Sunday’s over/under

The over/under in Las Vegas for the 49ers/Chargers game on Sunday is 42. That means oddsmakers expect the Niners and Chargers to combine to score 42 points.

Considering the Niners have scored three points in two preseason games, that over/under is pretty optimistic. Maybe the oddsmakers think the chances for point production will increase with the starters playing into the third quarter.

What is your best guess for Sunday’s final score?

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    1. Why would he NOT be bland. It’s preseason. They’ve played deep into the playoffs the last three yrs. The goal is to have the starters healthy, NOT prove to everyone we the best team in the NFL during the PREseason

      1. Finally a smart comment on whats going on this preseason. We don’t have to pove anything. Its the guys with roster spots on the line with something to ptove. Harbaugh needs to know he can depend on the backups as rotationplayers, or if ssomeone gets hurt. Everything else in the preseason is moot. Now with that said, if our starters suck on sunday, then we have a problem

  1. For some reason our passing game always seems to flourish against the chargers in preseason games. So I’ll say 24-23 49ers and Gabbert finally puts together a few decent drives and shuts everyone up.

  2. I think the minutes the starters play is predicated on well they perform and not a set number, like the traditional 3rd quarter….

    1. I think everyone knows he’s after Crab and Boldin in the pecking order, no surprises there. But he’s been getting work in pre-season as if he’s the 3rd WR, so not sure what you mean by not being part of the main core group?

      If he wins the #3 job he’ll be kept at his salary. If he doesn’t win the job then they’ll just cut him, as he’s too high priced to be the #4. I think are reading more into Roman’s comments than really exist though. Did anyone expect him to come out and say Johnson has won the 3rd WR role? Heck, he didn’t even say Crab and Boldin were 1 and 2.

      1. From Barrows:

        Comment From Jay
        Lloyd looks good, do they keep 6 WRs? If not, who gets bumped?

        MattB_49: Yes, I think so. I spoke to Kap the other day, and he spoke as if Lloyd was one of his Top 4. I know that he doesn’t have final say on the roster, but it’s an indication of how strong Lloyd has been and how comfortable the QB is with him.

              1. Actually, it got started by “locals” during pick-up basketball games. It was better than what they called me the first few times, which was “Haole Boy.” Being able to dunk got me a little more respect, lol.

        1. Should not surprise anyone. The 49ers rotated their WRs into the game against Denver effectively in the order of Crab and Boldin, then Johnson and Lloyd, then Patton, then Ellington.

            1. Yes. Though I think in that case it was more about wanting to see what Smith could do against better competition – he’s not been on the roster long. But yes, I think that is an indication that Hampton is in an uphill battle atm.

              And I definitely think the WR rotation against Denver was reflective of what the current pecking order is.

              1. Whether the rotation order in preseason has meant anything. Did Smith coming in before Hampton against Denver mean anything, and has the rotation order at WR in the two preseason games meant anything?

              2. I would not put any stock into the substitution pattern of preseason only because Jim Harbuagh said they were experimenting.
                I do think it’s crazy to think that after trading for Johnson and his pedigree as a wideout in the league that he would be cut.

              3. I took it only as they were just trying to mix it up a bit with Lloyd and Smith. Not that it signified a change in the depth chart.

                Kind like playing Ryan Seymour only at guard when the week before he played tackle.

              4. You don’t think if Patton were ahead of Johnson and Lloyd in the current unofficial depth chart he’d have gone in before them? Or Ellington?

                I understand they are experimenting, and that is why Johnson, Lloyd and Patton all rotated in with the 1’s. But having Johnson and Lloyd only playing with the 1’s while Patton saw reps with the 2’s I think is also reflective of where those guys lie in the current pecking order. If Lloyd was not seen as one of the top 4 at the position, I expect we would have seen him get some snaps with the 2’s.

                Of course nothing is set in stone atm, and can definitely change between now and the start of the season. My point was simply that it should not surprise anyone that Lloyd is seen as one of the top 4 WRs atm given he played exclusively with the 1’s.

                And as for Smith and Hampton, if they were happy that Hampton had the spot locked up over Smith, he would have been taking the carries once Gore and Hyde left the game, then Smith after him. Not mixing it between him and Smith. Given they have Gore, Hyde and James, and maybe Lattimore, Hampton is in a battle for that 4th RB spot with a street FA who’s been out of football for a while. That’s not very encouraging.

              5. What do you think is the role for James? With Ellington returning kicks I don’t see the need. He can bring all the same stuff.

              6. True, but Lloyd and Crabtree didn’t suit up against the Ravens, so that stands to reason. Maybe I’m wrong, but if Lloyd wasn’t ahead of Patton I would think they’d have wanted to see more of him against Denver, give him some series with the 2’s as well. But then maybe they were just limiting his snap count to avoid injury.

              7. James brings a change of pace back, and when healthy may take the PR job back from Ellington. With Hunter down, I think James makes the roster.

              8. Hey, do you remember Mike McGruder? He was a DB for the 49ers back in the early 90’s. Joe Starkey always used to call him Scooter.

              9. I do indeed Jack! My handle is a tip of the hat to old Mike “Scooter” McGruder. I started watching the NFL in ’93 – he had a pretty good year for the 49ers that year.

              10. What do you think is the role for James?

                I agree with Scooter that James makes the team with Hunter out for the season. He offers better versatility behind Gore and Hyde than what Hampton does. Ellington offers the same package as James, but I think the team would rather keep him as the primary KR and use him to spell Boldin or Crabtree once in a while.

              11. James will be the PR unless he’s injured again. Ellington has struggled a bit in that area and has never done it before so I can’t see Harbaugh entrusting him with that responsibility.

                This is going to be a very tough cut down though, no doubt about it. They will likely lose some guys ticketed for the PS again. I think they keep Acker on the 53 for that very reason.

              12. “Ellington has struggled a bit in that area”


                He has? I don’t remember seeing anything from him in the two games. I know he had a bobble on the first return in Baltimore but he got it and still made a nice return that was wiped out by a penalty. Maybe I missed something.

              13. Ellington has looked nervous back there fielding some kicks. Im not sure he has struggled but Rocket is right, he looks a little tentative fielding them but once he gets his hands on it, he looks explosive.

              14. Jack – I think Rocket’s referring to practice observations, which notes him fumbling and bobbling a few, and not looking fully comfortable.

                But yea once he has his hands on the ball the guy looks dangerous.

              15. Are you not at practice Jack with Grant and the other reporters viewing? What have you seen Ellington do on the practice field?

              16. Jack,

                I’m basing it off of what I’ve read in the practice reports. He seems to bobble some, and the only opportunity he’s had in the preseason started with him misplaying it. I just can’t see Harbaugh entrusting that job to a rookie who’s never done it before. Wouldn’t be Harbaugh like imo. It took him awhile to let James take the role, so if anything I’d guess he’d let Cox or another vet who’s handled the duties before take over before Ellington. He actually had Boldin back there this week if you can believe it.

                Ellington is explosive though, and if he works at it, I could see him taking over the PR duties next season.

              17. FDM, hahahah!!! Jack Hammer at practice with the other reporters, that’s funny. You need some credentials to be a journalist, not a weekend online course and Niners Chatters!

              18. Rocket,

                Cool, was just wondering if I had missed something during game action.

                I did see that about Boldin. People seem to forget how Boldin was a do-everything guy when he was at FSU.

                Maybe this week the defense can actually force some punts for a change.

      2. Spaceborn- I think the deal with Patton is that he was an early fan favorite last season. Relative to the other receivers he showed more potential then as well. Most just expect him to continue that progress this season. I am not saying he will not develop just that along with you he has yet to show much this season. Funny that a lot of posters had him competing for the #3 spot or at least as # four. All of them had him in front of Ellington. I personally thought Ellington was going to pass him on the roster sooner or later this season. Patton might be injury prone.

    2. Everyone? Let’s wait til the end of preseason to see who makes it. I’ll bet you $100 cold cash Stevie J makes the roster. You game Bay?

          1. You made a $100 bet before the start of the 2012 season that Gore would not get over 1000 yards and pulled a Jordan.

            1. I don’t recall making that bet. Why don’t mind your business and worry about getting your pipe dream career or lack there of before popping off on matters that don’t concern you? Jack pot!

              1. It was not you! Your dreaming. I remember Adam 707 betting someone on Gores production but it wasn’t me and it sure as a piggy back wasn’t you. How’s a dead beat wanna be gonna afford a 100 bucks when he can’t even get hits on his own blog? Niner chatter, that was a classic!

              2. Jack is correct. You went from calling Jordan a welcher to Welching on a bet yourself. And one year later expect someone to bet with you.

                Ethics escape you.

              3. Lame never mind the junior blogger. Put your money where your mouth is. Bet or not Johnson makes the team and Lloyd walks? $100 American dollars?

              4. Why would Bay make a bet with you hoser? You already welched on one bet you lost to him.

                What was the second alias you were using before Grant busted on you?

          1. The true measure of man? This coming from the guy who uses sexual discrimination comments to insult people, making derogatory comments towards peoples mothers and pollutes the blog when people don’t agree with him. Yeah true measure alright.

            Prime, Stevie Johnson will be on the team and more. The guy is just like Kaepernick, not a great practice player, but when the lights come on, he performs.He basically was the Bills offense the past 3 years. Now without the double teams and with help from #15 and #81, he will flourish.

            1. I’ve said that about Johnson the whole time. You cannot judge the guy on his first camp with the 49ers within a new offense, a new QB with no touch.
              Look at his career,the guy produces in games. We’re suppose to take the Bayareas media comments as legit because they watch the first 10 minutes of practice?
              C’mon man!

          2. The measure of a man.

            You mean like when Prime challenged another commenter to meet him in the parking lot at ninermd’s tailgate before a 49ers game? And told that commenter not to bring his family because they woudn’t want to see what Prime was going to do to him? And then didn’t show up until after everyone had gone inside?

            Wait a minute. That wasn’t Prime; that was you. Guess we know how you measure.


            1. Claude,
              what you described was a measure of a man. At least in my book. I asked Prime to leave his family at the gate. My beef isn’t with his family, it’s with him. Prime has crossed so many lines that I’m not faking it for a person like that.

              He’s a low life for welching on bets last year. He’s a bottom feeding scum bag for repeatedly making comments about the boys on my baseball team last year. It’s funny you choose to back him. But not a coincidence since you yourself made a derogatory remark aimed at myself and the kids on my baseball team last year yourself.

              Surprising, but even Jack called you out for making the comment. I appreciated that from Jack.

              At least Jack is here for football. To a smaller degree Prime is as well. He’s wrong quite a bit, but he’s here for football. Claude what are you here for? It’s not football. I would say that 75% of your posts are not football related in terms of posting your own opinions. That’s why Pork called you a little napoleon. Quite fitting actually. And closely trailing your nutz is FDM lol. No value there either. No real football opinions. Just a lot of anger. What a pair your two make……. Enjoy your weekend.


              1. Look in the mirror, in fact go back and look at all the comments you made, people challenging you on them, and your reaction to them. Talk about anger. Grow up.

              2. Still can’t get over the comments about your girls baseball team. So what, you coach girls, what’s the big deal?

              3. Oh, and I never made a derogatory remark about the kids on the baseball team. My comment was directly solely at you and certain unsettling comments you have made. And as wrong as you claim the remark was, you did thereafter stop openly admiring the physical studliness of Kaepernick and other players.

            2. Don’t confuse my calling you out for your hypocrisy with support for Prime. If he welched, he has to live with that.

              But my most recent comment had nothing to do with Prime (other than the fact that he was the guy you challenged and then ducked). My comment was limited to noting the hypocrisy of you calling him out for not measuring up as a man when you were the guy who challenged someone to a fight and then didn’t show up. You promulgate these standards and codes of conduct for everyone else, but you never live up to them yourself.

              I only call you out on your b//s when you post b/s. It’s not my fault that most of what you post is b/s.

              But go ahead and duck and run. That’s what you do when anyone calls you on your b/s.

              1. Claude,
                don’t know what you are talking about.I called him out and showed up. I missed NinerMD by a few minutes. Look who’s posting BS and making things up. YOU. And you also made a very below the belt comment regarding 13 year old boys on my team.

                My advice stick to football. Having your own opinions. It would be a first for you, but try it.

              2. You didn’t show up until after everyone had gone into the game. How convenient for you.

                I never said one thing about the boys on the team. The comment was about you.

      1. Nobody pays internet bets. If you want to make a wager make it something you have to do here on the site like a statement or picture you have to post at the others approval. It’s a waste of time to involve money when you know the loser is not going to follow through.

          1. I paid my internet bets last year as well Jack. One was with Grant….. It involved me changing my avatar to Bette Midler for a couple weeks.

              1. Yeah that c note isn’t coming, but at least he’s kind of left the blog. More interesting to berate Alex Smith on KC blogs I guess.

              2. Sorry to interject….but I remember a Jordan when I used to post on 49erswebzone years and years ago.
                He was a young kid that used to annoy everybody by acting like he knew every detail about the Niners but always being wrong.
                If I remember correctly, he was also a horrible judge of talent with respect to which players were truly gifted and which ones were crap.
                Is that the same guy you guys are talking about?
                And if so, is he still around spouting his nonsense?
                Just curious…

              3. KR
                I thought u were trying to bust balls, but you were actually being serious. That’s even funnier. Thanks for that laugh

    3. Bay,

      That article you referenced is a great example of somebody taking snippets from other articles and forming his own conclusion. There is nothing there other than Greg Rosenthal regurgitating info he read elsewhere and speculating. Johnson was pulled after 7 plays last week just like Boldin. It’s pretty clear he’s the #3 right now until further notice. If Lloyd has a monster game this week that could change as it is a competition after all, but in the minds of the Coaching staff, I think Johnson is #3 right now.

      If Lloyd and Patton were both lighting it up in games, then we might have a situation where Johnson could be on the cut list but it hasn’t transpired, at least not yet.

        1. Moreso you and your hypocrisy. Since you wont bet Prime, how about we bet, that Stevie J does not get cut and makes the team as the #3? $100. What do you say big mouth?

  3. look for Phillip (stand in the pocket) Rivers
    to pass for at least one TD.

    Kaepernick…? …………zip…
    meaning nada in the air and nada on the ground.
    Goose egg.

    Against the Chargers? That’s right.
    Prediction: the Niner defense will score a TD
    before the offense does. Ouch.

      1. Not that I’m offering. I just find it strange to hang out at a place in order to be anti-social, I’ve never understood it. Like going to a bar looking for a date and telling all the women you meet there that they are ugly. There must be a Niner hater forum you could go to, but I guess you wouldn’t get the attention you crave.

  4. Blog Fantasy Football league: You Kaepernick the Future drafts this Sunday at 10:30a don’t be a troll and miss the draft. so when your team shats the bed by week 5 you can at least fall back on your former thoughts of how great your team was before the season started.

    1. I’ll be on a flight to Nebraska at that time. I should have WiFi on the flight, but either way I’ll have my player rankings set.

    2. Oooooooo…CfC is talking a little trash right now!
      Draft time is 7:30a for me.
      When does the order come out?

    1. Interesting article, but I think the better question would be would Mallet be interested in us? I’m sure if/when he is released he will have a few teams come knocking, and I’m sure several of those teams will offer him more than just a chance to sit on the bench behind another star QB, and an even younger one at that.

      1. I am not sold on Mallet. He didn’t play very well in the preseason so far. Also there was a great radio show here that was talking about how QB’s who sit under Manning and Brady don’t really get mentored. Outside of Cassel who else that’s been behind them is actually playing some where at a high level. Its not like either of those guys are really developing the players behind them. So I say let somebody else take the gamble. There will be other QB’s cut lose here in the next week or so that will be cheaper and have the same level of performance. I also promised myself I wouldn’t write Gabbert off till the final week of preseason.

        1. Don’t forget Brian Hoyer, although it’s true he’s not in Cleveland’s long range plans. I get your point, though.

    2. NONONO And NO 5 more times. This guy sucks. Im not a draftnick or a self proclaimed scout but i saw 4 preseasons worth from this guy and i do not want to see him in real live action. especially not if he has to win 2 or 3 games to keep our season afloat. He is 1-4 for his career with an INT for a whooping 5.4 QBR. The last meaningful snap he took was 5 years ago at the east west nutmeg shoot me bowl. and its also true that Brady is not the mentoring type (media here is saying that he doesnt speak to J garropolo) so no greatness rubbing off there

  5. Anyone betting on NFL preseason games is either a degenerate gambler. an idiot or both. So a discussion of preseason lines is just ridiculous.

    1. Where have you been Old Coach? We need your wisdom around here more often. I hope you’re back regularly once the season starts.

  6. just trying to imagine what the fans in the new
    $ 1.5 billion dollar stadium will be saying when
    Phillip Rivers drives the Chargers to a TD
    on his series (or a field goal followed by a TD),
    and then to see Colin, after two (maybe three)
    go-rounds still coming up with a goose egg
    or with nothing more than a field goal.

    Umm umm umm.!!!
    Coach Harbaw will have some ‘splainin’ to do.

        1. ^ Shouldn’t feed the troll, Leo only encourages him…

          but.. in answer to your question..
          I’d say the chances would be pretty good..
          He’d go from one “contender” .. to a much better one ..

          I mean .. even Steve Young wears two rings ..
          even though he only “earned” one of them

  7. Off topic comment. Everyone talks about the 3rd WR, lets say Lloyd wins the job and the team decides to cut Stevie johnson. Is his contract guaranteed?

        1. Right. So really the only true cost was a 4th round pick, which is pricey, but definitely not detrimental to this season. Oh and don’t they get a pick next year also?

          1. Leo,

            They made additional trades throughout the draft that got them back the 4th that they sent to Buffalo for Johnson. When it all netted out they essentially got him for a 7th round pick.

            Baalke is pretty good despite his OCD issues.

            1. He is very good at manipulating draft picks. Never said he was not smart. The issue he has is a lack of consistency in respect to his utilizing his intelligence. It’s like he has a brain freeze every now and then. That’s what I chock up to OCD.

    1. I think the Chargers D-Line matches up poorly for the physical style of the 49ers who should be able to move the ball at will. The Chargers secondary is also a poor match up against the 49ers physical receivers, who should have their way with them. No need for Kaepernick to play the entire 2nd quarter after a few scores….

    2. Good points to watch for Jack. I would also add the CB group in there. I’m interested to see how Acker and Morris perform because I think they may be competing for one spot.

      If history is any indication, Kap won’t play more than a quarter. Harbaugh just doesn’t like to put players in harms way if the games don’t count.

      I expect the Chargers to win and the anxiety around here to increase to an all time level over the next week. Should be fun.

      1. “…penultimate..” … Jack ?

        good word !… (good article, too )

        rocket … since this is the final preseason game ..
        wouldn’t it seem prudent to have the 1’s play the
        first half ?

        (Dunno if I’ll watch “Mr. Disaster” if he comes in

        1. oops ! ..
          I’m a little too anxious for the season to start, I guess ..
          It;s not the final preseason game ..
          fergot about the Texans game

            1. I don’t worry ’bout no Bears, Mary ..
              … not in “our” house ! ..

              The Niners will win (only) eight (regular season)
              games at home this season …
              (and a bunch more on the road …including
              the one at the Clink !)

              Oh .. B2W said something pretty apt about
              Russel Wilson on the previous thread ..
              you should go check it out .. fer gaffs !

              btw .. where ya been ?

              1. Sure wish we’d gotten Jared Allen. I’ll check out B2W comments — I have a feeling I saw it relating to midget/grass. Our offense is going to be something this year.

                I’ve been here and commenting periodically. Last night was more than I could take. I realized how much I hate pointless conflict. Hope Jack never gets angry with me, cause I’m pretty sensitive.

        2. rocket … since this is the final preseason game ..
          wouldn’t it seem prudent to have the 1′s play the
          first half ?

          Most teams look at it that way MWN, but Harbaugh is the exception. I think he’ll give the offense a quarter and the starting defense even less. I could be wrong, but he doesn’t seem to like leaving the starters out on the field very long in preseason looking at his history here.

      2. Rocket, really? I was reading a Charger’s site and their D-Line per PFF has the Chargers down for 22 missed tackles in the 1st two games. I believe they have injuries and last year, San Diego was the 5th most penalized team in the NFL on offense. They averaged 6 penalties per game. I think you’ll be fine.

        1. Has nothing to do with the Chargers Mary. I base it simply on the fact the Chargers will likely play their starters for a lot longer than the Niners will.

      3. Good point on Acker and Morris rocket. I may have to go back and add a 6th thing ; )

        “I expect the Chargers to win and the anxiety around here to increase to an all time level over the next week.”

        If that happens the lunatic fringe will grow exponentially!

        1. In a way I’m kind of hoping to see it. Nothing like complete chaos and panic among the faithful to make the week more interesting.

          1. Well Mr. Rocket, I’m wondering where your line is b/4 you panic. Of course your reg. season is almost identical to ours. You should beat the Texans. The games in question are NO, Broncos, Seahawks and Cards all on the road. I think we lucked out with the Panthers. And I do like Chip Kelly’s offense & they throw up a lot of points but their defense is lacking.

            Anyway it s/b interesting.

    3. Good stuff Jack, agree on all points.

      However, with the starting DL, how many series do you think they’ll play? I can’t imagine it will be many, maybe not even a full series. I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams doesn’t play at all. If that’s the case, we may not be able to get much of a better read on the ILB battle.

      One thing I’ll be interested to see is who plays NT if Purcell is out? I’m guessing TJE. Whoever it is will likely be the backup NT during the regular season, and pretty much guaranteed a spot on the 53 and 46.

      I’m also hoping Cook plays this week so we can get a better read on him. He’s a bit of a wild card at the moment – I think he makes the roster, but if he does then one of Morris or Acker likely won’t.

      With Bethea likely to be held out, I wonder if we’ll see more of Ward at SS, and more of Cox at nickel CB? Or will they keep looking at Ward as the #1 nickel CB and have Dahl play SS with the 1’s?

      Also James is expected to play. Will he take over the #1 PR duties? Or will Ellington still go in first? And where will James slot into the RB rotation? Will he come in ahead of Hampton and Smith?

      1. Thanks Scooter,

        I wouldn’t expect to see Smith, Williams and McDonald for more than a series. Two at the very most.

        Jerod-Eddie has been the guy taking the snaps behind Purcell so far I believe so I don’t think that will change.

        When Bethea went out last week the first man up was Razor’s favorite player, Dahl. I think it would signify a shift in the depth chart if Ward is in there instead.

        The James question is a good one. Didn’t realize when I was writing that he would be playing.

        1. Writing? Is that what you call it? More like regurgitation of what everyone else has been talking about all week. Way to be that creative spark us fans have been looking for!

            1. Thanks boys. If you get a chance to leave the house you should go check out When The Game Stands Tall. It is A++.

        2. Yeah you are right about Dahl coming in for Bethea, but Ward was in at nickel CB at the time, and Cox was on the outside. With Cook back (and maybe Brock), I wonder if they get Cox some reps at nickel CB, and if they do, I wonder if Ward goes in ahead of Dahl?

            1. I agree with that, but Ward could start at SS, then get reps in the nickel later. If Ward starts at nickel, and Cox isn’t one of the outside CBs, then I think we can say Ward has won the starting nickel CB job.

  8. “I expect the Chargers to win and the anxiety around here to increase to an all time level over the next week. Should be fun.”

    Sadly you’re right Rocket :(

    1. My gut feeling is that LMJ and Jewel Hampton might
      not be around come the regular season, Leo ..

      I mean.. with Carlos Hyde backing up Frank ..
      and (maybe) Lattimore .. (whenever he’s ready)..
      and Ellington taking care of the return duties …

      I think the question is ..
      “Is there room for LMJ ?”

      1. Just my guess but I think Lattimore starts the season on the PUP or NFI list. That way he won’t take up a much needed roster spot and when an injury happens, which we know there will be one, they will activate Lattimore to take the spot. That way they won’t cut a player they want to keep and will have a ready replacement when a player goes down. They will have to wait till week 6 if they place Lat on the PUP, of course. I’m not on the requirements if a player starts on the NFI list, I think it’s immediate return.

      2. I think that certainly Hampton is cut. They need a third back. It’s either Lattimore, Hampton, LMJ, or someone else who takes their breath away. Hampton and LMJ are marginal runners, but LMJ returns punts. If Lattimore is cleared, I think both are gone. Too many good players to stash, and the value of a roster spot is the greatest it’s ever been.

        1. This years roster cuts and affects will reveal how much they have learned from their mistakes last year. They seemed to have learned and corrected their issues at WR. Hate to be in their shoes making choices this season. CB, RB, DL and LB’er will present some tough choices for cuts this season. Unlike last season I wouldn’t fault them too much for their choices because they will be much harder to make. Unless they keep Celik on the 53 man roster. He could easily be delegated to the practice squad which is what they should have done last year. No one would have picked him up off waivers. Or they keep players they have no use for to try to work out trades. Trade them before the cuts not after.

    2. LMJ coming back a month after dislocating his elbow just proves that these guys arn’t human. I dislocated mine and couldnt bend it for 3 months. ball security in that arm might be an issue but so could be 300 pound guys trying to kill him. should be interesting to see

  9. I’m going to go with the Under in today’s game, 17-14. Chargers. Regardless of fan pressure to look good Roman/Harbaugh will refuse to give anyone tape or make any effort to win the game. All they care about is making sure the two’s and three’s know what their doing.

    1. *edit* “….they’re doing.”

      Any chance of getting an edit button for Hanukkah this year? I have enough dreidels.

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