The good and not so good from the 49ers first practice with Kyle Shanahan



The 49ers held their first practice of the offseason in front of the media Wednesday afternoon. Before I get into the good and not so good from the players, I want to start with the good and not so good from the head coach – Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan is an interactive coach, like Jim Harbaugh. This is good. During position drills, Shanahan stands in the middle of the action like a defender – the only one on the field. Sometimes he actually plays cornerback and tries to take away certain reads for the quarterback so he has to go through his progressions. And sometimes Shanahan stops drills to demonstrate how he wants receivers to run specific routes. All of this is impressive.

But if you didn’t know better, watching practice you would think Shanahan is the passing game coordinator. This is not good. He spends all of his time during position drills with the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends as they practice their pass patterns. He spends no time with the running backs, the offensive linemen, the defense or the special teams.

When Harbaugh was the head coach, he spent time with every position. That’s what a head coach is supposed to do. Shanahan needs to find times to delegate the passing game instruction so he can work with the rest of the team even though he’s his own offensive coordinator.

Now, to the players.


  1. CB Rashard Robinson. Broke up a short pass intended for Pierre Garcon, then intercepted a deep pass intended for Rashad Ross two plays later. Hoyer threw both passes. Robinson clearly was the best cornerback on the field.
  2. DE Tank Carradine. Started at strong-side defensive end (six-technique), lined up across from the tight end, frequently broke into the backfield and grabbed the running back on running plays. Carradine is in great shape. I’d guess he weighs 260 pounds.
  3. QB Matt Barkley. Threw the best pass of practice – a beautiful deep ball with perfect trajectory over the head of cornerback Steve Williams and into the hands of wide receiver DeAndre Carter who was sprinting down the left sideline.


  1. DE Aaron Lynch. Fat. Out of shape. Big gut. Played mostly with the second-stringers and looked winded after plays. Lynch used to be a lean, young force coming off the edge. Now, he’s eating himself out of the league. What a shame. He looks like he weighs at least 285 pounds. He needs to lose at least 15 before the season starts.
  2. RB Mike Davis. Dropped a short pass in the flat.
  3. RB DuJuan Harris. The only running back who fumbled during team drills. Ray-Ray Armstrong stripped Harris and Harris quickly jumped on the ball to recover his fumble.


LWR: Marquise Goodwin
RWR: Pierre Garcon
SWR: Jeremy Kerley
LT: Joe Staley
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Daniel Kilgore
RG: Joshua Garnett
RT: Trent Brown
TE: Rotation
QB: Brian Hoyer
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB: Carlos Hyde

Leo: Ahmad Brooks
RDE (4t): Ronald Blair (Arik Armstead didn’t participate in team drills)
NT (1t): Earl Mitchell
DT (3t): DeForest Buckner
LDE (6t): Tank Carradine (Aaron Lynch was the LDE in sub packages)
ILB: NaVorro Bowman
ILB: Malcolm Smith
LCB: Dontae Johnson
FS: Jimmie Ward
SS: Eric Reid
RCB: Rashard Robinson
NCB: K’Waun Williams

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    1. Don’t look for Lynch to continue to be fat going into mandatory camp time… Aaron is not as stupid as some think. Just saw him doing some footwork drills and as big as he is was smoke’n DBuck! ahahaha! Lynch will not only be fine, but on time! I would bet huge on that!

  1. Shanny is giving hands on attention where it’s needed most, and I imagine he’ll eventually begin moving around position groups. Lynch is living up to his reputation. He’s not long for this team. Not surprised Armstead isn’t ready to go. No mention of Tartt?

      1. I think tartt needs to join ray ray and become a linebacker. Put on a little weight and hes ready to go.
        He has marginal agility for a safety–hips too much like a certain usc safety well all loved . . . ugh.

    1. I agree here Razor. This isn’t a team with an established offense that is getting adjustments. This is a new system and the creator of the system is showing his players how he envisions the play.
      If we are in the middle of an October practice and he is just coaching the Qb’s and receivers, then there will be room for worry.

  2. Great stuff Grant.

    I suspected the staff wouldn’t be impressed with Aaron Lynch.

    I’m not worried about Shanny not working with the RBs. Turner is the perfect guy to teach the Shanahan/Turner scheme. QBs and WRs are Shanny’s bread and butter.

    It looks like Shanny will be hands off with the defense (probably a good thing). I think he appreciated the total control he got from Quinn and will do the same for Saleh.

    1. This is a do or die off season for Lynch he has a month to lose the excess weight. If he’s not any slimmer by the end of minicamps( though I suspect will be)……..can you say cap casualty?

  3. One really good: Carradine. One really bad: Lynch…the rest? Meh. Thanks Grant, at least it is better news than my Fantasy baseball

    1. At what point in the article did Grant express “meh”?

      It’s April for crying out loud, and brand new schemes. Grant’s doing his best to report something, but there’s not a whole lot of real news to be had this early in the process.

      Reporting on the health of these players is about the only news worth making hay about! On that note, it’s disappointing to read about A. Lynch, but he’s got more than enough time to get his body right between now and June’s mandatory minicamp.

      1. “It’s disappointing to read about A. Lynch, but he’s got more than enough time to get his body right between now and June’s mandatory minicamp.”

        You should never come to camp out of shape if you are serious about your job. When you consider that it is a new coaching staff, and Lynch was unimpressive last year, it just shows that he has very little motivation. You would expect him to come to camp in tip-top shape and to want to prove himself. I guess he figures that he has a starting job all sewn up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynch was cut soon. Players like him are a cancer to the team. The new regime needs to show that this will not be acceptable.

      2. Isn’t it sometimes for players to come in to camp overweight because they feel they are gonna drop pounds during camp… I know it’s an excuse for #56 but hopefully it’s all it is, if not, “off with his head”.

            1. Mentioning that KS neglected the defense and STs is exactly what I wrote about what might happen previously.

              Grant was astute to focus on that.

              1. Over the top. Shanahan neglected to… Dissing the defense and acting like a petulant child–yup, you and Grant have Shanahan’s number.

  4. San Francisco 49ers Are Masterfully Creating Chaos With Mitch Trubisky

    by Erik Lambert 1 day agoFollow @ErikLambert1

    The San Francisco 49ers have got the entire 2017 NFL draft in a state of confusion. Nobody is entirely sure what they plan to do at #2 overall.

    One could go into extensive detail but that’s an easy way to get lost. So here is the simplest explanation of it. Word persists that the team wants to trade down. They’ve made that clear enough, and it’s North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky they are using as the bait. Most experts agree he is the best in this draft class. The closest thing to a complete prospect as QBs go in spite of the inexperience.

    TomD’s Take: Carolina feels it’s one player away and wants to trade up with the 49ers.

    Throw Cleveland into the mix and it makes for a real pre draft excitement about what they’re thinking !!!

    Wonderful Job Niners. Keep up the good work !

  5. Your defense position report is wrong Brooks is not a “Leo” (the weakside DE), he is a Sam OLB. also Smith is not a ILB, he is a Will OLB.

      1. Yeah that’s how Saleh is setting it up. WILL and MIKE are the same both ILB types. SAM and LEO are the same both C gap EDGE guys.

  6. Grant,

    Thx for the info.

    Did not know that Aaron Lynch weighed close to 300 Lbs.

    I based my first pick on the 49ers plethora of pass rushers.

    I reserve the right to change this pick based your recent info.

    Now my first pick is back to DL help: Solomon Thomas

    1. That’s if a trade doesn’t happen. If a trade occurs another edge rusher is my pick.

      It is Charles Harris from Missouri.

  7. Grant how’d the WR corps look overall? Some of our biggest FA signings were Goodwin and Garcon. Just curious

  8. But if you didn’t know better, watching practice you would think Shanahan is the passing game coordinator. This is not good. He spends all of his time during position drills with the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends as they practice their pass patterns. He spends no time with the running backs, the offensive linemen, the defense or the special teams.

    Just a tad bit of an overreaction Grant. They are a couple of weeks into the offseason program and he’s having to teach this system from scratch. Bobby Turner will do most of the RB work regardless I would imagine.

    1. So did Bill Walsh, incidentally.

      Coaches with offensive minds need to show little wrinkles with the offense letting all hands on deck know where the anticipated throwing windows will be.

  9. While I realize this is the first practice, does this spell the end of Aaron Lynch as a 49er?
    If so, does it make it more likely the Niners will draft Thomas and then an edge rusher?
    Are these voluntary or mandatory practices? If voluntary why show up out of shape, if mandatory a true professional would be in better condition. I wonder how Lynch is going to address this?

    1. This is a voluntary practice, but it is still unprofessional to show up out of shape like he did last year. It isn’t the old days where a guy had to hold down a job during the off season. I’m sure that the 49ers will be taking a Edge rusher in the first two rounds since it is now obvious that they can’t count on Aaron Lynch.


    BREAKING: #SFGiants prospect Domenic Mazza of @GreenJackets pitches first nine-inning perfect game in SAL history.
    7:48 PM – 25 Apr 2017

    He was absolutely perfect and did something that nobody has ever done in the long history of the Sally League*

      1. Wonder why we hear so much about Tim Tebow in the sports world, but crickets with Kap.

        Could it be the real storm is coming….One that was unanticipated by the mighty Seb?

          1. Whoa. Just Whoa. He’s a low-A, marginal prospect who had a good game. As it is, he’s repeating low-A. His career is:

            Okay College
            Drafted in the 22nd round (2015)
            Short Season (2015)
            Low-A (2016)
            Low-A (2017)

            He’s so not Greg Maddox that he doesn’t even make the Giants’ Top-40 prospect list. And the best he got was an ‘Honorable Mention’ off a Top-50 list coming out of rookie ball:

            Domenic Mazza, LHP, Age 21: Mazza was a mid-week starter for a UC Santa Barbara club that featured Dillon Tate last year. He apparently had an uptick in velocity coming into his junior season, and pitched deep into a number of games, striking out 8 on three occasions. He wasn’t really challenged in the AZL, and will likely be a candidate for a rotation spot in Augusta next spring. He’s certainly not flashy, but lefties who can hit 90 often find a spot in this sport.

            So, I’m happy for him. But lets not crown him the next Greg Maddux. Maddux was special in a way that virtually all other ‘next Greg Maddux’ pitchers aren’t — exceptional (even for MLB) movement & control.

  11. Great stuff Grant, so nice to see one of these again. Not too concerned with Shanny, it was one practice, it’ll be interesting to circle back to this later on in the year.

    For some reason I’m pulling for Barkley, mostly b/c I’m a SC fan.

    This new defense still has me a bit confused, I know you guys have broken down every last detail but it takes some getting used to. I thought the “Leo” was the main edge rusher, is that correct? I saw somewhere else that the SAM or LEO will be covering RBs and TEs, which Brooks has no business doing. Who do you have as a good draft pick to fit that role?

      1. right… so the 6t is the main edge rusher. But isn’t the LEO playing off the ball….is that really Brook’s strength? Maybe they’re just experimenting

  12. Aaron LUNCH, what an idiot. Fat-so! It is a contract year and everyone including himself is on notice with the new regime, he is over there treating Football like it is patty cake!

    Man this team really could use Myles Garrett and another DE.

    1. Aaron Lynch – 2014:

      STRENGTHS Outstanding size and body length. Flashes some playmaking ability. Deceptive strength to leverage the edge. Has a giant wingspan and can corral ball carriers.

      WEAKNESSES Classic underachiever. Questionable effort, motor and desire. Leaves production on the field. Does not play with passion and lacks urgency. Goes through the motions. Is not a strong or creative rusher and does not create plays. Lacks concentration and focus. Will require maintenance. Weight has fluctuated a lot. Managed just 18 bench-press reps at the combine. Did not show well at his pro day — managed a 29-inch vertical and recorded poor times in the three-cone drill (7.46 seconds) and short shuttle (4.61 seconds).

      DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 5-6

      BOTTOM LINE A big, athletic prospect who displayed the most potential as a freshman at Notre Dame. Has underachieved since transferring closer to home and shedding considerable weight. Must prove motivated to reach his potential. Finished the season strong and finally showed signs of the talent he displayed as a standout freshman. Would benefit from a strong, mentoring, veteran position coach, and could land with a team like the Bengals, who have a propensity to gamble on boom-or-bust prospects, especially in the mid to late rounds, when reward outweighs risk.

      It seemed, early on, that he’d changed his spots. I guess not.

  13. Awesome, thanks for that Grant. Not good about Lynch. He has potential, but two years in a row he has turned up badly out of shape. Good to hear Tank looked good, but worrying that he is starting ahead of Lynch atm. But who knows – maybe this new D will be just what Tank needs to turn his career around?

    I take it based on the line up that by Leo you mean Brooks was the on ball LB? Tank had his hand in the ground at the 6T spot?

      1. Sorry folks! I didn’t realize that you had to be an ESPN subscriber to be able to open the Riddick mock draft link that I posted.

  14. Out of curiosity, where was Reid aligned (primarily) in base? I know he was SS, but was he playing outside Tank near the LOS?

              1. Oh, how do you mean? Looking bigger and stronger? He was already around 220lbs, think he is more than that now?

              2. Nice. Hopefully that comes with better functional play strength too. The main worry with Tartt though is more his reading of the game, than his play strength. Hopefully in year 3 he is able to play more instinctively.

    1. I hate the idea of Reid as a strong safety. He has terrible tackling form. He leaves his feet and launches himself into players with one shoulder, this exposes the side of his helmet and makes it nearly impossible to properly wrap up.
      This is also (in my opinion) one of the main causes for his concussion issue.

  15. I know there’s flags but I think we should seriously consider Rueben Foster at 2. I know that tuff for a new GM but I think it will pay off. What do you think Grant

    1. Foster will enter rehab and therapy midway though his first year, regardless of who drafts him. A knucklehead.

  16. I know we are just getting started, but I hope we will be in good enough football shape to split one with the Seattle Cheathawks and beat the Dallas Cowboys. Lynch better get himself back in shape! I saw him do some good things in the past. I think he’s capable of being that much needed passrusher. On to the NFL Draft! All Niner Fans!! Give me a “GOOOO NINERS!!

  17. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 9m9 minutes ago
    ‘Buzz’ is accused CB Conley will go Round 3
    Sounds about right

      1. Rapoport’s tweet contains a letter by Conley’s agent regarding the accusations:

        Ian Rapoport‏
        Verified account
         @RapSheet 9h
        9 hours ago

        A statement from the agent #OSU CB Gareon Conley

        40 replies




    “I continue to hear that Mitchell Trubisky is square in consideration and may turn out to be the No. 1 pick,” Schefter said. “Now I know everyone thinks Myles Garrett’s going to be the pick, and I will not be surprised if that’s the case … But I have got very smart, very well-connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they think Trubisky’s going to be the No. 1 pick.”

  19. Grant, the only comment that is a value to me for the first 2017 Shanahan practice is this one.

    “DE Aaron Lynch. Fat. Out of shape. Big gut. Played mostly with the second-stringers and looked winded after plays. Lynch used to be a lean, young force coming off the edge. Now, he’s eating himself out of the league. What a shame. He looks like he weighs at least 285 pounds. He needs to lose at least 15 before the season starts.”

    It’s very worthwhile and I agree with your prediction unless Aaron makes an immediate massive effort.

    The rest of your observations aren’t relevant for this point in time unless your are hoping to take credit if Shanahan spreads out his areas of activity in practice.

    1. Yup, he could end up right here and be taking my job. Reid will back up Adams and Ward in 2017. We’ll get a 3rd round compensatory pick once he leaves in free agency.

  20. Grant thank you for being the eyes and ears for me. Your insights are why I come to this site.

    I agree with you. KS needs an OC, so he can become the HC, and participate in the defense and special teams.

    While it was nice to hear about how hands on KS is in the drills, he needs to take a step back and be the field general of the army, not just a Colonel of a division.

    1. Colonels typically command brigades, not divisions… Anyway, suggest we allow Kyle to approach the season as he sees fit rather than eviscerate him. I think he’s a bit more schooled in this arena than you.

      1. Well, let’s not hope it is another Charge of the Light Brigade.

        Do not worry, Lynch and KS will take criticism with aplomb, and not go all emo like your daddy.

  21. Aaron Lynch may have a broad enough frame to eat his way up to 300 and become a DT. Given his lack of discipline, that might be a more reasonable demand to put on him than to get down to 265.


    1. The majority of his career has been ‘great talent, lazy-underachiever with character issues.’ And shows up like this… And plays like Grant described…

      Honestly, I think he’s dug himself into a huge hole and I have serious doubts that he makes the team. And, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just cut him to send a message. I know I would.

  22. Wow, really impressive. One half speed with no pads….let’s get excited! And the new coach has a variant coaching style with the offense. Do any of you have a job that doesn’t require digital communication? Do any of you have a job or do you pick the low-hanging fruit of the sanctuary you live in? Wash your underwear for once and move out your parents’ home.

    1. Back off. Go crawl back under your rock.

      Here is one poster who likes what Grant writes, and since, as a media person, he has access to the sanctum, I kinda like what he brings .

      When Grant writes, I feel like I am standing next to him, and he gets the the heart of the matter. One sentence from Grant is worth more than a page long blog from some of the other media types.

      Attacking Lowell through Grant is low brow, and says a lot about you.

        1. Just waiting on the draft. Hope Lynch puts on his Trader Bill Hat.

          The good thing about the internet, there can be multiple conversations going on at once. I expect a bidding war.

          I truly think he will be shrewd and creative, and manage to move back twice.

            1. Prime, you are trying too hard.

              One is enough for me, and there are no imitators. I consider myself unique and one of a kind.

              Multiple accounts is a troll tactic, and since I detest trolls I will not deign to stoop to their level.

    1. If we followed Purdy’s logic, we’d have never drafted Montana who was a 3rd stringer as a Junior behind the very forgettable Rusty Lisch and Gary Forystek and only had 16 starts and 515 passes (fewer than Trubisky) in his college career.

      Further, Purdy is ignorant of why Trubisky sat on the bench. He just takes a fact and creates a false narrative. Williams was a record setting UNC QB with more than 20 UNC records. Williams was also one of the 20-best ACC QBs (#14) in ACC history, a history that dates back to 1956.

      So, despite Purdy’s dishonest reasoning, Trubisky wasn’t a marginal talent who couldn’t beat out a scrub. He was a top-talent behind a college stud whose over-all game was outstanding for college, but terrible for the NFL.

      And that he didn’t start. Lets face it, how many college coaches are going to bench a stud-junior QB (who took the starting job as a Sophomore and took UNC to a bowl game) for an unproven freshman? Zero is the most likely answer. And, of course, the same goes for the relatively inexperienced Sophomore taking over for the record-setting-stud Senior who has now lead UNC to two bowl games and damn well nearly upset Clemson for the ACC title..

  23. Final Final Final Mock 6.0
    No Trade back. Cleveland’s owner will have the final say in that dysfunctional organization and they will draft Mitch Trubiski with their #1 draft pick. The Niners strategy will have worked perfect as they get who they coveted all along, and if Cleveland gains some sanity, they’ll take their second choice, Solomon Thomas. Win Win for the Niners.

    Ro. #

    1. #2 Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A+M (Thomas if Cleveland comes to their senses!)
    2. #34 Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
    3. #66 Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
    4. #109 D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
    4. #143 Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami (FL)
    5. #146 Jehu Chesson, WR, Michigan
    5. #161 Sean Harlow, OG, Oregon St.
    6. #186 Isaac Rochell, DT, Notre Dame
    6. #202 Jayon Brown, ILB, UCLA
    7. #219 Vince Beigel, EDGE, Wisconsin

    1. Niners traded back from 186 to 198 for Zuttah. Rochell was rated 294 on the CBS draft board, so he may be a good UDFA candidate.

      Biegel was rated at 135, so he may be gone before the 7th round.

      Otherwise, good mock. I like Melifonwu, Foreman and Kaaya.

      Getting Garrett would be huge.

  24. I like Shanny his approach its day and night different than our last 2 wannabees.
    I really hope that the Browns pass on Garrett than we definitely take him and is there a big chance we take a QB with our 2nd pick.

  25. That’s the CBS draft board Seb. My picks are from the Drafttek board. My picks are all within 5 of their ratings. Biegel (216), Rochell (191). Your right on the 186 to 198. My bad. I’ll swap Rochell for D.J. Jones, DL, Ole Miss at #198. He’s rated at 196 on the Drafttek board.’ Let’s hope Cleveland lives up to their reputation. I will concede that a trade back is definitely in play as they do need mucho players but I’ll leave all those complicated scenarios to all you guys! It will be interesting. Always is!

    1. Very nice. I think DJ Jones is a good alternative, and think your mock is strong.

      I used to use Draftek, but they seem to leave players in illogical spots.

      Draftek had Derek Rivers at 146, and CBS had him at 85. Some mocks had him even going in the second round.

  26. Yes Robber I looked at that. DeShon Kizer is rated 38 on the drafttek board. I could see them possibly taking him at 34. CBS has him at 34 and Mahomes 35. Big difference in the boards as Seb was saying. Who ranks the boards? ;) All’s I can say is lets have a great day tomorrow! RU watching the Giants? Arroyo first HR, two run shot, and now Morse hits a pinch hit tying HR! Wow, they can score runs! ))

  27. ‘Twas the Night Before Draftmas. NFL Santa descended down the chimney and got me a ticket to Levi’s Draft Party tomorrow starting at 3:30 pm. Levi’s only two miles from my work and I should be able to sneak away :) Anyone else going?

    1. Browns called teams today to see if anyone wants to move up to their 12th pick from the back of the draft. They are locked in at one. – Michael Lombardi

      Which could mean something, but likely means nothing. If I were looking to trade 12 up, I’d take inquiries on trading 12 back to get a better idea of the total value of pick 12.

      Still 99% they take Garrett at 1.

  28. Critiquing coaching style based on where he spent his time in practice? At least he was on the field working, not yukking it up on the sideline with the kicker. I mean, fer F’s sake, the kicker?

  29. I disagree about the handling of the offense by Kyle. Screw Jim, we both know that under Harbaugh, our passing game was lacking. Why do we want to repeat that. Kyle was hired not just to bring the offense back but make the passing game respectable if not prolific. As for Running backs, he has one of the best running backs coach, why should he need to but into his business, he trusts him. I remember videos handling the offense the same way. He would stop and talk to the QBs and wr to tell them how and why they should run this way, talk to the QB. He would trust his O-line to Bob M. and the Defense to his coaches, only when installing the whole game plan for gameday would he put in his p’s and q’s. However this is training camp.

        1. Gosh, I guess you are saying that KS thinks he is just as good as Bill Walsh.

          Bill Bellichick does not think he is better than Bill Walsh, because he employs an OC.

          He also won the last SB.

          1. Forget it Shoup! The king of hyperbole and exaggeration is here! Only he can make pronouncements with authority! ;)

          2. Seb, and why should Bellichick have an OC? Don’t you know Bellichick was an OC before he was hired as HC. Oh he wasn’t?

            1. Bellichick does have an OC. Josh McDaniels. Remember, the guy who turned down the Niner job? He would rather help win a SB.

              Sure wish the Niners could have obtained him. Sounds like he is the type of coach the Niners need. Bet he was the Niners first choice.

              1. No, I hate Baalke. Sure am glad that sociopath was sacked.

                KS is a young rookie HC, and needs all the constructive criticism he can get so he does not make too many mistakes.

              2. Wow- Belichick needs an OC, hmmm….wonder why?

                Let’s vote on Seb’s true identity:

                1) Grant Cohn (Grant certainly has the wits to troll his crowd like this)

                2) middle aged male with persecution complex and possibly other disorders.

                3) late teenage male with persecution complex and ego bruising due to bullying

          3. Nope. Not at all… I’m saying it’s not a new concept.
            And the Bill Bellichik statement doesn’t make any sense as he was always a defensive coach. Him going without an OC would be like Walsh going without a DC. Oh and as a point of order Bellichik went without a defensive coordinator for a few years as well.
            Like I said… it’s not that new.
            Shanahan runs his own offense and wants to be directly in charge of it. What’s the point of the superficial title of OC when the head coach is calling the plays? I know it happens (see Mike Shanahan, Mike McCarthy, and even Chip Kelly) but the OC then is just a title and the position can largely because filled by another Assistant, so there is no need to overreact to this.

  30. This may just cement that I am crazy but I am going way out on a limb that the team will be improved but not that improved so they could go qb high next year but Kyle Shannon likes # 1 wr, so I am only mocking 4 rounds, every one says d, heavy I say o heavy for the most part:
    #1. Wr Corey Davis
    #2. Lb T.J. Watt
    #3 qb peterman
    #4 RB Jamal williams

    1. I have my doubts, at this point in time, that Watt gets out of the first round. I would love to take him at that spot. But I think he’ll be long gone.

      1. Thanks hightop, I am sure some think I should be committed to “the hall” with these protections! We can hope!

  31. Why are so many people saying Lynch will be fine?

    This is not your grandpa’s NFL. Players are not expected to get in shape in training camp any more, they are expected to come into camp in shape. Lynch has routinely come into camp out of shape and was blasted by the team trainer of collegiate team. All of this speaks to the fact that he is a lazy, and has low football character.
    Its truly sad because athletically he is superior to most in the NFL but he has no drive… He is the type of player good teams cut.

    1. He’s behind Blair on the depth chart at LEO. Armstead, from how I read Barrows article, would be #1 at LEO but he’s injured so he’s not on the depth chart.

      1. Exactly…
        Talent wise he should not be behind anyone on our roster.
        he was 6’5” 250lb olb with huge wingspan and a 4.65 40. The most impressive part being his 10 yard split.

        Take a look at the weaknesses on his draft profile…
        “Classic underachiever. Questionable effort, motor and desire. Leaves production on the field. Does not play with passion and lacks urgency. Goes through the motions. Is not a strong or creative rusher and does not create plays. Lacks concentration and focus. Will require maintenance.”

        This is exactly why I don’t think he has a long future on a team trying to change its culture.

    2. This isn’t training camp, that doesn’t start til August. These are voluntary.

      A guy in his mid 20s can drop 15 lbs of fat in a months time.

  32. Bee-rows put the depth chart in his coverage:

    LDE: Tank Carradine, Zach Moore
    NT: Earl Mitchell, Mike Purcell
    DT: DeForest Buckner, Quinton Dial, Chris Jones
    RDE (Leo): Ronald Blair, Aaron Lynch
    SLB: Ahmad Brooks, Dekoda Watson
    MLB: NaVorro Bowman, Brock Coyle
    WLB: Malcolm Smith, Ray-Ray Armstrong
    FS: Jimmie Ward, Vinnie Sunseri
    SS: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt
    CB: Rashard Robinson, Will Redmond
    CB: Dontae Johnson, Prince Charles Iworah
    NCB: K’Waun Williams

    Armstead’s not on the chart because he couldn’t practice but, according to Bee-Rows, he’s 1st team at LEO. That makes Lynch 3rd string at LEO.

    Harold is not in the chart either because he’s recovering from a toe injury. He’d have been at SAM.

    Blair, a bit of a forgotten man, got some props by Maiocco. He even pulled down a ‘non-contact’ sack.

  33. Merry Draftmas Faithful!

    Here comes Shanny Lynch, here comes Shanny Lynch,
    Right down 4949 Way
    Kyle and John and all their scouts
    Stackin’ all the names
    Phones are ringin’, GM’s singin’
    All is merry and bright
    Hang your mockings and say your prayers
    ‘Cause Shanny Lynch comes tonight!

    Here comes Shanny Lynch, here comes Shanny Lynch,
    Right down 4949 Way
    He’s got a board that’s filled with players
    That will give us hope again
    Hear those phones ring jingle jangle,
    Oh, that trade seems right
    So jump in bed and cover your head
    ‘Cause the NFL drafts tonight!

  34. Wow Grant trying to stir stuff up again to fit one of his upcoming narratives.

    Cam Inman posted video of Buckner and Lynch doing a quick feet drill against each other. In no way did Lynch look fat and out of shape. He looked slimmer and smoked Buckner in the drill. Looked the opposite of fat and out of shape.

        1. Since I was not there, I am relying on Grant’s observations.

          If he said that Lynch had a big gut and looked winded after plays, it does not sound like Grant is making things up out of thin air.

          1. From Cam Inman… The key player will be their “Leo” pass rusher, where leading candidate Aaron Lynch looked in shape and alternated with Carradine, Blair and Zach Moore. Eli Harold (toe) is rehabbing.

              1. Well then, there’s hope for you yet. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s take on the 9ers 2017 season this coming January.

              2. You don’t need to rely on Grant’s off base observations. Barrows and Inman posted video of Lynch and he was not fat with a big gut and out of shape.

    1. I must admit, I’m confused by conflicting reports on Aaron Lynch. I’ve heard from one person that Lynch clearly looks to be in better shape than was when he come into last season.

      Also, this from beat writer CAM INMAN: “The key player will be their “Leo” pass rusher, where leading candidate Aaron Lynch looked IN SHAPE and alternated with Carradine, Blair and Zach Moore.”

      I’m also told Armstead, once he’s healthy, will be getting plenty of work at the “LEO” spot.

      1. I’ve also got a stronger sense than ever that JAMAL ADAMS will be the pick if the 49ers fail to get an acceptable offer to trade back.

      1. Maybe the Niners should make a bold move, and offer their first and 4th round picks to switch places with the Browns.

        Sounds like Garrett does not want to go to Cleveland, and San Francisco has mild winters.

  35. I’m excited about tonight, but I do miss the old Saturday Sunday format. I enjoyed the two days with multiple rounds & complete vegitation.

    1. I miss the old ‘middle of the week’ format. All the show BS wasn’t there. And when you got off work, you could rewind the extra-long-play VCR tape and fast forward to the 49er picks.

      It was great. Everything I cared about was taken in care of in 15-minutes worth of rewind and an another 15 minutes of Mel Kiper’s Talking Hair Show.

  36. 10 things Lynch should do.

    Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 team that needs more bodies.

    Be aggressive. leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back from 34.

    Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely ever come back 100%, and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.

    Avoid the red flag players. If Lynch wants to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board.

    Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players too small or too slow.

    If there is a player the Niners covet, and he might be taken just before they pick, spend an additional later round pick to move up. It will be worth it to get the player who they want and can be a good fit for the team.

    Make available every non starter as trade bait. Bundle players and picks to move up, if possible. Bundle players to make deals more feasible.

    Do not make desperation deals. Do not allow teams to take advantage of the situation. Only make fair deals, that both teams can profit from.

    Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 second or third round picks.

    Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun.

    1. I’m sure your 10 point approach is completely foreign to Lynch, so I hope he has the capacity to soak all that in before tonight. Let’s fly a banner over 9ers HQ today demanding Lynch and Shanahan read every one of your posts made over the last two months.

      Your advice is like lecturing a Navy diving expert to be sure to breath when he/she is under water…

      1. “…..every one of your posts made over the last two months.”
        Lawdy, there isn’t remotely enough time for that. There are only 9 hours left!

        1. Be sure to writ your pick on a paper and carry it to the front. You forgot that important fact too. May want to call the front office.

            1. Only if Seb reminds him in a post don’t you know….Unfortunately, Shanahan is clueless as he has no OC to let him know what is going on….

              1. Reading comprehension is very important Seb. Nuance was always a challenge for you! Perhaps why you have always missed irony.

              2. East, you are trying too hard, and I returned your scorn with sarcasm.

                Remember, reading is fundamental.

              3. It is for all of us. You should try it sometime.

                Scorn would imply I think much of what you write. I don’t.

                I enjoy watching you chase windmills old man. I watch you as I watch a child about to fall…

        2. BT, Lynch himself has said that he is considering every option.

          Sure am glad that we finally have a competent GM.

  37. Draft Morning Metaphor Melange:
    > Mission Commander Lynch and Pilot Shanahan are flying the space shuttle in an intricate orbital docking maneuver with the space station.

    > Seb is the kid with the one-cylinder gas powered “line controlled” model airplane flying around and around and around him in his backyard.

        1. Cassie, I am hopeful, because your daddy is no longer the GM.

          Baalke destroyed the Niners with his incomprehensible drafts, that flamed out spectacularly. He even whiffed on an entire draft class.

          Maybe my best suggestion would have been- Do the exact opposite of what Baalke would have done.

        2. Excellent post since the younger guys prolly didn’t know wth I was writing about. If you watch and listen to the whole three minutes you kind of get that Sebative Manifesto experience.

          1. It is much better than those Vietnam vets who went through hell and thought they won the war, only to find out they accomplished exactly nothing.

            Wonder who am I referring to.

  38. Rashard Robinson could be the best young CB in the NFL. He’s got the speed, length & cover ability to run with the best. The only physical negative I remember with Rashard is he came in at 171 lbs & needed to add some muscle to compete with the bigger receivers. If the 49ers take Adams at #2 they could be well on the way to establishing a defensive backfield similar to the Seahawks of 2015. Adams is the smarter choice because he comes with a clean bill of health & no excess off field baggage. Adams isn’t afraid to punish receivers who feel the 49ers are still soft in the middle & will mix it up with anyone. I would like to see the 49ers trade down for upcoming or future considerations but if they’re stuck at #2 I say go safety over pass rusher. Both Armstead( if healthy) & Buckner should be ready to blossom now that both have a few NFL games under their belts.

  39. If Lynch was a true gambler he would draft Trubisky with the #2 pick without a deal in place and then spend the next 15 to 30 mins fielding trade offers. By taking Trubisky off the board for real not just a threat he might up his trade value. If he can’t pull off a trade the 9ers end up with the best QB in the draft who could sit behind Hoyer for a year or two and make at least one poster here very happy.

    1. Not me, I hope the Niners can leverage Trubisky into several more picks, especially with Cousins waiting in the wings.

        1. Niners will roll with Hoyer and Barkley, with a remote possibility of Kaep returning since Brandon Marshall seems to think he is getting blackballed by the other teams.

          Next season, there will be at least 6 QBs who may become franchise QBs, so maybe the best strategy would be to be patient, and wait until next season.

        1. Good question. Since the Bears and Jags are also looking at QBs, Cleveland should use their bevy of picks to move up so they can get Trubisky, who Haslam covets. If Cleveland wants to risk missing out on Trubisky, they probably will.

          I would like pick numbers 12, 33, 52 and a first round 2018 pick, but hope the Niners settle for 12, 52, 65 and a 2018 second round pick, so the deal could be consummated.

          Niners may also draft Fournett, and ask for bids.

            1. Browns would rue the day they ever obtained me. I do not suffer fools gladly.

              They might pull an Osweiler and pay other teams a second round pick to take me off their hands.

              Just kidding. You really need to be more concise.

              I am hoping the Niners could get at least 6 picks in the first 3 rounds.

  40. Poor Seb. You have become the narcissistic rug at the threshold of this blog, imagining yourself to be its ingenious soothsayer. How did you ever think yourself into such a caricature of ridicule? Is attention at any cost actually worth that much to you? You are really a self-indulgent barrel of monkeys.

    1. GnomoD, you and the peanut gallery are the ones who are looking foolish. Getting upset about a blog post just shows how intellectually shallow and mentally lightweight you all seem to be.

      Get over it. Grow up.

  41. I will be happy if any of the following are selected at 2. I do favor a trade back.

    Garrett, who knows
    Adams, is his style to rough for the NFL?
    Hooker, need a turnover, he is the man
    Thomas, need a sack, he is the man
    Foster, the best LB out there
    Fournette, he can run the ball for sure, 4th and 1 need that first down/td?
    McCraffey, the best playmaker out there.

    In past years most of these guys would be considered a reach. I could give a **** about reaching just want this pick to immediately help this team and I think any of these guys can.

    1. Agreed. Even if we miss on a greater talent but get a great player I will be happy. At this point we need a solid 10 year starter we can depend on Ala Joe Staley.

  42. This draft–and blog–are bringing out the best in us. Good thing we’re not all squeezed into a small spacecraft heading to Mars; having to rely on each other in life or death situations…

        1. Returning from the moon with its light gravity will seem like childs’ play compared to sending enough fuel to escape the planet Mars’ gravity, and that is assuming they can land all that fuel without blowing up.

      1. Lynch is the same size he was at the end of last season when he said he weighed 290. By far the biggest edge player on the field.

      1. I ignore both because of the incessant hype of all the prospects. It’ll be Round 7 and some guy who’ll be lucky to finish his second cup of coffee will get such love you’d think he’s the next coming of Joe Montana or some other great.

        Never do they say: This guy will be lucky to be a career special teamer. Even though that’s his likely ceiling.

      2. +1 Razor. Sound up on ESPN so we can breathe a sigh of relief whenever Riddick speaks. Do you think we will hear some sour grapes from Riddick tonight?

        1. Riddick will take a cheap shot between the 49ers fourth and fifth rib. That’s where he usually goes. I expect he’ll put a twist at the end just to make sure;>)

  43. There is no problem with the guy working with the group he knows best. Thats why you have position coaches. Hes a passing game guy and lets his lieutenants run their show.

    Thats a sign of a great leader.

    And 15lbs in 5 months is nothing. Guys can drop 15 lbs in A MONTH, especially if its just added fat, get him on a high protein/low carb diet and he’ll drop 10 lbs by this time next month, all from that guy.

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