Cosell explains how the 49ers’ offense should attack the Packers’ defense

Greg Cosell spoke on KNBR Monday afternoon. He explained how the 49ers’ offense should attack the Packers’ defense. Here’s what Cosell said.

Q: What do you see as the key matchups in this game?

COSELL: We spoke about one, and that’s the ability to limit Rodgers when he gets outside the pocket. If he breaks down your defense that way and starts making explosive plays, you’re in trouble.

I think that the 49ers have to attack a bit on offense in this game. They have to be selective, but they have to attack. These teams played Week 1. I know it was a long time ago, but the Packers really struggled physically against the 49ers O-line in the run game. So you don’t want to abandon the run game. But I think it’s hard to play these games thinking you’re going to win 13-10 or 17-13.

That doesn’t mean you come out and toss it all over the yard because that’s not who the 49ers are, and you can’t totally step outside of character, but I think you’ve got to be selective with your shot plays and you’ve got to score touchdowns. It sounds cliché, but you know what I’m saying.

Q: Should the 49ers should show something new in the pass game?

COSELL: I would love to see them get Vernon Davis matched up against A.J. Hawk or a safety. You’ve got to game plan those shots. You can dictate those matchups and I think you have to try to be proactive with those.

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