Boldin: “Some weeks we’ll throw more. Some weeks we’ll run more. It just depends on who we’re playing.”

SANTA CLARA — Anquan Boldin spoke at his locker Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.

Q: What do you think about how the offense has evolved from week to week? Is this what the 49ers’ identity on offense is, a game-plan-specific type of offense?

BOLDIN: I think you have to be. Each defense that we play against poses different challenges. Some weeks we’ll throw more. Some weeks we’ll run more. It just depends on who we’re playing.

Q: Is it frustrating for a wide receiver to see that and not know from game to game how much action you’re going to get?

BOLDIN: No. For us, we just want to win. It doesn’t matter about stats, things like that. As long as we come out with the W, I’m fine.

Q: How recognizable is the Cardinals’ defense to you?

BOLDIN: I don’t know any of those guys. Probably about two guys remain. There is not a lot of familiarity with those guys.

Q: What do you think of their secondary?

BOLDIN: Young. I think only one of them has been in Arizona for three years. They have some moving parts, a lot of guys from different places coming in. They haven’t played together long. I do think they have some talent on the back end.

Q: What strikes you about Patrick Peterson?

BOLDIN: Just his ability to make plays. They try to get him involved in all-three phases – offensively, special teams and defense. He is one of their key guys.

Q: What distinguishes him from other cornerbacks?

BOLDIN: Just his ball skills. A lot of defensive backs don’t have the same ball skills he has.

Q: There has been a lot of turnover in Arizona. Is there any feeling for you going back there?

BOLDIN: No. I played against them once in Baltimore. It’s another game for me. It’s a division opponent so it’s definitely a game I would like to win.

Q: How different has it been with Vernon Davis on the field as far as how teams are covering you?

BOLDIN: I think it’s noticeable. Weeks back, there is a difference when he’s not in there. I get a lot more rolled coverage, a lot more double teams. Defenses definitely try to take me out a lot more when he’s not in there.

Q: Have you faced that many double teams in your career?

BOLDIN: At times, but not as much.

Q: Having Jon Baldwin involved in the offense, do you see a difference in the double teams and the attentions defenses give you?

BOLDIN: Yeah. He is one of those guys that you have to pay attention to. He’s a big-bodied wide receiver. He creates mismatch problems for a lot of defensive backs. You can’t just leave him out there.

Q: What is your approach against a double team?

BOLDIN: Just work. There is not much you can do. You can try to game plan, coaches move you around a little bit but that’s about it.




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    1. Nick, Baldwin had a lot of opportunity with Chiefs, the only problem is Baldwin doesn’t cut it, to be a good wr in the NFL. Kyle william has more upside then Baldwin.

      1. Nick, which one are you referring too, the mediocre Texans offense or thier overrated Qb thats lost? I give the Texans defense some credit, they did a good job against the overrated kap. Can you imagine kap statistic in 3 quarters, he only completed 4 out 15, for 45 yds. Lucky for the 49ers offense Vernon got wide open and caught the ball for a 9ers TD score.

    1. “Brock, Wright and starter Tarrell Brown are all scheduled to be free agents at the end of the year”, according to Williamson.

      Isn’t Carlos Rogers contract up at the end of this year as well?

      1. Jack,

        Don’t you think Rogers’ salaries for the next two years effectively make this the last year of his contract, though? It wasn’t the question, I know, but it seems Rogers’ either needs to renegotiate his contract, or he’ll be gone.

  1. If you look at the Ravens of 12/13, you see a team that at times ran it and at times threw it (and at times looked inept doing both), and in the end ran it and threw it well, played D, then paid its young QB $120M after taking the Lombardi.

    It’s way too early in the season to stake a claim about the grand finale…

  2. The coaches have been talking about kap and baldwin building chemistry for weeks now, roman needs to design a gadget play or two.

  3. Gotta agree with you, Mr. Boldin…. +1
    You must obtain a ‘W’ in the Super Bowl.
    Otherwise no, none of the stats will matter.
    And in all of the postseason discussions,
    stats (good or bad) will stick in your throat;
    unless you secure the Lombardi trophy.
    It was “within the grasp” last year, as they say.
    But Coach Harbaw mishandled those last four downs.

    So bring home the bacon, Annkwaaan, hokay?

    1. Speaking of winning meaningful games, how many of those has Alex won? Let me help there: ONE win courtesy of the defense and one choke job in the NCFCG.

      1. the K,
        If you can read, that was a response to the king of Alex jock sniffers who can’t let go of the fact that his hero lost the starting job and is not longer on the team.

      2. Nick, who cares if Alex Smith loss his job to an overrated kap? At the end Kap will just be an average qb in the league, he will just be like those other young qbs who showed a little promise in the beginning of their young career. Other NFL teams in the offseason made an adjustment to defend against qbs like kap, they now have a lot of films on kap, thats why kap is not having the success that he had from last season.

      3. Nick, tell us all about the one choke job by Kap in the last year SB? Atleast Alex Smith put the niners in the position to win NFCC with 6.5 minutes to go. If it weren’t for Kyle Williams 3 rookie mishaps, Alex and 49ers wouldv’e won the SuperBowl no question about it..

    2. Alex who ? Would love the Raiders to expose AS, but let’s wait till they can win 8 games, they have one the weakest schedule in the league.

      1. He’s trolling you Nick, he’s only at it because people keep responding to his nonsense.

        There is no such thing as Alex Smith jock sniffers, they were ‘created’ to substantiate some bloggers obsession with bashing him unnecessarily.

      2. Neal say, Alex who? Atleast alex Smith has balls, and have no fear trying to get extra yardages, he even sacrifice hes body to get extra yardage. Kap has fear of getting ding by the opposing defense. last season he never got pressured from opposing teams, he never got hit hard or get knock around. But its a different story early this season, he struggles against good defensive teams and even with mediocre teams..

      3. No name, you are correct in saying Alex does have balls. That’s one thing he might be better at than Kaepernick, toughness.

  4. Coach Harbaw:
    (regarding Colin’s ankle/foot injury or symptoms)
    Sorry, Kaep. Ya gotta just play through it,
    go out and hurt and win.
    No rest until we lock up a playoff spot.
    There is no way that JH
    will sacrifice a real deal shot at the Super Bowl
    for your long-term health. You are his boy.
    No matter what the trainer says,
    you are going out on the field.
    Week after week.
    Only after a postseason birth is assured will he rest you.
    So you might want to go out and lock it up early.
    Ahead by three TDs after three quarters….
    just might earn yourself a little breather against Arizona.
    We are 3-2 so it is gonna be a long season.
    Handle it. Handle your business.
    If you play through this, you will earn
    a little extra cred from your teammates.

    1. Must be tough troll, no friends, no life, nothing but your key board. How does a loser like you exist. Get out of the library and go collect your food stamps.

    1. E,

      If you mean work Carradine and Dial into the defensive line rotation a few plays a game, developing them methodically, and increasing the complexity of their assignments only when they show mastery of their more basic responsibilities, then I agree. Let’s see what these guys can do.

      1. ExG

        That is precisely what I meant. Do it on game days. If Carradine is a 1st round talent, throw him into the fire and assess his Sunday motor. Same goes for Dial, who is a monster; let’s see that mean streak sooner than later!

    1. The one in your left hand. Keep the right hand free for the beer mug. Of course you’re probably better off getting one off the truck than from Taco Bell/Doritos/Pizza Hut/Monsanto.

    1. Hammer i had forgotten about Smiths performance vs ariz last year. What i remember about it was as good as it was he still took tons of abuse about it on this blog. I think the game will be closer than you think. I believe that Ariz’s run D will contain the 9ers rush attack and CK will have a difficult time finding anyone open. It will become a Defensive battle with the 9ers winning 9 to 7.

      1. About that AZ run defense:

        So far their opponents have been the Rams(30th rushing offense), Lions(20th), Saints(27th), Bucs(24th), and panthers(15th).

        Might be a tad over rated.

    2. Az is flying under the radar. They’ve always had a good defense. Boldin will be invisible so it will be up to Colin and Roman to diversify the play calling to get other players involved. The WR core looked so promising in preseason and now it’s one of the worse groups in the league.

      This will be a low scoring game. I hope Colin breaks 200 yards in this one.
      The D shouldn’t have any problem with the run, and they should get a couple of picks from Carson, and that’s going to be the difference.

      1. Coach and Fan,

        It really depends on if the 49ers can get anything from a receiver not named Boldin. Peterson is very good, but Powers on the other side is not.

        The closest thing their run D has faced to the 49ers is Tampa Bay, and in that game the Bucs were playing with a rookie making his first ever start.

        Put it this way, the Rams put up 27 on Arizona.

      2. Jack i agree i think Ariz will sell out to sop the run, Peterson will shut down Boldin and if we are going to score someone else is going to have to come up big. It could be Davis but i just do’nt see anyone else stepping up.

      3. BroTu,

        You’re probably right about AZ going deep. When they do, they will learn that FS Reid is a huge improvement over SS Goldson in coverage.

      4. Jack,
        Nice stuff. I don’t think Az is a world beater. I think the Rams game was the first game of the year. And it sure doesn’t look like the Niners are going to put up over 400 yards of passing any time soon.
        Teams have figured out how to contain the Niner offense. We don’t scare anyone now.
        Bill Simmons took Az and the points. Not that he is an expert.
        I hope this is the game where we see a solid #2, and Colin going through reads and making smart audibles at the line.

      5. Fansince, The way i looked at this sunday’s game between the Cards and the 49ers is going to be a trapped game for the 49ers. Beware niner fans, history will repeat itself.

  5. Hammer – Great read! I liked all questions and answers except #3. :)
    I highly recommend Niner Chatter blog! Nice job.

    Signed, – “Not so bright dude” ….lol

  6. Jack, count me as another who appreciates/enjoys your writing. You’re to the point and don’t mince words. One day please tell us what you really think of Roman. And how you think Kap and his receivers would do in a dink/dunk West Coast style of offense?

    1. Jack,

      I also like your blog.

      I guess we’ll just have to make another entry on the very, very, very long list of things that Bay is wrong about.

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