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Harbaugh post-practice Q&A

Here’s the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s post-practice press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. Enjoy. On whether he is adding more situational plays into practice due to the upcoming preseason game against the New Orleans Saints: “Yes.” On where he would be in training camp if the lockout had not occurred: “We would have been a […]

Good day for quarterbacks

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh called today’s practice the “best practice of training camp so far.” Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick both threw two touchdowns and just one poor pass apiece. On the poor ones, Smith had a ball tipped at the line of scrimmage that was almost intercepted, and Kaepernick didn’t lead Ronald Johnson […]

Harbaugh the fan favorite

SANTA CLARA – You’ll love this. The quarterbacks were doing their standard drills to start practice today, and Harbaugh was watching them closely. Standard. They were doing this drill right in front of the end zone bleachers, which were filled with fans. The fans watched quietly as Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Jeremiah Masoli, and McLeod […]

Reggie Smith tears meniscus

According to Matt Barrows, Reggie Smith tore the meniscus in one of his knees and he will miss a couple of weeks, but it shouldn’t be a serious, long-term injury. Clearly, this is a big reason the Niners resigned Dashon Goldson. Here are my two questions for you: Question 1: If Smith hadn’t hurt his […]

Anthony Dixon clears the air

SANTA CLARA – Last week Anthony Dixon had two showdowns with Patrick Willis on the practice field. Dixon won the first one, giving Willis a hard helmet-t0-helmet hit, but Willis won the second, stripping the ball from Dixon in the backfield and seemingly twisting the backup running back’s ankle. Today, Dixon shed some light his injury, […]

Ricky Jean-Francois Q&A

SANTA CLARA – I just participated in a group interview of Ricky Jean-Francois. He explained to us that he’s been playing all three positions on the defensive line, but mostly right end behind the starter Justin Smith. This seems to suggest Jean-Francois will be the first defensive lineman off the bench. It also suggests undrafted […]

Dashon Goldson to sign

According to Pro Football Talk, The 49ers will resign Safety Dashon Goldson to a one-year contract. This is a good thing for three reasons. You can never have enough good players on a football team, and now the Niners have four good safeties – Goldson, Donte Whitner, Madieu Williams, and Reggie Smith. It protects the […]

Taking stock of the organization

Today’s the first break in the action of the 49ers training camp, so let’s take stock of the organization. I apologize if this is redundant. It seems like the appropriate exercise for this off day. Have the 49ers improved from last year? They’ve lost six starters. They are: Nate Clements, Dashon Goldson, Takeo Spikes, Manny […]

8/6 Practice notes

SANTA CLARA – After warm-ups and drills, the real practice started with a 9-on-9 goal line scrimmage. It was the first team offense against the first team defense, but backup Anthony Dixon lined up at tailback instead of Frank Gore. Alex Smith hiked the ball and handed it off to Dixon, who chose to bounce […]

Donte Whitner Q&A

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers new starting strong safety, Donte Whitner, spoke in a group interview this afternoon. Whitner recorded the fifth most tackles in the NFL last season, and the most amongst defensive backs with 140. In this interview Whitner describes the philosophy of this new Vic Fangio defense in more depth than any […]

Alex Boone Q&A

SANTA CLARA – I participated in a group interview with third-year backup tackle Alex Boone. He starts with praise for Aldon Smith, and then he talks about his own role on the team this year. I included almost the entire 10-minute interview because Boone had some great lines. He’s a funny guy. Enjoy. Q: What’s […]

Practice notes II: Defense’s honor at stake

Niner42 and mcniner felt I skimped on the practice notes, and I aim to please, so here’s some more. Most of training camp has been fully padded but light on tackling. The lineman bang into each other, but the skill positions basically play two-hand-touch. Jim Harbaugh constantly reminds the players to “Keep them up! Keep […]