Kaepernick on Boldin: “The strides we’ve made have been huge.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Colin Kaepernick said Thursday afternoon.

Q: How tough has it been without Crabtree out here?

KAEPERNICK: We have a lot of great receivers who are out here right now. Losing Crab, losing the other receivers who were here last season obviously isn’t something you want, but we have receivers out here working.

Q: Are you worried about your timing and chemistry with the other guys?

KAEPERNICK: No. Not at all.

Q: How are things coming with Jenkins and Boldin?

KAEPERNICK: Very well. They’re both out here working hard. I’m getting a lot of throws in to them. Looking forward to seeing what they’ll do this season.

Q: You spent a lot of time with Jenkins this offseason. What kind of progression have you seen from him?

KAEPERNICK: Huge. He’s leaps and bounds ahead of where he was last year. We’ve just got to get him on the field now.

Q: What have you learned about Boldin?

KAEPERNICK: Give him a chance, that’s the biggest thing with him. Give him a chance to make a play, and more times than not he’ll make the play.

Q: What’s been your biggest growth this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: Just my leadership, being comfortable taking that role, being comfortable talking to any player on the team, telling them if they need to do something a little bit different to help our offense.

Q: Do you think you’re more vocal on the field?


Q: Is that different than when you took over last year? Were you a little bit hesitant to do those types of things?

KAEPERNICK: I wouldn’t say hesitant, I just wasn’t as vocal about it.

Q: Were you capable last summer, or were still in the mode of learning your own job.

KAEPERNICK: I think in the position as a backup, that’s not really your place to be as vocal.

Q: What are you going to do with this time from now to the start of training camp?

KAEPERNICK: Train. Get ready.

Q: How different are you physically? What’s the biggest difference?

KAEPERNICK: I’m just trying to improve every area of my game.

Q: How have you specifically elevated your game?

KAEPERNICK: I’m trying to improve on everything from the playbook, to getting faster and stronger, to being quicker mentally on the field, getting us in better situations, everything.

Q: Which receiver would you say you’ve had the biggest jump in improvement with?

KAEPERNICK: I think Anquan. I’ve had a little bit of time with him, and I think the strides we’ve made have been huge.

Q: How much time did you take off from football this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: I took a week off.

Q: Is the offense more wide open now that you’re in your second year as the starter? Can the offense do more?

KAEPERNICK: We’ll find out when the season comes.

Q: Are you different things out here than you did last year?

KAEPERNICK: You’re always doing something different.

Q: Has the red zone been an emphasis this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: Everything’s been an emphasis. Obviously, the red zone is an area in which we’re trying to improve, but we’re trying to improve everywhere else as well.

Q: Do you like the potential of your personnel in the red zone?

KAEPERNICK: I like the potential of the group anywhere on the field.

Q: Do you think your offense was tipping plays last year?

KAEPERNICK: As far as what?

Q: Not disguising them.

KAEPERNICK: We put up quite a few points, so I think our coaches were doing alright.

Q: There are reports that the offense tipped plays.

KAEPERNICK: I don’t read reports.

Q: What about the game in St. Louis? They seemed to know when to blitz, and they seemed to have your number.

KAEPERNICK: They had a good scheme. We should have made plays. I should have made different decisions. I’m not going to chalk something totally up to what the defense was doing. I look at ourselves first.

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