
    Offensive line- F
    This group does a lot of talking, but last night they forgot to walk the walk. They were dominated. Did not help a struggling running game one bit. Kaepernick ran for his life most of the game.
    Defense C-
    The reason I give the Defense a C minus, is that they came to play. There were dominant early. Very dominant. Unfortunately not getting support from their offense caused them to lose composure. I also didn’t think that the Nnamdi pass interference was truly PI. Bad call IMO. Brooks was frustrated but that facemask can’t happen. Lynch is a beast for sure, but if the offense scores more, the Seahags run less.
    Special Teams D
    Kicking game was good. This group did nothing spectacular. Yes there was a fumble, but remember, this is a backup returning kicks until LaMichael James comes back…..
    We will bounce back next week. If this happens again in December, we have our answer as to who the best team is in the NFC…..

    1. Generally in agreement. But It’s seems like Williams doesn’t want to return kick offs or punts. Perhaps he is afraid of injuries now that he is a starter. Kaep is also playing much too conservatively. He had plenty of open lanes in the first half but did not take them. I think he has been advised to not run because of the teams lack of a viable back up at QB. I think Kaep is not playing his game in that he is over thinking the situations as to when to run and when to throw. He seems to defer the run to throwing the ball which leads to bad throws. He should just go back to using his own instincts which has always worked for him his entire career. He is not taking what the defense is giving him.
      While the offensive line didn’t open up any holes to run through, it still appeared that Gore has lost more than a step. Yes sometimes a players decline does happen suddenly. He seemed to be already declining towards the end of last season but then had a resergence during the playoffs. I was also thinking Dixon would have done better under these circumstances. This was also the first game played under heavy rain conditions and may have affected the timing of the routes for both Kaep and R W. The receivers would be slower under those conditions.

  42. You’ve been singing the end of Frank Gore now for the past 2 seasons, give it up. No rb is going to look good when the offensive line is getting absolutely no push and are opening no holes for him. Once the oline gets right, the rest of the offense will come correct.

    1. Two games into the season Frank is averaging 2.0 YPC. You want to defend that, then go ahead. You think Frank can get to the edge at this point in his career?
      Like I said, decisions have to be made.

      1. If the line was that dominant, any running back could run behind it IMO. Frank isn’t getting hit in the backfield, but when he hits the line he isn’t getting any push either. That’s why I suggested punishing them with Boobie a bit.
        Hunter is more dangerous than Gore at this point and he can get to the outside.

  43. We were outcoached and outplayed simple as that. What makes this such a hard pill to swallow is we lost to jerks like Carroll and Sherman( who severely needs his a** kicked).

    1. Carroll is Harbaugh. If he was our coach, you would love him. Nobody likes Harbaugh unless they’re 49ers fans. They are the same dude on different teams.

      1. Big P,

        I gudgingly have to agree. I live in LA and had to watch Carroll jumping around on and running up and down the sidelines when he was at USC. I kept hoping he would get a high angle sprain to slow him down, but it never happened. That turf at the Clink looked awfully slippery last night, maybe there’s still hope.

      2. Ex,
        I hear you. I always use the line from the movie “Hot tub time machine” when talking about Harbaugh. Rob Corddry plays a imbalanced character. At one point his friends say to the hotel clerk after one of his outbursts, “You know how every group of friends has an a#%hole? He’s our a#%hole.” That reminds me of Harbaugh, he’s our a#%hole. I don’t think I would care for him if he wasn’t our coach, much like I don’t care for Pete Carroll. I think they are very similar men. Carroll was on the sidelines last night, snickering at the Niners. Annoying? Sure. Is it worse then slapping another coach on the back during the post-game handshake? No. Harbaugh needs to move forward with his “humble heart” and find a way to match up with the Seahawks. We need our a#%hole to out coach their a#%hole.

      3. A quick response Big P -you don’t know that I would love Carroll if he was our coach…I don’t love JH’s public face but I respect him as football coach and a man.What Carroll did with the USC program and the web of lies following that disgrace will preclude any love or respect for him personally or professionally I might have accorded him if he was our coach.Whatever comparisons there might be made about them ,they are distinctly not the same “dude”.

      4. Hightop,
        That’s fine, but they are very similar. Carroll did shady stuff at USC…….shocking. What major college program doesn’t? I don’t agree with it, but I’m not naive. There is a reason Alabama gets so many NFL caliber players.


        Harbaugh said he wouldn’t tolerate bad behavior torwards women, then they signed Perrish Cox. He said he wanted his players to be above reproach with regards to PED’s, then they signed Eric Wright. Actions speak louder than words. Both of these men care about winning more than anything else and their actions prove that. They are very similar dudes.

  44. Any given Sunday… Quit your whining you sniveling pu55ies! Pretty sure they did the same thing to us last year and we still made it to Super Bowl.

    1. Deuce22Deuce you are correct in every way. We beat them at home last yr and the game at their place last yr was identical to last night. Get them away from home and they are below avg.

  45. I’m more irritated at the penalties than anything else. We looked like a dumb team last night with all the stupid penalties. We had just as many last week. Good teams don’t get 12 penalties a game. Coach has to get control of this team and the penalties. They are going to cost us a game sooner or later.

  46. I did’nt come right out and predict it because i do’nt make predictions against my team but i made it pretty clear that i felt the 9ers were in trouble. The Seahawks are 20 games under 500 on the rd since their stadium opened up and 30 games over 500 at home since the opening. It is becoming close to impossible to win in Seattle. I predict that the 9ers will beat Seattle soundly at home in Dec. Seattles offense is not that strong. We need to win the west because i do’nt see anyone beating Seattle at home in the playoffs. If Seattle does coast to the Super Bowl at home I believe they will be destroyed in the SB by who ever they play.

  47. Cheating Pete is the biggest buffoon in the history of sports, he thinks he won the Super Bowl, with all of his celebrations on the side line, it is only the second game of the season idiot. What a classless jerk. F U Pete, you suck on the road, and we will beat your cheating ass week 14.

    1. Regardless of all the sideline antics and bravado, Carroll outcoached his nemesis and I think he deserves to throw it in Harbaugh and the 49ers face. It was a statement game for the Hawks and they proved to the NFL that they are a contender.

      The Niners now have a legit adversary in the division and this game as bad as they played, will make them better. The concerning part is how the defense could not stop the run and how rattled CK played. Poise was not evident and hopefully he can bounce back.
      The bully got bullied last night and the game plan was terrible. Whatever, heal up and move onto the Colts who will be equally as hungry and ready to prove something.

      1. Coach remember all those years under Nolan and Sing and the Niners could not sniff a road win? Well maybe SEA has turned that corner. Momentum is a weird thing and I bet the Hawks are supremely confident right now knowing they just throttled maybe the “best” team in football?
        Their formula for winning is perfect. Run the ball, great pass rush and best secondary in the league.

      2. Prime you could be right but i would’nt bet on it. Seattle is who they are. Thats the team we saw last night at home and the team we saw last sun on the rd.

  48. We can blame the game plan, the noise in the stadium-and any number of
    other reasons why we were beat. As i said last week-our skill set players,
    especially the secondary, but also our wr’s and running backs just are not
    as good as what Seattle has. Beyond that i feel bad for CK-he didn’t have
    many open receivers to throw to.
    Baake has not been able to get a scary-take the top off the defense type of
    wr. He is great at getting linebackers and linemen in general. I cant get the image of Whitner trying to cover Baldwin downfield out of my head.

    1. They definitely need a deep threat. Vernon Davis simply isn’t a natural pass catcher. He’s great against LB’s and most safeties, but only because he can run past them and they don’t have great coverage skills. He presents very little challenge to a CB. It seems like your wasting Kaepernick’s strengths if you don’t provide him with a deep threat at WR.

      1. True about VD…on the interception play he made no adjustment to go after the ball even to swat it away from the DB. Maybe it was the gimpy hammy but you have to go up and get the ball.

      2. The one thing Seattle did well last night was scheme against the 49ers. In passing downs and with Vernon Davis split out, they instantly put Sherman on him. In fact in all passing downs they had Sherman lined up against the 49ers best pass catcher. It looked like Seattle knew exactly what the play was and who was the primary target. Completely out coached last night.

  49. Offense was bad. Defense was ok. I won’t get too worked up about it. This team is finding itself. An early season loss is motivation. A late season loss means you peaked at the wrong time.

    Colts come into town next week and they are a good team. Will be interesting to see what adjustments 9ers make this week.

  50. This thread is the reason why I don’t post on game day. Too much emotional over reaction whether they win or lose. When you have a chance to catch your breath and analyze it you always get a better and clearer picture.

    The final score was 29-3 but this wasn’t a blowout in the context of one team dominating the other. Both defenses played better than the opposing offenses and the difference was one team made a lot more mistakes than the other both with turnovers and penalties.

    If the Niner offense had shown any ability to run the ball this game might have turned out differently because the defense really played pretty well. They made Wilson a non factor in the passing game for most of the night and although Lynch had 98 yards, he averaged 3.5 yards a carry with one big run of 21 yards all night. The defense played well enough to win, as did ST’s with a punt block and pretty good kick coverage. The problem is the offense was dominated in every way, shape and form to the point of embarrassment.

    Pete Carroll has the Niner offense figured out, knows what they are going to do, and has since the pro rivalry with Harbaugh got going two years ago. The Niner offense has struggled against Seattle in every game including the first 3 meetings the Niners won. This is the biggest challenge the Niners face going forward against this team. Can they figure out how to attack the Seahawk defense effectively? So far the answer is a resounding no, and until they do, they will either play tight low scoring games against them at the Stick, or get embarrassed when they become unglued in Seattle.

    It’s going to take some creative thinking and willingness to leave the comfort zone for Harbaugh and Roman. What they are doing is not working and it’s time to try something else against this team.

    1. Lynch ran all over the Niners. He lost a bunch of yards at the end when the Seahawks were running out the clock and the 49ers knew Lynch was running. But the 49ers absolutely couldn’t stop him or Turbin when it mattered.

      1. Lynch gained 83 yards on 14 carries (5.9 ypc) from the shotgun, and 15 yards on 14 carries (1.07 ypc) on plays run with the QB under the center.

        The 49ers offense gave up on the run. They ran the ball 20 times total including the scrambles by Kaepernick, and 7 of those came in the first 2 series’.

        1. Great stats. Thanks for looking that up. Every team is going to try to run on the Niners’ Nickel front now. You know the Rams will.

      2. And once again you are talking out of your butt Grant. Just like last week you are dealing in hyperbole instead of breaking down the carries.

        Lynch made some plays, no doubt about it, but it wasn’t a case of him dominating them throughout the game on the ground. 76 of the 98 yards he accumulated came on 7 carries. You can say the Niners blew it on those 7 carries but he didn’t run all over them as you are trying to imply. Most of his carries – 21 one of them in fact – were for minimal gains and negative yards. Turbin had 6 carries and was really a non factor overall until a 13 yard gain late.

        Lynch also didn’t lose yards late in the game. He had 3 carries after the Hawks went up 22-3 and none were for negative yards.

        The Niners gave up a few big runs, but overall did a decent job against Lynch. The problem was their offense was so poor the Hawks were able to stick with the run game and milk the clock with a lot of attempts.

        This loss was on the offense and bad penalties taken defensively that extended drives or gave the Seahawks great field position.

      3. You can spin it positive however you want Rocket, but the fact is the Seahawks know that sticking with the run and pounding it at the 49ers is the key to beating that defense. 47 carries for 172 yards, and an advantage of almost 14 minutes in time of possession. Unfortunately the defense did give up those two drives of 80 yards that took up over 10 minutes of the second half. Sure they were extended by 49ers penalties, but that is a key part of getting off the field.

        Regarding Lynch, he ended the first half with 66 yards on 12 carries, and his 14 yard TD run to put them up 12-0 effectively ended the game. After that point he had no run over 4 yards.

      4. F’ing arrogant know-it-all, 98 yards is still 98 yards and you can spin it any way you want, Lynch got the best of the 49ers run defense. The carries amount means little when looking at the game from a whole. He extended drives. He got the Niners defense frustrated and at one point, I had seen Aldon Smith avoid tackling him late in the game. They did not want to endure the physicality late in the game. They didn’t give up, but he gave the 49ers defense more than they could handle.

      5. Allowing a team to run for 172 yards is being dominated.

        Not when they are averaging 3.6 yards a carry it’s not. Seattle was able to run that amount of times because the Niner offense couldn’t get out of it’s own way. No way they are able to keep running the ball that many times averaging less than 4 yards a carry if the Niners are putting some points on the board. Lynch had 76 of his yards on 7 carries. Those are big plays; not domination in the run game.

        The defense showed up and played the pass well and did enough in the run game to keep the team in it until things unraveled in the 4th quarter. This game wasn’t lost on the play of the defense.

      6. FDM,

        Lynch picked up 66 of his 98 yard total in the first half. Seattle scored 3 points. Don’t overthink it. A game is not always defined by the final score and it certainly doesn’t mean every facet of the team was poor.

      7. From my uneducated football eye, Seattle dominated the 49ers. From a big game perspective and not just another regular season game, Seattle punished the 49ers in many areas.

        29-3 is not a blow out, but given the magnitude and relevance of the division and how Seattle exploited a young QB, out coached Jim Harbaugh and staff, I would say there was not one facet that was decent. Maybe there ability to seek shelter during the rain was half decent.

      8. Well said FDM. The box score lets the Niners off the hook but anyone who watched that game half sober knows SEA dissected SF in every which way!

      9. FDM,

        The Niner offense got dominated by the Seahawk defense. No doubt about it, but not only did the defense not get dominated by the Seattle offense, they played well for most of the game.

        I’m not sure what the point is of throwing the entire team into the crap pile, but that’s not what happened, and if the Niners can get a handle on how to move the ball against the Seattle D, they’ll win the next game at the Stick.

      10. There is nothing realistic about that statement Prime. It was a 12-3 game in the 4th quarter that finally got out of hand when the Niners couldn’t do anything on offense and kept turning the ball over. If you can force yourself to watch it again, do so because you find out that what you thought happened originally didn’t, because you were pissed off and not seeing everything from a clear headed point of view at that stage of the contest.

        The game really comes down to a few plays made by Seattle, untimely and foolish penalties taken by the Niners that extended drives, and a complete lack of success on offense highlighted by 4 TO’s.

      11. “No doubt about it, but not only did the defense not get dominated by the Seattle offense, they played well for most of the game.”

        They gave up 151 yards on 36 runs through the first 3 quarters and 1:16 of the 4th and were down 19-3. 151 yards rushing and 4.19 yards per carry through just over 3 quarters is dominating.

        “I’m not sure what the point is of throwing the entire team into the crap pile, but that’s not what happened, and if the Niners can get a handle on how to move the ball against the Seattle D, they’ll win the next game at the Stick.”

        The defense played well for a half, but the 14 points in the 3rd wasn’t about turnovers. It was about the Seahawks offense putting it to the defense with 2 drives of over 5 minutes plus. The turnovers came in the 4th quarter after the score was already at 19-3,

        As for figuring out the Seattle defense, the 49ers have now scored a grand total of 67 offensive points or 13.4 per game in their 5 games against Seattle since Harbaugh took over.

      12. Jack,

        They gave up 151 yards on 36 runs through the first 3 quarters and 1:16 of the 4th and were down 19-3. 151 yards rushing and 4.19 yards per carry through just over 3 quarters is dominating.

        No it isn’t. That’s not an extremely high YPR and the number of rushes came because the Niner offense couldn’t score any points. If you are leading a game and not having much success through the air like Seattle was, then you are going to run the ball. It’s not rocket science Jack and it is not domination in the run game. It’s called smart strategy when you know your opponent can’t move the ball.

        The defense played well for a half, but the 14 points in the 3rd wasn’t about turnovers. It was about the Seahawks offense putting it to the defense with 2 drives of over 5 minutes plus. The turnovers came in the 4th quarter after the score was already at 19-3,

        Seattle ran for 42 net yards on those two drives Jack. If completing a broken play pass and benefitting from drive extending penalties is your idea of them taking it to the Niner defense then we differ in our interpretation of what that means.

        As for figuring out the Seattle defense, the 49ers have now scored a grand total of 67 offensive points or 13.4 per game in their 5 games against Seattle since Harbaugh took over.

        And this is where the true problem lies. The Niners have won 3 out of the 5 because the defense usually plays the Seahawks pretty tough and last night was no exception. The Niners haven’t been able to solve this defense and that is the primary issue that has to change for them to turn the tide in this matchup.

        The Niners can win with the defense playing the way they did last night; they can’t with the offense playing the way they did.

      13. Rocket,

        You need to get your head out of the box score. Up to the point when the score became 19-3, Lynch had carried the ball 22 times for 85 yards. Taking that further he had 74 of those yards on 10 plays when running out of the gun, an average of 7.4 yards. The 49ers only bottled him up when the play came from under center where he had only 11 yards on 12 carries.

        Regarding Turbin, through that same stretch he had 30 yards on 5 carries, or 5 yards per carry, with runs of 5, 5, 3, 4 and 13 yards.

        All of those yards came with the game still in doubt, not late as you tried to say earlier today.

      14. You need to get your head out of the box score. Up to the point when the score became 19-3, Lynch had carried the ball 22 times for 85 yards. Taking that further he had 74 of those yards on 10 plays when running out of the gun, an average of 7.4 yards. The 49ers only bottled him up when the play came from under center where he had only 11 yards on 12 carries.

        My head is in the game I watched not in the box score Jack. The game I watched featured a few big plays in the running game by the Seahawks; not dominance in the running game. You keep putting up the yards and carries like it’s an indictment and it’s not. Averaging 4 yards a carry or less is a win for the defense. In this case most of Lynch’s yards came in the first half and led to a grand total of 3 points. On the two TD drives you referenced, the Seahawks rushed for 42 yards total. That is not dominance.

        You and Grant have seriously over reacted here Jack. Those rushing numbers are not bad for the amount of carries, and the reason they got the amount of carries they did was because of the failure of the offense to get anything going. It shouldn’t be this hard to understand.

        Regarding Turbin, through that same stretch he had 30 yards on 5 carries, or 5 yards per carry, with runs of 5, 5, 3, 4 and 13 yards.

        All of those yards came with the game still in doubt, not late as you tried to say earlier today.

        You’re right I got him mixed up with Spencer Ware. Either way Turbin wasn’t a huge factor in the game.

    2. Rocket I did not think the Niners defense played all that good only because they were victim to long sustained drives. They could not get off the field and it felt like we didn’t see our offense the entire 3rd quarter.
      Willis and Bowman look average lately.I’m not sure why. I’m expecting more big game changin plays from them but it is only 2 weeks. The secondary did play well but when SEA attacked them, they converted. Basically SEA offense controlled the game.

      As for our offense. It looked terrible. CK looked frazzled. The WR were blanketed and now everyone will blame Roman. Maybe justified but what I saw was a QB unable to make good decisions. Running when he should have thrown and vice versa.
      Your right one game does not make a season but as we seen last night, SEA is for real and they might be the best team in football after 2 weeks.

      1. Prime,

        The defense really didn’t give up many long drives. The Seahawks longest possession of the first half was 4 and half mins.

        They had two 6 min drives in the second half that were extended by Niner penalties that gave them great field position.

        The issue was clearly the fact the offense could not get anything going and either turned it over or had to punt on all but 3 drives. The defense did it’s job for the most part.

        It wasn’t as bad as you think which is why it’s always best to let things sit for awhile before trying to analyze.

      2. It was bad Rocket only because it was a statement game, division rival and the way we lost.
        Maybe it does not look that bad statistically but watching Lynch grind the Niners defense and the fact we lost our cool as well as nothing workin on offense, there is no other way to describe it then an old fashioned whipping!

      3. FAKia is quite correct. Niners did not lose this game because of the D. I can only think about two glaring errors in the defense, which were the two penalties by Books and Aldon. They lost it because of turnovers by the O, poor execution by the O, and mediocre game planning / strategy by the coaches.

        I think this defeat will be a wake-up call for HarBaalke vis-a-vis Seattle. They have to play with the personnel they have, and will have to come up with a better scheme.

      4. I said before the game we would have an advantage in the trenches and if we played clean should win a close game. I was wrong about the Niners being able to control the line of scrimmage and they played anything but clean. Bad Game.

      5. Prime and Grant,

        Five TO’s and a bunch of drive extending penalties (some questionable, others not) put the defense in constant hot water. You can choose to see it your way, but I just don’t agree that the 49ers defense was dominated by the Hawks.

        The real problems were the TO’s, O line, and penalties (other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?).

      6. As Branch tweeted out “The 49ers are 1-3-1 since 2012 against Seattle and St Louis and 11-2 against the rest of the NFL.”

        That’s because those two teams know that you need to stick with the run against the 49ers. In those 5 games they have run the ball an average of 35.8 times per game. Seattle has run the ball an average of 43 times over the last 2 games.

      7. Prime nobody is saying this was a good game in any way. What I’m saying is people are overreacting by including the defense in the list of failures. They gave up some plays but overall played well enough to win had they been given any support by the offense.

        Niners will dominate the Colts on Sunday.

        1. The 49ers gave up 145 rushing yards on 34 carries (4.26 ypc) in the first three quarters when the game was still a game to an offense whose passing game was practically inept last night. Not good.

      8. Seattle has run the ball an average of 43 times over the last 2 games.

        Because their defense has completely shut the Niner offense down allowing them to run the ball even when they have averaged under 4 yards a carry.

      9. The opponents in the 49ers 5 losses and 1 tie since 2012 have averaged 38 runs per game.

        Seattle 47 and 39
        St Louis 37 and 27
        Minnesota 41
        New York 37

      10. The 49ers gave up 145 rushing yards on 34 carries (4.26 ypc) in the first three quarters when the game was still a game to an offense whose passing game was practically inept last night. Not good.

        Not sure what your point is here Grant. 4.26 is not a terrible number by any means and the fact they were shutting down the Seattle passing game while doing it is even better.

        You said Seattle was able to run whenever it wanted too and that was a false statement. You gave F grades to a defense that had to deal with 5 TO’s and no production from the offense and yet held Seattle to under 300 yards total offense and 12 points going into the 4th quarter. You don’t look at things closely enough sometimes preferring to go with the blanket hyperbolic statement instead; that is what you did here.

      11. Jack and Grant,

        Giving a total of 312 yards and allowing an average rush of 3.66 yards per carry is not being dominated.

        The hawks’ two long TD drives were aided / extended by questionable / stupid penalties (yes, the 49ers committed the penalties, but they had nothing to do with actual defensive plays, with the exception of the PI on NA – which was somewhat questionable).

        The hawks scored their remaining 15 points significantly aided by poor play by the 49ers offense / ST (safety, 17 yard drive – FG, 6 yard drive – FG, 2 yard drive – TD; with the last two scores when less than two minutes left in the game).

        On their two TD drives, the hawks were stopped and would’ve punted, in one case (extended by the PF by AS, a dumb move, but a questionable flag), and on the other TD drive, the accidental face mask (legit penalty) on AB gave the hawks first and goal instead of third and 19, which more than likely would’ve limited the hawks to a FG. Those two drives should’ve resulted in only three points, rather than 14.

        Obviously, the hawks scored the points they scored. My point is, there offense didn’t go up and down the field on the 49ers’ defense all night (a safety and three “drives” under 20 yards (two of those under ten yards)) and when they did go up and down the field (71 yards and 80 yards) they had a lot of help from penalties that had nothing to do with the defensive play .

      12. The opponents in the 49ers 5 losses and 1 tie since 2012 have averaged 38 runs per game.

        Seattle 47 and 39
        St Louis 37 and 27
        Minnesota 41
        New York 37

        Right you are Jack, and you want to know what the Niners averaged point wise in those games? 11.5. It’s not on the defense when the offense can’t score and allows a team to milk a lead by running the ball, or stick with it in a close game. The key factor in all of these losses was lack of offensive production and more importantly in some of the games, TO’s.

      13. And, yes, if the 49ers defense was dominant last night, they would’ve kept some of those points off the board.

        The thing is there’s a lot of room between a defense being dominant and being dominated.

      14. @ Jack:

        Is it your opinion that those teams ran the ball so much because (a) it was their game plan to do so; (b) they were successful running in the early part of the game and stuck with what was working and/or (c) they got out to big enough leads that they simply ran a lot to take time off of the clock?

        I have noticed the correlation you have been telling us about since last year, but cannot yet say that I see a causation.

  51. Yeah ..
    we are all smarting from the whuppin’ the Niners took..
    and of all the teams in the NFL .. it had to be
    the She-Hawks ! … but .. I saw some good things, too ..

    When Glen Dorsey came in for Williams .. seemed to me
    he collapsed the pocket, immediately …
    I think this guy is a baller !

    Eric Reid ? … I like this kid ! … Two INT’s in two games ?
    He’s for real !
    Hope he’ll be OK for Game 3

    While Kaep looked frazzled at times .. I just remember
    that The Joe had bad games, sometimes, too !
    He’s young .. and he’ll get past this ..

    Ok … we get one day to lick our wounds .. and it’s
    on to prepare for Andrew Luck and the horsies !

  52. Ok enough!
    Look it is not the team , this is a good team playing in the NFL, stuff happens.
    What I see here is a lot of fans facing their unrealistic projections of a “Super Team”. All I have read this last off season is how this team is the secound coming! How this young QB is going to redefine the QB position, Blah blah blah . How about a little attitude adjustment on your part, it sure makes rooting and watching your team play a whole lot more enjoyable. Just sayin!

    1. C’mon, Hacksaw ..
      I don’t think anyone really thinks this team is the second coming .. but I get your point..

      I do, however, think that QBs .. (like Kaep) .. will,
      indeed, revolutionize the game .. but, to do this..
      there will be some bumps along the way…

      This game was just one of those bumps

  53. We are running out of bodies. Crabtree, Culliver, Ian Williams gone. Eric Reid, Vernon Davis and Ray McDonald possibly missing some games.

  54. Pro Football Focus’s grades for the defense as a whole:
    Run Defense: +5.6
    Pass Rush: +3.9
    Pass Cov: +.2

    They clearly deserve an F right Grant?

    And for the guy arguing Aldon Smith was tired during the game he graded out at +4.5, with a +2.5 for Run Def and +2.6 for Pass Rush

    1. Doesn’t Grant like to quote those very grades? Well, maybe not this week. Goes to show you that this blog, while good for generating comment, isn’t where you go for mature, intelligent analysis.

    2. These metrics are what I had expected. D played well. Just 8 pass completions — the pass D was very good.

      Grant’s job is to get us talking with some provocative comments, often by cherry-picking numbers, and he does that very well. His opinions are not to be confused with analysis. But his (often wrong) observations get us thinking and talking, and so it serves a purpose.

    3. Ah here are the Defensive grades. I was looking for them down below with the ones Grant put up. Looks pretty good I’d say especially the…ahem…run defense grade. The pass coverage was the worst mark and Seattle only had two big plays all night. A broken play 51 yard completion to Baldwin and a PI call on Asomugah. Defense played well overall and it shows in these grades although I still think there’s too much gray area in how they arrive at them.

      1. It’s also worth pointing out that Asomugha was the biggest liability in both run defense and pass coverage earning a -1.9 run defense grade and -2.5 pass coverage grade. I think the coaching staff should give Brock more reps

      2. Tkamb,

        All Brock does is give up plays in front of him and secures the tackle. He plays the deep ball pretty well but he gives up everything underneath because hes always playing off of his guy. NNamdi has the job for a reason. Hes had some missteps but hes the better player.

    4. It should be noted that per PFF those grades are preliminary and could change following review of the coaches film. I’m not a big proponent either way, because it is impossible to issue accurate grades if you don’t know what every player’s responsibility was.

  55. Defense was solid for a half. Seattle got points off of a safety and a fumble on a shirt field. We lost Reid and it was all bad. Hope hes back next week. Seattle has everyone number in that stadium. I think the refs are scared to call it straight in front of that noisy crowd. Week 14. We’ll see if they are the better team. They qre right now.

    1. Niners got away with some penalties that were obvious calls like the blocked punt. This game the offense was really bad and the defense was bad.

  56. A lot of things have been said about this game that I both agree and disagree on. But the thing that has been knawing on me since the game is that during the game stoppage, the report was that the Seahawks were using that time to go over the game plan, studying game pictures, breaking up into positions groups and discussing what they were seeing; while the 49er players were reported to be chillin’ listening to music and relaxing.

    Seahawks were keeping their heads in the game while the 49ers took a break. That’s on the coaching staff for not keeping them focused even if it was actually still the 1st Qtr.

      1. It was reported during the delay by the network -there were photos of the Seahawks studying during the break however no photos of our locker room were presented where purportedly our team just hung out with headphones on et al.

    1. It was reported by the sideline announcer (can’t remember her name) but they actually showed the Seahawks doing this on camera in the lockeroom during the stoppage. Didn’t show the 49ers, but she reported that was what was going on in their lockeroom. Harbaugh probably didn’t allow a cameraman in.

    2. The game was stopped in the 1st quarter. How much more game planning are they supposed to do? The players practice the game plan all week and know what they have to do. At that point you just try to stay warm, relaxed and ready to go.

      One of the things I’ve learned in my years playing, Coaching and watching Football is you can’t overthink it. When you lose a game you can usually point to a handful of things that went wrong and try to correct them, but you can’t go looking for blame and finding things wrong that really aren’t. The 49ers issue when playing the Seahawks is they can’t move the ball against that defense. Everything else flows from that fundamental problem. If the offense is able to put points on the board and sustain some drives, then the opposing offense isn’t able to run the ball 47 times and the defense isn’t spending 2/3 of the game on the field. Don’t make it more complex than it is.

      The Niners have to figure out how to exploit these guys offensively or it doesn’t matter what the defense does.

      1. I am not against CK, but against all this ‘the new god has arrived’ stuff.
        CK screwed up big time last night. Watch it again and You’ll see how he could have put the game away early on. He played like a rookie under pressure.
        Anybody calling for his disposal yet?

    1. Dee, CK had his worst game which is expected from a player with his only 12 game of experience specially when the entire offense was sleep walking! OL was horrible and the coaching plan was extremely poor. CK will learn from this and get better.

  57. I wonder if the penalty calls (for and against) will even out as the season goes on. So far, it seems like most of the big penalties go against the 49ers. The PI call on Namdi and the unnecessary roughness calls on Vance Mac and Aldon all come to mind.

  58. Bright sides…
    KC is 6 wins away from going 8-8
    Vance McDonald plowing over Sherman after a catch
    The defense held Wilson to 0 for 6 with an INT before Snyder had the lightning storm called in
    Aldon racked up more sacks

    Other brights sides are…
    With star players hurt, the backups get quality snaps
    The new long snapper made no critical errors
    No lightning fatalities
    The 49ers plan landed safely at SFO

  59. Hey guys, this is my first post to the blog. I’ve been lurking for about 1-2 years now and I absolutely love Grant’s stuff & discussion board. Apologies if these topics have been covered, couldn’t read through everything today because I’m swamped at work (clearly):

    1) Nnamdi Asomugha – A lot of the time, he looks lost out there. Either he is drastically out of position and frantically trying to get into position or he’s missing tackles. I know we haven’t seen a lot of him yet but that PI deep down the field absolutely killed us last night. He did some things right, too, in all fairness. Tramaine Brock had a very good camp and preseason, is it too early to give him a look if Nnamdi can’t hang?

    2) Personal Fouls – These are getting absolutely ridiculous. 3rd and 28 and we can’t get off the field? Is a little punch after the play really worth it? Jim Harbaugh is a players coach, no doubt about it. I just don’t think he disciplines his players enough when instances like this happen. It’s selfish showoff football. Then again, I don’t know what goes on in the locker room.

    3) O-Line – Where is the pride? This pro-bowl squad was absolutely manhandled last night. I saw a play where Iupati got driven back 5 yards and thrown on his back. That doesn’t happen to these guys. I saw Joe Staley get burnt around the edge a countless number of times. Davis had his typical game versus Seattle. These guys need to come together and start playing smash mouth football again. They were soft last night.

    4) WRs – Abosolutely dominated by Seattle’s corners last night, as we all witnessed. I have to wonder why we didn’t activate Jon Baldwin last night. He’s 6-4, big, and fast. I understand that he hasn’t been around very long but I certainly believe he knows enough of the playbook to be circulated in on a few plays. Williams and Patton were getting tossed around like rag dolls. We needed McDonald, Baldwin, and Celek on the field more. Big bodies. Delanie is definitely missed this year.

    5) Coaching – What happened to the 49er’s power running game? Remember when Roman’s offense first debuted? Traps, counters, powers all day every day. The read option didn’t look good last night. Kap is still faking to ghosts sometimes. I think the coaches should get back to the basics. I understand the value conforming to Kap’s strengths. But I also think Roman should tap into the running plays he was calling when Smith was under center.

    It’s time to get our swag back versus Indy. Back to the basics, Harbaugh.

    1. Definately wasn’t good to see how easy Patton went to the ground when he got a very light jam by I believe Maxwell, a backup CB. But that kind of thing was the knock on him coming out of college, that he goes down easily on slight contact.

  60. To sum it up:

    Their trenchmen were better than our trenchmen. Big concern. Is our offensive line really elite?

    Their coaches outsmarted ours. I hate Greg Roman’s play calling, and our game plan seemed unimaginative, but if your linemen are getting the job done, it’s hard to know if anything would have worked.

    Kap got rattled and played terrible. Time to retire this talk about GOAT. He can still become a great QB but it’s not as sure a thing as it was after Green Bay.

    1. Wilson offensive linemen need the advantage of knowing the snap count, without that advantage aka the silent count the advantage goes greatly to the defense. Why do you think Seattle wins at just about twice the rate at home than they do on the rd?

      1. No holes opened for the run in two games this year. I don’t know about you, but that’s worrisome. The noise factor is there, but not that big. I wish we could blame it on that. It could also be that the defenses have figured out our blocking scheme.

      2. Wilson,

        Don’t forget that GB sold out to stop the run. I’m not saying there isn’t cause for concern, but it isn’t tine to panic, yet.

    2. Wilson i agree with you regarding the GB game I think we got manhandled but go back and watch a replay of the seattle game I believe you will see that the Seattle D was getting off on a equal basis with the 9ers O line and that is a recipe for disaster. Look carefully at seattles home record they are dominant at home while being no better than mediocre on the rd. There is only one viable reason for that, crowd noise. I believe very strongly that we will handle Seattle at home.

  61. Well Grant, ive been critical of you, when you are critical of the 49ers….but i must say, you right about some of the things you said last week. All the things that Kap’s big game “masked” against G.B.
    We did not run the ball well for the 2nd strait week, and that is a big concern for me! With LMJ banged up, and Kendal Hunter less than a 100%, Gore looks old, and alone. We dont have a lot of experience getting beat big in the Harbaugh era, but when it happens, we seem to panic and get away from the running game. We need to get healthy at the RB position….and i cant wait to see Marcus Lattimore!
    The WR group looked sad as well, again, health is a big factor. With Crab and MM out, that leaves AB, who especially after week one, will draw all the attention, because KW does not strike fear into anyone nor does the rookie QP.
    I think all the attention on not letting Kap get hit is affecting his game! Early last night, when it was 5-0 still, he scrambles on 3rd and 4, and seems to easily have a first down, but decides to throw the ball to Gore instead of picking up the first down! Incomplete! The broadcasters pointed out how he could have crawled for the 4 yards

    1. Seems like there was another play where Kaepernick could have made some good yardage if he had cut upfield while a blocker still had an LB engaged, but took it outside instead and the LB disengaged from the block and ended up being in on the play to stop him.

      1. Yes, there were more than a couple plays where ” the unknown kid from last year, trying to make a name for himself,” would have ripped off some big runs. But this years version ” the face of the entire NFL, let alone the face of the 49ers” seems a little timid when he’s running around.

      2. Seriously,
        Kaepernick a little timid? He had almost 100 yards rushing. Our “beast” running back had 16….. Don’t over react.

      3. Bay, I don’t know that I would call it being timid as much as his running seemed to lack some of the instinct he showed last season. But you can’t deny that pass to Gore was bad when he had an easy 1st down. I don’t know, maybe this is a by-product of the coaching staff telling him to not get himself hurt which could cause too much thinking and not just allowing him be the same instinctive QB he was in college and last season.

      4. You all make good points. I do think it’s the coaching staff that has gotten him to think to much. He needs to go back to his ” INSTINCTS”. They have been excellent his entire career. When he doesn’t think and just reacts to what the defense gives him he makes the right decisions. Now he just plays very low risk and not to get injured. If he doesn’t start to take what the defense gives him the opposition will soon play him pass first and give him the running lanes. It seems like Seattle already was doing that.

  62. Where were the after game interviews, last week the niner’s were falling over themselves to suggest how great they thought they were. If not for a horrible (and incorrect) decision by the referee’s niners should be 0-2.

    1. Steve, you are an idiot!!! If you watched the game last week, you saw golden boy Clay Mathews throwing punches and not getting kicked out of the game!!! The horrible call by the refs were allowing that douche bag to stay in the game, while they flag joe staley!!! Mathews should have gotten 2 personal foul, 15 yard penalty’s on that play, and the niners none!!! Im not in the mood for idiots like you today so screw off!

  63. I have to admit, our offensive game plan seems bland outside of the run game….and when the run game is not working….we are in trouble!!! Our pass game seems to depend on the success of the run. So when we cant run, were screwed! Again, the broadcasters kept wondering aloud,why we were not using bunch formations to get AB and the WR’s a free pass from the press coverage that was tormenting us.

    1. Even the casual observers were seeing that. I’m not sure why Roman and JH are so stubborn when it comes to making in-game adjustments.

      Last week, Roman was asked about the role of Eric Mangini. He said that Mangini is in the booth, making observations, and consulting on what the defense is doing or trying to do. How come both Roman and Mangini – together – did not observe and make the necessary adjustments?

  64. It seems to me that the defense should be more in the D category and special teams C category. But offense is an F+ and coaching (on the offense side) an F-.
    The power amp stadium and fans going after and achieving a Guinness record was a significant factor (hoped for the rain to continue as it would have absorbed sound waves and melted the 12th man). And the coache’s plan to handle that very big and fat 12th man looked inept.
    Why not go back to fundamental power running. Why not run no huddle. Ordinarily I would not be a fan of a Chip Kelly play in place, single target minimum decision rapid fire offense but in this case playing inside an ear shattering jet engine would be where it would make a lot of sense.
    The point is what happened to all the preseason targeted designing and training for Seattle and its 12+ man team. They over complicated instead of simplify and just seemed on the wrong page entirely.
    Boldin caught Green Bay by surprise last week. The cat was out of the bag this week. In addition we knew that the match up with Sherman and gang would be less favorable. And we knew from last year that it was likewise not favorable for Vernon. So where was a our underneath speedy possession receiver or occasional down the field speed – those better match ups. Patton?
    Coaching also seemed to not plan for too many in the box – I saw jamming the line. I can think of something that would have worked in two words. West Coast. Walsh would have had a field day.
    Quick short throws to backs, TEs and quick slanting WRs — those “long hand offs” over the box and under the big DBs until they have too adapt and then we run and run and throw to the deep open.
    Where was the screen? Where was eat up the clock to give the defense a rest? Where was the adapt to what they give you. Roman had last year’s dismal in Seattle to work from and not repeat from. Then he had a rain break as well as a half time to further adapt.
    Where was a little imagination that might have led you back to some fundamentals. And there you will take out their 12th man holding the kryptonite megaphone and there you will find your strength again superman.

    And speaking of kryptonite, is it just me or is Harbaugh showing paranoia about having to play the number 2 QB. Not only was he obsessed with the Clay Mathews thing but then it showed in the play calling and coaching. Etched in my memory is the 3rd down play where Kap scrambles to the left and has a clear lane to scramble and slide for the first down; instead he throws to an open-not Frank Gore. 3 and out. Clearly he has been told to throw rather than run where Wilson got the opposite advice.

    Formula for the coaches:
    If Kap = superman then Seattle = kryptonite

  65. Another concern with last nights game was when the team fell behind why did they have Bruce Miller in the game in the slot and in at TE before Vernon got hurt, he’s not gonna beat a LB a safety! Patton shouldve gotten a lot more slot time and with Marlon Moore!

  66. PFF grade highlights:

    Joe Staley got a -4.9 run blocking grade.
    Mike Iupati got a -6.3 overall grade. He gave up six hurries and a QB hit.
    Anquan Boldin got a -3.2 overall grade.
    Anthony Davis got a -4.0 overall grade. He gave up four hurries, one QB hit and one sack.
    Colin Kaepernick got a -6.6 passing grade.
    Frank Gore got a -0.7 rushing grade.
    Nnamdi Asomugha got a -4.3 overall grade. He had three missed tackles.
    Craig Dahl had a -1.5 overall grade.
    Glenn Dorsey got a +1.5 run defense grade.
    Eric Reid got a +1.0 overall grade.
    Aldon Smith got a +4.5 overall grade.

    The 49ers have the fourth-worst graded offense (-19.3) in the NFL, one spot behind the Ravens.

    1. Grant those O line grades go along with a line that was on its heels because of the silent counts. Seattles D line was getting off at the same time as the 9er O line and that will cause a disaster for the O line EVERY time

  67. You know who gets an F too is The FB Davis. He had an all time bad game dropping passes and making the safety for Seattle by tackling his man in the end zone.

    1. MauiDave,

      Do you mean Bruce Miller? Yes, you’re right. He did have at least a couple of drops, one that would’ve gone for big yardage and maybe a TD, and another that would’ve been a first down.

  68. I also thought Kap had a bad game but when your O line isn’t blocking, your running game is absent and your WR can’t get open, what can you do? Take your lumps and use the beat down for motivation I guess. Roman really needs to do a better job scripting out the first series or two and then making adjustments. Yesterday was embarrassing.

  69. Great post you are right on the Money. I have to give it to Grant on this one. Not because he picked the Seahawks to win, but because he called Harbaugh out on why we would lose. He said Harbaugh would be stubborn and still call plays in the huddle and he did. Not only was Harbaugh stubborn with how we called plays, but he refused to make ANY adjustments to Seattle’s game plan EVEN with a 1 hour rain delay to watch film plus halftime. Seattle showed us their hand right away and played the same EXACT hand the entire game and Harbaugh’s stubborn ass kept betting on his pair of 2′s. They ran 3 WR/1TE/1RB sets ALL night long. Everytime we went into our nickel defense and they ran straight at us; we only had 6 guys in the box to their 6 blockers plust Beast Mode running the ball. They just kept chipping away and hit the big runs when they needed too. While on Offense we shortened the width of the field by playing the pistol way too much; they loaded the box with 8-9 guys almost every play daring us to throw, which we tried to out of the pistol with Bruce Miller motioning out wide as a WR!! They dared us to pass and we thought we were tricking them by passing with run personnel out of running formations. They played aggressive with 8 in the box to stop the run and our defensive play calling like Russel Wilson is Peyton Manning with 5 DBs on the field to their 3 WRs. We should have loaded up to stop the run and make Russel Wilson beat you with his arm. Aldon Smith would have been able to put pressure on him all night. Justin Smith owned Unger. Our skill position players on defense are way better than Seattle but its a simple numbers game. They had more blockers than we had guys devoted to stop the run. On defense Seattle had more guys in the box to stop the run than we had blockers. It is so obvious and that’s why this is all on Harbaugh, Roman, and Vangio. I have never seen such a terribly coached game in the Harbaugh era.

    1. I seriously wonder if some of you even watch the game. The Niners were calling the plays with hand signals to start the game and took one delay of game penalty. It was the one area where we actually saw some improvement.

      1. Any hamstring injury has the potential to linger for months . Everything ‘feels’ fine until the muscle is used dynamically. It might be the easiest ‘strain’ to re-injure that there is.

        I’ve strained and torn my hamstrings, it is no fun. I had blood down to my ankles for months after I tore it playing softball.

    1. Grant – correct, Pagan did. Then for surgery they removed part of a tendon and tried to infuse blood to speed up the healing process.

    2. Vernon’s ego was strained not his hamstring. He didn’t try to prevent the int. He didn’t make a play on the ball himself to catch it. It was also severely underthrown like most of Kaps deep balls this year. A couple were underthrown to Williams.

  70. The 49ers will face Ahmad Bradshaw on Sunday. They faced him last year when he was a Giant and he rushed 27 times for 116 yards and a touchdown.

  71. The one drive we got away from the Pistol we got to the 5 yard line and scored our only 3 points of the game, even though it should’ve been a touchdown. Like Grant said earlier, where was the power running the Niners are known for. We ran I-formation double tight and ran off guard for 5 yards, then spread the field and Kap made a play with his legs finally cause we were down desperate. We ran our traditional offense like it was with Alex Smith and we drove on the Seahawks easily. Power run from the 10 yard line to the 5 yard line. 3rd and goal Kap had all day to throw and scrambled left for no reason when he could have stepped up in the pocket. The slant to Patton was there at first, and then if not, Boldin got wide open in the back of the endzone right at 3 seconds and Kap held the ball for 6 seconds on that play (something he did all night). The rest of the game it looked like they were running zone blocking schemes trying to be cute when we have some of the best run blockers in the game. The bloggers on here are wrong blaming the Oline. They don’t call the plays or decide the scheme. Kap is being coached not to run and that is hurting us cause he had some lanes and didn’t take him. Kapernick isn’t “Kapernick” if he doesn’t take advantage of his athletic ability. Perfect example was 3rd and 4 he steps up and could easily scramble to the left for the first down and maybe more because even if you take a good angle on him he will still burn you, and instead he throws a low dart to frank Gore running a streak…?? Why make a play with a very low percentage of working. Coaches need to let the kid play football. Now enough excuses for Kap, he made the wrong reads many times. On the Davis interception he had the opposite WR wide open and a down and in. That was there all night actually. He doesn’t spread the ball around like Alex Smith did. Is this Kap or is this coaching? IDK I have heard that Harbaugh tells him who he should look to throw too through the headset walking up to the line, but I don’t know if that is true. Is Kap allowed to call audibles? There were many instances where a simple throw it straight to Bruce Miller when he motioned to WR and the safety was 10 yards back with his hips turned inside to the QB, although this should be Vance McDonald and not Bruce Miller. Can he audible out of the run when they have 9 in the box like Peyton does, can he audible out of the pass to run when we have the numbers in our favor to one side? I don’t see any of this. It looked like a gimmick offense last night, which is all on Harbaugh’s stubbornness. He is a great coach and will hopefully learn from this game. He is trying to be too innovative when he has a QB with a cannon that can scramble as good as any in the league. He has great run blockers and TEs, which could set up the play action and you don’t need the best WRs. Patton got open when he was in and Boldin is Boldin he will be fine. Everyone is hating on Gore without any logic supporting it. Ya you could point to the stats, but this all started happening ever since we ran the pistol. Grant pointed out he’s averaged 3.8 ypc or something since Kapernick took over and before had 4.8ypc. That is an unbelievable drop. Did he lose his legs and vision over night, I don’t think so. He still has great vision but the coaches aren’t utilizing it lining him up behind the QB where he can’t see or read the defense at all and then have two lead blockers in the backfield he has to follow and make reads off of??? all the while the defense has 8-9 in the box knowing we are running. Maybe if we ran with double tight or overloaded, QB under center, Ace back I wouldn’t care so much if they ran with 8 in the box cause it would give Gore a chance to see some light, but imaging running in that scheme last night. Im rambling now but it’s all on Harbaugh and the coaching staff. We had better skill players we won many 1 on 1 battles on the defensive side and made there defense look better because we were predictable, did not play the traditional power football we first did when Harbaugh came here, and we did not mix up the formations or player personnel at all like we use too. I don’t know what he is thinking. Mcdonald needs to play more. We need to come out in Ace back, shotgun 3WR/1TE, 2 TE/2WR, shotgun split backs with Hunter and gore in. So many possibilities. We did not play to our strengthes or utilize our personnel at all, and I blame Harbaugh”s stubbornness because he has shown he can do all of those things (mix personnel, change formations) and did not make the adjustments.

    1. O-lines still have to execute no matter what the game plan or scheme is. Not like this is something that just happened in this game. Couldn’t run against the Packers, either. And if this continues against the Colts, where are you going to put the blame?

  72. Pete Carrol didn’t do anything brilliant he simply knew Harbaugh wouldn’t adjust, which I guess is pretty brillian b/c I didn”t anticipate that. Kudos to Grant again. Pete Carrol knew how to put us in the nickel and then ran the ball almost every time. Then when he went 4WR he put us in the dime and guess what… he ran the ball (5 lineman vs. 5 defenders in the box + Lynch). Such a predictable defense we are lucky we have so much talent there are we would’ve had 60 put up on us. The talent masked a lot of coaching flaws even though we lost 29-3. When we went 3WR do you think Carrol went to Nickel. NO he did not, he stayed with the game plan and played his 4-3 base defense and then maybe took his safety out of the box a little bit. They were playing with 1 free safety a lot! I haven’t seen an NFL team do that so many time I think ever, you only see it in High School football because teams can’t throw the ball that good. How can you not take advantage of a team playing with only 1 safety deep and when I say deep I just mean 12 yards off the ball straight up from the QB.

  73. It’s only 1 game and the Niners will make the playoffs and potentially go to the superbowl if the coaches make the necessary adjustments. We have proven we can beat all the “finesse” teams (Patriots, packers, Falcons, Saints). But we have also proven we can lose to the physical teams (Rams, Seahawks, Vikings, Ravens, Giants). We either need a favorable schedule in the playoffs cause we will get there off talent alone, or the coaches need to look in the mirror. And I am huge Harbaugh fine and haven’t missed Niner game in 10 years, which might sound pathetic to some people but its my 3 hours of peace a week, and they were more disappointing last night than a long time. The sky is the limit for Kap. Alex Smith is looking really good in Kansas City, not saying he is better than Kapernick. But ever since kapernick Harbaugh has changed the way he coaches this team too much. Do you think it I a coincidence our defense started giving up all these points when Kapernick became the QB (minus the bears game with the worst oline in football last year). If Harbaugh runs the offense he did with Alex Smith we will win the superbowl. Power running even out of passing formations, double tight end instead of fullback all the time to be able to run or pass. Kapernick will be able to throw the ball downfield still because he likes too and Smith liked to throw it underneath… same offense, same plays just different style of QB. Kap made some lousy reads last night but he has shown he can play without that pistol. Run it 5 plays a game not as your base offense.

    1. In the NFL things are always changing due to the salary cap and free agency. Teams never remain the same. Each season is a different entity. It requires constant adjustments. Then there is the trade off between the present verses the future. All of these factors involve choices based on priorities. You can not have everything. Today is not like it was under Walsh in the pre salary cap era.

      Everyone who keeps referring to past seasons and what worked then is not considering all the variables that are no longer the same not only with this team but with the changing of dynamics of the opposing teams. Key changes, whether through injuries, ageing, free agency or someone just having a bad season can change contenders into teams that don’t make the playoffs and visa versa. Sometimes luck can work for you or also against you. The key is recognizing what was luck and what was based the actual strength of the team. Mostly fans have a hard time recognizing this.

      This team could not stay the same from the team from two seasons ago. They had too many things that just fell into place ( luck) and just could not count on that to continue. While I also believe Harbaugh and the front office has made a lot of mistakes, they are still making the transition from college to the Pro’s. It will take some hard lessons for them to realize areas that they are weak in. But they are geared to creating a solid balanced team for the future and to do that they are sacrificing some of the present. This team at present has a lot of weaknesses that still need to be addressed. One being the lack of a viable back up for the present. I do think they have addressed that for the future with Daniels. I think this season might bring a few other unforeseen issues yet to be delt with.

      Seems most of the draft picks this year have been geared for the future. That made the previous year even that more important. This made the AJ pick have a much greater negative impact on the team than most people would care to admit. He is the gift ( negative effect) that just seems to keep on giving.

  74. Kaep is still a young passer
    Passing Against a Weak Secondary & A Defense Selling Out Against the Run
    Last week’s 400 yard passing game had everybody praising Kaep as the next great Niner’s QB. But Kaep had all day to to sit in the pocket on most pass plays because the Green Bay defense played sound gap control even against pass plays. Kaep could easily spend time reading the defense and see receivers get open. Seattle on the other hand didn’t need to sell out against the run. They played mostly a sound mix of zone, Cover 1 and Cover 2 Man Under with pass rushers attacking, getting into the backfield and disrupting Kaep’s ability to read defenses. Simply put, Kaep needs to make his reads and get the ball out faster.

    Big Play vs. Game Manager
    Kaep does not seem to be at the point where he can instantly read a defense and know which of his receivers should be open. In some cases, I think this goes against his instincts which is there are times when he has to take what the defense gives him. He needs to be able to turn on and off his big play instincts based on the game situation. Easier said than done of course, but I hope this comes from a maturing passer.

    Run Game Problems, The Pistol, Read Option and Passing
    People still confuse the Pistol FORMATION with the Read-Option type of PLAY. The Niners could run all of their power run plays out of the Pistol if they wanted to and not run the read option. Their basic run game formations still shift and move a lot; pistol or no pistol. However, I do believe, the Niners have become too overly dependent on scheme to produce and effective run game. There are times when they need to just line up and run off tackle, run up the gut and run a sweep. Then run a counter. Good ole, meat and potatoes football like their 2011 incarnation. I’m not saying get rid of the read option, line shifts, side overloads and exotic formations. But I think they should work their way into them as the game goes on. The read option should be run a only a handful of times and probably not until after the 2nd half.

    The Pistol & the Passing Game
    I think the Pistol FORMATION is great for the run game and for play action passing. HOWEVER, I wonder if the use of the Pistol FORMATION might be screwing up Kaep’s timing. Much of the West Coast is based on timing and footwork. Each drop back step is coordinated with how receivers run their patterns. It’s one of the reasons why Walsh didn’t like the shotgun formation. However the modern passing game including the WCO is often run out of a shotgun formation. So obviously it can be done. But I wonder if it’s a good thing for a young still learning passer to run the WCO out of the Pistol quite so much.

    Kaep Needs a Security Blanket
    He needs an ultra reliable middle of the field receiving option. He needs his Wes Welker or even a Brent Jones. A guy that reads the holes in coverages and sits down in those holes and is good for a reliable 5-10 yard reception. Vernon Davis is an athletic marvel. But he’s used as a speed guy to often times split the seem in coverage. Which is an excellent use of his skills. But he’s not a guy that reads coverage, and takes that contested reception with a big hit for 5-10 yards. The Seahawks were playing a lot of press man coverage. So the response is usually to run a lot of drag and crossing routes (mesh plays would work well). Usually defenses respond by switching to interior zone coverages which may open up the deep seem for Davis but should also open up some holes for a receiver that can find those holes underneath. Is that going to be Vance McDonald? Usually a slot receiver is a good option. But the Niners often move their Z receiver (Boldin) inside into the slot. Unfortunately that means that the defense has shifted it’s attention to the slot. The Niners should have recognized this and kept Boldin outside and started to work another inside receiver. The problem is that they don’t have one. Williams and Moore are quick guys but not the guys to get those heavily contested in the middle receptions. The Niners need to change something up.

  75. The 49er Organization use to be a class act when Montana and Young were QBs, that image was tarnished when Harbaugh was hired. Harbaugh telling the Packers that they forgot to bring their brass knuckles after beating them the 1st week of the season opener, isn’t something one would expect to come from a mouth of a 49er coach. Constant complaining to the filed judges about the other team’s man handling his players isn’t the way to handle poor game plays. The 2013 SF dynasty is fast becoming known as the SF 40-WINNERS !!!

    1. So they won some 40′s? Sweet!

      Get your facts… and your spelling straight if your going to talk smack.

      It was UGLY last night, but a beat down early in the season will pay dividends later in the season. Good teams that get smacked up the side of the head early have time to refocus on the ‘little’ things that make the difference.

      The Hawks can wear their sparkling ‘We beat the Niners twice in a row’ crown all regular season. January is where legends are made, we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

    2. Before the nationally televised Seattle-SF Sunday nite game, you guys were sing the praises of Anquan Boldin, how he was going to manhandle the Seahawks.

      If you guys did your homework before the game, you would have notice that this wasn’t the 1st time that CB Richard Sherman matched-up with WR Boldwin. Look at Seattle’s schedule last year, and you will notice that CB Sherman shut down Boldwin. So Boldwin already knew what he was up against before this game his worst nightmare!!

  76. I agree with 90% of what you said allforfunplay. My mistake on the Pistol. I understand we can run power out of the pistol, but that still does not change that Gore is behind the QB without the ability to read the defense and utilize his best asset at this age (vision). I don’t care what this formation is called, but when they have Kap in shotgun, Gore behind him, a fullback and TE to the right and left of Kap and then run their motion and run the ball. This gives the linebackers plenty of room to react and hit our lead backers coming out of the backfield in the hole and Gore can’t see anything, he was just running into a pile last night. That doesn’t look like power to me; I saw Staley just try to turn his guy outside and not drive block him and he got beat inside and tackled Gore at line of scrimmage. Power is drive blocking/down blocking, while trying to position your defender looks like zone blocking. I agree with the observations about Kapernick, however, I do not think it is because we don’t have a security blanket. Was Wes Welker a security blanket before Tom Brady… QBs make their WRs/TEs/RBs better. We have the talent and personnel. Vance Mcdonald needs to play more because the 49ers have been most successful out of their 2 TE sets over the years and he looks better than Delanie Walker to me in the passing game, however, I have not watched him block much yet. We haven’t even given Patton a chance to be a contributor, when he is in Kap doesn’t look at him because he only looks at his number 1 read. The Seahawks pass rush was not as good as you say it was last night. Kap scrambled at times he didn’t have to because apparently nobody was open but really it was cause the guy he wanted to throw to wasn’t open so he took off and then its a broken play and whatever the progressions were get tossed out the window because the WRs have to adjust their routes. Not to mention I think Bruce Miller played WR more than our 3WR did. And he could have ran the ball plenty of times if his favorite WR wasn’t open but they are babying him. He is good enough to beat you with only making two reads or deciding to pull the ball down and run. I counted several times Kap had the ball in his hands for 6 seconds!

    1. when you see Staley blocking out and neither Iupati or Staley pulling and the back runs up the gut or off tackle, then more than likely it’s a read option play where Kaep handed it off and as you say, not down driving blocking. Look for the pulling linemen.

      Yes, Wes Welker was a security blanket for Tom Brady. Especially in his first couple of seasons with the Patriots when they had Moss lined up out wide. Welker really was the 3rd slot receiver back then. Eventually they moved him to Flanker so he could become a primary target.

      Or to draw a comparison Welker went from being the underneath security option as the slot receiver like Brent Jones used to be to being the favorite go to security option like Jerry Rice used to be.

      I disagree, that Kaep is good enough to beat opponents with 1-2 reads and his legs. I agree that it looked like he had more scrambling opportunities early in the game. But for the most part the Seahawks shut down Boldin, Davis and the run game. That means Kaep has to find other alternatives.

  77. Great post Gray. 100% agree. Just don’t understand why Harbaugh didn’t adjust. No way that gameplan would ever work against Seattle I don’t care where you play.

  78. Gee ..
    I see SheHawk trolls posting at NFL.com and elsewhere..
    but, I always thought Grants house was a place where we
    didn’t have to put up with that stuff !

    We all know that this game was their
    Super Bowl … ya know ..
    since they will never have a Lombardi of their own
    to brag about !

    Things will be a lot different for them come December
    at The Stick …
    … and they can take that to the bank !

  79. The reality is, Seattle built it’s team for that stadium. You have tough press corners who also hold after 5 yards, quick DE, who get off the ball quicker because the O-line has a hard time with hearing the snap count, and silent counts can still cause some hesitancy. The home field adv. is heightened more against the Niners also because of what the Niners like to do. Pre-snap shifts, audibles, unique formations; this sets it all up for disaster when IN Seattle. The true test will be when they play in SF, if Seattle can do the same thing again, then one can concede that they are the better team. But since that stadium has been built, all statistics and records are skewed dramatically in their favor. I for one, certainly wish the new stadium would have tried to replicate the sound design to give the Niners the same sort of advantage at home.

      1. For the biggest game of the year against that team and for NFL/NFC West supremacy, the 49ers failed. So yes,F’ing arrogant know-it-all, it kinda feels like a huge/end of world type loss.

      2. FDM,

        What you posted here is exactly my point. It’s not the biggest game of the year for NFC supremacy. It’s game 2 of 16 in one of the hardest places in the league for a visiting team to win. You made it that big in your head or by reading media reports, but at the end of the day it’s one early game.

        It sucks that they lost but the handwringing going on in here is over the top. Summarizing just some of the comments posted here you’d think this team is the Jaguars.

        Gore is done. Oline is crap. Niner Coaches stink and Carroll is a genius. Defense got dominated even though they gave up less than 300 net yards and shut down Russell Wilson and the passing game most of the night. Losses have to be taken in perspective along with the wins. The Niners don’t stink and the season is not over. Long way to go yet.

      3. Thanks Rocket… er F’ing. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks\feels that way.

        So the Niners douched 1\16th of the puzzle for the year, in the whole scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal. That being said, I was not a happy camper at all last night.

        We as fans have a lot to look forward to this year. The next game is always the most important.

        Eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel!

    1. Their stadium is a grossly unfair advantage. It’s acoustically designed to funnel sound onto the red zone. The league should explore…
      - Reinstating the 5 yard penalty for excessive pre-snap noise
      - Allowing Seattle’s away opponents to broadcast amplified sound equal to the 136 decibels
      - Requite Seattle to insulate the “rain” flaps over the stadium

      1. I think the stadium is smart, but I agree with a lot of what you said because the NFL does still have that rule, they just don’t enforce it. That’s what irritates me about the situation, the stadium provides a huge advantage and hinders opposing offenses even though there is a rule in place to prevent that.


    2. Wes,
      Some people think the stadium is an unfair advantage, I think it’s brilliant. I had expressed the same desire for the Niners to build a stadium with crowd noise enhancing acoustics after they released the design of the new stadium. Why would you not want that advantage? I’d rather have that than wifi in the restroom and monitors on the back of the seats. If I wanted to watch Redzone, I would have stayed at home. Beer is still $8, but it’s for a six pack of Sierra Nevada, not a single Budweiser in a 8 oz. plastic cup.

      1. Big P – I figured the same thing as you, use the noise as an advantage as well, until the league starts to punish them or eliminate that advantage. On that note, Ed Donatell should have the corners press, grab, hold well beyond the 5 yard line just like the Seahawks do until the referees begin to call it.

    3. That is the truth. The Niner’s base their offense on making pre sap adjustments which the can’t do in Seattle. It’s a great system everywhere else.

      Grant: I agree about Gore. Even considering the lack of holes he just looks slow. He kind of looked done at the end of last year, but then kicked it up again for the playoffs. Everyone has been expecting this so why the big surprise. To have a power run game you have to have a power runner. When RB’s age it does happen all at once, especially if they are explosive runners. Gore has been playing way beyond his expiration date already. Perhaps thats the reason the coaches have been phasing out that part of the game. They could see the hand writing on the wall.

  80. Grant, can you please ask JH why even after the “nature inspired change our game plan event” you did not change the game plan strategies to be successful. I would appreciate a clear and direct question as to why our staff was not prepared at all. Thanks

  81. It’s official. Ian Williams is out for the season. Truly a shame. Been hearing reports about how great he was in camp, only to lose him before he could display his improved skills.

    Not sure, but I think Dial can’t be activated till after game 6. Lets hope Dorsey holds up nicely the remaining 4 games.

  82. Allforfunplay. My bad I wasn’t clear I meant Tom Brady made Wes Welker in to his security blanket not that Wes Welker was not his security blanket, and I think Kapernick needs to be able to do the same thing with out current personnel and Manningham coming back Week 7 hopefully. And thanks for the insight insight into the blocking on the option play vs. the power with the pulling lineman. Ya I guess I am not a fan of the option then, at least not all the time against Seattle in Seattle. Our Oline was built for power drive blocking and pulling guards/tackles/even centers. Your right Kap needs to make more than 1-2 reads if we want to win it all, but he primarily only threw to Crabtree last year and then Crabtree and Vernon Davis in the playoffs + ran the hell out of the ball without worrying. Now he needs to go through his progressions faster and more often because Patton or it could have been Williams were wide open when they were playing press man with 1 safety in deep middle and with 4 wideouts on 3rd and goal the slant was there, and then Boldin was there and he didn’t throw to either obviously.

    F*ingknowitall. Clearly the 49ers are fine, really they are. But ya I watched the game. So they got the play calling better than last time and started in the no huddle, but they still had a delay of game and burned 2 timeouts in the seconds half when we were down points and clearly may have needed them until we got blown out. Many times I saw Kap yelling at the players in the huddle to get the play in and then 5, 4, 3, 2, snap the ball…. hmm I wonder why the Seahawks were able to get off the ball so fast. A couple time I thought there ends were offsides, it must be because they are built that way and there so fast and NOT because everyone watching the game knew when the 49ers were snapping the ball cause of the playclock. Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin were not even playing… there 2 fastest pass rushers. Cliff Avril didn’t start (3rd fastest pass rusher) and was coming off of an injury and just started practicing. Red Bryant played 1 DE and don’t tell me he is speed rusher. He is a great defensive lineman but no speed rusher.
    It is 1 game and we got killed by the Seahawks last year and made it to the superbowl. We did lose the superbowl. We had the more talented roster and supposedly the better coaching staff and we lost. Kapernick is regarded as a much better QB than Flacco right now but we still lost. I don’t think anyone is worried about the Niners making the playoffs, but I don’t understand the game plans we use against Seattle and other physical teams. And if we want to win the superbowl, which is what is expected of this team especially with the switch to Kapernick, then the coaches can’t coach like they did last night. No adjustments. Watch the game again. Seattle 3WR/1TE/Ace Back ran the ball 90% of the time and Niners stayed in their Nickel. Seattle 4WR/Ace back and Niners go into Dime every time and Seattle gashes us. Wilson was 8/19. We sacked him 4 times I think (maybe 1 was the penalty on brooks). We have the best front 7 in football yet we were playing with our front 6 the entire night. When we played our base 3-4 defense we stuffed Lynch almost time. They must not trust their corners/safeties/linebackers in coverage if they are playing that conservative every time Seattle has 3 WRs. 1 time we stayed in 3-4 vs. 3WR, Aldon Smith line up over the slot, walked towards his normal spot as Wilson got under center and then blew up the running play for a 4 yard loss. They could have gotten Seattle out of their gameplan of running the football by staying in the 3-4. That doesn’t mean the world is going to end. It means Harbaugh was stubborn. Watch the game again and see if Seattle gets out of their base defense…. they had a safety in the box as well every time. They played 4-4, 5-3, even rolled the safety down with that personnel, basically goaline defense sometimes. You have to exploit that. It’s just frustrating because the Niners are the better team and should not lose that game at least not the way that they lost it. The coaches did not give the players a chance. That’s what is frustrating.

  83. I sure enjoyed Vmac laying the mouthy Sherman on his back! They were probably trying to get him back with the penalty late in the game, i don’t know, cause i was asleep by then.

  84. Grades: agree, altho I’d probably give the LBs a D, not an F.

    Here’s the Fear/Bad: as I’ve said before, windows to win it all in this league open and close quickly because the players age in dog years. Our D peaked in late 2011, when we could shut anyone down, or mid-2012 if you want to account for a great new passrusher, but since the Pats game we are simply not the same. Justin Smith was a MONSTER in 2011, was merely outstanding in 2012 until the injury, and is now “just” very, very good. And we were extremely fortunate – on average – with injuries in 2011, but they caught up to us late in 2012, and now are coming in a flurry in 2013. In other words, I fear our D has lost a bit too much: successive high quality nose tackles, a PB safety, and a very good #3 corner (Culliver) at least. Even tho most of the press is blaming the poor run game on the Oline – which sounds about right – Gore is pretty damn old for a RB. I think he’s still got some left in the tank, but he’s not the 24 year old Frank Gore. Kaep can play great, and he will play great, but if I may say, the thing that made Joe so great was the icewater in his veins. Kaep wasnt exactly rattled in the Seattle game(s), but he was at least rushed – and by the way, those last 4 downs in the SB looked the same way. Hey, it’s ok, he’s a kid, but he’s got to improve in this regard – he doesnt have a young Calvin Johnson or Jerry Rice on this roster. Our wides have been a clear weak spot – some of us noted that with Boldin we now had 2 very good possession receivers but no deep threat, and now of course we only have the one. Vernon can play great at times, but like most even great TEs, he has a limitation here or there. In short, we are a very good team but as we saw last night we can’t lay claim to being the best – we lost the first chance to make that claim this past February, and we lost it again last night.

    The Good/Hope: It’s a long season. I like to remind myself that the 1988 Niners were 6-5 at one point in the season and all the smart press folks and fans like us (!) had the season in the tank. Joe had gone thru too much (arm, knee, back injuries), the line couldn’t block anymore, R. Craig was used up, our Dline had some old tired freaks (one-eye Pierce Holt, no knees Kevin Fagan, underperforming Dan Stubbs). While injuries are now hitting us hard, we have to assume they’ll hit the other contenders too. It’s all about being good enough, and healthy enough, to get to a position where you can win-out late in the year. The 2013 Niners still have enough prime-of-career talent. We lost to Seattle at *home*; hey, losses happen. Even Niner SB teams occasionally had their a$$ whipped. Our guys can’t cash it in or quit, and the good news is they wont because the memory of the SB is so fresh. We’re going to get Crabs and Manningham back, and with any luck they’ll be healthy and performing when the season gets to crunch time. To be honest, I do think our D might have peaked earlier as I noted. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t summon great performances at crunch time. Unlike Madden NFL, this is not a mathematical formula – there are breaks (including bones), bounces, etc. It’s football. Last night we got whipped. But in December, we have the coaching and players to do the whipping. I’ve seen bigger turnarounds before.

    One man’s opinion. Thanks for reading. Go Niners.

  85. I’m sitting here and reading all these comments smh. This is one game that doesn’t define our season. We all knew Seattle is good at home and that they would play us hard. We’re going to play Seattle again once during the regular season and most likely in the playoffs. The players seemed out of sync, but what is most concerning was the coaching. We were out coached badly! The remarks about Frank Gore seem a bit premature, he still has gas in the tank and will prove it during the season. If anyone expected us to go undefeated this year you don’t understand the sport. Harbaugh and Co. need to light a fire under the arses of the team as they seemed complacent expecting just to show up and win. This game reminded me of the 1987 49er team that were upset by the Vikings in the playoffs only to regroup and win back 2 back Lombardi Trophies.. Don’t worry folks we’ll be fine.

  86. OK, it was awful, terribly the most awful 49ers game I can remember. Worst, all the injuries are definitely season-impacting. But, come on Grant, there had to have been one shining moment or player amidst those many Fs. While your general analysis on went wrong was spot-on, your across-the-board F scores amount to low-level trash-talk and name-calling.

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