Kaepernick on beating the Patriots: “It really isn’t going to mean too much if we don’t come out and win this week.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick just spoke in the 49ers locker room. Here’s what he said.

Q: You were the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. What was your reaction?

KAEPERNICK: Excited about it.

Q: Why?

KAEPERNICK: It was a great accolade for the team. There are a lot of great players on this team who put in the effort for that award to come.

Q: In the team bus after the game, did you think you were worth of the award?

KAEPERNICK: I was just happy we got the win.

Q: What did Tom Brady say to after the win?

KAEPERNICK: Just good job.

Q: What were your thoughts and emotions about beating a guy like that in his own home?

KAEPERNICK: I was just excited about it. He’s someone that I always looked up to. He’s someone that I always watched. To get a win over someone like that, great accomplishment.

Q: Vernon Davis said you guys have been spending some time trying to get on the same page. What kind of work have you guys done after practice to build chemistry?

KAEPERNICK: Just extra throws.

Q: After a win like that, what kind of statement you and where this team is and what you can accomplish going forward?

KAEPERNICK: It really isn’t going to mean too much if we don’t come out and win this week.

Q: What kind of challenges will this game present to you?

KAEPERNICK: The Seahawks are a hot team right now. Their defense is playing great. Their offense is putting up points. We have to be ready.

Q: What do you think of that hostile environment?

KAEPERNICK: We expect it to be loud.

Q: How do you prepare for such a loud stadium?

KAEPERNICK: We’re going to prepare like we do for all of our away games.

Q: Do you feel like you and Vernon are making progress, and why?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, we’re making progress because we’re getting those throws after practice.

Q: It’s your third primetime start. Is there something special you embrace under the lights?

KAEPERNICK: We’re just going out and trying to get a win.

Q: So, no?


Q: Have you been able to watch Russell Wilson and appreciate what he’s done this year?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, I see a little bit of what he’s done. Everything I’ve seen of him, he’s been doing great things out there.

Q: Does he seem like a guy who’s going to be your adversary for the next decade or so?

KAEPERNICK: He’ll be my adversary Sunday night. That’s what we’re worried about.

Q: Are the Seahawks cornerbacks still very physical even without Brandon Browner?


Q: How do you go about beating that?

KAEPERNICK: Our receivers will have to be physical – be physical in their routes, be physical in their blocking.

Q: Do you have to press the issue? Do you have to give your receivers a chance to make plays?

KAEPERNICK: Our receivers have been making plays. That’s something I expect them to go out and do on Sunday too.

Q: What was your reaction to the music video that came out a few days ago with the five-year-old girl?

KAEPERNICK: I thought it was a good video. Big ups to her.

Q: What do you like about Michael Crabtree as a receiver.

KAEPERNICK: He catches the ball and makes plays after he catches it.

Q: Have you guys had chemistry since the beginning, or is it something that’s developed over time?

KAEPERNICK: Crab’s the type of receiver if you throw it close to him, he’s going to catch it.

Q: Vernon was saying you want to get bigger and he keeps telling you not to change, he doesn’t want your arm to get too much stronger. Is that a running joke between you two?


Q: Will you elaborate a little bit on the back-and-forth there?

KAEPERNICK: It’s just a joke we’ve had since the offseason. He knows I have a strong arm.

Q: How much bigger do you want to get?

KAEPERNICK: It really isn’t about getting bigger. It was just a joke we had.

Q: Have you had a moment to yourself to reflect and enjoy the fact that so much has happened for you in so little time?

KAEPERNICK: Now is not the time to reflect. Right now we need to work. We need to keep getting wins.

Q: Both Harbaugh and Delanie have talked about how Crabtree is not afraid to say, “I’m open, look for me.” Do you like that in a receiver?

KAEPERNICK: I love that in a receiver. You want somebody who wants the ball.

Q: What would you ask you if you were standing in our spot?

KAEPERNICK: The same questions every week like you guys do.

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