Kaepernick on his new commercial and his inaccurate passes

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.


What do you expect from seeing Buccaneers S Dashon Goldson in that secondary this weekend?

“Dashon’s a great player, does a lot of great things. Has a lot of range on the back end.”


Did you see him when he came out here a couple weeks ago?



Good to see him?

“Yeah, one of my good friends.”


Can you share a memory or two about Candlestick Park with us? End of the line coming here.

“Got my first NFL football there. It’s been a great place to me since I’ve been here.”


Last Sunday, you and Seahawks WR Ricardo Lockette traded jerseys. It was like the World Cup final or something. Have you done that before and I guess he’s just a former teammate, a good buddy? What was that all about?

“First time. He’s a good friend. Wanted to keep that as memento.”


How dangerous of a pass defense do they have? They’ve had a lot of interceptions these last five games. How are they getting them?

“Lot of tipped balls. A lot of them just making plays. They have a great secondary. A lot of talent back there.”


Can you talk about what makes Buccaneers LB Lavonte David so dangerous?

“Plays fast, plays physical. He does everything right for them.”


How do you assess your accuracy this season and how it’s gone?

“I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job with it. I think for the most part, I’ve been putting balls where I want to. There’s obviously always a few you want back.”


When you can have receivers like WR Anquan Boldin and WR Michael Crabtree particularly fight for the ball like their life depends on it, how much does that mean to you? Do you feel like you could throw them open or anything you that could throw up there, you know there’s a good chance that they’re going to come down with it?

“Gives you a lot of confidence to put the ball in the air. You can give them chances that you wouldn’t normally give a receiver.”


When you were shooting your Beats By Dre commercial, did you think that the crowd was the Seattle crowd, the Seahawks crowd?

“I really wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about doing my part.”


There have been some hurt feelings apparently in Seattle about them being portrayed negatively. But was the point that the crowd was the Seahawks?

“It was supposed to be a hostile environment.”


Are you doing anything differently in your preparation for this game as opposed to other games?



You guys have to travel a long ways. You’re coming off an emotional win. Tampa’s 4-9. Do you have to guard against overlooking them, this being a trap game? Is that something you’ve talked about?

“Yeah, that’s something we’re aware of. We want to make sure we prepare this week like we do any other week.”


The way they’re playing recently, do they look different than a 4-9 team?

“Yeah, they’ve won four of their last five, if I’m not mistaken, and they’ve been playing a lot better. They’ve been playing to win.”


It seemed you missed a couple of passes you normally make in the last game. Looking back on the film, we’re you pleased with your feet mechanics, with your arm mechanics? Was there anything you saw that you normally do better?

“We won. That’s all that matters.”


I’ve noticed that you do this media session in a different spot each week. Is there a reason for it or you having fun or is there a design?

“Just like to move around.”


What’s with the offensive linemen over there this year? They’ve just fined us for crossing the line. Any perceptions of that group?

“They’re just here to handle business like everybody else.”


What kind of year is T Anthony Davis having at right tackle?

“Phenomenal. He’s been playing his butt off every time he steps on the field. He’s been doing everything right and making things easy on everyone else.”


Your coach came to your defense in some people getting critical that you weren’t as easy or forthright with the media and said, ‘What do you want him to do? I want him to win football games, not be television host Jay Leno or doing a comedy routine.’ What do you make of that?

“I think he’s right.”

    1. kolin real 49ers fan checkn in dnt listen 2 the haters most of them probly seahawks fans anyways and ur doing a betta job of readn the 2 and 3 option let dat b one of ur maine focus in practice.good job boy now can u say super bowl? o yeah… give gore wht he deserve b4 he hangs it up word!!!

  1. “We won. That’s all that matters.” – terrible answer……..the kid is just setting himself up……..this too easy

    he needs to grow in alot of areas

  2. Geez Louise cut the kid some slack! How many times did you have a microphone shoved in your face as a twenty-something year old and had every one hanging on your words. The Hero worship of athletes just goes a little too far. He still basically a kid and would like to concentrate on his craft not on doing interviews every ten seconds. Everyone is not an extraverted person, some just like their circle of people and that’s it. Given some time he will grow a little more comfortable with the media but he may never grow to like it. But you know what….? He may never be the media savant the everyone seems to want him to be. And he doesn’t have to be! Cut him a break and let him be himself.

    1. It comes with the territory when you sign the contract. NFL HQ on Park Avenue is all about getting more revenues from the fans, etc. Part of the role of the player is to avail himself to the media for purposes of promoting the game. NFL HQ continually strives to increase its footprint and brand not only nationally but also internationally so that revenue streams increse or new streams are exploited. Why do you think they are playing games in England????
      Players have to accept it and media demands are regualted by the league office and players and coahces can be fined for not making themselves available per league requirements. It’s also in the NFLPA (collective bargaining) agreement.

      1. Lefty
        You’re correct in your points about the League’s promotional doctrine. The players and coaches have to play by those rules at least minimally. A question in my mind is how far the NFL should go with it. As the corporate types give the public increased access it can occasionally reveal some unflattering things. These are not choir boys, that’s not who wins those jobs. The debacle in Miami revealed some ugliness. The cameras in the locker room and meeting rooms can too. At some point they may pull back on this somewhat.
        Now I’d like to see Colin relax a bit, but he’s “my” QB, so I give him a pass.

  3. Ha ha — another interview where the interviewer mouths more than twice the number of words as Kap. The last answer is a masterpiece. Kap is half my age, but I am learning from him how to be brief yet effective.

    Grant, please do not take offense, but I have to paraphrase Shakespeare here (Polonius in Hamlet) for this occasion:
    “This interview is well ended.
    My liege, and dear Lowell, to expostulate
    What should be, what football is,
    Why day is day, night night, and time is time,
    Were nothing but to waste night, day and time.
    Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
    And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
    I will be brief: your noble son is mad:
    Mad call I it; for, to define true madness,
    What is’t but to be nothing else but mad?
    But let that go.”

      1. Good one. Of course you know wherefore means why. Juliet was not asking where Romeo was. The woman was not blind. She could see tha man clearly from the damn balcony. She was asking him “why” are you Romeo.

    1. Thanks, Mood; good one. I enjoy your takes on football, so not surprised by this little gem. It’s a pleasure to see the discourse rise above the occasional food fights that erupt here.

      1. Thank you, Bro. Despite the food fights, and Grant’s angling for that TMZ job :), I have read this column regularly since Matt’s days because of a sense of community, and the wisdom of many here who have played and/or coached the game.

  4. Kap will loosten up and talk more as he matures, give the man time, not everybody posseses an equal amount of public speaking skills out of the gate, plus he is mirroring his coach as an example.

  5. Kind of embarrassing, you have Jed, who is articulate and engaging and you have Coach and a QB, that hate the media.I can live with their arrogance and aloofness with a couple of rings.

      1. Crabs,

        I liked Goldson when he wss here but hrs a marked man. Most fined player in the leauge. He wouldn’t even be able every week becsuse of the illegal hits.

      2. 23j – Roger Goodell has created a “flag happy” league. The zebras have too much control now. Nearly a flag on every play!!

      3. Crab:

        Do you think it is a coincidence that the secondary is playing much better this year after the team replaced Goldson with Reid?

      4. CB,

        No, it’s no coincidence that the secondary is better with Reid this year, than last with Goldson.

        Goldson has always been a SS (with some FS skills) masquerading as a FS.

        Assuming Goldson would play the Stronger Safety (Fangio says he likes safeties to be, at least, somewhat interchangeable) if he were to return, I would welcome him back. If he came back as a FS, not so much.

    1. Ghost – You know you’re a closet Kap fan…..Ignore the demons in your head. You seem to have street smarts….is something wrong at home with grandma?

      1. Grandma had been dead for 50 years but thanks for asking. I was a huge fan of Colin’s when he played school ball, liked his back story the works. But after last off-season he became a major tool and for someone who claimed he went to Florida to practice after blowing the end of the SB, he hasn’t played very well.

        No, I don’t want to see us start over anymore than wait F nine years like they did with Alex…

    2. So you are wishing for Colin to fail and for our franchise to start a new search for another Qb in few years! I am sorry Ghost but i have a very hard time relating to you as a fan here. I understand Colin’s tattoos and his hip hop style does not work for you for some reason but how could you as a true Niner fan wish for a Niner player to fail! I just do not get it.

      1. My guess is Ghost would love for Kap to sack up. No one on this board really wants to start over with a new QB having to learn the system, etc. We just want to win. The guy could have a tattoo on his face.

      2. Chicago – This Ghost/ DS embryo does not respond to basic logical questions…. It got weird…. just ignore the fool from now on bro.

      3. Sully – This Ghost fool has an agenda……Sully – I hope you don’t fall for this dudes B.S.
        Sully – I’ve read some of your posts, you are a great new contributor to this blog. I hope you do not go to the dark side bro. ;)

      1. Anytime Crab,Kaep is here to stay Casper, get used to it. It kind of like George Bush, we suffered with George/Alex for 8 years, now it’s our turn.

      2. Boisterous belly laugh!…..8 years suffering with George W. and Alex!…….I voted for George W. two times….lol….he fooled me but Alex didn’t fool me. Alex finally has improved but it took 9 long years.

      3. Alex finally has improved but it took 9 long years.

        What it took was two coaches that understand how to coach a QB. Neither Nolan or Singletary had a clue in that department. Can you imagine how Nolan or Singletary would utilize Kaep if either one was still coaching the Niners? *shudder*

      4. You missed me Neal. House you papered belongs to the local crack dealer. Two doors down. Nice try though. Mine’s the one with the moat…

      5. Unfortunately I can’t afford to pay the monthly fee for a host site in order utilize Gravator.com Crab. My financial state is that tight.

      6. From what I read Jack, I have to have an account with WordPress and in order to that I have to utilize a web host that supports WordPress. Do you know of one that is secure and free other than the three options listed on the WordPress website?

      7. I know that Gravatar.com is free, but according to WordPress (which is needed in order to log onto Gravatar.com) I need to sign up with a web host in order to get a WordPress account and the three options listed on WordPress require money to be spent, which I cannot do. I wish that I could afford to spend $2.75 a month, but I can barely afford my own name right now. So I ask again, is there a secure and free web host that supports WordPress?

    3. Right!

      Because you can see in the future that the 49ers already have their Next QB?


      Stay Down, just stay down. Good Lord

    4. Interesting that some of you dickless bozos don’t see Colin objectively. When they first drafted him I was ecstatic. I watched him in college and thought he was terrific. But open your damn eyes. He has no footwork, he hates getting hit, he’s a cross between Sanchez and a Hernandez wannabe lookalike. He cannot pass with touch or accuracy, he’s slower than molasses between the ears and he winds up like Bob Feller.

      WTF dues. I’m a Niner fan not a player fan. If someone plays great, terrific. If they blow, get them out of there. In the meantime, have fun with your name calling..bunch of TwzDee’s..

      1. You know what I find interesting Mustard?

        How much of a Frickin’ Hypocrite you are!

        From 1 side of your Pie Hole you call some of us “dickless bozos”

        Then from the other side say….

        “have fun with your name calling”?

        As for objectivity?

        This just in…..

        Kaepernick has played roughly a bit over 1 full season so he hasn’t arrived!

        Stand to reason….key word here REASON….he’ll get better.

      2. Ghost,

        I watched Kaep a great deal when he was here at Nevada (although, to my lasting regret, I missed the 2010 Cal game). I will agree that he still has issues with his mechanics and with touch passes (two areas of concern I had when the 49ers drafted him), but if you watched him play at Nevada as you say (and as I did for four years), you know he is not “slower than molasses between the ears.” Ault would never put up with a QB who could not make quick decisions (especially for four years), and Kaep showed consistently that he could do so, as well as that he could learned from his mistakes.

        So why does it now appear that he cannot make decisions and that he makes the same mistakes over and over? I am just guessing like everyone else, but it sure looks to me like he is over thinking and second guessing everything. Almost all his throws are a tick late, and his decisions on running are hesitant. Sure, it could be the speed of the pro game, but I do not think it is just that. When asked to play in a system in which he was comfortable last year, he played at NFL speed.

        The problem I see is that the 49ers coaching staff and opposing defenses took away his security blanket (his feet) and are forcing him to learn to do things he never had to do with regularity in college, or even last year – go through his progressions, move around in the pocket under pressure, set his feet (with his arm strength, he rarely had to do so in college; it is telling that he is still more accurate while on the move than in the pocket), etc. It is clear he is not comfortable playing in the current system, and until/unless he becomes comfortable in it, we will see the same issues we have most of this year.

        My belief is that If he can learn to be a pocket passer (and I still believe he can), then the growing pains the 49ers are living through this year will be well worth it. If he cannot, then I agree that the team should move on. However, I do not claim to know now whether that will be the case. Claiming now, so early in his career, that he will not be a good NFL QB is just as premature as proclaiming him one of the greatest of all time after last year.

      3. JPN is spot on. Folsom, you guys beat on me like a drum so it comes back at ya. Toughtitties. You have an opinion on Colin, great. I do too. And I think JPN said — in much better terms than this old scooter trash – -that Colin is having some issues with his game at the pro level. I don’t think it is correctable. Some of you think it is. Tastes great, less filling…sorta like that. Peace…

  6. Before this last game everyone was talking up Russel Wilson. NFL MVP, elite QB. Even the 49ers coaches spoke highly of him. Everyone in the room dissed our Qb and praised the enemy QB.
    Here we are a week later. I don’t hear anyone talking about the obvious. Russel Wilson choked.
    His completion percentage in the second half of the game was near 50%. He threw for under 50 yards for the half.
    One one attempt to “Golden” he skipped the pass in to him even though he was wide open.
    His legs that are usually so dependable were only good for 2 yards the entire afternoon.
    In the second half, when his team needed him most, Russel Wilson could only muster 48 yards, zero TD’s and 1 Int. He choked. Why are we not discussing that and taking a time out from critiquing our QB who just beat the top ranked team in the NFC?

    1. Because Wilson has had less bad moments than Kaep has this season. I’m not saying that I support this thought process but I believe it is what some would say.

    2. Because this is the 49ers blog where we spend most of the time talking $hit about our team and only focus on the negatives. No, with all joking aside, the reason is due to RW playing much better this season overall and his team has a record of 11-2.

      1. Bay,
        CK has become the new whipping boy to many here.
        There are the objective bloggers who at least back up their critique by stats.

        And then there are the Alex Smith “Leftovers” who nitpick and obviously can’t wait for CK to play poorly so they can dance around the Team Alex campfire.

        I said before the start of the season that these Alex Smith hangers-on would be here for a while and we see them every week. They will not site a bad ref’ call, a dropped pass, or a missed tackle, a bone-headed penalty that may have made a huge difference in a loss. It’s all CK.

        If they can’t critique his game they will critique his interviewing style. Face it, when it comes to CK, they will always find something to complain about.

        I’m with CK when he said that winning is all that matters.
        Ultimately, that what the Org wants, what the coaches want, what the players want, and what I want.

      2. AES – I’m all in on Kap as a player, I just don’t like the press conferences. He’s so defensive….Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      3. CK has become the new whipping boy to many here.
        There are the objective bloggers who at least back up their critique by stats.

        And then there are the Alex Smith “Leftovers” who nitpick and obviously can’t wait for CK to play poorly so they can dance around the Team Alex campfire.

        And then there are some of us who praise and critique Kaep just like we did Smith, regardless of whether we like the guy or not. I don’t know about some, but I myself fall into this category.

      4. Jack what i like about your posted comments is that you are much more balanced than a lot of bloggers including our lovely Grant. You always share your opinion from difference perspectives. To my opinion you should become a journalist if you are not already!

        I agree that CK played a pretty decent game against the hawks (C) and he must become more consistent in the future. Ck sometimes makes amazing throws even under pressure but his play is not consistent. I cross my fingers and hope to watch him get better a little more every game we play. GO Colin and the Niners

    3. Bay,

      Neither QB did much in the second half. They combined for 100 yards, Kaepernick with 53 on 6-10 passing and Wilson 47 on 7-14 passing, and each threw an interception and no TD’s.

      If Gore doesn’t make the 51 yard run Kaepernick would have been looked at as the goat for throwing the interception in the red zone.

      1. Hammer,
        Your hypothetical reference regarding Gore’ 51 run (in essence) saving CK from being the goat has a hypothetical validity.

        But while we’re at it, let me add a couple of my hypotheticals to the list.
        1. If VMac pulls in the pass from CK inside the Panthers 10 yrd line CK is the hero.
        2. If Frank Gore catches a sideline pass against the Saints with nothing but green landscape in front of him, CK is the hero there as well.
        This hypothetical game works both ways.

      2. If if if….I guess we’ll never know but let’s not assume anything. Maybe he takes off ala last year’s playoff game vs GB. who knows?

      3. Those runs by Gore and Kaep on that last drive were the game winners.

        Jack – have you seen much improvement the past few weeks in Kaep’s play? Possibly too hard to tell since getting Crabs back is making things easier for everyone…

      4. But one QB won and one lost. The one that lost was put highly up on a pedestal all week. Russel Wilson is decent but we have his number. Truly what’s beaten us is Lynch and Seattle’s defense.
        Wilson in four games has had one good game one average game and two terrible games. MWN you said Wilson has had less bad moments than Kaep. Wilson has had a handful of very average and terrible games this year too.
        The difference is that their play makers have come up bigger than ours. Look at Frank Gore compared to Lynch. Lynch has 4 more TD’s. Look at Wilson versus Kaep, Wilson has 10 more TD’s. I hate Golden Tate, but he’s been a playmaker. They even use him on kickoffs and he’s dangerous. Every one of those areas is advantage Seahawks, until now. Crabtree’s return changes how their defense plays us.
        Earlier this year the TOP was +13 minutes in Seattle favor. We were easy to defend. This last game with Kaep back we were able to sustain drives. The result was a +5 minute TOP for us.
        On another note, we will host the NFC Championship game here. Carolina will be Seattle and we will beat N.O. Book it.

      5. Scooter,

        He’s the same guy. He is still inconsistent from the pocket. When it’s clean or it’s a quick read he’s accurate, but he tends to break down at times if there is any disruptuion.

        Young and Differ did a good job a couple of weeks ago documenting situations in which he isn’t pulling the trigger. There were examples of this in each of the last three games. In the 3rd quarter on Sunday he had Crabtree coming wide open and threw incomplete to Gore instead. Another example was an incorporation to Boldin on the second possessions of the game. He takes too long to come off Davis and throws it late.

        It’s like Gannon said yesterday, and I totally agree, he needs to really work on speeding up the progression.

        It’s a work in progress.

      6. “Earlier this year the TOP was +13 minutes in Seattle favor. This last game…The result was a +5 minute TOP for us.”

        Yes the 49ers had sustained drives in the first half, and Kaepernick didn’t turn the ball over 4 times this last game.

      7. Focus on the positive Jack. This last game early in the 4th quarter we had a third and long. Kaepernick like he did all afternoon rolled and bought extra time in the pocket. He hit Boldin for a first down. It was a beautiful play. Unfortunately one of our lineman got called for hands to the face and they called it back. That put us at 3rd and 20. The next play 76 got beat for a sack.

        I point to that play because had he made it it would have extended a drive and put our 3rd down percentage near 50%. That’s growth Jack. Kaepernick bought time on a couple of other plays as well. Unfortunately we did not see the benefit because he was off target with those throws. Focus on the growth Jack.

      8. Wilson in four games has had one good game one average game and two terrible games. MWN you said Wilson has had less bad moments than Kaep. Wilson has had a handful of very average and terrible games this year too.

        I never said that Wilson didn’t but he has had less bad moments than Kaep has had this season.

        The difference is that their play makers have come up bigger than ours.

        I agree but only up to a point because Wilson hasn’t had Harvin as an option nearly all season. The main difference has been that we have had a patchwork form of a receiving corps while Seattle has maintained their corps even without having Harvin in the mix. That in turn effects how both Gore and Lynch do on their respective offenses. Gore has been running on an offense that defenses know has struggled in the passing game which makes it a nonviable threat and allows them to concentrate on stopping the run. Lynch in the meantime is on an offense that has a strong passing attack that can’t be ignored which opens up opportunites for him and the rest of the Seattle offense. The perfect evidence for this is when Willis allowed a TE to beat him because he was focused on the possibility Lynch having the ball handed off to him.

      9. Bay,

        That was a beautiful play, but we all already know that Kaepernick can run around and throw the ball, that’s not growth.

        Growth would be recognizing it is a zone defense, sliding to his left when there is pressure from the right side and hitting Crabtree over the middle with no one around him instead of panicking and throwing it over Gore’s head for an incompletion.

        Look, I already have said that I thought he played a good game on Sunday. He was fantastic in the first half, especially on first down and finally won a tough punch you in the mouth type of game. There was growth in that.

      10. MW,
        Willis didn’t allow the TD, Reid did. He took a bad angle. Second, defenses were able to stack box against us because our front office didn’t get us a WR that could stretch coverage. You can’t work on certain things if you lack the tool in your belt.

      11. AES, you are so right! If we had those two plays right now we would have been fighting for the division title and a great chance to win the first seed. Man, its amazing how a few plays here and there changes everything, just like the past Super Bowl.

      12. AES,
        very nicely put. With a couple of our “horses” out, other people were put in a position to succeed, our QB got them the ball and they failed. Ultimately the blame falls on the Qb. And I’m ok with that. But you are correct regarding one or two plays and we are playing for the division instead of securing the wildcard.

        Either way, we are a scary team to play right now. Home or on the road.

      1. Yeah, especially like the horrible game he had against the Packers.

        3rdking, when your comments are laced with more distain then fact, you lose me.
        See ya, bud.

    4. I’ve been saying for 2 years that Wilson was a midget who would fall on his face this year and is way over-hyped. He’s done better than expected but he’s not elite. People also overlook his performance in the first game against the 9ers this year. He wasn’t good.

  7. Crab15,
    This is just my opinion, but I see CK being very cautious as opposed to defensive.
    Reporters are notorious for taking a player’s comments or answers and manipulating them in ways that were not the original intent.
    B. Rothlisberger just recently sited a local Pittsburg writer for doing this.

    Reporters don’t always show restraint or respect to players. Their questions are sometimes meant to incite rather than to garner information.
    As long as CK can find a way to win regardless of his stats, I’m good to go.

  8. So .. Kaep is a little curt with the local press ?..
    well, maybe if we could have a beat reporter with
    the style of Herb Caen .. and the humor of
    Ray Orrack .. just maybe he might soften a bit …

    (it’s the ‘ole “catch more flies with honey”

    I dunno, Grant … ya think you could pull it off ?

    1. Without trying to be patronizing, I can’t see Grant adopting that style. His Dad has an entire career of eschewing the ‘Honey’ approach. It may genetic; again, said in good humor. We’d each approach the job in our own personal way.

      1. Brotha I believe the deciding factor will be whether GC ends up like dad being a columnist or he ends up being a beat writer. A beat writer must have positive relationships among the team or he will be squeezed out when it comes to info and info is the life blood of a beat writer. As a columnist he can be as constantly negative as he wants to be because he is writing opinion not fact. It would be very interesting to see if there is a major change in GC’s writing style if the PD eventually names him the 9er beat writer along with this blog. interestingly this blogs writer has always been the beat writer also untill GC.

  9. I have to say that I was disappointed with the way Kap played against the Hawks. The receivers saved him Sunday. All those acrobatic catches the tge receivers made.

    Kap can’t seem to take his time against the Seahawks. It seems as though he can relax against inferior competition. Unfortunately, when we play quality opponenets, it seems like the game speeds up on him and he starts rushing too fast. He missed some throws that were sooo easy. The one pass that is killing me wasthe pass to miller up the left side. The Niners ran a perfect pick play and Kap overthrew a wide open miller in the flat. Miller was getting 35 yards if throws him that pass. He had at least 4 other passes as well. Seattle is in his head. He hss to learn to calm down and play them like anyone else. He has 8 picks this year, 4 sgainst seattle. Hes got to play better against this team for us to beat them in Seattle.

    1. It’s gonna happen. Think about it this way, it’s not just Crabs physically coming back, it’s the entire offense working him back in. It’s Crabs and Kaep getting used to playing together again.

      Think about how many reps they missed by Crabs not being there. These last two games are their training camp. We will hit the playoffs full stride. We will be dangerous as long as we stay healthy.

    2. 23-
      Oh — so it’s okay for you to criticize Kaep, but not others? Kaep was spraying that ball all over the yard on Sunday against the Seahawks, the Panthers, and any other decent team with a defense.

    3. Last Sunday was the first time I got to see Kap in person in action as opposed to seeing him play on TV.

      It seemed to me that Kap was throwing his passes a little short, or maybe a little low, even when he was not under particular pressure. I thought that two passes were dropped because of the passes being short/low although I do not recall who the receivers were.

      Although it’s clear that Wilson is ahead of the pocket passer learning curve, Kap is progressing steadily. I think he will play very well in the playoffs with Crabtree slowly gaining his legs. The key, as in every season, is to stay healthy heading into the playoffs.

      1. Colin played great in college. He wasn’t as accurate as he could be but he flung the snot out of the ball. And ran like a deer. But that was college.

        Pros hit a lot harder and those hits add up. Same thing happened to Sanchez. He was great at USC, pretty good his first two years in the NFL and then got scared after getting whacked a few times by linebackers and DEs. End of career.

    4. 23J,
      Good and fair assessment of CK. You centered your critique around football and in the final analysis, I believe that is what matters.

      The off field criticism having to do with his attitude and demeanor with reporters and commercials is over the top imhp.

      The only qualms I have with players who make many commercials are that sometimes they find themselves building their own personal ‘brand’ that reflects on how they play. They don’t play with the same abandon and fire because they want to protect their new found media money making ability.

      Bo Jackson, Payton Manning were not as marketable after they were injured.
      And lets face it. Corporate businesses dole out huge sums of monies to have players endorse their brand.
      A marketable player does not receive the same type of commercial and ad power as a player who is performing.

      Maybe, CK has become spoiled by his own media fame? Well, that’s him to measure. As I said, as I said, as long as the media attention does not effect his play I’m fine with him finding ways to keep the team winning.

  10. Gore needs 69 yards to rush for 1000 yards this season and 230 yards to complete 10,000 yards in his career. Maybe he’ll get to the first one against the Bucs and the second one against the Cardinals.

  11. ^ … Hey “E” …
    Yer Mom wants you to move out of her basement …

    I mean .. yer 42 years old, man !
    It’s about time.. doncha think ?

    (either move .. or start paying her room & board)

  12. Does anyone not like Jim Tomsula?


    The article contains a link to part 1 and to an audio file of the entire interview.

    My favorite excerpt so far:

    What does your Dad say when he gets noticed, the fame that comes with being on TV and such?

    I read an article and he was referenced as the ‘Ron Jeremy’ of the 49ers. I had to tell him about it. His response was that they show him on camera because ‘Sex sells.’

  13. kap talking to the media reminds me of barry bonds….not the good either

    me, me, me, leave me alone unless your paying me….f the fans

    no standing, no cheering unless at certain times, no primetime games, no respect in answering questions for your fans and bad representation as a leader

    the “new” 49ers

    1. at least Barry had some ‘character’ when talking to the media. By that I mean it was more entertaining than this crap. Kaep is robotic. Whatever. The Beats commercial, his press conferences. I really don’t care as long the W’s keep rolling. At some point though, maybe he should focus less on his brand and more on the team. The passing game has to improve come playoff time. Kaep has all the physical talent to accomplish this, he merely needs to focus more. Ironically, have the focus he displays in the Beats commercial.

    2. Yeah, CK is not for the weak of heart.
      Personally, I’ll stop cheering him when he gives me a good reason not to, and not get caught up in all this media/interview/apparel (not dressing like Payton Manning) petty stuff.

      I need CK to perform at his highest level on the field. I don’t have to live with the guy.
      C’mon, he’s not a law breaker and has his own charitable foundation, but that’s not enough I guess.

      1. and has his own charitable foundation
        That’s called a tax right off and anyone making a 6 figure income would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

      2. I can’t find any details on his endorsement deals but I would venture that he is at least making 5X his salary which does put him comfortably in the 7 figure range.

      3. Coffee,
        So Alex Smith’s charitable foundations were merely a tax write off as well? Colin doesn’t have his own foundation by the way, there is no tax write off. He lends his time to Camp Taylor, which is a camp for children that suffer from heart disease. He and his parents picked this foundation because they had two children that passed away from heart failure when they were infants. It’s good to know that you’re happy to fill in the blanks as you see fit when you don’t know enough about him or his story. The media has done the same thing, and people wonder why he doesn’t want to be more loquacious in front of the mic. Smh.

  14. When you can have a receiver like WR Anquan Boldin particularly fight for the ball like their life depends on it, how much does that mean to you?
    “Gives me a lot of confidence to put the ball in the air. You can give them chances that you wouldn’t normally give any other receiver, so I don’t and primarily focus on just one.” “This way if he’s not open I can then panic, lose my composure and probably run into the closest defender in the pocket.”

    Fixed the question and answer to accurately reflect reality.

  15. Grant: get over it and write about football. I enjoy reading about games. You should sh%tcan your grades and just write your analysis. Let CK handle his Pressers any way he wants. Watch old Mike Ditka’s idiotic interviews if you need entertainment.

  16. Some people are talkers, some people are doers, some are both. Kaep is not a talker. Doesn’t mean anything other than that.

  17. Coffee’s for Closers says:
    December 12, 2013 at 8:54 am
    and has his own charitable foundation
    ‘That’s called a tax right off and anyone making a 6 figure income would be foolish not to take advantage of it.”

    Gee C4C, hopefully all those children/parents that have been helped by CK’ foundation don’t share that point of view.

    Let’s face it, CK is getting more critique for his media/commercial activities than Aldon Smith received for his DUI and subsequent 5 week hiatus that hurt the team.
    When CK stinks up the playing field he deserves the criticism, but if his only weakness is his curtness when speaking to the press and people make it an issue, well that’s nitpicking imo and they will always find some flaw in CK that gives them pause regardless of what CK does.

    1. AES,
      CFC was just talking out if his rear, he does that often. He didn’t even know that CK doesn’t have a foundation, but that didn’t stop him from accusing CK of manipulating a tax write off. If ripping somebody for their tax deductible charitable foundation that they don’t have instead of commending CK for helping children with heart disease doesn’t stink of an agenda, I don’t know what does.

  18. Perhaps the oppugnancy with which CK deals with the media is directly related to his opinion that most journalists are bedlamites who ask fatuous questions.

    1. Good one Houston: oppugnancy
      1. the state or quality of being an antagonist.
      2. an act or instance of antagonism. — oppugnant, adj.
      See also: Conflict

      Bon Ton Roulet…

    2. OK, Houston, you’re way ahead on that post. I thought I brought something (for early in my day) with ‘eschew’ earlier, but I’m in your dust. Did you catch Mood’s Shakespearean soliloquy?

      1. I did catch Mood’s post. Outstanding work by that man. Kind of makes my little homage to Old Coach a bit anticlimactic so I will have to work harder next time.

  19. Okay, I’ll bite. On the one hand it’s terrible that folks pile on his snarkiness at pressers. We should only judge him on his play between the lines. I agree although I was brought up having manners but WTH.

    So, how are his stats? How does he compare to other QBs? And please don’t give me wins are all that counts. The wins are coming on the backs — once again — of a tiring defense that has to work overtime because Colin cannot keep drives going.

    Again, some of you Waffle House ball boys think I hate the guy. I don’t, but I am a Niner fan. I really don’t see the kid as the answer to QB, even in the current caveman offense. You may disagree and that’s fine. But to me, it’s about players that make the win happen. Guys who — to mix sports metaphors — step up to the plate when it’s on the line. Colin did last year before he morphed into CK Inc. This year, Niners are winning despite Kaepernick, not because of him. Streetglide aka Ghost…

    1. I have to disagree politely. Actually, we do not “judge” Kap — Harbaugh does. We only judge the owner who hires the GM and the players, and who in turn hires the coaches, and the coaches in turn gets the players to win games.

      Kap’s job is to implement Harbaugh’s offense and win games. I personally couldn’t care less if he’s a role model or press-friendly or whatnot. For a non-pro-style college QB with limited NFL game experience of about one score, he’s done fine. We all see his potential and there is no reason to believe he won’t get there soon. In any case, Alex’s development taught me to be patient.

    2. Ghost,
      Payton Manning was putting up astronomical numbers but couldn’t get his team over the top (win a superbowl) until they were able to assemble a good defense.

      I think we tend to forget that its a team sport and although some players will step-up and have great games, for the most part every coach from high school to the pros will tell you that it takes all facets of the game to excel.

      I believe that a lot of the angst directed at CK has to do more with his demeanor off the field than his actual play.
      To date the trending storylines regarding CK have been:
      The Miami Cap issue.
      The Commercial Ad features.
      The Curt Interviews.
      The non-professional Dress style (one blogger noted Payton Manning dress code).
      Today one person took a shot at him for using his Charity Foundation as a tax write off.

      It’s obvious that CK will never measure up to the standard set by many here.

      It’s for that reason that I say (because no reasoning will change their minds) as long as CK brings home the wins, I’m good to go.

      1. Good thoughts AES. But I really don’t care about the above. He’s a kid, shoot I was felonious as hell when I was his age. I think his manners could use a swift kick in the pants but WTH — he’s a kid.

        What I do see is a gawky guy with a body completely wrong for football at the NFL level. I see a windup that you could set a sundial to. I see a guy with a freaked-out look on his face when the ball is snapped + four seconds. I see a guy who is aiming the rock instead of throwing it. Most importantly — to old Street — I see another flash-in-the-pan who will either be a backup or a fashion model within three years.

        Could I be wrong? Sure I could; I’m not TIME’s man of the year. In 2007 I came back from Tokyo for a two-week vacation and somehow got conned into buying a Suzuki Hayabusa for those one-week-a-year-return trips to my house here. A Harley it was not. Put 8K on the clocks before my knees said FU and sold it. I’m wrong lots of times.

        Back to Colin. He reminds me more of Flacco as far as current QBs and of Sanchez in his career trajectory. How it pans out, we’ll see. Oh yeah, terrific boxing show this weekend on cable…

    1. Bob:

      Now, that’s funny.

      I hope the Cohns then turn to Harbaugh, start lecturing him for setting a bad example, and he puts on his own pair of headphones.

      1. Now, that would be hilarious if you also add the Cohns haranguing Trent Baalke on his draft and FA choices — all set to rap lyrics…!

    1. I’ll say ! …
      you’re right, Ghost .. MidWest has
      certainly been busy !

      It’s like he’s a “Niner Junkie” .. lol

      Hey, MidWest .. looks like we have at least
      two things in common …

      much thanx !

    1. Yeah, isn’t that a sumbitch? Guy can play ball even though he was a high-draft-pick bust in KC. Might even hold the job next spring…

    2. I really liked Dorsey’s attitude when the 49ers signed him. I am glad to see he is doing well. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery (and coaching staff) to make a bust as star. Unfortunately, the same change did not work out nearly so well for Jon Baldwin.

  20. Speaking of Dorsey, ya think Jim Tomsula will continue with the team or move up somewhere else? He sure can put studs in the trenches…

  21. How many think that Goldson gets a PF this Sunday? Or does he play less aggressively because of getting a huge fine and suspension?

    1. That didn’t stop from from being over-aggressive when he was here. Hopefully Harbaugh and Roman have a plan to that weakness in his play to our advantage.

  22. Wow,how hard it is to find your Inside Niners on the PD. My bookmark got erased..so I go to the PD front page…no link. To the sports page of the PD…no link. I had to Google to get the link. You are the PD’S missing link.

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