If you were Alex Smith, what would you do?

What would you do if you were Alex Smith right now?

The Niners betrayed you, and they still won’t budge from their low-ball offer, it seems.

But you can’t get a better deal from another team in free agency. You’re out of luck.

Do you:

1. Rationalize the Peyton Manning Saga as “business” and accept the Niners three-year deal, and move on professionally.

2. Refuse to return to the Niners on principle. You are a man of integrity – you’ve demonstrated that your whole career. The Niners front office has not acted with integrity towards you this offseason. Find a team that will. I’m wealthy – it’s not about money. It’s about integrity.

If I were Smith, I’d go with option No. 2.

What would you do?

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