Kurt Warner’s football manual

Meet Colin Kaepernick’s new teacher.

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    1. I like Kyle Shanahan with or without his Dad…if it means Fangio stays either as head coach or DC I’ll be happy. One thing about naming VF head coach is he’d promote Ed Donatell as his DC, most likely. Keeping the defense strong is paramount while Kap learns the finer points of playing QB. I’m stoked he’s working w/Kurt Warner & Co…can’t really think of anyone I’d rather have him coached by.

  1. This link was posted on the previous blog post but it’s necessary reading and so I’m re-posting it here

    Warner or Kap:

    “First of all, I don’t like the word ‘fix.’ We’re just trying to grow him as a quarterback,” Warner said. “He’s an extremely talented young kid — a kid that was thrown in, as a lot of young quarterbacks are, before he really understood how to play the entirety of the quarterback position.

    “He’s gotten by on athleticism, and he’s made some great plays and had some great games. But I think the goal is in the time that I’m going to have with him is just to see where he’s at and what he knows about the position and how far we can push the envelope as far as helping him develop as a pocket passer. “

    All sounds good to me.

  2. Grant, in allowing you to publish, your newspaper has bestowed upon you a great power. The flip side of that is an obligation to be professional and responsible at all times. The power of the media should not be abused, and I believe that this posting crosses the line. This video was obviously intended for children, not NFL quarterbacks. In the context of publishing it following your previous blog, it appears that you are intending to make Warner look like a fool, which to most of the rest of us, he obviously is not. This reminds me of your father using his position to say to the world that Harbaugh was an 8-year-old child. People who abuse their position in the media should have their position removed from them.

    1. George:

      Since the beginning of the New Year the blog posts have been negative and childish. It’s clear to me now what GC’s resolutions were. It’s a shame because he has written some good stuff like the last feature article.

      1. Cubus,

        Since beginning of the new year the posts have been negative and childish? Unless you’re only talking about 2015, you’re being very generous.

    2. Grant has never attempted to be a professional journalist and I’ve never read anything he’s written that suggests that he’ll ever become one. He’s a provocateur, which has it’s place in sports journalism, but at least his troll contemporaries (e.g. Kawakami, Florio, etc.) can either be artful in their manipulation or bring breaking news to the table. Grant has neither the chops nor the connections to do either, but he’s laughing all the way to whatever bank he deposits his checks because so many people respond to his watered-down brand of boat rocking.

    1. Wow, damning. Of course, Paul McCartney has also spoken to small children about music, so his knowledge of music is probably as limited as what Warner displays about football in his video for kids. That’s definitely not a ridiculous cheap shot that reflects extremely poorly on the “journalist” who posted that video and Garcia’s videos as some sort of argument.

      Oh no. Definitely not. Great job, Grant.

  3. I suppose a few in here will find that video funny. I find that video alarming, not that the video is bad but implies either your readers are children (I suppose some are or act as children) or that CK isn’t taking it seriously. I too have a few issues with CK but for the most part I refrain from taking pokes at him. If the kid was not trying or lazy or in social trouble then poking fun at him would be tolerable. This is just as bad as your Anthony Davis article couple of years back. Come on Grant your better then this. Going to be a real long post season, it already is.

      1. Rocket – Grants bias overshadows his ability. He can be an excellent writer at times and he is even correct on occasion. No one wants to be made fun of, there are other avenues to voice ones discontent without belittling the person.

        1. Grant’s bias and belief that he needs to be his Father is really all there is here now. There is no middle ground anymore. It’s all negative with the odd pick your own draft choice or FA two sentence entry. Once in awhile we do get an interesting article like the Left handed QB story, but they are rare. Grant is trying to be an opinionated columnist like his Father and it makes his credibility non existent.

            1. Prime that’s easy. There are a lot of regular posters here that bring interesting and diverse thoughts to the table. We are witnessing Hammer going from a blog participant to a possible writer. Razor always brings something to the table. Rocket, Coffee, George, Tuna, Md, Bay, Old Coach, Brodie, Oneniner, Fan, Claude, AES, Scooter, and other long time regulars (brain cramp) and of course you too Prime all bring something to the table. I like that. All are knowledgeable about the game of football.

  4. Grant, I have to ask you what is the point of this? You already made your opinions known yesterday and you clearly object to the direction Kaepernick is going in. And that’s fine, everybody can agree or disagree with anything if they so desire. But what is the point of doing this today? I think I know, but I’d like to hear it from you. I know I’m not a regular poster so I probably won’t get a response from you, but I’ll ask anyway.

      1. So the point is to say that you, in all your QB wisdom, would have chosen Garcia?
        If you get paid for this, I’m chose the wrong major in college.

      2. I get that, but I feel like you made that point clear yesterday. I guess I still don’t understand the need to do this again today.

      3. You are a funny guy. Do you get NFL Network? Because every off-season Warner is featured in the series “Game Changers” as he helps train draft eligible QB’s. Plenty of available tape on NFL.com

      4. Stop being a douche and do some real work for once. I hate that your links are included with real journalistic articles by people who do real journalistic work.

  5. This is journalism ??? Wow

    Last time I read a GC article it was when you were childish and tried messing with Anthony Davis! I stopped reading after that
    Decided to give you one more shot and this is what you post
    You suck man lol wow

  6. IMO, the mistake that the readers and commentors on this blog are making is that they are taking Grant seriously. He appears to be still trying to figure out the style that suits him best. The problem seems to be that the shadow of his father looms large over him. So instead of Lowell, I recommend that Grant learn from the master at combining humor with serious analysis — none other than Mike Tanier. Here’s Tanier’s preview of the divisional round this weekend:

    1. Mood I keep reading some opinions that believe Grant does this for clicks, or he doesn’t really mean what he says, it’s just for shock value etc, but I really don’t think that’s the case. He is an opinionated young guy, who idolizes his Father and writes like him only with less style and experience. When you are in your 20’s with zero background as a football writer, you don’t start out by giving opinions. Grant has jumped to trying to be Lowell without the years in between. It doesn’t work because you can’t take his opinions seriously.

      Grant does best when he writes about quirky things like the left handed QB or his interviews with players and Coaches. He’s also informative on players he’s watched that will be available in the draft. Trying to pass off the idea he has knowledge of the game to the point of questioning people who have been involved with the sport longer than he’s been alive, doesn’t work.

  7. Jed’s new man for the job is “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from Back to the Future. Here’s how it goes down….

    Jed: Trent, get into that DeLorean. My friend Doc’s gonna take you for a ride back to Turlock, California. Cira 2003.

    Trent: Why the heck (cough, couch) do I have to do that?

    Jed: Will you finally let out that doobie hit and talk normally?

    Trent: I let it out in 1979 when I broke the Wisconsin weed hit hold in record. My voice is now stuck this way.

    York: Oh, um… OK. Well anyway, your going to back to Turlock, circa 2003 to meet up with a teenage Colin Kaepernick.

    Trent: Um… What’s wrong with our 2015 Colin? (now looking at Doc)

    Doc: You see Trent, Colin still thinks he’s a baseball player. He takes forever visualizing his target, blocks out everything in his peripheral vision (including defensive backs and open 49er receivers), then delivers with a long, deliberate windup. Faaahwooomp!

    Doc: Your mission Mr. Milky… oh, Baalke? I’m sorry. Your mission Mr. Baalke is to intercept young Colin before his first high school baseball tryout. Your to lure him to a Fosters Freeze (or Dairy Queen) for a free dip cone. Once there, your job is to get Colin to drop baseball.

    Trent: But didn’t baseball help develop Colin’s arm?

    Doc: Mother nature, and an unhealthy obsession with his own biceps, developed Colin’s arm just fine. Your job is to make Colin forget about baseball, and concentrate on basketball instead. The future of the 49ers depends on it.

    Doc: Basketball will train Colin’s brain to use his entire field of view… to see and “feel” where defenders are. It will also train Colin to know when to improvise… and when not to. Joe Montana was a fine high school basketball player.

    Trent: Why can’t we hire a quarterback guru to develop Colin’s peripheral vision now?

    Doc: Its too late Mr. Baalke. You see, Colin is no kid. At 27, Colin’s neuromotor pathways aren’t totally set in stone, but the concrete is 90% set up.

    Jed (now finished with his popsicle): How many quarterback gurus have we gone through already? Jim and Geep are both legendary QB gurus. We even brought in that “consultant” with the dang butterfly nets.

    Doc: Better jump in the car Mr. Baalke. No time to waste. We’ve got to stop the kid from making his highschool baseball team at all costs!

    Trent: OK. Hey, what’s in that box? Plutonium?

    Doc: No, its chewing gum. Your going to talk long walks with teenage Colin. Walking and chewing gum at the same time. Getting it all synched up. Now hop in before before its too late.

  8. We in the Peanut Gallery should set up a Bragging (as opposed to Betting) Pool on how fast the negative comments come out of the professional Bay Area media upon announcement of SF’s choice for HC. No matter who it is.
    It’s for sure < 0:07
    < 0:03?

      1. I don’t know how long it will take, but whoever the 49ers hire I’m sure Grant will be there to keep us informed of how terrible a choice they are, and then continue to let us know how terrible they are during the season with facts backed up by unbiased statistics.

  9. Its one thing to express an opinion that Garcia would be a better option for Kaepernick. Completely another to first ridicule Kaepernick for his choice then ridicule Warner’s understanding of how to teach the QB position.

    The hubris is overwhelming.

  10. So, Grant continually posts provocative rubbish, but the clicks keep coming and we keep commenting. Here’s my question.

    Do we all keep coming back because:-

    a) We all secretly like Grant and can’t help ourselves.
    b) This website has no sign up procedures so anyone can rock up and comment at anytime
    c) respect for our fellow commenters.
    d) b+c

    1. definitely D.

      You just don’t find these type commenters elsewhere. The closest thing would be the niner forum, but then that would violate your option “b”

    2. We’re like a Pub with stale beer and lousy snacks but a mostly-good-peeps crowd. You can just ignore the minstrel now and then.
      Another round then?

        1. BT you are a genius. Perfect analogy. Its great as long as admission is free. But dare you try and charge me to get in, and i’ll just go down Maiocco’s Bar.

  11. I have said zero, zip, nada unkind about you and yet you have not only dinged two comments here Grant-san, but now you have blocked my e-mail address. I am totally mystified. Again, I said you have written some really great articles recently but this isn’t one of your best.

  12. Grant, you really come across as a fool sometimes. Often times. Every time you post something. No one in their right mind, something you’ve shown time and again you lack, would suggest Jeff Garcia can help Kaep develop as a QB better than Kurt Warner can.

    You’re trying too hard to keep your father’s “legacy” alive and in doing so, you’ve paved the way for a failed career. You’re nothing but a joke.

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