49ers 13, Seahawks 24: Grades

SANTA CLARA – Here are the 49ers’ grades after their 24-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

QUARTERBACKS: C. This felt like a repeat of the Week 6 game against the Redskins. C.J. Beathard checked down too quickly and missed open receivers because he was shell-shocked after weeks of taking punishment, just like Brian Hoyer against Washington. Then Jimmy Garoppolo came in and played confidently while he avoided the pass rush and made plays, just like Beathard against Washington. If Garoppolo remains the quarterback going forward – and it seems he probably will – I wonder how confidently he’ll play by the end of the season once he’s taken the beating Beathard and Hoyer took.

RUNNING BACKS: C-minus. The Seahawks game plan on defense was to shut down Carlos Hyde, and they accomplished that. They put eight defenders in the box for most of the game and held Hyde to just 2.9 yards per carry. They also held him to only three yards per catch. The Niners should have given more touches to Matt Breida, who ran once for 12 yards. He has a future on this team. Hyde probably doesn’t. I expect he will sign with the highest bidder this offseason, and I doubt the 49ers will be the highest bidder.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D-plus. Marquise Goodwin was the only receiver talented enough to exploit the Seahawks’ depleted secondary, and he missed a quarter with a foot injury. This unit needs an overhaul.

TIGHT ENDS: D-minus. Garrett Celek gained seven yards and committed a 10-yard block-in-the-back penalty. So, he was a net-negative. George Kittle caught one pass for 14 yards.

OFFENSIVE LINE: F. Joe Staley seems old and slow. He gave up a sack to someone I haven’t heard of. Trent Brown missed the game with a shoulder injury, and his replacement, Erik Magnuson, gave up the hit that knocked Beathard out of the game. How would you like to play quarterback when Magnuson is playing right tackle?

DEFENSIVE LINE: C. This group held the Seahawks to just three yards per carry. But the Niners defensive line never sacked Russell Wilson, and repeatedly let him escape the pocket. DeForest Buckner, Solomon Thomas and the rest of the D-linemen kept diving at Wilson’s feet and creating open throwing lanes for the 5’11” quarterback. Not smart.

LINEBACKERS: C. This group shares the credit with the D-line for shutting down the Seahawks run game. But Brock Coyle gave up a rushing touchdown when he blew his assignment on a zone-read play. He was responsible for Wilson, who kept the ball and scored. Coyle ran after the running back instead. And Reuben Foster struggled as a quarterback spy. Early in the game, Foster let Wilson run right around him on third down. Foster looked like a stiff.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C. Eric Reid picked off Wilson on the first play of the game. That was the highlight for this group. Cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon tried to jam Jimmy Graham near the goal line, but whiffed and gave up a touchdown catch. And Dontae Johnson committed pass interference in the end zone. This unit isn’t good.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. Bradley Pinion punted nine times and shanked at least three.

COACHES: D. Robert Saleh got the defense to play hard, which is admirable. But he couldn’t stop Wilson in the second half. Saleh kept rushing only three or four defenders, so Wilson always had at least one lane to throw or run through. A fifth pass rusher would have clogged that lane, but Saleh rarely used a fifth rusher.

On offense, Kyle Shanahan couldn’t find anything that worked until Garoppolo came in at the end. After the game, Shanahan seemed upset. I interpret this to mean he didn’t want to play Garoppolo, but had to. And now Shanahan probably has to play Garoppolo the rest of the season. Shanahan has no choice. Fans would revolt if he went back to Beathard.

Don’t be mad, Kyle. You brought this on yourself. Had you signed a third quarterback like I said you should have, you could have kept Garoppolo on the bench where you want him. Plan ahead next time.

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  1. I agree, Grant. I don’t get the sense the 49ers have any intention of signing Mr. Hyde to a lucrative contract. I think he goes the way of Goldson.

    I think Saleh drops defensive lineman into coverage too much, and agree his game plan lacked wisdom.

      1. Diesel,
        Put down your whiskey and blow, arguing is for the 1970’s. It’s dead, you’re dead, inside. Get a life, meet a girl, enough ranting please.

    1. I look for Hyde to be gone, Saleh to be fired, he’s done NOTHING for the D. He’s a Ken Norton number 2. As for the grades, everybody gets an F from the QB to the Special Teams to the drip of a coach in Kyle Shanahan. Expect 6 years of failure and no more then 6 wins a year, and I’m being very generous with my prediction. Jed York, sell the team!

      1. lol. Norton was a fall-guy for a crappy unit. You’re trying to make Saleh the fall-guy for a crappy unit. Not a single one of you whiners has an actual clue to why the defense is struggling.

      2. Decent defenses look much worse than they actually are when their offense keeps them on the field by not getting first downs. In addition to getting “gassed” as Grant points out, they simply get discouraged. What good does it do to bust your ass to stop the opposing offense and get the ball back to your offense when they just 3 and out and put you back on the field? I think a lot of fans would be surprised how this defense would look if the offense would only do its job. Next year, good pass protection and better receivers = at least a competitive 49er team.

      3. Could n’t agree more
        Six more years of losing. Jed might as well have kept Chip Kelly and we probably would have had a better record than this. I did not understand the mindless purge of all things Baalke/Kelly.
        The NFl has all of a sudden turned into the BFL It is no longer sports league but a business. Where all decisions are made on financials and the “pre-civil war” mentality of some owners.

  2. “Don’t be mad, Kyle. You brought this on yourself. Had you signed a third quarterback like I said you should have, you could have kept Garoppolo on the bench where you want him. Plan ahead next time.”

    You have no evidence to suggest that Shanahan wants to keep Garoppolo on the bench next week. That decision won’t be made until Wednesday.

      1. He clearly didn’t want to play him today, but was OK with it if CJ got injured. This has been obvious since they decided to only carry two QBs.

        KS has a package of plays for JG. JG is the emergency QB. If CJ were to get injured, (like today) JG would play. Only carrying two QBs doesn’t strike me as wanting to protect your investment.

        KS has been honest about the QB situation going back to Hoyer. KS kept saying CJ wasn’t ready. When CJ was ready, he saw action.

        KS could have told JG to take a knee or hand off. Instead, JG was allowed to run and pass. Can we please stop the bubble wrap conspiracy theory?

        1. Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo. Shanahan repeatedly had said he wants to put Garoppolo in position to be successful, which isn’t possible this season.

          1. Grant,

            All you can say for sure is that KS didn’t want to play JG today because he didn’t start. KS has said that it’s a day to day situation, and he has said that JG might not see the field this year. KS also said JG might play this year. The key word is might. You are just guessing about what you think KS wants to do. You have zero proof, but you state this as a fact.


            As I said, I don’t think they wanted to play JG today, but the rest of the season is uncertain.

            I think KS wants to play JG if and when he’s ready. Grant thinks KS wants to bubble wrap JG for the year. Either Grant or myself could be right or wrong. Yet Grant is acting like his opinion is an absolute fact.

            1. From talking to people in the organization, I got a strong indication Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season. Shanahan wanted to slow play it.

              1. “From talking to people in the organization…”

                Ah, anonymous sources. Sources that you never mentioned before now. Sources that would have corroborated this article. Sorry, I’m not buying it. Did Russian hookers urinate on KS too?

            2. 80, that’s just Grant. I do think they didn’t want to play JG and the reactions seem to echo that.

              Certainty isn’t something anyone is privy to but it’s at least a strong indication of intent that they didn’t play him at all. If reps are needed as many contend then when the game was out of reach they could have inserted JG without much clamor. My read is they were keeping him under wraps but didn’t want to be completely in the tank, so to speak! That would lose them the current players, so they played a game of maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

          2. True. But no team goes into a game hoping that the backup qb gets into the game. Because if they do then they’re either playing terribly or get hurt.

            Do you have some conspiracy theory about all of this? Some dark reason as to why?

          3. He did put him in a position to be successful. Very little time. No time outs. Inside the red zone.
            JG had time for only a few plays. Sure, the game was not on the line, but Seahawks were not in a prevent defense. They wanted to stop the Niners from scoring.
            I wanted to see JG play. He did play. I wanted to see how he responded to adversity. JG was cool, calm, collected. I expected him to take a sack with the collapsing pocket. He rolled out, bought time with his legs, and was clutch. I just wanted him to hand off, his fierce competitive spirit emerged. He threw a strike for a TD, something CJB struggled and failed to do for close to 59 minutes.
            I saw JG play, and he played like Joe Montana. Kept his eyes downfield, good pocket presence and flicked his wrist for an accurate pass. I do not need to see more. I do not need to see JG play behind the present porous O line for 60 minutes. Maybe JG could get rid of the ball quickly, and he is nimble and agile enough to avoid the pass rush. However, JG is worth way more to another team desperate to get a decent QB. He is worthless if he gets his knee blown out like CJB might have.
            The Niners should declare that JG has shown enough in that last minute, because JG was basically perfect. He came in cold, but was sizzling hot. The Niners should openly and truthfully say that it does not matter how familiar JG is with the playbook, he is worth more if he is uninjured. No knock on JG, but it is a business decision, which also is considering JG’s well being. These last games are meaningless, and it would be reckless to expose JG to possible injury.
            The Seahawks could generate a fierce pass rush with only 4 rushers, and they ran by every O lineman, even Staley. This O line is a QB killer. The result of this game is a huge warning to the Niners. If they want 2 first round picks, they need to sit JG. CJB was a mobile QB, and he still got bludgeoned. JG should expect the same treatment.
            JG would be able to select his landing spot. If he likes the Niners, great. Let them rebuild the O line through free agency and the draft. It could be much improved next season. Denver has a good defense, and good offensive weapons. It only lacks a good QB. Jags also have a good defense, and a mediocre QB. Texans might want to hedge their bets and not count on Watson returning, because he re-injured his knee. Miami, Buffalo and Jets might also be good landing spots, but Belichick traded him to the NFC West so JG would be out of their division. Brady, Dalton, Alex Smith, Breeze, Rivers and Rothlisberger all are nearing retirement ages, and their teams may covet JG. Instead of struggling on a rebuilding team, he could compete for the playoffs, so it would be in JG’s best interest to choose a team, and persuade that team to give up at least 2 first round draft picks.
            I have seen JG play, and he is the real deal. There is no logical reason to see him play any more this season. JG might want to play, but he also wants a big pay day, and he will not get one if he shreds his knee behind these turnstile O linemen. He proved his worth and we can make an assessment of his play, even though it was a small sample size.
            So what should the Niners do? They should openly shelve JG, and sign Kaep. They do not care if they win or lose the rest of the season. Kaep gives them the best chance to win, but maybe they would sign a house painter or a minor league baseball player if they truly want to tank.
            Grant says they need to sign a QB, and Kaep is the best FA QB available. Patching up CJB and letting him stand behind those turnstiles would be cruel, so they should be cautious, and shut him down. Kaep, with his mobility and elusiveness, might actually survive behind that line, and he is also another QB who wants to play. The owners are at risk to voiding the CBA if the grievance is successful, so signing Kaep should be a huge priority for the league, and since Kaep played for the Niners before, here he would have many loyal fans.
            Kaep may be a big turnoff for some fans, but there are more fans who are turned off by the intolerance and hate, with barely disguised racial overtones. There are many veterans who do not mind if Kaep protests, so the haters are actually a small vocal minority. Protesting non violently is a cornerstone to our democracy, and is American as apple pie. Kaep protests because he loves America. History will not be kind to his detractors, because Kaep wants liberty and justice for all.

            1. Sitting an athlete because you fear injury and making him sit and watch some other poor fool get mauled in his place is unprofessional and will certainly not earn the respect of your players, not to mention JG’s teammates. Good try though. You obviously didn’t play the game much. The only issue at stake is can JG help the team compete at any given time. That’s it, period. Unfortunately with his appearance Sunday, no matter how short, it is going to be very difficult now to argue that he doesn’t give the team a better chance to compete. The 49ers injured list is longer than usual this year. That’s part of the game. If all those guys can risk going down, so can their teammate Jimmy G. It’s spelled T-E-A-M.

              1. They have written off this season, and are thinking for the future.
                I was one of those who insisted that he play, just to help assess his worth.
                I have seen him play, and he does not need to throw another pass this season to convince me he is a franchise QB.
                Imagine the howling if he does play, then gets injured. JL and KS would be excoriated for risking JG behind that porous turnstile O line. Kaep was bludgeoned and injured, Gabbert failed, Hoyer failed and now CJB is injured because the Niner O line failed to protect the QB.
                It is just business, and shelving him may be what JG wants, too. He cannot get a huge payday if he gets bludgeoned and injured.
                Sure, he wants to play, but his trade value is white hot, and if he gets injured, his trade value would be a six pack of Schlitz.
                The team would understand their reasoning, and it is not like they are going to miss out of the playoffs if he does not play. JG is worth 2 first round picks. They should stop dithering about familiarity about the terminology, and just be honest.

              2. If you’re scenario is correct then the smart move would be pick all of the players who are certain to be in the 49ers future plans and have them all sit, watch and learn. You really just don’t understand the competitive nature of athletes. Just because they’re paid enormous amounts of money means nothing. It is the same at any level: when the passion for playing is gone, your career is over. Period. It’s what Lynch and KS say when they speak of culture. Anyone who is content to sit, watch and learn while his teammates play every week does not have what it takes to be competitive. Players don’t actually play to win, they play to compete with the best at their level and do whatever they have to do to excel.

              3. Whine, They traded for JG, and did not play him, until CJB became injured. He did not attend the OTAs, TC and the preseason. This season is lost, with no playoffs.
                Thinking about the future, We should look at JG differently from the other players. Sitting the team is really not an option. Sitting JG is a good business decision. The rest of the players want to play, and should play. However, if the Niners want to build towards the future, getting 2 first round picks may be the the best course of action. Then, they can sign Cousins because they can out bid Washington, and have 7 possible picks in the first 3 rounds.
                Yes, the competitive spirit is important, and players want to play, even JG. However, JG has been content to sit behind Brady for years, so he should not be impatient for 5 meaningless games, protected by a turnstile O line.
                ‘Players do not actually play to win, they play to compete’. Wrong. They compete to win, and winning is the all consuming drive. This team, with its 1-10 record, is not winning, but the ultimate goal is to improve, and build a winning culture.
                This team will not win if they take unnecessary risks. They might incur another self inflicted wound if they play JG without adequately protecting him. Losers defeat themselves. Winners think strategically, and look at the big picture.
                I hope the Niners think things things through. Injuries are a fact of life, and NFL football has a terrible attrition rate. I really do not need to see him play any more this year. JG and his 67 seconds, showed everything I want in a franchise QB.
                It is not JG’s call to play or not. If KS shuts him down, JG will not be found to not be a team player. KS just needs to say that he is thinking about the future, and is making a prudent business decision.

            2. Haha!

              You finally get to the gist of your long-winded sermon……….It’s…….all……..about……….Kap!!

              Your not a 9er fan, Seb~your a Kap fan who wants the 9ers to be the vehicle by which you glorify him. Look up the definition-that is precisely what you do with this guy, glorify a human being.

              “………..Kap wants liberty and justice for all”.–Just like Superman!!!!! We can start calling him “Kaptain America”!!!!!!!!!! And if u dont, your filled with hate!!!!!!!!!

              Except for one very small thing…when Captain America throws his shield, he hits what he aims at!

              1. Saw, thanks for admitting you are filled with hate.
                JG has proven his worth, and he is more valuable healthy, than possibly injured.
                CJB , thankfully, is not seriously injured, but he may not be 100% healthy, so the Niners need contingency plans.
                Kaep is the best available FA QB. Sure, he is being blackballed, but here is an opportunity to negate his grievance. Yes, I am a fan of Kaep, but I also am a fan of the Niners. You seem to be intolerant of any person being a fan of a player, especially if it is Kaep. I just think he would be a good candidate to start for these last 5 meaningless games.
                If he did sign with the Niners, you would probably root for him to fail, so you would be rooting against the Niners. If he did fail, you would be happy they get a high draft position. If he did win, you would be unhappy about losing the second pick in the draft, but I would be happy because he would help start that winning culture.
                Conversely speaking, you are against liberty and justice for all, which defines you as a hater. Glad you freely admit that.

        2. 80 if you look at Lynch’s body language and given Grant’s impression of Shanahan it does make you wonder if they weren’t hoping to sneak by without having to play JG. It is sort of like going to visit the in-laws you know you have to do it, but when the time comes you may still be unhappy about it and want to get out of it.

          1. Or whoever is related to Razor..I bet they dread going to visit him..He probably sit around with his foo foo wine talking about this and that…and everyone that’s meets him is like..”this guy is full of shxt”..not only that but he is so boring ,no personality and thinks he knows everything…But he is ALWAYS wrong..He sure does yap alot for a guy who is 0 for 100

          2. Like Grant, you decide the worst and filter everything to your expectation. You see one tiny shot of Lynch at the end of a loss you suddenly ‘know it all.’ Like Grant, you don’t know **** about what is going on in Shanahan’s and Lynch’s minds.

            1. Yeah, a HC and GM looked upset after a loss. It would have been all smiles if Garoppolo hadn’t played, not.

              But Grant can read minds apparently. Do you know what I’m thinking right now Grant? I’ll give you a hint. It’s something about you being completely filled with fecal matter.

              1. WHat you know? Or what you think Grant?
                Unless you have expert body language readers as one of your sources. I’m thinking it’s another one of your “feelings” instead of fact.

              2. “From talking to people in the organization, I got a strong indication Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season. Shanahan wanted to slow play it.”

                Why didn’t you include this information in the column? Why not mention it earlier? Why not ask KS about it directly?

                Because you made it up to make your opinion look better. I will believe what I want. You have no credibility.

            2. Didn’t say I knew it all but thanks Moses for assuming the worst about me and filtering it to your expectations. I simply stated that the body language made one wonder what was going on.

              I had seen an earlier shot of Lynch where he looked displeased and I assumed it was because they were being beat by the Seahawks. But after scoring a TD he looked even more displeased. There could be a number of reasons for that, but given that perhaps they didn’t want to play JG might be one of them, I postulated that this may be the case. Didn’t take it for granted that this was a given, kind of like you did with me regarding what my motivation was. At every turn, I said what my opinion was and that it was merely that.

      2. They have 2 more home games that are against 2 horrible teams in that one won’t be a playoff team the other might but are painful to watch.
        At this point the fans are irrelevant in what they want. A revolt? I don’t think this team cares now at this point in the season.

        It’s pretty clear Shanny is in full control of this thing and does what he wants. There was never any pressure to win any games this year so wether Jimmy G plays or not will not be because of outside pressure.

        1. Prime, keep in mind how banged up Seattle is and how they still beat us handily. I’m not sure how competitive this team will be with the remaining teams.

          Chicago might be a win but then again…

          The one win was against a severely demoralized Giants team with added charges emotion that helped team unity and purpose. It will be hard to duplicate.

          1. I see maybe, maybe one more win this year. But I’m not holding my breath.
            We have a good foundation, but we lack the shine.
            We need game changers now at WR, Corner, Edge rusher and RB.

          2. East,
            No team in the NFL is as banged up as SF. People thought this was a potential upset win because they only looked at Seatttles side. “Sherman and Kam are out we should be able pass.” This sounds good but doesn’t take into account that SF doesnt have the receivers to take advantage of an O line to allow them the time to do so.
            At the end of the day the matchup still favors them.

            1. That will not change going forward though. Chicago is favored over us. Will we have the personnel to take advantage of anyone this season?

          3. And the Seahawks are the best late-season team in the NFL the past six seasons. Regardless of injuries. Slow starters, strong finishers. They barely lost last weekend to Atlanta while putting up 31 points.

            And, unlike Atlanta which had the tools to exploit the Seattle problems, our best WR (Goodwin) out there today would be a #3 on most teams. Something Ronde Barber alluded to during the broadcast. Add it a poor oline and rookie QB..,.

            Only fools would have thought there was some chance of an upset due to the secondary problems. We simply do not have the tools to exploit that weakness.

            1. Actually, I disagree. The Niners were not blown out. They were at least competitive.
              If you take away 2 plays- the Taylor strip fumble and Dontae’s phantom PI, the 14 points the Seahawks generated off those 2 plays was the difference in the score.
              I thought Foster would be fast enough to corral Wilson, but he whiffed. Tank had him, but whiffed. The Niners were close, but did not wrap him up, so Wilson performed his Houdini act.
              Like I said before, the Seahawks were playing for a playoff spot, and were mad they lost a winnable game against the Falcons. Even with the injuries, they still had way more talent than the Niners. Still, I am proud of the way they fought, and sure, I hoped for an upset, but expected the worst.

          1. If Shanahan didn’t want to play Garoppolo this season, he would have added a third QB weeks ago. Unless he is incompetent, which is what you’re suggesting.

            If he was so worried about Garoppolo getting injured, he would have assumed CJ would get hurt at some point, especially since CJ holds the ball too long and likes to run.

    1. Decision announced Wednesday. They probably already have a clear idea of who will start as they have to develop game plans for that individual.

    2. You mean the 49ers can’t sign a sub QB and start the man if CJB tore his knee out? I expect his ACL or MCL torn as that’s how the Xray and season has worked for the 49ers all thanks to Eric Reid and his kneel down BS. Be glad when we throw out Eric can’t cover anybody Reid and he NEVER gets a job. 49ers try to get Matt Barkley back and then start him. Starting Jimmy G could be a disaster as maybe Chicago will beat the 49ers again. I hope so.

      1. Reid and Kap started a movement for justice and equality but I don’t suppose you know what that means. Are you running in the senate race in Alabama? Oh no! Roy Moore is a 49er fan

      1. Blah blah blah..muscle fingers..yaaawn..aren’t any of you men?Just so easy to rattle a bunch of nerds..None if you must work construction ,cause Prime and Razor would get run off quick..No wit..no huevos

  3. I am happy to read a honest assessment of the team. Most of the other guys post pure fluff pieces despite having one of the worst teams in football. You’d think they’re on the verge of a Super Bowl.

    1. IBut wait I thought no one knows the 49ers better than Maiocco ?Even though he writes pure fluff pieces and your better off getting breaking news on the 49ers from the Guatamalen news paper then him,but he is CSN “49er Insider”..lol…that’s like saying Pecker I mean Razor Eater knows how to throw a football

  4. Pecker..I mean Razor Eator is the Eli Harold of this blog..No one likes him he’s always wrong but he thinks he’s a starter and no one knows why..

      1. Damn..oh the daggers..man you are quick and witty..Lazer tongue..lol…..you must be an accountant or banker..you show up on a construction site you’d get beat up and run off by lunch time with you’re lame personality…you simpleton…

        1. Nope, I’m a monster
          Breaking windows
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          Rebel rebel
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          Ride together
          Don’t try it
          The power’s in one

        1. Another witty comeback by wonderbread..don’t you have to be up early to warm up your prius’s and be at your accounting firm pecker eater?

    1. Dog Grant? You are barking up the wrong tree. I will agree with Grant, and I will also disagree with him. It is called discourse, unlike the discharge we get from you.

  5. I would give the QBs a B, with CJB getting a C- , and JG getting an A+. CJB was harried, and missed some throws, and JG had a cameo performance and aced his test.
    The DBs deserve a better grade. I would give them a B-. Reid played very well, and Dontae was flagged, but I thought he turned his head and was playing the ball om that bogus PI call. Dontae also had some very nice open field tackles. The DBs did not do as well as they could have, but the pass rush could not get to Wilson .
    The coaching deserves that D because KS was unimaginative in his play calling, and rushing only 3 was a recipe for failure. They tried to roll out CJB, but there was always a man in his face, so the Niners should have used a blocker to spring CJB.

  6. Kyle needs to find a way to not play JG.

    Risking this guy just to please a few disheartened fans would be the single biggest mistake this franchise has ever made.

    And I don’t care for all “men need to be men” nonsense there is no sensible reason what so ever to play him and thankfully I think KS sees this too. I agree with Grant this is not the plan that KS wanted to work to.

    1. KS needs to quit the- He will play when he is ready- mantra. He should just be truthful, and say that his trade value is sky high right now, and playing in meaningless games risks losing 2 first round picks.
      Then Lynch should sign a FA QB.

      1. KS is being truthful. If KS wanted to bubble wrap JG, he would have…

        1. Signed a third QB the week he traded for JG.
        2. Would have had JG hand off or taken a knee today, as the game was already over.

        1. KS also said that he expected Hoyer would lead the Niners all season and help them win games.
          Then he did a 180, and benched him.

            1. 80, they wanted to see JG in a game situation. It was a tryout, under adverse conditions, with little hope, and JG was clutch and was red hot, so he passed his test with flying colors.
              I was kinda expecting him to take a sack, or throw the ball out of the end zone. However, he was Montana-esque, maneuvered out of the pocket, used his legs to buy time, and delivered a strike.
              Imagine if he did take a knee. Fans would accuse KS of intentionally tanking, and not even trying to win. Even though the game was out of reach, I was never prouder of the competitive mindset and will to succeed that JG displayed.

              1. “Imagine if he did take a knee. Fans would accuse KS of intentionally tanking, and not even trying to win.”

                No, it was a three possession game at that point. Had JG been told to take a knee, everyone would have said KS was protecting his investment.

                But he let JG play. The bubble wrap conspiracy isn’t real.

              2. They also needed to make an assessment, to see if JG is a franchise QB for the Niners.
                With those 67 seconds, JG proved to me that he is the real deal. Since he has proven to be clutch, and amply displayed his talents, I hope they shut him down so Lynch can keep all his options viable.
                I can only imagine the howling and gnashing of teeth, if KS plays JG and he becomes injured.
                If they could magically fix the O line, sure, play him, but after watching CJB get bludgeoned, then injured, the prudent thing to do is openly and honestly declare they are protecting their investment with bubble wrap. I do not think JG will insist on playing.

  7. Looking ahead.
    The 49ers need to look into signing one of the following FA’s this off season.
    Just getting an average starter in the middle would help a lot as it would allow them to better slide their protection to mask weakness. But it’s really hard to do this when your whole line could be listed as a weakness… and sadly even Staley is getting closer and closer to being put in this category.

    Nate Solder OT NE 30
    Andrew Norwell G CAR 26
    Ryan Jensen C BAL 27
    Justin Pugh G NYG 28

  8. Why didn’t Saleh rush 5? Grant, I think you answered your own question just above your comments on Saleh: “This unit (the pass defenders) isn’t good” I agree with you in theory but with this group it is easier said than done. If they rush 5, Wilson would just get the ball out quicker to someone because of our lack of coverage skills near the LOS. Wilson’s season will end when a team with a good defense does precisely what you suggested. Just like Kaepernick, if you make him throw from the pocket, you take away his playground skills and he’s beatable.

    1. If you give the QB no protection and the 32nd ranked WRs, then have the defense give up a historic, record setting amount of yards rushing, no QB will succeed.
      Even with those Handicaps, Kaep managed to post a 90.7 QBR. Last game, CJB managed to have a 61.4 QBR.

      1. Seb when QB ratings count in the score then let’s have this conversation. My point is factually correct. Defenses forced Kaepernick to throw from the pocket and his ability to win games ceased in it’s tracks. It matters not how the defense did it, (even by exploiting poor blocking it still is what it is), it only matters that they did it. You have always wanted a tailor made offense made specifically for Kaep and KS and the entire NFL has responded to you loud and clear – no one wants to do this. Even the Seahawks offense is not tailor made for Wilson. He is just able to make his style of playground ball work… and except for his size, has an advantage over Kaep in every facet of quarterbacking.

        1. You just proved my point. Teams should scheme to fit the playbook to the player, not fit the player to the playbook. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was showcasing his weaknesses and deliberately avoiding his strengths.
          Case in point. The Seahawks accentuates Wilson’s strengths, and hides his weaknesses. They let him use his mobility and elusiveness to make plays. Wilson may be equal or superior to Kaep skill wise, but he also has good offensive weapons and a stout defense. Kaep had neither.
          The entire NFL may think that QBs must deliver the ball from the pocket, but why then are the NFL going towards mobile QBs like Rodgers, Cam, Mariota, Wentz, Taylor, Trubisky, Watson, Wilson and others? Believe it or not, fast, elusive mobile QBs can also be accurate.
          The Niners are too rigid and inflexible. In a season and a half, Kaep was sacked 120 times. That resulted in him being injured. KS tried to roll out CJB, but PC was too smart and always had a player in his face. Then, when they kept CJB in the pocket, it collapsed like a house of cards, and Bennett injured CJB. Even in this game, the Seahawks shaped the Niners. That is a recipe for failure.
          QBR is just a grade, but how else does one compare QBs?

      2. The sky is better today in Sebastapol, not so overcast………did Kaptain America do it? I’ll bet he had something to do with it!

  9. So, who shoulders the biggest blame and is most responsible for the this team’s ability and talent level right now?

    A. Jed York
    B. Trent Baalke
    C. John Lynch
    D. Kyle Shanahan
    E. Defensive players
    F. Offensive players

    The answer is A. Bad decision making and hires have set this back for years and years.

  10. the 49ers were out-coached in the game…..

    Offense – Didn’t take advantage of Sea DB’s……the game plan should have been to attack the DB’s instead we went with the easy “run the ball” with the same play over and over…….if we were going to run the ball why not use the rookie on sweeps….we should be running more screens…..we should have passed more……

    Defense – This has to be the worst game Saleh has called……maybe he was over thinking strategy because he was familiar with the Sea …..
    Having a DE cover TE’s underneath – Fail
    Making Foster the spy – terrible idea – You could watch him thinking too much and too slow to react to the ball
    Pass rush – another fail, there was no creativity and to expect a 3 man rush to stop Wilson was a joke……someone needs to remind the DC we as a team are not ready to pass rush with only 4 players….

    overall – I was pissed, the coaches after a long break couldn’t come up with a sophisticated attack……..i chalk it up to inexperience……I wish we could fire the DC and bring in a very experienced DC…….but I get the feeling he would be retained for another year….

    on Jimmy – the guy looks cool, calm and collected. He definitely is our Golden boy. Nice zip on the passes……he just looks the part……..

    the 0-line – sucks…sucks …sucks……just terrible

    CJB has done all he could……he has hit that wall……he just didn’t have that confidence (the body language was awful) or it could be Kyle trying to make him do to much………

    Jimmy has to start next game……

    1. I agree with your evaluation oneniner. As far as having the extra week to prepare, that hasn’t worked out too well for some time now. I would have given everyone a week off and then practiced one week just like a regular game. Even then we would have had an extra day to prepare and the Seahawks had to travel to our house. Saleh IMHO overthinks things at the expense of focusing on sound fundamental football. He’s probably great at chess but calling defenses….he should be a position coach until he has more big league experience. DC is no place for on the job training. KS is a first time HC and there is no way he should have rookies assisting him except at the position coach level. Yeah there’s a talent difference but the Rams really outdid us with McVay. (Before anyone wants to get after me about the talent difference, let’s talk about how different the roster is from last year when we owned them)

      1. PS – No one can spy against Wilson. It’s more than a waste of talent because they usually just get in the way of other defenders.

        1. Whine
          If and when you put a spy on him it might as well be a CB or fast DS. They have the wheels and can also disguise or drop off as an extra DB.

        2. i agree it was a waste of time spying wilson…….the spy defender will always be over thinking instead of just playing ball………ATL already showed it was a dumb strategy……

          I was disappointed this was the game plan after spending a week from football……….once they figured the bootleg or play-action was not going to work……they should have adjusted and spread them out…..

          This guys need to understand playing seattle at their home is different how you play them on the road…..we can run it in sea because of the noise…….we should have spread them out and attack the corners

    2. Pointless JG starting next game.

      You’re calling Kyle out for terrible coaching, rookie mistakes. You’re calling the o line out for being terrible.

      So why on gods green earth start Jimmy with all that going on? Those problems ain’t gonna be fixed by next Sunday

      1. if jimmy can come in the 4th quarter of a game already lost and he is instructed to throw passes…..there is no reason he shouldn’t play in a game going forward

  11. Biggest disappointments with this team is in the trenches… We knew the secondary and receivers were nothing special but damn, all that supposed “talent” on the DL is sure frustrating to watch. Lack of pressure, speed and piss poor tackling. Also seems rare when guys beat one on ones… On the OL, you have a bunch of turnstile teddy bears. Quick to help the opposition up off the ground instead of blocking them into tomorrow. We need some nastiness back in that OL which has been missing since Boone, Iupati and AD left. If I’m John Lynch I’m looking for some road grading brawlers at guard and center in FA and the draft. Gotta give the QB a chance while putting some fight back in that line.

  12. Pretty obvious Shanahan did not want to play Garoppolo in this game. Seems extremely odd to me that Shanahan would call so many QB runs knowing you need to protect Beathard so he could complete the game. Also, I’m not sure if Shanahan has talked to Beathard about making quicker decisions to avoid taking a beating but many of the hits he took were totally avoidable. One in particular stuck out to me where Beathard was throwing the ball away and instead of doing it quickly to avoid a hit, he threw it away late and got decked in the process. Beathard has obviously earned the respect of his teammates and opponents but the beating he is taking is 50% of his own doing. Shanahan should have recognized this and only called quick hitting plays so he could protect Beathard and Garoppolo.

    1. Houston,

      Not sure if you saw but about 46% of Beathard’s drop backs were under pressure. That’s a lot! For sure Beathard was responsible for the beating he took but I think that may have more from a desire to make something happen and sacrificing himself in the process.

      Additionally, his throws do show a bit of distraction and given the beating he has taken.

      It seems like you may be implying that Shanahan isn’t doing enough to protect his QB. Is that the case?

      1. Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear. I’m not implying anything. I’m saying unequivocally that Shanahan isn’t doing enough to protect Beathard. 49er line play is atrocious and is the majority of the reason Beathard is getting knocked around. BUT – Of the 13 hits Beathard took yesterday, I would put 4 or 5 on Beathard for holding the ball too long. I also question the strategy of calling QB runs when you are trying to keep Garoppolo on the sideline. I watched Shanahan in Houston for 3 years and I always thought the same thing about him. He’s young and brash and tends to call long developing plays even when the risk of a sack or incompletion far outweighs the benefit of the successful play. I think Shanahan is a dynamic offensive mind who will do great things in the NFL for the 49ers but he definitely has some growing to do as a coach and a play caller.

          1. As go the sands of the hourglass, so goes Sebs all-consuming……………….bitterness.

            Amazing how our resident preacher blames those who he wants to blame on any given play………….strip sacks can’t possibly be blamed on the O-line when your mad at the OC for not glorifying your man-crush…………………

        1. Interesting feedback, thanks. I agree that the play calls are putting the QB in difficult situations as well.

          That is one of the criticisms of Shanahan. I saw him in Washington and came away with mixed feelings about him. I know he had great success with Atlanta but even so came up short of the mark.

          I was discussing what would happen with a buddy of mine yesterday while watching the game. I think both he and Lynch have 3 years to significantly improve the squad. Lynch will be tied to JG success or failure and the signing of the young man. Shanahan has to win in 3 years but I think he gets that much.

        2. CJ has been hit 52 times and sacked 19 times through the Cowboys game. That doesn’t include the Seahawks game or additional hits he has taken when he has scrambled outside the pocket. GQ Jimmy showed he’s faster at everything, and Shanny needs to get him a game plan ready to go against the Bears….

  13. JG will start when KS feels that he gives the Niners the best chance to win. Could be this week but I doubt it unless CJ can’t go because of injury. I don’t know the reason for KS not starting JG but I can assure you the decision will have nothing to do with fan pressure. If he started JG because of the fear of losing the fans then Shanny needs to go.

    1. In principle, I agree, UC. But we don’t know what kind of pressure is being applied from above to stem the exodus of fans from the stadium and the possible upcoming PSL defaults.

      1. Exactly Cubus! While the owner may be hands off, he might make some subtle suggestions which can give coaches the impression that they should go a particular way. The exodus of fans in a brand new stadium has to be somewhat alarming.

        1. Yes. In my experience that is an often used management strategy which effectively allows the higher-ups to blame middle management when things go wrong (no paper trail, no formal discussions, no witnesses to discussions).

          1. Me too! Plus they can claim it was their idea if it goes well. Cover if it hits the fan and glory if things go swimmingly.

          2. While I’ve been fortunate during my career, I’ve seen quite a few people-with-a-management-title use that strategy often, and I’ve called BS on more than my fare share.

            Somehow… I still get the sense that Lynch and Shanny are guys who are going to stick to their plan regardless of external influences from above or below. But yeah, if Jed makes the suggestion, he can certainly use that later.

            1. Agree. IMO Jed came to terms with the depths the team had reached when he gave out those 6 year deals. Even Lynch’s 12-year old daughter knew “the forty-Niners are terrible”. I think he knew the team would stink for a while more and that there would be empty seats and media snark. When recently asked if he thought the anthem protests hurt his attendance, he answered that it would take wins to refill the stadium, but I don’t think he is expecting that this season or necessarily any SRO next.
              He placed his ante on Lynchahan and he knows he has to let the hand play out. I suspect, again IMO, that Jed is pretty hands-off at this point.
              We don’t really see clearly behind the curtain, but that’s my guess.

              1. “That’s a really nice Cabana you have there Jed. It’d be shame if anything were to happen to it.”

      2. Cubus the fans are staying away for many factors, the quality of football in Niner land is the main culprit. If the fans are staying away because JG is not the starting QB so be it, I question their fandom. If the organization succumbs to fan pressure and JG fails then what is left? Might as well let the fans run the team, call the plays, pick and choose who starts, heck who needs a HC….Succumbing to pressure is a weakness that contains no victories.

  14. 1/ D Line grades.
    How many dozens of posts did we have off of the suggestion that DL should prioritize containment over sacks, and yet get criticized for lack of sacks? They did stymie the run mostly. They didn’t contain RW, and as I pointed out prior to the game, other teams almost never get that done even though they all try. Meh.
    2/ Missing grades for fans at Levi’s.
    “F” for cheering when CJ got dinged.
    3/ Missing grades for GameDayTrolls on this blog:
    “F-“. The usual suspects; with Special Mention for Rectalcephalic Content & Delivery to Diesel and Darren5 (Question: Who loves you? Nooo-body!),
    and Lifetime Achievement Award to The Legendary One Who Need Not Be Named.

    1. The players criticism of the fans cheering when CJ got hurt is misguided. Without a shadow of a doubt, they were cheering at finally seeing Garoppolo take the field. The timing of the cheer was unfortunate but I certainly don’t think there was any malicious intent. All the NFL needs now after the Anthem controversy is players ripping fans.

      1. the criticism is definitely misguided……the fans clapped and cheered for CJ……then cheered for jimmy entering the game….

    2. Agree regarding the fans Houston.
      I did not actually see the game in real time, but based on numerous articles, it seems as though there was somewhat “simultaneous” cheering as CJ got back on his feet, and Jimmy came in to take his place. Haven’t seen any other reports that suggest cheering when CJ went down. Reid’s comments have taken on a life of their own, and I certainly hope that this was a mistaken interpretation/overreaction.

      1. Since the mausoleum was sparsely attended, there was not a big roar.
        Many fans also cheer for an injured player, as a sign of respect. I do not think they were cheering that CJB got injured.
        They also cheered for another player. They cheered JG when he came on the field, so it had nothing to do with CJB, and everything to do with JG.

      2. I think we may be missing the point. The players are upset that fans thought a player who hasn’t given their all (JG) and proven himself on the field got cheered so loudly while the injured one, the one who had given up so much, got nothing really. To them it has to feel like why do I lay myself out so much! I sympathize. I remember watching people cheer for Hoyer to get injured so CJB could come in. Never sits well with me.

        1. I have heard different things on this from a few people. Many people at the game were saying that they cheered when he got up and and then again when they saw Jimmy G. was going in.
          I don’t think that is disrespectful to the player at all, as they were not rooting for a player to be injured.
          Now as I was not there I cannot say for certain but I would like to think 49er fans are not so bad as that.

          1. Agree and I mentioned this as well yesterday. However, it occurred to me this morning that the stadium was probably 1/4 to 1/3rd full with Seahawks fans and who knows what they were cheering for. They might have cheered loudly for Bennett’s hit on CJB and that might have persisted for a short time while CJB was on the ground. Because of the loudness of the cheers, it might have seemed like niner fans were the ones cheering.

          2. I just watched that sequence again and theee is a small smattering of cheers when he is down. There is a respectful acknowledgment when he gets up, but the crowd erupts when JG tales the field. I could see where the players would think that would be disrespectful.

              1. That’s one interpretation…

                In either case, I think Staley’s comments are most germane. Respect for the guy who is down should be the order of the day.

          1. OK. I hope you’re right and they’re wrong. If they’re wrong, if they misinterpreted the fans 1st cheering CJ standing and giving him a supportive hand, and then cheered JG, well I hope they come to know it and get past it.
            They were on the field. I was in Petaluma. You were….somewhere on the Eastern Shore? Pretty hard to know for sure.

            1. The tv was on through out ……

              the fans cheered and clapped when CJ got up and walked to the sidelines and again cheered when jimmy entered….

              the funny thing is I was actually critical of Jimmy’s behavior as he was getting ready to get loose which at the same time was when CJ was on the ground….

              all the players were looking sad except jimmy who was laughing while getting ready to come in…..

              i am not saying he was laughing at CJ but he definitely was not playing the sad look most players had on their face…..

              1. I think everyone is reading too much into this. Reid and Foster need to realize there hasn’t been much to cheer for when it comes to the 49ers.
                I highly doubt fans were cheering at CJB’s injury, more to the fact we get to see Jimmy play.

                Eric Reid should maybe worry about not taking so many bone headed penalties as opposed to what the fans are doing.

              2. Outside of the dumb penalty he made(which he does every game), yeah he played ok.
                BUT.. our secondary overall is bad. We need in the worst way, a guy who can tilt the field.

    1. Yeah, I caught that from his presser as well. Something about ‘3 plays running around’ will have no bearing on the decision.

      1. CJ strikes me as someone who’ll lobby hard and often to get back on the field, hopefully not at the expense of real injury. I suppose the medical staff nowadays will have a good handle on that.

        1. Yeah, me too! I do think that for him to come out of the game something had to really incapacitate him. That would give JG the “opportunity” to come in and take over.

  15. It’s truly amazing reading this forum sometimes. Instead of looking at things logically we get conspiracy theories and drama. Why anyone would listen to Grant is beyond me. He has been clueless for most of his time here preferring to make up his own stories and arguing them in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This whole non story regarding Garoppolo is just the latest example.

    Use some common sense when looking at this. Why in the world would Garoppolo even be active if Shanahan was dead set against playing him? You don’t put a player one play away from taking the field if you don’t want him to play. It would make no sense to trade for Garoppolo and then sit him until the following season, but even if that were the case, you wouldn’t make him active if that’s truly what you wanted to do. They have Mullens on the PS who they could have signed to the active roster and simply made JG inactive if they wanted to “bubble wrap” him. They didn’t, in fact they made him active a few days after acquiring him and Shanahan clearly explained why he wasn’t going with 3 QB’s (needed all roster spots available for other positions) and was confident Garoppolo could handle it if he had to go in in case of emergency.

    I’m also dumbfounded at all the people on here who don’t think Garoppolo should play because the Oline is poor. When have you ever seen players held out because of a situation like that? It’s football. QB’s are going to get hit no matter what. Do you honestly believe a team is going to hold out their best QB because they are afraid he’s going to get hurt? What happens if they lose 3 OL to injury next season? Are you going to call for them to sit Garoppolo and put in somebody else because you’re afraid he’s going to get hurt? Use some common sense instead of listening to Grant’s ridiculous opinions. Garoppolo is going to play and he needs to play. You have to get him some experience in game action and start the process of getting him ready for next season. The games may mean little in this years standings, but they mean everything going into next year. Instead of starting from scratch with Garoppolo next season, they will be ready to build on what he did this season. I’ve read a number of people referring to how long it took Ryan to learn the system, but it’s not like he was playing poorly during his first season running it. It’s a system that you get better in the longer you are playing in it because you can add more things as you go along. You can’t add more things if the QB isn’t playing and running the basic elements of the system effectively. You don’t get to that level in practice. You get to that level by playing in games at full speed.

    This is football ladies and gentlemen. It’s a rough game and players understand that. Garoppolo does not want to sit for the rest of the season because he’s afraid of getting hit. He wants to play and he needs to play. Shanahan may or may not want a perfect situation in order to play him but it’s never going to happen. They need to get him on the field and start the process of getting this offense to the next level.

    1. No, getting this offense to the next level entails improving the O line, No QB behind this line, from Kaep to Gabbert to Hoyer to CJB, has done well behind that line. All that resulted was injury and failure.
      KS’s reluctance to play JG is smart. He is worth a lot more uninjured than injured. If they play JG, and the O line allows a pass rusher to bludgeon JG and injure him, JL and KS will be excoriated.
      JG wants to play, but he also wants to play for years, and get a big contract. By showing patience, and getting JG some decent protection, he may succeed. Forcing JG to play that results in injury, and he will become a waiter at Popeyes or selling shoes at Footlocker. Playing for a 1-10 team that officially was eliminated from the playoffs, is a futile endeavor.
      I wanted JG to play. Now that he has played, I want him to sit. It would be the best return on their investment.

  16. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/111998-49ers-players-discuss-jimmy-garoppolos-debut/

    “He’s definitely gotten smarter,” Beathard said. “It’s been however many weeks. He’s definitely gotten a better grasp of the offense since he’s gotten here.”

    “He’s a smart, bright guy,” Staley said. “He’s picking it up really, really well. I think he’s doing really well.”

    “I do have a good rapport going on with him, especially being there that extra week and working with him,” Murphy said. “It was really good for the both of us. I am just excited to see what happens.”

    “You heard the crowd begin to cheer him on and that was kind of cool,” Muphy said, “and him saying, ‘All right fellas, here we go.’ He just took command of the huddle like a leader does and everyone else followed.”

    1. Hadn’t seen that 80. Thanks for posting.

      I’ve got this nagging feeling where I wonder how much a “part of the team” Jimmy G is feeling at the moment. I can’t put my finger on it, other than the unusual circumstances in bringing him here.
      I’d hate to think that somewhere down the road, we hear an interview that says something like “yeah, I never really felt like I belonged while I was in SF…”

      A post like this gives me hope that he really is acclimating and “fitting in”.

      Maybe I just need Xanax or something…

      1. These guys will learn to love him once he starts throwing more TD passes. Brady, Belicheck, Amendola, Edelman all have said Jimmy G is a good teammate.
        At the end of the day, the 49ers locker room will decide that. I’m not sure why it matters. This is the pros and he doesn’t seem like a selfish guy like we had last year.

  17. Told you Pete Carroll would send an intimidating message to the 49ers by injuring their QB.

    Exactly why I didn’t want Garoppolo to start.

    I stated that Carroll would love nothing more than to have his “Leo separate Garoppolo’s shoulder, then run up and down the sideline, smacking his gum and high fiving his players for delivering the injury”….I was correct on everything except for the player who was injured…..Seattle is a dirty team, and I advised Shanahan to watch out for the Ian Williams, down block to the knee while engaged high with another blocker.

    I despise the Seahawks…..Bill Walsh would have slammed into the knee of their QB, Russell Wilson in the same game. The 49ers never did get even for the Ian Williams intentional injury.

    Somebody on Seattle needs to go down…..Walsh would never let this happen continually.

    I remember in one game, one of the 49ers defenders was doubled high then another blocker dove into his knee. I believe the team was the 1980’s Washington Redskins….The very next series Walsh had one of his O-Linemen snap the shin bone of an opposing D-Linemen.
    They never tried it again.

    Football is dirty business when coaches like Carroll or Lou Pinella are throwing down on you. If you don’t respond by taking down Russell Wilson low next season, our players will keep dropping like the invasion of Normandy.

    1. If I’m Shanny I thumb through my rolodex of past QB’s and pay for the next flight to SFO while Garoppolo calmly learns the playbook.

      Give the fans a Christmas present by starting him mid-December, otherwise, let the QB’s hash it out in summer camp competition.

      1. How Chip Kelly’s contract with UCLA saves the 49ers
        By Matt Maiocco November 27, 2017 11:23 AM

        Chip Kelly’s deal to become UCLA’s head coach will save the 49ers approximately $7.5 million, “Chip did the 49ers a solid,” the source told NBC Sports Bay Area.

        The 49ers would have owed Kelly approximately $14 million in salaries in 2018 and ’19, but UCLA will pay nearly half that amount, saving the 49ers close to $7.5 million.

  18. Eric Branch
    Today is the 3-year anniversary of the Jed-York-apology-tweet-Richard-Sherman-eating-turkey-at-midfield-Cassie-Baalke-ripping-Greg-Roman game. #49ers #Seahawks

    TomD’s Take: Would be nice to hear more from Cassie.

      1. — so we’ll sacrifice the GQ guy to the tender mercies of Fangio so you’ll not need a neurologist to avoid a new facial paralysis?????
        — hope Trent & the OL boys have an f’ing good week of practice regardless of who’ll be under C….
        — if JG starts @ CHI, he’ll be pulled if the OL stinks…so much for the OL’s 1 good game vs. NYG…

              1. he’ll have approx. 2 secs. to do so…
                too bad Garcon’s not around to help as hot read…
                run game will need to be more than functional if JG is to stay healthy, let alone get a short pass game working….
                be careful what you’all wish for….

  19. Wow look at all the LOSERS posting in here. 99.9% of you chumps are those clowns we hear on talk radio and have to change the dial! Like nails on a chalk board. Look I told you PLAY JIMMY G!! Doesn’t matter about a sheeeety O-line the man can play! Should’ve started him day he walked through the door, but NOOOOOOO that so called GENIUS Shananahan wants to hold his little trophy QB! PLAY HIM BIOTCH! As for the rest of you losers in here…..new sheriff in town…..ME!

    Seahawks’ Michael Bennett on 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘I’m glad they didn’t put him in earlier’

  20. Matt Barrows makes a great point. Jimmy G will have been with the 49ers for 33 days by the time Sunday’s game against the Bears happens. That’s the equivalent of a full training camp.

    It’s Jimmy G time!

  21. Grant, I am trying to post an article from Kevin Lynch, but it is not showing up when I do so. Trying to post the link to the article just results in being told I already posted it.

    1. Mid:

      I’ve had the same problem. When you post the link again, add some text that is different than any text you might have added (supposedly) before.

  22. I’m back losers! Like I said JIMMY G was going to start. This NEW SHERIFF is going to be setting this blog straight for the rest of the year so get used to it bee atches!

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