2015 NFL Draft wide receiver comparisons

This is what I see when I watch the wide receivers in this year’s draft class. If you disagree with me you’re probably right. I will revisit this after the Combine.

Amari Cooper: Torry Holt. Smooth route-runners who are fast, big-play receivers.

Value: First round, top 10.

Kevin White: Sidney Rice. Tall, lean downfield threats who jump high and crash to the ground. Both accelerate quickly, but neither creates much separation and neither is particularly fast.

Value: Second round.

DeVante Parker: Jordy Nelson. Tall receivers who run good routes and have good hands. Both make graceful back-shoulder catches deep down the sideline.

Value: First round.

Dorial Green-Beckham: Justin Hunter. Big, lanky, explosive athletes who get pushed around by defenders. Neither runs good routes.

Value: Third round.

Jaelen Strong: Rueben Randle. Tall possession receivers who box out cornerbacks but can’t shake them.

Value: Second round.

Devin Smith: Louis Murphy. Fast guys who were effective speed receivers in Urban Meyer’s offense.

Value: Third round.

Nelson Agholor: Steve Smith (USC). Thin slot receivers. Possession receivers. Trojans.

Value: Third round.

Rashad Greene: Emmanuel Sanders. Very thin receivers who run good routes and run fast.

Value: Late first round, early second round.

Here’s how I rank the prospects:

  1. Amari Cooper
  2. DeVante Parker
  3. Rashad Greene
  4. Kevin White
  5. Jaelen Strong
  6. Dorial Green-Beckham
  7. Devin Smith
  8. Nelson Agholor

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  1. Thanks grant for taking the time to write this! From right now to the start of free agency its a dead football time. I appreciate you taking your time to do this. Nice comparisons too.

    1. Hiring former LSU wide receiver coach, Adam Henry may be the best hire Baalke and Tomsula have done (besides Steve Logan WR Coach who infuses West Coast and Spread offenses together…caveat….it appears), both appear to have a little gravitas, and if Baalke knows where his bread is buttered he better leave them alone and keep Paraage Marathe out of the position of replay challenger from the coaching booth.

      1. I like what I read about Adam Henry. His receivers learn to attack the ball in flight. Don’t wait for it. (listening Ricardo Lockette?)

        1. Not to take credit away from Butler. He made a great play. Would have been tough for Lockett to make that catch.

  2. Edelman killed Seattle with his quickness. Philip Dorsett of Miami is the same type player that can give the c-hawks headaches.
    I take him in the 2nd if he’s on the board.
    The opposite of Dorsett is Michigan’s Devin Funchess.

    6’6 and 230lbs is a hybrid type WR/TE that can be a redzone threat and a great radius target almost anywhere on the field.
    He to is a likely a day two selection I would be OK with.

    1. Although he has some trouble with drops his speed and tenacity certainly make Dorsett an intriguing option! the guy catching my eye right now is : Tre Mcbride -http://www.rotoworld.com/recent/cfb/133387/tre-mcbride as a possible sleeper.

    2. You make a really good point about Edelman – he did tear them up. Of course, he had some guy named Brady putting the ball on him right on time, which is a huge requirement to get the most out of those small, shifty guys. It’s a great argument for the Niners to re-install the rhythm passing attack that has simply not existed by the Bay for years.

      Also, though, Roddy White dominated Sherman in that playoff game a few years ago, and he’s the big, physical type (he beat him for a long TD and would have had two if Ryan hadn’t ridiculously underthrown him on another play). Just to say there isn’t only one way to beat these guys, but rhythm passing sure worked great against them in the SB.

  3. GREEN-BECKHAM may be similar to Hunter in terms of body type, both are tall men with long strides, but Green-Beckham is a much bigger man. In terms of raw talent, and potential, IMO Dorial Green-Beckham is head and shoulders above the rest of this group. Not only that, but based on what he brings to the table now, in terms of being a “catch and go, vertical threat” with experience lining up inside and outside the numbers, and his ability to attack the ball above the rim in the redzone, he could peice make the type of immediate contribution the 49ers could really use next season. If the 49ers still have the type of veteran leadership they have been known for over the last few years, Dorial could be the proverbial “FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE!”

    1. Bechman, if someone can get his mind straight has the potential to be a star in this league. Some good coaching is needed for him to achieve his absolute ability.

      “Strengths Imposing physical specimen with outstanding height, weight and speed numbers. Smooth, effortless strides to chomp up cushion and blow by overconfident corners. Runs routes with forward lean and can activate second gear when he chooses. Rare catch radius with ability to pluck would-be interceptions and turn them into catches. Has soft, sure hands. Can see a throw late and still haul it in. Able to drive cornerbacks down the field and then break route off for wide-open look underneath. Shows flashes of special ability when ball is in the air. Plus body control. Can twist and contort in any direction in order to get his hands on a throw.”

      ” Weaknesses Play strength is a major concern. Struggles to free himself from press coverage and can be taken completely out of his routes. Runs sloppy, rounded routes. Fails to set up his breaks and frequently leads cornerbacks to his destination. Slow to adjust routes and find open space against zone. Fails to create the separation that is potentially available for him at top of routes. Rarely looks to body up cornerbacks and keep them out of the throw. Suspect work ethic. Awareness of footwork near sideline an issue. Considered a problem child at Missouri. Suspended twice by Missouri and arrested twice for marijuana-related incidents. Kicked off team at Missouri in April 2014 after details of his alleged role in an alleged burglary were released by Columbia, Mo., police. He allegedly shoved a female student down some stairs during the alleged incident, but no charges were filed. Missed entire 2014 season.”

  4. I think the 49ers will go WR in the first round. I like DeVante Parker out of this group and I think the 49ers will likely get a shot at drafting him. I really like Amari Cooper, but I think he goes too high for the 49ers.

    1. Jeff K– The Niners should go WR first round and I hope they do. It would not, however, surprise me it the didn’t. They should have taken a receiver last year long before the forth round, but they didn’t. It was a much more opportune time to fill that need. In fact it was one of the best opportunities in memory that they just passed by.

  5. There are three can’t miss 1st rounders this year.
    DBG has the highest ceiling of all of them if he works hard. Everyone else is either a one trick pony or lacks polish.
    Really hoping we get DGB. A true number one that will require over the top safety help. He also cannot slip to the HaWks. Russell Wilson’s deep ball and DGB would be a match made in heaven.

  6. Normally, I would say “roll-the-dice” and go after GREEN- BECKHAM. However, with the 49ers recent history of poor talent evaluation at the WR position (almost exclusively at that position I might add) I would rather they target KEVIN WHITE, who looks like this year’s best all-around WR, even if that means trading up a few spots in round one, or I would like to see them target DEVIN SMITH either late in the first round or early in the second, or PHILLIP DORSETT somewhere in the third round. IMO, Smith and Dorsett are the two top Wr’s in this class, in terms of the ability to “blow the top off” of NFL defenses!!

  7. I like Smith a lot more than you do.. i thought the senior bowl practices proved he could work I underneath..with our second pick id like the rb from Miami and Dorsett in the 3rd round.. im assuming we get a FA cb

  8. Good stuff Grant. Can’t say I 100% agree with all of your comparisons, but not wildly off the mark either.

    When I’ve got some more time I’ll have a stab myself.

  9. Stefon Diggs will be the best WR out of this class. Perriman and Coates will be right behind him. Funchess is the wildcard. Could be an Alshon Jeffrey type as a WR or bulk up and become a TE.

      1. Diggs is explosive. He’s also fragile. Can’t stay on the field. Worth a shot in the 6th if he’s there. Nice part is he’s a return man.

  10. Interesting comparisons…I think the combine is going to really shake up a lot of the perceived rankings currently being thrown around. While I think Cooper is fine player, I actually believe both Parker and possibly even White may get picked ahead of him. I envision both of those players testing out really well in Indy.

    I also see Dorsett getting a lot of buzz as we inch closer to the draft. His 40 time will certainly jump him up the ladder.

  11. Grant my question to you is,How is White Slow? I watched him play and He has speed and He does get seperation, not sure what you are seeing,and besides White is NFL ready,,,,Iliked that you took the time to write this articlebut, I think you are a little off on White,and it is Parker who does not get much seperation,Him and Strong.

  12. i like the Holt and Ginn comparisons. White is much better than Sidney Rice ever was. Dorsett is a stud, left him off. Perriman also has some huge potential. Greene will not get drafted before DGB, White and shouldn’t be drafted before Dorsett or Perriman. Dorsett will be a second round pick and Perriman might sneak into the late second. If the Niners have a chance at Dorsett in the second we better grab him. I hope we trade down in the first to get a extra third.

  13. Amari Cooper = Torry Holt is a good comparison. Cooper probably isn’t as fast as Holt was, but he’s that type of player. Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne would also be pretty apt comparisons. He’s easily my favourite WR in this draft class. Top 10 sounds right.

    Kevin White = Sidney Rice is also a good comparison. He’s got that same good speed and athleticism for his size, though not elite, and strong hands. White is a little bit more muscled up than Rice was though. Like Rice, White is quite raw coming out of college and may take some development time. Rice was starting to really come on before he started having his injury issues – without the injuries he’d likely have had a very good career. If White avoids injury, he too could be a good player once he cleans up some technique issues. As I’ve mentioned in other threads his “one year wonder” status does have me concerned, as does the tail off in production at the end of last season, but I think he warrants a first round grade.

    DeVante Parker = Jordy Nelson. Nice one. I too love his ability to make the over the shoulder grab. He makes it look easy. Really tracks the ball well. Great timing and coordination too. I’ve also seen comparisons to DeAndre Hopkins and I can see that too given the way he runs his routes, his excellent reach and timing, ability to climb the ladder and concentration and make the big play downfield despite attention. My second favourite WR in this draft.

    Dorial Green-Beckham = Justin Hunter. Not a bad comparison, but DGB has that extra height and size too him which makes him harder to re-route, out-muscle and out position for the ball. He also has better hands – Hunter’s hands are really suspect. Plax Burress may be a better comparison. Physically DGB is the elite athlete of the WRs in this draft, but I prefer others as football players. Without the personal issues he’d be a lock to be a first rounder, but with the personal issues I prefer others.

    Jaelen Strong = Rueben Randle. Not a big fan of this comparison, outside of they are both guys that have size but lack speed. Randle has good but not great hands and isn’t as physical as he should be for his size. I’ve seen a comparison to Marques Colston which I think is a good one in terms of where his ceiling is. Like Colston, Strong plays a highly physical game, has very good hands, makes a lot of catches in traffic, but isn’t fast or good at getting separation. Plenty of WRs with similar size but speed limitations as Strong have worked out in the NFL, and so can Strong. But there are also plenty that haven’t. I’m not his biggest fan. Second round for mine.

    Devin Smith = Ted Ginn. Same size and both have speed to burn, but Devin Smith is far superior to Ginn when it comes to making plays on the ball downfield. He does an excellent job tracking the ball. I think Alvin Harper might be a decent comparison, though Harper was bigger. But they both have that excellent speed, decent size and athletic ability to go up and make the grab to be very dangerous deep threats. Harper was a great complementary player for the Cowboys, and Smith has the ability to be a similar complementary player for some team that opens things up for everyone. But what round do you take a complementary player? I think late second to third round.

    Nelson Agholor = Steve Smith. Not bad, but of the USC WRs I think he is closer to Marqise Lee than Smith. Similar type of athlete. But I think he is actually a little more explosive than Lee, and runs better routes. He’s actually pretty similar to Amari Cooper, but less polished. He was a RB in high school but has improved in leaps and bounds as a WR each year at USC. If Jaelen Strong and Devin Smith are considered by draft experts as potential first rounders, I really don’t see why Agholor isn’t. A late first to second round grade I think is fair.

    Rashad Greene = Emmanuel Sanders. I’m a Greene fan, and the Sanders comparison is a good one. Late first to second sounds right to me.

    There are other WR prospects I like as well, but I’ll get into them another time.

    1. Appreciate the comment.

      I saw the Colston comparison for Strong. I like it, but Strong seems to struggle a bit over the middle, and that’s where Colston makes his living. Strong seems to drop too many passes over the middle. Dwayne Bowe isn’t a bad comparison, although Bowe was faster than Strong was Bowe was Strong’s age.

      For Nelson Agholor, what do you think of Anthony Gonzalez as a comparison?

      1. Physically I think they’ll test about the same – similar size and I imagine they’ll have similar timed and measured athletic ability. But Gonzalez really was more of a slot WR type, more of a possession WR. I think Agholor is a guy that can do more than that, and can provide a threat at all levels of the field from the slot or from the outside WR positions.

  14. 1. Devante Parker-A.J. Green
    2. Amari Cooper-Greg Jennings
    3. Kevin White-Larry Fitzgerald
    4. Jaylen Strong-Art Monk
    5. Tyler Lockett-T.Y. Hilton
    6. DGB-Randy Moss
    7. Justin Hardy-Jerry Rice
    8. Devin Funchess-Braylon Edwards

    1. I thought of Larry Fitzgerald as soon as I saw Kevin White because of his body shape and hair cut are so similar. Many have him taken at (or before) the mid first. One reporter had him the best in the draft class.

      Overall, this WR draft class looks way behind 2014. I hope the 49ers didn’t miss the boat last year.

    2. Razor….Good comparisons…I especially like the Jaylon Strong= Art Monk….I did love Monk

  15. None of these comparisons matter. Balke is going to continue to build the niners in the Parcels fashion, strong up the middle and big wide receivers who can block. The patriots gave the perfect blueprint for beating Seattle in the Super Bow, quick wide receivers and an accurate quarterback with a quick release. CK is a gifted athlete who is neither accurate of quick with his release. Even if the Seahawks regress next year we will have a tough time beating them with the design in place.

    BTW: Parcels is overrated.

    1. At this point the 49ers could feel so snake bit drafting receivers, they might throw darts at 4th rounders every year, spending premium draft picks on positions they know how to scout.

    2. Parcels is not my favorite system, but it had a contrarian advantage in 2011. The league was so pass happy, defenses were less experienced dealing with clock chewing power run schemes. Players that fit the scheme could have had late in the draft (Bruce Miller) making it draft capital cheap.

      Now the league’s catching up. Defenses are well versed in what the 49ers, SeaRoids, Ravens do. Now Washington is joining the fun with Scot McCloughan as GM. The “contrarian advantage” is lessens even more. The 49ers now have several other teams trying to do the same thing… and competing for the same draft prospects.

      Also, the NFL is constantly tweaking rules to favor PPPPQBs (pretty pale pocket passing QBs) because they believe it brings bigger audiences and more revenue.

  16. Grant this year is slimmer pickings for TE’s -interested in your take on Maxx Williams as a niner prospect if for instance we trade down to a lower position in the first.

    1. Fast, productive, and can be had in the mid rounds …

      Baalke will not risk taking a WR in the 1st round. He’s gun shy and doesn’t want another bust on his hand. Like Primetime and some other bloggers have said, this is a make or break year for Baalke. He better produce or his arse is gone.

      1. Dip– What you are saying about Baalke is common sense, but it might not hold true with York. York might be too invested in Trent. He probably will stick with him longer than he should like they stuck with AJ. Trent Baalke as GM is tied to Yorks decision to get rid of Harbaugh and to fire him might imply that Harbaugh was not the sole problem as they made him out to be. The main problem with the front office is ego and that usually results in decisions based not on reason but saving face. Baalke and York’s ego are tied at the waist so he will get a lot of free passes.

    2. I like Montgomery too, but in Ellington and Patton the 49ers already have two receivers with a similar skill set. He really struggled with catching the ball at the Senior Bowl too.

      1. At Stanford it always seemed to me that Ty Montgomery was always on the verge. I was perpetually waiting for some kind of light to go on.

        1. Htwaits Having Hogan as your QB would stunt the growth of any WR. I believe he will be a much better pro than he was a college player.

      2. I must admit I just can’t get myself to like Montgomery as a prospect. He reminds me of a less physically gifted Percy Harvin. I really think he’s a guy that offensive coordinators will have to game plan ways to get him the ball in space, because he really struggles to get himself open.

  17. Grant….Nice comparisons….and very well thought out replys from thje blog….’specially Razor’s list…A+’s all !

        1. These aren’t Grandpa’s TE’s Scooter. Pretty much glorified receivers. What he’s not is an inline TE, but flex him out and he becomes a match up nightmare. He just has to be more consistent catching the football in my opinion….

          1. When you say he’s not an inline TE, that would seem to imply that he’s probably not a good blocker? Blocking has been a big requirement for TEs and now that we’ll supposedly be running even more…..

            1. I don’t think razor was thinking about how he may be used at the 49ers, but more what his skill set is in general. Correct, razor?

          2. Yeah, what I mean is do you see him as a guy that will spend most of his time as a perimeter WR, or do you see him more as a flex TE, that operates effectively as a big slot WR like Jimmy Graham? Based on what you said I believe you see him as a flex TE. Braylon Edwards would seem an odd comparison with that in mind.

            As a perimeter WR I don’t like him. As a flex TE I think he can have some success, but he doesn’t offer the same sort of size and athleticism combination as the likes of Graham. To be honest I think Coby Fleener may be his best comparison.

            1. Besides wearing the same number at Michigan and both of them possessing plenty of talent, they’re both known for dropping as many big ones as they caught. I think he could have some success outside in the right scheme….

            2. D.Funchess is an exceptional talent. His stats could have been slightly compromised by unstable QB play.
              I like his ability to go after the ball without hesitation and his size and wing span provide a big target.

              Funchess also has above average speed for his body size and could possibly pack on another 10 lbs of muscle which would make him quite a physical matchup for any defense.
              He will go early in the 2nd.

  18. I haven’t followed the college game as much as most of you have and I really appreciate these excellent posts by all of you. Thanks. It gives those of us with minimal knowledge in that area something to chew on. This is one reason I come to this site. Lots of good stuff.

  19. I will tell you what, beshard perriman from UCF looks awesome. 6’3 212, fast, strong, makes difficult catches.. I wouldn’t mind that guy in the second rnd at all.

    1. Helmet hair has the Niners taking Perriman in the first. I like his potential but not in the first round. You never know though. He could run a ridiculous 40 at the combine and teams elevate him because of it.

      1. Greg Cosell likes him too.
        “Central Florida WR Perriman impressed me. Going to be high draft choice. Size, movement can evoke Julio Jones”

  20. Like others have already said, Devin Smith is one thousand times the receiver Ted Ginn is, was, or ever will be. He should be selected no later than the 2nd. Personally I think he’s eventually a top flight #2 or adequate #1 receiver.

  21. Colin Kaepernick’s cost is already set in stone. If he improves the 49ers have a bargain. Baalke can cut him right now if he has a better alternative. Do you?

    1. I don’t see a better alternative available if they cut him.

      Questions for the group.
      1. Would you trade him straight up for Mariota?
      2. Would you trade him straight up for Winston?

      1. Who would make that trade if Kaepernick isn’t going to improve? If someone did make that trade then it would be at least two or three more years before great results would be conceivable. Would I have traded today’s Kaepernick for Luck out of college? Yep.

        1. Yoda,

          The argument for trading Kap would be mostly financial because you’re trading his salary too. If you’re a team that’s gonna rely on defense and the run game having a rookie QB(on a rookie contract) with limited responsibility could allow you to fortify your team in other areas. Plus you have the upside of a young talented QB.

      2. I wouldn’t trade Kap for either one. Obviously there are a lot here who would, but I see no way it would be advisable to trade him for a similar player in Mariota, or a character risk in Winston. There is also the fact neither one of these guys has played a down of pro football while Kap has gone to two NFCCG’s and a SB.

        If you told me I could trade him for QB’s the caliber of Rodgers or Luck, it would be a different story.

        1. Rocket,
          Of course you’d trade Kap for Rodgers or Luck. But who would trade Rodgers or Luck for Kap?

          (Hint: nobody)

    2. The post I replied to now seems to be gone. This is one strange blog package.

      The topic was Baalke wouldn’t draft a receiver number one because he wants to ruin Kaepernick’s career. Also strange.

      1. Yeah, this blog has format issues. When posts get deleted it just exacerbates them. Niners Nation has the best board. It automatically shows new posts (so you don’t have to refresh) and you can post pics and GIFs right to the board.

        1. George, the post may have been a joke. Things are so messed up in this thread it’s no worth trying to post replies. If I was a young writer, I would be yelling for an upgrade to something that is more reliable.

          This post should be indented from your “jest” post. My bet is that it will not be.

          1. Things are still messed up when I switch browsers and eliminate all cookies. They need to reboot. Maybe Mary has hacked the blog software.

              1. Kaep ain’t getting’ traded … leastwise
                any time soon …

                ‘specially after doing .. THIS .. with Vernon ..

                (They’re both supposed to be in this pic, but, somehow ..
                I don’t see them)

  22. The Niners are not taking a WR in the first round. It will be a DT or a CB. Lots of good WRs in FAs and in the draft.

    1. Undercenter I agree. My early prediction is the 9ers trading back about 10 spots and drafting Aric Armstead DE out of Ore.

        1. Ucenter I agree and by trading down we can pick up an extra 2nd and draft a WR and CB in the 2nd rd.

          1. Old Coach – Sounds like a plan to me. Should be able to pick up a really good WR in the second. I have not checked into CBs yet, do you have a recommendation on a CB?

          2. According to the draft value chart, a team currently slated to draft 25th could trade, at even value, their first round and second round pick for our first round pick at position 15. The team currently drafting 29th in the first round would have to give up their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for our 15th (1050 points versus 1060 points). Of course other scenarios are possible including trading 2016 draft picks. But, preliminarily, if we just look at 2015, we’re looking at teams drafting 25th and lower. Those teams are Carolina, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Seattle (no way in hell), New England.

            I don’t know what the needs of those teams are. Just looking at the list it would seem that Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis and New England might not be objectionable (i.e. we don’t play them in the regular season in 2015 – not sure if that is really a good criteria).

    2. Undercenter,
      I tend to lean with your sense as well.
      Although last year’s WR crop was on of the best in recent history, this year’s crop is not that bad.
      There may not be the Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr. big name types in this year’s group but I believe that this group will provide WR’ that will go 3 rounds deep that could be very good.

      With that in mind, I believe we go after our WR in the 2nd rd. Also, we still have to give Q.Patton and B.Ellington an opportunity to show-up and see what they offer.

      I was leaning more towards an O-lineman with our first pick but it could be a DT or CB.

  23. I really like Greene out of this group.
    He’s got super-soft hands, runs really crisp routes and yes, he’s quick.
    Not sure about his down-field blocking–you don’t normally get alot of film on that.
    Not very big of course, but his other attributes more than make up for it.
    This kid is used to the spotlight and comes up big in big games.
    Those qualities, in addition to his skill set should make for an easy transition to the pro level.
    He returns punts too but I don’t know how he’d compare with Ellington in that role.
    To me, he looks to be the most pro-ready of the lot you have there.
    Watching him play, he just looks like he knows what he’s he’s doing, all the time.
    He’s pegged to go late-first but it wouldn’t suprise me to see him go closer to mid-first to a WR-needy team.
    Do we know of any WR-needy teams???

  24. If Brandon Marshall gets cut, I’m wondering if he deserves consideration for a one or two-year deal? He’ll be 31 at the start of the 2015 season.

    1. It looks like the order in which posts show up is totally screwed up. It was mentioned that a post was deleted, which probably caused this problem.

  25. Devin Smith: Louis Murphy. Fast guys who were effective speed receivers in Urban Meyer’s offense.

    1. The main difference between Smith and Murphy is that Smith does a very good job of going up and making a play for the ball on deep throws. He isn’t passive, he attacks it, and does a good job of high pointing the ball. He also does a good job of tracking and adjusting to the ball deep.

      1. No, Smith isn’t passive. I saw him attack and high point a deep ball against Wisconsin, but I’ve seen Murphy high point a deep ball, too. Neither guy has good hands.

        1. Fair enough. I’ve not watched a lot of Murphy but from what I have seen I thought he was a bit passive, more willing to let the ball come to him rather than go up and get it.

    2. As a Florida fan who lives in Columbus, I’ve watched just about every OSU and UF football game in the past two decades, and I disagree with that comparison. I’ve seen every game of both Smith’s and Murphy’s collegiate careers, and I believe that Smith is a much more explosive playmaker than Murphy.

      I think Devin Smith will be very similar to what Justin Blackmon should’ve/could’ve been.

      1. Whoops, I wasn’t done typing. The main difference (on the field) is that Smith is much faster than Blackmon.

        1. Similar in size, both run good routes, both are quick and explosive, both have a great catch radius and a nose for finding soft spots in coverage. Blackmon is a more physical player, but I think people will eventually realize Smith is much more than just a 9 specialist. I’ve seen him manhandle guys in practice and was always surprised by the way Meyer used him in games. Yeah he’s a fantastic threat running 9’s all day, but he is capable of being a complete receiver.

          But the more I think about it, I agree it’s not a very good comparison. I think Odell Beckham or Cordarrelle Patterson would be a better comp.

  26. I really like Greene out of this group.
    He’s got super-soft hands, runs really crisp routes and yes, he’s quick.
    Not sure about his down-field blocking–you don’t normally get alot of film on that.
    Not very big of course, but his other attributes more than make up for it.
    This kid is used to the spotlight and comes up big in big games.
    Those qualities, in addition to his skill set should make for an easy transition to the pro level.
    He returns punts too but I don’t know how he’d compare with Ellington in that role.
    To me, he looks to be the most pro-ready of the lot you have there.
    Watching him play, he just looks like he knows what he’s he’s doing, all the time.
    He’s pegged to go late-first but it wouldn’t suprise me to see him go closer to mid-first to a WR-needy team.
    Do we know of any WR-needy teams???

  27. Chris Mortensen tweet via MM:
    Jeff Garcia will interview for Rams quarterbacks coach job Thursday.

    1. Iggy needs to start a new thread.
      Hard to blog with things this out-of-whack.

  28. Weird.
    I tried to post something with regard to DGB but it reposed my first post about Greene instead…and not even in the correct spot.
    I thought Freaky was on Friday…

      1. I know right? I mean it’s shocking that a MVP SuperBowl winning QB isn’t whoring himself out to anyone who’ll listen. Clearly he feels like he has a lot still to prove in this league, unlike Jeff Garcia who can just sit back and regard the laurels of his successful career.

      2. I believe K.Warner could apply for and likely get almost any job he wants in the NFL, but like rocket said, he isn’t begging for any.

        I would be happy for Garcia if he can land the Rams gig. The guy has a reservoir of football knowledge that needs to be tapped.

    1. Prediction: Under Jeff’s tutelage, Sam Bradford will become the next Akili Smith.

        1. Actually, I think Davis has a chance to be pretty good.
          Did you know he was a walk-on at Southern Miss?
          Pretty cool.

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