49ers @ Seahawks live blog


This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers Week 11 game against the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:03 Marshawn Lynch is inactive. I told you the Niners would win this game. Here are the rest of the Seahawks inactives:
WR Paul Richardson
CB Tye Smith
OLB Bruce Irvin
C Drew Nowack
C/G Kritjan Sokoli
DT A.J. Francis

Thomas Rawls is starting in place of Lynch.

12:05 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:
WR Jerome Simpson
WR DeAndrew White
CB Keith Reaser
RB Carlos Hyde
G Brandon Thomas
G Ian Silberman
DE Tank Carradine

Shaun Draughn is starting in place of Hyde.

1:23 Seattle wins the toss and defers.

1:27 Touchback.

1:29 Cliff Avril beats Erik Pears around the edge and sacks Blaine Gabbert on third-and-3, and the Niners go three-and-out. Anquan Boldin was running uncovered down the seam. Draughn fumbled on second down, but he recovered the ball.

1:31 Glenn Dorsey is down on the turf after Rawls rushes for three yards on first down.

1:32 Dorsey injured his right leg. Arik Armstead will replace him.

1:38 Tyler Lockett burns Jimmie Ward for a 24-yard touchdown catch. Ward was playing press-man coverage, and he whiffed at the line of scrimmage. Horrible.

1:40 Dorsey has a knee injury and is questionable to return.

1:45 Gabbert overthrows Torrey Smith deep on third-and-6, and the Niners go three-and-out again. Marcus Martin was flagged for a false start on first down. Seahawks ball at their 41 after the punt.

1:55 On drive No. 2, the Seahawks run the ball down the 49ers’ throat, and Rawls punches it in the end zone from two yards out. Extra point no good. 13-0 Seahawks. The Niners can’t match their tempo, and Jim Tomsula can’t get his team ready to play a road game.

1:59 Jimmie Ward flagged for a block in the back on the kick return.

2:05 On third-and-10, Gabbert checks down to Draughn who picks up only nine, and the first quarter ends.

2:06 Question: How does a team come out flat after a bye week?

2:06 Dorsey is out.

2:18 On third-and-10 from the Niners 11, Wilson completes a pass underneath to Tyler Lockett, who breaks three tackles and scores. 20-0 Seahwaks. The Niners are playing like a team that wants its head coach fired. Eric Reid is the only person playing hard on the Niners’ defense.

2:22 Jim Tomsula is a players’ coach whose players don’t play for him.

2:25 Gabbert slightly overthrows Bruce Ellington by 20 yards on third-and-3.

2:26 Quinton Patton commits a 15-yard helmet-to-helmet penalty on the punt return.

2:42 Wilson scrambles for six yards on third-and-16, and the Niners finally stop the Seahawks on third down.

2:44 Niners ball at their 8 with 1:40 left in the first half.

2:52 Gabbert throws a 19-yard touchdown pass over the middle to Vance McDonald. Nine-play drive before halftime. 20-7 Seahawks with nine seconds until halftime.

3:00 Halftime question: Where is the 49ers’ run defense? Isn’t that supposed to be Jim Tomsula’s specialty?

3:11 WIlson throws a nine-yard pass on third-and-11, and the Seahawks go three-and-out. Aaron Lynch sacked Wilson on first down.

3:18 Gabbert completes a 33-yard pass to Garrett Celek on the first play of the drive. Six plays later, Phil Dawson makes a 27-yard field goal attempt. 20-10 Seahawks.

3:28 The Seahawks drive 65 yards and kick a field goal. Score is 23-10 Seattle.

3:30 Ellington fumbles the ball out of bounds during the kick return. Niners ball at their 32.

3:40 Gabbert leads another field-goal drive, and the score is 23-13 Seahawks. Gabbert completed a 25-yard pass to Anquan Boldin and a 36-yard pass to McDonald on that drive. Gabbert’s passer rating is 107.0.

3:44 Rawls runs for three yards on first down before the third quarter ends.

3:50 Rawls catches a short pass in the flat, runs right around Michael Wilhoite and scores from 31 yards out. Pathetic play by Wilhoite. 29-13 Seahawks after the Niners block the extra point.

3:57 Gabbert completes a 28-yard pass over the middle to Boldin on the first play of the drive, but the Niners punt three plays later. Chryst called two short passes and a run for Draughn even though downfield passes have been successful.

4:06 Wilson overthrows Lockett deep on third-and-10, and Seattle punts.

4:12 Erik Pears gives up a sack on third-and-three. Gabbert had no chance. Niners punt even though the game is almost over.

4:21 Niners’ ball at their 9 with 3:27 left.

4:23 Tomsula punts on fourth-and-8. Why, Jim?

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  1. Why would you want the 9ers to win grant? Tank get a better draft pic winning does no good at this point.

    1. There are still a few fans out there who dont see, or dont want to see, where the root of complete incompetence is. Who picked players from the draft for the last 3 years? Who put this lowest paid coaching staff out there, to save money? Who put pears on the offensive line, and made the decision to keep him there? Do I need to go on and on and on? Because I could……..

  2. With regards to Carradine, from Barrows:

    “Tank Carradine, who didn’t play any snaps in the 49ers’ most recent game, also is inactive for today’s contest with the 49ers, the first game this season he has not been in uniform. Carradine, the team’s one-time second-round pick, is in the midst of a metamophosis. Early in his career, the 49ers wanted him to get to 300 pounds and play like one of their traditional defensive linemen like Justin Smith or Ray McDonald. Now they want him to return to his college weight — about 275 pounds — so that he can be more effective as an edge rusher.” So , presumably he is out as he makes the transformation.

    I thought Simpson might be the X factor this game. He has a knack for getting open and with Sherman shadowing Torrey, I figured he would be active. But he hasn’t been able to consistently catch the ball and with Boldin active…..

    1. Barring injury, will Tank suit up again this season? Its not easy to lose that much weight mid season I wouldn’t have thought…?

      1. Scooter:

        I’m curious about the reasons for having him lose weight. The obvious one seems to be that he will hopefully be faster and more nimble. But is that guaranteed – maybe it pretty much is based on a comparison with his college play. Are there other reasons why they want him at a lower playing weight?

        1. I think it all has to do with his get off and change of direction/ ability to turn the corner, which are more important on the edge than up the middle. Obviously the greater the weight you carry, the less explosive you become and harder it is to manouvre your body.

          1. That’s what I figured, but you use the word “obviously”. Not trying to mince words but I guess I’m just not convinced that losing about 7% or so of your body weight for a supposedly very fit athlete will result in significant differences. I guess it must, because how many 300 pound OLBs do you see?

      2. Seems highly unlikely Scooter. I’m going to assume that if they are trying to get him that low that they envision him rushing standing up. It’ll be a matter of him losing the weight and learning that position from the NFL perspective as well.

        Certainly would be nice to see it happen. I’d love to think about the fits opposing offensive line coaches will experience trying to scheme against two 270lb outside rushers.

        My biggest question is how much confidence does the team have in him having a successful transition and how much will it affect when and where they draft another rush linebacker?

    2. For the Kap Fan Club (But Mostly Seb and old coach)
      What a topsy-turvy career. The first time I saw Colin Kaepernick in person, during a 2011 training camp practice, I thought he looked awful. He couldn’t complete throws to receivers during QB/WR drills, and this was without any defenders around. Alex Smith looked like Joe Montana by comparison.

      He didn’t look much better before the 2012 season, either. I remember him taking off early and running to the sideline during a 7-on-7 drill, and the defensive starters chuckled on the sideline after one of them derisively muttered “running quar … ter … back.”


      1. Don’t worry about this guy coming back to haunt us, Seb or Old Coach, the above article says it all!.., while I am on record as asking for him to be traded last summer.

        I really hope you both avoid applications to the 49er personnel Dept. where jobs will be available this offseason.

        1. Tank should concentrate losing 225 pounds called Jed Dork and go somewhere and redefine his career.

        2. They SHOULD be available after this year, but they wont. York is in his comfort zone. Someone of more ability will cost more money. And Tomsula is the ultimate lap dog for young York. Even tho this team did not look prepared in any way………..

  3. No one person is bigger than the game. You win as a team and lose as a team. That’s the key to the game. Good luck to Gabbert.

  4. To pull this off, the 49ers will have to stick to fundamentals and take care of business. They can’t let the crowd faze. I hope the 49ers take a page out of Ariz.’s playbook.

  5. All this QB talk could be pure folly. Who’s to say the next Tom Brady didn’t just get activated off the practice squad.

  6. http://www.bayareasportsguy.com/colin-kaepernick-legacy-49ers-harbaugh/

    He couldn’t complete throws to receivers during QB/WR drills, and this was without any defenders around. Alex Smith looked like Joe Montana by comparison.

    Sebnynah– November 21, 2015 at 11:50 am

    I must say, having played with injuries, they are no fun. Its obvious that something was wrong with him, and guys who think he can play though a labrum tear are the ones who are delusional.


    November 21, 2015 at 2:19 pm
    Seriously Seb, get out of here. Get yourself checked man.


    November 21, 2015 at 12:50 pm
    Seb, do you think his bad shoulder had anything to do with his missing Torrey and Simpson totally uncovered in that sequence during the Rams game? Kaep is just a bad QB. Let some dumb front office have him.

    ninermd: 11/21, 1:06
    Bruh… He isn’t a good qb. Somewhere down the line you’re going to have to face this.

    1. Seb,

      I guess Ninermd, Leo, and George are of the same mind…”Great minds do think alike,” as the saying goes.

      Is there any way you could admit yourself, If not, I’ve taken the liberty to publish some addresses for your mental health’s sake:

      6 of the Scariest Abandoned Mental Asylums in America …www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/…/6-scariest-abandoned-mental-asylums-…
      There are abandoned mental hospitals across the U.S. and horror took place in all of them. Here are six of the scariest of them all.

          1. Dee Placid phiant

            Sticking up for you pal, Seb, even after all of the posters above noting his shameless plugs for Kap…Hey, that’s okay, these asylums will take a 2-For-1 package deal as you both admit yourselves.

  7. It does not look pretty so far.
    But I guess that was expected. Even more after Grant’s prediction.

    Can he make any remotely acurate prediction?

  8. The 49ers have to answer or the team is on its heels the rest of the game. They have to generate some offense.

  9. Great coverage by Jimmy Ward. Not….

    Another great draft choice by Baalke…Not

    BTW: I dont see any comments on Gabbert getting sacked on 3rd down. If Kap had been the QB, there would have been a dozen arm chair experts talking about how Kap holds the ball too long and the sack is thr QB’s fault.

    Kap and his agent know he is out of here. That is why he opted for the surgery now. No reason for him to play injured for a garbage organization who set him up for failure by signing the worst O line in the league.

    1. Oof, this late in the year really hurts his chances of being ready for the start of next.

  10. Are we sure Colin didn’t knock out Gabbert and dress in his uniform? That last pass was very Kaepernickian.

    1. Seriously, that is Colin out there. Terrible throw to a wide open receiver. Could have caught that in stride and been gone but he throws a bad angle and it’s an incomplete pass.

  11. What the hell. Mo pride on the team any more. Confused on both sides of the ball. Defense is playong not to get hurt.

  12. Will circling the wagons help? Get the white flag ready. The 49ers must maintain their collective composure and dig in for a dog fight.

  13. and Jim Tomsula can’t get his team ready to play a road game.
    Does this performance truly have anything to do with Tomsula’s ability or lack there of to motivate his team? Especially when you consider how successful the previous coach was in this same stadium.

  14. It takes the Niner D to finally make Seattle’s offense look good.
    Great decision to have Dontae Johnson on the bench and leave Graham to be defended by Acker. That should work.

    This Mangini guy definitely have to get some consideration for HC.
    I don’t know why just Grant could see it and not us.

  15. This is not looking good so far, I’m sure if this keeps going south, Grant will find a way to give Kaep (even though he’s not playing) a D- grade.

    Let’s go Gabby, you’re our last hope for the season.

  16. The 49ers are still horrible following a bye week. Slow, unresponsive, soft, out of sync!
    amd of course it wouldn’t be a real game vs Seattle without one of our guys going down.
    Same story same ending.
    31-3 craphawks

  17. If Gabbert leads Ellington farther across the field instead of throwing behind him, That’s a TD.

  18. The 49ers are going to have to make a few adjustments. They will have a lot to discuss at half time. They have to get on track.

  19. Biggest thing I see is body language. Niners came out flat and not into it almost as if they expect to lose while the Hawks still play fired up. I like Tomsula but time to blow this team up.

  20. So… 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and Rawls has 90+ yards rushing. Are coaches allowed to resign/be fired mid game?

    We look utterly clueless.

    1. David,
      Exactly, I blame Kap for this dismal showing for the entire team (sarcasm).

      Hey, if Gabbert got credit a couple of weeks ago for lifting the entire team (defense and offense) and got credit for a win (against Falcons) even though the defense played great, then Gabbert should be held to the same standard for not lifting the team as did Kap, don’t you think?

  21. Just got a chance to tune in and that drive was as easy for Seattle as i was afraid it would be.

  22. This is exactly what I expected but it’s even uglier when it comes to fruition. This team looks defeated and flat.

  23. Hey, c’mon,

    at least Ellington didn’t run it out fro 10 deep….Let’s praise our special teams, and our punter.

  24. Hammer,
    Does this mean that your 1 game giddiness over Gabbert is more tempered?
    Might have jumped on the Blain Train and changed your avatar name a little prematurely bud.

    But if Gabbert can find a way to bring this team back, I want a front row seat on the G-Train!

  25. And some of you were starting to doubt the 49ers would have a top 5 pick….

    I knew the 49ers were doomed the minute I saw Grant picking them to win.

  26. Does anyone know Trent Baalke’s daughters Twitter handle. We need to ask her if she will request her father to quit.

  27. Does Tomasula even watch the game,another bad challenge and waste of a TO. I wouldn’t have excepted the chop block call,it would have been 3rd and 6 and I would sideline Ellington if he runs another kick out of the end zone. This team is making a mediocre QB look great.

  28. The Niners are now the type of franchise that Archie Manning would refuse to let one of his sons play for.

  29. You know a team is getting its ass kicked when the color guy is talking about the need for the defense to ‘cauterize the bleeding’ incurred from the Seahawks offense.

  30. Ankwaan Boldddun:
    for the entire first half::
    one reception / 12 yards….
    Zero TDs. Seriously…!!!???

    1. Cassie Baalke,

      Please make sure that Bus is warmed up that Jed’s throwing people under. It has a way of detouring back to 4949 centennial for the next coach search.

  31. That’s the best drive I’ve seen from the Niners the last couple of years against the Seahawks!

  32. This game has gone true to form. The question I have is it the players, the coaches or a combination.

  33. Best QB series I’ve seen from the 49ers all year!
    Hey Hammer, can I still reserve a G-Train ticket? (lol).

    Now, if only our defense can make some stops!

  34. Absolutely brilliant stuff from Blaine!

    That drive has me 100% convinced Gabbert is a better quarterback than my boy Kap. NO EXAGGERATION! Considering the circumstances, that was the most impressive drive by a 49ers QB since the 2012 49ers/Saints game winning drive!


  35. Vance was uncovered on the play, wasn’t a bluejersey near him until he steps into the endzone.

      1. It was a good throw, not sure how much anticipation was involved. At the snap Vance takes off and the LB moves like he’s going to cover him but then steps past Vance to cover someone else and left him wide open.

  36. That drive was a pearl, a thing of absolute BEAUTY! That drive showcased everything you could possibly ask for from a quarterback.

    I am now absolutely smitten with this kid! I’m not ready to vote him into the Hall Of Fame just yet, but I officially have a man crush on the golden boy from MIZZU!

  37. Tomsula needs to get the best out of his players. They need to turn up the intensity and come out of the locker room fired up ready to go.

      1. TomD

        November 22, 2015 at 3:08 pm

        Cassie Baalke,

        Please make sure that Bus is warmed up that Jed’s throwing people under. It has a way of detouring back to 4949 centennial for the next coach search.


    1. GT,
      Agreed. I thought Gabby had Celek open for a moment there as well.
      I’ll take 3 points – but our D still has to contain while Gabbert continues to shine.

    1. TomD,
      If Gabbert can bring this team back today, I’ll come up with something more creative.
      For now, I’ll stick with Gabby. Btw, I think that I’ve been the only one here using it so no big deal, right?

  38. This is the best I can remember the offense looking against Seattle in a while. Need to keep it up.

  39. 3:28 The Seahawks drive 65 yards and kick a field goal. Score is 23-10 Seattle.
    Impressive coverage. Nice to see you putting a lot into it.

    1. Have you finished your post game summary yet or do you still have a few sentences to go?

    1. Seattle just isn’t that good anymore. I will laugh my balls off if the 49ers win this game.

  40. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 10m10 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted tony rubalcaba
    Baalke is not getting fired any time soon. The Yorks are comfortable with him and they like comfort.

    Lift Angry ‏@the_yid_ · 6m6 minutes ago
    @timkawakami @bluedevilfan81 They like comfort and money. Dislikes: football and sporting success.

    1. To me and my untrained eye, that sideline pass looked like it was the second read possibly the third and themiddle of the field could have been read two

  41. Now that Devey is out and Kilgore is on his way back, it’s time to fix the last weak link on the O-line.

    1. Agreed. Can’t wait to get Kilgore back so Martin can go to the bench where he belongs.

      Still need a replacement for Pears at RT. Thomas?

      1. I think they should keep rotating Brown in. In fact he and Thompson should come in. On the next drive. If they are just going to be deliberate, dink and dunk, and not try to win, They should get these youngsters some experience.

  42. Have the 49ers eliminated the mental mistakes that were so prevalent in Seattle the last few years?

  43. Would have preferred a TD, but BG looks a lot better than Kap.
    Coaches should tell him to take some more risks in the red zone.

  44. I love what BG and the offense have done so far, but this Seattle’s defense is no longer elite. They’ve been getting beat by TEs all year.

  45. Well at least the offense put up some points. Doesn’t look like they game planned for Rawls at all.

  46. Defense looks slow, not willing to tackle.
    I didn’t think we would give up this number of points.

  47. Stop taking the check down so fast when you have a clean pocket! With that said Gabbert looks solid behind this train wreck of a coaching staff.

  48. When a team cannot tackle it means they have quit. Tomsula should be fired tonight. The players are playing soft. No excuse after a bye week to let Rawls, an undrafted free agent look like Tony Dorsett. It’s over.

      1. By the way Grant how’s Magnini’s preparation this week with those practice squad players?

      2. Tomsula. More concerned about the players health then winning with toughness. It’s week 11 and you are missing tackles. And your coming off a bye week with? And against a hated rival? He’s done.

        1. Except that York said his job is safe if JT was competitive. Yeah they should be better prepared. Maybe Dorsey’s more important to the run than he gets credit for. Armstead and Purcell aren’t as good.

          1. The entire defense didn’t tackle. That’s all about effort. No scheme can help that element of football. It’s either you get your face dirty or you don’t. The Niners didn’t want to get dirty today. That’s all on Tomsula then filters down.

            1. Agree Prime, but Jed is clearly not looking at things that way. This defense is terrible on the road.

  49. Scooter, per our previous conversations on the defense, what do you think the deal is with them on the road?

    Also what do we make of Torrey with no catches? BG is playing well and cautious. Is that Chryst’s play calling or Gabbert being cautious?

      1. Yeah sure. He’s played mostly well. He’s exceeded my expectations. We’re not the Patriot’s offense but we’re more competitive.

        1. So far they got 1/3 of what Cards scored last week. And only 1 point shy of their season avg.

        2. Hopefully people pay attention to those two throws that BG threw right to the defenders that they dropped. That last one could have been a pick 6.

    1. I’m really not sure Wilson. Haven’t watched the game yet, but don’t need to to know the D was horrendous, and there is really no excuse or good reason for that.

  50. Offense is conservative, but is this to give Gabbert confidence or are they just overly cautious?

  51. Niners settling for fgs leaves too big a gap at end of game. They dont have the kind of D anymore which allows conservative decisionmaking on offense

      1. It’s not even close.. This team is horrid! Seattle blows as well. There bad which makes us awful.

  52. Wonder if Grant still thinks Mangina should be looked at for HC? LOL. What a joke… Must be hanging out with the Yorks.

  53. The 49ers fought the good fight, but the rout is on. They sealed their own fate with a slow start, poor tackling and lack of continuity from start to finish.

    1. DustMite: A “good fight” against a weakened and awful team. That was far from a good fight, they are a poorly coached team and it shows.

  54. This is worst case scenario. Our idiot owner believes we played a great game cause we only lost by 16… What he doesn’t realize it that we got dominated like we lost by 40 points.. This idiot of an owner will stick with this head coach and staff. Gabbert played okay but at least had 2 throws that could of easily been pick sixes.. That’s the reality of the situation.

  55. Grant Cohn: “It’s time to start talking seriously about Eric Mangini.”
    Get back to us when you’re done wiping that egg off your face. Most yards surrendered on the ground by any 49ers defense in team history. Thank God we have such a genius for our D.C.

      1. Considering that Grant wrote:
        – Mangini should be considered as HC
        – the Niners would shut Seattle’s running game down
        – insisted that the Niners were bad last game against Seattle because having only walk-throughs on a short week (when that’s what most teams do)
        – and still told us I told you the Niners will win after learning that Marshawn was inactive

        I guess Grant have lost the rights to question Tomsula because incredibly he is doing a even worse job than Jim.
        I mean, look at all the crap he wrote. And that’s just this week.

        1. Pot calling the kettle black. Grant may write crap, most of us on this blog write crap…

            1. Given the brilliance of some the posts here, I’d say a few of us are getting paid, or should be…

  56. Before you go blaming Tomsula for the 49ers performance today tell us just how well did the chickens play last week after coming back from their bye. I guess Pete Carroll’s playesr didn’t want to play for him.

    1. There is no defending this coaching staff. This was a 40 point blowout without the score. This coaching staff is beyond a joke.

    2. CFC,

      I’d say you are on fire today, but I guess owning Grant is the equivalent of the Niners beating the Ravens.

    3. Blame the Bye! Blame the Bye! It’s the Bye’s fault! My team will win out! They have cut the Bye!

  57. Well Gabbert wasn’t horrible. He missed a few things. Overall he looked competent. He throws a lot of shakedowns and with a better back like Hyde, it could turn into something.

    I think there were only 2 sacks and by the end of the game it was tough sledding.

    I thought the defense would be fine. I take that back. Russell Wilson had all day to throw, and the scheme was bad.

    Jimmy T and Chryst are just average coaches as best. They can’t come up with a winning game plan and Jimmy T can’t make the players better.

    The worst thing about the loss was the tackling. Everyone was guilty of it, including Bowman. The signature mark of Fangio’s defense was that there were very few YACs. There’s no way Baldwin eludes four players at the sidelines. That’s on coaching.

    Still, the game was within reach and the Offense looked competent in between the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

  58. Didn’t get to watch the game, but I see the 49ers gave up 200+ yards rushing to an undrafted RB. WTF?!!

    I expect the D to be a bit hit and miss as it is young, but they should be starting to put it all together now. Less variability in performance. Reading through the comments it sounds like the tackling was woeful and effort poor. I can accept mistakes from young players, so long as they are learning from them over time, but a lack of effort is not good for a young team. These guys should have energy to burn. Was the effort really as bad as it sounds?

    1. Oh yeah. Just wait until you see the play where Doug Baldwin catches the ball is trapped at the sideline and eludes four 49ers defenders to gain another, I don’t remember exactly, maybe 10 to 20 yards.

    2. The tackling was horrendous. Wilhoite was equally bad and Bowman wasn’t much better. Not sure how much it would have helped but losing Dorsey certainly didn’t make it easier. Nobody was in the right spot today. Terrible game plan and if there were any adjustments they simply didn’t work.

  59. Gabbert flashing moments of nice looking quarterbacking means nothing when the result is still only 13 points.

    1. Don’t be so negative.
      With Hyde and Kilgore back down the road, Gabbert might be decent enough. Maybe even kinda good.

      At the very least he might be able to give SF a slightly better performance than Kap for a fraction of the cost.

      1. First of all Hyde ain’t coming back this year. Second Kilgore is coming off a serious injury. Might take all off season long to get back to where he was.

    2. On one hand, it’s only 13 points. On the other, the offense did look like it was trying to do something, until it got to the red zone and the same issues that Kaep had were here too. Hard to tell if it was play-calling, but Tomsula is pretty much a chicken when it comes to coaching. He’s worst than Harbaugh. The team was moving the ball in spurts and they they wussed out and went for field goals.

      Gabbert made some plays that Kaep wouldn’t. Main thing was taking the check downs. He also threw a pass in the end zone with the rusher bearing down on him. So that’s a good sign.

      When the Niners went 5 wide, it felt like they can actually do something.

      1. The bottom line is, regardless of what the team looked like it still only put up 13 points which is one point less then their pathetic average for the season. It doesn’t matter what they look like if they’re only capable of scoring 13 points. They only scored 4 points more last week. Gabbert might make prettier looking passes then Colin but he hasn’t proven to be any more effective with the offense then he was.

        1. Get a concept that will work than build the OL and develop some dangerous receivers.

          Who is going to do that, let alone develop Gabbert or another QB to play in that concept? What we’ve got is an old rubber inner tube (power running dominating defense concept) with several patches too many.

        2. False. The Kaepernick led O scored 6 points against the Hawks at home while the Gabbert led O scored 13 points against the same D on the road at the CLink.

          That’s more effective.

              1. Nope. Inspector Gabbert’s decision making and accuracy have been a whole lot better. I still think if you brought in someone like Payton, Kaepernick would be the better quarterback to develop when you’re talking upside. Let’s see how Gabbert does against the Cardinals for final evaluation, but at this point, I’m just not convinced he’s franchise material. Just trying to help you out Hammer….

              2. That’s part of the evaluation process that will become clearer after the Cardinal game….

        3. Can’t argue with your reasoning CfC. But 13 points is more than 4 times as many as Kaep put up at home to the Seahawks…

      2. Gee, Fan, I have been advocating them to spread the defense wide for about 10 weeks, so I am glad you have finally come aboard that concept.
        Guess you will have to admit that all the offensive futility is not all Kaep’s fault. Gabbert actually had time to throw, but I attribute that to the fact that Devey sat.

  60. there are various conspiracy theories about ownership/front office or whomever out to sabotage the season. I personally think that’s stupid tin foil hat thinking.

    But if there was a conspiracy against the 49ers; Erik Pears would be part of it.

    1. Incompetence is not a conspiracy. It’s just business concepts applied to a football investment.

  61. It seems that when the focus is on the Passing Game in the first half, the team does much better. Why not pass first? Everyone knows those runs are coming.

    1. The first half had exactly one minute and about thirty seconds of offense. Of course the focus was on passing. Before the two minute warning they were running and failing to get first downs.

  62. Gabbert looks like a perfectly fine QB while we go through rebuilding faze and drafting goff or Lynch next year. With a good OL and D, Gabbert could pull out eight wins next year. Of course, that assume OL and D will be better than the crap we have out there now.

    1. A Kaepernick hang over caused the first twenty eight minutes of the first half to be crap on both sides of the ball. Maybe Colin cast a spell on the locker room. He has been blamed for everything else since he beat the Bears in 2012.

  63. League average for points per game is 24. Under Colin we averaged 14 points a game. In Gabbert’s two games we’ve averaged 15 points a game.

    Hey, I guess that’s improvement.

  64. 49ers 13 points today is 3 more than they’d scored in their last 2 regular season games in Seattle COMBINED……

    1. Of course they did score 17 in the NFC championship game. Both teams were a lot better then…

  65. Regardless of today’s outcome I still don’t want to draft a QB in the first round.

    1. Include me in that. There’s got to be more than praying for dominating power running and dominating defense in the intellectual bank before a big investment in a QB makes sense.

      1. Ha! And true.

        If Gabbert can approximate an ok NFL QB, they should look to fix other areas that badly need it. And there are many.

        1. Gabbert is going to be better then any college QB coming in. I think he looked like he had fire in his belly. He really wanted to win. That’s a good sign. He also looked calm and collected, facing down a pretty tough defense.
          He made a couple of bad passes but overall he looked poised.

          Bad tackling come down to bad coaching, and that falls on Jimmy T.
          They scapegoated Kaep. Can’t really hang the lose on the offense. But coming out flat off a bye is a fireable offense.

          Which coach would you go after, and which one will be dumb enough to take the job?

          Meanwhile those Chiefs are rolling!

      1. He will lose his shirt because he tied one on. I wish they would belt them.
        But if they put on their pants one leg at a time, they might get a leg up.

  66. Well, it looks like the Niners are as shell shocked as Kaep. The Niners were embarrassed by Rawls for over 200 yards.
    I said that the Niners should go bold, and not settle for field goals. They settled for FGs and lost. I said they should consider time outs to be precious. They wasted one on an iffy challenge.
    I said that the Niners should run the read option, and posters said that the league has caught up with it and its just a gimmick. Then RW runs it to perfection, and made Aaron Lynch look silly. I said they should elevate Hayne. Why not? Gaskins and Cadet did not play anyways. At least Hayne would not call for a fair catch and try to make some yardage.
    I said that the Niners should spread them wide and attack the edges, and noticed that Seattle did exactly that strategy. Previously I said that the Niners should invite the blitz, then attack the area the blitzer left. Seattle did that twice. I said they should do quick slants. Seattle did that 3 times. I said that the Niners should sit Devey and Pears. They sat Devey, but Pears had another putrid game.
    I said that they should play smart. They played with no enthusiasm and were dullards.I said they should reduce the unforced errors. It seemed that they whiffed on way too many tackles.
    It is sad to see how far the Niners have fallen, they are almost unwatchable. Tomsula was not happy with the defense, but he should have been thumping his chest and take the blame. He did not prepare the team properly, did not have a good game plan, did not have a coherent scheme and did not make the proper adjustments. His defensive game plan must have been written in crayon.

  67. Up next for the 49ers: Arizona that won 34 to 31 over Cin and 39 to 32 over Seattle. Arizona is still scoring big. Look for the Ari. coach to come after Gabbert a lot harder then Seattle did. Expect the weather to be dry in Santa clara so that way, Arizona can win the game.

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