49ers mock offseason

Here are the moves I think 49ers GM John Lynch will make this offseason:


QB Jay Cutler. Lynch likes Cutler, and if anyone him make him an above-average quarterback it’s Kyle Shanahan. Cutler is the best stopgap QB the 49ers can get (Tony Romo probably would rather retire than join a rebuilding team).

DE DeMarcus Ware. Lynch will give Ware an expensive two-year contract to be a third-down pass-rusher (think Fred Dean) and a veteran leader in the locker room. Ware played the past-two seasons with the Broncos under GM John Elway. He will recommend Ware to Lynch.

WR Taylor Gabriel.  An excellent No. 3 receiver in Shanahan’s system. Shanahan coached Gabriel on the Browns and the Falcons.

DT Glenn Dorsey. A terrific shaded nose tackle (1-technique) when healthy. Dorsey will compete with Quinton Dial to be the starter.

LB Gerald Hodges. Insurance in case NaVorro Bowman isn’t ready to start the season or never fully recovers from tearing his Achilles tendon.


1. LB Reuben Foster, Alabama. A future All Pro and the next Patrick Willis. Foster will play weak-side linebacker if the 49ers switch to a 4-3 defense as they should and probably will.

2. LB Haason Reddick, Temple. A strong-side linebacker who will play alongside Foster and Bowman. The Niners will fill their holes at linebacker with their first two picks.

3. WR Juju Smith-Schuster, USC. A big possession receiver who makes tough catches over the middle. Think Mohamed Sanu of the Falcons.

4a. RB Wayne Gallman, Clemson. A slender running back with breakaway speed who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone running game. Gallman will be the starting running back in 2018 after Carlos Hyde becomes a free agent.

4b. CB Marquez White, Florida St. A big corner who will replace Tramaine Brock in 2018 after Brock becomes a free agent.

5a. OT Connor McDermott, UCLA. A potential replacement for Joe Staley in a few years .

5b. WR Kermit Whitfield, Florida St. A speed receiver who also runs jet sweeps and returns kicks, similar to Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.

6a. QB Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech. A dual-threat quarterback who needs time to develop and won’t cost the Niners a high draft pick.

6b. RB Justin Davis, USC. Another slender running back who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone running game. Davis and Gallman will become the 49ers’ version of the running back tandem in Atlanta — Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.

7a. FB Freddie Stevenson, Florida State. Chip Kelly didn’t use fullbacks, but Shanahan does, and Stevenson is the best one in the draft.

7b. DT D.J. Jones, Ole Miss. A shaded nose tackle who will back up Dorsey and Dial.

What do you think of these moves? Do you like them? If not, what moves would you make, wise guy?

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    1. They are not wanting to bring in old players, and Cutler is a waste of a QB, and in my opinion Kap is better than Cutler, but most people don’t think Kap is better. They would be better off by bringing in the Pats backup QB, even if they have to pay more.

      1. Aaron Lynch will not stay in good shape and most likely will be injury proned for his career. He already has shown why a player with his talent slips to the fith round of the draft.

          1. Also Grant this looks like a good draft for 3/4 edge rushers, deeper then usual. I think your mock draft should have one or two in the mix, pass rushers are next to QB’s in importance.

      2. Are you kidding me Grant? Just off the top of my head, how did you come up with this fantastic looking blueprint?

        Did I get you there?

        In all seriousness Grant, without picking a part every last draft pick, I LOVE what you have come up with here. I posted a comment about Reddick last week, A chess piece linebacker, and of course, Foster would be the single most impactful change one draft pick could make on this defense aside from Garrett.The 49ers need a FB, of course and that’s a fantastic pick. Maybe a little redundant on the RB’s. And I see real potential in Jerod Evans and am surprised he isn’t grading out a little higher nationally.

        I’ll get to your FA’s later, but really good work on this mock. I’m impressed!

          1. Never mind, I just read your description for Reddick’s role. Very much on-the-nose I might add.

              1. I have real apprehension with the idea of passing on Kizer. I’d trade back and target Kizer if I were the 49ers, and if Kizer goes before our pick then the back up plan would be BPA.

                That said, I do really think Foster and Garrett are the 2 players in this draft that immediately make the 49ers better. Oh how I long for the days of Willis and Bowman dominating the middle like they did for those special couple of seasons.

                QB aside, ILB is the 49ers biggest need right now, IMO. No doubt after last season defensive debacle the 49ers must address this position aggressively, especially with the question mark of whether Bowman hasn’t lost another step. For that reason I’d be all for going Foster in round 1 and Reddick in round 2. And I’d round off the ILB position with Bow and Ray Ray. I like Hodges, but I’m not sure I trust him.
                Grades: A on both picks

                I’d be more than happy with Juju being taken with our 3rd pick, however I am not sure he’s going to slip that far. However, Zay Jones just might.
                Grade A

                Gallman is a nice, well rounded RB, although there is a real concern about his ability in pass protect. It’s a fixable pflaw as long as he’s willing to lay the wood, and that’s a question mark. I’d definately pull the trigger on him with the 4th pick. Grade: A

                Marquez White is listed at 5’11” some places 6′ on others,190ish lbs, so he’s not real big, but that’s plenty big IMO. I like his motor, and tanacity.
                Grade: B+

                Myles Garrett absolutely dominated McDermott by using his speed to gain the edge, and over powering him on bull rushes and easily countering inside. Of course, Garrett is a special player who dominates a lot of matchups, but this gives a glimpse of what type of issues will have at the next level. I think I’d rather move Trent Brown to LT and develop McDermott at RT. That said, you have him mocked just right in terms of value, but I do have some reservations about this pick despite his obvious size. Would I be happy with him slotted here? Yes
                Grade: B

                I’m not ready to give up on Bruce Ellington, although I sense you might be Grant. I’m giving him one more season. And he and Kermit Whitfield seem like the same guy to me, what do you think? I’m going defense with this pick.
                Grade: C-

                Jarod Evens is an interesting prospect. Coming out of Trinity Valley, Evans was ranked as a 4-star recruit by Scout.com and the 10th-best junior college player in the entire country. However, this will be Evans fifth team, dating back to high school, in less than six calendar years. He’s very much a project, but that’s OK considering the 49ers dearth of QB’s.
                Grade: A-

                RB Justin Davis
                Grade: B+

                FB Freddie Stevenson
                Grade: A-

                DT D.J. Jones
                Grade: A-

                Mock overall grade: A-

  1. What’s with the trend of everybody lazily picking a dual threat qb late in mock drafts? It happened last year with Vernon Adams and this year with Jerod Evans. Seems like people don’t want to put in the time to scout QB prospects so they latch onto whatever late round dual threat QB is out there due to “upside”. I’m not in favor of the Niners drafting a QB with the number 2 pick, however I also highly doubt Shanahan and Lynch will simply wait to draft a QB late.

  2. Awesome, except I would draft Josh Dobbs instead and my second pick after foster would be Oj howard . Then I would go after Melvin Ingram and Luke jockel in free agency

  3. Don’t like your Cutler pick. Nor your dual threat QB. Worse waiting for late in draft. West coast offense!!!! We don’t care for dual threat. Pocket prostyle QB.

    1. This Year’s QB class sucks. Expect no diamonds in the rough. Rather wait for 2018’s stellar QB class. In the meantime, Cutler’s not a bad stop-gap qb, way way better than Garbage.

        1. I’m sorry Foster is not worth the 2nd overall pick in the draft…his not even close to on the same level as Willis. He’s untouched half the time because of that DL. Horrible pick when you could just get someone like Reddick in the 2nd. Ju-Ju doesn’t get separation now an’t gonna happen in the NFL pass….I’m fine with Cutler but at least get a QB worth developing like Peterman. OH and Ware? His back is destroyed and he’s played a full season once in the past 4 seasons. This draft is chalk full of good edge rushers and you draft zero because we bring in a 35 yr old OLB?

        2. Grant,
          I agree with you and D thats why I believe they will trade back this year to get one extra pick in 2017 and 2 or 3 extra picks in the 2018 draft. I think they will then package their own 1st rd pick in 2018 with the extra picks they traded for to move into the top 5 (possibly as high as #1) and draft a QB.

          1. OldCoach – I think the 49ers will try to trade back from pick 2. Almost the entire fan base (including me) wants the 49ers to trade back.

            But its shaking out to be a bad trade back market. I was saying I’d be willing to accept 75% chart (or better) to trade back within the top 7.

            I’d take a 2nd to move back from 2 to 6. about 50% chart. I want more, but its looking like a weak market.

            At 6 I’d choose Foster or Davis or Hooker.

            1. I agree, trade back is the obvious hope… Wouldn’t say it’s not gonna happen though as at this time last year both QBs were thought not projected to be top five picks by most. If we’re stuck at two I’ll take Fournette… Give me the elite talent under contract for the next four to five years.

            2. Brodie,
              When teams trade back into the next years draft you can throw the chart out the window. Sports are about instant gratification and very few GM’s have the patience to trade high picks this year for primarily picks in next years draft. I believe that KS’s and JL’s 6 year contracts will provide them with the job safety to trade a #2 pick for an extra 3rd in this years draft and a 1st and 2nd in next years. If their first and the first they traded for are low enough they could end up with next years first pick of the draft and the best QB in the draft in a very QB heavy draft.

              1. The trick is to prognosticate who will be at the bottom of the league.

                Therefor, Cleveland, Jax are obvious targets. Tennesee, Colts, Chargers, Jets are also possible.

                That is why I targeted the Jets and Cleveland for my trade back.

                However, the Niners may be at the bottom, too, so they do not have to worry about not being near the bottom. Next season, there will be at least 5 good QBs, and the Niners should wait for one of them.

            3. B2W

              I agree with you for the most part, but my Irish optimism pushes me past thye poor trade-back market….”One mans trash is another mans treasure”….two GOOD trades, and we’re back in the game Obviously, I don’t see this as a weak draft….

      1. What do you mean, he is garbage and has never shown anything close to a real QB.
        The niners aren’t going to take an old broken down QB, they need someone who can actually play QB. And I hope that Lynch isn’t liking Cutler still, because that would destroy the rebuild, and anyone that things Cutler is the stop-gap, they are just fooling themselves.

    2. If Lynch brings in Cutler, then it is already time to dump him that would be a stupid move, they need some one that can actually be a real QB.

  4. Grant, thanks for omitting trade down scenarios. Its a terrible year to trade down (see 2013). That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    1. LB Reuben Foster – Good pick. I’m still leaning toward Allen, maybe Hooker. Intrigued by Corey Davis. It really sucks that its a bad trade back year. In a normal draft we could PU an extra 2nd or 3rd and still get Foster, Hooker or a WR of our choice.

    2. If I went Allen or Hooker I go Reddick here too. But if its Foster first, a modest trade into the late first for OJ Howard or McCaffrey.

    3. Juju Smith-Schuster works for me.

    1. B2W,
      I like Cory Davis over Williams. Davis may be faster than Williams and I love how he attacks the ball to make the catch ala Bolden.

      I wonder if DeAndre Smelter will be invited back for another try. He’s had a tough couple of years with injuries. When healthy, he might help strengthen our WR corps.
      I had Schuster in my 1st mock back in November, but I’m liking me some CD a little better these days. The combine at the end of the month may determine which of the big three (Williams, Davis, Schuster) we could pick.

      1. AES – Smelter caught two passes in the final game (one called back due to penalty). He looked surprisingly quick for a big guy. With they replayed the entire routes.

        If he’s healthy could be a surprise player next year.

    2. B2W

      Juju Smith-Schuster is from USC….Ronnie Lott is the last SC player who was worth his salt….

  5. Instead of Cutler, the Niners will stay with Kaep, but pick up Shaub, because KS worked with Shaub before.

    Think the Gabriel pick up is good, and think re-signing Dorsey and Hodges are smart moves.

    Still like Cooper Rush, but have watched film on Jerod Evans, and think he is also a good later round pick.

    Still think they will trade back but it may also take 2 to tango. If they traded back, they might get Jarrad Davis, too.

            1. I’m curious to see how Rodgers will look fcoming back from injury. He has all the traits you need and was very successful in CFL

            2. May not be a Julio, but Williams is the closest you’re gonna get. Only thing we have to see is his 40…If he run in the high 4.3s to low 4.4s, you move back 3-4 spots and take him… Gabriel is a waste of money if you’re not gonna find a true #1 receiver to force defenses to play you honest…You don’t spend the 2nd overall pick on a MLB… I don’t care if it IS Pat Willis…You don’t draft any pass rusher a for when “Ware” gets hurt and no real offensive line help via FA or the draft? No TE help at all? This offseason will be a catastrophe if this comes to fruition. And I would rather take a flier on Glennon or Kap over paying Cutler to come here and stunt the growth of the team… I’d even rather give up the 2nd overall pick to NE for Garapolo and see how he performs in this offense before adding Cutler…

              1. Williams looks like a 4.5 guy.

                Reddick can rush the passer on third down.

                Who would you take No. 2?

              2. I agree with what you are saying, I think Garapolo would be a good fit,
                and that just could happen.

    1. Seb

      I agree Perhaps on Gabriel, Yes on Hodges, but no on Dorsey….he’s used up I think Shaub would be good as the ‘bridge’ QB…I like Cooper Rush….

    2. No Kap. He telegraphs his targets so bad it creates turnover opportunities and gets receivers hammered. Let some other unsuspecting team find this out the hard way.

  6. I am not a fan of Cutler…doesn’t have the toughness required for that position! But Ruben Foster is the man in this draft I hope the Niners pick him instead of a QB…Even though we have the number #2 pick over all he is worth it. Also I would like to see the Niners up grade the center position. The strength of a team starts in the middle! Our O-Line has been Horrible the last couple of years.

  7. Comp picks can now be traded. I’d probably trade some of the day three picks up (or to 2018).

    The feeling is because the roster is so bad, we need to use all the day three picks. But Lynch and Shanahan will need time to evaluate the existing roster.

  8. Grant:
    I really like your #1 draft pick. The Niners are desperate for top level talent.
    What do you think about picking up a tight end in the 4th or 5th round since this draft is being viewed as being deep at tight end?

    1. Is there a tight end you like in that range? I think tight end is one of the 49ers’ strongest position groups.

      1. TE, OL, DL, RB and secondary are all positions of strength. The cupboard is not as bare as everybody wants to make it out to be. Even middle linebacker is pretty solid with Ray Ray Armstrong and NaVorro Bowman assuming all these positions stay healthy. Where they are weak is at quarterback, receiver and pass rush. Taking a defensive lineman or middle linebacker is not where I think they should go

      2. But Grant Aren’t you the one who has stated through the years “Quanity is not Quality” Soft Hands seem to be lacking and in the west coast you gotta have Hands!

  9. The 49ers can wait to the third round to get inside linebacker help. In the first round, they move down to about 5, & take Mike Williams or Barnett . Address QB in top of second round.

  10. No, I do not like your off season mock Grant. As for what moves I think the 49ers should make, you need to go back and look at the mock I posted during the earlier part of this week.

  11. Nice ideas. Obviously I am not a fan of the idea of Cutler – my suggestions are in the previous thread.

    One area I think they should look to address in FA is the OL. At least one interior OL, and probably a swing OT as well.

    In terms of draft picks, Foster and Reddick would give them a nice combo of athletic LBs. But I’m wondering if Zach Cunningham would be a better WILL? In fact he may even be a fit at SAM. Love his range and coverage ability, and his ability to take on and shed blockers.

    Reddick looks like a guy the Patriots would love in that Jamie Collins role. And I’d be fine bringing him in to play the SAM. But with teams using more and more nickel and dime Ds, do you need two LBs back to back? Questionable.

    I think I’d still look to go WR round 1, QB round 2 if Watson or Trubisky fall (otherwise a LB here makes good sense), then look to add LB, pass rush, RB, TE and OL. I wouldn’t focus on the secondary too much unless they intend to let some guys go.

      1. With so many needs, the last thing the 49ers should be doing is getting rid of capable starters. And while Brock isn’t a great player, he is capable.

    1. Thanks.

      The Niners already have 8 OL under contract for 2017.

      Bowman shouldn’t play on passing downs, and I prefer Reddick to Cunningham.

      I’m starting to think Kyle Shanahan won’t want Mike Williams. Shanahan likes 4.4 speed on the outside.

        1. They’re both athletic guys who can run sideline to sideline. Reddick seems stronger, better in coverage and better rushing the QB.

          1. How do you know Reddick is better in coverage? He wasn’t asked to do it as much as Cunningham. And Cunningham is very good in coverage.

            As for stronger – he may be, but Cunningham has no trouble at all stacking and shedding. He may be on the slender side, but he is plenty strong.

            The main thing is Cunningham is a proven commodity when it comes to LB instincts. Reddick is not. Cunningham has excellent instincts.

            1. Reddick was a walk-on cornerback. Cunningham is a drag-down arm tackler. Reddick is more versatile.

              1. I love Reddick’s versatility. But I can’t ignore Cunningham’s instincts for the position.

                I don’t like Cunningham’s tackling, but the stats speak for themselves. He makes a lot of tackles. You have to be in position to make a tackle to miss one. And Cunningham is excellent at getting to the football (and obviously makes a lot more tackles than he misses).

              2. That drag-down style won’t work well in the NFL. He doesn’t hit hard. Reddick showed good instincts at the Senior Bowl.

              3. That’s what turned me off Deion Jones last year, too.

                Instincts displayed at the Senior Bowl vs three years of experience in college… I know what I feel more comfortable with.

              4. Deion Jones drives his hips through the ball carrier. Cunningham doesn’t. He wrestles the ball carrier to the ground.

              5. He does now. He made a lot of wrap up tackles in college, and lots of tackles where he didn’t drive through the ball carrier. Also missed a lot of tackles.

                Cunningham needs to be taught to tackle more square on when attacking the line, but he does everything else right.

              6. Nah, Cunningham is going to be taken in the first round. Why risk getting hurt in college when he will make first round type money? He made a good decision.

                Cunningham has no problem striking OL with force to then shed them, and can make good hits at times. His issue is he tackles too high, not that he isn’t willing to hit. Bad technique. That can be taught.

          1. Call me nuts, but I’d consider Davis with the 2 pick. Players I’d find acceptable at 2 pick include Allen, Hooker, Foster, Davis, Williams. (and I haven’t even looked at Adams, Lattimore, Fournette yet).

            That’s why I’m so sour about it being a bad trade back year. I’d take way under chart to trade back somewhere in the top 7.

      1. But Grant, how many of those OL would be starters on the top 16 teams in the NFL? or even on the top 24 teams?

  12. Grant;
    I really don’t, I do not follow college football much.
    I agree we are pretty good at tight end when they are healthy was seems to be not too often.

  13. Anybody but Cutler. Yikes that would be CKY 2.0 the only difference is that Cutler will not take a knee.

    Grant what do you think of Jeff Fisher as DC.

    God Bless

      1. When’s the last time Fish has been a coordinator??? Seems like he’d be a little rusty.

        I think he may, his HC days are over… if He’s not done with the game he can accept a less stressful job as a DC and maybe rebuild his reputation. Could be a decent fit. Plus it has some security, with Shanny and Lynch getting 6 years.

  14. If Niners can trade down 10 spots or so, then Foster would be good choice.
    Juju has a high probability of being a NFL bust — good at many things in college and has size, but not great at anything to make a mark in NFL. He seems to lack quickness to separate himself on slants and dig routes. He seems to have peaked in his sophomore year. Should go in the fourth round at earliest.

  15. Does anybody else have a concern that the way Foster plays will lead to a lot of injuries on his part?

    1. I do, Scooter and he’s another player, among many it seems, that I will be paying particular attention to his medical evaluations….

    2. It’s a concern. I would like to get Foster after trading down. I think we should take Allen or Foster. Not sure about Hooker at 2 after his injury.

      1. His play style will catch up to him eventually, is my belief. I expect a lot of stingers and shoulder surgeries in his future. Possibly quite a few concussions too.

    3. I have concerns about foster, but it’s more related to the fact I wonder if he can get to the ball at the NFL level.
      He is fast but neither instinctive (a tick slow in his reads) or proven he has the ability to separate from blockers. In Alabama he seldom faced blockers but what’s scary is when he did he got tied up with them to long. That scares the heck out of me.

      1. Yeah, a legitimate concern I have as well. Though he does a good job using his quickness to avoid blocks, so while it’s a concern it isn’t a major concern for me.

      1. Cutler is such a pure thrower, he had more picks than TDs last season. He also held onto the ball too long so he was beaten like a pinata.

        Everything you dislike about Kaep is magnified 10 times with Cutler. In his last playoff game from the 2010 season, he was 6 out of 14, for 80 yards and a pick.. He had a 31.8 rating.

        Cutler, with his rep, should be the last person in the world Lynch brings on board to build a winning culture.

        1. Cry a river. Just move on from Kap and become a fan of the 49ers already.
          It’s what’s best for the team! Bye bye old wind up!

          1. Maybe you should be a fan. Right now, Kaep IS the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Dissing the starter is weak fandom.

            I hope Kaep wins a couple rings as the 49er QB.

            1. Pour hope in one hand and water in the other, see which one fills up the fastest. That’s about how much chance you have of that wish coming reality. Time to take the poster down off your wall. The new chapter is blank, altogether brand new. The chronic under-performers won’t be in it, at least not for long.

              1. Kaep was the last Niner QB to lead the Niners to the SB, and you think he will never do it again, but you think that some shmoe is going to do that?

                Talk about under performing thinking

              2. At least he was there. Right now, a dream of being in a SB is just a fond memory.

                Fix the defense, get him some more weapons, and next time he could go all the way.

  16. Grant,

    You must be enamored with Cutler’s looks, because as a quarterback he is useless, but yet you keep writing the Niners will sign him. And again, Lynch liked him in 2008, not now. Rueben Foster is good, but not worthy of the 2nd pick in the draft. Stop writing you like are the general manager of the Niners – which is a good thing.

    1. Haven’t you noticed how many GMs come out of the closet every off season? Just wait for the cut down week.

  17. I like it Grant….I’d like a Corey Davis in the 1st over Foster, how often are you in range to get a true #1 receiver? Well we likely will be in range next year, but you never know.

    Does you draft change much if we stick to a 3-4?

    Ps: I’m still with you on Cutler….good bridge QB, that will make next year’s games watchable while we re-build

    1. “we likely will be in range next year”

      That’s what I’m thinking.

      My draft doesn’t change if the Niners stick to a 3-4.

      1. Hey Grant. I like your pick of Rueben Foster but I would take OJ Howard with my second pick or trade back into the first round for Corey Davis. Then with my third pick I would get a running back with speed in the 3rd round who can catch. I would trade one of my 4th round picks for AJ Mcarron and draft Josh Dobbs in the 5th round. I would get Melvin Ingram in free agency and Luke Jockel. I see 6 wins with this line up.

  18. FA: leans heavily defensively to help whatever DC implement their scheme would be my guess. Allows KS to use the draft to build the offensive identity

    NT Brandon Williams would allow them to evaluate their DEs and free up their LB and pas rush.

    FS Eric Berry would be a dream but doubtful he hits the market.

    LB Ware makes tons of sense as a leader and rusher like a better more expensive Tuck in Mckenzies raider rebuild.

    I could see QB Fitzpatrick as someone brought in to bridge since KS runs a complex system and fitz is both smart and seen a lot of different systems. Cutler isn’t who I would pick to change the culture of a place and he’s not that good anyway.

    I could see WR Floyd as a target as well.

    Hodges or Malcom Smith as LB depth?


    1: I don’t think KS is gonna get cute. I believe he’ll identify his favorite QB and go get him. I like Kizer given KS prob wants to mold clay with the ego that he has.

    2: speed. Ross maybe if he falls, mccaffrey maybe. Someone to run sweeps and work the flats, slants, screens, etc.

    3. OL help? I’d take Jocic or Mcelfein (sp?) or whoever you like at C. I think a cerebral and talented center makes that offense work.

    4-7: BPA I’d like a coverage ILB, small school or project edge, a large red zone WR, swing tackle fit for zone, and a FB/HB

    1. The Ravens want to re-sign Brandon Williams. He’s going to get a lot of money and play for a contender.

      1. Of course they want to resign him, but he was also a 3rd rounder who has never gotten a payday. They aren’t going to franchise him given the crazy DT money out there so maybe the 49ers overpay? I’d rather see an overpay at NT even if it’s a 2 down position given how much it would shape what 3rd down looks like given how gashed the D was against the run.

          1. True but maybe you spend your roll over cap money to solidify the run D on a 4-5 year deal, which allows you to better evaluate those guys Armstead and Buckner who you are trying to build a team around (i.e. Are they worth extensions as franchise type players), then you can draft and groom a NT at some point to take over when it’s time to make that hopeful push toward contention. What am I missing?

          2. GB is finding out that one cant build a team solely through the draft. Successful teams use all methods in a wise manner.

            Free agents are battle tested and battle hardened, so they can help right away. Rookies need to study and grow stronger.

            Free agents possess NFL film that shows what they can do. College players may look good against inferior competition, but they may not shine against capable opponents.

            The best strategy may be to sign FAs to fill every need, then draft for depth and development.

            In every draft, the first round pick should be a starter. The second and third round picks may end up playing a lot, The 4th and 5th round picks provide depth, and the 6th and 7th round picks may end up on the Practice squad.

            The more picks, the better the chances for success.

  19. I honestly don’t think it will be Cutler. Perhaps Tyrod Taylor or they go for a big deal in a trade for Cousins. I don’t think it will be Garoppolo either. I like Ware and Gabriel but I don’t think they are done there. I think they are going to go crazy in FA this offseason. Probably QB, DE, 2WR, and a LB.

  20. Interesting article today.

    1. I think this is the first ever Grant mock draft without a CB in the top 3 picks. What gives.
    2. I like the idea of bolstering our front 7
    3. If we do switch to 4-3 does that mean we hang on to Tank?
    4. I dont think lynch and ware are enough in the edge rush dept.
    5. Cutler is a joke. Has anyone had anything positive to say about him in the past half decade?
    6. JuJu is a good WR.
    7. We still need a true 1 wr and a more reliable TE , but that can come later.
    8. Niners have a decent OL
    9. that is all

  21. Jed has set in motion, wittingly or unwittingly, a management situation fraught with potential conflict and turmoil similar to the maneuvers of another clueless, recent great disrupter. PM and Gamble will struggle for Lynch’s ear while KS tries to keep everyone at arms length. Jed will personally big foot the man-cat fight to call balls and strikes. Eventually, his house of cards will crash down around his little pinhead.

  22. I am hoping Kap stays and they keep him but I know its not gonna happen. Kap will be gone.

    FA acquisitions: OLB, ILB, RB, NT, WR, QB

    Rd1: Best DL or OLB hopefully Garrett
    Rd2: D Kizer

  23. Davis Webb could be the stop gap QB, or a potential long-term solutions vs. Trubisky or Watson.

    Above is exactly the situation the 49ers find themselves in and why I’ve pleaded on this website for years for Jed to get a WCO goach and jettison Trent Baalke.

    The WCO coaches understand which QB’s can be a stud in this league, which ones are comparable with the supposed 1st rounders and which ones are inferior.
    So, if Trubisky or Watson are slightly better or inferior to Webb, a WCO coach notes this and goes with Webb, mid round, utilizing # 1 for an impact defender or WR.

    Baalke couldn’t spot a WR with his 1st Rd pick, once bitten, twice shy, and as Brent Jones stated: “Having zero receivers is not a strategy.

    Once again, nice hire Jed. We’ll finally have fun watching the skill position players on Sunday’s rather than Baalke’s two yards and a cloud of dust offense.
    This drafting strategy is exactly how Walsh remained on top–spotting 3rd round QB’s (Montana), 4th round QB’s for a trade (Steve Young), or CFL players nobody wants (Jeff Garcia, and saving the top picks for Jerry Rice or Bryant a Ronnie Lott (# 8).

  24. Free Agents:

    Jay Cutler/Matt Schaub QB
    Brandon Williams NT
    Melvin Ingram OLB
    A.J. Bouye CB
    Kevin Zeitler OG
    J.C. Tretter C
    Patrick DiMarco FB
    Cairo Santos K

    Round 1 Pick 2 Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
    Round 2 Pick 2 Garrett Bowles, OT, Utah
    Round 3 Pick 2 Tarell Basham, OLB/DE, Ohio
    Round 4 Pick 2 Anthony Walker, ILB/OLB, Northwestern
    Round 4 Pick 38 Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma (Expected Compensatory Pick)
    Round 5 Pick 2 Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi
    Round 6 Pick 2 K.D. Cannon, WR, Baylor
    Round 6 Pick 18 Josh Harvey-Clemons, S, Louisville
    Round 7 Pick 1 Cole Hikutini, TE, Louisville

    Notable Cuts:
    Bethea S
    T. Brock CB
    M.Martin C
    Tank Carradine ?
    Mike Davis RB
    Phil Dawson K
    Mike Wilhoite LB

      1. CBS has him in that 5-6 cusp. How about substituting Amba Etta-Tawo, Syracuse? He’s rated at the top of the 6th….

        1. I want to move Brooks inside next to the Rookie Walker, then trade him prior to the deadline. Bowman should be 100% by then. I’m moving Ward to FS and Reid to SS. Robinson/Bouye/Redmond as the corners….

          1. Brooks is old and slowing down. Who is going to want to trade for a big, old and slowing down ILB with limited experience playing the position the past 8 to 10 years?

            I think people need to stop with the idea of moving Brooks to ILB. His time for that transition is past. Teams are increasingly moving towards smaller, faster guys. Brooks is not that guy. He can be a situational ILB near the goal line.

              1. I’d keep him around as part of the rotation, so long as he isn’t going to cry about not being a full time starter. Which he probably would. So yeah, cut him.

              2. I’m sure he’d like to make $8 million next season, and he could only make that here.

              3. True, but despite the money he’s never been particularly restrained when he doesn’t get treated like a star. I reckon he’s the sort of guy that would believe he’d get good money on the open market, including better than the 1-year deal he has with the 49ers. And if he is only a role player this year his next deal will reflect it.

            1. Baalke loved Brooks. He could do no wrong. I’m expecting he won’t even make it to camp.
              The surprise here might be keeping Jim O’Neil as DC

              1. They need to go get Donatell. I doubt the Bears would feel good about blocking him for a job he’s wanted for years….

              2. That would be a good hire but maybe Tarver gets his chance.
                I’d like Perry Fewell but this will come down to someone with ties to John Lynch. He probably gets full say there.

              3. Tarver had his chance. Donatell would be a great hire. He knows Fangio’s defense inside and out!

      1. Correct. Ware has tasted the honey, and will want to go where he can win another ring. Niners are the last place he wants to go to.

      1. My thought is that he will have retired before the Niners make the playoffs. It is so much physical, mental and emotional commitment that for a no chance team as he ages? My guess is not.

  25. Kirk Cousins praises John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan

    February 2, 2017 at 12:31 PM • 13 comments

    By Site Staff
    – See more at: http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/103253-kirk-cousins-praises-john-lynch-kyle-shanahan/#sthash.f0qQNE7a.dpuf

    Cousins was asked what he thought of the hiring of Lynch, who has no front office experience, as the 49ers’ new general manager. “You know, John’s a smart guy .He knows what it takes to win a Super Bowl. He’s done it. Been in a couple of really good organizations.

    “There may be a learning curve because he hasn’t been in that role before and it will take some time. I think, down the road, they may have as sharp a guy and as experienced a guy as you can find and a class act at that. I think it was a good hire and credit the 49ers for going outside the box and doing something different and not just getting stuck in a rut of the same old thing.”

  26. The role of chief strategy officer/executive vice president of football operations Paraag Marathe in the 49ers organization has been a subject of discussion over the past month…

    Marathe has a reputation for getting involved in football issues in a way previous 49ers staff members didn’t care for.

    Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee said during an appearance on KNBR in early January:

    “The issue with Paraag — with coaches and GMs — is when he starts sitting in on the football meetings,” Barrows said. “‘Why is a non-football guy part of this meeting?’ Apparently, that was an issue for Chip Kelly as well. If Paraag is sticking to the things he’s good at, I don’t think there’s any issues with him. The issues have come up in the past when he’s dabbling in football related matters.”

    Later in the month, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com reported Marathe’s presence was the “impediment” to attracting preferred general manager candidates and stated:

    “Marathe has influence, along with the ear of ownership. He’s been there for 16 years, and he has transcended the bubble of accountability in which coaches and General Managers reside,” Florio wrote. “And that’s precisely the kind of dynamic coaches and General Managers try to avoid.”

    Marathe is also known for his work with analytics. Lynch said analytics will play a role in what the 49ers do, but it might not be a big one.

    Time will tell what kind of dynamic the new front office has and where Marathe fits in, but Lynch says he raised the subject about the concerns surrounding Marathe and came away satisfied with the answers.


  27. Free Agency: QB B Hoyer. A player that can be a soild stop gap who is a team first guy(unlike Cutler). Wr D Jackson.. A Bay Area kid who can still fly.. Wr M Floyd.. A big body receiver who can high point the ball. DT B Williams. A popular choice by many who will be expensive. Ravens never over pay for anyone. Niners will cause they have too. ILB L Timmons. A very good player. 30 years old but has 3 quality years left. Bow, Timmons, Armstrong is soild.

    Draft: Rnd 1 QB Deshone Kizer. The only QB in this draft that can turn into a true franchise QB. Physically has it all he needs some time to develop. This is where Hoyer can start until Kizer is ready. Luckily for Kizer he has Kyle who will get him ready. If Kyle believes Kizer can be special you pull the trigger early. Kizer will rise into the top 5 of this draft once the combine and workouts begin book it.. If Kyle believes he can wait for a QB keep an eye on Mahomes. Kizer and Mahomes are pure throwers of the football. Something that Kyle looks for.

  28. Please please invest heavily on the D and Oline. Great Defense, a solid Oline and solid running game once made Kap look like a stud and i believe will help any project or mediocre QB they decide to bring in.

  29. Why does using the #2 pick in the draft to pick a Wide Receiver make me think of Matt Millen?
    Corey Davis just had ankle surgery. Why does that make me think of Trent Baalke?
    Davis and Williams may end of being great players, but are they the 2nd,3th or even 5th best player in the draft? The Niners need to not miss on this draft. They need a Patrick Willis and not an A.J. Jenkins.

    1. He’s a future star in a position that has been ignored for years. It is arguably the second most difficult position to play, behind quarterback. He’s that good, and the surgery was likely an arthroscopy. He’ll be able to run a 4.4 at his Pro Day and good to go by Mini’s….

      1. No matter who the 49ers pick at 2, a number of fans will scream “reach” because they didn’t trade back.

        But its shaping up to be a bad trade back draft. Best a team can do is take the most impactful player it can. Corey Davis is a fantastic talent at a need position.

    2. Much will hinge on Corey’s medical exams.

      Who do you think the 49ers should take at 2?

          1. You don’t take a Wr at 2…Not Williams or Davis are worthy of that.. That’s a move that Matt Millen would do. Allen is a blue chip prospect at DL.. I think he is a no brainer if we stay at 2…

            1. Can’t take another DL in the 1st round especially if you are talking about Allen.
              You can find the exact same type of talent in the later rounds. At #2 overall it’s either QB, WR, or OLB/pass rush.

            2. I don’t disagree, but if he turns out to be like Julio or even AJ Green as I believe Grant compared him to, then it might just be worth it. Electrifying receivers are hard to come by.

  30. Lynch must realize that the Niners have glaring needs. He should parlay that number 2 pick into as many second round picks as he can.

    Some say that other teams will not want to trade up. I think that teams are greedy and will move up to grab the player they covet. They will know the other team’s needs, so they will move up to leapfrog ahead of another team who would have selected the player the first team wanted.

    Jets are a good example. Assuming the Browns select Garrett, the Niners could trade back with the Jets, who desperately need a QB. The Jets know that the Bears also will need a QB, so they could leapfrog ahead of the Bears to snag the QB they covet, instead of letting the Bears select a QB, and getting the second best choice.

    The Niners could trade back with the Jets, and use their second overall pick to obtain the Jets 6th overall pick, their second round pick, and their 2018 second round pick.

    Both Cleveland and the Titans have 2 first round picks, so they may be amenable to jumping ahead to get the player they really covet, and not worry too much about later picks. Niners could trade back for the 12 and again to the 18th pick, to get more second and third round picks. I think the Niners could move back even further, and trade the newly acquired 18th pick, to a playoff team, and get even one more second round pick. Maybe the Giants, at 23, who would use their pick to grab Zach Cunningham, a huge need for them.

    Niners would miss out on the 2 main QBs, the 2 biggest RB options, and several key defensive players, but this scenario would parlay the number 2 pick into at least 3 additional second round picks.

    Niners need bodies, so instead of 3 picks in the first,second and third rounds, they could have 7. Seven is way better than 3, and it would mine the sweet spot of the draft. There are 53 juniors coming out, so that is more than a first round of talent. The seniors will have an equal number of quality players, so there could be quality into the third round.

    I do not believe this is such a poor draft. Relatively speaking, compared to other years, there may be a drop off, but every year the college game is getting better players, so the pros will benefit from better trained players.

    I also think that the Niners should use their later draft picks, and trade up. They should offer their 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th round picks to the Dolphins for their 3rd round compensatory pick, number 98.

    So using the CBS draft board, and moving back from the second pick to the 23rd pick, and moving up, the Niners will end up with the 23rd, 33rd, 34th, 39th, 55th, 66th, 69th, 98th and 107th picks.

    With those picks, my mock entails the Niners drafting-

    23- Christian Mccaffrey RB, because he is too good to pass up.
    33- Taco Charlton DE.
    34- Haason Reddick OLB.
    39- Reakwon McMillan ILB.
    55- Cooper Kupp WR.
    66- Chris Wormley DT.
    69- Marcus Williams FS.
    98- Will Holden OT.
    107- Fabian Moreau

    If not Holden, and the Niners keep their 4th 5th 6th and 7th round picks, they could select

    144- Conner Harris ILB
    148- Jordan Morgan OG.
    187- Jerod Evans QB.
    223 Jake Elliot K.

    1. There are good years for trading back top three picks, like 2016. Cleveland traded 2 overall (and a conditional 5th rounder) for Philadelphia’s…
      – 8
      – 77
      – 100
      – 2017 first rounder
      – 2018 2nd rounder

      There bad years for trading back top three picks, like 2013. Oakland traded 3 overall for Miami’s…
      – 12
      – 42

      This draft is smelling alot like 2013.

      I desperately want the 49ers to trade back.
      Most fans want the 49ers to trade back.
      Most beat writers want the 49ers to trade back.
      A few beat writers mention in web chat (Barrows?) the 49ers “would love to trade back.”

      But I don’t see it happening. If the Jets offered a lousy 6+2nd rounder for pick 2 I’d take it.

      1. Jets are gaga over Trubisky. If it means a first and second this year, with a second next year, or them missing out on the QB they really like, it is a gamble they may want to take. The second next year makes the draft value balance, but maybe the Niners could sweeten the deal by adding their 5th round pick so the Jets would be giving up 2 picks this year, but getting 2 picks in return.

        This is a QB driven league, and the Niners should drive a hard, but fair bargain. Of course, this is all predicated on them keeping Kaep. If Kaep is cut, they may have to spend their first round choice on a QB. Browns could get both Garrett and Watson if they trade up with the Niners. I surmise that the Jets at 2 would select Trubisky, Bears would go for Kizer, and the Bills at 10 would want to get Watson. Browns would leapfrog over the Bills and get one of the 3 best QBs in the draft.They may go in a different direction and grab Williams, Fournette or Cook, but they could get both an elite defender and an elite offensive player in the first round. Moving up may seem aggressive, but they may want to be bold, and seize the day.

        1. I’d love a trade back with the Jets. Any other sources besides Grant’s mention a few columns ago the Jets were eager to draft Trubisky?

          1. No matter what, the Jets and Bears will both need QBs.

            Everything may change if one lands a FA like Cousins or Taylor becomes available, but Cleveland may be in play with their 12th pick. Someone also mentioned the Titans and their second- first round pick.

  31. Who is going to play center ….And don’t say Kilgore how will be playing with a broken leg…We need a good center !

    1. I think Beadles did well, and would be a good replacement. Maybe Kilgore could go back to the RG position, and let Garnett play in his natural position at LG.

      The Niners should trade Staley to Denver for a conditional second or third round pick. This would reward Staley for his good service to the Niners, and they would be sending him to a team with SB aspirations. If they make the playoffs, the pick is upgraded to a second. If they win the SB, it is upgraded to a first.

      Now that Baalke is gone, Lynch should be talking with Anthony Davis. The Niners O line may be comprised of Brown at LT, Garnett at LG, Beadles at Center, Kilgore at RG, and AD at RT. If not AD, John Theus at RT

        1. Prime, just because you have no clue, and cannot articulate an original thought, maybe you should not try to sound like you do, or give grief to those of us who do have an imagination.

          You really are pathetic, in your unrelenting unctuous opposition to my posts. Whining and crying that you cannot stand the thought that people on this site like to idly speculate about this team, just makes you an obnoxious busybody. Just because you like to drool in a corner, does not mean that everyone else should do the same.

          Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

  32. I’m taking Fournette at two if I’m the niners. Don’t care that we have Hyde there, Fournette is one of two elite talents in this draft so if we can’t trade the pick that’s the route I’d go.

  33. Impressive work Grant. I think you should contact John Lynch right away while he’s hiring and indicate to him that you’re interested in getting into scouting for the niners. Your columns are your resume and you are “eager to earn his trust”. You can thank me after you’re hired.

  34. If they want Foster, I honestly think the 49ers should trade back from #2 or maybe pick up Mike Williams.

  35. IOn O – Agree with Cutler.. Shanny could get the most out of him. And what’s up with Josh Gordon these days? Why the hell not?

    On D – doubt we switch to a 4-3 as that immediately reduces the value of your last two 1st rounders… Stay 3-4 and sign BRANDON WILLIAMS!!!! Absolute beast who gives you a top 15 run defense on his own.

  36. No ones ever accused Cutler of being a good teammate or good in the locker room. Has the physical ability but is a loser between the ears. Really like Reuben Foster just seems second overall is too high. More inside than edge. Wonder if we could trade down a few spots and grab him.

    1. The writing is on the wall. Pro Football is full of misfiring “let’s see what happens” experiments, and the 49er chalk board is about to be wiped clean of that one. Onward and upward.

    2. Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with Palmer pulling his kids out of school and leaving the state?

    3. Well, more leaks. Guess Jed poisoned the well, and Kaep wants to flee this dumpster fire.

      I wish him well, and wonder if it would have been better to have him as a Niner, or possibly now playing against him.

      Lynch better choose wisely.

  37. If and when the Browns take MG with the #1 pick we should trade back and acquire more picks (see CLE and PHI last year, we probably wont merit as much cuz the QBs graded out higher last year). Do not trade below CLE second 1st rounder #12. This way we are still in the hunt for a Jimmy G trade. I think NE is gonna push hard and try to get us in a bidding war. CLE has more draft ammo to give up then us.

    See what winning a meaningless game late in the year does. It is probably gonna cost us a potential franchise QB (who has been learning from Josh McD and one of the greatest ever in Brady since he came in the league) and the best pass rusher to come into the league since Von Miller. In regards to Cutler…NO THANK YOU! I also don’t see us giving up all that draft equity to get Cousins who will more than likely get traded (Scotty M is a smart guy) and then have to pay him as top QB on top of the picks. He is way too expensive in the regard. Hoyer would be a better stop gap option than Cutler. Hoyer performed really well under Kyle in 14 and outperformed Cutler in CHI this year.

  38. Lynch has some hard decisions to make. This team needs so much help, it is only logical to think that they should trade back to get more bodies. Maybe the other teams will not oblige, but they may be greedy enough to want a certain player who is just out of their reach.

    Of course, they should plan on a scenario where they pick where slotted, but they should have contingency plans if they go in another direction.

    I am hoping for another ’86 draft. Lynch needs to put on his Trader Bill hat, and start wheeling and dealing. I hope he is bold, and decisive, and the fact that they will drop the ACL strategy makes this next draft a success.

    Cutler is toxic, a cancer in the locker room, and a coach killer. Players do not think he is much of a leader, and do not seem to go all out for him. Just peruse the Bears Den comments, they do not hold back in their assessment of Cutler. He is the last QB the Niners need.

    Niners would be better off with Shaub, Glennon or Hoyer. Heck, They should go for Tebow over Cutler. Maybe there is another Dak Prescott in this draft, who knows?

  39. Here are the moves I think 49ers GM John Lynch will make this offseason:


    QB Jay Cutler. Lynch likes Cutler, and if anyone him make him an above-average quarterback it’s Kyle Shanahan. Cutler is the best stopgap QB the 49ers can get (Tony Romo probably would rather retire than join a rebuilding team).

    *** Would Coach Shanahan bring Matt Schaub with him?

    DE DeMarcus Ware. Lynch will give Ware an expensive two-year contract to be a third-down pass-rusher (think Fred Dean) and a veteran leader in the locker room. Ware played the past-two seasons with the Broncos under GM John Elway. He will recommend Ware to Lynch.

    WR Taylor Gabriel. An excellent No. 3 receiver in Shanahan’s system. Shanahan coached Gabriel on the Browns and the Falcons.

    *** Gabriel is listed as a RFA.

    DT Glenn Dorsey. A terrific shaded nose tackle (1-technique) when healthy. Dorsey will compete with Quinton Dial to be the starter.

    LB Gerald Hodges. Insurance in case NaVorro Bowman isn’t ready to start the season or never fully recovers from tearing his Achilles tendon.

    *** FB Jim Develin. His salary in NE is $750,000. He fixes the Bruce Miller fiasco.

    *** WR Jeremy Kerley. He’s better than Ellington.

    *** TE Jacob Tamme is a UFA, to provide continuity and depth on a pretty good unit.

    *** ILB Zach Brown. Instead of Hodges.

    *** NT Johnathan Hankins. 25 with 4 years experience.


    1. LB Reuben Foster, Alabama. A future All Pro and the next Patrick Willis. Foster will play weak-side linebacker if the 49ers switch to a 4-3 defense as they should and probably will.

    ***You were right before, either Garrett, Mike Williams, or a trade back to Corey Davis. I’ve done some with Fournette too, which is intriguing.

    2. LB Haason Reddick, Temple. A strong-side linebacker who will play alongside Foster and Bowman. The Niners will fill their holes at linebacker with their first two picks.

    ***Or LB Raekwon McMillian; one of the five ILB’s should be here.

    3. WR Juju Smith-Schuster, USC. A big possession receiver who makes tough catches over the middle. Think Mohamed Sanu of the Falcons.

    *** Doesn’t look like he’ll still be there. C Ethan Pocic.

    4a. RB Wayne Gallman, Clemson. A slender running back with breakaway speed who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone running game. Gallman will be the starting running back in 2018 after Carlos Hyde becomes a free agent.

    *** QB Davis Webb. He looks like Matt Ryan, give him a couple of years to soak it in.

    4b. CB Marquez White, Florida St. A big corner who will replace Tramaine Brock in 2018 after Brock becomes a free agent.

    ***If he’s still available, CB Kevin King or Rasul Douglas, need to cover Jimmy Graham.

    5a. OT Connor McDermott, UCLA. A potential replacement for Joe Staley in a few years .

    *** OT Julie’n Davenport. He wants it.

    5b. WR Kermit Whitfield, Florida St. A speed receiver who also runs jet sweeps and returns kicks, similar to Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    *** K Daniel Carlson. He won’t be around after this pick.

    6a. QB Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech. A dual-threat quarterback who needs time to develop and won’t cost the Niners a high draft pick.

    *** WR Chris Godwin, highly underrated, replaces Boldin.

    6b. RB Justin Davis, USC. Another slender running back who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone running game. Davis and Gallman will become the 49ers’ version of the running back tandem in Atlanta — Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.

    7a. FB Freddie Stevenson, Florida State. Chip Kelly didn’t use fullbacks, but Shanahan does, and Stevenson is the best one in the draft.

    *** If they don’t get Develin. If they do TE Josiah Price. This if TE Tamme doesn’t come with Coach Shanahan. TE Phazahn Odom is quite a target, PS player.

    7b. DT D.J. Jones, Ole Miss. A shaded nose tackle who will back up Dorsey and Dial.

    *** WR Ricky Seals-Jones. Give the big guy a shot. Red zone. Or WR Josh Reynolds.

  40. We can not move to a base 4-3 D. We are built for and have drafted for a 3-4 base, just see the last two drafts. I would rather sign FAs then take a LB that high. Great LBs can be found after rd 1 and the league is flooded with them. Zach Brown and Karlos Dansby would be great together as starters. Dansby and Ray Ray would give Bow more time to rehab before returning to his spot. Target Nick Perry in FA to improve our pass rush. The key to our run Def can be found in Bal, NT Brandon Williams. We also need to make a serious run at OG Kevin Zeitler. I don’t think these signings are out of the question. They instantly make us much better. No one wanted to come here with Jimmy T and Chip as our coaches but with Lil Shanny, I believe it will be different. He is respected and players see what he has done at every stop and that sparks excitement and hope. Jed said this is the time, we have a ton of money to spend and are in a rebuilding mode. Sign those players and then you can draft BPA and build the roster back up very quickly.

    FA signings
    OG Kevin Zeitler CIN
    NT Brandon Williams BAL
    OLB Nick Perry GB
    LB Zach Brown BUF
    LB Karlos Dansby CIN
    WR Pierre Garcon WAS
    RB Jacquizz Rodgers TB
    QB Brian Hoyer CHI
    ST Cedric Peerman CIN
    Re-sign WR Jeremy Kerley and DT/DE Chris Jones

    Trade down and get more picks. The price PHI paid CLE last year was their 1st, 3rd and 4th. This years 1st and a 2nd next year. Our 2nd overall probably won’t draw that due to the lack of a Carson Wentz quality QB prospect. Again, we need to stay above #12 (this is based on CLE using this pick to give NE for JG) and with the QB needy teams like CHI, NYJ and BUF a trade is still in play. I believe we should target #8 and 9, CAR and CIN respectively. CAR has two picks in the 3rd round and CIN carries two in the 4th thus making it an easier pill to swallow for them. Maybe we can use last year’s price and get the same 1, 3, 4 and a 2nd rounder next year. We then trade for Jimmy Garappolo. Our new 1st rd pick and Bethea (Chung is a FA) or our 1st and a conditional 4th next year. If Garappolo was in this draft he would be the 1st overall pick hands down. JG is even more valuable now after a few years in the league learning from Brady and Josh McD. If we would use the first overall pick on him or #2 overall on a subpar prospect (name any QB in this year’s class) then why wouldn’t we give NE our 1st this year and throw in a 4th rounder. Can’t let him get away. He is a younger and cheaper alternative to Cousins, draft equity wise and future salary. If we fail to grab JG then I say restock the shelves and grab a QB late and live with Hoyer for a year until next year’s superior crop comes out.

    With these FA signees and Garappolo in tow we could then strengthen our roster with youthful quality depth, something we have been lacking, through the draft. Contending for a division title sooner rather than later would be the result. This would immediately shoot us ahead of AZ and LA.

    Draft BPA @ WR, OLB, RB, CB, S. This draft class is very deep at CB, S, RB, Pass Rushers, and TE. Weak at QB, OT and unspectacular at LB after Foster, Cunningham, Davis, Reddick and McMillan…maybe Walker. Injury history in Anzalone, Riley, Reeves-Maybin and even Davis to an extent are concerning.

    Draft Targets
    WR Zay Jones ECU
    OLB Tyus Bowser HOU
    RB Jeremy McNichols BSU
    OT Julien Davenport BU
    WR Ryan Switzer UNC
    TE BPA (Butt, Engram, Leggett or Hikutini)
    FS Lorenzo Jerome SFU
    DT DeAngelo Brown LOU
    LB Duke Riley LSU or Jalen Reeves-Maybin UT
    FB Freddie Stevenson FSU
    CB Jimmy Cutrer MTSU
    SS Xavier Woods LTU

    We can all dream can’t we. If it was only that easy. 90 million in cap space, great draft position and a new staff wanting to make a splash out of the gate does make it plausible.

  41. If we go to a 4-3 and keep the #2 pick, we should take Jonathan Allen instead of Reuben Foster. I love both, but Allen would really give us a pass rush up the middle (or slide outside and replace Armstead). I’d be happy with Foster. If we went with Foster, though, I would not take Reddick that early in the 2nd. If you’re looking OLB, then go with Ryan Anderson. He would improve the pass rush tremendously if we stay 3-4. Late-round picks to look for: Ben Boulware in the middle rounds as ILB. Cooper Kupp at WR in the 3rd or later. Ditto ArDarius Stewart. Zay Jones in the 3rd would be a great WR pick.

    1. Boulware can not cover gets lost in space and would be abused by RB and TEs out of the back field. Ray Ray is better than Ben. Kupp will be gone and Stewart is an WR who has trouble getting speration. We drafted a possession WR last year in Burbridge. All reports are that Zay Jones is going to be gone in the 2nd. We need a difierence maker off the edge. Perry gives us that. GB is going to have a hard time keeping him due to their other high profile FA. Watch some tape on Tyus Bowser, you will love this kids athleticism and motor. He does a really nice job dropping in coverage too. In terms of Allen. Great football player but too redundant. We already have two of those guys that we drafted in Armstead and Buckner. Three straight 1st rd picks used as rotational guys is what can keep a franchise from moving forward quickly. See NYJ as perfect example in Wilkerson, Richardson and WIlliams. All great players that move around but they can not get pressure form the outside and the Jets are still the Jets. As a franchise we can not afford to draft Allen.

  42. we are one of those qb needy teams. I like the idea of trading back but not for a wide receiver in the first round. that would be like taking two 6’8″ DEs back to back in the first rounds. we can only drop back a few spots. other teams need ILB too. so sign Zack Brown, Gabriel, Hoyer and a nose tackle. draft1-trubisky 2 Zay Jones 3-Dion Dawkins (if you saw senior bowl you don’t want Davenort) 4-Carrol Phillips 4b- Eddie Vanderdoes 5 Jamaal Williams (check out game film before you say anything) 5b Josh Malone 6- Eric Saubert 6b-Jon Toth 7-Javancy Jones (can play ILB) 7b Jordan Herdman. If Malone had a QB he would go much higher, Saubert has an attitude J.Jones is a beast Dawkins will start and my favorite is Zay Jones. The third best receiver in the draft easy

  43. I don’t think we will totally resolve ILB this year, get QB, two WRs, Edge LB, OL who can start, NT, one more TE, back up C. Fill holes with free agency. I want Zay Jones this year as bad as I wanted us to trade up for Odell Beckham in 2014.

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