Report: 49ers re-sign RB DuJuan Harris

The 49ers have re-signed 28-year-old running back DuJuan Harris to a one-year deal, according to Matt Barrows.

Harris is a good fit for Kyle Shanahan’s outside zone running scheme. I imagine Harris will be the 49ers’ third-string running back next season behind Carlos Hyde and a rookie.

Here’s what the 49ers’ depth chart may look like now with Harris on the team:

XWR: Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson
SWR: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
ZWR: Marquise Goodwin, Aaron Burbridge
LT: Joe Staley, John Theus
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Jeremy Zuttah, Daniel Kilgore
RG: Joshua Garnett
RT: Trent Brown
TE: Logan Paulsen, Vance McDonald, Blake Bell
QB: Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB: Carlos Hyde, DuJuan Harris, Mike Davis

9t (Nickel WDE): Aaron Lynch, Tank Carradine
4t (Base WDE/Nickel DT): Arik Armstead, Quinton Dial
1t (Base NT): Earl Mitchell, Mike Purcelll
3t (DT): DeForest Buckner, Ronald Blair
6t (SDE): Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold
Otto (WLB): Malcolm Smith, Brock Coyle, Dekoda Watson
Mike (MLB): NaVorro Bowman
Jack (SLB): Ray-Ray Armstrong
LCB: Tramaine Brock, Keith Reaser
SS: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt
FS: Jimmie Ward, Don Jones
RCB: Rashard Robinson, Dontae Johnson
NCB: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond

K: Robbie Gould
P: Bradley Pinion
LS: Kyle Nelson
KR: Bruce Ellington
PR: Jeremy Kerley

How many of these players do you think the 49ers will cut before the season starts?

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    1. I’ll do that for you.

      On running downs in the base defense…

      Arik Armstead is the big defensive end on the weak side (the non-tight-end side, think Michael Bennett or Red Bryant)
      Earl Mitchell is the nose tackle (think Glenn Dorsey or Brandon Mebane)
      DeForest Buckner is the defensive tackle (think Justin Smith or Malik Jackson)
      Ahmad Brooks is the defensive end on the strong side (directly in front of the tight end side, think Cliff Avril or Yannick Ngakoue or Brooks Reed)
      Malcolm Smith is the outside linebacker on the line of scrimmage, next to Armstead (think Vic Beasley or Myles Jack)
      NaVorro Bowman is the middle linebacker (think Bobby Wagner)
      Ray Ray Armstrong is the outside linebacker off the line of scrimmage, behind Buckner (think K.J. Wright)

      On passing downs in the Nickel defense…

      Aaron Lynch is the right defensive end
      Arik Armstead is the right defensive takcle
      DeForest Buckner is the left defensive tackle
      Ahmad Brooks is the left defensive end
      NaVorro Bowman is an inside linebacker
      Ray Ray Armstrong is an inside linebacker

      1. Good stuff Grant, thanks for this!

        Let me ask you this: Considering these roles, what’s the 49ers biggest need on their front 7 (or front 8)?

  1. Looks like Reuben Foster is winning the poll question.

    Cuts will include Burbridge, Mike Davis, Dekoda Watson, and Tank Carradine. But, this is all contingent on who they draft and whom else they add as FAs.

    1. I think Lynch who has a poor reputation and mailed it in last year is more on the bubble than Carradine who, for the first time in his 49er career, will be competing at his natural position.

      I’d put Ellington on that list as well. Other than that… We’ll see what the draft brings.

      1. I don’t know about who’s on the bubble Moses, but I would like to see Tank at his natural position. I do think if Lynch show’s up out of shape again this staff has very little attachment to him.

  2. Who gets cut depends on the draft and the rest of free agency. I counted 52 players in your depth chart. Any of them could still be on the final roster.

  3. Harris I see a good signing. If he could hold the ball he could be like CJ Anderson.

    Grant-you should have Peppers on your poll. He’s Mayocks #1 safety now. Not at number 2, but in a trade down scenario I’d like Peppers

    1. We’re his 8th team. So I’m not holding onto any kind of ‘potential quality starter’ dreams. For whatever reason, despite having good measurables, he’s never really put it together.

  4. Mike Davis is going to want to show something in camp. Don’t like his chances.

    I also expect they will only carry five WRs (given the need for a FB on the roster), and likely will draft one. Ellington, Smelter and Burbridge may all be in danger of losing their jobs.

    On D will obviously depend on who they draft, but looks like there are a few too many DBs if they add one or more draft picks there, while Harold, Carradine and Purcell all look like guys that could make way.

      1. Hey bud have you heard any new rumors on who we might be interested in as far as free agents? And who do you think we’ll draft w the number 2 pick?

    1. If it gets down to Ellington, Smelter and Burbridge, I believe Burbridge will win the job.
      Smelter and Ellington seem to have been bitten by the injury bug in their young careers.
      Something happens to the psyche of players that have suffered a few injuries, they tend to lose the fearless edge and seem to lose a little trust their physical prowess as well. Sometimes this leads to changing their style of play for the purpose of staying off the injury list ala Eric Reid.
      This is course just one man’s thoughts.

  5. 49ers seem to be spending a lot of time looking at late round edge guys. Jonathan Calvin being brought in for a visit is the latest guy, but also spent time with Garrett Sickels and Keion Adams. Starting to think they won’t be taking one in the early rounds now. Of course could just be an indicator that they intend to look at the position more than once in the draft/ UDFAs. Or mean nothing at all!

    1. And they brought in Jacquies Smith for a visit. They’re definitely looking for a 6-technique. Makes me think they don’t plan on drafting Solomon Thomas. If they wanted him, they wouldn’t be looking high and low for a 6-tech.

        1. I agree. If they see Ward as a safety, they’ll take a corner. If they see Ward as a corner, they’ll take a safety.

          1. Yep, that’s how I see it too. Though potentially Adams if they aren’t as sold on Tartt/ Reid in the SS role as has been speculated.

            1. Yes, Shanny wants violent defenders and it starts with Ss and CBs. As much as I like Lattimore, I don’t see him or any other CB as violent.

              Adams is a violent S, Hooker, Baker, and Peppers are not. Obi has potential.

    2. They may take more than one. One early one late?

      Or they may take a flyer on the guy they brought in for a visit which allows them to look at later round personnel?

    3. I think it might point to what Brotha Tuna said earlier today. Draft board is pretty much set for rounds 1 through 5 or 6. Now they’re working on late round picks and UDFAs.

      1. Sure, but they are spending a lot of time on late round edge players. Unless they think it is an area that needs multiple guys added it would make more sense to focus that late round attention elsewhere.

      2. I beg to differ. Teams are all scrambling after Free agency.

        Sure they had draft boards and assessments of players, but nothing was set until they signed all their free agents. Once the FA period settled down, there may have been a few holes left. Those areas will be targeted during the draft.

        For example, the Niners signed a bunch of battle tested and battle hardened WRs, so they will probably pass on Williams, Ross and Davis. There will be several later round options.

        Niners just signed DuJuan Harris, which I advocated for, so the RB situation is not so dire.

        The Niners did not get a stud pass rusher or an ILB, so they may get one in the early rounds

        Niners did not sign strong DB FAs, so they may target an Earl Thomas like safety.

        Just like all the draft boards moved after the Combine, all of the draft boards changed after the initial Free agency period is over.

        Then there are the possibilities of trading back and trading up. Everything is in flux, and the wild gyrations of the mocks prove that.

        No, they had not set their draft board in January, and have not moved from it. I expect everything to change in the week leading up to the draft, and many teams will be studying all the mocks to get an idea how people are thinking, and where players may be taken.

        There will be unknown players zooming up the draft boards, and players who get in trouble will drop like a rock. The draft board will be anything but static.

        Sure, they will be looking at players they can get in the 5th and 6th rounds, but they will be debating on first round players, too. The first round is so important, so the team best prepared for every contingency and scenario will be able to make adjustments and be able to land the player they covet if he gets past the previous teams.

        Posters who say everything is set and there will be no changes just has not been paying attention.

        Drafting is an inexact science, so maybe the best strategy is to reduce the errors, draft shrewdly and have lots of luck.

        1. Scrambling? NFL teams don’t scramble. It’s the most methodical run type business in that they have so much time throughout the offseason to assess, evaluate and target needs.
          This is why old wind up is still unemployed. Teams have studied the film and hence, no job offers.

          1. Draft boards change constantly, even the Niners with the signing of Harris.The mocks have gyrated wildly, with 5 DBs chosen in the top 12, to no QBs in the first to 4 QBs taken. Saw one where there were no O linemen taken until the 20th pick. Saw Fabian Moreau go from 56 to being selected at 27.

            Maybe you are uninformed, but many teams do not have their QB situation settled. Even the Niners, who may think Kaep is an upgrade from Hoyer and Barkley. You are probably sweating up a storm thinking that Kaep, by being blackballed, may return to the Niners. Lynch left that door open.

            1. Draft boards don’t really change much. Team NEEDS change. You may have the OT at #15, but if you’re strong, with younger players, at OT, you’re probably not going to draft him at #15.

              Rather, it’ll be someone else. Maybe a DE you have slotted at the relative position of #20 and is the top ‘need’ pick you have. Or maybe a safety that you had at #5 and safety is a filled, but weak/secondary-need position on your team and you can’t believe your luck so you take him instead.

          2. Niners have been scrambling all off season. They did not have a HC until after the SB. They gave him an extra day to process that loss. KS was scrambling to assemble a coaching staff while Lynch was doing player evaluations. They fire Gamble after hiring Adam Peters. Once KS had the staff in place, he had only a short time to make player evaluations with Lynch before the Combine. Now Lynch is jetting everywhere attending pro days and interviewing FA candidates.

            Guess you think they are sipping mai tais on the beach and chillin’, but they seem to be scrambling to me.

            1. Some of these mocks change based on media reports. It drives viewship, clicks and subscriptions; which is good for business.

              Scouting evaluation is done far more methodically by the scouting departments and I am sure their player asssessments and slots do not change wildly.

              Nevertheless, each staff is always searching for that edge which will separate them from other teams.

  6. The 49ers should bundle all the marginal players in Grants 52 and trade them to the Patriots for the Patriots seventh round pick in 2023.

  7. I like Defo at 3t because he’s better than Armstead at sensing where the ball carrier is in traffic.
    Armstead at 4t can bull rush with brute power.

    If the 49ers too Thomas, where would he, Defo and Armstead be in base? (you probably already answered this but I missed it)

    1. Thomas would be the 6-technique in base. The question is where would those three play in nickel? One would have to be on the bench.

      1. In nickle I’d put Armstead and Buckner inside over the guards. Thomas would be weakside DE so he’s closer to the QB. The other DE spot occupied by one of Lynch, Brooks, Harold, Tank…

        But I’d be mixing and matching Armstead, Buckner, Thomas, Blair up and down the LOS depending on matchups. Also think hand in the dirt might help Lynch. He’s strong.

  8. Quinton Dial is too tall for 0-tech, but in 2014 Fangio impressed him into service as a 1-tech when Williams and Dorsey went down. Not ideal, but he held his own. I’d say maybe better at 1-tech than Purcell.

    1. Maybe the Niners should bundle Dial and Burbridge to the Saints to sweeten the deal for trading back from the 2 pick to their 11th, 32nd and 42nd picks. Maybe add in a 4th or 5th round pick because the Saints do not have picks in those rounds.

      Dial may be expendable in the Niner defense, and Burbridge would help offset the loss of Cooks.

  9. I’m guessing 6 players on this list will be cut. Some exist on the roster to adequately cover positions so there’s more draft flexibility, and will be beat out in training camp.

  10. Shanahan just said it starts with the CB, so it not a stretch to think lattamore might be in our future. I’m ok with that but Fournette is who I really want. That guy is a stud and teamed with Hyde could be a nightmare for defenses

  11. Always in here reading never posted..I like the Harris resigning,hes a good back to back up Hyde.He runs hard and can catch the ball..Just decided to post because Im very excited for the direction of this team,but lve been reading all the mock drafts like evryone else and I am completely disgusted with all the S Thomas picks..I am completely convinced this dude is a huge bust..This seems to happen evrey year a player that was a late first round early second guy goes shooting up draft boards cause of a good bowl game and combine..It drives me nuts..I dont watch a ton of college football but watching Thomas I see a player who wasnt dominating anyone or shedding blocks,he depends on speed and was smart at shooting gaps where there were missed assignments..He had a break out game against NC but none of those lineman are all world and he couldnt do that all season game in and game out..I know alot of people are high on him but its just my opinion,with the second overall pick you dont take a situational player or someone with potential..Thats what Armstead was and not to mention we will have to put one of our other first round picks on the bench for him to see snaps..If we stand pat at #2 we need to draft a game changer..I like hokker but one year of production and the injury scares me,I would have no problems with Allen ,Fournette,C Davis or a proven playmaker at that spot..Not a late riser like Thomas..I really like Adams as the captain of our defense,contributer on and off the field and a real leader..Would love himnas our number two pick..I dont think value should play in to #2 you take the player you want and make him a 49er..Obviously you dont take a player you could have got in the second…cough cough(Baalke)but you get my drift..Id you want C Davis take him a 2 ..who cares?He would have been gone by 9 or 10 anyways..Same with any of the other top prospects..I know our defense was lacking but i feel good about what we have right now if we could trade back and some how walk away with C Davis and McCaffrey in the first I will shave my eyebrows off..Then take Buddah for our safety spot?!!!Oh Man..just my 2 cents

    1. Grant- I noticed you have flipped Reid and Tartt on the depth chart- at least, I believe I am correct in thinking you did.

      I would prefer Tartt there unless Reid shows something in camp……….. I voted Lattimore – I don’t watch college ball, but I think that that is where (secondary) we need to try and find a star for the future.

      1. I get the feeling Reid would get the first opportunity to start and Tartt would have to take his job, which may not be difficult.

    2. Good first post. Still like Thomas at 2, but I hope they trade back to get more picks.

      My 2 cents, and maybe I am nit picking, but if you cut down on your diction errors, you will sound smarter.

      Ah, my kingdom for an edit feature…..

  12. Niners should set up a pool of players, and bundle them for draft picks or draft upgrades like the Ravens did with Zuttah.

    The pool should include players like Burbridge, Rodgers, Bell, Davis, Carradine, Dial, Purcell, Watson and Reaser.

    They should target teams like the Saints and other struggling teams. The more players bundled, the higher the draft choice. Then they will be getting something, instead of possibly cutting them for nothing.

    Teams will see the advantage to get veterans instead of unproven rookies, while the Niners get as many draft picks as possible to build a solid foundation for the future.

      1. Obviously he did. And obviously didn’t actually understand what he said:

        “In Trubisky’s case, he’s only started 13 games, but you turn on the tape with each of them, and they have redeeming qualities that make you say, ‘Wow, this guy would be a part of it,’” Lynch added. “We’re evaluating them and we’ll continue to do so.”

        Montana threw as many INTs (25) in college as TDs (25) and was barely over a 50% passer (52%). Yet he had redeeming qualities that lead him, with proper coaching, to be one of the greatest QBs in NFL history.

        And, FWIW, Trubisky had nearly as much passing attempts in his career (572) as Wentz (612 attempts). And more attempts than Montana (515),

        So all the arguments you, and the rest of the ‘oh noes’ crowd have because they don’t meet what YOU think is proper experience is just so much bunk. Trubisky put up some seriously good tape over the year. And one bad game does not negate it.

        1. Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit better learn to not carry the football like a loaf of bread, so the next time an official nicks his arm, it doesn’t pop out like a weasel….

          1. Are you a complete fool? Or do you just play one on TV? Because at no point did I say Trubisky was going to be better than Montana.

            What I did was point out that your argument was lame. I pointed out that since Trubisky played in 13 games last year and Lynch talked about 13 games worth of tape, he obviously knew. And Lynch, unlike you, actually has a brain in his head and can recognize that even in a defeat/bad game, you can learn positive things about a prospect.

            Montana had some bad games in college. That’s why the 25 INTs to his 25 TDs. Fortunately, someone SMART LIKE WALSH could see past those 25 INTs and his frequent college failures (leading to repeat benchings) to the great QB that could be coached up.

            And while Trubisky had just one year of starting, he was more prolific as a passer than Montan IN COLLEGE and almost as prolific as Wentz who started four years. So, despite the far less starting, there’s a good amount of passing tape that they can use to evaluate Trubisky.

            And while it’s not ideal, it should be sufficient for the 49ers to evaluate the tangibles. The intangibles, where Trubisky will make it in the NFL or not can’t be evaluated on film as there is nothing in college that truly makes a QB ready for the crucible that is the NFL.

            1. Hey Moses, if you were that good at player evaluations, you’d be working for an NFL team. So, your opinion has as much value as the fart I just unleashed.

  13. Trying to channel my best Sherlock Holmes, I’m not seeing much evidence to base too many guesses on. Too many possible interpretations to give me much of a feel at this point.
    Interest in late round edge guys might mean less interest in S.Thomas up high; or not. It might mean they are interested in Thomas but recognize he’s not a wide 9 guy they might need situationally, so they might want to re-tap that late.
    Too many moving parts to make that call yet, imo.

  14. PS
    Harris was a solid st guy last year, part of why he dressed and Davis didn’t. Need some guys who can and will do that.

    1. Nobody really knows about Rogers, but Burbridge was anything but ‘quality’ last year.

      By the numbers Burbridge had a 43.8% catch rate, 6.8% drop rate. Streater had a 67% catch rate and a 0.0% drop rate.

      But never mind the numbers, on the eye test, I thought Burbridge was not an NFL WR. He just struggled to beat even poor cornerbacks in man coverage. Which was his problem in college where he was below average in beating man coverage there.

      But, as always, some scrub WR gets a highlight reel put-together by some draftnik and the hype begins for some scrub player who’d be lucky to make a roster, never mind succeed. Year after year this happens.

      And the fans never seem to clue into those players drafted on Day 3 that succeed are rare. And no matter how many pairs of rose colored glasses you put on, virtually all of them will fail to become quality starters. Or even below-average starters.

      1. I was intrigued by Streater when he finally learned Kelly’s system and go into the line up. He does seem like a better option than Burbridge or Smelter. I don’t put much stock in Rogers for the same reason you state about Dujuan Harris. He’s been a few places and failed to make any lasting impact or performance that counts.

        1. That’s why I said “Nobody really knows about Rogers.” We really don’t. He came from a Div III team. Almost made a stacked Cowboys team. Played in the CFL and had quite a bit of interest in him when he came back to the NFL.

          With RBs, they generally break-out early, Year 1, sometimes Year 2. With WRs (and TEs), you need to give them three years because it’s harder to make that transition.

    2. Bro T

      Good question…I’m still hanging onto Smelter from his college stats….I’m hopeful on Rogers…but he has (had) both ideal speed and size…Burbridge is #3 IMHO

    3. Eric Rogers I believe will be the shining light at WR this minicamp OTA’s and emerge right behind Garcoon as the Niners profiecient # 2 WR racking up almost 1000 yards , This is obviously the most optimistic outlook but I have a feeling with Rogers because of his desire and work ethic I feeel that it will turn him into on of the leagues best #2 for the next couple years and a great play on our part. TE’s will be getting cut I also think that Will Redmond and Rahard Robinson are pure #1 DB dime and nickel backs given another year.

      Eric Ried may be up for trade as he is not getting a deal with us bc of concussions and it is sad but reality. We will draft a great SS at #2 most likely. I still think that a bonafide RB like a FA would be good and also why not be a bit more aggressive and go after Zack Brown or any guy that would upgrade as money is a non issue this offseason.

      Linebacker is a problem and Bowman and bowman are really the only well Malcom Smith two notable talented lb’s but Malcom struggles to cover !!!!! And honestly with the season that tank and amhad brooks had just not stopping the run DEAD LAST in RUN DEFENSE there needs to be some changes and I feel that is the biggest Mistake these new group of coaches made this offseason is not signing and yes overpaying for a LB lik Donta i mean cmon WE HAVE $$$$ so why not???

      We should have been precisce and signed players to fill the positions that we did but I think we could have got some much better individuals especially at LB ,OL, DL Edge rushers !!!!! MY Take is a six win season with things uplooking and that is pretty reasonable as last year six games were very close at least.

  15. I like DuJuan Harris, and think he has quick hips. Too bad Baalke refused to play him, while all the time I was lobbying for him to get more playing time.

    Before Free Agency, I advocated for him to be resigned, along with Cromartie and Chris Davis.

    Harris is perfect for a KS offense. I think he can catch the ball, too. Just needs to hang onto the ball, and I think he will score TDs.

    1. Do you constantly have to say silly things. He would have played if he was good regardless of Baalke. The 49ers are his EIGHTH TEAM:


      Now, unless Baalke was calling the shots for a quarter of the NFL, the issue is his talent. So get over it. He’s a player with the physical tools but can’t put it together. Happens all the time.

      At least he keeps trying. I do give him major props for that. And, who knows, maybe someday he’ll get it. But to blame Baalke for an 8x failure is ludicrous.

      1. Did I say that he would take over the starting job from Hyde? No.

        Did I blame Baalke for signing him? No.

        I blamed Baalke for NOT playing him, even though Draughn was not effective running.

        1. Really, you are a fool. There is no doubt. Earlier in the thread you accused me of saying Trubisky was going to be a better QB than Montana (I said no such thing) and totally missed my argument (which was about sufficiency of tape/starts to evaluate players).

          Now you’re saying I said that you said Harris was going to replace Hyde when I said no such thing. It’s not even implied. Though I did mock your Machiavellian Baalke Conspiracy BS since there is nothing but your fever-dreams to indicate Baalke had anything to do with Harris’ play-time.

          In short, like with just about everything else, what you say is complete and utter road-apples.

          1. Dude, chill. Hypersensitivity and prickly disposition traits are not praiseworthy.

            Maybe you should not bring up Montana when comparing Trubisky to a QB.

            My praise and assessment of Harris did not warrant a long screed.

            You also missed the point. I am not claiming Harris will supplant Hyde, so he is a good change of pace back, but your vehement blowback felt like you were assuming I determined that Harris was so good, he would do that.

            The fact that he has been on a lot of teams, and the fact that Baalke signed him and played him 2 years ago, and this past year he did not activate him for several games, just means that I am not disparaging Harris, but faulting Baalke for playing his favorites.

            Posters who call people fools should just think it through.

    2. He likes to throw around buzz words like ‘quick hips’ to impress people, as if he’s some detailed analyst, but by now we know better.

        1. You are the undisputed and reining risible champion of the blog.

          You win that each and every day you post Sebnnoying with your football intellect!

          1. Prime, like JH said, you could not blowup a balloon with all your football knowledge, especially when you think Kaep has no talent or skills.

            1. I never said Kap didn’t have talent or skills. I said he doesn’t have the necessary talent and skills to be a NFL QB.

              I also said you are the most vacuous guy on the blog!

              Storm has been diverted! Cleveland is not even interested!

              1. Kaep turned down the Browns job last year because even tho Jed is clueless, at least he is not evil like Haslam.

              2. Kaepernick did not turn down the Browns. They firmly stated they were not interested and were pursing other options. Namely RGIII.

                And they’re not interested this year either.

              3. Prime, I agree with you in what you’ve said about Krapernick. Reading some notes on John Harbaugh about teams Blackballing Krap is wrong in their part with his brother Jim. Everything that’s going on with Krapernick in not getting hired with another team he brought all this problems to himself. The guy has no respect for the American flag and the truth is the guys career in the NFL is over because his lack intelligent on the field and he’s career is going down ward spiral, I don’t blame another NFL team would take a chance on him.

              4. Convenient amnesia about the season before last, I guess.

                2 years ago, the Browns offered a second round pick which was what the Niners were asking. Kaep nixed the deal so they pivoted to RGIII.

              5. Probably the Browns are very thankful today that they didn’t go through with that deal. After all it wouldn’t matter anyway the Browns team sucks. And all the players that go to the Browns their careers were all cut short. lol !

      1. First you equate me with being a GM, now you compare me to a detailed analyst.

        Quit shooting yourself in the foot.

        1. If your reading comprehension were better, you’d know that I never did, nor would any sentient being equate you with a GM or a qualified talent evaluator. I was specifically pointing out that you are not. But dream on.
          How’s that Blackballing campaign coming? Heh, heh

          1. When you say I am no GM, you are comparing me to being a GM. Just the comparison elevates my status. Just like comparing me to a football analyst.

            You are hoisted upon your petard, and you do it unwittingly.

            Remember, I am THAT guy.

              1. Seb, you are a narcissistic idiot, a blooming, blathering idiot. That’s your trademark on this blog. You’ve painted yourself into a corner with no exit and that’s why you constantly double down on your superficial arguments. No way out, trapped by your own glib foolishness. That’s your story and everybody knows it. You impress no one. Yawn, dude, yawn. Try to become someone more interesting.

              2. BT is using the GM and a analyst comparison ironically, not literally, in a sarcastic way to challenge your credentials on your pronouncements. There is no reading of which anyone could possibly could come away thinking you were being elevated.

              3. Seb, just root for Brian Hoyer he’s much better than Krap. And wait until our Franchise QB the niners drafting in the first round be the true franchise QB like Joe, not like Krap who is a fraud and a bust.

    1. Tells you exactly why no one is hiring him. He isn’t a starter. His capacity to compete is fairly low and his marketability is very low. If he insists on wanting to start it will hinder his chances in the NFL.

      1. Zactly. Let’s see, last year he turned down $7M to play for Denver, and Denver turned him down for more money than that.
        This year he wants $9-10M and a starter job. So far the entire league has turned him down at that price.
        Reputedly, he was ‘close’ with one team ‘for good money’, but the deal fell apart. Over $10M? Over how much guaranteed? Over guarantee of starter status? Seems like it may have been one detail or a late demand to kill a deal at the end like that.

    2. Kaep is being patient, and this is a game of attrition.

      I do not think he is being blackballed by the entire league, especially teams with established starting QBs.

      Right now, there are several teams with mediocre QBs. Niners, Jets, Bears, Browns, Broncos, Texans, Rams and Jax.

      There are also several teams with aging QBs. Pats, Steelers, Chargers, Saints, Cards, Ravens and KC.

      Then there are situations where the starters are injured or not solidly established like the Bills, Miami, Washington, even the Raiders with Carrs’ broken leg.

      19 teams, that is over half the league. Kaep will find a place to play.

        1. I concede Kaep will play for less, but it is reasonable for him to want a chance to compete for a starting job.

          Sure, he will sign a -Prove it- contract.

          1. Not if he goes mid-season as you advocate. He will have to go for the deal on the table or they will move to another back up.

          2. Concede? You could write a novel or have a full time job conceding with all the stupid things you have said or predicted!

      1. Sebnyan , You always include the 49ers with the teams that needs QB. What’s funny is you still won’t give up that the niners aren’t resigning him. he krapernick burned to many bridges while he played for the niners. And when Jim Harbaugh left town there was nobody to clean up his mess in the football field. Wow ! I can’t believe it Harabugh is in Michigan and going to all the trouble still giving his boy Krap some word of encouragement.

        1. Rick, Niners signed Hoyer for backup money.

          Hoyer had such a horrible game against KC in the playoffs, it looked like the DBs were the intended receivers. Hoyer does not impress me, and Barkley could not supplant Cutler.

          JH did not leave a mess. Players bailed because they saw how JH was stabbed in the back, and showed no loyalty to an organization that likes to cut players on the team bus.

          Like JH said, Kaep’s detractors do not have enough football knowledge to be able to blow up a balloon.

  16. Fournette would have the most impact this year. The team cannot count on Hyde to remain healthy. To think otherwise is foolish. Ruben Foster might also have a very big impact, and like Fournette, would represent a key building block for the future.

  17. Harris ok, not exciting. A camp body bag that will have minimal inflence on how this team competes. He’s the classic back out of the backfield on 3rd and 6. Catches the swing pass, loses a step as he catches it in his body and now has to re-orient and acccelerate. The edge never bites on Harris and took that lost step and closes quickly. LB coming over fast in help mode. Whistle blows. 4 yard gain. 4th and 2.


    1. Still want them to trade back, but King Solomon is a solid upgrade.

      Hmmm, disagree with the KC pick. Reid usually goes for a lineman with his first pick. Arrowhead pride thinks that they will pick a CB, ILB or DT before a QB.

      If KC chooses a defender, that would mean that no QB would be picked in the first round unless the Browns move up with the Saints, but that is a head scratcher. Browns have the next pick after the Saints at 32, so they should just wait because the Saints will draft a defensive player, or maybe a WR since they traded away Cooks.

      1. Alex Smith is probably laughing at harabugh and his pupil Krap. Both who are outcast from the 49ers organization. He still have a starting job with KC and his counter part Krap is struggling to get a backup job. Lol !

    1. What I found interesting in this podcast is that Jed York mentioned Walsh’s name more times than I can remember. Perhaps now, with Baalke gone, there is a definite shift in philosophy back to Walsh.

      1. Well, Jed is getting less clueless. Good for him.

        Now, if only he starts acting with class…..

        Maybe now that Baalke is gone, Jed can persuade AD to come back with the promise to trade him to a team of his choice. Niners need more draft picks.

        1. Sure Seb… And as you’ve underscored, Jed should bring Chip and Jimmy T. back to demonstrate even more class. Question… Is there a class threshold that Jed should surpass that would meet with your personal approval?

          1. Well, considering they do not have an OC, maybe bringing Chip back would not be a terrible idea, if they could check their egos at the door. Wonder if Lynch is a good enough leader to pull it off.

            I will say it again. If KS wants to be the OC, maybe he should not want to be the HC. The HC has so many other things to think about, other than just the offense. KS as HC, should learn to delegate authority.

            Jed could show some class by keeping his word. I distinctly heard that he said that Chip would be a Niner for years to come. Too bad he let leak out that Chip would be fired before he coached his last game.

            Jed should also show class by not saying things if he does not mean them. We all remember Jed solemnly intone that he wanted to held responsible.
            I guess being held responsible only means firing Baalke.

            Jed swore he would part ways with any person who he found out to be leaking. Paraag was fingered by many reports, and Tomsula himself would not return until Paraag was relieved of his team President job. Yet Paraag is still around. Wonder why Kaep opted out? Maybe he was tired of being stabbed in the back by Paraag, so Jed is essentially choosing a suit over a player.

            Tomsula does have a job, so I wish him well.

            1. Even if Krapernick cut his asking price to play for another NFL team, it’s highly unlikely someone would sign him. Maybe if Krapernick wait another two years when Jim harbaugh returns to the NFL and take another HC coaching job some where krapernick will be in his list for his starting QB :) lol !

              1. Ricky, even if kapernick volunteered to play for free still nobody want a deuce bag on their team, he’s just going to be a distraction. Maybe, John harbaugh will do his brother favor and give Kap a job and play back up for the Ravens. lol !

              2. John Harbaugh, an impartial observer, say that people are making too much about how Kaep does not have a team yet. He thinks it is just part of the process, and he expects Kaep to get a job after the draft because the QBs drafted will determine where he and other QBs will go.

                Kaep will play next season, despite what his detractors want.

    1. Saw the article and while it makes some interesting points I still think his football play is primarily why he is out of a job and what he is asking for in terms of contract. Which tackle stated that distractions are ok with starters but not with backups. There’s truth in that. Star players get away with more than the role players for a reason.

      1. I think it’s a combination of things and the extreme views on here miss the point imo. Kap is limited in where he can be a starter, but he probably could have signed somewhere already if he agreed to be a backup. I don’t think he’s being black balled and I also don’t think it’s a case of his play being so bad nobody wants him. It’s probably the fact he is waiting for a better opportunity which may or may not ever come.

        1. Besides Seattle, who runs the one offense Kaepernick can run? I think, to make it as a back-up, you have to fit the offense the team is going to run as no team is going to install two offenses so you can sit on the bench ‘just in case.’

          1. Kap isn’t a great pocket QB, but a number of teams have moving pockets and read option concepts they incorporate from time to time. Seattle, Buffalo and Carolina are the most prevalent obviously but you see a number of teams use elements of it from time to time. This is also where the hyperbole over how bad Kap is comes into play as well. While he is never going to be a top QB playing from the pocket, he can still generate more offense than a number of QB’s currently sitting on rosters around the league.

            1. I’ve wondered all through this debate why no one mentions the fact that Kaep was injured enough to require two surgeries and an extended rehab period. This must also be a factor IMHO. Anyone who signs him has to be thinking that his style of play may make him more injury prone. The injury situation along with the way it seemed to play out with so much drama seems to be an important factor that is being overlooked. Sign him to start or be a #1 backup and watch him go down to another injury because he got slammed while scrambling – not very appealing to me. We might not be having this debate if Kaep had just been benched and kept on competing. Just my $.02.

    2. I think it’s the fallacy of the Golden Middle. I live by Occam’s razor.

      The simplest explanation is the best — historically speaking, bad QBs have a hard time finding employment in FA and every year QBs wash-out, even former high-profile starters, never to make an NFL club again even if they try (many of them for multiple years):

      Tebow’s gone.
      Vince Young is gone. (Now in the CFL.)
      Locker got no interest then retired.
      Rex Grossman did the same.
      Jimmy Clausen is gone.
      Matt Flynn is gone.
      David Garrard was forced into retirement in 2012 and was last on a roster in 2010.
      Bryon Leftwich is gone.
      Matt Leinart is gone.

      Josh Freeman missed all of 2014 & 2016 and was on rosters for all of 2 games in 2015. And Freeman… He owns Buccaneer records:

      Highest quarterback rating in a single season – 95.9 (2010) (in 16 starts)
      Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with Doug Williams)
      Most game winning drives in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with Brad Johnson)
      Highest completion percentage in a single season – 62.8 (Min. 500 attempts) (2011)
      Most touchdown passes thrown in consecutive games – 15 (2010-2011)
      Fewest interceptions in a single season: 6 (2010) (in 16 starts)

      And more. Yet he’s out of the NFL. Just like the rest of those guys.

      It’s the natural flow of talent in the NFL.

      1. Except for every one of those QB’s you listed there are nearly as many similar QB’s who have signed on with teams this offseason. EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, Josh McCown to name a few. If Kap wanted to accept a backup job right now he’d have one and this sorry list is a clear indication of that.

        The natural flow hasn’t affected some very bad QB’s currently residing on rosters around the league. It’s about what players are willing to accept to keep playing that is usually the determining factor on whether they continue to have an opportunity to play or not.

            1. Well, that was my point, that most accept a backup position. Kap seems like he wants a starter role along with pretty good compensation. Not a good mix for an unemployed QB.

              His skill set wasn’t seen as good enough by KS and Lynch to retain or resign. They went with Hoyer who would not light up anyone’s Christmas tree. That gives you an indication of what the 49ers think of him and I’m pretty sure other NFL offices feel similar.

              1. Kaep wants a fair chance to compete for a job.

                I thought in the NFL, no job is handed out, and there will be competition at all positions.

                That is why I think he will go to the Cards. Palmer has regressed, but they still have a top 10 defense, Johnson as the RB and Fitzgerald as the WR.

                Kaep, if given a chance, will run circles around Palmer.

                Another good possibility is Denver. Bronco fans were kinda upset about missing the playoffs after winning the SB 2 years ago. They may think that Siemian and P. Lynch may not be elite, and want to make an upgrade.

            1. “the fact he is better than some of the QB’s who have signed on to this point

              If that were true why is he still unemployed? I don’t think teams look to fill their back positions prior to their starters? Do they?

              I think you Kap fans need to realize the game Kap is good at, is not what works in the NFL. You mentioned Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson has changed his game. He is a way better player now because he can play from the pocket. Its not about generating offense. Its about sustaining offense and sustaining drives to score points and keep your defense fresh. Kap does the complete opposite.

              1. If that were true why is he still unemployed?

                Because he is waiting for a starting opportunity or at least a chance to start. Did you even read the article?

                You are also missing the point of what I’m saying because as usual you jump to your predictable Kap Lover accusation if anyone points out your view of him is extreme and inaccurate most of the time.

              2. He’s not starting for anyone anytime soon unless a team is down to its 3rd string.
                Sorry to say but this whole black ball conspiracy theory is just another way for African Americans to cry injustice. It’s a joke!
                Kap sucks and the NFL agrees.

              3. Way to go Prime! Nice humanity! Only the thing is that would only work if Tevow fans didn’t belly ache also and as I remember they were deficient in melanin.

  18. 49ers release antoine bethea after he refuses a pay cut. reason for pay cut “49ers want to get younger at the position”.

    Seems more likely we take a safety with the #2 pick. I sure hope Tartt is not the reason we are getting younger there


    Prohibits the “leaper” block attempt on field goal and extra point plays.

    Changes the spot of the next snap after a touchback resulting from a free kick to the 25-yard line for one year only.

    Gives a receiver running a pass route defenseless player protection.

    Makes it Unsportsmanlike Conduct to commit multiple fouls during the same down designed to manipulate the game clock.

    Liberalizes rules for timing, testing, and administering physical examinations to draft-eligible players at a club’s facility for one year only.

    1. Out of all the changes, my favorite is the fact the replays will be decided by the control center instead of the Ref on the field. Should make things go a lot quicker.

    1. Also from the above link.

      “The Cowboys are meeting with UConn S Obi Melifonwu on Tuesday.”

      Obi could be gone by the time we pick at #34.

        1. In my opinion I don’t think they address the entire secondary altogether. There is enough there to get the job done. Now they will need considerable help in front of it but with so many other pressing needs, I think the back end is what they have currently.

            1. I was a big fan of Brock but he cant stay healthy anymore. He has lost a step and the 49ers need a corner who can lock it down. Unfortunately in this rebuild, the secondary wont get addressed probably till next year.

              I think there is enough depth there to be competitive for the year if they can generate a rush via the front 4.

        2. You could be right. I’m not sure, but I think Rudy Ford is the only S they have met with. However, things can change after the offseason program begins on April 10th.

            1. They met with Ford during Senior Bowl week. So, it was before. To your point, they haven’t looked at any potential starters.

              1. My guess is they signed Jones to be the No. 4 safety, and they won’t carry more than four safeties.

              2. Grant:

                When it comes to draftees the team is meeting with or plans to meet with, are you sensing more transparency with Shanahan and Lynch than with Baalke.

              3. They also met with Ford at the Auburn pro day. I think they will add a safety in the draft, and Ford could be a good late round option.

              4. Don Jones will have little if any bearing on their draft plans imo. They really need more at FS with Ward the only viable starter on the roster right now.

              5. @Scooter, I just added Ford to my Mach 7.0 with the first pick in the 6th round:

                (1)1. King Solomon QB Killer
                (2)34. Patrick Mahomes QB
                (3)66. Ahkello Witherspoon CB
                (4)109. Elijah Lee LB
                (4)143. Jeremy McNichols RB
                (5)146. Robert Davis WR
                (5)161. Jonnu Smith TE
                (6)198. Jonathan Ford FS
                (6)202. Stevie Tu’ikolovatu DT
                (7)219. Aviante Collins OG

              6. I’ve been researching him for an hour previously to my post, and I saw consistent 6th round projections for Ford….

              7. Jones probably will be the fourth and final safety on the roster.

                I hope not. He’s a ST’s guy who will be a liability if he has to play S.

              8. Rocket, spot on. He is like Colin Jones. He’s a STs guy. They currently have limited depth at the position, so I would be very surprised if they didn’t add someone in the draft.

              9. Teams usually carry six corners and four safeties. Jones would count as one of the four safeties.

              10. Like I said, if they keep him on the roster I think they will consider him a STs player, not a safety. Like Harbaugh did with Ventrone. So technically 5 safeties on the roster, but really only 4 and a STs specialist. And that’s if he beats out a rookie for a STs spot.

  20. Cassie Baalke

    March 28, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Sure Seb… And as you’ve underscored, Jed should bring Chip and Jimmy T. back to demonstrate even more class. Question… Is there a class threshold that Jed should surpass that would meet with your personal approval?


    Seb doesn’t have a class threshold which is why he roots for players who date teammates girlfriends (Kap) or enrage the armed forces or others interested in the American flag by kneeling.
    Perhaps another form of protest and Kap would be working today.

    Seb’s has an unclassy threshold. That is the one dealing with breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares for those who disagree with Kap’s football IQ, or challenge Seb on his overuse gun phrases like this one:


    March 28, 2017 at 8:44 am

    “First you equate me with being a GM, now you compare me to a detailed analyst.

    Quit shooting yourself in the foot.”

    So observe who enters the bait shop for Ice fishing this winter, Cass, and that it’s a rod he’s holding, not Seb’s fetish for shotguns .

    1. TrollD, I mentioned that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot.

      Then you went hysterical and started wondering if I broke into my parents’ gun safe when they never owned a gun in their life. Now you are accusing me of preferring shotguns, when I have never shot a shotgun in my life.

      TrollD, you are the one fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. Please seek help.

        1. Prime, the attacks seem to be increasing. I guess I have really touched a nerve.

          I fully expect opposition, because at least I SAY something. So what if you cannot handle the truth.

          I will keep taking it easy on you, because I feel sorry for ya.

            1. Prime, I want to calmly and civilly discuss the Niners with Niner fans.

              Maybe you have not noticed, but I mainly respond to posts directed at me.

              I do post other things, but have not expected posters to respond if they choose not to. In fact, I heartily invite posters to ignore my posts if they want to.

              That sure does not sound like I am trying to pick a fight like you do ALL THE TIME.

          1. Seb, you’re a truly a died hard Krapernick fan, but not a 49er fan. It takes time buddy to get over the pain inside, you’ll forget your hero and he’ll fade like those other players who came to the NFL.

              1. Calling some one names and associating his name with excrement just defines you.

                I thought this site encourages poster to be respectful.

                Foul mouthed haters bring down the level of civil discourse.

              2. Prime, when you bring up being banned, you remind me that you were banned on this site for a while.

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