Vernon Davis on the 49ers’ final four plays of the Super Bowl: “I can’t even recall that situation.”

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: You’re old teammate, Randy Moss, said he wasn’t sure about the rhythm or rapport you have with Colin Kaepernick. Do you feel like you guys have something beyond what you had last year?

VERNON DAVIS: I do. I feel like me and Colin are on a different level than we were last year. When a quarterback just steps in, it takes some time for him to learn his receivers. That’s all based on timing. But we’ve been through minicamp, OTAs and training camp. We’ve had more than enough time to build on what we started.

Q: Randy’s not here anymore. Are you surprised at his thoughts?

VERNON DAVIS: He’s an analyst. That’s his job. His job is to critique our offense and say whatever it is that he feels it right. But my opinion is totally different that what he is saying. I think that we’re on a different level, for sure.

ME: You caught five or six passes from Kaepernick in the Super Bowl, but on the final four plays near the goal line Kaepernick didn’t once look your way. Have you been able to work on that in practice, or is that something you can practice in a pressure situation only?

VERNON DAVIS: That’s last year. I can’t even recall that situation. All I can remember is the work we put in throughout training camp, the work that we put in throughout minicamp. That’s all I can remember at the moment. I don’t look back. I continue to look forward. I can only worry about right now because we do today will set us up for the future. I’m very confident in Colin Kaepernick as well as him connecting with the rest of the receivers as well as myself.

Q: If you were an analyst, would you agree with Moss’ assessment just based on last season?

VERNON DAVIS: I don’t think you can base everything on what happened last year. A lot can change in six months. We’re talking about a whole season. This is a while back. Colin is a different man. Some of the things I learned this training camp, I didn’t learn last training camp. So, we’re in different places right now.

Q: How did the Packers play you?

VERNON DAVIS: They tried to bang me up a little bit. They put Charles Woodson on me when they went man-to-man and they just tried to take me away downfield, they would have A.J. Hawk drop back and a DB looking at me. They switch it up.

Q: Without Woodson, what do you anticipate on Sunday?

VERNON DAVIS: Hmmm. Don’t know. Not sure. I’m pretty sure they’ll try anything. They’re very creative over there.

Q: What specifically did you learn this offseason that you didn’t learn last offseason?

VERNON DAVIS: Route running. Working with the wide receivers. They really challenged me this training camp. Whatever I see them do, I try to do it better. That’s how you grow. That’s how you become a better player. Last year, I didn’t really work the wide receivers as much, maybe five times during training camp.  But I’ve been working with them all training camp. I had a chance to really detail my routes and learn what they were doing.

Q: What’s your impression of Chris Harper?

VERNON DAVIS: He’s fast. He’s explosive. He seems like a really good route runner. Athletic. He definitely fits the mold of Delanie Walker. I’m excited to see what he can help us with.

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    1. The opposing D is going to absorb a lot of hits and wear down in the 4th Q. No little men on the Niners now that AJ is gone. Gonna be physi

    1. Cowboys ride an easy schedule to a division title, No.1 seed and Super Bowl victory over the Broncos. Dez Bryant wins the MVP and gets the best of Richard Sherman in the NFC Championship.

      Seahawks win the NFC West. 49ers are a wild card team.

      1. Cowboys v Seahawks in NFC? You dirty dog! LOL.

        How about AFC? Maiocco and I are the same on 10 of 12 playoff teams. Not sure if that’s a good thing for either of us. Haha. Only differences are Cowboys and Chiefs.

        1. Here are my complete predictions:

          AFC Division winners: Broncos, Texans, Bengals, Patriots
          Wild Cards: Ravens, Colts
          AFC Championship: Broncos over Texans
          I don’t believe in the Patriots this year, mostly because I doubt Gronkowski will stay healthy.

          NFC Division winners: Seahawks, Saints, Packers, Cowboys
          Wild Cards: 49ers, Falcons

      2. The only one I really can disagree with is the Saints. I think I know your logic there, but don’t see their defense bring good enough.

      3. Grant – What does your crystal ball say Raiders regular season record will be?
        Did you know Oakland Raiders were originally named Oakland Señors?

      4. Thanks Grant…I say Raiders/Señors go 3-13 (2 wins vs lowly Chargers). Raiders should be addressed as Señors until they ever make playoffs again.

      5. Some good predictions in there Grant. I must admit I’m not convinced by the Ravens this year. I think they’ll miss out on the playoffs. Flacco after a big pay day and without Boldin and Pitta – could get ugly.

        My surprise team would be the Dolphins for a wild card spot.

        I agree the Cowboys will be better this year, but I don’t think they will win it. I still think 49ers this year – but then I am biased.

      6. And then the INT… It is Flacco’s team – they are committed to him now. And he’s got a good running game to help him out when needed. It will be interesting to see how he copes without Boldin and Pitta though.

      7. Cowboys? they are bringing in guys off the street to play D Line with a new system to learn. How will they stop anyone? Seattle would absolutely pound them.

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    1. Herm Edwards is high on the Cowboys, too. He picked them to win the NFC East, but I haven’t seen a Super Bowl prediction from him yet.

  2. Ahhhhh, the return of the game. Cheers to you ladies and gents at the beginning of a new season. I’m sipping a Mendo Gewürztraminer, salad’s made, Goat Hill Gourmet Burgers are ready for the grill and the Toscano is ‘breathing’. And I don’t particularly care who wins tonight, but I’m ready for some football. : >)

  3. Hey guys,
    I have enjoyed, for the most part, all of your comments through out the off season. My crystal ball has been retired long ago to the trash heap, along with all of those Lotto tickets/ can’t miss ‘hot tip’ stocks.
    So let the games begin…

    1. Brotha this might be the game plan against the Packers. Use Vernon and Boldin on the inside forcing their LB’s to cover. That will open CK to run or go deep outside the numbers.

      1. Yeah, Prime. Harper might not be ready this week, but Boldin, VD, and Vance MacDonald can run those routes out of running formations. Celek too on crosses and choice routes.

      1. Ravens really miss their old stars. Especialky Boldin and Pitta. Ed Reed and Lewis are seriously missed by tge Ravens D. They will be severely missed.

  4. Shrub

    It’s nice that you try to be a contrarian, but you’re just not too smart.

    Case in point, Jacoby Jones is NOT better than Anquan Boldin. And as you’ll soon learn, Tony Romo is putrid. And one more thing, the Seahawks are immensely overrated.

  5. Remember when folks were saying “Peyton Manning? Nooooo! We should stick with Alex!”

    Turns out they were right in the end though. May not have found CK if Peyton had come to SF.

    1. MSC, for everyone who wanted no part of Manning (for many reasons, salary cap at the top) I’ll counter with the geniuses who clamored for Carson Palmer, Micheal Vick, etc.

  6. John Harbaugh just resigned at $7mil/year. Brother Jim is going to be close behind. Who has it better than the Harbaugh’s?

      1. No they don’t. The TE’s are killing them. Dickson looked good when playing with Pitta. Kind of makes you wonder how Walker will do in Tennessee without Davis.

        Who knows though, maybe he will come out guns blazing.

      1. Dont believe you can call Peyton the lesser Manning when he is only the 6th quaterback in NFL history to throw for 7 touchdowns in one game. The guy is scary good, but the Ravens were gassed in the second half.

      2. Let’s remember it was a tired and depleted Ravens team he was throwing against. I know there were a lot of drops in the first quarter, but he still didn’t look great. The second half is when Baltimore gave up. Much like they did in the Superbowl.

      3. Preposterous POV! So only the destination matters?The other 52 players on the team have nothing to with the success of the team? Do the coaches matter?
        How about the difficulty of the opposition? Injuries? Fluke plays? I could go on.
        All this any many other factors come into play when attempting to win a SB, separating players based solely on Lombardi trophies is just plain silly and shortsighted. The overwhelming majority players do NOT look at it that way.
        Are you saying that Eli has more value than Peyton?
        By that thinking, I guess Brad Johnson is better than Marino and Trent Dilfer is Brett Favre’s equal. Hostetler better than Kelly? Does it sound silly yet? That’s just scratching the surface.

    1. Maybe it’s just me, but watching the game I was thinking he seemed a little off and his passes kind of fluttered a bit…definitely not the arm he once had. Having said that, he did throw 7 TDs so I’m either hallucinating or the Ravens D really sucks. The receivers were WIDE OPEN all night and Manning didn’t really get pressured much.

      1. No back end for the Ravens. Even though Reed has slowed a lot, he lined everybody up correctly and was always in the right place. I noticed that the Ravens LB’s were out of position almost all night too. They might miss Ray Ray more than they think.

        They lost all of their on the field vocal leaders, Lewis, Reed, Boldin. Replacing leadership is huge.

  7. The Broncos are the Best Team In the NFL! Well, they’re the only 1-0 team. So, yeah. Stay tuned. I’m still not ready to write off the Ravens. Its early.

    1. I think Ozzie knew it would take all the guys they had, Reed, Boldin, Ellerbe, Kruger, etc. for the Ravens to repeat. Instead they bit the bullet, got rid of their cap problems, and they’ll still compete–but not repeat.

      1. Agree Sully … when they talk about the Baltimore losses, it’s always: Lewis, Reed, Boldin … but really the best player was Kruger. Talk about zero pass rush last night.

  8. Colin (kiss my bicep) Kaepernick: We need to be seriously impressed with your performance in the opener on Sunday. Reason? Just review the way Peyton Manning shredded the Ravens tonight. The team that beat you 34-31 last February was fried to a delicate crunch by the Denver Broncos, 49-27 (and the score should not have been that close). Step up to the plate, baby. This is the NFL…

    1. Not sure I follow your logic there (though one could argue I’m being generous calling anything you write as logical). Kaepernick needs to be seriously impressive on Sunday because the AFC’s team to beat just beat the Ravens? The Ravens team that beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl is not the one that just got its butt kicked by the Broncos. They lost some key players this off-season.

    2. The niner’s formula in 2011 when they went 13-3 was not to kill the opponent, just grind out the games with running game and tough defense. I believe the keys to the season are not the wide receivers, or Kap becoming superman, just these two keys:

      1. Offensive line allow running game to control the game.
      2. Defensive line keeping pressure on opponents QB

      If we can do those two things, then Kap just needs to be a game manager, stay healthy, and ball control passing short/medium passes. If we need Kap to be superman, then even if he has it in him, he’ll likely get clobbered/killed at some point in season and then we are screwed.

  9. Manning was incredible last night. Are there still people in this room that think that the Chiefs have a shot at winning a game against the Broncos? SMH

    Funny part is the Broncos have no running game.

    1. dude… hated Alex so much now you hate the chiefs…….

      you talk as if the only team the broncos will play are the chiefs…..

    2. The Ravens have a weaker defense than last season Bay. And yes the Chiefs do have a shot at winning against the Broncos this year.

      1. Midwest,
        you are only saying that to support your claim that the Chief were a team that could potentially surprise some and make the superbowl. No way the chiefs can match the Broncos score for score. I stand by my prediction that the Chiefs are a 6-10 team.
        Manning sure proved all the critics wrong. All that were opposed to him were saying that his neck wouldn’t hold up, and that his arm strength was diminished. I got caught up in watching his performance yesterday and came to one conclusion, he is amongst the greatest. His name definitely belongs when names like Montana, Fouts, Marino, Young, Brady. The guy is just on another level and is exciting to watch.

      2. Midwest,
        you are only saying that to support your claim that the Chief were a team that could potentially surprise some and make the superbowl. No way the chiefs can match the Broncos score for score.

        1. That claim as you say was a response to a blog piece by Grant. The fact that you are still talking about it still shows shows how smart Grant was in putting that piece on this blog.
        2. Did you you that the Rams with such a weak offense could force us into a tie in our first matchup and beat us in the second one?

        One dominant showing by the Broncos offense against a revamped and apparently weaker defense doesn’t mean that another team cannot match up well against them.

      3. You have to score 34 points to beat denver.

        Or throw Manning off his timing by taking away his options and hitting him often 23.

    3. I think the Chiefs win at home against the Broncos. I think any team starting the season in Denver in the altitude is going to look bad in the second half. I also think the Ravens are just a bad team now – probably back to mediocrity. 7-9. Flacco isn’t a great QB.
      Peyton Manning didn’t come out looking phenomenal and I suspect teams will shut him down as the season goes on. Remember, they have no running game.
      It was sure fun to watch the Ravens loose though.

    4. Matt, I dont think you cant discount Peyton as much as you are. I agree, the altitude and losses allowed the Broncos to dominate in the second half. Although Peyton was passing very well. We will have to see how he looks in week two, but he has the potential to dominate with all the options he has around him. Specially if Decker can remember how to catch the ball.

    1. Montana is the better QB in a comparison between himself and any other QB, but his regular season statistics could be described as pedestrian. Football is war. Only the last man standing survives. Peyton has a losing record in the playoffs. He’s the lesser of 2 Mannings.

      1. Football is a GAME, not anything close to war. Yes, I played in HS and JC, coached a little too. It’s not war and I hate it when people compare the two. It’s a battle, but not war.

  10. speaking of betting lines,
    what’s the over/under on Colt McCoy taking the field for the entire fourth quarter because …
    A. the niners are leading by four touchdowns and it is garbage time or
    B. Kaep got relegated to the sideline with a concussion…

    Coach Harbaw: ready to roll the read/option dice?

  11. A beautifull September morning. Sunrise over the wetlands was great. Swans and Geese and Ducks taking flight for the day. Everything in its natural order. Bay and One Niner arguing about Alex. Yep, environmental equilibrium. The planet spins on.

  12. Am I the only one that wasn’t that impressed with the Broncos last night? D didn’t look that hot, no running game and Mannings game dips in the playoffs. I’ll have to see how everyone else fairs before calling them the class of the AFC, which also doesn’t amount to much as the NFC is much tougher.

    1. I agree their running game wasnt prevalent last night, but I think once Montee Ball learns how to pass block, they will present a bit better running game. Hillman isnt a great runner, but he was in for most of the snaps last night because he can throw a chip block when needed. D will look a lot better when VonMiller and Bailey are back in. DRC played a great game, shutting down who ever was across from him. Broncos looked better than I expected without their major pass rushers from last season.

  13. Ravens will be at best an 8-8 team this year. That’s obvious. Let’s see how the Broncos stack up against a younger team. Cowboys won’t win the NFC East, Philly will. Seattle isn’t nearly as good as people say — remember Detroit two years ago? Don’t underestimate the Patriots. Watch out for the Rams…

    1. Great five Jack. I would add how Staley matches up against Matthews. In the opener last season Matthews dominated the matchup while the roles reversed in the play-off game. How will it be this time?

      I’m predicting a 17-13 win for the Niners with this game mostly being a defensive struggle.

    2. Jack, great read on those five questions. The funny thing is that David Bakhtirari was on my mock drafts as a 49er pick to be their swing tackle. My hope was that he would be seeing Aldon in practice, but now is facing him as the Packers starting LT. That’s a matchup I’m going to be really watching.

      1. Thanks Space. The think with Bakhtiari is that he has been facing Matthews every day in practice for a month so it might not be quite the walkover for Smith as most of us would think.

        That being said, I think the key is to make Rodgers move, while not letting him take off upfield. He doesn’t really beat you much when having to roll out.

      2. Jack, I agree on that, too. That’s why I hope the DL can get some consistant inside penetration and force Rodgers to roll out. But with that, Brooks and Aldon can’t be overly aggressive and take themselves out of plays that would allow those upfield runs by Rodgers you’re talking about.

      3. I actually am more optimistic about Brooks’ chances against Barclay/Newhouse on the other side. Barclay is not a good pass blocker, and Brooks seems to be playing with a lot of anger. He could abuse Barclay, and thereby also abuse Rodgers

        Even if he doesn’t produce a lot of sacks, I would see it as a huge benefit for the defense if Brooks could force Rodgers to move to his left. I like it when the pass rush flushes a right-handed QB to his left (or a left-handed QB to his right) because doing so tends to greatly reduce the area the defense has to cover.

      4. Claude,

        Two things. Thanks for the link with your earlier comment. Never would have thought he was so bad at coming back.

        I agree, the right side may be their most vulnerable. It will be really important for J Smith and McDonald to stay in their rush lanes so Rodgers has to run horizontal. Anytime the QB is rolling it cuts down the amount of field the D has to cover, but I agree that flushing a right handed QB to his left is preferred. Not only is the field cut down, but it is also more difficult for him to get his shoulders turned to make a throw.

    3. Good stuff Jack.

      GB knows it must establish the run and you are right, they went out and drafted the horses to do that.
      But I believe that we will counter with a much healthier Justin & Aldon Smith. Also, Ian Williams should hold the point better them Soap because of his quickness to get to the running lanes.

      I believe that GB will have to revert back to what they best and that is PASS.

      1. If the 49ers’ gameplan is similar to what it was back in January we might not see any of Ian Williams. They played the entire game in Nickle/Dime, and in those packages Williams comes out and is replaced by Asomugha.

    4. Thanks Jack, good read.

      In question five you brought up a point that I think is one of the burning questions for the week – how will the Packers secondary handle the 49ers without Hayward and Woodson? Plus add in that one of their starting CBs, Tramon Williams, is only just coming back from injury, barely practised this training camp, and has played all of one pre-season snap.

      The Packers may need to generate a pass rush to help out their secondary. But aside from Mathews, there doesn’t appear to be anyone the 49ers won’t be able to handle. It will be very interesting to see if the 49ers receivers and Kaep can take advantage.

  14. One hit on Wilson from Cowboy in week 2, and you may be rethinking your call that the Seahawks take the division. Put him through the meat grinder- Go Niners!

    1. I love the idea, but I think Wilson is a bit to spry for Cowboy. Could happen if Brooks and Aldon take the edges and force Wilson inside the pocket. The little guy is just really good at avoiding the rush….

      Speaking of week 2, I seriously think the niners should go no huddle and have 10-12 plays scripted. Let the crowd noise make it so the defense cant make calls. For those of you who have never been, that place is ridiculously loud.

  15. Kour pass rush is about to bear the hell out of Aaron Ridgers. I guarantwe anyone tgat he takes waaaaay more hits than Kap. Our pass rush and vlitz packages are going to destroy the Pack!

      1. Ask a vet if football is war. It’s military in nature with its’ terminology, it has regimented training and synergy is needed between all ‘players’ for success and that’s where it stops.

        You don’t get timeouts in the middle of ‘war’, you can’t feign injury to stop the clock and you sure as hell don’t get special protection if your in a ‘passing stance’.

        Schematically yes, literally not even close.

      2. It’s scale and proportion. Football is a little like war. Football is a little like chess. Chess is a little like war.
        These are abstractions. Nothing, fortunately, is really like war.

  16. Side Note: Anyone selling an extra ticket to the game against Seattle next week? I’m a recently transplanted Niner fan now in Portland. I can’t make it to the opener at the Stick, but I need my 49er fix…

  17. Hey Bray, or should I say bro? Here ya loud and clear. I love football, but the war analogy has worn thin on me. I’m sure if these atheletes had actually given their time to serve this country and experienced a conflict, ….. well who knows if they even be playin’ the game.

    1. Worn thin is a good way to put it. I get the metaphoric comparison though.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if conflicts would be decided by how many times you can run with a ball in your hands past a white line?

      I love football and despise war, that’s why the comparison doesn’t set well with me.

  18. On a lighter note, A while back I posted that my lovely wife and I are traveling to Mount Rushmore to celebrate our 40th anniversary, and promised to let you all know which Niners actually made THE ROCK. we leave in the morning. More to come…………..

  19. If Harbaugh has done it right, and he usually has, the game won’t come down to Kap. SF better than GB in 4 of 5 phases should do it. Yet if you need him, Kap can carry the team with a little help from Staley

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