49ers vs. Eagles live blog: Third quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 4 game against the Eagles. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:14 The 49ers will receive the ball.

3:17 Touchback.

3:19 Bruce Ellington gains 15 yards on jet sweep around the left side on first down.

3:20 Next play, Vernon Davis makes a 5-yard catch and seems to hurt his back when he gets tackled. He’s walking trudging off the field to the locker room.

3:22 Bradley Fletcher knocks away a pass intended for Brandon Lloyd on third and three. Lee has to punt.

3:23 Kassim Osgood tackles Sproles at the Eagles’ 16.

3:25 The stadium is half empty.

3:26 LeSean McCoy gains four yards up the middle on first down and Jason Peters limps off the field.

3:27 Next play, Foles completes a pass to Ertz in the flat. Antoine Bethea strips it and Perrish Cox recovers.

3:28 First and 10 at the 23.

3:30 Vernon Davis, back, out. Anthony Davis, knee, out.

3:31 Kaepernick gets sacked on first down. Loss of 5. Gore missed the blitzer.

3:37 The 49ers use their first timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty on third-and-11 from the 12. Cary Williams kept this drive alive by committing a defensive holding penalty on third and 15 from the 28.

3:38 Kaepernick rolls left and throws a TD pass to Stevie Johnson in the front right corner of the end zone. 21-20 Eagles.

3:42 Touchback.

3:44 Chris Cook knocks away a pass for Maclin on third and 5 and the Eagles go three and out. 49ers’ ball at its 36.

3:50 Carlos Hyde loses two yards on second and 12 from the Eagles 29 and Joe Staley is down.

3:52 Roman calls a handoff for Gore and he gains three yards. Daring.

3:53 Dawson makes a 46-yard field goal and the score is 23-21 Niners with 3:33 left in the third quarter.

3:54 Touchback.

3:55 Foles throws deep for Maclin while taking a hit from Justin Smith. Antoine Bethea picks off the pass. First and 10 at the 49ers’ 26.

3:57 Kaepernick bounces a pass to Hyde in the flat and its third and 9.

3:58 Complete over the middle to Boldin for  12. First down.

4:00 Second and 7 from the Eagles’ 48 when the fourth quarter starts.

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  1. Why is Kap not running for 3 years instead of forcing passes underneath? He’s gotta keep the chains moving right there. He’s actually getting decent protection now. What is going on?

  2. with the usual caveat that i’m just a fan: Kaep has regressed – those receivers are “wide open” by NFL standards, and whereas when he replaced Alex Kaep came out firing decisively, now he’s either thinking when he should be unloading or he has an unnaturally high standard for “open”

    1. He does seem to be playing tentatively. I think he is trying to hard to not run and hold the ball longer to pass. He sort of did that in the early part of the season last year as well.

    1. He is having an off day. He started inaccurate this game. You are assuming it’s because of pressure. QB have days like this but when it’s Kaep everyone keys in on the negative perception. Foles has missed quite a few open players himself.

  3. This was what I wrote prior to the game… it hasnt turned out to be completely correct so far and God I hope I am completely wrong and the niners win.

    Eagles 34
    SF 23
    It is a close game until late in the 3rd when the 9ers defense gets worn out and demoralized from watching the offense settle for field goals off of the short fields the D gave them early in the game from turn overs. The Pass rush goes and the niners give up multiple tds in the 4th.

  4. Gotta get to Files now. At least knock him down a few times. We have to be as aggressive offensively as they are! Come on Defense!!!

    1. That was a signature Kaepernick throw…..if our receivers ran their patterns in reverse, he could probably lead them….running them forward, its anyones guess where the pass will be….sometimes high but more often than not, behind the receiver…..

    1. He is playing tentative like he did early last season. Could have picked up a lot of first downs by running rather than waiting for pass plays to develop.

    1. I strongly suspect that is true. He is running hard today. I think that he made the line seem better than they actually were has a lot of truth to it. They still need to keep his carries down so he stays fresh or his production will slip as the season wears on.

      1. Did you ever consider that he was not told to take the penalty? Perhaps it was a communication problem like last week on the called of fake punt. The staff is famous for that. But you guys want to put everything on Kaep whether it was his fault or not. It’s a wonder you didn’t blame the botched field goal last week on him as well.

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