Kaepernick on the loss to the Seahawks: “It’s not really something they did, it’s what we didn’t do.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Head coach Jim Harbaugh just retold the story about you coming back from the Manning Passing Academy having met Colts QB Andrew Luck and then telling him about it. What do you remember from that?

“He’s a great quarterback, very intelligent, very intuitive. Knows what he’s doing on the field.”


Jim just said he saw a lot of similarities between you and Andrew. What similarities do you see?

“I think we go out to play to win. I think that’s the biggest thing that’s similar between us.”


How much tape of Luck did you watch when you got drafted by this team and were figuring out the offense?

“Watched a little bit of it, but it was more playbook work.”


Andrew just joked how he wouldn’t be one to run the read option, he’s not a good enough athlete. But would you beg to differ with his athleticism?

“He’s very athletic.”


What do you like about his game?

“He’s smart. He knows what he’s doing out there.”


You met him at the Manning Passing Academy for the first time?



What were your first impressions of him there?

“Once again, he was smart. He knew what he wanted to do on the field.”


RB Frank Gore said the Seahawks stacked the box quite a bit, were able to play the run. Are they unique because they have such a good secondary that they can get away with that?

“I think they get away with a lot of things on defense, but I think the biggest thing is we have to go out and execute. It’s not really something they did, it’s what we didn’t do.”


So what do you have to do this Sunday to get off to the right step?

“Play better.”


Do you face any teams that are anywhere near as, whatever word you want to use, physical at the line of scrimmage as they are with the outside guys?

“I don’t know. We’ll see as the year goes.”


How much do you appreciate what FB Bruce Miller does, not behind-the-scenes, but maybe doesn’t go noticed by the general public?

“Bruce does everything for this offense. He does everything we ask of him. He’s very versatile. He comes to work every day and you’re always going to get everything he has. He’s a very unique player.”


I know you’re close to NT Ian Williams. What is your reaction to his injury and of that specific type of play on which he was injured?

“It’s tragic. He’s a great player, a good friend. He’s someone that’s worked hard to get to that starting spot and for him to go down is just a bad situation.”


You think that type of cut block should be examined by the league?

“I really haven’t seen it on film so I can’t speak on that.”

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  1. question:
    which one of the following will make the biggest dent/ding in the Niners’ postseason hopes (….meaning a Super Bowl ring)….?

    1. a loss to the Colts
    2. more interceptions (even one)
    3. crucial yardage subtracted by penalties (even on one key drive)
    4. flimsy red zone scoring percentage
    5. three and out on the first series
    6. all of the above

    The game this Sunday is your season.
    Do not underestimate the value of a ‘W’….

    1. I just hope this blog doesn’t become troll-infested like SFGate. It was allowed to happen there and now Branch and Lynch only get a dozen or so comments on a good day and half of those are by trolls. Most of the long-time regular fans are gone because there was never football discussion, just fans battling the trolls. The only way they get a lot of responses nowadays is when they write something about Alex Smith or Kaepernick’s tattoos or something like this:


      1. Grant, these professional trolls use proxy servers, change their IP addresses at will (you can learn how on the internet) and have dozens of email accounts.

        Like any pest, you have to nail them early or become infested. It’s just like leaving food on the counter and not expecting ants and roaches to come calling.

    2. This particular troll does not have DS’ unique writing style. Besides, she’s too busy on the Field Gulls blog gloating about the 49ers loss to post here. To the point that even Seattle fans are sick of her.

      Our new troll is probably one of the other disappeared Smithers. For some folks the butthurt lasts a long, long time.

    3. Alex for VP’s posts aren’t worth reading, except for the jawdropping pointlessness of his blather. If you can’t read it, shake your head laughing and move on with a smile on your face, don’t read his posts.

      If you get upset by what he writes, he wins. You’re the only one who is negatively affected.

  2. No foolin…..you play to win Kap? My 5 yr old son plays to win in flag football.
    Hey Kap, it’s not just what you guys didn’t do! Seattle did something too….they kicked the caca out of you guys!!
    Niners were humiliated on national TV! That’s what happened Kap.

    1. Crabs,

      I hate to say it cause I like the guy but Kap has played nervous foot in the 3 biggest games of his career. I think the guy is a potential superstar but he wont be labeled elite if he cant calm down and play well in the biggest games. Hes rushing to make throws and hes forcing passes when he
      should be taking off. The kid has to slow the
      game down in the big ones. Not rush his
      decisions. If hes not sure, get the hell downfield. The front 7 cant catch him.

      1. Nervous?? Really??! Kap has never come across as scared.

        He was tentative and hesitant at times, but it didn’t seem like it was nerves. Looked more like confusion based on what he was seeing from the defense, which is good for him in the long haul – he’ll learn from this and will be better prepared next time.

      2. 23J- There’s some truth in there. After checking to see if what I saw was correct, Kap missed a wide open Williams twice for TD’s. Didn’t even see him. The pass he tried to force to VD, KW was WIDE open on a crossing route, he would have walked in. It appears he didn’t even look to the right on that play.

        It happens, but I agree he didn’t seem to be his normal cool and collected self last week. I expect a huge game from him on Sunday, at least if he is who we think he is.

      3. Inaccurate and late, didn’t look like he thought Thurmond was baiting that throw into a zone, which he was. KW was wide open.

        The Niners had opportunities for plays all game if you ask me, they just didn’t make them. I agree that it was much more what SF didn’t do than what SEA did.
        I think the game plan was the worst I’ve seen from this coaching group. Experience is what you get from doing things the wrong way, they just gained some valuable experience.

      4. Maybe not ” nervous or scared” but definitely hesitant to pull the ball down and take off with the same reckless abandon we saw last year !!! It didnt bother me in the G.B game because he was killing them anyway. Seattle put 8-9 men in the box to stop the run and on pass plays dropped men into coverage. They dared Kap to beat them with his legs. And he wouldnt do it! If it was the Kap from last year, he would have rushed for over 200 yards.
        All off season, i believe the emphasis has been to develop him as a “pocket guy” to avoid the risk of injury. I get it! But if it were the play-offs or the SB, the “real Kap would be un-leashed” right? Playing IN Seattle is like a play-off game!!! Bad game plan by the coaches, and no adjustments.

        On another note: any time we play that team, i want to see the first 8-10 plays ran right at Richard Sherman!!!! Tosses, sweeps, screens!!! Success will not be measured in yardage, it will be measured in the amount of hits we put on that punk!!! Make him play football!!! Win loose or draw, he will not be talking smack with a clean uniform after the game!!!!!!!

      5. Crab – “nervous” is usually a symptom of an underlying fear or anxiety.. but I did miss the part where you were talking about his feet :-)

        I’m not worried about him – glad he’s our QB. Seattle’s a rough place for anyone to play – I don’t think Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would put up career numbers there either.

  3. Grant:
    Thanks for (a) not doing an NSA-esque expose’ for the homer fans
    and for (b) acknowledging that sports enthusiasts come in all shapes & sizes
    …….short straw, long straw.
    (When in doubt, whip it out.)

    Sophisticated humor/parody is part of the game, huh?

    1. I like your style. Might just be poor timing on the joke though. The internet is a lot of things, sophisticated is not one of them. Trolls lurk in every corner, and they are burned like witches.

  4. @ Crab.
    No, the Seahawks did not humiliate the Niners on National TV; the players humiliated themselves with poor execution in all phases, losing their cool, with penalties, AFTER getting key stops on D. The coaches humiliated the entire organization with a less than stellar gameplan, AND showed no desire or ability to change the gameplan when the game was still win-able.

    1. 77giantsfan – Yeah the Seahawks did absolutely nothing at all…Niners just handed it to em…lol
      You must have had a Niner or two on your fantasy team.

  5. Kaepernick has less than 20 starts. There will be some growing pains.

    In my opinion, Kap still needs to develop some touch on his passes and learn to go through his progressions better; all this will come in time.

    If you get a chance, listen to Greg Cosell on KNBR Wednesday mornings, he provides a great analysis for each game. I think of him as the voice of reason.

  6. Still feeling the pain from Sunday – but I’m not ready to jump ship or duck for cover (because the sky is falling…).

    I think the Niners ran into a very good Seahawks team and couldn’t hear jack $hit on the field – the loss of communication was probably the biggest reason for the mistakes, penalties, and inability to get off the ball. Well, that and Richard Sherman (hate to admit it, because I can’t stand the guy). Under the circumstances, the defense played well – Russell Wilson didn’t look like an NFL QB either and Marshon Lynch didn’t get over 100 yards for the first time in a long time.

    Question for those that have played/coached. Why is it that the 49ers piped in extra noise in practice instead of going with dead silence and/or ear plugs? They could not simulate the noise coming from that crowd unless they moved the facilities to SFO and had their workouts between two running jet engines. Why not practice in silence instead and take the decibel level out of the equation?

    1. I think they tried going silent with earplugs when Sing was coach. I believe they dropped that practice technique as they found there is a significant difference between not being able to communicate for lack of sound vs not being able to communicate due to auditory overload.

  7. I’m surprised to hear Kap say that it was the niners who lost the game.
    I saw the Hawks as the better prepared team and they deserve respect for this win. In the old days it was Deion Sanders who made the difference whether we won a SB or not. This time it might be Sherman and/or Thurman who makes the difference………….
    SF does not have CB, face it and without Reid, we are doomed

  8. It wasn’t what the seahawks did, it was what their loud stadium did and what our coaches didn’t do to prepare for it. The crowd gives them too many advantages for me to say they are the best defense. OLINE not knowing or hearing the snap count allows that DLine to just cruise. Not being able to audible effectively just allows their D to not play disciplined football and sell out on the run when they see a run formation. They lossed to the Dolphins and Detroit on the Road last year. This year they face a tougher road schedule. Will be interesting to see how things shake up and if they can translate their home performance to away performance. Russell Wilson even said he couldn’t talk to the coaches on the sideline because it was so loud. Do you think the players can actually hear a snap count or audible then.

    1. I disagree. The assertions made are premature.
      Saying SF must establish a run game is inaccurate. The game was winnable until the end of the 3rd quarter with NO RUN GAME. Instead, SF needs to finish drives, avoid costly turn overs in the end zone, and get more disciplined.
      They say to beat Seattle by running the ball. Yeah, with 9 men in the box, they want you to run the ball over and over again. It’s a bit more complicated than that.
      The article wants teams to concede that Seattle’s secondary is unbeatable and that you must just run the ball instead. Hardly the case. Carolina would have beat them with no run game if Newton was a better passer in the last 5 minutes of that game. They used bunch receiver sets to get clear releases off the line.
      Overall the article is a lot of overhype.

    2. Ninermd I’m going to sue that site for plagerism. I’ve been saying the same exact stuff all week. Not only did the crowd noise greatly limit the game plan but the O linemen were getting off at the same time as the D line and that is a recipe for disaster. I’ve also been saying [all the way back to last years game in seattle] that the Seahawks get away with illegal contact beyond five yards on about 75% of the 9ers pass plays. I do’nt get why the officials let them get away with it. I believe the reason many of the posters here [including Grant] will ignore this article or disagree with it is it does’nt name names. Americans in general and sports fans specificly need to blame someone, they need to put a face to the anger they are feeling but in reality there are other reasons we lost than Gores done, Roman\Harbaugh suck or CK’s just not good enough. Like i said yesterday calm down have a glass of wine relax everything we be okay.

      1. What would be the tougher NFCC game? Dealing with crowd noise at Century against the Seahawks or snow on the frozen tundra at Lambeau against the Packers?

      2. Snow would be easier to deal with Space. Change that to a windy day with wind chills below zero and it would be more of a coin flip decision.

      3. Space- Noise every time. Snow, low temps are things that both teams have to deal with. Noise in SEA really is only a problem for the visiting team. I’ll take Rodgers trying to throw spirals in 5 degree weather with 20 mph winds any day over that ‘place’ up north.

    3. “Saying SF must establish a run game is inaccurate.”

      The numbers in their losses and ties over the last 2 years disagree with you.

      1. Key word is ‘must’. The only thing they MUST do is, WIN. There are many, many ways to get a win.

        I guess the point of having this forum is to allow fans to speak their mind and converse with other ‘fans’, but damn, we overcook SO much on this blog, to the point where people are arguing over opinions.

        Football is so simple and complicated at the same time. It’s the easiest sport to come up with a fact or stat that ‘seems’ to support one’s own views on why certain things happened. But unless you know the call made in the huddle AND what the players were instructed to do during the week AND have the players visual POV one cannot gather exactly what the ‘plan’ was.

        Some people need to understand that it’s a process to build the team to be at it’s apex late in the season. The NFL season is a marathon, races aren’t won coming out of turn 2. I for one am a big believer in being the hunter, this SEA game ‘should’ piss some guys off enough to get some of that nastiness back that we had in 11′ and 12′.

      2. Bray,

        The 49ers averaged 30.8 rushing attempts per game last season. In their 4 losses and 1 tie they averaged 24.4 rushing attempts, and those numbers are pumped up a bit by a 5 quarter game in the tie to the Rams, and the loss in St Louis where they had the game in hand until Kaepernick’s ill fated pitch to Ted Ginn and it again went into OT.

        Eliminate those 2 Rams games and the average drops to only 17.3 attempts.

        The 49ers need to be close to balanced. Even in the season opener when they got over 400 yards passing from Kaepernick the playcalling was somewhat balanced.

      3. Mr Hammer- I would add that teams behind usually pass more.
        In the tie with the Rams, the Niners ran 34 times with a 5.38 average, passed only 25 times, 59 plays isn’t very many. In the loss they had 36 carries for a 4.1 yard average, they passed 32 times.

        So we established a running game, pretty well I might add in both Ram games, yet we lost one and tied another. Establishing a run game is important, but it is not a must.

      4. Bray,

        The first Rams game was 5 quarters long, which is part of why they drove up the run totals, and there was a change at QB halfway through the 2nd quarter which changed things up a bit. As I already stated they had the second game in hand had Kaepernick not pitched the ball over Ginn’s head for the TD.

        Sorry to break it to you, but the 49ers don’t perform well offensively when they don’t come close to a balanced attack.

        This is something that both Brent Jones and Jeff Garcia touched on as well during interviews on KNBR this week.

      5. Hammer- You should know by now that you aren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know. I’ve stated more than a couple times that balance is the key to ‘this’ offense.

        Me retort was directed at your statement…
        “The numbers in their losses and ties over the last 2 years disagree with you”

        The numbers from last years Ram games show that not to be the case, as they clearly established a running game, yet didn’t win either one.

        Of course they need to be balanced, as does the other 31 teams.

  9. I will never understand why the league allows the Seahawks to have an unfair advantage at home that the rest of the league doesnt have. If their stadium is configured in a way the makes their crowd louder than it really is, the league should do something about that. I dont get that. Gotta respect their crowd though. Im sure it would be loud despite the rigged stadium. In top of that, their defense is pretty good. Damn i hated to say that.

    1. I don’t think the NFL can punish fans for being loud. However, Ted Robinson mentioned that it was absurdly louder than anything he’d ever heard before and said it made him wonder if they were piping in additional noise to make inflate the decibel level.

      If that turned out to be true, I would expect the NFL to throw down some fines…but good luck trying to find hard evidence or proof.

      1. Ninergirl,

        Its been mentioned that their stadium is built is a way that the crowd noise is sonehow amplified by the way the stadium was constructed. I know that the noise is not just the crowd or Id like to think other teams home stadiums might be capable of being equally as loud. Why just seattle?

      2. The architect himself said he built it that way on purpose for sound to magnify louder. He also went on to say the land they built it on helps the stadium shake when stomping their feet. They are no louder than any other stadium when it comes to fans.

  10. ” I think they get away with a lot of things” Gee could Illegal contact be one of them? I forsee a deduction from his bank account

    It was a sloppy game for the most part and we did everything we could to beat ourselvs from turnovers to dumb penalties. It hurts because it was to THEM but we will get our shot at revenge (although by making it a revenge game i thought our guys were a bit “tight” or at least not as loose as the hawks) I didnt expect us to go 19-0 more like 11-5 so would a loss to the cardinals be worse than to a top notch team?

    I think we need to run the ball better otherwise too much depends on Kaep and he is not ready for that full time ( the pakers game notwithstanding)
    We fare better vs teams that are better on offense than they are on defense so i fully expect a W this week in Indy

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