49ers 13, Seahawks 29: Grades


Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 29-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

GABBERT: B. Played better than he did during his first start for the Niners two weeks ago against the Atlanta Falcons. This week, Gabbert faced a top Seahawks defense, threw for 264 yards and a touchdown while making no major mistakes and getting sacked only twice even though he had no running game.

RUNNING BACKS: F. Starting tailback Shaun Draughn fumbled once and rushed 12 times for only 37 yards. He played better as a receiver, making eight catches for 40 yards, although once he stopped running his route and almost caused Gabbert to throw an interception.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B. Anquan Boldin dominated Seahawks slot cornerback DeShawn Shead – five catches for 93 yards. Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst should have attacked this matchup much more often.

TIGHT ENDS: B. Vance McDonald had his best game as a pro, making four catches for 65 yards and a touchdown. McDonald seemed to have bad hands when Colin Kaepernick was the quarterback, but maybe the problem was Kaepernick’s laser passes, not McDonald’s hands.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. Faced one of the best pass rushes in the league and gave up only two sacks. Both times, Erik Pears got beat around the edge by speed-rusher Cliff Avril. Chryst should have helped out Pears by chipping Avril with a tight end or a running back.

DEFENSIVE LINE: F. Gave up 255 rushing yards and made undrafted rookie running back Thomas Rawls look like Barry Sanders only better.

LINEBACKERS: F. NaVorro Bowman played his worst game of the season, making plays only that were directly in front of him. Michael Wilhoite, the other starting inside linebacker, made no plays, not even the ones that were directly in front of him. Seahawks players didn’t have to juke him – they just ran around him.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: F+. Gave up a completion percentage of 82.3 and a quarterback rating of 138. It’s tough to say which defensive back was the worst, although Jimmie Ward definitely is in the conversation. He was flat-out awful in man coverage. Still, this group gets an “F+” and not a flat “F” because free safety Eric Reid was the only player on the defense who played hard.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F. Penalties during punt returns hurt the Niners’ field position early.

COACHES: F. The 49ers outscored the Seahawks after the six-minute mark in the second quarter. But, the Niners offense started the game with three three-and-outs on their first-four drives, and the defense started the game by allowing three-straight touchdown drives. The game was over before the Niners woke up. Head coach Jim Tomsula couldn’t get his team ready to play a full game even after a bye week. The Niners should fire Tomsula tonight.

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  1. This team was and is going nowhere. And it was delusional for so many on this board to think otherwise before the start of this season and even as the season got underway. Before game 1, I said 4-12 and Kaep gone by game 6 or 7. That still looks as if how this will all play
    out, with Tomsula, Baalke and York still standing at season’s end.

    1. the 49ers offensive line is terrible they are too slow off the blocks devey and pears are bad they need personel changes their with tiller and brown ofensive play calling is terrible get caught in to many 3rd and longs need coaching changes on offense and defense and safeties cant cover too slow brock and ward

  2. I guess Pete Carrol is lucky he didn’t get fired last week when his team came out flat after their bye week.

    The team gives up a team record in rushing yards. You give out three F’s to the defense but yet not a single mention of your Mangenius when you dole out the F grade to the coaches? Shameful Grant, shameful.

    1. Honest question, are you defending specific coaches or rebuking Grant?

      The Hawks record, confidence, and performance is significantly better for the season.

      How would you attribute a 255+ yd rushing performance and a 49ers team that could not sustain an early third quarter improvement that almost had them back in the game?

      With JT at the helm offense very weak and defense has been doing ok.

      1. So when the defense plays well it’s Mangini and when they play awful it’s Tomsula’s fault.

        That sounds fair.

          1. Grant, the irony is all too apparent, YOU decrying strawman arguments when your posts are filled with them. SMH

      2. What about Gabbert’s 2 passes that hit Seahawk defenders right in the hands that they dropped? Seems like you’re grading easier on him. He did some good things like throwing for a TD and made good throws to receivers. He was off target a bit.

      3. I have to agree with you on this one Grant. I’ve seen enough of Tomsula to know he’s absolutely not the guy to lead this team out of the darkness. However, I’m not sure you need to fire Tomsula at this point. He’s earned a little more respect than that. He also inherited a mess.

        1. Grant,
          Good and fair grades across the board.
          1. Gabbert looks pretty good. His pocket mechanics and quick decision making is what sets him apart. If he keeps playing better, do we forgo drafting a QB with our pick?

          2. Our run defense was atrocious, no argument with Grant’ grade here.

          3. The Return Team is not getting it done. Why not reinstate J.Hayne and let him play out the rest of the season.

          4. Offensive line has been better but this has a lot to do with Gabbert’ play. I would like to see T.Brown’ big butt get a chance and at the very least get some real game experience to put him ahead of the curve for next season.

          5. Wilhiote is picking up a free paycheck because he’s done nothing to justify a contract thus far. Give Hodges a chance to play and let’s see what he has to offer.

          6. Nice to see VMac make a little noise but it might to little to late. Celek should be the starter and it’s time for Bell to get some passes thrown his way.

          7. Rawls made Brock his personal piñata today. Although the entire defense got lit-up by Rawls, Brock especially was a liability as a tackler. Why isn’t D.Johnson getting playing time?

          8. Speaking of not getting playing time; why is Chryst ignoring Bruce Miller?

          9. Thought that Tomsula should have gambled today with going for a TD instead of field goals.

          10. I would like to see Patton play some more – the kid has heart and plays with fire.

        2. Sure it is. Don’t think I said it wasn’t.

          At some point folks need to realize that the coach can only do so much. The players are the ones who need to block, pass, tackle, etc.

          Mangini put his guys in position to make plays and they failed.

          1. No, Mangini did not have a clue, and he did not put in a coherent scheme. He also did not make the proper adjustments. Mangini’s fingerprints are all over this debacle.

            1. You are spot on. It was Mangini’s fault when they had Baldwin pinned against the sideline but no one knocked him out of bounds, and it was definitely his fault when Wilhoite couldn’t even get a finger on the RB in the flat on what turned into a TD.

              1. Maybe Mangini should have realized that Wilhoite was not performing and replaced him with some one who could make a tackle.
                But no, that would be making an adjustment, and those are verboten.

              2. The players were not prepared to get down and dirty. They were not ready to fight and that all is a result of not being prepared to win a football game. That’s all on every guy on the sideline with the title coach next to it.

            2. I agree with you once again Seb, surprise surprise.

              Mangini was absolutely clueless today, and when an undrafted RB steamrolls your entire defense, it’s time to pull the plug on the mastermind behind the scheme.

              This defensive talent cannot be as bad as they looked and played today. Mangini was outcoached from opening tipoff today, and it just got uglier and uglier with every passing minute!

              1. They should fire Mangenius and promote Tarver. Tarver, when he was DC, actually had improved the defense from the previous year.
                Mangenius has regressed so badly, the Seahawks set a rushing record against the Niners.

      1. Can bad tackling come, in part, from a defensive plan that leaves players unsure of their responsibilities, or when they are ask to do things that do not match their skill sets?

        We’ve seen similar play earlier in the season relating to pass coverage. I didn’t see a pass defender touch a ball today. In the run game they seemed to have a problem getting closer than an arms length from the guy with the ball.

  3. I agree with most of what you wrote but how would geep exploit them more with boldin if he had to loosen his legs up after each pass?

  4. On a positive note, the Lions, Cowboys and Ravens all won and now also have 3 wins. In every cloud…

    1. Other than Dorsey, there were no major injuries. After the first quarter, I thought Pete could have run up the score, but Pete was merciful. Pinion looked good. Vance actually caught the ball, and finally scored a TD. Boldin is a warrior.

    2. We are still seventh in the draft derby. Three teams with two wins, and three other teams with three wins. That’s assuming we have the toughest schedule among the fabulous seven.

      1. HT ur thinking about it a bit off. How many teams below us need a QB? Not Det Bal Dal or Ten, SD maybe so its basically we have to finish worse than the browns to draft Goff

        1. BOS ur thinking it a bit off.

          I don’t think the 49ers should use a first round pick on a QB at all. That would just repeat 2005 all over again. ;-}

  5. Special Teams F? I disagree. They weren’t stellar (we miss LJ McCray) but an F is way too harsh.

    – That penalty on Patton was nonsense. His hit was one of the few 49err highlights of the game.
    – Pinion was also getting good distance on those punts.
    – The FG unit did its job with no misses.
    – The missed Seattle FG was possibly tipped
    – The punt return unit faked Seattle into a false start.
    – The field position issues were in major part caused by the offense starting the game with three 3-and-outs.

  6. I remember when there was talk of agenda around here, well here folks is what an agenda really looks like:

    Average grade given to the offense by Grant today: 4 B’s and an F’ is an average of a B
    Average grade given to the defense by Grant today: 3 F’s for an average of an F

    “Offensive coordinator Geep Chryst should have attacked this matchup much more often.”
    “Chryst should have helped out Pears by chipping Avril with a tight end or a running back.”

    Oh you mean Chryst, the guy who’s offense you just gave a B grade to? That’s funny I went looking for how many times you mention what Mangini should have done different and yet, I couldn’t find anything. No mention of what the coach who’s squad you gave an F grade to should have done differently today. In fact when giving the coaches an F grade you don’t even mention Mangini.

    That there is an agenda.

      1. 162 words thank you very much. And is that really the best retort you can come up with?

          1. The silly thing around here is how you can’t own up to the fact that less then a week ago you singing the praises of Mangini and today you gave his group an F across the board. While having plenty of suggestions of what the offense should have done you don’t make a single mention of what Mangini should have done differently while giving up 29 points.

            And you have nerve to call my post silly. Grow up.

            1. this is grant. he can’t accept that he can ever be wrong, he is a man-child…like kaep was.

      2. How is CfC’s post a straw man? Didn’t you do that recently in your column about practices on a short week. It’s standard practice, but you used it to build an attack on Tomsula’s capacity- that is classic straw man. Not saying Tomsula is a great coach but the argument, which you used again above is invalid. See for example: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4748479/a-walkthrough-week-for-patriots

        And that is routine for one of the great coaches of the NFL.

        Glass houses Grant.

    1. (who coulda thought Grant could get
      zapped by … Coffee .. ?)

      Well .. do we crown The Blaine-Train
      the next Joe … or …

      JT O’ .. ?

  7. Gabbert answered a few of my questions. Grant’s grade is about right. I was impressed again by his presence and smart movement. He’s showing me that he will stand in and deliver; my main doubt about him. After getting whacked he threw one of his better passes. It suggested a Fight Back attitude.
    – I had a similar thought about McDonald/BG/CK in how McD catches, but shouldn’t a professional adjust to different passers? I’m glad he’s becoming an asset, but dude, where ya’ been?
    -D ? What can I say?

    1. I saw the exact same thing Brotha. I think Gabbert has a little moxie deep down. He passed his first physical. The question becomes, can he physically endure until they can build a better OL? I still would like York to hire a real coaching staff….

      1. I see he was only brought down for 2 sacks. Was that because of better pass protection/ lesser Seattle pass rush than when Kaep was back there, or did Gabbert do a better job of getting the ball out?

        1. There weren’t a lot of bodies getting into the back field. It’ll take watching the game again to answer if that was because of better blocking or just not as effective pass rush. Both sacks though were clearly the defender running right around Pears.

        2. No question though, Gabbert’s pocket presence is a thousand times better then Kaepernick’s. He’s much better at making small movements to keep himself in the pocket and he doesn’t appear to hear the ghosts, yet. Now is that because of wisdom gained or lack of sacks in limited game time this season? Tough to say.

            1. I feel like I should clarify. The pocket was compressed plenty of times but rarely did Gabbert have anyone in his face or hanging on to him. You’ll see the pocket get moved around but Gabbert for the most part only need to make small adjustments and not hold onto the ball to avoid a sack. Unlike in games past where multiple defenders were coming free and coming nearly unabated to the QB I didn’t really notice that today outside of the two sacks given up by Pears.

        3. I didn’t count the hurries, but there were plenty. Gabbert getting the ball out on time was the reason for only 2 sacks in my opinion….

          1. Gabbert did avoid sacks by getting the ball out quickly, but there were plays when he did not have any time at all.

        4. Good feet, Scooter. He showed good speed to get outside, and I think you’ll like his subtle movements to avoid pressure. A couple of times Avril beat Pears with an outside rush so badly that Pears was trying to hold him but couldn’t catch up to do it.
          I’ll be interested to see if you share Grant’s assessment of Droughn. The yards he did get he got on his own.

          1. Kaep is even faster than Gabbert, but they forced him to be only a pocket passer. When they allowed Gabbert to roll out, he made a few plays.
            They allowed Wilson to roll out, and he destroyed the defense and made them look slow and silly.

        5. The sacks were two whiffs by the right tackle on speed rushes. Seattle was missing one of their best pass rushers.

          The game plan seemed to me to place not getting blown out higher on the priority list later in the game when they had pulled close enough to threaten Seattle. During the same part of the game it seemed that Seattle had an offensive lineman dinged on just about every play.

          1. I said the Niners should go bold. They gave up. When Tomsula held up three fingers, he was telling the team that he wanted to lose. He should have dropped 2 of them.

        6. Gabbert did a great job of getting the ball out. His only two sacks were when Pears turned into a 300 pound matador and let Avril sack him in under 2 seconds. Gabbert threw one shoulda-been-picked pass, and had Draughn stop on a route for another almost-pick. Hist tosses to McDonald were great, and Boldin was automatic despite a current 40-time of 5.2.

          Draughn is a nice second back, but he’s still learning the offense (I saw him take the wrong hole more than once, costing yards), and he’s a better receiver than runner. Chryst tried to go run-heavy early, which put us in 3rd-and-long early, and the game was over before we could get going.

  8. Yes Tomsula should be fired. Baalke too. When the only bright spots in game were Gabbert, Draighn and McDonald, you have major issues…I mean, one has started two games in two years, the other was on his couch two weeks ago, and the third has done nothing in his career until today.

  9. good offense + bad defense+ bad game plan +good game plan = 3-8
    This is what bad teams do. They can’t put a full team A type game together.
    I am impressed with Gabbert. And with drougn no matter what grant thinks. He runs hard and hustles. The o-line is whack and those two made them look better again. Sad part is throwing and running the ball needs different results from the o-line.
    Time and time again they were in our backfield.
    Time and time again their weak o-line was pushin our weak d-line.
    Nobody wanted to tackle. And it just shows the 49ers are probably the worst team in the NFL on short weeks and bye weeks.
    Gabbert… Please continue to improve. This team has to many needs to be worrying about a rookie qb they will ruin for the future.

    I’m just glad the game wasn’t to out of hand so the naysayers could say Gabbert played well in garbage time.
    And I’m sorry but 4th down in the 10 with a record like theirs and nothing to lose you have to go for 7.
    Tomsula MUST GO!
    And he can take Mangini. Lock the doors strap on their seat belts and drive that Geep off of the lot in Santa Clara!

    1. Tomsula sucks. Flat out what the hell — do you want to try and win the game? The offense was not a total dud. It was the defense. Not trying to give Gabbert too much cred, otherwise I’m going to hear it from a few, but for Gabber to get over 250 yards passing in essentially 3 quarters, that’s impressive. He could be Carson Palmer like if given the time to get more games under his belt.

      The defense was atrocious. How can you expect them to make a key stop? You get it to a one score game and now the pressure is on the Seattle and the Defense is amped up.

      Bad coaching. And Chryst didn’t know how to call a game.

      The big mistake that Gabbert made was on his scramble late in the game. He ran out of bounds and make it 3rd and 3, and it looked like he could have gotten the first down. Next play Avril beats Dorvey and gets the sack. How can you not put a back to chip him?


      1. I said this on another post, but I hope you will admit that while Kaep sucked, ALL of his woes were not due solely to him. Gabbert did not shine behind that line, and Vance actually held onto the ball. Gabbert did have more time to throw, but I attribute that to the fact that Devey sat.

        1. Seb,
          Kaep was bad last year. He’s not a NFL level QB. Not right now. He will go to a new team, and have flashes of brilliance but his shortcomings will be his undoing until he learns to be a more complete QB. The exception is Chip Kelly. But that offense really isn’t working either.

          Gabbert was an improvement. The offense would not have done as well with Kaep because he holds the ball too long and is indecisive.

          1. I expect an NFL team with a good defense and a bad QB will want him, and he will be allowed to utilize his skills. I am resigned to his leaving and the Niners cannot trade him, because everyone will wait until he is released.
            I am so mad at the FO, I almost hope he comes back and haunts the Niners for years, just because they did not recognize his potential. Maybe even the Rams.

      2. ahahahaha!

        “He could be Carson Palmer like if given the time to get more games under his belt.”

        He could be very Alex Smith like. Don’t get too carried away. He played well over all better than what we had.

        “Next play Avril beats Dorvey and gets the sack. How can you not put a back to chip him?”

        I believe it was Pears, since Tiller was in for Devey. I was thinking the same thing. Where’s the TE chip or RB to help?

        1. I didn’t say will be, but could be.

          Don’t laugh now but Alex is pretty just fine with those Chiefs.

          He could have easily had over 300 yards but they usually throttle back in the 2nd half and play for the win.

      1. No offense Jack… But I’m picking the opposite of you and Grant this year. You guys are horrible. Lol

  10. 1. The most interesting thing about this game was Vance Mac shaking hands with luke wilson at the end of the game – more to come on that.

    2. Hey Grant, I wonder if Reid read your recent comment about how Ward should replace Reid at S and Reid should not be resigned. Reid decided to step his game up.

    3. I dont think Ward has the size to play S

    4 I dont think ward has the speed to play C or slot C. We spent a first round pick on Ward.

    5. How do we shut down freeman one week and let this guy I have never heard of run for 200+ today?

    6. Our WRs stink. We have a bunch of #2 WR. Ellington couldnt catch a deep ball which was in his hands. We need a WR who can out muscle the S/CB and make that play.

    7. TE -VM had a breakthrough performance. Against the Falcons, he had 2 receptions for the first time in his career. Today he doubled that and caught a TD for the first time in his career. Perhaps the “Kap throws too hard” is a real thing. Or maybe not. In the falcons game, Kap came in for 1 play and lofted a floater into VMs hands. VM dropped it.

    8. So what of this Luke and vance meeting at the end of the game. The both went to Rice and were both drafted in 2013 draft. Baalke traded up into the 2nd round for VM. Seattle drafted LW in the 5th in think. Seattle got the better TE at a lower cost.

    9. We are on a 2-4 year rebuild mission and baalke needs to go. Baalke is the problem.

  11. No surprised by the score. How I expected the game to go down…

    1) The defense plays well up till the mid 3rd qtr. They even get a few TOs to out the offense in good field position.
    2) The offense can’t sustain drives
    3) Then the defense starts wearing down in the 2nd half because its on the field all day.
    4) Seattle’s run game starts working mid 3rd qtr and takes control of the game.
    5) The offense has to come from behind, and Gabbert throws a pick-6 forcing the ball.

    Final Score 23-13

    But it didn’t g down that way. The offense settled down, having some of the best drives vs Seattle in years. Somehow Vance McDonald discovers he has hands.

    But for some mysterious reason, the defense has the poorest tackling in 49er history. I’m not saying this for impact. I’m 54 years old, and I’ve only missed watching a few 49er games when I lived in Phnom Penh. Poor tackling technique. Poor tackling angles. Going for the big hit at the wrong time. Other times way too passive, waiting on the ball carrier. Reid and Ward had a few nice hits. Bowman ended his day with a tackle for a loss. But overall, the worst tackling I’ve seen since I’ve been watching since 1967.

    1. Correction – [When] the offense settled down, they havd some of the best drives vs Seattle in years.

    2. That tackling resulted in the most running yards against in 49er history. That includes Jim Brown when the Browns were dominant prior to both teams coming into the NFL. That also includes Gale Sayers scoring six touchdowns against the 49ers in Chicago.

      “Living in” Phnom Penh is very interesting. When did you live there? Given your age it must have been after 1968 I was in that general area.

      1. Girlfriends an organizational development consultant with focus on greater asia. NGOs, government, public health and the like. She moved to from California to Phnom Penh in 2006. I was leaving civil service job, so I tagged along. Spent a total of six months there. Had a great time busing, tuk-tuking all over the country. Its a little different than Healdsburg.

        I could get rugby (All Blacks, Le Blue, etc.) on the TV. The only televised football was the Superbowl. The sound quality was weird. Couldn’t hear the hits. At least it was football.

        1. We (wife, three kids, and several Thai people) watched the first step on the moon in our Bangkok living room. We had an old black and white TV with a clothes hanger for an antenna. The “country” Thai thought it was a movie, but the “city” Thai tried to convince them that it was real.

      2. “That tackling resulted in the most running yards against in 49er history.” Wow.

        Add to that record the huge amount of Yards After Catch due to poor tackling, and you have something truely embarrassing. Its not just the new guys. DBs that tackled well under Fangio now have rubber arms and bad angles under Mangini.

        The D-line wasn’t stellar, but much of the time the base 3 held point. The LBs and DBs were awful.

        At least we have more clarity in future needs. Linebackers. A 3-4 without buh-dass linebackers is not a good thing.

        Offense O-line, depth at RB. A ball control offense without good linemen and depth at RB is also not a good thing.

        1. Total agreement about the lack of tackling. I’d watched that RB a bit and knew he would be trouble, but the guys weren’t tackling anybody else either. Baldwin chumped them when they gave up on the play at the sideline.
          Let’s see, can’t block, can’t tackle,……..

        2. The one thing the Harbaugh staff did very well was play fundamentally sound. Great blocking, good tackling and overall sound football. The players were always ready to compete.

  12. One more thing

    10. We need to start thinking about a reliable replacement for Hyde. Hyde is good, but gets hurt frequently. Mike davis and his 1.3 yards per carry will not get the job done. Not to mention, MD’s running style is like Hyde – only slower and less powerful. We need a true change of pace back who is fast, quick and is a threat to take a bubble screen to the house.

    We need what reggie bush was his last year as SC or what Kendall hunter could have been if given more work.

    1. Maybe they should have elevated Hayne. He could take those punts without calling for a fair catch, especially when behind by so much. Also, Hayne has studied the playbook longer than 2 weeks and has run passing plays many times with Gabbert. Gaskins and Cadet did not even play, so why not Hayne.? Hayne has averaged 4 yards per carry, and has made first downs. If Draughn has full command of the playbook, I will eat my hat.

      1. If they don’t play Hayne after next weeks loss you should walk the picket line at 4949 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA.

        1. After watching this game. I realize that I have better things to do than follow this dumpster fire.
          I made several recommendations, and they did not do a single one of them. I told them to go bold, they went weak and timid. I said they should play smart, and the coaches went brain dead. I said they should stop the unforced errors, and they whiffed on way too many tackles.
          I told them to elevate Hayne. but they refused, so they deserve to lose, because they are not trying to win.

          1. I take it back. They did do one of my recommendations. I said they should sit Devey and Pears, and they did sit Devey, so Gabbert was sacked only twice.

  13. Is Gabbert tied to the Niners for next year? If not, he needs to get the hell out and go to a team that can win. He’s a more than decent QB. The Niners will be horrible for many years to come…

  14. To me, the major question is … how the HELL has this team managed to win three games this season? For the first time since 1967, I no longer root for the 49ers – I cannot root for the Yorks anymore (truly as the great BB King sang The Thrill is Gone). But if I was still a 49er fan, I’d be looking toward yo the 2022 draft … though it may take longer withe York spawn in charge)

  15. Gabbert played well enough that for a moment i had dreams of a Niner comeback in this game. Overall team play was abysmal and the idiotically conservative coaching, which seems a staple in the NfL these days, made that pure fantasy. While i like Gabbert’s effort, i am seriously concerned about his arm strength and if my eyes arent deceiving me that alone might do him in. We have seen some Niber qbs get off to fast starts – Troy Smith – only to fade in a few games. I fear this franchise hasnt even come close to hitting bottom, and this bottom will be unique as we fall from the slopes of Everest to the Marianas Trench with Fredo York at the controls.

  16. Hmm, Draughn stopped running a route? But he has complete total command of the playbook. He could not possibly make a mistake, he had 2 whole weeks to learn it by heart.

      1. Actually, it’s now more probable that the 49ers will win next week.

        After all, after the last game Grant wrote that Mangini should be considered for HC and Tartt was the best defensive player and it was not close.

        Look what happened to them just one game later.
        If he is saying Tomsula should be fired then he probably is going to have his best week so far.

    1. Sadly Tomsula probably isn’t going anywhere for now. I’m still tipping week 6 in 2016 to be his last game.

      1. If I was a betting man I’d say that it’ll happen once the team has been eliminated from playoff possibility. I’m speaking next season of course.

        1. Yeah, I’m thinking they try and salvage the season while they still think they are a chance.

          1. They cant keep putting that product on the field led by Tomsula until 2016. Cmon boys.
            And Scooter, Jimmie Ward is junk. Maybe he is playing out of position, but today I counted about 10 whiff/missed tackles between him and Wilhoite

            1. Ward had his worst game of the season. Very poor day in coverage, no doubt about it. But he didn’t miss any tackles.

              Hard to defend the guy when he’s come off a performance like that, but it is worth remembering it was his worst performance of the season, and he’s been decent (albeit unspectacular) most of the rest of the season. I don’t think he’s junk, but he’s not the positive impact player most hope for in a first round pick. If he keeps playing the way he is he’ll only ever be a borderline starter – the kind of guy you can start, but are always thinking you can do better than him.

          2. You’re probably right. I was assuming they would come out and be a bit more competitive then this season but still not enough to make it to the tournament. If they come out and are 1-5 or 2-4 at week 6 then yea, he’s probably gone.

        2. The replacement will come from inside the organization in 2016, and it’s possible that they won’t bother with pretending to search outside. Tomsula won’t be fired. He will still have a job somewhere in the organization.

    2. What do you gain by firing the guy at this point? Nothing, really. This season is a dumpster fire. York and Baalke get to use Tomsula as a human shield so there is no way they are getting rid of the only barrier between them and angry fans. Tomsula is a bad head coach. That is abundantly clear. Tomsula should have never been hired in the first place. That is abundantly clear. While the press and fans continue to direct the heat toward Tomsula, there is no possible way York and Baalke will remove their fire barrier. It would open them up to the absolute crushing they so richly deserve.

      1. Houston “What do you gain by firing the guy at this point?

        You tell your fan base you are not accepting of losing and lackadaisical play. That you made a mistake, own it, and will hire the next best coach when the time is right.

        Will it happen. Probably not. I think it will take another 3 major blow out loses for it to happen.

        1. Thats true. My point is that York and Baalke will NEVER send that message to fans. It’s basically saying they totally screwed up the Harbaugh situation and botched the replacement hire. That will open them up to harsh criticism that I don’t think either wants or has the cajones to endure. York and Baalke have been the invisible men this year up until they put CK on IR. They have their designated whipping boy who is doing a fantastic job of absorbing all the hits and keeping York free to cash his checks and Baalke free to fill out his envelopes full of draft busts. The major mistake that fans and media are making is thinking York and Baalke care about on field success. They dont or they wouldn’t have hired Tomsula in the first place.

          1. Maybe that coaching choice was like in the Marines when they ask for volunteers: everybody else takes one step backwards leaving the new guy out front.

            1. Perhaps. There is no explanation for the actions of Baalke and York over the past 12 months other than York only cares about the money and Baalke only cares about diverting attention from the horrid job he’s doing as a GM.

          1. There have been significant rule changes in the NBA since Jordan’s Bulls teams. Hand-checking is a foul and illegal defense was eliminated. The Warriors are built for todays rules while the Bulls thrived under the old ones.

            1. I’m not so sure the elimination of illegal defense would be a hindrance for them and I’m sure there would be some adjustment with the hand-check rule change but I don’t think that would give the Warriors an edge in the series.

              1. So Ethan Sherwood Strauss must read this blog…

                “So, what are your initial thoughts on this very realistic matchup?

                Kerr: My initial thoughts are that it is literally impossible to even compare, because the rules are so different and the eras are so different. We would overload the strong side on [Michael] Jordan, and they would call illegal defense; and they would put their hands all over [Stephen] Curry, and the refs would call a foul. That make sense?”

              2. The Bulls had no real rival back then. Who the Knicks? They were garbage. For any western team to come out and win in the past 15 years is an achievement in its own right. The Bulls maybe win 3 since 2000.
                The Warriors would have beaten those bills teams, and this is coming from a laker fan.
                The nba was watered down and didn’t have these “dream teams” of today.

              3. Well I certainly can’t argue with that Grimey again in regards to the contact foul.

                Now, I loved Kerr and if that’s what he says then OK but I watched every single game, every one. There really weren’t very many 3 second violations being called against teams they were playing, not at least to any degree that it would be a loss of an advantage for them if they went away.

              4. In the early years it was Bulls/Pistons. Outside of John Starks I don’t think there’s any sports figure I hate more then Bill Laimpeer. Their games were nasty and physical. For the first couple of seasons that Jordan was in the league the Pistons would still win those match ups but once the team gelled the tide turned.

                The Bulls/Knicks games were always heavily anticipated and almost always lived up to bill. Close games between two teams that truly didn’t like each other.

                Both teams were definitely considered rivals at the time.

              5. I loved the Bulls too, Coffee. Michael Jordan was my favorite player and I looked forward to being able to watch him every weekend on NBC. Growing up in the Bay Area I wasn’t able to watch every game but I watched as many as I could.

                I do watch every Dubs game though and to my eye they are just as dominant in this era as the Bulls were in that era. I can’t really say who would win a 7 game series between the 2 because of the differences in eras but it would be a hell of a series because defensively both teams are eerily similar. I also believe the Warriors are better than any team the Bulls faced in any of their playoff runs and vice versa.

                Lastly Draymond Green vs Dennis Rodman would be all out war.

              6. What sets this warriors roster and team apart from the Bulls, lakers, 2000′, and the Spurs
                Is that they can shoot and hats what wins them games. I can’t remember a team with shooters like this. In 99 percent of the years past shooting teams wouldn’t win championships. This team is different and you can’t stop a hot shooter. Now pack that with 3 guys who could go off at anytime and feed off of each other with a decent defense and you have the next dynasty. I’ve seen 2 laker dynasties in my lifetime. And I know what one looks like I. It’s early stages. I wouldn’t doubt if the Warriors 3 peated.
                They are that good.
                And my lakers will snap the streak on Wednesday.

  17. I admit the overall play, the team, coaches and front office are not NFL caliber, but they are our sad sack 49ers a loveable group of misfits. I find some solace in the small things. For example, no scowling, smirking or yucking it up QB7 stalking the sidelines; no weak or thoughtless passes killing gophers or training staff; no sullen or petulant one sentence sound bite statements for post-game interviews. This team is clearly substandard by many measures in many areas, but they can play enthusiastically for pride and in the role of spoilers. I don’t believe they “should have fun” I include Boldin who should lead by example- he’s edgy, he’s a professionals professional, and he can appear intimidating. Boldin needs to increase his presence in the locker room. Until the organization proves its competency, ALL employees should keep their collective noses to the grind stone. Anything less is self-defeating one weak link and forget about it. This organization continues to hoe a tough row and needs to dramatically improve 360 degrees. In the little time left, I would like to see the seed of an organization-wide, positive cultural shift.

    1. Won’t 360 degrees leave them facing the same direction after going around in a circle? Isn’t that what they’re already doing?

    2. Umm, I think you mean 180%, because 360 will put you in the same direction as to when you started.

    3. Paraag is an ideal poster child for “our sad sack 49ers a lovable group of misfits” with Jed as his backup.

    1. I must say, Winston has surprised me. I thought his off field problems would leak onto the field, and did not think the TB defense was that good. However, JW is doing great because he has decent WR s to throw to, and the defense is much improved.

  18. So if Tomsula were fired today who would coach tomorrow? Mangini? Didn’t his squad get all F grades? He is a DB coach and the defefensive backfield looked no better than any other defensive unit on the field. Think they missed Dorsey?

    Shoul Chryst take the helm. I don’t think that will improve matters. Who else is left, no one is coming into this freak show if they are smart, and unless they are desperate.

    1. Mangini isn’t the defensive backs coach. He is the defensive coordinator. The tight ends coach has also been a head coach in the NFL. Google is your friend.

  19. “We prepared for 24, and 24 didn’t play,” 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman said of five-time Pro Bowl runner Marshawn Lynch.

    Translation: Mangini failed to adjust his game plan for the absence of Lynch.

    1. C4C

      I think that Navarro might have worded it better in saying ‘We weren’t prepared for 34’…Pete Carroll is a good coach….it’s hard to choke down the hate that is felt for him in the Bay area, but ‘fess up, he’s a damn good coach. The credit that I give him, is that he always has a card up his sleeve. You can bitch, moan, and bellyache all you want about our DC and his failure to prepare for the Hawks running game, but how do you prepare for someone who doesn’t even have any game film on him ? Rawls had us for lunch, and then ate ours….you can’t prepare for ghosts. It’s happened before, and will happen again. It’s like a baseball pitcher who has a devastating fastball, and when you face him the first time, he throws you nothing but sliders and splitters. I remember years back when the Bears came to town with a mystery rookie RB named Gayle Sayers. The Niners hadn’t seen anything like him before…and by the time they rested him in the fourth quarter, he had set the rookie TD record, and proceeded to set the NFL TD record (6 by rushing by my memory). Interpretation: we were down 20 before anyone even could pronounce “Rawls”…You don’t fire your coaching staff for getting ambushed by ‘Sneaky Pete’..

      1. There was tape on Rawls. He’d already had two starts where he gained over 100 yards. I knew about him for goodness sakes, how could these guys not? I knew he was quick, elusive, fast, strong and runs low just from seeing him on ESPN.

      2. “but how do you prepare for someone who doesn’t even have any game film on him ?”

        It’s amazing somebody who has no idea what he’s talking about can use so many words.

        From ESPN:
        “Rawls turned in his third 100-yard rushing game of the season. He came off the bench to run for 104 yards against Chicago in Week 3 after Lynch injured his hamstring, and rumbled for 169 yards and a touchdown two weeks later against Cincinnati. ”

        But SF didn’t have any film on him. Okay dude.

      3. Oregon,

        It’s amazing how critical you are of players you don’t like, but are an undying apologist for the team. You always make sarcastic comments when responding to people you see as saying the sky is falling but you don’t give a reason why. This post is eye opening because I now believe you really don’t see many games or know much about the rest of the league.

        1. Brotha Tuna, Grime Time, and rocket…

          I stand corrected, in part because I do not subscribe to ESPN…
          rocket, there are no players that I don’t like…but yes, I am that undying apologist for the team…and why not ? I have been a 49er faithful since 1949…those players and most if not all of the coaches, weren’t even born then.

  20. Both Mangini and Chryst should be fired before Tomsula. At least the players like Tomsula. and bringing in a new person could wreck the locker room and cause a total collapse.
    Jed should fire Mangini and replace him with Tarver, and fire Chryst and replace him with Rathman.

    1. Are you kidding/ I would fire Tomsula, then I’d get rid of every single player that doesn’t like it.

  21. Much of our play is embarrassing, but what ‘s most embarrassing to me is Tomsula spitting on the sideline. You would think the front office would forbid it, but it appears they do not. Extremely classless, Jed, you jerk-off!

    1. I think Tomsula knows his days are numbered, so he does not give a damn.
      I, too, was disgusted. I am reminded of a sign I saw in a bank in Mexico years ago. It said- Demuestre su cultura, no escupe sur la pared.- Demonstrate your culture, do not spit on the walls.

      1. Firing Tomsula will be oh of Christmas cheer to me as I’ll be like Drew Carrey playing the witch is dead song for Mimi.

    2. If you start counting people who are spitting on NFL side lines you will be heading to the booby hatch in no time.

  22. Defense was horrible today, but like I said earlier in the week, the Seachicken’s OL has been improving and we saw that today.

    I thought Gabbert played better than expected given the situation. But he seemed to tire mentally especially in the 4th Q. A QB needs to remain alert and sharp for the full 4 quarters. Would be curious if others agree or don’t agree with this observation.

    Seattle commenters on their 5th Quarter were surprised by Gabbert’s relatively good play. They called him the player of the game for the 49ers.

    1. Whereas on the 49ers 5th quarter, the left hand don’t know what the right hand is doing and Bubba paris the grown 49er cried like a baby. Seattle 5th quarter knows nothing but kiss up to the opposition.

  23. Gotta hand it to the Seahags for picking up Rawls as a UDFA. Three one hundred yard games in 4 starts. Don’t understand why he wasn’t drafted. Seattle commenters are saying that he is the only NFL RB to ever run for more than 200 hundred yards against the 49ers.

  24. I would give a D+ for offense they only had made a poor 13 points, and defense a E+ for keeping the Seachikens below 30 points

  25. Gabbert D
    RB Incomplete
    WR D
    TE, B, they seemed more open
    OL F
    Defense, F all around.
    Coaching: Can we fire the plumber already please?

    1. I was thinking we should start a players to keep and build around list:
      Dontae Johnson

      Torrey smith

  26. Finally had a chance to watch the game, here’s my thoughts:

    – First and foremost, pathetic. A pathetic effort, especially defensively.
    – The D was terrible for three main reason – the extremely embarrassing tackling ‘effort’, the DL and LBs getting blocked off the ball easily, and poor discipline.
    – Seriously, the tackling was terrible. Just awful.
    – Its easy to blame the coaches, but this wasn’t an issue of scheme. It was all on the players effort, technique and discipline. Coaches obviously deserve blame for not getting the players right, but this is mostly on the players.
    – On offense, Gabbert will likely get a lot of praise in the media, but he was just competent. Nothing special, and had some pretty bad throws and decisions in which he was lucky to not be punished. That missed TD to Ellington early on was a really bad miss, and he really should have hit Celek for the TD in the red zone but instead took the short option to McDonald, settling for a FG.
    – He did pretty well avoiding pressure, but the pressure actually wasn’t too hot this game most of the time. At the end of the game he actually looked like he was getting a little rattled, taking off quick, and there should have been a pick-6 where he rushed his throw without setting himself.
    – But he was better than Kaep’s been against good Ds this year.
    – The OL still can’t get any push in the running game.
    – The receivers were mostly pretty good, but a couple more drops this week. Torrey Smith and Quinton Patton both had balls go straight through their hands.
    – McDonald actually looked competent. Lets see if he can keep that up.
    – Offensive playcalling was underwhelming once again.

    All in all, I rate this game a heavy upchuck.

    1. Scooter, we may disagree a lot, but your assessment was spot on.
      Especially your last statement.

    2. Scooter wrote:

      “– The D was terrible for three main reason – the extremely embarrassing tackling ‘effort’, the DL and LBs getting blocked off the ball easily, and poor discipline.
      – Seriously, the tackling was terrible. Just awful.
      – Its easy to blame the coaches, but this wasn’t an issue of scheme. It was all on the players effort, technique and discipline. Coaches obviously deserve blame for not getting the players right, but this is mostly on the players.”

      Scooter, I agree with you (and Jack above) – the main issue on defense was that the players were not able to execute. I think this is partially because Mangini is still trying to fit square players into round holes, but it is also due to a lack of preparation and/or toughness on defense. It has been an issue all year. I believe it is mainly on the HC, which has been a surprise to me because Tomsula’s D-lines have always shown great toughness. Maybe he is trying too hard to be the anti-Harbaugh.

      1. Toughness is an issue I brought up a week ago, and as I said, a team will take on the personality of the head coach….

        1. I have to say razor, that was the first time I really felt the D was playing really soft. They’ve had other games where they were a bit soft as well, but this time it was really soft. You may be right about the toughness aspect.

          1. They may be protecting their health, subconsciously, for next year. They could also be less than confident in their coaches. Does a successful approach to D-Line coaching apply anywhere else on a football team when you don’t have Justin Smith?

          2. I’m exceedingly grumpy today about the team, so I may be reaching here, but do the players question the team’s commitment to winning? If there is something to the “Don’t lose big” conspiracy, have the players caught a whiff of it? These fellas work awfully hard and a toll is taken on their bodies to feel like the team doesn’t have their back. This is not an endeavor to be undertaken without total commitment at this level. Is the D, is the team demoralized? It’s difficult to account for that performance.

            1. Their first clue should have been when York got rid of a winner and went out and hired a staff off the clearance rack….

            2. Bro T,

              Definitely something to that suggestion. It’s tough motivating 60+ players every week while also putting them in the best position to be successful. That’s why there are so few who do it effectively, and why the firing of a successful one was met with so much incredulity.

              Players figure out pretty quickly whether they have a realistic chance at winning in this league and if they believe they don’t, it becomes caustic and an everyone for themselves mentality develops. That is the death knell for a football team.

              1. Yeah. In reference to something else Bruschi talked about two ways he could approach his job as a player. All-In, no hesitation, full tilt boogie buy-in, or card punching employee if there’s a disconnect with team or coaches. He said he could push himself further with the former.
                The slightest doubt or wavering seperates posers from contenders, because only the very best carries the day.
                I saw it in Harbaugh last year. By opening day he knew he was out, and his demeanor on the sideline was different, and without meaning to he was bringing 92% instead of 111%, and wasn’t quite as inspirational to his players in 2014. Superman had a kryptonite sweat going on. He wasn’t lazy, he’d just lost some Juju. He couldn’t believe the team didn’t have his back.

    3. At some point you have to assign someone to Rawls. I didn’t see any adjustments made to single out Rawls at any point. When you have someone gashing you like he was you have to stop the bleeding. What was done to do that? Did they double team him each time he came out of the back field, did they assign a single defender to follow him wherever he went? Did they do anything to specifically to try and stop Rawls in the second half? Where were the defensive line stunts? When it was clear that trying to two gap them wasn’t being effective in stoping the bloodletting on the ground where were the adjustments?

      If Tomsula is responsible for the team coming out flat and Chryst is responsible for not making adjustments during the game to help out the blocking or not attacking certain defenders more often how can it be that the defense can play like that but there isn’t a single call out of the defensive coaches, by anyone?? It wasn’t just all missed tackles.

      1. Rawls was killing them on the ground because the DL was getting pushed 5 yards back, the LBs weren’t filling the gaps half the time, and when they (or a safety) did they almost always missed the tackle.

        You can blame Mangini for that if you want, I’m sure he’s not blameless. But to me that is largely the fault of the players themselves, just getting beat.

        1. I agree Scooter. But Mangini made no adjustments it seemed like. Every time we play Seattle, even with Harbaugh, they tactically beat us. Now they are punishing us while doing it. Its like how the 49ers use to abuse the Rams and Falcons in the 80’s. Painful.

        2. Scooter I don’t know maybe it’s a matter of semantics but I don’t feel like I’m trying to blame Mangini. All I’m trying to say is that if Chryst is going to get called out for not making adjustments and Tomsula is getting blamed for the team coming out flat I just can’t see how Mangini’s name somehow escapes the list of culpability for yesterday’s performance especially since it was the defense that really was stinking it up out there.

          1. It wasn’t my intent to suggest Mangini is blameless, he shares some of the blame. Just pointing out that to me the players themselves should take the largest share of the blame.

  27. Did I see a 49er team give up?Dont pay them and donate their paychecks .Its one thing to not have talent , but giving up early in the game is disguesting. Shame on You,

  28. Grant,

    When the front office fired Harbaugh and blew up the coaching staff did Baalke really think that they would have a winning formula with Tomsula and his staff? Baalke is supposed to be a football guy. Did he not see that this was the likely outcome? Or did he hate him so much that he didn’t care what the outcome was as long as he got rid of the hated Harbaugh?

    Or is there a larger plan that is not yet apparent? Are we missing something, some grand scheme?

    It is painful to watch such an uninspired team. Also, coaching not to lose too badly is an insult to the fans.

    What was Baalke thinking? Did he really believe is would somehow be different with Tomsula at the helm?

    BTW, I fear that Gabbert will be good enough to make the team look competitive and it will save Tomsula and his staff this year and the next. It looks like a bleak future.

    1. Leo I agree with all your points except for Gabbert. I think he played well but even if he plays all world the rest of the year, there is no way that the 49ers can continue with this roster and coaching staff. There are a few good pieces on the team but clearly not enough to contend in the division.
      I have always been a strong believer in that how you match up against your divisional opponents will dictate if you are a legit team. So far, the division is miles away for the 49ers in being competitive.
      I do think with the right staff and 2 quality drafts, they can get back to being a contender. But as I see it now with this regime, we are the new Bungals of the NFL.

    1. Kerr does not even have to coach, and he is undefeated. Tomsula is spitting his wad on the side lines, watching the dumpster fire with mouth agape.
      He is yelling at his players and rips them in the press conference. Too bad he should be yelling at himself. I remember how he took the blame for those first losses. Now it is everyone else’s fault. Sounds like typical 49er leadership to me, with York leading the way by hiding from the press.

  29. I have been critical of this entire coaching staff and predominantly Trent Baalke all year. But what is most concerning is that every other coaching staff in the league has made personnel changes either in their staffs or starting rotations, but the 49ers, just two.

    Tiller started yesterday, Kaepernick on IR, and some minor shuffling in the secondary and that was it. The team is 3-7, and somehow the status quo at the coordinator position is okay? Geep has been awful and Mangini is good one week, bad the next. Blow out loses, uninspired play, confusion, chewing tobacco on the sidelines. What is this, high school football?
    Sorry but this all falls like it or not on the head coach and now its pretty clear Tomsula is incapable or he is not trying to save his job. There is no reason to come out after a bye week and look flat. I mean missed tackles every where. How many pass attempts to your fastest WR: Patton, Ellington, Torrey Smith? Soft play. It all reminds me of the last few games when Mike Nolan was here. Once a team is reluctant to tackle or not play hard against a division opponent, to me, the players have tuned out the head coach. This team is done. Jim Tomsula is done. Promote Tony Sparano for the remainder of the year.

    1. With Kaep, there was so many fundamental issues, it was hard to tell if there was even a game-plan.

      Not saying Gabbert is great, but you can see what they want and can do, and the play-calling is the same vanilla, like Jimmy Raye Vanilla.

      And the defense is inconsistent. That’s a bad offense that was running and passing all over the place. Players were in position, but didn’t make plays, and that’s on the players and coaching.

      Vic Fangion had one of the best tackling defenses in the league. There were situations where both Wilhite and Bowman whiffed at the same time. You only see that on Madden.

      Ward looks like a 3rd round pick. Taft looks good but tackles too high.

      This is train wreck 2.0 all over again with the Yorks.

      Here’s the thing with Tomsula — He may be a nice guy, but players are responding because he’s more of a cheerleader the a leader. I am working for a boss that also doesn’t get it. I try my best early on, and then I tune on and start to phone it in. That’s what it looked like on defense. Initially we thought it was bcause the offense was anemic, but it looked like it can do something yesterday. Boldin looks slow but he gets open.

      Again — Tomsula — why are you punting on 4th and 3 late in the game? You really think the defense can get two stops? I think that’s when the D pretty much quick. You can put them out there again. They were leaking all over the place. The times they looked competent was when the offense got the first score.

      Oh well…… so close a few years ago and not just plain incompetent. Teams do go up and down but this feels so different. … so…so.. sucklike.

      I hope Kaep heals up, gets on a better team, starts over. Learns the position. I don’t think he will but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish him well.

      1. At this point Fansince77, who cares about Colin Kaepernick. We have bigger problems to deal with. All the beat writers keep saying the 49ers run the team like a business, not a football operation. If that’s the case, we are doomed forever.

    1. Niners better get smart and trade him to an AFC team. If they cut him, he very easily could sign with the Rams and play the Niners twice a year.
      The best place for him to land would be the Jets or Texas. Both have decent defenses and no set QB. Ravens are a long shot, but with Flacco out, they are desperate.

      1. “If they cut him, he very easily could sign with the Rams and play the Niners twice a year.”

        What’s wrong with that?

          1. After this season, Fisher may be gone. Kaep with Gurley at RB and that monster defense could easily make the playoffs with a competent coach.

              1. Thats right. Coaches have nothing at all to do with winning or losing. Players are all that matter to you.

              2. Sebnayh Im not into predicting too many things but pretty sure Kaepernick would not have done any better than Gabbert. In fact, Id be willing to bet he would have turned it over at least twice.

              3. “Kaep did not play last game FYI, and the Niners were worse than pathetic.”

                You’re kidding right? The offense put up 13 points on the road against a D that held Kaep to only 3 a few weeks earlier at Levi’s.

                Kaepernick isn’t as good as you and many other think he is. He’s the second coming of Mark Sanchez.

              4. Well, at least you did not say he was as bad as Tebow.
                Also, Devey was benched so they did not have free runs at Gabbert.

              5. FDM, Gabbert threw the ball twice into the hands of the DBs. He should have had 2 picks, just like the Falcon game.

              6. Sebyanah, are we now playing the shoulda, woulda, could have game?
                If that’s the case Kaepernick should have worked on his mechanics a little more diligently and more often than just one off-season. He should have become a student of the game instead of spending so much time working on his physique instead of his brain.

              7. Kaep did train hard. He sought out help from Warner and Giles. Everyone read about his work in Arizona to improve his pocket awareness. Warner emphasized that aspect.
                Maybe they should have told Logan to stop messing with his throwing motion and delivery. Taking 15% off the velocity just made him throw those 2 pick sixes and he eventually ended up throwing the ball into the turf.
                I agree, he should have studied harder, but do not know exactly how many hours were devoted to the film room.

        1. Being a backup on a team with a strong starter and Coaching staff would be good for Kap, but with all the teams in need of QB’s I doubt that happens. There are at least 10 teams with QB questions that will be suitors for him I would imagine.

      2. I think he will have to go to a team and be a back up for a year or so to show he can develop the skills he lacks. No way I can see a team hand him a starting position after his has regressed in the last 2 years.

        1. I agree, FDM. And for that, I would put the Steelers (which I have heard no one else say) on the the top of the list (if Kap is released, not traded). Roethlisberger is only 33, but his body appears to be breaking down at an alarming rate. Kap could give the Steelers an emergency option that would probably better than either of their backup QBs this year, and he could learn a lot from Big Ben.

          Two other teams I think might take Kap as a backup (for the right price) are Dallas and Baltimore. Baltimore probably has more need, as they are likely looking at beginning next season without their starting QB, but I think the chance to get Kaepernick as a cheap backup QB would appeal to Jones.

        2. I beg to differ. Many coaches would salivate at the chance to have Kaep with his skillsets. They and many pundits were shaking their heads over how poorly coached he was, and some coaches recognize that Kaep, with the proper scheme, could be unstoppable.
          Ted Robinson repeated the mantra that coaches learned from the GB NFCCG and game planned to not allow Kaep to roll out and run the RO. However, last game, Wilson ran the RO against the Niners to devastating effect. The RO is not a gimmick, it is here to stay, and forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is a huge waste of talent, and says a lot about the coaching.
          No one in their right mind would grab Kaep and tell him to be a second stringer. Kaep would never go to a situation where he would sit. Kaep wants to play, and he would have a huge incentive to go to the Rams because he could stick it to the Niners twice a year.
          Steelers could not fit Kaep and Big Ben both under the salary cap, so while intriguing, I think that is a long shot. Ravens jets and Eagles are much more likely.

          1. Yeah, I should have written that I think going to a team as a backup would be the best option, not his only option.

            Kap is only a major salary cap issue for another team if that team trades for him and he refuses to renegotiate. If he is released, I think he ends up on a one or two year deal for significantly less than he would make under his current deal (a ‘prove it’ contract). I would say that ‘Sanchize’ money ($4.5 million average per year) is about what to expect.

            1. I agree. He will take a lot less, and have to prove himself to his new team. That is why he is untradable. No team, however much they like him, will pay him 12.8 million.

    2. I think Kaep is marketable but not for much. I bet they don’t get more than a 5th or 6th round pick. It may even be conditional and for 2017.

  30. Last night I had some time so I listened in to the SEATTLE 5th Quarter. I’ve already commented that the reporters thought Gabbert was the player of the game for the 49ers. They interviewed one of the Squawk’s defensive backs and he said something I thought was interesting. In response to a question he said that going in to the game, they knew that Gabbert “stared down his receivers”. That’s something I haven’t seen anyone here mention. On a couple of plays I remember thinking he did a good job of going through progressions. But it was only a couple of plays that I remember. He was decisive on where he wanted to go with the ball and mostly got it out quickly. Barber kept saying that he thought Gabbert was dumping the ball off too quickly and missing open receivers downfield.

    1. Gabber showed promise. On one pass to the TE on a wheel, he looked right, and then passed left. He took some 7 step drops but I agree he was quick to go to the checkdown, which at least is better then Kaep taking all those sacks or sensing pressure that wasn’t there.
      He made some pretty throws, but also was a little off target.
      He will be a lot better if he had a good check down RB, like Bush, or Hyde.
      How come the Niners don’t run any RB screens?
      I was at a sports bar and was able to watch all three games at the same time.
      Rodgers can turn it on and make amazing plays with accuracy.
      Alex does nothing fancy but is efficient and accurate. And made nice throws — too bad Kelce dropped them.
      Gabbert, with a few more reps, looks like he belongs as a QB for sure.
      RW just runs around — the Niners DL made the fundamental mistake of breaking containment. Keep him in the pocket and he will struggle. They tried to sack him and he’s just too elusive. If Kaep can develop some pocket awareness, he would be just like RW. The problem is RW has been really inconsistent this year too.
      I’d be curious if the Niners got the AZ DB coach. They look like they have some players back there, they just don’t know how to tackle.

  31. Not sure how you can give the O-line a B when the run game was so bad. You can game plan around poor pass blocking by throwing check downs or quick passes. You can’t game plan around poor run blocking. Blame Draughn if you like but the o-line plays a part in that poor running game. At best a C or at worst a D for the o-line.

    Also, is Jimmie Ward = ABB (Another Baalke Bust)? The guy can’t even spell his name right. How do you expect him to cover NFL WR’s. Tyler Lockett absolutely abused him on that TD reception. How many more ABB’s does York need to see to get rid of York?

  32. “TIGHT ENDS: B. Vance McDonald had his best game as a pro, making four catches for 65 yards and a touchdown. McDonald seemed to have bad hands when Colin Kaepernick was the quarterback, but maybe the problem was Kaepernick’s laser passes, not McDonald’s hands.”

    The problem has never been VMac’s hands – it has been his focus. Even at Rice, he had a penchant for looking to run before he caught the ball. If he concentrates only on catching the ball, he does well. Having a QB that throws with lower velocity may help him hold on to balls even when his concentration shifts to running, but unless he has overcome his focus issues, I think he will, unfortunately, revert back to dropping easy passes. I hate to say that, as I liked VMac as a draft choice and like him now as a blocking TE. However, it appears that the 49ers and Gabbert like making greater use of TEs as receiving options, and VMac needs to be able to be a consistent receiver.

  33. I was surprised by Bow’s comment about preparing for#24. Didn’t they watch film of Rawls?
    JFC! I’ve watched him this year and he’s been kind of like Ellington of AZ. They cut Turbin and Michael because they liked Rawls. I knew he’d be trouble as a change of pace back even if ML played.
    How the Hell did they not see him coming? I don’t watch tape of other teams. I don’t follow the Seahags, but I knew this guy was a threat. Didn’t you guys also?
    And what scheming is involved by the Defense? Tackle the guy with the ball is a starting point. They ran basic running plays just like Lynch would’ve. It’s not about strategy.

    1. I don’t know BT, I have to believe that even Seattle was surprised by that performance yesterday otherwise don’t you think they would have been playing him more before today?

      1. They might have realized it now. Just read where Lynch might miss the rest of the season with a sports hernia (not yet confirmed, though).

      2. Actually back in weeks 3 and 5 he had really nice games then too. Seattle probably should have been playing him more.

        At 5’9″ we’ll see if he can hold up to the extra workload.

        1. At 5’9″ we’ll see if he can hold up to the extra workload.
          Hmm, must be my bad eyes. I thought I had read him at a much lighter weight. At 215 he’ll fine as an every down back.

          1. Seems sturdy. He was dishing out punishment when he ran. Brock got run over a few times; just abused.

    2. It makes you wonder what the thought processes are at 4949. I suffered through reading Tomsula’s post-game presser and this stuck with me [okay, it’s taken out of context somewhat, but where’s the fight and desire to win?]

      “To me, you’re not afraid to punt.”

      1. Kap had been playing scared since Arizona. Looking back, maybe Tomsula has been coaching scared since that game as well.

        1. Good observation JPN. There does seem to be some merit to his playing not to lose badly strategy. Punting that late in the game down by 16 tells me he doesn’t want to see more points on the board against him, and that takes precedence over trying to win. The play calling is ultra conservative for the most part, the reluctance to make changes etc. It seems like he just wants to get through it rather than attack it.

          1. Rocket:

            Everyone keeps saying the play calling on offense has been conservative, ultraconservative. That seems to be true, but I think there is a dichotomy. There were a number of third and short downs yesterday where Gabbert threw the ball deep beyond the first down marker (I’m not sure but I think all of those attempts failed to get a first down). Kap did the same thing in several games. Chryst was trying to fool the defense which he assumed was playing to stop a play designed to get short yardage.

            1. Cubus,

              I think that is a product of trying to throw a change up which is good in theory but if you don’t throw a good one it’s in the seats. There doesn’t seem to be a true mindset for this offense. They’ve tried to be a run based system but the OL can’t run block consistently. So what we get is a lot of 2nd, 3rd and longs and the inability to throw down field consistently enough to convert. When you are faced with that reality you have to change your line of thinking and Chryst either can’t, won’t or isn’t allowed too.

              That is what I think Harbaugh was trying to do last year. He understood that defenses were starting to key on the run and play action so he started going to more of a spread based multiple receiver passing offense. It had mixed results but it showed he knew changes needed to be made and this year it seems like Chryst has gone back to the old playbook, pared it down even more, and doesn’t have any answers when teams shut the running game down.

              AZ players talked about how predictable the offense was when they played them and I don’t think much has changed. One thing I did notice was that Chryst did see what other teams were having success with against Seattle – the seam passes especially -, but those plays were few and far between because they aren’t a part of the core offense. I just don’t think Chryst has the ability to adjust in game to how teams play them is what it comes down to.

              1. Good observations. I in no way meant to come across as a fan of Geep Chryst. I think he gets the boot for sure unless the team miraculously wins out.

              2. Urgh, taking shots downfield is fine, but on 3rd and 3, going heavy set with one WR you send on a post pattern for the shot play… dumb. That isn’t how you attack a D. That is how you tell a D the only way we will beat you deep is if we lull you into believing we will run.

                It is easy to defend 1 WR going downfield so long as you aren’t completely fooled into rushing up to stop the run. And which team in their right minds would worry about needing to have the safeties play the run hard when the 49ers OL can’t create any holes?

      2. To me, settling for field goals just means you lack confidence that your team can make a play. I said they should go bold. Instead, they went timid and scared.

    3. It’s not like Rawls should have been a surprise to anyone who’s watched the Seahawks this season. He’d gone over 100 yards in 2 of his 3 previous starts this season.

      1. It’s not like Rawls should have been a surprise to anyone who’s watched the Seahawks this season.
        Clearly that excludes our defense.

    4. Right there with you Brotha. No surprise by Rawls, guy’s been running with a lot of soul before this game….

    5. There is no doubt Rawls was good, but he was often 3-4 yards across the LOS before being touched. That is complete domination of the front seven by Seattle.

  34. I like this analysis, Grant…Tells it like it is at 4949 Centennial, and proof that if the York’s plan on including the fans next coach search, they better start now, because of more and more vacant seats.

    No, Jim. It’s not OK. Football Sin No. 3 is your biggest sin of all.

    You’re supposed to get both your offense and defense ready to play a full game—that’s the bare minimum we expect from a head coach. Your teams haven’t been ready to play a single road game this season.

    Mike Singletary’s teams always played hard from the opening whistle, and he was one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. Although, he wasn’t worse than Tomsula.

  35. Rawls ran just like Lynch, actually better. WHY would there have been a different preparation???

  36. Scooter summed it up pretty well. Pathetic effort and a truly embarrassing display by the defense. Whether you want to blame Mangini or the players, they both have culpability and the result is another embarrassing loss.

    I’ll hand it to Gabbert, he’s playing better than I thought he was capable after his time in Jax, and maybe with our old defense and running game he’d be successful, but his Alex like play doesn’t work when the defense is laying down the way it did.

    That comment from Brooks is nothing earth shattering because we’ve seen that on the field every time they go to Seattle. It’s like they are intimidated before the game even starts.

    I really can’t blame Tomsula too much even though it ultimately falls on his shoulders. It’s obvious he wasn’t ready for this and he was given the job for all the wrong reasons. The Coordinators were the best of what was left and it shows. There needs to be sweeping changes after the season but it’s highly unlikely they happen which is the most depressing part of the whole thing.

    1. I don’t understand why people think Tomsula and or Baalke will keep their jobs? It’s clear as day that Tomsula and his staff are incapable. No retirement, injury or loss of talent can shade that.
      And the depth we have seen when called upon is not NFL capable. That’s on Baalke.
      So if for some reason Jed York cannot see that and gives this group another opportunity, well, it will be another year of being an embarrassed 49er fan. I’m sure a lot of people won’t go to games and support this product. That’s the only way Jed will take notice but I see him making changes across the board at the end of the season. He is not that clueless!

      1. Prime,

        Jed already has his money from the seat licenses. Whether the fans decide to show up is irrelevant.

      2. Prime,

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but my reasoning is simple: Jed handpicked Tomsula as the HC, and I don’t think his ego will allow him to fire him after one year and admit he didn’t know what he was doing. He is also tied at the hip to Baalke for better or worse so expecting Baalke to be fired is wishful thinking imo.

        1. He also hand picked Singletary and that didn’t go as plan either. Teu won’t give him another year and fire him into 2016. That would cost them more headache.
          There is pressure from other owners and investors to put out a good product. A sellable product.
          Regardless of season ticket holders money, empty seats paid or not still affect bottom lines with merchandise and concession sales.
          No billionaire likes to lose or being embarrassed. His football team is the probably the worst in the league. He won’t sit on his hands. The media, investors and new prospective partners will push and he will make changes. He really has no choice. Admit the mistake and move on. Ego never makes good business decisions.

          1. Good point Prime Time. With revenue sharing as it is in the NFL, other owners want teams to have fans in seats spending money. Buy hotdogs, hats and jerseys. That’s a big component in football. I don’t live in Santa Clara so don’t know what stadium attendance is but seeing yesterdays display, why would you go. Its bad enough on TV. Now you want me to shell out another $250 to get there, park, eat and fall asleep? No thanks.

          2. “No billionaire likes to lose or being embarrassed.”
            HAH! Too late for Jed! Even casual football fans in other cities see Jed’s hand in this mess. Levi’s and Big Media will be full head shaking people smirking about Jed, and the local columnists will provide scathing reminders for Bay Area visitors and NFL ‘dignitaries’ (cough, gag) to read during Super Bowl Week.

            1. That’s a good point, BT. The upcoming embarrassments Jed will suffer at the hands of the media during Superbowl week might be all that is needed to push him over the edge into making some good FO decisions. Grant has stated a number of times that he has the impression that Jed really does want to win. Hope springs eternal.

              1. Cubus-
                A scary thought is if it takes him until the SB, he’ll be behind the time curve again.

              2. Yes, I thought about the time curve as I posted. It is later than one would like but – better late than never? But it probably means we would miss out on the good options for CS outside the organization. Promotions from within….

              3. And I agree. I think Jed does want to win. But so did Al Davis and jerry jones. Get where I’m going?

            2. Exactly Brotha Tuna. I think that it all needs to happen to create some semblance of change. Otherwise just become the Detroit Lions and fool your fans every year that its about football and not money making.

          3. Prime,
            Most of the football related profit comes from the television deals. The stadium is packed with non football events year round. The seat licenses are spoken for. It sucks, but the York’s are not football people with a passion for the sport or the franchise. Jed’s priority isn’t winning, it’s to make money. For somebody that has been given everything in life, he sure seems to get off on nickel and diming people. He’s so focused on profit margins that he’s blind to team morale. Jed has created an environment where people are out for themselves and he only has himself to blame. John was smart enough to realize that he had no business being involved with football operations but stupid enough to let his son take over. Don’t expect change.

          4. Prime, if the 49ers lose out or close enough to then sure, I can see Tomsula getting the axe. If they win a handful of games though, eke out a 6-10 season somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tomsula is given another go, on a short leash, with a new OC.

        2. He’s tied at the hip to Marathe, methinks. Marathe needs a real football guy to work with (since he ain’t), and he promoted TB from within as an element of consolidating his power within the org. I’d assume he wouldn’t hesitate to push TB out of the lifeboat if/when it suits him.

          1. They’re clueless. If they were truly evil, they would screw that up. They want to win on the cheap. They need butts in seats to spend at the stadium. There’s also more information the before because of the internet.

            They are trying to win. They suck at that.

        3. I don’t think Baalke gets the axe, but I fully expect Jimmy Tom gone freaky fast just as soon as the season expires….

          1. After enduring this trainwreck, Baalke has shown me that he is a big part of the problem. Both Marathe and Baalke must go, or the Niners will be bottom dwellers for years.
            Jed should just admit that he is in over his head, and turn the team over to Eddie. Eddie would clean house and get the Niners back to respectability.

  37. Wait, no, they flew up there with dreams of keeping the score semi-respectable. Because that’s what this coaching staff is worried about — staying competitive … and employed.
    So, despite all we’ve learned about sports since we were old enough to know what a touchdown was, this was a successful day for the 49ers coaching staff, Jim Tomsula in particular. Because they realize the environment they agreed to join, and they know it’s possible to get promoted even when everything else is going to hell. That’s the lesson “Jimmy Tom” taught everyone who draws a paycheck from Denise DeBartolo York.http://www.bayareasportsguy.com/49ers-lose-29-13-seahawks-jim-tomsula-total-cya-mode/

    Neama Dadkhahnikoo ‎@NeamaD

    @timkawakami The game announcers said “A coach told us Kap left over 20 TDs on the field” and “The line is relieved Kap is gone.” Amazing.

    1. The 49ers would never hire a Walsh guy like Denny Green. They’d have to give up too much authority, and periodically go off on players after an effort like yesterday..Or even worse, what if he went into the front office during one of Jed, Trent, and Paraage’s staff meetings and yelled, “You guys are what I thought You Were!!!”

  38. IMO, Blaine Gabbert’s performance yesterday, has completely changed my outlook for the future of NFC West. And because of that, he deserves an A+ in my book. Here’s why:

    The Seahags haven’t simply been a thorn in the side of the 49ers. They have been more like dagger in the heart. The Cardinals are the team to beat in the NFC West this season, and possibly the frontrunner to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 50. But for a few years now, aside from the legion of poo, Russell Wilson has been a driving force of my pessimistic outlook for retaking our rightful position at the top of the division. He’s a smart kid, and he can extend plays. But lets get real. Russel Wilson is a middle of the road QB who has been riding the coattails of the leagues best defense. The salary cap has caught up to Seattle. Their defense is no longer feared. And the one QB in their division whom they have had in their back pocket is no longer starting for his team.

    Arizona has passed the Seahawks by, and the 49ers are now in a great position to do the same. They have a ton of salary cap space, a ton of compensatory draft picks, a favorable draft position, and a QB who no longer fears their defense.

    Blaine Gabbert was a far better prospect coming out of college, but ended up in a “worst case scenario” for a rookie QB, thrown to the wolves like a piece of meat, playing for the worst NFL organization going at the time. To make matters worse, he came out of the college ‘Spread System’, and was forced to learn a new ‘Pro’ system every single season he was under center for the Jags. He never had a chance early in his career, and the only reason he survived, when many have hung up their cleats, is because he has the heart of a lion. He is an incredibly determined competitor, yet not afraid to show humility.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you were going to build a prototypical QB for the year 2015 you would be smart to use Blaine Gabbert. He always had tall of the physical tools, but you would do well to copy his brain as well.

    Very impressive arm talent, strong, accurate, with the effortless ability to to put a little extra on the ball, or take a little off. Gabbert has a prototype build. 6’4″ 240 lb. Wide shoulders, 33″ arms and 10.25″ hands. In terms of mobility Gabbert is a phenomenal athlete for his size. He’s fast (4.62), and agile (6.84 sec. 3 cone drill [bested Wilson’s 6.97 sec. time by a mile], at the combine). His mechanics are now flawless. He has a fast release, and stands tall in the pocket, very well balanced with a centered, wide base.

    Physical talent aside, his best attributes are between the ears:

    Blaine’s physical skill-set is an obvious cut above Russell Wilson, and his superior physicality jumps off the TV screen when compared to Wilson. But when it comes to the mental makeup of a QB, this is where the similarities with Wilson are apparent. Blaine is a vocal, natural born leader, and he absolutely commands the huddle. He is intelligent, and extremely hard working, He’s confident without the cockiness, and has the respect of every single teammate on the roster. He makes quick decisions, flies through his progressions, and anticipates the routes. He’s not afraid to pull the trigger (Kaepernick became gun shy and frozen when it came to pulling the trigger) and he is able to fit his passes in tight windows because of his decisiveness, and ability to ‘throw his receivers open’.

    It’s on Seahawk fans. I hope you enjoyed your little mini-run, and single Lombardi Trophy, because there is a new sheriff in town, and it’s only a matter of time until takes control of the NFC WEST!

    1. TomD

      November 23, 2015 at 9:54 am

      The 49ers would never hire a Walsh guy like Denny Green. They’d have to give up too much authority, and periodically go off on players after an effort like yesterday..Or even worse, what if he went into the front office during one of Jed, Trent, and Paraage’s staff meetings and yelled, “You guys are what I thought You Were!!!”

    2. Don’t forget to take your medication on the way to Gabbert’s HOF induction ceremony. The dude lead the offense to 13 points and threw two picks that the Seattle defenders dropped. There were some positives, but your post is absolutely ridiculous. They got their ass kicked yesterday.

    3. That’s either Blaine’s Mother or the guy who was making all the memes on Niner Nation last week. Get on the Blaine Train or get on out. Choo Choo Motherf***ers!

        1. With the rest of this season and next offseason Gabbert is going to surprise some of you.
          He’s sat and learned a lot. Now he needs to shake off the rust and get at it like he did in college.
          His qb skills are far superior than ck’s and his arm is better than smiths. He is the next Alex smith that can actually look past a checkdown and throw a ball on the money over 20 yards.
          You watch!
          And for one of those int’s…
          The rb stopped on that route. Can’t blame him for that. Ints happen. But td’s didn’t in Seattle with you know who! No doubt in my mind if they go for it instead of those two fg’s kicks they get 7.
          He’s a safe bet in the redzone.
          Remember this post!
          It will either bite me or show my genius! Book it boys. Gabbert will be a very good qb.

  39. This team on the field is 100% Jed/Trent.
    This is what they wanted, a team that is a run first team.
    The coaches built this offense to complement,as per Jed/Trent,Kaep’s strenghts.
    The coaches can only coach the players that the GM puts on the rooster.
    This team has lost key players to injury. 2/3’s of the back field,Dorsey,Kilgor,Boldin,Bethea,Mcray,etc
    This team played half it’s games with Kaep at QB, enought said.
    Really, when many here call for the coaches to be fired, as if they are the reason this team is where it’s at ,is short sighhted.
    This season lays at the feet of the FO.
    As for this last game, these guys are professional athletes, the best of the best, and if they can not get up for a divisonal oppenent, then that is on them.

    1. Please do not absolve the coaches for this debacle. While conceding that the players played poorly, the coaching was incompetent and could not make adjustments. Pears had a -3.5 rating, but he played all game. Willhoite fell down or whiffed an many plays, but they refused to sit him down. Putrid coaching doomed this team from the first snap.

  40. I hope the posters on this site realize that all of Kaep’s struggles were not entirely his fault. Kaep did not play, and the Niners with Gabbert, had their worse game in years. I truly believe that after 3 TDs in the first quarter, Pete Carrol took pity on the Niners and did not try to run up the score. If they had let RW air it out, they could have scored 70 points. Instead, they ran the ball,and broke the Niner record for rushing yards allowed.

  41. Seb. I feel your pain, but how would you have put in for these guys?
    The cubbard is bare my friend and that is all on the GM.
    As one of the coaches said, and beleive it, he put his head on the block for this “you can only play with the hand delt to you”

    1. They should not have deactivated Tank, and they should have elevated Hayne. I called for them benching Pears and promoting Brown, but he played every snap for a -3.5 grade.
      I concede that Baalke has a lot to blame for this mess. He whiffed on all those FAs and his drafts have not been stellar.

    1. Who would I NOT put in? I would not put in 2 players grabbed off the streets, with no TC or preseason work. Of course, the coaches declared that they had total command of the playbook, but then we discover one player whiffed on two thirds of his blocks and stopped in the middle of his passing route.
      That is totally on Baalke, and he dealt that small pair to Tomsula and expected a royal flush.

      1. “one player whiffed on 2/3rds of his blocks” – didn’t Hayne get benched for missing one block?

        1. I think he was cut because they stripped him of the ball while fighting for more yardage, yet the Niners retained possession because McCray jumped on it.

    1. Good article Grime thanks for posting it. The officials are really killing the game with excessive calls. Unless it’s an obvious game altering foul the flag should not be thrown period. That call on Culliver was ridiculous and completely altered the game at that point in time. There was a couple of calls in the AZ-Cincy game last night as well on 3rd down that extended drives for infractions that either didn’t exist or were so minor they didn’t deserve to be called. There needs to be a common sense component to officiating instead of just calling things by the book.

      1. It’s just too subjective and inconsistent. But not only that, incompetent as well, they need to hold the officials accountable for game altering calls and non calls. The officials also need more help though. Why are first downs still measured by old men with chains?

  42. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson is scheduled to visit #49ers today. He’s had two previous stints with O.C. Geep Chryst.

      1. Aaaaaannnnd…

        Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
        McLeod Bethel-Thompson will be signed to the #49ers’ practice squad. Blaine Gabbert, Dylan Thompson on the 53-man roster.

  43. One thing that I didn’t realize earlier was that Dorsey got hurt on the first snap of the game. The niners have had a slew of injuries at Seattle as of late and I think this may have affected their intensity to play (they all caught a bit of the Vernon Davisivitus, in other words). And many just wanted to get out of there with their bodies intact, never mind the outcome.


    1. EC9er,
      Isn’t it a sad commentary when you mention the name of Vernon Davis and nobody even reacts?

      Honestly, I haven’t noticed that VD has been missing from the line-up given the fact that he disappeared from games when he was here.
      He has yet to make any impact in Denver as well. Let’s see if he can resurrect his career in Mile High.

      1. EAS,

        Vernon was gone before he was gone. My comment was aimed more at the bad defensive effort and I used VD as my choice of disease (pun intended) since he seemed to have a special fear of aquatic birds.

    1. Bad fit. He’s like Tank Carradine for the Jets. A 4-3 guy who should be in a 4-3. Also questionable work ethic/character concerns coming out of UNC, but was over-drafted by Rex Ryan.

  44. Fast forwarded my way thru the game again- for goodness sake can we just bench Pears he is just weak in every sense. I’d say the say the same about Martin but our choices at C are nil. Gabbert wasn’t perfect but he is better than not just a few expected.The drive at the end of the 2nd quarter and a decent and even hopeful 3rd quarter were a testament to that.In the end we were out played- just that simple. The sad side of this whimper of a season is no real change is in the forecast.

    1. While Gabbert may be better than I expected, he’s not good. He’s merely not terrible(which makes him better than I expected).

      1. I’d label him competent after two games. With a good D, a good OL and a good running game you could win a lot of games with him at QB playing the way he has.

        1. I’d label him replacement level. As in Brandon Weeden could come in here and do the same thing. You can’t afford to pay him legit QB money because you have to have elite players at so many other positions to make him viable.

          1. Grimey:

            I think that’s a bit harsh. You have to remember that there was effectively no running game. 34 of the 53 offensive plays were passing plays. There were only 59 net rushing yards on 19 running plays. IMO, Gabbert did a good job given the circumstances. But I’m not ready to crown him as the new QB. I want to see how he finishes out the year since we know that, barring injury, he will be the starting QB for the rest of the year.

            And don’t forget, the offense produced a first down to punt ratio of 2.0 (14/7) yesterday. That’s saying something for this team :D

          2. Brandon Weeden looked less competent for the Cowboys who have one of the best OLs in the league. So I have to disagree with your comparison.

            He’s playing at around an Alex Smith level through two weeks.

            1. I agree and said as much above. If we had the team of 2011 we could win a lot of games with BG playing this way which is essentially the way Smith played. The problem is this team is the red headed step child of that one, and has nothing approaching the supporting cast needed for BG to win consistently.

            2. Weeden has a 92.1 rating and 58.7 QBR this season. Blaine is at 88.9 and 57.1. YPA? Blaine 7.61, Weeden 7.53. Very comparable if you ask me.

              1. Gabbert has looked better than Weeden did, regardless of what the stats may say. Keep in mind Weeden put those stats up with a good OL and a running game to support him.

              2. Grime,

                That is pretty close no doubt about it, but the difference imo is in the demeanors. Gabbert looks like he’s in control and calm. Weeden looked like he was hoping not to F up.

              3. And Blaine Gabbert scored all his points after the 49ers were down 3 TDs yesterday. Satisfaction with Blaine Gabbert means a future of mediocrity. Yay.

              4. Rocket,

                There was a lot more pressure for Weeden in his situation as well. All Gabbert had to do was look better than Kap. Weeden had to hold down the fort for Tony Romo and a Dallas team that had SB expectations. The 49ers were in the trash heap when Gabbert took over.

              5. Grime,

                Woah don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying we have our QB or anything of that nature. Just saying that he played confidently and very Alex like which with the components we had in 2011 or the Seahawks have had the past few years, allows you to win a number of games with a game manager who doesn’t take a lot of chances.

                We still need a QB.

              6. Good point about the difference in situations as well. Weeden looked kind of scared out there but he was facing a lot of pressure no doubt.

              7. Nah, not buying that. If anything, BG’s situation was worse than Weeden’s. After his stint at JAX, if BG had failed these last two games he might very likely be out of the NFL after this season. The knock would have been he was the same broken-down QB that he was at JAX – an unressurectable project. Given the same OL and RB situation, it seems likely to me, anyway, that Weeden would have a much lower QBR than BG currently does.

        2. It looks as though he can be an inexpensive captain until all the leaks aboard the ship are filled. Hell, he might even develop into a really good quarterback with a competent developer….

          1. I agree Razor. I think somebody like JH would be able to get the most out of Gabbert (but of course that ship has sailed). It just occurred to me that for all we know, JH might have had a major impact in helping Gabbert right the ship from his JAX days.

            1. A GC once told me that there are two kinds of plumbers – rough in plumber and finish plumber. If your plumber calls the toilet, the sh**ter, then you know you have a rough-in plumber.

      2. What didn’t he do? He handed the ball off on the first few drives. And then he had to pass and he lead a nice TD drive.

        He didn’t come out and wow everyone like Kaep did,but he also led the team. He’s not horrible. Probably a little above average. He could be Matt Schaub, maybe even Flaaco, or as I said earlier, Carson Palmer. He made some nice and tough throws.

        One ball should have been a pick for sure and the other the off the street RB stopped running his route.

        I’ll say this — he looked liked a guy that wanted to play. wanted to make the most of his opportunity. That’s the opposite of what his coach did, and the guy he replaced.

        It may not be all on KAEP the way the coaching staff was all chicken poop over trying to win the game.

        1. Thank you. I am glad you admitted that all the Niner woes were not solely Kaep’s fault.
          Actually, my big test for the Niner QB was that he gets a play off in time. Kaep had one DOG penalty this year, but Gabbert has passed my test so far. Gabbert also has shown better accuracy, so I am not going to cry over Kaep leaving.
          Like Alex, I will thank him for his service, and wish him well.

  45. Dorsey is beginning to channel Kendall Hunter, as the player most likely to get injured and not complete a full season.

    This team will need to make some wholesale changes after the season along the OL and perhaps the DL if our recent draftees (over last two years) can’t get up to NFL playing speed.

    Trent Baalke will be on the hot-seat this offseason under the weight of needing to draft a bumper crop of talent at so many positions.
    I think the 2016 draft will determine Baalke’ fate.

    1. That probably puts any change out three more years. They still will need, and not have, a brain at the top of the power ladder.

  46. I fear that you are both right, but any real change may be 4-5 years away unless our front office has the kind of off-season it has not had in awhile and the draft nets some really great picks, our FA period is stellar, our coaching staff goes on a walkabout and has an epiphany of football epiphanies and Jed takes a very season long vacation.

    1. EC9er,
      I certainly hope that this team does not to wait 4-5 yrs to see improvement, but the way Baalke has drafted the last two years may put us on that long journey.

      Jed’ crowning glory is Levi’s Stadium. His treatment of Jim Harbaugh and nixing on his word to Kap to sign Iupate and perhaps Crabtree only leads me to believe that he holds the team in low esteem.

      Jed’ subsequent hiring of the current coaching staff only works to validate my thought that Jed’ top priority has been achieved: Getting his stadium!

      If paying fans decide not to show up for games it may look bad on tv, but it won’t look bad in Jed’ pockets because the sold season tickets are already in the coffers.

      This is not my idea – someone brought it up on another website but I think if the paying fans rally around this that it would certainly get Jed and Baalke’ attention:
      Have a “Dress like Jim Harbaugh Day at Levi’s!”

      1. I like the idea! I would do it, but like my moniker states, I live on the east coast, but would dress up to support the fan base.

      2. OK, that’s kind of funny. It’s zany and classier than a bunch of fans holding signs and screaming rude stuff about Jed. The media would yuck it up and that would heighten the burn.

      3. I doubt that Jed promised anything concrete to Colin about keeping those guys from becoming free agents. He may have implied that Colin’s contract might help. Of course might is a word made out of rubber.

        1. They might have used that take to sell Colin’s agent, but basically Paraag, and maybe Trent too, didn’t trust CK. At this moment of hindsight their caution seems OK. Oregon Niner was one of many back then that said it was premature to reward CK with that contract. I’m hoping that the position is so over-valued that some team will trade for him and work out the contract later; just so somebody else doesn’t get him. So Philly, please don’t fire Chip, cuz he might do it.

          1. Didn’t trust CK, but didn’t adequately prepare to replace him. More self-contradictory behavior from the 49ers. That’s why this team is bad and will continue to be bad.

            Also I’d beg Philly not to fire Chip because Jed might be stupid enough to hire him to try and fix Kap.

        2. Kaep’s contract was team friendly, and Kaep signed it because it would allow the Niners to pay more to the other players. I could perfectly understand why Kaep was upset when they failed to retain Gore by signing Bush. Pick up Pears so Iupati walks and dumps Crab for UDFAs. Sounds like they reneged on their promise.

  47. Face the sad facts.
    Mangini is the next coach for the 9ers. That’s why no negativity is leaking anywhere about him.
    He is in that perfect spot that Tomusula was in: No one will hire him as head coach so York/Ballke do it and, in turn, he sells his soul to the owner and GM so they can call ALL of the shots.

    1. No. I really hope Mangini and Chryst are let go instead of Tomsula.
      Mangini has about as much chance of becoming head coach as my cat becoming the new OC.

  48. How can the running backs get an “F” while the offensive line gets a “B”? They work together. A line makes or breaks a back. This O-line deserved a C- at best. Wake up Grant.

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