Jon Baldwin: “I felt like I could run everything in the game plan.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what Jon Baldwin said at his locker after Sunday night’s preseason game.

ME: Has this week been tough for you?

BALDWIN: No, I wouldn’t say that at all.

ME: What kind of challenge has it been cramming the whole play book in a week?

BALDWIN: To be honest with you, it’s really not a challenge at all. This is my job. I’ve got to learn the play book. I spend a lot of time with the offensive staff, extra time learning the plays and repping those plays out in practice. Those things definitely help, to keep going over and over the plays.

Q: How many plays did you feel you had down pat and could run today?

BALDWIN: I felt like I could run everything in the game plan. I would definitely say all of the plays in the game plan.

Q: 100 plays?

BALDWIN: It may actually be a little bit more than 100.

Q: And you could learn all of that because you were familiar with the terminology?

BALDWIN: There is some carryover from Kansas City, but whenever I have free time I’m studying the plays. During lunch, after lunch – I’m studying. I never want to get in a situation where I’m out there and I really don’t know what to do. That’s not a good feeling when you go out there and you don’t know the play and you’re looking around for help.

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