49ers 35, Rams 11: Grades

ST. LOUIS – Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 35-11 win over the Rams.

KAEPERNICK: B+. He played very well – 115.7 passer rating – even though he rarely went through his progessions.  He didn’t have to – in this game his first read usually was open. This season if his first read isn’t open, he scrambles. On one play in the fourth quarter Kaepernick started scrambling to his right as Vernon Davis was breaking open down field. Kaepernick never looked at him. Instead, Kaepernick gained four yards scrambling. General Manager Trent Baalke jumped out of his seat in the press box and yelled, “Throw the ball!” in front of everyone.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B-. Anquan Boldin had a terrific game – five catches for 90 yards and a key touchdown, the 49ers’ first touchdown of the game. The only other receiver who caught a pass was Jon Baldwin – he caught two. I’d be surprised if Baldwin isn’t the 49ers’ starting split end the rest of the season.

RUNNING BACKS: A. Gore had his best game in years – 20 carries for 153 yards, a touchdown and a fumble. He ran old-school runs out of a conventional I-formation backfield with Kaepernick under center. Clearly, he’s more comfortable running when Kaepernick is under center. Gore still has terrific timing on those runs and timing is everything. Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon each scored a touchdown in garbage time.

TIGHT ENDS: C+. Vernon Davis wasn’t running full speed but he caught a touchdown pass in the red zone. Vance McDonald caught one pass for nine yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: A. They dominated the Rams’ defensive line. The 49ers’ O-line created huge lanes for Gore, especially on off-tackle power runs. By the time the pulling guard made his block, Gore had an open lane to the secondary.

DEFENSIVE LINE: A. They immediately erased Daryl Richardson and the Rams’ running game. Ahmad Brooks played Aldon Smith’s position on passing downs and Brooks was dominant, finishing the game with 1.5 sacks. Glenn Dorsey also had four tackles and a sack.

LINEBACKERS: A. NaVorro Bowman was the 49ers’ best run stopper and pass rusher tonight. He had two sacks and six tackles.

SECONDARY: A. Tramaine Brock and Tarell Brown gave up catches in the first half but played well in the second half. Carlos Rogers played very well against the Rams’ quick slot receiver, Tavon Austin. In the second quarter Donte Whitner intercepted a pass in the end zone, one of the most important plays in the game. The 49ers were winning 7-3 when he picked off that pass. If he hadn’t pick it off, the Rams could have kicked a field goal on the next play and made it a one-point game.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. They didn’t let Tavon Austin go anywhere on punt returns. That’s the good. Here’s the not-so-good – Phil Dawson missed both field goals he attempted.

COACHING: A. The offense started the game in the Pistol which didn’t work – big surprise – but they adjusted. Give the 49ers credit for that. Just like last Sunday against the Colts, power off-tackle runs were working. Unlike last Sunday, Greg Roman called those off-tackle power runs more than a couple of times. Smart. It was clear the 49ers’ offensive line was manhandling the Rams’ defensive line on power running plays and the 49ers could win the game running the same few plays.

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    1. What do you know….Jr. got it wrong on the 49ers losing to the Rams.

      I get that he doesn’t like the 49ers & Jimbo but could he have been more wrong about this game?

      1. Aside from green bay what good thins had there been to write about up until last night. Take some criticism. Gran calls it like he sees. Niners have some negatives this year. I guess we should just ignore it

    2. Frank Gore has best game since 2009 but his legs are gone… Hahaha. So what’s your reasoning Grant? The holes were too big? The Rams just suck? Maybe this will teach you not to jump to conclusions so fast

      1. I’m glad that the 49ers were this week’s beneficiaries, but, yes, the Rams do suck. Last week Dallas benefitted from playing the Rams and they ran all over them as well. Murray had a day like Gore and gained 175 yards himself. Of course, the Rams look just as beatable via the pass. I believe we are going to have to wait another 10 days at least to judge the Niners’ improvement.

  1. What’s the news on Joe Staley? I hope it’s nothing serious, and seeing him walk off the field was relieving, but it seemed bad by the way he was yelling.

      1. You should chill for making a comment that is non sense! Regardless, this was a huge win to go on the road and beat a divisional rival in their home field. It makes me laugh when people make comments about other teams. Yes Niners have many opportunities to improve and beating the Rams does not crown them a great team but winning every single game is needed for us to have a chance in the last season.

  2. Gore still a highly effective NFL back
    Harbaugh out coached Fischer in a big way
    Austin not a very good NFL player…..yet
    49er D backs plenty quick enough

    1. Remember the pre season gRANT that Carlos couldn’t cover T Austin? Carlos owned the rookie tonight. And don’t forget that Gore’s legs are gone, he can’t get outside and is washed up. Helluva analyst that boy.

    2. Austin was a waste of a pick. He reminds me of Dexter Carter…small and afraid to get hit.
      Gore can be effective in these types of games….against teams that the O line can dominate.

  3. Good job on the grading Grant. I noticed that you didn’t mention anything about Skuta or Lemonier. How do you think they did tonight?

    1. Lemonier was consistently in the backfield. He knocked a ball down as well, and those long arms are a great asset for shutting down the passing lanes. I think he also had a nice tackle for loss on a run play where the runner cut back into him. Solid pop. Lemonier has a lot of upside.

  4. Grant if Baldwin becomes a good starting receive doesn’t that make the Jenkins draft pick a good one. They wouldn’t have been able to make the trade for Baldwin with out Jenkins. Pure Baalke genius.

  5. Solid game all around,the Lambs seem to be tougher last year then in the current state. Ck played well, but he needs to improve his vision and focus on secondary receivers. I thought we cut David Akers but he is still on the team,it appears.

    1. It’s plays like this where Kap’s inexperience sticks out. He pulls it down and bails to quickly which is a trait of a guy who hasn’t started many games. It’ll come eventually which is why they need to stick with the run and play action game in the meantime. I think they tried to put too much on this kids plate too soon. They have to give him support and let him develop no matter how physically gifted he is.

  6. I dont understand the kap not going through his progressions comment. The vd td was the secondary progression, as was one of the baldwin catches and boldin on the sideline- and that was when i could observe on the tv.

    1. Of course I’m just watching on the tv too but I only saw a handful of plays where Kaep went to his second read and he did still seem to have the jitters when the first read wasn’t open. He also had a problem of staring down his 1st read more than a couple times that almost led to a couple interceptions by Laurinaitis. Don’t get me wrong, some obvious improvement from the last two weeks but to beat the better teams in the league he needs to get better at staying calm in the pocket.

    2. he only had two reads! they even showed on TV how the Niners simplified the offense for him and most of the time gave him half a field to read. Kaep still locks on to his primary receiver and then waits to see his other receivers get open.

      1. Jack,

        I agree. the coaches did a good job of removing the load of the offense from Kaep’s shoulders and put it back on Gore’s. They simplified the offense for Kaep. Hopefully has Kaep gets more experience, he’ll improve with his reads and start to make his reads more effectively which would allow for a more robust passing offense. But for now Kaep did his job and the Niners won.

      2. I agree, they simplified things greatly for him which they should have been doing all along. We forget this kid is still in the infancy stages of his career and still needs to develop the ability to read defenses and sit in the pocket effectively.

  7. Grant do you have the hous vs Seattle game picked yet. I think it will be the most interesting game played this Sun. Is seattle away from their technology enhanced 10 pt home field advantage able to beat a playoff level team.

    1. Don’t hold your breath on the Texans beating the Seahawks. Schaub is playing awful right now. They drove up and down the field on the Ravens in the first half but couldn’t get any scores before falling apart. Most of the breakdown was Schaub being wildly inaccurate to wide open receivers. The Texans receivers are extremely physical so the Seahawks matchup actually favors the Texans in my opinion. However, Schaub can’t get them the ball. People here in Houston even took out a billboard that reads “Bench Schaub”. Also, it looks like 2 of their starting o-lineman may miss this game. The best 9er fans can hope for is a brutal contest that wears down both teams and causes some negative effects down the road.

      1. Houston, the Texans have some great corners in Jackson and Joseph. Joseph is finally healthy so they should shut down a struggling Wilson. I don’t think a pass rush is as essential as keeping Wilson in the pocket when you play Seattle. He’s going to give you opportunities to pick him off.
        I think Lynch is the only factor that could gash Houston. Seattle has had the easy part of their schedule first. Carolina, Jacksonville, and an injured SF team. Second half of the schedule should bring the Seahwaks back to reality.

      2. That Ravens/Texans game was strange last week for sure. Houston seemed to be the better team every time I watched it yet they would make a dumb mistake and not score and at times would set the Ravens up for an easy one. This is too good a team to play like that. Hopefully they get it together this week because it would be nice to see Seattle lose games like this.

      3. Rocket I think you nailed it on the head. I also think that Seattle is completely overrated. They looked pretty bad against Carolina. Everyone looks good against STL, and SF should have won that game through 3 quarters.
        Let’s hope Houston gets physical and shuts down Seattle.

      4. Matt one thing Houston is not is physical. They might be the softest team next to what we seen last night in the Rams.
        The thing about Seattle is that they have two great things going for them that wins in the NFL. They have a good running game and one if not the best secondary’s in the league. They also have a coach the players rally around and they seem hungry this year, just like the Niners did last year. Once Russell starts playing like he did late last year, look out. They are the best team in football right now if that means anything week 4.

      5. The Seashrimps are a different team on the road. They are quite capable of playing a crappy game, and I hope this will be the week, so Niners will pick up a game.

  8. It was nice to see Roman finally remember why the 49erw won in 2011 and 2012. The running game.

    The 49ers didn’t replace Smith with Aaron Rodgers. CK is an upgrade but he’s not an NFL MVP yet. Keep calling the same game they called with Smith and let Kaepernick’s natural talent make the difference. That’s what happened tonight. Hopefully June Roman remembers that.

    1. I agree Clem. The formula they used with Smith was effective and will be with Kap as well if they have the patience to stick with it. As he gains more experience and comfort with his field awareness you can increase the play load but until then, use the Oline and focus on his strength’s.

      1. Clem and Rocket
        Agree 100% that this team should try to keep its identity of the past several years. While some on here clammor for an explosive pass game and high scores we have to realize that the way this team was built (personell wise) lends us more to an old NFC East type “punch u in the mouth 3 yards and a cloud of dust” style of play. In a few years when Kaep can go through his progressions and effectively read the whole field, im all for going 4 wide and letting it fly but in the mean time lets continue doing what got us here. Tough running and mistake free football.

        While our O struggled in the 2 losses its our D that has had the biggest letdown. Before last night we gave up 27+ points the previous 5 games and ranked 29th in run stopping. If we are to rely on our D and special teams to win those numbers must improve. A factor in the D’s decline (aside from injuries) could have been the massive amount of plays they were on the field due to our O’s incompetence. Im not ready to say “Wheew we got that fixed” but am cautiously optimistic about our O going forward provided we stay on a 60-40 run-pass split.

        One more thing. I have seen about all I can take of the runs out of the pistol formation. Gore does better out of the traditional power set and LMJ has yet to be effective this year (granted in only 3 carries) enough already. But yeeiiii I saw an actual screen pass called last night gold star for GRo

  9. Baldwin seems to have earned his way onto the active roster. I saw him working hard in downfield blocking. I could see him getting more reps and maybe starting.
    Patton OK?
    TE’s ‘C’? Vance MacDonald acquitted himself very well as a blocker tonight. My real-time take is that he made the adjustment to block out, not down, that helped that Frank Gor TD play break. Yeah, one catch, but more than one block.
    The Take?
    > CK is still a fine weapon
    > Boldin is still a fine weapon

    > Gore is still a fine weapon
    > The Offense is alive & well.
    > The Defense is alive & well.

    1. Damn right we do. I said towards the end of training camp that if Williams and Moore were our #2 and #3 WRs this season we were in trouble. Both guys have had ample time in their careers to have shown something, anything, if they were going to be more than backup WRs. The 49ers need Patton and Baldwin to take over the #2 and #3 roles.

        1. How were we supposed to know the Rams were that bad? Even the Raiders are improving in Year 2 under Dennis Allen. Jeff Fisher is failing.

      1. Yeah it’s unreal to see the Rams look that bad after they appeared to be one of the up and coming teams a season ago. I expected to see a really tough battle in the trenches on both sides like last season, but the Rams didn’t show up which has to make Rams fans pretty nervous. I think they have to tie the can to Schottenhiemer and bring in somebody who can use the weapons they have on offense. That was talked about a bit last night, but it really looks like the proverbial square peg in a round hole with their offensive philosophy compared to personnel. They have the kid Austin and are doing nothing to isolate him which is mind boggling.

  10. Didn’t get to see the game, had to take my Kiwi friends out on the town to console them for kicking their butt. I heard Iupati and Brown had x-rays after the game, just worried about the rash of injuries. A win is a win, especially on the road against the team that bedeviled us last year, but it sounds as though our real gauge will come against Houston. Would prefer we would put on a better NBC show this time around.

  11. generally agree, Grant.

    Niners dominated both trenches and that meant plenty of oppty for the skill guys. normally both the OL and the front 6-7 would get A’s but the Rams were so weak that grading the team as a playoff contender means both units get B’s.

    Kaep didnt see a few open receivers and against a tougher opponent that would be very costly – B is the max i could give

    Niner offense is relying on two older vets – boldin and Gore – and we will need more to get to the playoffs. hopefully we heal well and if so we get there but we will have to earn it in a league which is looking to hit the offseason media darlings in the mouth.

  12. When is the ETA for Harper to make his appearance? I still think we’re missing that extra Delanie Walker movement, hoping Harper is the one to bring it.

    1. They are actually giving McDonald more and more responsibilities in that area. He made some nice blocks last night and is a better receiver than Walker so I’m looking forward to seeing him progress as the season goes along.

  13. Grades pretty spot on this week. Played well on both sides of the ball. Brown struggled early and often but was able to play better in the 2nd half with a huge lead. I know after the good game from Brock people will be talking about him replacing Nnamdi and they may have a valid point. But the weaklink of this secondary at the moment is clearly Brown. And correct me if I’m wrong but he’s the irreplaceable one due to being the only RCB.

    1. I thought Brown had a good game…. wasn’t he the one who tipped that pass to whitner? And I’m definitely sure I remember him defensing a few passes.

      1. That was Brock. But like I said , I think he played really poorly in the beginning and then was able to turn it around once the niners built a lead

  14. Dorsey had a pretty good game too. I’m glad to see him stepping up.

    Willoette seems to be a pretty good back up inside linebacker…at least while Bowman is playing like Superman.

    Skuta looked good in the base defense and Lemoneir looked good providing pressure in passing situations.

    Brock may have taken Nnamdi’s spot as the Nickelback?

    Gore’s looking like he’s still got some spring in his step eh Grant?

    Kaep still needs to work on his reads. But at least he didn’t make any stupid mistakes.

    1. allforfunnplay:

      I’ll thank you to stop breaking into my house and copying my notes. I had the same thoughts on Dorsey, Lemonier, and Brock and even referred to Bowman as Superman while watching the game last night.

      It doesn’t look like the Rams are playing particularly well right now (can anyone explain how Brian Schottenheimer manages to stay employed as an OC?), but I’m still happy with the win. Winning on the road on Thursday night isn’t easy, but the 49ers made it look that way.

      Thank God Staley is OK.

    2. Maybe Gore had spring in his step because he didn’t get much play time Sunday against Indy.
      Hmmm….. maybe that was the reason why they stopped handing off to Gore in the second half and became one dimensional. At least it is the only logical reason I can come up with.
      The pistol is not working for this team right now. What works is what they were built to do before this guy Kap came along. The pistol is no longer a surprise. Kaper will need to get comfortable with under center.

  15. The two dropped int’s bumbed me out. Those were gifts. Trust me, in the second half of the season Ck will learn to buy time and hit deep shots down field. Great bounceback game for him.
    Now we have ten days to get healthy.

    1. Kap went through a 2.25 game slump where it looked like he forgot how to throw the ball, and was playing scared. Ghost of Alex Smith maybe? :) I’m glad he and the team look like they snapped out of it.

      He played well enough in the simplified scheme in the 2nd and 3rd qtrs, but as noted on TV, he locked onto receivers and missed some reads.

    2. Those two dropped ints were potential big plays, especially the one Bowman dropped which would have been a walk to the endzone. Have to catch those opportunities.

      1. Not going to lie, As soon as Whitner voleyballed that would be pick in to the hands of Kendricks i had a mini meltdown and started looking at top safeties in the 2014 draft (clinton dix anyone?) hoping that the DW in coverage experiment would be ending soon. He redeemed himself with the pick but im still convinced that a more skilled QB will pick on that weak link until we are forced to hide him or blitz him.

        Dont think the team will spend another top round pick on a safety though…….Sigh……

  16. 1st it was: Whut? But Alex is doing great!?!!!!!
    Next: whoa! Dude!
    Next: Wunderkid
    Next: Batman
    Next: Superman
    Next: Next GOAT?
    Next: Goat? Flash-in-the-pan? Poser?
    Now: whuh-OH! He’s good again, LOL!

    1. Brotha, it’s the instant gratification syndrome of our social media age. Thank God the internet didn’t exist in the heyday of Joe and Steve.

      1. You’re right, Rib. TV tries hard to keep up with the internet and so they repeat other people’s stories and opinion pieces without fact checking, and one or more opinion-of-the-week gets repeatedly flogged until the games are actually played. Then Over-Reaction Monday Syndrome sets in and the New Reality (CK Sucks or CK’s the Best Ever) is issued for the next week.
        So, Bay, imo its not just this blog. The whole national sports press began muttering about CK & the Niners.
        There was stuff that needed fixing, and I was concerned enough to have called the Rams game a toss-up because I didn’t know if that many corrections could be made that fast with that many guys missing in action. I just wanted to see improvement, and I trusted they’d get competitive again.
        Kudos to Anthony Davis matched up against Long (and playing nicked-up too). OL much better. I saw V-Mac and Boldin and Baldwin blocking pretty well.
        Hella game for Miller. Better play calling in run and pass.
        Until last night I’ve never much liked Brock. Dorsey and Lemonade got Cowboy some help. Vic substituted! Yay!
        Boy Oh Boy, Deion Sanders sure dissed Schottenheimer as an OC.

      2. It’s instant analysis/gratification syndrome. Every body wants to have an opinion and predict the future based on limited information. The only thing predictable about the NFL is it’s unpredictability. Things change dramatically in a short period of time.

      1. I don’t know Nick. I like Klay and he’s a good player but Harden has the knack for going to the free-throw line. The Dubs could use someone like that.

    1. As per Bill Simmons, OKC did indeed offer James Harden for Klay Thompson straight up, but the Warriors couldn’t do it without dumping more salary because they screwed up by amnestying Charlie Bell instead of big money Andres Biedrins. James Harden is a top 10 player, so of course the Warriors should have made that trade. They’d be in the finals with Harden.

  17. I’d upgrade the Tight Ends grade from C+ to B-. No alot of catches but the run blocking was pretty good. Given that he’s a rookie, I’m impressed with McDonald lining up all over the place yet still getting the blocking assignments right. I was expecting alot more procedure errors giving then complexity of his role, but he’s doing fine. Wait till VMac gets more experience and starts thinking less and playing with more instinct.

      1. +1, Smart. Nothing short of courageous. Cannot imagine going out and playing with some of the injuries these guys get. SMH…

  18. Grant – love the bit about Baalke. What a wonderful nugget; thanks for sharing.

    I agree with all your grades, except the TE. Maybe C+ is right for their fantasy grade, but all three TEs were fantastic in run-blocking. Gore was excellent, but the wham blocks from tight ends opened up holes all night. on paper the TEs had a C+ day, but in the trenches, they were A, in my eye.

    1. Brady- I fully agree, TE should be a B+. A+ for blocking and C+ for receiving. VMac had a few great blocks, Celek even had a couple. I also thought Miller had a really good game, he chipped the DL and still found the LB a couple yards downfield.

  19. Kaperni k is ray charles..Even baalke saw vernon wide open streaking down the field yet mr hollywood scrambled for 4 yards!Buuuuust.

    1. You’re an idiot. He was in his own end zone, under pressure. You were sitting on your couch watching a replay from an elevated angle with Mike Mayock explaining to you what you were seeing.

      Hey Grant– How do Gore’s legs look to you? Hack.

  20. Grant
    Your rating for TEs is too low. WIthout the TEs performing so many wham blocks and good blocks at the second level then Gore wouldnt have got so many yards. they tied up players for the pulling guards to get to the second level. Granted it was unglamourous work but they stuck to the task pretty well.

  21. Good must needed win. The rams might not be that good, but on a short week and in their house and division game, and the fact that their front 7 is the only good thing on their team, we went in and won the game.
    I’m not ready to do backflips, but the way they played the past two games th raiders could have beat them. No Willis, No Smith, no Williams, 85 percent Davis and still dominated the blowout. I would have been more worried if it was a close win. But blowouts don’t come easy. Ck under center helps give us the running game back, however seeing him undercenter takes away from the passing game as of now. It’s obvious he’s not a pure pocket passer yet. He’s making those rookie type mistakes with his eyes and reads. He’s not awful but he’s not elite either. A little more seasoning an sticking to those formations I think will be key to his development. But I still don’t trust roman to stay with what works. Good win and now 10 days off to get the players healthy. Gonna be a LOUD and tough Sunday night coming up. Now I hope the seahaks lose a tough gritty game on Sunday and hopefully bang them up a bit.

    1. You say “no Williams” and I know you mean Ian. But in some respects, no Kyle and more Baldwin/Patton might be a promising sign. The Rams really do stink, so yeah, holding off on the back flips too. But what should happen when a good team faces a bad team? 35-11 seems about right. And yes, Kaep is not comfortable in the pocket…yet. If he’s going to be a great QB, then it will be in the pocket, not running out of it, that defines his success.

  22. Good win by the Niners, it is a step in the right direction. They still have a lot of issues on offense–the offense is not fluid, but the inclusion of Baldwin as a flanker should help.

    By the way, the Lambs looked awful!! I didn’t realize how awful the Rams had become. It is a significant drop off from last years’ team. I guess that should teach NFL teams not to hire anyone named Schottenheimer as an offensive coach. They were pathetic…

    1. I watched their game against the Cowboys, and what kept coming into my head was, “These guys are shaming themselves.” I’d never thought that about a team before. It was that pathetic.
      So, I’m holding off on the celebration, too, but hey, a W is a W.

      Woo hoo! Go Niners!

  23. This was a Mark Grace slump buster. When he was in a slump he would go out and find the ugliest girl in the bar and take her home. The Rams are the ugliest girl in the bar.

    1. Oh man, tough call. So Mark Grace is in a career worst slump so he walks into a bar. The Rams, Bucs, and Jags are all standing at the bar. Who gets the nod?

      1. Rosie is the name of my litle mutt. You can’t have her unless you want to fight my 105 (not fat) Golden. He’s real protective of her…

      2. That’s probably the decision most of us would make but that’s why some people stayed in slumps longer than Mark Grace did…

  24. That was a good win! Good job on the grades Grant. My only concern is that the offense puttered out near the end. Except for turnovers that basically put us in the red zone, we went 3-&-out the second half of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th. We improved but we’re not playing championship football just yet. I know we have some injuries, but we’re just not being efficient or explosive with our offense.

    I’m going to hold off on my assessment of Jon Baldwin. The Rams secondary sucks, so it speaks more volumes to Kyle Williams disappearing act than Baldwin making a few catches.

    Nice to see the running game come back thought

  25. Whatever they say about Joe Staley’s injury based on plain x-rays is meaningless. Yes, if you want to get a hard diagnosis you will obtain an MRI scan. So sit tight, everyone. Just know this,
    we are dealing with a 6 foot 5 inch, 300+ pound human body here.
    Whatever physical insult was suffered by this man (possible season-ending occult fractures?), no one is in any hurry to “get him back on the field.” What is described as a “knee sprain” kept him out of seven games in 2009. So despite all of the pressure which the coaches, fans, and team ownership may feel about winning in 2013/2014, Joe Staley’s long-term physical wellbeing is the only issue here. We await the results of further diagnostic testing and hope for the best. Good luck, Joe.

  26. Fair grades Grant.
    But don’t you believe that Frank Gore deserves an apology for the grinding him down over the last two weeks?
    Sure I understand that you are calling as you see it. No problem there. He did not look very good over that stretch as did the O-line and Kaep.

    But to almost write his epitaph was a little presumptuous on your part and a little over the top considering your comment that he hasn’t run this way in years.

    Also, one of our fears going into the season with C.Rodgers was that he would have trouble with the slot WR’ such as T.Austin. Well, meeting number one definitely goes to Rodgers.
    He was the shut-down corner of the night.

    Good win considering the fact that we were not being at full strength.

  27. Grade for Blogger: D
    Turns out, contrary to Grant’s Road Game on a Thursday IS the scenario for a 49ers recovery.
    And the bias is really getting old, thinly veiled or not. After Gore’s fumble, Grant writes “The Rams go three-and-out and let the Niners off the hook.” The Rams didn’t let anybody “off the hook”. Our D stepped up, made the stops, and took it back. Credit where credit is due, even when it contradicts your personal prejudice. Now THAT would be journalism.

    1. Damn nit picky eh. Because he got the winner wrong? Have you ever been wrong with your predictions. I bet you were the previous two weeks. Homer.

      Grants making predictions based on the play this season using rational thinking. That makes for bad journalism?

      Start your own blog. I’d love to hear weekly analysis and predictions.

    2. Good post Rusty. Grant has an agenda – stir the pot and hate on the Niners. It seems that he’s tied his wagon to that pony. But, that wagon is breaking down.

    3. Grant’s over zealous burying of Gore is going to stick with him for awhile, but I personally don’t see anything wrong with his prediction of a Rams victory. I made the same prediction and the reason was a road game on a short week is a tough chore at the best of times, never mind when the team is struggling. The Rams played the Niners as well as anybody last season, and had the home field benefit on a short week. Kudos to the Niners for blowing our predictions out of the water but they weren’t out of line imo.

      1. I never buried Gore. I said his legs were gone but he still may be able to get them up for a game here and there. He had one good week in September against two bad run defenses. Let’s see how he holds up over the season. He was streaky even in his 20s.

        He runs behind the best run blocking O-line in the league. If Roman keeps calling the conventional I-formation runs and keeps Gore on a pitch count, the 49ers should have a good running game.

        Barry Sanders rushed for 1,400 yards as he was losing he legs when he was 30.

      2. Just giving you a hard time Grant. Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with his legs. What I saw was a stubborn attempt to stick with running out of a formation (Pistol) that Gore has never looked comfortable running out of. He’s not Frank Gore circa 2009, but he’s still got some life in him and can be effective if they use him the right way.

      3. Common Grant, you are a writer. “Gone” means no longer there. That is a total waffle on your part. Streaky or inconsistent would be a far better argument to make but gone is just wrong. Just admit you made a mistake.

      4. Hey Grant, Gore was shredding the colts until the coaches got nervous and decided to abandon the run!
        You could argue that he has had at least 1 and 1/2 good games instead of slighting him with the “1 for 4″.

        Your style is old and boring. When the niners are up, you question everything, when they are down, you pile on. You spin everything into a negative light, so that when something goes bad, you can say ” i told you so”!……….Because that IS MUCH EASIER than predicting they will do something great, and getting it right!

        Seriously, what were your predictions for the team prior to 2011 and 2012 seasons!
        I’ll take a guess:
        2011- the niners will suffer from the lack of an off season and all the personnel turnover.
        2012- the niners so-over achieved last year, that disappointment is the only thing that can be counted on this year

        1. In 2011 I was the only beat writer who predicted the 49ers would have a winning record that season.

          In 2012 I predicted they would go 11-5 and they went 11-4-1.

      5. Grant,

        If saying a RB’s legs are gone isn’t burying them, what is it? Once a RB’s legs are gone, they’re done.

        It’s like saying it’s not burying a pitcher to say that their arm is shot. Oh, really?

        I’m not saying you didn’t say it, but I sure don’t remember you saying that Gore would still be able to produce an occasional great game. If you did say something to that effect, I’m pretty sure you didn’t say it when you initially say Gore’s legs are gone.

        I realize Gore isn’t what he once was, but his legs aren’t gone.

      6. “Barry Sanders rushed for 1,400 yards as he was losing he legs when he was 30.

        I don’t know this is to support or against your point.
        To many, Sanders retired prematurely.
        True, runners “losing his legs” at a different paces, so to speak, but Frank did have two good games in a row and looked strong.

      7. Grant,

        Gore’s game against the Rams wasn’t merely good, it was great, at least as it relates to his ability to run the ball. If Gore had 16 “good” games like last night he would have over 2400 yards rushing for a year. That’s a little more than good.

        Also, do you really put a 7.7 yards per carry average in the “good” category?

        Gore had a great game running the ball.

        Let’s keep it accurate.

      8. Albert S,

        “Losing his legs” and “his legs are gone” are very different statements. The difference may seem insignificant, but it’s not. IMO, Grant’s writing would improve if he could learn and adopt this nuance.

      9. IMO, Grant’s writing would improve if he could learn and adopt this nuance.
        Message delivered. Don’t have anything to make it all caps, beside retyping it, of course. LOL

      10. Grant,

        If you continually crow about isolated successful predictions, eventually you’re going to motivate someone to acutally keep a running talley. Do you want that? I don’t think you would like the results.

        I get that you need to make predictions and the more outlandish they are, the more action the site gets. Having said that, when you won’t totally own each of your predictions when they go wrong, while patting yourself on the back when you’re right, it can be annoying.

      11. Grant,

        Winning record (9-7?) still isn’t 13-3, with a trip to the NFCCG. You were just a little less wrong than the rest of the beat writers, and everyone else.

      12. Grant,

        I know he won’t face defenses as bad as the Rams every game. That doesn’t change the fact that he had a great, not good, game running the ball.

        BTW, Gore won’t be running against defenses like the Seahawks every week, either.

      13. Grant no one needs to keep track of anyone predictions. Its just not that important it just opinions. Its just nice when every now you use the words i was wrong and you were right. I can honestly say i have predicted twice that Gore was done, i was wrong. I was one of those who after the 2010 season said the 9ers needed to cut AS loose that he would never be a good QB in the NFL. obviously iwas way wrong on that one.

      14. Grant,

        No, thanks, not interested.

        It’s just that you could say what you’re trying to say without painting yourself in the corner so often.

      15. Grant,

        Doesn’t Grant writing, “Gore had his best game in years” = Grant writing, “I was wrong about Gore’s legs being gone?”

      16. exgolfer, you’re now just cherry picking the pieces of Grant’s article that suit what you’re trying to argue. Wait… what are you trying to argue again?

      17. Sanders’ rushing average dropped by almost 2 ypc from 29 to 30.

        I see you are back to cherry picking your stats. You forgot to mention that his rushing average increased by 1 ypc from 28 to 29, and that his rushing average at 29 was the highest of his career. Also, his ypc at 30 = his ypc at 24. If you look at his numbers over the course of his career, you’ll see that his rushing average was all over the place.


      18. Grant

        You create a monster…uh I mean monsters. These guys just don’t stop. But hey they’ve never been wrong. Wonder if they live in Vegas.

      19. Change,

        You don’t get it, do you? I couldn’t care less if Grant is wrong. It’s the way in which he’s wrong. He wants full credit when he’s right, but when he’s wrong it’s just, “Nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along.” That’s what bugs me.

        Also, he didn’t write that Gore’s legs look like they’re gone after the first two games, he wrote they are gone. I’m sorry if you don’t see the difference, but there is a difference and it’s significant.

  28. I’m not ready to overreact, but I can breathe again. This was a much needed win for this team. Finally ran the ball early and often. I love it. Kap played well, not great by any means but well. My only problem is his telegraphing his passes. He was nearly picked off by lauranitis twice because of locking in on one target. Seems he is doing that far too often. Was he doing this a lot last year, but because we were winning and doing well people didn’t notice? It just seems like its a much bigger deal this compared to last. Maybe it will be fixed with manningham and Crab back in there.

    As for the defense, this was exactly the type of game that they needed. The front 7 was able to stop the run and get after Bradford. Now granted their run game is among the worst in the nfl but hey we needed it. Bowman played like a complete animal tonight. 2 sacks and a fumble forced, and a dropped pick six. He’s got some real solid pass rushing abilities I hadn’t seem before tonight. We may need to blitz him more often. My only concern is the secondary. Well mainly Terrell Brown. He struggled early, again. Bradford only had 200 passing yards but more than half came in the first quarter and a lot of those were at brown. Rogers and Brock played tremendously as did the safeties. Maybe the 2 mil loss is getting to him, but he is not playing like the Brown of the past two seasons. And yes I do know he played better as the game went on, when the Rams were down 3+ scores and were in obvious pass situations. Whatever is wrong needs to get fixed. I’m glad we got this win but I’m not gonna ignore problems I see.

    1. Hey if my boss is only giving me half a paycheck I might be mailing it in too…lol. Seriously though, he’s playing for the next contract so he better step it up. It seems like all our key guys coming up for extension (Kap, Iupati, Crabtree, Aldon, Brown) are having off years so far. That may work to the Niners long term benefit.

  29. Grant why have you stopped posting Greg Cosell transcripts? There were some really good ones this week going over CK and Smith comparisons. You’ll get 500 hits off of it I promise.

      1. Because Alex Smith apparently never signed an autograph for Bay so he is bitter for life. Outside of that it might be some sort of man crush he has going for over 4 years. When in Rome…

  30. I disagree with how the special teams was graded. Dawson missed both chip shot FG’s a 53 yard and a 71 yard FG. But seriously where I disagree is Kyle Williams caught how many fair catches with at least 10 yards in front of him and he got saved on the fumble I believe bumped or not bumped he would have tried to catch the ball either way and when your getting swarmed you need to let the ball bounce we need a returner ASAP and don’t say LaMichael James he is no better.

  31. I kept thinking last night “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

    This team has that makeup. We are not over the hump by any stretch, but the needle is pointed in the correct position again.

  32. Good win for the Niners. It was a must needed win. However there is much improvement that is still needed if the Niners are to make the playoffs. The first quarter was really hard to watch, complete ineptitude on offense. Play calling sucked, CK still has issues with his eyes, and doesn’t seem to go thru his progressions smoothly if at all. CK still needs to improve his game management ability. Pluses, CK did not throw an interception, the running game picked up, the O line did better, not great but better, the penalties were few and far between. Also in game adjustments improved a lot. Lemonaire looked real good, a possible up and coming star. Rogers shut down Austin which the host of this blog said it couldn’t be done with our personal. Bowman is quickly becoming the star of the defense.

    Nice win for sure, but their is certainly room for improvement especially on the offensive side of the ball. Two things, yes Gore has lost a step but that has been known for three years now, but his legs are not tired, and Austin did not wreck havoc for our secondary. The Niners are going to have to play better in order to beat Houston.

    1. Prime, I think he’ll be glad to have that glove, come December and January! But that plastic visor idea…that sounds like a good thought.

  33. All this talk about Kaep being “exposed”, Gore being washed up, the defense regressing, etc…it was all horse hockey. This game proved that the sky isn’t falling in San Fran.

    Still a long season to go with a lot of football left to be played. Go Niners

    1. No S*%t! Reading the 1st Q comments on the live blog was hilarious. Lots of dudes with their panties in a knot. The Niners have a lot of talent and good coaching. Their early season schedule is rough and they have a ton of injuries. If they can get healthy by the end of the season and gel as a team they are going to be a tough out for any team.

    2. Except Kaep and the pistol have been exposed.

      Instead of being the electrifying play maker he was last season where people were putting him with the Brady’s, Manning’s, Brees’ and Rogers’, we see that he’s just another athletically-gifted, young QB. With little around them, Vince Young, Josh Freeman and (probably) Cam Newton all turned out to be better suited as backups. Time will tell if predominant one-readers like Kaep and RG3 will turn out different.

  34. What a great win on the road. The offense looked string and the stellar play from our QB made me forget about the Superbowl he blew. Quest for 6! Redemption!

    1. Get over it dude. If it weren’t for CK, the Niners wouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl to begin with or been in contention at the end of the game. He had to win a shoot out in Atlanta and stage a big come back in the 2nd of half of the Super Bowl.

      1. Dont t worry I never lost sleep over it dude. I just don’t go around denying the fact that the best qb ever blew the game causing the first Superbowl loss for the niners.

        Oh and I also don’t make assumptions that can never be proven.

  35. I’m having a little Facebook debate today. And it seems I’m in the minority.
    Roger Craig or frank gore. Who’s the best in sf ever?

    1. md ..
      I am of the mind that Roger has been rebuffed
      for HOF inclusion way too many times.. and he deserves to
      be wearing the yellow jacket ..
      having said that .. Frank does deserve to be mentioned in the conversation, when you’re talking
      “best ever” ! ..
      (He does own the “most yardage” of any and all
      previous 49er running backs)

    2. The old saying “the older I get the better I was’ is very true with football. Craig was awesome no doubt, but he didn’t have the longevity or production of Gore and he was a marginal blocker whereas Gore is top notch in that area. Craig also didn’t have to slog through 5+ years of horrible OL play and clueless Head Coaches. Craig also had the incredible benefit of playing with a HOF QB.

      1. Yes, I agree. Based on the body of work and the circumstances under which each played, I’d vote for Gore as the 49ers GOAT runner.

        Craig was a trailblazer for pass-catching running backs, but he had a much better support crew. And I am doing my best to block out that fumble….. :(

      2. Where did you get the idea Roger Craig was a marginal blocker?! He was a full back at the beginning and a good blocker for Wendell. As a half back he was one of the best pass blockers.
        However he was more valuable getting a quick block then getting open for a pass in the pass happy Walsh WC.
        And that was his other half of this HOF back that seems to be left out of this discussion. All those receiving yards. He was a double edge sword. Niners could use that right now.
        Also I said this before on this blog and I will repeat it again, the reason why the fumble was such a shocker and thus memory to us all is because the guy never fumbled. He just picked the wrong moment for a very rare event.

    3. Gore easily…… He’s a warrior. Roger was good. Real good. Gore is a beast. And sadly, Roger will always be remembered for costing us the threepeat opportunity.

      1. Gore was a better runner. Craig was a better receiver out of the backfield.
        Craig was so versatile in the Superbowl win against the Dolphins.
        Gore is a beast in blitz pickup though.

    4. I argued for gore for all those reasons including the fumble. Lol
      I don’t know if the people I’m debating with are even 49er fans.
      I loved Craig, but gore was our offense for years.
      Thx guys.

    5. Tough call because both are great but I’d give the edge to Gore because I think he’s the better pure RB. Craig’s best asset was his ability to catch passes and he was great at it, but Gore is no slouch as a receiver and is a better runner than Craig was imo.

      Neither will get into the HOF though because the overall numbers are not there. The Niners were a passing team during Craigs run and Gore played on a lot of poor teams and had a couple of injuries which hurt his totals until later in his career.

      1. The Fumble was YOUNG’S FAULT !!!!!

        Craig was the first to run an receive for over 1000 yards in the same season. That stat alone is enough to get him the HOF.

      2. The Fumble was YOUNG’S FAULT !!!!!

        Craig was the first to run and receive for over 1000 yards in the same season. That stat alone is enough to get him the HOF.

      3. Not only was the fumble Rogers Craigs fault, but he tried blaming it on Jesse Supolu for missing a block. Not good….. Great back, but he succeeded because he wasn’t the main focus, Montana was. Gore succeeded even though 75% of the time he was the ONLY threat….

      4. I’ll go Gore because like Sweetness, he was the only thing on his offense for years and got a better supporting cast in the later years.
        But I love me some Roger Craig. Busting through the line, big eyes and high stepping, gashing the D.
        Probably for my congregation only, but Brotha Tuna hereby grants RC Absolution for the fumble. His body of work far overshadows that moment. Heck, we’ve forgiven Kyle (I have).

      1. I have to go Roger in this debate. Roger’s “crunch-time” Super Bowl and playoff performances more than offset the fumble. Both are great character guys. Roger’s receiving and all around game gives him a slight edge over Gore.

  36. Grant,

    If I’m not mistaken, Patton had a reception too before getting injured.

    “The only other receiver who caught a pass was Jon Baldwin”

  37. Notable PFF Ratings:
    Kaepernick -2.4 overall -1.2 pass (worst rated player on offense)
    Joe Staley +6.2 overall, 4.1 run block, 1.6 pass block
    Bowman +5.4 overall, 5.4 pass rush, 1.8 run d, -1.9 pass coverage
    Brock +2.0 overall, +1.7 pass coverage
    Brown +2.8 overall, +2.4 pass coverage

  38. Whitner played a solid game. He’s a big time hitter. The unnecessary roughness call in the end zone was BS. It seems that the refs are singling him out. Last week they called him for an illegal hit, then later admitted that the call was a mistake.

      1. Thanks Crab. Me too. That’s one of the things I would like to fix.

        On a funny note, we need someone to do a gif of that Boldin drop in the second quarter. If you can, watch that play back in slow motion, and you can’t blame the guy for dropping it. LOL ; )

    1. Jack, nice write up.

      The only thing I would say if you to emphatically emphasize how bad the Rams are… that was just piss poor effort on their part…yeesh!

      Can’t wait to see how Houston plays Seattle.

      Also you know one of the unspoken positives about last night, that Grant touched on…. Baldwin. He made some nice catches in traffic. Really using that big body. I’d like to see if he can stretch the field. I wonder if Niners bring in another WR if Patten is out…

    1. Bay,
      Let’s be honest, you just want your adversaries on the blog to hear the part where Cosell laughed at the Niner fans clamoring for Smith by saying “Nobody in the NFL would pick Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick, not one single person.” It doesn’t matter. CK is the QB and Smith is on another team, in a different conference.

      1. I know big P, it’s just that some jokers were actually serious about wishing we had captain checkdown back instead of our franchise QB.
        This same group of Dbags will pretend to be Niner fans when the playoffs begin. I’ll be here to remind them where their loyalties were when we hit a little speed bump in the road…..

      2. Little speed bump? Not sure what game you watched but the Niners escaped a bad Sam Bradford and a couple potential turnovers by CK. Bounce back game but still has a ton of work to do in stepping up into the pocket and delivering the ball downfield. Way too quick in leaving the pocket and at one point cost us a TD to Vernon.
        But of course Lameareafanatic you had the rose coloured glasses on last night looking at your world globe trying to figure out where Canada is.

      3. Lets start with Primeslime, the double poster who welches on bets. He says he isn’t sold on CK and bets that many wish we have AS back…..

      4. You are right, I’m not sold completely on CK because unlike you fantasy football clowns there is something called a body of work required to evaluate. What did I say at the beginning of the year? That teams would have film on him and play him differently, what happened? The Colts with an average defense made he look terrible. Same with SeA. The Packers were stupid in letting him sit in the pocket and throw away, all the while being run paranoid.

        As for would I rather have Alex than CK. Nope. The upside outweighs the intelligence of Smith. However placing him on the elite franchise pedestal like you did after a short body of work just shows how ignorant you are when in comes to football.
        Now you will just blame the 2 loses on every thing but CK so I’m not going to debate you there. What I will say, let’s see how he does against the Texans defense who should be better off to challenge our running game and how CK adapts.

      5. BayTimex,

        Count me in the group that doesn’t want Alex Smith back.

        Also, count me in the group that would like to know who all the “jokers” and “Dbags” are that want AS back to replace CK.

        This is nothing more than a straw man, created so you can take shots at those who were right about AS being a good NFL QB, and makes you look like a fool.

      6. I don’t think I have ever heard Prime Time say he would rather have Alex. Maybe when the switch was made last year but for the most part, no one except some trolls said Alex was a better option than Kaepernick.

        I think you are making stuff up again Bay. Nothing new.

      7. FDM- I’ll answer. NOOOOBODY!!! You can’t actually be a antagonist if there isn’t anyone who is on the ‘other side’ as a protagonist. LOL! Some of the posters hope that someone actually wants Alex back to support their own obsessions with hating on him.

        Keep knocking…Dave’s not here!!!

      8. ex:

        Don’t knock those strawmen. Without them, Bay would never win an argument. The sad thing is, he has a losing record against the strawmen too.

      9. Big P says-”Common sense dictates that if you are making $100 an hour, you wouldn’t spend your entire day flinging insults at the same people on a football blog. You simply wouldn’t have the time”

        I highly doubt its all day and ever heard of time management?

        Big P says-”You do all of this from somewhere on the other side of the country”

        How do you know where I live? Again another one of your self righteousness innuendos. Grow up man.

        Big P says-”There is nothing fair weather about me. I actually live in the Bay Area and I actually go to games”
        I see you and Bay went to the same school where viewing the games live is different from television. Must be why you know so much. Lucky you.

      10. Primetime!

        I love have Knucklead Lame Michael Bay Area Fanatic thinks you’re double posting as me!

        I never claimed to be a “Smither” either although last year I wasn’t sold on the switch.

        When CK was playing well of course I’m going to hope he plays well. It was a risky move and almost worked, but then his shortcomings, i.e, lack of experience, may have cost the game.
        This year this is Colin’s team and he’s held to the same standard as last year. He’s struggling and going back to basics of running behind Gore, much like the Offense under Alex, is the way to build him up. He has 12 more games to hopefully get better. He’s a two read QB, and doesn’t go through his progressions.
        If Harbaugh really is that QB Whisperer, he will have to make sure that CK doesn’t turn into Michael Vick 2.0.
        In reality the love fest for Colin is a detriment to the team.
        When you watch how hard Gore wants to win, his warrior spirit, it’s sad he didn’t get a chance to punch it in at the goal line during the Superbowl.
        Or that CK didn’t at least try throwing a pass to Vernon Davis or anyone besides Crabs.

        Of course that was last year, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over. You need to understand your failures in order to succeed.
        Colin has the skill set, it remains to be seen, over a large body of work, where he will peak on his upside.
        It’s not a given that he will become an elite QB.
        Only an idiot would not see the value in some of Alex’s check-down strengths when they are applied at the right time.
        You can go for the home-run highlight play every time.

      11. Fan whenever something deragatory gets said about their ignorant comments it gets put to me. No big deal. I just love how the jive turkey club keeps pretending they have a clue.

      12. FDM,
        I go to games at Candlestick Park, the real deal. I also watch games on television. I prefer television actually, it’s a better experience and I don’t have to pay for parking or $12 beers.
        Your self righteous comment was funny. I don’t think I’m better than anybody, I just call people out on their b.s. When somebody threatens another person online like you did, lies about it, and then acts like it didn’t happen, even after other posters shared the link, that comes across as extremely self righteous.
        It’s kind of like how you were calling 23jordan a liar for welching on a bet, yet you lied about physically threatening me. It seems like you like to apply a different standard to yourself. That’s hypocritical and self righteous.

        Live truth instead of professing it. ~Elbert Hubbard

    2. Prime says ” fantasy football clowns”.

      Just because you dont have anywhere close to 11 friends to make up a 12 team league, dont knock those who do! I have actually been raking money in over the last 5 years or so off of fantasy sports. Almost like a 2nd job!

      1. So let me get this straight Jshaw. You make $1000 dollars a month cleaning cars. Then another $200 on fantasy football so your grossing what $900 a month after tax?

        I make that in 9 billable hours!

      2. Prime,
        No, you don’t. If you were capable of making that type of money, you wouldn’t be here arguing with Bay and 23Jordan and posting under multiple aliases. Just keeping it real.

      3. But of course you know right Big P? Just because you live in the arm pit of America and I went to school to earn a good earning and love football could not possibly be true right?
        Jealousy is an evil thing. Be happy my righteous friend!

      4. That makes no sense Big P. So you are saying only the non-wealthy are on this blog and someone who earns a decent living, loves football, and calls out the fairweather fans like Bay, yourself and 23 welcher could not possibly be real? Get real Danville guy.

      5. We should have a fat head contest to see who thinks they know more about nothing. Jack vs. Big P. I’m putting my bet on Big P because he talks too much. Jack at least calls it like it is.

      6. Prime slime is broker than a hundred hippies. He’s got no flow. Scrounging around trying to find different ways to even watch the football games. No NFL package.

      7. No, what I’m saying is if you are capable of earning that type of money, you wouldn’t be spending your time arguing with people on a blog. You guys are so full of crap, it’s ridiculous.
        The world according to Prime/Axel/Randy/Santa/etc,
        1. “I make so much money that I spend my free time making inflammatory statements to people I claim to hate.”
        2. “I do it under multiple screen names so that it will seem like somebody agrees with my brand of lunacy.”
        3. “I lie frequently and when I get caught, I conjure up another fake screen name to agree with my already b.s. statement.”
        4. “When I go too far, I get banned. Making fun of cancer patients is a Canadian past time….I think. I begged Grant to be let back onto the blog after having my posts deleted for two weeks straight, not because I don’t have hours to bill, it’s because of my passion for Bay and Jordan….errr, the 49ers.”

        It’s all good man, everybody has known someone like yourself at one time or the other. Angry at the world and oblivious to how people really perceive you. Every one of your b.s. claims is met with an eye roll of epic proportions, and you know it.

        No, it has nothing to do with economics. Common sense dictates that if you are making $100 an hour, you wouldn’t spend your entire day flinging insults at the same people on a football blog. You simply wouldn’t have the time. There is nothing fair weather about me. I actually live in the Bay Area and I actually go to games. You physically threaten people, lie about doing it, and then have a fit when somebody shares the link to your own nonsense because it is presented right after you call somebody a liar or a welcher. You do all of this from somewhere on the other side of the country. Since you always refer to Danville, it’s obvious that you have Googled it and know just how beautiful of a town it is. I’ll be enjoying the last season at Candlestick and warm weather when you’re salting your gravel driveway.

      8. I think California is the 5th highest unemployment state in the US Big P so you enjoy the warm weather while trying to make ends meet.
        I do earn a good livin because I work in real estate law. So my rates are what they are and what I earn is irrelevant but what is, is your know it all crap.
        I can make good money, call out your friends garbage, golf three times a week, and still find the time to say you are jealous!

      9. Well, Prime, this thread ain’t my squabble but on your Cali comments: We’ve got way too much of almost everything in California, but one thing we don’t have here is Real Estate Lawyers. No such thing here. Lawyers obviously weigh in on legal matters pertaining to Real Estate, contracts, Planning Law, etc., but RE lawyers are not part of the property transfer transaction and thus don’t exist as such. So enjoy what you’ve got and watch the Niners on NFL Ticket. All else aside, we know you are a Niner Fan.

      10. Thanks Brotha and for the record I’ve got no problem with the US or California but when people make digs at my country I’m gonna punch back.

      11. Here is another grenade tossed into the 3 rings:
        It is a clown’s game because it is just paint on a face. As long as fantasy football has no defense it is just 50 percent of even an 2d image of football. Until that is corrected, I will go play Madden football for the other eleven players / positions.

      12. Big P,

        Ditto at your point that a person that is making a decent income does not lower himself to beg his way onto a meaningless football blog. He does not stalk the author of the blog. He gets banned and goes about his life. More importantly, he doesn’t get banned because he has respect for others av respect for himself. More importqntly, he actually has a life.

        He certainly does not get banned then sneak back on the blog using 4 different aliases. He accepts the ban like a man. Prime claims to be a real estate attorney! That’s laughable. I’m the governer of California. I’m running for POTUS in 2016. I’m using the blog to drum up constituents!

      13. Prime,
        Again, you are lying and it’s all good. I don’t talk about my finances because it’s irrelevant to the blog, and sports in general. I live in the most beautiful area in North America, the San Francisco Bay Area. I love it. I own a successful business, so I take great pride in the fact that I provide jobs to Californians. California has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the United States, yet it’s GDP as a single state is higher than Canada’s is as an entire country. Think about that for a second. People that live here love it, despite the high cost of living.


      14. California has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the United States, yet it’s GDP as a single state is higher than Canada’s is as an entire country.

        That’s only because of the population and size!

        Your a moron, have a good weekend!

      15. GDP is GDP. California’s economy is more relevant than Canada’s on a global basis. You obviously didn’t know that, so calling me a moron is funny and typical of your cut before measuring approach.

      16. That’s funny because no one can get a job in California. Meanwhile Americans are begging to move to Canada for work. Like I said P, keep pretending. That your new name, Big Pretender!

      17. Prime/Randy/Axel/Santa,
        Again, GDP is GDP. Plenty of Californians have jobs, and the ones that do are adding more to the global economy than your entire country. That’s a fact.

      18. As I was saying Big Prentender, you can’t let this go as evident as your stench of jealousy, so I will. Have a nice weekend in Dunceville! Buwhahahahahahah!!!!!

      19. Owning on a blog? It does not get more evident how much you envy me. Maybe 3 times lucky. Have a nice weekend. See you next week when you attempt more Canadian humor!

    1. Miller got leg whipped just above the knee on his reception at the beginning of the 2nd half, but he played through it after sitting out a play.

  39. Here’s an interesting stat: In the Harbaugh Era, the 49ers have won only twice when getting out-rushed, and both games were in 2011 – Week 3 in Cincinnati and Week 10 vs. the Giants. Kaepernick has not won a game in which the 49ers were out-rushed.

    1. That is very interesting. By biggest issue with the back to back losses…we abandoned our identity!!! We run the ball!!!! this sets up play action ( a huge staple of our passing game!) it takes the attention off of Kap ( allowing him to break off good runs) but most importantly, running allows US TO CONTROL THE TIME OF POSSESSION!!! The key to controlling TOP …..keeping our aging veteran defense fresh!!!

      Last year in Minnesota, the formula to beat this team was clear:
      run the ball!! Do not give up! Run run run!
      wear down our defense!
      now play action is a threat!
      control the clock! keep our offense on the sideline
      and our defense chasing people around.
      get a lead, making us one dimensional (pass only)
      now play zone with 8 men in coverage with an occasional blitz!

      funny thing is that this is OUR FORMULA to win games! Its also how you beat us! The game management B.S boils down to one thing
      being able to run the damn ball!! Its like a game of chicken: who will panic and give up on the run first!!!

      Yes we have issues such as health and age, but the coaching staff has to be better! Stronger willed! Kap has the talent to be an elite pocket passer, but in terms of an NFL career, he is still an infant! Its up to the coaches to keep him in his crib ( not changing who we are, a running team who controls the clock ) just because he has all the skills to be the next P.Manning. We have the luxury of developing our great young QB WHILE WE CONTEND FOR A SB title. Most teams dont have this delicate problem, usually a great young QB means you were picking in the top 5 in the draft and dont have a shot at a title for a few years. This is uncharted territory and our coaching staff has their work cut out for them! The best thing they can do is stick to the basics….exactly what they have been doing for the last 2 years with alex smith under center. Run and control the clock first! everything else second! dont get too cute just because THIS QB throws lasers!

      1. …”Kap has the talent to be an elite pocket passer, but in terms of an NFL career, he is still an infant! “……

        why all the excuses for #7……there is nothing wrong if he is a one read QB and we win……

        Now I understand why crabtree’s numbers were way high last yr…….

      2. I was not making excuses for Kap, but instead criticizing the coaches for getting too cute too fast. Play niner football and dont try to throw it 40-50 times a game. Run the ball and control the clock and the passing game will take care of itself.

      3. You can see the evolution here.

        The pistol is being shot down.
        The read option has run out of options.
        The NFL is already onto the latest trick
        The NFL adapts faster than un-natural selection
        The 49ers were built as a run first offense
        The 49ers were built for I formation, over center, pocket passing.

        The experiment failed and the Kap will have to adapt.

  40. I know everyone’s high on Brock right now, but I need to point out that earlier in the game, Bradford threw a terribly off-target, should’ve-been a touchdown to the right corner of the end zone to a very wide open receiver that appeared to be Brock’s guy in the replay (Brock was running to double cover the receiver who was split out wide, instead). I like Brock’s athleticism, too, but he continues to be prone to mental errors. Don’t give up on Nnamdi so quickly, gang.

    1. Blown coverage happens. The positive about Brock is that he was to be the started before Cully came in. He pushed Nnamdi in camp. And when he started in a division game (albiet weak opponent) he played really well.

      End result depth is there. He made plays and can come in on situations to help the D. We should feel confident about that…

  41. Couple of tidbits:

    Great bounce back by the team overall, but the offense still has a ways to go. Kap needed to be given the help Smith was and they finally started doing that. Kap is a great young talent but they got to dependent on him and the offense was starting to suffer as a result. Give him time to grow and ease him into the all everything QB role you think he can handle at some point. When this team is running down hill and passing off of it, they are hard to deal with and that is what the got back to last night.

    The officiating is beyond terrible in this league some weeks, but the call on Whitner in the endzone is one of those things where you just have to ask what a defensive player is supposed to do? In this case it’s he either puts his shoulder down and lays into him which he did or just let him catch a TD. Apparently you have to let a receiver catch a TD now with no attempt to break it up. Flag football is coming soon it’s just a matter of time.

    This is not going to go over well with a lot of people, maybe even all, but I think it’s time to discuss whether the time has come to trade Patrick Willis. I think Willis is great, and I don’t think he’s lost much if anything in his game but the Niners have a lot of money tied up in two ILB’s and watching Bowman play the way he does when he’s asked to step up makes me question whether that money can be better spent elsewhere especially with all the FA’s coming up in the next two years.

    You’d have to think some team would be willing to give up a 1st or second round pick for him and that immediately frees up a lot of cap room. Just thinking out loud here and never thought I’d ever consider trading Willis as a good idea, but I’m starting to lean in that direction a bit.

    1. F’ing know it all – I agree with you about Whitner’s play in the endzone. I just don’t know what he’s supposed to do there. Much like last week’s poor call on his monster (LEGAL, DAMMIT) hit, it very much appeared to me Donte was trying to lower the shoulder and NOT go for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Last night, the receiver was twisting in mid-air, ultimately coming down near horizontally. If I were DW’s coach, I’d tell him to just keep making those plays. I’d rather take the personal foul, half the distance and my chances on the next series of plays instead of giving the opposing offense a free catch for a TD.

      As for Pat… man, this is a hard one. I absolutely LOVE Pat as a player and 9er, but he is getting older and it appears to me his game is slipping a “little”. <— Ugh, I hate myself for writing that. He's missed a couple tackles this year (unheard of) and looks a half step slower than we've come to expect from the best MLB in football. Perhaps he's come down from the undisputed #1 to "just" elite. If they were going to trade him, and I truly hope they don't, they should do it soon, while he still has elite value. What an incredible position the team is in – they can consider the possibility of a trade of Patrick Willis and still be in GREAT shape post-trade thanks to his partner, Bowman.

      Makes me glad I'm not wearing the GM mantle, that's for sure.

      1. “He’s missed a couple tackles this year (unheard of) and looks a half step slower than we’ve come to expect from the best MLB in football.”

        He also missed the entire preseason with a broken hand so he may be a little out of sync.

        As for the money spent on Willis, I believe the 9ers have already taken the big cap hits from his contract so he’s not costing that much money. When it’s time to re-up his contract there’s gonna be a tough decision to make. The dude’s a sure fire HOFer.

      2. Grimey – very good point about Willis’ cap hits. They structured his deal very well to take up most of the cap hit last year. Only $2.4 million this year.

        However, next year he counts for $7 million and the two years after that it is just under $10 million each year. He’ll likely be restructured or they could well look to trade him.

      3. Given his status, he’s certainly worth 7-10 mil per year, but one thing about trading him: they should be able to get a ton of value back.

        Isn’t it blasphemy to even talk about this? I feel dirty.

  42. Grant Cohn says:

    September 27, 2013 at 10:37 am

    I never buried Gore. I said his legs were gone but he still may be able to get them up for a game here and there. He had one good week in September against two poor run defenses. Let’s see how he holds up over the season. He was streaky even in his 20s.

    He runs behind the best run blocking O-line in the league. If Roman keeps calling the conventional I-formation runs and keeps Gore on a pitch count, the 49ers should have a good running game.

    Saying a RB’ legs are gone is tantamount to saying their done. FG has had game stretches in which he seems to run in quicksand and look like he’s done, but we have seen time and again that he emerges to claim his title as our best RB.
    It’s all good.

    I thought that J.Baldwin looked good in his two catches. I especially like the calls which allows him to use his size over the middle.

    1. AES I agree whole heartedly a RB’s legs are either “gone” or there not “gone” its like being almost pregnant. Grant what i think you meant to say was I was Wrong. It wont be the first time and it wont be the last, for you or anyone else here who expresses his or her opinion. I dont think anyone here will think less of you if you admit when you are wrong in fact i would see it as a sign of maturity. I think by the end of the season you will be telling us how right you were regarding Denver and how incredibly wrong you were about Dallas.

  43. Grant, before the Colts game you spent the whole week trashing
    Frank Gore and said the 49ers could use a running back like
    Trent Richardson, when Gore got more yards in the Rams
    game than Richardson has all season.. You said there would
    be no reason to assume he would a good game against the
    Rams, even though Demarco Murray ran for 175 yards the
    previous week. You said the 49ers “stink”, which is a comment
    you base off two bad weeks after the 49ers went 28-9-1
    including the playoffs in the previous two seasons with the
    same coaching staff and essentially the same talent. After
    the Packers game you called Kaepernick the best starting
    quarterback in the NFL, when any logical person would
    say he is very talented but not yet in the status of Mannning,
    Brees, or Rodgers. I admire your passion for the game
    Grant and think you have the talent to be a very good
    writer, but you make a lot of preemptive statements that
    aren’t based off enough evidence. You call too many things
    in black and white when the NFL’s pendulum sways so
    much that things are often grey.

    1. Saying those things gets him blog hits here and national attention from the sports networks (Jenkins worst WR in 9er OTA’s 5/2012) and maybe helps him with landing a writing gig for the PD. Meanwhile when he is less right (as G.Cohn is NEVER wrong that only leaves less right as an alternative) a few bloggers bring it up briefly before moving on to football. I see a winning formula with virtually no downside.
      When things are good its “there are warts to worry about”
      When things are bad its ” I told you about the warts DIDN’T I DIDN’T I?”

      1. I actually think that it’s ALL a grey area on this blog. We have overcooked facts, opinions and insults to the point where it’s just static a lot of the time.

      1. Haha, yeah, he’s bones appear a bit brittle at the moment. In saying that, despite the injuries he had already worked his way up to the #2 WR spot – so there is a silver lining for him. The coaches obviously think highly of him.

  44. My takeaways from the game:

    - In the debate of the QBs fault vs the WRs fault for the inept passing game, the coaches gave a strong hint they believe the WRs were at least partly to blame. Marlon Moore, aka the next Wes Welker to some (I told you so moment #1 – he’s not), tumbled down the depth chart to be inactive while Williams started the game as the #3 WR before Patton got hurt.
    - Baldwin looked like the 2nd best WR currently on the 53-man roster. This shouldn’t be surprising – he’s the most physically gifted WR we have. Grant predicted he’d be the starting split end by mid-season at worst, and he’s definitely on track to meet that mark.
    - Frank Gore still looks plenty good running from traditional formations. This is the strength of the team, and sets up the entire offense. If Roman attempts to move away from this again, he should be sacked immediately.
    - Kaepernick looked far more comfortable playing out of a more traditional offense too.
    - The defense is still plenty good enough to win games when the offense does something, anything. (I told you so moment #2:) When they make teams one dimensional they are still tough to beat. But this was not much of a test for them. Moving forward it will be interesting to see how they go stopping the run consistently – if they can get back to making teams one dimensional by the 2nd half of games, they’ll get back to being one of the best D’s in the NFL.
    - (I told you so moment #3:) Dorsey is a fine addition.
    - (I told you so moment #4:) Lemonier looks like a great pick. They needed this kind of depth at OLB in 2012, but at least they realised it this year. Previously we were an Aldon Smith injury (or voluntary leave of absence) away from basically being the same defense as 2010 – solid but unable to get pressure on the QB. Now it looks like we have some legitimate pass rushing depth, which is an absolute must in today’s NFL.

    1. Excellent points Scooter. They’ve got time to get it right now and it better look a hell of a lot better next week against better competition….

      1. Thanks razor – the matchup against the Texans will be the real litmus test of where the 49ers are at, and could well end up being the most critical game of the 49ers season.

    2. Good assessment Scooter_McG.
      Also, I would like to see more of J.Baldwin and eventually Chris Harper. If these two WR’ can find their groove we will have three of the most physical WR’ in the league.
      1. A.Boldin
      2. J.Baldwin
      3. C.Harper
      Than there is the possibility that we add Crabtree to the mix by late November to mid December giving us WR’ that will put a world of hurt on DB.’

  45. Harbaugh clearing his throat before he speaks? When its clearly not clogged? Body language for preparing to shoot deflection of question.

    1. Nice analysis, Jack. I really like when the 9ers run their old school, under center, north-south offense. It sets the tone and helps Kap with the play-action passing game as well. Also, if you look at their personnel (aside from LMJ) that is what they are built for.

      You’re absolutely correct in saying the 9ers need to reload the gun. The pistol/shotgun formations are necessary to keep teams off balance, but maybe those packages have become predictable from all the exposure/analysis.

      My thought on their gun packages is to use more 11 personnel to force other teams to use nickel/dime packages and truly spread the field. That could open more inside lanes for the RBs instead of clogging the tackle box with blockers and defenders.

      1. Thanks Grimey. That’s exactly what Seattle has done to the 49ers the last 2 games, and it makes sense. Get guys out of the box and create space.

    2. Good read, Jack. I have watched a lot of pistol football, and I will add this — the pistol formation only works in the run game, whether read-option concepts or included or not, when the offense can disguise the direction of the run. With Gore in the pistol as the lone back, the only uncertainty for the defense is whether he will run between the tackles to the left or to the right of the QB (and my not-so-scientific observation tells me it is usually to the right). The entire purpose of putting the back behind the QB to disguise the direction of the run is lost because the defense knows he will run between the tackles, and since the lane is so narrow, it does not matter much to which side he runs.

      The pistol works bests when at least one of the backs is an effective runner both between and outside the tackles. Gore does not seem to be comfortable running outside the tackles from the pistol, although he is comfortable doing so from a traditional under center formation. It is worth noting that he did not consider the pistol formation “real football” when the 49ers coaches introduced it.

      My thought is that as long as Gore is the feature back, the 49ers should not use the pistol formation with him as the lone back. They had some success with it last year with James as the lone back, but he is not an effective runner between the tackles in the NFL, so I do not think he will be effective this year as defenses know what to expect. Hunter is the wildcard here, because he can run both inside and outside, but he does not look the same as he did before the injury.

      Interestingly, some teams are still having success out of the pistol formation (although not as the base offense). Most notably, KC has run some nice plays out of the pistol. Coach Ault claims that a sometimes overlooked aspect of the pistol is that it enhances the effectiveness of play action, and that is one way in which KC appears to be using it effectively (actually, the 49ers also used it with Alex Smith in much the same way – in the Rams game in which Smith was hurt, he had run plays out of the pistol on that first scoring drive).

      1. Thanks JPN. The 49ers missed the boat by not getting Ault. Especially if they are going to be commited to the pistol long term.

  46. I didn’t get to watch the game last night because I was in the ER. Right after making a post before the game, I ran down to pick up a pizza for the game and was walking back to my car in the parking lot when a guy in a blue pickup ran into a parked car and then seemed to gun it right at me. I jumped out of his way and came down awkwardly on my left foot and fell down. The guy stopped and looked back at me – and get this – was holding a freakin cell phone to his ear after hitting the car and nearly hittng me. He then took off and left the scene after leaving me with a badly sprained ankle.

    My guess is that he was drunk. I just hope the police can catch this idiot from my description of his pickup and the damage to it. But, hey, I’m still happy the 49ers won the game, just wish I could have watched it.

    1. Jack, yeah, pizza was fumbled, lol. I was more worried because it was the same ankle I broke a few years ago that required a 4-inch plate and seven screws to repair and didn’t want surgery again. X-rays showed it looked okay, but am still going to follow-up with an orthopedic specialist next week.

      Brotha, living in a small town may help catch this guy. There are only two body shops in town, so he’ll have to go elsewhere to get it repaired if he is local. The police told me they would be checking for that.

      Coffee, I saw that “wink” but at the time I didn’t know it was only sprained or if I had damaged my earlier repair job, lol.

      The real pisser is that I was wearing my ’94 Young jersey and it got pretty jacked-up. But I guess it still gave the 49ers some luck as intended – me, not so much. Still, it really did appear that the guy was actually intending to hit me on purpose. And continuing to talk on his cell phone while all this went on is just crazy. Must of been one hell of an important phone call!

      But, I’ll be fine. Vicodin is a hell of a drug, lol.

      Thanks, guys!

      1. Thanks, Crabs! I see that you responded to that last post before this all happened. Band is doing great, but since it was a weeknight, we weren’t doing our usual loud rock ‘n roll bash for the game. Probably wouldn’t have happened if the crew had all been over because everybody usually brings game snacks. Guess it was just fate, but you know we old rock and rollers are hard to keep down!

      2. Crabs, you got it! Baker, Bruce and Clapton? That’s right in my wheelhouse! Will love getting out the wah-wah for that one for you!

  47. For those of you upset with Grant because he didn’t correctly predict the future: Let me remind you that it’s an impossible thing to do. No one can do it. Not even Yeezus.

    As far as I know the flux capacitor is still just science fiction and Biff doesn’t really exist. Get over it.

    I don’t think that Grant’s record is all that important — certainly the 49ers record is far more important. No one can predict the future and if you come here just to see if he’s write or wrong then you’re kind of obsessed about a very shallow aspect of the blog and you make me have to scroll a lot (Dammit!).

    In the end I think many of us come here to read thoughtful arguments (and the occasional human interest piece) that happen to take the form of predictions and analysis. It’s the content and the thinking that’s interesting, and the debate can be too, but let’s move on from the “right” vs. “wrong” bit, because that’s boring.

    For those of you obsessed about Frank Gores legs: Grant did say that Frank could still have a good game. Against that run defense even you might have had a good game. Thursday’s game was good confidence boost and exciting to watch, but there are ton of problems that face this team, and Grant has done as good a job as anyone at documenting them. You don’t get better by kidding yourself (or by fapping to Frank Gore’s legs).

    1. Brian,
      My first comment regarding Gore’ legs were at 6:13 am and my last comment (after Grant’ subsequent response) came at 11:03 am. That’s far from being obsessed.

      I enjoy Grant’ topics and statistical analysis and his assessment of the team are often on point.
      He was right about A.J. Jenkins.
      He was right in his prediction about the Ravens winning the Superbowl.

      So to your comment that no one can predict the future; I agree. But Grant has (to his credit) stepped out and done this and been proven right.
      For that he’s received kudos.

      He’s entitled to his opinion. I just happen to believe that FG still has many miles left in his legs and last night was a clean indication of that. I also made reference that the entire O-line was not playing well which contributed to FG’ low numbers in the last two games.

      Gore’ age and physical wear-n-tear over the years will slow down even the greatest of RB’, but saying that a RB’ legs are done, is really stepping out on a twig.

  48. It’s Friday; had a Great White with lunch. Vino time now. Where the H is Hofer? Hofe Dude, you need to check out William-Selyem Winery. Chard is 5 Star. Pinot is whatever is above that.

      1. Yeah, but the wine SUCKS there. I know cuz I used to ship wine to the major wholesaler there. Makes Chico look High Class. But he can go out to dinner with DS and have Butterfly Wings and Unicorn Horns.

      2. Ha….Hofer quit on us. Should have manned up and told us he was bailing out for Alex. Hofe let me down. I hope Alex keeps winning for Hofers sake. Dude could snap if Chiefs fade down the stretch. If Chiefs don’t make playoffs, he’ll be building Legos and watching Star Trek reruns with DS.

  49. I have a question for the blog. Who the hell gets banned from a Niner blog for mocking sick cancer patients and being outright obnoxious in general?


    A- an alleged Real Estate Attorney in Canada.

    B- a 19 year old college student with a crush on Alex Smith.

    C- a 19 year old troll from Canada with a crush on Alex Smith with self esteem issues. A kid posing as a real estate attorney because he thinks that makes him acceptable and highly favored. Even though he has no social life and no significant other. One who has no life but has aspirations of continuing to be a troll for life. This little person is “prime time!” Lol

    I’ll say the answer is C! Prime Time.

    1. I’m actually in need of an administrative assistant 23. I’d give you a look but you cannot spell. Sorry. At least you can still cut my grass!

  50. Boldin & Baldwin. Sounds like a law firm. I would love to see the two of them become dominant together as the number one and two receiver. As Scooter intimated, the preparation, strategy and performance against a quality team next week will be paramount. More time for this coaching staff should translate to better game plan with Baldwin getting more opportunities…

    1. Razor – I like the optimism. Baldwin looked good enough last night to hold down the fort, at least until Crabtree and Manningham return. He could be a nice big target in red zone in playoffs. We need Baldwin because Patton has been a joke out there. He can’t get open man. Marlon Moore’s been hurt but has shown nothing in regular season

  51. Coach Harbaw: with 10 days for the fellas to rest and you to prepare, none of us expect a scoreless first quarter against Houston. In fact, going oh-fer in any of the four quarters could spell disaster. Can we trust that you will solve the delay-of-game problem? Calling time-outs or taking the penalties is not acceptable. Oh, yes; we also believe that you will teach the defense to S-T-O-P the drive-prolonging interference and unnecessary roughness calls. Hmm? Win or lose, we wanna see an uptick in the Niner’s coaching acumen. (That’s a big-boy word for wisdom, perspicacity, brain power.)

    Oh, if you win and go to 3-2, what are the odds that the Chiefs surprise the Giants and move to 5-0…!?! Anything is possible, huh? That’s why they play the game.

    1. Talk about brain power. This troll clown has the 3-0 chiefs beating the Giants to go 5-0. Try 4-0 troll. Use that brainpower you spoke of. Crabs, troll alert!

      1. Crab,
        The trolls hate it when we win without Alex Smith. I’m starting to think they just don’t want a black guy as our QB. These are the same people that were swinging from Scott “Baby Brees” Tolzien’s jock last year. Kaep is the man and I’m thankful to have him as our QB.

      2. BigP – the only thing worse than a troll is a racist troll. Lol
        I hear ya, the Bay Area is beautiful man. My plan is to move there from SoCal. It’s going to take some time though, years :(

      3. Md,

        It won’t be an upset. I like the giants as well? Only because they mastered defending that short passing game from Smith. He’ll throw his 1st picks of the season in that game. K.C.’s o line is struggling. Giants front 4 will feast on that line. Rolle will get a pick thrown right to him. He’s Smiths favorite target.

  52. Crab15: Speaking of vitriol… (yes, from the website… in the stomach)
    that’s what all of the Niner faithful will be feeling if the team does not bring home a Lombardi trophy this season. You too, baby.
    Why? ’cause we were so close last year.
    Had it in the bag, until….

    Heavier than any heckler: the weight of the Super Bowl monkey
    on Coach Harbaw’s back. See ya in Houston, sport.

  53. No 49er game Sunday. My attention will be on the “Great KC Quest for 8-8 or better” campaign. The 3-0 Chiefs hosting the 0-3 NY Giants.

    My head tells me KC should control the game with their excellent pass rush vs NY’s banged up O-line.

    My gut reminds me how well the Giants D does vs Alex Smith. In the last 12 qtrs, Alex has won the first 2, the Giants have won the last 10.

    Fortunately for Alex, his D and running game is great. He’s in a WCO offense that gives him more post snap options compared to Roman’s system. I’m picking KC despite my gut.

  54. 23jordan: good thing one of us can count.
    1-2-3-4-5. (I flunked high school math.)
    This much is for sure;
    the Texans will be tougher to beat than the Rams.
    I’m just sayin’…

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