John Lynch says the 49ers have ‘a lot of great potential’ on their D-line

This is the transcript of John Lynch’s Thursday press conference from the NFL Combine, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What did you experience or what did you learn in your days in Tampa that maybe you could apply or take away to your new position here in San Francisco?

“Well, I think a lot. You know, from the situation, the circumstances and also the people that I had the great fortune to be around. When I first got there we always talk about we were much more commonly referred to as the ‘Yucs.’ It wasn’t good. There was a culture of losing. The nice thing here, I don’t think there’s a culture of losing. There’s actually a culture of winning. They’ve had a couple of bad years and so it’s our job to get it back on top. I’ve been a part of how you do that and been right in the middle of it and I think that will prove invaluable. I think also being around people like [former NFL head coach] Tony Dungy, who in my mind one of the great things he did is just create a great vision as to how we were going to get ourselves out of it. There weren’t a whole lot of secrets. This is who we are. This is who we’re going to be. These are the type of people we’re looking for. When you do that I think good things happen. And so, I think in many ways that situation will help me.”


You came here with Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations/general manager John Elway a couple of times to this. Did you start to realize how this works and what the job entails?

“You know, I came one time. There was one combine that I came to. Other years he had me do other projects, but one time I did come here. Some of it was a lot of sitting around in my room because they found out I guess then I was media. I never liked to call myself media, but I was media and they didn’t let me in those interview rooms and that’s really I think the most precious time you have here is the time with the players and the league put a kibosh on that. But, I also got to go and see the players work out. I think there’s a lot of value. I think a lot of people say you can watch it all on film. I always think in person’s better. So, that did give me a snapshot and made me a little more familiar with the surroundings once I got here.”


Did you talk to him? Is it close to how he described it?

“I did. Many times just through our friendship, he’s one of my better friends in the world. So, from that perspective long before I ever thought about doing this, I’ve chronicled it many times, but I believe it was on a Tuesday that I had my first discussions, by Sunday I was hired. But, he was one of the people I leaned on during that week and it wasn’t a lot of conversations, it was probably two, but he was as always great council to me. I’m very familiar with the situation and provided a lot of wisdom.”


What are your thoughts on the quarterback class of this draft?

“Yeah, I’m excited about it. I think there’s a lot of different opinions, as there always will be, but we had an opportunity last night we had an interview with [former University of Notre Dame QB] DeShone Kizer. This whole thing’s not about an interview, but if you were grading him on that alone he blew the doors off it. He’s an impressive young man. His film’s very impressive. I think the same can be said for [former University of Clemson QB] Deshaun Watson. You watch what he’s done just putting a team on his shoulders and taking down a great champion. And so, [former University of North Carolina QB Mitch] Trubisky, [former Texas Tech University QB Patrick] Mahomes, I think it’s a very talented draft class at that position, one we’re very excited about, those guys. And look, I don’t think you need to be too transparent to realize that’s a position we’re looking at. We don’t have any. And so, that’s a position that’s a big focal point of our preparation right now and this week’s a big part of that.”


University of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has compared Watson to former NBA player Michael Jordan. When you have a guy who’s 28-2, has played his best games against the toughest competition, won a championship, from a scouting standpoint how much more thought is there that this guy could be a once in a decade, franchise kind of guy?

“Well look, it’s all part of the equation and I love winners and he has that. He also has, from the brief interaction, before I was hired as the general manager of the 49ers I spent some time around him at the Super Bowl and there’s certain guys that just carry themselves differently and have a presence about them. I put him in that category. In the brief time, you can just see there’s a confidence, an aura that he carries himself with that’s pretty special.”


Is that quarterback position something that maybe you’ll double-dip a little bit and get one in free agency and draft one for the future?

“We’re looking at all options right now. We really are. And I think we have to. So, free agency is something that we’re examining a lot of guys. The draft, I just spoke about. Other options as well. So, both [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] and I from the start, that’s one thing we’ve talked a lot about in our discussions. I’d love to tell you that strong safety, free safety, is that position you have to have and I believe it’s important, but the quarterback position is one you have to hit on and we’re looking to do that.”


Speak about safeties a little bit. Former University of Michigan DB Jabrill Peppers, where do you think he fits in this league?

“I haven’t figured that out, but I know it’s a fun film to watch. That’s what I’ll tell you. He’s electric and he’s a special player.”


As far as evaluating, do you feel like the quarterbacks, that you’ve got insight given that you were basically mirroring them during your playing career?

“Well, I think from a bunch of different perspectives. First of all, I grew up a quarterback. I went to Stanford as a quarterback. So, I think that always helped me as a player. It helped me as a broadcaster. And as a broadcaster one of the great things you did every week is you did production meetings. Each and every week that meant sitting down with the quarterbacks. And so, that gave me a much better understanding of the DNA of the ones that are successful and maybe some of the shortcomings of the guys that haven’t proven successful in this league. I think it gave me a great vantage point of that. I think you take all those experiences. We also have a head coach in Kyle that I think is masterful at getting the most out of his quarterbacks and this year was a great example of that.”


Kyle said that you guys aren’t breaking down the film with some of the quarterbacks and just getting to know them. What was the interview like with Kizer?

“I think those are sacred times in there. As I said, he was extremely impressive and I’ll leave it at that. What was said and whatnot, we’ll leave it at that. But, he’s just a very impressive young man.”


As far as the run game, what have you seen out of RB Carlos Hyde and do you think he can be a big part of the offense?

“One thing Kyle and I said from the start, the first thing we need to do is really study and get an inventory on what we have and the process for doing that we watched a lot of film together and Carlos was a guy we’re very excited about. I think Kyle has an ability to maximize the skills of running backs both in the run game and the pass game and I think Carlos fits that mold and we think he’s got a lot more. He’s had nice film. We think he has a lot more in him and we’re excited to try to pull that out of him.”


I know you guys met with QB Colin Kaepernick and there are reports that he’s going to hit free agency with that option. Are you still leaving that open that he could come back or have you guys decided that–?

“As I mentioned after that meeting, we had a real nice meeting and one thing that we talked to Colin about, having been a player, one thing I’ve always wanted in coaches I think any player is you want transparency, you want honesty. And so, that’s what we were with Colin and he was back to us. So, there was a great understanding and I think we both agreed that under the current construct it wasn’t going to work out. But, we said let’s not close the door and we had some good jokes. Once he was gone, we weren’t going to have anyone and so obviously yes as he hits free agency that’s something that we’ll keep our eyes open and we want him to keep us in mind as well. So, it’s something that we left that door open in a very real and positive way.”


Can you talk about former Stanford University RB Christian McCaffrey and that Stanford offense?

“I can tell you I have great affinity for Christian as just a guy who’s done a lot for my school and their program. His parents, I’ve known them since a long time ago on the farm there at Stanford. And, they’re special people and he’s a special player. I’ll leave it at that.”


When you have guys coming from the spread offense in college football, how can you project some of the–?

“I think that’s one of the challenges we’re dealing with and this whole league’s dealing with. To be quite honest, it’s tough at times. For instance, with receivers, there’s not much of a route tree. They run a couple things. And that’s one of the challenges this whole league’s facing right now is that the football being played from the high school level to the college level is a different brand of football than they’re going to be asked to play. So, I think the word project is an apt one because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re projecting. You aren’t seeing a lot of the things they’re going to have to do. So, you have to come up with ways to try to do just that, project how they would fit doing this. And that’s a challenge for everyone.”



“Well, I can tell you that one of the great things about the relationship thus far with Kyle is he has a very focused and specific profile for what he wants at each position. And I think it’s as strong as any at the receiver position. And so, you can look at traits and those are things we’re looking at. Traits at how he does at certain things at each level of the routes and that’s one thing Kyle’s done a tremendous job of is developing a philosophy for what he’s looking for at each position. That’s not just offensively, that’s defensively as well. And I’ve been thoroughly impressed and that helps us a lot as a front office to know exactly what your head coach and his coaches are looking for.”


What do you see in Patrick Mahomes as a prospect?

“As I said, he’s a guy that the film’s pretty special. And so, he’s a fun guy to watch. We’re excited to watch more and learn more about him.”


Having studied your roster, is there an area that you see as a strength and maybe needs a little less immediate work on the current roster or position group?

“Yeah. I think one of the encouraging things, I think offensive lines are tough to build in this league and you turn on the film and there’s a lot of exciting things to see with an offensive line. Defensive line, I don’t think it’s as polished and honed, but there’s a lot of great potential there. And so, it’s our job to draw that out of them. We added another piece with [DT] Earl Mitchell there. And so, I’m excited about that. I’m a firm believer, even though I played in the backend and we’ve talked about quarterbacks, a lot of football to me it’s won and lost up front. And so, that makes me feel good that we feel pretty good about that. We need to get better, but I think we’re further along than a lot of teams are in this league at those two position groups.”

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider mentioned yesterday that he used to pick your brain about safeties. What makes that position so hard to evaluate?

“You talk about learning things, that’s one thing I always appreciated about John Schneider. You’d be broadcasting a game and he would ask if he could meet you at a restaurant and he’d have a notebook and he’s taking notes. And so, you understand when you look at John Schneider and what he’s built in Seattle why he’s a tireless worker, he’s passionate about the game and yeah he did pick my brain but I think he did pretty good with guys like [Seattle Seahawks S] Earl Thomas and [Seattle Seahawks S] Kam Chancellor without my help. I can’t take credit for that.”


Did you first start thinking about this position when you were playing, like saying “If I was running the team, I think former NFL head coach Mike Shanahan should go after this guy” or that type of thing?

“Yeah, Shanahan didn’t listen much when I gave suggestions. I did. I was always a guy that drove my wife Linda crazy. You don’t have many days off as a player and the draft weekend is a long weekend typically and I always would spend six, seven hours watching the draft, watching the fifth, sixth, seventh rounds and she’d be going, ‘really?’ and I’d say yeah. So, I didn’t think about it like that, but I would try to do my own mock in the fourth round and it was something I just, I’m a football junkie and so that was something that interested me. I don’t know if I really thought about someday I’m going to be doing this, but as I’ve said many times, when John gave me the opportunity to come in the building that got in my head a little bit, but really my heart and my focus was on being the best at where I currently was and that was as a broadcaster. By virtue of that I think that helped just continue to grow in my knowledge of the game and here we are.”


In your experience that you were saying as a player, kind of theorizing about how you would handle approaching the draft, how is it different now that you’re actually doing it compared to how you thought it was be when it was just for fun?

“Well, even though I was watching the draft, I wasn’t going to the office at 5:30 and leaving at 9:00. I was just showing up and kind of picking it based on what I had heard. And so now, obviously much more in-depth look at the players because this is my job now and this is our job. Fortunately, I’ve got a lot of talented people around me and fortunately I’m really enjoying the process. Just like playing, I think the most positive thing about this, just like playing, it never felt like a job. This hasn’t felt like a job. It’s a monumental challenge, but it’s been fun. I’ve had a blast in this last whatever it’s been, a month or whatnot, going about that process.”


Young quarterbacks that come out, most of them go through growing pains and those growing pains can carry over to the team as a whole. Coming into this, how do you evaluate that going young and we’ll see how long that takes to develop versus adding somebody more established off the bat and getting the overall team perhaps going forward?

“Well, I think as we’re planning, there’s a number of different scenarios we’re looking at and some of those include let’s have a young guy and let’s have an old guy to kind of be there with him. And so, those are all mixes you look at and they’re dynamics that are realities in this league. We’ve got some great options at our disposal. A lot people look at it like, ‘Oh my gosh you don’t have any quarterbacks.’ But, that also is somewhat liberating in that you can create this thing in that position that is so critical in the way that you want it. Now, we’re restricted by who’s available and whatnot, but I think we’ve got a lot of great options at our disposal. We’ve got the number two pick in the draft and that’s not something people are usually happy about because it means you just went through a miserable season. Fortunately, I wasn’t a part of that. I’m a part of it now and the great thing is that we have the number two pick and a ton of options because of that at our disposal.”


You mentioned quick thoughts on Kizer and Mahomes and Watson. Can you do the same on Trubisky?

“Yeah, I got a note today from somebody over there he measured over six-two, so he made himself some money today, I promise you. But, you can see just like the other guys I talked about why people like him. He grows on you. The more you watch him, the more you like him.”



“Yeah, no doubt. It was a quick decision-making process, but a couple things came into play. Number one, the dynamics of where they were at, the fact that I like challenges. And it’s down right now, but I knew full well, I played at Stanford when they were in their heyday. I happened to have the opportunity to play for two coaches who had been a part of that in [former NFL head coach Dennis] Denny Green and [former Stanford and 49ers head coach] Bill Walsh, even further on with Mike Shanahan who had been a big part of the 49er way, the 49er standard. And so, that always meant a lot to me. Guys like [former 49ers DB] Ronnie Lott are idols of mine and so I know the way they played, the way they went about their business, this is an iconic organization, it’s fallen on some hard times and my attitude is how great it’s going to be when we get it back to where it should be.”


As a former guy who played in an NFL secondary for years, you’re scouting quarterbacks now. What’s that like for you? What do you look for in a quarterback? Is hand size important to you?

“It’s all important. I mean, that’s one thing that you learn at that position, everything’s important. As Kyle and I look at it, I think that’s been one of the great things is we sit down and look at film, I’ve got my perspective on how you judge a quarterback from a different perspective than his, and he’s got his. Now, they marry in many ways, but I think that’s been a great part of this relationship thus far. It doesn’t just stop with Kyle and I. There’s so many people and taking in so many different perspectives and thought processes as to what makes a great quarterback. Look, there’s some traits that we all know go into the makeup of a great quarterback. Kyle talked about it yesterday. How quick can you process information? I think that’s a critical factor at that position. I think the great ones do that extremely well. There’s obviously physical traits and those are obvious I think, but that’s been fascinating. It’s a fluid process and we’re having a blast attacking it.”


What do you think of the guys like former Louisiana State University RB Leonard Fournette and McCaffrey who skipped their bowl game?

“As a Stanford fan, I wasn’t a huge fan of that. We could’ve used him, but they did alright without him too. I think you understand their perspective, but don’t necessarily think it’s a positive thing for college football. This is such a team sport and when you step back from that, I know there’s people that I’ve talked to here that really bothers and I’m fortunate like with one of those players I happen to know the young man. And so, I would never question his commitment to the team and all that, but other people will be. So, it’s something that these kids, they’re going to have to weigh that moving forward, but I think it will affect football going forward for many years to come.”

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      1. I’m glad they can find these things. We’ll see how Foster, Ross, and others will check out. Big boards could change.

      2. You know, the wisdom of Charlie Chan continues to shine through:

        “Front seldom tell truth. To know occupants of house, always look in backyard.”

        Prime, if you are right about him falling, who do you think will be bumped up to #1?

      3. Yeah he’ll fall Big Time, maybe into the 3rd or 4th, where he could be scooped

    1. I’m sure some people will make a big deal out of this, but he’s young and there is medication he can take to help deal with it. I doubt this has any significant impact on his playing career. Its more a concern for him after his playing days – arthritis at his age + however many additional years of impact from football doesn’t bode well for a pain free post career.

        1. Yeah, arthritis isn’t a lot of fun. But I would be surprised if it flares up to the point it significantly impacts Allen’s career until his 30s.

  1. Just one time I want to hear a GM say, “you know, we talked to that guy and he was a real bone head.”

    1. Or when the name comes up say
      “Yeah, no.” or
      “Um, well, I don’t think so, probably not.”

    2. I’d love it. “How’d the interview go? He’s dumber than a doorknob. Has to pull his pants down to count to eleven.

    3. Some of those GM’s should visit this forum, they would have no hesitation at all in making that comment . . .

    4. I think you’d see a lot of lawsuit then…they’d claim the GM (whomever) was slandering them, impairing their draft stock, costing thousands, if not millions of dollars.

  2. Every time I hear or read a J. Lynch or K. Shanahan interview, I get a release of endorphins within my PFL – Periatal Football Lobe, and 49ers football finally makes sense again. What a rush!

    I am afraid it’s becoming an addiction!

    1. I’t’s going to be a fun 6+ years as long as I force myself to eat 3 square meals a day!

    2. These guys know what they are doing. Their great leaders. Now can they find and develop talent?

    1. I’ll be honest Jay, I haven’t really followed McCarron’s development, but I did scout him coming out of Bama, and I wasn’t impressed. I know we need QB’s, but we drafted Armstead at #16, and I certainly don’t think McCarron is worth a player of that value. I like Solomon Thomas though…. A LOT! I have him currently sitting at #6 on my pre-combine board, and he’s a dynamic defensive player, and very versatile as well.

    1. Yup, he will not sign with the Niners, he is sick of losing, and wants to go to a playoff team.

      1. Do any players ever come out and say, “I don’t care about winning” when they hit free agency?

  3. Based on what I posted above, Jeffrey might not want to come or, more likely, the team is going to pay through the nose to get him.


    “Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline reports the 49ers will “go hard” after free agent Alshon Jeffery when the market opens on March 9.
    Much as Kyle Shanahan had Andre Johnson in Houston and Julio Jones in Atlanta, Jeffery is a prototypical “X” receiver who would give San Francisco instant credibility at at position where Torrey Smith currently sits atop the depth chart. Jeffery is expected to command $15 million annually, if not more. The 49ers are flush with salary cap space to the extent that they can win any bidding war.”

    1. Getting Jeffrey will certainly upgrade the receiving group. Will take a lot of money, but he is still young and gives them a WR that can go up and get the ball.

      With Jeffrey, Smith and McDonald, the 49ers should be able to stretch defenses, so long as the QB they get can pass the ball with some accuracy beyond 10 yards.

  4. If you begin with the premise that Garrett, Allen, Hooker, Adams and Foster are your top 5 players, with Cook being the luxury pick, then factoring in position value and medical evaluations, assuming Garrett is off the board, Adams appears to have a slight edge at the moment….

      1. I am agreement with that also, Adams is looking awfully good at this point with Ward as the other safety.

    1. Yep, that would be the safe pick. He might be the best of the bunch anyway. Rd1 Adams – A Lynch pick, Rd2 McCaffrey – A Shanny pick.

      1. Adams is an absolute stud, and it sounds like Jimmie Ward is going to get a shot at FS spot, so that puts Adam ahead of Hooker for me, in terms of talent+need. He can be the tone setting SS Lynch and Shanny are looking for.

    1. Chip needs to slow down and not become a motor mouth, He also should not avoid answering any questions, and keep his speaking time short and succinct.

      Maybe he will provide insights, and be able to paint a picture, but I doubt it.

      1. Methinks you should apply to be his LifeCoach, then surely he will do better.

      2. Seb…

        ‘Just can’t help yourself, can you ? Let us know when ‘Chip’ or anyone else calls to consult you….

        1. Obviously, when I counsel the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot, they get upset and do exactly what I advised them not to do.

          I saw it displayed on the field almost every game.;p

          1. You told them to start Ponder? Instead of the ball-holding, sack-generating, can’t read defenses, inaccurate, drive-killing Kaepernick?

            Funny thing is, in both 2015 and 2016 the 49ers offense scored more with Gabbert. If he was such a ‘panic and throw INTs’ guy, Kaepernick probably never would have seen the field again.

      3. Youre criticizing the one guy who tacitly endorsed your boy Kaepernick’s unpatriotic anthem protest.

        You’re truly a swell guy.

      1. Why?! The guy is a back up QB. He is not a long term solution. He is a very limited QB… Just sign Hoyer as a stop gap and have develop his choice of a QB in 2017 or 2018.. If you want to trade for a QB trade for Jimmy G… Give up a 2018 first. That should do the trick.

        1. I like Hoyer and Schaub as potential transitional staring QBs. Schaub had some good years with the Texans, even if he did have a bad-streak of pick-6’s.

          While Hoyer is a perfectly average-low-grade starting QB whose actually played reasonably well the past couple of years.

      2. Agreed Prime, McCarron wasn’t anywhere close to being worth a 2nd rounder coming out, and with limited arm talent, I have a hard time believing he’s improved that much. I wouldn’t go higher than a 4th, maybe a conditional 3rd.

        1. Scratch that, maybe a 5th. I just checked my scouting journal, and I gave McCarron a ceiling of “average backup QB”. *below average arm, average mobility, average pocket presence, slightly above average intelligence/processing = backup at best!.

    1. So Jimmy Garoppolo is worth a first:
      94att 67% 5TD 0INT 7.3avg


      AJ McCarron is only worth a third:
      119att 66.4% 6TD 2INT 7.2avg

      Both players have been in the league the same amount of time and both have almost the same stats. Why the difference in value? We don’t know anymore about one then we do the other?

      1. Well we know that Jimmy G is a much better talent coming out of college. We know that he has been developing in a much better organization. That’s not just my opinion that’s the opinion of most GMs in the NFL. Jimmy G is highly regarded.

        1. So did Ryan Leaf. Big fight over who was better between Manning and Ryan.

          And Drew Bledsoe, Jeff George, Todd Blackledge, etc., etc., etc. all had terrific talent coming out of college.

          NFL isn’t college. It’s where college stars come to (mostly) fail.

        2. RAW

          Look at the difference as to who each of them was playing in college….McCarron played for a National champion D-1 University while Jimmy G played for a D-11 school. The difference in their opponents would be like night and day….no contest….C4C wins this one….

          1. Okay we will revisit this soon enough there bud… You proved my point for me when mentioning who AJ plays with compared to who Jimmy played with. One played with NFL players every year in Alabama. The other set records in E Illinois. Same school that produced Romo. Look no further then what EVERYONE in the NFL believe about Jimmy G. Kyle Shanahan is a HUGE fan as well… You will see soon enough.

          2. Garoppolo played at Eastern Illinois, which is a FCS school (formerly Div 1AA). Both BCS (formerly Div 1A) and FCS schools are consider Div 1 one schools. FCS schools are not bowl championship eligible, however, and thus a step below BCS in Div 1. Div II schools are a step below FCS schools.

            1. JPN001

              Thanks for the infoabout FCS schools….Which division is Nevada Reno ?

              1. Hi Oregon,

                I did not see this until today. Sorry.

                Before answering, I need to first make a correction. BCS is now FBS, which I had forgotten. So the current designations are FBS (formerly BCS, formerly Div 1A), FCS (formerly Div 1 AA), Div II, and Div III.

                The University of Nevada, Reno has been an FBS (Div 1A) school since 1992.

      2. Regard coming out of college is null after three years as professionals and essentially the same production. In terms of the organization they’re coming from what effect did that have on Cassell who just re-signed as Mariota’s back up?

        1. Your mistake Coffee is that your comparing Jimmy G with Cassell. The only thing in common they have is that they came from the same organization. That’s a lazy comparison. Cassell was I believe a 7th rnd pick if not undrafted. The eye ball test shows how limited Cassell has always been. A soild back up QB. I got a chance to watch Jimmy G play this year and it was impressive. Very accurate, extremely quick release, good mobility, Very good arm.. He processes info very quickly. I have never seen that from Cassell. I also trust the opinions of JH and Kyle S… They both were very high on him coming out of college.

          1. You said “We know that he has been developing in a much better organization.”

            So all I did was point out that the last QB that came from that organization turned out to be a back up. Maybe you can’t remember but when Cassel left the Patriots he had just finished an 11-5 season as the starter. There were far less concerns and questions about whether he’d be successful then there are about JG right now.

            1. Maybe but that’s theorhetical. The reality is they’re both just back up QB’s that have had roughly the same amount of experience and have produced roughly the same stats with those chances. If Jimmy is in the better organization then doesn’t that make AJ the stronger player for equally him in a lesser one?

      3. Good comparison Coffee. The only thing we know is Garoppolo will come from a much better organization.

      4. As a betting man I’d sleep better at night spending a two on McCarron then I do a one on Garappolo.

        1. Well that’s where we differ. I see Jimmy as an eventual top 10 QB while AJ I see as a Matt Cassell. Hence why his value is a lot more across the NFL.

          1. The entire point of the conversation was is there an actual reason that his value should be viewed higher and after three years as professionals the only meaningful difference between them is the team that they’re currently on. How much value does being on the Patriots really add? Did it help Cassel? Did it help McDaniels be a good head coach? In both situations, being on the Patriots only helped when they were actually with the Patriots.

            1. Cassel was a 7th round pick. How manyb7th round picks end up as good a QB as Cassel? I would say yes, it did help him a lot.

            2. 2016 Garoppolo and 2015 McCarron.
              Garoppolo passer rating, 113.3, McCarron, 97.1

              Garoppolo didn’t have the roster Cassell had. Garoppolo having zero Ints is a plus.

        2. C4C

          Very good comparison…and I agree about McCarron for a two rather than Garropola for a one….

      5. CfC, its because stats only tell part of the story. And despite what you say, when you are talking about young players with limited experience then college and thoughts on these guys pre draft does matter. As does preseason. And that’s not just me speaking – Shanahan said the same thing.


    On Kizer “But then there’s an issue when you watch him on tape that he has what we call ‘slow eyes.’ He tends to be a beat late on a lot of throws. ”

    On Trubisky “When he throws the ball, he locks his front leg. When you do that, you can’t really drive the ball. So there’s a lot of throws with Trubisky that at the intermediate and deep-intermediate level where the ball loses energy. A lot of those throws in college were successful, they were touchdowns, but they were not throws that will work in the NFL.”

    On Watson “He has enhanced value because he can run. But as far as a thrower from the pocket, you’re going to need to work with him. He’s in some ways like an Alex Smith-type player.”

  6. If the 49ers can address QB, WR and OL through FA, going a trio of Jamal Adams, Jarrad Davis and Joe Mathis rounds 1 to 3 would really help build the D with some talented guys that also bring the right attitude to the team.

    Can that get developmental QB and a RB in round 4.

    1. How true. That would be a fantastic scenario to pull off if the stars align.. And actually not that unrealistic.

    2. Scooter, I like Mathis as well, but he’s somewhat light for the Dline, don’t you think?

        1. CM, nfldraftscout lists him at 6’2 and 255 lbs. I thought the LEO has to also set the edge. What do you think the minimum weight for a LEO should be? I don’t know myself but think it’s around 275.

          1. 260 to 265. That’s what I like. 270 is doable if you can keep your movement intact, like DeMarcus Ware in his younger days.

        2. I did a little research. Cliff Avril is 260 or so. I guess a 255 LEO is a little light but not by much. They’d probably ask him 5 lbs or so.

          1. :-P

            Don’t know if you’ve seen, but apparently he’s been lifting 225lbs 40+ times in the lead up to the combine, and wants to try and get 50. Doubt he will, but man, getting even close to 40 reps would be amazing at his size. But also fits with how strong his punch and rip is.

              1. James Harrison would be impressed!

                I’ll be interested in how well he tests in the speed, agility and explosiveness tests. If he does a decent job of those then I can definitely see him going end of round 2/ top of round 3.

  7. Very refreshing to hear Lynch and Shanahan speak… We’ll see what they’re able to do with this team but I feel much better about the direction of this organization (as long as Jed stays out of their way of course).

    1. What he get’s wrong is; the tape isn’t where Prescott separated himself from his peers. What he fails to mention or even seek out is the information about Prescott off the field. Prescott was a film junkie and was commonly labeled as the first guy to show up and the last one to leave. He prepared himself like a professional while in College. The only thing on film that I cared about was that it was obvious that he became a better QB each season.

      If you’re focused on assigning points derived from some analytics based algorithm then you’re going to be wrong far more often then you’re right when it comes to distilling out which human beings have the special gift to play professional football and which don’t.

  8. Lynch seems reasonably impressed with both the O and D linemen who are currently on the roster. Grants opinion that the team needs to draft O linemen to fit the scheme kind of goes out the window. So if they are not going for O or D linemen early it could lead to a very interesting draft of DB’s, WR’s, RB’s and QB’s. I still would like to see them trade back and pick up an extra 1st in 18.

    1. Has Lynch said anything that wasn’t positive about anyone or any position? His media background shines through every time he speaks.

      1. He is also a Bill Walsh disciple. BW said that being negative would not help in any situation, so he always praised even the opposition and was unrelentingly upbeat.

          1. Heck, Lynch was even positive and upbeat about Kaep, even though he knew he would opt out.

            He could have pulled a Baalke, and leaked smears, so Lynch is following in Bill’s footsteps.

      2. Jack,
        You’re right but he did pick out line play specifically over all other areas.

    2. Well, considering Grant, like the vast majority of talking heads and fans, never bother to figure out WHY we have “problems” gets us to this contradictory-to-Lynch’s observation/position.

      The bottom-line is that if you hold the ball for 3.5+ seconds, you’ve got a 1-in-5 chance of being sacked. No matter who you are or what team you play for.

      When Kaepernick, who is (for his entire career) one of the slowest to pass QBs in the NFL and spends 25% to 30% of his time holding the ball for more than 3.5 seconds, you’re going to give up sacks. I don’t care if you have 5 HOF linemen. 3.5+ seconds is too long.

      On the flip side, Peyton Manning rarely took sacks (even behind a poor line) because he rarely took more than 2.7 seconds, and averaged as low as 2.2 seconds, while being one of the three fastest to pass in the NFL. Brady is the same way. His line isn’t particularly good. He just gets the ball out fast.

      But if Manning held the ball for 3.5+ seconds (about 1 in 22 pass attempts), he was sacked at 20%. Just like Kaepernick was sacked at 20% for holding the ball 3.5+ seconds. Just like every other QB in the NFL who is sacked a lot when they hold the ball 3.5+ seconds (21+%).

      Honestly, there’s no mystery to why QBs gets sacked. The mystery is, why don’t people understand it? And it’s not like coaches and QBs haven’t explained it. They have. Martz. Parcells. Warner. Walsh. Young. The list of players and coaches that talked about this issue is longer than my arm.

      Yet it always comes back to the shallow and superficial — just blame the line. Well, blaming the line is ignorant. At 3.5+ seconds you should be throwing the ball away unless you’re in a very high leverage/critical failure situation (4th down, Hail Mary, way behind late in the game, etc.) where the game could be on the line. And if you’re the QB and you’re not… It’s YOUR fault.

    1. I was saying that if they would have released Kaep, but are willing to bring him back, but for less money, they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. They have plenty of cap space, so his contract was affordable.

      Now, by letting him walk, they have no QB, and very few good options. Guess they will be content to lose, and wait for the 2018 draft to pick a franchise QB. Most pundits say that this year’s QB class is weak.

        1. The Niners probably could have retained him by assuring him the starting position, and told him they would pay his full salary.

          Obviously, they gave no assurances, and probably wanted him to take a pay cut.

          They also probably told him that they were going to release him, But I wonder why they did not do that the day after the SB. Why did they let him opt out if they told him they were going to release him?

          1. Seb, do you even read my posts when I respond directly to yours? I already explained to you at least TWICE, why the 49ers didn’t simply release him.

            AGAIN, if the 49ers released him prior to May 3rd, instead of allowing Kaep to opt-out, it would cost them $2 million in dead cap space! SMH!

            1. Interesting. The Niners said they would have released him if he did not opt out.

              So maybe your beef is with the Niners.

            2. My understanding is that a player opt-out from an NFL player contract does necessarily results in a reduction of dead money for the team. If the dead money is a prorated signing bonus and the player opts out under the terms of the contract, rather than breaching the contract (e.g. though early retirement), then the payment of the prorated bonus is accelerated and all unpaid prorated signing bonus money becomes dead money for the team in the year that the player opted out.

          2. Dude,

            Pretty much everyone knew that he’d be opting out the minute he signed the restructured deal. This was what it was all about to begin with. He didn’t even want to be in SF this year but had no choice because the 49ers weren’t going to take the cap hit and no other team wanted to take on his bloated salary.

            1. Yes, I have been resigned to seeing him leave, because he was stabbed in the back too many times, but was still hoping for a miracle.

              Thought Lynch and KS could have done more to keep him, but also knew that Mike Shanahan did not want Kaep, so he probably influenced KS.

              Losing the best QB they had over money, while having 90 mil in cap space, just means they are going cheap, so expect cheap results.

              1. So now you are holding Prime’s jockstrap?

                I, myself, could have predicted what Prime would have said. It would undoubtedly would have been more snark, with more insults. Maybe even some expletives shortened to capital letters.

      1. You seem not to understand the specifics of his restructured deal. He chose to leave, they couldn’t have stopped him if they wanted (which they didn’t).

        They don’t want him and he will not get a call from this team for the rest of his playing career (as short as it will be).

        You ever heard of the term “addition by subtraction”? This team is better off without a guy who won exactly 3-18 in the last 2 seasons, 11-26 in the last 3 seasons…28-30 in his career…you see a trend?

        1. Niners were 7-25 in the last 2 years. No QB did well with a team bereft of talent.

          Kaep also has a 4-2 road playoff record, so he does have some good stats, too.

              1. And Joe Flacco has 7 wins on the road in the playoffs (most ever) and has a SB ring…

                Joe Montana is 2-5 on the road in the playoffs…but 4-0 in the SB and threw no INTS…

                No one, but you, cares about a meaningless stat as 4-2 and 181.

              2. Yet you bring up the 3-18 stat without qualifying how terrible the team was around him, and implying that he was solely responsible for that stat.

              3. Gabbert was 4-9 with the EXACT same team. Lets see…Colin had a 14% winning percentage vs Gabbert at 30% winning percentage

                How do you explain the same team performing worse?

              4. I know Marino never did…..Joe or Steve, either! Therefore, Kap is better than they are!!

                It took me a while, but now I see what is the determining factor of a great QB! And all the rest of those HOF QB’s………just frauds.

          1. Why is it you’re so in love with Kaep with his 3-18 record over the last 2 years when Gabbert was 4-9 with the EXACT same team. Lets see…Colin had a 14% winning percentage vs Gabbert at 30% winning percentage.

            Now neither is worth anything…but you would constantly regurgitate that K-boy gave this team the best chance to win yet we can see that Gabbert gave them 2x as much chance to win as MR. Flash in the Pan did.

            He was not stabbed in the back, he had 60 chances to prove himself, given every opportunity to succeed. He’s the one who chose to go vegan following his surgery, multiplying the natural atrophy that occurs when one can not use a muscle…that kept him on the sidelines for all of last off season, training camp, and most of the preseason/first 5 games. He’s the one who would chose to go out and run sprints, spend hours in the gym (instead of the classroom). And he’s the one who felt the need to bring a political hotbead issue into the sports world where it doesn’t belong. If he has a knife in his back, don’t dust it for prints because all you will find is Senior Turlocks own 9.13″ hand sized finger prints.

            1. Its OK, he will probably move on, and some team will want to win so badly, they will take Kaep, and they may even utilize him properly.

              The hate against him is disproportionate to his play, especially after last season, when he played decently with a 16-4 TD to pick ratio and a 90.7 QBR.

              Maybe you did not watch the same games as I did, but several times, Kaep came out and scored twice, yet the defense could not fight its way out of a paper bag. The poor defensive play , and the total lack of second half adjustments by the coaching, just doomed the season.

              If you cannot see that he was stabbed in the back, I cannot make you see the truth, but if you claim Baalke was his good buddy, I will call you a liar.

            2. EMjay,
              As to bringing political hotbed issues where they don’t belong i think a number of athletes would disagree with you.
              Bill Russell
              Henry Aaron
              Curt Flood
              Jim Brown
              George Foreman
              The list could go on forever.

      2. Sebwick, what’s so bizarre about you is how you never tire of guzzling from that leaking bucket of Absurd Notions. Virtually every skewered interpretation or proposal you offer up gets shot down, like a bellyshot pigeon hitting the ground with a thud. Yet you persist, imagining yourself to be a savant but sorry man — a genius you are not. You are dull and boring in your endless, echo-chamber nonsense. Don’t you have anyone at home to give you some honest feedback? Or do they just tune you out?

        1. GnomoD, you should stop shilling for Baalke, he was fired.

          Getting upset about a blog post just means you are an intellectual lightweight.

  9. Gil Brandt‏Verified account @Gil_Brandt 1h1 hour ago
    Myles Garrett’s measurements were impressive: 6-4 1/2, 272, 10 1/4 hands, with an incredible arm length of 35 1/4. Good luck, NFL OTs.

  10. Confused by this quote from Lynch,

    “And look, I don’t think you need to be too transparent to realize that’s a position we’re looking at. We don’t have any. And so, that’s a position that’s a big focal point of our preparation right now and this week’s a big part of that.”

    So are they ruling out Blaine Gabbert returning to the team even as a backup? Seems like he’d be a great backup QB even if you don’t want him as the starter.

    1. No need to be confused HTown. They don’t have any signed so hence the comment.

      And honestly a fresh start with none of these QB’s would be welcome with this new regime.

      1. Understand they don’t have anyone signed. Not sure why they wouldn’t pursue Gabbert as a backup. The guy would be a quality backup so sign him.

        1. So would Matt Schaub. He would have more value in that role because he knows the system.

          1. Matt Schaub could be the Albert Einstein of this offense and it wouldn’t matter. He’s done. Can’t throw and can’t move.

    2. What’s confusing you Houston?

      As of March 3rd, the 49ers have no QB’s under contract. Seems crystal clear to me.

    3. The 49ers have no QBs. They also said they’re looking at everything. Even Kaepernick is on the FA table.

    1. Run Forrest run. Top of the 2nd. Ramcyk if medicals check out. Elumenor is another interesting prospect near the 4th. A developmental player with an 87″ wingspan is Davenport….

  11. Tyrod Taylor anyone? Seems like a really good option as a bridge QB. Only 27 years old. Seems like Bills are moving on.

    1. Can you imagine how many blogs on QB needy teams are saying the same thing about Kaepernick right now? Leave another man’s trash in the garbage where it belongs.

        1. Not sure there really is one. Romo is by far the best choice and that right there tells you everything. At this point Hoyer and Schaub truly make the most sense because they both have a lot of experience under center in the NFL and they’re both very knowledgeable in Kyle’s offense. What they lack in talent they can make up for by getting a rookie up to speed in this offense. They both can win 8+ games during the regular season so at least we have something to watch while waiting for the rookie.

          1. Well Romo was never a realistic option for the Niners. Hoyer and Schabb are well versed in Shannys system which is a plus. That’s prolly the route they will go. I don’t see either one winning 8 games. That’s a stretch.

            1. No one is going to win eight games for the 49ers this year. What’s worse is that if somehow they did, it would mean the new leaders were trading today’s meaningless wins for the 49er future.

        2. Hoyer & Schaub. Hoyer’s played well, in limited opportunities, the past two years. Schaub knows the system and, despite his flaws, has had some good success.

          1. I’ve read that with Cutler’s departure Da Bears want to sign Hoyer regardless of trade and/or draft. Not a given for SF

    2. RAW,

      I was thinking the same thing. Shanahan could involve some of his 2012 playbook (RG3) into his version of the WCO. Tyrod would be a great role model and could come at a comfortable price

      1. Except in 2012 nobody really knew how to defend that junk offense. It’s four years later, and like the Wildcat from 2008, it’s no longer an unfamiliar offensive scheme DCs haven’t figure out.

        1. Just spitballing due to the lack of options.

          I haven’t watched enough of Tyrod to see how he would fit in Shanahan’s offense.

          Two important Shanny traits:
          1.workkng through progressions
          2. Accuracy

  12. So far, it looks like this draft is deep in talent, so the best strategy would be to trade back, and accumulate as many second and third round picks as possible.

    Niners should trade back with the Browns so they could get Garrett and Trubisky with the first 2 picks, but maybe the Niners should trade back from the 12th pick to the 20th with the Broncos, who would be aiming at getting one of the best O linemen. That way, they could get 4 overall second round picks and even a couple second round picks in 2018.They could then parlay those second round picks next year to move up in the 2018 draft to get the QB they covet.

  13. Hmm, Fooch on NN mentioned that some players were a little light, and would need to put on weight to play in the NFL.

    No biggie. Many players have slimmed down because they want the fastest 40 time possible.

    They will bulk up for the season.

    Wonder how Razor is doing. Hope he can give some eyeball impressions of the players we have been discussing.

    1. Oops, just saw Razor’s post.

      Dang, I was counting on you to provide juicy tidbits of intel.

  14. NFL Combine update: RB Leonard Fournette (240 lbs) disappoints with a less than impressive vertical (28 1/2″) and when you adjust for body weight, RB Dalvin Cook (210 lbs) disappoints even more (30 1/2″)!

    RB Alvin Kamara out of Tennessee (214 lbs) jumps through the roof (39 1/2″). Wowza!

    While the vertical is widely considered a gauge in which to measure a players “explosive qualities”, some guys just aren’t built to jump. Example: LeSean McCoy hit 29″ at 204 lbs.

        1. Do we agree that Fournette has that vision Coach? Unlike, say …. Todd Gurley, Fournette rarely picks the wrong lane. He’ll find a crease, turn the corner, or simply run right through you.

          I don’t know about you coach but, even though I love watching these guy at the combine, it’s all about their game film for me.

    1. I also like Kamara, but the RB I hope the Niners draft is D’Onta Foreman. (McCaffrey, too)

      1. Foreman’s stress fracture worries me given that he has so much tread on his wheels already. I would take James Connor over Foreman.

  15. McCaffrey looks slender from the side. I wouldn’t touch him until the 3rd round.

  16. Well you’ll catch no cooties by touching him then as he’ll be long gone by the 3rd!
    : -)

      1. About as important as a linemans 40 time kid is gonna be star he’s gone by the the top of the 2nd.

      2. Reps can be overrated. Look no further than Mathieu, who is considered one of the most physical DBs in the league.

      1. A power back as fast as most WRs who can roll over most DBs. He hits speed-gear right away. All he needs is to break through, whether it’s straight ahead or down the line. Shanahan said yesterday if a RB is good, scheme doesn’t matter.

        1. +1 George.

          I’m not sure MWD is talking about Fournette. At least, I hope he isn’t. Somebody hasn’t been watching LSU Tigers’ Football the last couple years if they’re calling Fournette strictly a power back

  17. Running back Wilber Orsten is a high motor guy with sneaky athleticism, but can his skills translate at the next level?

      1. I was interested in one bit of Lynch’s comments where he was complimenting Shanny on how he (ks) breaks down what he’s looking for in receivers. How they beat the Press, how they push the route, how they break at the top of the route, do they get and keep their depth, leave room on the sideline, aggressive to the ball? and on and on and on. The specificity being helpful to the Personnel group for finding the right candidates. The level of detail suggestive of a command of the system.
        Arrows up

      2. Rotoworld:

        Free agent Alshon Jeffery is looking to play for a contender. “I’m looking at the teams that obviously need a wide receiver, but also put me in the best situation to win a championship right now,” said Jeffery. “I also want to see what other free agents may be attracted to the same teams I’ll be looking at.” Jeffery obviously values winning, something he didn’t do much of during his five-year stay in Chicago. Jeffery is easily the top receiver in this year’s free agent class and has been linked most to the 49ers, Eagles and Titans.


        1. Alshon and agent have some pretty grande cajones to negotiate with a team with No Quarterbacks at all. None. Nada. Zilch-point-(caca).
          If Lynch can sell that, he can sell air conditioners to Eskimos.

  18. Mike Mayock brought up some valid points in regards to Mixon.

      1. Essentially, there are players at the Combine who were arrested for assault charges. However, the main differences between Mixon and them is they either settled out of court or had the charges dropped, while Mixon was recorded when he assaulted a woman. Are those differences valid enough reasons to allow those other players to attend the Combine and keep Mixon out of it?

  19. A guy not being talked about here is Curtis Samuel Looks like he will work out with the WR ‘s but is a hybrid talent with RB skills.He and Evan Engram TE /WR are guys to watch .

  20. From Matt Waldman:

    “According to research from Packers’ former Head of Research and Development Mike Eayrs, teams with just one explosive play during a drive score 29 percent of the time. That rate of success jumps to 77 percent with two. Without a 12-yard run or 16-yard pass, an offense’s rate of scoring drops to 9 percent.”

    He was talking about the Dallas offense, but obviously this applies generally. IMO this is why we need an explosive running game.

      1. Blocks made on both the first two levels?
        Extra long runs need WRs on the third level as well.
        A little over-simplified, but….

        1. That’s pretty much where I was going. Its all 11 guys doing their jobs well. Its also about having a passing game that threatens the intermediate and deep areas so defenses can’t cheat in the run game.

    1. Also worth noting the obvious that your chances of having an explosive play improves drastically by having the offense on the field by avoiding 3 and outs. A running game that can consistently put you in 2nd and 3rd and manageables goes a long way to doing that, and provides good opportunities for big plays in the passing game.

    1. Interesting measurements for him. If he can showcase sub 4.4 speed at 213lbs he will generate a lot of interest. Being just shy of 5’11” isn’t really a problem for a SS, but hard to see him playing LB regularly at his size.

      1. Not a great match-up on 6-6 TEs either, and can he cover? Is there tape of him in coverages?
        BUT, if he’s Tyran……?
        ; -)

        I whiffed on Tyran. I hated his positive test just before the Combine and the poor showing on bench. Somehow I’m more forgiving of McCaffrey today.

  21. How’s this for thinking out of the box? From ESPN:

    “Sign-and-trade Alshon Jeffery for additional picks

    The 49ers currently have a massive amount of cap space and few key free agents that they absolutely need to retain. Given that the team is likely more than a year away from returning to the heights of the Jim Harbaugh era, it would make sense for the 49ers to sign a prized free agent with the understanding that they would then trade him to a cap-strapped team such as Philadelphia, effectively renting their cap space out for draft picks. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell once raised this hypothetical situation on a podcast, and Chase Stuart expanded on it at his Football Perspective website, using the Jaguars as an example.

    Jeffery would work here. San Francisco could sign Jeffery as a free agent and pay him a larger-than-normal signing bonus up front. They would then subsequently trade him to the Eagles for a valuable package of picks, with Philadelphia essentially using picks to open up salary-cap space they would not have otherwise. When the player is traded, his signing bonus accelerates onto the original team’s cap, so the 49ers would be left with a dead-money charge for Jeffery as the cost of effectively buying the picks from the Eagles.

    The 49ers could then take those picks and either use them in the draft themselves or as part of a trade package for the Patriots’ Jimmy Garoppolo. San Francisco would likely view the No. 2 overall pick as too high of a cost for Garoppolo, but if they acquired more picks as part of this hypothetical trade with the Eagles, they could put together a package worth something similar to a late first-round pick without forgoing the opportunity to load up on other young players in the draft. — Carl Yoder”

    1. Trading a player after you just sign him is a good way to ensure no FAs ever sign for you again.

    2. That is a ridiculous and undermining idea, unless it was understood upfront such a trade would follow the FA signing.

      1. Well, inarguably it violently violates the spirit and understanding of Free Agency and the idea of self-determination for these men. Contractural obligations are understood in a context of business emancipation, but business ethics must come into play.
        Consider: A fellow achieves recognition during his amateur career and is offered a job in the Pros, but his contractural rights are already held for 4 years.
        So he earns acclaim in his professional career, eneters the free market and strikes a deal to play for a franchise in a city/region, and begins to pack up for the move to his new life.
        Then…..BOOM!!! He’s off to Cleveland or Buffalo. Or Santa Clara in the nightmare scenario of the young Ms. Lynch.
        Not the free agency nirvana originally envisioned.

  22. “McCaffrey’s movement is simply effortless — he can change direction with ease at full speed — was a natural catcher of the ball, and ran precise routes.”

    “McCaffrey also did drills after the position group as a slot receiver and a returner, showing off his versatility.”

    Marlon Mack (South Florida) – “Another lesser-known back, Mack did everything well. He turned a 4.5-second 40-yard dash, looked smooth and controlled in drills and caught the ball well in receiving drills.”

        1. Not a fan of Cousins. He seems to be a QB that needs playmakers around him to make him better. I prefer a QB to make the players around him better.

          1. Where do we find such a QB? And if your answer is next year’s draft, I’ll just mention that there was a lot of talk/hype/hope last year on this blog about the current QBs in the combine. Watson and Kaaya were mentioned very highly and at this time last year needing one more year to be ready for the NFL. But what in fact happened? They’ve all not lived up to their billing.

            I don’t expect much better for next year simply because imo, it’s the current college system that is mostly holding the QBs back from being NFL ready (of course there are some exceptions).

            1. So you give up the second pick (if not more) for a “good but not great” QB simply because you need a QB?

              1. Let’s not take ourselves TOO seriously, while deferring to an expert like Big Shanny, and son on quarterback evaluation:

                “He’s a guy that has the potential to be a Pro Bowl quarterback, year-in-year out.”

                “I think he’s a guy that can take your team and win a Super Bowl. And that’s the biggest compliment I can give somebody.”

                “Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback, he will be a top 10 quarterback in this league no doubt about it.”

              2. Although it’s been said a number of times by many here including myself, I think Jack said it best below.

                “A swap of first rounders is essentially a trade down while also filling the biggest need on every NFL roster.

                That would be a coup for the 49ers.”

              3. You aren’t being realistic if you think the Redskins would merely swap picks; they would easily want several more picks.

              4. Even if it’s a swap of first plus the 49ers 2nd, or a pick in next years draft it’s a good deal.

                This team needs not 1, but 3 QB’s. Giving up a pick or two for a top line starting QB is really not a big deal.

              5. You may be right about the extra picks. I think it’s a good trade if limited to a swap and maybe an extra late round pick by the 49ers.

              6. Cubes,

                A swap of firsts, plus the second round pick would be like giving up nothing.

                You get your QB, plus a high level player at 17.

                That’s chump change really.

                Plus, you add Cousins and watch how much easier it is to bring in a top level WR or two. (Looking at you Alshon)

    1. Jack Hammer – Been trying to make heads of the trade rumor since I saw it. “Cowboy get picks” from who? Niners? Redskins? From Niners through Redskins? All that matters is what the trade compensation will be.”

      To speculate, the Redskins would like to get the huge salary cap problem off the books (Cousins) but still have a bridge quarterback (Romo). But they don’t want to dump Cousins unless Romo’s in place.

      They would have to give picks to Dallas. Would like some picks from Niners to facilitate this.

      Now all I care about is what kind of picks Redskins are demanding from the Cowboys.

      If Redskins are considering Romo at all, it means they are desperate and not confident in their existing backup.

      Niners still have leverage. Make the Redskins hurt.

      1. I suppose the trigger if the picks were to go straight to the Cowboys is what kind of compensation is Jerry Jones asking for Romo? He’s a pile of broken bones, I’d say 3rd rounder at best, but you never know.

        1. I imagine the second pick would go to the Cowboys through the Redskins, which would allow the Cowboys to get the best pass rusher if the Browns decide to pass on Garrett.

          1. It was a bad report by Ian Rapport. Dallas is not involved. It’s just the skins and Niners talking swap of first rnd picks. Skins would wait for Romo to become a free agent. Skins to meet with Trubisky tonight…

              1. A swap of first rounders is essentially a trade down while also filling the biggest need on every NFL roster.

                That would be a coup for the 49ers.

              2. 2 to 17 is a huge value drop when you consider the 49ers are acquiring a massive salary cap hit (“lots of space” or not). The equivalent to two 22 overall first rounders.

                If Washington throws in Cousins+49+17 for 2 it could ease some of the pain, but its still a massive draft pick value plummet.

              3. Agreed Jack. If all it takes to get Cousins is a move back to mid first then take it. Still come away with a very talented player in mid first. And get your QB situation fixed.

              4. Exactly Razor. The guy from GMF reported earlier this week are wanting an ‘RG3’ type of deal, which sounds more realistic.

              5. “God… anything involving the 2 overall is absolutely not worth it.”

                What would you prefer – Johnathan Allen or Kirk Cousins + someone like Peppers, OJ Howard, Ryan Ramczyk, Teez Tabor, Corey Davis, John Ross, etc?

                Is the #2 pick really that valuable you would pass on such a deal? If so, you place far more value on the pick than I do.

              6. You have to discount each of those draft picks because there is no way the Redskins will just simply swap first round picks and call it good.

              7. I doubt it too, but that was what Brodie was saying no to.

                And while I doubt it will happen, I am not going to go so far as to say it won’t happen, or something like it maybe with a later round pick thrown in by the 49ers. It is possible if the Redskins are worried about not being able to sign him long term and lose him for a comp pick next year, and believe they can get a suitable short term replacement.

              8. The Redskins have ZERO leverage. A swap of Picks is the best they can hope for. 1. Cousins doesn’t want to be there long term. 2. They cannot Franchise him next year cause the number goes up to 37 mil… The Niners can wait this out and get him without giving up nothing. Cousins just turned down 20 mil a year.. The Skins won’t go above that… A swap of Picks is a steep price to pay for a guy who will get a massive contract plus is gone in 2018 if not traded…

              9. Again, that take is simply not realistic.
                First, the Redskins have the leverage of simply saying no to a deal and keeping Cousins for the 2017 season. Second, the Redskins are losing several key pieces to their offense and have committed to rebuilding their defense, so why would the Redskins only accept a swap of first round picks? The reality is the Redskins have the leverage over where Cousins will play in 2017. Suggesting otherwise is simply trying to get a wish from a wishing well.

              10. So says you, Mid. So says you.

                Cousins is the one with the leverage, not the Redskins. If they feel they won’t be able to sign him long term and can get a suitable stopgap this year, you bet they will trade him and I doubt they get a king’s ransom in return.

                Imo the odds of this happening are no less realistic than the idea the Jets will give up a bounty of picks for the 2nd pick, like you have been suggesting for your mock drafts.

              11. Name the last team who swapped first round picks to get a veteran QB instead of trading away that pick plus (at least) a high future draft pick.

              12. I’m convinced they’ve got Snyder in a compromising situation with Putin;>)

              13. Very ignorant take Scooter, especially where you tried to compare the mock draft from a fan to a trade scenario with little evidence to even back it up. The only evidence for it has been the hearsay of certain ones in the sports media trying to claim the Redskins have no leverage. Let’s also include the fact that nothing similar to the scenario has even happened once. So I say? Not even close to reality.

              14. When was the last time a vet QB was available on his 2nd franchise tag playing for a team that reportedly wasn’t close to offering him what he wanted for a long term deal?

              15. “Let’s also include the fact that nothing similar to the scenario has even happened once.”

                Exactly. Its never happened. There hasn’t been a situation where a vet QB was on his 2nd franchise tag with no end in sight for an extension. Ignorant? He who casts stones…

            1. It’s sounds like it can very well happen… There in talks at the combine…

          2. Is there a new source for the 2 for 17+Cousins idea, or is it the old stuff from Daniel Jeremiah’s “move the sticks” quip? The quip that started a cottage industry.

            1. This is coming from Benjamin Albright who predicted Oswiller to Houston last year and Kyle to Niners this year. Now he is saying that the skins and Niners are having discussions…. This guy is pretty accurate lately. We will see.

              1. I read the Romo part has been refuted by Cowboy people. But the real news is that the Redskins and 49ers are talking.

                And I reiterate… It would be great to get Cousins. Its the team that pays the biggest contract (not the team that offers the biggest picks) that will land Cousins because Cousins can nix any sign-n-trade if his dislikes the contract.

                Offer Cousins lots. Offer the Skins little.

                Cousins Value – At least worth the 2 for 17 swap (factoring the massive contract).
                Cousins Market Value – 3rd rounder. Throw in a conditional 2018 4th rounder to seal the deal.

          3. MID,

            So you’re saying the Cowboys would be essentially be asking for the second pick in the draft to trade an injury prone 37 year old QB?

            There’s has to be more to the trade that we don’t know about…

          4. MID,

            So you’re saying the Cowboys would be essentially be asking for the second pick in the draft to trade an injury prone 37 year old QB?

            There’s has to be more to the trade that we don’t know about…

            Side note: Double posted this below

      2. I’m not sure Brodie, but I think the 49ers have a good amount of leverage in the talks.

        1. The 49ers have great leverage. It increased when the Skins made the huge mistake of applying the franchise tag. “Exclusive” or not, Cousins has them over a barrel. Cousins publicly asked to be franchise tagged, and he was. Because its the scenario that pays the most.

          Most leverage – Cousins
          Increasing leverage – 49ers
          Least (and shrinking as we speak) leverage – Skins

          They want to pick swap? 49ers 34 for Skins 49+Cousins. About the same value as a compensatory 3rd rounder. Throw in a 6th rounder to keep Snyder from crying too much.

          1. It’s hard to judge leverage unless you know how much the other party wants something. And in business the “other” party generally doesn’t want you to know how much they want something. If Washington keeps Cousins they still have a year to work out a deal with him. If he has a really great year, then they work hard on a deal; if not …..

            Didn’t I read somewhere that they could still apply a franchise tag next year that is not of the type that would result in Washington paying the 40% surcharge? But it also doesn’t give them exclusivity.

            1. The WASHPO article spells out the leverage pretty good. A former GM and current player agent said they have never seen a player (Cousins) with more leverage in negotiations.

              Cousins has said “I hope I get the franchise tag again”, “There will be no home team discounts for a new contract”, “I will only sign new contracts with 49ers or Redskins” (Bears added in later as damage control).

              Cousins Franchise Tags (fully guaranteed)
              2016 $20 (paid)
              2017 $24 (secured)
              2018 $35 ?

              Franchise tags are punitive by design. That’s why you don’t pay the same draft compensation as trading for a player with years left on his (usually more reasonable) contract.

          2. The 49ers have great leverage.

            The 49ers have as much leverage as Colin Kaepernick when he wanted to be traded. All the Redskins have to do is say no to a deal they dislike and keep Cousins. Meanwhile, the 49ers need at least two QBs for their roster, and they know the 49ers are interested in Cousins. The Redskins clearly have the leverage.

            1. Redskins has squat. Cousins goes to the team that offers the most money. He walks as free agent in 2018.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. All it takes is for one team to fall in love with one of these guys, and the 49ers strike the mother-lode….

  23. Some ex-49er WR who wore #80, I think his name is JERRY RICE, tweeted this on Wednesday:

    Jerry Rice @JerryRice
    Kirk cousins is out for the Niners! I like Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina for the future!!!! How you guys feel about this?
    8:34 AM – 1 Mar 2017

    I wonder if this guy Rice knows a good QB when he sees one? Did he have a good QB or two throwing him the football during his career?

      1. He wanted the 49ers to draft Lynch last year. Goat at WR, not so much at GM;>)

    1. Well, let me put it this way… Year after year ex-NFL players, even HOFers, say some player is some sure-fire NFL player. And they fail. And this includes our 49er favorites — Montana, Rice & Young. All of whom have been horrible in their endorsements.

  24. Stats for Brandon Marshall at 32 : 8 of his past 9 seasons have ended with more than 1,000 yds.

    Could be an inexpensive stop-gap, with Alshon Jefferies opposite him.

    Don’t give up on Allen.

    Niner’s Back-to-Back SuperBowl DE, Kevin Fagan was drafted with (2) torn ACL’s by Bill Walsh (Rd. 4). He sat a year, dealt with arthritis.

    Here are some of his highlights:

    Fagan was one of the NFL’s strongest men, having recorded a Miami school record 560 pound bench press. [2]

    Just guessing, like all of us. We maywell guess the Niner’s draft intensions based on their FA acquisitions next week….”Pay attention next week, fans” was John Lynch’s statement to us.

    1. Obviously a team that want’s him broke the news on Allen’s condition.

      Was it:

      A. Teams 3-5 or
      B. Teams 6-10 in the drafting order.

      Whoever ends up with him is going to get a great player, just like that pot-smoking trouble maker, Randy Moss, who slid to all the way to 21, before 49er dynasty coach, Denny Green, drafted him.

    2. He’s also one of the biggest pass droppers in the NFL. 8 last year. 10 the year before. Going back 3 more years, 4, 11 & 12.

      He has strengths and has been a good NFL player. But ‘sure hands’ aren’t one of them.

  25. Jacksonville Jags News Service:

    1st pick: Cleveland Browns – Mitch Trubisky, QB, UNC

    The majority of draftnik’s have mocked Texas A&M EDGE rusher Myles Garrett to the Cleveland Browns with the first pick for months, but considering a report that came out yesterday, the Browns might be thinking of drafting someone else there.

    Per, the Browns are “strongly considering” drafting UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky with the first pick:
    Coach Hue Jackson has set an ideal height for a QB in his system: 6-2. How tall did Trubisky stand when he was measured at the NFL Combine? 6-2 1/8.

    2nd pick: San Francisco 49ers – Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M

    1. Either way, we finally get generational player:

      DE, Myles Garrett; LSU RB, Fournette; OSU’s Safety, Malik Hooker (Walter Football has him 1st over LSU’s, Jamal Adams) or we can trade down.

  26. Rapoport: 49ers may be discussing a three-way trade to acquire Kirk Cousins

    March 3, 2017 at 2:45 PM • 107 comments

    By David Bonilla

  27. As #Redskins & #49ers discuss a potential deal for QB Kirk Cousins in the near future, I’m told they may include the #Cowboys (Romo) as well

    Ian Rapoport

  28. Rapoport added the 49ers have inquired about Cousins, while the Redskins are discussing Romo with the Cowboys receiving draft picks.

  29. So this supposed discussion between the 49ers, Washington and Cowboys seems mostly to be about making it easier for the Redskins to give up Cousins. If they do they want/need an alternative to Colt McCoy, hence the reason Romo is in the picture. Dallas would like to get something for Romo so they might be amenable even though Washington is in the same division. Anybody see it differently?

    1. I think you have it right. The Cowgirls are looking for anything. Cutting him would get them nothing.

      The Foerskins don’t want to sign Cousins to a long term deal. If they did, they would have offered him a long deal at 24 mil or greater. Desperation makes for strange bedfellows.

    2. Well, it would make sense for the Cowboys. Romo has a lot of strengths, but he holds the ball too long, too often and ends up taking too many hits and, eventually, breaks.

      Meanwhile they’d Cousin’s out of their defensive hair.

  30. The Landry Hat – A Dallas Cowboys Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion …

    Although the deal makes sense, Romo to Washington would be a tough pill for Dallas fans to swallow. Not only are the Redskins a hated divisional rival, but the Cowboys would have to play their former face of the franchise at least twice a season. That fact alone could make this deal a no-go.

    The 49ers possess the number two overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, while the Redskins sit with the 17th overall pick in the first round. Dallas could have an opportunity to move up here, as they currently own the 28th overall selection.

    Both San Francisco and Washington have two fourth round selections. And the Redskins have two fifth round picks, while Dallas has none. So there is plenty of draft ammunition to make a unprecedented trade like this happen.

    1. Seb,

      Is this another conspiracy theory against Kap.

      Mayber a Niner smokescreen to lowball Kap, so he “can take the league by storm.”

      Aren’t the 49ers sneaky ?

  31. A report issued earlier in the week did leak the Niner’s were going to be involved in a blockbuster…???

  32. Kaepernick opts out of contract, no longer a 49er

    Sacramento Bee

    March 3, 2017 at 4:00 PM


  33. Oh Well, All good things come to an end.

    Please write, Seb. Let us know how you and Kap are getting on, and when the storm will arrive.

    Please leave Cassie and Trent alone, as they did not kill Kap’s career, so do not wait on their front porch anymore.

  34. Kaep and his new management team made a business decision in an attempt to maximize his remaining earning potential. Kaep has a recent history of failure to thrive with the 49ers. Maybe in another time and place the QB built by Roman/Harbaugh may once again in a heavy Kaep centric environment enjoy the fruit of his labor. Good luck Kaep.

    1. Romo to Houston seems to make more sense. Houston really seems to only be a QB away from a SB, Houston is in a different division and Romo gets to stay in Texas.

          1. Wouldn’t be the first time that Ian Rapport pulled some hair-brained notion out of the hat just to grab a speck of attention . . . like certain characters pestering this blog.

  35. Re: Cousins
    There is a significant missing piece in the Kirk Cousins soap opera. There’s something we don’t know. It’s between him and the team. It may be political. There may have been some personal affront that drives some grudge on either or both sides. The impasse that we see isn’t explained by the evidence we see.
    So, there’s something. It would be good to know (for FO if not public) before any commitments are made.

    1. You’re probably right, but in my experience these things are hardly ever disclosed.

      BTW: I knew you know a lot about wine, but didn’t realize you’d been in the business for 20+ years. Have you ever heard of Merryvale. I recently tried a bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet selling for around $50 at Trader Joe’s up here in Seattle. I was strangely drawn to the bottle and the salesperson said if I didn’t like it I could bring it back. One of the best bottles of Cab I have ever had. My guests and I were unable to drink other bottles of good wine after we polished off the Merryvale. All the other wines (Louis Martini, Washington State D2) tasted “odd” by comparison; although in the past we had enjoyed these wines.

      1. Cubus-
        Merryvale is an established major player based out of St Helena (mid north Napa Valley). They have a vineyard designate Cab from Berkstoffer Vineyards in Napa Valley that is usually a flagship bottling. They are a good visit in downtown St. Helena and adjacent to Tre Vigne, a reknowned high end trattoria.
        France mandates what can be grown where. Cali has always been helter skelter, but in the last 25 years has begun to get more focused on maximizing terroir.
        So, Napa: Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc-Merlot-Zinfandel-Cab Sauv
        The Cabs are distinctive and the winemakers perpetuate a Napa Style. Cabs usually only begin to get accessible at 4-7 years.
        You get down this way sometime let me know….
        : >)

    2. I think it began with Snyder and his chosen one, RGMe. Full Shanny enlisted Captain Kirk, who had to overcome not only mastering the position, but the politics of that situation….

      1. Agreed. It must have been pretty tough for him those first few years knowing the coaching staff wanted to play him, but the owner was blocking him. And then to get a low ball offer last off season. Hardly going to make you feel wanted. And that owner is still his boss today.

    3. Why not?

      1. He’s the #10 (tied) rated QB of all time. And while a lot of that is because of Sissy NFL Rule Changes Making It Easier, he’s still up their with his current-system peers and has earned the fat contract.

      2. Last year he was a FA at 28. Every time the Redskins franchise him it diminishes the chance of him getting a good, end-to-career third contract.

      3. Injury risk could end his career or make it really tough to get a new contract.

      Look at Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings are not optimistic about his chances of being back for 2017, that’s how bad his knee injury was. They’re not even sure if he’ll ever get back and, at this point, only hope he can get healthy enough to function well as a person and not so much as an NFL QB.

      That happens to Cousins and he has NO contract and would be out tens of millions of dollars in the two or three years it might take him to get back and get a new ‘I’m healthy’ contract. If he gets back at all.

      So the Redskins are, basically, trying to force him to take all the long-term risks while they get to reap the short-term rewards. And while he is getting paid a lot as a FA, he’s still the #3 paid QB in the NFL despite the FA rules that pump his salary up as high as it is.

    1. That’s enough for me. Medical red flag and hard to deal with. I’m now for taking Adams.

      1. What’s REALLY weird is I said a month ago that Foster would have a medical red flag, and Williams would decline to run the 40;>)

    2. Let”s wait until we can see the whites of their eyes.
      Seriously…..let’s not over-react until it all breaks out

      1. “It’s not clear what led to the argument, but one team source indicated that it might have stemmed from a disagreement over how Foster’s shoulder was being handled by the worker. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson added some more context to this odd story.
        Per #Alabama LB Reuben Foster, #NFL source said he got into heated argument with a doctor. Felt mistreated. Wasn’t a physical confrontation.”

        1. #80, thanks for the links. If I were a player I’d hate the who idea of the combine. Its for the convenience of the league, not the players.

          I think its an injury risk for players to customize their whole workout routine for combine tests, then switch gears and try to get back into football shape for camp.

        2. Hmm, just had a surgery less than a month ago, and some combine medical person was manipulating his shoulder?

          Foster has every right to be upset.

        3. Sent home? Aiyee, tumble down the rabbit hole, free-falling into the 3rd or 4th. If the 4th, scoop him up and gain a few solid, above average years out of him.

        4. More detail has come out:

          “While participating in Combine medicals, Foster reportedly grew impatient and pulled the “do you know who I am?” card.

          A “heated exchange” then took place when a hospital worker told Foster he would wait like everyone else. “Foster warned the man that he’d put hands on him, and the employee said, simply, Do it,” according to Klemko. Who knows how this impacts Foster’s draft evaluation, but Alabama’s pro day just got more interesting.””

          If he played the ‘do you know who I am card… What a stupid thing to do at the combine where millions of dollars are in the balance. Waiting is not only part of growing up, it’s part of the combine test. He flunked it and flunked it hard. Plus I read his interviews were pretty bad as well.

          I wouldn’t terribly be surprised that between being light (229lbs), injured and having a bad-attitude and poor interviews that he slides out of the Top-10.

  36. Looking at the combine results, TJ Logan just jumped from a 6-7th round pick to the second round.

    Forest Lamp looks good, and may now be a first rounder, but the Niners should look hard at Isaac Asiata in the third.

    Alvin Kamara may be a first rounder, but Jeremy McNichols or D’Onta Foreman in the 4th could be good selections. I know Foreman has a stress fracture, but he could be another Hyde once he heals, and I think it is better than an ACL, but not by much. A risk in the 4th round may pay big dividends.

    McCaffrey may be a top 20 pick, so he may take some creative maneuvering by Lynch to land him.

    1. Not sure he will go into the first.
      His combine results were disappointing if you ask me. At 205 pounds he he wasn’t as fast as you would like and he was weaker than I thought.

  37. Did anybody else hair of a three-team trade between the 49ers the Redskins and the Cowboys that would send Tony Romo to Washington and Kirk Cousins to the 49ers

  38. The Washington deal is about as far fetched as one of my multi player deals.

    Gruden does not want to lose his QB. Washington will lock him up in a multi year deal, but he should not expect Andrew Luck type numbers. Flacco, Rodgers, Wilson and Rothlisberger make around 22 mil, and they are all superior to Cousins. They should offer 5 year, 108 mil with 30 Guaranteed.

    Niners would mess up their draft plans if they went for Cousins. They should assume he will be signed to a long term contract now that McCloughan may be gone. They really need to parlay that number 2 pick into several picks, to help fix the defense.

    The Dallas angle would never happen. Jones would never trade Romo to to a division rival. Niners best strategy would be to wait a year if Cousins does not sign a long term deal and get him as a free agent.

  39. I don’t believe that for a second. Jone’s isn’t worried about Romo in Washington. He has Prescott. In fact, trading him there would show Dak how much confidence he has in him. Jone’s has the ego of Trump. Do you really think he gives a crap where Romo goes. I don’t. In fact, I think he relishes the opportunity to show why he replaced Tony. Just the fact that Wally aka MBH thinks it won’t happen probably means in will. I’ll call it the Kraep syndrome. Kyle wants Cousins. Cousins wants Kyle. He said as much. Though they will lean more towards defense in the draft, Kyle wants his QB. If he has a chance to get him, he will, period. We’ve already experienced what happens when you have a great defense, a great running game and a mediocre QB. You make it to the Super Bowl and lose. That is not in Kyle’s plan. ;)

    1. Kaep was 16 for 28, 302 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for 62 yards and another TD.

      Only one other QB has thrown for 300 yards and run for more than 50 yards in a SB, and that was Joe Montana.

      Too bad JH called a TO just before Kaep strolled into the end zone, and it was maddening to see the refs swallow their whistles. Kaep almost mounted a furious 22 point comeback, but I did not see mediocre play at all.

      I suppose you want the Niners to give up way too many draft picks for a decent, but not elite QB, but that would slow down their defensive overhaul. If KS really wants Cousins, he should just wait a year when he might become a FA, but I still think Washington will lock him up with a long term contract. If they traded him away, Gruden would not have a QB, and he is not brain dead like some other posters.

  40. “A swap of first-rounders makes more sense, with Washington exchanging the 17th pick for the second selection.”

    “The 49ers have two fourth-round picks after picking up a compensatory selection for Alex Boone; maybe they send the 109th selection to Washington and get the fifth-round pick. Now we’re up to 15.8 points of draft capital, roughly equivalent to the 19th pick.”

    “The 49ers could finish out the deal by including Eric Reid, who has been an excellent safety at times while struggling with various injuries.”

    1. Now this is a scenario that makes a lot more sense. However, I would not be surprised if the Redskins wanted another player to go along with Reid, like Armstead or Ward, before they traded Cousins.

      1. Yet isn’t that different to what I suggested earlier which you called unrealistic. Swapping picks with a little extra thrown in by the 49ers. But hey, whatever :-P

        1. A player or two added on is not even close to being considered a little extra.

          1. I said a swap plus a later pick added. This deal is a swap of two picks and a player that would get a late round pick on his own. You could look at the 5th as being for Reid on its own, making the trade a swap + 4th. Its pretty similar.

            1. Not really Scooter because we do not know what the Redskins would value Reid at.

              1. Oh c’mon, you think the guys proposing this deal believed Reid was worth more than a 5th? They said the point diffetence prior to adding Reid was 15.8. He was a make weight for the deal. Heck, even you don’t believe he’s worth more than a 4th, as that’s what you proposed trading him for, and I think that’s optimistic.

                What they were proposing was similar to what I said in value. They just added a few more parts by adding the Redskins 5th to the deal.

    2. Amazing how a Daniel Jeremiah’s “2 for 17” podcast quip has become a cottage industry. The internet echo chamber rolls on, with each bounce of his Move the Sticks comment treated like its something new.

      “Cousins is more valuable than Alex Smith, who netted the 49ers a pair of second-round picks from the Chiefs when he was traded to Kansas City.” A bit arbitrary, eh?

      You can’t compare players that have totally different contract statuses.

      Alex Smith – Straight trade. No reworking of a contract.
      Kirk Cousins – Sign-N-Trade. Cousins can kill trade if he doesn’t like the new contract.

      Alex Smith – Two years left on his $8m a year contract.
      Kirk Cousins – Contract expired two seasons ago. On his second franchise tag
      $24m fully guaranteed. (Next FT a whopping $34m)

      Alex Smith – Cost 49ers $16m to retain Smith for two years if not traded. Option to franchise tag later.
      Kirk Cousins – Cost Redskins $58m fully guaranteed to retain Cousins for two years if not traded. No option to franchise tag later.

      Alex Smith – The 49ers could have shipped him anywhere. Smith had no control. 49ers had multiple suitors for Alex Smith.
      Kirk Cousins – The Redskins can’t trade Cousins anywhere except the 49ers. 49ers are prepared to make the biggest contract offer, and Cousins has stated he will only sign with 49ers or Redskins. (The Bears comment was pure damage control. Bears unlikely to offer larger contract than 49ers anyway.)

      1. KC gave the 49ers a 2nd + conditional 3rd (that later turned into a 2nd) for Alex Smith. Alex had two years left on his contract, at $8 a year ($16m total).

        Question to all: What would have KC given the 49ers if Alex Smith was on his second franchise tag at $24m fully guaranteed a year, scheduled to be $34m ($58m total)?

  41. “Cook did get a win with his medical examination earlier in the week. He’s had three separate shoulder surgeries, but the word is he passed the test for most teams.”

    “The same cannot be said for Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen. He was diagnosed with “moderare” arthritis in his shoulders. He then measured in both shorter (6’2”) and lighter (286) than anticipated. It’s not unusual for prospects to drop weight in an attempt to fare better in the on-field workouts, but that also puts more pressure on Allen to shine when the DL hit the field on Saturday. If he doesn’t have a great workout, it’s not unrealistic for Allen, a presumptive top 5 talent, to fall well into the 20s.”

  42. Chris Godwin -looked great in Rose Bowl -looking good in combine too. Ran 4.44-faster than expected with size.

    1. Got him on my notes list with the triangle. Height, weight, speed, plus his hands were great.

  43. Quincy Adeboyejo ran a 4.42. He may be drafted now, since he was off the draft board as an UDFA.

    KD Cannon also ran a 4.42.

    1. Holy Oatmeal, BatMan! You could’ve witnessed that in person (with binoculars)!
      My nerdness force is weak. I tried to watch yesterday, but was restless and kept walking away to do other things. Turned it off and pulled some weeds. I’ll crunch some numbers later from results.

    2. Oatmeal? I take oatmeal very seriously. This is a great sign for the 49ers future.

      1. WHAT? Who has time for eating!!!! This is serious business!!!

        Just kidding. ;p

    1. Yea, I definitely don’t see him going undrafted. Shanny will love his aggressive nature, but interviews will be key. I’m thinking Round 5 or 6….

  44. Ben Braden is listed at 6’6″ 329, and he ran a 5.04 – 40 yard dash.


  45. Don’t know how Keizer is listed as number one QB. He has very inconsistent throwing motion.

    Think Shanny Jr said that’s his most important trait when evaluating QB

  46. True, but at least he was accurate.

    The afternoon guys are going to look great compared to this morning group. Donna is the only QB that looks smooth (future backup at least). At WR Goodwin was most impressive all around

  47. Trubisky and Watson both ran 4.67. Kizer ran 4.8.

    Hope the Niners concentrate on the defense in the first 2 rounds, and target QBs like Evans, Rush and Davis later on.

    Mahomes, Dobbs and Peterman may be good third and 4th round candidates.

      1. Bro,

        You are so out of the loop. Ability to throw accurately for a QB is so 1990’s.

        1. Agreed. Being able to run and ignoring wide open receivers is in vogue now.

  48. Earvin said that Ross began to feel a cramp while setting up for the run. That’s incredible!

      1. Maybe hydration, but could also be low level of potassium if he’s cramping prior to running. Of course if he tied one on last night……a hangover is a dehydration reaction.

    1. Ross might have just put himself into the top 10, but Samuel might be there at the top of the 2nd. He could be an excellent value selection there….

    2. Yes mentioned him yesterday Razor.Curtis Samuel duel threat at WR and RB. Engram is the other dual threat WR /RB to watch.

        1. Don’t feel too bad about the typo. Engraved did line up in the backfield from time to time.

              1. Prime you are obsessing about Kaep while there is news happening during the combine. Get with it.

  49. I tried to tell you guys about Ross. Bigger and faster than before his injuries. Get that man in open space. Not just a slot receiver, can play inside out, dual threat with ST ability. Not just a burner, good precise route runner with soft hands.

    1. It’s concerning that he cramped up before running though. That won’t help to ease the injury prone label on him.

    1. Hopefully he doesn’t move up too much Mid ,he like Samuel and Engram would kill in Shannys O.

  50. No thanks -Shoulde surgery coming too. Baalke is gone now. Rather Samuel or Goodwin.

      1. For us yes. I don’t want a wr in the first round either though. Building teams don’t start with WR. As for Ross-I think being available for 16 weeks is vital. He’s not even available for the combine and going into surgery in two weeks.

        1. I think you mean Ross was not able to finish the Combine.

          1. 1-Mike Williams, Clemson
            2-Zay Jones, East Carolina
            as far as WRs big board-still would not touch Ross unless I could take a risk like NE or ATL

    1. What are the consequences of player that doesn’t sign his franchise tag tender? Has to be something unpleasant.

        1. My take from section 4. is that Cousins sees the 49ers as the only free agency suitor, so there’s no hurry in the event the franchise tag is withdrawn.

          Cousins might also be waiting to sign in the event Redskins front office disarray results in a franchise tag withdrawal.

    1. Opens things up for a yo-yo trade. If the 49ers get a good trade back offer in the 10-15 range, they can easily move back up to 6 for a targeted player like Hooker.

      The Niners made one in 2014, only in reverse.

      Niners traded 56+242 to for Denver’s 63+171+2015 4th rounder
      Miami traded 57 for Niners 63+171

      Good deal for 49ers. Got a 4th round pick for moving from 56 to 57. Confused the heck out of the broadcasters.

  51. Interesting. This WR class is so much faster than last year’s.

    Hope the Niners can find that gem in the later rounds, but they should draft one before the 6th round.

    Wide receivers are making lots of money today, and are shaking up the draft boards.

  52. Webb was making the receivers have to reach for the ball.

    1. Haven’t watched any of Peterman but he looked very accurate, but also looked like his ball didn’t have much zip on it; not always necessary if he throws with anticipation.

  53. My 3 knocks on Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit, lack of experience, quiet demeanor and inability to unseat UFA quarterbacks on NC depth chart. All these quarterbacks shouldn’t get drafted until late in the first, early 2nd round….

    1. While he has every right to ask to be called “Mitchell”, he just set himself up for some easy rookie hazing.

  54. Wow, so far, 20 WRs have run under 4.5.

    Lynch and KS are probably like kids in a candy store.

        1. Kaep is 6′ 4″, 230 lbs. He can run as fast as many WRs.

          Sure hope Lynch can retain him, but I expect other teams may want him, especially teams with a good RB, stout defense, and they only need a good QB to get them over the hump.

          1. Kaep is a self-proven mediocre QB, not anywhere near a “good QB”, and in all likelihood he is going to be low-balled by those teams with a moderate interest in him as a backup, even low-balled by those teams who desperately need a starter. At best the hand he’s holding doesn’t even have a pair of Jacks, nothing more. Kaep is on no one’s primary wish list unless their masochists.

            1. Oh I forgot. Kaep is a Super Bowl QB. Some teams like QBs with a 4-2 road playoff record, and now that he declared he will stand, there is no reason to hate on him.

              1. Not winning SB QB. First 49ers QB to lose in the SB.
                Now he is a unemployed QB.

    1. Not liking these announcers. I was hoping to get some good info from David Carr, but can barely understand what he’s saying. It sounds like he’s mumbling, unless it’s my TV set.

  55. Niners should trade back with Cleveland to get 2 additional second round picks.

    If the Niners have 3 second round picks, they should use one of them for a WR.

    1. I don’t understand the Rush hype by a couple bloggers…

      That goes for his combine AND his game film

  56. Hate to say it, but Trubisky looked the best out of that group.

    1. Why do you hate to say it? He is the best QB in the draft. If people can get over his lack of experience they will see the most accurate, fearless, and smartest QB. Niners need to take him at #2, then John Ross in the 2nd. Best combo!

    2. Agreed. Trubisky looked smooth. Good touch and timing. His mechanics have seemed to improve.

      1. That’s what he does! He has a great ability to hit people in stride and with the right touch. He also will stand in the pocket.
        He just has to learn to play under center now but with a year watching, he could be great!

    3. Mitchell “Money” Trubisky?

      Mitchell “The Truth” Trubisky?

      Mitchell “49reasons” Trubisky?

  57. Watson didn’t impress on the deep ball. It seemed to me that Trubisky didn’t do anything to hurt his stock.

    1. Well, they did slate him as a 7- UDFA on the draft boards.

      Still like him, but concede he is not shining today.

      1. What about Kap from starting QB of the 49ers to 2 weeks later, job less?
        Whats up with that Seb?

          1. Seb go back and count all the times you said Kap would be back, would be a dual threat, would be retained. Once you add all that big mouth talk up, that’s the number of I told you so’s that I have for you!

            Starting QB of the 49ers and now unemployed. How you like dem apples?

              1. sebnynah
                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

              2. We are in the middle of the combine results, and Prime is fixated on Kaep.

                I only responded to the hate, but now have moved on.

              3. About as much as you were fixated on the entire year saying he was gonna bring a storm?
                Now he is unemployed.
                How’s that crow Sebnnoying?
                On another note, Trubisky looked good today!

    1. Throw in a Hooker, and Sprinkle some Carraway with Peppers for a Taco, and it could be a party. ;p


    “Foster grew impatient with long line for exams… pulled the ‘do you know who I am?’ card.”

    “A male hospital employee, unimpressed, told him he would wait like everyone else.”

    “Foster warned the man that he’d put hands on him, and the employee said, simply, Do it.”

    “That’s when the “face to face, heated exchange” happened, as Schefter reported.”

    1. I’ll take Ways to Get out of the First and Second Rounds for $800 Alex.

      1. Yeah, really bad move. Diva behavior is one thing, but threatening to put your hands on a guy that I assume is much smaller is idiotic. And at the Combine of all places.

    2. You ain’t in Bama any more, Bub. You don’t get a pass for being a football player.
      One steer at the meat market is all.
      This isn’t a deal killer, but it opens up a line of questions for prospective teams.
      Don’t give up any points against yourself in the toughest job interview you’ve ever faced. His sense of entitlement just cost him several hundred thousand dollars over his rookie deal. Yeah, you’re The Man. Pft

    1. Ooops, I was late to the party. Would be pretty funny if Niners forgot a decimal point.

    2. Smart move! With the right pocket passer, an accurate passer, Kerley might easily exceed those 64 receptions of last season.

  59. Glad Watson did well. Hopefully Cleveland will take him leaving us with Garrett or trade options.

  60. “Jeremy Kerley and 49ers agree on a 3-year, $10.5 million deal” – Schefter

    1. Glad lynch is retaining Niner players. It will help with the continuity and help forge a stronger locker room

      1. Yeah as long as old wind up is gone and wont be alienating his teammates with his own personal agenda.

        From starter to unemployed! Wow a storm is coming!

        1. Yup, you were the one who said that he took the league by storm.

          Free agency is just around the corner. Then we will see how long he remains without a team.

          I am wondering if Denver may be a logical destination. They went from SB champs to out of the playoffs with a 1 year QB. Bet JE wants a SB QB.

          1. Yeah I said he took the league by storm but you leave out the part where the entire NFL and I said he quickly fizzled out.
            I don’t care where he ends up. All I care about is throwing it back in your face where for months you thought you were so smart and righteous.

            You picked the wrong blog to come onto with your cocksure attitude! Welcome to the jungle Sebnnoying!

  61. At least we have a good punt returner and multiple slot guys now.

    I liked Kerley last year. Played hard & didn’t quit on a bad season.

    1. 6′ 3″ 234 lbs, Sounds like a big WR, and a little light to be a blocking TE.

      Still, that 40 time is very impressive.

      1. What is more impressive is you have turtled away from your Kaepernick screeds.

        Remember Kap took the league by storm and now is unemployed!

        1. Cant get over the fact that he opted out instead of being cut?

          Oh, how infantile you are. Get over it.

          1. Whats the difference? The 49ers dont want him. From starter to unemployed.He is gone? You said otherwise with your daily long winded screeds how he would be back unequivocally. You forget?
            Here, in your own words Seb. Eat crow DS!

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

            February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
            Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

    1. Kerley is important because he is also the punt returner. Glad he is back with the team.

      Lynch is already light years better than Baalke.

    1. Tried to, but just got bored, so I am following it on the NFL events combine tracker, so I can look up individual player statistics and utube videos.

  62. D Watson by far had the best day at the combine. Threw much better then the others. Kizer was not good I think Watson will come off the board first.

  63. 1. 49ers sign a vetran QB, Shaub, Hoyer or Cousins, who already know Shannies playbook.

    2. 49ers sign vetran WR’s—Pryor, Jeffry, Garcon, Deshean Jackson.

    3. 49ers Draft Allen, paired with Bucker, Armstead, Mitchell, qualify for the ’17 NFL playoffs

    Rob Rang, CBS SportsLine: 2. 49ers draft Allen

    The 6-foot-3, 292-pound Allen sandwiched between massive defensive ends DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead and new defensive tackle Earl Mitchell could give the 49ers the dominant defensive line to compete in the NFC West, with the need at quarterback more likely to be addressed with a veteran.

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