Manningham on the matchup with the Giants: “I know how their DBs play.”

SANTA CLARA – Mario Manningham spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the matchup with the New York Giants.

Q: Any extra emotion for this week?

MANNINGHAM: Knowing it’s my old team, I’m going to go out and treat them like we treat everyone else. I’m going to be a little fired up.

Q: Does it make the film study easier knowing who you’re going up against?

MANNINGHAM: Yeah. I know how their DBs play, how they press, how patient they are at the line – it makes it a little bit easier.

Q: Do you expect them jam or be more physical at the line in this game?

MANNINGHAM: I don’t know how they’re going to play. It doesn’t matter – they can press, play off. I feel like we have a great offense and I feel like we can execute no matter what they do.

Q: Are you in contact with any of your old teammates?

MANNINGHAM: I talk to Hakeem (Nicks) and Ahmad (Bradshaw) all the time. Sometimes once or every couple weeks. They’re my two closest friends over there. We joke about the game, about what we’re going to do to them and what they’re going to do to us. Friendly competition.

Q: What do you say you’re going to do to them?

MANNINGHAM: I don’t share that because that’s between us. We joke around. Stuff that you can imagine that I’m saying.

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