Report: Pierre Garcon “expected” to sign with 49ers and earn $16M in 2017

Big news for the 49ers:

Garcon, who turns 31 in August, earned $8 million last season with the Washington Redskins.

What do you think of this deal and what do you think of Garcon?

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  1. Love the physicality that Garcon brings to include the running game, but a 50% pay increase? Now that’s a salty dog!

        1. But what if the contract is very frontloaded, taking advantage of the excess in cap, then in years 2, 3, 4 its a small number?

    1. Sounds like that’s including his signing bonus,right? ?

      Hopefully signed a 3 year deal and the pay levels out over the course of the contract.

  2. Wait and see what the rest of the contract looks like. Makes sense to front load with all the cap space they have. One thing this front office has been great at all these years is structuring contracts and not over paying.

    1. When you consider the NFL salary cap increased by 40%, and what the 49ers were paying Torrey Smith’s 25 catches per year, one could consider it a bargain…;>)

  3. I think it’s a great deal. It’s 16 mil in the 1st year… Key word, 1st year. I believe the number will drop drastically in the following years. Meaning our cap will still be a strength. Besides he’s a baller. Great run blocker, passionate about the game, and the opposite of Torrey Smith. The man actually runs routes besides go routes. Great signing, especially will be a plus to whomever the QB is. I also believe he will be the best receiver that’s been here since TO, numbers wise.

  4. Mike Garafolo‏Verified account @MikeGarafolo 2m2 minutes ago

    When @RapSheet said Niners were setting sights on signing WR Pierre Garçon, he wasn’t kidding. That one expected to be official tomorrow.
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  5. Called it. By the way, If you had any doubts about Cousins becoming a 49er this signing should put those to rest.

      1. It’s certainly possible but at this point I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t end up here in the very near future.

        1. CFC, I am in complete agreement. K Cousins is on the train here Now, not later. Lynch and Shannahan appear to be locking and loading for a playoff berth this year, not later. They’ve got 100 million if buying power to acquire the firepower. It’s rock N roll time . . .

    1. Excellent acquisition and you get what you pay for in the NFL ( if you’re smart). Next up, Captain Kirk to lead the new Flagship 49ers. K Britt could be coming too, rock N roll time . . ..

  6. If its a front loaded contract as many expect, I’m happy with the signing.

    He was PFF’s “No. 8 receiver in 2016, and dropped only one of his 80 catchable targets.”

    Also buys draft flexibility. The fewer roster holes, the more power to go after BPA or make trades.

  7. like I said previously, I’ll wait to see the annual avg and the guaranteed $. Front-loading these contract makes the most sense with all our cap space this year.

    …just setting up for Cousins

  8. Saved at least $16 million with release of Smith and Bethea. Makes more sense if he could keep catching passes from Cousins.

    1. The ball is in the Redskins court. Lets make a deal or live with that compensatory draft pick you’ll get when we sign him in 2018….

    1. Remember La’ell Collins? 1st round to UFA without any evidence linking him to a murder. With Mixon’s video, I don’t see how he goes any higher than the 4th round….

      1. Difference is the unknown. Collins was possibly implicated in a murder although he was never identified as a suspect, but he was part of a homicide investigation. The Hernandez mayhem had broken, so everybody was spooked and cautious until there was clarity. The story broke too close to the draft.
        The only good thing about the Mixon story is that it has been resolved, there aren’t questions. He’s tried to seem accountable lately, although they might be crocodile tears. Personally, As GM Iwould be reticent to draft him, I’d have to be talked into it.

        1. BT “Personally, As GM Iwould be reticent to draft him, I’d have to be talked into it.”
          I hear you, but a first round talent in the 4th round! How hard would it be, to be talked into one of the best RB in the draft in the 4th round?

          1. Frankly, I would prefer Alvin Kamara, Marlon Mack, D’onta Foreman, Samaje Perine, Jeremy McNichols or Brian Hill over Mixon.

      2. It happened 2 years ago.. it was very bad no defending that. But there has been a lot worse then him. Well

        1. Pollian said he’ll probably,get taken in the 2nd. He said it would play in some cities, but not in others.
          Herm Edwards said he deserves a second chance, but not my team.

        2. Ray Rice never got another chance. Just saying that a video is a very powerful medium, and one that doesn’t go away….

  9. Report: The 49ers view Garcon as a more reliable, cost effective option compared to Jeffery, and therefore, Pierre became the 49ers #1 FA target. The RAMS and REDSKINS were both in on the Garcon sweepstakes, but Shanahan “wooed” Garcon as the 49ers flexed there salary cap muscles, and outbid the competition.

    My take? The new regime is running like a well oiled machine! Shanahan loves Garcon’s “toughness”, as he hasn’t missed a game in four seasons. In 2013 under Shanahan, Pierre amassed 113 receptions and 1,346 yards.

    “Garcon didn’t come cheap, we knew the 49ers were going to have to overpay for free agents this season, especially without a quarterback in place. Shanahan is confident he can get 1,000 yards or more next season from Garcon. At the early stages of this rebuild, it’s hard to put a price on reliability and productivity from an incoming veteran player with options, especially at the WR position”


    In all honesty, this team is swimming in money to spend right now. I don’t care if they overpay a bit at the early stages of this roster overhaul, as long as it’s for proven, dependable talent. Everyone knows this team desperately needed a veteran leader at the WR position, and Torrey Smith, although he is a good guy, wasn’t that player. Garcon is that guy! Exciting signing for the 49ers.

  10. Good front line starter. Wouldnt mind going after Victor Cruz if NY lets go on a cheap deal to at least bring into camp to compete with our younger guys. Also drafting Godwin would be ideal if he is around in the second.

  11. Tom Pelissero‏Verified account @TomPelissero 1m1 minute ago

    #49ers need a lot of pieces for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Besides Pierre Garcon, they’re among the teams in on FB Kyle Juszczyk, per sources.

  12. There has got to be some expectation that perhaps a signal caller of some competence will be chucking the ball for the team soon right?

    1. One would think. And Pierre could fact check with a simple text to Kirk.
      Looks like Garçon wants to leave the swamp.

      1. Looking good,, looking real good, and as far as that rich 49er salary cap goes, as Bill Withers sang, Baby, if it feels this good, use me, use me til you use me up . . .

  13. This is good a deal once can hope to get in this FA market. A 31-year old possession receiver at the top of his game who had his best year a few seasons ago under the same coach. Powerbait with glitter for Cousins..

  14. I don’t like the deal. Too old! Jefferey is younger, bigger and more upside.

    And giving up the 2nd overall pick for Cousins would be another mistake. He’s overrated.

    1. Yes but one more strike and he is gone for the full year. How would that help the team. And how well has Jeffries been playing…

  15. All this talk about Cousins? I don’t remember Shanahan\Cousins combo doing anything in Washington? Ok, he will be able to throw over 3600 yrs! Gruden\McVay was just as equal as Shanahan and Cousins still couldn’t get it done. I think some is overhyping this a little bit…not to mention overhyping Shanahan

    1. Godwin has the highest contested catch percentage in the last 2 years at 86%. Contrast that with Mike Williams who many consider the number one wide receiver in the draft at 81%(4th highest in last 2 years), and I’d strongly consider him with the 34th pick….

      1. Godwin will be a second round pick imo. He had a great year but that 40 time answered the questions about his speed. Really good player.

    2. I don’t know how relevant are the numerical designation of #1, #2, etc. to the offensive scheme. But they need a genuine deep threat which may come from the draft.

  16. Weird move. I know we have some money to throw around, but let’s not flush it down the toilet. Garcon is a good #2 possession receiver – so is Boldin. Is Garcon better than Boldin. Frankly I would rather have Boldin at 4-5 mil per year and throw in come good incentives.

    Does this mean we are also getting Cousins? What will his contract be like – 40 mil/yr.

    I thought Marathe was doing contracts? Totally weird . Not liking it.

  17. geeze! get a grip!

    The Niners have over $100M in cap space. They’ll probably structure the deal so that instead of a $16M signing bonus spread across X number of years; it gets lumped in to a first year guaranteed salary (paid at the start of the league year). Then he’d get a relatively small standard structured salary in the next few years of the contract. This allows the Niners to keep more cap space free in the future (since cap space isn’t an issue this year).

    It shouldn’t matter to Garcon since either way a signing bonus or 1st year guarantee he gets his money right away. He’ll probably average around $7M per year (which is a lot for a 30 year old above average receiver…but that’s what happens when you acquire players in free agency).

    1. ESPN is speculating that Garcon’s deal might be worth $22mil over the first two years.

      10-11mil a year is about what was expected for a 1000yd per season receiver.

    2. Some fans discuss player salaries as if it’s their 401K savings and they are retired. Gotta spend carefully………

        1. I prefer it to signing Jeffrey and am fine with the overpaying. It’s the price Niners have to pay to have had Baalke for so long.

    3. Not that it matters but according to Matt Barrows the 49ers had about @95M after Smith left. Over $100M is probably pushing it given the last two guys who were released. It’s all good.

  18. The purge of bad Baalke picks begins: Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 1m1 minute ago
    #49ers announce that they’ve waived C Marcus Martin.
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    1. You’re fast this morning.

      Martin was one of the biggest puzzles. He was a kick-butt college center. Got pushed on his butt in the NFL.

      Maybe this will be incentive for Hoyer to sign with the 49ers ;)

  19. I like this signing, and not just because I had Garcon in my mock offseason.

    11 mil a year is about right if that is the number. Every QB needs a security blanket. I call it a nut receiver. Garcon has reliable hands.

    Now we need a speed WR on the other side to take the top off the D. Pryor would suffice.

    Garcon just made the offense better. Bring on Cousins!

  20. Marcus Martin was waived. If there is a defense for Kaep’s play the last 2 years, it’s how bad the protection up the middle was over that stretch. I would love to see his QB rating when Martin was starting at C or G vs. when he wasn’t over the course of his career.

  21. Report: JOE MIXON, Oklahoma’s troubled, but talented RB met with 4 NFL teams last night, prior to his workout today. The Lions, Saints, Bengals and Browns. Thankfully, the 49ers were not one of those teams.

  22. I didn’t really watch Cousins play last season, so last night I speed watched the last five games that Washington played. One of the things that was common throughout the five games was that Cousins has good pocket awareness especially with regards to defenders coming around the edge. However on five to seven step drops, he was sacked a number of times from defenders coming right up the middle. In every case he only saw the defender at the last second and this resulted in a few fumbles.

    1. I’ve watched him play the last 2 years, and he’s an aggressive down the field quarterback who is extremely fun to watch….

      1. No doubt he was fun and he is aggressive. I’ll type up my thoughts on his performance and post them later. Would appreciate your review.

  23. Source: Kirk Cousins soon could follow Garçon on the Washington-to-San Francisco trail. The 49ers reportedly have been trying to finalize a deal for the Redskins’ franchise tagged quarterback, who has been Garçons’ teammate the past five seasons and played under Shanahan in 2012–13.

    Connecting the dots?

  24. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoCSN 10m10 minutes ago
    From the 2012 to ’15 drafts, 23 of #49ers’ 40 picks have been waived, traded or retired. Quinton Patton is UFA, seems unlikely to re-sign.
    Thanks Baalke

    1. And to think I was having to defend my criticism of Baalke and desire for him to be fired up until last season…

  25. MATT MAIOCCO: From the 2012 to ’15 drafts, 23 of #49ers’ 40 picks have been waived, traded or retired. Quinton Patton is UFA, seems unlikely to re-sign.

    Trent Baalke was (is) an unmitigated DISASTER!

  26. According to the Chicago Tribune, “indications at this point” are that free agent Brian Hoyer will sign with the 49ers.
    Rotoworld, as per Chicago Tribure:

    Hoyer is expected to leave Chicago with the Bears zeroed in on Mike Glennon, while the Jets have shown interest in Hoyer but lack the coaching familiarity with him the 49ers can offer. Kyle Shanahan was Hoyer’s OC in Cleveland. 31-year-old Hoyer would be a traditional “bridge” quarterback in San Francisco, holding down the fort until the Niners get someone better. With that said, he is an upgrade on 2016 quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick.

    1. J E T S were sniffing around Hoyer last year too. If the 49ers sign him, that will just tighten the vice of leverage over the Redskins….

    2. Glad it is Hoyer over Shaub, but still cannot get over that KC Texans playoff game.

      We will just have to wait and see. It is logical to assume Hoyer wants to come to the Niners because of KS.

      Wonder where Kaep will land now.

      1. Where will Colin land? Would you believe Nowhere or at the bottom of the barrel? His chances of landing a starting gig in the NFL short of an injury to a qualified starter are slim and none. Once the FA signing period has cooled off, by all means correct me if I’m wrong. But at the moment I don’t see any of your predicted “HumP” teams scrambling to sign CKDud. He may get one or two low-ball show-me offers.

            1. He’s blowing up the balloons, making the snacks and decorating for the party when CK signs his Very Good Excellent deal with the next team that wants to use his M1 Tank attributes to take the NFL by 7torm. The party will be yuge. Much bigger than Obama’s low rated low attendance failed Inaugural Observance.
              Make Colin Great Again!

            2. Naw, I have heard all the same screeds so many times, I could repeat them verbatim.

              At least he admitted that Kaep did look good at times last season. He also mentioned Kaep was blitzed like crazy last year.

              Too bad they did not follow my advice. I said that the other teams would blitz him, so Kaep should invite the blitz, then attack the area the blitzer left. I also mentioned that Kaep should identify where the blitz is coming from, and roll away from the blitz. Of course, they just kept Kaep chained in the pocket, so that strategy was never implemented.

  27. More on the Haitian Sensation. 2013 under full Shanny.

    113 receptions, 1346 YDs, 5 TDs.

    We still need a red zone beast. Josh Reynolds could be that guy.

      1. If Romo goes to Texans, that’s one less team competing for a day two or three quarterback like Mahomes or Webb or…

        If Romo goes to the Broncos, it opens a trade possibility for Trevor Siemian.

          1. You would have to think the Broncos are high on the list, but the Texans make more sense imo. The only way he wouldn’t prefer Houston is if he made a deal Jerry not to go there for fear of upstaging the Cowboys.

            1. When you consider the Broncos OL with the pass rushing adversaries they face twice a year, Romo better have 911 on speed dial;>)

              1. Houston’s OL is only a bit better than Denver. The biggest obstacle? Will owners pay Brock to play video games on the bench?

  28. So as I mentioned in an earlier post, last night I speed watched the last five Washington games from last season. I focused solely on the WA offense and particularly Cousins. Here are my thoughts:


    1) Well maybe not a positive, but Cousins throwing motion on short to intermediate routes really reminded me of Blaine Gabbert. He uses his torso and arm as a unit to throw those balls and they have good zip and he gets the ball out pretty quickly. One big difference is that he is far more accurate than BG.

    2) He seems to go through his progressions well.

    3) He throws routes to the sideline very well. There were many catches with the receivers just barely staying in bounds. There were a number of times where the catch was ruled out of bounds but overturned after an official review.

    4) He’s got good touch on certain throws that require it (over the shoulder) and on deep throws. When there wasn’t a defender immediately in his face, he connected on most of the long balls.

    5) He moves pretty well in the pocket and has good awareness for rushers coming around the edge.


    1) He does not seem to have as good awareness for rushers coming up the middle. A number of fumbles were caused when he was sacked this way.

    2) He is aggressive and in one of the games threw a pick six. Whether this is a negative or not depends on your point of view. I list it here but after the last decade am looking forward to a more aggressive QB.

    3) Two or maybe it was three of the games, Cousins attempted to bring the team back in the 4th quarter. While he moved the team well, the final drives resulted in interceptions. I suspect that this is where some of the reticence regarding Cousins comes from. Is he a QB that can win the game on a final drive like Montana or Brady?

  29. NFL Media‏Verified account @NFLMedia 31m31 minutes ago
    “I don’t see a solution in this guy as a quarterback to be a starter in the NFL from most of his tape.” @CharleyCasserly on Kaepernick

  30. “Scot McCloughan is no longer involved in the team’s decision-making as his future with the organization remains in question, multiple sources told ESPN.” – John Keim

    Stating the inevitable. Does this increase, decrease or have no effect on the possibility of Cousins going to 49ers this season?

    I’m leaning no effect. Allen and Snyder will continue to make decisions based on stubborn resentment and anger.

          1. >>No, it sounds more like the Trump administration

            Nah, CFC said “slow implosion”. #45 and gang is on fast track meltdown.

  31. like to see the 9ers take Florida Atlantic’s Trey Henderson in the 3rd Rd. and use him as rush LB: 6’4″ x 266 pds: His combine 4.64s 40 is the same as Myles Garratte and his 10 yd split of 1.59s was better that the 1.63s by Garratte!
    2016 ALL-CONFERENCE USA FIRST TEAM (COACHES): DL – Trey Hendrickson, Sr., Florida Atlantic,…Hendrickson returned for his senior campaign as the nation’s No. 2 sack leader with 13.5 sacks. The DE concluded his final season with career highs in tackles (50), tackles for a loss (15) and passes defended (2). He also added 9.5 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Hendrickson had an effect on both special teams with four blocks, and on offense when he was added to the run packages as a lead blocker for a unit that recorded a program-high 31 rushing TDs.

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