Kaepernick says he has hang nails on both pinkie toes and they hurt a “little bit.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Do you see a lot of similarities in what their defense is doing to what San Francisco’s defense is doing, creating turnovers and?

“They’re a good defense. They play hard. They play fast.”


Challenges on the road, always a challenge. What do you anticipate this week?

“Same road challenges as every week. You have to go into someone else’s house and try to get a win.”


The coaches said they actually since this is a team they haven’t seen, started prepping and doing some advanced prep last week. Did you do any of that or do you just let them do that and bring it to you this week?

“I’m week-to-week.”


Head coach Jim Harbaugh said their defense really likes to try to force turnovers, knock things out, they’re really physical and aggressive. Do you think you’re going to emphasize protecting the ball a little bit more this week than you do normally?

“You have to protect the ball every week, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. That’s a big part of football is being able to hold on to it.”


RB Frank Gore has said over the years that he goes back to the draft for motivation to see which running backs were drafted ahead of him. Five teams drafted a quarterback ahead of you and Tennessee is one of them. Do you use that as some type of fuel or motivation as well?

“It’s something I definitely haven’t forgot.”


Did you meet with the Titans?



Did you have a feeling they might draft you that high where they drafted Titans QB Jake Locker?

“I thought I was someone they were interested in. Whether it was then or later, I didn’t know, but it’s in the past now.”


Titans head coach Mike Munchak talked about you and had good memories of you watching film with you and all that stuff. Do you remember much about your visit and anything you can share?

“I thought it went well. Other than that, I don’t remember too much.”


You’ve been on the injury report with a foot condition. What is the issue and has it impacted you whatsoever?

“A hangnail.”





So it hasn’t impacted you?



Just hurts?

“Little bit.”


Can we ask what toe you have your hangnail on?

“Pinky toe.”


Right or left foot?



The trips to Youngstown, how much did you enjoy that time where the team was together for a week and really that was your family for a week? And how will this sort of going forward straight to London be similar?

“Well, whether we’re in Youngstown, London or here, it really doesn’t change my relationship with my teammates. So, that’s not really a factor. It’s just the fact that you’re always together. We’re always together here as well, but you’re sleeping in the same hotel instead.”


Is there danger though overlooking this upcoming game knowing that you’re going to be away in London for a week? Is that something you guys talk about, not to overlook this?

“I think everybody’s focused on Tennessee right now. They’re a good team. They have a good defense and that’s where our focus needs to be.”


You talk about protecting the ball and there have been some games where you’ve had some strips as well. When you look at your play, what can you do better to avoid, because it’s usually when you’re scrambling and running and it’s difficult. When you look at that, what’s something that sticks out with you?

“Squeeze the ball tighter. That’s the biggest thing. Make sure you’re holding on tight.”


Did Vernon Davis give you his game ball? Coach Harbaugh said that if a guy turns down the game ball he can give it to somebody else and that’s what Vernon planned to do.

“He did that after the Texans game.”


Ok, not this week?



Having said that you’re, you know, week-to-week, are you still kind of looking forward to the opportunity to go in London and play in the NFL showcase game?

“Yeah, but right now we’re focused on going to Tennessee.”


What have you seen on tape from Titans CB Alterraun Verner? Do you look at them first? Do you look at the defensive line? How do you look at the scouting report?

“Look at the defense as a whole. You have to know what they’re doing as a whole to know what each individual is trying to get done.”


Do you see Verner being as underrated or what skillsets does he have that stands out to you?

“Their defense as a whole is a good defense. They play fast. They play hard. They know what they’re doing.”


The Titans coach, Mike Munchak, was saying how much he enjoyed watching the 49ers line dominating the run game last week. When you’re back there, how much appreciation do you have when you see these guys mauling and doing what they’re supposed to do?

“I think my appreciation for them isn’t just for what they do on game day. They come in every day. They work their butt off. They’re in there lifting early in the morning. Practice, they’re running around making sure they’re putting in work. So, the end result that comes out on game day is because of the hard work they put in.”


What type of things does WR Mario Manningham bring to this offense that maybe it was lacking in the first six weeks?

“He’s another playmaker. He’s proven what he can do in this league.”


Any texts with Titans TE Delanie Walker this week?

“Haven’t talked to him yet. I’ll get to him a little bit later this week.”

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      1. The 49ers have no defensive line, their left tackle feels football players lives are more valuable than civilians, and the owner is a hypocrite….I guess it can only get better right?

      2. Razor, I posted a reply to your comment earlier, but it was deleted. I criticized the blogger that writes columns for this site, saying that the kid know nothing about football.

        I was wondering if your earlier post was a mockery of the blogger or if you agreed with him.

      3. Life, like football, is not black and white. There’s a lot of grey involved. I don’t agree with Grants’ psychoanalysis of Mr. Staleys’ statement….

      1. It’s unfortunate.

        The blogger on this site can bash our beloved 49ers, but when someone says something about that he doesn’t like, the post disappears. TJ Simers doesn’t do that. Lowell Cohn doesn’t do that.

        I didn’t use profanity or threaten harm to anyone.

  1. We will be 1/2 game out of 1st place in 25 hours. Sedately loses to Arizona tomorrow. Seattle does not match up against the Cards well. Seattles offensive line is decimated and they will not be able to create holes for Lynch or protect Wilson. That Arizona defense is good. They are going to shut the Seahawks down. All Palmer has to do is score 20 points. Peterson will need a punt return.

      1. I like jordo’s optimism .. and I hope he’s
        right about their OL …but,
        I dunno .. I (reluctantly) picked
        the SeaChickens in the family pool

      1. Fan77,

        Your opponent can define who you are. I formulated my opinion based on the fact that they have Darryl Washington back. They just played us tough, and their new defensive coordinator sends their linebackers to stop the run. That is exactly what Seattle is gong to depend on to beat them. They are going to run lynch at them. However, Seattles offensive line makes Arizona’s defense that much better because they have starters out. No team has stopped Wilson from getting outside the pocket and running for positive yardage. We’ll have to see if Arizona can keep in in the pocket. Hopefully, now you see why I like the Cards chances.

      2. Fan77,

        How about we just agree not to post behind one another. I don’t respect you and you don’t respect me. This remedy would be best. I have not problem with it. It helps to keep down the conflict. Good luck.

      3. Jordan,
        You’re full of contradictions. In earlier posts you said you respect me. You said you were going to respond to my posts and then you do.
        I don’t have any issues with you. You’re a fan. Others can say what they want. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes you are.
        You love the Niners in your way, which is different from me.
        The rest of the time we’re just poking fun at each other to keep us occupied in between games!

    1. The 49ers did SeAdderal a favor by wearing out the Cards defensive line. I’ll be hoping for an AZ win, but its looking like rain birds.

      1. My concern with Az is that Fitzgerald continually gets shut down against Seattle. If Palmer and AZ scores 24 points, I agree, they should win.
        Az’s run defense is going to have it’s hands full stopping Lynch. Unlike SF and Gore, Seattle wants Lynch will catch balls out of the backfield. That is where Az’s defense will get torched.
        If Az is going to win this game, they have to get an early lead and make Wilson throw the ball. Like Jordan said, Az should be able to shred Seattle’s line. Making Wilson throw and allowing Mathieu to hit Wilson early and often are going to be the keys to the game.
        I’ll be rooting for Az to avenge a 58-0 stomping from last season.

    1. There’s also a replay of “Turning point” on NBCSports network tonight @9:30 With a different edit of Kap mic’d up. It’s not until the last segment of the show. I just watched the original airing. Good stuff.

  2. I believe this weeks game at Tenn may be the most important game of the season. If we can get by a very tough D on the road we will have Jacksonville going into a bye week. After the bye week you will see a completely different 9er team with Manningham back Davis fully healed and Crabtree closer to being active you will start seeing a very different CK. On the defensive side the time off will help McDonald, Dorsey and Willis and we should see both Dial and Carradine in the rotation. As long as we beat Tenn we will be in perfect shape to make a run at Seattle and assure that we wo’nt be playing in Seattle in Jan. If we get beat by Tenn it will be very difficult for the 9ers to win the NFC west and i just do’nt see this years team getting to the SB through the wild card route.

    1. I agree. This game is bigger than normal (every game is huge). If we can win this one, and Seattle loses this weekend, we can possibly sneak by with a division title. This is a good opportunity to pull even.

  3. So the joke was Harbaugh’s in putting Kaepernick on the injury report? That’s obviously not true as JH doesn’t seem like the type to waste time making a lame joke that will be misunderstood at best.

    Grant, what’s up with this?

  4. QB (to Coach Vince Lombardi):
    Gotta problem with a hangnail on my pinky toe.

    Lombardi (in a certain tone of voice):
    “Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit.”

    QB: “Where’s my helmet?”

    See you on the field Sunday, huh Kaep?
    (…the path to the Super Bowl, okay?)

    1. I don’t get your post E. Rogers had the sack to go over to the opposing teams sideline and jaw with a much larger defender. Basically defending his teammate. I have nothing but mad respect for a guy doing that. Especially a QB.

      1. Bay,

        Now I get why some people give you such a hard time. Try knowing what you’re talking about before spouting off.

        Matt Elam
        Height: 5′ 10″
        Weight: 203 lbs

        Height: 6′ 2″
        Weight: 225 lbs

        Rodgers is a QB in today’s NFL, which means that he plays under the most protective rules in the history of the game. The hit was legal. The hit was clean. But this little beyotch still whines. He’s a pansy, and a welcher.

    2. E,
      you want to spout off because I am a little off on the size? Really? It’s a QB going over to jaw with a safety on his sideline. That’s takes some stones to do that. Not many QB’s have that kind of guts is what I am saying.
      Because a hit is clean by NFL standards doesn’t make it clean in the eyes of players. You’ll see the “hitting zone” readdressed soon. Those are crippling injuries. A good example of that was the hit that tore Manningham’s knee up last year. I also think that Rogers is frustrated. Like the article said, he realizes their season is OVER…

      1. Bay, E,

        Its weird that in the NFL, players are losing more of the striking zone. That has to be frustrating for both offenses and defenses. At least Rogers knows he’s safe out there. He’s protected like Beady…. Almost!

    3. And at least Alex smith didn’t whine. I can’t stand to look at Aaron Rogers. He can’t even call himself out for backing a cheater and then getting the fact he did cheat dropped on his face. And the bet he backed out on. He’s a punk. But he is damn good. Lol

    1. Good points Jack but I think Roman is really a running game coordinator who is learning the passing game as he goes along. That is not to say he knows nothing about the passing game, but the creativity of the passing offense is not on par with many others around the league imo.

      Roman is running a similar style to the one he and Harbaugh ran at Stanford, but without David Shaw who was the passing game coordinator. I think not having that guy with the Niners (John Morton I believe has the title but with mixed results) has resulted in a slow improvement in the passing game. I have confidence that they will get there eventually but they are hindered by Roman in the passing offense as much as they are buoyed by him in the running game imo.

      1. The run game coordinator thing is an over blown angle. The 49ers are in the upper 1/3 of the NFL this season in yards per attempt despite playing without their leading receiver from last season.

        Russell Wilson is the only QB who has started all 6 games with fewer pass attempts per game than Kaepernick.

      2. Jack,

        They are a running team that is why Kap has so few attempts. The passing game is basic and clearly secondary to the running game and part of that is due to Roman imo. I don’t think it’s an overblown angle at all. Roman was a co-offensive coordinator with Shaw at Stanford and does not have the lead role in the passing game with the Niners either. He’s a running game coordinator who is also the playcaller on game day. His acumen in the passing game leaves a lot to be desired.

      3. The 49ers are a running team, I don’t disagree with that. It is what they do best, especially with the limited weapons they have had on the outside for all but 14 games last season.

        When the 49ers do throw the ball they are very efficient, which is why I bring up the average yards per pass.

        Here is what I find interesting about the whole run game coordinator argument. Shaw was the passing game coordinator at Stanford, while they were together, yet the Cardinal don’t light it up through the air. Even after Harbaugh and Roman left you didn’t see Shaw go guns blazing with the pass although he had the best QB in the country. He continues to run the same basic scheme and philosophy. Watching Stanford on Saturday and SF on Sunday is like watching the same team play with different colored uniforms.

        Perhaps folks should take a closer look into the system.

        1. The 49ers’ drop-back passing game is spotty at best. The 49ers’ passing game revolves around the play-action shot play.

      4. True, and a big part of that is the injuries. With a full complement of weapons last season Kaepernick had a rating over 100 on drop back throws, this season he is under 70.

      5. Jack,

        I’m with you in regards to the system. They run the same thing now as they did at Stanford and Shaw has carried it on as well. What I’m saying is Roman is not a passing guru. He’s not a guy that is going to create an elite passing offense or even a really good one for that matter imo. They base their passing success off of play action as Grant said above, and if the running game is stagnant they struggle. That’s not to say they won’t improve because I’m sure they will, I just don’t see much creativity or options in the passing offense the Niners have run since Harbaugh took over. He’s got the same philosophy as Singletary; the difference is he knows how to carry it out.

    2. Not bad Officer Hammer. Starts off excellent, bogs down in the middle, but finished up strong. I think the loss to the Colts had more to do with VD MIA than anything else. If he were to go down, this offense would become offensive.

      1. Razor, i totally agree with you! VD is the lynch pin that holds this offense together. He was hurt in the Sea game also, take him out of the picture and there is zero passing game!

      2. Don’t forget that, also, they stopped running. Wasn’t that the game where, afterwards, Gore expressed a lot of frustration?

      3. Of course Grant would not waste an opportunity to criticize the 49ers or in this case the “drop back passing game”.
        And he’s actually right! The problem is, instead of “reporting” and giving us reasons as to “why”? He just doles out the criticism like a scorned lover!
        The reason the ” drop back game” aint that effective….
        The biggest reason is the WR turnover, yes we all talk about lack of talent at the position, but even worse is the lack of familiarity.
        Of Kap’s top five targets from last year, only VD is still around catching balls from him.
        Moss- retired
        DW- is a Titan
        Crabb- hurt
        MM- hurt
        I didnt mention KW…he is either not really at a 100% and or ineffective.
        MM seemed to stand out for the first time last year when Kap took over, so im hoping they pick up were they left off.

        Another reason play action is our bread and butter in the passing attack…..we are the best running team in the NFL!

    3. Jack, one of your best this season! Maybe we should start calling Roman, “The Hamburger Man” a la Pee Wee Herman in Cheech and Chong’s movie, Nice Dreams, lol.

      1. Razor, thanks for that one. I’ll gladly ride the “Hamburger Train” if that’s what keeps the 49ers winning games!

  5. This weeks game is easily the most important to date. This is a game we HAVE to win. It’s the difference between going into the bye 6-2 or 5-3 (let’s be honest, next weeks game is an auto win, call a Freddy soft idc. The jags are awful). At 6-2 we are keeping pace with Seattle for the division, at 5-3 we are falling behind and looking at a wild card. We cannot afford to lose this game. Plus our first two coming off the bye are Carolina and NO, two tough games. Carolina has a stout defense that is quickly becoming one of the best units in the league. And well NO has Brees with Payton back. So yes this week is by far the most important game to date. Hope the team is focused and gets the road W, we need it.

    1. Adam earlier i called it the most important game of the year period. Lets hope the players are thinking and preparing the same way.

      1. I don’t believe in “trap” games. But if they do exist this would be the prime example. We have to go to London after the game. And have bye after (essentially two bye weeks haha) and players love the bye week. Add all of that with the fact that we have won 3 straight. A feat we didn’t accomplish last regular season. Another WR has to step up or Kap needs to run, verner is a stud and will elimibate boldin.

  6. It is painful at the WR position. It has plagued our team for years and JH tried to address since he got here.

    Crabtree, let’s all be honest there was so much anxiety toward this guy we were painting him a bust. He was always hurt and missed camp, BUT showed flashes. Last year it all came together. The YAC was a total surprise, on this type of effort alone, I would like to resign him. I assumed he was a pretty boy possession WR, but he made every attempt to make fools miss and gain yards. Sue he may get abused by physical defenders but he still got open and if he has a complimentary WR we can shift and create match ups that favor Crabs. WHICH BRINGS US TO THE OTHER WRs….

    1. B. Edwards (which I thought was a great move) proved to be a washed up shell of his 2007 self.

    2. Rand Moss, see B. Edwards

    3. MM, dude was starting to produce and got hurt. I don’t think he will be effective until playoffs if we make the playoffs.

    4. AJJ – need we say more other then, drafting him that high looks really bad now, b/c he never produced and is off the team.

    5. Baldwin – So what he is big and made 2 key catches. The jury is still out, but maybe we should be honest with ourselves at this point.

    Without any WRs depth we will continue to play close games and grind it out with run and defense (if the D holds, concerned with the NT). We are back to Sing / AS Niner football.

    1. Yes, it is painful, but don’t forget about Vernon and Vance. Also, while Manningham won’t be 100%, he will help move the chains. I also believe that Baldwin is serviceable. All is not lost.

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