49ers @ Bills live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 6 road game against the Bills. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

6:55 Prediction No.1: Jeremy Kerley’s targets will diminish with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. Kaepernick prefers throwing to big receivers, and Kerley is 5’9″.

6:56 Prediction No.2: Tight end Garrett Celek will be Kaepernick’ security blanket. Celek is 6’5″.

7:04 Prediction No.3: Kaepernick will run slower than Gabbert.

8:34 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB Christian Ponder
  • CB Jimmie Ward
  • S Jaquiski Tartt
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Blake Bell
  • DT Taylor Hart

8:37 Here are the Bills’ inactives:

  • QB Cardale Jones
  • OL Gabe Ikard
  • T Seantrel Henderson
  • C Patrick Lewis
  • T Cyrus Kouandjio
  • TE Gerald Christian
  • DT Marcell Dareus

9:00 If you missed my preview for this game, you can read it here.

9:13 Rashard Robinson will start at corner opposite Tramaine Brock. Will be interesting to see how much Glenn Dorsey plays at nose tackle today.

9:58 The 49ers’ warmups during the week were silent and lackadaisical. Curious to see if that carries over to this game.

10:03 Bills win the toss and defer.

10:07 On second-and-3 from the Bills’ 41, Kaepernick overthrows an open Torrey Smith deep down the field by five yards. Should have been a touchdown. That throw was Gabbert-esque. On third-and-3, Chip Kelly calls a run for Carlos Hyde and reveals his lack of trust in Kaepernick. Hyde gains one yard and the 49ers punt.

10:09 So far, Kaepernick has left six points on the field.

10:15 Arik Armstead breaks through the Bills’ offensive line unblocked and forces a fumble. DeForest Buckner recovers.

10:22 Joshua Garnett commits a holding penalty, and the 49ers kick a field goal a few plays later. 3-0 Niners.

10:22 LeSean scores a 4-yard touchdown run on a college option play. 11-play, 75-yard drive. 7-3 Bills.

10:40 Kaepernick keeps the ball on a zone-read play and runs for 7 yards before the end of the first quarter.

10:44 Kaepernick completes a 53-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. 10-7 Niners. Smith was wide open and the pass was underthrown, but Smith adjusted and made a nice catch. Gabbert probably would have missed him entirely.

10:52 McCoy breaks a 12-yard touchdown run on second-and-4. 14-10 Bills. McCoy already has 82 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

10:56 Torrey Smith returns the kickoff to the Niners’ 11. Terrible.

11:03 Kaepernick throws a short pass to a Bills’ outside linebacker on third-and-4, but the linebacker drops the interception. Phil Dawson makes a 48-yard field goal. 14-13 Bills.

11:12 McCoy runs for 22 yards on third-and-20. No joke. Bills are 6-for-6 on third down.

11:19 Nick Bellore just took out LeSean McCoy’s right knee.

11:23 Bills’ kicker Dan Carpenter makes a 40-yard field goal two plays later. 17-13 Bills.

11:24 McCoy is walking around on the sideline. Seems like he might return to the game.

11:36 The Bills have run 38 plays already and get the ball to start the third quarter.

11:41 The Bills have cleared McCoy to return.

11:46 The Bills commit two penalties on the opening drive of the second half and go three-and-out-. They already have committed 8 FIPS. Sloppy. Niners have committed just one.

11:50 Hyde takes a big hit on first down and leaves the game.

11:51 Trent Brown commits a false-start penalty on third-and-4, Kaepernick overthrows Jeremy Kerley on third-and-9 and the Niners go three-and-out. Bradley Pinion’s punt travels just 36 yards.

11:56 Justin Hunter drops a first-down pass on third-and-8. Colton Schmidt’s punt pins the Niners at their 5-yard line. Schmidt, who played with the Niners during training camp a few years ago, is way better than Pinion.

12:01 Kaepernick breaks a tackle in the end zone to avoid a safety, but the Niners punt a few plays later. Bills’ ball at their 45 after a 47-yard punt and a 13-yard return.

12:03 Hyde injured his shoulder. He was on the sideline during that series. McCoy seems tougher than him.

12:06 Tramaine Brock breaks up a pass intended for Robert Woods on third-and-4, and the Bills go three-and-out. McCoy didn’t touch the ball during that series. Niners will start from their 20.

12:12 Mike Davis gains no yards up the middle on third-and-1, then gains no yards up the middle on fourth-and-1 and the Niners turn the ball over on downs. Jimmy Raye could have called those runs up the middle.

12:16 Eric Reid gives up a 30-yard touchdown catch to Justin Hunter on first-and-10. 24-13 Bills. What does Reid do well?

12:25 Hyde gains two yards up the middle on second-and-10 just before the end of the third quarter. Niners will face third-and-8 from the Bills’ 29 when the fourth quarter begins.

12:28 Kaepernick moves to his left, doesn’t reset his feet and throws a one-hopper to Jeremy Kerley. That comes two plays after Kaepernick threw a one-hopper to Torrey Smith who was open in the end zone. Dawson makes a 47-yard field goal and the score is 24-17.

12:35 Tyrod Taylor scrambles down the sideline for 21 yards on second-and-5. Next play, McCoy runs off right tackle and scores an 18-yard touchdown.  31-16 Bills.

12:39 Keshawn Martin fumbles the kick return.

12:39 Bills recover. First-and-10 at the Niners’ 28.

12:41 First play of the drive, Eric Reid is flagged for pass interference on LeSean Freaking McCoy at the 5-yard line. Again I ask, what does Reid do well?

12:42 Next play, Keith Reaser and Antoine Bethea watch Robert Woods catch a 5-yard touchdown pass. 38-16 Bills.

12:50 Kaepernick fumbles the ball near his own end zone. That’s the Kap we know. Niners recover. But Kaepernick throws the ball away on the next play and the Niners punt.

12:54 The entire 49ers defensive line jumps offside on third-and-7. A classic of the Jim-O’Neil Era.

12:56 Two plays later they one-up themselves by jumping offside on fourth-and-2. Automatic first down.

12:59 Some running back named Gillislee just ran 44 yards untouched for a touchdown. 45-16 Bills. Feels like the Niners quit on Chip Kelly after Week 2.

1:03 Niners go three-and-out.

1:14 Game over. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. Prediction… 9ers will loose, Seb will blame it on horrible coaching and horrible game planning–essentially, the 9er brain trust ignoring Seb’s brilliant strategies as shared repeatedly in his numerous posts.

    1. No, no. Cassie, I will blame the FO for refusing to let Kaep play until he was forced to take out an insurance policy on himself.

      I would much rather they just follow Bill Walsh, and do what he had recommended in all his chalk talks and books. He even advocated reading The Art of War.

      1. Walsh even did endorsements for Putnam Buick in Burlingame all those years ago. You drive a Buick from Putnam Seb?

      2. Seb, without fail, every day you make an unmitigated arse of yourself. The 49ers paid for Kap’s insurance policy. Idiot!!!

    1. He had a foot injury, so he did not run in the combine. Another Baalke injury pick, and Denver picked Roby the next player in the draft. Roby helped them win a Super Bowl.

    2. I just wrote the same thing below. We have spent 4 consecutive first round picks on Defensive and our D is one of the worst. WTF

        1. I was watching NFL network during the 2014 draft and Mike Mayock and the rest of the analysts were shocked we took Ward. Mayock said he had Ward much lower on his draft board.

          1. You can ask Scooter, I told Baalke to draft Bradley Roby. As a collective blog, we can draft better than Baalke. That tells you all you need to know….

            1. I’ll bet if we had a computer program draft for the niners for the last 5 years, based on rankings from Mayock, king etc, we would have a competitive team right now.

  2. So who is the big receiver Kap will be throwing to ?
    Prediction : Bills rush for a combined 200+.
    Ward is out – big shocker. Ward should never have been drafted in the first.

    Following up on Grants brave article (eyes rolling) about Baalke, the real problem is Jed York. He was the one who choose Baalke over Harbs. They both have to go in one way or anther.

    1. I agree, Jed is part of the problem, but since he is Denise’s son, it would be very hard to replace him.

      Baalke, on the other hand, is very expendable, and has cut his own throat with his draft whiffs and FA futility. Baake is a dead man walking, and Kaep playing just tells me that he has lost power.

      1. I have been writing this all season. Denise has to take the 49er chew toy away from he toddler. She must assemble a council of 49ers elders , past and present, who can give her counsel. She must either sell the team , or turn the team over to someone who actually likes the 49ers and wants to see us win.

        1. Exactly, 1000% right. Denise doesn’t know what she’s doing and it is embarrassing the franchise that nobody wants to be associated with. Ronnie Lott, quit trying to buy the Raiders and buy the 49ers. The Raiders are Vegas bound, buy the 49ers!

  3. Won’t be near a TV today for the game. (Hope to see a recording later this week. )
    Will read everyone’s comments on the game as I listen on KNBR.

    Defense – The same concerns about NT anchoring and the 2nd string ILB group. Also wondering about slot corner. Chris Davis on IR. Ward and Tartt out.

    Offense – Rumor has it the 49ers will start a guy named “Kaepernick.” McDonald has returned. Anyone know if Garnett’s starting RG?

    1. Terry Bradshaw can kiss my ####, who’s winning Bradshaw? 49ers nearly gave the ball away, good old Kap doesn’t know how to hold the ball anymore.

  4. Buffalo has a very solid if not great front 7. Kaepernick’s not going to have the run game to take any pressure off. The bad news is that their backfield is better then their front 7. Over the past 3 games the Bills defense has allowed only 12.3 points per game.

    The offensive line really has their work cut out for them today.

      1. I don’t have a clue, MWNiner. I expected him to be explosive in this offense, but honestly, I have no idea what to expect. He’s taking a yuuuuge risk playing without injury insurance, and you’ve got to think he wants to play awfully bad to have waived it. Harbaugh got the best out of him, now we’re about to find out if Kelly can….

  5. The Niners will starting winning when the defense finally shows up. Would really like to see the defense get 4, three and outs this game.

  6. Tartt joins his bff on the bench… how fitting. Tartt has been another disappointment for the most part. Has the tools and athleticism but he seems to lack enthusiasm.

    Has Baalke been fired yet?

      1. It’s a tad different when coverage completely falls apart and the guy has no one within 10 yards of him. But hey, at least they hit it. ?

      1. I thought 8 wins. That was before the season started. You know, due to “innovative” Kelly offense, much “improved” defense. Oh well, another faithful fooled.

  7. Even at his best, Kaepernick has never been elusive and aware in the pocket. The network announcers don’t seem to realize that.

      1. You do lead him if you are able because it increases the chance he will score. He did anyway, but having to stop, come back a little, and bend down increases the chances he will drop the pass. Of course you try to be accurate.

    1. Ralph – it’s obvious you hate CK. But, even a blind person can see the 49ers are better on offense with CK than Gabbert.

  8. Kaepernick is just a bad qb. Might be even worse than Gabbert. Sure wish the team had paid 5 million to be rid of him so he could struggle in Denver. The lining here is that perhaps Ponder will start in 3 games and show something worth keeping next season.

  9. Baalke and O’Neil should be fired after the game… Keeping them around is accepting the suckage. Tarver has DC experience and can’t be any worse. This team has nothing to lose by making these moves.

  10. Eric Reid is hard to watch today. The ILB’s really need his help and he is nonexistent in run support and getting picked on in coverage.

  11. Niners defensive body language says it all after that 3rd and 20 conversion….. “Oh well guys.” Where’s the emotion? What a bunch of practice squad players out there led by a HS caliber DC. Reid got LIT UP by the way… If Kelly doesn’t kick O’Neil to the curb he can go to.

  12. Fire O’Neil NOW!!! Putrid defense!!! worst run defense in 49ers history! And when I think of Justin, PWillie, Bow, Aldon, Whitner… just a few years a go :(((

    1. More like fired after this game before getting on the plane. Promote Tarver to DC and fire everyone (including Baalke) after the season and start over. This team is an embarrassment.

    1. Eager? So the staff shouldn’t also be accountable for the performance on the field? This team is on the verge of 1-5 and without answers on the defensive side of the ball. Yes injuries are factor, but you still have to perform. So regardless if someone gets fired or not, something needs to change and whatever action is taken, it needs to resonate with the fans and the media.

  13. Does anyone think Kap has increased his trade value? I don’t. Another inaccurate QB. Can’t wait for Chips famous second half non-adjustments.

  14. Question. How many times does Torrey have to get open before he starts to get some props? Week after week he gets open deep. He does what we pay him to do. We just have bad QBs.

  15. I’ve been watching our ILB closely. The difference between Willhoite & Belore, compared to Bowman and Armstrong is SHOCKING! The poor angles, blown tackles, and slow footedness (if that’s a word) is absolutely KILLING this defense. And the reality is, the rest of the defense is actually playing pretty well. That’s just how poor this team is at ILB at the moment. Those 2 injuries were about the worst case scenario for the 49ers defense this season.

    This defense has almost no chance to compete with this current group of ILB.

  16. Interesting to listen to the game on radio. Many of the advertisements directly related to the team are covered by baritone-voiced men delivered in a dramatic, threatening way. One would think they were listening to a Packers or Patriots broadcast.

  17. Schmidt, who played with the Niners during training camp a few years ago, is way better than Pinion.
    Don’t spill your tea with those knee jerk reactions. Schmidt might be having the better day but according to NFL.com Pinion is ranked higher or tied in every statistical category that punters are measured in. So not only is Schmidt not better he especially isn’t WAY better.

      1. I liked Andy but I don’t get too hung up on Punters. What I don’t like is trading a good one for a 7th round pick but then using a 5th to pick up one that is only average. The best part is when the Browns who only gave up a 7th for him then turned around and traded him for a 4th. Wawaaa.

  18. In contrast to the pathetic ILB play, or CB’s have been outstanding today, as usual. Opposing offenses are now purposely not challenging Rashard Robinson. What a find he was! Reaser has played pretty well in his first start of 2016.

    1. Robinson is for real. Rookie mistakes that should be expected but overall he is looking real good. Too bad our Safeties are looking very average.

  19. Another blitz from Willhoite, another blown opportunity for Willhoite! It’s hard to watch Willhoite, and I have a hard time believing Skov wouldn’t be more effective!

  20. 9ers are a practice squad team at best right now. So sad to see this great franchise this bad so soon. Jed and Balke need to get lost. I can’t go another decade of this crap.

    1. PFF don’t lie – 37th ranked Safety in the league. I am sure his downward trend statistically just went into hyper-drive.

  21. So much for Seb’s prediction of a 9er win…24-23. But who knows, a storm may be brewing. Perhaps Kaep throws 4 TDs in the next 4 9er series.

  22. Wow, nobody of the defense seems capable of a basic tackle. They should spend all week on tackling fundamentals. Forget game plans, they are irrelevant if nobody can tackle.

    1. Maybe Eric Reid needs to stop associating with Kaepernick in taking his weekly knee because ever since he did this, his coverage has SUCKED out there as he gives the game away each week.

  23. Blame Kap if you want … but
    O’Neill’s defense can’t stop anyone !

    Baalke …

    when they eventually show you the door ..
    take O’Neill with you !

  24. Now I am happy to see the Bills are winning, Kaepernick is sucking, no 300 yard day for that SCHMUCK! Come on Bills baby! Pour it on! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH BILLS< TOUCHDOWN BABY!

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! 2017, the 49ers need to draft Qb and FIRE BAALKE before that and then fire Chip Kelly, he’s a ROTTEN coach!

    1. I disagree, Kap is a D at least. I want to say F though as once again, no 300 yards for Kap. He might get it in garbage time, but if I were the Bills, don’t let up. Remember what Harbaugh and the 49ers did to you 4 years ago. It’s payback> jed York, sell the team!

    2. Still better than Gabs? That’s laughable. You’re in such denial that you can’t even admit that Kaepernick is terrible. Neither QB is nfl quality.

  25. No talent on roster thanks to awful GM + gimmicky college offense + terrible QB play + DC who shouldn’t have job = 3-13 season (but big $$$ for Jed thanks to his seat license swindle!)

  26. Jed now knows that Harbaugh was right when he said that the meeting room was for men only. The Levi’s stadium app has been updated to include the fastest exit route before halftime.

  27. You know you’re team has a lack of playmakers when Keyshawn Martin, who’s been on this roster for 2 weeks is the primary kick returner. What an embarrassing group of playmakers Baalke has this team, or should I say, lack thereof?

  28. At the beginning of the year I found it hard to believe they would play as bad as last year. At this point I find it hard to believe they will win another game this season. Hopeless.

    1. Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t talk to me about Playoffs now, mister. Playoffs? Be lucky to win another game. 49ers suck more then Happy Gillmore.

    1. Never thought I would agree with that one. Chip Kelly reminds me of Henry Winkler, coaching for dummies. We need somebody beyond the Waterboy.

  29. Let the BUTT KICKING commence just like Pittsburgh last year. 45 to 16, Bills wow they sure exorcised Mr. Harbaugh very fast.

  30. Down 22 points and the kick returners are letting the ball be downed? Is there any facet of this team that isn’t garbage?

  31. This must be the worst defense in the NFL. They may not give up the most yards because nobody needs to throw for 400 yards to put 40 points on them, but they do sucking in an epic way.

  32. “Jim Harbaugh will win a national championship before the 49ers have another winning season. Maybe before they get another win.”


  33. This is what a demoralized team looks like. The York’s are 100% to blame. I absolutely hate them for destroying this franchise.

  34. Kaepernick looks like the crap he was described as in practice. This is what happens when ownership doesn’t trust the HC and make him start their pathetic choice. It’s almost like they couldn’t believe their choices were as bad as they truly are.
    Remind me again Seb why we shouldn’t have paid 5 million to be rid of this trash? You might be the only individual outside of the NAACP who supports Kaepernick. It’s over. He is not ever going to be successful.

    1. No… This organization needs a complete hose out. With Jim, we’d still have gaseous emissions and declarations of ‘whoosh”!

  35. As bad as kap has been it actually could have been worse a linebacker bobbled a sure pick six earlier that ended up being a field goal

  36. Coming up next, you will see the Cowboy game, or the SEattle game, or for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, you get NEITHER ONE because you get to see THE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIDAS. Too bad though, I wanted to see the Seattle contest. Thank you NFL OF THE BAY AREA!

  37. This team is garbage.. There is a complete lack of talent on it but the coaching does not put them in a position to succeed.. The defense is historically bad. I don’t remember a 49er D this bad.

  38. Chip Kelly might not be the greatest head coach but one thing that is undeniable is that he’s still 100x more competent for the position then Tomsula was. Yet after a significant coaching change the team has not improved. The QB has been changed and the team does not improve.

    Garbage in, garbage out. The coaches aren’t alchemists, they can’t turn lead into gold. When you work with inferior parts you get inferior results.

    We’re reaping what Baalke has sown.

          1. We have the worst defense in the league and two QB’s to match and because Kelly can’t win with this hot mess anymore then Tomsula did that means Kelly is as grossly incompetent as an organizational leader as Tomsula was? That Tomsula wasn’t a PR nightmare that literally had to have his hand held and coached like a child on what to say? That guy is the same as Chip Kelly? Sure ok.

          2. Nonsense. Absolute nonsense.

            The 49ers have slow, poor tackling 3rd stringers playing ILB, who can’t even tackle, at arguably the most important position on this defense, and Chip is playing with an offense absolutely DEVOID of playmakers.

            I’ll say this, if you cannot sustain drives with the pace of this offense, the defense is going to struggle no matter who’s on the filed. Add to that the fact that this team has the worst group of ILB I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s a full blown recipe for failure.

            Bill Belichick wouldn’t be able to win with this team.

            Get some playmakers on offense, and fix this ILB corp, and this team’s going to be fine.

            1. The 49ers have a recipe for failure at the moment. They have a crushing weak link on both defense, i.e. the worst group of 3-4 ILB’s in the league, and offense, i.e. the worst group of WR’s in the NFL as well.

              You’re only as good as your weakest link.

              Tomsula had a veteran WR in Anquan Boldin, to hold this WR group together last season, and a veteran, all-pro ILB in Bowman, to hold this defense together as well.

              You’re only as good as your weakest link and those are now 2 incredibly weak links (perhaps the 2 most important position groups on this team) to try to keep this team held together.

              Add to that a rusty QB who had played 3 snaps all season, and you’ve what we call the domino effect in American Football. Like a house of cards, the whole thing comes tumbling down!

              Shame on you Grant, taking advantage of an unfortunate set of circumstances to PILE ON. That’s weak sauce bro!

              This was always going to be a 2-3 year process for Chip to get this team turned around Grant, you knew that! You can’t win in the NFL without A0 a QB, B) Wide receivers, C) NFL quality ILB’s.

              Even you should know that Grant!

              1. Come on Grant, you can’t win without:

                A) a QB
                B) Wide receivers
                C) NFL quality ILB’s

                Even you should be able to connect those dots Grant. Shame on you!

  39. Ooooh man. Kaep made a huge difference today. Woooooo hooooooo!
    mighty powerful “storm” you’ve got there Niners!
    Really though. To me it doesn’t matter now. He and Gabbert are garbage, but at least he won’t cost them millions next season with another “injury”

    Baalke will be fired by tomorrow. Book it!

  40. Kap started 8/11 for 135 yards (admittedly deceptive thanks to Torrey Smith bailing him out by making a nice catch on a badly thrown ball), but was just 5/16 for 52 yards after that, including “prevent defense” garbage time.

  41. From Jed’s January 2016 presser…

    And before we turn to 2016, I realize that 2015 wasn’t fun. It wasn’t easy. I don’t take the fan’s support lightly. I understand how much passion that you have for this team and even if it’s in the form of criticism of me, I respect it and you deserve more and you’re going to get more. I want this team to win. Nobody wants this team to win more than I do and I’m going to work at it every day to make sure that we get back to where we belong. I’m happy to take any questions that the media has.”

    1. Pre presser!
      Jed’s fault
      Trents fault
      Chips fault
      O-lines fault
      Defenses fault
      Hotels fault. Didn’t provide a comfortable pillow!
      Airplanes fault. Ran out of peanuts
      Schedules fault.

      There you have it.

  42. My expectations have now changed.
    Instead of hoping for an improvement in the team this year I am hoping for failure in the hopes we can get the # 1 or 2 draft choice in tandem with a change in the GM position.

  43. This team is depressing. I am a diehard fan but I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Fire Baalke? of course he is terrible. It won’t make a difference until the Yorks are gone.


  44. Time to clean out this pathetic FO and coaching staff and start over. We know Yorkie isn’t leaving his cash cow so this is the best one can hope for. Kelly belongs back in college… Wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls a Saban before this wasted season is over.

    1. Well since according to some pundits the only reason the offense is scoring more this season is because it’s all scored in garbage time I guess that means there must not have been any today, right?

        1. Clearly it was Chip Kelly’s game plan, his lack of 1/2 time adjustments and that he didn’t get his team fired up that we lost. Not the complete vacuum of talent at almost any skill position on the team. Not the lack of depth, not the lack of execution but the lack of game plan and 1/2 time adjustments are why we suck donkey balls.

  45. Good thing we had a SB QB in there.

    Anyone who thought this would change much was deceiving themselves. If Kap would have made that much of a difference, he would have been a day 1 starter. Harbaugh and Greg Roman went to great lengths to hide his deficiencies.

  46. 49ers in four seasons under Jim Harbaugh: 44-19-1. 49ers in 20 games after Harbaugh: 6-14. 49ers’ four seasons before Harbaugh: 26-38.

    Nothing like losing with class……….

  47. Kap had a fumble, was inaccurate, and had to waste a timeout. Who saw that coming? About 90% of the posters on this blog. As I said before, “No storm just a dense fog.”

  48. I don’t think kap is an improvement over gabbert. He hit smith on that deep ball but he was so open I think gabbert would have gotten that one too. Kap badly overthrew Kerley on a couple and kap still can’t throw with touch. He underthrew smith for a touchdown too

  49. Did the game look as bad as he stats? Defense played 75 snaps. Gave up 491 yards, 62% 3rd Down Efficiency, 7.1 yards per carry.

    Can’t swing by the store to pick up a 2-gap NT and a few ILBs. From the radio it sounded like tackling is awful.

    My mind is already on who will be the new GM, and draft order. I think we could wind up on the sort end of draft order due to SOS. (the stronger the schedule, the later you pick in the event of tie breakers)

    1. So we got to hope that AFC East does good, Chicago is out of .500, Dallas looks good, NFC South, only Falcons look good, everybody else is garbage,and hope Rams, Cards, and Hawks get .500. Yep, looks good for us so far.

  50. How come Bubba Paris has to be on the post game? He’s a JOKE! He has such pathetic excuses in why we lost. I’m switching over to Raiders/KC, JEremy Newberry will have better answers with Dennis O DOnnell.

  51. At least with the Nolan 49ers our defense was good. Watching a 3rd and 25 with a delayed handoff gonfor a first down pretty much says they will win 2 games at the most this season. Hellloooooo #2 pick.

  52. I have been a fan since the Mid sixties. This team reminds me of the teams in the mid-late 70’s after Brodie had retired and before Walsh came to the team.
    The situation will not change until the culture of the team changes with a new GM and a FO that cares about winning as much as they care about money. They need a quality head coach and staff.
    The have to then draft and sign some pro bowl caliber players who can become team leaders.
    The team lacks all of the above and unless the Yorks are willing to make these changes this is about is as good as it it will get.

  53. From Seb early this morning…

    “Prediction, Kaep will make us forget all about Gabbert.”

    Okay, I’ll lighten up some…

  54. Saints just beat the Panthers in a shootout. There is no way the 49ers could make it a game against the Saints.

      1. Yes, It is more likely to happen after todays performance. He probably would have been cut earlier but Jed thought it would be bad PR. Now Jed can say it is strictly a football move.

        1. That was something Jay Glazer said a month and a half ago. What did Kap do yesterday to warrant being released? He wasn’t any worse than Gabbert and it was his first start in a year. I don’t expect much from Kap going forward but nothing has changed regarding his status imo. They wouldn’t have started him at all if the plan was just to cut him after playing one game.

            1. No argument with how he played, but Gabbert wasn’t any better which is why they went to him in the first place. I’m simply saying that nothing has changed to the extent they would release him now. Glazer’s report was obviously incorrect and it hasn’t played out that way. I see nothing that would lead me to believe he would be released now, especially when they just guaranteed him more money for this season.

  55. This would have been a good game to get our developmental QB some reps during garbage time. We should have signed Callahan or kept Drisk.

    BTW Seb, Do you think Kap should admit that he is hurting the team and allow Ponder to start?

  56. It’s just amazing that people are still trying to lay the offensive woes at the feet of the coordinators and coaches. Roman, Chryst and now Kelly. The only constant between those 3 coaches are the same two worthless QB’s. Yet, nope it’s not the QB’s its because the coaches aren’t calling the right plays. It’s because the coaches are forcing players to their scheme.

    It’s such a simple answer that I think some people feel like they need to over complicate it. We have lousy QB’s, period. No coach with any scheme is going to win with these guys because it’s not the play but the execution of the play that fails. Cosell has already pointed this out this season. Kelly calls plays that work but the QB botches the execution. Yet here we are, again. Grant will give Kelly an F and lay the blame for the team only scoring 16 points right at his feet. Even though Kelly has as much to do with that score outcome today as I did.

      1. No it really is. You could swap the QB with any QB in this league that is considered consistently good and this team would instantly become a 4-2 or 5-1 team. That’s a simple as you can get and it’s 100% accurate.

        1. Tyrod Taylor looked like a HOFamer today only because the Niners had no idea how to stop McCoy.
          If he didn’t have that type of run game, he’s average at best relying on his legs. Just like Kap did today.

              1. Until he put Kaepernick back in the game he was scoring nearly as many points a game as the offense was in 2012. Now just to get it out of the way, was there no garbage time last season when we scored nearly 8 points less per game then we are this year?(well at least until Kaepernick started again and dropped the average back down)

                A quick glance through the stat pages shows that Gabbert is playing exactly like Gabbert. He’s not playing any worse then he has at any point in his career. Kaepernick, same thing. They aren’t over or under throwing receivers because of the play called. They aren’t checking down and missing deeper targets because of the play called and they aren’t wildly inaccurate because of the play that’s been called yet those are all the reasons that they are bad QB’s. See how none of it is because of the play that is being called? They just suck. They suck just say it out loud so you can fully absorb it and stop blaming the freaking offensive coordinators/play callers.

              2. As this comment shows, most fans don’t know enough about the sport to accurately grade the coaches.

              3. Why do you think the 49ers should keep Kelly, Grant? 49ers should fire him. I would’ve hired Shanahan or Holmgren. Every shades of Dr. John York that hired Erickson and the other joke GM and got rid of both of them.

              4. Grant Cohn October 16, 2016 at 3:17 pm
                As this comment shows, most fans don’t know enough about the sport to accurately grade the coaches.
                Being dismissive not only shows how weak you fell about your argument but makes you sound like an immature ass in the process.

              5. Best part is you don’t have to agree with me because people who know more about football then both of us combined already do.

                Greg Cosell will forget more about football then you’ll learn in your lifetime and he see’s it as clear as some of us do. He calls the right plays but the QB’s simply aren’t executing. Execute the plays the offense will look fine. People that study NFL film for a living seem to get that, not sure why you struggle with it so badly.

              6. Cosell is a joke in the league. And he doesn’t even try to assess coaching, which means he doesn’t assess most of the game.

              7. You’re dismissive because you lack the means to argue your point any further. For the sake of basic reading comprehension and accuracy where did I call Cosell an “expert?” I pointed out that a person who’s in a paid position to analyze NFL film understands the game better then you and I do. Which is a true assertion. If you believe you understand the game better then Cosell does then you’re just plain delusional.

                Grant Cohn October 16, 2016 at 7:32 pm
                “Cosell is a joke in the league.”

                Good lord, how would you even know? Because of your daddy? Because you sit next to Ray Ratto in the press box? You’re just a nobody beat writer Grant that’s getting a little to big for his own britches.

              8. You’re also a worm for editing and deleting your comments after the fact. You’re a child playing an adults game.

        2. No it really is. You could swap the QB with any QB in this league that is considered consistently good and this team would instantly become a 4-2 or 5-1 team. That’s a simple as you can get and it’s 100% accurate.

          Easy now, this team isn’t a 5-1 or 4-2 team with any QB. I don’t blame Kelly for everything, but he does Coach a team that is pathetic defensively and can’t run the ball consistently. Yeah the QB play has been terrible but this team has problems every where. When trying to predict when they could become competitive again it’s nearly impossible because they don’t have any foundational players to build around.

          1. 5-1 is certainly hyperbole but with the games we’ve been in if we had a QB that was hitting the big plays and keeping the offense out on the field I have no doubt that 4-2 would be a possibility. If the offense wasn’t constantly going 3 n out and not stretching the field the defense wouldn’t be out there as much and wouldn’t constantly be playing in a hole. Carolina was only 17-10 at the half and we were tied with both the Cowboys and Cardinals going into the break. If the offense had been more consistent there’s no way you can say that those games weren’t winnable. 3-3, 4-2 would be very possible if we had a good QB on this team.

            1. edit” If the offense wasn’t constantly going 3 n out and able to stretch the field the defense wouldn’t be out there as much and wouldn’t constantly be playing in a hole.

            2. Sorry but I disagree. Being close at points in the game due to whatever may have contributed to it unfolding that way, is not the same as being in position to win a game. The defense is it’s own worst enemy in time of possession because they can’t stop the run. The passing numbers would look better with a better QB, but you aren’t winning many games if you can’t run the ball or stop the run.

              1. The defense getting tired in the 2nd half doesn’t have anything to do with the offense consistently going 3 n out in the first half? The lack of passing numbers are more then just numbers they’re points on the board. Extend one of our drvies in the 3rd quarter of either Arizona or Dallas and you’ve completely changed that game. You not only put points on the board for us but possibly take away their next scoring drive at the same time you’ve given your defense more rest so they’re aren’t so exhausted in the 2nd half.

                The fact that we’ve started the 3rd quarter 3 times either tied or within a single TD says that this team can compete. The reason why they don’t isn’t because of the plays being called.

              2. I’m not blaming the play calling as much as I am the personnel, but I think you are embellishing how big a difference there would be if we had a better QB. The defense not being able to stop the run is a bigger factor in the amount of time they are on the field than the offense not being able to sustain drives. Neither is good but the defense doesn’t help themselves at all. They are near the bottom of the league in nearly every meaningful category.

              3. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been banging the bad defense drum as much as the bad QB drum this year. I’m not letting one off of the hook. I only mentioned the play calling because that’s what started this conversation above.

          2. You know what killed the 49ers today. That 4th down failure by Davis. That sucked the life right out of the offense.
            No leadership to recover either.

      2. Your grades and responses to the offense after games has been completely unchanged for 3+ seasons now, do you even realize that? If the blog didn’t erase it’s archives past 6 months I could post your grades and comments on Roman and Chryst and they would be nearly verbatim to each other as are your comments about Kelly’s offense now.

        How can you be so obtuse to the one thing that hasn’t changed on the team, the QB’s.

          1. Grant, when your QB can’t throw 200 yards, or even 300, and he stunk up the game, that’s called an F. I know what the 49ers do before the game is over: QB stunk, defense stunk, the WR did nothing, the running game did nothing, you run the ball when down 45 to 16 and you punt on 4th and 2. Kap will get an F until the 49ers get rid of him!

      3. Totally agree. The coach share some of the blame but garbage in….

        On the other hand now I see what all the Philly fans were telling me.

  57. Thanks for the laugh… This defense is consistently horrid and the offense is finesse and predictable regardless of the QB. Yes, our QB’s are all backup quality as I’ve said many times before, but a “QB considered consistently good” as you put it wouldn’t do much to improve this team void of talent. Kelly belongs back at the college level as well… The players faith in him seems to be diminishing by the game…

    1. A consistent QB would hit those wide open plays which would lead to more scores and would change the dynamic of the game. A scoring offense takes a LOT of pressure off of a defense that is struggling. A QB that hits wide open receivers and scores more points forces the other team to abandon their running game if they are behind. If the Bills were forced to put the game in Taylors hands instead of Shady then it would likely have a different outcome.

      The lack of production from the offense is only exasperating the holes on defense.

      1. I’m watching the raiders game and Cooper and Crabtree are the 1 and 2 for Carr. where’s our 1 and 2? Where’s our 1 even? Torrie Smith has done NOTHING and should be DUMPED off the 49ers.

  58. GRANT –

    I took some heat for suggesting the team sign Derrick Johnson instead of trying for Sean Smith, but planning around Bowman remaining healthy was suicidal thinking, and no help in sight at inside Backer…

    Obviously Kaepernick still can’t see past his first read, so teams will continue to blitz him until they hurt him. If the contract isn’t changed he’s going to collect his 17 mill next season and he can focus on his political statements, which he did, smiling, at the after game interview. I can imagine Coach Walsh rolling in his grave. I don’t recall Montana ever smiling after a loss, ever smiling at Steve Young, ever smiling at the opposition during a game, nor ever introducing a protest of any sort, he could have dived into the Coal Mining disaster that Pennsylvania had become while he played, but he didn’t, he focused every cell on his job.

    Time to play Ponder, just to have a chance to win a few games this season, he can see the reads and not stare them down. At least there could be hope with the offense, the defense is just a front (mediocre at this point) and a back end with a fluorescent hole in the middle. All runs and most passes go directly to the inside linebacking area, where no one seems to be most of the time.

    Also, with the 30 or so corners they were ridiculed for stockpiling in training camp, they are thin again. Having inside linebackers would help. Why not move Brooks inside again? All four OLB are mediocre so they won’t miss him much out there…

    With Ponder, at least one more win seems possible…

  59. We’re in a good position in the draft, why do you want to start Ponder and F it all up like we do every single year?

  60. Grant

    If you are so damn smart, why aren’t you a coach or GM instead of a writer? Those that can do. Those that can’t, write about it.

  61. Grant: “Cosell is a joke in the league”, and then later you say you are “well-connected” and he is not.

    Not exactly a well-reasoned argument. Purely ad hominem attack. I assume you would have made your case if you had one. The point is not who is better “connected”. The point is who has more knowledge, better judgment, and more astute conclusions.

  62. This D is the worst niner D I have seen in 35 years. Reid and Bethea are the worst safety tandem in league. Bellore and Wilhoite are the weakest and slowest inside LB tandem in league. Purcell, Buckner, and Armstead are atrocious against the run. Brooks is past his prime and Lynch is overrated. Only future bright spot on this D is corner with Robinson, Ward, and Reaser. The rest of this D is garbage or mediocre fill-in type players. Entire D minus CB needs major overhaul along with QB and WR positions. 4-5 years minimium until niners break .500 if we get a new GM this year.

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