Report: Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract with the 49ers

Goodbye, Colin Kaepernick.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter just wrote, “Kaepernick will be opting out of his contract, according to a source, becoming a free agent.” He officially can opt out in early March.

This news first broke on December 4 when Ian Rapoport reported Kaepernick would void his contract. Two days later, Kaepernick seemed “miffed and a little bemused” about the report, according to Kevin Lynch.

“It blew me away where that came from or who said it,” Kaepernick said. “I wish I knew who said. I would go have a talk with him.”

What a phony.

Why do you think Kaepernick chose to opt out? He is scheduled to make $19.3 million next season — does he think he can make more on the open market? Do you think any team will sign him? If so, which one?

Could this be the end of Kaepernick’s career?

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  1. “Why do you think Kaepernick chose to opt out?”

    He knows he’ll be cut anyway and this gets his name out there sooner.

    “He is scheduled to make $19.3 million next season — does he think he can make more on the open market?”

    Probably does. And whoever is advising him is wrong.

    “Do you think any team will sign him?”


    “If so, which one?”

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and he’ll stand for the national anthem.

      1. HE has NO skillset !! He should apply for a sanitation job cleaning the bottom of a septic tank where his food is stored!!

          1. By taking a knee before each game taught him how to be a loser. Unless you’ve got the game wrapped up with seconds to go, NO QB should take a knee during any part of the game. Practice being down, you will be like crapstick.

              1. freedom of speech??? or insults to the country that he is in? He’s choosing to live in this country why not show honor to your host country? freedom of speech does not also mean lack of character.

              2. I remember when he was a white QB and a hot commodity. Now that he is a black militant no one wants him. Strange world.

          2. Also spent the season ranked #2…. on his own team….. behind one of the worst QB’s in the league (Gabbert). 2 different coaches have proven they have NO faith in such a TERRIBLE player. His stats were mostly made against 2nd string defenses cuz you don’t need your 1’s against the 9ers…… him taking a knee is like the 20th thing wrong with him.

        1. So his skill set didn’t lead them to the NFC championship or help them beat Green Bay . And you know this because you are a elite athlete and playing against the best athletes in the world . Does he need to improve sure is he better than son QBs in the league yes not everybody is Brady or Rogers the jets haven’t had a legit QB since farve and he was 50

          1. Harbaugh led them to any of caps good moments, cap just happened to be there…. and I’d take Fitz over cap every day, and Fitz is warm garbage. Also Pennington was clearly better than cap but he was made of glass

            1. Kap ranked higher than fitz idiot with a recovering bad shoulder and a bad o line and he was 2nd in qb rushing yards

          2. Well he was new to the packers have you seen him do that since NO if you remember Alex Smith was 6-2 got hurt and had been to the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game the year before then that idiot Harbaugh traded him??
            Remember Smith is still leading the chiefs to championship games
            Colin is slow in the pocket and does not think like a great quarterback

          3. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to know the league figured Kaepernick out and that’s why he does not and will not play any better. People get stuck on his Super Bowl year when the team took him there, not the other way around. As far as any other team needing him, they have to ask themselves if they want a mediocre at best quarterback that brings a ton of lightening rod, negative social issues baggage that at least half the fans (way more than half in some cities) will despise. Yeah, some team might be foolish enough to pick him up. But he’ll be sitting a lot more than he is kneeling………until they dump him.

        2. Yeah, no obvious skill set playing behind that pourous offensive line the 49ers have. Anyone would suck trying to play QB on that team.

          1. It’s funny, no one makes these excuses for Gabbert. Even though their stat lines are remarkably similar, Gabbert sucks and Kap just had a bad o-line. Emotion is a funny thing, but it should never supercede logic.

        3. You an EEG. BTW CK7 finished with 90.7 passing rate that included 16 TDs VS 4 INTs. The Niners if they are smart give CK7 his final chance. Draft mostly D players. Next year’s draft go ALL out for USC’s Sam Darnold the best CFB QB. Watch the Rose Bowl and then respond.

        4. He has no skill ser. After the sugeries he can not throw the football more than 10 yards with any accurancy. He career is washed up. If a team takes him, he would be third string.
          Maybe he can become a social worker.

      2. Who ever said he was a great quarterback must be smoking local weed. He is one of the worst quarterback in the history of football. He needs to grow up and quit being a cry baby.

        1. The ‘worst’ QB in the history of the game also ran for 181 yards in a playoff game. That is the most yards in the history of the game, but you must think that is the ‘worst’ statistic in the history of football.

          1. Flash in the pan performance more suited for a rb in an otherwise mediocre at best career. He might not have been Ryan Leaf bad, but he wasnt far off.

          2. Quarterbacks need to be able to go through their progressions, hit open receivers, etc. Running is an awesome attribute when added normal skillset, but is not all a qb needs. After defensive coordinators figured out how to keep him in the pocket his effectiveness dropped considerably. Not a qb I would want. Ask his receivers, I am sure they agree.

        2. One of the worst in History? C’mon that’s just ridiculous. You clearly don’t know football and are just upset at his kneeling stance by your last sentence.

          1. Did harbaugh throw the ball , great coach yes but to say jape is a bust just proves you know nothing about the game and how it is actual played. Go back to Seattle drop in

        3. I guess ali, brown, kareem was cry babies also he is just taking after trump and steve bannon they use alternative truth like they are not homophobic racists or that trump just didnt cuss during a prayer service lol he is a leader period

      3. Never should the Raiders even consider Colin. Raiders are an all American icon team. Colin is not close to being deserving of playing for an Icon all American team.

        1. Raiders was built on bad boys of the nfl u sound stupid since u dont believe me ask john madden better yet ask ice cube he did the documentary on the team u dont know nothing about lol study study learn learn lol

      4. There is no way that Reggie McKenzie and Jack Del Rio would want him. His skill set does not.match up with the baggage he carries. When you look at successful qb’s like Brady, Rodgers and Newton you see smart football minds. He perpetually looks dazed and confused.

      5. Umm.. what about the franchise QB the raiders currently have that let them to their first winning season in 15 years? How do the Raiders need him

      6. Yeah Raiders need him and both should move to Honolulu since both are in limbo! Hawaii has a stadium and they need a Pro team!

      7. Sorry Bro, CK has no skill set in Football.
        He is a transplanted Baseball player.
        Watch him throw. He has no touch.
        What he has is a fast release, when he releases.
        Just like a baseball player.
        Please let him find another team. I am done with him.

      8. The Raiders need him??? Why? The Raiders have Derek Carr, who was number 3 or 4 in voting for the league MVP. The Raiders have no need of his skill set, nor the locker room drama that he will bring with him.

      9. haha I don’t think so a franchise quarterback in Oakland already and the fans will not let that happen, n bye the way I think there is some dump in his tuck he should dump it

    1. Honestly, is this the best you can do? It seems like you mailed this piece in, it reads like a kid wrote it. Suggesting he will play in Canada is not only unintelligent, it shows your bias and unprofessional style of writing. I have read many of your pieces and you are much, much better than this “article”. Clean it up please….it was really unacceptable. Read like a morning radio personality trying to get people to call in whether they hated or loved it…..

      1. You realize the “unprofessional writing” you’re complaining about is a comment and not the actual article, right? Come up for breath from ck’s jock more often mang.

      2. You’re right, it’s unintelligent to say he’ll play in Canada. Any intelligent person knows this is the last stop for his talentless bus and he’ll be washing dishes at a Denny’s in Encino for min. wage next season. I bet he still fumbles the dishes constantly and eventually gets fired for breaking too much stuff.

    2. Len Eshmont rolled over in his grave on the results of this years recipient. Time for the new regime to bring back class. Will not be an easy task though.The Antonio Brown social media B.S. and the IGM culture that seems to be in every locker room needs to be crushed. Need actual men to show how to carry themselves. Navarro, heal up!

    3. Now thats funny. But seriously, I can’t figure out why CK would opt out. Seems like a better business move to let the 49ers cut you or trade you. If he forces the 9ers to cut him, does he get a portion of his salary?

    4. Love the Winnipeg Blue Bombers comment. Agree he’s opting out to spare the embarrassment of being cut. But I don’t think he believes he will make more money elsewhere. He’s cutting his losses and moving on.

      Hey, remember when Chip Kelly came here specifically so he could coach Kap, and how he was going to turn Kap into a world beater? Good times.. good times.. well not really.

    5. Kaepernick isn’t a bad QB he is very talented and any good coach can see that. I’d say the Az cardinals pick him up for a second string and let BA and Carson Palmer mentor him so when Palmer retires he’s got a franchise QB would be a smart move kaepernick won’t. E a free against very long on a side note earlier this season BA said he’s an outstanding QB and is worried that he is healthy he talks highly of CK7 JS

    6. I have been heart broken for my husband that is a die hard 49er fan. He has been teased by friends disgusted by Kaepernick’s behavior and lack of performance. My husband continued wearing his 49er hats and shirts saying you can’t just give up on your team!! I would love to see Kaepernick replaced!!!! How would any team pick him up after his prior conduct? I say goodbye, farewell, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! I don’t know anything about football, only what I have learned from my husband, but I do know bad behavior and see my husband’s broken heart!!

      1. I think he should have stayed in the locker room until after the national anthem was played if he feels that strongly about what’s going on. Not to say that he was wrong because he has that right but just like a job don’t bring your personal feelings or matters to work and don’t take your work matters home with you

    7. the remarks made just shows how little knowledge people have here on NFL this isn’t hate page for loser’s or bullies grow up. kap is the only chance there is at a good season passing yards on the games he had to work with with bad coaching and 2nd string team speaks on his talent.

    8. Why is you all talking about Kap opting out of his contract, when he said this morning
      that he has never said that, and that he wants to talk to the coaches and see where he
      might stand with the niners, and you got all these commits on something that isn’t true, that’s a bunch of BS.

    1. Naw, I have expected him to leave many times. I thought he would be cut many times. Every time, I have lamented the classless way the FO has treated Kaep, and have wished him well.

      Guess Jed is toxic, and Baalke was just doing his bidding. Kaep may go to Arizona, because Ariens called Kaep scary, and recognizes his talent because he has played against Kaep many times. Kaep would want to go to Arizona because they have a good defense, David Johnson, Fitzgerald and it seems now no QB. Interesting to read that Palmer pulled his kids out of school, and has left the state.

      Kaep may choose Arizona because he can play against the Niners twice a year.

      1. Kyle Shanahan’s dreams would come true if Colin Kaepernick started for the Arizona Cardinals. 49ers could count on 2 division wins. The most entertaining part would be watching Arians maul Kaepernick every time he missed a wide open receiver on 3rd down. I might even buy a ticket to see that.

        1. Not with their team i wonder what defensive starter will retire this season 49ers is a mess oline bad kap 2nd in rushing

  2. I’m tired of you haters making him the scapegoat for little man York. His teammates voted him for the Len Esmount award. There’s no QB (draft or FA) out there better than him.

      1. Dez,
        The Chicago game was a weather anomaly but it was an anomaly that will probably eliminate any chance of him signing in a cold weather city.

          1. Carlos,
            That was my point CK wasn’t able to play in the snow and wind but there are many other QB’s that struggle in that weather.

      2. All yall stupid mfers hating on a man who has in 5 years done more than 90% of the qb’s in the league. I’m talking about play offs not just the regular season. Trent Baalke messed the whole thing up and left Kap to shoulder the blame, which he has and keeps playing well. People keep saying what you want but it might be another 10 years before we get back to where he has been and the niners. Ck7 all day

        1. He was carried. 2014 proved it. When the defense fell from Top-3, the offense no longer got all those short fields to hide the QBs crappy, inefficient play. Once the load was on Kaepernick’s shoulders his QB rating (the second half of 2014) was under 77.0. The offense scored under 17 PPG.

          He continued that trend in 2015. And the offense performed 3 PPG better under Gabbert than Kaepernick. Just like in 2016 where the offense was poorer under Kaepernick than Gabbert, dropping about 4, maybe 5 PPG.

          Kaepernick got the job, if not by politics, but because he didn’t routinely turn the ball over like Gabbert. However it wasn’t like he was good.

          In 2016 he came in 44th for Air Yards per Attempt at 3.35 yards firmly entrenching him in Alex Smith territory. HOWEVER, he couldn’t even complete 60% of passes, unlike Smith’s 67%. And it wasn’t drops. The Chiefs and 49ers both had 4.9% drop rates.

          So, basically, you had a guy who is 88% of Alex Smith as your QB. In his best year since 2013. Who, since mid-2014 it’s been obvious to anyone who has paid the slightest attention that has been leading offenses nowhere.

          And yet were haters? Dude, his lousy play speaks for itself.

          1. Did u see how many times he got sacked but hold up brady threw for under 200 yards when houston ruffed him up but oh kap sucks no the 49ers suck point blank

          2. Talk about the oline better yet the defense who blew several late 3rd quarter and 4th leads but oh hes worthless lol

      3. Hard to win a game when the coaches forbid you to throw the ball all the first half. Then the coaches used the Niner time outs to help the Bears. Of course, the Niner receivers seemed blanketed by more than snow. and the team wanted to make snow angels more than winning a game.

    1. lol. It was a joke award. He is, in my life, the least qualified Len Eshmont award winner in history. Bryant Young won it 7 times. Because he was truly courageous and inspirational.

      Kaepernick won it for being a political dumbass.

      1. U are white and ignorant even soldiers of all ranks stand behind the cause he speaks of racism but dont believe me it was just multiple parties of neo natzis and white supremacist vandalizing black neighborhoods for no reason when trump got elected lol america is not racist athletes are never racial profiled ask draymond green about that ask thabo sefolosha about that i can keep going

    2. I wouldn’t say no QB better, I’m willing to roll the dice on Cousins or Cutler and save 19mil. Not that they are that much better than Kap but that they possess better pocket QB skills then Kap and I think we are going to need a traditional QB under Kyle Shanahan.

  3. Really, it would be best for everyone. Performance on the field aside, his political “statements” hurt the franchise. I don’t believe anyone within the organization had the balls to end it. Perfect storm = Newly Arrived Chip Kelly + Sanctuary City Mentality + Historical “First” in NFL behavior + Legal Entitlement.

    If only his football performance had been what most of us hoped it would be.

      1. I completely agree. In fact, I found his political statements courageous and admirable. That’s not what hurt the 49ers. His abysmal and contagiously mediocre play is what undermined team progress on the field. But Balke had his 16+ mil tied up in the flamboyant bust and had to get his money’s worth. That being said, adios Colin, good luck in your future travels. You may be remembered for awhile but you won’t be missed. Thanks for the excellent piece of news to add to the recent haul of Highlights.

        1. Not courageous at all. He knew he was going to be celebrated and praised by a great many people when he “protested”. That’s why he did it! When talking to the press, he spouted off a bunch of lies then basically told his fellow low information Millenials it’s okay not to vote. Absolutely nothing was gained from his attention seeking antics.

        2. My Dad didn’t land on Omaha Beach on D Day for someone to disrespect the Country. It’s disgraceful. He’s a showboat, much better ways to show your support for your “cause”. He’s cancer


          1. >>My Dad didn’t land on Omaha Beach on D Day for someone to disrespect the Country

            Actually, that’s exactly why he landed there. Hitler’s country, not ours, was the one that didn’t allow its residents the freedom criticize their own.

            1. Exactly, Ribico. I’d like to emphasize that freedom comes with the responsibility of exercising it peacefully, and without destruction of OPP….

              1. Razor,
                We don’t always agree but we sure do on your last post. Its what the left doesn’t get when you start destroying OPP your msg gets lost, they could take a lesson from the tea party protesters not only was there no damage they went behind their marches and picked up their litter. I say that even though I don’t agree with 1% of what the tea party stands for.

            2. U sound like hitler better yet putin who kills all that run against and the press my grandfather was also in world war 2 he said he should have stayed home and deal t with the crackers in georgia why because us army was still whipping black soldiers racism was unbearable dont say a damn thing about white men who came here running from religious persecution and turned into murderers of native americans who own this land where are they on little tiny reservations read about the trails of tears then shut up by the way im a 20 year veteran who was almost shot by a cop for reaching for my insurance papers in Military Uniform and if i wouldnt have yelled im in uniform he would have shot me In The LAND OF THE FREE

  4. Thank god that astounding failure is going to FINALLY go away!!! Lets just hope that York and the rest of San Fran’s higher ups can get their heads out of their asses and give us a real quarterback that would make Montana and Young proud!!!

      1. Crapstick is a loser. He kept practicing to take a knee before each game. Look at his stupid azz now! Everyone in America can do as they please. Tina Turner doesn’t live here for a reason. Hopefully crapstick will take his spoiled azz to the streets and see what real oppression is by the drug dealers and thieves.

      2. Kirk Cousins is a FA in 2017. Without hesitation.

        Matt Schaub is a FA in 2017. He’s been solid his whole career despite being in mostly crappy situations.

        Brian Hoyer is a FA in 2017. Did really well in Chicago when he took over the job. Definitely not a franchise QB, but he can at least push it down the field instead of being a vastly over-rated dink-and-dunk specialist with a substandard completion rate.

      3. That 14 year old kid from central junior high named Billy who just got his braces off and is going to the Boy Scout retreat over the summer is better than Krapneck

  5. This just shows how the world is and how different people thought it was. So many QB’s that dont have the resume he has can go around and be 2nd string or start elsewhere. But because he took a knee people him to be out the league or just die? Too bad your mad at him taking 1 knee but dont have anything to say about priest making little boys take 2 knees. I bet most of you who don’t like the knee he took voted for Trump too

    1. The bottom line is that we can’t win with him. He has not grown in any way from we lost the superbowl. You can argue he has regressed despite some of few positive numbers from this year. So Niners must decide on rather be mediocre and have him, or start moving towards to future even if it means starting over with someone that might not be as good year one.

      I don’t agree with the knee but that is his choice. As another African American stated he is 2000x times more likely to be killed by another African American than all others (races, cops, etc..) combined. So, it seems more political than if he wants to protest on protecting lives. (FYI- I am not white so don’t bring race card.)

      1. 2000x chance of being killed by another black person? that was dumb. where did you both get those numbers from? 90% blacks kill each other but what I notice is you racist stop there. you never say white kill whites at 87%. so that 3% means you can say 2000 x ? that 3 % means you can say black on black crime? 90 %of the pedophiles are white. do we go around calling them pedophiles like they call us thugs and gangsters?

        1. I quoted another African American as I stated. However, the difference is that others are not marching down the street and rioting. So to get back on point no one is saying any race is better than another because it’s not we are all equal, but the degree of protests and rhetoric doesn’t match what is causing the most haem to a certain community.

          1. you found a quote from a idiot and decided to use it knowing it was BS but would help with your point…got it. you should work for Fox news

          2. Chicago injustice historic police brutality inhumane attorney general report of torture until false confession is given oppression leads to self hate

        2. 5th leading cause of death, per the Centers of Disease Control, for black men is criminal homicide with the vast majority at the hands of another black man. For hispanic males, it’s 9th (mostly at the hands of another hispanic male).

          For Asians and whites, it’s not significant as for black men as the homicide rate (deaths-per-thousand) is 7.76 times greater than for whites and asians. (19.4 per 100K for blacks, 2.5 per 100K for whites (asians are the same).)

          Now, 2,000x…. No, that’s just ****ing stupid. It’s not 2,000x, it’s 7.76x.

          Not that people care. Because I’ve learned along time ago people don’t care about the facts and want to make policy based on the facts. It’s all about the screaming and claiming victimhood, even when you’re doing to yourself through your choices and actions.

      2. so because he is more likely to be killed by a African American tht makes it ok tht cops are killing African Americans to right. As a person of the white race we have to recognize this stat to the a African American male is 50x more likely to b killed by a cop then a white male

      3. What does that have to do with cops unloaded their clip in the back of a black veteran who got caught with weed and ran WEED MY GOD WEED EQUALS DEATH hundreds of players took a knee and i heard that he loves to save his money i hope when hes done goes into politics or maybe baton rouge black slammed to the ground for selling cds no gun present knee on his neck gun pulled instead of taser video shows the man was still and said im not resisting he asked are u going to shoot me over a cd come on gun pulled life over cop knee still on his neck

      1. I’m not a Democrat, Republican or ….im me. you cant tell all it is is more separation or segregation? race, politics,religion? all that does is make fall even farther away from being one and the a holes running it are happy we don’t unite to go against them

  6. I’m sure the other 31, NFL teams will be lining up to get some of that publicity. The word “radioactive”comes to mind.

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  7. I hope no one even gives him a workout. He’s not good for any team. He needs to leave America for a better place. And I wonder where that is? I would not watch any game where he’s on the sideline.

      1. I am a minority and tired of hearing about wall this and minorities that. Bottom line, there is a system in place for years that had not been enforced per the law. If you want to come here like millions before, follow the process. America has just about the easiest laws to come here compared to other countries. Go cross into Mexico illigally or one of the middle eastern countries and see how you are treated. Because you want priper vetting and organization doesn’t mean you “hate.” Amazing how certain people’s vocabulary and points are narrowed down to name calling and accusing people of the worse intentions. When something goes down they are the same blaming the same people for not doing more. See what’s going on in Europe? Many coutries are changing their policies because of the wave of attacks. Why can’t Australia take the refugees they have? Because the are 100x more strict on allowing immigrants into their country. Look around and wake up.

        1. Los,
          You might want to try one of the Breitbart chat rooms. They are a better fit for the kind of political discussion you seem to want. Lets leave football for football fans and more appropriate sites for those that want to discuss political and social issues.
          Grant shame on you for stirring up this kind of discussion you knew exactly what you were doing when you called CK a “phony”

        2. You lost credibility when you said “I am a minority” and went on to lose all credibility with inaccurate “facts” or I guess now your lot calls them alternative facts.

          1. Being an educated minority doesn’t lose any credibility. The person that can’t speak, read, or write in English are the ones that lose all credibility, dumb azz.

    1. I bet u will watch lebron james chris paul they are against trump i bet u would watch ali jim brown all stood up against racism in america oh devin mccourty martellus bennet raised the black power fist during patriots games in SUPPORT OF KAPERNICK SO DONT WATCH THE SUPERBOWL!

  8. “Opting out” is a more forgiving headline than printing what’s written on the walls inside the 49ers command center. I wish to thank Kaepernick for his service, and the multitude of gratifying wins he contributed to. My advice would be to retire. Form an activist alliance with “your woman”, and devote your time and energy to a cause you seem so passionate about. Good luck to you, Colin!

    1. Sorry, but Kaep loves football, and will want to play. He can do social activism after his playing days.

      I, too, wish to thank him for his services, and wish that he would forgive Jed and stay, but the last leak was probably the last straw.

      Who knows? Maybe the Pats will win the SB, and Brady will want to retire on top. Bellichick may want Kaep, and his system will make any QB look good. Bellichick, with Kaep, could win several more rings. BB would just look at the all the Kaep detractors and tell them that he does not give a flying fig about Kaep’s social activism. He would not care if it was Malcom X or Atilla the Hun. All he would care about is winning super bowls, and Kaep is a SB QB.

        1. Bellichick is not into drama. if you had not noticed. All he cares about is winning games, and he would put in Mother Theresa if he thought she could win a game.

            1. Kraft would never allow Kaepernick to play for his organization, nor would he have allowed him to kneel during the anthem….

              1. Razor,
                I agree and disagree Yes Kraft would have never allowed CK in his organization but I don’t believe he would stop any player from expressing themselves from what i’ve read about Kraft he is a pretty strong american who i’m guessing has great respect for the 1st amendment

              2. OldCoach, he’d let him raise his fist but not kneel, and I base that on his loyalty to President Trump, who publicly condemned it….

              3. Martellus bennet and devin mccourty both raised their fist in protest joining kap movement did they get released hell no. Please tell me your not a real fan of the pats omg

            2. We’ve been waiting for this moment for Seb. It’s like when the cult members figure out that there is no spaceship coming to take them away to paradise after all; that was bull*#*# all along.
              I will note that Grant’s post really turned over a log and brought out the worst in some vitriolic comments. When I recall some of the ticky-tack things people have been banned for on this blog, I wonder how some of these comments are left up. Seb’s folly is amusing, this other stuff is disturbing and out of context.

              1. BT, I have been resigned to seeing Kaep go many times, and can perfectly understand why he wants to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire. This latest leak just means that Lynch is incapable of shutting Jed and Wormtongue up.

                Still want him to stay, and he will give the Niners their best chance to win, but if they cannot see his potential, and if they let emotions rule their thinking, Kaep may be better off leaving.

                I am confident that other teams want to win so badly, they will embrace Kaep. And if Kaep starts winning, the Niners will look like complete fools.

        1. Prime, you have been saying that Kaep will be cut, be traded, benched or leave since before the OTAs.

          So far, you have been 100% wrong. Better watch out. That initial presser may wipe that smile off your face.

          Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

  9. Regardless of his beliefs and views, he WILL NOT thrive in Shanahan’s offense. Shanahan wants an accurate passer first which Kap is not. He will latch on somewhere and be fine. We should thank him for the good times he gave us and we can mutually all move on to the next chapter in the 49ers franchise!

  10. Good riddance u self absorbed no qb skills having bum. He was shut down sophmore season when teams made him throw & was totally exposed. Then has the nerve to sit at national anthem time to draw some attention to himself. Any team deciding to sign him is throwing $$ away.

    1. all your worried about is your racist national anthem. if he couldn’t pass all year, then why was he 1 pass away from winning a SB and 1 pass away from going to back to back SB’S? if you have never been treated like crap by police,judges and because of your nationality not being white,shut the hell up about something you have never experienced

      1. Kap had potential, had a good year or two, then declined, for whatever reason.

        “if you have never been treated like crap by police,judges and because of your nationality not being white,shut the hell up about something you have never experienced”

        This sounds like victim talk. And “shut-up” sounds like suppression of free speech.

        I grew up in the 1960’s and got my __s kicked daily in my neighborhood. So I KNOW about racism. It exists on both sides.

        1. he didnt say black people only read the comment again yes racism happens to all races but it sounds that your hurt is blinding you from his comments

    1. no. your not the only one and im a Seahawk fan. you have defense and other offensive problems but hes not one of them.

    2. Nope. I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, and will root for the team to win multiple rings despite the immature owner.

      I will lament the short sightedness of the Niners, but realize that Kaep has been stabbed in the back too many times. This new leak is just another sign that nothing will change. Lynch just got kicked in the teeth, He stressed stopping the leaks, but Jed and Wormtongue just cant stop.

      1. >>Lynch just got kicked in the teeth, He stressed stopping the leaks, but Jed and Wormtongue just cant stop.

        Complete speculation on your part. And since you speculated that Jed would have to chase back after Kelly with his tail between his legs because the team couldn’t attract any other qualified coaching prospects, your speculation is worth about the number of points a Kaepernick led offense is capable of putting up. Which is next to none.

        1. Rib, we all saw the farce Jed was mired in. No competent GM candidate would accept the job, and Jed was doubling down by dragging Wormtongue along with him.

          So now out of the blue, Lynch comes in and saves the day, something you and everyone else did not see coming. The only problem is that Lynch is totally unqualified for the position, and only has his strength of character to make his selection palatable. Lynch has never negotiated another player’s contract, and has never run a draft. He has never participated in roster assessments, so he has absolutely no experience.
          Maybe you should diss Grant for wildly speculating that Kaep’s agent did the leak. Paraag is the only logical choice because he has done it many times before. Lynch sure the heck did not do it, and I bet he is HOT.

          For all your speculation that KS will lead them to the SB next season, he does not have any head coaching experience in the college or the pros. He is only an offensive guy, but the defense is what really needs to be fixed. Last season, the Niners hired Chip, another offensive guy, and we saw how the defense gave up historic record amounts of yardage. So, if KS does not get a decent DC, they may not win a game.

          1. >>Maybe you should diss Grant for wildly speculating that Kaep’s agent did the leak.

            For all we know it could have been someone Kaep has personally informed. His GF, someone in his family. Heck, even the FBI who has his phone lines tapped. Although the agent and Grant’s explanation makes the most sense.

    1. Norman Fell’s smile was not only iconic but often led to some of the funnier moments on one of tv’s great classic sitcoms and your comment tells us all we need to know about you.

    2. No Jimbo it wasn’t Mr. Roper who was gay it was Jack Tripper who was trying to pass as gay. Don’t worry its a common error.

  11. G-rant, please try to be a journalist when you say “What a phony.” unless it’s about you, it has NOTHING to do with what Kap said on 12/4/16.
    It’s TWO MONTHS later now and a lot has happened, maybe he had a talk with York, Lynch or even Shanny. You don’t know unless YOU talked to Kap, did you?

  12. It would not of been so bad with CK if he just played football. When he becoming and activist is greater than what pays you, you forget to be a football player. See ya later Kaep. I miss Alex, but I am burnt out with your play man.

  13. Could be a coincidence, but rather curious this report comes out just one day after Shanahan said what he looks for in a QB. I don’t believe Kap has ever been someone Shanahan would consider keeping, especially not for the money he’d make if he stayed on. He’d have been released, no doubt. I think once KS joins Lynch, they’ll discuss QB’s at some length…and potentially put a deal together to get Garrapolo. Both the Browns & Bears say they’re doing the same thing, but if you’re JG, I’d think you’d much rather be in Shanahan’s offense. I say let’s go get him, then draft Mahomes.

    1. Glad to see some new ones. I am tired of being the sole Kaep supporter, and am glad that others see what I see. We do need new blood on this site, but many may read, but refrain from commenting because they just do not want to get the static from all the haters.

      1. This might be a coincidence, but my new exotic houseplant woke me up last night when it tried to encase me in its slimy tendons.

    1. U are sadly mistaken lol o line overhaul draft defensive overhaul free agency and non draftees u got at least 2 years and john lynch has no gm experience he is nothing but a puppet for the next coach thats a best friend hire omg titanic

  14. I’d look at some of the other back ups in the league before going after the high priced ones when it comes to draft capital. Garopalo looked very average. For an average qb I would look for something cheaper until going for your qb of the future.

  15. I know ponder didn’t do well in Minnesota but he’s average and fits the traits Kyle mentioned. I would definitely bring someone else in and not rely on him but I would give up the farm for what people are selling.

    1. Paul I agree with you 100% I believe that Ponder could be a competent place holder untill we draft and train a new qb.
      #1 his is mobile
      #2 his is a high character guy
      #3 he is very intelligent
      He won’t win you a SB but he could win 7 to 9 games for a rebuilding team.

            1. Razor,
              I’m not in love with the guy. I just think he comes cheap he won’t cost us any picks and he is a high character guy who would help change the culture in the building while holding the spot for a year or 2.

  16. One down another soon to go. Don’t let the door hit ya.

    Baalke and Kaepernick, two of the biggest reasons this team has sucked for the last 3 years.

  17. I think there is a chance he gets resigned. He opts or so he isn’t cut because he knows his salary numbe is too high for a new team. He knows he can succeed with consistent coaching from Shanahan and vice versa. Shanahan likes the idea to sign him on a 1-2 year prove it deal at 10million because he has no one else to play QB and let’s face it, everyone is intrigued by Kaepernick.

    If not, he goes to the Browns which 1000% guarantees they don’t draft a QB at 1 and we have 0 chance at getting Myles Garrett.

    People are idiots so much hate towards Kaepernick because of personal agendas. You come up with whatever reason not to like him and spend hours evaluating stats you can manipulate into an argument as to why you hate Kaepernick, yet he will go down as one of the greatest 49ers QB’s of all time.

  18. Wondering if the contract opt out was a face saving move. His contract was so high he would have had to renegotiate to stay with the team anyway.

  19. Rode to the SB on the coat tails of Harbaugh and a great defense , Gore . Then went out and became only 49er QB to lose big game when all was needed from him was a 5 yard lob to D Walker . Good riddance

  20. I’ve been Niners Fan since 1986. I used to think the worst thing about this team was ownership but I was sadly mistaken. The worst thing about this team are these new cry baby, narcissistic bigot fans. Nobody said sh!t when we were winning with Kaep. Now he took a knee and he’s the worst Qb ever. The players voted him most courageous leader on the team. So if you don’t like him for what he kneels or stands for, who cares. I’m black , he’s black & majority of players are black. We appreciate him in S.F. or anywhere else. So go back to your Boy owner in your shiny new cursed stadium that 2 people died at already & drink wine & suck on that prime beef you losers. Oh yeah, thanks for voting in Trump w/ Cohn.

    1. Good QB’s don’t lose their job to Blaine Gabbert. Whatever it was that he had under Harbaugh nobody else has been able to bring out.

  21. Why do people have to get soooo personal? Get a life. The Kid can play. He’s not an upper echelon QB, but he has a lot to offer any team with his experience and his ability. Looking around the NFL it’s easy to see that only a handful of people in the World can master this job. So before you criticize his ability try donning a helmet and letting some 285 behemoth hit you running full speed. I applaud his willingness to use his free speech rights knowing a bunch of morons would try to deny him of his constitutional rights because they don’t agree with him.

    1. First of all, Kap is 29 years-old, not a kid. 2nd, You obviously know nothing about football. 3rd, Sounds like you’re the one taking things personal by resorting to childish name calling. And lastly, the only reason Kap became an “activist” was to impress his girlfriend and get media attention. I predict his girl will move on to another NFL player as soon as Kap is out of the league and you will never see CK giving 2 f*ks about politics again.

    1. Torrey could end up a Titan this off season. The two teams were talking about a trade before the deadline but couldn’t work out a deal. I wonder if Tennessee will approach the new front office about it again.

  22. Buffalo and NYJ are the teams that if someone is going to sign him as a starter they would be the ones. If Romo ends up in Arizona I could see Kaepernick being willing to compete for the job in Denver. He probably thinks he’s better then Siemian.

  23. “I couldn’t find a scout or executive who was excited about DeShone Kizer or Mitch Trubisky. When you’re talking to teams that already have an established signal-caller, there’s no reason for them to feed me false information. In fact, it would benefit them if these quarterbacks went early, dropping talented players at other positions into their lap. I’m sure one or more of these quarterback prospects will get hot and gather some steam as we head toward the draft. Will it be one of the three mentioned above or will we see another name emerge? Buckle up. This is going to be an interesting ride.”

  24. Sigh, Grant seems to be needling me.

    So, to respond to his last part. Kaep is not a phony at all, he is the real deal. His silent protest may anger some folks, but he is not cowed by the MAN, like many others are, and he is showing us all why he won the Eshmont. Advocating for social justice is about American as apple pie. Dissing him is just hate, with racial overtones. He is not politically protesting, he is apolitical. he does not even vote. He is decrying the unjust racial profiling, and the use of the badge to cover up extrajudicial summary executions with little repercussions, and no justice. Taking away his right to protest is just another step towards fascism. All the opposition to Kaep is doing just that.

    Many will try to silence him, and blackballing is a time honored tradition in sports. Still, it does not make it right, and history will show how much of a leader Kaep is and how much courage he displays by protesting in the face of death threats. He makes me proud to be a Niner fan, because the 31 other teams are filled with a bunch of gutless wonders. In keeping with the Eshmont, Kaep is an inspiration to me, because he is standing tall against injustices and hate. Kaep makes me proud to be an American.

    Kaep is keeping it real. He is not irrelevant. He has made a difference. The haters will downplay his accomplishments, but he has shined a bright light on a problem, and he has started a dialogue, instead of letting people ignore the problem. Haters diss him for being on the cover of Time, but it is not about him, it is about his cause for social justice. Yes, he was on the cover, but the salient point was that he was kneeling.

    Getting back to football, Chip himself said that Kaep’s protests did not affect his play on the field in the slightest. Kaep was all football when in the locker room and on the field of play. Other teams know that.

    Seems like some FO cowards will throw shade under the cover of anonymity, but they do that because they know that their fans do not care about what the causes a player espouses, they just want to win games.

    This is a QB driven league, and no matter what they say, Kaep has shown that he is a very talented QB. Inaccurate QBs are incapable of throwing for 400 yards, and good QBs will be able to pass for 300 while running for over a 100.

    Chicago was an anomaly, because Kaep did not only have to overcome his opponent, he had to overcome his coaches, an impossible task.

    Other coaches will scratch their heads over the dunderingly incompetent way Kaep was misused, and salivate over the chance to have such a dangerous weapon. Since Kaep can put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint up field untouched for a TD, out running the DBs, he is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

    So Kaep will probably take less to play elsewhere. He will structure it like Crabtree’s, a prove-it contract, with assurances that it will be renegotiated if he does well.

    Once again, Kaep is smeared with another leak, and he will want to flee this dumpster fire. He might have a lot of motivation to want to play the Niners twice a year. Mcvay may also have some incentive to show how wrong the Niners were to pass on him, and Kaep is way better than Goff. Arizona may have not QB, either.

    So Grant is going with the flow, it is the safe way to ingratiate himself with the new regime. It is formulaic, popular and predictable.
    I sure wish Grant would be bold, and back Kaep, but I guess he has me to do that.

    KS and JL have a daunting task ahead of them. If they told Kaep they do not want him, they may want to reconsider. They should think it through, and understand the consequences to their actions. Throwing away the best player on the team is not a good way to start off on the right foot.

    They should learn from the mistakes Jed made. Jed never ever should have gotten rid of JH without a competent replacement already chosen. Jed still did not learn when he stumbled and bumbled during the GM search. It was only by blind luck (and a nudge from MS) that Jed was rescued from this farce, by Lynch saving the day. If they get rid of Kaep, they better have Cousins ready and waiting to sign a deal.

    1. Will someone kindly take that broken record off the turntable? It’s wearing out the stylus and the screech has become dingbat annoying.

      1. Hmm, you do not get it. Complaining about my posts just admits you read them.

        You would do better by just scrolling past.

        I admit I write things repeatedly, but that is just an advertising strategy to imprint my thoughts on your psyche. Glad that I am doing such an effective job on you. Keep it up.

      1. Well, Jed probably has sent his minions to shut me up. All the tag team opposition, Prime being the latest, are just Jed toadies and shills. This is not my first rodeo.

        Yes, Jed has been reading these posts because he said so. He said he gets the message, loud and clear. I have not been too kind to him, but I just say what I do so he can learn from his mistakes, and maybe not repeat them. I do wish he would grow up, and his continual leaking is destroying this franchise.

        I promise that I will give KS and lynch some time, but if they fail to sign one decent Free agent and draft another ACL player, I will eviscerate them with my comments.

        All your efforts to make me leave, just makes me want to post more.

          1. They come and go. Seems like they get beat down so much, they give up, but like a bad penny, they seem to keep reappearing.

            Believe me, I have taken on several at once.;p

              1. No, I am still here and will take on all comers.

                Prime, this is like when you keep losing, allowing me to declare victory, then having you declare victory, when in reality, you lost again.

                Pump your brakes. Let’s see what they say in their initial PC after the SB.

              2. The only thing I am pumping is the victory arm! Your boy opted out, he does not want to be a 49er and by all accounts, he just beat them to the punch. Its ova! You lose Tito!

    2. I love the 1 line responses to your very informative post. Pakalolo lol I think they been partaking too much in it. Go Niners! As an 8 year Vet I stand for Kap and hope they keep him but if they dont I thank him and Godspeed.

    3. Wow, the best plea of desperation I have ever seen. Seb the end is near, deal with it. The storm aint happening Tito!

  25. Sounds like Adrian Peterson is going to be available in the near future with through trade on possibly on the free market. Who wants him?

  26. Why do you think Kaepernick chose to opt out?

    I’m guessing he knows he’s going to be cut anyway and wants to get an early start to FA. 

    He is scheduled to make $19.3 million next season — does he think he can make more on the open market?

    I doubt it. I think it’s more of a desire to go somewhere else and make a fresh start. He has to know he’s not going to get a ton of interest and will have to take a prove it contract.

    Do you think any team will sign him? If so, which one?

    I’m guessing there will be a few teams interested. Not many as a starter, but a few as a backup. Hard to say at this point but I could see him landing in Seattle or Carolina as a backup if he can’t find a starting spot.

    Could this be the end of Kaepernick’s career?

    No. Somebody will think they can get some good value out of him and his numbers were pretty good last year albeit in a situation where they didn’t win much.

  27. Grant I have a suggestion; Pick the first 3(or what ever number you want to use) players that Shanahan will cut. I would assume those are the players that he either immediately recognizes as not fitting with his scheme/system or just plain thinks are bad players.

    1. Who I want him to cut as not worth the money: Reid, Bethea, and Ahmad Brooks.

      Of course, cutting both safeties mean either: (1) Chiefs let Berry walk and we do anything to get him, or take Tony Jefferson otherwise; and (2) we draft Obi Melifonwu, who looks amazing.

  28. From Maiocco, CSN 49er Blog:

    “Shanahan said the first thing he wants to see from a quarterback prospect is the ability to throw the ball naturally. That eliminates a lot of prospects from the beginning, he said.

    After that, there are a lot of other factors Shanahan said he considers.

    “If you’re born to throw and it’s effortless, you can do it with ease and you don’t have to think about the throwing part because everything else is so hard,” Shanahan said. “And if you have that, you want a guy who’s fearless. If you sit and watch the rush in this league or you’re thinking about getting hit or have any hesitation, you don’t have much of a chance. The game moves too fast and you have to keep your eyes downfield.

    “And you got to have a certain amount of intelligence so that you can handle everything. But it’s not just your IQ, it’s being able to handle it under pressure and think fast and react. Once the game starts, your mind has to shut off. It’s got to be a feel and you react, usually based off the preparation you did throughout the week and your natural feel of the game.”

    Adios, Kaep. You’ll probably at least look good in a Jets uniform.

        1. Yup, with that top 10 Defense with David Johnson and Fitzgerald, Kaep will have another 2012 situation.

          He might even take the league by storm, again.

          1. Delusion, like rust, never sleeps, and since self-delusion can never know itself, like rust it goes on and on feeding itself. Delusion can also take many guises, including the most reasonable voice in the room to continue its blather.

  29. Grant:
    I read your blog but normally don’t comment. For the most part, I believe those who post are well informed and offer a
    variety of opinions about the 9ers. While Serb and Prime don’t play together very well, they rarely make it about politics. I have to agree with old coach, “lets leave football for football fans.” If you intended to attract new readers, you’ve succeeded, but you might want to remind them this is not a blog to make condescending political comments!
    Thank you..I enjoy reading your blog and hope you’ll keep it that way!

  30. I have no problem with Kap having taken a knee during the anthem. Free Speech is a valuable right to be protected and I respect his and everyone else’s right to exercise this right.
    However; I don’t think he has progressed as a QB. When the other teams defenses figures him out, he did not adapt. Shut down his first read and clog his running lanes and he becomes an average to below average QB. He worked with Kurt Warner and it appears he got nothing out of it. If he was motived and thought the 49er coaches couldn’t help him why didn’t he go back to Warner, or go to Jeff Garcia who was a mobile QB, or go to Mike Holmgren and work with one of them for a few months to improve his ability to read defenses, his footwork, his timing, his accuracy and all the other areas he could improve on? I think the answer is he believes his superior athletic ability is the answer to all his issues as a QB and he did not need the help.
    I wish Kap well on what ever team he goes to, but until he realizes he needs dramatic improvement as a QB I don’t think he will be more than a backup and spot starter.
    Maybe a team like the Panthers would pick him up, maybe the Jets who are always in need of a QB or maybe a coach who thinks he can get Kap to improve and sits him for a year or two a la Plunkett.
    Coaches love the big arm and believe they can coach up the rest, so I see a place for Kap in the NFL.

    1. Heaven forbid!!! What NFL owner, GM, head coach, OC, QB coach wants to take on a player who states that he does not need to work on his mechanics or fundamentals, but just wants to play the game??

      In my youth, wasn’t that called RECESS???????

      Why would a coach who wants to keep his job want an individual professing those beliefs in his locker room, in his position meetings, in his huddle or acting as the face of the franchise, which most QBs are???????

  31. I could see him brought to a team that might use him for situational duty, such as a wildcat type change of pace. But starters money? No way. And no way does this team re-sign him.

  32. Looks like Kaep wants to move on. Good for him. Compared to the rest of the free agent QBs on the market, who is better?

    Kirk Cousins WAS
    Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ
    Case Keenum LA
    Shaun Hill MIN
    Matt Schaub ATL
    Matt McGloin OAK
    E.J. Manuel BUF
    Blaine Gabbert SF
    Matt Cassel TEN
    Mark Sanchez DAL
    Brian Hoyer CHI
    Geno Smith NYJ
    Austin Davis DEN
    Kellen Clemens SD
    Dan Orlovsky DET
    Josh Johnson NYG
    Ryan Mallett BAL
    Christian Ponder SF
    Mike Glennon TB
    Thaddeus Lewis SF
    Kellen Moore DAL
    Ryan Nassib NYG
    Landry Jones PIT

    1. I would respectfully suggest that they find a way to convince Kaep to stay, and go with a SB QB.

      None of those others have come close.

    2. Man that list is horrible, ugh! Cousins will stay with Washington for the very reason of what else is out there, based on that list. I wouldnt be surprised if Kyle S and Lynch dont want Kap because of his protesting but would they be gutsy enough to move on from Kap after looking at that list?

      Other guys could become available besides the ones who are on that list.

      Romo – but he will play for a team with a chance and not a loser like SF.

      Palmer – see Romo

      Tyrod – this is possible and only if the Bills truly move on from him

      Cutler – this is downgrade from Kap and brings more baggage than Kap. His teammates in Chicago hate him, poor attitude, always gets hurt, not a team player. However I am not convinced the Bears let him go because he is still their best option. If they draft a QB, it will be round 2 earliest so he isnt forced to play right away. They will not pass up on Jon Allen, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Reuben Foster…guys who have all-pro potential and sitting there at 1.3 overall. Would not be wise to pass on any of those guys over a QB who is questionable.

      Foles – this is possible. No way Chiefs pick up his 10M option to be a backup.

      From the list the user posted above, Glennon might be an option but do you really want to take on a guy who was average before Winston was drafted and even worse has not played in 2 years?

      So SF option from all of this is either Kap, Foles, or a rookie QB. But a rookie QB in 2017 is risky considering the team around him will not be very good. This would usually overwhelm a QB and make him feel burdened to carry the team early in his career.

    1. Talent evaluator and a top lieutenant within the Broncos hierarchy. Doubtful access to him without Lynch/Elway relationship….

  33. I would like to change the subject briefly, I would like to wish a happy B-day to the greatest 49er fan I ever known. He was at the first 9er game in 1946. He brought me to my first 9er game in the late 50’s. He has been hardcore and loyal for 70 years regardless of who the QB was. He is a patriot who was a on a ship at Iwo Jima at 16 yo. He hates the way CK plays QB but stood strongly behind him and his protest. Happy 90th to my Pops and he is looking foreward to next season.

    1. OldCoach – Wish him a happy birthday from me… one of your freezing line mates in that crazy 3-day Candlestick camp out before the 1981 playoff game vs NY Giants.

    2. All the best to your dad, a member of the greatest generation.
      May he live long enough to at least see our Niners get into another post-season.

  34. He is likely going to be cut anyway, and I am sure he knows it. So that’s a big factor in any decision he makes.

    Aside from that, despite Baalke now being gone, he simply doesn’t want to be a 49er. And I am sure he also understands Shanahan prefers a different type of QB. So even if he was kept he once again may not start. This may be a better opportunity for finding a longer term deal than next year, if he sticks around.

    Regardless, I believe this is a good thing for the 49ers. New era at the 49ers. Don’t want a guy that was in the middle of a lot of drama the past few years clouding it.

  35. Its OCD Friday. To celebrate I’d like to post another trade back implausibility question.

    Its likely the 49ers would like to make a modest trade back from 2. But what about the likelihood of a good trade back offer?

    I’m putting my guesstimate at 25%. I don’t think there will be a trade back from 2.

    Q to all – What’s your guesstimate estimate of a decent trade back offer being made for pick 2?

    1. Brodie,
      I have posted several times that I believe they might trade back to get picks in the 2018 draft(a far better QB draft) If they could trade up in 18 and get a blue chip QB would you agree with the move?

      1. OC – I agree to both moves. I love the idea of trading 34 back into the first round, and trading picks forward to next year, which does seem to be a better QB market.

        My greed draft scenario is…
        1) trading 2 back for picks now or 2018
        2) Getting BPA around picks 7-10
        3a) Trade back into the mid first for a “faller” that was pegged to go higher… Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Derek Barnett, Solomon Thomas (of course most will not fall, but one might)
        3b) Trade back into the mid first for a TE, MaCaffery, ILB

    2. Niners need to be up front and declare that they need bodies, so they will trade back to accumulate picks.

      Believe it or not, many teams will move up if they think they can get the player they want, but will lose out on because some previous team will get him before they can pick.

      Niners, if they are shrewd, can accumulate picks. It will take 2 to tango, but teams are greedy, especially for players who they think will improve their team.

      Guess it all depends on how competent Lynch is. He should talk to many teams, and gauge beforehand the interest. Ideally, he should set up deals way before the draft,

      1. I was thinking the 49ers should start a propaganda campaign declaring Turbinski the next Dan Marino to jack up the trade up market.

          1. He will be twice the QB old wind up is. Why, cause he studies and is known as a book worm! Bye bye Kap! Enjoy Cleveland!

    3. Would you trade with the Cardinals at 13 if they indeed wanted Watson, and offered next years first along with this years 2nd?

      1. 1st and 2nd and next year 1st? Yeah, I might. That’s about as low as I’d want to pick this year; Pollian thought there were only 15 first round talents this year.

      2. Would be a gamble, but I’m saying yes. Mike Williams could be there.

        Could also trade the new 2nd to move 13 up into the top 7. The 2018 first would be a freebie.

  36. There are five or so elite QB, five young elite to be QB (like Carr, Prescott), maybe five old standbys QB’s like Alex Smith. That leaves 17 NFL teams with mediocre QB. We have Kaepernick with 5+ years of experience, including playoff wins and played in the SB. Those 17 NFL teams like Bears, Browns, Dolphins, Jags, et al, none of these teams have a QB with the experience of Kaepernick. He’ll find a team, maybe not start in the beginning but will by midseason and he’ll do fine. If I were his agent, I’d look hard at Pittsburgh with QB on his last legs physically….they need a back-up big time! He’s not going to get anywhere near the 19 million but he’s never been motivated by money.

      1. Kaep touched the ball every offensive snap. Granted, he got the ball into the hands of his playmakers, and Gore did shine, but Kaep was a big part of that comeback, too.

  37. Interesting side note. Rumor was the Jets were supposedly an option for Colon until the owner, who was the biggest single contributor to Trump’s campaign, stated emphatically and publicly that Kaeperstink will never, never, never, ever be on his team. I would bet that is the feeling of most, if not all of the owners in the league. Colon’s activism is career suicide. I predicted long ago he would never play another down for the Niners (Thank God) and most likely his playing days are over. We’ve beat the horse until it is dead debating Colon’s supposed “skill set” or in my educated opinion, lack of. Who cares? He’s gone. I did write a song for guys though. And a one, two, one, two, three……………





    LOL!!!!!!!! GOOD RIDDENS!

  38. I’ve looked for anything where Colin Kaepernick says he’s going to opt out, doesn’t exist. No text, no video. Looked up Adam Schefter, nothing there, so where is the corroboration?

    Grant, you’ve become the best beat writer to read, give us the background info that makes this real.

  39. Kap is done! All you fans are full of hope and ignorant, be real. No owner wants all that baggage for a once good qb who isnt anymore, risk out weighs reward in this circumstance

  40. Your right on Bryan. It would be one thing if we were talking about a future Hall of Famer. It’s another when your talking about a mediocre, at best, quarterback. I challenge any of the CK proponents to back up their misguided allegiance with facts supporting his questionable skills. Please omit the following because we’ve already heard these weak arguments. He won a championship game and was the losing QB in the Super Bowl. He led a comeback against Atlanta. He would be great if only the offensive coordinator would roll him out on every play because he can’t throw accurately from the pocket. Let’s see, what other idiotic thing have I read. Oh thats right, he’s gives them their best chance of winning a game because the other QB’s on the roster stink more than him. Ummm, what else? I think that’s it actually. I’ve been asking this question forever and these are the answers that have come forward. Please skip these weak responses and leave a detailed description of his strengths. You can’t because he has none. He is done. Goodbye. So long. Farewell. While your at defending Colon, name ONE NFL analyst, radio personality, anyone of any significance who say’s he’s even a good NFL quarterback. I can’t.

  41. Oh shoot, I forgot one of the proponents arguments. If you talk bad about CK, your a hater. Yea, that’s a strong case for his strengths. Tell us why every expert I’ve ever heard says the the same thing. He has lousy mechanics and refuses to address, which results in his poor accuracy. His eyes drop almost immediately when put under pressure in the pocket. This eye drop forces him to take off and run, which we see all too often. Obviously, if he is dropping his eyes he’s not going through any progressions. This is why ALL of his offensive coaches have designed plays where he throws to ONE specific receiver. When that receiver is covered, which in the talent laden NFL is quite often, he takes off and runs. There’s no disputing this. Even when his designated receiver is open, he misses them because he is inaccurate. Why? Because of his lousy mechanics, from his lack of footwork to his remedial throwing motion. When he is not under pressure in the pocket, he only has the ability to scan 50% of the field, the right side. This is well documented. This is why he flat out misses wide open receivers (see the Super Bowl or NFC Championship loss to Seattle) or hits the opposing team for a INT. I could go on, but I won’t. He succeeded in Harbaugh’s run first, defense centered team because it was a great team. When they needed a great quarterback to win the Super Bowl, they didn’t have one. Oh, that’s right, it’s the play callers fault. No, it was Crabtree’s fault because he said in the huddle to throw him the ball. Everybody’s to blame but Colon. This is the defense of him we read on this blog. Very, very, very big eye roll.

    1. so you would get rid of someone who took you to the superbowl on bad mechanics and get either halfass reject or unproven rookie to have the worst seasons its called bad coaching he didn’t magically become a bad QB and a 80% dropped passes from receivers is QB fault right because it was low or behind “not” tell me who throws perfect receivers need to do their job and make QB look good.

  42. I for one am glad that Colin K. doesn’t have a job. He wanted to make a point on the sporting stage. Reap your reward, this is what happens when we use the first amendment the wrong way. I do hope that the NFL will get on board, kneeling and sitting during the National Anthem has no place on the sporting stage. I pray all copycats will have the same demise. When you disrespect our Military and our Flag, this is a form of Domestic Terrorism. This needs to be nipped in the bud before it becomes a Cancer in our society today…

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