Jaguars offer opportunity for 49ers to test-drive a few options

Here is my Thursday column on the 49ers’ upcoming game against the awful Jaguars.

Beating the Jaguars is way down the list of important things the 49ers must accomplish this weekend. Beating the Jaguars isn’t even top-three. Beating the Jaguars is expected. Everyone beats the Jaguars. The Jaguars are the worst.

The 49ers should treat this game like an exhibition or a scrimmage. There is no way the 49ers lose to the Jaguars. If the 49ers show up, they win. And they’re already in London, so they already have a 10-point lead.

This game is an opportunity for the 49ers to work on a few specific weaknesses and improve for the second-half of the season. The 49ers have issues on offense and defense and special teams.

On offense, the 49ers must refrain from handing the ball off to Frank Gore over and over again, although they could win that way. They’ve been winning that way recently. Gore has carried the ball 86 times the past four games, more carries than he’s had in any four-game stretch since Jim Harbaugh became the 49ers’ head coach in 2011. Gore is taking a ton of contact, especially considering how much he blocks.

That trend needs to end. The 49ers need Gore fresh for the playoffs. It’s important for him to rush 25 times against their first playoff opponent, not the Jaguars. The 49ers shouldn’t wear Gore down like they did two seasons ago – Gore carried the ball 159 times the first eight games of 2011 and then averaged just 3.5 yards per carry after that.

The 49ers should give Gore the week off. Why not? The Jaguars have the worst run-defense in the league. They can’t hold their ground against the 49ers’ elite offensive line.

The 49ers should give the ball to Kendall Hunter. The Niners need Hunter. They have run the ball on 62 percent of their plays the past three games, and Gore has gotten most of those carries. The 49ers need a No.2 running back to share the load with their 30-year-old No.1 running back.

Last season, Hunter averaged more than 5 yards per carry before he tore his Achilles’ tendon. This season, he’s averaging less than 4 yards per carry and just five carries per game. The 49ers should give him 30 carries against the Jaguars. Build the young running back’s confidence.

Build Kyle Williams’ confidence, too. He’s the No. 2 receiver and Colin Kaepernick has thrown him only four passes the past four games.

Two weeks ago against the Cardinals, Kaepernick threw to Williams for the first time in the fourth quarter. It was third-and-7 and the 49ers were backed up in their own territory. If Williams had dropped the pass, the 49ers might have lost. But he caught it and the 49ers won.

Last week against the Titans, Williams again had to wait until the fourth quarter for his first pass, a deep one down the left sideline. It was high and he jumped and dropped it.

To use a basketball metaphor, it’s like the 49ers are freezing out their starting two-guard the whole game and then asking him to hit the game-winning shot at the end.

This Sunday, the 49ers should get the ball in Williams’ hands in the first quarter, get him some layups. He’ll be facing one of the worst cornerbacks in the NFL, Alan Ball, who has zero ball sense.

When this game turns into a blowout, Harbaugh should take out Kaepernick and insert Colt McCoy because if Kaepernick gets injured in a blowout against the Jaguars, Harbaugh should fire himself. And McCoy could use game-speed experience, even if it’s against the Jaguars.

Besides all of that, the 49ers can do whatever they want on offense. Go crazy.

On special teams, the 49ers need to find someone who is a threat in the return game. The 49ers haven’t had any long returns this season. Long returns mean the offense has to get fewer first downs to score.

On defense, there is one thing the 49ers need to fix on Sunday, their run defense. It’s been third-worst in the league the past three games, giving up almost five yards per carry. That’s because the 49ers are banged up right down the middle of their front-seven, the strength of their defense: Justin Smith has an injured shoulder, Ray McDonald has an injured bicep, Glenn Dorsey has an injured hamstring, Patrick Willis has an injured groin, NaVorro Bowman has an injured wrist and Aldon Smith, well, you know.

Once it’s a blowout, the 49ers’ should sit the injured defensive players, or just sit them the whole game. Let the backups play. The backups can beat the Jaguars.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. I think it’s unfair to think we are going to blow out the Jags when 2 weeks, the Peyton Broncos went into Florida had a tough time… and two weeks ago the Broncos were going to be 16-0. the 49ers will have a tough time with Blackmon like every other team but if they do have a 12- 17 point lead at ne time. I would love to see Hunter leading the 49ers to a 9 minute drive. I cannot stand for another Josh Morgan incident in garbage time especially the week before the bi.

      1. Completely agree with both of you.

        The 49ers cannot afford to take ANYBODY lightly regardless of what Jr. says. This is the NFL where if you don’t come into a game with your head on straight it will be handed to you on a Silver Platter.

        You know…

        The way Jr. talks he should be a GM/HC for the next vacant NFL job that comes up after this season.

    1. As usual, another dumb take by junior. That is a great strategy to get beat by a lesser team. In the NFL any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday. I’m 100% sure JH is not treating this like a preseason game. If any thing this is a game to try some new wrinkles in the passing game, build confidence, and blow them out 48-3 like an elite team should do. Once the game is out of hand then maybe sub in a few guys but don’t take any team lightly.

  2. The Jags are terrible, but they aren’t going to roll over and play dead! Coaches and players are still playing for their livelihoods, even if they’re 0-7. If anything, the Niners are going to see the Jags best as this is “their Super Bowl”. They are going to go harder on sunday than anytime this season. For the Niners to sit starters and take them as chumps is a recipe for defeat. The most dangerous teams are the ones with nothing to lose, while the Niners have plenty.. if they don’t take the Jags seriously, it could cost them the division.

  3. I think you’re making this game sound easier than it is. Yes, they’re 0-7, but they’re still an NFL team. I’m sure the Broncos figured it was going to be a cake walk also, but it wasn’t – was it? You can’t take any team lightly in this league, no matter who it is. You say that Harbaugh should be fired if CK gets hurt this game. On the flip side, I think Harbaugh should be fired if he does what YOU suggest, and we end up losing a game that we should’ve won.

    Gore doesn’t need to take this week off – he has next week off with the bye.

    Doing what you suggest could actually hurt their confidence more than what it already is. What happens if we try to start feeding Kyle Williams or Jon Baldwin the ball for the sake of “building their confidence” and then Kap has a couple INTs from forcing the ball to them? Or we go 3-12 when targeting those WRs? That’s not helping anyone’s confidence. Look at his QB rating when throwing their way – it’s not good. No benefit in forcing the issue, outside of the game plan.

    This is the time to keep the moment going and build our confidence even further, heading into the bye week. Not start experimenting with Colt McCoy, Kyle Williams, and Kendall Hunter. I want to give Kyle and Hunter more touches as well, but within the scope of the game plan. Maybe couple more touches for each of them would be good. I wouldn’t mind seeing LMJ in there with some read-option plays though.

    1. I agree with you on this. I wouldn’t force feed anyone. I believe the extra effort that was put into forcing the ball to AJ inorder get confidence up hurt the teams evaluation of the other wr’s who didn’t get enough playing time with the first team during the preseason. When McCoy forced the ball to him ( which I think he was instructed to do ) it led to interceptions. AJ was a waste of reps and playing time that could have gone elsewhere. I do think that playing Hunter is not a bad idea. He is productive enough that it wouldn’t hurt the team.

  4. Grant sez :
    “…Build Kyle Williams’ confidence, too. He’s the No. 2 receiver and Colin Kaepernick has thrown him only four passes the past four games. …”

    Grant, dunno if you’re old enough to remember
    Wendell Tyler …but when he played for the Niners ..
    every time he touched the ball … my heart was in my throat !

    With Tyler … he either gave you 11 yds … or ..
    he put the ball on the ground …

    Now … every time Kyle touches the ball …
    I have a “deja-vu” kinda feeling …

    Don’t know why ..

      1. It was poetry because the way Walsh had the team deal with Tyler fumbelitis was to have every player on offense look for an inevitable loose ball and fall on it. For example after Roger would throw a block he would look for that likely loose ball. It worked pretty well.

      2. >>It worked real well against Marino and the Dolphins…

        Yup. And that combo (along with Guy McIntyre) worked real well against the ’84 Bears. Who would field one of, if not the best, defenses in the history of the league the following season.

  5. Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim. Have you ever encountered a wild animal that has been hunted and cornered? Very dangerous. The key is to be aggressive early and often, and Vic needs to blitz early and often to force those INT’s. Once you have destroyed any hope, then and only then do you implement your plan of resting the starters. I’d also like to see Cox get an opportunity to return punts and James on kickoffs. Trade Williams, I’ve seen enough.

      1. CG you mentioned Ginn…he has been looking pretty good all year and is on pace to catch 45 balls and rack up 800+ yards. Plus as we know he’s a solid returner. So why did we keep KW over TG? Ginn is performing way better than anyone we have outside of Boldin & VD.

      2. He hardly looks like the same guy. I couldn’t wait for him to go. Looks like the change of scenery has done him good.

        Good for him, but I wish he could have done it here.

  6. Good article, but I have to disagree.

    You don’t take your best players out of any game. You play with the guys that have gotten you there.

    You play to your strengths. Kyle Williams is not a strength, he is a tampon trying to stop the bleeding. A stop gap.

    I agree with building the youngsters’ confidence, but only if the game is out of hand.

    1. “Kyle Williams is not a strength, he is a tampon trying to stop the bleeding”. “A stop gap”.

      I laughed out loud after reading that. Thank you….

  7. excellent point about resting Gore (as much as possible), but I wince at the continued use of the term “blowout” – the Jags are an NFL team, and aside from the old adage, athletes who are good enough to be on the field are never to be taken for granted, and pride alone (much less luck) can turn an expected walk-thru into a meat grinder. they arent flying all that way to lay down.

  8. I hope the caoches and players aren’t taking this game so lightly. That’s how you end up losing a game you should win handily. If the 49ers get out to a nice lead early, then sure, they can start to look to rest some of the older players like Gore, and get some other players involved. But until then, they should be playing this game like any other.

      1. Maybe, but not necessarily. There are other tiebreakers that come in before strength of schedule.

        Division record, record against common opponents, and Conference record are all before strength of victory (combined record of defeated opponents) and strength of schedule (combined record of all opponents).

        In the simplest example (we win the rest of our games, they lose only to us), it’s a tie at 14-2, and we likely win due to strength of victory due to our non-common opponents, as Green Bay/Washington most likely end up winning more games than Minnesota/NYG.

        But if it’s a 13-3 tie, it all depends on who that third loss is to; if we lose to Arizona and they lose to New Orleans, for example, they’d take it.

    1. Ok Grant ..
      when the chips are down ..
      who would you rather have as your QB …

      Kaep ? …

      Or the President of “Chokers Annon” ?

    2. Huh?

      If the Niners win out, the Niners win the NFCW… And winning out is very possible… Niners own N.O. and Seattle will be beat in SF.

      Niners are destined for a Wild Card much like Frank Gore is ‘done’. How did that bold claim turn out?

      1. Gore is running very well right now, however I would want to wait towards the latter half of the season to see if he can sustain the effort. He ran well last year but started to taper off towards the end of the season until he had that rest at the end of the season and the playoff bye. That’s what decides if a player is getting too old. He needs to share more carries with Hunter or he will get worn down like last year once Hunter was injured.

    3. What???? I thought the Cowboys were destined to have the best record in the league. What are they doing playing on wildcard weekend?

    4. Right…..

      And I want to win the Lotto!

      Making a statement like that & the season not even half way done makes you look…well….Dumb.

    5. Grant, I wonder if the wildgame would do the 49ers some good. It keeps us playing and keeps our momentum going. I would love to play Dallas in Dallas. Beat J. Jones in his castle in one the biggest hyped games that would be played that year.

  9. Carolina looks pretty good! Man we still have some tough teams to beat after the next week! Panthers, Saints, Redskins, Seahawks and Falcons and ending the season in Az. I really think Carolina will be in the mix and Falcons are very talented and their record does not represent the talent they have on their team. Go Niners

    1. We should beat all those teams with the toughest one being Seattle but we owe some them payback so lets run the table and take the division!

    1. That said I would like to see a little experimentation with play calling. This game maybe a good opportunity to work in other players and new plays.
      I would like to see a formation that makes use of LMJ. I would like to see the Niner offense stretch the field laterally when the opposing defense tightens up the box. A formation with Gore and LMJ offers a double threat of either a punch in the teeth or a punch in the ear. And you still have a pass threat if the opposing D pulls a safety into the box. I’m thinking an I formation or possibly a diamond or wishbone.

    2. I am also bothered by this toggle between gun under center/pocket formations and gun formations. Certain defenses have learned to read and set up for this telegraphing by formation. See Ravens in SB.
      I think that there is an offense hybrid formation that allows for disguising as to intent. Can the pistol be shortened for a step up into the pocket? Then a hand off to Gore in his comfort zone.

      I am greedy and idealistic; I want one formation for everything to keep the opposing D constantly guessing. And I want all my options on the table always there and available, run up the middle, run outside the numbers and short and deep throws. Everything always and at complete surprise.
      Now that is fantasy football.

  10. I was going to say nice to see you contribute a new topic since the 394 hits you got off of 4 guys fighting with each other. Then I read what you wrote and I think I prefer reading the 4 guys fighting with themselves…

  11. your completely right here grant we need to start getting our talents that been sitting all year ready for playoffs. but iv been watching every single niner game since 2010. i havent missed a game by this staff. this sunday no matter what the score is every single starter will play every single snap except late in the 4th when goodwin will be replaced by kilgore. this staff balances their incredible knowledge in alot of places with great lack of common sense in others.

  12. I don’t agree too much that we should take the Jag’s lightly as you mention. Like another person mentioned they still are an NFL caliber team and that should never be overlooked. If Anything if there’s a player who’s confidence we should build up, it’s Jon Baldwin.

    btw I found the “they’re already in London, so they already have a 10-point lead.” pretty funny lol.

  13. No. Winning is always priority #1. You can never, ever take that for granted in the NFL.

    Now that said, yes, it would be nice to get some other players more involved. I hope the coaching staff is planning ways to do exactly that, early and often. If it is a blowout (and I would never feel comfortable assuming it will be) in the 4th and every possession is three handoffs to Gore, then yeah, that is a tragically wasted opportunity.

    But before we worry about garbage time snaps, we gotta take care of business first.

  14. What ever happened to freddy p soft??? Oh wait grant cohn must have kidnapped him and learned his secrets. Media at their best giving the enemy fuel for their fire

    1. No worries, guys…this is what a JOURNALISM major thinks. The football guys -including Harbaugh, the staff and 49er players- understand what one fairly well-known football guy once said:
      “Winning isn’t everything…it’s the ONLY thing.”

  15. Cowgirls hosting the Niners as wildcard is as likely as G ayareafanatic and his cabana boy Jordo the welcher admitting A Smith didn’t sign their trading cards and dimissed them as fair weather fans. Now they hope to sniff CK’s jock and cannot acknowledge any faults in their obesssion with CK. Niners host the Seachickens in December the quest for six is on!

  16. I don’t have a man crush on CK nor do I have a boyfriend to defend on the blog or a boyfriend that white knights me everytime I get called for welching or not having facts

  17. “The 49ers should treat this game like an exhibition or a scrimmage. There is no way the 49ers lose to the Jaguars. If the 49ers show up, they win. And they’re already in London, so they already have a 10-point lead.”

    I hope the Niner’s don’t have this attitude as that
    could set up a trap game for sure. I know they will
    beat them, but they should never just expect to
    roll over a team. Play light’s out guy’s !

  18. Grant respectfully i disagree with your suggestions! This is the NFL and i hope to god our players do not believe they are going to dominate the Jags and take this game very seriously. We can not afford to sit Frank on the side line and use our back ups. This is a game we must WIN so the team has to show up to play football.

  19. Once again your inflammatory remarks provoke the barrage of blog hits you’re looking for. It’s like the National Enquirer. Readers gobble up air and think they’ve learned something. Do you ever get embarrassed that real reporters are writing real stories and providing real analysis. Would this article garner anything but contempt from Justin Smith or Frank Gore? All that being said, you’re right about one thing. 9ers need to show some offensive wrinkles, to get defensive coordinators to stop being so smug about stacking the box. McD posting up on a CB sounds good to me. I’ve always hungered for LMJ isolated on a LB. to hell with his pass blocking

  20. “Beating the Jaguars is expected. Everyone beats the Jaguars. The Jaguars are the worst.”

    I hope you never actually coach a team at any level. Any coach who utters those words is headed for upsets galore. The Jaguars are a professional football team with a roster of very talented men who have pride and passion. They are winless which makes them dangerous. There is no guarantee of a victory against any NFL team and as soon as you want to try to practice some new things in a live game you are doomed for failure. The 1984 49ers, who were the best team in NFL history in my opinion, were 18-1 that year with their lone loss being to the Steelers at home. The Steelers weren’t horrible but they didn’t even make the playoffs that year. The 9ers had the #2 offense and the #1 defense in the league. A win over the Steelers was “expected” but the Steelers showed up and beat the 9ers quite unexpectedly. The 49ers have been on the road for over a week so the routine is different and the time zone is different. There are many things working against the 9ers this week.

    There are no guarantees in this league. Every game requires total preparation, focus, and effort. I think this column is preposterous to anyone who’s been involved in football at any level.

    1. You said it, Houston. I think the similarly under-appreciated Vikings surprised us last year.

      No further comment from me on the ridiculous premise of this article.

      1. I don’t think week 8 is a time to experiment anything. The Jags are still an NFL team with pro players. We are in a dog fight to win the NFC West and pounding the Jags like we would want to pound the Seahawks should be the focus. That means pounding the rock early and demoralize an already fragile team. Get the win and escape with no injuries.

  21. Upset by the Jags? Lose to a winless team in a game far from home? That would be a killing blow. Niners need to have their heads on straight cause it could very easily happen.

    I remember a smaller kid back in high school days who was bullied unmercifully by this one lunk. Until one day he had enough and beat the holy sh*t out of his antagonist. It was brutal, bloody and scary. Niners should remember that every dog has some fight if pushed too hard…

      1. I was among those who said they blew it by letting Cooper go, but Darryl Morris has made me change my tune.

        He has turned into a special teams standout, and T Brock has really stepped up since getting his opportunity.

      2. Jack, I like Morris and Brock too. But keeping BOTH Ventrone and Dahl over a guy like Cooper who has real talent and dedication, and was held back only by a position switch, was a mistake. The other difference with Cooper is that he’s 6’2″ and running well. Plus, he can play special teams. Ventrone and Dahl are street-level pickups who can play special teams but can’t play the run OR pass on defense. To me, a philosophical change is needed in the front office regarding the value placed on coverage-first secondary personnel.

      3. Sully I disagree about trading cam and paryls has not impacted our team! I may be wrong however if we kept paryls he could have helped our defense against the run. PH strength was playing against the run and we could have used him now specially since we struggle against physical running backs.

      4. Sully,

        A few of us have discussed Cooper before and what it comes down to for me is there was no room for him on the 53 man roster. If he had lit it up in preseason or practice to force them to keep him it’s a different story, but he really didn’t stand out that much. The guys like Ventrone and Dahl that you would rather they drop are the reason the coverage teams are among the best in the league right now. ST’s are a big part of the game and you have to have guys like this to be strong in that area.

        As Jack said, Morris has also proved to be a strong ST’s player and developmental CB. A few weeks ago I thought they’d cut him and put him back on the PS to make room for Wright, but I don’t see that happening now with how well he’s done on ST’s.

      5. Maybe Cam’s health issues were part of reason to have been traded for that 7th? Jury is out on him.

        Parys saved a few nickels on cap and was a vet sacrificed for youth. But certainly Parys is missed right now with Aldon out and injuries to line. Lemonair has a way to go before he fills those shoes.

        Cooper was just a big fat mistake and boils down to PS sneak think that never works for a team expected to take next SB. Guaranteed they wish they had a do over on that one.

        Jury is still out on Daniels.

  22. Many posts preceding mine that point out the danger/folly of underestimating an opponent. One of the attractions to me of football is that it requires sell-out, uncompromising commitment; mentally, physically and emotionally. Anything less isn’t really good enough. If a Game Plan is produced that calls for experimentation and/or pitch-count-plans for starters, that plan sets the tone with the players and sets them up to be over- confident and have All that being said, SF could get the ball to their #2 receiver a bit earlier. >SF could stand to get K.Hunter more carries, not just to give Gore a break but to sharpen up Kendal’s game.
    >And SF will need to get more stout in the middle. The Jags are likely to try and run inside on SF; wouldn’t you if you were them?

  23. The 49ers moved their Friday practice to the Saracen Rugby Club. As a Friday Night Lights fan that almost ensures the win.

    1. ninermd says:

      Balkee says he “hopes” Aldon Smith will be back after bye.
      Translation……. He will be back after bye week.

      That’s pretty damn good for baalke and the 49ers. I wonder if the NFL will just sweep all Aldon’ Smith’s troubles under the rug, without penalizing this immature individual? Aldon got a Dui Charges, Felony charges firing guns at his home, drugs and marijuana consumption while driving? Wow! That’s pretty damn good of Aldon’s tactics before he got sentence for his immature acts. He went to rehabilitation, now; they’re saying he’ll be back with the 49ers after bye week? I think Baalke and harbaugh is full of B/S. Nothing personal, but this kid Aldon needs to grow up, and he need to show maturity and be responsible for his acts.

      1. His court dates and nfl suspensions probably won’t happen till next season. And this offseason with him will be very interesting. I wonder if he will get franchised or actually have a contract dispute. His talent is worth a lot of money, his actions off the field subtract heavily from those millions.

      2. Aldon will still have dues to pay (fines – suspension – jail time) when his legal matters are resolved through the court system (like many other NFL players ala M Lynch in Seattle). The fact that he chose to go to rehab to correct the root of his mistakes indicates he wants to get better. He IS in the process of growing up. He is a paid professional athlete and if he is eligible to play and can contribute to the team in a positive way then play him. Get of your self righteous high horse and try rooting for him to succeed with his life’s challenges.

  24. UCLA Bruins offer opportunity for Ducks to test-drive a few options. Go Ducks. Hate to say this Grant but your Bruins are going to lose their second game in a row. The Bruins have zero chance to win this game in Eugene, Oregon. Ineptness on the Bruins will allow the subs for Oregon once again to start playing in mid to late 2nd quarter. The blowout will be so complete that the Bruins will be lucky to be ranked in the top 25.

    1. +1000

      This is where the NFL hopes die for another year for Hundley. It may take him till his Senior season to build the hype back up.

  25. This may be one of the silliest posts i’ve read here. This is the NFL we are talking about, there are no walk overs. Even high school coaches would’nt experiment during games. Players would see through it in about 10 seconds flat and the effort and concentration would go to hell. If a team is bad enough to experiment against they are also going to be too weak to test against. I have heard hundreds of the best college coaches speak at clinics [both football and basketball] and none of them ever suggested you use game time to experiment, thats what practice is for. Regardless what Allan Iverson says.

    1. Old Coach says:

      a team is bad enough to experiment against they are also going to be too weak to test against. I have heard hundreds of the best college coaches speak at clinics [both football and basketball] and none of them ever suggested you use game time to experiment, thats what practice is for. Regardless what Allan Iverson says.

      Maybe if they experiment with the second strings; it might do the 49ers well. If they lose to the lowly jaguars it means that 49ers aren’t that good after all.

    2. Justin Smith shoulder, Dorsey hammy, McDonald bicep tendon, Willis groin muscle, two safeties limping off the field Sunday….

      This defense needs to play few snaps as possible. The way to reduce their workload is for Gore and the gang to chew clock.

      The last thing the banged up defense needs is the 49er offense starting the game with consecutive failed 3-and-outs.

      Get to the bye 6-2, with no new major injuries and a healing defense. I’ll take that,

  26. “Build Kyle Williams’ confidence, too. He’s the No. 2 receiver and Colin Kaepernick has thrown him only four passes the past four games.”

    Nah, when they hit the field for the next game Manningham will be in his spot anyway. Getting more throws toward VMac would be a better idea. His role is still growing.

    Agree on resting Gore if they get up by 2 scores. Get some extra carries for Hunter and Dixon.

    1. Agreed on getting VMac more touches. On college film his hands seemed better going up for the football rather than catching it in stride. I’d like to see that skill used in the red zone this week.

    2. I think it’s been a big mistake not using Dixon more in games. I hope against Seattle they utilize LMJ and Hunter as receivers coming out of the backfield and I hope they run Dixon wide to force the corners to tackle him.
      Be the bully again, but be the smarter bully.

      1. We all beg for passed to LMJ or KH but they’re never coming. Why you don’t utilize those players correctly is beyond me. As for Dixon. He shouldn’t touch the ball, unless it’s a fumble recovery on ST. He’ll continue to be the runner when up 3+ scores.

      2. Bay, MD, Big P, Crabs15

        Go and read a few of Fansince77 posts. I firmly believe that is DS. The writing style. The letter, number combination. That feminine want to be masculine writing style and attitude. Blaming others for chaos when it is really the problem. The hate for Kap. The obsession for Smith, the relationship with prime. More importantly, the lack of football knowledge! That is DS , no doubt.

        Grant, I wish there was a way to know. Grant might know. Welcome back DS.

      3. DS or not, that dude is a troll and pathetic. Grant can tell you if it’s DS’s IP address. I think if ANYONE posts under multiple names they should be open to shame and ridicule. Like oneniner / latino heat and Prime / axel were.
        Do you remember when prime got busted out and he kept saying, “no it’s not” and “prove it”. Like he was five years old and just got busted stealing cookies.

        I am jealous you got to attend the Niners / Patriots game last year. That seemed like a very exciting game to attend. Love love love knocking off a top dog in their kennel.

      4. Jordo I don’t know if it’s DS or not. DS has a funky method of communication. He / She Sounded like overseas outsourced customer service…..

      5. Bay

        How do you get banned from a site then terrorize said site ununtitled author of said site gives you a stay of execution. Then you decide to continue the ignorance that got you banned in the 1st place. Only a canadian Jr. property attorney that charges a measly $ 100.00 an hour. He must be a paralegal in training. Said banned guy harasses a coach about his baseball team and blasts cancer patients to no end. Who would hire this Jr. attorney / blog misfit?

      6. Hey Gossip Girls! Do you have anything at least semi football related to talk about?


        Maybe you can explain how you came up with how Davis having 26 catches in 6 games projects to him having almost 80 over the next 9.

      7. Jack,
        what I’ve noticed is that most of the douche bags trail me and engage me the majority of the time. You are interrupting a private conversation. That’s rude : )

      8. Jack

        If you ever want your own blog, you have to learn to stay out of the fray instead of trying to antagonize. You usually do a pretty good job of following in Grants footsteps. Notice he never gets involved? Your jr. Blog won’t until you learn to stay neutral and don’t get involved in the chaos. Just enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, blog about your displeasure on your jr. Blog.

      9. Man I haven’t watched an NFL game in a while where I actually felt sorry for the team. You guys watch Tampa Bay last night?

      10. Blogmaster Jack,
        I miscalculated on the catches but not the yards and touchdowns. He will break his touchdown record this year as well as his yardage record.
        Jack maybe you can enlighten me regarding what is going on with Dwayne Bowes shrinking production.

        2011 through 7 games
        32 catches 4 td’s

        2012 through 7 games
        37 catches 3 td’s

        2013 through 7 games
        25 catches 2 td’s

        Write a blog about that….

      11. Jordan,

        For a guy who continually tells others to treat him with respect you sure spend a lot of time on here bringing up others.

        Notice how I am addressing you directly instead of telling others what a goof you can be sometimes?

        I appreciate your concern for my blog. I remember how you thought it was pretty good after I did a piece showing Smith’s struggles. You even took the time to comment over there. You should check it out more often. It might help your takes become a little more accurate and educated.

      12. This private conversation on a public blog forum between Bay Area Fanatic and his wonder twins is brought to you by Summer’s Eve.
        It’s all flowers down there.

      13. Fan77,
        I want to apologize to you for calling you a douche. You are NOT a douche. See a douche makes something bad smell good. You sir stink, therefore you cannot be a D.

        Talk amongst yourselves.

      14. Jack

        You want be to patronize the jr blog. There’s nothing over there for me. You’re not telling anything I don’t know myself. You’ve got a long way to go before you can educate me about anything. You’re just like everyone else up here. You just spend more time up here than anyone else. If you invested all this time into the jr. Blog, you might be able to grow your readers from 8 to 16. At least it’s better than than 4 you used to have. Why not just put the articles up here instead of the link?

        Question for you Jack. What size shoe does Grant wear?

      15. 23J,
        I don’t really care one way or the other. This place is infested with people that have no life. I love football, but I don’t understand how people can start and end their day by slinging mud at one another on a football blog.
        I have stayed out of the Smith thing because I simply don’t care about him. He isn’t a 49er and he didn’t leave behind a great legacy for me to be endeared to. He is an average QB who is most often celebrated for being a nice guy and sticking through the tough times. I don’t think he stuck through anything, he received a ton of money from the team and never performed at a franchise QB level. Smith was merely as faithful as his options, he just never had any options or leverage. He found that out after the Niners made the playoffs during Harbaugh’s first season and will likely feel the same way when his contract is up in K.C.
        I’m all about the Niners. I don’t care about other teams or other players. I don’t care to argue with the knuckle heads on this blog. There are some really good contributors here, but it seems like the overall level of football smarts has devolved over the last year.
        I think some people feel like they are on the outside looking in with Kaepernick, and they resent it. He’s young and grew up in a hip hop culture. He has tattoos and he doesn’t feel the need to project an image to make others happy. Good for him. He also has phenomenal physical talent, is very smart and has an unmatched work ethic. Good for him.
        As far as DS goes, she is no different than the other people on this blog that thrive on negative attention. You know who they are because you and Bay often give them that negative attention. These people get off on it because they are dysfunctional and have alienated the other normal people in their lives. Instead of getting help, they relapse and start slinging mud against the walls again, hoping that enough of it sticks to provoke a negative reaction from a fellow commenter. It’s a short lived high. You don’t even drink alcohol, but you don’t seem to realize that you and Bay are their drug. It’s a vicious cycle.

      16. Big P,
        I guess I’m their “crack” lol. Grant needs to write another piece pronto. Maybe a good place to start would be Manningham and how they plan on utilizing him. Maybe a piece on Aldon and how his legal woes would and could affect his career in the short term.

        Crazy but I’m fired up about Lattimore. I think he’s a race horse that’s ready to go right NOW.

      17. Big P,

        You know me… Anything I can do for my constituents. You’re correct. They’re bitter that Smith is gone like myself and Bay wanted him gone. That Kap is here and leading this proud franchise back to the top. Your feelings for this team and players are like so many others here. If myself or Bay talk football, the Smithers just crap all over the post because it’s ours, not because they disagree. That’s sad.

      18. Lameareafanatic, Grant writing another piece will only allow you another opportunity to voice your ignorant opinion, only to allow all of us to smack you around and make you look stupid and it’s getting kind of boring!

      19. Dixon and LMJ to the outside, LMJ and Hunter in pass plays, LMJ to outside with Gore up middle…..I would like to see all of these. Now is the time to set up plays for different combinations and using some other weapons on this team. Add a new dimension on offense.

      20. Big P,

        You and your buddy Bay fanatic are pitiful. You two should have time to check your spelling and your grammar, before you two start criticizing other people on these blog.

        You guys are probably old and have grey hair, and yet, you guys are still talking crap on the blog. Bay, ninermd, 23 and you are all fair weather fans.

        I’m hope A. Smiths wins a Super Bowl Championship with the Chiefs these season, so all you fair weather fans choke with Kap.
        But knowing you guys well, its not going to matter.You guys are use to jumping to one bandwagon to another. Thats why all your B/S goes on.

      21. Capeman…… I got your fair weather fan at pole M. Roll out and see how this fair weather fan does it on game day. Son, you don’t have a clue on what a fan is. This is the first I’ve seen of you. Now get back to that cyber date up there in Seattle and kiss your Wilson doll goodnight. You’re a joke!

      22. BIG P,

        That was as solid a response that I can ever remember here, as for me I will not lie, I love football and hockey and watch at least 75 Sharks game a year and go to about 10 games. I love the Niners on Sundays, but I can’t talk about them all day every day of the year. I do have a life, and now I got to go to pick up my son at a rally.

      23. Just checking in and I see that jordan and Bay are up to their usual nonsense. You two obsess over DS almost as much as you obsess over Alex Smith.

        I do want to thank Bay, however, for giving us this comment:

        … what I’ve noticed is that most of the douche bags trail me …

        Bay, you are the only guy I know who could try to insult someone else and end up calling himself a pu$$y. Please don’t ever change.

      24. Capeman, i do not understand your resentment toward BigP! I have been on this blog for a while and he is always fair and respectful. But what really shocks me is your comment about fair-weather fans and then you state i wish KC wins the Super Bowl so some people that support CK on this blog can choke! What the heck are you talking about! are you a niner fan or a KC fan.

      25. Don’t kid yourself Chicago, Big P is an A hole. He pretends to be all respectful but then throws out judgement on people. He told Grant he is basically incompetent because he hasn’t played football.
        Then he told me I could not be a blogger because Im a lawyer.
        Then he criticized Jack for posting his opinions on his own personal blog.
        Whatever it’s no big deal but yeah, Big Pee Pee is not innocent on here by no means!

      26. Chicago49er,

        Did you read my previous post correctly, toward Big P? It sounds like you’re upset about my comment toward someone else? Did I hurt you feeling when I mention about fair weather fans? It wasn’t even directly to you. Do you consider yourself one of those fair weather fans?

        And by the way, did I say in my comment, that I wish KC wins the SB? Or, What I’ve said in my comment that I hope that A. Smith wins a SB with the Chiefs, so the fair weather fans can choke with Kap. But I did not say that the entire 49ers fan base, are fair weather fans, but there some that are.

        The answer if I’m a 49er or a Chiefs fan. It doesn’t matter if I am or not. There are others like me, that want to see Alex Smith to succeed, and win a Super Bowl whether with Chiefs, 49ers or Hawks team, because this kid went through a lot during his time with the 49ers organization.

        Alex has a lot of class and you don’t see any arrogance from this kid, he goes out of his way, to help others and his co-players as well. My wife and I, met Alex and his family at Los Gatos couple years back, they are a very nice couple, very friendly and have a lot of class

      27. Capeman,
        What exactly did I say to upset you so badly? Lol, that Smith is an average QB? He is. I have met him before and he was very gracious to my son and I, but that doesn’t make him a great QB, neither does your man crush on him.
        I’m 36 years old, so the grumpy old fart is more for your demographic. It’s the same demographic as the one with the old white guys that only support the white QB’s on a team. Viagra ads? They’re looking at you, buddy.
        You call people fair weather fans and then say ” I’m hope A. Smiths wins a Super Bowl Championship with the Chiefs these season, so all you fair weather fans choke with Kap.” Brilliant, you are such a faithful fan that you are hoping that another team wins the Super Bowl while also hoping that our QB chokes.
        You then followed it up with this gem, “But knowing you guys well, its not going to matter.You guys are use to jumping to one bandwagon to another. Thats why all your B/S goes on.” Wait a second, isn’t this coming from the guy cheering for the other team? Lol, smh.
        “You two should have time to check your spelling and your grammar, before you two start criticizing other people on these blog.” Read your own writing, it is full of mistakes. I counted seven in your quotes above alone. Senility is settling in, stay away from the keyboard.

    3. Spoken like someone with a brain. Love the idea of getting the ball to V Mac more. If he’d just block his man and then release he’d be open all the time underneath. Agreed that KW is a goner as soon as MM returns. I’d like to see if Baldwin has anything as well. We pretty much know what KW can do which isn’t much.

      1. Maui,

        Williams is a decent #4/5 WR who has been elevated by injuries. He gets hammered for all the fsir catches, but he had a couple nice returns last week called back because of penalties.

        I think Baldwin fits into that same 4/5 category. The good thing about the 49ers passing game is that Davis and VMac are so versatile that they can pick up the slack.

  27. Big storm due on Sunday…England’s had even more rain than usual, but these will be storm winds. Hoping they don’t fly back until it’s over.

  28. Who will the Jaguars draft with the No.1 pick? I wouldn’t take Marcus Mariota if I were them. He always has a clean pocket at Oregon.

      1. It would be hard to defer another year w/o a quality QB unless they really are moving to London and don’t care about their current fan base. I’m only kidding, kinda sorta. Maybe Fischer will give them a bag of Doritos and a 1-Liter Diet Pepsi for Gabbert this year.

    1. The combine might actually be worth noticing this year with all the above decent QBs coming out. Do you think they will all participate since it could be any one of them getting drafted 1st? It would be cool to see them all drying to out duel each other.

      1. So many good QBs potentially coming out – Bridgewater, Hundley, Carr, Mariota, Miller, Manziel, Boyd, Mettenberger, Murray, McCarron, Morris, Fales, Renner, Lynch…

        1. He’s a top-five pick. I doubt the Vikings would pass on him. Hundley would make the Vikings dangerous.

          The Bucs probably will have a new coach so who knows who they’ll draft.

      2. Miller has 2 things working against him, first is that Kenny Guiton proved the oHIo St success has more to do with the team being so strong than the QB, and Meyers isn’t much when it comes to getting QB’s NFL ready. It’s his system.

        Hundley is not a top 5 pick worthy QB. At least not now.

        1. Miller is accurate and he slings the ball and he’s an electric runner. Better athlete than Russell Wilson. The Eagles could use him. Hundley most certainly will get drafted in the top-five. His offensive line is bad.

      3. Grant, a top five pick? I guess he doesn’t last till the third round then. Let’s say four out of the 5 teams with top picks need a QB. Who are the 3 or 4 guys that guy before Hundley?

        I would like to see the 9ers use a second on Hundley but it’s too soon for a backup to groom when they have other needs at WR, O line, and secondary.

      4. Mariota is a scheme QB. Unless you set up your offense to suit his style it has the potential to be a bad pick for anyone. Eagles/Kelly are the only team that I see that suits Mariota’s type of play. Your going to see Hundley exposed tomorrow against the Ducks, Manziel might be fun to watch, I see him as a failure in the NFL.

      5. “Hundley most certainly will get drafted in the top-five.”

        Care to go double or nothing with the 2 nickles you’ll owe me for the Boldin and Fales bets? ; )

        1. I thought you’d never ask. Of course I do.

          The best comparison for Hundley is Cam Newton. The only thing Newton has over Hundley is size, but Hundley is big.

    2. Grant you may be right regarding Mariota but Ohio St’s BU QB is better than Miller i think Miller will go after the 2nd rd.

      1. Rocket i agree his accuracy is unmatched and i believe that accuracy is the #1 attribute that NFL teams are looking for along with adequate arm strength

    3. Do the 49ers blow up their salary structure this offseason to re-sign Kaepernick or instead draft a guy in the first 3 rounds, see how he progresses, and maybe go in a different direction?

      1. Do they need to given the type of offense they run? If I remember correctly, someone around here once said that anyone could play QB for the 49ers, it’s not hard to hand off.

        Plus, this is a staff that went 20-6 with Alex Smith as their QB.

      2. What this season has done is lower the contract terms on an extension for Kap. If he had continued on the torrid start he put up against GB, they were looking at a massive contract to secure him long term. Now I think they can get him for a little less although it will still be a large commitment.

      3. Jack if you are saying what i think you are saying, i agree the 9ers wo’nt blow up their cap situation to keep CK. Harbaugh like all very good to great NFL coaches has a very healthy ego and i believe he thinks he can win a SB with a QB less expensive than CK may end up being. He also will learn from his brothers experience, Flacco type money makes it tough to return to the SB.

      4. Grant

        I wouldn’t blow up my Cap for Kap. He’s good, but he ain’t 100 million good. He ain’t Shaun Hill good! Lol.


        I don’t think Lap is worthy of that type of money just yet. Maybe JH knows something about him that we won’t see until the playoffs.

      5. Rocket,
        I disagree. Kaep will be the highest paid athlete in the NFL after his next contract.

        I can’t see it Bay for a couple of reasons:

        A) Kap hasn’t performed like a QB deserving to be the highest paid and

        B) I don’t think the Niners will ever be a team that gives a player the highest contract at any position, at least not for very long.

        If Kap continues to progress and the Niners make another deep run in the playoffs, they will probably give him a pretty big contract but not Flacco level money. If they continue to struggle at times and they don’t do much in the playoffs, they could still try to sign him long term, but almost certainly won’t be looking to give him a top ten deal never mind make him the highest paid player in the game. We could see a short extension or even letting him play out the final year. It all depends on how quickly he develops and what he asks for.

      6. For some reason I see Kaep as a guy that won’t demand top dollar. I think they will give him 15 mil/yr and Kaep will be happy with that.

  29. Never take a bad team lightly. It can bit you in the butt. Otherwise, though, if the 49ers take a solid lead, Grant’s suggestions are the way to go.

  30. note to Rusty-in-SoCal…

    Coach Harbaw might understand the statement by
    Vince Lombardi … winning is the only thing.
    But that does not make him Mister Lombardi.
    Only when he brings home a Lombardi trophy…
    only then will we say their names in the same sentence.

    Until that time, Harbaw has a Super Bowl monkey
    on his back. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

  31. Grant, you’re absolutely the worst writer I’ve ever read in my entire life. I’m not sure why the Press Democrat hires you, but this is bad … REALLY bad.

    How can you responsibly say THIS: “The 49ers should treat this game like an exhibition or a scrimmage. There is no way the 49ers lose to the Jaguars. If the 49ers show up, they win. And they’re already in London, so they already have a 10-point lead.”

    Do you ever wonder why they play the GAMES?

    1. I’m even here wondering if you played competitive sports to make a statement as ludicrous as the above. Surely you’re jesting.

      1. “The 49ers should treat this game like an exhibition or a scrimmage.”

        i.e. – try to get a big lead then rest your starters. That’s what happens during exhibition season. Nobody finds this ludicrous except for you two for some reason.

      2. Chewie teams are able to pull their entire 1st strings in preseason because they are playing with expanded rosters. You ca’nt do that in the reg season. You can pull certain targeted players. I do’nt think thats what any of us had problems with it was the part about experimenting with the game plan that sounded so amaturish

      3. BTW – this is why you should take the Jags plus 17 points against the Niners when you make your bets. The Niners should win, but in light of their injury situations, they will rest a bunch of players and won’t win big. Easy money. Just like taking the Jags plus 28 against Denver.

      4. Old coach, if the Niners are up big against the Jags in the fourth quarter and still playing the starters and someone gets hurt, let’s say Gore, then what happens to the team? I disagree, the Niners ARE deep enough, especially at RB, to play the scrubs the rest of the game. Also, if someone gets hurt and needs medical attention, they’ll have to stay longer in London, and the coaches are not simply not going to risk it. I agree with Grant here, if they’re winning at the end of the game they’ll treat it as an exhibition.

      5. Chewie i’m agreeing with you on that point. If the games in controll the 9ers should and will get as many starters out of the game as they can. Where I and many posters disagree with Grant is that you ca’nt use the game plan as a place to experiment with plays and players. IMHO

    1. Razor what you are really saying is Gordon for a 3rd rd pick the other 2 are useless. So if you are asking should we rent Gordon for a 3rd rd pick……..I think i might go for that. Will he be under contract next yr? If he is i would definetly go for it.

    2. Why do you think the Browns would make that deal Razor? I get you want the Niners to acquire Gordon but you have to think of the trade from both sides and this is a poor return for Cleveland.

      1. Razor,

        Rumors have circulated that they have been offered a high pick and a player by two different teams and aren’t biting. No way they’d make a deal like you proposed. They’d be getting a 3rd round pick and two guys who are gone after the season for one of the best young WR’s in the game. I’d love to see it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not realistic. My guess is if they really are interested in trading him at all, it will have to be an offer that blows them away.

      1. I guess they could make an offer based on Gordon’s ability to stay off drugs. For example, they give them a third rounder plus a throw in or two. If Gordon tests positive, Cleveland gives the pick back or, let’s say, a fourth rounder. The Browns might do something like that if they think the kid’s a lost case.

    3. Razor,
      Asomuhga has lost his job to T.Brock and KWill has not done enough to appeal to the Browns.

      I don’t doubt Gordon’ talent and abilities, I’m just queasy about his off-field issues. Gordon could be nice replacement for Boldin in the future or an eventual #1 or #2 if Crabtree walks.
      There may be some good WR’ who enter the free agent market after this season or perhaps we package some picks for a chance to choose a top-flight college player.

      I would rather use the latter options than take a chance on JGordon at this point.

  32. Balke said yesterday that there will like be no trade for a wide receiver. He said the team expects Meaningful and Crabtree to help the receiving corps. He also said that LMJ is a valuable asset to the team and will not be traded. I know there is an article on PFT as well.

    1. Thanks, 23. Mario and Crab won’t be their former selves for a while, but they know the system and will probably produce. Unless Baalke can engineer a trade for a lights-out, good soldier, trading for someone invites disappointment, especially Britt or Gordon.

    2. Me too Jordan.It’s not a quick fix.Just for this yr…Ud have Gordan for 2 and half yrs..I think Baalke might have wanted certain provisions in the contract that Cleveland said no to..If Gordan gets suspended in a yr or less..Give us a conditional fifth/sixth rounder..or somethin along those lines..It really comes down to how bad cleveland wants to unload Gordon..Baalke is rite..we can just sit and wait on Manningham and Crabtree..(I dont agree wit that but…nothing gained.. but..nothing lost)..Ball is in Cleveland’s court..

    1. “…The 2nd round pick magic number is down to 1…”

      … and they have the rest of the season to get it done, too !
      I’d say the chances look good

    2. The pick is a foregone conclusion. Now it becomes a question of how low in the second round it comes. Currently it appears it will be near the bottom.

      1. They haven’t played anyone yet (Cowboys are the only team with a winning record..barely) and squeaked by in a few. They will lock up #8 against the Browns on Sunday but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go 2-6 down the stretch where they play 5 out of 8 on the road and have home & away against the Broncos & Chargers, in Buffalo, in Oakland, in DC and Colts.

      2. 10-6 is still a pick in the bottom 3rd of the round more often than not Dave. I see them finishing at around 12-4 personally.

  33. Sourgrapes Grant Panders for blog hits by routing against the home team like his daddy but daddy got him the job nepotism at its finest, but then again he loves bayarea and cabana boy jordo welcher stiring it up with anti team statements all to get blog hits bravo grant

      1. MWN absolutley a WR. Now if you had asked me 6 weeks ago i would have said a DB but now i think if we can resign Brown and play him with Brock and Culliver we are looking pretty good. As far as a WR i would like to see the team package their 1st rd pick with one of their 2nd’s and possibly a 3rd and move up close to the top 10 to pick the WR.

    1. Best Player available. They need both CB and WR but can’t reach for either at the expense of a better player elsewhere.

      1. Absolutely, teams should always get the BPA, unless they trade up to fill a pressing need (like Niners did with Reid) or move down because of poor talent at pick position.

        Niners are a solid and deep team. The do not have pressing needs in first round. Better to take a receiver in second and third round each than one in the first round. FO pointed out that first round receivers have the highest risk by position.

        With the BPA, Niners chould get a good guard in the first or second round if they can’t sign Iupati to a long term contract and Kilgore will play center in future. Or maybe Whitner’s successor. Or Ray Mac’s successor.

    2. Without an heir apparent to Justin Smith I think that position should be considered equally with the other two for a first round selection.

      1. To replace Justin Smith and thank god every draft pick always meets expectation right? If he lays an egg over the next 8 plus weeks it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that they go DE with their first pick, especially if one is the BPA.

  34. This one goes out to Coach Harbaugh:

    We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!

    There goes the siren that warns of the air raid
    Then comes the sound of the guns sending flak
    Out for the scramble we’ve got to get airborne
    Got to get up for the coming attack.

    Jump in the cockpit and start up the engines
    Remove all the wheelblocks there’s no time to waste
    Gathering speed as we head down the runway
    Gotta get airborne before it’s too late.

    Running, scrambling, flying
    Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
    Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
    Run, live to fly, fly to live. aces high.

    Move in to fire at the mainstream of bombers
    Let off a sharp burst and then turn away
    Roll over, spin round and come in behind them
    Move to their blindsides and firing again.

    Bandits at 8 o’clock move in behind us
    Ten me-109′s out of the sun
    Ascending and turning our spitfires to face them
    Heading straight for them I press down my guns

    Rolling, turning, diving
    Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
    Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
    Run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high.

    1. Too bad Coach Harbaugh got to Winston Churchill’s War Rooms museum after it closed. You’d think someone over there could have extended the hours for him and his teammates/family members.

  35. 1) OLB/CB (best available)
    2) CB/OLB
    2 from chiefs) WR
    3) WR (besides a true top 10 draft pick WR, you can find them anywhere it seems)
    4) SFTY (DAHL Replacement and heir apparent to whitner)
    5) OL
    6) QB
    7) DL
    trade rest away for next year.

      1. You have also figured in the run centric offense and poor quarterback play that Mr. Abbrederis has performed under this year? His 2011 performance with Mr. Wilson? He is the safer pick…..Parker is younger, and raw…..

        1. It’s safer to take the older, physically inferior prospect? Really?

          Parker is bigger and faster and more productive relative to his age. He had 10 touchdowns as a freshman. Abbrederis will be 23 when he’s drafted.

      2. I will bet you that Abbrederis scores higher on the Wonderlic than Parker. PD shirt if I win. ND shirt if you win….

      3. I assume from your comment that you do not accept the bet, and more importantly, you do not put a value on intelligence at the wide receiver position. FYI, Jimmy Johnson once tweeted that 90% of his misses in the draft were due to taking chances on players with marginal intelligence…..

      4. “Walter Football is your source? Congratulations.”
        Sigh. Grant, we know you’re tenacious about defending an assertion, but that’s snarky and leaves you open. So Walter is so bad, but you and they say Bridgewater is a likely #1 overall. So are they bad and you are too? How many agree that your Bruin QB is a “Top 5 Pick”?
        C’mon, man, it’s wayyyyyy too early to have done comparative analysis on these scouting reports, and I hope you don’t think that a bit of bedroom film study has you ahead of the curve.
        Every year I study the before and after and try to come to some rankings of the services I read. Walter does decent. Kiper ain’t bad. You haven’t exactly set the world on fire with your draft predictions or player ratings. Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t either with my method of synthesizing multiple analyses, especially trying to predict Baalke, but I don’t leave myself open by making Bold Predictions: Fleener, Kuechely, etc.
        Keep track of your predictions and score yourself after the fact. I do, and it’s eye opening.

        1. Fleener’s having a good season. Only 5 TEs have more TDs. The 49ers would be in better shape had they drafted Fleener instead of Jenkins and then drafted Terrance Williams instead of Vance McDonald.

          Kuechly has had two horrible games in a row: -5.4 grade on PFF over those games, 3 missed tackles an 9 catches allowed in 10 targets.

      5. Grant, it is a tool to be used in conjunction with the other tools to assist in determining how quickly a player can learn your system. Now if your system is Jimmy Rayes’, then it may not be as important. The time limit on the test creates a pressure situation as well. I would wager the higher the score, the lower percentage of criminal behavior. I have no statistics to validate this, just seems logical…

        1. But if you weight wonderlic too much, you miss out on the Crabtrees and the Dez Bryants and the Terrance Williams. You want the best athletes.

      6. The Wonderlic is interesting. It’s designed to specifically give teams usable info on the smarts, savvy, and learning ability of prospects, but we have to wonder sometimes. Marino? He was very savvy and football smart (and didn’t screw up his personal finances, as far as I know, but he had a low score. So,it seems Wonderlic does not show actual or football intelligence, perhaps just some fine points; or perhaps all Psychologists are posers!
        Some guys are just dumb though; seriously. Audra Bruce was a physical specimen Rush LB. Falcons used a 1st on him and gave up after a couple of years and traded him because he was always in the wrong place and exposing his team mates. I forget what the actual deal was, but the joke it was for a 5th Rounder, but it would kick up to a 4th if he could find the city of San Diego on his first try.
        Or Chuck Philyaw who missed a Raiders practice one summer day in Santa Rosa. As the players returned to their rooms Chuck’s Caddy is being unhooked from a tow truck. He was asked if it broke down but he said he ran out of gas. So,why not just get some gas and no expensive tow? He said he had no money. So how did you pay for the tow, Chuck? He said, I’m not stupid, I’ve got a credit card!

      7. Fleener is a good player but he is a direct result of Luck making him an effective player. Add DArius Heyward Bey too that opionion as well. That guy is having a solid year. Why hasn’t Kaepernick made similar like players in SF better? Everyone one compares the two young QB’s but Luck has made players around him better. CK has not!

      1. The 49ers have the ammunition to get Evans. The question is, who has the balls to pull the trigger for him like Mr. Smith did for Mr. Jones?

        1. Why trade into the top-10 for a No.2 receiver when you can get good No.2 receivers in the second, third and fourth? Beckham Jr, Robinson, Matthews, Moncrief, Huff, Greene, Parker, your dude Abbrederis…

    1. “Eschew”? Impressive. Henne and the Jaguars could be Skelton and Arizona when they shocked the 49ers for a loss. The only way that happens, is if it is close in the 3rd quarter. Once a team that’s been under a dark cloud spots a rainbow on the horizon, it’s over…

    2. Hey Jack,
      Nice article. The welcher wishes he can be as insightful as you. Last year when the Niners made the switch to QB, i wrote about how the more explosive, dynamic type offense might affect the defense.
      This year, after the the two loses, the team went back to basics, and now the D is playing better and more consistent.
      So how can other teams, like the Broncos and Patriots, run a fast paced offense, and yet their D is able to keep up?

  36. I am bothered by the fact that I can to often read what the Niners are going to do from my silly little 2 D screen. I am bothered by the fact that I see them run up the middle against a seriously loaded box. That they can still run and get yards with defense in the know is a tribute to Gore, blockers and line. But that won’t work deeper into schedule. I want the Niner offense to be less predictable and at the same time threaten more of the entire field.
    So indulge me for a moment. Here is what I’m thinking and feel free to rip me a new one if this is terribly flawed. The problem right now is formations are an EITHER/OR and not an AND. I want play out of one formation for all possibilities. So I want to see an all in one hybrid pistol/under center/two step drop diamond formation to decrease predictability, increase options and spread the field.
    The pistol part of this formation is moved up to approx two or three steps from under center to a shortened pistol with backs in diamond. Before the snap the QB actually has two choices as to starting position that are merely two maybe three steps apart, a subtle difference that shortens or lengthens the diamond and defines the snap. The QB picks the spot while the backs remain. An I formation could work as well for a different effect. In an I formation I would actually flip the norm and line Gore in back with LMJ in front. Then LMJ takes the pistol hand off.
    Option one has QB over center. A two step drop back can put the QB into a short pistol (deringer). So Kap can hand off to Gore (to his comfort level) from over center or if defense squeezes the box then Kap can step back into pistol for hand off to outside run by LMJ or Hunter or take it out himself for outside run or outside run to throw. If defense pulls up a safety then he can throw deep from pocket or from the pistol.
    Option two has QB in short pistol with a two or three step in for pocket pass and hand off to Gore. In this option he can stay in pistol if defense squeezes in on run between tackles and now he can take play beyond numbers or deep. Essentially the mirror of option one.
    The line and center will know which QB start option from huddle or signal. They should also if the QB will make a shift. Because both positions are within an acceptable pocket range the QB can make changes on the fly when absolutely necessary.
    This allows for adjust from sideline, then if necessary adjust before snap, then if further necessary adjust after snap. Because of working mostly in pocket while adjustments on fly no huddle is a more viable option.
    In a diamond formation the back who typically runs outside (LMJ) would be opposite QB’s preferred scramble side while blocking back (Gore) would be on QB preferred side offering threat and stetch to both side lines. Both backs offer targets and screens to both sides as well.
    The idea here is to build a formation specifically around the Niner personnel and the team makeup. The goal is all options on the table all the time and keeping the defense always guessing. Poker and chess is what football is all about.

      1. He does look 420 friendly : ) However, this guy is a biter. He stole my douchebag line. I resent that since that is my term of endearment for Prime, Clod, Fan, FDM, Cape and Sourpuss.
        I pulled up the definition off of the urban dictionary site. First these Dbags to a T.

        An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.

    1. Primetime,
      I think this is douchebag 23 for the following reasons:
      He was so happy to mooch off his roommates’ Xbox. He’s a welcher and a moocher.
      Then he blames his roommates’ body odor as the reason why he got no girl action in his dorm room. He couldn’t admit he had a lack of game, so he blames others. That sounds alot like what douchebag 23 would do. No?
      I bet his old roommate was a fratty white boy, just like Alex Smith. And maybe even looked like him.
      That would explain everything…..

      1. Putting two and two douches together is starting to make light. 23 defends Bay douche, Bay douche defends 23 douche, Neal chimes in to defend both, end result, a new sitcom, Two and half douches!

      2. Bay and 23 write with such a lack of intelligence, it’s as if zombies ate their brains, to they are really more like “The Walking Douches.”

    2. Man, that is vile. Completely redefines the concept of hater.

      Wait, that is over 2 years old. I guess the Cohns have weathered the Fogtown storm just fine.

  37. Deezybee says:
    October 25, 2013 at 6:55 pm
    “How desperate cleveland is for picks or players as well..”

    Cleveland would quickly jump at the opportunity of unloading Gordon for a bundle of picks from us. I’m not convinced that we want or need Gordon that badly to package picks for him.
    We have Crabtree and Manningham coming back and QP still has to be viewed as a potential producer at WR in the not to distant future.

    Gordon is a high end risk because of his 2 strike status. Cleveland would be foolish to make a deal with any team with provisions of losing picks if Gordon falls off the wagon while on another team. It’s bad business even for a Org like the Browns.

    1. They will lose him anyway unless he turns his life around. Cleveland has little to lose in such a deal. What do you think about this:

      1. We give them a third round pick in next year’s draft.
      2. We agree to provide special services to rehabilitate him for the rest of this year.
      3. If he falls off the wagon over the next two seasons, they give us their third round pick in the following year.

      I think that’s unreasonable, but also I’m not saying they would go for something like that.

    2. For everyone on this Manningham/Crabtree return kick, the injury isn’t just miss 8 months and come back the same as you left. We’re talking 6 to 8 games away, after they come back, before they start to reemerge.
      I think SF missed it’s opportunity to trade for a WR. They’ve made their bed and put all their eggs in the Boldin basket. They can’t reasonably bring in a receiver at this point and expect them to contribute any more than a recovering Crabtree or Manningham would.
      So, either the men on this team step up and WIN a championship, or this team is a 1 playoff game and loss team. I think they saw last season that a championship won’t be gifted to you. You have to go out and take it. Williams, Baldwin, and a host of other young men need to wake up and fight every possession, every down, and for every yard.
      A trade though is not realistic. Getting any production from Manningham and Crabtree before January probably isn’t realistic either.

      1. Don’t shatter the apologists for CK’s dreams. According to them, MM and Crabtree will save the day.
        I agree with you Matt, those injuries take a considerable amount of time to heal, then the rehab is strenuous and by then getting back on the field at this time of year where everyone else is in peak form, it’s a lot to ask!
        I hope it happens where they can come in and contribute but Im not holding my breath.

      2. This team has proven that a #2 receiver isn’t needed. In ’11 they made it to the NFCCG, and in ’12 they went through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl without one.

        It will be all about the matchups come January. Last season they were favorable. There’s a long way to go. They haven’t even reached the mid point of the season yet.

      3. If its about matchups Jack and we don’t have a true #2 we are in trouble. Seattle secondary has the capability to shut down VD and Q, then who? Can we score enough against a possible matchup with NO or Green Bay? Detroit has a pretty good offense and the Bears like us could peak late.
        With all this is mind without a true #2 WR you are asking a lot from your defense and a game plan that is 100% perfect. Can it be done sure, but Id rather have a John Taylor.

      4. Jack, I agree with you that it will be all about the matchups. That being said, I think this team would have 2 more rings if they had a number 2 receiver those two years.

        I think CK’s running last season was the equivalent of a WR2 for the team. It certainly opened things up for Davis and Crabtree in the playoffs.

        I think this year, the number 2 receiver will be paramount in getting past Seattle and clinching home field in my opinion. CK’s running is a threat still, but the team really needs to emerge with another head for its hydra offense to be successful in the playoffs.

      5. Read Primedouches two comments in this thread. Without a doubt not a Niner fan. Not an ounce of hope or enthusiasm for our Niners.

      6. I think the Niners would prefer Dallas as to playing GB. At some point how many times can you beat the same team. It reminds me of when the Niners could never beat Dallas and then what was it 1992 they did. Green Bay is due against SF and I don’t want to play them again.
        Romo would be a blessing in the playoffs given his track record.

      7. I think our defense matches up well against Dallas. They don’t have that 2 headed running back that hurts us. We could hold down that offense.
        GB, NO, Det all have explosive offenses and are versatile. If we got into a shoot out, I don’t like our chances. Without a #2, we need help and contributions in multiple areas.

      8. Seattle is the worst matchup possible for the 49ers, but it has very little to do with the #2 receiver. Even when the 49ers did have a true #2 last season the Seahawks held them to 13 points at home, when the #2 did not catch a pass, and then were blitzing them in Seattle by 22 when the #2 was hurt in the 3rd Quarter.

        Heck, the last time the 49ers did beat them in Seattle it was at the end of 2011 when Williams was the #2 receiver. Remember that?

        The Seahawks do everything well that causes the 49ers trouble. They stick with the run, and grind down the clock on offense. On defense they force the 49ers to play underneath and work the ball down the field. Go back and watch the first game last season. What ended up being the game winning drive was all underneath routes to Gore, and Walker.

        Of those 4 teams you mentioned, Chicago has no defense and Cutler is out hurt for 4 weeks. The 49ers have already proven they can outscore the Packers without a running game or #2 receiver. Detroit is decent, but can’t beat a good team on the road it is unlikely the 49ers as either a 1, 2, or 5 seed would play them until the Championship game, and that would require some upsets.

        New Orleans will be tough. Even last year without their HC they gave the 49ers a battle in the dome. That is a tough matchup, and we’ll see how it plays out in a few weeks.

      9. Jack all Seattle did against SF was double Q, bring Thomas in the box and spy Kap with a LB. Easy!
        With a #2 they will have to play man, leaving more space for Kap and Gore to run and VD to take away the spy on CK. It would open up way more. Right now Browner and Sherman would rag doll Wilkiams or Baldwin.

      10. They didn’t double Boldin. They lined up Sherman on him, and he kicked Boldin’s a$$ all game long.

        Watch the first two possessions. Wide open Miller underneath for a 1st down, bad throw. Open Miller by the goalline on the 2nd drive, bad throw.

        Like I said earlier, the 49ers had a #2 last season, and it was running backs and a #2 TE that beat them underneath. They were down by 22 when Manningham got hurt in the second game.

        Would it be better if they had a #2? Of course, but they’ve proven it isn’t needed.

        Stopping Seattle’s offense should be a bigger concern than a #2 receiver.

      11. Stop Lynch you stop that offense. The game plan against our offense was bracket Boldin and keep CK from running and take your chances every where worked perfectly. Carroll may be annoying but he knows defense.

        Maybe you are right Jack, to beat SEA you can find holes underneath. But I think to do that you need a threat or decoy outside the numbers. No one on the roster poses that threat. Maybe a healthy or 80% Crabtree does that but right now our offense is not dangerous enough to win a tittle. A number 2 gets us closer or even the mirage of getting closer.

      12. Prime get NFL for dummies. Our win streak coupled with the number of consecutive games going over 30 points says our offense is just fine. This isnt Canadian football chump.

      13. 30 pts plus over who? We’re any of those teams playoff teams or have the potential to be playoffs teams?

        Baydouche stop talking because any time you do all it does is disrupt the thread with static. It’s Saturday, shouldn’t you and the ladies be getting pedicures or be out shopping?

      14. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to stop Lynch.

        They didn’t bracket Boldin. He couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage.

        1. Exactly, they don’t have to bracket Boldin. Sherman and Thurmond and Browner can cover him one-on-one. So the Seahawks can pay extra attention to Vernon Davis.

      15. Right, which opens up opportunities elsewhere. See game 1 last season.

        Did they not struggle in both meetings last year even when they had Manningham, their #2, healthy?

      16. Psychologically Mannigham is an upgrade for Kaepernick. Hes also an upgrade over Williams both from an experience stand point as well as performance.

      17. In the context of this conversation and this team, Manningham is the guy. Continuously pointing at the #2 spot is nothing more than low hanging fruit for those who either don’t do their homework or need to create something to worry about.

      18. Actually Jack it’s not and the history of the game shows why. Every championship team had a go to guy and then another guy who could take over games when the go to guy could not. Michael Irvin, Alvin Harper. Rice Taylor.
        And its not low hangin fruit because as we have seen this year, game planning against this offense is not as difficult if we did have a #2. The past three years we have tried to get by with no legitimate 1, 2 punch. Has not worked. You add a healthy Crabtree from day one it’s an offense doin dynamic things. Right now we are trying band aids galore.

      19. I agree but this year, they won’t go too far in the playoffs without a true #2. It will take the pressure off our running game and our young QB. It will also allow Roman to call a more balanced game.
        When they had Delanie, VD, Crabs and Gore, they could do way more. This year looks like his hands are tied cause either they don’t trust their talent or CK can’t make those guys better players.

      20. Using the term #2 in the context of this conversation isn’t meant to imply that the number 2 is Manningham or Crabtree or even a receiver. It was meant to point out that the 49ers need to establish a second threat in the passing game to prevent what you pointed out in the games against Seattle.
        That #2 could be Kaepernick running the ball successfully. It could be establishing LMJ in a screen game a lot like Sproles. It could mean lining Davis up as a WR and McDonald up as a TE on opposite corner routes.
        The bunch formation seems to be the answer to negating Sherman’s great jamming ability. It would give the SF receivers (Boldin) a clean release. You could even use the strength of Baldwin as the contact/pick player for Sherman.
        It’s great insight by Grant, Prime, and Jack though. Thank you gentlemen.

      21. I agree with Grant that I think Dallas will be trouble, even though they are playing in the NFC East. They get to beat up those teams, and have playmakers at WR. They have good players on D.
        Seattle has the personnel but I really think it comes down to a scheme. If you give this personnel to Belichick, somehow I think his staff will find a way to come up with a variety of game plans to the Niners the advantage. Seattle knows all of Roman and Harbaugh’s tricks.
        My issue with all this babysitting for CK is that at some point he may have to make a play that hasn’t been script. A certain read of the defense, where he beats them with his brain and not raw ability.

  38. Report says England will be smacked with its “worst storm of this century” Monday. Forecast says there could be heavy rain with up to 70 mph winds Sunday night. Time to work on that the old triple reverse with an option pass to an eligible O-lineman.

    On 2nd thought, focusing on ball security with heavy doses of Gore might be a better way to go.

    1. Ball security with a heavy dose of Gore is precisely what I hope to see, Brodie. Turnovers give a desperate team like the Jags life.

      1. It’s time for the “mudders” like Miller and Dixon to step up . The NFL won’t he happy about a low scoring game, however, they did pick the teams to go.

        SF: 24

  39. Goodell came out this morning and said that the league will take the 5 games missed for rehab into consideration when thinking of disciplining Aldon. I was hoping this would be the case. Just hope Aldon continues to work at getting better

    1. Adam, starting to rehab is a great beginning for Aldon now lets hope he can stay on track to save his life and career. I truly wish him the best and hope he can pull through this situation and become a better man.

      1. Agreed. As a fan I want him on the field. But I truly want him to get healthy. I’ve seen too many people blow their potential on account of drugs or alc. hope this really changed him.

  40. Jacksonville wants it more than the Niners.
    New Orleans says: “so do we”……
    Can’t wait until week #11.
    Talk about a football fight…
    got yr bets down, gentlemen?

      1. Thanks for reminding me. I made all those picks week 1. I actually had St Louis beating Seattle, Detroit beating Dallas, and Washington beating Denver.
        Eek, it would have been a bad week.

    1. It would be great if KC wins we will lock the second pick. After the 8 wins then i hope they lose the rest of the games so we can pick a higher draft pick.

    2. Matt says:
      October 26, 2013 at 9:15 am
      I’m going out there and saying this is the week that KC loses against Cleveland.
      O RLY? Then why did you pick KC to win in the pick’em league? :)

  41. Grant I cant seem to post with my other email address. I haven’t been naughty so I’m curious what is causing the problem. When I use the other address nothing posts when I hit submit.

    1. He’s only 6 foot, but I like his skills too. I’m thinking he’d probably go somewhere right around where the 49ers will be picking in the first round though….

      1. I don’t think the size of the split end matters that much. Cliff Branch was 5-11 170. John Taylor was 6-1, 185.

        I don’t think the Niners should draft a wide receiver before the second round. They need to draft a cornerback in the first, Ikpre-Olomu or Verrett or Fuller or Purifoy.

      2. “Parker is bigger……” You realize you used size when comparing earlier? The 49ers arch rival has big physical corners, so I would not want a split end the size of Williams. This kid is plenty big enough for me, but I’m not sure you will be able to get him in the 2nd Round…..

        1. Size is nice but not a requisite at X. It’s more of a requisite at Z. Some Xs use size to their advantage, like Terrance Williams. Being 6-2 helps him out-jump DBs for deep passes. Some 5-11 guys can jump high, too. Cliff Branch could jump high. John Taylor could jump high. Beckham Jr. seems like he can jump high.

          The Niners will have good size at Z next season – Crabtree. They should pair him with a deep threat who is also a punt or kick return threat, someone like T.Y. Hilton or Odell Beckham Jr or Ty Montgomery. It’s nice to have one potential returner at receiver. Dallas has Bryant.

          Abbrederis seems like a No.3 WR in the NFL. He doesn’t have any special physical attributes. I think there are better No.2 X receivers out there, like Brandin Cooks and Josh Huff and Antwan Goodley and Odell Beckham.

          If you can’t shake Browner at the line of scrimmage, it doesn’t matter how tall you are.

      3. You agreed his performance against Mr. Roby was impressive. Mr. Roby happens to be the 3rd best cornerback prospect in the country. Your grade of a number three receiver seems a bit contradictory in light of these circumstances….

        1. I think the Niners would pass on Roby in the first round but I think they wouldn’t pass on Jason Verrett or Kyle Fuller or Loucheiz Purifoy.

      4. Can’t argue with the CB then WR strategy for rounds 1 and 2.

        Purifoy and Beckham Jr would be a good looking combo, but both of those guys are currently ascending and may not be available at those picks for the 49ers.

      5. Of course, with the number of picks the 49ers have again this year, they will likely use a similar strategy as the 2013 draft and move around to get into position to take the guys they really like, so nothing is out of the question.

      6. Scooter, how have you been? I agree, Purifoy would require spending some draft capital, but if they stayed put, I believe Beckham Jr. possibly could fall into their laps….

      7. Hey there razor! I’m doing good mate, but I haven’t had much time to post on the blog the past month or so – work has been hectic and not looking like easing up any time soon.

        How are you going? Looking forward to seeing Kaep unleash in the 2nd half of the season? :-)

      8. Grant, if Lee is there in the late teens/ early 20s the 49ers should look to trade up like they did for Reid. I agree, Lee is a playmaker despite his struggles this season. Not his fault, injuries and a terrible QB.

      9. The 49ers will most likely have to move up to top 10 or close to get Purifoy. Will they trade up again on day one to grab a DB?

  42. Goodell’s comments on Aldon Smith are somewhat encouraging for us getting him back this year. Most importantly I think it highlights something I mentioned right after this whole ordeal began. I think the way the 49ers are handling this situation can be an example to the whole league. They’re striking the right balance between holding the player accountable, while also treating him like human (and NOT a “product”) and not tossing him to the curb because he screwed up. He’s has personal issues and they’re supporting him in getting his life back on track. That’s what it means to have a “49ers family.” As much as it’s a business, the FO is doing the right thing in giving Aldon a chance to right his wrongs before they just “lay-down-the-law,” and it sounds like NFL is going to follow suit. Again I think the biggest difference here is Aldon has VOLUNTARILY went into rehab. Even if the FO said, you better do this or cut, Aldon realized his future is on the line as everything is falling apart around him and he chose the right path. More power to him, and thumbs up to the 49ers FO and the NFL (Goodell is actually trying to do the right thing too…WOW).

    1. “….(Goodell is actually trying to do the right thing too…WOW). …”

      I wouldn’t go that far, Roc ..
      Sounds like “media-speak” to me …

      1. One the alcohol yes. Good luck on the weapon charge. Especially if there is an investigation regarding special treatment.

      2. I don’t believe there will be a problem getting those charges dropped down to a misdemeanor. I can hear the lawyers arguing their client will be treated harsher, due to no fault of his own, but because disobedient cop fans overstepped their authority…..

      3. @MWNiner,
        Look at it this way, he could attempt to make an “example out of him.” Instead, he’s publicly acknowledging that Aldon’s personal responsibility will is noticed and will be a factor in determining any future punishment. That’s a precedent that the NFL could be held to, and that’s all that matters…as long as players take it seriously and not treat it like “celebrity rehab.”

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