Meet up at Waxy O’Connor’s in London

If you’re going to be in London this weekend and would like to have a pint with other 49ers fans and some beat writers (but not me, I’ll be in the Bay Area), go to Waxy O’Conners’, 14-16 Rupert Street.

Contact Jerry Cadagan at and tell him how many people you’ll be bringing.

    1. Jack

      I’ll bet you could get Grant to place all of your blog links at the top of his newest blog posts. Good driver of traffic. Good strategy.

    2. Nice take Jack. I think that’s what I’ve been saying in a few posts with you. Mainly, the Niners use the personnel to create a mismatch, and the Colin just reads that and find the person he needs to throw to, as opposed to personnel, then formation, and then the progression of reads.
      Their two TE and 2RB is their best personnel to offset a lot of what Seattle’s DBs. I think adding LMJ to that mix is where the Niners would have the advantage.
      Hopefully that’s the so-called club in the Niners bag.

      Kevin Lynch wrote an article about how Colin’s passing was not as efficient as we are lead to think. And he asked if Colin can win the game with his passing, if called upon. If the D is Green Bay, then heck yeah!

      In the two losses, he played horrible. The team as a whole was off, especially with the penalties.
      Now the team has cleaned up the penalties and the D and ST, outside the return game, has been solid.
      The Offense is still WIP, which is amazing as the team is scoring 30+ a game.
      So Jack, what needs to improve first, Colin’s progression or Greg Roman’s playcalling. What is the missing piece that makes a trip to the Superbowl a slam dunk?

  1. I say we all meet at Dampkring, Handboogstraat 29, Amsterdam, Nl. Just take the Chunnel and I’ll see you all there….

  2. Grants question who is better CK or Luck. In the 50+ years that I have played, watched, and coached I have never seen a QB with the physical abilities that CK possesses. Luck’s physical ability is not quite up to CKs level and probably never will be, but he is no slouch in that dept either. The mental part of the game, there is little comparison. Luck is the smartest young QB that I have ever seen. What he does now has taken the smartest QB (Peyton) many years to accomplish. CK is no where near Luck, P Manning, Brady, Breeze, Montana, and other smart QBs – yet. I think Luck is at this time the best young QB by far. That isn’t saying CK can not master the mental part, but he has a ways to go. If CK masters the mental part of the game he could wind up being the greatest QB of all time.

  3. Thanks to Grant for the plug for the meet up at Waxy’s. We are meeting at NOON on Saturday. That’s what time Waxy’s opens. We will be in the Cottage Bar. about 100 people from about 10-12 different countries have signed up.

    Just show up.

    1. I’ll be at Dampkring around 2pm Jerry if anyone from your sign up would like to meet me there for some festivities on Saturday. Thanks!

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