Eric Wright retires

Tuesday aftenoon, the 49ers announced that 28-year-old cornerback Eric Wright has retired. In the announcement, the 49ers included a statement from Wright and a statement from Trent Baalke.

Baalke: “Last night, Eric reached out to inform us of his plans to retire. After a lengthy discussion, it was evident he put a great deal of thought into his decision. Eric has our full support and we wish him and his family nothing but the best.”

Wright: “After seven NFL seasons, I am announcing my retirement from professional football. Playing was the fulfillment of a childhood dream, but as I prepared for the coming season, I realized that I no longer had the same passion I once had for the game. The San Francisco 49ers have given me an amazing opportunity to play for the team I grew up rooting for, and I owe the York family, my coaches, and my teammates tremendous gratitude. I will be forever grateful to all of the franchises I was lucky enough to play for, and look forward to beginning the next phase of my life, and spending more time with my family.”

Wright was a candidate to replace Carlos Rogers as the 49ers’ Nickelback next season. With Wright out of the picture, the competition will come down to Jimmie Ward, Perrish Cox and Darryl Morris.

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  1. All you had to do was look at my 53 man roster prediction to know that Wright wasn’t going to be on the team. :)

    1. I think there was a better than not shot he would have made the team. He wouldn’t have been a starter, no, but he would have probably been battling out for the nickle and dime back slots, and with Cullivers injury and off field history, there was a definite shot for more playing time in the season. CBs would have been, in no particular order, Brock, Wright, Cook, Cox, Wright and Ward.

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