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  1. Tomsula’s getting a full paycheck the next three years. Add Kelly’s current salary and the 49ers have one of the more expensive head coaching situations in football.

    I think Kelly has a similar contract. If he gets fired, then the 49ers would have three head coaches on the payroll.

      1. Agree. I’m not expecting Kelly to go anywhere soon.

        I was adding to Grant’s notion of a catbird seat. The honeymoon period might be even longer because of Tomsula’s contract.

    1. Yeah, highly unlikely the 49ers will be willing to pay 3 HC salaries. Kelly will get 3 years to turn the team around unless the team really really stinks the next two years. Two seasons minimum.

      1. Jed said as much in his post-season presser. He said Chip Kelly can be the 49ers coach for a long time. He did not say the same thing about Baalke. IMO the only way Kelly gets fired near term is if he commits a criminal act or violates some moral’s clause or something else in that vein. I believe Baalke will go first. Jed made it clear that they needed to knock it out of the park in the draft (I think he implied FA as well, but can’t find a direct quote).

        1. I recall that Jed stated explicitly something similar to “Trent knows that he has do a good job at drafting”….

  2. Grant

    Good article. Not sure how to take your tone, but it feels as though you’re taking a jab.

    Everything was right on until you talked about the slow, methodical part. This team has gotten a lot faster as it’s gotten younger, especially on offense. All those young, big, fast receivers will have to prove themselves, but they all have the explosiveness Chip covets. The defensive backfield is exceptionally fast as well. We’ll need to see some additions like Myles Jack AND Darron Lee across the LB corps, and presumably either Ellington moved to the backfield or another guy added (Ervin), but this is not that 2012 team of plodders at the skill positions.

    I didn’t mention the OL because I really don’t know who those guys are, that is, Martin, Thomas, Tiller, Brown, and Silberman, though I think we know that Staley, Kilgore, and Davis (if healthy) can run plenty.

    Whatever happens, this is a fascinating time to follow the 49ers. I’m hoping that York had a quick hook on Baalke when the latter screws up.

  3. I’m all for patience, catbird or not. It usually takes a long time to build a winner. It took 7 years of losing football. to build the 2011 roster. Look at the draft/free agency capital involved to acquire the following key players.

    Year – Name – Overall Pick

    2005 – Alex Smith – 1
    2005 – Frank Gore – 65
    2006 – Vernon Davis – 6
    2007 – Patrick Willis – 11
    2007 – Joe Staley – 28
    2008 – Justin Smith – 4 (Free Agent $45m)
    2009 – Michael Crabtree – 10
    2010 – Anthony Davis – 11
    2010 – Mike Iupati – 17
    2010 – Novorrow Bowman – 91
    2011 – Aldon Smith – 7

    Key players – 11
    Top 11 draft picks – 7
    First round draft picks – 9

    – I left out acquisitions Bass 33, Lawson 22, Mays 49, Balmer 29, Rachal 39 and Clements $80m. Mistakes are an inevitable part of building a team. They were off the 2011 team.

    – The current 49er roster is better than 2005. I’m thinking respectability by 2017-2018.

    I included free agent Justin Smith’s draft slot to reinforce the message great players (usually) cost great draft picks.

    I was arbitrary about identifying “key players.” The main idea was to show what it takes to acquire talent.

    1. Brodie,

      Question: How long does it take to tear one down?

      Answer: It only takes one bad idea, and the downward trend will go on and on until it doesn’t.

      Question: What’s your favorite bad idea for the current plunge?

      Answer: Replace the Pain-in-the-Ass with Ass Balm.

  4. I like the article and how it left the conversation to build on. Arizona has no answer at QB behind an ancient Palmer. Seattle lost key O-line men and some key defensive players. St. Louis would screw up any roster.
    I see SF backing into 5 divisional wins this Season. Can Kelly win 6 out of 11 other games? The motivation to isn’t there unless he is bringing a major chip from Philly. I believe he is and SF will win 12 games in 2016.

    1. Matt, I have been accused of being the biggest homer in the world, but there is no way the Niners will go from 1 win to 5 wins in the division. If they get 2 I will be surprised, but if they could break even, I would jump for joy.

      1. I think when you take into account the SOS, the timing of the divisional games, and the state of the divisional rivals, 5 wins is very achievable. The Rams do not have a QB, they lost tight end Jared Cook, defensive end Chris Long, Nick Fairley, and linebacker James Laurinaitis. They replaced one DE with Quinton Coples who was absent in both the Jets and Dolphins stat sheets. Simply put, they aren’t going to be better than they were last season presumably starting a rookie QB for one of the SF games as I do not see Foles staying healthy in 2016 behind a patchwork line. (They will be much worse sporting the 3rd toughest SOS.)
        Now we can move to Az. Carson Palmer is ancient. T Mathieu is coming off a torn ACL. He will not be ready until week 8 optimistically and will still be a shell of himself for the 2016 season. They sign Mathis and Jones. Jones numbers are skewed by playing the AFC East 2xs a year. The 0-lines of the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills rival that of SF. I do give Az the 1 divisional win against SF.
        Seattle has been decimated by players defecting from the team. Add in the 4 game suspensions of Nick Moody and that Defense is all but gone. Expect another slow start and instead of the luck of schedule making that helped Seattle in 2015, expect that team to go 6-10.

        1. Matt, we don’t have the roster to match the Cardinals, we may very well beat the Rams twice. The Seahawks will own us twice. So count on 2-4 in the division. Did you see the post above from Scooter about how the 49ers are the worst drafting team in the NFL during Baalke’s tenure? We’re not good.

          1. SF hid a mediocre QB with a good defense and great scheme which took them to the super bowl. I am merely saying Kelly can do the same. He’s done it twice in Philly with 10 wins and Nick Foles. I don’t think SF is a playoff winning team, but 12-4 is very obtainable.

            The 2016 49ers will put up points. That’s what Chip Kelly does. If SF had put up 28-30 points a game and SF wins 12 games in 2015. They lost 3 games by less than a TD. So, 12 wins isn’t that far fetched. They actually played Seattle better in Seattle than they did in SF.

            Just an optimistic view.

            1. 12-4? With Baalke selecting the draft? And all the holes on this team? As well as the rumor-dropping ___-holes in the front office? I want what your drinking………………

              1. SOS is very subjective. It is the ignorantly sos because they play AZ two times. They also play Seattle 2 times and the 1 loss Panthers. However, when you adjust for attrition the SOS is hardly the toughest.

  5. Excuses seem to be all the 49ers are made up since the York era began.
    One contradiction I have with the article is in regards to Harbaugh because York tried to trade Harbaugh even when the team was winning.

    1. Jed took that road when the last play in the 2013 NFCC game ended in a batted ball interception in the end zone. He had an Owner’s Moment — The Rage Of Disappointment.

  6. I understand how you arrived at your premise with Kelly sitting comfortably, however, I believe it is flawed. Kelly arrived in Philadelphia much the same as he arrived in S,F. He did not know the players beyond his review of tapes and subsequent evaluation of them as they moved into the spring. At the same time, as he does now. At the same time he had to introduce an entirely new system, a new way to practice, a new focus on health, hire new coaches that did not know or have experience in his system, an aging innacurate passer, etc., etc. Amazingly, he managed all of that and taking what he had, he moved the pieces to maximize their abilities and produced several pro bowlers, a probowl MVP, and individual career personal bests….Jackson, Peters, runningback, quarterback and even kicker and punter. He did this without blowing up the team to bring in the talent he needed. The next year, added a few new pieces and began the process of really evaluating what his future personnel needs were going to be if he was to move the team ahead as he still had no quarterback, a really disastrous defensive backfield and a runningback that was aging with a lot of carries and the burden of a front office that sabataged him with undermining, leaks, etc.
    But now he was ready to move, he new what he needed to succeed personnel wise, and he had it with Howie………….
    Now, did he really fail as an evaluator of personnel….no, he got the absolute best out of each player he inherited. He knew and found talent in the draft, free agency and to some degree in FA.
    Where he failed was perhaps that he was great enough to mold what he had, but waited too long to go for what he needed…..personnel that really fit his system. Part of that was in deference to Howie who had a special relationship with the owner, part was as you suggest, he was too good a coach and won in spite of the odds and third, he had to get rid of players that Howie picked and was bound too…the rest was a logical conclusion. He was forced out, by an owner who had made up his mind mid way thru the season to end it in great part by the voice that continued to undermind and erode….and at this point, I believe Chip was hoping to be gone.

    1. jbratt44

      Best analysis of ‘Chip’s ” Philadelphia Story” yet….I applaud your understanding of his arrival in both Philly and San Fran…with the caveat that This time he knows better just what he’s facing…I believe that this next season is going to be exciting to say the least…if we can sign enough players to field a team…LOL…

    1. C4C

      WoW! If ‘Chip’ was feeding that kid ‘smoothies’, I don’t think anyone on here would be complaining…not only his weight, but all of his numbers…impressive….Just what are they feeding those kids down in Waco ?

      1. So I guess 3 years will be the turning point for us. Either we would have turned into viable contenders under Kelly/Baalke, or we start over again with new HC/GM.

      2. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. We have never received a good “crop” from the Baalke tree. And their is no valid reason to believe that we will.

        To put it closer to home, Grant…….if u did your job as effectively as Baalke does his, you would be sleeping on someone’s couch.
        Baalke is there because he keeps Jed from having to make effective decisions–and then demanding results. The York ownership has been a debacle.

    1. Love the edit by the sabee. Ninenation used another word. Kaeps never been lazy on the field or working out. Maybe Chipper is hoping to work out Kaep’s bad tendencies through repetition so its like second nature.

    2. That’s a nice thought, but it fits “trade him at all costs” and “we really want him back.”

      Take your pick.

  7. So I’m a die hard miner for life through the mediocrity that was Jeff Garcia to the disaster that was Mike singlet

  8. Grant, this is a fine article, my favorite. I also find one of your propositions bordering on profound:

    What is the biggest mistake an NFL head coach can make in his first season with a new team? — The answer: Win too much.

    Let’s hope Baalke succeeds in finding the Architect the players he wants.

    1. George …

      I’m hopin’ Baalke … finally ..
      gets his dream bait shop … and then ..
      hires the Jedster …
      to run it for him !

  9. ProFootballTalk ‏@ProFootballTalk 33m33 minutes ago
    Wouldn’t it be funny if the Pats now flip Martellus Bennett back to the Packers?

    Hehe, yea it would be.

    1. I thought of the same thing with Kaepernick to the Browns. The Broncos or Browns get Kaepernick, and shop him to the Rams for a higher pick than they gave up as soon as they draft their targeted quarterback.

      I was also thinking the Browns could acquire CK, play him for a year while their rookie sits. If CK is decent or better, the Browns would get a really high pick for him.

  10. Grant,
    I’m a firm believer in first year HC’ having a honeymoon period. But if Tomsula can win 5 games with a broken OL, poor QB play, losing players to retirement and FA and having the FO possibly micro-managing his every move – well honeymoon or not, I expect Kelly to win 6-8 games.
    My bar for Kelly is simple, win more than the Butcher!

    1. Hmm, with this FA period a total bust, why do they hope Baalke will hit a home run? From past performance?
      Wishful thinking?

      1. Real 49ers gave it to the FO and Baalke all of last year. It was well deserved.
        Now the current fans that keep repeating the same criticism are just a bunch of blow hards. Move on. Baalke is here to stay till next Spring and well Jed, he’s the owner.
        Point is complain all you want. It means zero!

          1. Better prospect at what stage of their careers? Are you asking if “that QB” is a better QB now, right out of college, than Gabbert is right now? Or are you asking at equivalent points when they left college? Is it fair to expect a rookie QB to be better than an NFL veteran even if he is a backup? It’s a confusing question to me Scooter, because you typically advocate that rookies not be drafted with the expectation to start. So, maybe I’m not understanding your question.

            1. Better prospect at the peak of their respective careers. Basically, should the 49ers take a QB in round 1 if they believe Gabbert will be a better QB for them long term?

              1. Interesting. I would think another factor would be when do the 49ers expect to have another chance to draft a QB with a top ten pick. Many fans might say next year, but if you’re in the FO, don’t you have to have the attitude that you’re putting together an improving team and that you don’t expect to have a draft pick in the top ten next year. I guess you also have to consider who’s expected to come out next year as a potential QB draftee?

                To be honest your question made me realize that my gut reaction is you don’t select a QB in the top of the first round unless you do expect him to replace your current starting QB fairly soon. Is there a reason to think differently?

              2. Sure, thoughts of when they might have another opportunity to get a top 10 QB would have to come into play. But if they don’t believe any QB is available that is worth a top 10 pick, would they really getting a top 10 pick QB?

                And yeah, I agree, if you select a QB in the top 10 (in fact I’d say if you draft a QB in the first 2 rounds, but definitely in the top 10) the expectation is they will develop into a starter. If the 49ers aren’t convinced the QBs available have better pro potential than what they currently have on the roster it is a big investment for what would effectively be viewed as a fallback option.

              3. Is your question more of a hypothetical or do you have some reason for thinking that the 49ers don’t think there is a QB in the draft with better pro potential than the QBs currently on the team?

              4. Hypothetical. I have no idea how the 49ers feel about the QBs in this draft. I just know I am not overly impressed.

                But if the 49ers really like one of them they should do what they can to draft them, regardless of whether they keep Kaep or not. If the 49ers feel about the QBs the same way I do, they are probably better served drafting other positions early and looking at one (or two) of the mid round guys to develop.

            2. It all comes down to what the 49ers think of this QB draft class. If they really like one or more of Goff, Wentz, Lynch, Cook etc as a prospect, then they probably should take them with an early pick if they get rid of Kaep, with the idea they will be the QB of the future.

              However, if they are lukewarm on the QB prospects, and don’t really see anyone with better long term potential than Gabbert, then it becomes more about taking a QB when the value is there, and hope they develop and compete over time.

              And to be perfectly honest, the same decision should be made whether they keep Kaep or not. Kaep is just a guy going to be competing with Gabbert for the starting QB job if he stays with the 49ers. He can’t be considered the long term answer at the position at this point in time. Maybe he comes in and catches fire again in Chip’s offense and becomes the QB of the future once more, but at this stage it is Gabbert’s job to lose. If they really like one of the top QB prospects this year they should grab them early.

              1. If they really like one or more of Goff, Wentz, Lynch, Cook etc as a prospect, then they probably should take them with an early pick if they get rid of Kaep, with the idea they will be the QB of the future.
                Those 4 names are going to probably be spread out relatively far apart. When you say they should probably take them with an early pick that particular pick is going to be very different for Goff or Wentz then it is for Cook or even Lynch.

                If they Like Goff or Wentz then they don’t have any choice but to use an early pick.

              2. If they Like Goff or Wentz then they don’t have any choice but to use an early pick.
                Let me change that to if they likfe Goff or Wentz then they don’t have any choice but to use their first round pick on them. They can probably get away with using a 2nd on Lynch and a third maybe for Cook.

              3. Yeah, that’s why I used “early” rather than first.

                If they really like Cook they shouldn’t risk him being taken before they can grab him. However, if they think he represents “good value” in the 3rd round, then they should wait until the 3rd round and grab him if he is still there.

                Same applies with any of these guys. If they really like them they should do what it takes to get them, within reason (i.e., don’t give up the farm for them).

            3. I would hope that the 49ers would think a QB taken in the first or second round this year would be better than Gabbert is now much sooner in the new QB’s career. Maybe good enough to be better than Gabbert is now by the end of the new QB’s second season.

        1. They should draft a QB in the mid-rounds, keep Kaep, He will make Chip Kelly look good for one season, and then hit his ceiling and that would be that. But it would be fun watching Kaep in Chip’s offense!

          1. Dont look now Fan 77 but you have just said a remotely nice thing about kaep. I knew u’d come around sooner or later lol

    1. A steal of whatever intelligence remains in the 49ers’ brain trust maybe. An immobile QB that’s inconsistent and crumbles when it matters is not a good fit for this offense.

  11. Like Harbaugh, Chip had a great offense that steadily got worse because the other teams studied them and figured out ways to counter their system.
    The key for Chip is to be more unpredictable and innovative.
    Chip is going to be on the hot seat quick, and will be expected to turn it around quickly. Too bad the Seahawks and Cards have such good defenses., and are playoff teams. The Niners are playing the hardest schedule in the league, and have to play the Pats and Carolina.
    The Niners may get better in the draft, but the other teams will also get better, so the Niners are not expected to become a playoff team with a bunch of rookies.

  12. Grant,
    So let me get this straight, the worst thing a HC can do is win too much in his first season. Well some body should have warned George Seifert, maybe he would have had a solid career otherwise.

    1. Have you forgotten already OldCoach? It cost George his job. He didn’t win enough Superbowls, and they wanted a younger coach.

  13. So… Grant, Are you telling us that Jed and Baalke want to tank the season to get the first pick next year? Then Watson will refuse to play for the Niners. Brilliant.

  14. My first, true, 2016 mock draft (first 5 rounds) for the FIVE TIME – WORLD CHAMPION – San Francisco 49ERS:

    1 (7): MYLES JACK – ILB, UCLA. I do believe the 49ers are targeting their next All-Pro ILB in the first round. Jack is a perfect fit, he’s the best player available at #7, and he also happens to fill one of the teams biggest needs. The stars line up for Baalke and Kelly on this one, and I’m sure Myles is eager to play next, and learn from a player he idolizes.

    2a (37): EMMANUAL OGBAH – DE/OLB, Oklahoma State. Converting speed-to-power is a beautiful thing. I see some inconsistency on tape, but there is no denying his potential. His freakishly long arms (35.5″ WOW!) have certainly caught Baalke’s eyes, and I think he’s got All-Pro potential both, with his hand in the dirt, or standing up as a 3-4 OLB! My only question on Ogbah is work ethic and consistent effort? I’d need to do a lot of homework on this guy, speaking to former coaches and teammates. And if I can confirm that he’s got the drive, and the work ethic, I’m even willing to trade up into round 1 to get this guy if I have to.

    2b (37): If I had to list a backup plan with this pick, I’ll go with KAMALEI CORREA – OLB, Boise State. One of my favorite players in the draft in terms of versatility. This Hawaiian native is another high character guy. I have heard scouts compare Correa to Clay Mathews and while I usually don’t like to draw those types of comparisons, it’s a pretty good fit here. Both guys are the same size with similar attributes. Kamalei has lined up all over the place for Boise State, though I suspect his best fit is at 3-4 OLB. Correa is a dangerous edge pass rusher, and he’s long enough to excel as a Rush Linebacker (elephant), tall and rangy enough to line up as a Strong Side OLB, and even strong enough to play the Jack role as an ILB. I’ve given up hope that Corey Lemonier will ever develop into a pass rushing threat, and they simply have to get another OLB (other than Lynch) who can pressure the QB. I really hope the 49ers get one of these two guys!

    3 (3rd round pick acquired in Colin Kaepernick trade): CONNOR COOK – QB, Michigan State. I know, I know, some of you guys don’t like this guy. Well, the 49ers need to draft a QB if Colin Kaepernick is in fact traded, and that appears likely. What a perfect pick to grab his replacement! If the 49ers can get Conner Cook in the 3rd round, I think the value here is off the charts, because I have him rated as the 3rd best QB in this draft class. He has prototypical size. He’s athletic. And he has this list of accolades: 2015 JOHNNY UNITAS GOLDEN ARM AWARD WINNER, 2015 BIG TEN QUARTERBACK OF THE YEAR, 2015 FIRST-TEAM ALL-BIG TEN, THREE-YEAR STARTER HAD A 34-5 (.872) CAREER RECORD, MSU’S ALL-TIME WINNINGEST QB, FINISHED HIS CAREER AS MSU’S ALL-TIME LEADER IN TD PASSES (71), PASSING YARDS (9,194) AND TOTAL OFFENSE (9,403 YDS), FINISHED TIED FOR NINTH IN 2015 HEISMAN TROPHY VOTING, 2015 MANNING AWARD FINALIST, 2015 CHICAGO TRIBUNE SILVER FOOTBALL FINALIST (BIG TEN’S BEST PLAYER), 2015 DAVEY O’BRIEN & MAXWELL AWARD SEMIFINALIST. Enough said!

    4 (68): XAVIEN HOWARD – CB, Baylor. One of my favorite corners in the draft, if he’s sitting on the boared at the start of round 3, I’m targeting this guy, even if I have to move up a few spots. Why? At 6′ 200 lbs, he’s got NFL size. He’s got speed (4.41 at his pro day) and he was asked to cover the best receiver on every opposing offense, primarily in man coverage, week in and week out for the Baylor Bears. He’s got the confidence, and ultra-competitive nature, essential to playing corner in the NFL.

    5 (105): CHRISTIAN WESTERMAN – OG, Arizona State. The 49ers need to address the OL and they better get a difference maker who can start right away if they need him. Enter, Christian Westerman. He’s as strong as an ox (his 34 reps on the bench was the best performance at the combine for OL’s) and he is extremely athletic. He comes from a football family and he’s a student of the game, so he would be a good fit as a backup center, which put’s him over the top for me!

    6 (133): DEVONTAE BOOKER – RB, Utah. With DuJuan Harris, Mike Davis, and Shaun Draughn on the roster, the 49ers could use guy like Booker, because Booker excels in short yardage and goal line situations. He has elite vision, IMO, and his running style fit’s Chip Kelly’s offense like a glove! He’s not exactly a home run threat, and he needs to work on ball security, but he’s a great fit for the 49ers and would add some serious depth to an already solid stable of backs.

    7 (142): CHARONE PEAKE – WR, Clemson. Peake has the combination of size, speed, and length that Chip covets. He’s got very good speed (4.45) for his size (6’2″ 210 lbs) and he’s got the ability to out jump defenders (35.5″ vert) you won’t find a player who has better character, and his a harder worker, than Charone. He’s got smaller hands, he’s had some injuries, and he’s had some issues with drops from time to time, but I’ll take a chance on a guy with his physical attributes, combined with character and work ethic.

    8 (145): MARQUEZ NORTH – WR, Tennessee. Yes, I am going with WR’s back to back in round 5. I’ll admit, my draft crush this year IS NOT Connor Cook. It is, in fact, Marquez North! In terms of physical ability, North scores a 89.5% similarity score with Josh Gordon, based on athletic testing. At 6’3″ and 223 lbs, and MASSIVE HANDS (10.25″) North is easily one of the most physically gifted receivers in this years draft class. He ran an official 4.48 40, (although some scouts hand timed him at a blazing 4.43 seconds) and was a top performer in the broad jump, and 20 yard shuttle as well. He’s got great body control, and he is very good at high-pointing the football. His big, huge, strong hands, and strong frame help him come down with a high percentage of difficult, contested receptions. To put it frankly, Marquez North is a BEAST!

    9 (174): BEAU SANDLAND – TE, Montana State. I really like this kid as a pass catching TE. Sandland was the top-rated (4 Star) JUCO Tight End when he signed with Miami. He’s big and athletic, and has the lateral footwork and strength to become a very capable inline blocker on zone runs. He’s a natural receiver, and simply an outstanding all around athlete as he was a top performer on the Bench Press, Vertical J& Broad Jumps. If I had to make an NFL comparison it would be Vance McDonald with better hands.

    1. 49, I actually like your picks. Good job.
      The one difference I would make is drafting Hogan in the Cook spot, because I think Cook will be gone before the third round.

          1. I can’t argue heavily against Procise. I think that kid has potential as a 3 down RB in the NFL.

            However, I think Booker is better prepared year 1, and he’s is such a natural fit for Kelly’s offense, I give him a slight edge. As a reminder, heading into 2015, Booker was being talked about as possibly the premier RB in this upcoming draft class. And now he’s slipped down draft boards, making him an exceptional value, IMO.

            One thing I didn’t really touch on is Booker’s elite ability as a pass catcher.
            Check out this link below Seb, and be prepared to have your MIND BLOWN. lol


            1. 61% of the offense against Cal is pretty impressive. I just did not like that he did not run the 40, but no one can deny his production. I really like his tendency to break tackles.

    2. The players after two would be my wish also. Now the players will probably be different but the positions of players in that order would be an excellent draft. Of course if they pan out. But those are the first one foremost needs for this team. Great mock.

    3. 49-I love Myles Jack he is gonna be a super star- if he is there at the 7th pick hard to pass , coupled with Ogbah nice start.I see you gave an alternative pick to round two ,it is possible Jack is gone by the 7th in which case who is your alternative in the first? I am also a Christian Westerman fan however CBS has him pegged as a 2-3 round and I agree with that assessment so getting him in the 5th would be great but in my opinion highly unlikely. In the late rounds Marquez North could be a real value measurables look great ,production hampered perhaps by injury- interesting.

      1. Hightop, it’s their 5th pick, 105th overall, which falls at the top of round 4. I agree, he could go in round 3, but I could see him falling to the 105th pick, if things shake out a certain way. My alternate pick at 37 wouldn’t change if Jack was drafted in round 1. I think I prefer Ogbah, but Correa is an exciting option for me, because of his versatility, and coverage ability as an OLB.

  15. Listened to an interview of a former NFL DC who has a couple of SB rings on what he thinks of some of the DB prospects:

    Ramsey: Likes him but thinks he should be a Safety. Doesn’t see him as a top 15 pick but still sees him as a first rounder. Bends his waist rather then his knees and doesn’t flip his hips well. Can run but can’t change direction.

    Hargreaves: Is very sure that he should be a slot corner. Doesn’t think he has the speed to keep up with receivers on the edge. Thinks he misses a lot of tackles. If up to him he wouldn’t take him in the first round.

    Alexander: Likes him but again doesn’t see him as a first rounder. Thinks he needs the right system. Thinks he’s a physical corner that would be a good blitz’er. Might also be a good nickle corner but is better suited to be on the edge then Hargreaves.

    Darian Thompson: Definitely should be a safety but really likes him. Thinks he’s really physical, plays down hill. Thinks he has a lot of range. Plays the deep ball well.

    Interesting perspective to hear.

  16. “49ers appear to have signed an outside free agent who might actually compete for a starting role! ESPN’s Adam Caplan is reporting the team agreed to terms with offensive guard Zane Beadlers on a three-year contract worth $11.75 million.

    Beadles was originally signed to a five-year, $30 million deal with $12.45 million guaranteed to be an anchor on the Jaguars offensive line. His first season with the team took a few weeks to get things going, but he ended the 2014 year having an overall solid season and it was expected he would be even better the next year. Beadles didn’t really improve and the team changed offensive coordinators and blocking schemes and if not for multiple injuries, Beadles likely would have been benched.”

    1. Maybe he struggled last year because they changed offensive coordinators and blocking schemes……..

      this signing makes sense…….

    2. Here’s what PFT has to say about Beadles:

      “49ers signed OG Zane Beadles, formerly of the Jaguars, to a three-year, $11.75 million contract.

      Long overrated, Beadles was released by the cap-flush Jaguars just two years into a “five-year, $30 million” contract. Beadles should step right into the starting lineup at left guard for San Francisco, but he is not the panacea for a bad offensive line which already lost Alex Boone to the Vikings in free agency. He will turn 30 in November.”

  17. Since I don’t have a PFF account, I’m going to summarize some chatter over at Niners Nation. Looks like Beadles was the 66th ranked guard last year with Devey ranked 72nd. It appears that the Jags were transitioning out of zone blocking, which is allegedly Beadles strength. So it looks like a potentially good signing of a player put in the wrong situation, but we’ll see….. The Devey and Pears signings of last year didn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence.

    1. Can we release Jordan Devey now?

      I’m not doing cartwheels, but I like this signing. Beadles is a good fit scheme wise, and he was considered one of the better zone-blocking FA guards just a few years ago (Made the Pro-Bowl in 2012).

      Can we release Jordan Devey now?

  18. Some interesting tidbits about Beadles. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2012 replacing Logan Mankins of the Patriots. Drafted by Denver in the 2nd round of the 2010 draft he played in all 16 games each of his four seasons in Denver. He also started all 16 games in his two seasons with the Jaguars.

  19. Hopefully Beadles is just the first of about 5 or 6 FA signings. I believe he will finally reach his potential with a team who will run the blocking scheme that best fits his talent. Now how bout 5 more quality bargain signings.

    1. Quality? Sorry coach, they are just scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only saving grace is that they may cut Devey now.

      1. There are these energetic pessimistic periods following unrealistic optimism at euphoric levels. It’s an amazing dynamic.

  20. Seb…I don’t believe the eagles offense declined because other teams figured them out….it was in fact a number of things that created the decline. 1.By the end of 2014 Kelly still did not have the players that fit his scheme, beginning with immobility by quarterbacks. As a result, they failed to freeze linbackers who knew they could attack with immunity. 2. Real decline in the offensive line which resulted in decline in effectiveness of the running game. 3. Not having effective backup linemen requiring more use of tight ends and backs for supportive blocking 4. Significant adjustments to the play calling to free up runners combined with immature-rookie receivers that were struggling with seperation as well as catching the ball and when they did get free, the quarterback couldnt get the ball to them.
    While most blamed Kelly for the decline, especially of not bringing in linemen, the truth was, Howie was still hampering free agency and drafting (good example of his ability was 2014 1st round pick, that essentially failed to get on the field his 1st two years) . There is more but whats important, is that we factor in tne real reasons and dont simply play off the decline as other teams figuring out his scheme……..if that were true, we would have to say the decline for every team is due to others figuring out their schemes…just doesnt make sense. Otherwise schemes would have to be changed every couple of years by every team

    1. Sorry, I am just referring to overall production, and the simple fact is that it has steadily declined. There may be reasonable explanations and injuries and scheme fits, but still, it sure seemed like he did well at first, then declined steadily.
      it is interesting to note that some teams do not have a decline over the years, and the example of the Saints, who had an impressive offensive showing, but were let down by the failure of the defense, just shows that some teams can improve their offense.

      1. And it would seem, the most important factor is who you have playing QB, and how well the QB fits the system.

        I Think Blaine Gabbert is a fantastic fit as long as he becomes a little more aggressive.

        And I think Colin Kaepernick could potentially be a fantastic fit, if he’s willing to put less time in the weight room, and more time working on honing his accuracy (whether that’s footwork, balance, and general mechanics). And if it’s true that he’s not spending nearly as much time as one would expect, on his IPAD, studying game film (which I do in fact believe is true), then that needs to change.

        However, it may simply make more sense for Chip Kelly to draft a future starter, if there is a QB in this draft who he believes has the potential. And, in that case, it’s probably time to trade Kap. I am hearing rumors that the 49ers may be thinking that they should wait until they are able to draft that QB, before trading Colin. Which tells me the team might be willing to take less for Kap, as long as they narev successful in drafting a QB that they are targeting specifically!

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