Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: “He’s capable to be the backup, but I don’t think he’s ready to go full time.”

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


You had RB Carlos Hyde in the game late, the first team offense line, going for two point conversions. What was the point of doing that late in the game? Was it to get the momentum–?

“At that point in the time it was a, two-point gets you to 19 which is a three-score game. So, you’ve got two eights and a three.”


But, you probably weren’t going to catch up at that point though.

“You never know. We’re going to keep playing and keep going and seeing what can go on. I don’t know the exact time. I think two minutes to go. So, we’re going to just keep playing and keep, you don’t have a whole heck of a lot so it’s not like you can say, ‘Hey, let’s go put our second O-Line in.’ We’ve only got two guys, so it’s just part of the deal. We’re going to keep playing.”


I guess I’m wondering, is there a sense that that unit needs to continue to work on run blocking–?

“No, it was just we need to keep playing. Everybody needs to keep playing and we need to continue to execute and the more times we get a chance to play, the better we’re going to be.”


Any health updates?

“I don’t have any yet. I usually meet with [49ers vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg later on this afternoon. But, I haven’t gotten anything specific on anybody.”


There was one guy we didn’t get a chance to talk to you about yesterday, it was WR Torrey Smith. It looked like he tweaked his ankle?

“Yeah and then I think he went back in the game though. So, I think, I didn’t anticipate anything with him, but I’ll find out everything right after, a little bit later on this afternoon. We can give you all that tomorrow.”


After watching the film, how did you diagnose the problems stopping the run early in the game?

“Well, the first one we were misaligned and obviously they ripped off a 41-yard gain on it. But, we were not lined up properly. There were a couple times on the zone-read play where we’ve got to play it better. We’ve got to squeeze it a little bit more from the outside linebacker spot and fall back at the inside linebacker spot. There were some missed tackles involved there. So, it wasn’t one specific thing. It was a few different things.”


What did you think overall of your running game these past three games? Is it, are guys doing the right things? Is it a matter of–?

“First off, we played three really good defensive fronts in the Rams and Carolina and Seattle, three of the better defensive fronts in this league. And part of that is you’re going to be challenged because you’re playing against really good players. But, we need to be better in the running game. The run game sets up everything for us. We need to do a better job there. I thought, one of our thoughts going into the game was to be, we wanted to stay out of the third-and-longs and we did. We had five times we were at third-and-five or less, I mean, eight times we were third-and-five or less, but we only converted, we were three of eight on those and three of those were runs. So, you’ve got to be able to pick it up when it’s third-and-two and third-and-three and be able to run the football to be successful in this league and we’re not doing it on a consistent basis right now.”


When you study the film of a game like that, are you doing that when you get back last night or early this morning?

“Last night. We’ve got time after the game because of the way technology is nowadays. We had the game on our iPads or Surfaces, or whatever we have, on the way home. So you get a chance to watch it on the bus and then again on the plane, so you can watch both sides of the ball and then you’ll come in and watch it again this morning before we meet as a staff.”


Did you watch it with QB Blaine Gabbert, together?

“No, we have meetings with our players tomorrow. Today is a day off for our players.”


Is there anything that strikes you about how Blaine is running the offense? Is it similar to last week where a lot of people were not on the same page?

“No, and I don’t think last week there were people who weren’t on the same page.”


You were saying also some of the wide receivers may not have run the right routes or weren’t in the right spots.

“Last week? I don’t think, I said that’s in general when you talk about general pass game. It’s not always on the quarterback. Sometimes the receivers can run the wrong route. I think the example I gave you was in the preseason game when the running back didn’t go to the flats and the quarterback threw the ball to the flats and then everybody says, ‘The quarterback is inaccurate.’ But, that was about a preseason game. That wasn’t about the Carolina Panthers game.”


We’ve heard you talk about QB Colin Kaepernick’s readiness and that he’s not quite physically ready. If he’s not quite physically ready, why is he the number two quarterback?

“Because he’s capable to be the backup, but I don’t think he’s ready to go full time. He’s continuing to work on it. I think he’s over there right now. And, Kap will be the first to tell you, if you guys have been around here before, I think his playing weight has been around 225 and he’s not at that right now. So, he’s going out there and continuing to work, continuing to get better. He had a serious layoff in times in terms of being able to medical rehab. To get the full Kap for what you need, the potential that he has, he needs to continue to just work on the physical aspect of things.”


Does that mean that if Blaine Gabbert were to have to miss a game, QB Christian Ponder would be the quarterback?

“Kap is definitely our number two right now.”


You seem to be saying two different things though.

“I’m not saying that. Kap is our number two right now and everybody wants to know why Kap isn’t our number one. I don’t think Kap is 100-percent right now. So, that’s what I’m saying.”


Is he still getting a quarter of the practice reps?

“He gets, depends on who we play. He got a lot more reps last week because it was a lot of, doing some work as [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson. I don’t know the exact number, how we broke that part down, but he got more reps last week because of kind of who we were playing. So, some of our scout-squad reps we were able to run our offense because Seattle does some similar things to us. So, he got some reps doing that too. So, I don’t know the exact number he got last week whether it was third, quarter, whatever. I don’t know exactly what it was, but he did get more reps last week.”


How close is Kaepernick to 100-percent in terms of–?

“I don’t know. That’s a good question for him. So, he’ll be able to tell you exactly where he is.”


What does Gabbert need to do to get better in this offense?

“I think the entire offense, I think sometimes everybody keeps pointing specifically to the quarterback, but it’s not like the offensive line’s playing tremendous, the running back are doing everything, the wide receivers are doing everything and we’re just not getting good quarterback play. I think it’s the entire group offensively. We need to convert. Again, what do we need to do as a group better? We had eight shots at third-and-five or less that we need to convert on third down so we can stay on the field and continue to keep drives alive.”


Even if Kaepernick’s not 100-percent, do you see him at all getting a shot at some point?

“Well, we’ll just see how we go offensively. I mean, if we score 65 touchdowns next week, then I don’t see him getting a shot.”


How fluid is the situation at receiver in terms of WR Rod Streater and WR Aaron Burbridge and how are they developing?

“They played. I mean, they’re getting work. I think Burb played 14, 15 snaps. Streater was in the eight to 10 category. Those guys will continue to get plays as we get more plays on the offensive side of the ball. So, they’re developing and coming along in terms of, Burb’s still a rookie, Streater we just got a little while ago, he’s still kind of learning and there’s certain things we know when Streat’s in that he’s a lot more comfortable with than other things that we’re doing. So, I don’t think he has the full playbook available to him. When Streat’s in there, there’s certain things that we feel comfortable, ‘Hey if Streat’s in then we know we’re going to call on this, this and this.’ We’ve got enough to be able call when he’s in the game. But, you know, we’re a little bit limited, but that’s just obviously because we didn’t get him until after the cut down day”


Is that situation, you’ve mentioned the quarterback situation is an ongoing competition I think this morning on the radio. Is it the same with the receivers?

“Those guys are playing. So, I don’t see how they’re not, they’re getting in the game.”


Well, playing more.

“They earn that. That’s just by example in terms of what they do from a practice standpoint. If someone’s continuing to stand out in practice, you’re going to make an evaluation every day. You say, ‘Heck of another day by Burb. We need to get him on the field more.’ That’s part of just what this whole process is.”


The would-be sack LB Eli Harold had on Russell Wilson, was that a horse collar from what you saw?

“They called it a horse collar tackle.”


Sure, they did. What did you see on film?

“I saw that they through a flag and called it a horse collar tackle. So, I’m not allowed to comment.”


I understand that, but could you see where his hands were in relation–?

“Yeah, I did. They were up over there and they made the call. You can’t get me to say I don’t think it’s a penalty.”


No, I’m just curious. I’m not saying whether it was the right call. Did he have the right technique? Was he using the proper technique that you coach?

“According to what they threw as a penalty, no he did not. I’m never going to go there. Whatever they call, they call. So, we can’t complain about that.”


How concerned are you about your tight end situation with TE Vance McDonald?

“I think those other two guys played fairly well. I mean, obviously, when you only have three tight ends on your roster and one of them doesn’t finish a game, then that’s a concern for you.”


I guess, in terms of health.

“And that’s what I mean. I said, when you only have three tight ends on your roster and one of them gets hurt in the game and doesn’t finish, then you’d have to have a little bit of concern there. But, I don’t know if it’s a long-term thing or a short-term thing. So, we’ll see as we go from there. I think [TE] Garrett [Celek] and [TE] Blake [Bell] held up accordingly as they went in there, but obviously if you have someone like Vance, who’s what we believe is a really good tight end in this league, if he’s not available to us then that’s a concern.”


How do you think CB Keith Reaser played in his extended time yesterday?

“Again, I think with everybody, I think there was just some inconsistencies. But, I thought Reaser did a nice job in terms of how many snaps he was asked to play. Didn’t play in the first game, you know, came back a little bit in the Carolina game, starting to get his feet wet again and continuing to play. I thought he did a nice job for the time he was in there. I’m sure there was one or two plays that he would want back.”


On Gabbert, one more, yesterday I think you characterized his play as OK.

“I characterized the offense as OK too.”


OK. A day later having reviewed the film, what do you see his overall performance was yesterday?

“I thought it was OK, just like we were offensively. Again, the biggest thing for us offensively is we’ve got to convert on third downs and we’re not doing that right now.”


At cornerback, if DB Jimmie Ward has to miss time, is it going to be dependent on matchups whether you go with Reaser or CB Rashard Robinson?

“Yeah. I think it all depends on matchups. So, part of what you do is who you’re playing and where are their receivers dispersed and then how are we going to try to matchup with them. So, that’s kind of how we would do anything. So, they’ll look at everything and find out, you know, if Jimmie’s out and if he is, how long is he out for and kind of go from there.”


When will you or have you started watching film on Dallas?

“We’ve already watched film on Dallas. So, today’s a big game plan day for us. So, when we’re done with this we’ll get back into game planning and finish watching the rest of the tape and start to put together a plan.”

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      1. Gabs isn’t cutting it, so Kap deserves a chance. I think I know what we’ll see from him, but if he proves me wrong, great. If Kap fails, then I’d like to see what Ponder can do.

        It’s starting to look more and more like the O Line isn’t as good as most of us thought; notwithstanding that they played against three of the best defensive fronts. As Jack pointed out, Gabbert’s quick release kept him from getting sacked but he also couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. So, I expect that Kap will get more time to throw than he had last year, but given his relatively slow release, will it be enough?

        My gut feeling is Ponder will do the best if he gets his chance down the road; but it probably won’t be good enough. Just pure speculation that I can’t backup with much at this point.

  1. Question for Kelly – If Kaep isn’t capable of playing a whole game what happens if Gabbert gets hurt on the first play or maybe even during warmups?

    Personally I think Kaep can play right now but…..

    1. I think he wants to give Kap the best chance to succeed when he does get to that point. He knows it’s a Hail Mary and if he resorts to taking it, he wants Kap as close to full strength as possible.

      1. I think Kelly wants to insulate himself against criticism regarding Kaepernick’s health. Kaep will proclaim he’s healthy and then he will either sink or swim. My guess is that Kaep will be inserted into the lineup after the bye. He’ll provide a small spark for the offense before the lack of skill talent rears its head again. I predict it will be the nail in the Baalke coffin considering he went all in with Gabbert and has basically been rooting against Kaepernick. Kaepernick may even get another year with the team.

  2. “Kap is our number two right now and everybody wants to know why Kap isn’t our number one. I don’t think Kap is 100-percent right now. So, that’s what I’m saying.”

    Sounds like the Blaine Train is running out of steam with Baalke still onboard.

    1. Reporter:
      Even if Kaepernick’s not 100-percent, do you see him at all getting a shot at some point?

      “Well, we’ll just see how we go offensively. I mean, if we score 65 touchdowns next week, then I don’t see him getting a shot.”

      So you’re saying there’s a chance coach?

  3. “He’s capable to be the backup, but I don’t think he’s ready to go full time.” Razor, you and I have said that Kap isn’t back physically for weeks. It’s good to finally get some clarify on the issue. Why not activate Ponder until Kap is ready?

    1. Kelly has already invested in Kaepernick, he’s all in. Deviating from this course would only damage his reputation. Gabbert’s struggles and Kaepernick’s looming presence simultaneously undermine Baalke, which helps Kelly and buys him time and power. Ponder isn’t the future and is happy to be a backup considering he was painting his house a month ago.

  4. Again, the biggest thing for us offensively is we’ve got to convert on third downs and we’re not doing that right now

    Don’t game plan to throw short of the sticks and hope for YAC ever again and you might begin to convert 3rd downs, Chipper. I know you’re game planning to your quarterback’s strengths, but it’s an exercise in futility….

        1. He can run and study film. Just does not have the talent to be a NFL starter. Good back up in a pinch though. I think next game we will see a more aggressive Gabbert. Only because he knows his chain is getting tight!

        2. some could say getting the ball out quickly (but i’d argue too quickly)…

          definitely prevents sacks & possibly has made our o-line look better than it is. starting to wonder if the o-line played better at the tail end of last season, or if it was the qb play.

      1. “Leading receivers for YAC isn’t Gabbert’s strength.” — It hasnt been a 49er QB’s strength since Garcia played for the team.

  5. As usual the controversy revolves around the QB. Blaine didn’t do anything to lose the game but he didn’t do anything to win it either. For me right now don’t really care who the QB’s is, it means nothing if the defense is going to continue giving up 35+ points. Yes the defense on the first series went three and out except they gave up 7 points. They could not possible be tired after one drive and yet on the second drive gave up 7 more points. This defense can not get off the field, I saw it in pre season and instead of getting better its worst. You have to have some sort of defense you can’t win without one. The scheme was terrible tho adjustments were made it was already to late.

    Then the offense flounders can’t get out of its own way. The very first play they screw it up. How in the heck does that happen? Gabbert didn’t throw one long pass, what’s up with that? The line is great at pass protecting but seemed to have regressed opening up holes or maybe its Hyde not as good as some think.

    On with the Cowboys and lets just hope to be competitive.

    1. Gabbert did not do anything to lose it? He went 0 for 10.

      That would lose the job for anyone not named Blaine Gabbert, but Baalke is too afraid Kaep will be hurt and they will be out his full salary. What a chicken livered, white flag, cowardly stance.

      They should fire the person who wrote that contract, or at least rescind his own contract extension since he says he forgot about it.

      Jed, if he has an iota of brains, will just just sign a health insurance policy on Kaep, so they will not be afraid to play him. That is, if they want to win.

    1. Your inability to shut up will ensure Kaep gets another year with this team. You will be responsible for your worst nightmare coming to fruition…

      1. Big Cry baby,why don’t you go take that bitterness and bad attitude and work out your anger like I told you to do last week? You know, human interaction?

        If you need me to lend you the money for that, let me know. God knows it would be very difficult for another human to agree to it! Consensual that is!

          1. When nerds try to be funny,it only comes out as awkward. Stick to being the bitter angry guy, the other look is not working for you!

  6. What happened to the Blaine Trains’ rushing attack? He had over 40 yds in the first game. There is no reason to not load up in the box against us.

    1. I saw a big hit Blaine took in the Rams game and he looked to me like the phone was ringing but nobody was home for a few seconds. Looked like a completely different player after that. There’s a reason why not many QBs want to win with their legs in the NFL and smart OCs don’t want to build an offense around it.

      1. Good point Whine. Gabbert is scared to make plays with his arm and now his legs. Gabbert is scared to make plays period. Deactivate him and start Ponder until Kap is ready.

  7. Chip keeps saying that Kap is not 100% ready to go. But I could have sworn I heard commentary from Kap just 7 to 10 days ago where Kap said that he is ready to go. Also, why wouldn’t Chip have a better idea of where the potential starting QB is with regards to being ready to play. He keeps mentioning that 225 lb mark. Is it that big a deal if Kap is 10 lbs underweight? He’s not a lineman or boxer for that matter. Something doesn’t seem to add up here.

    1. Cubus,
      My guess is that he wants Kaep to run the ball quite a bit. If you look at photos from a couple of years ago, he still currently looks thinner, but he seems to be gaining the weight back. He’ll take some shots but it will be interesting to see what a legitimate running threat can do in Kelly’s offense.

        1. Yet he has opportunities to run throughout the game and rarely does. I don’t think defenses would afford Kaepernick those opportunities as often and I think he’d be much more inclined to run than Gabbert when they do. Gabbert is physically capable of running fast but he isn’t a good runner. I don’t think it will matter much but I do think that’s why Kelly is waiting for Kaep to put the weight back on. It makes sense. At the end of the day, Kaepernick’s deficiencies will likely cancel out any positives his running ability brings to the table.

        2. I do not believe Gabbert is anywhere near as tough physically as Kaepernick. He may be as fast, he may be a great scrambler, he may get the ball out lightning quick, but his body is not hard enough to sustain hits….

  8. Kaep may not be ready full time? Why not ease him in? Let Gabbert start, but once Gabbert fails to score points, Kaep can go in for a series.

    Let Gabbert keep playing, but let Kaep get some snaps.

    Heck, line up Kaep in the back field. He might be very effective even as a decoy.

  9. You know i don’t really like or agree with Tim Kawakami at all, but his new post is spot on. And i am one of if not the only supporter of Trent Balkee, and for the 1st time i can honestly say, Trent has literally P***** me off. The offense is horrible. And he can look at us with a straight face and say Blaine F’N Gabbert is an nfl Starting QB. What a F’N joke. Whoever thought kelly could fix this clown (balkee) should have their A**** kicked. This man is a chump in the qb department, how the hell can you have 24 passes and 17 of them not go past 10 yards???? Thats some peewee league S***. My goodness, i could go on n on……. But why bother. I givebthat man credit for some of our defenders, but until he gets a real d coordinator to use them right, then it all for not. O’Neil is exposing them just like mangini did. And please spare me the vic fangio crap. Look at the bears… Enough ssid. He was lucky to get ahold of our roster when we had decent players. And until Trent go’s and gets us a real qb and some type of number 1 wr, we are doomed… Woe, JUST F****** WOW

        1. Steel, 100% correct in your assessment. The problem is ownership does not know how to look beyond the coach. For years they would just assume it was the coach not putting together the right program.
          MY suggestion is to give Gamble the reins for 2 years with Chip, if he choses as his coach.

          But the fkip side is, what has Gamble ever built in his time in the NFL? Lots of experience but can he build a NFL playoff roster with Chip as his guy?

        2. I’ve been saying it since Harbaugh was let go. York and Baalke are the worst. I’ve been astounded by some of the rosy outlooks on this blog. Damage has been done and just like the post Mariucci years, there is a price to pay for firing winning coaches, especially when winning championships is your supposed standard. Tomsula was Erickson and Kelly is Nolan. My guess is that Gamble will replace Baalke after the season. Two years won’t be enough to get a rookie up to a playoff level, so Kelly will be gone after three consecutive losing seasons. At that point it’s house cleaning time! Hopefully the stench of firing winning coaches will have dissipated by then.

          1. Don’t know about you BigP but I’m waiting for Jed’s apology tweet for this last loss to the Seahawks…..and waiting…and waiting.

            1. Whine,
              Don’t count on it. Jed is the kind of guy that gets crapped on by a bird when he’s indoors. You know he’s sweating those flying messages popping up again.

    1. Yep, while I agree with much of Baalke’s philosophy, I’m at the point where I want him gone as well. He should have been shown the door with Luigi!

  10. I think there may have been no greater indictment of Gabbert than the fourth quarter. When a team is down by 30+ points they generally abandon the run and just go pass happy trying to get back into the game. Yesterday the Niners were still running their first quarter offense in the fourth. My take is that the coaching staff has zero confidence in Gabbert’s ability to run a pass first offense. The coaches knew better than to even attempt a traditional pass oriented attack in attempting to make a comeback. Gabbert has been completely exposed and is now just standing naked in the middle of the field for all the world to see.

  11. Seems like short of an injury week 9 is the earliest point that we’d see Kaepernick start if we see it at all this year.

    These are the moments I wish I had a press pass:
    “Because he’s capable to be the backup, but I don’t think he’s ready to go full time….”

    Does that mean that if Blaine Gabbert were to have to miss a game, QB Christian Ponder would be the quarterback?

    “Kap is definitely our number two right now.”

    o.O See the follow up question should have been, well if he’s definitely the #2 but not ready to go full time just how many games is he good for and if Blaine was going to be out an extended amount of time would you still say Kaepernick is the definite #2 and if so then how can he not be ready to go full time?

  12. I’m so old I remember when Freddie Solomon was the backup QB but still played wide receiver. Now our backup QB can only can only protest. Remind me again how the salary cap improved the game.

  13. How is Kap not ready at this point? He has now had over a month to readb and get stronger and has had the playbook from the beginning. Kelly is covering for is 2nd string QB, knowing that he can’t play in this league anymore.

    1. Chip is clueless. His system doesn’t evolve. His players don’t seem to be playing hard. His OC and DC choices were pathetic. Yet he acts like he is a football god.

  14. i think ballke wants chip to play gabbert,so chip is untill theres so much fire and smoke he has no choice but to play kap.when that happens he can say see trent we tried gabbert, he sucks we have to play kap……just saying

    1. I really wanted Gabbert to succeed, but everyone can see that he is a 6-30 QB.

      Chip may want to wait til Kaep has regained his playing weight, but that may be too late to save the season. I think Kaep can play right now, but the FO refuses to let him play because if he gets injured, they have to pay his salary for next year. What a bunch of cowards.

      Chip should go bold, and go for it. If he keeps going timid, they will be content to lose and be rewarded with a high draft pick.

            1. It’s more about the lack of points that Gabbert will lay on the Dallas D. I’m going to refer to Blaine as Vitamin B for now on. He definitely gives the opposing defense an energy boost.

              1. You can make that case for our
                A thousand yards in two weeks on them…
                I think Witten and Ezekial will have big plays and big day against us..

            2. Hammer, I think the better question is, can Gabbert take advantage of the Cowboys lack of pass rush, and challenge their outside corners downfield?

              1. According to most of what I read around here the oline is supposed to be playing good so what does a weak pass rush have to do with anything?

                The defense has given up over or close to a 1000 yards the last two weeks, allowed 4 guys to go over 100 yds receiving and 2 guys to rush for over 100 yards.

                Yeah the offense sucks but so does the defense.

                I’ll leave the handwringing over the QB up to you guys. That’s just one small piece of this whole clusterf—.

              2. According to most of what I read around here the oline is supposed to be playing good so what does a weak pass rush have to do with anything?

                According to you, Gabbert gets the ball out quick and Chip said himself, the game plan against the Seahawks was to throw short of the sticks and rely on YAC. No need to do that against the Cowboys, unless they blitz….

              3. The ball always comes out quick. That’s not game planning.

                Watching the team the last couple weeks I don’t think there’s much of a game plan at all.

              4. Watching the team the last couple weeks I don’t think there’s much of a game plan at all.

                Would you like to see a game plan that includes throwing downfield on first downs?

              5. Is it that there isn’t much of a game plan, or Chip is game planning based on the limitations of this personnel group? Tough to say but this is not the Kelly offense I’ve seen previously with the Ducks and Eagles. The Tempo is methodical and easy to defend. The plays are limited even more so than in his previous stops. Combine that with the sieve of a defense we currently have, and it seems like a case of trying to survive right now.

              6. rocket,

                It’s not just a lack of a plan on offense. We see it defensively too. Did you see anything out of Seattle on Sunday that was unexpected? Or Carolina the week before?

              7. When they did that in the 1st half Gabbert was 3-3 for 31 yards

                Let’s see if Chip Kelly is smart enough to game plan to Gabbert’s strength of throwing downfield on first downs….

              8. Jack,

                No I didn’t. Both Seattle and Carolina did what they do and with backups leading the rushing attack. The inability to have an answer coming in was bad enough, but the lack of adjustments to what was happening to them was worse. Seattle really took advantage of Buckner especially and there was no attempt to help him with his alignment or schematically. Just kept doing the same thing and getting gashed over and over.

  15. Well, they say that the best defense is a good offense. The Niners cannot go 0-10 on third downs and expect to win.

    Gabbert is a swell guy who is popular with his team mates, but he cannot expect the defense to shut out the opposition if he wants to win.

    Gabbert has been given every opportunity to succeed, but has failed.

    Gabbert should acknowledge that he is hurting the team, and voluntarily ask Chip to let Kaep play, even for alternating series. Instead of being selfish and coveting the starting job, he should look at the best way to help the team. It would be classy, and magnanimous to sublimate his ego and let Kaep play.

    Chip, by sheathing his most potent weapon, is just being content to lose. If Chip wants to win, he should play Kaep.

    If Kaep fails, so be it. However, I think he will take the league by storm, again, and it would be a great story to go from the cellar to the pinnacle of success.

    If Baalke is still holding Kaep back, he should be fired yesterday.

    1. “the best defense is a good offense”

      It was 7-0, 3 plays into the game. The defense sucked on Sunday and it had nothing to do with the offense.

      1. Niners went 3 and out, while the Seahawks ran 17 plays. Maybe if the offense had put together a long scoring drive, the Seahawks may not have scored again to make the score 0-14.

        1. What a joke. The D was lost.

          Last 2 games, 2 100+ yd rec and a 100+ yd rusher each week.

          Previous 971 games: 0

          Yeah let’s focus on fixing the offense though.

  16. You focus almost every comment on the offense, the QB position specifically. Shows how little you actually understand about the game.

      1. Well golly gee Beaver. The QB gets way too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when they lose.

        Yes the QB isn’t playing well, but neither are the WR’s. Neither is the oline. Neither is the RB’s and on and on right now.

        Inserting Kaepernick as you suggest isn’t going to change that. The receivers will still suck. The defense will still suck.

        Focusing so much attention on the QB is what casual fans who don’t really pay attention do.

          1. Where have I backed Gabbert’s play from the last couple weeks?

            The point is, the failings of this team are much bigger than the QB’s.

      1. Last week you need to get the backside DE to squeeze the gap against the read. Not doing that leaves a big gap for the back to cut into. That’s the first thing they did wrong.

        Second you’ve got to get the lineman to pin their ears back on 3rd and long while sending an inside backer up the B gap.

        There’s a million ways to go after it. The biggest thing for me is they look completely unprepared and that’s unacceptable.

        1. Niners did blitz, and they got burned big time, especially when they picked up the blitz and left the corners on an island. Maybe you should watch the games more closely.

          How about- The defense needs to play more disciplined and players need to work better together. Niners should not be out of position, and keep everything in front of them.

          They should elevate Skov because Hodges is not doing a very good job against the run.

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