49ers vs. Packers live blog: Second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 1 home game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:05 The 49ers have the ball at their 23, it’s second-and-12 and Kaepernick has not run the ball once on a read-option play.

2:10 It’s third-and-seven at the Packers’ 45 and the 49ers burn their second timeout of the half to prevent a delay of game penalty.

2:12 On third-and-seven, Kaepernick looks deep for Vernon Davis deep but he’s covered, so Kaepernick scrambles and Matthews decks him short of the first down marker. Matthews was lined up at middle linebacker on that play. He was spying Kaepernick. Andy Lee Punts. Packers’ ball at their 20.

2:15 Bowman forces Lacy to fumble on first-and-20. 49ers’ ball at the Packers’ 14.

2:19 The Packers force Kaepernick to scramble short of the first down marker, but Matthews hits him way out of bounds. He’s flagged for a personal foul and so is Joe Staley. The flags offset. Replay the down.

2:21 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Boldin on a slant for a touchdown. 14-7 49ers with 8:57 left in the second quarter.

2:24 It would have been fourth-and-one, but McCarthy accepted an illegal formation penalty. The 49ers can thank him for that one.

2:25 The Packers start at their four yard line after and illegal block in the back penalty.

2:27 Asomugha breaks up a pass to James Jones on third-and-two. The Packers have to punt. 49ers’ ball at their 43.

2:31 Vernon Davis drops a deep pass, Kaepernick sacks himself by scrambling for a two-yard loss, then he’s flagged for delay of game. Third and 17.

2:32 Kaepernick scrambles around and throws the ball away.

2:33 Jeremy Ross make the fair catch at the Packers’ 22, but they’re flagged for holding and will start the drive at their 14. How do you hold on a fair catch? This is the third-straight drive they’ve started near their own goal line.

2:39 Rodgers throws a perfect pass to Jermichael Finley but he drops it and Eric Reid picks it off. Packers’ ball at the 49ers’ 44 yard line with 4:28 left in the first half.

2:46 Kaepernick completes a 22-yard pass to a wide open Anquan Boldin, but then Kaepernick gets sacked two plays later knocking the 49ers out of field goal position. Third-and-18 at the Packers’ 42 at the two-minute warning.

2:49 Kaepernick completes a 12-yard pass to Davis over the middle, and Dawson is on the field to kick a 48-yard field goal.

2:50 No good. Dawson hooked it big time.

2:51 On first down, Rodgers hits Finley for 12 and Brooks hits Rodgers for 15. First and 10 at the 49ers’ 35.

2:54 On third-and-20, Aldon Smith jumps offside. Third-and-15. It’s four-down territory for the Packers.

2:56 Rodgers throws a quick pass to Nelson, Asomugha misses a tackle and Nelson gains 16.

2:57 Next play, Nelson gains nine-yards on a quick slant. Second-and-one at the 49ers’ 14.

2:59 Rodgers completes a short pas to Finley in the right flat, Cox misses the tackle and Finley scores. 14-14 with 16 seconds left. If the Packers’ hadn’t turned the ball over twice, they would be winning the game. A very sloppy game for the 49ers. And who would imagine the Packers’ D-line would dominate the 49ers’ O-line today?

3:02 Anthony Dixon returns the kickoff 30 yards to the 49ers’ 40 yard line. Nine seconds left in the first half.

3:04 Kaepernick throws a Hail Mary and the Packers’ knock it down in the end zone. 14-14 at halftime. The 49ers should be up big.

3:08 First-half rushing stats:
49ers: 12 carries, 16 yards.
Packers: 7 carries, 10 yards.

3:09 It’s worth noting that Kaepernick ran the ball zero times on the read option in the first half. Matthews’ “tough talk” seems to have had the effect the Packers desired.

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