Super Bowl prediction contest

Alright, football Einsteins. Time to post your predictions for the Super Bowl. I want the final score plus an explanation. I will post my prediction before kickoff.


Time for my prediction. But first, the keys to the game.

  1. The Belichick Factor. He has two weeks to prepare for this game. He’s too smart to let Julio Jones beat him, which is what the Packers did in the NFC Championship game. They blitzed Matt Ryan and left Julio Jones in one-on-one coverage. Belichick won’t do that. He will double-cover Jones and force the Falcons to beat him left-handed. They won’t score nearly as money points as they usually do.
  2. The Brady Factor. He’s worth nine or 10 points by himself.
  3. The Experience Factor. The Patriots have it and the Falcons don’t. This is the first time most of these Falcons players have been in a Super Bowl. They won’t be used to the 40-minute delay between warmups and kickoffs, and they won’t be used to the longer halftime. And How will they deal with distractions? They’ve had people begging them for tickets all week. Plus, they have an offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, who’s been constantly answering questions about the 49ers job he’s about to take. He’s also been making a list of assistant coaches and players he wants to bring to San Francisco. He’s looking at this game through panavision — the widest vision possible. The Patriots have a narrow focus. They’re looking at the game through Polaroids. They will be totally dialed in, and that’s worth a couple of points.

Final score prediction: Patriots 24, Falcons 21.

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    1. Except I can’t see how it’s so much a better division and conference. The AFC had a better record vs the NFC. Are Carolina, Tampa, and New Orleans better than Miami, Buffalo, and NY Jets? I don’t know who’s going to win, I hope Atlanta, but I think your basis for determining the SB winner is flawed. If you’ve bet a lot of money on the game, you might want to start hedging your bets.

  1. I know ATL has a high powered offense. NE can also put up points at times. Won’t matter…This game will be decided by defense. NE has #1 red zone defense. ATL has worst ranked red zone defense. That said, points will be lower than most fans think. A lot of yards, but not a lot of points. Because of Belichick/Brady & NE red zone defense….
    NE wins NE 27
    ATL 24

  2. I really don’t have a dog in this fight. Falcons have an enormous task to beat the wily Patriots. I want to see the Falcons offense do well regardless of winning or losing. Best defense wins – Patriots over the Falcons 31 – 24.

  3. Patriots 35-27

    Falcons strike early and often in the first half before “Matty Ice” the newly crowned MVP has a meltdown. He throws two crucial INTS in the second half that allows BRADY THE GOAT to secure the victory.

  4. You might be a football Einstein but I’m more of a football Hawking. ;)

    Patriots 33
    Falcons 29

    The Patriots will try to shorten the game to keep the Falcons offense off the field. I expect the Patriots to have a run heavy offense with Brady eeking every last second out of the play clock before snapping the ball. I expect the Patriots doubled up on their tackling drills this week and emphasized wrapping up as the double team on Julio will tempt Atlanta to try and gain ground with their run game. If so they’ll be playing right into Belichicks game plan of keep the clock running.

    1. Damien Woody ‏@damienwoody 9m9 minutes ago
      Rushing game might hold the key for Pats…In 2 seasons under Dan Quinn, Falcons are 0-11 when their opponent attempts MORE than 25 rushes

      1. and that statistic will not be missed by Belichick. Especially when they have a load like LeGarrett Blount going at the weakest link the Falcons have, their run defense. They definitely can’t load the box because Brady will pick them apart. This also keeps the Falcons offense off the field. I think the Falcons D will have to be VERY creative in disguising their coverages. Against Brady, that might be pretty tough.

  5. Im going to say 31-24 Atlanta. Atlanta mostly controls the game from beginning to end. Brady is caught by camera in a moment of animated frustration.

  6. 31-28 Patriots..4 Superbowl wins by a combined total of 13 pts ..3 by 3 pts and one by 4. Patriots wants this one badly for history and to tell Roger Goodell to shove it…The Patriots D is underrated..Patriots brought back the bread and butter of the team out of retirement, their previous offensive line coach scarnecchia who to me is the real reason the Patriots have succeeded all these years. Brady has so much time to throw the ball, he can hike it go dinner and dancing and watch a double feature and come back to complete the pass.

  7. Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sport operations at Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, told Reuters Vegas bookmakers hope the Falcons, who are 3 point underdogs, top Patriots in Super Bowl.
    Sports bettors wagered a record $132.5 million in Nevada on last year’s Super Bowl, easily surpassing the previous high of $119.4 million set in 2014.
    The American Gaming Association (AGA) expects Americans to bet $4.7 billion on the Super Bowl, up 11 percent from last year. Nearly 97 percent of those bets, or $4.5 billion, will be wagered illegally, according to the AGA.

  8. Niners Nation ‏@NinersNation 6m6 minutes ago
    Per @rapsheet, Kyle Shanahan is targeting former Jaguars LB coach Robert Saleh for the 49ers DC role

  9. Pats 31, Falcons 24. Falcons have a slightly better offense, but the Pats defense will be the difference.

    This prediction was made with very little confidence. Falcons could overwhelm the Pats if they get rolling.

    Since I was a Rincon Valley Falcon, I’m gonna say “Falcs Are Dynamite”

    1. Pats defense was the best, but they also got to play against Buffalo, Miami and the Jets 6 times. Niners almost beat the Dolphins. Kaep was stopped 2 yards short.

      Falcons shut down Rodgers, so they are legit.

  10. Falcons in a blowout win.
    Matty ice has the best WR in the league and the best one, two punch at RB.
    Brady will get knocked around all game and throw up 3 ints.
    This is the Dirty Birds time!

    1. Well, it’s time for Brady to take his place as the G.O.A.T. He put the team on his shoulders and directed the Patriots to the winners circle.
      Montana will always be the best QB of his era but Brady just established himself as the best of all time.
      No more debates.

  11. Falcons 35-21

    I really like the way Atl plays right now w spreading the ball around and an aggressive D. Hopefully, their suspect secondary/D doesn’t plague them. I like Brady, but the Pats are cheaters and don’t want them collecting more Lombardis………..

  12. Falcons 34 Ne 20.

    1 new England’s bend but don’t break defense will give up yardage. They don’t break in the redzone for td’ usually.
    But they didn’t play an offense like this a whole lot. Giving Atl momentum is trouble, and they have to many weapons to be stopped if NE continues to let offense drive on them.

    NE offense is always potent. They will try to establish the run. It will work a little, Atl will pressure Brady more than Pitt did, their secondary is far better than Pitts, and they will man up. Brady’ only weakness if played right. No Gronk will hurt them. Brady will be frustrated and off time all game.

    3…. the dome factor. Atl is the scariest team in a dome, they’re built for dome play.

    4… younger faster. Takes away the experience. Changing of the gaurd is happening in the NFL. Manning walks away into the sunset with the title, Brady does not.

    5…. the cheating factor. New England wasn’t caught this year and they’ve never won one without being caught.

    The Niners new head coach will have won the Super Bowl. Bringing a championship mentality back to San Fran

  13. I was at a bar an predicted a halftime score 21-7 favoring Atlanta. The score I gave for the final was 31-24 Atlanta.

  14. Does anyone else find it odd that Brady, at 39, hasn’t lost much, if anything? I realize he’s playing in an era in which QBs are protected, but I wonder what is allowing him to perform at such a high level?

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