Dwight Clark: “I have ALS.”

This is so sad. Sunday Night, two-time Super-Bowl-Champion Dwight Clark announced he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — ALS.

Here’s his written statement, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department:

“In September of 2015, I started feeling weakness in my left hand. I was mildly paying attention to it because since my playing days, I’ve constantly had pain in my neck. I was thinking it was related to some kind of nerve damage because it would just come and go.

“After months of tests and treatment, I got some bad news. I was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  I have ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Those words are still very hard for me to say.

“While I’m still trying to wrap my head around the challenge I will face with this disease over the coming years, the only thing I know is that I’m going to fight like hell and live every day to the fullest.

“There is no test that will positively diagnose you with ALS. You have to eliminate the possibility of all other diseases and disorders and then wait to see what additional symptoms you develop. I visited six neurologists and three ALS specialists. I also was treated for a B12 deficiency, which sometimes can mirror the symptoms of this debilitating disease.

“In addition to losing strength in my left hand – which makes opening a pack of sugar or buttoning my shirt impossible – I have now experienced weakness in my right hand, abs, lower back and right leg. I can’t run, play golf or walk any distances.  Picking up anything over 30 pounds is a chore.  The one piece of good news is that the disease seems to be progressing more slowly than in some patients.

“I’ve been asked if playing football caused this. I don’t know for sure. But I certainly suspect it did. And I encourage the NFLPA and the NFL to continue working together in their efforts to make the game of football safer, especially as it relates to head trauma.

“What I do know is I have a huge battle in front of me and I’m grateful for the strength and unconditional love from my wife Kelly. She has been my rock. She keeps thinking positive and convinces me each day that we can beat this, as does my daughter Casey and my son Mac. My brother Jeff, his wife Debra and their family also have been unwavering with their love and support.

“I get the same pep talk from the Boss, Eddie D. His support has been incredible. So rest assured, I know I’m not alone in this fight.

“Every single one of my 49ers teammates that has contacted me has said whatever I need, anytime I need it, they will help. That’s just the kind of guys they are. They were so giving as players and now they are the same as friends.

“I can’t thank my teammates and friends enough or their support. Mr. D always treated us like family and that family is still together. I also want to thank all the great 49ers fans. Your support over the last 35 years has allowed me to remain connected to you. Rarely does a day go by when I’m not asked about ‘the Catch,’ when we were able to get past the Cowboys and go on to win our first Super Bowl.

“I’m not having a press conference or doing any interviews. That time will come. Right now, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to devote all my energy preparing for this battle and I would hope you can respect my family’s privacy as I begin this challenge. My ultimate hope is that eventually I can assist in finding a cure for ALS, which disrupts the lives of so many and their loved ones.


“Dwight Clark”

I wish the best for Clark and his family.

What is your favorite Dwight-Clark moment, other than The Catch? Let’s celebrate one of the greatest 49ers of all time.

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  1. Dwight….I am terribly sorry to hear the bad news….You have the benefit of knowing that you are an icon for all true 49er fans…

  2. When in the post season bowl, He caught a pass in front of Woody Hayes that basically put the game out of reach….Woody blew it and assaulted Dwight and never was a coach again….good riddance….

    1. Oregon,
      It was an interception not a reception and the player who intercepted the pass and got punched by Hayes was Charlie Bauman.

      1. Thanks OldCoach. There are too many things challenging my memory all ready. I saw that play and my memory tells me that it was an interception right at the side lines in front of Hayes.

  3. So saddened to hear this news.Dwight was a part of possibly the greatest moment of 49er history (and indeed one of the greatest moments in NFL history !) and will be remembered beyond his days as that player.Further on a more personal note he has always seemed a true gentleman.When good people suffer life seems confounding and random at times yet “I swear I see our reflection so high above this wall”.

  4. Other than the catch, just the consistency with which he caught the ball. Especially in big games. Taylor was great, but Clark was just more sure handed. I’m sorry to hear the bad news, and pray his suffering is comforted by the love in his life.

  5. Dwight has been a delight for the faithful Niner fans. From his stories about how Joe and he hid from the Turk to avoid getting cut, to THE CATCH, which immortalized himself in Niner lore.

    Dwight is also lucky, in a way, because he has Eddie, who will walk every step along the way with him.

    This is terrible news, but he is such a class act, he will be an inspiration to all. I hope his affliction progresses slowly, and he can still have many years of happiness. Maybe the Niners should bring him joy by winning another ring, and let him be the honorary captain of the team.

  6. I have for a very long time felt that DC belonged in the HOF. Hopefully the vet’s committee will put him there while he is still able to make his acceptance speech.

  7. “What is your favorite Dwight-Clark moment, other than The Catch?”

    1) The shake route TD earlier in the NFCCG. I think it was also vs Everson Walls. A quick three cut move. Had Walls turning completely the wrong way. Dwight cradled low pass in his belly as he went to the turf.

    2) The iconic “ga-lump ga-lump” running style, followed by an emphatic spike in the end zone.

    1. One of my favorite Dwight Clark moment didn’t involve Dwight himself.

      I was exiting The Stick when I noticed a drunk unintentionally blocking Gold Rush cheerleaders from getting to their transpo. He was praising them to high heaven, stumbling towards them, but also preventing them from leaving because they didn’t want to get near the guy. The cheerleaders were stuck.

      So I said loudly “I can’t believe he’s just standing there… talking to fans. Wow.”
      Drunk swings towards me: “Who?”
      Me: “Dwight Clark. Just around the corner. Standing right there…” as I gestured towards the phantom receiver.

      The wasted guy noticed a cop in the direction of where I was gesturing and hesitated. I said “Oh, he’s cool.”

      That was enough to send he drunk straight to the cop, demanding to know where the great DC is.

      Got lots of “Thaaaaank yooouuus” from the relieved Gold Rush as they made their way to their transpo.

  8. Dwight Clark,

    Fight if off, just like those Dallas defenders on that brilliant 1st down catch, sandwiched between (2) defenders, allowing the Niners another set of downs just before the catch.

    LOL, TomD…

    49ers mailbag: The new regime, the draft, and the latest on Kirk Cousins
    March 11, 2017 at 8:30 AM • 34 comments
    Al Sacco

    It’s been a long time since the San Francisco 49ers fanbase has been excited about anything the franchise has done…

    Q: What has stood out the most to you during this first full month of the new regime? (Sheila Marie Dizon)

    A: While the Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch led regime is still only in its infant stages, you can’t help but be impressed by the way they go about their business. What has stuck out to me the most is the fact that players want to come to San Francisco now, and that notion would have been laughable just a couple of months ago.

    1. *Dwight made that catch (the 1st down catch) before the NFL receiver rule changes.

      Back then, the MLB would grab, chuck, shoulder any receiver on crossing routes.
      The CB would jersey-grab at the LOS to create havoc on timing routes. How Dwight got to that ball and how Montana threaded the needle on that throw I’ll never understand…If you ask me, that catch, the new set of downs was just as important as the catch…

      This one’s for you, Dwight:

      The Catch 1981 NFC Championship Cowboys @ 49ers www keepvid com

      1. Yep. One for the Ages. Indeed, how they managed to make that pass and catch almost defies imagination to this day. And that’s how the known world can change on a dime.

  9. Quinton Patton signs with Jets. Wonder how other old regime receivers like Ellington, Rogers. Smelter will fare.

  10. Dewight Clark is an icon. This news is so sad and, yet, a reality check. We’ll all face a test. Let’s hope life tests us with something that we can handle.

  11. “All in all, Hoyer will drive the Shanahan mobile to success. I’ve seen him make a multitude of throws, quickly, and diagnose a defense and make the best, sometimes safest decision.
    I can equate him to Blaine Gabbert on quickness of release, except Hoyer more accurate, like 100 times more. When Hoyer’s back foot hits he’s letting the ball go. He doesn’t exhibit some hesitation that plagued Kap over the years.

    Both QB’s had limited talent around them. Giving Hoyer the same treatment as Kap (for having no talent at Cleveland) including such non-blue chip talent as Andrew Hawkins and Travis Benjamin …

  12. This is where assisted suicide really needs to be part of the social dialog. ALS is brutal. It’s the cul-de-sac of existence.

    1. +1. This news is tragic. What’s worse is that it happens every day around the world. People should have the right to “pull the plug” when the time comes.

      I don’t think I’ll ever forget “The Catch” and the man who made it.

        1. Even in states where it’s permitted, the individual must be able to self administer. DC is going to lose that ability long before he may want to take that option. An active mind in a motionless body is tough to imagine. Los Gatos High had a coach who continued to coach when his wife was the only one who could communicate with him. They were one hell of a team, but even under the new law in California, she would not have been allowed to help him when he thought his time had come.

          Like Alzheimer’s, the threshold for self administration can pass too soon.

        2. If anyone’s religious sensibilities are offended by someone else who is suffering so much, they just want to end their suffering, that person deserves to be much more than just offended. They can trade places and see how it feels to suffer.

          F*ck anyone who opposes dying with dignity. You think a deity wants people to suffer, then you suffer when the time comes. Don’t expect people who don’t share your religious delusions to suffer for a god that doesn’t exist (and is a sadist if he does).

    2. No matter where you stand on assisted suicide, this is not the time or place to debate it imo. The man just announced it and really didn’t want to go public at all but had to because Jim Kelly let it slip on an Instagram post. Discussing whether he should be able to get help killing himself is rather distasteful imo.

      1. Thank you Rocket!

        Let’s celebrate the life of the man we all know and love and who is very much with us. Let’s not bury someone who walks with us. That family has enough on their mind at the moment.

      1. Hah hah ha ohh man, but that wasn’t really Colin’s fault, why, his receivers completely blew their assignments and blah blah blah . . .

  13. All the best wishes to you DC. Your courage is insurmountable, the catch is written in football lore, and the HOF will never be complete until you are in it. Good luck to you.

  14. How he came off the line. It was always something that I enjoyed watching. He just looked like a great route runner…

  15. The 49ers now have a new head coach and GM in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, respectively. With a loaded free agent class, a solid draft class could rapidly accelerate the rebuild in San Francisco.

    …The 49ers dialed in on former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Known for his creative and explosive offenses…
    Next came the spending spree. Even after all of that, the 49ers still have the highest amount of cap space in the league.

    Expect John Lynch & Co. to focus on improving the league’s worst defense early and often.

  16. 2016 Academic All America Football Team:

    QB Patrick Mahomes II Texas Tech Jr. Whitehouse, Texas, GPA —3.71, Marketing
    WR Austin

    Clemson QB Deshaun Watson stars in academics and athletics.
    Watson named to the 2014 All-ACC Academic football team after posting a 4.0 GPA last fall.

  17. When Konocti Harbor was open and had their celebrity Golf tournament, the night before they would have a pool pairings party where you could get autographs from the celebrities. Dwight Clark was there several times and was one of the nicest people you could meet and always so gracious. I suffer from inclusion body myositis, the same disease as Mike krukow, and although I can relate to several of the symptoms he is going through it does not, for the most part, shorten one’s life span.. No one deserves this I will be praying for him and his family.

  18. Very upsetting news!

    I offer my best wishes for Dwight Clark and his family. He’s a class act and a true San Francisco Forty Niner legend.

    1. I remember “the catch” like it was yesterday, and it still gives me goosebumps all these years later. I think I am going to keep this avatar for a while, out of respect to the man who made the NFL’s most iconic catch of all time, IMO.

  19. Cutler the best QB in free agency, according to someone, is still looking for a job. At this point teams appear to be willing to either trade for a back up with limited experience or draft a rookie rather then start the year with Jay Cutler. How pathetic for him.

    1. As time goes by, NFL free agents will lower their prices.

      Until then, a guard the 49ers should consider:

      Utah’s Isaac Asiata, led all of Thursday’s competitors with 35 repetitions of 225 pounds,

      NFL Analysis:
      Isaac Asiata, OG

      School: Utah | Conference: PAC12
      College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Spanish Fork, UT
      Height/Weight: 6-3 / 323 lbs

      Sports an imposing frame with broad shoulders and thick limbs. Much more athletic than his build would suggest, showing impressive initial quickness and agility in pass protection and while pulling in the running game. Fires off the ball, showing terrific burst and hip snap to explode into opponents…
      Delivers a powerful initial strike in pass protection and when helping teammates, often knocking down opponents with a well-timed shove. Plays on the balls of his feet and his knees bent to absorb bull rushers and can mirror quicker pass rushers. Good anticipation of stunts and “surprise” blitzes, showing lateral agility and a late burst to recover.
      Good bloodlines. Is the cousin of Minnesota Vikings running back Matt Asiata.

          1. I like Asiata. Thanks for pointing out how he could work in Shanahan’s scheme, given that how he would fit would be one of the first questions asked.

    2. Sad, but true. Then comes the troika of Kaepernick, RGIII and Fitzpatrick.

      What’s funny is how it’s all about racism and black-balling with Kaepernick, yet the other bad QBs are still in limbo as well.

      Cutler — Erratic and not a leader.
      RGIII — Another one-trick pony exposed for being limited.
      Fitzpatrick — Bad, erratic QB. The Steve DeBerg of his era.

      And no tears shed for a one of them. But Kaepernick… They can’t dry their eyes.

      1. Cutler might be asking for a ton of dough however thats usually the kind of thing that gets leaked out by now. Im still pretty sure he ends up a Jet. Probably wont get signed until after the draft.

          1. Could be, although the Jets are really the only suitors I’ve heard of him having and I don’t believe they’ve been mentioned in the Romo sweepstakes. That’s pretty much a two horse race at this point.(well one horse and one cowboy)

            Rotoworld makes an interesting suggestion. If the Jet’s are looking to go into full rebuild mode Cutler could win them more games then they want and cost them draft value.

              1. Texans may be content with promoting Savage to starter, so they may not be in the Romo sweepstakes.

                Obviously, they will still draft a QB, but probably in the second or third round.

              2. Savage is a backup. They used him as a starter because Os was playing horrible, but they have no intentions of doing anything long term (or short term) with him as the starter.

                They’re going Romo or draft.

              1. Cutler. Like it or not, he’s the best QB on the market. And they could be waiting on Romo’s release or may want to try and swing a trade.

              2. Grant Cohn March 20, 2017 at 1:21 pm
                What about Houston?
                CFC March 20, 2017 at 1:00 pm
                “That’s pretty much a two horse race at this point.(well one horse and one cowboy)”

              3. Glennon, Taylor and Hoyer were all signed as starters. Clearly there’s at least 3 teams that didn’t think Cutler was the best QB on the market. I mean he might be the best now that the rest are gone and Romo isn’t still available but with all those stipulations what does it really mean to call him the best available? The Jets can’t believe they have a better chance then Houston or Denver to land Romo so what are they waiting for? What about the Browns, why aren’t they signing him? They aren’t waiting for Romo. Oh that’s right they’d rather trade for an unproven back up. Says a lot about the best QB on the market that’s for sure.

              4. Grant Cohn March 20, 2017 at 1:21 pm
                What about Houston?
                Oh sorry I misunderstood, I thought you meant Romo but you were asking for Cutler. I used to be convinced Romo was going to Denver but after trading away Brock it’s clear that Houston is in full retard to get Romo.

                I guess after the 5th play of the first game when Romo goes on IR that they might give him a call if the Jets haven’t swooped him up already that is.

              5. My comment got put into moderation because it has the word r_etard in it but if you read the paragraph, I wasn’t calling anyone that name so I’m hoping it will be cleared.

              6. Grant Cohn March 20, 2017 at 5:03 pm
                Houston is going young.
                They’re going after Romo and drafting Mahomes. You can take that to the bank.

              7. Well it looks like Cutler is either an injury replacement or a back up or retired. Jets sign McCown.

              8. Grant Cohn March 20, 2017 at 5:09 pm
                Sorry, meant to write Cleveland.

              9. Well I hope so since they appeared to be completely unwilling to do it last year. :)

        1. We are at the point of FA where teams are offering 20 cents on the dollar. My guess is the only interest some of these QB’s are getting is for low salaries and back up opportunities. Might as well wait and see if injuries force teams to switch gears.

      2. It was the same thing with Tebow. It wasn’t that he was a bad qb, no no, its that he was blackballed because he was religious!

        People can’t accept the fact that this league is cutthroat, and if you can’t fill a role they don’t need you. Guys get backup jobs because thats all they are and thats all a team wants from them (pay is less, fits the system, no issue of fans calling for the backup, no added drama).

        Colin won’t be a backup, he thinks he can start but unless he is playing in a pistol offense, he’s no good (and even then he’s not that good).

  20. I recall a late Sunday night game vs. Cleveland in November 1987…9ers won. Dwight caught a few balls, one for a long TD. Coming into the game I believe he was injured and it was a game time decision to play or not. That TD was beautiful.

  21. http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/08/06/transcript-of-eddie-debartolos-hall-of-fame-speech/

    “Let me tell you, the longest day of my life was October 17th, 1989. That was the day that Lisa and her sister, Tiffanie, were driving from the college in the Bay Area to meet Joe Montana and Dwight Clark at the World Series game. They had to take the Bay Bridge to get there. It was the same night the big earthquake hit San Francisco. We turned on the television in Youngstown to see that the bridge had collapsed. We couldn’t reach them. None of the phones worked. All my dad and my wife and I could do was pray. About an hour later, we got a call from Dwight saying, “all is well. We have the girls with us. They’re safe. Thank God. They had already crossed the bridge.”

    “To me, that was the greatest catch of Dwight Clark’s career.”

      1. I was tending bar in a plush French Quarter hotel in New Orleans at the time. I had the game on the elevated TV over in the corner, watching it out of one eye. The bar actually wasn’t that busy then, a few tourists, a few long-suffering Saints fans who hated Dallas worse than the 49ers, drinking and watching, buying me drinks. Time was running out. We had to have the TD to win, to bring Dallas to its knees, to go to the SuperBowl. I could hardly believe it when Montana and Clark made that impossible play, then a few seconds later there was the fumble recovery by us that sealed the deal. I was so excited, so overcome with emotion, that I could hardly finish my shift.

  22. Terrible news. Dwight Clark is not only a legend, but one of the classiest, nicest people to ever grace the sporting world. He is truly loved. Man, this has me so bummed :(

  23. This is just as bad as the day I learned Bill Walsh was battling cancer. DC might not live as long as he should have, but “the Catch” will live for eternity.

  24. Two off-the-field things I’ve always thought memorable about Clark:

    1. He was a 10th round draft pick.
    2. Walsh supposedly discovered him when he visited Clemson to work out their QB, Steve Fuller.

    Apologies if already mentioned.

  25. This is the worse news possible. Dwight Clark is a living legend. No, he didn’t have the HOF numbers like other great 49ers players but DC was instrumental in lifting the team out of the NFL trash heap and setting the ground work for a 20 year run of glory.
    Dwight Clark is a 49er hero that will take on his new challenge with pride, heart and integrity.

    1. AES,
      You say Clark didn’t HOF numbers. Compare his numbers with HOF WR Lynn Swann.
      Swann receptions 336 Yards 5462 TD’s 51
      Clark receptions 506 Yards 6750 TD’s 48
      Looks like HOF numbers to me.

  26. For a slow guy, Clark sure outran a lot of fast guys.

    “For all his production, however, Clark was never the prototypical NFL burner – and he took some ribbing for his perceived slowness. Years after they had all retired, Jerry Rice thanked Clark for taking him under his wing as a youngster and teaching him nuances like the speed route. “Wait,” Montana interrupted, his eyes wide with wonder. “Dwight ran a speed route?”

    –Daniel Brown, 100 Things 49er Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

  27. Played in a John Ralston celebrity tournament up in Reno a decade or so ago. Ted Kwalick was in our foursome, Jim Plunkett was in front of us and Dwight was behind us. Play was so slow that on several tees we were all backed up and standing together. The banter and ribbing between the three was hilarious. All great guys who were totally gracious to all of us. Great times! My family and I wish D.C. All the best and know he will fight the good fight. As far as a play, there were so many great plays that Dwight made look routine, but one that sticks out was in the first SB. It was a third and long and the Niners were backed up near their endzone, and Joe rolled out to his right in a similar play as “the catch play” Sprint Right Option, and hit Dwight down the sideline for a first down. Critical throw and catch. Godspeed Dwight Clark

  28. Back in the day, Dwight was dating Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly. John Madden (or was it Pat Summerall?) quipped that he was winning “on and off the field”. We all hope Dwight wins this one off the field too.

  29. I don’t have time to research it, but I’m very confident no other 10th round draft pick ever did more for his team, or the league, than DC.

    1. Rib
      Well, one of my old school faves, Art Donovan, was a 22nd Round choice!
      NFL Champ, Pro Bowler, All Pro, All ’50s Team, tougher than a $2 steak, and one of the funniest guys to listen to just shooting the sheeet!
      : -)

      1. Ha, right BT. I remember Donovan’s appearances on Letterman.

        How come we don’t have 20+ rounds anymore? All those ACL case Balke could have picked up.

  30. I think you may be right there, Scooter. Something tells me that’s a good call. Would he be available in the 3rd or 4th rounds, do you think?

    1. I think he will be there at the top of the 3rd round. But who knows, all it takes is one team to really like him. Apparently the Bears have spent a lot of time checking him out.

  31. Well, if they really do like him then they’re going to have to move early, make the call, make the investment . . .

  32. Grant gun to your head, which QB do you draft to build your franchise around. No trades, no FA signings, you have to pick one of this years QB’s from the draft. Who’s it gonna be?

          1. I think I’d just sign the team over to the guy with the gun to my head then pick one of these QB’s. :)

            Seriously though I do believe Mahomes has the best tools of this group and I’ll be consistent and stick with him as I have all off season. If you don’t have a bridge QB then he’ll probably be ruined being started his first year. I think Trubisky is most likely by #2 but honestly I’m starting to like Webb too.

            I think Watson will be a mediocre NFL QB. He’ll likely be a starter but he’s not a guy I expect to see in the tournament anytime soon unless he’s lucky enough to get a really great team built around him and then all he has to do is not fumble the snap.

            My guaranteed bust is Kizer. How many smart, strong, inaccurate QB’s is Notre Dame going to keep screwing NFL teams over with?

              1. Grant Cohn March 20, 2017 at 5:57 pm
                Watson’s best season was his junior season.
                I’d agree but what’s your point? That was this past season, he only played fr, so jr.

              2. “Watson’s best season was his junior season.”

                That was this past season – is that what you meant? Or did you mean sophomore season, given the context of your comment?

                Funny thing is, you mark him down as a product of Williams and Cain, but his sophomore season he didn’t have Williams.

            1. I’d take Kaaya because he’s the most Pro Ready, quick release. My only concerns are arm strength, and wilting under pressure. Biggest bust could be Kizer, since he’s Mayock’s number one right now, followed by Watson, and Peppers….

              1. Like Chad Kelly but for completely different reasons I’ve never given Kaaya any serious thought. If he ends up a back up I may or may not be surprised, I’m about as indifferent about him as I can possibly be.

              2. If I had Big Shanny’s cell phone number, I’d be more interested to read his answer after texting him the question;>)

              3. I do not want to draft a QB early, They should spend the first few picks on fixing the defense.

                Hopefully, they can trade back and get more second round picks. Cleveland is the obvious choice because they have a ton of picks.

                Now that Cleveland has Osweiler, I think Hue will pick Fournette, because he may give the browns a running game, which will take pressure off the QB, be it Osweiler or a later round QB.

                Jags have been mocked at 4 with interest in Fournette, and Carolina has also mocked him at 8. Cleveland could leapfrog over those 2 teams to grab Fournette.

                Cleveland would give up their 12th pick along with second and third round picks, and a 2018 second round pick to balance out the draft value chart.With those additional 2nd and third round picks, the Niners could select a DE, ILB, OLB,DT and also get a QB within the first 3 rounds. If they get those 4 defensive players, they will help fix the defense, and make the Niners competitive again. The QB depends on who is selected ahead of him, but Webb, Mahomes or Kayaa would all be solid selections.

              4. If you’re wilting under college pressure, you’re almost certainly not a NFL QB. There are things that, in the high-pressure, super-competitive world of the NFL you’re not likely to learn if you already have these problems in college.

            2. I think if any of the QBs are taken in the top 15-20 they have a pretty high likelihood of being a bust. All of them need time, and not many QBs taken that high get it.

              But, my take on most likely to bust is the same as CfC’s. Kizer. Just don’t trust a guy that has accuracy issues as bad as he does. Though Mahomes is pretty close behind if he does indeed end up going round 1 as some are now suggesting, though not due to accuracy issues per se and more to do with the offense he is coming from. Only reason I have him behind Kizer is based on expectations, assuming Kizer goes round 1 and Mahomes doesn’t. Though I think Mahomes has a higher ceiling.

              As for who I would take, if I had to at #2? Trubisky would be my choice for Shanahan’s offense. But I suspect Shanahan might go Kizer, despite his accuracy/ mechanics issues. But my choice if I don’t have to take one at #2 is Kaaya. I don’t think he will ever be great, but I think he can be a good, solid starter in an offense like Shanahan’s, like Schaub was.

              1. Kizer is Kap 2.0 in my opinion. You watch these guys and none of them have the “it” factor somehow. They’re ok but they lack the pop and command you want in a field general. Sometimes you can just sense it.

              2. Kizer is the most physically gifted QB in the draft imo, but he really should have stayed in school for another year. There are fundamental flaws in his game that are hard to work on at the pro level, especially if the team that drafts him wants him to play right away.

        1. The Bears lost their best offensive weapon, and are in rebuild mode. That’s why they’re drafting behind us. Glennon hasn’t started a game since 2014, and he was less than terrible. He’s got little to nothing talent wise to keep him afloat. That’s why I think it’s a perfect Oswheiler storm, and Glennon will sink….

  33. Rich Cimini‏Verified account @RichCimini 4m
    McCown’s TD-INT ratio over last 3 seasons is 29-24. In that span, ranks 33rd out of 33 qualifying quarterbacks in Total QBR — 44.5. #jets
    If you’re a FA QB right now you’ve got to be feeling pretty crummy about yourself. :)

          1. The Hackenberg talk is just a smokescreen, Petty is better than Hack.

            Jets would do best if they draft a CB, because Claiborne is not the answer, and the Pats got Cooks. They can pick the best remaining QB available with their second pick.

  34. Mach Draft 5.0

    (1)1. King Solomon QB Killer
    (2)34. Zach Cunningham LB
    (3)66. Brad Kaaya QB
    (4)109. John Johnson FS
    (4)143. Jeremy McNichols RB
    (5)146. Robert Davis WR
    (5)161. Jonnu Smith TE
    (6)198. Stevie Tu’ikolovatu DT
    (6)202. Aviante Collins OG
    (7)219. Jerry Ugokwe OT

        1. Week, by week they’ve been coming around to see the light:

          Thomas: 9

          Adams: 3

          Trubisky: 2

          Lattimore: 1

          Hooker: 1

          Fournette: 1

  35. Dwight Clark speaking about “The Catch”, with Lowell Cohn,THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Published: Monday, January 9, 2012 at 3:00 a.m.
    “I ran my route and hit my spot at the back of the end zone. I was supposed to slide back across the end line and look at Joe. I couldn’t really see him, but I saw the ball coming to me. I thought, ‘Man, that’s high.’ People don’t know this but I kind of made a double catch on it. I stopped it in the air and then caught it on the way down.”


  36. Dwight, Just want to thank you again for coming to our boot and let me and my family take a photograph with you and Keena Turner. God Bless you and good luck with your fight with ALS.

  37. One of the greatest 49ers of all time and a truly good human being, Dwight Clark deserves better than this. If anyone can fight this, he can.

    49ers nation loves you Dwight.

  38. Saddened to hear about Dwight Clark. Used to enjoy his occasional chats with KNBR over the years, and his analysis with CSN Bay Area. Came across as a very genuine and likable person. Life does throw curve balls at us all.

  39. Jared Mueller, host of Locked on Browns has interesting comments as a guest on Locked on 49ers.


    Not hard info, but some well informed speculation on what the Browns are thinking. Some highlights…

    – Trading massive multiple first round picks for Garoppolo primarily media generated. Does not see Browns offering anything like that. So far no talk at all from Browns FO on Garoppolo trade.

    – Browns see a huge fall off after Garrett. They are so locked in the Browns DC has been saying off hand at events Garrett’s their guy. (no surprise here)

    – Mueller sees the Jets at 6 as the only threat to snag a quarterback the Browns (might) be targeting ahead of them. Could be any one of four quarterbacks the Browns are interested in.

    – Browns will trade up from 12… but only if they feel they need to.

    – Browns hired the guy that developed the Harvard chart. They don’t refer to the standard JJ chart as much. If they did move up, it would be something like Browns 12+52+ 2018 2nd rounders for the Niners pick 2. (maybe 2 of their 2018 2nd rounders). Did not see the Browns involving pick 33.

    I’d jump on 2 for 12+52+2018 2nd (via Eagles)+2018 2nd (via Texans)
    I’d still be happy with 2 for 12+52+2018 2nd (via Eagles)

    1. Big difference in Standard vs Harvard chart. To trade for pick 2…

      Standard would be at least 12+33+52+2018 2nd.
      Harvard chart 12+52.

      Harvard Chart Bad. Bad, bad chart.

      1. Nope, the JJ chart is bad. It massively over-blows the value of early picks over later picks. The reason is, simply put, the total difference the players will make for your roster.

        Giving up four potential high quality players for one potential elite player sets teams backward in over-all roster composition. And we see this time-after-time-after-time. Yet people still think that JJ chart works when it clearly doesn’t.

        1. I was being funny when I called “Harvard chart bad. Bad, bad chart.’

          I heard every team has its own chart. I imagine they vary year to year. Charts go out the window near the top of drafts. Hence my “tale of two drafts” post last week comparing 2013 trades to to 2016 trades.

        2. Considering what the Rams and Eagles gave up to move up to first and second last year, 12 +33 + 52 + a 2018 second round pick is cheap.

          1. Yup. Varies wildly. To re-post from last week “A tale of three trade back markets”

            Oakland traded 3
            Miami’s 12+42

            Cleveland traded 4
            Buffalo’s 9+19(2015)+115(2015)

            Cleveland traded 2+139(2017)
            Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

            This is why the chart goes out the window near the top of the first. Trade scenarios should have trade bait names to move up for.

            April 27 will be national yo-yo day. There are no red “Trade Back” buttons under a GM’s desk. Lets brace ourselves for yo-yo’s that will scream “reach” if the 49ers stand pat… or “stupid trade” if Lynch makes a deal like 2013 (as if a GM would say “no” to better offers).

            1. Cleavland got hauled in a 1rts+2nd+3rd+3rd just for moving 2 back to 8.

              The Niners are very unlikely to get anything near that moving even farther back to 12. Its a poor trade back market.

              I’d consider the 49ers lucky to snag 52+2nd+2nd to move back to 12.

      1. Had similar ideas. Late round picks might work as trade pot sweeteners to Browns because they’re so analytics driven.

        The big prize to me is pick 33.

      2. Sebnyan, You expect the 49ers to deal deal with the Browns are you serious? I would keep the #2 overall pick and draft a Desaun Watson aor Kuberski. Why go to all the trouble without having having a franchise QB. Let him sit and learn from Hoyer , Brian is good enough to teach this young lad how to play QB in the NFL.

  40. In the early ’80s Dwight came to our house with two Realtor friends who were interested (and eventually did buy) our house in Redwood City. Unfortunately I was at work. My wife however did tell me that he was one of the most friendly and gracious people she ever met. Although it is not literally true my oldest son told me that he had to duck down to walk through a doorway. After a brief walk thru, Dwight went out into our cul-de-sac and tossed a football with my two oldest. They were absolutely star struck. A very special gentleman and very good football player. Our prayers are with him and his family.

    1. So did y’all see this morning that The 45th Occupant took credit for CK still being unemployed?
      I ain’t lying, you can’t make this stuff up.

      1. Yup, and he thinks the owners are such cowards they will not brave getting a negative tweet from him.

        Wonder if he does not have more pressing things to focus on…….

          1. Seems to me like endorsing, if not orchestrating a blackball of a private citizen from employment does cross more than a few lines. IMO

    1. Jack, what’s your take on Matt Barkley? Just a perennial backup or someone who hasn’t developed because he’s been moved around so much?

    2. Exactly! He nails it. Colin won 1 game last year. The same game that Gabbert won who beat him in training camp and makes way less. Personally, Hoyer is a better game manager than either one and will do just as well as either one in a pro set. Will Hoyer get to a SB? Not likely, but I don’t think that CK gets back to a SB without tickets.

    3. His point about what teams look for in a back up is spot on and will be a huge barrier for Colin to remain in the NFL.

      1. Naw, the NFL is a game of attrition, and QBs get injured all the time.

        Kaep will play next season, because teams will be needing QBs, and they will want to win.

    4. “Solid and accurate”?! Not really! Breer’s analysis is superficial and flimsy. I don’t get into Kaep analysis because it’s futile exercise, But Breer’s commentary is typical of national commentators.

      Breer’s Hypothesis 1: Kaep has played poorly in the last 3 years and hence he’s not a starter-quality QB. To paraphrase Breer himself, that’s just equine excrement. Kaep played the first 2 of those 3 seasons mostly injured. IMO, if Chip had a decent team with a decent DC and with offensive personnel borderline suited to his system (instead of skill position players off the street),. Kaep would have had much better performance under Kelly than he did. Kaep is a better NFL QB now than the lowest 10-12 ranked starting QBs. He’s never going to be a pocket passer or a Super Bowl-winning QB, but I’d put him solidly in the middle of the third quartile of starting QBs.

      Breer’s Hypothesis 2: Kaep, as a backup, can fit into only a few offensive systems and teams don’t want their 40th ranked player to draw irrelevant media attention. I generally agree with this line of thought but I think Kaep can be a solid backup to at least a third of the NFL teams. It’s the protest thing and Twitter-in-Chief’s team owner-shaming threat that is keeping him from being hired.

      Breer’s Hypothesis #3: Jets chose McCown over Kaep because they want to tank this season and play young talent. This hypothesis is a hot and steaming pile of equine excrement — maybe with some bovine variety mixed in. No coaching staff or front office wants to sacrifice a full season to test young talent. Todd Bowles who is on the hot seat wants to play for the top 3 draft pick?! The only reason McCown was hired over Kaep is because Woody Johnson’s gonna be the Trumpassador to the Court of King James.

      I really have no problem with the Niners moving on from Kaep but the level of spite of some of the so-called Niner fans towards him is irritating.

        1. I agree with Jack. Teams don’t want to tweak their offense for a backup who doesn’t play consistently well from the pocket.
          I also respectfully reject the notion that any owner but Johnson gives a hoot what 45 thinks. That’s 45 stroking himself.
          Bob Kraft is a friend of 45, but if he and BB want to sign CK, they won’t hesitate. If 45 sqwaks publicly, Bob will probably publicly ask him to make his buddy give Bob back his pilfered ring.

          1. Yep, that’s why I knew straight away that Shanny Jr. wouldn’t be interested in Kaepernick, because he was loathe to do it in Washington for RGMe….

            1. Sorry Mood but Occam’s Razor still governs here. Doctors have an appropriate saying: When you hear hoof beats, don’t go looking for zebras. Your looking for zebras on this one.

      1. Mood,

        I hear you. It gets personal for some and it’s been that way in regards to Kap from day one. From the Tats and Headphones, to replacing Smith, to kneeling for the anthem, he’s been on the hit list for a lot of fans and it’s really too bad. I think it even got to the point that some were unable to enjoy the run under Harbaugh with Kap as we see from some of the comments that still show up on this blog routinely.

        The bottom line for me is that Kap unfortunately has not been able to develop a pocket passing game capable of leading a pro offense effectively. I supported him while the team was winning and wanted to see him take the next step, but it never came. I have a ton of respect for him for what he did for us and his work off the field, but he’s gone as far as he can go as a player imo. I don’t think his protest is the problem so much as his skill set doesn’t fit into many offenses around the league. I think if he accepted being a backup right now he could probably find a job fairly quickly with a team like Carolina or Seattle, but my guess is he hasn’t come to that point yet and is holding out for something better.

        1. Mood
          On the criticism of CK, most of the football complaints are on target, imo. The overall level of criticism in this room is enhanced as some, like me, just tire of the unrelenting baloney eminating from one demented source which chooses to ignore facts to justify and excuse their idol’s mediocrity.
          While I disagreed with your take on this, I hope my overall respect for your posts is evident.

        1. JH is doing nothing more than justifying his own controversial decision to replace Alex S with Colin K. With an ego like his, what else is he going to say? This worn-out subject has gotten to the place where it’s little more than a yawn. If CK winds taking the CFL by storm don’t be too surprised.

      1. Seb, I humbly implore that you drop this Kaep thing. It may be that he’s a great QB and all the front offices are idiots when it comes to evaluating him, but he’s gone. Right or wrong, the fact you continue to praise him only incites blowback, which litters the blog. Please, please drop it, amigo.

        1. George, I hope you see that I have tried very hard to keep my posts civil, and focused on football.

          I have also never cut and pasted an article. Razor did that, and I commented on it. I did not say that posters were stupid if they did not believe exactly how I believe. I also think he will play elsewhere, so I have moved on.

          I even refrained from engaging Prime when he trolled me twice, so I have showed restraint. Believe me, I am just as sick as you are about the blowback. They bring nothing to this site.

          For you, who I respect, I will try very hard to reduce the Kaep talk, and will focus more on the draft, which will help decide the Niner’s fate next season.

          I hope Lynch hits a grand slam.

      2. He said that about AJ Jenkins. And was still defending him and attacking the fans and press over it even after we traded him to the Chiefs:

        SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — A.J. Jenkins no longer is in a San Francisco 49ers uniform after being dealt to Kansas City. Coach Jim Harbaugh is still coming to the defense of his former receiver.

        Harbaugh took the opportunity Wednesday to again criticize those who delivered a negative take on Jenkins, the 2012 first-round pick who underachieved in his one-plus season with San Francisco.

        “I’m responsible for helping pick the draft picks, fully responsible for coaching the players up, and I willingly accept those responsibilities,” Harbaugh said.

        In July 2012, Harbaugh called out as “clueless” those who predicted Jenkins would be a bust before he even played in a preseason game.

        That’s a polite way of putting it. Harbaugh was a lot more vicious about it than calling Grant, er I mean ‘people,’ clueless.


        Honestly I wouldn’t put much stock into anything Harbaugh says about a player. Half the idiots on the Internet, never mind the people who actually try to get it right, do better than Harbaugh.

        Everyone craps on Baalke. But by his own admission Harbaugh’s dirty little fingers are all over those bad drafts. And while most of you keep him on the romanticized pedestal, he doesn’t belong on it.

        1. I’d gladly welcome Harbaugh into my foxhole anytime. Baalke, on the other hand would be that butterball lieutenant that gets taken out by friendly fire….

    1. Harbaugh got the most out of Kap, but teams have now adapted to that style and forced him to play from the pocket. We’ve seen the results of that and they aren’t good. It’s no coincidence that both he and RGIII are not getting much attention.

      1. Exactly! Limited QB with limited skill set who could not adapt and grow. The NFL is not for long if you aren’t adaptable and can grow. Kap isn’t. He’s a one trick pony whose trick has been found and neutralized with a ghost spy. He is no longer the threat he once was and now has to throw and can’t because of his limitations. Too bad.

      2. ‘Forced him to play from the pocket’.

        Maybe the Niner coaches should not have let the opponent’s defense shape the Niner offense. Maybe they should have done controlled rollouts so he could break containment.

        1. It’s never Colin’s fault, is it? Ppppffffftfttt!
          Maybe Obama tapppppped JH’s office and gave away all of CK’s game plans to the opposition. Yeah, yeah, that’s it; that’s the ticket. The games were rigged against him. AND he was injured, you know, with the bullet holes in his feet and the stab wounds in his back, and the nail holes in his hands and feet.

          1. Every team has to evolve and adapt. Every QB will have DC’s scheme against him, and the OC’s job is to add a new wrinkle to present new threats. The defense will counter the offense, and the offense will be stymied if they do not make adjustments. Its a never ending process.

            The good thing about Kaep is that he is a dual threat QB. He can pose threats with his arm and his legs, which makes things more difficult for the defense.

            Just like Cam, Rodgers, Winston, Wilson, Mariota and Luck, the era of the dual threat QB is here to stay, and the Carson Palmer’s will be side lined.

            1. Remember who were the two quarterbacks in the super bowl?

              Performing from the pocket is Job#1. Outside the pocket mobility is a beneficial but secondary skill. When did Steve Young emerge as a championship level QB? When he learned to play from the pocket.

            2. “Just like Cam, Rodgers, Winston, Wilson, Mariota and Luck, the era of the dual threat QB is here to stay,”

              The difference between all of those guys and Kaepernick is their ability to function at a high level from the pocket.

        2. Maybe Colin should have used his jaw dropping skills to blow open games instead of losing so many games and getting so many OC and coaches fired.

            1. Excuse number 1478. Red Herring; has nothing to do with converting 3rd downs into 1st downs.
              CK & the solo disciple.

              1. Took the words right out of my mouth BT. It’s like there’s Teflon on CK for Seb nothing can stick.

              2. Actually, many times, he converted third downs with his running, which helped make the Niner running game the 4th best in the league.

              3. East, I am just a die hard faithful fan. If some one could do it better, come on down!
                Kaep is probably gone, so I will wish him well and move on.

            2. Dude
              You’re a Chatty Cathy Doll. Pull the string (mention Kap) and you get one of 10 preprogrammed responses.

              Look up his third down conversion stats, and then tell us how they’re lies and damned lies.

      3. 2013 is calling and would like it’s junk offense back. In good working order, like it left it. http://tinyurl.com/kaqzjoq

        Here’s the deal, there were a bunch of read-option QBs working that junk offense. Kaepernick, RGIII, Wilson, Newton, etc. Those that learned to become good pocket passers (like Wilson) or even half-way decent (Newton) have succeeded to one extent or another. Those that didn’t, (Kaepernick, RGIII most notably but any QB who played for Kelly), failed even if they had great early returns.

        And all that happened was defenses adapted. Just like they did with the Wildcat. Or to the Green Bay Sweep in the ’60s. Or some of wilder offenses of the 80s & 90s that were supposed to revolutionize football.

    2. Then why did CK regress under Harbaugh? Harbaugh lobbied hard to draft him and that pick is on him. Harbaugh trained him. Harbaugh developed him. He regressed under Harbaugh. JH is blowing smoke again.
      Has Harbaugh’s brother signed CK as a backup insurance for his starter?
      Neither has anyone else.
      Guys like Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, Richardson, Mara couldn’t give a rat’s patoot about 45’s mindless tweets. Woody Johnson works for Tweeter In Chief, so he probably does care.
      45’s a football genius. He tweeted that any team that passed on Manziel was stupid. Enough said.

  41. Harbaugh rode Kaep and has attached his wagon to him because in hindsight Harbaugh is being proven wrong. He took an under achieving loaded team and pushed them to the top and that was great. However Alex Smith has proven to be the more stable and consistent hand both inside and outside the locker room. His teams continue to compete and Kaeps have not. Harbaugh failed at his QB pick and that’s why the team has dropped off. Hate to say it but Russell Wilson proves the difference in proper QB evaluation and the poor decision Harbaugh made. Harbaugh keeps getting off scott- free for blowing this vital decision and now it’s up to Shanny to fix it.

      1. What’s that matter without a ring. Harbaugh has never closed the deal on any level. Further in SF he entered a loaded situation and even when his “running”team was at the 5 yard line in the SB he called 3 passes with an inaccurate QB and let the clock run out on another. Leaving Frank Hore with 0 touches after he brought them down there.

        1. I’m still pissed.

          1st & goal on the 7 and he hands it off to LaMichael James? Then has the worst redzone QB in the NFL in 2012 try three difficult passes into the corner with a so-so possession receiver as target.

          It makes Carroll’s blunder look like genius.

    1. I disagree Bandit. Harbaugh went to a SB and another NFCCG with Kap. His final year as HC, Kap still was rated in the middle of the league as a starter. To say Harbaugh failed with this pick is silly. What happened to Kap after Harbaugh left is on Kap and the Coaches involved.

      It’s really amazing how many around here continue to complain about Harbaugh and dismiss his accomplishments. In three seasons he had one of the highest winning percentages of any HC in NFL history never mind a first time NFL HC. His final season he achieved 8-8 with a litany of injuries on both sides of the ball and rumors from the front office about his dismissal after the season. This guy is one of the great HC’s of our time and the petty attacks that continue on here are ridiculous. We should be celebrating what he did here, especially when considering how bad this team has been since the new millennium.

  42. >>45’s a football genius.

    Such a genius he personally destroyed not only the professional franchise he owned, but the entire league it belonged to. Well, the USFL was awarded $3 in the Trump initiated antitrust suit against the NFL. That’s bigly money.

      1. Hey, Brotha. Curiosity question for you. Was it your nephew or someone else you know who coined “Kaepurnicus”, and have they moved on from him?

        1. Guy at a party, we were watching CK prevail in a nail biter over the Pats in NE. He’s a tepid football fan, so bailed on Niners two years ago. I picked it up. I was really excited for the guy and the team in those days.
          In hindsight, that game was a portent of things to come: CK lights it up in the first half and the other team comes back in the second half. Of course with Brady, that happens a lot. See also: Super Bowl, Atlanta Falcons.

          1. That was the Deberg syndrome, too. Niners would actually get a lead, then the defense would give up a score in the 4th quarter and they would lose.

            Hope KS can channel Bill Walsh, and learn from his last playoff game.

            1. Wrong again. DeBerg could move the team and get some first downs, but he’d press late in the game and cough it up. And yeah, KS has already channeled BW with DeBerg; he cut CK loose the way Bill cut Steve loose.

              1. Truth. Usually sometime in the late 3rd quarter, early 4th quarter DeBerg would throw a horrible pick. Sometimes even returned for a TD. He just never learned to play within his limited talent.

                Liked the guy though. I really did. He was a really great guy But not an NFL QB.

                THough he does own a weird non-record NFL record — he started in front of three HOF QBs — Montana, Elway & Young.

              2. Wrong. I went to those games. Deberg would score to give the Niners the lead, then the other team would march down the field near the end and win the game, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

                Things turned around when Walsh drafted those 3 DBs, and they acquired Hicks. Until then, the defensive backfield was their Achilles heel.

          2. BT, in both the NE games you mention, as I recall, the opposing teams (Niners and Falcons) amassed a huge lead, causing the Pats, by necessity, into a no huddle offense, which wore out the Niner and Falcon defenses.

            In our game we managed to prevail — I think Kaep hit Crab for a TD. In the SB, the Patriots got lucky — Freeman missing his block on Hightower — and by OT, Atlanta’s defense was so gassed, the result was predictable.

            At least that’s the way I saw those two games.

            1. Matches my memory. Brady, like Montana, Stabler, Unitas, etc was The Guy you wanted to mount that attempt.
              I’m mostly speaking to the Jekel and Hyde differences between halves. Sometimes I think the big leading team loses their edge at Halftime. They come back out with a presumption and inadvertently give about 97% while the desperate other team gives 102%. Missed tackles and unforced errors ensue.
              Recent Niners though have moved the ball in the first half and gotten usually a narrow lead or stayed close; no reason or excuse for over confidence, but then come out shooting blanks after halftime

              1. The great and truly good QB’s have always found a way to bring their team back. One doesn’t have to find excuses or blame the coaches or use incredibly lame refrain of “bad play calling”.The great and truly good QB’s find a way to make it happen, consistently, almost always. That is what distinguishes them. There’s no need to embellish on that fact, no need to resort to the bleating hypothesis of what could have been, should have been, or only-if.

      1. : -)
        Definitely out of style!
        My older brother bragged not too long ago about making a killing selling off old vinyl records: 33s, 45s, and even Dad’s old 78s. I pointed out that half of Dad’s 78s were mine, and that I’d bought 2/3 of the 33s and 45s with my paper route, lawn mowing and snow plowing earnings, whilst saving up for my first car. He suddenly became VERY interested in his dinner.

  43. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Davis Webb?was watching some film on Chad Hansen and I just kept watching webb make nice throws,and seemed like he had a pretty quick release.Hansen looks good also, day 2 pick.

    1. Nice tools, good teammate, hard worker, but has struggled reading Ds and will make the same mistake twice. Coming from the offenses he has played in I think his adjustment to the pros may be too much for him. Whoever drafts him will need to be patient.

  44. Solid article Grant.
    Well thought out and explained. If the niners rwere to trade back is their another corner that could fill the roll as needed?

  45. I don’t think there is any question that Harbaugh was a damn good coach, but when crunch time came in both the SB and the NFCCG he asked more from CK than he could deliver. Why he did that? We’ll never know. Was he trying to fool the defenses? In the CG, was he tying to put one on Richard Sherman? Did he surmise Baltimore was expecting run? All that I know is asking CK to throw precise, accurate passes, something that he was not capable of doing through out his career was foolish. It was the equivalent of asking a blind man to thread a needle. We had a great team with a great defense, a great run game, great special teams and a flawed, average QB who in the end couldn’t do what was asked of him because he didn’t have the talent to do it. Period. That’s not hate. That’s reality.

  46. So sorry to hear of your troubles Dwight.
    We will never forget those Forty Niner glory years.
    I especially liked the story of Dwight working out a QB for the pro scouts until a 49er asked who’s that guy catching those balls.
    And that string of 17 straight regular season AWAY games, when everyone in the league was trying extra hard to beat the Niner’s, is one heck of a record. May that ALS take a long, long time to do it’s damage to you Dwight. And you were in on the greatest turnaround play in their history.

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