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Failing grade for Jim Harbaugh (Lowell column)

Here’s my dad’s column about the 49ers quarterback vacancy. He argues that Jim Harbaugh blew it with Peyton Manning, and unless he handles it correctly, could also blow it with Alex Smith. I totally disagree with the second part of his argument. My dad says the Niners need Smith. I say they’re better off going […]

Seahawks sign Flynn, Smith running out of options

Alex Smith will not be flying to Seattle this week, contrary to earlier reports. That’s because the Seahawks just signed free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to a three-year, $26 million contract ($10 million guaranteed), according to Adam Schefter. If the Niners sign Peyton Manning, Smith’s final option could be to sign with the desperate Dolphins. […]

Alex Smith gets off the mat, visits the Dolphins

Did you expect Alex Smith to take all of this sitting down? No way. While we were sleeping last night he flew all the way to Miami to workout for the Dolphins, a bad team featuring Smith’s former high school teammate, Reggie Bush. So, Smith means business. He said this to the South Florida Sun-Senitinel: “This […]