Marcus Lattimore: “It was a huge injury so I knew it would take time. I just didn’t think it would take this long. But I feel good.”

SANTA CLARA — Marcus Lattimore was interviewed at his locker Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: What are you expecting to accomplish in practice the next three weeks?

LATTIMORE: Consistency. That’s the main thing. Make sure I know what I’m doing. Make sure I’m having good practices — consistent practices — so I can be able to be out there on the field.

Q: You practiced a bit late last year. What is the difference between you then and now?

LATTIMORE: Confidence. Stronger. Definitely quicker. Didn’t have any confidence going out there last year. But that’s the main thing — I feel stronger, the knee feels better. It was a huge injury so I knew it would take time. I just didn’t think it would take this long. But I feel good.

Q: What have you done mentally to prepare for this?

LATTIMORE: Talk to people. Don’t keep it in when you’re having those bad days, because I had a lot of bad days when my knee was sore. I had to do a lot of different things. Talked to my girlfriend. Talked to my mom. Talked to my sister. Just let them know, that was the biggest thing. And of course my faith.

Q: Running back is such an instinctual position. Having taken two years off, do you trust that those instincts will come back, kind of like riding a bike?

LATTIMORE: It takes time. It does. I don’t know how long it’s going to take.  Once I get out there, I’ve just got to keep going. I’ve just got to keep consistent. And I think over time it will come. I don’t know how long.

Q: Have they talked about what role you might play when you do play?


Q: How much are you looking forward to the first hit you take?


Q: Has that happened yet?

LATTIMORE: No, it hasn’t happened. But when it happens, you’ve just got to pop back up.

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  1. He was on the same team as Ellington. Didn’t the Gamecock’s have a great returner during those years. I don’t Lattimore every returned anything.

    1. Yeah. We had Chris Culliver who’s also on the 49ers as out returner. Also Ace Sanders of the Jaguars. Bruce after those two left. Lattimore is not a kick retuner and never will be.

  2. He’ll be like State Farm. An insurance policy in case either Gore or Hyde go down, and like a good team mate, he’ll be there on the inactive list every game day….

  3. Doubt he makes an impact this year or see playing time, but I would love to get a sample of what he looks like speed and hitting holes wise.

    1. KY ..

      If the reports are accurate .. he’ll get his touches ..

      Perhaps after Frank hangs up the cleats .. it’ll
      be Lattimore and Hyde …
      the two headed monster …

      They’ll be hard for other teams to game plan for, I’m sure

      1. I sure hope so. We need an effective speed back as well. I’m not sure if I trust Hunter, the guy can’t stay healthy. I think we will likely see them draft one.

    2. I agree, think that would benefit both parties. Lattimore needs a chance to get back in the groove of things, and the coaches need to get a good look at him.

        1. Hunter’s a more complete, more powerful back compared to the likes of LMJ and Dexter Carter. In 2012 his YPC was about the same as Gore (around 5.3) and he was still learning.

          Hunter threatens sideline to sideline like no other 49er back. I’m convinced the 49ers had him pegged for a large number of snaps this summer.

          But he keeps getting hurt! No matter how talented, if a player can’t get on the field, they have no value.

          This leaves the 49ers with three power backs in Gore, Hyde and Lattimore. Be nice to develop some lighting to complement the thunder.

          1. Brodie ..
            I dunno what went wrong with LMJ .. he
            seemed promising in the beginning.. but then
            he morphed into something akin to the RB
            version of AJ Jenkins

            1. I liked the LMJ pick. I liked the Jenkins pick too. Hahaha

              So why the drop from Oregon to the 49ers? There are the usual suspects…
              – Pro football running is more north/south
              – The smallest guy on the field better be the fastest and a a clear special teams advantage. He was neither.
              – To be a 49er running back you better be a blocking stud. If not, you better have receiving skills almost on par with those of an actual wide receiver. LMJ did not.
              – The 49er formula has been avoiding negative yardage plays and turnovers. LMJ has struggled with both (at least on a per-snap basis)

              Here’s my wild donkey guess… LMJ is an aerobic monster. In the hurry-up Oregon offense LMJ stayed fast, while defenses slowed down. LJM was warming up when defenders were gassing out. He terrorized defenses that were gasping for air.

              The 49ers clock chewing offense was a terrible fit for him.

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