Grading 49ers at the break

This is my Sunday column.

The 49ers just finished dead week. These are their midterm grades.


Pocket proficiency: B. Was a C-minus last season. Completed just 57 percent of his passes and posted an 81 passer rating inside the pocket in 2013. Has completed 69 percent of his passes and posted a 90 rating inside the pocket this season. He’s finding the open receiver quickly and throwing the ball accurately. Most of the time. About once a game, Kaepernick drops back and throws a pass straight to a defender. It’s like Kaepernick forgets which team he’s on. Kaepernick has thrown four of his five interceptions from inside the pocket this season, and he threw 10 of his 11 interceptions (including playoff games) from inside the pocket last season.

Improvisational skill: A+. Near the top of the league in this category. A natural at throwing while running – he flicks his wrist and the ball explodes out of his hand. But he doesn’t force plays when he scrambles. He has thrown the ball away 11 times, thrown six touchdowns, just one interception and posted a 108 rating outside the pocket this season.

Running ability: A+. Near the top of the league in this category, too. Averaging 5.3 yards per carry, third-best in the league among quarterbacks and running backs.

Red-zone productivity: A-. When Kaepernick scrambles, defenders chase him and forget to cover receivers. Kaepernick is starting to use his improvisational ability to create throwing windows in the end zone. His passer rating in the red zone is 109.

Fourth-quarter productivity: F. Kaepernick seems to get worse as the game goes on. His passer rating in the first quarter is 114, in the second quarter it’s 104, in the third quarter it’s 88 and in the fourth quarter it’s 68. Kaepernick has thrown no fourth-quarter touchdown passes, led no game-winning drives or fourth-quarter comebacks.

First-down productivity: B. Dinking and dunking and hardly running. Tentative.

Second-down productivity: B+. More aggressive and more efficient.

Third-down productivity: A. Aggressive to the max. The most aggressive third-down quarterback in football. Averaging 9.8 yards per pass attempt and 7.3 yards per rush on third down – almost double what he’s averaging on first down. Knows he has the athleticism to pick up a first down at any time with his arm or legs and, on third down, he does not hold back.

Overall: B+. Draft experts compared Kaepernick to Randall Cunningham when he was coming out of college. Kaepernick is better than Cunningham. The flick throws Kaepernick makes while running to his left are unique. Only he makes those plays. But I’m not concerned about how many good plays a quarterback makes. I’m concerned about how many bad plays he makes. Kaepernick still makes at least one head-scratcher every game.


Running: B-. Frank Gore follows blockers well and runs through the holes they create. When there are no holes, he no longer has the power to gain much on his own. Carlos Hyde has power but does not follow blockers well and is averaging just 3.4 yards per carry.

Red-zone running: D. Kaepernick is the 49ers’ best red-zone runner by default. Gore is averaging 1.9 yards per carry in the red zone and Hyde is averaging 2.6. Sad.

Receiving: C+. Greg Roman rarely calls a pass for a running back. Gore has caught just four this season. But his 55-yard touchdown catch against the Eagles was one of the best plays of his career, outrunning 24-year-old safety Earl Wolff 43 yards to the end zone.

Blocking: B+. Bruce Miller is a great blocker. Gore isn’t any more. He has given up two sacks this season.

Overall: C+. Gore seems to be fading quicker than he faded last season, and Hyde hasn’t established himself. His longest run has been just 15 yards.


Hands: B-. Anquan Boldin has dropped three passes, including what should have been a touchdown this past Sunday against the Broncos. Michael Crabtree has dropped five passes this season.

Route running: B+. Crabtree ran one good route – the double post against the Rams which led to a 32-yard touchdown catch. Other than that, his routes have been lazy. The other receivers’ routes have been sharp.

Running after the catch: C. Boldin is averaging a measly 3.7 yards after the catch and Crabtree has been even worse, averaging 3.6 yards after the catch. Crabtree is not explosive anymore. In 2012, before he tore his Achilles’ tendon, he averaged 6.4 yards after the catch.

Red-zone receiving: B+. Stevie Johnson is the 49ers’ No.1 red-zone weapon. He can beat one-on-one coverage near the end zone and the Niners’ other receivers can’t do that consistently.

Third-down receiving: A. Everyone knows the ball is going to Boldin on third down and he still has made 11 first-down catches on third down. Clutch.

Overall: B. Crabtree is dragging down this group’s grade. He should play less and Johnson and Lloyd should play more.


Receiving: F. What happened to Vernon Davis? He is having the worst season of his career. He looks disengaged. Is there lingering animosity from his holdout this offseason? He wanted more money and didn’t get it.

Blocking: C-. Vance McDonald is a decent blocker, but Davis has been horrible.

Overall: D. Two of the worst tight ends in football right now.


Run blocking: B. Still the best aspect of the 49ers’ running game. Mike Iupati is the best run-blocking offensive lineman in the NFL. But he’s hurt. Daniel Kilgore was a good run blocker, but he’s out for the season. Broken leg.

Pass blocking: F. Allowed 19 sacks, tied for fifth-most in the league. Joe Staley used to be one of the best left tackles in football but has given up four sacks.

Overall: C-. Alex Boone and Staley have regressed. Iupati and Kilgore are hurt. This line used to be the best in football. Now it’s not so good.


Run stopping: A. Do not run up the middle against the 49ers. Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Ian Williams are three of the best run-plugging defensive tackles in football.

Pass rush: C. Slow. Smith eventually will hit the quarterback if he holds the ball too long.

Overall: B. Their No.1 job is to stop the run and they succeed. The pass rush mostly depends on the linebackers.


Pass rush: D. Aaron Lynch, the rookie fourth-round pick, has been the 49ers’ best pass rusher and he has only one sack. Ahmad Brooks has been the seventh-worst pass rushing outside linebacker in football according to Pro Football Focus.

Run stopping: C. Patrick Willis and Michael Wilhoite have struggled when opposing running backs have broken past the 49ers’ front line. Combined, Willis and Wilhoite have missed seven tackles. Ahmad Brooks has missed five.

Pass coverage: B. Willis has allowed a 58 passer rating. He is a great cover linebacker. Wilhoite is not. He has allowed a 105 passer rating.

Overall: C. All four linebackers made the Pro Bowl last season. Only Willis has a chance to make it this season.


Pass coverage: A-. The 49ers rank near the top of most pass defense statistics even though they’ve generated no pass rush. The 49ers’ defensive backs have played out of their mind, especially Perrish Cox. He was a bench player when the season began, became the Niners’ No.1 cornerback when Tramaine Brock got hurt, and has been one of the best corners in football. Cox has broken up six passes, tied for second most in the league.

Tackling: A-. Allowing just 4.3 yards after the catch on average. That’s good tackling. Antoine Bethea has been the 49ers’ best tackler in the secondary.

Overall: A-. Bethea and Cox are playing like Pro Bowlers. Excellent additions to the starting lineup. The secondary has been the strength of the 49ers’ defense for the first time under Jim Harbaugh.


Punting: B+. Andy Lee is one of the most powerful punters in football. Sometimes he’s so powerful he punts the ball past his coverage, and that’s not good.

Kicking: B+. When it comes to kicking long field goals, no one is better than Phil Dawson. But he missed a couple of short kicks this season.

Punt returns: C. Bruce Ellington is averaging just 7.6 yards per punt return. He replaced LaMichael James, who averaged 10.9 yards per punt return last season. The 49ers downgraded.

Kick returns: C+. Ellington is averaging 25.8 yards per kickoff return. James averaged 26.8 yards per kickoff return last season. Downgrade.

Punt coverage: D. Allowing 11.9 yards per punt return – fifth-worst in the league. Gave up an 82-yard punt return for a touchdown to Darren Sproles, and a 28-yard punt return to De’Anthony Thomas.

Kick coverage: C+. Special teams specialists Kassim Osgood, Nick Moody and L.J. McCray have been duds.

Overall: C+. Used to be dangerous when C.J. Spillman, LaMichael James and Ted Ginn were on the team. Now, the punter and the kicker are the Niners’ most dangerous special teamers.


Vic Fangio: A-. The superstar of the 49ers’ coaching staff. Even without Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman, the 49ers’ defense ranks second in yards allowed. If the 49ers keep that up, Fangio will be a top head-coaching candidate around the league this offseason.

Greg Roman: B. The 49ers’ running game is ranked in the top-third of the league despite 80 percent of the offensive line missing significant playing time. Roman is a good run-game coordinator. He just can’t figure out the red zone. The Niners scored touchdowns on 43 percent of their trips to the red zone, and that’s sixth-worst in football. Last year, the 49ers’ offense ranked 15th in the red zone.

Jim Harbaugh: B. Most of us expected the Niners to start the season 4-3 after NaVorro Bowman got hurt and Aldon Smith got suspended. Harbaugh is meeting expectations. But he could have exceeded them. The Niners should be 6-1. Harbaugh got outcoached by the Bears and the Cardinals and lost two games he should have won.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. Nice, detailed analysis Grant. I pretty much agree with all your analysis. And not far off my own grades, so you are almost right. ;-)

    1. It’s amazing the amount of so called experts poo pooing the 49er secondary prior to the 2014 season, and they end up being the strength of the team at the midway marker…..

      1. I seem to recall someone here saying Bethea was a really good pick up when they signed him…

        Broncos game aside, the secondary has played better than I think anyone, even the most ardent of supporters, believed they would. I thought they wouldn’t be the liability some were predicting, but the strength of the defense? And with Aldon Smith coming back soon they could get better.

        1. Yea, you were the voice of support for the Bethea signing. I heard you, and scouted him, because I never followed his career. Between you, and my findings, I agreed with you, and realized he should be an upgrade in coverage over Mr. Hitner.

          On a side note, Martavis Bryant has progressed more quickly than I anticipated, but I think his skill set is just a perfect match for what the Steelers like to do. Also Kelvin Benjamin was not what was for dinner against Dick Charmin contrary to what our good friend Mr. Hammer believed….

          1. Yeah, Bryant is looking good. Steelers have been looking for a guy like him since Burress left town (the first time). I liked him in the draft, thought he’d be a good deep threat, but he’s looking like he might be a bit more than that today.

            I think 2014 may go down as one of the richest WR classes ever. Benjamin looks very good. Sammy Watkins is looking alright. Allen Robinson looking good on a bad team. Mike Evans hasn’t been that great, but decent today. Brandin Cooks getting lots of touches. Odell Beckham has only played three games but getting a lot of praise for his play. Not bad for a guy that didn’t complete a full practice until three weeks ago (I still think he’ll be the best of the bunch when its all said and done). Jordan Matthews has been solid.

              1. Which is why I felt they should have drafted another WR. Who knows with less supply and more demand in future drafts if they will ever have the opportunity to draft as well again at that position in the near future.

        2. Yeah, Scoot, that was me. I called Bethea an upgrade. I called Lynch a steal. I called Dorsey to the Niners.

          Unfortunately, I cannot call a trade of Vernon Davis, nor a trade for Vincent Jackson or Josh Gordon. If I could, NINERS would win the Super Bowl this year!

  2. Grant,
    Nice writeup here. I appreciate the way you broke down each position into categories and explained each with details and stats. I always enjoy these type of breakdowns. I also learned things I didn’t previously know, like the yards of catch for the WRs, the red zone yards per carry for the RBs, and Kaepernick’s third down production.

    Again, nice job.

  3. Good work Grant.
    Do you have the numbers on how many times Gore has pass blocked compared to B.Miller’?
    Seems that Gore has passed blocked much more than Miller. If this is the case, Gore’ pass blocking should be measured relative to the number of times he’s had to block.

    I don’t have the numbers, but if FG has pass blocked (just a guess) around 40-50 times; than giving up 2 sacks does not make him a less than great pass blocker.
    Now if Miller has had to pass block for half that amount, how does that make him great?

    1. Why does FG seem to be off limits for pass blocking criticism? He missed two key blocks in the Superbowl and no mentions was made what-so-ever.

      1. Willtalk,
        Never said that Gore can’t be criticized. BTW, he’s been receiving his fair share of critique from Grant for the last 2 years.

        I was asking Grant how FG’ blocking attempts stand against Miller’ attempts. Those figures would be interesting, as well as give a better barometer of where Gore ranks as a pass blocker.

        1. AES: I think I see your point. But I guess the question is what the dividing point is for “Great”. While Grant has criticized Gore ( in respect to his diminishing skills due to age) I have yet to remember either him or anyone else do so in respect to pass blocking. I suppose Grant might be bringing up the pass blocking to support his belief that Gore is declining. While I think that is certainly true we need to consider the decline of the offensive line in order to really gage how much that decline really is. He might actually not be as bad has his declining numbers make him appear to be. That is a variable factor I often preach in respect to Kaep and the same should be applied to Gore and other players as well.

          By the way I think Gore is/was a much better back than Craig was. It also might be that Gore unique skills (vision and ability to get small) were probably more responsible for the offensive lines reputation rather than the other way around. Now that he has lost some of his speed/power( ability to push the pile) we can see how good he really was.

          Thats what makes it so hard evaluating players on different teams. It’s a chicken or the egg thing. Who makes who better?.

    2. AES,

      “Seems that Gore has passed blocked much more than Miller.”

      He has. Gore has 50 pass blocking snaps compared to 16 for Miller.

      Only 3 running backs in the NFL have more pass blocking snaps so far this season than Gore.

      1. Thanks Hammer. The numbers of pass blocking attempts for FG increases the chances of some missed assignments and therefor should merit a much different rating from Grant.

  4. Clearly, Grant has been abducted. Someone alert the authorities, so they can send out an Amber Alert, ASAP.

  5. Good stuff Grant! Too bad it will be ruined shortly when the trolls are back :( Yeah, I am talking to you Jim Moron!

    1. How are you feeling that Sea/Ari won today? Mad? Bitter? Sad/ Football gods out to get the 49ers and Bay Area in general?
      Oak took a step closer to 0 and 16, wow!

  6. Well I was stuck up in the Clearlake area all day and I couldn’t watch the Titans game but Zach’s numbers look damn good for a first start. Too bad they didn’t get a win but I didn’t pick them to either.

      1. Too bad I got stuck with the dumpy Raiders and Cards game in my held hostage region. Least Ind Pit was going great until Pitt scored.

        1. Maybe but that will be up to the Seahawks not the Cardinals. If the Chickens can take at least one game in the series with us, if not both, then that will open the door for the Cards to win, otherwise I don’t see us losing to Arizona or St. Louis at home and as you pointed out our SOS is about swing in a friendlier direction. We could sweep the rest of our division games and if so I think we’d end up #1.

            1. Sure looking that way. Should be another very tight race for playoff spots in the NFC West.

              1. I hope so. i’m sick of one team divisions. Least we’re not like NFC South, nobody is at .500!

              1. I’d say Dallas and Seattle. There’s also the chance they lose one they don’t look like they should on paper like the Rams or Falcons on the road or Detroit at home. I think they will lose at least 2 before they face the Niners and more likely 3. They are a good team but the lack of depth is going to catch up with them eventually imo.

              2. Dallas and Seattle. I’d even say the rams would have a good shot. Arizona does not impress me. They’ve been pretty lucky with a couple of wins.
                Philly had to redzone turnovers. That’s not going to happen often, vs us penalties penalties penalties.
                Arz hasn’t faced a real good defense yet, and theirs is suspect. I’m seriously more concerned with Seattle over Arizona.

  7. Coach Harbaw does not receive a letter grade
    until the season is over. For now he is pass/fail.
    So if at 4-3 you give him a passing grade, okay.

    But if he does not being home a Super Bowl ring,
    then he sucks eggs. C…D…F…. somethin’ like that.

    1. 8-8 who are you going to replace him with next season and get the same production?

      JH has done well considering all the distractions, loss of 5 or more all pro or pro bowl players to injuries to this point in the season. Its a stupid statement to say that he’s failed if he doesn’t win a super bowl.

  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Arizona! So sorry 49ers. Arizona took on the team you HOPED was going to win, but Kelly and his joke QB Foles are perfect examples of LOSERS! Oh I am so happy, and Seattle won too. Too bad for the 49ers. Boy, if the SF Giants can lose today, I’ll be ecstatic today! I don’t want another World Series parade that causes bad traffic all day.

    1. knowing this I pray the Giants win and have a week long affair causing traffic jams across the state

    2. There your kinda losers Mora. 411yds passing in a losing effort, high fantasy scores and exciting in a loss.

      1. It could’ve been 400 passing and wins. I’m still not convinced that running the ball is better then passing. Pit had luck to win that game and some bad calls. tonight’s game, Rodgers popped the hamstring, but nay, we can’t use injury as an excuse.

    1. Vic Fangio got out-schemed by Trestman when he dictated the Marshall against the rookie in the slot match-up. I’m sorry but that is coaching related. Fangio has been a stud but that game he didn’t make the adjustment and it resulted in 2 fourth quarter TD’s for Marshall.

      1. My comment was in response to this; “Harbaugh got outcoached by the Bears and the Cardinals and lost two games he should have won.”

        And the loss still had nothing to do with coaching it had everything to do with 3 INT’s and a lost fumble. You can leave every penalty the team committed and they’ll still win that game. You can’t win when you turn the ball over 4 times.

        1. I don’t think leaving Jimmy ward rerepeatedly on Marshall was the greatest coaching

              1. If you can. I don’t think Fangio had anyone else he felt he could trust to handle the slot. Cox is the only other player with any experience playing the slot and he was pressed into service on the outside due to Brock’s injury. Moving him inside (where he hadn’t prepared ) would have meant putting Cook or Johnson on the outside. I suspect that Fangio didn’t view that as a better alternative.

                We also don’t know whether Fangio made other, non-personnel, adjustments to address the Marshall problem; we only know that if he did, they didn’t work.

                Sometimes, there are no in game adjustments you can make, and you have to go with the players you have. This may have been one of those times. Given Fangio’s history, I’m comfortable giving him the benefit of the doubt.

              2. Oh I think we have a great defensive staff claude…tomsula,fangio and donatell are the best coaches on the team..But the same situation reared his ugly head again..rushing brock back into action against Denver..Carlos Rogers was rushed back for the Seattle playoff game too..When the defense is’s a ripple effect..This offense can’t carry the defense..So everything gets thrown outta wack…

            1. For a rookie, against one of the better red zone WRs, I thought Ward was put in a tough spot. Some of those catches were just great catches. As Charles Barkley likes to said, “Sometimes you just tip your hat the opponent, they made a great shot.”
              The issue with Ward is whether Baalke was arrogant to think they can turn him into a CB. Why didn’t he trade up in the draft knowing the big needs for the team were CB and WR.

              1. Fan77: “Issue with Ward is whether Baalke was arrogant to think he could be turned into a CB.”That’s one of the issues I have with this front office/coaching staff. That has been responsible for a lot of their bad draft moves. Now I think they have also made some good decisions and move’s but their bad ones are usually total head scratchers. You can do that sort of thing ( position changing) gambling, but not with high picks. You don’t need to gamble with high picks unless the upside is so great that it might be worth the gamble. Now since they are not actually stupid ( as evidenced by good moves ), then they must have thought that those players upsides justified that gamble. This then would put into question their ability to assess upside talent. There seems to be too large of a disconnect between their good decisions and a lot of their bone headed head scratchers.

        2. CFC is right. The Bears loss, for all the problems with Ward and the penalties, would still have been a win if Kap hadn’t self destructed in the second half. Thankfully it hasn’t happened again, but that loss was on Kap.

          1. Not really rocket..we still had a chance at the end to at least tie the game..kap’s fumble was a good play on the ball by of those interceptions was fuller muscling the ball away from Crabtree.Our losses are usually not that cut and dry in the Harbaugh know that.

            1. There’s always different aspects to a game Deezybee, but in this case the loss is directly tied to the turnovers Kap gave up. They had a 17 point lead and the Bears really weren’t doing much of anything offensively until they were given great field position due to those picks.

              1. Kap didn’t make things easy true enough..but I seem to recall drives of Chicago were extended by penalties as well..Dial crown of the helmet to cutler call..which gave Chicago life at the end of the half..I mean like I said.the defense let Marshall kill them.and Bennett td put them over the top I believe.We still had a chance at the end tho..If we didn’t have a chance at the end..U can strongly make that case.

              2. The other aspect of that game that played a large part was the penalties. Lots of drive extending penalties on the D, that helped keep the Bears alive. Wasn’t all on Kaep, though he did have a large part to play in it.

              3. Two things can be equally true.

                There were two Bears touchdown drives with a lot of penalties which extended drives that helped them pull within 6, and Kaepernick’s two 4th quarter interceptions were killers.

              4. “but I seem to recall drives of Chicago were extended by penalties as well.”
                Drives that wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the turnovers.

              5. “Drives that wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the turnovers.”

                That’s not true. The two drives that were extended by penalties did not follow turnovers. Turnovers are what led to points 21 and 28 though for Chicago.

  9. Kaepernick has thrown four of his five interceptions from inside the pocket this season, and he threw 10 of his 11 interceptions (including playoff games) from inside the pocket last season.
    60% of his INT’s came from a single game. Outside of the Bears game he’s thrown two picks for 191 attempts or essentially one pick for every 96 attempts. Given he averages 32 attempts a game this season if you consider the Bears game to be an aberration he’s throwing 1 INT for every 3 games.

    1. C4C,
      Great breed. I had a Red/Tan male that was a stray and followed me home. Kept it for a about a two months before finding the owners. I was a little sad to give it up, but the owners were a couple of girls who were college students and both put their monies together to purchase it because they needed a guard dog when they would go jogging in the evenings.

    2. Thanks guys! She’s a little piranha but a true joy and a great playmate for her older sister.

  10. Good rundown Grant. I’m mostly on the same page.


    – I’d rate his red zone a bit lower then A-. His “improved since Nevada but still slow for NFL” throwing motion hampers red zone passing.

    Ironically, his throwing motion has always been more efficient on the move. Crazy idea… should he practice those wrist flick throws from the pocket?

    – He has to get the ball away faster in general. The pass pro has been sucky, but Colin isn’t helping the O-line. (Manning sets a great example. Lynch was blowing by the OT all night, but Manning usually had the ball away before Lynch was close.) I’m expecting Colin to improve as his career develops.

    Tight Ends

    – Could VD be nursing a secret injury? He doesn’t seem like the loafing type.
    – VMac looks quicker and more natural out there, but still clanker drops. That fumble at the end of what would have been the biggest play of his career is a cringer. His Rice teammate snagged a game winner today. (dang)
    – Carrier shows flashes. Could be the Delaney SAK role.

    – The 49ers have not replaced Ginn.
    – I think Ellington is a stop gap returner. A roster math thing. The 49ers still need to draft a tall, fast, edge of the field wideout. I see Ellington concentrating on slot in 2015.
    – No Turn Overs

    Missing Speed Burner
    – Lots of talk about Ellington being the “speed” wideout started around training camp. He’s fast, but I’m not sure he was ever expected to be missing vertical threat.

    I think the 49ers envisioned him as a tough, blue collar slot man. Not quite as fast as Harvin or Austin… but tougher, more durable, with basketball ability to leverage for the ball inside.

    – Lloyd’s getting behind the defense. Colin has to get him the ball.

    Running Back
    – I have a hunch Hunter was going to be the secret weapon, getting about the same number of snaps as Gore. His loss hurts, and will hurt worse if Gore fades faster then Hyde can develop.
    The isn’t just Hunter’s yardage. His sideline to sideline versatility kept the offense less predictable. Even with the more agile Hyde, defenses still crash inside the slots.

    1. Brodie, one has to question the play calling and the timing of the ball coming out. What kind of routes are being set up for him to get the ball out quickly. Kap has a high yds per throw because Roman and JH calls a lot of longer pass plays which take longer to develop. It doesn’t seem that we have a lot of those short routes that PFM gets to move the ball out quickly. Kap could still be quicker in his decision making. We don’t seem to have a lot of timing throws.

      1. I agree. 49ers plays (running and passing) seem to often be the slow developing kind.

        Could be a chicken or egg thing. Roman calls few passes to backs or quick slants. He will call a quick sideline hitch to Crabs or Boldin, but that’s it.

        On the other hand, is Roman calling few quick passes because of Colin’s long delivery or problems seeing underneath coverage?

        As for red zone, Vernon Post is an example. Alex fires the pass with little windup. CK would stare down a bit longer, then throw with the more loopy motion. Colin’s velocity would have gotten the ball there, but his mechanics may have given the route away.

      2. In the pre-season games they were doing that with Ellington, and he was doing very well, they were using him like the Pats use Edelman. And I got excited that we might see that in the reg season. But that may have been exhibition defenses. Brady and Edelman make it look so easy, pitch ‘n’ catch, maybe it isn’t that easy…

        1. Brodie— On Ellington– Common sense might dictate that he was never the speed outside threat this team needs. You could see watching his films that he was often caught from behind once he had the ball. He actually seemed significantly quicker before he catches the ball. Now as to whether the staff saw this and just had him pegged as a slot receiver? I wouldn’t necessarily give them the benefit of the doubt. They might just have seen him as a draft cheaper Cook. I just have no respect or confidence in the staff of this team in respect to their receivers analysis. They yet to show any evaluation skills in that specific area.

              1. Yeah, my bad. I meant to include Boldin, but I between the time I started typing and the time I hit the Post Comment button, his name fell out of my head.

              2. Nah, I’m going to blame the offensive coordinator. That will help me fit in better on this site.

              3. Claude balls: As Brodie: Stated Crabtree was a no brainer high draft pick and should have at least produced as well as he has. Perhaps even better.

                As to the other receivers they all had a track record which didn’t require much analysis. The front office/staff generally makes good free agent or trade acquisitions. I was referring to their ability to recognize receiver talent. I speculate that part of the problem might be that they see what they want to see rather than what is actually there and even when it’s not they believe they can bring it out of that player. One example being Jenkins. Now they needed an edge receiver- need. The did recognize that for AJ to fill that position he would have to get stronger. TB mentioned that right after the draft- an assumption that they could create a quality in a player that did not exist. 1. They have a need. 2. Target a player who has not yet shown all the qualities that is required to fill that need and because of that is still available at a lower position in the draft. 3. Believe that this player is a raw gem who with a bit of polish will eventually shine.

                This would not be a bad policy but it requires that you have the ability to recognize diamonds in the rough that are missed by other coach’s and staffs. Now the front office/coaching staff has done this successfully with many other player positions but not with receivers. Why??? I really don’t know who is responsible on this team for Wr evaluations. Although they were smart enough to pick up vet receivers to fill the void this season. They have been fortunate that those vets were available ( Boldin, Johnson, Loyd). What they really need to do is recognize their own deficiency in that respect and get someone on the staff who has the ability to really evaluate WR potential in the draft. You have them on rookie salaries for years. Vets if they do well will be lost due to cost in free agency if the do really well.

          1. Agree with your assessment of Ellington.

            I’m not criticizing Ellington. It was (some) media/fans assumption he would be a deep threat. I’ve never heard the 49ers or Ellington claim he was the future deep threat. I have heard he has enough sneaky speed to (occasionally) go deep.

            I hold hope Bruce will turn out to be a spiffy slot man that lines up all over the place… with enough speed for occasional surprise vertical routes.

            The 49ers still need a classic, tall, fast deep threat. Lloyd will do for this season.

            1. Brodie: We are on the same page with Ellington. I thought he was a good pick for them. Him not being an edge take the top of the defense receiver doesn’t make him a bad pick. I mean he was a fourth rounder not a first or second. I think he is a player and always thought he would surpass Patton who seems to be injury prone. I think most fans might have projected more potential on Patton then actually was there because of his desire and effort. Who wouldn’t want a good guy to succeed.

          2. I see good arguments from both Claude Balls and Willtalk.

            Crabtree fell into the 49ers laps after Crazy Al’s DHB brain phart. Jenkins was a big swing and miss.

            On the other hand, Johnson and Lloyd are FA gems literally saving the season.

            WR is a tough position to draft. Detroit blew first round picks on WRs year after year before the found Mergatroid. I remember a Baalke interview just before the 2014 draft where he mentioned how little film there is of WR breaking press coverage.

            Lack of speed WR is the one sour note on what I think is a good overall draft. I think 6-10 from the 2014 deep WR draft class will become stars.

            1. B2W,
              I was hoping the 49ers would draft Kelvin Benjamin with their 1st last spring and they went with JWard instead.
              Ward may still prove to be a valuable player but Benjamin may be making a strong push for ROY if he keeps playing at his current level.

              Boldin will be around for another year and with BLloyd it’s hard to know exactly how he feels about the game from year to year these days.
              Stevie Johnson is proving to be a very good signing for us and he could possibly have another 3-4 years of value.

              Also, I see MCrabtree having a much better 2nd half of the season now that teams need to account for Stevie and Lloyd. Watch for VD to turn things around in the 2nd half of the season as well.

              Unless the 49ers have a hidden plan for QPatton, I would not be surprised to see QPatton being waved as a trade for any team willing to give up a late 6-7 pick.
              Ellington has already replaced QP by virtue of his playing time and ability to work as our KO/PR specialist.

              1. Yup… I liked Benjamin, but was unsure about his hands. People were very polarized on him. Nice to see him working out.

              2. I sure did. You were right about him Grant (and others). His size advantage is proving just too much for DBs to handle.

              3. Grant, I agree. I may have been one of the over-analyzers. Benjamin’s properties were picked at quite a bit (as were many draft prospects). Benjamin was Big, Fast, Makes Plays, scores TDs… vs SEC competition.

              4. “How many TD’s did he score yesterday?”

                0, but he really should have had 1. He let that sucker go right through his mitts. He’s still got the inconsistent hands, but there is no debating he is having a good rookie season, and looks like a guy that will live up to being a big play threat.

                The main thing is that he’s been able to put pressure on DBs with his speed, which I must admit I thought would be a big issue for him. That makes it easier for him to use his size advantage when going up for the ball, as DBs are under duress and have struggled positioning themselves to make a play on it.

  11. Good analysis Grant. The only thing I disagree with is pumping the tires of the secondary.
    There have been injuries and a lack of pass rush that maybe gives them a mulligan the first 7 games. But looking at 3 of the key starters that make up the secondary, they have been exposed. The first is Eric Reid. He is not playing at the pro bowl level he did last year. He looked confused in the loss to Denver and AZ. He seems to be reading plays incorrectly and over pursuing or jumping way too early on play action.
    Bethea has been decent but has not shown that big play impact that a Goldson or Whitner had in their games.
    Culliver was drafted to be the big physical corner. Between injuries and big play gaffes, he’s expendable.
    Brock gets a pass because of injury.
    Cox has been exceptional and Johnson is playing well when given the chance.
    Overall the strength of the defense is not the secondary but rather Fangio. He has picked and placed players in positions to excel. Cox, Lynch, Ian Williams, have been given a chance to play and they have excelled.

    1. Prime, you are to the secondary as Fansince77 is to QBs. It appears you expect the DBs to stop every play, and never make any mistakes. Doesn’t work that way. For the most part the DBs have done an excellent job stopping the opposition passing game.

      Eric Reid has had some gaffes, including giving up a TD to John Brown and a would be TD against the Broncos if Brock didn’t commit PI due to not playing his assignment. But overall he continues to play some pretty good football at the back.

      Bethea has had some huge plays coming up and making key tackles, no more so than the goal line stop of McCoy. Add a forced fumble and INT in that game and it was no wonder he got defensive player of the week honours. He, like all the secondary, had a rough outing against the Broncos, but he’s been an excellent pick up so far. There is a reason he is ranked in the top 10 of safeties according to PFF, even after the Broncos game.

      Culliver has given up a couple of big plays over the top. But not many. He’s been solid this year without standing out. Cox has been outstanding this year. And as you mention Brock has been out hurt so can’t really grade him.

      Meanwhile, Jimmie Ward is quietly putting together a solid rookie season. If it wasn’t for one horrid outing against Brandon Marshall he’d be having a good year for a rookie. Aside from that Bears game he is giving up just 2 catches a game on average, and no TDs.

      1. Good reply Scooter but like Fann77, I’m willing to give the secondary a chance.
        I will argue that it has not been as good as we think.
        Key games we needed our secondary was the AZ and DEN games. They had help with a pass rush against the Cards and blew some bad coverages. Versus Denver, had no help, no health and blown coverages all night!
        Could they be doomed to multiple WR’s sets?Remember against Philly, Chip went off the gas on the 49ers secondary and lost.

        I think they will be better when they are healthier including Brock. This guy when healthy and able to run will be like Darrell Green sneaky.
        But the first half of season they are a C+ for me.

        1. “They had help with a pass rush against the Cards and blew some bad coverages.”

          The Cardinals game was the worst for the pass rush all season, pressuring the QB on only 7 of 35 pass snaps, 20%. The second worst was Denver, 6 of 28 pass snaps, 21.4%.

          “Remember against Philly, Chip went off the gas on the 49ers secondary and lost.”

          Philadelphia called 44 pass plays against the 49ers, the second most all season behind the 47 pass plays called by the Rams. Those are also the two best pass rush games this season. They pressured Foles on 34% of passing plays, 15 of 44, and Davis on 42.6% of plassing plays, 20 of 47.

          1. Stats make me laugh now! But what’s funnier is you guys believe them to be true all the time! I love it!

            1. You laugh at people for believing statistics to be true? Hate to tell you this Prime, but stats are cold, hard fact. The interpretation of them may be wrong, but I assure you the stats themselves are not.

              In this case the interpretation of them was also spot on. The pass rush was woeful against the Cards and ineffective against the Broncos (partly because Manning gets rid of the ball quickly). The game against Philly I don’t know where you are getting the idea they took the foot off the gas from. They tried to pass it, and tried attacking the secondary, but the Eagles offense was kept in check until the drive at the end which was stopped at the goal line.

              1. Prime: In respect to Reed—- Is it possible that he is over thinking rather than playing on instinct as he did last season? Adjustments in respect to the fear of repeating those concussions from last year might well be effected the way he plays the game this season. Just a thought!

              2. This reminds me of that plumb by Mark Twain…There are 3 types of lies: lies, d-mn lies and statistics.
                Stats are not cold hard truth but a compilation of data, and data is not necessarily truth. If that were the case today’s qbs would be best ever, yet I still think the best was Unitas followed by Montana whose stats pale in comparison to some of today’s qbs.

      2. Scooter,
        If you read Grant’s final assessment of Kaep, you will see he shares the same opinion of Kaep’s overall play as mine. It is not about perfection, but minimizing bad mistakes. Because those mistakes cost the Niners a chance at the SB and then the NFCCG, and those mistakes are based on immaturity and bad reads, so this is the area I would like to see vast improvement.

        He always had the ability to improvise and run for yards, but I also share Cosell’s opinion that you can coach for random and it’s not the way to build an offense.

        Yesterday we saw a lot of great QB play from the usual suspects, and a few others. Foles put up some numbers but ultimately threw 2 killer picks so all those passing yards are for naught. Also couldn’t quite get the TD to end the game.

        Kaep is making improvements on his reads, What he needs to work on is better pocket awareness, so we can see Kaep’s name along that list. It’s his nature to abandon the play when he senses pressure, he is a far better passer when he’s out of the pocket, running around making plays, and flicking his wrist. But that’s random Football again.

        He is not the biggest issue on this team, not by a long shot. However, if the games are close and it comes down to making a play again to win an important game, it will fall on his arm, or Gore’s legs. Will Gore have enough at the end, will Kaep improve in these other areas throughout the season?

        We’ll find out because that’s why they play the game! Go Giants!

          1. Nope he did not. He threw 62 times, for over 400 yards. Had two picks. He go them to the goal line twice but couldn’t score a TD. A very Kaeplike thing to do.

              1. According to Kaep, they all have to execute better, so if Roman called the play and they fail to score, it’s on the players.
                Likewise, it was on Foles to make the right read, and Mathews to get his feet in bounds.

              2. Uhh..we had redzone issues all through the Harbaugh era..with two different qb’s..There’s a reason why We kick alot of field goals..So basically nobody can execute Romans plays but Roman lol..his plays are too good 4 this team..He must go to another team immediately..and surround them with his greatness..

    2. Bethea has been decent but has not shown that big play impact that a Goldson or Whitner had in their games………

      Yeah that game saving tackle vs Philly at the goaline wasnt huge at all. And by big plays you mean huge penalties and cutting your teammates out of an interception chance? I liked those two because they hit hard, but it also cost us at times.
      As one of the spokesman for conservative players I’m suprised you’re not giving Bathea more credit. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have blue eyes. Idk.

      And what part of NO PASS RUSH do you not get? I’m going to try to break this down to you on an elementry level. But I doubt you had friends as a kid. But I’ll try anyways. Here we go.
      You know when the cool kids of the neighborhood use to play football in the street while you were watching on the lawn because nobody picked you? Well there was a rule. Now that rule was made up because there is no O-line so instead there would be one “pass rusher” and that “pass rusher” had to count 7 alligator. Now if you paid attention you may have noticed that these games always went up to 5 or ten to win. And would end shortly. Well prime that’s because the qb had all day to throw . Nobody would make plays in coverage because the qb had no pressure (until you got to 1 alligator) then it’s trouble. :-/…. Anyways that’s what the secondary is basically facing right now. And yet they are still one of the best in the league. And yet you still have a problem with them.
      It’s not Madden 14. Just because you put 9 men in the box and find that little glitch in the game that gets your guy to the qb every play doesn’t mean it happens in real life. It’s obvious why you told me once that I don’t know football because I don’t play madden. Still makes me laugh to this day. Smh.

      1. I said what about Madden? You must have me mistaken with the other 10 people that call you out on your stupidity. Sorry amigo, wasn’t me!

  12. Giants lead series 3-2

    Giants 5-0 over Royals

    Bumgardner for MVP .. !!

    Sorry for the off topic… guys ..
    ( just got a little excited)

  13. The SF Giants are going to cost me my job again by winning the World Series. Thanks a lot.

  14. Know what you’re going through. I feel bad for those that lose their job every time the SF Giants win a World Series and tie up all the traffic for no reason at all. You would think they would pick a Saturday or a Sunday to host a parade, but no, that makes too much sense. Thank God I’m not a fan of the Bay Area sports anymore.

  15. I bet I’ll have to leave at 5am to go to work the day of the Giants’ parade. that’s going to be a bummer to lose sleep like this. glad Arizona and Seattle won to keep our division competitive.

    1. “….Thank God I’m not a fan of the Bay Area sports anymore….”

      BUSTED !!

      All the times you claimed to be
      “just a fan .. like anyone else” … and now you say this .. ^ .. ??

      Either you were lying then … or your lying now ..

      Which is it, .. Short bus ?

      You’ve either PROVED that you lie ..
      or you’re a troll ..

      NOW … do you understand
      why you’re not welcome here ?

  16. “When there are no holes, he no longer has the power to gain much on his own.”
    I thought Gore moved the pile on several runs this season. No power runner can routinely move the pile throughout four quarters if they stack the box as Arizona did. When I watch other power/inside RBs breaking out for long runs there are invariably large gaps, e.g., Lacy for GB, that are created by the offensive threat on the boundary.
    Is the comment that “Gore is not a good blocker any more” supported by any data? Since Gore is not a lineman how was it concluded that those two sacks were his fault?

    Unlike other commentors, I find Grant’s analysis just a rehash of is regularly expresses biases and prejudices. I didn’t learn anything that I did not already know. And I don’t care about grading or Player A is better than Player B, or Player C is “horrible” — all rather sophomoric.

  17. Watched a lot of football today. Watched a very QB (Russell Wilson) find a way to win when his team needed it most (would have been three losses in a row otherwise). Lynch wasn’t getting anywhere. The Panthers D line was chasing Wilson all day — but he kept his best throw for the end. Watched a superior passer but a mediocre QB over breakfast. Ryan sometimes reminds of Everett, makes great throws but then makes a game-killing mistake. Poor Mike Smith, he job was secure two seasons ago, but at this rate, he will be without one by the end of December.

    In today’s NFL, the bell-cow RB and the #1 receiver appear to be irrelevant (unless, I suppose, your name is Adrian Peterson or Calvin Johnson). Even the left tackle has been reduced in importance. The key is to have a top-notch QB, a monster pass rusher (or a couple of superior ones) and a 6’5″ pass-catching TE who is also a out-of-this-world athlete.

    1. Not trying to slam Wilson but ” kept his best throw for the end” sounds like a rationalization. Both Wilson and Cam sucked it up the entire game. QB’s do have bad games. But to put a spin on the reality of a QB actually finally making a play that should and could have been made many times through the game as a measure of clutch is absurd. Wilson made some really bad throws ( as did Cam ) through out that game. Especially the one where he threw a very easy throw in front of the receiver which should have been a walk in TD.

      This is a perfect example of spinning the reality to serve an agenda. Have seen this used many times before by the media in respect to reinforcing the image for certain players they wish to promote. The reality was that Wilson just quit sucking horribly as he did for most of the game on that last series. It wasn’t anything special but seemed that way in contrast to the bad play through out the game. Making average throws which most QB’s make after sucking the entire game does not qualify as special of clutch.

      Compared to cat sh!tt cow sh!tt usually smells sweet.

  18. “Crabtree is not explosive anymore. In 2012, before he tore his Achilles’ tendon, he averaged 6.4 yards after the catch.”

    He averaged 5.9 last year so using that as the reason doesn’t work.

    1. If Crabtree’s achilles isn’t an issue for him this season, what do you put his drop in production down to, Jack?

      Its a curious case, but I’m sure the combination of a couple of minor niggles and the addition of more targets for Kaep has had its part to play in his early season form. I also wonder if this being his contract year has him trying too hard to make plays when his number is called.

      1. It may be scheme Scooter.

        The achilles excuse doesn’t jive when he was almost at his 2012 number in the same season that he injured it.

    2. Most of Crab’s after-catch yardage have come from breaking and running through tackles, not speed and explosiveness, that is his game. Grant needs to look at some video and refresh his memory.

    1. Or did he pull a heartlidge? He hasn’t done much this pre-season or regular season to prove he’s really in the fight this year. Hopefully it is just a sore back.

      1. Davis scored two touchdowns against Dallas and has been dealing with injuries since then. An ankle took him out against Chicago and Az, then the back against Philly.

        He hasn’t been right physically.

        1. If we give a pass to Crabtree for 5+ seasons due to physical issues, we can do the same for Davis for a half a season.

        2. No Jack,

          Nothing is wrong with Vernon’s back. He was loafing before the back injury. Vernon is pouting. His effort says he wasn’t happy about not getting a new deal. Especially when Boone got one. He quit on this team. He needs to be traded. Let someone else nurse his attitude and his brand. He’s reverted back to who he was before Singletary sent him off of the field. He’s a me person and a me player. He needs to be playing golf instead of football. Niners will get no production from davis this year. Trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder in next years draft.

          1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He is a fraud. Those injuries were as fake as he is. Out 2 weeks with a sore ankle that reporters say he would exaggerate when they came around him. A back injury that McDonald said looked fine in practice when they were working out with the jugs machine.
            Don’t think the players recognize what he’s doing. Watch how often Kap throws the ball to Davis. KAP throws the ball to open receivers. Davis is not making an effort to get open. You have the 22 film Jack. Take a look at it.

            1. You might be on to something there. I watched the play where he supposedly injured his back and the angle of the hit didn’t seem like it was right to cause a back injury and there was no whip lash reaction by his body what so ever. Not for sure ( back injuries can be very tricky) but still some what suspicious.

              1. Will,

                He grabbed the other side of his back and he only got grazed by the shot he took and it was high. The NFL is fast but that was not a big shot at all. Vernon is a fraud. He’s a sellout and we need to trade the leak.

              2. The eye in t he sky won’t like. Take a look at Davis on film.
                I can’t wait until a writer asks Vernon about his health. Dropping those easy passes. Knocks down the TD for VMac. VMAC was hot. I’ll guarantee you that he knows Vernon is jaking it. It will all come out soon enough. I’m waiting for Harbaugh to bench his azz.

              3. Claude: The best teacher is experience. I have had back problems most of my life. I have had almost every part of my back out at one time or the other. I have a pretty good idea what can put a spine out of alignment and the variable effects that can have on a persons ability to perform. But as I also stated in my first post backs injuries can be tricky and nothing is for sure. I only stated there was enough cause for suspicion.

              4. Willtalk:

                The best teacher is experience.

                Yes, it’s a little know fact that most states will let you practice medicine without graduating from medical school or achieving board certification as long as you tell them you have a lot of experience as a patient.

                My neighbor’s father just had his knee replaced. I’m going to let him know that his dad can start practicing as a surgeon. He’ll be pretty pumped to hear about his new career.

          2. People have sustained back injuries from a lot less than Davis endured. It’s ridiculous to sit here and speculate on whether a player is really injured or not. Players live to play on Sunday and Davis is no exception. He hasn’t looked healthy since game one and it’s shown up in his play, but to accuse the guy of faking injuries? Smh.

            1. Rocket, if Davis was living to play on Sunday, he wouldn’t be declaring himself out every other week. Thank God we didn’t have a game this Sunday, he probably would’ve been out again. Barrow ‘ s said that Vernon starting limping a few weeks ago when he saw him in the locker room. Barrows said that other reporters saw VD in the locker room walking without a limp before he got there. VD is a fraud! He quit the team and he’s the leak as well. It will come out eventually.

            2. When asked to predict VD and his hold out, Maiocco did confirm VD was a bit of a head case, doubting even VD knows what he will do from one day to the next. We do know he is all about his brand, but I have a hard time buying what Jordo is selling without hard evidence….

              1. “Maiocco did confirm VD was a bit of a head case”

                Davis’ comments during that time certainly played a role in Maiocco reaching that conclusion. He was a poster boy for contradictions.

          3. LOL. Gotta Iove Dr Jordo’s medical diagnoses. Reminds me of those FoxNews “shrinks” that spout off on Obama’s narcissistic personality complex.

            Look idiot. How is Davis “loafing” going to do anything to advance his career and his earning potential, on this or any other team. Use that superior medical training to think this through.

            1. Ribico,

              When do you decide to grow up. The name calling is completely unneceeary. Can you post your comment by addressing me by my screen name. If you are under 18, you shouldn’t be posting here. Grow up!

              1. Sorry. As a Knicks season ticket holder all during the Michael Jordan era, I see red (and not Bulls red) whenever reminded of those what-could-have-been days.

                As to your request, I’ll treat your baseless speculations with all the lack of respect they deserve.

        3. All I can say is I hope that’s all it is, Jack. We’ll have a better idea next week, as he should be better for the week off to heal up.

          He put himself in a position for fans to question his commitment/ focus by holding out through preseason with two years left on a high paying contract. He’s not the first player to do such a thing, and it certainly doesn’t mean he is isn’t committed, but it still provides some basis for concerns about where his head is at.

          1. Sure Scooter, but I don’t recall many people questioning Davis’ level of commitment after his 2 TD performance in Dallas.

            1. Nope. I think most fans were very much hoping to put the holdout saga behind them. Hopefully its all a lot of hoopla over nothing.

              1. Bay Troll Fanatic and 23 Troll clearly have agendas here. They call everyone else a troll who disagrees with them. They are tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

                How can you call out Vernon Davis, who was the only deep threat this team has? He doesn’t get the credit for his blocking.
                He made a tough catch in the Saints game. Hey Kaep, here’s a thought — next time you get a chance to throw a pass to win the game, don’t throw it to Crabs! Try Vernon! Sheesh!!!!!

              2. Yeah, that bust never made a play for this team. Vernon Post, Alex to Davis, that won the biggest game for this team in years must *still* stick in your craw. What a sad man, 23.

            2. So what Jack, he caught 2 TD’s in the 1st game of the season. That was 2 months ago. What has he done since then? Absolutely nothing. You people think he’s playing hurt? He’s simply giving the Niners now what they gave him in contract negotiations, NOTHING!
              Let Vernon play cornerback. At least we know that he knows how to defend a pass. He also has hands like a cornerback now. Saying Vernon is soft as cotton is an understatrment. He should be traded. I’ll take a 4th rounder for him right now! He’s done. Washed up!!!

              1. Jordan, you’ve hated on Davis for a long time (going on 3 years now?). Calling him out now when he’s at a down point in a season due to a back injury is an argument of convenience, don’t you agree?

              2. You have to admire jordan’s willingness to dig himself deeper and deeper into hole after hole because of his unwillingness to admit that any of his intemperate assertions lack factual support.

                I swear he would double down after splitting fives.

              3. I’ve never really been on the Davis bandwagon. I felt like he was a bust just like Alex Smith. That was because early in VD’S career, he played like crap. The drops, attitude and me first mindset made me dislike him. On top of all that, he was and is soft. For a freakish athlete playing a position he should dominate because of his mismatches, he is soft. He is still selfish and arrogant. Cares about his brand and not a team player any more. He used to be a warrior. He’s no longer on board. I don’t hate him at all. I’m disappointed with him as a player and a team player.

              4. Davis is a bust? Are you kidding me?

                Fair enough you don’t like him, that’s your prerogative. But he has been a very good player for the 49ers. Calling him a bust is plain ridiculous.

                If anything, I think too much is made of his “freakish” athleticism. He’s not as great an athlete as people make out. He’s exceptionally fast for his size. But his body control is only average. Not a smooth athlete. Expectations that he should be putting up #1 WR numbers in the passing game are based on this misconception of his athleticism. But he’s an excellent 2-way TE that provides nice mismatches for the offense and opens up things for other players.

              5. So for the record 23J, you did not like Alex Smith, now Vernon, called Brock broken, Iupati has been in your dog house. You have dogged Culliver, Kaepernick during the games annoyingly and of recent Greg Roman.
                The only player I’ve ever heard you say something positive about is Josh Johnson and he doesn’t even play!
                I guess you are the true definition of a hater or maybe you are the king troll everyone on here keeps trying to identify.

  19. “Joe Staley used to be one of the best left tackles in football but has given up four sacks.”

    Yet he has the 2nd best pass blocking efficiency rating among NFL tackles.

    1. Interesting, I wouldn’t have picked that. Just goes to show how a couple of glaring errors that lead to big plays (read: plays that get shown over and over again on TV) can result in a bad opinion of someone’s play, whether it is deserved or not. Some of those sacks he’s given up looked very ugly.

      1. Colin gets the same treatment by the media and on this blog. The glaring error (real or not) gets magnified over the other progress that is shown.

        1. Yep. Happens to a lot of players. Jimmie Ward, Chris Culliver and Eric Reid also come to mind with some of the comments that have been made about them. Each guy has had some ugly plays this year, but on the whole are playing well, yet many people want Culliver and Ward to be benched and Reid has come under fire from some segments.

  20. “All four linebackers made the Pro Bowl last season. Only Willis has a chance to make it this season.”

    Perhaps. Shouldn’t be a surprise considering Bowman and Smith haven’t played a down this season.

  21. if the Saints get a win over Carolina
    on Thursday, then they will come to
    town in two weeks feeling very, very
    confident. Check it out, Colin:
    27 of 32 (84% completion ratio)
    311 total passing yards for 3 TDs
    no interceptions, hmm…138% QB rating
    five receivers in double figures
    Consistent scoring (by quarters)
    10 – 6 – 14 – 14 (with rushing by Ingram
    for 172 years…. that’s 7.2 per carry).

    My money says that Drew Brees will
    ” have his way with you, Kaep…”

    1. They won’t come to town feeling very confident, the game is in NOLA. Drew Brees doesnt face Kaep, he faces the 49er defense so what the heck are you talking about. At least make an attempt to get you facts straight instead of sounding like a tool with a hard-on for Kaep.

      1. I think you need to reread his post. His hard on is for Brees not Kaep. He did mess up and put in wrong name at beginning in respect to the stats he posted.

  22. I spent all day Sunday hoping to get some outside help, nope non. The Panthers choked, couldn’t score a touchdown to save their lives. Then the Eagles settle for a field and decided to rely on their defense. SMH. I was so frustrated. But back to doing things the old fashion way – hard work. We should run off 4 straight wins. Even though I feel the saints game will be a tough one.

    1. Of course they were right to settle for three, the mistake they made was not running time off the clock driving downfield. An eagle receiver caught a pass near the sideline, I think around the AZ 30 yard line. Next thing you see the defender, who should have been doing the opposite, trying to tackle him in bounds, while the Eagle receiver was desperately trying to get out of bounds when he should have slid down in bounds. I see players do this every week. Thought Kelley was supposed to be so bright….

      1. Steve,

        I kept commenting on that as well. It was Matthews. He ran out of bounds a couple or 3 times. It seemed like nothing to my son, but I kept telling him that it was going to hurt the Eagles and they were still trying to play fast by running plays too quickly.

    2. It also might have helped to keep someone deep in coverage when it was almost certain the Cardinals were going to be throwing deep.

  23. @ Grant

    I like your post….I think that you might be a bit generous, but that’s just me….

  24. Well it’s coming up on make or break time for Lattimore. Will he be ready? Will he be any good? Will he stay healthy if he is any good?

    1. IF, big if, he stays healthy he will be good. He will pass Hyde up on the depth chart. I don’t think mentally he’ll have a problem getting back out there. The only concern is how he holds up. Kid is good.

      1. Lat. is an example of the type of lower risk- high reward gamble that make sense. Didn’t cost a real high draft pick which could pay off big if he pans out. Where he was picked is usually somewhat of a gamble anyway.

    2. I think he will face a greater challenge mentally than he will physically. He’s rebuilt the knee and structurally it’s likely as sound or better than it was before, but he hasn’t played in two years and still has the injury fresh in his mind I’d guess. I hope he comes back strong but it’ll likely take some time.

      1. “I think he will face a greater challenge mentally”
        That’s mostly what I meant when I asked “will he be ready?” I’ll assume if he’s practicing that he’s physically ready but can he go full speed and not keep the injury from popping into his thoughts. He still has to learn how to play in the NFL. Hopefully he’s used his time to master his playbook now he just needs to get up to speed where he can play without having to think about it.

      2. Only reason why I disagree is he has been down this road before. He tore his other knee first. He came back to USC like nothing ever happened. I could be wrong, but I’m confident that he will hit the ground running.

  25. “All four linebackers made the Pro Bowl last season. Only Willis has a chance to make it this season.”

    two have yet to play a down. classic.

    1. Jeez guys cut him some slack. Criticize him on content but not on every semantic loop hole you can find. He meant that as an example of the drop off this year at the LB position in comparison to past seasons. What better way to imply that than pointing out the drop off in All Pro’s. at that position.

  26. I certainly agree with the comments about Harbaugh’s coaching this season, but would place the grade lower. Ditto the grade for Roman. As to Fangio, yes, your points are well-taken, and he particularly coached out of his mind against the Eagles. That was a great coaching performance. But his refusal to rush the passer against Chicago and Arizona cost the Niners those games. When they made Austin Davis look like Peyton Manning in the first half, it looked like he finally got tired of it and started bringing pressure out of every orifice – and the Rams stopped cold. Of course, the defensive plan against the actual Manning looked like an exhibition game – one blitz that I noticed – so I’d say Fangio has been more up and down than an A- would warrant. He has been brilliant, he has been not so brilliant. Given all the missing pieces, perhaps a B+ or even a B?

  27. Really, this took you a week to write? Does the PD actually print this or is this “column” only online? You think this is a professional analysis? This might be acceptable for a high school paper. Seriously I have read much better in collegiate newspapers. I thought Anthony Davis “made” your career? I guess you must have your plate full with the weekly column

    1. sanfranbob – sounds like you need to bet off the “bitter wagon.” did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

  28. “Gore isn’t any more. He has given up two sacks this season.”

    Pro Football Focus ranks Frank Gore third in the league, behind Ahmad Bradshaw and Justin Forsett, in “Pass Blocking Efficiency” among running backs. “Pass Blocking Efficiency” rating measures pressure allowed on a per-snap basis with weighting toward sacks allowed. Frank Gore has allowed only 3 total pressures (1 hurry and 2 sacks) in 148 passing plays (50 of those 148 were pass block snaps). To put this in perspective, only Ahmad Bradshaw and Justin Forsett have less total pressures, both having only 1 less than than Frank Gore.

      1. Colt McCoy playing well won’t do anything to hurt Harbaugh’s reputation as the QB whisperer.

  29. With Colt McCoy playing as well as he is, I’m convinced that we need a new offensive coordinator. Think about how many times we’ve talked about the weapons we have and our offense has never been diverse or effective consistently.
    It’s obvious that our offensive coordinator is the problem. Not just in play calling but play design as well.

    1. Colt MCoy has been dinking and dunking all night. You cried for years about it. Now suddenly thst style and design looks good?

      1. Prime, yeah those deep dunks to Jackson tonite are not in our offense. Also, how’s your boy Brock doing. He’s a sellout just like anyone else that gets a contract that they don’t deserve. He’s a bum like I said he was.

      2. Prime says…
        Colt MCoy has been dinking and dunking all night. You cried for years about it. Now suddenly thst style and design looks good?…….

        Yeah 10 y/a is dinking and dunking. Dude let the old qb go. You’re delusional. Again you’re wrong. For the defense of Alex F’ING Smith. Pathetic

    2. I don’t think we can put it all on Roman. There are a lot of interesting plays that they design, Kaep just doesn’t take the check-down because he heard you complaining about it on this blog! See? someone listens to you!

      1. What is Roman suppose to do with panicky CK when it’s late in the game and they are down a score?
        I know, ” DONT THROW IT TO CRABTREE!!!!!!

    3. I agree Jordan. GRO sucks. It’s not on all kap either. Kap is obviously the future of the franchise so the offensive coordinator needs to call plays for him. Help your QB develope.

        1. Prime, I’ve not seen you at practice on or the field on gameday. How do you know what Ro man and Kap are doing. Do you think Fango is working with the faulty Brock. He’s been leaking since last year in the playoffs.

          1. I’ve not been on the practice field but anyone with half a football brain can see the influence of Roman on CK. That is in a positive way.
            CK looks to have more command of the play calling. Seems to know where to go with the ball when plays breakdown. And they have designed specific plays to extenuate CK’s athleticism. That’s what Roman has done to develop CK.

            As for Brock, I forgot you are a doctor and know when guys are hurt or injured. Questioning Vernon Davis and his injury? Really? Now you are expecting Brock to be 100% after missing 5 weeks and facing a hot Manning? Leaky my arse!
            You know nothing. You are just a side show on here!

    4. While I agree that Roman has to be replaced the colt McCoy signing made no sense with Kaep as a starter. He would require the niners to run a different offense because of his arm strength limitations.
      If your not bringing in a proven backup ala Hasselback or something like that, your better off drafting a kid that you can mold or someone with similar attributes that needs to be trained up.

  30. Please don’t go so overboard because Colt had one good game. He’s played plenty and not worth getting excited over. You’re so blinded by your hatred of Kap that you’ll fawn over McCoy? The world has gone crazy.

    1. He played a good game. Nobody brought up kap. Chill out. Some people just have the ability to appreciate a good football game

      1. Bob pay attention to the posts above. This isn’t about Colt playing a good game for these guys.

        Prime did bring up Kap.
        What is Roman suppose to do with panicky CK when it’s late in the game and they are down a score?
        I know, ” DONT THROW IT TO CRABTREE!!!!!!

        1. In one game colt has done two things kap has yet to do all season…..score a 4th qtr TD and lead a game winning drive.

          1. >>Nobody brought up kap.

            >>In one game colt has done two things kap has yet to do all season

            Then you bring him right up. SMH.

            I hope there’s a circle of hell where certain Niner Fans have to live out an eternity watching games QBed by Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Josh Johnson, Troy Smith, David Carr, etc ad nauseam.

              1. No. Laughing so hard at the slightest suggestion that Colt McCoy is a preferred QB to what we have *really* hurts.

            1. ribico:

              Looking at the time stamps, he brought up Kaepernick 29 minutes before he stated that no one had brought him up.

              I think sanfranbob is the troll that some people want Fansince77 to be.

  31. Mccoy is weak! !! Alex smith is OK but not great. Ck is our QB. Get over it already because it’s not even close.

    1. Big Niner don’t let Primeslime and troll77 lure you in. They are little kids poking the nest for a reaction. Look Colt hahad a good game. He’s also 3rd string for a reason.
      Alex was benched twice and traded away for a reason. Leave it at that.

      1. Well look what the cat dragged in. The Troll cop, who happens to be a troll in disguise. The troll who threw Fangio under the bus.

        Why are you so freaked out that Colt had a good game? Who cares if Alex was benched twice? No one even brought that up.
        You sure seem insecure, and we all know why..

        1. Troll77,
          I like Fangio. He’s my favorite 49er coach. So nice try. A blog troll is someone that week in week out comes onto a teams blog with the intent to disrupt the room by trashing the team or a particular player.

          Really funny part is that a small fragment of this room dislikes me because I did to Alex what you are currently doing to Kaep. Yet that group is somehow giving you a free pass until recently. I won’t give you the free pass. You have a hatred for a player on my team. A player that works hard and us getting better and better. A player that will be part of this team for a long time.
          So as long as you continue to troll the room, I’ll call your ignorant posts out.
          I’ll at least say this in my own defense of not caring for Smith when he was our Qb, the organization chose to go in another direction. So like it or not to a degree I was right

          1. Really funny part is that a small fragment of this room dislikes me …

            I think you are selling yourself short.

            Yet that group is somehow giving you a free pass until recently.

            No, many of us took issue with Fansince77’s earlier comments, particularly when they ignored relevant facts. We may have cut him more slack than you received, but that’s likely because he didn’t respond to our comments by telling us that we weren’t “real fans.” And his comments don’t reek from hypocrisy. It also seems like Fan has gotten the message. He hasn’t gone out of his way to take shots at Kaepernick in the past few days. He’s taken shots at you and jordan, but I can’t blame him for that.

            So like it or not to a degree I was right


            [deep breath]


            Sad and unintentionally funny. That’s a nice combo.

            1. And like clockwork Clod trailing my nuts. Please notice I pretty much stay away from you Nathan.
              I figure you like the fact that I’m clean shaven since you continuously come back for more.

              1. Oh look, you engaged in homoerotic fantasy rather than stay on topic. That’s something different.

                If you don’t want me calling b/s on your comments, then stop posting b/s. It’s pretty much that simple.

              2. intheclosetfanatic:

                What did I post that was bs?

                Hmm, I shouldn’t have to look far to find an example …

                … a list of garbage throwaway Qbs that includes Smith

                … and there it is.

                Don’t waste my time with questions if you intend to answer them yourself.

              1. Claudia you don’t dictate the topic I do. And then you trail my nuts.
                What did I post that was bs? It’s not bs just because a little a Nathan Lane wannabe like you says it is.
                Troll77 I’m not threatened by McCoy. He’s on a list of garbage throwaway Qbs that includes Smith.

              2. intheclosetfanatic:

                What did I post that was bs?

                Hmm, I shouldn’t have to look far to find an example …

                … a list of garbage throwaway Qbs that includes Smith

                … and there it is.

                Don’t waste my time with questions if you intend to answer them yourself.

              3. Claude you are living in some type of alternate universe.
                Let me simplify it for you Nathan. Harbaugh got ririd of Smith. You don’t know the details regarding why and neither do I. But he replaced him with an unknown virtual rookie during a superbowl run. I’ve come to my own conclusion as to why.

              4. If you were honest with yourself, you would acknowledge you came to that conclusion before it ever happened and simply filtered the event through your long-established and long-disproved filter. You had no factual support for your position then, and you have no factual support for it now. Indeed, the facts pretty much all line up against you.

                I agree that you and I must live in alternate universes. Mine is governed by fact, logic and reality. Yours appears to be governed by some weird, unrequited fantasies and a desperate fear of admitting that you made a mistake.

          2. So you admit that you were a troll when you were ripping on Alex Smith, player who held a camp Alex even when he didn’t have a contract, to teach the other players the plays, who lost his job due to a concussion, after he led a team to a 6-2 start, who told players who supported him to get behind Alex. You STILL BASH this guy even when he’s on another team. That’s some serious hate!

            You had also had a hatred for a player on my team, as well as other fans who dare to disagree with you. You insult others for no reason and somehow thing your nuts are worth following. As you long as you troll this room, I’m going to call you out for blaming everyone else but the player you like.

            You can agree or disagree of my assessment of Kaep, but you know I’m when right when I say that Kaep threw an incomplete pass to end the SB and an INT to end the NFCCG. Why are you so threatened by Colt McCoy?

      2. Bay why are you always bringing up alex? Whats with the infatuation? i think its kind of cute but a bit juvenile. are you up past your bedtime?

  32. This was a crazy week in football. it just goes to show you can sleep on any team. New Orleans at home will always be tough, and Ahmed Brooks is having a mediocre year. Washington can surprise. There really no gimme with the last 9 games. Maybe the Giants, but they beat the Niners twice already and the Niners have to fly across country.

    1. You’d take anyone against the Niners. You’re troubled. The #1 Kap hater on this blog. Try posting for 2 days straight without the hate for Kap. You’re miserable.

      1. Look what the other cat dragged in! Who said anything bad about Kaep? Can you go a day without talking about how awesome he is?

      2. Try posting for 2 days straight without the hate for Kap.

        Was last night the beginning of Ironyfest?

  33. in the beatdown by Denver, Coach Harbaw
    had a chance to show the world a full quarter
    with Gabbert in the game. Would we have seen
    anything resembling Colt McCoy…???
    Of course, we will find out the true Gabbert story
    ASAP the starter (Colin) takes a real NFL shot
    and has to sit down for awhile….
    Colt completed 25 of 30 (that’s 83%) for 299 yards.
    3 sacks and 1 interception so, yes, it was an ugly win.
    However, he had eight (8) receivers in double figures!!
    How often is Kaepernick that balanced in his game?

    Ask yourself a question about behavior off the field –
    McCoy vis a vie Kaepenick…who gets to meet your daughter?

  34. Espn had a problem. How to hold to jocks at once. Peyton manning and the Dallas cowboys. They bring a dr on right after the game to tell us whether it’s a serious injury for romo. The idiot even said it’s the same hit VD took. Not even close. That knee hit romo square in the back. I seriously can’t stand to watch espn anymore. Please ship sanders and sapp over to espn so I can fully enjoy the nfl network.

  35. versus the Cowboys;

    Colin averaged 8.7 yards per reception
    McCoy passing got ten yards per… (10)

    Rushing TDs; McCoy ran on in himself.

    Colin = zero.

    So ask yourself: to win a Super Bowl will CK
    need to run for six….? Ver possible.
    will he need to average better than 8.7 yards passing
    (per catch) throughout the contest…???

    Will a less gifted QB earn a Lombardi trophy with
    an ugly win? Yes, Colin has skills, he has stats,
    but no ring yet…. I’m just sayin’

    1. Exactly how many playoff wins does Colt have? What’s his NFL record? Please move to DC or whatever city has him as their 3rd string QB next year.

      I do think Jay Gruden knows how to coach an offense though.

  36. How well did mcCoy do with the 49er’s last season? He did so well that everyone was afraid that he might actually get in the game. The coaches put the leash on Kaep because they were afraid that he might get hurt. A lot of QB’s seem to do much better on other teams once they leave here. Tolzein and now McCoy. The actual fact was that both looked like cr*p when they played here. Perhaps the reality is opposite than the perception that this system is ideal and helps QB’s to develop.

    What I remember about both Scott and Colt was that they both were inaccurate when they didn’t have enough time to throw. They folded under pressure. What ever the reason for their failure here was, it is absurd to assume that if they didn’t do well here last year that they would now magically do better this year.

    Every teams dynamics are different and it is difficult to judge positions like QB’s abilities since that position is so reliant on the skills around them. This also includes the offensive system that is run. Perhaps everyone got sucked into a false assumption based on the only the 2011 season that Harbaugh and this system is ideal for QB development. The better showing of Scott and McCoy ( while only as back ups ) on other teams might suggest that this might not actually be true and that playing here might really be a handicap. Why is totally another question all together.

    1. Only one QB has had any meaningful playing time at the 49ers and moved to another team since Harbaugh has been head coach – Alex Smith. He was successful at the 49ers once Harbaugh took over, and he’s been successful since moving on.

      McCoy didn’t look much chop in preseason last year. But it was preseason, who cares. He had 1 pass all year (a completion, btw). So how exactly did he fold under pressure? And its already been reliably established the reason Kaep didn’t run much for most of last year was because he had a foot injury. The idea it was because they were afraid he’d get hurt (and thereby have to rely on McCoy) is just your assumption.

      And Scott Tolzien has been so good since moving to the Packers he has thrown 1 TD vs 5 INTs. Yep, he’s one that got away.

        1. Thanks Claude, though this really wasn’t a difficult one to debunk. No need to call in the Myth Busters just yet.

  37. Wait. People here aren’t really jonesing for colt f-ing mccoy now, are they? That’s a new low even for this group.

    1. I’m pretty sure we have it isolated down to 2 idiots.

      But I don’t think J. Mora has commented yet so that could increase to 3 idiots in the next hour.

    2. ribico:

      Maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist, but I believe this group can go even lower. All we need is a little more time.

    1. Doug Martin is who we should’ve took instead of LaMichael..Not sure we would make that trade tho

      1. “Doug Martin is who we should’ve took instead of LaMichael”

        Martin was off the board before the second round

        1. Oh ok jack yeah.i see now…I do remember them bringing in a bunch of rbs before draft to look at.lamichael,christie,doug martin and somebody else I believe..Doug had a good debut season…

    2. I know the 49ers 2012 draft was a horror show, but I’d be interested to see how other teams did that year.

  38. Just listened to a little bit of Trent Baalke’s interview. He’s going to the Floida State vs University of Louisville game, I’ll be at that game as well. It’s going to be crazy. I’m wondering who he’s going to be scouting player wise. FSU has some good players, Greene is a WR we could us. Jameis Will not make it out of the top 10. But UofL has a DE who can put his hand in the ground and stand up. If you watched the game, look for Lorenzo Maildin. 6’4 250. I’ll be rooting for FSU but UofL has talent.

  39. Bowman running a 4.5 40…
    Faster than his combine time.
    Whoever this dr is he and AP seen, I’ve gotta go see.

    1. That would be Dr James Andrews, Better break open that piggy bank though he does not come cheap

  40. A couple of random thoughts at the mid-point:
    > Much of sports media is a big disappointment. Watching ESPN and other networks dredging up old, tired, unattributed and unsubstantiated articles to bloviate about; even those that have been discredited still have life on the boob tube. Its as if Mary is the Editor-in-Chief! Costas on SNF made me gag. Baalke vs Harbaugh. Players vs Harbaugh. & Russel Wilson isn’t black enough and the Seahawks locker room is divided and Brady’s washed up, oh, wait, no, Brady is God again, blah, blah, blah.
    > On a positive note I’d like to offer a shout-out to all those regulars on here who keep it real and focus their comments on Football and 49ers Fraternity. There’s no way to acknowledge all the strong commenters. Some keep it all on football and others offer some fun by-play (Razor/Space/Crab15). I appreciate you all. Scooter/Jack/Rib/Rocket/Under/Old Coach/Rib/Mid/MWN/Mood/AFFP are standing out to me right at this moment. You’ve kept the blog alive throughout infestations & managerial neglect.
    Oregon Niner represents to me the Loyal Opposition; he doesn’t seem to care for the GM, HC or QB, yet he remains a 49er Faithfull. That works too.
    Then we have some characters on here who also are Faithfull but have some strongly held opinions and apparently can driven completely insane by two words: “Alex Smith”. OK, I’ll leave that right there ; >)
    Diversity of opinion is fine; probably healthy. I get intrigued by new ways of looking at things that are logically based. If someone has an opinion that I don’t think is well reasoned I can just scroll past and not engage.
    Trolls should be ignored. It won’t make them go away (see: Mud), but just look at how pathetic that idiot looks littering the blog with nobody paying any attention. He’s like a kid in kindergarden who sits in the corner holding his breath until he gets what he wants; nobody cares.
    Soooooooooo, thanks to all the Good Guys (and us so-so guys too!) who keep this blog going; I appreciate you.

    1. PS Apologies to those I left off my list of faves; just not going to think of all the good ones at any given moment, like JPN/Claude/Leo. A long list.

      1. @Bro Tuna

        Thanks for the acknowledgement; correct except for rare occasion, I think Baalke is a hell of a GM

    2. Thanks BT.

      You’re included on that list too buddy. I feel the same way about those faithful commenters. They’re the reason I keep coming back and putting up with plethora of garbage posts from other various commenters, and the lack of posts from one unnamed columnist.

      Thanks everybody.

    3. Brotha, back at you with a shout-out! You’re definitely one of the good guys on this blog. Haven’t seen you around as often as has been the case with a few others that seem to be posting less than in the past. I think we all know the reason why that has been happening. Grant wanted diversity by allowing some things to continue and now has pretty much removed himself from participation on the blog. He used to seem to like a good football argument, but how can you have a good football argument with trolls? Guess it’s been left to the fans to discuss football in this comment section and deal with the distractions the best we can.

  41. I rememeber when a player named Flynn had a monster game and he went on to…….. Well we know the story.

  42. A bit off topic (thats what happens when there is only 1 article per week) but Im not so sure the 9ers should trade Lemonier before the deadline. He is only 23 and hasn’t had enough time to prove that he is not worthy of playingtime. I know he had his issues rushing the passer this year but maybe he can do other things, (set the edge, drop in pass coverage)
    I dont see skuta coming back next year (he can probably start elsewhere) and brooks at 31 with a 7 mil pricetag and team leading 5 penalties through 7 games doesn’t seem likely to return either. That would only leave Aldon and Lynch as our outside backers and we would have to either draft one or sign a quality backup. Why not just keep lemonwah and see if he develops, he is cheap and still has potential.
    Having said that : Demarcus Dobbs and TJE it was nice knowing you but if we can get even a 6th or 7th sooooo long. Dorsey is back and will need a roster spot and tank and dial are waiting in the wings. 9 DL for a team that only uses 2 when theyre in nickel is a luxury we dont need if we can get some value back.

    PS. Brother T what do i have to do to get on your radar and get some love ….sulk sulk lol JK

    1. BOS, as I’m listed twice (not a mistake, I’m sure!) I’ll sell you a spot on Brotha’s list for a reasonable fee.

      Heh, thanks BT.

      1. Running with the pup and hit a pothole. Went down and cut it and smacked it pretty good. Micro fractures and a meniscus horn tear I guess. Crappy news is it took 3 months for the dr to finally say surgery. I think I’ll get a second. Ish happens.
        And Prime karma is made up. And thx for the good wishes, but what else would I expect from a guy who put down a man who’s wife was sick. Stay classy.

        The reason I put it up is in case nobody can use my tix I might put them up on stub hub if anyone wants them. I’d rather give them to a Niner fan rather than some other teams fan. But my fam or friends should use them up. Hopefully it’s a two game miss. Lol

        1. It was more or less intended for my lifelong pal Bay. Not you MD. But then again you are one lonely man so I guess you think or want it to always be about you. Good luck with the knee. Maybe it will give you some perspective!

          1. Whoever it’s for still isn’t showing any class. If like for you to learn a new perspective on life. It’s just a blog, making it personal goes beyond adult behavior and class. I wouldn’t wish any pain to a person on here, including my good old buddy oneniner.

            Rib…. Curbside would be nice, but after the injury itself riding in a car was painful. I just want to get back to work and my football Sundays at Levi’

            Thanks for the thoughts gents…. I’m hoping my second opinion will be PT instead of the surgery. Specialist went nuclear on me with that call. lol

            1. Never wished you pain. Just said Karma rewards or punishes those who do good or bad things. You said Karma is not real. I said, maybe this injury can give you some perspective into a new way of thinking. Something besides your old blue eyes!

            2. And on the record, that douche bag you associate with and defend at will, Lameareafanatic deserves everything he gets!

        2. Sorry to hear that MD. But these modern scope procedures get you up in no time. Keep your tix, just find a service that will deliver you gateside!

    1. I had that surgery two months ago. You’ll be fine MD. Positive thoughts. Mine was a torn meniscus.

    2. Good luck with that Ninermd. Stay positive and embrace the rehab; it pays off. As to pain killers; take ’em. There’s no heroes in medicine.

      1. Growing up there were times I thought my sister was from Salem; but we’re tight in our old age!

      2. I spent some time in mass. Interesting place. I like the history. However the women have hairier backs than men and everyone goes around wearing the same Sox shirt every day

      1. Let’s see how much of the spread is used the last 9 games before you guys start redefining 49ers football.
        Bunch of know it alls who really know FA!

        1. It helps to use more than half your brain. That really is the only way you’ll ever reach your true potential Mr. Sanders….

  43. Thought these were interesting observations from the ESPN Power Rankings that came out today:

    NINERS: (RANKED 11th) Go big or go home for Colin Kaepernick. His QBR in every game this year has either been below 50 (four) or above 80 (three).

    STEELERS (RANKED 14th) Ben Roethlisberger finished 40-of-49 for 522 yards and six touchdowns Sunday. He’s the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 500 yards in a game twice.

    CHIEFS: (RANKED 15th) Alex Smith is the first starting quarterback since Ryan Tannehill in Week 8 of 2012 to win a game without attempting multiple passes deeper than 10 yards downfield.

    Colin plays a little like Big Ben. How many years into the future will it take for him to have a game like that? Note — He’ll never have a game like Smith this week, that’s for sure!

    1. Fan
      I could care less about CK having 2 500 yard games (or one for that matter) Id be much happier with the 2 SB rings that big ben got

      1. Good point BOS49er. I think Ben is clutch. He’s big and strong, we’ve forgotten about how good he can be. I was surprised he’s the first player to throw for 500 yards twice.

        1. We need more great fans like you, Fan. To see what 4 QBs did on Sunday and what CK can’t do on the 49ers is agonizing. Either CK can’t improve his game or he’s being mismanaged by Harbaugh or Roman that has to be fired. I expect and hope for big changes next year.

        2. >>We need more great fans like you, Fan

          It’s the kiss of death, 77 – getting props from the the likes of Moron. You might was well tiptoe away from the blog right now.

    2. Fan77,
      Your constant attempts to degrade our QB are starting to take on an obsession tone.
      You continue to belabor your passive aggressive takes on CK like a politician who is running against another candidate.

      Did Marino throw for more career yards than did Montana?
      Or how about just recently, has Payton thrown more TD’ than Montana?
      Here’s the deal. Marino never won a SB, and Payton has lost more than he’s won.

      Rothlesberger won a SB early in his career and has been chasing another one since.
      Alex Smith is well, Alex Smith. We saw what he had against us a few weeks ago. Good-to-very-good quality NFL QB with not much upside probably condemned to play in a division that features Payton and Rivers.

      Patience my friend is what you need. CK is making some improvements albeit not as fast as some would like, but ascending non-the-less.
      I too, need to remind myself that he is only in his 2nd full season as a starter and the best is yet to come.
      We’ve seen what he can do when he’s in the zone, now the only thing he needs to work on is trying to sustain the zone to carry over from game to game.

      1. AES you and I have debated Michael Crabtree in the past. I’d like to get your opinion of Crabtree this year and if you think he warrants a big money deal from SF or free agency? Your thoughts? Not trying to start trouble just wanted to know what you think.

        1. That reminds me…where has crabs15 been? She’s dropped outta here faster than crabtree has dropped out of the 49ers game plan

        2. Prime,
          If the season ended today, no, he does not warrant a big payday.
          If he can turn it on (and at this point he needs to) in the 2nd half of the season and continue to play at a high level in the playoffs he will be in position to ask for the big one.

          At the moment he needs to make the most of his chances especially now that he has to share catches with other talented WR’s. Dropping passes will is not an option even with less opportunities.

          1. Well said AES. A huge push into the playoffs and then having a great playoff will earn him a nice deal.
            He might be hurt. Or he just might be a bust. I hope not at #11 overall or was it 10th overall. In any case, need him down the stretch to make any noise.

      2. AES,
        I didn’t peg you to be so sensitive over Colin, like that Bay Troll Fanatic. I think the ranking comment from ESPN sums up Colin’s play, much like what Grant wrote. It’s feast or famine, with Colin, which is why it’s frustrating at times. For some who are skeptical (I didn’t say hate), this is made even more excruciating.
        Kaep is improving, at a snail’s pace. Some improvement is better then no improvement I suppose.

        1. Yep, feast or famine might be a good way to put it.
          And yes, there has been some frustration. Obviously, some are much more frustrated than others. They show their undying frustration by continuing to bring up CK’ mistakes dating back to the SB.

    3. …His QBR in every game this year has either been below 50 (four) or above 80 (three)
      Inconsistent play is great for your backup, not your starter.

      1. Looking back at Colin’s career as a starter, he’s always been up and down, back to the first year in 2012. It’s rare he even puts together a solid 4 quarters for one game. He had played a good half against the Broncos, and then the wheels came off.
        So what’s the fix? Even with the Spread, the stats look better but the results are the same.

        1. Fan
          Not to reignite the whole conversation again but I recall Greg Cosell (who I know you respect) saying that it generally took QBs 10,000 drop backs to figure it out. When you couple it with the fact that he didn’t play in traditional systems in HS or college he is not as far ahead as other QB’s in his development. Give it time. Remember the window never closes as long as you have an elite QB. And if CK develops like he should, he WILL be an elite QB

      2. @C4C

        You have just hit it right on the screws….I’ve been hesitant to belabor the point that CK is a backup who when brought in to provide ‘change of pace’ can be devastating. A steady diet of even chocolate can get old. Now wait for the comments from the ‘jerk circle’…

      3. CFC
        Id argue that its the opposite. Most great backups (c.mcown on bears,hasselback, hoyer when he was in NE) are steady if not spectacular that allow your team to tread water in a game or two while everyone else steps up. If those guys were better they would get a shot to start elsewhere (see mccown in tampa) while a starter shows flashes of brilliance that gets him the starting job or the huge contract but is always susceptible to the stinker. As examples I would provide Romo cutler and stafford, when theyre on theyre cooking with gas but when they are off its a train wreck.
        I know that you can probably find examples to dispute the individual names but IMO a good backup is someone who wont win the game for you but wont lose it either

  44. Mr. Sanders, “The 49ers have no plans to bring another CB onto their 53-man roster”.-Maiocco 10/28/14

  45. I have’nt been around much lately so I may have missed it. Has Grant explained why his beloved Seahawks have looked so ordinary lately?

    1. Old Coach:

      Grant hasn’t explained much of anything lately. He’s hardly been around.

  46. Brotha Tuna: Trolls should be ignored. It won’t make them go away (see: Mud), but just look at how pathetic that idiot looks littering the blog with nobody paying any attention. He’s like a kid in kindergarden who sits in the corner holding his breath until he gets what he wants; nobody cares.

    This analogy made me chuckle, BT. Well done. I would add that “the idiot’s” blog-generated avatar is perfect for him.

  47. Rams trade 4th and 6th round picks in next years draft to Tampa for Mark Barron. Expect Vernon Davis to get healthy in a hurry.

    1. I don’t get the last part of your comment…

      Is it b/c Barron is garbage and he should have a big game???

      1. I just read he NFL article. Looks like he was quite the disappointment in Tampa. I really like him coming out of Bama…. shows what I know.

        1. Bill Pollian opined that Baron was misused in TB’s system and might be decent in a different scheme. What strikes me is that the Rams need guys in the back end that can cover; not bangers. They’d have been better off offering Baalke a 4th for Dahl.

        1. Ah yes….I see

          On that note, I really miss those big time plays to Davis. I hope he’s back to his old self very soon.

    2. The Bucs organization is giving the Raiders a run for it’s money in the totally inept franchise competition.

  48. I’m very happy Kansas City won. I don’t want to jinx them so I won’t say anything else.

    1. Mora you screwed them. Good work. Now there will be that parade you’ve been lamenting and you’ll lose your job. Should have kept your mouth shut.

  49. Kaepernick has a turnover rate of 2.8%. That is better than the turnover rate of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

      1. It is a smaller sample size, but should also put into some perspective how good he’s been. In 36 starts he has only 3 games with more than 1 interception and only 2 turnovers in his last 11 regular season starts on the road.

        1. Are you on crack? Smaller sample size? Try 192 games played by Montana and 169 by Young to Kaepernicks 36? Get serious.

          1. Why not compare Young and Montana’s first 36 games to Kap’s? My guess is it wouldn’t satisfy either.

              1. Why is it hard for people to note both Kap’s very real potential in relation to other QB’s development and also note his very real deficiencies as well?

                Seems like people who love Kap at times won’t acknowledge is downsides and his critics go overboard in dismissing anything to show his talent and promise?

    1. Perfect example of why stats in football don’t reflect well.
      The sample of size of games played between Young, Montana and CK is incomparable.

      1. Or a perfect example or how people chose to believe whatever they want regardless of the data. How many years was Young in the league before he became a good QB? Jack is no homer. Just because he has a low TO stat doesn’t mean he’s the best QB ever nor does it mean that it erases all of the valid concerns regarding his play. It simply means that people’s thoughts that he’s a TO machine are unjustified to this point.

        Lucky he’s not Cutler or Romo.

        1. Sure Wilson but you cannot compare 36 games to 192? That is absurd to validate the comparison because your drawing from two different sample sizes.

          1. Right see my above reply to you. Why not compare Kap’s first 36 games to their first 36 games. Even then its relative. Rule changes, player changes, scheme changes all have impact. Montana is the greatest but his career passing yds per game were 211. Kap and most starting NFL QB’s are averaging more than that today.

          2. FDM:

            That is absurd to validate the comparison because your drawing from two different sample sizes.

            I don’t think that’s right.

    2. After 7 games. I am not happy. Just hope things change the nxt half of the season.

      As for ckone. He gets it one day another day he doesn’t get it.

      The bone head int during the Broncos game still f-kng hurts.

      Mentally he needs to get it. So far he has not.

    3. Jack what went into the 2.8%? Perhaps you could compare equal sample sizes for all three as starters and see what you get. I’d be curious.

      1. Through their first 36 starts:

        Joe Montana – 42 int’s
        Colin Kaepernick – 24 int’s

        1. So when considering that stat to determine how good CK is in comparison, do we need to consider the type of team each QB inherited in their first 36 starts? How about the different personnel groupings each QB played with. Better yet how many pass attempts by each QB in each of the 36 starts.
          I guess we should also examine age, height, weight between each QB to see any related or contradicting physical attributes between each athlete.

          1. Are those I cluding the starts he started in place of an injured Montana or only ones after Montana was traded?

              1. Thanks jack. Nice work. Its interesting to see the numbers. Are you able to compile the ratios for playoff starts?

              2. First 6 career playoff starts:

                Joe Montana – 11 int’s
                Colin Kaepernick – 5 int’s
                Steve Young – 4 int’s

              1. Wins and losses aren’t a quarterback stat unless they start playing special teams and defense.

              2. Youre right thus is a team game so allow me to rephrase the question so you can answer it. What is each of their teams record in each of their first Superbowl as a starter?

              3. You know their Super Bowl records. That wasn’t the reason for the thread, which was simply to show that Kaepernick has been better than many want to accept.

              4. I don’t think anyone is saying that kap isn’t good. Let’s think about this, through 36 games who would you rather have on the field under pressure? with the game on the line? Would the turnover ratio be your come into play with your decision making?

              1. I thought we agreed you and I should not converse anymore because you cry when people call out your homophobia, prejudice and ignorance?

        2. Interesting but meaningless. Kap took the helm of a Superbowl bound team that had just lost an NFC championship the prior year because of two fumbled punts. Montana took over for a bottom dweller 2-14 team

          1. So its the teams fault he threw 42 INT’s in his first 36 starts. Greatness isn’t determined by and INT ratio.

          2. When Kaep took over, the team was 6-2. He was supposed to be the difference that year, with the read option. He took the league by storm, and was going to be the next big thing.

            The Ravens decided, we’re not going to let you run and hit him every time. Go ahead, we dare you to throw it to Crabtree.

            Seattle said — We’re going to leave Patton open, we dare you to throw it to Crabtree.

            As a running QB, CK is definitely elite. There’s only 3 QBs that can do what he does, Russell Wilson and RG3, and Cam.
            As a thrower, he’s middle of the road. He has nice numbers but is also inaccurate, unpredictable, and has yet to make the big throw in the most important time.

            So what do you want? A QB that can make the one in a million I’ve never seen that type throw, but can’t do the remedial stuff on a consistent basis? Or do you want a QB that can orchestrate an offense?

    4. Jack, for shame. You broke Niner-dom Commandment #1: thou shalt make no comparisons to God Montana nor to God Young.

      10 Hail Marys for you.

      1. The only thing that may be worse would be if I brought up how poorly Buster Posey has been batting this postseason.

    1. Let’s play that game Bob. How good was each Qb ‘ s defense in superbowl’s?
      Montana ‘ s defense yielded an average score of 15.8 points in 4 superbowls.

      Youngs defense yielded 26 points.

      Colin ‘ s yielded 34

      1. First off young threw 6 TDs so it doesn’t matter what the d did. If ypu want to play that game, who went 0-3 on second and goal from the 5 with a chance to win the ring?

        1. Montana was no “Montana” in his first Super Bowl. His defense didn’t give up points like ck’s did in his first. So what’s your answer to that?

          1. Montana led two TD drives of +70 yards in the first half. One for a super bowl record 92 yards. Putting the niners up 20-0 at halftime. The largest halftime lead in a Superbowl at that time. Obviously big plays from d helped keep Cincinnati off the board but to say that Montana was not Montana is ridicoulous. He threw and ran for a TD. Maybe you would say he was ” “kaepernickish” oh wait he didn’t have an INT though. He was however MVP of the superbowl champions.

          2. Right…….
            This whole comparison is dumb anyways. It’s this simple. Out of all of our qb’s mentioned. Ck is coming along faster than the other two. That not what counts. The end result is what counts.

              1. So that was Montana’s best game in his superbowls? Lol
                There is no maybe about it. If he had that game vs Baltimore with those points he loses. Now you’re going to discredit the defenses output? Please present me an argument worth my time.
                Like I’ve asked others. Who would you like besides ck at qb? Did you want smith to stay and start over ck?

              2. Was that montanas best game of his superbowls? Hardly but thats not my point. In his first full season as the QB montana didn’t succumb to the pressure and he led his team to victory. Not to mention what he did in the game prior to get to that superbowl. He did what he had to do when his team needed him to. If your asking if there are any qbs id rather have had play against baltimore, yes there are. But with any other qb its a different game, different game plan so the score from that game is irrelevant. looking back of course I would have rather saw Smith start but again its a completely different game with him. I do think however if smith were the qb with 1st and goal from the 7 they would have scored. but we will never know.

            1. Nimermd,

              How is Colin farther along the Montana or Young. I’d love to hear that one. Guy is a middle of the pack QB.

              1. as far as his first three years he is coming along faster. Young had played in the nfl before coming to SF.
                I think supplied the stats that show he is coming along faster than Montana did.
                Again stupid comparison.
                Montana had a new system in place that nobody could defend back then for YEARS!! Not just one season.

                Another point in why this is a stupid comparison.
                Young sat behind Montana, and something you simpletons like to bury is the fact that ck had what 11 games as a starter in the Super Bowl year?yeah that’s no big deal at all. Again 77 is it that you would rather have kept smith?

              2. Ninermd,
                I got a wrinkle here for you. How do you think Alex or CK would do if Walsh was the coach? Seeing how Alex has done well under Andy Reid, I think who would know how to win with Alex.
                I also think that he would take CK over Alex, and find even better ways to win with CK. However, given the circumstances of how CK took over, I don’t think Walsh would have done that. I think he would know that while CK is very gifted, he wasn’t ready in all phases of the game. I think Walsh would have brought CK on slowly.

                So I would have kept Smith for during the SB year for sure. People talk like Ck had a great SB and he did not. There was a reason the team was so far behind and a couple of those bad throws, picks had something to do with it.

                If Smith had won the SB, that would have definitely been a dilemma for the team, because at some point you have to get CK on the field. I would have kept him around, but would eventually transition to CK. If Smith didn’t win it, then it open season in training camp to see who the starter would be.

                My issue with CK is that he’s improving at a slower pace while he’s on a team that is ready to compete for the SB. And he’s made mental mistakes that cost games, which sadly negate some of the great plays he’s made.

                For this season, he’s feast or famine, but I think he needs to work on his delivery and learn more of the crafty side of being a QB. Making these great one in a million throws is great for a highlight reel, but eventually it slows down his growth in other areas. Matt Barrows mentioned this, but in his opinion he thought the team was better off utilizing all his improvisational skills.

                I think this discussion started with the growth of the QBs, Montana, Young, and Colin, and for a lot of fans, for good or bad, Colin is the one that lost the game in SB. Imagine if it was Smith that did that. Oh lordy this blog would be on fire!

          3. The answer Ninermd is when your QB has an opportunity to win it or get you to a superbowl and fails by making the same dumb read and throw, you don’t compare a legend to a coming along type QB.

            1. Don’t judge him by the fact that he was one throw away from the biggest comeback in superbowl history.
              instead judge him on 4 plays. Wow you are so smart. And the fact that his defense and special teams yielded 34 points. Brilliant

            2. That’s true also, but you can’t take away the fact that the defense and ST didn’t play their best either, for ck with only half of a season of experience to make a comeback to even have a shot for the win is pretty remarkable. Who’s calls were those throws anyways? Where was a run? Where was a bootleg, where was the Montana slant to Taylor? The throws weren’t good, but was the play calling?

        2. Highly selective on your part to dissect one 4 down sequence.

          On the other hand defensive support is critical.

          Case in point, in Montana’s first superbowl he only threw one TD. Thank god for defense.

          1. He also ran for one. That was all in the first half. Pretty much sealed the win. Who’s a brick wall?

            1. So what you are saying is: Montana (the greatest QB of all time) is better than CK a guy making his 37th start. Got it. Whats next you are going to tell us that warm milk is more nutritious than tap water? or that a Ferrari is faster than a nissan altima? I dont get the CK is not Montana therefore he is crap talk. For Christ’s sake Jack brought up the TO ratio only to show that CK is not as bad as some people on here would have you believe and instead of using any other QB he chose the demigod of 49erdom himself Joe Montana. To then twist it in to “So what you think CK is better than Joe cool” is insane, so please stop with the nonsense

              1. Here’s what I’m saying for those that have trouble with rational thought…the past two seasons have ended with the ball in Colin’s hand. That is all. Never said he wasn’t good.

              2. Oh and through 36 games both young and Montana had a Superbowl ring. Kap had zero. But he had a better turnover ratio

              3. Not Young, He started five seasons before winning his first SB. That also doesn’t include his time in the USFL and when he sat on the bench for the 49ers.

          2. How many picks did he throw in this first Super Bowl? NONE. Why are you here troll? You are talking about the GOAT. Who was Montana’s RB? Lenvill Elliott. He didn’t have the all team RB in team history to bail him out.

            Who did you think allowed Kaep to make a comeback, after he sucked in the first half, by going 3 and out and throwing a pick to Ed Reed? The Defense led by Vic FANGIO. The man you hate.

            Maybe Kaep wins a super bowl one day. Maybe it’s with the Niners, maybe it’s on another team, like the Raiders, but to even compare the two QBS, is just laughable.

              1. Bay Troll Lametastic just threw Fangio’s Defense under the bus, saying they were the reason the Niners did not win the SB or the NFCCG. Colin’s picks had nothing to do with them. I told you guys he was a troll. He only loves Colin Kaepernick, and apparently he’s got some nuts or something he loves too because he talks about them this Claude Balls guy. I think their a cashews, very oddly shaped nuts.

      2. The other problem with that game Lameareafanatic is that one QB is cool, calm and effective in big moments,the other not so much!

        1. It is completely laughable that Bay Troll Lametastic would bring up the Niner D during Colin’s time as a starter. You really are a troll if you are going to throw the defense under the bus. The Defense and the run game is the reason the team was competitive while Colin figured out how to throw to the guy not named Crabtree.

          Let’s put Colin on another team with a truly mediocre D, like the Raiders, and see what kind of excuses the Lamemeister makes for Colin.

          Colin has a long way to go. Yes let’s give him space to grow and get better. Let’s stop comparing him to other QBS old and new. Yes, I won’t bring up Russell Wilson. It’s no longer a fair comparison.

          1. Pretty much everything you write is garbage. You are the Jerry Springer of the football blog.
            If you write something g at least attempt to back it up troll77. How did the defense do in all of the playoff games that Colin played in? Grades for defense for every game.
            and rigjt now I’d take Colin over Wilson. Cam Newtons gift fumble allowed Wilson to escape being sub 500. Those are facts.

            1. It doesn’t surprise me your take someone that makes head scratching decision after decision under pressure vs someone that protects the ball and understand situational football

              1. Wow that love that lame troll pot kettle fanatic has for Colin is strong, you have to admire a love like that from afar. Far like, at least 2 miles away. It does explain all those homoerotic statements, which I’m surprised grant allows on this blog.

            2. And Colin’s pick in the NFCCG is why Russell Wilson has a ring. Seriously, how come you make it so easy?

  50. Hello all,

    I was looking for advise from some of board members. This sunday I am taking my father to the Rams game for his birthday and was looking for some feedback.
    We are looking into getting there Saturday, so we can check out the museum and then go to the game on Sunday.

    Does anyone have any recomendations on places to eat or other things to show him in the area? Where to park for a clean getaway after the game, if we are not going to parking at the stadium? Or any tips so I can make this a more enjoyable experience for him?

    Any advise would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

    1. If you don’t mind walking a bit I’d suggest the outer red lots, or green lots. It’s a walk but you won’t wait to get out long. If you have a grill, a canopy, and some music and chairs maybe you should have your own little tailgate with him. I brought my pops to one of my tailgate party’s and he said it made the experience a lot better. As far as Santa Clara I hear the hilton or one of those hotels have a pre game tailgate party there it’s supposed to be big, and then you make your way over to the game. Via public transportation or cab

      1. Thanks ninermd… Ill look into it and dont have any problem walking. Pops is an old rancher so walking shouldnt be an issue at all.
        Always wanted to tailgate but never did it up right.

    2. Shoupbj
      Hopefully others better informed than I will chip in on your questions like Bay and Jack and Ninermd who’ve been going to Levi’s. I read that getting to and from stadium can be better with public transit. Santana Row area will have some options for you Saturday night. I live 100 miles north so I can’t help much with restaurant tips, but Yelp usually works for me when I’m away from home. Enjoy the weekend. Go Niners.

    3. Shoupbj, I haven’t been to Levi’s yet, I’ll be looking for transit info myself when I come out for the Thanksgiving game.

      I was raised in the South Bay, honestly there isn’t a lot of cultural activities down there – those tech workers want to live in SF for a reason. Some restaurants I can suggest: Original Joe’s in downtown SJ, classic old school Italian. Buy the Bucket on Stevens Creek in Santa Clara (tons of Niners memorabilia there). As BT mentioned, lots of higher end choices in Santana Row. If you want to go *really* high end, Alexanders Steakhouse in Cupertino.

    4. you can stay at the Hyatt a block away from the park too- I go 880 to 237 to Red Lots and it’s easy- 1.25 hours in from Novato and 1.5 home. There is a breakfast buffet at David’s, literally, right across the street, that is pretty cheap- I don’t know about the quality though as they had mediocre reviews on Yelp in general.

    5. Thanks you guys. This is definitely very helpful, My dad is a rancher and he always loves a good steak so ill see what is at Santana Row has to offer. However with that said Buy the Bucket sounds right up our alley for a niner weekend.

      Thank you all… I really appreciate it.

  51. BTW to JH and roman- I love the 5 wrs sets. Keep calling the formation. Just be smart about it

  52. Why do we keep getting 49ers midseason reviews when the middle of their season doesn’t come until after Sunday?

      1. It’s not just this blog though Ghost. Guess it’s good filler material for the bye week.

  53. Boy, I’m sure glad we didn’t trade up in the draft a couple of spots to take Kelvin Benjamin!!! Jimmy Ward was EXACTLY the right guy to fill our biggest position of need this last offseason. Gosh, I’m stoked we took Borland instead of Martavis Bryant!!! He is absolutely proving that stubby-armed, shrimpy rookies can step into the shoes left by All-Pro middle linebackers!

    Fire who?

    Much as I love Boldin and Johnson, Lloyd is old and Crabtree and Vernon are divas. The Niners could have, at this juncture, instead of Crabtree, Lloyd, Ward, and Borland, the following: Benjamin, Bryant, Cox, Ellington, and any proven backup middle linebacker, and would be leaps and bounds better off.

    Dump Baalke, keep Harbaugh. End of story.

    1. I’ve thought the same thing for weeks now. Huge mistake IMO. Even if and when Ward pans out, not grabbing a physical specimen like Benjamin was a huge mistake.
      It’s Baalke ‘ s most glaring error.

      1. I was for Kelvin too…. BUT, Grant was all over Benji… I’m an FSU can so biased, but I was a little concerned about getting lazy and fat.

        Still I am skeptical about Ward and Ellington. Borland is a special teams guy and a back up LB. I think he will be serviceable.

    2. Yeah man, Baalke should be hitting home runs with every pick. Guys that step in from the get go and dominate. I’m sick of having to wait for guys to develop behind veterans, or seeing some guys never pan out. If he was any good at his job that would never happen.

      Food for thought – with Crabtree, Boldin, Johnson and Lloyd, would Benjamin or Bryant be seeing many snaps this year if the 49ers had drafted them?

      Further food for thought – as impressive as Benjamin has looked, did you know that he has been targeted almost twice per catch he has actually made? We are talking about a guy that is being force fed the ball because the team has little other options. Eerily similar to Stevie Johnson at the Bills between 2010 and 2012. Opportunity is a big factor in early career success, and Benjamin has had it in spades. He looks a very good prospect, but lets not go anointing him the next great WR just yet. There looks to have been a plethora of very good WRs in that draft.

      1. Scooter:

        Yeah man, Baalke should be hitting home runs with every pick.

        Not only that, but he should be batting 1.000. That’s what good GMs do.

        1. Good GM ‘ S shouldn’t whiff so often on their high draft picks.
          2011 3rd rounder Culliver not looking so good. Especially his character.
          1st round Jenkins.
          2nd round Lamictal
          2nd round McDonald.
          3rd Lemonier

          Those are a lot of whiffs. But Claude Nathan Lane will try his best to debate it.

          1. There’s no debate. Baalke is far and away one of the best GMs in the league. The only people who don’t think so are spoiled 49ers fans who don’t know what they are talking about.

      2. Scoot

        The Niners should have traded Crabtree this past offseason for picks. There’s no way he was ever going to re-sign, and Boldin proved last year that he could handle the load. Baalke was getting Johnson, regardless, and Lloyd was a nice pickup, but if he had drafted both Benjamin and Bryant this year, the Niners would have been set with Boldin, Benjamin, Bryant, and Johnson for at least two seasons, and could have either added Lloyd to Patton, or drafted another, say Ellington. The way the WR corps stands now, the team only have Boldin, Johnson, Patton, and Ellington signed beyond this year (maybe NOT even Boldin?). Baalke is a terrifically poor drafter of WRs in a league ever-more Dominated by the position. He should have drafted two 6’4″+ rookies instead of one that stands at 5’9″.

        1. While I strongly agree they should have drafted a WR early this year (you probably don’t recall, but I was very vocal about not passing up the opportunity to get a top tier WR in such a talented bunch), I don’t think they needed to trade up for Benjamin. There are some talented looking guys that were taken in the 2nd round too. I believe if they hadn’t made the trade for Johnson then they would have been after Jordan Matthews or Allen Robinson.

          As for trading Crabtree, it is something I considered too. But given Stevie Johnson only netted a 4th rounder, and Crabtree was coming off an achilles injury, I don’t think they’d have gotten a good market for him. Every GM saw the talent available in the draft at WR so wasn’t likely to give up a premium pick for a guy coming back from an achilles injury who had only surpassed 1,000 yards receiving once in his career.

          Also, one of the points about whether Benjamin or Bryant would even play much behind the vets we have is that we don’t really know what we have in Ellington. He may well be an excellent WR prospect, but just doesn’t get the opportunities that Benjamin and Bryant have had on teams with less talent at WR.

          And I know everyone is enamoured with WRs with size, but I’m just not. End of the day all I care about is can they play. If Benjamin and Bryant both end up as excellent WRs then they would have been good picks. Not because they are 6’4″+, but because they can play. And same goes with Ellington even if he is 5’9″. I’ve not done an analysis on it, but I’m guessing there are just as many big WRs that don’t pan out as there are small WRs.

          1. I agree with everything you are saying here Scooter. I’d add that many were high on Benjamin because they felt like he could help cure their redzone woes. He has 2 redzone touchdowns this season. Tied with Crabtree.

            1. Cheers Jack.

              Funnily enough, Odell Beckham has 3 red zone TDs in 3 games, yet many (including Grant) thought he wouldn’t be a red zone threat at all.

      3. How old is Jericho Crotchery that plays opposite of him? He is being force fed the ball. He’s better than I thought he’d be in his first season.

        1. Jerricho Cotchery is in his 11th season and is on pace for his best season in five years, and he’s the #2. He was the #3 WR for the Steelers last year, and on the downhill slope of his career. Just goes to highlight the dearth of options Cam Newton has.

          In saying all that, Benjamin looks a really good prospect. He’s already proven he’s a big play threat and a capable starting WR. An excellent pick by the Panthers.

  54. Steve Young is one of my favorite 49 qbs going all the way back to Frankie Albert.

    “It doesn’t surprise me your take someone that makes head scratching decision after decision under pressure vs someone that protects the ball and understand situational football”

    Bob, the interesting thing about your quote for me is that it could have applied to Steve Young before the 1995 superbowl.

    NFC Championship games.
    1992 Dallas over 49ers
    1993 Dallas over 49ers
    1994 Forty Niners over Dallas
    1995 Dallas over 49ers

    Maybe you’re too young to remember that in Young’s Superbowl season local sports bars were full of fans in 49er colors cheering Kansas City while they beat Young and his second string line that was getting him killed that day.

    Maybe you’re too young.

  55. The parade for the Giant’s World Series victory will be just a bit sweeter than the five for the 49ers, and the previous two for the Giants because of what I’ve read in this blog recently.


  56. Man looks like no game this Sunday in So-cal.

    I know its likely related to the various rules the NFL has for its broadcasters, but I will never get the rationale of Fox only showing one game on certain weeks. Well at least they’re showing world champion street skateboarding instead.

    2 weeks with no niners… I’m going to start having withdraws.

    1. Cheer up Leo; you get to watch Arizona at Dallas.

      I’m sure you can find a sports bar with DirecTV.

        1. Carolina-Seattle on CBS last weekend threw me for a loop. Not used to seeing NFC only games on that network.

    2. Leo,

      Where in SoCal do you live?

      Tin Horn Flats in Burbank is a 49er bar/restaurant.

      Tower of Pizza in Manchester, near LMU and LAX is also a 49er bar.

      I’m sure there are many more.

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