Report: Aldon Smith detained at LAX

Aldon Smith was detained this afternoon at LAX for allegedly yelling “bomb,” according to TMZ.

To read TMZ’s report and to view a short video of the police detaining Smith, click here.

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  1. I’m beginning to think Prime had it right the other day; maybe the Off Season should be cancelled. Or just blacked out. smh

      1. Ya I do think before posting a comment. This guy is a dirt bag! I have zero respect for his actions. I was a HUGE fan of Aldon coming out of college. Purchased his jersey before he got recognized. This guy does not get it. He has had too many chances. How stupid do you got to be being at an airport yelling out that he has a bomb. On top of that he was intoxicated again. Mind you this clown was driving drunk at 7am while kids are walking to school. You want to defend this clown? I will wait for your response……

  2. 49ers front office through MM “…as this is a pending legal matter and we are still gathering the pertinent facts we will have no further comment.” Baalke must have this recorded on his answering machine.

    The 49ers were hoping for an off season of fun events like planning how to flim-flam Jerry Jones out of high draft picks, or cheating youth soccer leagues or stealing McCartney concerts from Candlestick. Instead they are sweating out the legal troubles of the great 2011 draft class.

    1. No need to trade up … This draft will be heavily tilted toward defense. They’ll stay put and pick a CB in the 1st. DL, ILB, safety, another CB will be the picks to follow.

  3. I can’t help but wonder what guys like Staley and Cowboy think about all these shenanigans. They aren’t the kind of guys who’d air that publicly, but let’s just say these rascals aren’t pulling their oars.

    1. Aldon has the talent to be historically great, smashing sack records like Jerry Rice smashed TD records. All he has to do is the basics… show up on time, work hard, play within your own capabilities, avoid addictive substances.

          1. Slippery Slope there. Do you keep on a popular talented Chef if he’s running a Meth Lab in his garage at home? Exaggerated to the extreme just to illustrate the point.
            To your point, Aldon gets more leash than Cully who gets more than a guy on the Practice Squad.

    1. Less then what they would have gotten for him yesterday (or last year).

      He’s only 24 with 2.5 seasons under his belt. All he has to do is keep his head on straight. He would still be tempting for alot of teams. He has the ability to transform a defense.

      1. I think there would be a lot of interest in a guy like Aldon. Pass rush skills like that are hard to find through the draft.

        I don’t see it happening though. 49ers also know how hard it is to find those skills, so once again they’ll likely take a soft-line approach and try and keep him in swaddling for the rest of the off-season.

        This club has got to start doing a better job of weeding out the morons during the pre-draft process. As good as Aldon Smith has been, right now I’d much rather have Robert Quinn.

    2. I’ve been singing the Dee-Ford-If-He’s-BPA song for a while. I wonder if it’s moving up Baalke’s playlist now.
      Mack & Barr are the only other 1st Rounders and surely will be out of reach. Besides, I still have a few reservations about Barr.

  4. I think Aldon needs to get some serious help.

    Charles Haley was considered seriously difficult to work with. After he got out of football he was diagnosed as Bipolar which explained his behavior. Perhaps Aldon has some similar issue.

  5. The Niners are so phkd. Time they make a statement even if they go into the shtter for a few years. Trade/Release Smith, Colin, Culliver and the next doofus who messes up. It’s not like htey are going to be winners in the end.

  6. Trade him for draft picks. This is just dumb. He’s a hell of a player but he’s not winning us Superbowls. Although a witness said he just seemed agitated he can’t be doing dumb stuff

    1. TSA agents are jerks to me and I work for DHS. Sounds like Aldon was pissed he got “randomly selected”. To be fair I didn’t hear him say bomb in the video but who knows what he said trying to be a smart ass to the screener. Everyone throwing him under the bus based on this story but with his past he had it coming!

      1. JJJ

        Yours is the first statement that is not “…the sky is falling…!” Let’s all take a deep breath, and wait for the facts to come out before we call for the entire teams heads on a platter. EVERYONE’S looking for a scoop now, because the players are anxious, and everyone else (us bloggers) is anxious to get something going. Meanwhile, think back at how Alex Boone was treated and how well he’s responded…’better make that program mandatory for ‘young, questionable players.

  7. The big question usually seems to be… does the player have a truely criminal nature, or is he just stupid?

    The 49ers pioneered positive team moral by hiring Harry Edwards. Is he still around?

  8. Smith and Culliver just a couple of arrogant turds, let’s go after a pass rusher in the draft as we’ll. Tired of this entitled generation.

  9. This is disturbing. The Niners haven’t reached Bengal level of indiscipline and just plain disregard for social and legal rules…but you have to wonder if the front office is not worried about what has happened this off season. These players act like children….not adults.

  10. Could be a blessing now that the draft is two weeks later than usual this year. A little extra time to sort this mess out.

  11. I think we keep the majority of our picks now and draft as many good players as possible. Forget about moving up in the first . Stand pat and take best available. I was a huge fan two months ago about packaging the farm for Watkins but now with so much uncertainty around this team we can’t. We need to clean this locker room out. Trade aldon, release culliver and possibly looking into trading kaep if the price is right. This is unacceptable!

    1. Culliver I agree with. His careless remarks before the Super Bowl caused the 49ers to be distracted for much of the game and led to the loss, in my opinion. I am through with him.

      No charges against Kaep and Patton and no evidence of a crime has been made public. Embarrassing yes but they are both innocent until proven guilty. Let this mess sort itself out and if a serious crime has been committed I am all for taking the appropriate action.

      Same thing with Aldon. He is turning into a pain in the rear end but lets find out the seriousness of the charge and if he had been drinking or not before we put him on the trade block.

      Veteren 49ers need to stand up and provide leadership. This stuff is embarrassing, a distraction and will have a delayed reaction this coming season.

  12. Count Aldon to list of boneheaded 49ers who may have just cost himself millions of dollars.

    Also, at this rate even if the 49ers win a Superbowl it won’t have the same satisfaction as the SB wins of the past.

    There should be a “bonehead clause” in all professional contracts that provides for players that make stupid decisions to pay a financial restitution to a school or charitable cause.

      1. I’m inclined to agree Ghost.
        I’m starting to believe that we were not so much outcoached and outplayed in the championship loss to Seattle. Perhaps we just have a few stupid players on this team that “can’t get right” (the movie “Life”).

        I’m sure that there are some crazy things that go on behind closed doors involving professional athletes that the public is not aware of. But in today’s age of social media these guys need to know that some companies are being paid big bucks to put their dirty laundry out on display.

  13. I was going through Dallas/Ft worth airport in ’81 when leaving basic training and heading to AIT. I went through the metal detector and it beeped and the guy I was with said “I told you not to bring that gun”. They were on him in a second. I never saw him again. Never heard what happened to him. He was just being funny. I was slightly younger than Aldon at the time but I didn’t know they took it that serious. Aldon just picked a bad time and place to be a smart a$$!

  14. From MM…

    Airport Police “Aldon Smith appeared to be have been drinking alcohol earlier Sunday but it was not the reason for his arrest”

    LAX Police “Smith was booked for “false report of a bomb threat.”
    “He was not what we considered to be intoxicated, but he appeared as if he had been drinking earlier in the day.”

    A blood-alcohol test was not given. “Whether he was drunk or not was not the reason for his detention, arrest or booking.”

    Back to the Spin-N-Dry?

    1. “Appeared” to be drinking earlier in the day strikes me as just character assassination to try to justify the arrest. Maybe I’m just being a fan but after seeing the TMZ video with Aldon asking for people to record the incident I’m inclined to side with him.

      1. I never make rash judgement from stories written by today’s media. I always side with the players till it’s resolved. My wife and I have both been the “random” choice for the extra search. They’re rude and thoughtless and I don’t blame him one bit for saying something like that. I have definitely wanted to and if it wasn’t for my experience above, I probably too would’ve learned the hard way myself. People on here start talking cut him and trades and who we gonna draft to replace him? Smh

  15. Whether Aldon did anything wrong or not, and whether Kaep and Patton did anything wrong or not, these guys have to start realising this is the kind of stuff that happens when you are a star and don’t toe the line of being “above reproach”. And the more you get into trouble, the more often trouble will find you.

    This is also partly on the 49ers organisation. Not for drafting these guys, but for not taking a hard stance on a number of other incidents previously. This is what comes of taking a soft approach to discipline with young kids that have too much time on their hands, too much money to waste. and too inflated an ego.

  16. Imagine if he was Aldon Smith from Frutivale. How many years in prison would he be doing right now?
    The whole LA are is so sensitive to best care for celebrities…no alcohol testing even as he appeared drunk? That’s right friendly of LAPD. and LAX security.

  17. Mock Draft 8.0

    30) Jeremiah Attaochu OLB Georgia Tech
    56) 49ers trade picks #56 and #129 to the Ravens for pick #48 and select Bashaud Breeland CB Clemson
    61) Davante Adams WR Fresno St.
    77) Cyril Richardson G Baylor
    94) Dri Archer WR/KR/RB Kent St.
    100) Ed Stinson DE Alabama
    129) Traded
    170) Antone Exum CB/S VT
    242) Logan Thomas QB VT
    243) Aaron Colvin CB OK
    245) Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

    1. Razor
      It is rumored that Charles Dickens got paid by the word, so he wrote long novels. Are you getting some kind of kickback per Mock?
      Inquiring minds want to know.
      Keep them coming. They’re stimulating to think of the many possibilities.

    1. It’s only been that many? The way things have been going this off-season, I truly thought that half the team had already been arrested and/or under investigation.

  18. What Culliver did was 100x worse and it appears as though they’re keeping his worthless butt so even though this does show a string of horrific choices by Aldon they aren’t going to simply cut their best pass rusher over this.

        1. No, of course not. But yelling BOMB at a place that just had that tragedy happen a few months back isn’t a sign of a horrific choice but a sickening ignorance.

  19. Aldon lives in my area. How do I know? The moron crashed his truck into my neighbors landscaping last year. The cowboy also lives here, and my gardener tells me the types of parties they throw over at his place. Beer bottles everywhere. But the difference between the two is one has no idea about what lines to cross. The other enjoys himself responsibly.

    I think I’m done with football, and this rant. The NFL is reminding me of the early thug days of the NBA, shortly after the legends retired.

    Unless there is some kind of major overhaul, sayonara NFL. I think a lot of other fans are fed up as well. Especially fans of this team.

  20. do the “mishaps” with Aldon and Colin
    make it more or less likely that Coach Harbaw
    is gonna take this team anywhere near the Super Bowl?

    Tell us, Mister Harbaw,
    how did you cope with the DUI in San DIego?
    your players are on the edge and need some wisdom.

  21. The TSA is scum and no different from these pukes who tried to confiscate Clive Bundy’s cattle near Vegas.

    Sure….Aldon prolly was intoxicated, but I just don’t believe he made a bomb threat because the TSA says so. Just like most of the federal and state government – they can’t be trusted. It’s a good bet he won’t be charged…

    1. He yelled “bomb.” This isn’t a matter of government oppression or conspiracy, everybody standing around him heard the dumb s.o.b.

  22. Trade the moron. And if no one bites, cut him. Guy has all the talent to be one of the greatest pass rushers ever but he’s very clear got mental issues. Ticking time bomb. 3 strikes and you’re out.

  23. By ”everybody” — You mean a gaggle of dumpy,fat TSA agents picking their asses and drooling over naked women and children by way of the x-ray scanners?

    Your supposition can not be supported by any such news accounts. I have not read or heard a single report of a civilian witness supporting such.

    I’d bet you a nickel against a doughnut Aldon walks here.

  24. Forget about football. Aldon needs some help to get his life back on track. I dislike TSA groping as much as anyone else but Aldon’s actions reflect pure immature stupidity.

    1. It never ends with this guy. He has some serious psychological issues and needs to get some help. This goes beyond football now. His life is going off the rails.

  25. The Niners and there police report headlines are the lead story for Bleacher Report today.
    This BS is embarrassing. Its embarrassing to be a 49er fan right now. Not a good feeling.

    1. Espn was just talking about the did unction of our team, losing respect of our owner and management. I will watch tv but no tickets for me!

  26. This could be a strange year. We have a lot of talent. But I’m wondering if we will have a hard time putting it all together this go around. Our division is a tough one. Remember, we were an INT by Bowman away from potentially missing the playoffs last year.

    And next year we have 4 major-league free agents–none of whom seem like the types to agree to a hometown discount. Not to mention a coach who could bolt for a big $$ opportunity.

    I’m very concerned, yet again.

  27. The Niners and their police report headlines are the lead story for Bleacher Report today.
    This BS is embarrassing. Its embarrassing to be a 49er fan right now. Not a good feeling.

    I was also embarrassed about my spelling on that first sentence.

  28. I can’t believe the knee jerk reaction of those posting on here. Get this straight: nothing will happen to Aldon . So stop the “cut the bum” crap. These guys aren’t angels and I don’t care. All I want is a winning football team. We need Aldon in order to win.

          1. Yeah jack true.But that’s when we had both Willis and Bowman on the field..With bowman gone half the season at least.An older Jsmith..Older Raymac..New secondary..The defense is definitely not gonna be the same..We’re gonna see how good our coaching really is this year.

          2. OK Jack, that settles it then. The 49ers don’t need a dominant pass rusher. I’m sure the front office agrees with you 100%.

    1. Nick,

      While I agree with you that he likely won’t be cut, it’s not a knee jerk reaction to question Smith’s future. His actions are more than immaturity imo. They show a clear ignorance for how to conduct your life; football player or not. In the last two years he’s been arrested for felony gun possession, DUI after wrapping his car around a tree, and now this. This guys head isn’t right and he needs some kind of psychological evaluation because the next step may be something he can’t come back from.

      1. Rocket,
        I agree with you that Aldon’s off field behavior is not acceptable by any standard. However, the team is not paying him to be a choirboy. As long as he can deliver on the field, the 49ers will do their best to keep him.

        1. Could be. Also wonder how many of these visits are for guys they think may go to another team within the division and they want to get a better book on them.

      1. Can’t imagine why unless they feel they need someone to hold Murphy’s helmet for him when they’re on offense.

  29. We’re still in the rumor stage of this story, so I’ll wait for the onion to peel a bit. However, I’m sitting here thinking that it has been common knowledge among airline travelers since the late 1960s that THERE ARE NO JOKES at the airports security lines. The mere mention of gun, knife, bomb or hijack would be sufficient to have you detained at least long enough to miss your flight, a possibly be cited or arrested. Who doesn’t know that?
    Since my haphazard guess is that he didn’t possess a bomb, he said it just to jerk their chains. So, ok wise guy, all speech ain’t always free speech, you just paid a $20k down payment on that one, and you’re not yet paid in full. You said it, you wear it.
    The Niners are going to keep Aldon in the short term. How they try to guide him, I don’t know, but they need to bring him into an office with Jed and Trent and Jim. They need to say, look, do you want to play and earn in the NFL?
    Warren Sapp lost some draft position due to a Weed rap. But as volatile a personality as he is, he kept himself out of trouble and had a fruitful career.

    1. Very true Brotha. A couple that are friends with my wife and I had an unfortunate incident a few years ago.

      The wife and I were traveling and had just sat down on the plane when the friends boarded the plane. They were surprised to see us, and the wife of the other couple waved and yelled over to us, “Hi Jack!”

      1. OMG! The most innocent thing in the wrong context. Yikes, you could end up on that Do Not Fly list.
        Adam K on ESPN just said that Goodell doesn’t have to wait for a conviction, but that he almost certainly will. He also said that in talking with some GMs, there were no red flags on Aldon’s college or HS resume.

  30. “I can’t believe the knee jerk reaction of those posting on here. Get this straight: nothing will happen to Aldon . So stop the “cut the bum” crap. These guys aren’t angels and I don’t care. All I want is a winning football team. We need Aldon in order to win.”

    We all want a winning football team, Bro.
    I was in my 20’s during the “Team of the Decade” reign,and I long for the 49er organization to regain and hold to the same lofty standards that they held back then. Nowadays I have two sons in their early 20’s. We’re all huge Niner fans. I bought my son a $300 Aldon Smith jersey for his 19th Birthday during the 2012 Season. Yesterday he said “wow Dad, you have an Ahmad Brooks jersey and I have an Aldon Smith jersey and we used to make fun of the Raider fans for wearing Rolando McClain jerseys”. I’m not saying “cut the bum”, I’m just saying it’s getting really embarrassing.
    Not sure what the solution is.

  31. Some work environments are toxic and i’m begining to fear that may just describe the 49ers. I believe something needs to be done and it needs to be on the grand scale. I read someone earlier who wrote that we should bring back Dr. Harry Edwards i think that might be a good first step. Jed York needs to do something, through addition or through subtraction something large and impactful needs to be done to put this organization back on the right track.

        1. Coach,
          I do lean a little towards the Dr. Edwards hire, but at some point the team will need to take some drastic measures to show a semblance of discipline.

          I had problem with the father-like treatment that the Org showed Aldon last year by continuing to give him a paycheck while in re-hab. In hindsight, the teams leniency did nothing to dissuade Aldon from making bad decisions.

          It’s time to start docking these players some big-time monies until they learn to appreciate the privilege of being able to make millions for a game they are physically fortunate to play.

    1. We are on the right track.Have u forgotten where this team was four years ago? The problem with success comes a spotlight,everything u do is critiqued analyzed and judged.Kap cully and Aldon are finding that out..When we were losing.. nobody outside of us fans cared for the 49ers.Now everybody has a strong opinion on the 49ers..The media influences and sways peoples opinion and perception..Everything’s gotta be “PC” now..Invidualism is out the window..I do feel Propaganda is at play here..Somebody in the 49ers have ticked off somebody..All these events are too coincidental for me..Harbaugh/Baalke feud..possible trade to Browns..Calling out of Jed..Cully//Kap and now Aldon all sandwiched together…Somebody thinks it’s good business to make the 49ers look bad..Oldest trick in the book..divide and conquer..Present an image of disarray and disorganization..

        1. Deezybee nobody can argue with how far the team has come on the field its the off field behavior that has me concerned. It has absolutley nothing to do with being PC and has every thing to do with observing league policy and individual players contractual clauses. When we start [possibly] losing players to multiple suspensions there needs to be a change inside the organization, be it coaching or front office.

          1. i hear what you’re saying..But u can’t always predict what the next man will do..These are different personalities.When u acquire a player..It’s always a crapshoot..You can do a background check all you want..but with no prior legal issues and whatnot..that’s a plus and not a redflag..But u can’t be responsible for what a man does on his own time.

            1. Deezy i see where you are coming from but have you ever noticed that certain teams seem to have a pattern of bad behavior. I’m just hoping the 9ers do’nt become one of those teams.

              1. I think we are coach..But as long as we keep winning..Those storms can be weathered..these situations will only refocus the upper management,the coaches and the players..

          1. Deezy:

            About Culliver’s, Kap’s and Smith’s recent legal problems being the result of “somebody” trying to ruin the 49ers.

            1. I mean think about it claude..It started with Sherman’s rant about Crabtree…then baalke/Harbaugh tension..then trying to trade Harbaugh to the Browns..Jed bein called a liar..Cully..kap and aldon all sandwiched together..Im sorry that’s too much at once claude..The media is trying to bury the 49ers..Presenting an image of disarray on display..Think aboutit for a sec..If u weren’t a fan..u think we we’re dysfunctional over here..Perception..We got a crazy coach..Hip hop tattooed qb..Anti gay hit and run cb..Drunk and violent lb’s brooks and Aldon..This is the image the media are portraying..They trying to bring us down..sounds crazy loves to build u up..just to tear u down..Whether we fall or not depends on Jed,Baalke and Harbaugh…I like our chances with them.

              1. Deezybee,

                The rumors about Harbaugh/Baalke and Harbaugh going to Cleveland etc. are a far cry from breaking a bottle over somebody’s head or wrapping your car around a tree. I know you are using all the info as more of a summary than comparing them, but what Smith, Kilgore and Brooks have done is not Media created. It’s poor decisions by young men who either don’t have a clue as to how the world works, or think they are above the rules that govern everybody else.

                I agree with you that people love to build things up and knock them down, but these players have given them low hanging fruit in which to do it.

              2. Deezybee:

                Sigh. The media didn’t compel Sherman to go on his rant. The media didn’t force Culliver to say or do what he said and did. The media didn’t make Smith do what he did. The media didn’t make Brooks do what he did. Those players said and did those things on their own. The media merely reported on those stories as they happened.

                As much as anybody, I criticized on those reporters who mishandled and mischaracterized the “Harbaugh trade” story, and I don’t like some writers’ tendency to view everything Harbaugh-related in the worst possible light. That said, I don’t believe for a minute that the media are making up stories to bring down the 49ers. That sounds like the talk of a fan who doesn’t want to see or hear anything negative about the team he roots for.

                By the way, I am a fan, and I do see signs of dysfunction.

              3. My point was ..we’re a winning team..with that comes exposure..sensationalism..Harbaugh wears $8 khakis..Whoopee! Our Qb’s arms are covered in tats! Is adopted? Wow! Pet turtle? Why is every arrest reported? The media is looking for stories..athletes in got it! Guilt by association..guilt by rumor..Im tired of all arrests frankly..

              4. But make no mistake..there is an agenda to it all..An indictment of the 49ers? The Nfl?Athletes?

              5. I mean how does tmz and the media gets ahold of rumors and arrest reports? Or possible investigations anyway?

    1. Coffee,

      How about a list of the top 5 movie QB’s.

      1) Paul Crewe
      2) Shane Falco
      3) Bird Williams
      4) Reno Hightower
      5) Johnny Moxon

      Honorable Mention: Uncle Rico

  32. sizing up the situation…
    Sure hope that the niner organization
    take this as a warning sign.
    If Aldon is drinking, then odds are better than average
    that he is abusing drugs as well. He is an addict.
    Enroll him in a program – 6 to 12 months.
    Save the boy’s life, why doncha?

    Time to speak out, Coach Harbaw.
    How are you keeping your alcoholism in check?

  33. The write up on Martavis Bryant doesn’t sound good. I’ve read twice that he declared for the draft because he was starting to lose playing time at the end of the season.

    1. I won’t suggest Bryant is a brilliant WR prospect by any stretch, but he would fit a role for the 49ers as a deep threat/ decoy to clear out defenders.

      To me there are a lot of similarities between Bryant and Stephen Hill. Same body type and speed, but with very limited route running experience (rely almost solely on speed alone to get open) and questionable hands.

    2. C4C,
      It’s understandable for a player to lose playing time when playing along someone like Sammy Watkins. Watkins was the go-to WR for Clemson and Bryant probably felt that he was being ignored.

      From what I have seen of Bryant he looks as though he could have success in the pros because of his speed and stature. He could probably afford to put on around 10 lbs of muscle without losing his blistering speed to make him even more effective in the pros.

      1. The comments inferred that he was losing out to underclassman. Here is one of them “Bryant declared for the draft early with underclassmen nipping at his playing time late in the season.”

  34. So, what kind of sentencing did Andre Smith and Da’Quan Bowers get for carrying guns into an airport? Fines and no jail time?

  35. Sidney Rice is cleared to play, I don’t care for him but I would think the Panthers should be tripping over themselves to sign him.

  36. Has anyone heard if the NFL has announced the date the schedule will be released? I have to decide how high i will go to get single game tickets this yr.

    1. Since Harbaugh/Baalke took over in 2011 the 49ers have had the 5th most players arrested of all NFL teams with 8.

  37. As a life long 49ers fan i fine this news extremely disappointing. We all make mistakes but this is just ridiculous and childish. Aldon, grow up, you are destroying your golden opportunity.

    1. Chicago49er Alcoholism stunts maturity and Smith is an alcoholic. The 49ers did what was right last time they supported him in getting sober, he blew his chance if they do’nt let him get suspended w\o pay and fined then they are enablers and enablers enable an addict to death.

  38. Just a quick note to those saying the 49ers should cut Smith. They likely won’t. In each of the last 2 offseasons they have signed players from other teams that had multiple prior arrests on their record.

    Their bottom line is winning. So as frustrating as this may be to some, as long as a player can help them reach the bottom line they don’t care.

    The only thing that would force them to change their ways is pressure from their sponsors or a drastic reduction in ticket sales.

      1. OC,

        I know their record without him, I wrote about it during the season. From what I am hearing it sounds like Smith’s next court date at the end of this month may be a big deal. What exactly that means I don’t know, but perhaps they already have an idea of what is coming.

        I didn’t realize until doing the research that Chris Cook had been arrested twice while in Minnesota, and vaguely remembered Wright having two prior arrests.

        I’m finding it to be much easier to not be such a “fan”.

        1. Jack i have no moral out rage over people i do not know. It just pisses me off as a fan that these players are making stupid and dangerous decisions that will possible effect my teams records. I will save my moral outrage for the real criminals in our society, our elected officials that accept millions of dollars to buy their votes and the CEO’s that buy them off. Another thing i get a little tierd off is this constant harping on “all these athletes” who get arrested. I hate to use this next stat because i’m in the education field but a higher percentage of educators get arrested yearly than pro athletes. Every athletes story hits the paper the same ca’nt be said about the educators.

      2. Against what teams? Trying to argue they are better off on the field without Smith is inane. The rush to condemn Smith is just silly especially when he was likely joking about a bomb which is ignorant for sure but not exactly deserving of more hatred than a couple DUIs and weapons charges. You’d think people would learn to wait and see things through before overreacting after seeing what the Kaepernick “scandal” is turning into :

          1. Jack:

            I have to wonder whether Smith’s performance in the three games prior to rehab were negatively affected by his alcohol problem.

            1. Claude,

              I hear you, but he may have been doing this stuff since joining the league and it just finally started catching up with him.

              1. Jack:

                That is certainly within the realm of possibility, perhaps even likelihood.

                Earlier, you wrote about hearing something that led you to think Smith’s April 29 court date may be a big deal. Kawakami hinted at the same thing. What have you heard?

  39. A few years back I was flying back home from the Burbank Airport and had bought a small bottle of milk and chocolate donut gems and had stuck them in my carry-on to snack on the way to the airport, but was running late and in the rush had forgotten they were in there. When they x-rayed my bag there was a bit of a stir about the bottle of milk, but man am I glad I resisted saying what I wanted to say about it being a “milk bomb.” They still confiscated the milk even though it was sealed. I guess the donuts weren’t considered a threat because they were left alone, lol.

  40. driving without a valid license?
    hit and run?
    reckless driving?

    Chris Culliver is a distraction to himself
    and the rest of the team. Aldon Smith too.
    Better include Kapurnicus in the same vein.

    alcohol… drugs…. women….
    who believes that Jim Harbaw stands any chance
    of winning a Super Bowl with this group of yahoos?
    Watch to see the power rankings in September………

  41. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 15m
    Source familiar with the case in Miami said Colin Kaepernick was not at his suite during the disturbance or when police arrived.

    Breaking: TMZ sucks

    1. Grant:

      Why are tkamB and I the only ones reporting these developments on your blog? Aren’t they more significant than whether Lattimer is an X or a Z?

        1. rocket, I would like to add “Much more interesting to focus on negative drama.” on certain players. One player in particular…

      1. funny claude, there were some people here who couldn’t wait to post the links and quotes from the incident when the news first broke out, and the same haven’t said a single thing about what’s being reported out there.

  42. “the next time Harbaugh is asked about another team’s troubles, he probably shouldn’t hold up his own team as a symbol of being above reproach in everything.”

  43. Congradulations to OldCoach who pointed out appropriate targets for “moral outrage”. I don’t see how several outraged commentors are even still 49er fans. Between the “white quarterback on cocaine” to “owner punches fan” to “owner cheats salary cap” to “owner cops to a FELONY and is forced to sell team” you would think they would have left the 49er family years ago.

    Oh my bad, owners can do whatever they want and still be worshipped and forgiven. So what makes them different?

  44. You know…he could’ve been saying that the TSA was DA BOMB.
    Those guys are SUPER COOL!
    Misunderstanding perhaps???

  45. Back in 2012 a man named Ivan Bugakov was charged with making false threats of having a bomb on an airplane. Can anyone find information about he outcome of his case?

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