Report: Colin Kaepernick will now stand for the National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick apparently has decided to stop kneeling during the National Anthem, according to Adam Schefter.

In other news, Kaepernick needs a new job.

Do you think these two news items could be related?

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    1. YES! That’s what I wanted to hear!!!!

      At this point, I think he’s the best FS candidate on the team as he has ball/coverage skills that Reid lacks. I think he’s got better range, too.

      I think Reid is an drop-into-the-box kind of safety. He can do okay. But he’s not the single-high FS you need in this defense.

  1. Schefter reported that Kaepernick doesn’t want the “past method of protest to detract from the positive change that he believes has been created, per sources.” While that might be true, nobody could possibly believe it’s a coincidence that report came out out about 24 hours after it was announced Kaepernick would be a free agent.

    EXCEPT for SEB!

      1. He has no measurable FA value at this point, all that is conjectural. The NFL market place will determine what is actual value may be, your fantasy football esteem of him notwithstanding. In all probability, owning to his strictly mediocre on field performance of the past two and a half seasons, he’s going to be low-balled.

      2. Kap’s doing it because he want’s money. And for him, it’s money over principle.

        He’s a fake and a fraud. When you can’t touch him, he’s ready to lead the world. Makes sure everybody knows he donated some bucks, rather than being quiet about it.
        This guy is an open book………….

    1. The only thing he did was to eclipse BLM in the news and push them aside while hogging the limelight. Prior to the knee, BLM was getting a lot of press. In August, when Kaepernick took his knee, suddenly the focus was on him and he was the focus of stories to every 4 of BLMs.

      It wasn’t until after football season ended and Kaepernick was no longer visibly protesting did BLM resurface (albeit weaker than before and only gets half the press) as a trending topic in the news.

      So he’s kidding himself. He didn’t help BLM or their cause. He was a massive distraction that pushed them to the side as he became the focus.

  2. He is not a 9er any more I don’t care. I like the football talk here I talk politics face to face not on a football blog

  3. How the tide has changed! A country that gave him an opportunity some people would bleed for. Now he decides to stand and be prideful.
    My how desperation changes things.
    This guy is lost and has a terrible supporting cast!

    1. Yup, Last year, Baalke probably told him to focus only on football and not be uppity. That went over like a lead balloon.

      1. I’d like to see this voodoo doll Baalke has over Kap. Maybe he has one of you too Seb. Probably resembles that of a donkey!

          1. Oh I’ve just begun Sebnnoying. Call me Primenoying cause I’m gonna ride this for a looooooooong time!

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

            February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
            Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

            1. Yawn, you will just be exposed as a hater who cannot let go.

              Those 2 statements assumed the Niners would retain him, but Kaep decided to leave, so I cannot support some one who does not want to be here.

              Wish him well wherever he lands, but now I am thinking about QBs to replace him.

              1. Seb, he opt out because the team was not gonna pay him a 19 mil salary. If the team really want him back,I believe he would resign with a fair deal

    2. This country have him nothing…he worked for the opportunity he have and America should be held to a higher standard then some claim it is.

  4. Rotoworld;

    The Washington Post reports the Redskins and franchise player Kirk Cousins have discussed a long-term deal that would pay Cousins $20 million per year.
    The Post’s Master Tesfatsion makes it clear the sides “aren’t close” — Cousins will certainly want more — but it’s a step in the right direction after Washington’s max offer to Cousins was $16 million per year last offseason. Conceivably, the Redskins could continue to reduce GM Scot McCloughan’s power, sign Cousins long term, then announce McCloughan’s departure publicly while fingering him as the Fall Guy and reason Cousins wouldn’t sign last year. Such an approach would make the current powers that be in D.C. look better, at least in the short term.

    1. From a money standpoint it makes no sense for Cousins to sign before 2018 free agency.

      A) New 2017 contract
      B) $24m fully guaranteed + same or better than 2017 contract amount

    2. Well the offer says volumes about where the Redskins view Kirk Cousins and clearly why there’s an impasse. At $20M a year that would place him tied for the 10th highest paid QB based on avg annual salary. The Redskins think Cousins is around the 10th best QB in the league.

      1. Actually, that’s about right. He’s about the 10th best QB in the NFL. At 29 he’s likely peaked and will ride a plateau for about five-to-six years before declining.

        1. I sometimes wonder of pocket quarterbacks that don’t rely on mobility peak at a later age. So what if he’s not as fast as he as when he’s 26 as long as the arm, eyes and pocket footwork are sound.

      2. Redskins to agent – He’s not as valuable as your contract demand suggests
        Redskins to 49ers – He’s supremely valuable. Give us at least two first rounders.

    3. If Cousins feels like he has reasons to stay in Washington and the team isn’t convinced he’s the real deal then a short term fully guarantee’d contract might be the only way they can work anything out. Give him a three year $75m dollar deal that’s fully guaranteed. He’ll be tied for the highest paid QB for at least one season and will still be one of the top 3 for the duration of it. If they find success together then working out an extension will be easy. If not then the Redskins wont be seen as having overpaid and can move on in a relatively short amount of time having appeased the local fan base in the meantime.

    4. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 4m4 minutes ago
      Report: Cousins $20 million offer not recent

  5. Sounds like Kaepernicks value system is limited to non-contract years. In contract years he’s a schill for the man.

    1. Yep. This guy is a complete schill. Comparing himself to guys like Ali and Malcolm X for fighting for injustice. Give me a f—ing break! Ali went to prison and lost tons of money and years off his career as a result.

      Kaepernick is just a nobody who needed to figure out how to cause a stir to get what he wanted, and now that he got his way he’s gotta go get his dough.

      1. Yup. It’s important to note that CK did not lose a single endorsement deal due to his protest. He was paid in accordance with his contract. He’s made over $50M in 6 years for football and endorsements. He refused to participate in the election by voting. The man has risked absolutely nothing to make his statement. It’s almost as if he’s a useful imbecile for malicious people like his girlfriend and Shaun King. I almost feel bad for him but when he compares himself to people who really have risked something to stand up for what they believe in then it’s just sickening. Now we find out when a new contract is involved then he really doesn’t have any true convictions. The entire thing was a scam for attention from the beginning. CK is truly a putrid human being.

    2. He is not a shill at all, unless you mean that every player who stands at attention during the national anthem is a shill.

      He will still advocate for social justice, but will just channel his energies into more productive areas.

      If he stopped decrying police shooting of unarmed civilians and advocated an empty your gun rule, then he would be seen as a shill.

      1. Seb says “He will still advocate for social justice, but will just channel his energies into more productive areas”

        Like what? Finding a job digging ditches with you? He sold his house Seb so can you put him up?

      2. He’s a fake and a phony. See what idolatry of a human being gets you, Seb? And no one would deny……you idolize this guy. Just a human being. Who may be sitting on the terlit, just like you and me…….he’s not what you think he is………..but he is YOUR Jim Jones.

        1. Saw, now you are going with Hyperbole.

          I was totally going to move on from him, but now Lynch is very open to Kaep returning. I did not say that, Lynch said it.

          I expect playoff teams want a SB QB, so Kaep will be a very distinct possibility for many of those teams. I still expect at least one of them will pony up the dough, and Kaep may want a shot at a ring, instead of toiling in obscurity on the Niners, out of the playoffs.

          I wish him well, but will not hold my breath for him to return.

          1. Yes please don’t hold your breath Seb. It would be a big mistake. Same as all the others:

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

            February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
            Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

          2. Unfortunately this unreasonable hate for Kap does no one any good.

            I think in the long term Kap may end up being viewed as another Mohammad Ali.

            It takes a great person to stand up for rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves

            1. Hey, hawki…

              You have a great sense of humor! This fake compared to Ali???
              You are aware of what Ali did? Had the belt taken from him…..several years of his career taken from him,during his prime……..loss of very large sums of money……….etc., etc. These are the sacrifices he made for the issue of right vs. wrong. Ali is respected throughout the world as the real deal. He put his money where his mouth was.
              Kap puts his money first.

  6. It is weak on his part. Now that he is searching for a job he respects the flag? If he had any conviction he would continue his useless protest.

    1. You call it a useless protest when he made a big difference. People all talked about it for a whole week, and the discussion continues. Now, police shootings of unarmed civilians is down. People are talking about de escalation tactics. Police are actually being held accountable.

      He is making a strategic pivot, but will still advocate for justice. Smart move on his part, so now the haters cant hate on him some more.

      1. All for nothing as what, all is forgiven? Mission accomplished?
        All he did was tarnish his image and alienated his teammates. He’s a cancer and coach killer and that’s why KS and JL let him opt out.

        February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
        KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

        February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
        Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

        1. Seems like Kaep got stabbed in the back too many times, and does not want to roll with them.

          Even on another team, Kaep will have a good chance to take the league by storm.

          Prime, maybe you should walk back your own statement, because you are the one who originally said Kaep took the league by storm, not me.

      2. Are you saying police shootings are down and “police are actually being held accountable” because Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem? Is that seriously the point you are making?

        1. People talked about nothing except that for a whole week. Kaep was put on the cover of Time, which made his silent, non violent protest relevant. People are still talking about it today, like on this blog.

          Ignoring his impact is just another ploy of his detractors, but we all know that he made a difference.

          1. We’re talking about it because it’s abundantly clear to anyone with an intellect above a 3 year old that the entire protest was a scam for attention. Now that he is trying to sign with another team, he is ending his protest.

            Again I’m asking you a direct “Yes” or “No” question:

            Are you saying police shootings of unarmed civilians have decreased because Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem? Yes or No

            1. Houston,
              You seem like a very intelligent man so you must realize in your heart of hearts that not all intelligent men and women agree with you on this subject.

              1. Coach,

                Shootings have gone up. Kaepernick effected no measurable change other than to his pocketbook.

              2. I welcome disagreement. That’s part of the beauty of life when intelligent people can have a rational disagreement. For anyone at all to give credit to a man like Colin Kaepernick for supposedly reducing the number of police shootings is beyond infantile. It’s offensive. That insinuation is beyond a rational argument. It’s offensive to credit a man who used other people who may really be oppressed to glorify himself. If CK really believed in the meaning of his protest, he would have voted. He would say he was going to continue to kneel if he signs with another team. Now he just looks like the entire thing was a scam. It’s really not important to me that anyone agree with me but it is important to challenge idiots when they spew idiocy.

              3. Jack and Houston,
                I wasn’t agreeing or disagreeing with anyone opinion of CK. I was differing with the statement Houston made that,” it’s abundantly clear that anyone with an intellect above a 3 year old that the entire protest was a scam….” My point was not every man and woman with an intellect above a 3yo agrees with that statement.

              4. I don’t really want to get into another political discussion but I will say that I don’t see what Kap did as a scam or an attempt at getting attention for himself. I think his motives were sincere and he followed it up by donating money to groups that shared his views.

                The choice to now stand for the Anthem however is purely a business decision imo. I think he has been informed by his new agents how hard it will be to find a job if he continues to protest and that reality has a way of making someone conform.

              5. Rocket,
                Thanks for summarizing the situation dispassionately with appropriate choice of wording.

              6. >>I think he has been informed by his new agents how hard it will be to find a job if he continues to protest and that reality has a way of making someone conform.

                Agreed. Further conjecture: His old representation probably tried to impress that upon him as well which is why he fired them. He was agent-less for quite some time, no doubt shopping for one that would back him on his social protest stance. An obviously futile search, he finally saw the writing on the wall and agreed to where he is now. No doubt, a version of this classic scene from He Got Game went down:

                Jesus Shuttlesworth (who’s got game): I’m thinking about hiring a brother to represent me.

                Dom Pagnotti (agent): Yeah? Why’s that?

                Jesus Shuttlesworth: I just feel comfortable with a brother.

                Dom Pagnotti (agent): All right, Jesus, let me ask you a question. What color is this?

                Jesus Shuttlesworth: It’s green.

                Jesus Shuttlesworth: You’re black, I’m white, this is green. When making a business decision, the only color that matters is green.

              7. @OldCoach… So CKs protest wasn’t a scam but we all understand CK needs to stand so he can get paid by some other team? We all understand CK has his limits defined by money when it comes to his social conscience? Your definition of scam and my definition of scam are much different.

            2. Do not have the total statistics in front of me, but while researching the numbers, there is a dearth of reliable statistics.

              There is another factor called suicide by cop, which the victim intends for the cop to shoot him or her. Those figures need to be considered as semi justified killing.

              I am concerned about the unjustified killing of unarmed civilians, and it appears that those have gone down. Death by tazer and death while in custody are also pertinent statistics.

              One major statistic is that finally, a cop was found guilty of of murder of an innocent civilian. Justice was finally achieved. The Blue Line was broken.

              I found a list of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States. It does not tell if they were justified or not, or any other details, but just that they died at the hands of law enforcement officers.

              In 2009- 72
              in 2010- 297
              In 2011- 172
              In 2012- 608
              In 2013- 344
              In 2014- 630
              In 2015- 845
              in 2016- 181
              in 2017- 20 so far.

              So looking at that list, it peaked in 2015, Kaep protested in 2016 and there were 664 less. In 2017, the rate should be 10 per month, so that extrapolates to 120 per year, which would be another decrease.

              Some claim shootings have gone up, but the death statistics belie those numbers.

              1. Gandhi………Mother Theresa………Kap????????????????

                No one sees it but you, Seb. And now that he’s shown what he’s really about, that girlfriend of his is going to…………

                Can he sleep on your couch for a while?

      3. Didn’t make any difference in my life…or the lives of any of the black peoples I know. And if he had, they would have told me, I can assure you………

  7. Did anyone expect anything less than this well timed revelation by Kaepernick? I said he was full of sh@# when he started kneeling and his sudden change in stance now that he’s a free agent proves it. His credibility as an activist just took a major hit; his credibility as an NFL QB took a hit years ago. Turn the page already…..Maybe return the Len Eshmont.

      1. Jack,
        It’s common sense. The reality of being a controversial free agent for Kaepernick has set in. The look of futility on his face was probably similar to that of an unruly child’s when the alpha parent walks into the room. He folded like a cheap tent and severely tainted his message in the process. I feel as though his jersey sales will parallel the fundraising capabilities of the Clinton foundation going forward.

        1. BigP – This comment is priceless. Bottom line, Kaep we know what you are, we’re now just haggling on the price. Before the Kaep fans get all hot and bothered best to remember with a cool head that this is all just bidness.

        2. >> I feel as though his jersey sales will parallel the fundraising capabilities of the Clinton foundation going forward.

          I’ll match your silly injection of politicking.

          I feel as though his jersey sales will inversely parallel the criminal defense legal expenditures of the Trump Administration going forward.

    1. No, many supported his cause, but objected to his method. Now he will make his social activism more effective, and cut the legs out form under his detractors. Smart move.

      1. Kaepenick, by his grandstanding pushed BLM aside in the news. He became the focus. Not the issues. His taking a knee.

        In July, BLM was getting (at peak) 35 stories for every 1 about Kaepernick. Kaepernick took the knee and it became all about him and he was getting 100 stories for every 4 for BLM.

        BLM still hasn’t recovered, they’re, at best getting half the coverage they used to. And most of that is now negative instead of positive.

        In short, not only did if **** the 49ers on the field. He ****ed BLM.

        1. Wrong. Police shooting of unarmed civilians is down, and that was a big goal of BLM. They are thanking Kaep for being a leader, and making a difference.

          Kaep shined a bright light on an ugly truth, and new protocols are being implemented because of his actions and advocacy.

          Now, he is declaring victory, and moving on. Less shooting is a clear victory.

          Kaep did not take his protest on the field of play. He did it before the game, and on the side line. Blame the defense for mucking up the season, not Kaep. Blame Baalke for the lack of talent, too.

          1. Police shootings of unarmed civilians are down

            No fake news. Facts.
            I would imagine that the FBI data for 8/16-12/16 is still being collected and collated. So what’s your source Seb?
            Just making stuff up again? Illuminate us.

            1. When was the last police shooting? I have been perusing the various media sites, and have not found any recent ones.

              The very fact that people are now talking about de escalating confrontations and presenting non violent methods is a huge important first step in becoming a more civil and peaceful society.

              Since you do not believe me, present some facts that show police shooting of unarmed civilians is increasing.

              1. Oh, so you’re just going off anecdotal listening to the radio? You feel like things are better?
                Present some factual data from a reliable source (No, not the North Bay Bohemian) or go pound sand.

              2. BroT – I’m fairly certain that civilian shootings of armed police are up considerably. Just sayin.

              3. Jack and BT, I found a list of killing by law enforcement officers in the United States. It does not break down the circumstances or if they were justified or not, but here they are.

                2015- 845
                2016- 181
                2017- 20.

                Sure looks like a decrease to me.

                Also, due to the protests, people are demanding that law enforcement officers receive training in de escalation strategies and Non violent interventions. They also are receiving training in dealing with mental crisis intervention. Kaep advocated for alternatives to shooting.

                Additionally, law enforcement officers are now being counseled to refrain from emptying their firearms at an individual, especially if they are not being fired upon.

              4. Seb,

                Once again you are full of crap, and just making stuff up to fit your narrative. Colin Kaepernick himself retweeted this just a day and a half ago showing that police killings are on the rise.

                Samuel Sinyangwe‏ @samswey

                People killed by police in first two months of the year:

                2017: 215 people
                2016: 196
                2015: 182
                2014: 141
                2013: 158

      2. “Now he will make his social activism more effective……………..”

        Seb, how do you know any of this????? It’s all, literally, fantasy. There is no reality to any of it.

        1. Despite your screeds, Kaep has made a difference, and even today we are discussing police killing unarmed civilians.

          He has made a difference, so he does not see the need to protest any longer.

          You seem to want to force him to continue protesting.

          1. Seb-skov………….

            Your trying to make him out to be the new RFK, MLK……..

            This is, perhaps, a drug induced fantasy.

  8. Rotoworld:

    “Speaking at the Combine Thursday, Browns coach Hue Jackson said the team will “aggressively” pursue a quarterback solution this offseason.
    Jackson went on to claim the team wouldn’t mind heading into 2017 with Cody Kessler, Robert Griffin III and Kevin Hogan. That’s extremely unlikely. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Thursday that North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky is “on the Browns’ radar at No. 1 overall.” Cleveland owns the Nos. 1 and 12 picks, giving it flexibility. “

    1. Add that to the reports that the Browns #1 target is Garappolo and you have the lying season in it’s full glory.

    1. Cosell’s take was much better than Bucky Brooks who fawned over him like a fan boy. This part of Cosell’s breakdown sums up my feelings on Kizer:

      The physical tools Kizer has, along with his poise and composure, will entice NFL teams. But they’ll also have concerns about his decision making and consistent accuracy. Kizer was not a high percentage thrower at Notre Dame, which is always troublesome as a quarterback transitions to the pro game. He missed too many throws with poor ball location. Those things could be helped with improved mechanics.

      He has it all physically, but there is a lot to improve on. Too much to take him at the top of the first. In the second? Absolutely, but I’d say the same about Mahomes and Trubisky too. Some teams will draft these guys in the first.

  9. You know, though hilariously futile, you could almost respect the character of The Monty Python Knight in his hopeless futility.
    Seb’s credibility death throes, not so much.

      1. Seb you continue to antagonize people on this blog when really you should put your foot back in your pie hole.

        You’ve been wrong about Kap on the field and now off!
        No storm DA!

        1. PRIME

          C’MON MAN,,,LET IT GO…YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S KEEPING KAEP IN THE CONVERSATION…SEB IS JUST A BIT PLAYER…KAEP IS GONE…I for one am pleased…he is now the pawn of agents, managers, and back street hustlers, who only care about keeping his name and face above the fold….it’s all about money….not my problem anymore,,,let’s talk footballl….

      2. Yeah, which level of Sommelier are you currently certified as?
        Cuz, if not for one problem I’d be willing to engage in a blind tasting with you putting my 20+ years in the wine business against your 20+ years in lawn care.
        The problem: I’d have to be in the same room with you.
        Deal killer.

      3. You are? Please.

        Did you know that Kaepernick was one of the worst ‘long sack’ QBs in the NFL? That the vast majority of his sacks, which includes 74% in 2013 when we had an ‘elite’ offensive line, were over 3.5 seconds?

        THat’s a QB issue. Yet people like you keep blaming the line. Even though the data clearly shows the problem is he holds the ball too long and the line was, despite being trashed, one of the better pass blocking lines in the NFL. So this is how it works, NFL wide – 2013 (when Kaepernick had a Superbowl Quality team and a line recognized as elite):

        NFL 5443 DB under 2.0 seconds lead to 5 sacks. — 0.09%
        Kaepernick — 117 DBs, 0 sacks. NFL average.

        NFL 4952 DB between 2.1 and 2.5 seconds lead to 64 sacks. — 1.2%
        Kaepernick 105 DBs – 1 sack. 0.9%. Slightly better than NFL average.

        NFL 2908 DB between 2.6 and 3.0 seconds lead to 149 sacks — 5.1%.
        Kaepernick — 82 drop backs, ZERO sacks. NFL Best protection.
        Do you see that? When he got the ball out in a reasonable, professional NFL QB fashion, he wasn’t sacked. AT ALL. While the other QBs in the NFL were sacked, on average, 1-in-20 times.

        Now we get to the problem child. The QB who holds the ball too long. Way too many attempts on the wrong side of 3 seconds. And why you blame the line when it’s the QB.

        NFL 2261 DB between 3.1 and 3.5 seconds lead to 249 sacks — 11.0%
        Kaepernick had 56 drop-backs and 6 sacks in this category — 10.7% The line still wins.

        NFL 3480 DB longer than 3.5 seconds lead to 758 sacks — 21.7%
        Kaepernick had 138 drop backs and was sacked 29 times. That’s 21% or, basically, NFL average. What’s not average is having 138 of drop backs be over 3.5 seconds.

        Kaepernick had 498 drop backs. Of which 27.7% were held more than 3.5 seconds. Quality QBs rarely hold the ball that long. Peyton Manning, for example, only had 4.4% of his passes held this long. And of the 30 attempts Manning held for 3.5+ seconds, he was sacked 6x for his trouble. So they’re not immune either and they’ve learned to THROW IT AWAY if it gets that bad.

        In short, even Manning, when he held the ball got sacked a lot. So he didn’t hold the ball. Of course, he didn’t hold the ball because he knew what he was doing and understood coverage and who would be open and when whereas Kaepernick had to actually see the receiver open then would gun it in.

        So of course he was sacked.

        Of his 39 sacks in 2013, 29 came from him holding the ball too long. And he got WORSE each year at holding the ball. And the line kept getting blamed. And all the while it was the QB who simply can’t get the ball out in time. Who won’t throw it away. Who stupidly thinks he can make plays with his legs.

        Well, it’s not the MWC with a bunch of sloth-foot college players. It’s the NFL and even the slow guys are fast.

        And yet where did you point your fingers? At the line. Always at the line. Maybe the line and the receivers. Yet other QBs have worse lines and worse receivers than he did even in the Salad Days of Peak Kaepernick.

        Yet he couldn’t get the ball out.

        The line is not nearly as bad as the conventional wisdom holds it. The QBs were that bad and made the line look worse than it is. It’s not an elite line. But it’s not nearly as bad as the finger pointers say.

        1. I feel like this needs to get re-posted without all the back and forth about who likes Kaepernick and why. This is an outstanding look at stats that seems to be getting lost in the back and forth. Thank you for this post.

  10. This a matter of reverse resume. He is excluding his form of protest (going forward) to bolster his chances of getting a gig.
    While the change of heart is an attempt to clean last years slate for obvious reasons, I can respect his actions of last year and respect his right to do whatever it takes to find a new job.

    Last years form of protest does not necessarily mean that he will give up in bringing the issue to light.

    1. That’s more likely than The Orange Pig leading us out of the Valley of Hate and Anger.

      Sorry Oldcoach. I support what you’ve posted today. I apologize.

  11. First, these are “sources.” I won’t believe it until I hear it from him. I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt, because “sources” lie. You see it an awful lot today. We are in the era of yellow journalism (“fake news”). But if these sources are correct, it would make him a laughing stock. I hope it’s not true.

  12. Kaep is some other team’s problem now. But deciding to put this controversial stance aside just as he is about to head to FA just tells you where his priorities always were – himself.

  13. Glad to hear the 49ers will be active in FA, as it means they are seeing this team for what it is – a blank slate that can start being rebuilt from day 1. No need to waste a year or two dismantling the team and getting out of salary cap issues. Best way to ensure players want to play here in future without massively over paying is to put a team on the field that is at least competitive from day 1, with signs of building to something greater. Don’t want to find yourself in the situation Hue Jackson and the Browns are in.

    But I very much hope they aren’t looking at their cap space and seeing a license to spend big. Still need to shop smart, even if they do need to shop in bulk. Maybe 1 or 2 fairly big name signings, but after that look at guys that fit the scheme without breaking the bank. This won’t be fixed in 1 year.


    “One of them is likely to play the so-called ‘three technique,’ the defensive lineman who lines up between the opposing guard and tackle. In the 49ers’ new scheme, that position usually goes to the team’s best pass-rushing interior lineman.”

    “We’re still talking about that with our coordinators, with our defensive staff,” Lynch said. “Because we think that each can do it, and I think they will at times. Who’s going to be there in base (defense)? I don’t think we’re there yet.”

    1. Oops, sorry Brodie, I didn’t see your post. But yeah, Cleveland likes Trubisky and the Niners seem to like every QB in the draft.

    2. How great would that be? Garrett falling to us at two so the Browns could over draft a QB. Please make it happen football gods.

      1. Browns could take Garret at 1, trade up for Trubisky at 2.

        By chart it would cost the Browns their 12+2018 first or… 12+33+2018 second + 2019 second

        1. Browns have 2 second round picks. They could trade number 12, 33 and 52, and a 2018 second round pick and the draft values would even out. It would be even if they picked 4th in 2018, so maybe they should make it a conditional second in 2018, with it becoming a first round pick if the browns make the playoffs.

          Getting two additional second round picks would be well worth trading back 10 spots. The 2018 pick would be a bonus for the future.

    1. Poor SebnYawn, his false narrative keeps springing holes like a rusty leaking bucket. That’s what happens when you doggedly try to rationalize (rational lies) and defend an indefensible position.

      1. I think Lynch and Shanahan told Krap “we are going to release you or you can save face and opt out”. A class move by the new regime.

        Come on Seb, are you going to keep on spinning or just admit you have been wrong.

    2. Rosenthal reported that Lynch has left the door open to Kaep returning in a ‘real way’, so there is still the possibility that he returns. I will still move on until that happens.

      Looks like Glennon is getting an 8 mil deal to stay with the Bucs, but that price is very affordable for Lynch.

      Think Kaep’s best landing spot is Denver or the Cards. He might take less to flee the Niners.

      1. Lynch, noting how McCaffrey is a special player, confirmed that some around the NFL are critical of the Sun Bowl decision.

        “I know there’s people here that that really bothers,” Lynch said. “I happen to know the young man so I would never question his commitment to the team, but other people will.”

        Evidently Lynch sees the concern of others as a mistake. Maybe John is setting up a small move back in the draft.

        1. Yep, Lynch has the benefit of knowing the person. Others won’t. Lynch also said it isn’t a good thing to have players skipping these games. I wonder how he would feel about Caff’s decision if he didn’t know him?

        2. Lynch has known the McCaffrey’s personally for many years. So he is more qualified to judge McCaffrey’s commitment than the other GMs. The rest will use their interviews to make that assessment.

          “Lynch has known McCaffrey, whose father, Ed, had a long NFL career as a wide receiver, for many years. “So, I would never question his commitment to team and all that,” Lynch said. “But other people will. So, it’s something that these kids have to weigh.”

    1. Concern, schmoncern! After the finals ended and McCaffrey left school, he made a career move to devote the next 3 weeks to getting ready for the draft instead of playing a minor bowl and risking injury. Before he decided to turn pro, McCaffrey was the best team mate one could have (based on his teammate’s comments and that of Shaw). Once he turned pro, he has done everything he has needed to do to become a better pro player.

      A GM who bases his decision.of not drafting him based on that career move is doing McCaffrey a favor. That GM and his team is probably headed to nowhere, and that GM is probably not named Bellichick or Elway.

      1. “Concern, schmoncern!” Yes, it is a concern to some. A players commitment to his team and teammates will be questioned when they sit out of a game.

        However, a good GM will do his best to see if that theory will pan out. They will read the comments from Shaw and his teammates. They might even call Shaw personally.

        Ultimately the interview process is where they would assess McCaffrey’s commitment.

  15. This protest has accomplished nothing…. Generally if you are actually committed to a cause you do not just quit protesting unless something has been done to fix the problem you were protesting in the first place. SO… He is nothing more than a grandstanding hypocrite.

  16. Hilarious. Kaepernick was a backup on arguably the worst team in the league so he grasps the spotlight by kneeling. When he gets on the field he plays like the bum he is, padding his stats after the game was well out of reach. Now that he’s gone free agency, his agent likely told him that no teams will look at him because of the distraction of his “protest”. So Kaepernick announces his protest is over.

    So in a 16 game season, a backup quarterback claims he caused change in America to the point he doesn’t have to kneel any longer. What a complete joke. Anyone with a brain knows he’s a clown. Any team that signs him is foolish.

      1. Really? How much winning did he do for us the last few years?

        He may be going to special teams……………


    San Francisco 49ers
    Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State (COM)
    Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell (SR)
    Rudy Ford, S, Auburn (SR)
    Geoff Gray, G, Manitoba (EW)
    Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee (COM)
    DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame (COM)
    Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE/3-4DE, Villanova (SR)
    Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford (COM)
    Leon McQuay III, S, USC (EW)
    Haason Reddick, OLB, Temple (SR)
    Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina (SR)
    Sam Tevi, OT, Utah (EW)

    1. Cook, Kamara and McCaffrey – I think we are getting the picture on what type of RB they are after to team with Hyde.

      1. Scooter_McG – Good observation. They want some lightning to go along with Hyde’s thunder.

        FB Scott DiMarco and OG Kevin Zeitler would complete the run game.

      2. Makes me realize… Elway is Lynch’s mentor. He’s not shy about going after what he wants in free agency.

      1. Kpassagnon is an interesting looking prospect. But would be surprised if they end up going that direction given who they already have on the roster.

        1. True, especially since the picks the Niners have in the rounds Kpassagnon would go in would probably be used to address other issues on the team; especially if we strike out in free agency with some of the skill position players.

    2. Haason Reddick or Christian McCaffrey #34 and Tanoh Kpassagnon #66 would be outstanding.

      I’d consider modest security trade ups to secure McCaffrey or Reddick late first, Kpassagnon late second.

  18. Lynch will try to fill as many holes he can with FA. Since Shanalynch partnership has a long leash, he will approach the draft with an eye to the future — not necessarily the next one or two seasons.

  19. Rotoworld:

    Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports the Bucs offered free agent Mike Glennon $8 million per year.
    It would have made Glennon easily the league’s highest-paid backup, but he’s apparently going to blow by that on the open market. Teams seem to be taking Glennon seriously as a potential starter. He’s this year’s Brock Osweiler, though Glennon’s pre-FA numbers are better than Osweiler’s were.

  20. You are considered foolish because you refuse to give up these false speculations and the “fairy-tale” you have told yourself about CK7 and tried to sell to the sports world. Own up to the BS, give it up, grow up…..

    TomD’s Take on the comment: YOU (SEB) ARE CONSIDERED FOOLISH

    I will let the Beatles, “Fool on the Hill,” performed by the Segio Mendes Band comment on Seb (the main character in the song) for me.

    Fool on the Hill:

    1. Short and sweet. Apparently taking a public stance has a cost.

      Seb’s hero, Kap, sold out Seb’s visions of Kap being a symbol for the downtrodden.

      Now that Seb has had the rug pulled out from him twice in two days, (the 1st time was Kap’s K opt out while Seb was posting “Kap would take the league by storm”) Seb really has no where to hide.

      How do you explain a sell-out, unless you’re one yourself. The harder one tries, the deeper sell-out, stigma, he digs for himself.

      Seb, I really would say I feel sorry for you. Hard as you try, you’re just making it worse for yourself. You truly are the fool on the hill for a reason….Now you know why.

  21. Yet more evidence Kaepernick is all about himself. Makes you wonder if he had, in the first place, been told he couldn’t start unless he stood for the National Anthem he wouldn’t have even thought about not standing. He knows what those of us that get it know: with his not standing being the center piece of his disruptive political positions, getting a job with another team would be noticeably more difficult. Note to BLM advocates: Kaepernick just sold you out and, in the process, showed all of us who he really is. Adios.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a great day. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Kraep says his work is done! The great defender of the oppressed. Then his agents told him that he is a pariah and his value is in the negative spectrum. So he had a moral choice. Honor his “Convictions” or honor the “Almighty dollar”! Hollywood couldn’t write a better script. KNBR has been hilarious all day. It’s been a Kraepfest of carnage. On top of being a Kraeppy QB, he’s a weak minded, despicable human being.

  23. Seb,

    Are you really a sell-out like your buddy, Kap–your emblem and supposed leader of the downtrodden.

    The more you defend him, the more sell-out defines you, Seb.

    1. I protested with Dolores Huerta, Caesar Chavez’s, general. I did not have to be paid.

      But that’s the difference between you and I, Seb. Civic duty will always have a price for folks of your ilk, Sebbie.

    2. TomD…

      I believe Seb wants to recreate ’68. He lives vicariously thru Kap, seeing Himself and Kap as latter day Don Xiuhote’s, charging at windmills. He judges people by the color of their flesh, rather than their heart.

      Yes/No?? Your take??????

      1. Saw
        I’m breaking in here, but for all of my many differences with The Seb, I’ve never ever felt like he was a racist. In fact, I’d bet he isn’t at all. I’m not sure where you got that from his ramblings, but, respectfully, I think that’s a false claim.
        My two cents.

        1. BT, thank you. We may have differences, and be polar opposites on many subjects, but I also recognize you as a decent person. This site could do with more posters like you. I will relish the debates, and will always stand my ground, but I do recognize you as an astute football person.

          1. Nobody deserves to be falsely accused. I’ve never seen a shred with you, and I even have an assumption (that deserves no acknowledgement) that you may be non-White, which seems to be an indictment with some folks in this country lately; inexplicably.

            1. I did not know you were a sommelier, so I will concede that you must have better knowledge than me.

              Still, I know some wine snobs who do not know the difference of a Russian River estate grown Merlot from a 2 Buck Chuck. Blind tasting reveals a lot.

            2. I don’t falsely accuse. I gave one of many specifics somewhere in this blog-either above or below…………

        2. He is not a bad guy. Just ridiculous on his assessments towards a certain player and won’t relent on the stupidity of excuses and accusations towards him.
          That’s why he gets what he deserves here.
          He came on here with the wrong attitude and bravado that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
          That’s the Seb, sorry that’s Sebnnoying!

          1. Prime, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who likes to express my opinion. Your seeming intolerance to my posts is what is so objectionable on this site.

            Readers do not want to post, if belligerents like you shout them down or deride original thought.

            Wrong attitude? All I want is for the Niners to win multiple more rings. All I see with you is your bombast and drivel that brings nothing to the discussion.

            Since you read every syllable that I write, you would have noticed that I advocated for Kaep to declare that he has seen a difference, and stop his protests. I said he should channel his energies towards more positive messages in order to inspire people instead of riling them up. Making people mad is counter productive, and has the opposite effect to what he wants to achieve.

            Glad to see he has pivoted, and now will refrain from kneeling. Smart move, and he may go to a playoff team now.

            I will not claim that he read what I wrote and followed my advice, but he did exactly what I wanted him to do.

            Wonder if you read what Lynch had to say about Kaep. He is open to Kaep returning. He was open and truthful with Kaep, and Kaep was also open and truthful back. Lynch, unlike his predecessor, did not burn that bridge and there is a possibility of him returning, in a very real and positive way.

            I will not hold my breath until he returns, and will move on. Lynch and KS are like a breath of fresh air, and are saying all the right things. Glad they are smart enough to recognize that Kaep does have skills.

            You hate him as much as Baalke did, but that just shows how little you know. And since Baalke was fired for incompetence and hubris, you and he have a lot in common.

        3. Brother T……….

          Many things he’s said over the years. But this one hit it on the head………….”You don’t think a white cop shooting a black man is racist?”
          Logic would follow, then, that if a black cop shot a white person, that should be racist, too. I told him, in and of itself, it is not. He vehemently disagreed.
          Now, with Kap selling out, I expect he’ll change his name to “Seb-skov” and move to Russia.

    1. His agents spoke for him; during free agent season when they would be talking for him. Doesn’t seem suspicious to me.

    1. Saw that.

      Also saw this: If Colin Kaepernick didn’t opt out, 49ers would have released QB


      But even if Kaepernick hadn’t exercised that option, he wouldn’t have been back with the 49ers under the terms of his current contract. Niners general manager John Lynch told SiriusXM radio on Thursday afternoon that the team would have released Kaepernick had he not elected to opt out.”

      It was totally going to be a ‘resign or be terminated’ meeting unless he quit.

      1. Keep reading. Lynch was also very open to Kaep returning ‘in a real way’.

        Lynch is playing it smart, and has not burned any bridges.

        1. Yeah I think that’s called being professional and polite. Kap is not going to be a Niner but keep your hopes up, it keeps you looking so smart!

  24. As a supporter of Keep as a player and his stance, I am not at all mad or disappointed. He has done a lot to his cause and you haven’t heard about an unarmed African American being shot and killed by a policeman…to me that is making a difference.

    1. lol. What a silly thing to say. When he took his knee the media coverage on the whole spiked on Kaepernick and dropped on BLM and the other protest organizations. To the point the story-ratio at the end of August was 100 Kaepernick to 4 BLM.

      Two weeks later the uproar had died as the media moved on (because that’s what they do) and, outside 49er fandom and where the 49ers visited (like Buffalo) pretty nobody cared what Kaepernick did. By November, he was a forgotten man by the media.

      However, BLM didn’t recover for the rest of 2016 and they’re still marginalized. Getting less than half of what they were doing a year-ago at this time. And now Kaepernick, having marginalized BLM to the press has moved on after one last shine in the spotlight by announcing to the world that, yes, he is a money-grubbing hypocrite who will sell principles for the biggest pile of money he can get.

      Meanwhile, policing doesn’t change because he took a knee. When you read outside the 49er press, his name doesn’t come up. Locals fighting for police reform come up.

      I mean, let’s face it, nobody in Chicago is going ‘Colin Kaepernick took a knee, we need police reform!” They were already screaming that in Chicago, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Philly, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Louis…

    2. “you haven’t heard about an unarmed African American being shot and killed by a policeman”

      That’s right, because it’s no longer a new topic and the media has other things to focus on now just like Kaepernick.

      1. I think that’s correct. The mass media spotlight flits around like a moth to the brightest (newest) light and public attention follows. Unfortunately all sorts of violence continues on our streets whether or not it makes the cut of the thirty minute national news shows. How many stories each day make the home
        page of Fox News network or cnn or whoever?
        “I haven’t heard about it” isn’t a compelling arguement, particularly in a time of disputed truths, accusations of fake or imagined reports and those willing to float a concept like ‘alternative facts.’

        1. Bro,

          Kaepernick’s twiier account is a good place to go for info on this. Deaths at the hands of police officers has risen for the first two months of this year compared to the same time a year ago.

          The Kaeptain himself just retweeted these stats yesterday.

    3. Is Kaepernick taking a knee the only possible explanation for the decrease in black men being killed by police officers? I bet if you strain your brain hard enough, you can name at least three other possible factors.

  25. 3 Broadsides to the SS Sebbie with that info.

    1. Kap opting out .

    2. Kap selling out.

    3 Kap terminating out (theat by 49ers).

    Wow, even the 49ers want Seb gone. Totally embarrassing day for the man.

  26. DeShone Kizer impresses the San Francisco 49ers

    Clemson won the game. But Kizer won the night. The redshirt freshman completed 19-of-34 passes for 321 yards and two touchdowns against a stout Tiger defense, while Watson managed just 84 passing yards. Kizer also ran for a score….

    His biggest ‘gaffe’ on the evening? That took place with seven seconds left, with the Fighting Irish attempting a 2-point conversion to send the game to overtime. On a QB keeper, Kizer was stuffed short of the goal line.

    It’s was man versus man, heart versus heart,” Kizer said after the game. “And he [Carlos Watkins] got there. I didn’t lower my shoulder the way I should.”

    Carlos Watkins is a 6-3, 305-pound defensive tackle. That’s like a point guard admitting fault by losing a jump ball to a center in basketball. The fact that Kizer even stood a chance speaks to why he’s so intriguing as a prospect.


    NFL Combine: Candidates to break 40-yard dash mark, and Prime Time myth debunked

    The fastest 40 yd time is generally considered to have been run by East Carolina running back, Chris Johnson , in 2008, at 4.24 seconds.

    Word about the outrageous award created a Prime Time commotion, as in former cornerback Deion Sanders, who long encouraged an urban legend that he rode up to the 1989 combine in a limo, jumped out and ran the 40 in 4.2-something seconds — in street shoes. He insisted it was faster than Johnson.

    That myth was exploded Thursday on live television when Sanders and former NFL team executive Charley Casserly revisited that moment in 1989. They are now teammates on NFL Network, but back then Casserly was with the Washington Reskins and obviously kept precise records. He showed on TV the actual combine printout that showed Sanders’ two best times that day were 4.27 seconds, run in the usual combine garb…

    And if hand-held times are in somebody’s mix, the best time was that of Auburn’s multi-sport phenom Bo Jackson in 1986. Former team executive Ken Herock recalled that Jackson was not timed at the then-new combine event, but later in the year during a quasi-combine on the Auburn campus with most teams present. At 240 pounds, Jackson was clocked at 4.12 seconds.

    Shocking? You betcha,” Herock recalled. “But the range of times by several scouts was mostly between 4.12 and 4.24 seconds. Anybody who later saw him run through the Seattle Seahawks didn’t question that time.”

    1. That’s not impossible. I think he has two years left of his Philly contract at around 7 mill per year. In college he ran a quick-strike multi-receiver offense to nigh perfection. But has he ever played under center?

        1. That’s interesting. Assuming they’ll have three new QB’s under contract to start the season, I could see Chase Daniels in the mix.

      1. Reality sucks, but gots to face it. I’m trusting these new guys are doing that. They had to know going in. Heck, John Lynch’s pre-teen daughter knew!
        Time for us to face it.

  28. It’ll be interesting to see in this time of nationalism, how Kaepernick’s leftism hurts his value. So much of the sports media is far left now that the writers talk about how owners are generally politically conservative. They completely miss the point. Owners are generally (100%) interested in maximizing profit. You don’t do that by putting out a product that pisses off and alienates a good percentage of your customers.

    Most of the chatter on this blog was misguided–it was all about politics and free speech. As a matter of business, companies that sell products shouldn’t take political stances on divisive issues. This is clearly a divisive issue. There is no business sense in attaching your sports team product to one side or the other of this issue. Even liberal owners know that, and Kaep may find himself sidelined and sitting throughout the season.

    1. He and his agents have tried to mitigate that.
      An interesting test might be New York. A progressive metropolitan area would have a bit less resistance to his stance, but NY football fans are more conservative as a group than the general population there.
      The NY Giants are a fairly conservative ownership entity. A backup position there might otherwise be a possibility.
      Woody Johnson of the Jets is a Trump guy so may not be a fan of Kaep’16, but his team’s needs………….a free agent longshot might be attractive to an octogenarian who’d like to get a ring before he expires. Since Woody’s the Ambassador to the U.K., think there’s any chance the Jets play a game in London in’18?

  29. Given that 9/11 happened in NY, and like you said, NY football fans are more conservative and definitely more patriotic than the general NY population, I would be shocked if either NY team expressed the slightest interest. Just bringing him in to talk would alienate fans. I’m from NJ so I think I have a pretty good read on it.

    1. CK’s options seem limited to me, but team views can be exceedingly pragmatic at times. I actually think that both NY teams are among his better (but weak and dicey) possible options. Chargers, Dolphins possibilities. If McCarron traded, maybe Cincinnati too. These aren’t just my musings, I’ve seen these ideas in print too. Dallas needs a backup, Houston needs help, but those two are probably off limits due to market sensibilities.

  30. I had to laugh. The radio talk show hosts were turning into pretzels trying to figure out ways to diss Kaep and his decision to stop kneeling.

    Rod Brooks even said that Kaep should have kept it a secret. Too bad Kaep just elevated his Free agent status. Many teams who were reticent before, are now assured that Kaep would not be a distraction, so they may be more inclined to obtain Kaep and his prodigious skillsets.

    First they were ripping him for protesting, now they are ripping him for not protesting.

    What a hoot. Kaep just made himself more potential places to land, and there are several teams who may want his services, now that the Niners let him go.

    Kaep made a shrewd, intelligent move, calculated to make himself a better option, and the haters are grinding their teeth.

    Lynch himself has not closed the door to Kaep. Rosenthal reported that Lynch said that they are keeping the door open for Kaep to return in a ‘real way’.

    Bet Prime is having apoplexy over that statement.

    I think John Elway wants to get back to the SB, so Kaep may be a viable option.

    Ariens called Kaep ‘Scary’, so with Palmer fading, Kaep could go to a situation with a stout defense, Johnson as the RB, and Fitzgerald to throw to.

    Texans have the number one defense, but lacks a QB. They may ditch Osweiler and install Kaep to get them over the hump and into the SB.

    Hmm, maybe KC will let Kaep supplant Alex, AGAIN.

    Just wondering, but maybe Bill Bellichick could entice Kaep with a promise of SB opportunities. Kaep may become such a team player, he will play for less. Imagine a scenario where Kaep can lead the team to save the wear and tear on Brady. Kaep could march the team down the field, get the Patriots to the 5 yard line, then let Brady play to score more TDs. Kaep may take it so far, that he could have a clear shot to the goal line, but just runs out of bounds at the one yard line. Then Brady could come in and score. During the playoffs, Kaep could march them down the field until the red zone, then let Brady take over. Brady will take a lot less hits and will be fresh for the playoff run.

    Only Bill Bellichick could pull that off, but it would be an intriguing possibility.

    Niners, without Kaep, will toil in obscurity, with playoff hopes 5 years away.

      1. Why was Jim not driving?
        Does he roll a betta blunt in a top down convertible? It is a skill.
        My Bruh wid a 427 Cobra admired that in me back in the day.
        My ride for years was a slow 6cylinder Dodge Tradesman Camper Van. It held a surfboard and a German Shepherd and was VERY convenient parked outside of beach keg parties.
        One of those beach girls suggested I redecorate my van. Dang! 40 years later she’s still calling the shots, LOL!

    1. SPIN, SPIN, SPIN. You must be dizzy with all that spinning! I am starting to worry about your mental health.

    2. Seb, didn’t you have enough of Kap? Dang you must be related to this guy. to go to the extent to have him come back? He already put the niners back in the stone ages. what can you expect with this guy? His a cancer to the 49ers team:)

      1. Baalke put the Niners into the stone ages. He let his emotions dominate, and fired the best coach since Seiffert. Kaep was an extension of JH, so Baalke wanted to purge every last vestige of JH, that is why he fabricated the cancer in the locker room smear.

        Funny, I have never heard of an Eshmont award winner being accused of being a cancer, but the haters just cannot help themselves. If you did not know, the players voted for the player who best displayed leadership, inspiration and courage. Kaep, having to endure death threats sure showed a lot of courage to me.

        I will keep praising Kaep, because he is worthy of praise. I will also do it to counter the hate.

        1. What a riot, Seb!!!!

          I could just see you way back in 1776 debating with Jefferson and Madison and the like………then you walk out of that Philadelphia building in a huff and a tissy, mumbling to yourself…..”That Thomas Jefferson is a real hater-he doesn’t agree to my wants and needs!”

          1. Saw, maybe you did not know this, but the founding fathers had huge dust ups. The whole process was very contentious, and many words were hurled back and forth.

            Hamilton was shot.

        2. Thats true, Seb- Bulky did put the 9ers into the stone age. And one of his incredibly foolish moves was never getting serious competition at the QB position. Because if Gabbert had NFL level skill, he would be the starting QB.
          Kap doesn’t like hitting the books, and he doesn’t think proper mechanics are important.
          Walsh would have given him a bus ticket.

    3. >>keeping the door open for Kaep to return in a ‘real way’.

      Lynch, unlike Seb, understands the meaning of the phrase “get real”.

  31. Of course he will, he wants to make $$$. It was a luxury for him to collect millions sitting on the sidelines and being a distraction… but now he need another contract.

    1. Naw, Baalke was the true cancer. He liked cutting players on the team bus to show who is boss, He leaked things about JH. He leaked smears about Kaep. He picked AJ Jenkins when Alshon Jeffrey was picked 14 players later. Baalke’s ACL strategy failed spectacularly. Decent free Agents started to avoid the Niners like the plague.

      JH used Kaep and made it to the SB. Tomsula was incompetent, and Kelly was stabbed in the back by Baalke when he refused to spend 46 mil in cap space, and he expected him to win with 4th string players. Going cheap brought cheap results.

      Chip actually had Kaep playing well at times, but was incapable of making an adjustment, and was too stubborn to change.

      Kaep, wherever he lands, will do well, especially if he has decent support.

  32. Kaep is not really an activist if he actually is guided by self-interest. He’s opportunistic. The worst kind of so-called activist. His biggest problem is simply his play on the field. If you can’t lead on the field, you don’t lead on the sideline.

    1. The worst kind of so called activist? The kind that puts his money where his mouth is? He is donating a million bucks for social causes. He is helping kids to know their rights. He is helping kids facing life threatening health issues.

      Dissing Kaep reveals a lot more about you, than it does about him.

      1. He donated money AFTER he was exposed as a fraud for talking the talk and not walking the walk… The criticism at the time was the fact that he had never donated to the cause.

        Seb you blame everybody except the major distraction

        1. Kaep had his charitable endeavors previous to his donating a million dollars for social justice.

          If you did not know, he spent half a million bucks and raised millions more for children with life threatening heart conditions.

          Just because he did not donate to other causes does not make him an uncaring selfish person. He donated the million dollars because haters were saying that he was only talking about it, and not doing anything, so he showed them that he has even a bigger heart.

          Dissing some one for donating a million dollars is low class.

      2. Here’s some more Hitlerian hate for you Seb………….Kap made damn sure everybody everywhere knew he donated that money, didn’t he? Didn’t do it in secret, did he?
        He may yet make a great career politician…………..

        1. When haters are screaming that he did not monetarily support the cause, so he must be a hypocrite, so he proves that he is putting his money where his mouth is, and now they bluster that he did not do it secretly, just shows that he cannot win against their screeds.

          The haters were deriding him for protesting, but now they are criticizing him for stopping. They want him to continue protesting so they can criticize him more.

          1. Sebnnoying what are you still doing here? I thought Kap was gonna take the league by storm under Shannahan? He was gonna be the dual threat via 2012?
            Now the 49ers said, yeah you can opt out because we are gonna explore other options at QB. Meaning a Schaub, Hoyer are gonna be better options. And then if things don’t pan put, we might consider you.
            A polite way of saying, thanks but no thanks!
            You lose Seb with all your pom poming and Kap is so great! Not so much anymore hey big mouth?

            1. Prime, I was talking about the Combine until the haters started their ugly screeds.

              Just defending Kaep against all the hate. If you want to stop me, stop spewing your screeds.

              I will not be leaving, but I do recall you saying that you were leaving and never coming back.

              Why are you such a liar?

  33. Rotoworld:

    Colin Kaepernick has opted out of his contract, becoming a free agent.
    This was the fully expected move. Kaepernick leaves behind one year and $16.9 million to hit the free-agent market. The 49ers haven’t ruled out bringing Kaepernick back, but it seems like a total long shot. The Jets have been rumored to have some interest, while reports out of Cleveland have indicated the Browns will not target him. Kap should be able to compete to start somewhere after a solid second half of last season, throwing 16 touchdowns to four picks.

  34. When you take a staunch political position and go the whole distance by hiring a PR firm to push it into the mainstream media, it can be very costly changing course. Live by the kneel, die by the kneel

    1. Naw, He made his point, he effected change, and he started a dialogue. Now he is moving on.

      And it is making his detractors grind their teeth. What can they criticize him for now?

      They were apoplectic when he had decent numbers like a 16-4 TD to interception ratio, and when he posted a 90.7 QBR, they were severely disappointed.

      Now the haters will criticize him for having a big shoe collection while poor kids have no shoes.

        1. Not by the numbers I found.

          I also see more hate directed at the Jewish community, so the Trump effect is starting to rear its ugly head.

      1. The only thing he gets criticized for is being a terrible QB who never got better and decided that he didn’t need to work at getting better.

        And you get criticized for running your mouth!

      2. What change?! lol All the media did was shift focus from police/black violence to Trump.

        Nothing has changed. Why? Because MOST of the time the police are the ones in the right… Everybody lies about what happens, UNTIL they are under oath, then the truth comes out and the cops are exonerated… yet that officer and his/her family live in fear for years after because of threats towards their lives.

        There are examples of police racism/hatred but EVERYTHING they do is claimed to be racism nowadays. Even when its an asian or hispanic cop… They claim it BEFORE they have even heard the facts. “the boy who cried wolf”

        If there is so much racisim/white privilege in America, why do Asians have the lowest issues with cops? Why is it Asians, not whites, that make the most money, have the lowest unemployment (per capita), etc?

        Thug cuture is the problem, not white, hispanic and/or Asian cops. No one wants to hire a kid with poor communication skills and his pants sitting on his knees. Theres too unmarried kids having kids and raising them like idiots…. same goes for stupid white kids, which there are a lot. The only difference is that they dont cry racism when they deal with the same exact issues.

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