49ers 24, Chargers 27: The good and not so good

San Francisco 49ers’ Jeff Wilson Jr. (41) scores against the Los Angeles Chargers during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during the 49ers’ 27-24 preseason loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.


  1. TE Ross Dwelley. Didn’t play because he made the team already. The 49ers wanted to protect their No. 2 tight end from injury during a meaningless exhibition game because he’s important to them. Dwelley could become the 49ers’ secret weapon, like Garrett Celek was their secret weapon during Celek Time in 2017. Dwelley Time should be better.
  2. RB Jeff Wilson Jr. Rushed 20 times for 100 yards and scored a beautiful 41-yard touchdown run by cutting back across the entire field. That’s the type of play Seahawks running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny make. Wilson Jr. reminds me of those two. He’s fast enough for the big play, but not a finesse runner. He delivers blows every time he touches the ball, which makes him totally unique on the 49ers, an asset for them in short-yardage situations and the red zone. They should give him on a spot on the roster. If they cut him, I expect another team – hello, Dallas – would sign him.
  3. DE Damontre Moore. Recorded four tackles, one for a loss and one quarterback hit while playing with a cast on his hand. Clearly outplayed the other starting defensive end, Ronald Blair, who gave up a 42-yard run. Moore should make the final roster. The 49ers will need him this season when Nick Bosa is out.
  4. RG Joshua Garnett. Played 55 snaps and didn’t get injured. If the 49ers cut him, another team that needs a backup guard might sign him, and no team needs a backup guard more than the 49ers. They should probably keep Garnett.
  5. KR D.J. Reed. Returned a kickoff 56 yards during the first quarter. Reed isn’t the 49ers starting kick returner – Richie James Jr. is – but Reed is an excellent backup kickoff returner. Probably one of the best in the league.
  6. LB Mark Nzeocha. Intercepted a pass and made a tackle at the 18-yard line during a kick return. Nzeocha seems like the best special teams player among the 49ers’ backup linebackers. He probably should make the team.


  1. QB C.J. Beathard. Completed six of nine passes for 58 yards and one touchdown against mostly third-string players. Made one particularly bad play on fourth and two. Dropped back and stared at Deebo Samuel, who was open running a slant route. Beathard saw Samuel wide open, looked away from him and forced a pass to Levine Toilolo, who was covered. The pass was incomplete. Inexplicable decision by Beathard, who probably never will be good enough to even manage an NFL offense. The 49ers should try to trade him to the Indianapolis Colts for a conditional seventh-round draft pick. If the Colts decline, the 49ers should just cut him.
  2. WR Kendrick Bourne. Scored a touchdown late in the first half, but also dropped his third pass in four games. This time, he was running a deep over route, and he let the ball bounce off his chest. For a possession receiver, Bourne sure drops lots of passes and makes lots of mistakes. I would cut him.
  3. FS Adrian Colbert. Pulled his hamstring on the fourth play of the game. Maybe the 49ers can put him on IR instead of releasing him. Either way, he shouldn’t make the final roster.
  4. LB David Mayo. Missed a tackle and gave up a 17-yard catch. Looked stiff and slow. The 49ers should probably keep a younger backup linebacker instead of Mayo.
  5. CB D.J. Reed. Gave up a 25-yard catch to Artavis Scott. Reed has played free safety, nickel back and cornerback since joining the 49ers, and has struggled at all three spots. He’s a much better kick returner than defensive back.
  6. OT Justin Skule. Chargers defensive ends repeatedly pushed him back into Beathard’s face during pass plays. Skule has quick feet, but he needs more lower-body strength before he can play in a real game. The 49ers don’t have a viable backup swing tackle for this season.

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  1. Hey Grant…

    Love Beathard’s downfield block on Wilson’s long TD run. Wishnowsky (and the punt coverage guys) did a great job on pinning the Chargers deep on that one punt. What will it take for Wishnowsky to get on your good list? $$?

    1. Young, a 9-year veteran was cut. He must not have shown well in practice as he did not play much if at all. Perhaps a late cut from a good team? Lots of holes on this team I fear.

    2. Garnett cut. The ultimate first-round Ballke bust. Our OL is really bad. It does not bode well for the season. Lousy offseason for Lynch.

  2. Thanks Grant….really looks like a glorified “last year” team …. holes in the roster, project players, injured players and a lack of qualified backups….may be another long long season

    1. Strongly agree. So no need to watch a single Niners game — unless your team is playing them.

    2. Goodwin needs to show something in the real games. He has been invisible all summer. None of our WR’s other than Deebo, impress.

  3. I wish to disagree with Grant.
    Both CJB and Bourne should not be in the not so good category. Both were not flawless, but both did well at times. CJB threw, and Bourne caught, a TD pass. CJB showed moxie, delivering a downfield block to spring Wilson for his TD run.
    Under Grant’s criteria, he should put Wilson in the bad category, for his fumble.
    Najee Toran, and Wilton Speight should both have been in the bad category. Those snaps and fumbles hurt the offense.

    1. Perhaps this is why you are a homer poster…..CJ BeatHard is well aweful…Bourne drops the ball= hello anybody home? Is there anybody on here you agree with but your own self? Maybe you should try to get a job at the Press Democrat and do a better job so we (Grant included) can then critique you and your narrow opinions

      1. Frisco Kid, you obviously do not want the Niners to get a 5th round pick for CJB. You would rather cut him, and lose him for nothing.
        Quit hating on the Niners.

        1. I don’t hate the team….I hate the moves they make and the moronic sophomoric FO….and some of the stupid post’s I read on here by the same idiots…hint hint

    2. You missed Bourne’s drop then? Also realize they’re playing against people who will either be out of the league or on practice squads.

      I think a 5th for CJ would be an amazing gift. Grant’s posing a conditional 7th. I’d be happy with anything other than just cutting him.

      1. Some teams like the Broncos or Colts might be desperate enough to make that deal.
        In a previous post, I mentioned he might garner a 5th or 6th round pick.
        I suppose Elway offered a 7th round pick, and the Niners demurred.

      2. I think it really depends what other QB’s are cut in the next few days as well and how they impact CJB’s value. Also does he fit the Colt’s system? We know he is familiar with Denver’s. Not convinced he’s worth more than a 7th. Lot’s of QB’s have losing NFL records. Just not sure he’s a special as fans believe him to be.

        1. I think CJB bolstered his trade value this last game. No picks, a TD pass, and a good block to spring Wilson for a TD.
          Considering all the drek backups I have seen playing, CJB would be an upgrade on many teams.
          Yes, I think CJB is similar to Brissett, and could fit into the Colts offense.

          1. Doubt he’s being traded or cut. The chances they will have to play a 3rd qb this season aren’t on the low side. This oline stinks in pass pro tbh and heavily aided by play action passing. Not to say he won’t trade if the offer is desperate enough…but less than a 5th, he is staying pat with his guy.

  4. Marcell Harris looked horrendous. Dude whiffed on so many tackles I thought I was watching a bull fight instead of a football game.

    1. Marcell Harris is the most over-rated player on the team. I couldn’t help but laugh everytime suggested that he could possibly take Tartt’s starting position. Harris is an absolute liability in coverage and anywhere in space really. He should be upgraded next offseason.

      Next year, we should double be going CB and Safety early, in that order.

  5. Agree with much of this Grant. Dwelley has potential to make Niners a 2TE offensive threat. When’s the last time we saw that? (Gronk, Hernandez?)

    Skull looked like a beast in run blocking but not ready to be a full-time tackle in any type of pass offense. Can he be a swing tackle, and fill in? Maybe. I think he makes it, again because of a supply-side issue this league currently has.

    Wilson has to make it. Too much talent and drive there.

    1. I’d wait on on getting too excited about Dwelley until he performs against first string defenses…

      1. Yup!

        Just because he’s a preseason darling doesn’t mean that the commitment to him is worth it.

        1. On another Niners site/forum that have a “Kory Sheets Was Our Future!” tradition, awarded to the most dominant pre-season warrior. Pretty funny stuff.

  6. Speight is persona non grata, Grant? Not worth a mention? The guy might be Niners 3rd QB and this team never has to play it’s 3rd QB, right?

    1. He’s a linebacker/safety hybrid type….which is sort of en vogue right now. But with his recent injury/mental issues….he’s a project. Who do you kick off the roster to make room for him?

  7. Just because Garnett made it through one game without being injured doesn’t mean he’ll make it through two. Time to cut him loose.

  8. Leave it to this guy to mention Dwelley who didn’t even play. I’m surprised he didn’t say Mullens was godly with his “ONE” completed pass. He played against the 3s and 4s yet only completed 33% yet he’s missing from the not so good. He has the nerve to put CJ in “not so good tho” This dude is so bias it’s unbelievable.

  9. Not really much to comment on this game. Wilson looks okay when he is running north and south. CJ has a much better arm then Mullins but needs a better O-line then Mullins and the Niners O-line is suspect. I will be okay with either Mullins or CJ as the primary backup. As long as JG’s health/durability is in question 3 QB’s is needed.

    1. I won’t be OK with Mullens as primary backup, but don’t worry, that’s not the plan. If they can’t trade him, they’ll cut him. With such a weak arm, he’ll never be a winning qb. This is the NFL and a qb has to have all the tools, especially an ability to occasionally throw the bomb, to keep dbs honest on out patterns. If the dbs know you can’t go deep, they’ll pick off your sideline throws. Also, why have world-class sprinters if your qb can’t get the ball down the field to hit them. Ask those guys who they want to play qb. Mullens is good on short crossing patterns to Kittle. Nothing else. Even your back-up must have a good arm.

  10. Greg Papa speculated that Mullens may have been called in for one play for Kyle to check how he reacted to being sent into the game unexpectedly. Papa said that Mullens had told him before the game that he wouldn’t be playing.

    Garnett is probably done with the Niners. The guy can’t be relied on to stay healthy. That’s surprising since he played in every game in his three years in college.

  11. 49ers’ Jeff Wilson continues strong run for roster spot
    Photo of Eric Branch
    Eric Branch Aug. 30, 2019 Updated: Aug. 30, 2019 8:35 a.m.

    Wilson, listed at 6-foot and 213 pounds, had 100 yards on 20 carries. He entered with 21 carries for 78 carries and three touchdowns in the preseason.

    REPLY: Who else reminds you of Eric Dickerson on this roster.

    Dude just made Shanny’s decision for him in the 1st Qtr with this SCARY run (if you’re a defender)—notice how he sets up the cutback with a last second burst toward the left sideline fooling the entire D….He’s not only talented, but SCARY smart.


    1. Wilson always goes forward, rarely backwards. He likes to stiff arm defenders to the ground and punish them thru a hole to get a few extra yards. Gets a 100yds last nite. He gained muscle this year and would be a great backup to Breida that gets nicked up a lot. Also to Mostert who is coming back off an injury this week, he should just be ST’s. Then Coleman is new, so Wilson should be insurance and get a handful of runs per game. Now that McKinnon is going IR til ’20?…he’s too injury prone, 3 times injured trying to come back. Maybe cut him loose and eat up his $5.5 dead money. No more 4yr/$30M contracts on damaged goods.

  12. One thing Grant should have put in the not so good category, was the empty stadium. I bet there were less than 10k, and half of those were Charger fans.

    1. I guess if your not complaining about something, you just don’t feel like yourself right Sebnnoying?

    2. Repeat after me….. Fourth preseason game…. Can you name a season when The Stick was packed for the last (home) preseason game? Can ‘ya?

      We know, we know. You’re just itching to repeat–for the 20th+ time–your grand solution for the NFL. Well, don’t stop for us.

      Let it rip!

      1. Did I ever tell you about how Baalke was such a cancer, and I am glad they kicked him to the gutter?
        He was such a horrible GM, he whiffed on an entire draft.
        Baalke liked to cut players on the team bus, and his specialty was the back stab. He would give it a twist.
        Paraag has shown to be the leaker, and he did it again just after the draft.

        1. “It is, indeed, a trial to maintain the virtue of humility when one can’t help being right.”
          ― Judith Martin

    3. Do you have NFL Game Pass Seb? If so, I suggest you fire up a few games and take a gander at other preseason stadium crowds.

      1. I see empty stadiums, and that is why the owners should let the players benefit from the stadium revenues.
        I will go one step further, and advocate for Jed to lower beer prices. That will draw more fans.
        Of course, since you seem to oppose everything I say, probably hate that idea.

        1. Sebbie…

          How do you feel about improving game-day streaming services–across a spectrum of networked devices–to include: allowing fan interaction as the game is played, allowing content consumers (fans) to reduce or opt out of advertising (by paying a fee), in-game purchases of merchandise, etc. Oh, and the biggie coming along soon–betting. How can the NFL tap that gold mine?

          Oh to heck with it, just lower beer prices at the stadium. That will fill the seats and the NFL will prosper like never before. Yeah, that’s it…

          Don’t forget to use the choke when starting your ’55 Fairlane in the morning.

        2. I will go one step further, and advocate for Jed to lower beer prices. That will inebriate more fans.

          Fixed that for you Seb. And we all know inebriated fans are just the ticket for a family friendly event at Levis, right?

          I do like your first idea. I’m all for spreading more wealth to labor. But we are talking owners here. And owners just like to willingly give up any piece of their pie, don’t they?

          1. Also, we’d have to get the foods concessionaire on board. And they no doubt got the gig with a bid based on certain pricing levels.

          2. Right now, an empty stadium is a loss leader. It would be a good bargaining chip for the next CBA.

            1. Looking a bit more strategically, how should the NFL position itself for wagering?

            2. HALF price on tickets, parking, food and beer for the pre-season games, especially the 4th game.. and you would maybe have a full stadium.

              1. Naw, with no starters, it is not football at its finest.
                The owners should let the players’ association to benefit from the Preseason games. They should give the 54th-90th players tickets to sell for seats. That way, it would induce his friends and relatives to buy tickets
                They should stipulate some of the revenues should go towards the retired players. The retired players could sign autographs, and be big draws to the game.
                Some of the revenue should go towards the medical costs of the players. Fans could specifically go to support an injured player.

    4. Who wants to go to a 4th game in the preseason.
      You and people that can’t afford a real game.

  13. Ian Rapoport

    Two more cuts for the #Jaguars: Former #Bama CB Saivion Smith and playmaking WR Terrelle Pryor are also being released, sources say.

    REPLY: Maybe Jags will release 1st Rd pick Josh Allen for the 49ers in case the Bosa Reinjured-constrictor is injured

  14. On Rotoworld:

    “49ers released OT Sam Young.
    Initially considered a shoe-in for San Francisco’s swing tackle gig following Shon Coleman’s season-ending ankle injury, Young finds himself searching for a new home only a few short weeks after joining the Niners in mid-August. Justin Skule is the next man up for that role (barring the signing of a seasoned veteran post-final cuts).”

  15. As bad a Skule looked in pass protection he looked equally good in run blocking. I believe he will eventually develop into a solid NFL O lineman either at Tackle or Guard. Wilson looked very good but if my memory serves me correctly He had fumble issues last year and in college but I could be wrong.

        1. Yes, he was struggling to gain another inch, was gang tackled

          Which happens with NFL, college, high school, pop warner caliber RBs 1000s of times every weekend.

          and stripped of the ball.

          And if that keeps happening to anyone in the above, they will not be part of the above for long.

          1. Which leads me to my premise that struggling for that extra inch is less important than ball security. He should have gone down, so they do not have the opportunity to gang tackle him and strip the ball away.
            Frank Gore is a master of that. His mantra is- stay low.
            Of course, if he runs through a hole and has a clear field with only the end zone in sight, he should score. Too bad the defense is scheming to stop his forward progress, hold him up, and gang tackle him so they can strip the ball away.
            I notice the Niner defenders are ripping at the ball a lot.

            1. And what about DBs? Should they practice lifting opponent WRs/TEs/RBs who’ve left their feet to catch the ball and carry them over to the sidelines–perhaps carry them back toward the line of scrimmage–not letting them touch their feet to the ground? Just trying to follow the innovative strategies you touted 2-3 years ago.

              1. Yes, I have seen it done many times. Preventing 2 feet in bounds may be easier than trying to prevent a WR from catching the ball. I sure hope Woods is coaching that technique

              2. Not talking about leveraging a receiver (who just made a catch) out of bounds right along the sideline before feet come down. You called for DBs to physically lift receivers up anywhere on the field and carry them out.

                Cant wait for for the Bucs game.

              3. No, I stipulated along the side line or out of the end zone.
                Although I did see Josh Norman carry OBJ about 5 yards.

    1. I agree. He’s actually a pretty good run-blocker. The nice thing about Kyle’s scheme is that he can protect liabilities on the offensive line with his bootleg game. We saw it in 2017 with Jimmy, when we had guys like Fusco and Magnuson starting during that 5-game win streak.

      If we had a starting T go down to injury, Skule would just have to finish the game and then call up Sam Young, whom will be waiting by his phone on the couch.

  16. Never been a fan of Beathard, and it should now be apparent. A 7th round pick seems high for a trade. Maybe a carton of cigarettes, if this was prison!

      1. Lets hope all cuts are made with clinical precision.

        Thank you, thank you we are here all weekend. And please generously tip your Seb, lord knows he could use a few of them.

  17. I didn’t think Skule had such a bad outing. A couple plays where he was driven back. But he had some really nice run blocks too. I think for a 6th round pick he acquitted himself well.

    Wilson is starting to remind me of Arian Foster. Wilson’s size, strength and drive to push through tacklers (admittedly 2nd and 3rd string tacklers) with enough explosiveness to get to the edge. Foster was in the 220 lbs range. I think Wilson is now up around the 215 range…which makes him the heaviest (depending on Coleman’s current weight) running backs. Brieda is not a bad inside runner and he can break some arm tackles. But you can see the drive from Wilson not only breaking arm tackles but pushing back some defenders. I think the Niners need a running back with some power to make more out of what’s there; that can do more than run away from tacklers.

    Beathard is a solid back up QB. He just doesn’t process fast enough. He knows what to do…he just doesn’t do it fast enough (I bet he becomes an Offensive Coordinator one day) Sometimes he makes good passes but sometimes he’s too slow making a decision. Mullins could be a marginal starter which makes him an excellent back up QB.

    I hope Kaden Smith makes it through waivers and on to the practice squad. I think he’s one of those rare actual Tight Ends/Y players. He can line up and inline block, block out in space and catch short passes by finding his way into space (he’s not going to out run coverage).

    1. Beathard is a solid back up QB. He just doesn’t process fast enough. He knows what to do…he just doesn’t do it fast enough.

      Then he’s as likely to be successful in the NFL as an air traffic controller in the tower with the same qualities.

      1. I think Kyle has a tendency to like “his guys”. Toilolo being one of them. He likes guys with experience in his system. So I could see him keeping Toilolo….especially if they think they can sneak and stash Kaden Smith on the practice squad.

    2. It’s a lot easier for a qb to process faster when he’s throwing ten yard passes. If you’re supposed to go downfield with your throw, and your o-line allows one bull rush after another, no qb processes that fast. Tom Brady gets to sit in the pocket all day. Same with all the top qbs, except maybe Wilson, who seems to like getting flushed out of the pocket. It’s impossible to look good unless you’re throwing darts one second after the snap. The crossing pattern to George Kittle isn’t going to work this year, we’ll have to have a qb with a decent arm. And if the o-line can’t form a pocket, we’re doomed again. Mullen went undrafted for a reason–weak arm. Joe Montana looked good because every guy on that team was all-pro caliber, some hall of famers. Give Bethard a team like that around him and he’ll look like that other third-round pick, Joe Cool.

  18. I don’t care whether they get a 5th (unlikely), a conditional 7th, or nothing at all for CJB. The important thing is to get the roster right, and if you keep CJB as the 3rd QB you’re going to lose a player who could actually help this team . Forget all this trade drama. The only real beneficiary of a trade would be Shanahan’s ego. Just do it and move on.

    I don’t like any of our OL subs, including Skule. They should cut the lot of them, excluding Garland, with the idea of upgrading them with veteran waiver wire pickups from other teams. That’s what Garland was. He ain’t much, but he’s better than nothing. I do not understand cutting Sam Young, unless they believe in Skule or have their eye on someone, hopefully the latter. I had hoped they would actually swing trades for a couple of decent OLs, but that’s what the Patriots did, not the 49ers. They traded for three OLs this week.

    1. But then the Patriots can actually evaluate players. The Niners? Not so much.
      The 49ers are nowhere near the caliber of the Patriots organization. Not close.
      Niners are just a bunch of amateurs. Still.

      1. It’s true. Shanahan leans heavily on acquiring guys who played for him in Washington or Atlanta. That’s not much of an evaluation program. I think Lynch knows a lot of people in the league, they probably think he’s a great guy, but he’s never been pulling these strings. Every year, Bill Belichick shows that he and his organization are head & shoulders above the rest. Kraft likes his work done a little lower down, but that’s another subject.

        1. Kraft likes his work done a little lower down, but that’s another subject.

          So is it work, or play? Maybe it depends upon one’s relationship with the totem pole?

    1. Not me. Are the surveys Press Democrat related? If really annoying, you could try deleting your cookies.

        1. Check your adblocker. If you use uBlock Origin (specifically uBlock Origin) you can filter the adds by right clicking them and blocking the element (just creates a rule ran browser-side to prevent your browser from loading the script that displays the ads). That should clear it up if it’s an issue with the site.

  19. Time for John Lynch to GM up…if Kyle can’t or won’t make the roster cuts n trades

    QB: Beathard trade (fingers 2x crossed) or cut. Or trade Mullins for a 1st. But only keep 2 QBs

    OL: Own up, the OL line is one injury away from killing the Niners season. Imagine if one of Staley, McGlinchey or Richburg (who hasn’t played yet) go down – who they got? If you watched last night’s game, you know the answer. Lynch better be pulling some rabbits out of the hat ’cause 15 – 20 other teams got the same issue. If Lynch can’t or won’t address the OL, THIS YEAR, then he should be fired.

    DL: So you got lots of talent. Leverage it and trade for OL or DB talent. Don’t hang on to 10+ here just to hoard talent. Plus you ain’t paying four 1st rounders + Dee Ford top $$$ going forward.

    RB: Must keep Wilson Jr. he is your goal line and Q4 power finisher. Put McKinnon on IR.

    LB: Cutting Smith was a great first step. If your DL is as good and deep as you say it is, then go for youth at LB and develop the next gen. Hold the Mayo please.

    WR & DB: Throw some darts at the wall and get it over with. So what if someone picks up a #7 WR or #10DB, the goal is to get and develop top end talent, not keep churning average talent.

    Be interesting to see if Lynch can step up here.

    1. Interesting, however…
      QB — No way in ’19 does any team part with a #1 for Mullens.
      OL — If the 9ers fail to address the issue as you specified, how soon should the Yorks remove Lynch–this Sunday? Monday? After the trade deadline? Just curious.


  20. Roster cuts are happening. Dontae Johnson was a longshot. I wonder if veterans Exum or Toilolo will make the 53.

  21. It is disappointing that we will probably keep CJ and a talented player will be released because of it.

    1. I am not too disappointed, because CJB may be traded soon, and then the Niners can sign a cut player from another team. Find a decent swing OT, OG or safety.
      I hope they create space in anticipation of a few of the 1100 cut players, may improve the team.

  22. On a very different note, I’m thinking another candidate for the not-so-good list is Greg Papa.
    I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he brings very little with his commentary. Makes frequent mistakes which Tim gracefully corrects, and I can’t disassociate his voice from his Raider past.
    What do you guys think?

    gracefully corrects,

    1. Horrible guy to broadcast any SF game.
      I loved him with the A’s. He’s an Oakland voice.
      You can’t help but think he’s wearing silver and black tee shirts under those suits.

    2. I really don’t understand the appeal of Greg Papa. He’s terrible on the broadcasts and the Papa/Lund partnership has led me to start turning the radio off KNBR from 10-2.

      1. Papa has his faults, but he’s an improvement on Ted Robinson who I found intolerable…

        1. I think Robinson lost heart, after that devastating loss in the SB, and the futility since.
          I miss Joe Starkey.

    3. I agree. I’ve never been a fan of Papa. I think he’s terrible! Same with that Dennis O’Donnell clown. I was going to post during the last game, that he and Papa both suck, and that the sound KPIX has for the games is terrible (sounds like they’re taking through tin cans), but I didn’t want to be negative… like I’m being now. Lol!

  23. I think the injury status of Trent Taylor, Nick Bosa, Jalen Hurd, K’Waun Williams , Kentavius Street and Jason Verrett will affect who the Niners retain on the 53.
    I think they are going younger, and keep only 2 TEs,

      1. Several days ago Grant retweeted a diatribe from one of his buddies. The guy was REALLY angry about the ‘billions of robot morons‘ who just swallow what the Yorks and their minions dole out–100%. These ‘robot morons’ blindly accept the garbage that the 9ers serve up, and the mediocrity 9er leadership tolerates–lousy players, incompetent coaches and execs, excuse after excuse, etc., etc.. Think of robot morons as mindless drone-like homers. Billions of ’em. Grant, I sensed, was loving it. I asked Grant what the opposite of a robot moron was…..and no response.

            1. Seb, you’re just missing all the “Baalke Stench” shade that you could throw out at ‘Freakin Cassie’!

          1. I did suggest that Cassie alter the moniker to this one — a flame-throwing godzilla-like obtuse robot seemed to perfectly symbolize the state of the franchise that had just 3 winning season in the last 12, to paraphrase Joe Staley.

  24. The Colts release OT J’Marcus Webb. Any chance we bring him in as our swing T? I was surprised that we released Sam Young.

  25. You read it here first, Nick Mullens will not be on the opening game roster. Your backup must have an NFL arm. If anything happens to JG, or he proves ineffective, does anyone seriously think Mullens can lead the 49ers to the playoffs? Of course not. If teams start ganging up on Kittle, Mullens will be lucky to throw for 50 yards a game. Get serious, folks. The reason he looked good in the Raider game, was because the Raiders sucked. Three points on offense, and the defense was just as bad.

  26. FYI, Mullens threw for over 1000 yards to Kittle.
    They drafted 2 WRs and signed Matthews, so the WR position has improved.
    They want to double Kittle? Sweet, that means single coverage on Deebo and Goodwin.

    1. Except that Mullens can’t get the ball downfield to those speedy guys. That’s why he was undrafted.

      1. Mullens- 64.2 Compl %, 2277 yds. 13 TDs , 284 yds per game for a 90.8 QBR.
        You must have confused him with Alex.

        1. Mullens’ decent percentage is all about throwing short passes. If Shanahan ever dialed up some long passes, they’d either go incomplete or be intercepted. He’s an accurate short passer. More is needed.

  27. Other teams are making trades.
    Guess the Niners will be scouring the waiver wire.
    Or not.

    1. I think there will be at least one player on the 53 that’s not on the team now. Naturally in the obvious groups, OL and DB.

    1. Seattle got the better end of this deal. A 3rd rounder for a stud pass rusher is a deal I’d make any day

      1. Studs are the double digit sack artists, especially the ones playing opposite Watt. That’s not Clowney.

  28. If the NFL wants to maintain a high level of play, they should stop going cheap.
    There is no reason why they need to de-activate players before the game, except to pay them less. Let every player on the roster play. Then, if a player goes down due to injury, and his backup becomes injured, there still is an adequate third option.
    Expanding the roster to 55 might also be a good start.

  29. I was wondering what if Grant instituted a 53-commentor roster for this blog with a paring down today? What performance criteria would he use? Would I make the practice squad?

  30. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann 13m
    It’s going to be a cut day for the ages, one that will see the #Seahawks establish one of the best front sevens in football. According to @JayGlazer, the deal for Jadeveon Clowney is all but complete. What it means: https://t.co/FHj2pAdM6a

  31. NOTSportsCenter

    18h18 hours ago
    BREAKING: The NFL has informed the Miami Dolphins that they did not make the league this year and will be released as part of final cuts

  32. Why can’t we have a front office like Seattle? Pete Carroll needs a pass rusher, bingo, here’s Pro Bowler Jadaveon Clowney

    The 49ers need a guard, backup OT and starting CB……Help this front office PLLLLease,
    Farhan Zaidi, Bueller?

    Joe Fann @Joe_Fann 16m
    Still waiting to see which “two defensive players” the #Seahawks are sending Houston in exchange for Jadeveon Clowney, but the fact that it’s a third-round pick and no offensive linemen are involved is already a massive win for Seattle.

    Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL
    Couple names I’m hearing: Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin

    Joe Fann @Joe_Fann 10m
    My word. If this is true, it’s an absolute heist for the #Seahawks. Seattle was going to cut Mingo by 1 p.m. PT today. Using him as a chip to get a star pass rusher is larceny.

    1. Field Yates
      38m38 minutes ago

      Seattle’s front seven is now led by:
      * Bobby Wagner: 4x All Pro
      * Jadeveon Clowney: 3x Pro Bowl
      * K.J. Wright: 4 100+ tackle seasons
      * Jarran Reed: 10.5 sacks in 2018
      * L.J. Collier: 2019 1st round pick
      * Ziggy Ansah: 48 career sacks


      Fourth and Nine
      ‏ @fourth_nine
      Joe Staley waking up this morning….(Oh my Fooking God?!!)

    2. even if he walks after this year seattle will recoup the 3rd round pick in a compensatory pick. Marathe was outsmarted here.

      1. I was just checking Clowney, and he’s never registered double digit sacks despite playing with Watt. Seahawks may have gotten too cute. Time will be the telling factor….

            1. Not warranted. We’ve got two 1st rounders at both offensive flanks. Stand steadfast oh ye of little faith. We’ll get through this together!

              Wilson should be concerned. His offensive flanks will be under siege facing the new Ford Bosa, with Buckner/Armstead/Thomas all wheel drive….

              1. You say it every year Razor and Wilson always toasts everyone.

                Our OL is paper thin ? . That should be of great concern to anyone following this team!

              2. But this is our year! Our offensive line is far from paper thin. Show me another team that has the luxury of having two OT’s like Staley and McGlinchey. Wilson has to toast everyone because he has no offensive line. We’ll get him down with a combination of Ford/Bosa/Buckner, and you can take that to the bank!

              3. Razor two out of those three probably will be inactive the majority of the games this year. That’s what happens when you draft and trade for paper tigers.

              4. Paper line, paper tigers? I’m sensing a theme, but it’s going to be a fun year to follow the plot.

        1. Clowney is good, but wasn’t he supposed to be better than JJ Watt?
          I still only remember Clowney for the one explosive tackle he made in college.
          But that said, he is going to make Seattle stronger.

          For me, I’ve had the Rams (1), Seahags (2), and 49ers (3), Cards (4) in the division this season before the hawks optained Clowney.
          So not much change there.

          The good thing (if you call it good) in Clowney’ signing is that the 49ers will have no choice but to chore up their Oline next season.
          I’m already checking out the top Olinemen in college as possible candidates ?

          1. Don’t think so, at least early, AES. Shanny won’t spend an early round pick on a guard, and the 49ers seem to like Coleman and Skule. If the plan is to move McGlinchey over when Staley retires, then I could see them continue to wait until day 3 to draft another OT to develop. Then there’s Brunskill whose background suggests he can play OT too. My too early position prediction in round 1 for next year would probably be CB….

            1. Raz,
              If we could find a stud Olinemen in the 3rd rd that would be great, but if a top 5 Olinemen is sitting there in the 2nd, I’d be very tempted to draft him.

              We already need to strengthen our Oline position and if Seattle’ F7 wreaks havec on us this year we may not have any options but to go high on Oline help next year.
              Is Trent Taylor (Washington) available for a trade? If he is, it’s something worth exploring.

              1. Since we are going to be picking at 32 and with no second round draft pick – me for years I have been looking for a center.,

              2. Ha! Yea, I’d love a center too but Richburg gets a pass from me for last year. Let’s see what he can do this year.

  33. Grant Cohn
    17m17 minutes ago

    The Seahawks traded the Texans basically nothing for Clowney. I love how good organizations take advantage of bad organzations, and bad organizations don’t realize they’re suckers until years later.

    REPLY: Then there’s organizations like the 49ers who just sit there, thinking they’re the smartest one’s in the room, while the competion gets better….No one’s smarter than Jed and Marathe, their track records prove it!

    Fools on a Hill, by the Sergio Mendes Band:


    1. M
      ‏ @boardride23
      Replying to @grantcohn

      Sheldon Richardson, Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham but….

      Cam Inman
      ‏Verified account @CamInman

      Jadeveon Clowney (heading to Seahawks via Texans) vs. 49ers: 1 career game, 1 loss, 4 hits on Jimmy Garoppolo, 0 sacks.

      red: Good player but time will tell how this works out……

      1. Not sure there will really be much of a difference since Seattle had Frank Clark last year.

        1. +1 although at this point in their careers I think Clark is the better player (at least against the Niners he was)…

    1. Can we trade you for a knowledgeable fan? Like if we also threw in Razor and $50M would another team’s blog be crazy enough to make this deal?

        1. Would’ve been drafted but for the injury questions. He answered them better than the experts anticipated.

      1. Maiocco on Twitter:

        This should clear the way for Kendrick Bourne to be back with the club to start the season.

  34. Eagles fans disappointed to hear we released Matthews. The Bourne Identity survives…for now.

            1. This is the cutdown day, and you are wasting your time hurling insults. So brain dead and mean spirited.

  35. Garnett to be released. TBH, some of us on the east coast don’t understand the love affair with Stanford players…

    1. > some of us on the east coast don’t understand the love affair with Stanford
      Why the Stanford hate? I guess there could be several reason. For some it was having their college applications turned down (including some of the Cal fans) :) For some others, it’s East Coast Bias. And finally then there is overwhelming ignorance of the Stanford football program. Here’s an easy fix for the latter with this public service announcement from Richard Sherman :)

  36. So far nothing earth shattering, was hoping for Mathews to make the cut…wont lose any sleep over it.

  37. WR Terry Godwin – 7th round pick out of Goergia – was released by Carolina. He could be a good player to stash on the practice squad.

    1. Hope they can bring him back on the practice squad. Good chance he’ll be picked up (Houston?). He deserves a shot somewhere across the league.

  38. @MaioccoNBCS
    Follow Follow @MaioccoNBCS
    More Matt Maiocco Retweeted Mike Klis
    Kyle Shanahan said the #49ers are keeping three QBs. My educated guess is what he really meant was that the club was prepared to keep three, but if someone wants to make a trade …

    Follow Follow @MikeKlis
    Surpise: Broncos have cut QB Kevin Hogan, per source. #9sports

    1. Lol. Hogan is terrible. Beathard or Mullens…Elway’s choice. He’s guaranteed to pick the wrong one.

      1. Hogan was not going to make the 53 irrespective of whether Elway trades for Mullens or Beathard or neither. However, there are other QBs released like Hoyer will be in play.

    2. I could see JL trading CJB to the Broncos for a 5th round pick, then picking up Hogan.
      Scangarello may be lobbying for CJB.
      JL likes Stanford players, and I like his mobility. He scored many times rushing in college.
      Hogan would be a huge upgrade from Speight.

      1. No way will the 49ers give up Bethard for less than a first round pick. Mullens lacks the most important tool in a quarterback’s tool kit–a decent arm. They’d love to dump Mullens.

        1. Interesting. Grant is saying they should trade CJB away for a conditional 7th round pick.
          I would be happy with a 5th round pick, but would accept a 6th round pick, too.

  39. Cam Inman

    Brian Hoyer’s release from #Patriots could impact #49ers trade value for their backup QBs. Then again, Shanahan repeatedly said he’s keeping Mullens and Beathard to back up Garoppolo

  40. The organization really needs to stop taking chances drafting guys with enormous upside but serious injury problems. Bosa is fragile and Hurd has had some serious back and concussion issues in college. Now Hurd has back problems again disallowing him to play or practice the last couple weeks. The Baalke trend continues..

  41. Florida’s Jachai Polite says 49ers staff was tough on him in interview
    By Jennifer Lee Chan March 03, 2019 9:55 AM
    NBC Sports

    Manish Mehta
    ‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @MMehtaNYDN

    Jets are cutting Jachai Polite, per source
    11:31 AM – 31 Aug 2019

    REOLY: Appears 49er F/O evaluated someone correctly.

  42. With the weekend of cuts coming to a close near Labor Day (oh the irony!),
    I’m going to throw out my revised 2019 season W/L prediction:

    6-10 (with a little luck)

    I’m afraid it’s going to be quite a challenge for this team to field a healthy NFL caliber roster week in and week out .

  43. Grant, it would be nice to have a cutdown blog post, instead of continuing on a Charger post. Just sayin’….

      1. Oh look, I asked politely, and Grant posted a revised roster with all 53.
        Just what I wanted. It is Grant’s job to be monitoring the roster cuts. Glad he is doing his job so well. Now, we can discuss this new roster, with many surprises.

      1. I have been bouncing around the league. Gone to NN, Mile High Report, Field Gulls, Big Blue View, Turf show times and others.

  44. The 49ers have the worst front office in the league.
    Houston Texans: Hold my beer.

    1. Thus far the 5th round has been money for this regime. Two starters, one with pro bowl potential. Who needs Ballard?

  45. There were quite a few on here that wanted Polite:

    Ralph Mancini‏ @ReverendRalph
    No surprise that the #Jets cut 3rd rd pick Jachai Polite only 4 months after drafting him. Poor work ethic, arrogant, can’t take constructive criticism, along w/substandard strength and ineffective hands as a pass rusher. Awful pick as suspected.

    1. Yup…

      sebnynah says:
      February 20, 2019 at 8:27 pm

      However, the best strategy to improve might be to trade back and still get one of those players. Losing out on Bosa and Allen may be mitigated by getting additional starters.
      If they move back to 7, they still might get Ferrell.
      If they trade back to 10, they still might get Sweat.
      If they trade back to 13, they still might get Polite.

      sebnynah says:
      March 24, 2019 at 9:43 am

      I do not think there is a drop off after Bosa, Williams and Allen. I think there are superior alternatives.
      Polite, even with his red flag, had some impressive game film.

      1. I did mention others gave him a red flag, and the Niners acted upon that red flag in his interview, which confirmed their opinion of him.

  46. Other than Deebo emerging as the clear #1 receiver Matthews getting cut is about the only thing I got right about the receivers. Well maybe those and the fact that Pettis isn’t the player that a lot seem to think he is.

  47. On Battle Red Blog, the Texans cut Christian Dilauro. Wonder if the Niners may want him back.
    Also, on Blogging the Boys, the cowboys cut Juwaun Bushell- Beatty, Lukayas McNeil and Jake Campos.Niners might want to look at them.

  48. No surprise. MM: The #49ers are placing RB Jerick McKinnon on season-ending injured reserve.

  49. I’ll miss Wilson’s stiff arms and the fact he brought some thump but Shanahan does value speed…. Would have rather seen Wilson stick than CJB but such is life.

  50. I’m not happy Jeff Wilson is gone. Don’t get me wrong – between Coleman, Brieda and Mostert, I don’t think he’ll be missed hugely, but he offers more to the Niners than Beathard. I think that’s a huge mistake.

    1. I think once they put a couple players on IR for a mid season designation to return, they will be bringing back a couple players.

  51. As per MM:

    DB Adrian Colbert
    OL Andrew Lauderdale.

    Inured reserve
    RB Jerick McKinnon
    WR Nick Williams

    TE Garrett Celek

    LS Kyle Nelson

    #49ers cuts
    Exum Jr.
    Marcell Harris
    Damontre Moore
    LaRoy Reynolds
    Ross Reynolds
    Tyree Robinson
    Wilton Speight
    Chris Thompson
    Jordan Thompson
    Najee Toran
    Jeremiah Valoaga
    Austin Walter
    Jeff Wilson

  52. 49er roster is fluid now based on transactions that take place after 1 p.m. on Saturday.

    Aat 9 a.m. PT on Sunday, NFL teams can claim any one of the over 1,100 new free agents who were waived by their respective teams. The 49ers will also begin putting together a 10-man practice squad at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

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