Boldin: “Some weeks we’ll throw more. Some weeks we’ll run more. It just depends on who we’re playing.”

SANTA CLARA — Anquan Boldin spoke at his locker Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.

Q: What do you think about how the offense has evolved from week to week? Is this what the 49ers’ identity on offense is, a game-plan-specific type of offense?

BOLDIN: I think you have to be. Each defense that we play against poses different challenges. Some weeks we’ll throw more. Some weeks we’ll run more. It just depends on who we’re playing.

Q: Is it frustrating for a wide receiver to see that and not know from game to game how much action you’re going to get?

BOLDIN: No. For us, we just want to win. It doesn’t matter about stats, things like that. As long as we come out with the W, I’m fine.

Q: How recognizable is the Cardinals’ defense to you?

BOLDIN: I don’t know any of those guys. Probably about two guys remain. There is not a lot of familiarity with those guys.

Q: What do you think of their secondary?

BOLDIN: Young. I think only one of them has been in Arizona for three years. They have some moving parts, a lot of guys from different places coming in. They haven’t played together long. I do think they have some talent on the back end.

Q: What strikes you about Patrick Peterson?

BOLDIN: Just his ability to make plays. They try to get him involved in all-three phases – offensively, special teams and defense. He is one of their key guys.

Q: What distinguishes him from other cornerbacks?

BOLDIN: Just his ball skills. A lot of defensive backs don’t have the same ball skills he has.

Q: There has been a lot of turnover in Arizona. Is there any feeling for you going back there?

BOLDIN: No. I played against them once in Baltimore. It’s another game for me. It’s a division opponent so it’s definitely a game I would like to win.

Q: How different has it been with Vernon Davis on the field as far as how teams are covering you?

BOLDIN: I think it’s noticeable. Weeks back, there is a difference when he’s not in there. I get a lot more rolled coverage, a lot more double teams. Defenses definitely try to take me out a lot more when he’s not in there.

Q: Have you faced that many double teams in your career?

BOLDIN: At times, but not as much.

Q: Having Jon Baldwin involved in the offense, do you see a difference in the double teams and the attentions defenses give you?

BOLDIN: Yeah. He is one of those guys that you have to pay attention to. He’s a big-bodied wide receiver. He creates mismatch problems for a lot of defensive backs. You can’t just leave him out there.

Q: What is your approach against a double team?

BOLDIN: Just work. There is not much you can do. You can try to game plan, coaches move you around a little bit but that’s about it.




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