49ers-Seahawks matchups: Part 1 – Anthony Davis vs. Bruce Irvin

The 49ers play the Seahawks at Candlestick on Thursday night. In the meantime, I’ll break down a few key matchups every day.

Right tackle Anthony Davis (6-5, 323 pounds) vs. Left defensive end Bruce Irvin (6-3, 248 pounds)

Before the Giants game, Davis hadn’t given up a single sack through five games. But he gave up 3 on Sunday, as well as 1 QB hit and 6 QB hurries according to Pro Football Focus.

This Thursday, Davis has to face the quickest defensive end he’s faced this season – rookie Bruce Irvin.

That undersized rookie is lightning in a bottle coming off the edge in passing situations, especially on artificial surfaces. On grass he may be another story, but it’s still going to be tough for Davis to contend with him.

Expect Seattle to split Irvin out wider so Davis has to kick step to get a decent angle to pass block him. Davis tends to give up the edge – he’s vulnerable to quickness off the corner.

The Niners will have to chip with a tight end and/or a running back at times to slow the rookie down.

Advantage: Seahawks

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