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Readers’ choice

As it turns out, today and tomorrow will be the last practices of training camp where reporters will be allowed to watch all of practice. Next week, and for the rest of the season, we’ll only be able to watch the first 30 minutes of practice when the players stretch. Then we have to return […]

Harbaugh post-practice 8/16

Here’s the full transcript of Harbaugh post-practice press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. He spoke at length about the team’s plans for a third quarterback, the greatness of Frank Gore, the talent of Kendall hunter, and his experience as an assistant coach with the Oakland Raiders. He told an Al Davis story which is particularly […]

QB competition heats up, Smith pulls ahead

SANTA CLARA – Practice ended with Colin Kaepernick leading the first team offense against the first team defense in a 2-minute drill. Kaepernick was 4-6 on the drive, but Aldon Smith sacked him on the last play, and the offense put up zero points. Over the last 90 minutes of practice, Kaepernick took 22 reps […]

Alex Boone talks

SANTA CLARA – Backup tackle Alex Boone spoke this afternoon. Boone is hands-down the most talkative offensive lineman on the team, so we asked him questions on a variety of topics. He starts by discussing his own progress, then he moves on to Justin Smith’s chop-to-bull rush, then Aldon Smith, then last Friday’s game against […]

Greg Roman post-practice Q&A

Greg Roman spoke at the podium after practice to the media. Here’s the complete transcript of that interview, courtesy of the 49ers. Opening statement: “How’s it going? Good. Just had a great practice, got a lot done today. Guys are really working hard. We are challenging them with a lot of things. We’ve got a […]

The quarterbacks compete

SANTA CLARA – Around 5 o’clock I was ready to tweet that Colin Kaepernick had practiced better than Alex Smith today. Kaepernick had been exceptionally accurate, and he’d just led the second team offense on an impressive drive against the second team defense, handling their blitzes with hard counts and audibles. I’d never seen him […]

Crabtree sans boot on bike

SANTA CLARA — I just saw Michael Crabtree working vigorously on an exercise bike. He was bootless. Earlier in the day, Crabtree was seen smiling, and he told reporters he feels encouraged. Matt Maiocco reports Crabtree should be cleared to practice in two weeks, and although he won’t play in any of the preseason games […]

Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams on the Jugs machine

SANTA CLARA — Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams started practice by fielding punts one-handed from a Jugs machine. This was running backs coach Tom Rathman’s idea. He stood next to the punt returners and made the exercise a competition. Ginn really struggled. On his first rep, he dropped the ball completely. Williams, on the […]

Kyle Williams Q&A

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers p.r. staff brought out Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn Jr. to talk to the media at the same time this afternoon. Both speedy slot receivers were wearing Chicago White Sox hats, Ginn wearing a red one, and Williams wearing the classic black. I had to make a decision of who […]

Nate Lawrie on Culpepper’s workout

SANTA CLARA — Daunte Culpepper worked out at the 49ers facility this morning, and according to Matt Maiocco, Culpepper expects to sign a one-year contract with the Niners. Also according to Maiocco, Culpepper would not be competing for the first or second string quarterback jobs. He would just be the third stringer. I spoke with […]

Alex Smith is No. 1, for now.

SAN FRANCISCO – Although Jim Harbaugh has said a couple of times that there is no depth chart on the 49ers, just a rep chart, the head coach confirmed today that Alex Smith is No. 1 and Colin Kaepernick is No. 2, “for now.” That being said, Harbaugh admitted he wants to “kick the tires” […]