Only one deal 49ers should make with Colin Kaepernick.

To read my Saturday column on Colin Kaepernick’s trade demands, click here.

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  1. that’s a cute story and all….but that’s not the way signing bonuses work. if he’s traded he still keeps the signing bonus. trades are usually done with the discount of the signing bonus already payed accounted for in terms of value.

    1. Can someone answer me this:

      Why is Kaepernick so bitter and angry at the 49ers organization? The old coaching staff is gone and a new one comes in. I can not for the life of me figure out why he “allegedly” hates the 49ers so much.

      1. Kaepernick signed an extremely team friendly contract with the understanding that the money that the team saved would be used to keep important players. It wasn’t, and in addition, the front office undermined his coach, fired his coach(Harbaugh), and hired a “cheap” imitation coach (Tomsula). That’s Colin’s point of view. You and the 49er top management are acting like they don’t understand that Colin is very angry. Where you may not have been paying attention, it’s clear that Jed, Paraag, and Trent were paying attention and didn’t think it would be a problem.

        1. HTW

          Of course, Kaepernick would be totally justified quitting on this front office. I would think he’s got quite a bit squirreled away and would do just fine in retirement, wouldn’t you?

          1. He doesn’t seem to be a big spender, but if they keep him on the roster, I expect him to fulfill his contract. If they cut him before April 1st and he is healthy, I expect him to be picked up by someone. If some of this blogs posters are right and no one wants him, I think he will be fine doing something useful.

        2. Well, I can only speak for myself, but YOU can’t assume that I don’t understand why he is angry. I’m not pretending to ask this question out of ignorance.

          He sucked last year (and the year before) and got benched. Colin continued to fail to see the blitz, stand in the pocket, complete the intermediate with touch and accuracy and deliver the ball to OUR receivers.

          Granted, the coaching staff was terrible, the line was terrible and his receivers couldn’t catch, but this is a new year. No one could have expected the mass exodus that the 49ers faced last year.

          But thanks for the reply HTW.

      2. Kaepernick is angry because that’s what people do when they fail in life. They try to offload blame to anyone except themselves. Being angry is a way to manifest this.

  2. Oh.. that’s a low blow …

    probably an effective …. low
    blow … but a low blow .. nonetheless …

    And I wouldn’t put it past The Jedster .. to \do just that !

    1. low blow? the 49ers can’t demand the signing bonus back. it’s that simple. Grant made up his story for make Make Believe Land.

    1. and how would that work? a disgruntled QB on your team? one that is eating up $15M of cap space? eating up a roster spot? cutting him at least frees up about $7-$8M in cap space.

      1. AFFNP

        The one thing the 49ers absolutely do NOT need right now is an extra $7-8M in cap space, and if they do want that, they can get it by cutting Bethea, Brock, Brooks, or Dorsey, or any mixture of the four.

        1. i know cap space isn’t an issue for the 49ers right now. but what’s the point of WASTING $7-$8M in cap space and a roster spot on a disgruntled player? if they can’t use it this year, roll it over for next year.

  3. I agree. If Colin wants to play high stakes poker, then the 49ers should do the same. If they’re going to move him, it should be on their terms not his.

    Question for you Grant. Mark Dominik was saying earlier this morning that he felt Kap’s agents were doing him a disservice by making this trading request considering the team has the leverage; he’s under contract so they don’t have to move him. What do you think? Do you think Kap’s team might be overplaying their hand a little here?

    1. Kaep’s agents making the trade request public is essentially a demand to be released from his contract. if he really wanted to be traded, he would have kept his desire to be traded behind closed doors.

      1. If that’s the case, then I don’t know if that’s the right play. The team would have no incentive to outright release him without any compensation. Obviously you want to avoid the distraction of having a disgruntled QB on your team, but that still shouldn’t stop them from doing what’s best for business.

        1. The team’s incentive is to avoid paying the $14M or so they’ll owe him if he’s on the roster in 2016 in return for a disgruntled player that doesn’t want to be there.

          1. AFFNP

            The team’s main concern will be a show of strength against a disgruntled employee, one who is not very popular within any corner of the organization, and much due to his own doing. The 49ers will not release a player who asks to be released from his contract, because it will set a bad precedent. They would be doubly foolish to do so with a bad employee. For instance, the young guys on the team might appreciate it if management were to release Anquan Bolding from his contract (if he were under contract right now) so that he could go to a contender to win a SB, given the 49ers are rebuilding. That would not set a bad precedent, but would actually show good will.

            1. there’s the PR issue and the pragmatic issue.

              sure they could bury him on the roster (eat up a roster spot) for the next 6 years and kill his career while he receives his $100M+.

              or they could be pragmatic about it and either work things out with him (which I’m guessing they’re scrambling and trying to do right now…to see if the relationship is completely irreparable). or grant the trade; get what you can and move on.

              I’m guessing pragmatic will win out.

              the best of both worlds for the Niners would be to trade Kapernick to Cleveland and watch his career be destroyed by whatever bad juju that has infected the Browns for decades.

  4. Grant is not actually wrong about the signing bonus.

    If Kaepernick comes into camp and fails to perform up to the standard expected of him, but tries his hardest, then no harm, no foul.

    However, if Kaep comes in and acts “subversively,” he will leave himself open to a breach of contract lawsuit; in such a case, the 49ers can either retain Kaepernick’s rights and demand performance, i.e., an honest effort, or allow the contract to terminate, but have the right to demand remuneration for the portion of the signing bonus not already earned.

    1. Yep. Kaepernick is requesting permission to seek a trade, so the Niners are free to demand back the portion of the signing bonus Kaepernick hasn’t earned as a condition.

      1. Hey Grant. Your boy Lawson impressed at the combine. Not sure he fits SF, seems like a great fit at 4-3 DE, but his draft stock has risen a bit for me.

    2. prove “subversive” actions. as long as he shows up to meetings and practice and plays when he told to. that’s all he has to do to fulfill his contract. if reporters ask him about his team; he’s free to say he hates them. thinks Jed and Baalke are liars and have no clue what they’re doing. if he’s asked those questions…he can’t just say those things…but you know he’d be asked all kinds of questions. the first question he’d get in training camp. “Colin, do you want to be here with the 49ers?” Kaepenrick: “No!”

      1. In a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is low, and the question of breach of contract (i.e., subversion) would require evidence. All the 49ers would need to do is start legal proceedings against Kaepernick, and then start compiling evidence; he would be forced to defend the contract.

        This would get very messy with the NFLPA and all sorts of media issues, but what would be certain would be that Kaep would be missing at least one year of the prime of his career.

        Kaep got screwed by signing that contract. You can’t blame the 49ers now; the agents are to blame. Kaep needs to look inward, grow up, seek better representation, and get back to work.

        I still think they should trade him and the #7 pick to Cleveland for the #2 pick and Josh Gordon, and then trade back down to get a big haul. The #2 pick in the draft this year is like the #1 pick in the draft in other years, because the Titans are guaranteed to go for Laremy Tunsil. If the Niners play this right, they could set themselves up for years, as long as they can convince Hue Jackson that he can work with Kaepernick and still get a great pick at #7.

        1. with the NFLPA it’s highly unlikely the NIners could get successfully bring a breach of contract suit against Kaepenrick…assuming he does nothing stupid.

          yes, he’d be sacrificing a year of his playing career…but that’s going to happen anyway. he doesn’t want to be with the Niners.

          I don’t know if you can pin this all on his agents. I’m guessing Kaepernick had a hand in his own deal. It’s been said he left money on the table/signed a team friendly deal so that the Niners could resign teammates and go and get other players. If that was his goal and agreed to it….the agents simply carried out his wishes. So Kaep’s contract I’m guessing is on him to a large degree.

          1. Should have gotten it in writing. Stupid Kaep. Negligent agents. Terrible contract. Live with it. He has no leverage at all.

            1. there’s no way a team would put something like that in writing. you’re essentially handing over the GM power to your QB if you do that.

              His only leverage is forcing the team to pay him $16M for being a disgruntled player that doesn’t want to be there. From a PR standpoint the Niners would look stupid for keeping him on their team.

              1. Correct, so if they couldn’t have gotten it in writing, they should have known it was a bad contract term. There’s no reason to have an agent when everything is going well; agents show their value when things go south. It is painfully obvious that Kaep’s agents’ value is nil.

              2. Trust me, if he acts disgruntled, the team will have plenty of legal recourse. There is a principle in contract law called “good faith and fair dealing” — where if either side acts outside that principle, the other side has grounds for complaint.

              3. there’s no way they could touch him with the NFLPA backing him. all he has to do is show up, do as he’s told and go through the motions.

              4. AFFNP

                No. You are wrong again. I know you’re good at play design and scheme, but I don’t think you understand legal concepts very well. Just because there is a union involved (and a very weak one in this case) doesn’t absolve a party to a contract of adhering to that contract.

              5. trust me, i’m very good at legal contracts….particularly work place ones…somewhat of a specialty of mine from back in my college days (especially ones tied to psych assessments of employees).

                what i’m saying is that if Kapernick fulfills the requirements of his contract (showing up, going through the motions) it would be very difficult to prove he breached it with lack of effort or anything else. again, assuming Kapernick doesn’t do anything stupid like sit on the ground in protest while he’s supposed to be taking a snap under center.

              6. AFFNP

                There you go, now you’re talking. But if Kaep was just going through the motions last year (I believe that is exactly what he was doing, and why not, when your coach is Jim Tomsula), I doubt he’d do it again this year under Chip. It’s certainly an interesting question.

  5. Some guy yesterday on a different article about Kaep getting traded stated that the Niners would have over 7mil in dead money, and only get over 8mil in cap relief when Kaep gets traded. Whoever Kaep gets traded to acquires the rest of the contract, with whatever is left of the signing bonus – that is how trades work.

    Now, since Kaep is coming off a bad season, the Niners will not get much for him unless the Niners play hardball. Also, Kaep does not have much leverage in terms of where he goes because whoever trades for him will probably want to redo his contract.

    In reality, Kaep can still come back next year and become a good quarterback – but that is a big if. Kaep does not possess the attributes to be a great, or even good qb – which is reading defenses properly and learning to look off the safeties and linebackers pre-snap.

    Also, the one thing that really hurts Kaep is his immaturity, which he shows in abundance in crunch time, to the media after games, and at press conferences after games especially wearing his cap sideways like he is 15 years old. Kaep really needs to grow up mentally if he is going to have any success anywhere. Good luck with that, Kaep!

    1. no when a trade happens, the signing bonus accelerates (the player gets the rest of his owed signing bonus from the old team) and the new team gets the player with out the signing bonus.

  6. Cute, but I’d rather see an article detailing which side has the upper hand or the best destinations for Kaepernick.

  7. Kap’ agent is likely just trying to leverage for a better contract for his client. Kaepernick’ contract is a joke for him, but a brilliant one for the Org.

    If Kelly is truly on the CK7 bandwagon then it make sense for Kap’ agent to use that to his advantage to change the current FO friendly contract.

    1. I don’t think that’s what is happening AES. The fact that Kaepernick would rather have someone other than the team doctors perform his surgeries and that he so long to have the surgeries kind of speaks volumes in regards to his unhappiness with the team.

      1. As far as Kap’ agent using Kelly’ recent comments regarding CK as a springboard to explore the possibility of reconstructing a more friendly contract fro his client is only speculation on my part. But a good agent should explore that possibility and at the very least do his due diligence.

        Not sure if I put much stock on Kap not using team doctors. It would surprise many people if they knew that almost half NFL players would prefer their own doctors.

          1. Mid,
            Injured athletes have traveled from all over the world to Birmingham, Alabama to see Dr. James Andrews renowned Orthopedic and Ligament Specialist. This has been happening for almost a quarter century.

            Point being, If Kap feels the need to see a doctor he trusts in a different state it should be no big deal especially in this day in age.

  8. I swear Gabbert is the one that is going to get traded. This whole thing seems fishy to me. They meet together Kap his agents and Baalke and York and all is fine. Then the next day Kap wants a trade? But at the same time he doesn’t do any favors to himself financially if he were to get released or traded because of his contract. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    1.)Kaepernick has no leverage and will lose money in any scenario he isn’t on the 49ers.
    2.)The best scenario for Kap to succeed is with Chip Kelly
    3.)His family his from CA leaving the state probably isn’t desirable for him.

    I said this yesterday about Gabbert being the one that is going to get traded. Teams hear the 49ers want to trade a QB and teams like the Texans and Broncos they inquire about Gabbert and not Kaepernick. It’s an illusion to draw attention to the 49ers who are trying to move Gabbert. He is cheaper and his “game manager” play style would warrant a 10million a year salary at best next year when he is a free agent. I also think getting rid of Gabbert shows to Kaepernick that the organization is all in on him. Also it extinguishes any remaining disputes about who the QB should be in the locker room.

    I swear I’m not crazy or in denial. I really think that Gabbert is going to get traded.

    Also moving Gabbert allows for Kelly to install a fluid system with all QBs meaning if Kap got hurt he wouldn’t have to adjust his system because of it. What I’m saying here is the team is probably targeting Adams Prescott or both.

      1. Maybe. But you have to consider one of the problems Kap may have is the support from the locker room, with Gabbert gone it makes him the outright starter, and like I said they could be targeting Adams and Prescott. Part of the reason NFL defenses caught up to Kelly was because he never had a QB to run his system to its full potential because of their lack of ability to run the read option. If Kelly’s system was predicated on a pocket passer with quick releases and accuracy, Derron Thomas, Jeremiah Masoli, and probably Mariota wouldn’t have been his QBs.

        1. that’s not the way locker rooms work. just being the defacto starter doesn’t make you a popular guy in the locker room. especially if you made a public effort to leave the team.

        2. You act like trading Gabbert will alter the view of how the locker room looks at Kaepernick, but there is no evidence to support that notion. For instance, I doubt Torrey Smith will look at Kaepernick in a different way after being badly missed or foolishly ignored in the passing game.

    1. @james foster

      none of what you say makes any sense.

      your first premise is wrong. Kaepernick is not driven by financial motives. if he were he wouldn’t have signed that contract to begin with. it was signed with the idea that money was left on the table to resign other 49er players.

      Most only ASSUME that Chip Kelly is his best bet. I’m sure he sees himself as more than just a running QB so I’m sure he thinks he can be a QB anywhere. plus Chip Kelly isn’t the only team that makes use of mobile QBs. plus even if he was interested in working with Kelly; it’s apparent that his dislike for the Niner’s front office supersedes everything else.

      The family thing is irrelevant and speculation.

      Teams haven’t heard the Niners want to trade QBs. They’ve heard Kaepernick wants to be traded. I’m not sure where you’re getting this teams inquiring about Gabbert…and “illusion” stuff There’s no way in hell Gabbert will command $10M in salary as a back up QB.

      Many would argue that Gabbert is actually a better fit in Chip’s system. He’s more accurate and makes quicker decisions. He’s also mobile. He’s not going to run for 180 yards in a game. But he can do enough damage with his legs that opponents have to honor him as a threat to run.

        1. James

          Your premise is flawed because of this:

          Kaepernick 40 time: 4.53
          Gabbert 40 time: 4.61

          They both have plenty of wheels and plenty of arm to run the Chip Kelly offense. They are the same height, yet Gabbert outweighs Kaepernick by five pounds at 235 lbs.

          Gabbert is younger by 2 years, has shown much better leadership skills, and is still hungry to show that he belongs as a starter in the NFL. He is clearly an intelligent fellow as well, outscoring Kaepernick on the famed Wonderlic test by four points, scoring a 42 to Kaepernick’s 38.

          Please tell me how Kaepernick is better than Gabbert, other than having been able to play behind an all-time great offensive line and a new-for-the-NFL offense in 2012 and 2013. (No, I’m not blind; I saw the GB games and all the miraculous things Kaepernick did once upon a time).

          But really, how is it that Kaepernick should be retained at $12M but Gabbert at $2M should be shopped?

          1. Silicon you throw out all these numbers truly to show Gabbert to be the better qb. But if you torcher numbers long enough they will confess to anything.

            The actual truth is that Kap has had 1 1/3 poor seasons while Gabbert has had a poor entire career. Both still have promise though and I usually lean toward the qb that has proven he can win on the road in the playoffs vs a qb that has never played in a playoff game.

            1. And which one was on a loaded team from top to bottom?
              Just compare the numbers from last year. Bad team bad qb play vs meeeh qb play!
              Sorry gabberts upswing is looking a lot better than the falling ck stock!
              Some folks are stuck on the jax days for Gabbert. That’s fine but sweeping their horrible team around him isn’t to smart.
              Gabbert will be the starter and Kelly will make him a star. And that’s the only thing Kelly will do for this team.

    2. james Foster, said I swear I’m not crazy or in denial. I really think that Gabbert is going to get traded.

      Also moving Gabbert allows for Kelly to install a fluid system with all QBs meaning if Kap got hurt he wouldn’t have to adjust his system because of it. What I’m saying here is the team is probably targeting Adams Prescott or both.

      James, not only you’re Crazy, in denial but also Delusional person get some help quick before it get a lot worse.

    3. Kames Foster said, I swear I’m not crazy or in denial. I really think that Gabbert is going to get traded.

      Also moving Gabbert allows for Kelly to install a fluid system with all QBs meaning if Kap got hurt he wouldn’t have to adjust his system because of it. What I’m saying here is the team is probably targeting Adams Prescott or both.

      James, not only you’re Crazy, and in denial but very delusional. Better seek help before it gets a lot worse. ;)

  9. If the niners refuse to trade this year and he comes into camp and the season acting disruptive, not performing at a high level or anyway that is perceived to be detrimental to the team. No other team after the 2016 season will want to touch him. Players are forgotten very quickly when are not preforming at a high level plus he would be what 29 years old at that point. Not a spring chicken in the QB world

      1. Take Wentz out of the equation unless the 49ers can some how trade up to the second pick of the first round Scooter.

          1. My bad. I just know out of that group Went is the least likely to be available in any form unless the Browns and Cowboys choose to pass on him.

        1. MWD

          Niners can trade the #7 pick and Kaepernick to the Browns for the #2 pick and Josh Gordon. Then they will have control over the entire draft board, not just Carson Wentz, who will be a colossal bust, by the way.

              1. Can’t say I have noticed that, but I do think he’s a guy with a lot of improvement in him once he gets in the NFL. I like him.

              2. Scoot

                He has slow foot movement kind of like Kaep (unlike Montana), but once he gets moving he scoots.

            1. Oh, and by bust, I mean if he’s taken in the Top-10. I don’t doubt that he can have a nice career, but all this talk of him having a ceiling like Luck and Newton is just media hype. IMO.

              Of course, I’ll defer to AFFNP on this, as he has probably got a little better eye for talent than I do. I’ll just stick to the contract issues.

          1. Now that is wishful thinking since the Browns have come out and said they will welcome Gordon back if his suspension is lifted.

            1. Sasha Brown said they have a roster spot for him. Baalke said he “absolutely expects” Kaep to be on the roster. It’s all fluid.

              A SB QB is worth a lot more than a pothead WR on his very last leg in the NFL. I don’t think Baalke would think to ask for Gordon in addition to the #2 pick, but he should. And he inquired in 2013-14 about him.

              1. MWD

                Doesn’t matter if he’s asked or not. If the 49ers sense that they can get him because Hue wants Kaep enough to trade down 5 spots in the draft, and asking for Gordon won’t blow up the deal, they should definitely ask for him, and Hue, under these terms, would be more than happy to oblige.

  10. What would Map’s agents make on the next contract if the 9ers benched him for being a malcontent this year? Close to zero. Make him play.

  11. The ideal team for Kaepernick is Dallas. They have a big strong line, good receivers and a solid running game. He would sit behind Romo but with his injury history I cannot imagine Kaep wouldn’t see a lot of playing time. The trade would be ideal for both. SF trades their 2016 number 7 and Kaepernick for Dallas’s #4..

  12. Cleveland needs a QB in the worst possible way. If the 49ers can convince Hue Jackson that Kaepernick is his guy, and get the #2 pick for him (and exchange the #7 pick), then the 49ers can then turn around and trade the #2 pick in the draft, which is really the #1 pick for every QB-hungry team (since Tunsil will go #1), for a boatload of draft picks, and probably get several 1st Rd picks.

    1. There are two problems with your scenario SC. The first is that the current offense in Cleveland doesn’t fit Kaepernick’s style of play or dependency on everything clicking around him so that he doesn’t have to worry about carrying the team. The second problem is teams are probably not willing to pull the trigger on trading for the #2 spot because of the Rams – Redskins trade that set the Redskins back.

      1. MWD

        Stated Problem 1 – Not a problem
        Hue Jackson wanted Kaepernick from Day 1. He was about to draft him when the 49ers jumped him and stole him. If Jackson wants Kaepernick’s unique skill set, then there will be no problem.

        Stated Problem 2 – Not a problem
        I’m not saying the 49ers will get 3 1st and 3 2nd, but they may get another first or another first and 2 seconds.

        This is the only trade that makes any sense for the 49ers. Hopefully they can stumble upon it themselves.

        1. But that doesn’t mean he wants him now or (more to the point) the Browns front office does. It would probably also take at least two first round picks in order to get the Browns to listen, and I highly doubt Baalke would be willing part with that much.

          1. MWD

            No, you’re right, but remember that it was reported Jackson took the Browns job over the 49ers job because they gave him a lot of influence over personnel. He will most certainly have control over the QB position, as he has been lauded for his QB development time and time again; they will want him to spearhead at least that position. If he wants Kaep, and that is the big IF, then no Sashi Brown is going to stop him from having his wish.

        2. any trade value Kaep may have had hit the floor once his request for a trade was made public.

          The Niners will be lucky to get a 7th rounder and case of beer for Kaepernick if they chose to try to trade him right now.

          1. AFFNP

            You’re just wrong. Nothing the agents did yesterday did anything at all to affect the trade market for Kaepernick.

            The only thing that could impact his trade market would be if he had a no-trade clause or if his contract was unmanageable or prohibitively expensive. It is neither, and there is no such clause.

            1. i’m wrong huh?…well since you said it so definitively….

              by letting teams know he does not want to play for the Niners it puts the Niners in a poorer position to deal with other teams. there aren’t going to be more than a few teams seriously interested in him at this point. unless there are at least two teams that hotly want him to be an immediate starter and will get in a bidding war for him; then it serves most interested in Kaepernick to simply let events play out which might likely lead to Kaepernick’s eventual release. then teams don’t have to give up anything to the Niners to sign him.

              1. AFFNP

                Yeah, you’re wrong. You’re assuming they will release him, which they won’t. You’re overlooking how sweet a contract they have. The 49ers aren’t just trading Kaepernick, they’re also trading those sweet contract terms. Any team that acquires him does so with only 1 year of risk involved. It is a ridiculously good position to be in for a player with such enormous upside.

              2. you haven’t made a case as to why they will keep him. it makes no sense other than irrational PR and precedent.

                what sweet contract terms? better than signing him on the cheap when he gets cut? the rest of that contract isn’t that great. $13-$15M in salary for a guy that is at this point a marginal starter or waaaay too expensive of a back up.

                $8M is a lot to pay for someone’s “potential”…which is going to get a coach fired…as Parcells once said.

              3. AFFNP

                Ah, got it. No, this is the contract that every team in the NFL would want to have on all of its players. No commitment at all. It’s great. The point is, there are 2 Kaepernicks, Recent Kaep and Champion Kaep, and each Kaep can be fairly reliably traced to certain team traits; i.e., if there is a decent running game and a good OL, Kaep will absolutely dominate; if he is asked to carry the team, he will struggle. He is NOT a backup QB; so the reasons I’ve provided are sufficient: (1) keep the talent until the consideration for the exchange is properly valued; (2) do not set bad precedent; and (3) see what Kaep & Kelly can do together.

                It’s a one year trial. If it becomes a good marriage again, everyone will be happy. If it doesn’t work, the team can cut him again before April of 2017. And this is the crux of why every team will prefer this contract. Kaepernick will want money commensurate with at least the middling QBs in the league, at around $10M, and he’ll want some sort of security and a signing bonus, and some guaranteed money. If a team acquires him on this contract, the only money that is ever guaranteed to him is the money on the year in question.

                I hope this addresses your questions. For the record, I would not be shocked if Jed York and Trent Baalke don’t do what I’ve outlined, but I would be surprised, because I don’t think they’re as stupid when it comes to contracts as they are when it comes to working with people.

              4. i’m aware of the structure of his contract an how it plays out.

                where we disagree is in your assessment of Kaep. I do not see a difference between as you call him: championship Kaep and Recent Kaep. They are the same guy. you expect to get the player you saw most recently. which is borderline starter. the rest…that’s potential which you buy at a severe discount…especially knowing he doesn’t want to play for the Niners.

                as to the desirability of the rest of the contract…I don’t think it matters if the other teams don’t initially think he’s worth $8M to be a borderline starter PLUS what they gave up to the Niners. not when they can wait to pick him up as a cheaper free agent. (again the Niners have no reason to hold on to him).

              5. AFFNP

                At least 2 reasons that you ignored: precedent and Kelly. They’ll keep him for a year unless they get good value. If they don’t they really are blind. Keep in mind: Carson Palmer did this, held out, etc … and there was a guy, Hue Jackson, who paid through his nose to get a guy with busted knees. Kaep is healthy and in the prime of his career.

          2. yes, I ignored precedent. what’re they going to do eat $15M and a roster spot? that’s irrational just to prove a point. What about Kelly? obviously Kaeperrnick doesn’t care enough about Kelly to want to stay.

            1. Carson had been a relatively successful passer before that trade. Kaepernick can at best…again…at best…be described as an efficient passer that can run. big difference.

            2. Hue is considered my just about everyone to have been desperate and crazy to have made that trade. It’s not an example that the rest of the league looks to when making trades.

            3. Kaep may be healthy…and that’s in question. In the prime of his career? Maybe age wise…but certainly not prime productivity.

            1. AFFN

              Just read the post I wrote below, and check out this website:

              Any team that wants Kaep will have to pay him at least $12M and give him a couple of years, and that is at the very minimum. Nick Foles, 2 years, $24.5M, $12.5M guaranteed. NICK FOLES!!!

              The contract is worth more than the QB. No team that acquires him will have to guarantee him any money beyond one year, and if a guy thinks he can coach him up in a year, then he remains under contract for 4 more years WAY under market value, and if not, they can cut him without further cap ramifications. The 49ers know this, Leigh Steinberg knows this, and it’s likely that other teams know this. Kaepernick’s agents haven’t figured it out, apparently, and neither have you. He will not be released. And once that is clear, some team will pay a premium for the chance to acquire a guy who once set the league on fire, but whose value was depressed because of the worst OL in the NFL and the worst HC in the history of the NFL.

              1. @siliconchip

                I’m well aware of Kaepernick’s contract structure. In fact if you want to look back a year or so on this blog you’ll see I was the first person to explain to Grant how Kaep’s contract was team friendly.

                So we differ on Kaepernick’s value.

                He’s two years removed from a decent good showing as a QB. Right or wrong; he’s primarily judged by his most recent numbers; injured, poor offensive system, poor O-line…whatever.

                So where does Kaep rank? IMO currently with the other borderline starters…at this point on the open market he’d be close to a Journeyman QB…close…because he still has some explosive potential.

                Journeyman QBs
                Tyrod Taylor – Actually, I think he eventually made it to the Pro Bowl…so I’m not sure if he’s a borderline starter anymore. But he was signed as a Journeyman.

                Nick Foles – He had a bad year. The only guy in this group with worse stats than Kaepernick.

                Ryan Fitzpatrick – actually I think he’s made a case for being a solid starter like Alex Smith. But up until last year, I think you could make the case that Fitzpatrick was a Journeyman QB. In fact I’m going to use his Texans contract as a comp (he played 2015 under the contract’s last year).

                Josh McCown – He had a pretty good year which is saying something because he’s in Cleveland. He’s old and he came to the team as a Journeyman.

                Bryan Hoyer – Decent season. But a Journeyman place holder. The Texans are looking for a starter QB.

                2016 Compensation

                Tyrod Taylor – Bargain basement deal. 3 yrs. 400K signing bonus $3.1M 2016 (including prorated signing bonus)

                Nick Foles – 2 years $24M…but it’s all in the way it’s structured. Tiny $3M signing bonus. The bulk of the compensation comes from a $6M roster bonus and a $10.7M “guaranteed” salary in 2017. This year his salary and giant roster bonus go hard around March 15 give or take a couple days. So essentially in 2015 he played for $6M. Because I highly doubt Foles sees his 2016 roster bonus and even sniffs the numbers listed for his team voidable 2017 year in is contract.

                Ryan Fitzpatrick – in 2014 he signed a 2 year $7.25M $4M “guaranteed”..I think he got about $1.2M in signing bonus. So essentially he’s been a $3M/Y Journeyman QB. He played relatively well for the Jets so he’s going to get paid in the $10M-$12M/Y range. So he’s in the 2012/13 Alex Smith pay and status bracket.

                Josh McCown – 3 yrs $14M. $2M signing bonus. He’s about a $4.5M/Y Journeyman QB.

                Brian Hoyer – He’s a $5M/Y Journeyman QB

                If we place Kaepernick in this tier of QB’s…I’m guessing he’s a $3-$5M/Y with potential for some upside. But his contract if traded would have a team pay him about $13M in 2016 (with the Niners picking up the signing bonus).

                Is Kaepernick’s upside potential worth $8M-$10M?

    1. Will be interesting to see where he gets drafted now. I’d love to be able to draft such a talent with a comp pick, but something tells me some team will take the risk before that.

      1. I don’t know Scooter. Having the label of missing at least the 2016 season may have taken off of the board of many GMs. They could be looking at it as another Marcus Lattimore scenario.

        1. Off the board altogether? Maybe for some very conservative teams. But all it takes is one team to believe. His injury wasn’t as bad as Lattimore’s.

          1. It’s possible Scooter; they may believe that Smith won’t have the same explosiveness he did when he was being labeled the best prospect in the draft.
            I agree that his injury was as bad, but I don’t know how many teams will be willing to draft a prospect that could be out for the entire 2016 sesson and maybe even longer than that.

          2. Scooter:

            Don’t know if you saw this that I posted yesterday.


            February 25, 2016 at 6:30 pm

            Saw this on Rapsheet.

            “David J. Chao, MD Retweeted Jaylon Smith

            Good news: no more knee brace & walking.
            Bad news: wearing an AFO, indicates nerve issue.
            Too bad.”

            That was in response to Jaylon Smith’s tweet below:

            “Amazing walking without the knee brace six days after being restricted for six weeks and feels fantastic!”

  13. So Grant, I seem to recall saying Ogbah would come in bigger than Lawson.

    Lawson = 6’2″ 269lbs with 32.75″ arms
    Ogbah = 6’4″ 273lbs with 35.5″ arms

    Ogbah’s length is in line with what Baalke seems to like.

        1. I think Jack may have bulked up for the combine and Smith has probably lost weight since the injury. But yeah, it was a big difference from what I expected for both guys.

        2. I do have to ask how it was shocking since Jack’s listed weight before the Combine was higher than Smith’s listed weight.

      1. Not disagreeing with you on that, but like I said previously, Ogbah looks like the type of edge player that Baalke likes more so than Lawson. Big, long and strong.

          1. Ogbah had the faster 40. He looked more explosive on tape to me as well but he only has a speed rush so far and that wont cut it in the NFL.

          2. Ogbah tested faster and more explosive than Lawson. Can’t help but chuckle, and say I am not surprised. Ogbah needs to work on his anticipation so his explosiveness is put to better use, but when he times the snap he looked explosive.

            The only knock on him athletically I think is valid is he is a very linear athlete, and that was born out in the agility tests.

            Shoup, you are kidding yourself if you think Ogbah only has a speed rush. He is a bull rusher. He converts speed to power and tries to push his way to the QB. Rarely tries to win going round the edge with speed.

            1. I’ll have to recheck the tapes but from his highlights almost every sack was one of him beating a guy around the edge with the exception of a few cases where he escaped from an OL to grab a qb that was flushed by a different defender.
              With that said mine was a snap judgement based off of a few highlight reels rather than game tape. I’ll take a closer look.

  14. Adrian Peterson was forced back onto the team he HATED, the Vikings, and look how that turned out. This situation is far less toxic. I think Kap can stay and it can still work out. After all, his issues are with Jed and Baalke, not with Chip.

    1. Shemp,. Adrian case is different with Kaep. Adrian Peterson performances didn’t decline and he was still on top of his games. The only thing that prevented Adrian off the field was the injury and his legal issues. In Kaepernick case its totally different his performance started to decline a year before Harbaugh’s departure things weren’t right already his poor performances was just one after another, it got a lot worse for Kaep when his mentor Harbaugh got fired the following year. The best scenario for Kaepernick is to find a new team to play for and start over and resurrect his NFL career. Sorry to say, it will not happen here in San Francisco for him.

  15. Any opinions on Dadi Nicolas? I resigned myself to the fact that all the good edge rush prospects would be high picks… but I love the footage of this guy. Explosive edge rusher with length. His sacks are high impact sacks like Aaron Lynch. He has that ability to worm (bend?) through traffic to get to the QB. Seems like a little more powerful Eli Harold.

    He’s 6’3″, 235 (plays bigger) with 34.75 inch arms.

  16. Myles Jack came in at 245. I wish he was running all the drills. I hope he doesn’t do the sneaky by dropping lbs before his pro day for a faster 40. Not that I mind. We already know the man is fast.

    Jaylon Smith at 223 is a stunner.

    Scooby Wright 239. Perhaps not the “3 down” ILB so many covet, but I’d love to see him next to Bowman.

  17. If Colin Kaepernick isn’t traded by the 49ers, I expect him to show up and do everything he can to be the starter for them in 2016. He will not bad mouth anyone with the possible exception that he may use the “I have a contract.” answer many times.

    If Cleveland wants our seventh pick and Kaepernick for their second pick, I can live with that unless it causes my otherwise healthy heart to fail from shock. Just think of the damaged ACLs that Baalke could accumulate with that chip.

    1. Here is another wild card. What if Kaep cannot pass the physical? Then his contract is guaranteed.
      Kaep does not want to go to the Browns. He will tell the Browns not to even think about trading for him since he will not play for them. The Browns, like the Niners, cannot force him to play, and this crap about his contract is farcical because he really wants out of that contract. Believe it or not, if Bradford is asking for 30 mil, Kaep’s contract is a great deal.
      Kaep will just say that he was willing to talk, but the Niners sent the leaker. It was a direct insult, and made him change his mind so now he wants out. Jed promised that he would part ways with the person if he found out who was the leaker, but went back on his word and doubled down by having him there at the meeting. It may not have been a breech of contract, but Kaep can point out how Jed lied and deceived. If it came to a court battle, Kaep could also point out how they promised to retain veteran talent if he signed that team friendly contract. However, they reneged on their promise. Kaep has a very strong position, and will flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire.
      Jed just fulfilled another one of my predictions. I predicted that Jed would do something stupid, and by sending the leaker to the meeting, Jed just did another stupid thing. It obviously upset Kaep, who, up to that point, was willing to come back. Marathe stabbed Kaep in the back, and now Jed sends him to ask Kaep to take a pay cut? Kaep is totally justified in asking for a trade to a team of his choice. He destroyed any leverage the Niners have with the league, so only a select few will make an offer. Kaep will be let go to a team who will appreciate him, and not stab him in the back again. Jed deserves to lose Kaep, and I hope he goes to the Broncos, takes the league by storm, and help them repeat. The Niners are in a crisis, and, like Randy Cross said, are at least 5 years from competing for another ring. Jed’s stupidity just cost him the best chance to succeed.

      1. Seb, give it a rest. Don’t you guy’s get tired promoting none sense and delusional ideas? How do you figure out that kaep will go to the Browns and tell them such non sense that he won’t play for Hue Jackson? I don’t think the 49ers management are that stupid to keep Kaep beyond April 1 and pay him 16.8 million guarantee. If their intent all along was to trade him and releasing him.

        1. Prime, like you said, Kaep will take the league by storm, no matter where he lands. I cannot be blamed if Jed does incredibly stupid things like sending the leaker to ask him to take a pay cut.

        2. “pay him 16.8 million guarantee” … Jam

          You could get some temporary bonus IQ points if you can find a way to get the right number for Colin’s guaranteed money as of April 1st.

      2. Seb

        Stop crying. I feel sorry for you. I pity you. You’re a 49ers fan, not a FortyWhiner. Kaep sealed his own fate by signing that contract. Nothing that you cry about above has any basis in reality, so just let it go. Please. Please, Seb, it is so hard to believe you have a fully developed, adult, human mind when you’re going on like this. So sad, so sad.

        1. Sil, if you get to bring up delusional posts like the trade to Cleveland, I feel perfectly fine declaring that Kaep should flee this dumpster fire because Jed and Baalke are slimeballs.

          1. Seb

            You don’t define delusional the same way as sane people, clearly.

            Hue Jackson is the most vocal supporter of Colin Kaepernick in the NFL right now, so why would it not follow that the 49ers would trade him to the Browns? The value would be there for both teams, as the 49ers would move into position at the #2 pick to control the draft, and Hue Jackson would be getting a guy he has always loved, who has proven that he can go to Championship games, instead of an unproven rookie.

          2. And kap wasn’t the flint or smoke to this dumpster fire?
            His horrible play didn’t hurt the team either?
            Or was it his non throwing inured shoulder? You know the one that looked fine before he started throwing td’s to the opposing defenses? And blinding him from seeing receivers open?
            You know I use to hammer Alex smith fans who obsessed over his mediocre play. Ck fans are no different. Player fans wear their Heros heart on their sleeves. Makes me question your true fanhood. Is it the player or the team?
            Some of those old “Smithers” are long gone now! Except a bitter one who continues to come back here and drop a couple of corny lines about Harbaugh or ck!
            Don’t be that guy!
            Being a fan of a player is fine, making excuses and bashing the ownership, coaches or other players is flat out dumb!
            Again Seb don’t be that guy.
            He’s not as good as you think he is! Great or good players don’t have declining numbers and get benched and sign year to year contracts.
            Like I said when smith did it. He’s a stop gap qb until they find the next SF legend. Welp CK isn’t that guy that’s why he was offered an alex smith contract! Name a top 10 qb that has one like it or has been benched

        2. Stop crying? I am just outlining what had happened and what might happen. I think Kaep will leave. How is that crying? I just think he has had enough, and if you cannot see that sending the leaker Marathe to meet with Kaep’s representatives was another stab in the back, well, I feel sorry for you.

          1. If by “leave” you mean that he will retire, that’s fine. But he has no power, and cannot otherwise leave. Do you understand that basic concept?

            1. No. I perfectly understand the concept.The Niners will realize that they have lost Kaep, and will trade him to a team for the best possible deal. However, Kaep does have some say in the matter, and will list the teams he wants to go to, and plainly state that there are teams he will not play for. Those teams he does not want to play for will not offer him a contract and offer the Niners any draft picks because they do not want to waste draft picks for a player who wants to be elsewhere.
              Its laughable. posters were saying Kaep was worth only a 6th round pick. Now they want a first and a second for him. Sinc kaep is only an unwanted second string QB, he will garner at most a 7th round pick, and Kaep, by his telling the Niners he wants to be traded to a select few teams, just destroyed any bargaining leverage for the Niners.

            2. Kap can leave if he really wants to. It just depends upon what he wants to give up. I am sad to see him go. He is a good athlete who tried to do right by the team and they screwed him. They fired his coach and did not get the OL players re-signed. As a result he had 3 surgeries. I understand why he wants to leave. Do you?

      3. Seb,
        How many leakers are there? I’ve heard Jed, Baalke, and Paraage were the leaker from you. I understand the organization has a rat infestation but are you saying they are the rats or that only one of them is?

        1. Well, Tomsula found out that Marathe was leaking the smears against Kaep, and left. Marathe was demoted, and Tomsula came back. Tomsula was smeared by the leak that he would be fired just before he coached his last game, and only Baalke, Jed and John York made that decision before the game. Through the process of elimination, Jed had no reason to leak, his father would ot want to screw over his son, so Baalke, the guy who cut Hayne on the team bus, was the logical choice for being the leaker.
          Throughout the past seasons, Jed has kept opening his big mouth and saying things that were leaked. If he had just kept his blabbermouth shut, there would be no leaks. But no, Jed just could not help himself, and he was the prime source for all the leaks. Remember, the leaking started before Singletary, alienated JH, smeared Kaep and Tomsula, so the Niners were leaking like a sieve.
          How come other teams do not have this problem? It starts with leadership. Who are the leaders? Jed, Baalke and Marathe.

    1. MWD – Thanks for the Anthony Davis post. I’ve speculating since AD’s first tweets about returning that it might have something to do with the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus. I didn’t know he already returned it to the team.

      Its a complicated issue. For one, he may have had to return money that was net after taxes the pre-tax amount. Ouch. And what happens of he officially returns, and comes back in terrible shape?

      I’m betting alot fo talks between agent/team/NFLPA take places before he puts a helmet on.

  18. Grant, any chance Chris Long could be our next Justin Smith? Free agent, pretty good but not elite 4-3 defensive end, former first round pick, high motor, still in his prime…Seems pretty familiar. Could he come in and have a similar impact, I’m not sure of his measurable and whether he is big enough for a 3-4 end, but interested in your thoughts.

  19. Hmm, wonder if Grant could punch up a combine post. There is a lot happening. I think Buckner will be gone, before the 7th pick, but Stanley may be the best choice. The Bear RB looks good, too.

    1. Assuming Tunsil goes first, if Buckner + two QBs are taken, it pushes great prospects down to 7.

      One of Bosa, Jack or Ramsey would fall to the 49ers. Even if the 49ers weren’t crazy about the one that fell (unlikely), the trade back offers would be huge.

      People are pegging Ramsey to the Ravens. That would mean Jack or Bosa to the 49ers. I’ll take it.

    1. I was just going to post that, Brodie. He’ll be 37. Now if he wants to come back to the NFL as a coach, that would make a lot more sense.

  20. On PFT:

    “NFL Network’s Albert Breer compares Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith’s nerve damage to ex-South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore’s injury coming out of college.

    Lattimore, of course, never played in an NFL game after 49ers GM Trent Baalke blew a fourth-round pick on him during San Francisco’s failed “redshirt” phase. Other medical analysts have likened Smith’s nerve damage to that of Peyton Manning’s. Manning’s nerve “woke back up.” It’s unclear if Smith’s will. “

        1. I think it’d be worth using a comp pick on him and see if he can return to form in a couple years and take Bowman’s spot. In the meantime, the team should add another ILB in free agency or during the draft.

  21. I think I have seen enough of Kap. I appreciate the playoff wins he had, but I don’t think he is going to get back to that level. He hasn’t improved as a passer. He is not good in the pocket avoiding the rush. He has poor pocket presence despite his running skills. I don’t think he is an elite talent.

    Even worse, he has a poor attitude. That is his biggest problem. I’m ok with letting him go. I don’t think he will have such success with another team that the 49ers regret it.

    1. Yup. Poor attitude. They keep stabbing him in the back by making his representative deal with the leaker, but he should just let bygones be bygones.
      Kaep should not have felt slighted in the least when they banned him from the side line, even before the game.
      Here, sign this team friendly contract and we promise you we will retain veteran talent. Oh wait, how come they all left?
      Leaks about losing the locker room and being on an island? No big deal.
      Study habits? We are just preparing the way for another mutual parting. It is just business. He should be thankful they did not cut him on the team bus.

  22. Oh, look, Chip is praising Kaep to the high heavens. They still will not say that a player should not lose his job due to injury, and probably had the leaker demand that Kaep take a pay cut.
    Chip is saying those things because he is desperate. Kaep is all but gone, because he cannot take any more backstabbing. Chip should have said those things a month ago. Too little too late. Chip really needs to work on his people skills.

    1. Seb

      You have gone completely off the deep end. Nothing you have written here today is anything other than you emoting because you’re so sad to be losing your beloved Colin Kaepernick, and so angry on his behalf. He might not be going anywhere, so just save it. And get your head together, son, this crying is unbecoming a man.

      1. Sil, I am not crying. Keap deserves to leave, and pontificating that he is staying after he requested a trade is delusional. In the real world, people should treat other people with respect. Obviously, I think Jed and Baalke have acted reprehensibly. Be a man? A real man accepts the truth. The truth is, other teams will recognize his talents and want him, especially playoff teams who want to go all the way. Crying that he is going no where is just burying your head in the sand.
        Jed should learn that he should not beat a dog with a stick and expect him to lick his hand.

      2. Sil, you said that contract law has a concept of good faith and fair dealing. Kaep could say that the leaks and smears are evidence of bad faith. The Niners did not fairly deal with Kaep if they convinced Kaep to sign that contract if they promised him that they would use the money saved by such a team friendly deal to retain veteran talent, then reneged and let them go.

    2. “They still will not say that a player should not lose his job due to injury”

      Holy smokes! Was this guy dropped on his head as a child?

      How the heck did Kaepernick get his shot in the first place?

      1. Yup, and it almost tore the team apart. It was very controversial, and generated bad feelings and had players taking sides.
        Thank God Alex took that slight with grace and humility, so he was rewarded by going to a team with playoff ambitions.
        I did not make that rule, but I could see the fairness involved.

        1. “Yup, and it almost tore the team apart.”

          Not really. They went to the freakin Super Bowl that year. Sure some of the guys were loyal to Alex but they were winning so they kept playin their tails off.

          Once the adversity started to set in the issues they had with Kaepy started to show through. If the guy was good they would still be quiet.

          Unfortunately he’s become a flop. Bummer.

          1. Maybe you did not read some comments, but some players described how the team had an Alex Smith camp, and a JH/Kaep camp. This schism maybe split the team, so they were not all on the same page, and they may have lost the SB because of that.

            1. Your argument is nonsensical. In the year and a half after Smith was replaced they went to a Super Bowl and a conference championship game.

    3. Colin Kaepernick is a nice man.
      Usually players are nicer in public than they are in private. Colin’s the opposite. By all accounts Colin is a genuine, giving, nice dude. Always has been. Its really unfortunate that Colin morphs into Dirk Diggler at press conferences. That’s not who he really is. He’s a local boy from Turlock that’s overcome obstacles in life, and works hard to help his team and be a better football player.

      Colin Kaepernick is also a very immature man.
      A little paranoid too. Using twitter pests as motivation to win games? Doesn’t he realize its a mathematical certainty the most popular person in the world will have unfair titter critics? Millionaires affecting a siege mentality only makes it worse.

      Colin Kaepernick was an affective football player that drove DC’s crazy.
      He was one of the few that highhandedly moved the ball against Seattle in 2013. I think he’s an incredible athlete.

      Colin Kaepernick’s quarterbacking has gotten much worse since 2012. It was very bad last year. He was benched because the offense wasn’t working very well. Colin was not the sole reason it wasn’t working. But that’s life in the NFL. We all know this. Ask his two former head coaches. Losing means role-job change.

      That doesn’t mean 49er management always plays nice. But Colin needs to understand they don’t play nice to alot of players. They are there to win games and make scads of money. Its part of how it works. No need to take it personally.

      I’m not sure how Kaepernick was back stabbed. Not saying he wasn’t. I’m just not sure of the specific incident you’re referring to. He was benched last year because his quarterbacking was not good enough to win games.

      The NFL has the weakest player/management arrangements in the major sports. Its literally criminal how much control they have over players. Bosses can dang near dump employees any time they want… especially NFL bosses.
      Which makes backstabbing incredibly redundant, and incredible unlikely… at least from those at the very top. Maybe someone else in the organization, but not Baalke/York/Kelly. They can just fire/trade/cut/bunch CK. Any time they want. No need to “back stab.”

      1. B2W, I have already enumerated the many ways he was stabbed in the back. However, Jed sent the leaker to talk with Kaep’s representatives after Kaep said he was willing to come back and play.
        Maybe you find it is an amazing coincidence that after the meeting, Kaep now says he wants to be traded. I think it is a logical consequence. They send the same guy who leaked the smears against him, and you think that is hunky dory? Jed declared that if he found out who the leaker was, he would part ways with him. Instead, he not only keeps him, he sends him to negotiate a salary cut. If you do not think that is another stab in the back, well, I have nothing else to say.

        1. Seb,

          Your out of your league in the Contract world (K). Let’s work Grant’s scenario. To you it’s mean spirited–having already stated Kap should kick Marathe in the teeth.
          K negotiations are where the big boys are–you’re not going into that room without the 49ers negotiator and chief Paraage Marathe.
          Currently, Kap’s agents are employing a tactic known as posturing–asking for a trade (standard)…The 49ers, obviously wrote the K and are well versed in the signing bonus to date. A boiler plate k, then would be to negotiate downward on that bonus. Kap’s agents would then counteroffer. From there, the real negotiations begin, however as of this date it’s all posturing for leverage (position)…This will drag on and you’ll probably never hear anything about this until one day the papers say Kap has been traded for…?

          1. TrollD, Jed should have never sent the leaker to the negotiations, because that was a slap in the face to Kaep. Why else would they send Marathe except to ask Kaep for a pay cut?
            Kaep should run away from this dysfunctional dumpster fire as fast as he can.

  23. Goff ran 4.82. Vernon Adams 4.83. I was expecting Adams to run faster since he was running a Kelly offense. But as we all know, 40’s can be deceiving. Quickness, change of direction, running on pads in grass is not the same.

    1. We don’t need another Running Qb, history proves they’re subject to injury and they don’t last long in the NFL. The 49ers need a smart Qb with a quick release from the pocket that can throw the football with accuracy and be consistent in finding his receivers and have an idea what the opposing defense are trying to do. If you want to run the the fooball just draft a good RB. :)

    2. B2W,
      I was a little surprised at Adam’ 4.8 40 as well. But that would hurt him if he were a WR or RB. A QB should have quick feet within a 5-10 yr radius. Russell Wilson is fast, but most of his damage is done behind the LOS where he uses his quickness to avoid tackles and gives himself opportunities to throw.

      Adam’ biggest flaw may turn out to his size. At 5’10” he would need to be as good as the Drew Brees’ and Russell Wilson’ of the league. He has a steep uphill climb if he is going to make some noise.

    3. Of course, the scouts all have their 40 times before the Combine, and I guess that is why Adams was not high on their lists.
      Short and slow speed will make Adams available in the 6th round where the Niners have 3 picks.

  24. The trade request is an attempt at negotiating leverage pure and simple. Kap signed a bad contract and is now trying to get out from under it.

    Jed should sit down with Uncle Eddie and ask him to relate the story of the disastrous Charles Haley trade before he agrees to let Kap walk. As far as I know Kap has not come close to doing some of the things Haley did. Urinating on Siefert’s car is one of the less odious things Haley allegedly did in order to force the Niners to trade him. I am sure Kap has not gone to that extreme.

    Chip and Jed need to sit down with Kap and work things out. I have hope that everybody will act as adults and all this would be a non story by the time the season opens. The Niners need Kaep if they want to be successful near term. Anybody who thinks Gabbert will lead them to the playoffs is delusional. Similarly a rookie QB will need at least three years to get to the playoff level. Sam Bradford is pretty much who we saw in St Louis and Philly. Just good enough to get you beat.

    Jed did not sign Kelly to wind up with a five year rebuilding project. Kap is under contract and he is not going anywhere this year.

    1. Rick, wow! Where in the heck did you get your information? You sound worse than James Foster. You’re not only Denial but bid delusional. Dude, you should go to a Denial therapy. It might help you think right:)

      1. What information? I expressed opinions. I am entitled to mine just as much as you are to yours.

        Haley urinating on Siefert’s car is a well doucmented story. Look it up.

        1. So, Jed told you himself that he didn’t signed Kelly to wind up with a 5 years rebuilding project of the 49ers? Yes, Kaep you say still under contract until April 1st and nobody knows if the 49ers keep him beyond that date. Kaep has no leverage right now to negotiate anything, the 49ers has the upper hand. April 1st still a long way, either he get traded per request as you read that Kaep and his agent are requesting or get release before April 1st. I don’t think Jed and the Yorks aren’t stupid to keep this guy in the roster and pay him 16.8 million guaranteed money after April 1st. That’s why Kaep’s agent asked permission from the 49ers that his client Kaepernick wants to be traded and his agent knew all along that it was going happen soon or later.

    1. Seb that’s not why this is a weak class. Most QB’s don’t run fast 40 times. Not the pocket passing ones. Its because there’s great need for QB’s and not many options. As usual the need is driving the hype to over value QB’s at the next level.

      1. Well, you may be right. Speed is not the only thing. Sounds like the draft stock is dropping for a lot of the QBs, and they will concentrate on picking on the defensive side first in this next draft.
        None of the QBs have all the parameters. Size, speed, accuracy, arm strength and pocket presence.

        1. Goff is nearly the exact same size as Alex Smith so I think some of the size stuff is over played. He’s a competitor and tries to win. He seems to under throw some of his long balls. NFL DB’s will be all over that. Wentz is probably the best overall option, but he like Kaepernick plays in a lesser conference. Lets see how he does with better competition. Lynch as they are discovering has some injury history to both knees.

          1. I will still root for the Niners selecting Hogan. Another trait I forgot to mention is the leadership angle.Hogan is good in that department, and Cook seems lacking.
            Lynch should be off their draft boards now.

  25. Keith Marshall seems to have elite speed, and is strong. I also like Daniel Lasco and CJ Prosise.
    looks like this RB class is deep.

      1. Razor is probably taking a well deserved break. This Niner offseason has not been as cataclysmic as last year, but it is pretty depressing.
        Its no fun when the best a fan can look forward to is another cellar dwelling finish.

        1. Examining some of the 49er mgmts. questionable decisions:
          1. Hiring Tomsula, a nobody when Mike Shannahan and Mike Holmgren were available.
          2. Surrounding Kap with a poor offensive line when Kap was beginning to find his groove as an NFL QB
          3. Not being the 1st ones to find a flaw in Kap’s delivery, but the last ones. Greg Ault, Kap’s college coach first recognized it. During the Harbaugh era, Harbaugh was always on top of this having visited Ault in Nevada, and invited him frequently to 49er headquarters, this throwing mechanic was never an issue.
          4. Kap gets injured and nobody is sure if the 49ers asked him to suck it up a few games and not tell anyone (but now we’re pretty sure the 49ers told Kap exactly that)
          5. Dealing with the Girl scout ouster during world media week at the Superbowl.

          6.. Letting go the 3rd to 1st ranked defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio who wanted to hire a proven QB guru (if Superbowl representations are a measuring stick), and hiring a coach who finds his defensive coordinator in Cleveland.

          7. Telling the Media that Kap will be on the roster, only to have Kap’s agent say the exact opposite a few hours later, that Kap wants a trade.

          8. 49er fans fill in the rest.

      2. Jam,

        Word has it that once the news broke Razor hopped in his Studebaker and drove straight from South Bend to Indy. Since arriving he has been sitting in the corner booth in which Kaepernick’s contract was forged sipping on an espresso and kissing his bicep repeatedly. His head is apparently a 7torm.

  26. In much the same way that North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz was clearly head-and-shoulders above the other quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl, California junior Jared Goff outclassed the competition during the first throwing session of the NFL combine, dazzling while fellow high profile passers like Michigan State’s Connor Cook and Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg were much more inconsistent.

    1. These observations by Matt are interesting to me.

      “It’s almost worse for the team if officials were telling the truth (about wanting Colin on the team) and were intent on keeping Kaepernick. That would mean they totally misread how angry he was and, worse yet, led new hire Kelly to believe he was going into the 2016 season with two quarterbacks with starting experience, one of whom had led his team to the Super Bowl.”

      And this about Colin’s motivation:

      “Which is what Kaepernick wants. No, he probably wouldn’t earn that amount ($12M) after becoming a free agent and signing with another team. But as much as he’s known for headphones and his white Jaguar sedan (both of which were gifted to him by sponsors; he’s never bought a car in his life), he’s not influenced by money. Or rather, money is not his main objective.

      His objective is to get away from the 49ers, and being released would allow him to pick where he goes.”

      1. For the last two seasons, Kaepernick’s arrow has been declining and Gabbert’s has been rising. Somewhere along the line, Gabbert’s arrow passed Kaep’s on its way down. Last year, IMO, it was obvious; Gabbert had become better than Kaepernick, the result I suspect of being harder working outside the weight room. I’m almost certain the FO knew this. As for Kaepernick’s wanting to get away from the situation, that’s natural and not necessarily because of the FO. If he competed in TC against Gabbert, he would probably lose. I think he has one more chance to start in the League, probably with a below .500 team, and if that doesn’t work out, he’ll probably be a perennial backup. That’s my take anyway.

      1. Ex-4 time SuperBowl Architect , Buffalo Bill GM, Polian says Jared Goff the standout of the day.

        “(Goff) looked good. He was the standout,” said Bill Polian, an ESPN analyst who entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year for his front-office expertise.

        1. Day 2 of the NFL Scouting Combine is officially in the books

          First, the divide between the top two quarterbacks might have slightly increased. Cal’s Jared Goff performed very well Saturday in front of NFL decision-makers. He showed complete control throughout his workout and easily made all of the throws.

          North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz didn’t disappoint, per se. He simply didn’t put together a nearly flawless workout.

        2. As expected. Goff’s the much more polished passer. I didn’t see any issue with his arm strength. Goff fits Kelly’s repetitive accuracy criteria to a tee.

          I think coaches lack of effusive praise after the workout is bluff. I’m still getting Goff goes in the top two picks.

            1. Goff. Goff has faults, but accurate, quick release passers with fluid feet that can progression read are rare. Unheard of for a 21 year old.

              Although the Bear Raid isn’t an NFL like scheme, the routes were. They included the ubber-hard passes where the QB fits the ball over the linebackers and in front of the safeties. Some NFL QBs have a hard time with this throw. Goff did them routinely. .

              Add 3 years pac 12 competition and you really have something.

              People criticize career stats (like fumbles) but those came in the first year or two when Cal was truely awful, and Goff was 19 fresh out of Marin Catholic. He’s gotten bigger and better each year thereafter. I think he had 4 fumbled total last year. On a per sack basis not that bad.

              Baalke said something years ago I agree with. Early impressions are usually right. When a player jumps off the screen there’s a good reason.

              If we miss out on Goff, I won’t fret too badly. Picking 7th means a really good player will fall to us, especially if Dallas picks Wentz.

              I think NFL teams aren’t letting on about how they really feel about Goff. I’m still better the Titans do a modest trade-back. Less than chart value”, but better net talent than if they stood pat.

              For example:
              – A nervous Jackson could throw away a 4th round pick to move up and secure their target. The Titans would get Tunsil+4th.
              – Dallas could move up. The Titans could get a better pick, and maybe Tunsil anyway. If not, Stanley.
              – The 49ers could move up. Maybe dangle Anthony Davis as trade back along with a 4th. The Titans get their right tackle+7th overall+4th rounder.

          1. I wasn’t crazy about his placement, it wasn’t bad, I just thought under these circumstances it should be perfect. Did you see the throw where the receiver had to dive?

              1. I think both would work for the team, but I also think the Browns will take Wentz with the second pick. Also, I prefer Buckner over those two.

  27. Miller and Doctson are the #2 and #3 WR prospects in the draft. We’ll see how Treadwell runs. Miller has the potential to slip into the #1 spot.

    Don’t be fooled by Fuller’s 40 time, he’s fast but not quick. At his build it’s going to be too easy to slow him down off the line. He’s a slightly faster AJ Jenkins.

    Disappointed a little bit by Boyd’s performance overall.

    1. Glad to see you back Coffee.
      I disagree with you on Miller. He has potential, but he’s sloppy in his route running and has good but not great speed. I wouldn’t take him any higher than the third round.

      1. It’s not a particularly great WR class. The #3 and #4 prospects will probably go in the late 2nd to third round anyway.

  28. ESPN reports at least three teams have taken Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith (knee) off their draft board following his medical exam at the Scouting Combine.

    Smith, who tore the ACL and LCL in his left knee during the Fiesta Bowl, reportedly is dealing with nerve damage in his knee and ankle. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports Smith is expected to miss the entire 2016 season, and there are concerns his nerve issue is similar to the damage which ended ex-South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore’s career. Smith was a likely top-ten pick before the injury.

      1. The earliest comp pick is at the end of the 4th round. If there’s a 25% chance Smith recovers, it might be worth it.

        Lattimore was pick 131, also the end of the 4th. An even longer long shot. The only “red shirt” that failed because of his college injury.

        Its a shame the NFL delayed making comp picks trade-able until 2017. I was POed. Now the 49ers are stuck with those four late picks. Roster math might nudge Baalke towards spending one on a player destined for NFI. And the masses will scream for his blood.

    Colin Kaepernick wants to be traded. Which is bad news for the 49ers.

    Put aside for a moment how that impacts the most important position on the team. The fact that Kaepernick doesn’t want to be in San Francisco and isn’t captivated by the prospect of working with Chip Kelly dulls any leverage the 49ers had.

    There was a suspicion in Indianapolis that the over-the-top insistence by team officials that Kaepernick would be on the roster this offseason was an attempt by the 49ers to extract something. The message: If you’re another team that wants Kaepernick, you have to come to us. And don’t come with a weak offer.

    Matt barrows, you might as well get a reality check and get yourself in to a denial therapy.This poor guys totally lost it :)

  30. Once the 49ers trade Kap and Jarryd Hayne, then draft Goff, Sebster will be done with the 49ers.
    It’s sad that he only likes 2 players–can’t see the forest for the trees and appreciate the fact that the 49ers will be better than Tomsula’s team…Yes, they could have done better, but we have what we have. Lets roll with it.
    I expect Seb to haunt Kap and Hayne, hanging around the clubhouse like Robert DeNiro in The Fan–Seb’s alter ego

      1. I like it…Did you read my above articles posted on new 49er QB assistant, Kevin O’Connell, drafted by the Patriots in the 3rd round.
        Do you think Chip has learned while in Philly, and realizes a more professional offense is needed…Possibly some of New England’s offense will be installed by Chip?

          1. TomD, I hope the 49ers don’t screw up this great opportunity they have in the 1st Rd with their #7 pick and have Kaepernick in their pocket to move down to the #2 spot with Cleveland who might acomidate

            1. Jamaican49ers,

              Second chances are hard to come by…Remember the 49ers played their starting QB, Gabbert instead of seeing what they had in Thompson for a full game, losing the 3rd spot to Cleveland who beat them earlier.

              1. That game with Cleveland was a vote of confidence for Tomsula. Clearly you’re right, and it makes you wonder why didn’t they. There isn’t anything at stake for the 49ers to go and win the game? That cause them the lower draft pick.:)

      1. Jam, naw, I am resigned that he is gone, wish him well and hopes he does not come back to haunt the Niners. I expect whatever team he lands with to have a successful year. If he goes to the Broncos, I expect they will repeat.
        I will just move on, expect another losing season, but will root for them anyways. Even with Jed as the CEO. Someday, hopefully soon, Jed will no longer be the CEO, and maybe one of Eddie’s could save the franchise.
        I have no faith in Baalke, am unimpressed with Chip’s coaching staff, and just saw the one chance they had to win decide he has had enough. I guess it is a total rebuild. They will have to use their first pick to select a QB instead of grabbing an elite defender.
        Jed is so pathetic, I pity him.

          1. Prime, Kaep will still take the league by storm, only it will not be with the Niners. The logical spot for Kaep is Denver. Elway wants another ring, and Kaep with that Denver defense will be Freddy Kreuger scary.
            No wonder he is rehabbing in Colorado.

            1. You said it was a no brainer he would be back with the 49ers. I said no chance. You said I’ll be eating my words. Im still waiting big mouth!

              1. Well, I did not take into consideration that Jed would send the leaker into the negotiations to ask Kaep to take a pay cut.
                Up to that fiasco, I thought he would return. In fact, they were saying he was willing to, and they expected him to be on the roster.
                Too bad Jed and Baalke went brain dead and sent Marathe to try and stab him in the back again.

              2. That’s is all pure speculation. Once again you never make CK accountable. It’s always everyone elses fault.
                Maybe you should not run your mouth so often and then back track and look like a moron!

              3. Seb do you have any outside basis supporting that that is what happened? Even a story written by a hack journalist? Anything?

              4. Has Sebnnoying ever had a direct quote from anyone?
                Just pops off and then retracts. Then wonders why the blog calls him out.

              5. Cubus, I did not make up the fact that Marathe was there. He is also involved in financial negotiations, so if you think he was there to assure Kaep they would pay him his full salary, I cannot change your mind.
                I was not at the meeting, but just previously, Kaep said he was willing to play for the Niners. In the minutes after the meeting, His agent said he wants a trade. What an amazing coincidence.

  31. This just confirms again #7 is a dullard…..Chip is the best coach out there to try to reverse his career decline.

    He should be thanking God for this opportunity to be with Chip……..

    I do see a connection with his past experience in life…..people like #7 will never be content always blinded by real Mom love he thinks he missed out on…….

    Please trade the loser!!!

    1. The Alex smith bitterness is strong with this one…. What do you know about qb’s? Alex smith was a cold blooded assassin. Remember? Lmao now he’s in KC with a good defense and still losing against good teams. And now krap can follow his lead in mediocre QB’s who hide behind their defense and running games! “Cold blooded assassin” I still get a laugh out of that one!

      1. ninermd the blog moron, I see you took a break from following your hero D. Trump…..

        last time i checked Alex Smith the QB you claimed would never make it outside of SF, made the playoffs last year and a winning record since he left SF………..and don’t think we forgot how Alex fed you CROW……

        ha ha ha,… #7 is Krap……the same #7 you were always glad to drop the soap for…….ninermd the dullard……what happened were you banned again?

    1. The San Francisco 49ers are rumored to be working on Colin Kaepernick’s request to be traded to a new team, but league sources say that may be difficult as there are few teams interested in giving the quarterback his second chance.
      Clayton broke down the teams that could possibly be interested in Colin Kaepernick, pegging the Los Angeles Rams as the most likely choice. He could fit well alongside Todd Gurley and create a potent ground attack, but it would be less likely for the San Francisco 49ers to trade their quarterback to a division rival.

      Source: Inquisitor News Service.

    2. TomD , April 1st still a long way down the road. My take in all this, the trade might happen sometimes in mid March or earlier. Isn’t surprising to anyone that the 49ers management are already shopping him and our #7 pick to the teams ahead of them in the draft. Just like Alex Smith he asked for a trade and the 49ers accommodated his request and got traded to the Chief in March.

  32. TomD

    If the Lambs are willing to swap their two 2nd’s for Kaepernick, I say that we could be sued for ‘double-jeopardy’…. two #2’s plus a guaranteed of two wins per year within division…. I’d love nothing more than watching Bowman reintroduce himself to Kaep in a Rams uniform….

    1. Oregon, it’s time or never to get a franchise Qb. Baalke and Kelly are closely watching this young talented Qb’s, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch performed in the combine. It won’t be a surprise if they draft one of this talented Qb’s.

      1. Jamaica

        I disagree…unless we make a great splash in draft trade, I believe that #7 (draft) will be either Buckner or the Notre Dame OT…If either of them is there at our second pick, we’ll take them there. We won’t take a QB before the 4th round, and could take twoafter that….

  33. Taken from PFT:’s Ian Rapoport reports the Texans and Browns are among the teams that could have interest in Colin Kaepernick.

    It adds to rumors Kaepernick asked to be traded this week. There’s conflicting reports on if the 49ers still want Kaepernick, but it looks like there’s enough interest that he could be shopped. Kaepernick would likely need to restructure his contract to have any chance of a trade.

    1. Cubus, the lack of interest is because they are waiting for Kaep to be cut, and will get him for free instead of costing them a draft pick.
      Kaep, by saying he wants to be traded, just destroyed any draft pick value. They (Marathe) asked him to take a pay cut, but all he has to do is refuse. Niners lost all leverage, and will probably accept a 7th round pick for him.

      1. That only works if you don’t want him that badly and you are willing to take the risk that he will choose to go somewhere else. If a team actually wants him they will give a low draft pick if for no other reason than control his rights.

    2. Ian Rapoport – 7 hours ago

      “49ers still hope Colin Kaepernick is their QB in ’16. If not, Texans & Browns (at least) will have some interest. No trade permission yet.”

      Sounds like internet echo chamber stuff. I’ve been dreaming about a pick 7+CK for pick 2 trade, though I don’t think its likely.

      “Trade permission” sounds odd. The 49ers have exclusive rights to shop a player under contract. Maybe its just a temporary waive of tampering rules so CK’s agents can pre-negotiate sign-n-trade contract amounts.

    3. When are the Browns not mentioned in a potential trade with anyone? Harbaugh was going to be traded. The Browns came up. Didn’t happen. Before that, Parrish Cox was suppose to be signed by the Browns. Didn’t happen. Then they were getting QB Sam Bradford. Didn’t happen. Jermaine Gresham was suppose to be going to Cleveland. Didn’t happen.
      The only other team in the NFL with as much rumored interest and no results is the Houston Texans.

  34. The question is- Will Baalke be able to attract elite talent when they see another example of talent fleeing this franchise? Is this an attractive place to come to? Will a player accept a big paycheck to play on a cellar dweller?
    Baalke will just save the cap money because they do not want to spend just to spend.

    1. Yes. Players’ agents are greedy. It is all about the money. SF has plenty of Cap space and will have to pay a premium. Agents will sell the landing spot as a 2 year stop. Get your money, then get your championship.

  35. Seb, here are some good news for you.

    Two days after Kaepernick’s agents requested permission to seek a trade, two teams emerged as potential landing spots.

    The Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans are “at least” two franchises with interest in acquiring the passer kaepernick.

    Won’t be a big surprise the Browns and the 49ers do make the trade this coming March. Especially, Hue jackson is a big fan of Kaepernick. I’m sure Cleveland’s #2 pick in the 1st Rd of the draft is being considered by the 49ers, in return the Browns will get Kaepernick and the 49ers #7 pick as well. If that happen Kelly and Baalke will use the #2 pick for a franchise Qb. Kelly probably already knows which player his taking in the 1st Rd.

    1. Nope. Never gunna happen. Kaep will emphatically say that he will not play for Cleveland. They will not waste any draft capital for a player who will be unwilling to play for them. They cannot beat him like a slave and make him play for them. If he refuses, what can they do? Cut him?

    2. Jam, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Once PM retires, Denver will be without a QB. Who better to lead them to a repeat performance? What other SB QB is available? Elway won with a QB who could not run or pass. Once healthy again, Kaep can do both.

      1. There is ZERO possibility that Kaepernick goes to Denver. First, Osweiler knows the playbook and was successful in Denver. It would be much cheaper to resign him. Second, there isn’t the cap room to resign the key players and Kaepernick. Third, Vernon Davis is in Denver telling everyone NO on Colin Kaepernick. Though he denied the rumors he called out Kaepernick in Oct, he also denied he got into it with Staley.
        There is a better chance that you suit up and play QB for SF than Kaepernick plays QB in Denver.

        1. Matt, no, you are not taking into consideration the fact that once PM retires that will free up 20 mil.I am taking into consideration that Kaep may accept less to go to a contender. He accepted that team friendly deal because he wanted to be a team player and was promised that they would use the savings to re-sign veteran leadership.
          Back to your points. BO was benched for a QB who could not run or pass, so he was not skilled enough to beat out an aging limited QB.
          Vernon was very lucky to win a ring, but he did nothing to help them win, and he will not be on the team much longer.
          Finally, with my old soccer injury, I probably could run as fast as PM, and I definitely could throw farther than he can. With that Denver Defense, I would be content to hand off the ball, try not to turn it over, and let the defense win. However, since Kaep is 100 times better than me, he would be the logical choice to help them repeat.

          1. Matt, I am sorry, I did not read your last sentence correctly. I assumed you were saying that I would have a better chance to play for Denver than Kaep.
            No. Nyet, Non. Nein, Eyeh. Under no circumstances would I ever play for Jed. I have my pride, and would refuse to play for an organization that smears and backstabs its players. I would just assume that I would be cut on the team bus, so I would never put myself in such a humiliating position.

          2. HAHAHA. Fair enough. Usually we agree on a lot of speculation, but I just don’t see much possibility in Denver and Kaepernick forming a working relationship.

      2. Seb, They interview Matt Maiocco, they asked him if Kaepernick would be able to win over the players in locker room once again after last season disaster, he said the chances aren’t very good for Kaep. He clearly stated that Blaine Gabbert has won the support of all the players in the 49ers locker room. The chances kaepernick returning with 49ers isn’t very good.The best thing now for Kaepernick is to moved on and try to resurrect his NFL career with another NFL team.

        1. Yup, with the lies and smears, the Niner front office poisoned the team for Kaep. Saying that he lost the locker room even though players like Torry Smith discounted those rumors, is just following the FO narrative to help get rid of Kaep because he was a JH guy. The Niner FO was so low class, they cut Hayne on the team bus. Smearing Kaep by saying he lost the locker room is just their Modus operandi.

          1. Seb

            It looks to me as though the front office are the only ones guilty of lies and smears….And with you, it’s all speculation…not one proof…you should really put it all behind you…

              1. Seb

                You (and a few choice others) have been lying and smearing the FO several times daily ….what can you possibly be thinking ? You also have not one shred of evidence to back up your claim(s).

            1. “It looks to me as though the front office aren’t the only ones guilty of lies and smears….” … Oregoniner

              I’m curious. Who else are you thinking about “being guilty of lies and smears?”

              Actually, I wouldn’t use either word in reference to rumors about Colin Kaepernick. I’m not referring to some of the characterizations that go on here in this blog involving the author or posters view of Colin either. A lot of them are uncalled for in reference to anyone playing football but it seems to be part of the package.

          2. Seb,
            You do the players a disservice by implying that they are being influenced and manipulated by FO smear tactics.
            NFL players are not so naïve as to be duped by this type of alleged game.

            If CK7 truly lost the locker room it’s time to come to grips that he did it on his own.

            His overnight rise to fame with his almost unstoppable runs, SB appearance, SI Mag, picture, Hollywood award appearances only to be followed by the Hotel incident with teammates (then) Ricardo Lockett and Q.Patton did not put CK in a good light even if there was no proof of wrong doing.
            His poor judgment in making a move on Aldon Smith’ former girlfriend was may have contributed to loss of respect in the locker room.

            Seb, please notice that the above incidents I noted have absolutely have nothing to do with the FO.
            The sooner you learn to focus the blame on the rightful owner the sooner you can move on bud.

            My thoughts regarding Kap is this: Even if he is on the 49ers 2016 roster, I have no guarantee that Kelly can revive his career – and that (for me at least) is an unstable prospect to pin my hope on.

  36. Looking at the Combine, there will be lots of players who have shown good skills and will be available in the later rounds.
    I had Buckner and Spriggs in a previous mock, but it looks like both of those players will be gone sooner than the Niners draft positions.One mock had the Rams moving up with Baltimore to get a QB, but with Flacco out with 2 ligament tears, the Ravens might sit tight and grab one of the 2 best QBs. However, with the additional surgery to Romo, Jerry might decide that it is time to get an eventual replacement for Romo, and it could be prudent if Romo cannot return in time to start the season. Also, If Flacco looks good in his rehab, Baltimore might sit tight and just select Stanley with the 6th.
    Spriggs, Ryan Kelly, Nick Martin, Jack Conklin all look like good candidates for improving the O line. Joshua Garnett, Tyler Johnstone, Joe Thuney and Isaac Seumalo all look like decent late round picks.
    Cant wait for the D line 40s. I am thinking that Sheldon Rankins may fit the Niner defensive philosophy well.

    1. Seb, you brought up a good point about the teams ahead of the 49ers in the draft.

      1) Tennessee: Priority – Offensive tackle #2 Laremy Tunsil OT

      2) Cleveland : Priority – Quarterback.. Maybe they can trade #2 spot to the 49ers
      Carson Wentz QB, ??? Kaepernick and #7 pick

      3)San Diego ; Priority- Defensive Line. #1 Joey Bosa DE

      4) Dallas : Priority – Cornerback or Safety and Quarterback
      Jalen Ramsey safety or a Qb. ?

      5)Jacksonville: Priority – Cornerback, Safety,

      6)Baltimore : Priority — Offensive line, Ronnie Stanley OT

      7) San Francisco 49ers: Priority- Quarterback Jared Goff or Carson Wentz
      If they trade for Cleveland’s #2 pick
      In exchange for kaepernick and the #7 pick
      the 49ers chances in getting a Qb is
      clearly good Goff or Wentz.

  37. So apparently the Jets met with all 3 of the top QBs in the draft at the combine. At #20 they really only have a shot at potentially Lynch. However, they have a lovely piece of trade bait in Mo Wilkerson.

    I’ve seen rumours speculating the Jets may accept a first rounder for Wilkerson. If they did so, they could then look to move up to take Goff or Wentz. If the idea for the Jets is to move up and take one of the top QBs it could be worth the 49ers exploring a potential swap of first rounders for Wilkerson.

    Of course that would mean the 49ers wouldn’t be taking a QB early. Given the 49ers are reported to have met with at least Goff and Lynch, watched the QBs closely at the combine, and are expected to trade Kaep, it would seem a QB in round 1 will of course be strongly considered.

    1. I won’t pretend to know much about the current state of the Jets organization. However, many seem to agree that defenses win championships. Giving up your best defensive player would probably suggest that they feel comfortable with the other D lineman such as Sheldon Richardson. So they’ll weaken the defense a bit to try and strengthen the offense for the future. It sounds good in theory, but again, it seems that defenses win championships.

      How do you think a defensive player with a contract averaging $15 mil per year would play out in the 49ers locker room?

  38. Sebby if Kaep wants to start with a HC who likes him he goes to the Browns thats clear and simple.
    To the other posters like i said before swapping first rounders and including our 3th round pick would seal it.(or conditional 2017 pick)

      1. Great defenses that win it all are very hard to hold together. The Bears and the Ravens were one timers. Seattle and Denver may turn out to be one timers too.

      2. From Hue we know this from Kubiak nothing, what i know is that they like Osweiler so i think the Broncos will draft a QB on the 2nd day and will sign a FA.
        My gut feeling is if we dont move for Goff or Wentz than we take that kid who compares him self to Brady hehehe.

        1. Since Kaep was rehabbing in Colorado, he may have talked to a few fans. Obviously, he cannot talk to Kubiak, but Kubiak saw Kaep practice when the teams practiced together during the preseason, so he knows how talented Kaep is.
          Why do you think Kaep’s agent wanted permission to be able to talk with other teams? Kaep did not rehab in Cleveland.

      3. Hey Seb

        Why don’t you understand that what Kaep wants is entirely irrelevant!!! If he wants to not play for the 49ers, he can either retire or accept whatever they can orchestrate to beat suit their terms, not his. Get it through your thick head.

        You are so clearly a Kaep fan and not a 49ers fan, as everything you’re clamoring for is based on Kaepernick’s best interests, which are clearly opposed to the 49ers best interests. Do you see that?

        1. Sil, you are acting like a toady for Jed. Defend him all you want, but I will just say that being a sycophant for such a clueless brain dead low class owner says a lot about you.
          Will you ever be able to acknowledge that sending the leaker to meet with the representatives of Kaep was an incredibly stupid and insulting move? Sending the lead negotiator of contracts just meant to me that they asked Kaep to take a pay cut.
          Jed should have gone himself, with Baalke and Chip, and promised Kaep he could regain his starting job that he lost due to injury. But no, he had to play hardball, and Kaep justifiably kicked them in the teeth.
          I am not only a Kaep fan. I am a fan for decency and respect.
          Eddie would never have done what Jed did because Eddie liked and valued his players. Eddie treated his players well. He treated them like champions, and they responded by winning championships. Jed is chaining up his players and beating them with a club, and he wonders why they do not love him.

    1. Mid,
      I thought that Goff made a good showing yesterday, but don’t know if he is our first pick if he is still on the board at #7.

      If CK7 is adamant about leaving than Kelly will make a strong push for Bradford. I wouldn’t count Gabbert out either but he is not a long range solution.
      Regarding Kap, I still believe that his agent is playing the leverage game in an attempt to garner a more friendly contract for his client.

      Watching the NFL Combine this morning and was intrigued by a couple of players.
      1. Robert Nkemdiche showed very good athleticism for a big man.
      I was really impressed by his explosive first step in all his routines. Didn’t like hearing that he disappeared in stretches during games. If this guy can learn to keep the motor running during games he’s going to be a perennial star.

      2. Kamalei Correa also showed very good athleticism. Quick and fast. His 4.6 40 and natural strength would make him a viable edge defensive player. Unlike Nkemdiche, Correa is a self-motivator that has a high motor.

      Was a little disappointed that Andrew Billings (my draft crush) did not participate today.

    1. Wilsonm73, said. this one’s for you Jamaican. “None of the QB’s in this draft are 1 rounders.” Here’s a couple of guys not buying into the hype machine. Listen carefully about the short comings of these guys.

      Who the heck is Josh Norris is he in the 49ers payroll??

      By Franchise Player do they mean eventually in year 1 or 2 capable of starting for the team that drafts them ? Then Yes , Goff is a Franchise player .

      But any player will only be as good as the Franchise . From the owner down to the water boy .

      Saw the Combine yesterday & it was pretty clear who the Top Dogs were in the QB Dept.

      Goff & Wentz

      The Cowboys might not passed on a QB, especially Romo age and his injuries are filing up, and then the 49ers will have a difficult time in getting their QB of the Future with either Goff or Wentz, because we are also aware that Cleveland’s priority is a starting Qb also. Unless some Team trades up to snag 1 of these guys. Hopefully not. That’s why it’s crucial for the 49ers to also make a move to trade for the #2 pick. The 49ers have a lot chips to bargain with to make Cleveland make the trade. It’s no secret to anyone that the 49ers first priority is to get a franchse Qb. No mistake, Kelly’s and Baalke action’s in the combine are surely being notice, what they’re going after in the draft.

      1. Jam, this is hype season. It happens every year. The desperation of NFL teams drives everyone to over value QB’s. People hype up these guys and over look their weaknesses. You did hear him say 7 passing concepts for Cal right. His offense isn’t even close to the complexity of Oregon’s. Wentz freezes after his first read.

        Lets do 2 things. First lets see who gets drafted, then lets track these guys through their first season. Neither of these guys is going to make the players around them better was what they said.

        As to the combine did you see with no defense Goff over threw one deep ball and had a second over the wrong shoulder that was dropped. In his intermediate throws one was slightly behind the receiver and one was in front causing the receiver to dive. There’s no defense or pass rush. He should be perfect on these. I think this QB class will end up disappointing a lot of people.

        I don’t see Cleveland giving up their #2 pick and taking Kaepernick for the #7.

  39. The trading line looks to be small for a qb who can basically just run with the ball.
    If I were Jed I’d use this talent to repair my relationship with fans.
    It’s simple I’d start with this. Trade Kap to whoever wants him in exchange for cash.
    Then I’d tally up the cost for foam fingers and individual bags of skittles and hand them out to any fan that actually shows up next season for free. You can’t tell me a free bag of skittles and a foam finger wouldn’t make you like Jed just a little. That should buy him at least another year in popularity until he fires Kelly and hires our new OC in his place.
    Problem solve Jed! Get t done. My wife loves skittles and I wouldn’t mind a foam finger to hang up in the man cave.

      1. Ninermd has no brain…..ha ha ha….that has to be the dumbest response to the situation…..”foam fingers and individual bags of skittles “….ha ha ha

        I see why the moron supports Trump……

        Ninermd do us a favor and continue to ban yourself……you never did contribute any sensible comments to the blog….

        what a dullard……He actually suggested “Trade Kap to whoever wants him in exchange for cash.”….ha ha ha…. a true moron…..

        1. good ol onelame. One way of thinking. If you don’t support ovomit you must support the elephants. You’re a waste onelame. Who else takes a political avenue? And you have the balls to say somebody else isn’t using their brain. You want to hammer my jokes, that’s fine. But politically? Really? I guess when you’ve been smacked and banned 3 times because this guy tore your a$$ up over blue eyes over the years you gotta go with any angle you can. Cheers onelame you’ve hit a new low and you’re still missing old blue eyes.
          You know that “coldblooded assassin” bahahaaaaa

  40. Cubus

    What is disappointing about it? Florio spins more than anyone. If you want a read on what happened, it might be this:

    Yesterday Kawakami sent out a Tweet asking “The one question we still haven’t heard answered is this: Will Jed and Trent pay Kaep his $11.9M salary for 2016?”

    Kawakami is always critical of the two buffoons of the front office, saying they love their national reporters and only ever let out information indirectly through leaks to national media folks.

    The response by Jed was so pointed in two ways. First, he selected a member of the Bay Area media, and second, he spoke directly with him for an hour, addressing Kawakami’s question as unequivocally as possible.

    It is still entirely plausible that this is done to gain leverage, but if you go to Purdy’s original article on the subject, you see exactly what Jed said, and Purdy provides a pretty clear telling of what he was asking.

    I still believe, and it seems to be dawning on even Florio, that Kaepernick’s contract, as much as the QB himself, is a MAJOR trump card in any trade discussions, for this reason: any acquiring team has such a tiny investment to make, just $11.9M for 1 year, to give Kaep a chance to make or break his career. They don’t have to pay for multiple years, don’t have to pay a signing bonus, and don’t have to guarantee any more money or take on any dead cap space moving forward.

    Contrast this with the scenarios involving acquiring other QBs: Cousins will get $20M franchise tag for 1 year; Osweiler will command a multi-year deal where his guarantee (signing bonus alone) will be over $12M, and there will be dead space implications moving forward; Griffin could possible be had for less than $12M signing bonus, but he will likely not accept a 1-year prove it deal. The same general math applies to all the QBs on the market except for Kaep, who comes with a one-time only payment of $12M.

    The 49ers, for all their communications and PR gaffes, are not stupid. They somehow got Kaepernick to accept this deal, and they know that this contract is valuable.

    Jed answered about as directly as he could. The 49ers control Kaep’s career at this point, and I see them telling him go get his rear into camp or retire. The only alternative is a trade for Kaep on their terms, and I believe they’ll demand at least what they got for Alex, or no deal, which they’ll be fine with. No trade just means Kaep must report or retire.

    1. No. He does not have to retire. Kaep will just wait until they cut him, and refuse to play until they do. Kaep has been lied to and smeared so much, he can claim it is a hostile work environment and bad faith on the part of the Niners, and everyone will agree. Another team will jump at the chance to get a SB QB, and he will go to a contender who will stop forcing him to be only a pocket passer behind a turnstile O line that let him get beaten like a pinata. Niners forced him to play while injured, so the medical staff can be accused of malfeasance and incompetence, especially after Kaep had to get 3 surgeries to repair the damage.
      Claiming the Niners are not stupid is an oxymoron. Jed and Baalke are the very definition of stupid, especially after sending the leaker to ask for a pay cut.

        1. No, the Niners tried to hurt him worse by forcing him to play while injured. They lied to and smeared him. They insulted him by banishing him from the side lines, even after 5 weeks of rehab.
          The Niners cannot trade him, because the other teams will merely wait and get him for free. He has stated he wants to leave. They cannot force him to play. He is not a slave.
          The niners should make the best of the situation by talking with him, identifying the teams he wants to play for, and arranging a trade with little compensation instead of no compensation at all.
          I bet the Broncos will offer a six pack of Coors. New York may offer a thin crust pizza. Texas may offer a bag of pecans.

            1. No, they can cut him, so he will become a free agent and play for whatever team he wants.
              Sorry Sil, Kaep has a lot of gas left in his tank, PM has played until he was 39, Kaep is only 28, in the prime of his life

              1. They can cut him, I agree, but they won’t. Where do they get value from that? His contract is so friendly that they don’t need to do anything. You’re a Kaep fan, not a 49ers fan.

              2. Sil, I am a die hard faithful Niner fan. I want them to win multiple championships.
                However, if you think that disparaging, insulting and stabbing in the back the one player who gives the Niners the best chance to get back to the SB, maybe you want the Niners to lose.

      1. I agree that the Niners front office has been incompetent in many regards, but getting Kaep under this contract means he either plays for them, retires, or is traded for the price they’re asking. What Kaep wants is irrelevant.

        1. This is America. Kaep is not a slave. He in not an unfeeling piece of meat. Niners may act like spoiled brats, but Kaep is thoroughly justified to leave this dysfunctional low class organization.

          1. Seb

            Correct: he can leave the 49ers and retire. Just like Anthony Davis. And if he ever wants to play again, his rights will still be owned by the 49ers. He is under contract, due to make $11.9M once he reports. That’s not slavery.

            Seb, you are a clueless moron. A complete idiot. A dolt of unmatched proportions. You are quite possibly the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen on this blog, and by far the most stupid.

            1. Sil, you may try to spin this in the Niners favor, but kissing Jed’s behind is unseemly. I still have not seen you even mention that Marathe was at the meeting, and only a moron would discount that fact.
              I still think Kaep is leaving the team. You claim that he is under contract, but Kaep wants to burn that contract. That contract is so team friendly, it was ludicrous for him to even sign it. It was signed in good faith, but the Niners broke their word, so it could easily be thrown out due to breach of contract. Even if it was only a verbal agreement to structure that contract so the Niners could retain veteran leadership, the Niner actions were reprehensible and they acted in bad faith.
              Kaep acted like any sane person would. He will not bend over backwards to help the Niners. His actions destroyed and leverage the Niners had, so the best thing will be for the Niners to apologize, and let him out of his contract. Kaep will then be a free agent and can sign with whoever he wants. Niners will move on, and Kaep will move on. It is strange to hear posters diss Kaep and say he sucks, then decide he is worth at least two second round picks. Some are so delusional, they want a first round pick.
              They cannot force Kaep to play, because the threat to not pay him is nonsensical. Kaep wants to get rid of that bad deal, and play elsewhere. They cannot hold him hostage, make him keep a bad contract yet threaten not to pay him for breach of contract. Kaep is holding all the cards and you are the crybaby who will not accept the truth. Kaep may bludgeon the Niners by failing his physical, making the contract guaranteed, and force them to offer to buy him out since he will not play for an organization that has stabbed him in the back.
              Cry all you want. Whine about keeping him because they can, but in the end, Kaep is going to leave unless they make huge amends. Marathe should be fired forthwith. They should offer him his starting job back. They should redo his contract, and not demand he take a pay cut. They should at least offer to pay him as much as Cutler, who is way inferior to Kaep.
              Sil, in the real world, there are logical consequences to ones actions. Sending the leaker to demand he take a pay cut is imbecilic. Jed did not read the situation right, and blundered again. Whining that the Niners have the upper hand is just a fantasy, and not remotely true.
              Call me stupid, but in the end, I will be proven right. Kaep is gone, but I will not say good riddance like many of the posters on this site. I will say Godspeed, and wish him well. I will still root for the Niners, but I am not jumping for joy, because now the Niners have a 5-27 QB as their starter. He should have been 2-30, but Quinn went brain dead and did not go for it on 4th down, when he could have taken the lead, and the other 2 victories were due to the Bears and Rams missing easy field goals.
              Now the Niners may be forced to spend their first round pick on a rookie QB, and miss out on one of those elite pass rushers.
              Since you are a toady for Jed, I expect you will be happy because of the anticipation to be rewarded with a high draft pick. I am sad because they are not trying to win, and expect they will lose and become perennial cellar dwellers.
              Gosh, if only they had treated Kaep with respect, I was hoping for a winning season. But no, they had to spit in his face.

              1. Seb,

                Before releasing A Smith and A Davis retiring, the 49ers were fairly close to the cap.

                You might say they didn’t spend their cap space wisely, but it’s hard to make the argument that they didn’t have the intention of spending up to, or at least close to, the cap last year.

              2. No, Jed said they did not want to spend money just to spend money.
                Too bad they did not spend money to try and win.

              3. Seb,

                A Davis retired and A Smith was released long after free agency opened. Had both Davis and Smith remained with the 49ers for the entire season, the 49ers would’ve been fairly close to the cap. Before the departures of Davis and Smith, the 49ers didn’t have much money to sign anybody with. After their departures, there wasn’t any talent available for the 49ers to sign.

    2. they will get at minimum 2 2nd rd picks……similar to what they got for Alex…..

      this is really a blessing in disguise…..the truth is #7 really SUCKS……please trade him ASAP…..

      I would be lying if I said I was 100% sure Alex would be successful after being traded……but he has done more than well in KC

      I can bet the moon #7 will never be a successful QB in the league, sometimes the answer is obvious, attitude is everything……..he is done

      1. Hmm, you want another team to give up two second round picks for an unwanted second stringer who you claim sucks and never will be good. Nice delusional thinking.

        1. my opinion of #7 is irrelevant…….its the opinion of a QB needy team that counts…….worse players have been perceived to have more value

          I have no doubt at least 2 teams out there think they can win with #7……..I mean the 49ers actually did think they could win with Tomsula…..

          1. Nope. Both those teams just declared they have no interest in TRADING for Kaep. Why? Because they will wait until he is cut, probably on the team bus, and maybe get him without lifting a finger.

        2. This is also the same idiot who said Alex was a lifer after signing a year to year contract like CK. Two things we know about onelame.
          He knows nothing about a top tier qb and he’s an idiot who is all over the place. Take his “opinion” with a grain of salt. It’s delusional due to the trade of his boy Alex.
          Saltiness is onelame’ game.

    1. Mary Kay Cabot – “Updated: Browns not interested in trading for Colin Kaepernick despite NFL Network report”

  41. 49ers have the leverage…..

    From MB:

    The 49ers are in no hurry to act, which is why they have not responded to the request to give Kaepernick the ability to talk to teams that might be interested in his services. The 49ers can sit tight and not do a thing with Kaepernick until they figure out their course of action in free agency.

    After all, the 49ers can determine whether they go after a free-agent quarterback, such as Robert Griffin or Sam Bradford, in the early stages of free agency.

    Then, they can try to deal Kaepernick to the highest bidder or simply set him free -– assuming Kaepernick waives the 49ers of any financial responsibility. After all, it seems Kaepernick wants out from his 49ers’ contract more than he’s intent on collecting any more of their money.

    It’s difficult to believe Kaepernick truly fits into the team’s plan because the 49ers clearly do not fit into his plan. The aura surrounding him in the locker room last year was not positive. Now, after formally requesting a change of scenery, there is no going back.”

    One thing that is clear from #7 going public about the trade is that he knows he has lost the locker room……..that to me is not the org’s fault or anybody but #7…..

    1. Wrong. When Jed sent the leaker to ask Kaep to take a pay cut, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jed is at fault, and he deserves all the criticism directed at him.

    2. Niners have no leverage at all. No team will want to deal with them. Keap, when he said he wanted out, just destroyed any trade leverage, and he did it on purpose so the Niners cannot trade him to a team he does not want to go to. Kaep signed that team friendly deal and was rewarded by being stabbed in the back.
      Jed needs to grow up. Baalke needs to be fired. Chip needs to work on his people skills.

      1. “Kaep signed that team friendly deal and was rewarded by being stabbed in the back.”

        Seb, Kaep digressed over the past two seasons. You can make a case that he was under a lot of pressure, but you cannot deny that his field vision never improved, he continued to make bone-headed plays, his accuracy declined, and he “lost the locker room.” Last year, the FO learned that his backup responded to pressure better, had better field vision, had decent accuracy, and had won the locker room. At his salary, there is no justification to keep Kaep as a backup, which is what he would have been after TC. I don’t see that as “stabbing him in the back.” He stabbed himself, so to speak.

        1. George, you may say that Kaep stabbed himself in the back. I disagree. Jed and Baalke stabbed him repeatedly.
          Maybe you could say that Kaep stabbed himself in the back by agreeing to that team friendly deal. He did that because Jed and Baalke promised him that they would use the savings to re-sign veteran leadership. Kaep signed it in good faith, but was stabbed in the back by their reneging on their promise.They lied to him.
          The leak about study times was a stab in the back, and never should have been disclosed. By saving 13 mil in cap space, and saying that they will not spend just to spend, they just sent the message loud and clear that they were content to lose. Jed even said he did not mind losing, because he would be rewarded with a better draft position. How can I not conclude that they were losing on purpose and were not trying to win? Losing the locker room? That smear was debunked by Staley and Torrey, but posters like you keep bringing it up as a justification to get rid of him. Kaep was ostracized by the FO, and they wanted Kaep to lose the locker room so they would have justification to cut him. Heck, he was banished from the side line. It was a direct insult with no justification. Romo roamed the side line, and his injury is a lot worse. I have seen players on crutches on the side line, so their- Dont want him to get further injured- was a lame reason. How ironic, they made him play while injured, but once he had surgery, they were extremely concerned about his health. The doctors stabbed him in the back by their malfeasance and incompetence. No wonder he went to Colorado, because he could not trust them.
          Jed promised that if he found out who was leaking, he would part ways with him. Tomsula found out Marathe was the leaker, and left. He did not come back until Marathe was demoted. Now we find out that Jed has refused to part ways with Marathe. He even doubled down by sending the leaker to meet with Kaeps’ representatives and actually had the gall to ask Kaep for a pay cut. Jed lied. He is a liar and will lie again. The only way to rectify the situation is if he truly parts ways with Marathe. Since he will not do that, Jed deserves all the criticism he is getting. I hope they tow more banners to humiliate him.
          Jed also said to hold him accountable. I am holding him accountable by enumerating his failures and am calling for him to truly hold himself accountable, and resign for the good of the team. That would be the honorable thing to do. The Niners are bigger than Jed. He is the one holding them back. His actions are disgusting and reprehensible. I do not expect the Niners will make it back to the playoffs as long as Jed is the CEO. Actions speak louder than words, so his apology PC was, to me, just crocodile tears. I hope Eddie can step in and get Denise to remove Jed. She must not like it when her son is being verbally eviscerated, so they should be kind to him and remove him for his own good. Towing disparaging banners is just humiliating the whole family, so they need to intervene and stop the dysfunction.

          1. Seb, Defenses have simply caught up to read-option quarterbacks and forced them to win games from the pocket. Russell Wilson can do that. Robert Griffin III was so bad he got beat out by Cousins. And now Kaepernick, still the strongest running quarterback in the league, has transitioned from a franchise quarterback into a quarterback who might not be with the franchise much longer.

            “With the new-wave quarterbacks, if you design the offense to run from the pocket, most of them are going to fail,” one source said. “You got to get them on the perimeter for them to be effective. It’s a new wave in terms of what the colleges are producing. The NFL hasn’t been able to harness how to get them to play with that kind of production at the professional level.”

          2. @seb….just going to copy and paste what AES said above again…..

            You do the players a disservice by implying that they are being influenced and manipulated by FO smear tactics.
            NFL players are not so naïve as to be duped by this type of alleged game.

            If CK7 truly lost the locker room it’s time to come to grips that he did it on his own.

            His overnight rise to fame with his almost unstoppable runs, SB appearance, SI Mag, picture, Hollywood award appearances only to be followed by the Hotel incident with teammates (then) Ricardo Lockett and Q.Patton did not put CK in a good light even if there was no proof of wrong doing.
            His poor judgment in making a move on Aldon Smith’ former girlfriend was may have contributed to loss of respect in the locker room.

            Seb, please notice that the above incidents I noted have absolutely have nothing to do with the FO.
            The sooner you learn to focus the blame on the rightful owner the sooner you can move on bud.”

      1. Bradford needs to be more mobile, his knee injuries are problematic. They couldn’t access portions of the playbook because PM couldn’t roll out very well or move the pocket.

          1. He’d be better than Brock. They have such potent WR’s that neither PM or BO made much use of this year.

            Can Bradford stay healthy? The Broncos need a major upgrade at both tackles. They’ll be busy getting a new OL and they need better RB’s and a QB as you’ve pointed out. Bradford could fit the bill.

  42. Best way to help a NFL client who wants to be traded is to keep quiet so other teams don’t wait, make low offers current team won’t accept – Leigh Steinberg

    Kaepernick’s agents request to “seek trade” are ploy to make him less (not more) valuable in a trade.

    Kaepernick wants to be released with a nice injury settlement. That way he can choose where he lands, and punish the 49ers by denying them draft picks in a trade.

    I’m not buying the 49ers have no problem with the April deadline. Time and leverage are on Kaepernick’s side, knowing the 49ers will get low-ball offers (if any) before then.

    1. Brodie

      You’re assuming they care about the $11.9M. That contract is so team-friendly to whichever team has it that it will ensure that they keep him around.

      1. If the 49ers are “truly” happy to keep Colin for 2016 at $11.9M then I can see your theory having a chance to work.

        If Colin is football healthy and isn’t released before April 1st, that would make your case even stronger.

        If he isn’t football healthy or they release him as per his contract, then your theory goes where most of mine wined up — in the dumper.

        Any trade is most likely to happen after April 1st when the 49ers have picked up the 2016 version of “The Contract.”

        1. if he his not healthy the chance they would release him is 0………makes it easy for them to put him on IR till mid season…….

          1. First of all, not being healthy enough for football on April 1st doesn’t mean a thing when they finalize the roster for 2016.

            I understand that his contract is a bonus for the team holding it, but what if Kaepernick can’t play better than he did most of 2015.

            So the deal is a one year $12M gamble that Colin is worth that kind of money going forward. What’s that worth to the teams needing a QB?

    2. Oh, and Leigh Steinberg is not saying what you’re implying. He’s saying that Kaepernick is being represented poorly by his agents.

      1. Interesting take. That just may be the case. The fact that the trade request weakens the 49ers made me think it was deliberate, and not agent incompetence.

        But CK’s agents were the laughing stock of the league when details of his contract first came out. CK was their first NGL client. I wonder if he still uses those same guys for representation.

        1. Brodie

          Same agents. And the 49ers have $58M in cap space including Kaep’s contract.

          It doesn’t weaken the 49ers if they’re willing to pay him. They’ll draft a QB and have Kaep, Gabbert, and the rookie.

          It would have been better for Kaep to say nothing because now teams will be offering less, thinking the team will release him. They won’t though. I keep saying it, the contract itself is extremely valuable to QB-needy teams, because they will commit below-market money to a QB with nothing further committed beyond 2016. Kaep holding out will do nothing but hurt him either, because Gabbert is a functional QB, and because other teams don’t want that type of cancer either.

          It’s a Carson Palmer situation. If Kaep is as disenchanted as Palmer was, he can simply state he’s not playing for the 49ers again, not report, and retire. Sooner or later another team will see the value in the contract and deliver the trade value the 49ers want.

          1. “the contract itself is extremely valuable” Yup. The way it was structured, its very attractive for a team wanting to acquire him. People blanch at the annual amount, but its very dead cap friendly, yet still locks CK down several years.

            I’m hoping Anthony Davis is healthy and plays for the 49ers. But I can see how the uncertainty would drive Baalke nuts. Do I draft a tackle or not?

            The remaining 4 years on AD’s contract is cheap. Most of the pro-rated signing bonus has been paid. A conditional* trade would make sense to an RT needy team. The Titans and Chargers could really use an OT.

            *Conditional – If AD’s released from his new team before April 2017 season, the 49ers would give up a late 2017 draft pick as insurance.

            1. Brodie

              I think the emergence of Tiller and Brown at the end of last year will settle Baalke, and it’s reasonable to believe that Anthony Davis will be improved this season, since he’s had a year to rest his body and mind. He’s a highly intelligent guy.

              I expect Baalke to focus on the guard position, and to keep Boone if no other team offers him too much. He will likely also target Osemele and/or Schwartz/Jones. I believe the 49ers will draft heavily on defense once again.

      2. If real agent life is anything like Entourage, it makes sense Leigh Steinberg might criticize CK’s representation.

        For now I’m sticking with the notion CK’s reps are trying to make a trade more difficult. The motives for an outright release (choice of new team, $12M, depriving Baalke of draft picks) seem all too clear.

        But I’m speculating on a Sunday afternoon. What the heck do I know. Its not like I have insider info. Tomorrow CK and Baalke might be on TMZ riding a tandem bike in the park.

          1. Brodie

            Right, you’re making my point, though I understand why it’s murky, because the whole thing is so convoluted.

            If Kaep’s true desire is to move on from San Francisco, the worst thing his agents could do would be to depress the trade value for him, because the 49ers have no incentive to trade him for what they believe is below-market value. We accept that by going public, his agents depressed the trade value for him, as now teams think the 49ers will not keep a disgruntled Kaep. That is ridiculous, as you’ll see below.

            It would be true if the 49ers were under cap pressure, or if Kaep’s contract was onerous, but neither of those is true. Drew Brees’ salary cap number is $30M, Joe Flacco’s is $26M. Nick Foles averages making $12M per year. He’s on a 2-year deal for $24.5M, with $12.5M guaranteed (whereas Kaep’s 6-year, $114,000,000 contract has only $13M guaranteed. Andy Dalton’s average is $16M. Jay Cutler, $18M. Two of those QBs have won SBs, and the other three are demonstrably poorer QBs than Kaepernick.

            The fact is, Kaepernick’s contract will be taught in Sports Law classes for decades as the worst contract ever signed for a player, best for a team. In his first year under that contract, he earned his entire guaranteed salary.

            Look at the Foles contract. He leveraged a season with Chip Kelly into a 2-year, $24.5M contract, with $12.5M guaranteed. Nick Foles is half the QB Kaepernick has shown himself to be. If Kaep were to be released, a new team would have no hope of getting him without (a) signing him to a multi-year deal and (b) guaranteeing him at least $12M. Why do that?

            The reality is that any team in the league right now could call the 49ers and offer them a 1st Rd Pick for Kaepernick, and not be on the hook for anything beyond 1-year at $12M, and the 49ers might accept it. If he performs, then that team still has him under contract for another 4 seasons, at below Franchise Tag salary, and those numbers will only continue to be reduced relative to the Salary Cap, which will grow by another $30-$40M by the time Kaep’s contract expires in 2020.

            On the other hand, why would the 49ers release Kaepernick, a SB QB, from a contract which is, for the team side of things, the best contract ever written? It won’t happen. The acquiring team gets a QB who at one time was highly sought after in addition to the best contract ever written. It’s really a no brainer.

  43. Wisonm73, This is for you. Of course teams like Cleveland won’t come out say we want Kaepernick. It’s tampering if they say it outright, that they want kaepernick. Kaepernick has no leverage for one thing to tell the 49ers where he wants to go. Alex Smith situation is way different from Kaepernick. He had the leverage and the 49ers accommodated he request to go to the Chiefs. The 49ers on the other hand are going in a different direction with Kaep, thay ‘ll do what is good for the 49ers future this time around, believe or not baalke will do whatever it takes for him to keep his GM job with the 49ers.

    1. ??? How’s this for me? I am not arguing tampering or people coming out and saying they want CK. I know he has no leverage, he’s stuck until the 49ers decide to release him to pursue other teams. They won’t do that unless they get what they want in return.

      You’re putting a lot of faith Baalke. Has he proven he’ll do what you say. Every year during draft and FA people come up with selections and FA acquisitions and Baalke stumps people every year. He’s failed miserably on offensive picks in the 1st round. He’ll go defense with such a deep talented group of edge rushers.

      1. Wisonm73, says..You’re putting a lot of faith Baalke. Has he proven he’ll do what you say. Every year during draft and FA people come up with selections and FA acquisitions and Baalke stumps people every year. He’s failed miserably on offensive picks in the 1st round. He’ll go defense with such a deep talented group of edge rushers.

        For one thing, where did you get the idea that I have faith on Baalke? I agree, he made a mistake in drafting Kaepernick Just because i said he’s going to try hard not to screw up in this draft, because he wants to keep his job as the 49ers GM? And on drafting defensive players first in the draft, no way that’s going to happen, and before that happen his going to draft offensive player first.:)

        1. Like I said you believe he’s gonna get it right. When has he done so? Faith is believing in things not seen.

          Again lets see if he actually does what you think and goes offense first. You have such a crush on Goff you’re unwilling to consider anything else. We don’t have a top 5 defense any longer. Goff’s not good enough to win on his own.

          1. WilsonM73, Here you go again with your accusation, that I have a crush on Goff, you’re a funny man :) I guest you haven’t seen some of my early post who the 49ers should draft. Actually, I like Carson Wentz much more than Goff, because he has a lot more upside and his career in the NFL no doubt will last longer than Goff.:) My take is, the 49ers should draft a franchise Qb they’re in the position to do so and like I said they have a lot chips to bargain with. The 49ers the last 5 years had a stout defense and good running attack and offensive line and a good head coach name Harbaugh, but they didn’t have a Qb that can win the SB.

            1. I guess I missed your posts on Wentz. You are lobbying that this is a great QB draft class, naming Goff, Wentz and Lynch as good franchise QB’s. I just don’t see it in these guys and do buy that they’re as good as Winston or Mariota from last year.

              Here’s a Cowboy’s Ryan Ratty from inside the star blog’s review.

              “I walk away from three tapes of Wentz really unimpressed. He locks into his targets often and he doesn’t necessarily throw the football where his receivers can create space. The wrist surgery should affect his throwing motion going forward. All in all, despite being 6-foot-6, Wentz plays smaller for a quarterback, this just going to show his pocket mechanics.

              Especially since he’s coming from the FCS, Wentz’s transition to the NFL will come at a price. I didn’t see a lot of intelligence in terms of reading the defense. I think for Wentz to succeed, he will need to come into the right system and be mentored by the right quarterback.”

              “Wentz has the tools coaches will love, but he didn’t make many NFL-level throws in his tape. Another impression I took away from Wentz is that he relied heavily on the system he was in, throwing a lot of check-downs and short-to-intermediate passes.”

    1. Losing the locker room alone is enough to lose an NFL QB Job…Kap’s still a novice in critical areas that Goff has clearly surpassed him on…The 49ers will not risk a 16.8 cap hit on a QB just to compete…Howver, the 49ers do not want to give him away when he has proven that in a run based, Greg Roman offense, Kap can do well.

      1. I’m assuming the 49ers will grant Kaep the request to seek a trade partner. This could end blowing up in Kaep’s face if he cannot find any interested suitors. And that is a possibility. All teams have to do is look at tape of him last season. He was horrendous.:)

      1. What do you think about Bronson Kaufusi?
        Over 6’6″, 34.5 inch arms, 285 lbs. Nice 3-cone at 7.03.

        But is he more of a 4-3 DE?

      1. A couple of exceptions here and there, but overall it is not a particularly athletic group of edge players. Lawson was solid, nothing more.

            1. Yes, and if you recall many pundits afterwards said his combine performance wasn’t bad, but not what they expected. Lawson was solid, didn’t hurt himself, but wasn’t spectacular.

              1. Same as Vic Beasley last year.

                He’s a bit similar to Ziggy Ansah. Great linear athlete that is still very raw. Ansah had 1.56 split. Now that was impressive!

            2. Grant

              You see that Brady said the most disruptive type of pressure is that which comes up the middle. That’s who we want. Inside pressure guys.

    1. That’s why I’m for taking advantage of all the good inside D-linemen even though its not a big “need” area (as long as Ian Williams is retained). If an elite edge guy isn’t there, he just isn’t there.

      A pass rush will need to be manufactured. That doesn’t mean always sending 5 players at the QB, but a combination of things.

      – A nice quick twitch 3-tech gap shooter on passing downs sounds nice.

      – Buckner or Armstead can be split out wide on passing downs. How’s Lynch and Buckner wide, Armstead and Dial inside sound? There will be lots of bat downs for sure.

      – The 49ers can easily trade up in the first from pick 37. Reggie Ragland might not be a “3 down linebacker”, but he can pressure nicely. Or Scoobie Wright on day two.

      – Then there’s Jalen Ramsey, who can play darned near anywhere in the DB spots, and blitz from the slot. I’m only giving a 10% chance of him falling, but crazier things have happened.

      I had hopes for the undersized but explosive Dadi Nicolas in later rounds, but he did a pathetic 14 reps on the bench press.

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    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows · 4m4 minutes ago

    A broad way of thinking about #49ers’ offseason roster restock: Team mostly will target offense in free agency, defense in the draft.

    1. TomD

      Do yourself a favor and stop quoting Inquisitr. It’s basically an outlet that blog commenters write for. Like if I said something like, I believe Bill Walsh will coach the 49ers in 2017, Inquisitr would publish it.

  45. I predicted Colin’s value would be minimal on the trade market one month ago. And it now appears I am correct. Despite early success, Colin hasn’t shown the ability to grow as a football player, or team leader, and that reputation gets around the quickly.

      1. Teams think the 49ers are bluffing. If they’re smart, they’ll pay him for 2016 call everyone’s bluff. The contract is gold.

        1. I concur…….the niners just have to wait……

          .”At some point down the road, whether on or after March 9 (if the 49ers sign someone else, like Sam Bradford), on or after April 1 (when Kaepernick’s salary becomes fully guaranteed), or during or after the draft (when another team fails to get the rookie it wants), Kaepernick’s football fate for 2016 will become clear.”……

          1. Of course this day was gonna come sooner rather than later. If Kaepernick wants to be upset with someone, blame someone? Give Harbaugh a call. He’s the one who lied to Kaepernick, convinced him that he had pro level skill when never did and still doesn’t have.

            1. Go ahead. Diss Kaep all you want. However, if he goes to the Broncos, expect him to win a couple rings, because with their defense, they easily could repeat. If Kaep is winning SBs for the Broncos, he will prevent the Niners from winning it all.
              Unlike you, I appreciate his skillsets, and with the proper coaching, he will take the league by storm, again.
              With a proper owner, Kaep will shine and get a pat on the back, instead of here where he got a knife in the back.

              1. Seb,
                Kap would have a hard time beating out Brock Osweiler if Manning retires.

                Did Kap (actually his agent) have the FO play him for a fool with his FO friendly contract? Yes
                Did Kap have the FO break their word about signing players like Crabtree and Iupati? Yes
                Did Kap have one of the worse OL’ in the league? Yes
                Did Kap play with nagging injuries? Yes

                Did Kap throw two pick 6′ against the Cards because he didn’t read the defense? Yes
                Did Kap run out of bounds at a most inopportune time? Yes
                Did Kap throw at the feet of an open receiver standing 5 yrds away? Yes
                Did Kap show a poor study in reading defenses over the last two seasons? Yes
                Did Kap make a poor decision by connecting with Aldon’ former girlfriend knowing that Aldon still had feelings for her? Yes
                Did Kap push for and was given Geep Chyst as his Off-Cord and still regress? Yes
                Has there been a definite decline in Colin Kaepernick’ play over the two years? Yes

                Seb, the chances of CK7 recapturing his past glory is very, very slim.

              2. Seb, It’s nobody fault what Kaepernick is going through right now as a football player. The only one to blame in his performance declining is himself. What he has gone through as a child, his birth mother giving him away for adoption has nothing to do what so ever with his current situation his in. When Kaepernick came to the 49ers was a dream come true for any Qb. The timing was right, HC Harbaugh that loves him from day one when he got drafted. A starting Qb name Alex Smith on his own time he to mentored him in off season. The current state of the 49ers team was so perfect for him, stout 49ers defense, Offensive line was great, the running game featuring Gore, the special team was awesome and the young supporting talents of the 49ers defense, offense and special teams were outstanding and good assistant coaches. But when the window closed on the 49ers team, it got a lot harder for Kaepernick to cover up his deficiency, and how quickly his performances decline, and his horrendous performance started to show time after time.

              3. AES, I must concede that everything you said is true, but I still think he will shine once he flees this dumpster fire. It was almost criminal the way they forced him to be only pocket passer, and coupled with Devey and Pears, he never had a chance to succeed.
                I envision another Situation like Jim Plunkette. Once he is in a system that accentuates his strengths, he will shine.
                With Kaep gone, I can only see another 5-11 season.

              4. “It was almost criminal the way they forced him to be only pocket passer, and coupled with Devey and Pears, he never had a chance to succeed.”
                ~ Seb,

                Seb, it was Harbaugh and Co that worked to make Kap become a better pocket passer. CK7 was Harbaugh’ man and he knew that making Kap a better pocket QB would not only extend his career, but make him a better runner as well ala Steve Young.

                I’ll give you the awful OL deficiency that CK had to work with and yes, a porous OL can cause any QB to have miserable games. But CK’ mindset was to run at the first sign of trouble rather than wait an extra tick to allow his receivers to get open.
                The great QB’ will knowingly take the hits in order to get the throw off at the last possible moment – CK would not.

                He was a run-first impulse QB vs a wait to the last possible moment to throw QB.
                And it’s exactly that same mindset that will hinder and eventually end his career because his legs are not getting younger and faster.

                No, it wasn’t criminal that Kap was being taught the nuances of a pocket QB, it was brilliant and career saving. Too bad he failed to take advantage of the opportunity.

              5. AES, it might have been good to have Kaep stay in the pocket to deliver the ball, but the question I ask is- What Pocket? Kaep never had a pocket to protect him, and he was sacked 80 times and beaten like a pinata.
                Once again, I will just say that they should have rolled him out more, let him use his mobility to escape the pass rush, and present a threat that will discombobulate the DBs so they freak out about Kaep running with the ball and forget about the receivers so they will be wide open. In other words, they should have played to their strengths. The defenses would stack the box and dare them to throw, so the Niners should have followed Sun Tzu’s advice and shaped the opposition. Spread them wide so they cannot stack the box and force them to defend the whole field, then attack the weak points. The Niners would get into those bunch sets and try to run the ball into the teeth of the defense. In the end, that proved counter productive.
                Kaep in the open is such a threat. The defenses made sure to try and contain him. Putting a TE in motion to pinch in the DE would allow Kaep to roll out to that side, but I very rarely saw that strategy employed.
                Obviously, it would be ideal to let Kaep throw from the pocket and never let them touch him, and Kaep should master all the nuances of being in the pocket. However, if he is getting pummeled, that strategy is obtuse. In fact, it led to him betting beat up so much, he had to have 3 surgeries. It sounds like forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer did not protect and lengthen his career, it almost destroyed it.
                Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

        2. The Kap/49ers divorce is now eminent. Kap will find a new team and the 49ers will need to draft a QB. Eventually Gabbert will be the bridge to the new young Qb. Will be entertaining to see who has the last laugh in this never ending sitcom.

        3. You seem to be unclear on the concept. When a player wants to be traded, it usually means that he does not want play for them. They cannot force him to play against his will. The Niners just told Kaep that he is not the starter and they want him to take a pay cut. How can they do that, then call his bluff and pay him his entire salary, making him a 12 mil backup? I thought Jed and Baalke were too cheap to waste that much money on a backup who will not play.
          If Kaep refuses to play for them, what can they do? Threaten to cut him? Guess what? That is what Kaep wants. You really need to think it through. Jed and Baalke are acting like spoiled brats, refusing to allow Kaep to talk with other teams. They will whine and cry, but in the end, they will just have to accept the fact that they are responsible for Kaep wanting to leave. Kaep may fail his physical, so he will be guaranteed his money, anyways. Jed will be forced to pay kaep his money, and will lose him anyways. Jed is bluffing with a small pair, and I am not referring to cards.

          1. If Kaepernick ever wants to play in the NFL again, it will be under the terms of the contract he signed with the 49ers. End of story.

              1. Not unless both sides can benefit terms. 49ers benefit in no way by terminating this contract. It’s the best contract ever written for a team in professional sports, worst for a player. It will literally be taught in Sports Law classes for generations to come, illustrating what NOT to do for player clients.

              2. Yup, when they lied to Kaep to get him to sign that team friendly deal, he was hoodwinked. Now they want him to play for them while benching him and threatening to cut him while asking him to take a pay cut.
                Sounds like they are being fair and dealing in good faith.

    1. I predicted Colin’s value would be minimal on the trade market one month ago. And it now appears I am correct.

      You’re neither correct or incorrect. It’s still too early to say what interest teams will have until it gets closer to Kaepernick’s physical or afterwards. We also have free agency that will determine whether Kaepernick will get traded or not.

      1. Niners should allow other teams to talk with Kaep’s representatives, because then they can gauge the level of interest for him.

        1. I highly doubt other teams will talk with Kaepernicks’ representatives until after free agency or even up until the draft because doing so would be showing their cards.

      1. HTW

        They’re keeping him because that contract is super-valuable. Because of the contract, any team that wants to kick the tires on Kaep, who in 2012-13 was in the conversation for best QB in the NFL (like Luck in 2014 and Newton in 2015), can do so for the low, low price of just $11.9M, with nothing more guaranteed or required ever.

        If Kaep fulfills his potential on the new team, that team will continue to have the favorable terms of his existing contract, which are: (1) no real guarantees; (2) terminability every season; (3) longevity through 2020; and (4) sub-market rates for an NFL SB QB, decreasing relative to the cap every season.

        If Kaep fails to fulfill his potential, then that’s that; the team gave up a 1st Rd Pick and $11.9M, and can either try to recoup that in a subsequent trade with another hopeful team, or cut him.

        1. $12M and a first round draft pick to kick the wheels sounds like The Seb dreaming. Unless, of course, there is the thought out there that undermining Harbaugh starting in March of 2013 and replacing him with Tomsula a year later, adversely effected Colin’s performance. Kicking those wheels, if they are flat, could get a GM fired. It will be interesting to watch, but it’s a good thing that I outgrew football long ago.

          1. HTW

            Another option, if Kaep is hellbent on not playing for the 49ers but doesn’t care much about the money, would be for him to sign another contract for near rookie numbers, i.e., 2-years for $4-8M total (ave. $2-$4M/year) that would be a more traditional, cheaper contract that would incentivize a team like Cleveland to trade a high pick. Kaepernick is not in charge, though.

            1. I think you are staking too much on Colin being “hellbent on not playing for the 49ers.”

              He will play for the 49ers if they don’t cancel his contract or trade him. If the 49ers find a deal they like for his contract, Colin will not have a say about who he’s traded too.

              I don’t expect Colin to agree to rewriting his contract with the 49ers regardless. I’ve been surprised before though.

        1. Silicon,
          You really want to keep an unhappy, over paid and under performing player around just to make a point. That certainly seems counter productive. I can’t see an organization like NE doing that. Trade him or release him just cut bait.

            1. Seb,

              I don’t care if Kaep plays or retires. (I mean, in all honesty I would love to see him stay with the 49ers for the remainder of his contract, because that would mean that all sides would be happy with his performance, and he’s the most entertaining QB I’ve ever watched, but in the case of Kaep v. 49ers, unlike Seb, I always favor 49ers.)

              In this case, Kaep can either report or retire. Or he can reduce his compensation to the $2M level, tear up that contract that he doesn’t like, and give the 49ers the bargaining power they might want to be more attractive to a trade partner, like Cleveland.

              Take Kaep, on a $4M guaranteed, 2-year contract, and we’ll take your 1st Rd Draft pick, or two of your 2nds; something like that. It’s what is going to happen, it just hasn’t happened yet because all parties are still posturing, hoping one party makes a bonehead mistake.

              Kaep already made that mistake by signing that contract; if the 49ers play it right, they’ll get what they want, which is at least 1 high draft pick.

              1. I thought the contract was what made Colin worth a first round choice?

                I don’t think a Colin vs 49ers is in the works now and probably not ever — at least not over his contract.

          1. Old Coach

            It’s not to make a point, it’s to get a draft pick. How much is a draft pick worth? Depends if you draft Von Miller or AJ Jenkins with it, I suppose.

            But yes, definitely. In business, you NEVER just lose leverage for no reason. They will absolutely not cut him, because this contract is such a powerful bargaining chip, whether played against Kaep or another team.

            1. They may not cut him but that option is why they crafted the contract the way that they did.

              The idea that they can get a first rounder for him, from a QB needy team, is where you go into Wonder Land. If they do, then I expect that Colin will be on the 49er roster ready to play all year. That will be worth another $2.4M in workout bonus and weekly pay over his guaranteed pay. He lost some money from that category when he went on IR during 2015.

            2. HTW

              It’s not “Wonder Land.” Cousins is about to get $20M for one year, which is all guaranteed, with no further control over him. That means he can demand $44M in guarantees in 2 years if he plays ok.

              Contrast that with Kaepernick, who gets “only” $12M for 2016, and whomever owns his rights never owes him any guarantees, yet controls his future rights until 2020.

              Kaepernick, whether or not it’s currently a media talking point, is a more proven commodity than Cousins, Osweiler, or any other QB out there, more than Bradford, Fitzpatrick, and Foles. Yet each one of those guys will command more than $12M guaranteed, likely considerably more.

              Before you respond, just keep thinking about it. The 49ers will simply keep him if nobody offers enough. If he wants out badly enough, he’ll figure out that the only way to do so is to restructure his contract for far less $$$, such that the acquiring team is more favorable to giving up the trade. And don’t say this undermines my point about the contract being valuable; it is because they have the current contract that they can point to a different contract as a preferable alternative for Kaep; without the current contract, the 49ers wouldn’t have nearly the leverage they do.

              Picture this, as well. There is no reason for them to not pay Kaep in 2016. They couldn’t possibly reach their salary cap limit, not if they’re still planning to build through the draft. If their calculus changes over time, i.e., if the 49ers go 13-3 in 2016 and feel they’re a big acquisition away from a SB in 2017, then at that time, the value of holding Kaep at $14M (his 2017 April 1 amount), then they can cut him then, and free up that $14M to spend on someone else.

              Leverage. The 49ers have it and will not give it up. Other teams can gain that leverage over Kaep by acquiring the contract (and get the SB QB, too). Kaep can try to lessen that leverage in one of several ways, but he should change his agent first.

              1. So they go 13 and 3 with Colin on the team, but he doesn’t contribute so they cut him before April 1st, 2017. Reminds me of some of The Seb’s plans for his 49ers.

              2. HTW

                It’s not a plan. It’s a potential circumstance under which 49ers valuation of Kaep changes sufficient for them to just cut him.

    1. You don’t see teams keep players around who don’t want to be there in any sport. What we don’t know right now is if Kap will refuse to report if not traded, or if he will be a malcontent etc. If he accepts that they can’t find a trade partner and want him to compete, then he may accept his fate and make the best of it. If he is dead set on getting out of SF at any cost, then they won’t be able to keep him around. Too much harm on the locker room and cap with no upside.

    2. “If a team really thought there was something there …” ..NN

      As in thought $12M plus $2.4M earnable plus a 1st round pick was worth a one year trial. Maybe.

  46. Watching the Combine, I wonder if the Niners would be now interested in Darron Lee. Still think Sheldon Rankins may be the best choice if Buckner is unavailable, but Spence, Jack, Ragland and Lawson are all good alternatives.

    1. Seb, Lee is a great athlete, but the main question IMO is, what’s his position? He’s small for an NFL 3-4 ILB. Right now, his size makes him a big NFL safety. Can he be productive at ILB if he gets bigger? Can he play safety? If his position is safety, where do we pick him? Whatever his position, it seems to me that right now he would be a depth pick.

      1. Lee is a tweener, but maybe he could add a few pounds. I just like his speed. He could cover those TEs and RBs coming out of the backfield.

  47. The combine is confirming what the narrative was at the outset of the offseason based on the film: this draft doesn’t feature much in the way of top end talent/blue chip players, and many who may have been considered in that category disappointed with their results at the combine.

    I have been fully in the camp that the Niners have to take a QB if Goff is available, and maybe that has to include Wentz as well, because there certainly doesn’t appear to be many if any players that are clearly worth taking ahead of them.

    1. I think the Cowboys are going to be forced to take Goff or Wentz because Romo just had a plate put in his shoulder. The only way the Niners can get either one of those is with a move up with San Diego.

      1. I think you’re over valuing both players Sir. The media is selling them as a first round talent, but neither are capable of starting game 1 imho. There has been quite a bit of critiquing on both.
        If memory serves me right, Goff has never turned his back to the defense. This is a deep talent class. It’s too be seen what Dallas decides to do, but I am standing behind Goff not going to a team in the top 10 original order. ( A trade by a team behind 10 to take him is certainly plausible.)

        1. Greetings and salutations, kind sir. I am flabbergasted. Usually I am addressed with epithets.;p
          Back to your point, I agree that they are not Cam Newton quality, but Goff does seem to be precise, so he will no doubt be picked in the first round. The NFL is a QB driven league, especially since they made the passing game flag football, instead of the hand to hand combat like in the previous century.
          With QBs dropping like flies, most teams better stock up on QBs. I think Gabbert is a great backup. He might even be starting material.
          I agree, I also think some team desperate for a QB will trade up. I am surmising that the Rams might give their first and second to San Diego to get the 3rd pick.

    2. Rocket, how much stock do you put into combine vs on field performance? The results mean something, but how much do we weight them? I tend to value on field performance more than the combine.

      1. Not a lot wilson, but the combine is there to backup what you see on the field, and considering I haven’t seen a whole lot from this class in general, the performances back up what I thought going in.

        That’s why I’ve been standing on my soap box and arguing for the first pick to be a QB if one drops, Goff especially. In a draft class that really has no explosive, blue chip, can’t miss players, the thought process needs to be going after the best talent at the most important position imo. I keep reading people calling for guys like Buckner, and I can’t think of a worse pick to make quite honestly. Buckner is a good player, but he’s not a great pass rusher, and gives us more of what we already have at the position. Also, if the draft is deep with Dlinemen why take one in the first round if you can get a good one in the second or even third round?

        There was also suggestions for Spence and Lawson, who appear to lack the athleticism needed to be impact players, at least right now. They could wind up being good pass rushers in the NFL, but is there really evidence that is likely? Neither one put up great sack totals considering the opposition. Spence also comes with the off field stuff and was reported to have turned off numerous teams in the interviews.

        The three guys who would make me think twice before taking a QB are Jack, Tunsil and Ramsey, and all three will likely be gone.

        1. Good thoughts. One thing I do like about Baalke is that he doesn’t really go for hyped up players because of his value picks. If there’s not somebody on the board he just thinks we can’t live without like Hyde he’ll go to a value pick. He overreaches once in a while like taking Ward too early. He screws it up once in a while like Jenkins over Jeffery’s too. I expect us to have a pick again nobody here expected.

          I feel like the QB class is exactly what you described the way you described the whole draft. I don’t love any of these QB’s, but they all have enticing potential.

  48. TDSC (True Shut Down Corner) vs VGC (Very Good Corner)

    Philosophical question about drafting cornerbacks.

    To me a true “shut down” corner can cover a receiver with little or no safety help. He has supreme value, because the freed up safety changes the math of football. The safety can fill run lanes, blitz, cover the responsibilities of a blitzing linebacker, “spy” mobile quarterbacks, erase top TEs from the passing game, play “lurk” and jump routes.

    Then there’s a VGC. They might occasionally cover one on one, but are not true islands. They are solid, rarely giving up long plays, have good INT numbers, can tackle, play slot or edge, run support, hit hard.

    I think a TSDC is worth a top 3 pick, let alone a top 7 pick. A cut above a VGC, even one with a “first round grade.” I think a VGC can be worth a top 10 pick.

    Is Jalen Ramsey a TSDC or VGC?
    How would you feel if the 49ers drafted Ramsey?
    Will he wind up a safety?

    I see Ramsey as a high end VGC. Even if he never becomes an TSDC, in the right defense he can drive defenses nuts with his versatility and length. He’d thrive in a defense like the Cardinals.

    1. I’d be fine with drafting Ramsey, but he is likely going to be taken top 3, and Baalke has shown no inclination to take CB’s with a top pick anyway. Sure he could be a FS, but we are pretty full at the S spot right now and have used multiple high picks on the position.

    2. I think a good pass rush can make all the difference. Even more important than a shut down corner is the pass rush Denver showed in the last two games of the play offs. I agree with your thoughts Brodie, but I think the bigger need is on the pass rush right now.
      I think if you want to take a player who will have an immediate impact and win games, you go with a DL.

      1. I’m all for a pass rush. I remember the transformation Fred Dean made to the 49ers defense in 81. Haley, Aldon Smith.

        An edge pass rush is a must. They change the math of defense too by commanding double teams, or forcing teams to use TEs and RBs in pass pro. .

        But is there a Von Miller, JJ Watt or Aldon Smith level talent in this draft? I’m sure there are some low double digit pass rushers. 10-11 sacks. They have great value. But I can see how a DC might covet Ramsey more.

        Ramsey and Myles jack resolve TE and slot matchup issues that are plaguing defenses.

        1. Thank you for humoring my curiosity. I haven’t had much time to truly critique the draft class outside of what offers.

      2. It’s not about pass rush vs. CB when it comes to making the decision in the draft. It’s who is the best talent available at the positions, and in this case Ramsey is a lot better than any pass rusher I’ve seen including Bosa. This is really a poor draft for pass rushers.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. True shutdown corners are extremely valuable and very rare.

      IMO the term is greatly over used as I have only seen a few in the past 20 years, Deon, Revis for a few years and one could argue Sherman has had a short run of such success as well.
      Other corners have been very good, but didn’t quite have the lockdown ability of those men when they were in their prime. Such honorable mentions would be for players like Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson. These type of contributors are still worthy of being drafted very early.

      1. “the term (shutdown corner) is greatly over used as I have only seen a few in the past 20 years”

        +1000 Absolutely! I’m not taking just “really good corner”, but a true island player that allows a defense to send five at the QB with the burn same risk as a standard four man rush.

        I’d say Ramsey is just short of a “true shutdown corner”, but still very, very good. His versatility and tackling raise his value. He’d be hell to face on a D like the Cardinals.

  49. The entire point of a signing bonus in today’s NFL is to cover for the fact that the contracts are all non-guaranteed. Teams don’t have to honor them so players negotiate that money upfront.

    And quite honestly, Colin Kaepernick may not be my favorite option for the 49ers going forward but I’ve never heard anyone describe him as disruptive or subversive in the locker room, on the practice field, during games or even away from the team altogether. He may not be happy, but I’ve seen nothing that says he’d be a cancer.

    But more importantly, Colin Kaepernick sulking through a season with the 49ers would tank his value around the league too and just strikes me as dumb and not something he’d do no matter how much he wants out.

    1. Nothing that comes out of York’s mouth should be trusted. Not because he lies to others, but because he lies to himself. It’s hilarious that there’s still a Niners fan on here that posts #nobodyhasitbetter than baalke and the Yorks.:)

  50. This was an informative Combine. Lots of hits, but more misses. Darron Lee ran faster than 5 WRs, so he is my choice for the 7th pick, if Buckner is taken like they predict. I think he has the same body type as Kam Chancellor.
    Grant’s choice of Lawson would not be bad, but maybe the Niners will take a risk and pick Spence.

  51. Maybe the Niners should trade back and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. There is deep elite talent past 50. They might be able to pick Floyd or Dodd, Spriggs and Braxton Miller with those 3 picks.

  52. I think Kaep will be on the roster for as long as it takes Chip and the FO to decide who would be best at QB. Since it is highly doubtful that Doctors will clear him medically to play before 4-1-16 and… the Niners are going to be on the hook for at least $11.9 million come 4-1-16,, Why not let FA and the draft and OTA’s play out before deciding what to do? It’s not like it is going to make any difference dollar wise for SF if they release or trade him in July rather than now. It screws Kaepernick strategically in terms of hooking on with another team, if he truly wants out but on the other hand he is getting paid..

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