Jim Tomsula on quarterbacks: “I want a confident man, just full bore ahead at that position. I believe it’s critical.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Good morning. The injury report here, [WR] Quinton Patton is going through the concussion protocol. Really good news yesterday. He looked great yesterday and everybody felt good in the training room. [LB NaVorro] Bowman will get theWednesday off today. [TE] Vernon [Davis] will be out there and going through that extended stretch that we do and try to get him into the team, get him warmed up and lathered up and try to get him into the periods. [G/T Alex] Boone and [T Joe] Staley, we’re going to give both those guys, we’re going to shut them down today so that we can have them back tomorrow for the padded practice. Both them, they are fine. We just need to make sure, Boone got that ankle rolled up and Joe got rolled up on the leg. So, just going to give it that extra day here today. They’re going to do all the walk-thrus and everything and then they’ll be out there tomorrow. And [LB] Ahmad Brooks will not be here today for family reasons and we’ll keep him in our prayers, his family. So, that’s where we’re at in the injury report. Questions?”


You said Boone was ankle? He’d been listed as shoulder.

“Yeah, the shoulder is, he got a little roll on the ankle, there’s no swelling or anything to it. I just want to make sure we’re good there.”


Staley is also an ankle or leg?

“It was his leg. Neither one of those do we have any, we could have had them out there in a limited way today and taken care of them, but I wanted to make sure we were ready to go with the shoulder pads tomorrow.”


Do you anticipate Ahmad being back this week? Do you know his status?

“Yeah, I’m not going to, he needs to attend with his family right now. I’m not even, I’ll be honest, I’m not asking questions at this point.”


Do you know with Staley and Boone getting the day off, do you know who stands to benefit in terms of first team reps?

“Yeah, well we’ll work all those guys. We will, we’re going to work our guys there. Obviously, [OL] Trenton [Brown] will get some work at the tackle and the guys will go in. [OL Ian] Silberman will get some of it. All of our guys will get to work in there.”


You talked about going through the evaluation process on Monday. Are there any changes that we can expect to see with that starting unit on the offensive line for Sunday’s game?

“No, and I wouldn’t address that now anyway to be quite honest with you.”


But, you said no?

“Today, no. I mean, obviously, Boone and Staley are down, so there’ll be a lot of guys getting a lot of work today.”


You made a trade yesterday to acquire LB Gerald Hodges. What does he bring to the table for you guys?

“Well, Gerald is a guy, obviously, we knew about him coming out of college and thought a lot of him from a personnel stand point. And then, obviously prepared for them the first game and saw him again and that became available in a trade and went in that direction. Happy to have him. I mean, he’s a big, physical linebacker.”


Can you say that the Minnesota Vikings reach out to the 49ers or vice versa?

“I won’t get into all that and I don’t know particularly who calls who first or anything like that. No, ma’am.”


Is he somebody competing to start right away? Where do you see him in that?

“Again, I haven’t met him yet. He’s still going through the processing. They’ve got to get the physical, they have to do all that kind of stuff, so he’s doing all that. I’m hoping to get with him at lunch and we will see.”


Do you see that as a need though at that position?

“No, I mean, a need for depth, yeah. He’s a good football player.”


How difficult is the transition for him coming from a 4-3 to learning your guys’ 3-4?

“I mean, there’s a transition in anything in the way people are running, the way they are playing what they are playing. Whether it’s their zones or where their vision is and those kind of things. So, there’s always a transition, 4-3, 3-4, I mean they play an under-defense, we play an under-defense. Personally, I’ve never thought those are, the odd look is a different look, yes. But, we just have to see how that, some guys are real fast at it and other guys aren’t. So, we feel like, I don’t think it’s enormous.”


Did you talk to NaVorro before making the deal to get his impressions?

“No, we knew. No, we didn’t.”


Do you see him more in NaVorro’s position or in LB Michael Wilhoite’s position? Either the Mike or the Will?

“Right now he’s just a linebacker. I mean, again, we would like to get, we will get looking at him and get him in practice and moving around here a little bit and see.”


The T.V. cameras on Sunday caught you laying into Wilhoite pretty good on the sideline, does that–?

“That’s nothing, no. Laying into him or were we talking pretty intensely?”


It looked like you were doing most of the talking.

“OK, was it a fit off the, I know there were a couple times there that we were working through some fits on where the tackles played and where the linebackers were playing off and I got involved in a couple of those conversations there in those runs.”


But nothing–?

“No, absolutely not.”


After the game, explaining some of his errant passes, QB Colin Kaepernick talked about them being protective passes, I believe, meaning that he was making sure to avoid interception, I assume. Was that a coaching theme? As far as you know, was that something emphasized to him after the Arizona game?

“No. We emphasized ball security to our offense as we do. But, no, that wasn’t something. I don’t believe you can play to the way you’re saying. Throw the ball. Again, just as we’re going through it this week, that’s what we’re attacking head on. Obviously, there’s no secrets to where the problems are. In our passing game, the timing of our passing game and where we’re going. So, that is the issue that has been the predominant issue that we’ve been talking through and sitting down. I said this the other day, there was extra time spent this week than you would normally do. Going back through that and just taking a look at the timing aspects of it and where we’re at. How we’re aligning, splits, spacing, all those kinds of things to get things corrected that way.”


When you hear your quarterback say that, do you worry that he’s second guessing every throw?

“Well, I directly, that was something we hit head on. Look, if you are, are you? No, if you are, stop. Can’t have it. Can’t play that way. And to me, again, it goes to the weight of the world on your shoulders. That happened a couple of times on those fits on defense. Somebody trying to go do something a little different. I got you, you want to make a play. And I got you that you want to do good. Do well in the way and don’t play not to make a mistake. Just play. Play to make the play. So, making sure that’s something that we’ve hit, again, head on to make sure that we don’t have anybody on this team in that situation.”


It seems with your passing game there are very few plays where Kaepernick gets the ball out quickly either designed or hot. Is that what you’re talking about with the timing? And why not use more hot to get the ball out against blitzes?

“Yeah, there’s some hot. There is. I’m not going to get into the schematic of things, but there’s, from schematic standpoint to players standpoint to all of those things, that’s what we’re attacking to fix.”


Back to the trade, it invites speculation. It seems like Hodges could really compete for a starting spot, obviously, LB Michael Wilhoite’s starting spot.

“No. Obviously is a terrible word to use right there. There is absolutely, I have zero, this became available and we picked up a guy that we think’s a good football player. That is nuts and bolts exactly what that is. The other comment that I was referring to there, just to clear the air here, that was normal game day for me. I think you’ve seen me coaching enough. We were, maybe I looked intense, I don’t know, but we were talking about getting that where we need it to be. Where the front was, I know I had some intense conversations with the front too in terms of how you play that block and then where that linebacker has to be. Those are conversations that happened. That was that. And that was getting through there, playing the way we played that, and everybody knows how we played that, but the way we played that and making sure that we had people in areas on the field against that guy. So, that was schematic. Now, that was one thing. The deal with Hodges is a completely different set. That has nothing, I see where that’s going. There’s nothing there. It’s a good football player that we were put in a position that we could bring on to the team.”


I was leading to, I guess the question is, how in your assessment has Wilhoite played this season?

“Michael’s done fine. I mean, we’re 1-3. I have a hard time standing here and telling you anybody has played great or coached great or anything. 1-3 is 1-3. We have to, the guy right here has got to do a better job. He’s got to stay on top of it, got to stay the course. We’ve got to keep attacking it, walking into rooms, being honest within the rooms. And the person speaking needs to be honest and the person receiving needs to be honest and everybody needs to be honest. We need to look at it and we need to have a man’s conversation and we all need to collectively get better.”


Regarding, not to major on this, I want to be accurate. It seemed like you and Wilhoite had that conversation after Wilhoite and DT Tank Carradine were late coming off the field and you had to call timeout because the Packers–?

“Oh, OK. No, no, no. OK, see, how you’re clarifying. I did get hot right there. [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers was looking at us and I don’t know if you’ve all watched him, but you all know what he does. He watches the sidelines and if they’re in their no-huddle deal, he watches the sidelines to see if somebody’s subbing. And boom, you know, the old [Denver Broncos QB] Peyton Manning. Peyton used to do it forever. He goes up and he gets you for the penalty. At that time right there, the guy was looking at us. I was down the sideline and I saw him looking at us and I saw that happen and I went flying to, “No, no, no, no, no.” OK, and then we had to call timeout. We we’re getting ready to get nailed. So, yeah, I had a discussion there. We can’t do that. That was definitely a discussion there. Tank and me and coaches and everybody.”


Going back to Colin, you mentioned how much you appreciate how hard he works and he’s said the best thing for him to do is to come back in and work. Have you had a conversation with him where maybe he might need to take just a day off, just a mental health day, something to clear his head, get away from all that work and maybe help him relax a little bit?

“We’ve had a lot of conversations, I won’t go into them, obviously, I’m not going to do any of that in the media. But, I’m a firm believer that the sword’s always sharp on both sides. That would mean your biggest strength can sometimes hurt you. So, we’ve talked about that. Not that that is the problem. But, just looking at everything. And not just with him. With everybody going through it. And we all know this. You get into these things here, alright, we’ve got three games here we haven’t won. Now, where does that, these are the times you’ve got to keep things on air. You’ve got to look at, you’ve got to think your way through. That’s why I just keep trying to stress that. We have to think our way through these things. Let’s not be emotional and feel better for 20 minutes. Let’s think our way through these things. So, that is the approach that I am taking and that is the approach that I am pushing through the team.”


You’ve been very clear that you’re in charge of the team on the field and you make the decisions. And I don’t want to get into the theoretical with the quarterback, but is this your decision whether or not to keep Colin as the starting quarterback?

“Yes. 100-percent.”


You would not have to clear that with general manager Trent Baalke?

“I will not. I do not have to clear that with anyone. It is 100-percent my decision.”


Why not say there is a competition? Why not say, everybody, this position, there’s a competition for it?

“Because I think that starts a whole lot of things that I just don’t believe. I think that runs wild. There’s not a competition. Guys are playing. When guys are playing, again [San Jose Mercury News columnist] Tim [Kawakami], I understand that position’s different. It’s the most important position in all of sports. I got it. But, also with me and the philosophy of coaching, when guys come in, when I send guys on the field at other positions that I’ve coached, as a starter you have to go in, you go in and you play. Now, other positions sub through more than that position, but I want a confident man, just full bore ahead at that position. I believe it’s critical. And I believe in the quarterback. I believe in him. I believe in Colin Kaepernick.”


Is his confident, obviously, it looks pretty well shaken these last couple of weeks. What do you do as a coach to try to–?

“Well, I don’t see it shooken. He and I and the coaches and players, we’re not seeing that.”


In light of what happened in Monday night’s game between the Lions and the Seahawks, do you think coaches should be allowed to challenge any play, that there should be no such thing as an unchallengeable play in the NFL?

“I haven’t had enough time to digest that. Obviously, I’m aware of it. Obviously, that came up in the clips I need to see every week and I saw it. But, I don’t, I’m not going to make a comment on that because I haven’t thought that through.”

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  1. I figured the only way Patton would ever received a concussion was from pulling his arms back into his body so fast that he knocks himself over.

    1. Q: Why doesn’t Sacramento have a professional football team?
      A: Because then San Francisco would want one.
      Q: How many San Francisco 49ers does it take to change a tire?
      A: One, unless it’s a blowout, in which case they all show up

      Q: How do you know the California State Police are seriously enforcing the Speed Limits
      into San Francisco.

      A: For the first offense, they give you two 49ers tickets. If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them.

        1. Not sure if reading your BS or Jims presser gives me more of a headache. Your mommy needs help with the bills,can you finally get a job.

        1. I laughed. We are all taking the season too seriously. I actually have been on the board saying they should fire Tomsula. After reading his pressers for two weeks, I think that decision is a bit harsh.
          With better coordinators, I think he could succeed. I like his honesty and how he holds players accountable. I just wish he’d make better decisions with his QB. He obviously knows a lot more about SF than I do.

      1. How about this one regarding a 1 and 3 start:

        “David Neumann ‏@davidneumann_ 22h22 hours ago
        If for some reason you were still thinking the 49ers could turn things around and make the playoffs, those odds are now less than 1.0%”

        1. A lesson on how to destroy a winning team overnight. From Playoffs to top 3-5 in the draft from one season to another.

          I am afraid that next year won’t be the last time the Niners pick in the top 5.. If things continue as they have, they might become perenial contenders for the top 5 picks for the next few years.

      2. And here’s another one:

        David Neumann ‏@davidneumann_ 22h22 hours ago
        49ers also with the highest odds of getting the No. 1 overall pick (18.8%). 45.2% chance of landing in the top 3.

        Draft time should be a barrel of fun this upcoming offseason.

        1. I was actually talking about his all 22 gifs but those odds are pretty damning. That’s what happens when you have the worst point differential in the league.


          1. Neumann’s vids are extremely damning on Kaep. It really shows just how many plays were left on the field due to a QB not reading the field and playing way too tentatively.

            The question I have is – is Chryst really that bad an OC, based on how many plays were missed by Kaep the past two games? The opportunities have been there. Its no wonder the receivers are so frustrated.

              1. Yep. He had time to make a play, if he (a) learnt to maneuver in the pocket and (b) made the right reads and let the ball go.

              1. Yeah, agree Grimey. I’m not a big fan of Chryst so far, as I think he is too conservative and has made a few bad calls, but the real issue with the offense right now is the QB.

              2. I agree. Those gifs from that article Cubus shared are pretty damning for Kaepernick because they clearly showed that he held the offense back against the Packers.

            1. Yup, that would have been a good question. I would have followed that question with ‘what is the vibe in the locker room’ this week?

            1. My original wasn’t family friendly, but still managed to rhyme off with Goff. Somebody on twitter had #BendOverAndCoughForGoff. Although you don’t actually bend over for a hernia test.

              1. There are 11 1-3 teams. One 0-4 team.

                Due to the likely strength of schedule, the 49ers would lose draft order tie breakers. (the harder schedule bumps the team to the next lowest pick)

                To have a shot at Goff, the 49ers would have to be alone in having the worst record in the NFL. 2-14 might not cut it.

              2. We could finish 1-15 Brodie. I’m having a difficult time finding a team remaining on our schedule that we can beat if our QB and the coaching staff wakes up.

              3. The other thing about strength of schedule:
                Playing more good teams makes you lose more games.
                2-14 looks realistic.

          2. Yeah, I saw the 30+ offensive plays that I posted in the NN Fanpost link yesterday. That was enough to turn my stomach. I’m trying to avoid antacids.

      1. Synergy is where the combination of parts yields a “whole” that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. The opposite of synergy is where the whole is smaller than the sum of the parts. The 49ers are an example of the opposite of synergy.

        1. Brent Jones used the phrase “common bad” as in “various parts of the Niners offense working towards the common bad”.

  2. It looked like Tomsula had a pumpkin spice latte in one hand, and in the other, the last piece of a Hostess Zinger on its way into his mouth. At the same time, it appears he cut his cheek coming through the door well. This was all preceded by farting noises generated by the beat reporters. You can’t make this stuff up….

  3. Jim’s presser… One could get a concussion by just sitting in the room–with him at the podium–your brain struggling hard to make sense of it all. Pointless, I know, but would be interesting to observe a Jim-Trent conversation. Good thing Jim isn’t an air traffic controller. Can’t wait for Sunday in prime time.

    1. I understand Starbuck’s corporation has a luxury suite there. Is it possible Tomsula was drinking a Chai tea, followed by the zinger chaser?

    1. Interesting they all picked Matt Ryan. Ryan’s college offensive coordinator was Steve Logan.

      I like Goff’s feet. His feet go through progressions along with his eyes.

        1. I agree, but that also means he can’t carry a team that has incompetent coaches and a porous OL.

          1. Mid no way this coaching staff lasts if we have the 1st overall pick. Im more worried that Baalke gets to stay on. Thats a deal sentence!

            1. Trust me, I am too Prime. Baalke would probably trade the pick for more picks and then trade some of those for more picks. When it was all said and done, we’d probably end up with a boy named Sue from Antarctica for our starting QB in 2016.

              1. Heaven tried, but York sent it packing after he deemed that it was helping too much and starting to turn the team around.

        2. His foot movement reminds me of Rogers. Not saying he’s Rogers, but its fun to watch him adjust in the pocket, and deliver throws with his feet properly set.

      1. Seb once said that Tomsula’s pressers were like a breath of fresh air. What Seb forgot to mention is that ‘fresh air’ consisted of being next to a couple of livestock farms, some skunks, a toxic dump, and big Bubba who hasn’t showered for the past decade.

        1. I still like them better than the JH ones. He looked like he was being tortured, and would come up with some jive turkey gobble guff just to make it interesting. JT pressers are SO much better than the Singletary ones.
          Coach Tomsula is honest, forthright and refreshing to see how respectful he is to the inquisitors. He knows Coach Speak, so he can say lots, but divulge little.
          Coach Tomsula is being a leader. The incorrigible press corps of the flatulent variety are the ones full of hot gas.

          1. Seb, Tomsula is nervous. Nervous because he is in a situation that he has no business being in. This job is like an albatross strapped to his back.
            He speaks in mumble jumble phrases. This is because he really does not know what to say and more importantly does not know what to for.
            Week 18 can’t get here soon enough. It’s embarrassing!

            1. I beg to differ. Coach Tomsula is a real American Rags to Riches story. Imagine, going from sleeping in a car to being the head coach of one the most storied sports franchise in America. He does not take anything for granted, and he is devoting every effort to producing a winning product. Answering hostile questions at a presser does not bring out the best in him, but he is trying his damdest. Coach Tomsula is not an elocution specialist, but he speaks the lingo. People expecting more will just have to be disappointed. I am satisfied, and totally understand what he says and why he said it that way.

              1. Seb please let me know when the riches part occurs. It’s a great feel good story but if only he knew what he was doing. He is not qualified to lead this franchise. He is a dline coach and that pretty much it!

              2. SEB I appreciate the enthusiasm but this staff has the very same feeling and look as when Mike Nolan/Mike Singletary were in charge.
                Not very creative on offense and overthinking on defense. If we win more than 3 games it will be a miracle!

          2. Sorry Seb, but I have to disagree. I would rather have a presser where the coach doesn’t give much information and looks uncomfortable doing so rather than one who speaks in a language that is headache inducing and looks uncomfortable doing so.

            1. I’m not a RW fan but one thing about RW is his oline is terrible too but he is still getting the ball in the hands of his play makers.

              1. I’m not an RW fan but I respect him. He has a ring. He’s not afraid of the moment. He’s made passes to win games, he’s missed passes to lose games.
                But he competes.
                Kaep is just a lost cause at this point. He can work as hard as he wants but that doesn’t mean he’s any good.

              2. Prime,
                True that. But throw in a pretty good defense (that Seattle has) when counting pluses.

                Kap will almost need to have a monster game (and win) Sunday night to quite the storm. Another stinker should put him on the bench, period.

                The is unless Young Jedi has already given up on this season and decides to keep CK in for the purpose of losing out and having a shot at Goff.

  4. Tomsula is making a mockery of being a head coach in the NFL. At least Jimmy Raye who was probably the worst 49ers football coach in their history, could string together sentences that made sense. I mean if we cant understand his message, how do the players?

    1. No body has answered my question. Was it a chai tea or pumkine spice latte and zinger that caused the flatulence because I’m sure we could create a comfortable environment for the press if we could clear the air of this matter ?

  5. Let’s look ahead…focusing on candidates for Tom’s replacement. For starters, how about Brian Kelly, Kyle Whittingham (resume getting better all the time), David Shaw, or Jim Mora?

      1. John Gruden would be a kick, even better if he had first rate assistant coaches. Alas, the ESPN paycheck he collects is sweet.

    Just look at NewJim with the sound off and wonder if he’s able to play the guy with the hot hand…….

  7. Without any other consideration and with 100 percent confidence QB7 could use a serious head shrinking. A little applied Kaepology giving the man a positive self image pick-me-up before game time. A serious conversation with the man in the mirror is an excellent place to start. Go 49ers.

  8. My favorite quote from the Neumann article, referring to Kaepernick:
    “It’s easier to overlook those issues for a promising young quarterback who you expect to develop as he gets more playing time. But after 43 career starts we’re rapidly approaching the point, if we’re not there already, where expecting development is no longer reasonable.” Says it all.

  9. I would think the Yorks are rather image conscious–trying to be polite and self-effacing, while maintaining a conservative, dignified persona. These B movie pressers have got to be bloody hell for them. Be careful what you ask for…

  10. For the rest of the season 49ers will be playing not to lose badly
    Win or lose does not matter as long as they dont lose by 30 or 40 points.
    I think thats what the Niners were playing for with Green Bay.
    Can’t wait to see what they come up with in New York

  11. I am hoping that Chryst goes hurry up and spread and let it be a test for Kap to keep the job or we move on to Gabbert…….. it is clear that he is holding the team back at this point and the D played well enough last week to keep them in the game (accounting for Pinions two bad punts).
    My $.02……………. some decent deals out there on the SBL market for those interested.

  12. I want the Sundance Kaep. If they go down in flames, I want them to go down fighting. Lets see Kaep unleashed so he can move like lightening. Stop forcing him to sit in a collapsing pocket to be beaten like a pinata, like he did 6 times last week. I want to see 4 and 5 receiver sets, and let the gunslinger Kaep emerge. Niner fans should realize is that Craig Dahl is one of their safeties, so the Niners should pay special attention to him.
    The Giants have the best run defense, and the worst pass defense. The other teams did not bother to run because they could pass so easily, so this is the game for Kaep to shine. I hope they spread them wide, and then gash them up the middle with Hyde. The Niners should also unsheathe all their weapons, and include Hayne in the offense. They should utilize his unique skillsets, and include laterals. Kaep should pitch it wide, Hayne should draw the defense to his side, and at the last moment, he should lateral back to Kaep so he can run to the other side or throw a big strike downfield.
    Kaep should stop worrying about winning or losing. He should just concentrate on scoring TDs. Kaep should set a goal of scoring at least 7 times per game. If he scores enough, winning comes easy. I am glad Coach Tomsula is Kaep’s coach. He will stay the course, and hopefully, Kaep will improve.
    I want the Niners to go bold. I want them to go for it, and not settle for FGs. A 1-3 team cannot afford to be conservative. They need to make the proper adjustments. The first adjustment should be to shore up the O line. Instead of trading away O line depth, Baalke should poach a player from a team with a solid O line.
    If the O line gives Kaep enough time, he can torch the secondary, and erase the last 2 games from our memory.

    1. You must have missed the gifs article that Cubus posted Seb. They clearly show the pocket being clean expect on a couple of occasions. Also, unleashing Kaep has done squat for the offense. It has resulted in either a sack or a bad throw.

      1. Yep. He had a pocket, he had the time to make the throws. He just didn’t. Last week the only one preventing the 49ers from unleashing Kaep was Kaep himself.

        1. I concede that Kaep has not passed very well, and needs to improve. I just want to point out that Kaep was standing still, just like the Sundance Kid was when asked to shoot at a rock. The Sundance Kid missed, but when allowed to move, he blasted the rock to bits. Kaep needs to roll out and be on the move, but for some inexplicable reason, they are forcing him to stay in a collapsing pocket. There were several times during the game when he went back to pass, but before he could get set, he had a rusher in his face.

          1. The thing is Seb is that the pocket only collapsed on a couple of plays against the Packers. And teams have game planned against Kaep by making sure that he can’t roll out and throw or run on them. The secret is out that you can win if you can keep Kaepernick contained and force him to beat you from the pocket.

            1. Put a man in motion to pinch in the DE, and let Kaep roll out. Sounds pretty simple to me, but when have you seen a man in motion?

          2. Seb, I admire your loyalty and appreciate your comments, but Kaep has turned into a disaster. Sometimes that happens. Here’s that quote from Neumann again:

            “It’s easier to overlook those issues for a promising young quarterback who you expect to develop as he gets more playing time. But after 43 career starts we’re rapidly approaching the point, if we’re not there already, where expecting development is no longer reasonable.”

            1. Kaep is the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Fair weather bandwagon fans may want to dump him, but Coach Tomsula knows how special Kaep is, and will eventually get things right by utilizing Kaep properly. Kaep is a SB quarterback, and was 5 yards from winning it all.
              Posters may have given up on him, but I still think he has the potential to dominate games. If the O line was somewhat competent, we would not be even considering dumping Kaep.

  13. I feel bad for Tomsula the only enlightened thing he’s ever stated at a press conference didn’t even come from his mouth…

  14. Hey I just saw a news feed that Brooks is taking a leave of absence for family reasons. What so you guys know? Could be why Harylson was trying out.

  15. http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/coach-hayne-blame-late-fair-catch-muffed-punt

    This is just inexcusable.
    Hayne is now the one member of the 49ers who has clearly been dressed-down in front of the press, throw him under the bus why don’t you, coach?
    Remember how much La Michael James and Kyle Williams sucked? And yet while they were here, coaches and front office kissed their asses to the point of chafing and redness!
    I’m not saying Hayne has been good, he has had his problems, but he hasn;t been any worse than those two. Sure, scream in his face, kick his butt, but do it behind closed doors, why involve the media? Kick return issues are not why the Niners are so bad this year.

    1. I would like to revisit the Tomsula Presser:

      Possibly, if we made Tomsula wear a suit and Tom Laundry hat on the sideline, a-la – Mike Nolan, this dignified approach would alter his approach to press conferences. We could have him carry in the coffee and pastries, he could be a little nicer to Wilhoite on the sidelines, and we could have our kmbaya moments back again.
      Also, he could be a little nicer in the locker room, and shake the officials hands before each game I’d appreciate it.
      His speaches are a work in progress, I agree, however, with a touch of elocution
      school, even this would be improved.

      1. I believe, like everyone said about (kap) even though he failed so far, that Tomsula’s press conferences are improveable…If we implement the above program a 5 year time-table would be required to reap the benefits, but in the end, isn’t our goal perfect elocution

  16. Kaep came to the auditorium for his postgame interview dressed like …
    I want to say a movie star, but it was more like a fashion model.
    He wore soft fancy booties. And some kind of dark shirt
    revealing lots of tattoo. He wore his cap backwards and at an angle.
    And, of course, he had the obligatory earphones.

    soft, fancy booties………….yup. Sounds like him.

    1. Soft n fancy:

      If we could get Tomsuala even close to Kap’s presser performances (a least they’re
      decipherable) then we could get back to football.
      Any suggestions on how to improve coach T?

      1. Also,

        Remember to account for coach T’s flatulence problems during his pressers…Apparently the press corps. makes imitation farting noises as he approaches the podium.

  17. Anyone have any guesses as to which team the league is going to relocate to LA? I’m picking the Lambs.

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