Kaepernick on playing in Seattle: “You have to try to project your voice.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Let’s ask you about the commercial on EA Madden. Those are great. Is it a real deal? Are somebody’s eyebrows coming off after this game?

“I’m going to let to you ask [Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] about that one.”


How well do you know him? How did you get to know him?

“Just spent one day with him while we were shooting.”


That’s it?



What was your take?

“He’s a good guy, a good football player.”


Did you talk a lot about football?

“Little bit here and there.”


Was the eyebrow thing one of your ideas or was that something they threw at you and you went for it?

“Not my idea.”


His idea?

“I don’t know.”


Was that in LA?



As you go from Green Bay then looking at their DBs, CB Richard Sherman and back there, very physical. What’s the biggest change for the 49ers offense going up against Seattle’s D?

“Our receivers have to be more physical. As an offense, we have to be more physical. They’re a great defense.”


How tough is it on a quarterback with that noise up there?

“You just have to be prepared for it. You have to be on top of everything that you’re doing.”


Do you have to yell a little bit louder in the huddle or just use less words in the huddle?

“Yeah, you have to try to project your voice, make sure everyone’s hearing what’s going on.”


Did the deep run in the playoffs help you prepare for the noise in a road environment?

“You have to be ready for noise any road game.”


This is one of the most intense rivalries on the West Coast. Do you guys talk about that in the locker room or is that just the next game?

“Next game for us.”


That’s it?

“Need it to win the NFC West. That’s what we’re worried about.”


Speaking of WR Anquan Boldin, he said that the Green Bay defense gave the looks that he saw on film. When you go up against Seattle, do you see more improvisation against a defense like that where they’re more physical that you’ll need with your receivers and in this passing game?

“I’m not worried about our receivers. Our receivers have been doing a great job. They know how to get open, they know how to be physical.”


Do you enjoy this Seahawks week though?

“I enjoy every week. It’s football.”


What kind of relationship were you able to strike up with Russell Wilson?

“Just had a few brief conversations in between shooting.”


Has that continued since the shoots? Do you text each other, anything like that?



Do you kind of admire him from afar, what he’s been able to do up in Seattle?

“I watch a lot of quarterbacks. I have a great appreciation for what a lot of people are doing.”


What do you like about his game?

“He makes plays. Ultimately that’s what it comes down to. He goes out there and he helps his team win.”


Do you have a confidence in Anquan that even when he’s being covered, if you throw it to him, he’s going to be the guy that comes down with the ball?

“Yeah, I think he’s proven that time and time again that he’s that type of receiver where if you give him a chance, more than likely he’s coming down with it.”


There was a play in Sunday’s game where you had to roll out right and find Boldin and RB Frank Gore threw a block to help give you some extra space. What does Frank mean to the offense overall?

“Frank’s an animal back there. He’s one to do anything and everything for this offense to try to help us win.”


Who do you think is going to look better with one shaved eyebrow?

“I’m not thinking about that. I’m worried about getting the win.”


When it comes to play clock management, preparing for this week, is it something that’s lightening the offensive calls that are going in or how are you addressing that this week?

“We just have to be more efficient in getting calls in and getting to the line of scrimmage. That’s not going to affect how we call plays.”


You don’t have to tell me, but do you have ideas about how to do that that you’re sharing with offensive coordinator Greg Roman?

“We just have to be faster.”


Those guys aren’t the only team that has guys that like to chirp and chatter during the game, how do you respond to that in big games?

“You play. You go out and you make plays, chirping stops.”


Did you ever get caught up in that as a kid or anything?

“It really depends.”


Your game up there last year wasn’t obviously your best. Was that a function of what they were doing defensively or what led to that?

“We performed bad as a team. We played bad that game. We’re going up there to try to prove that’s not who we are.”


On another note, your coach had a few words for Packers LB Clay Matthews, he said that his slap was not too manly, I’m paraphrasing. Do you appreciate the fact that he obviously has your back in those situations?

“You always appreciate when your coach and teammates have your back, any situation.”

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  1. Ha! Just read the transcripts between Colin and Joe after the late hit….

    Joe Staley: “We’re setting a precedent.”

    Colin Kaepernick: “I know what you’re saying.”

    Joe Staley: “No one is [expletive] hitting you late.”

    Colin Kaepernick: “I know what you’re saying.”

    1. I don’t think Kaep will argue that point with Joe …

      Staley has always been a fun loving guy .. but ..
      I wouldn’t wanna pi$$ him off ;)

      (Maybe Clay Mathews should remember that ! )

  2. God what stupid question, “Who do you think is going to look better with one shaved eyebrow?” No wonder some these football players and coaches do not like the media.

    1. Some of the questions were questionable for sure, the sequence in which they were asked were worse.

      Grant was this your interview? Just curious. If I were you, I’d ask questions that build a relationship with you and the player. Something that has nothing to do with the game coming up. Mix in questions that make a player feel less guarded. The eyebrow was an attempt, but based on the answer you received, you shouldn’t have brought it up again. My opinion.

      Q. Colin your off season workouts have been well documented. As a QB that has a heavy lift regiment, what do you do to insure that you don’t lose your throwing range of motion?

      Q. Colin, during a game, how much input do offensive players give regarding what you are seeing on the field? What type of adjustments are made from that input?

      Q. Do you interact with Eric Mangini? Can you tell us about his integration into the coaching staff? What elements has he brought to the team since he’s been here?

      I am sure CK didn’t like you pointing out that he didn’t have a great game in Seattle. Glad he pointed out that the “team” didn’t have a great game. I am sure that he didn’ t have anything to do with giving up 4 TD’s to Wilson, or Marshawn’s 24 yards TD run, or the blocked field goal returned 90 yards for a score. Not a way to endear yourself to a guy that barely opens up to the media just saying…..

      1. Wow! Bay maybe you should consider changing your job! Seriously, your questions are intelligent and engaging! If I was a player, you would earn my respect base on your professional approach.

      2. All good lines of questioning, Bay.

        Yikes, I hope it wasn’t our Grant doing the questioning in this transcript. Grant, say it ain’t so!

    1. Make sure to take some ear plugs. I had mine in last year and it was still damn loud. Hope this game goes better for us than last time. Enjoy!

      1. Hope will not get it done. It’s all about player execution in this game. Same page, all working as one together in the game plan…

  3. Anyone have any links to Kaepernick interviews when he was at Nevada? I’m curious if his unique, terse style is something he’s always had or if he’s been Harbaughnated.

      1. Oh my. He has been Harbaughnated. He’s like a pod person Kaepernick!

        It really is a testament to Harbaugh how his players so quickly begin to sound like him.

      2. He was even more smiles and forth coming as a back up last year. It wasn’t until he was the starter that he became all business with the media.

      3. I’m sure Harbaugh has been in Colin’s ear about not feeding anything to the media that they can ruminate on. But I also think he became more inclined to clam up after the b.s. write-ups about his gangsta tats. He figured out the clownishness the media can slip into, and decided not to be the next Tebow. He learned something from the twitter hat dust-up too.
        Besides, he’s facing a tough challenge, he’s getting his game face ready. Focus.

  4. One of the best thing about being a niners fan is they are all such classy guys. It’s fun not only rooting for your team because they are your favorite team but rooting for them because for the most part they are all such classy people. Or as Baalke would put it, “Gold helmet guys”. Kaepernick is a stud! I would love nothing more than hearing the record breaking noise coming from seattle turn to silence as they watch the niners beat them in their house. It should be a tough game for them though.

  5. The Week One results of the matchups in the blog’s Quest4Six fantasy football league:

    MidWestNiner – 149.62 points
    GreenDart(Chess GM) – 97.62 points

    Orenthal Hernandez – 108.50 points
    Uaaaatchi – 113.68points

    TeamSF – 69.10 points
    Amsterdam Invaders(Razoreater) – 127.48 points

    NF_HAS – 134.88points
    West Coast Bias(Exgolfer) – 123.26 points

    Coffee’s for Closers – 100.82 points
    barnone dmp5 – 106.58 points

    Congratulations to those who won this week. Let’s have a great Week Two!

    I will hold off on putting up the record for each until I know the screen name of each team.

    1. Vic seems to have a bit of George Allen in him; loves him some veterans. I thought we’d see a bit more rotation last week versus Pack. There was some. With Dobbs’ return we might see more.

      1. Before the day is done, there will be a She-Hawk response….I have a feeling at 4949 that the intercom came alive this morning with, “Anthony Dixon, please report to the coaches office”…..

      2. He’s always been a colorful guy with some swagger. Coach probably told him he is going to give him an opportunity to back up that tweet down by the goal line. A TD will atone for your lack of verbal discipline….

      3. The Dixon tweet reminds me of a problem called, “Little Brother Syndrome”. For all the big brothers out there, you know what that is. By chance if you arent a big brother, LBS is when you run your mouth then run to mom dad or big brother to save you.
        Dixon doesn’t start. His teammates are the ones who will have to mop up after his comments. Shame he wasn’t cut before Coffee retired.

      4. Core special teamer, and last I heard well liked in the locker room….I think he can be that Jacobs back down by the goal line, but with better hands.

      5. Heck I’d love to see Seattle lose and lose big. I just don’t think it will happen because I don’t see Harbaugh doing anything different than he’s done in the past.
        I hope hope hope I’m wrong though.

      6. They did win in 2011. They beat a different team than the team that beat them in 2012. It’s a completely different offense and a completely different QB who is leaps and bounds better than T. Jackson.
        Might as well compare our super bowl winning team of 1995 to the team that got spanked and went 2-14 in 2004. Makes about as much sense.

      7. What would you like him to do different Matt? Flashcards for the offense to eliminate the crowd noise was your previous suggestion. Any others?

        If the issue you want him to do something different about is crowd noise, don’t suddenly make it about the players on the field. It’s not like Seattle only got loud starting in 2012, which we all know isn’t the case.

  6. The 49ers need to just get the Plays in quickly #7 needs to minimize shifts on the O-line to limit any possibility of penalties.

    If the 49ers can minimize that aspect then they’ll be fine. I hope to see more of their Physical Run Game to control the clock & wear out their Pathetic 12th Man by the 4th Qtr.

    1. What they need is to allow a one way communication device in every players helmet that the quarterback only speaks through. Of course the NFL will never allow that. How about wristbands for everyone with numbered plays that the quarterback could just yell out a number? At least the most complicated ones….

      1. Well, the league limits how and when teams can use their loudspeakers and it doesn’t allow fans to use noisemakers, so some forms of home field advantage are curtailed.

      2. Yeah, but if your fans can make the noise without the other devices game on. I wouldn’t like to see them take this type of step.

      3. Yeah, but if your fans can make the noise without the other devices game on.

        Fair enough. I can respect that.

        I wouldn’t like to see them take this type of step.

        The communication device, the wristband, or both?

      4. The communication device. Have seen the wristband thing used at the prep level by teams that go up tempo. My only question for the 49ers would be if they can handle the volume of plays on one.

    2. Last year they recognized their need for a back like Brandon Jacobs. He never made it onto the field really, but they recognized the need. We still don’t have that type of back.
      I too have gotten caught up describing this team as a power running team. Funny because in short yardage situations I don’t feel comfortable with any of our three backs. Wonder if Boobie big mouth Dixon will fill more of that role this year.

      1. Sure they can. Sherman and Browner held Boldin to 2 catches for 22 yards in 2011 when Baltimore came up there.

        Baltimore kept splitting Boldin wide, and the Seahawks jammed him like crazy at the line. The one time they played off he was able to work deep over the middle for a 17 yard gain. This is part of why I say the 49ers need to utilize the bunch formation or get him in motion. Eliminate the jam as much as possible and give him room to work.

      2. Not sure one performance makes me a believer. Let’s see how Boldin responds in this game against these two titan cornerbacks….

      3. It all comes down to how they utilize him Razor. If they want to line him up outside against the jam all day I don’t think he will be very effective.

      4. They showed the stack patterns last week, and again they should get Boldin open here and there, but this week its the other guys coming off the stack, while Q draws attention, that have to get open. And CK has to look for them, not just laser-in on Boldin and Davis.

      5. I understand. What I’m saying is, stats do not measure a mans heart. I’m assuming Mr. Boldin has not forgotten that game, and I’ll also assume he’ll have a fresh baked piece of humble pie for them to share….

      6. I agree with Jack. Don’t make it easy for Seattle to deal with him. Get him in motion, the slot and bunch formation as they did last week. I also want to see the two TE’s used a lot as I think they can do damage in the middle of the field on this D.

      7. Rocket, I agree as well. The thing with that 2011 game is that besides Boldin, Smith didn’t do much either. But I wonder how differenty Caldwell would have used the WR’s vs how Cameron did in that game. Still, the TE’s combined for 128 yards receiving, so I think you’re really on about using Davis and McDonald in the middle.

    1. I have found only one use for Twitter: Following news. Whether its for your industry, a certain company, or an update from the 49ers. It might be in the player’s best interest to drop this habit.

      In other news: KJ Wright responds, using the term “Forty Whiners”. So it’s ON!!!

      1. +1

        Boobie has nothing on the Jint’s David Wilson:

        “Ayy to fantasy participants and pissed Giants fans ur irrelevant to me!!! Nobody wants me to succeed more than ME!!! WATCH US WORK!”

        Players: nothing good comes from Twitter. Stay away.

  7. Since fines are made public on Fridays, We’ll know tomorrow what the Clay Matthews fine is for the late hit out of bounds. I’ll venture a guess that he is fined $12,000.

  8. I think Seattle matches up favorably as anyone with Boldin. Kaep is going to have to force some throws and hopefully Boldin can pry the ball away from their corners on a consistent basis.

    Really though I see VD and V. McDonald being the keys to this game.

  9. I was checking out some of the Seahawk blogs and there has been some chatter (not a lot) among them that think the 49ers are going to use Baldwin against Browner and Sherman because of his size. I just find it funny that Seahawk fans are the ones bringing this up, but we 49er fans haven’t.

      1. Rocket, they probably don’t yet. It was just interesting to see the Seahawk fans trying to figure out what the 49ers may try to use against Sherman and Browner. One other thing of interest in a couple of responses is that some think that Sherman and Browner have a tougher time against smaller, quicker WR’s than the Baldwin types.

      2. I like the idea of putting a quick guy like Williams in motion or in a bunch too minimize the press especially on Browner who is too big to be quick enough to cover if they put Sherman on Anquan

  10. Well, I see our crack beat reporters fell for the EA viral marketing campaign hook line and sinker. It’s a shame that Colin let himself be caught up in that nonsense. His terse answers probably indicate he wishes he hadn’t.

  11. I know everyone, including myself is very excited about the sunday night game however did you watch the packer replay last night on NFL network! Two observations, after watching that game again:

    1) Colin had several running opportunities in that game and he was extremely, i mean eXXXtremely conservative with his decision to run for extra yards. I wonder if the coaching staff were in his ear that he must play safe!

    2) Our pass rush scheme was extremely vanilla, except the a few plays such as the Bowman coverage
    3) Clay Mathews has to be fined and no action from the NFL! even the NFL network replayed the tackle and the two punches but the focus was the refs mistake for replaying the down! I have the feeling, the nfl had given Mathews the free ticket for this game to great some drama and therefore his in on the “made list” this week.

    1. 1) You’re probably right. I’m sure they’ve been reminding him throughout the offseason. I hope he can start taking advantage of some of those plays though.

      2) Hmm.. I’m going to have to go back and watch the pass rush a little more. Interesting comment though. I think they usually played in nickel and dime packages though, if I remember correctly. I rarely saw Williams out on the field to dance with Jones.

      3) The NFL released a statement (believe it was the VP of officiating) that the UC penalty on Staley should have never happened. Someone on here said that fines are usually announced on Fridays (although Suh’s didn’t take long, but he is a repeat offender). If that’s the case, maybe we will hear something tomorrow?

      1. Yes our defense played mostly in nickle and dime formations but regardless of the formation if you take a look they did not do anything exotic to get to Aaron Rogers. I believe they just wanted to focus on not giving up big plays, which in most parts they were successful and a few miss tackles resulted in points for the packers. I am hoping we have better tackling against the hawks.

      2. That seems to be Fangios mantra. Don’t give up the big play and stop the run. It worked all last year and last Sunday.
        If it only it was executed in the SB!

      3. Chicago,

        You are right that they didn’t do anything exotic with the defensive front against GB and I wouldn’t expect to see much of it this week either. Part of that is to close down the escape lanes for Rodgers. When you start running a lot a games inside, twists and stunts, it becomes more difficult to maintain contain with your rush lanes.

        Play it safe, keep the QB in the pocket and the receivers in front of you. Make them work it down the field.

      4. Great point Jack!! The more tricks you employ, the higher the risk of opening up lanes for either the QB or the running back. Definitely Fangio’s MO based on what we have seen so far. Setting up a heavy pass rush understaff’s the secondary against studs like Rodgers, so it seems like a high risk, high reward scenario. With how fast Rodgers can get rid of the ball though, that might be a tough scheme to employ. Since they were set in the nickel and dime much of the time, sprinkling in major blitzes might be tough as well, since Rodgers would likely be able to tell by the change in personnel.

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