49ers 53-man-roster analysis

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, left, talks with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before an NFL preseason football game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The 49ers just announced their 53-man roster:

(Stay tuned for my analysis following John Lynch’s press conference at 1:45).


  1. Jimmy Garoppolo
  2. Nick Mullens
  3. C.J. Beathard

Analysis: On a conference call with Bay Area reporters, John Lynch said, “There were are number (of decisions) where a guy earned his way on the roster, but we weren’t able to keep him.” That’s because the 49ers kept Beathard, an unnecessary third quarterback who didn’t earn his way on the roster. The 49ers should have cut Beathard.


  1. Tevin Coleman
  2. Matt Breida
  3. Raheem Mostert
  4. Kyle Juszczyk

Analysis: Jeff Wilson Jr. earned his way on the roster over a couple players. But, he’s a running back, and running backs are a dime a dozen, so he might clear waivers and sign back to the 49ers practice squad. I wouldn’t be surprised if another team signs him, which would be a shame. Still, the 49ers have a strong group of running backs. This is one of the strongest positions on the team.


  1. Marquise Goodwin
  2. Dante Pettis
  3. Trent Taylor
  4. Deebo Samuel
  5. Jalen Hurd
  6. Richie James Jr.
  7. Kendrick Bourne

Analysis: Jordan Matthews is another guy who earned his way on the roster, but the 49ers kept Kendrick Bourne even though he makes too many mistakes, primarily because he knows Kyle Shanahan’s system. Now, it’s unclear whom the 49ers slot receiver will be Week 1. It might be James Jr. The 49ers have zero proven receivers.


  1. George Kittle
  2. Ross Dwelley
  3. Levine Toilolo
  4. Kaden Smith

Analysis: On the conference call, Lynch called Dwelley “one of the most improved players on the roster.” Good call, John. People laughed at me just a few weeks ago when I said Dwelley was the second-best tight end on the roster. Who’s laughing now? The 49ers currently have two quality tight ends for the first time since Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker were on the team. I have no clue why the 49ers kept four tight ends, though. You could argue they don’t even need three, considering Kyle Juszczyk can play tight end, too. Wilson Jr. deserved a roster spot over Toilolo and Smith.


  1. Joe Staley
  2. Laken Tomlinson
  3. Weston Richburg
  4. Mike Person
  5. Mike McGlinchey
  6. Ben Garland
  7. Daniel Brunskill
  8. Justin Skule

Analysis: This is the thinnest position group on the team. The backups have combined to start just seven games in the NFL. The 49ers can’t afford any injuries to their starting offensive linemen.


  1. Nick Bosa
  2. Dee Ford
  3. DeForest Buckner
  4. Arik Armsteead
  5. Solomon Thomas
  6. D.J. Jones
  7. Jullian Taylor
  8. Ronald Blair
  9. Sheldon Day
  10. Kentavius Street

Analysis: This is the deepest and best position group on the team. The top-nine players all could play for most NFL teams. But, I’m surprised the 49ers didn’t shut down to the 10th guy, Street, for the entire season. Instead, they will send him to IR and hope to bring him back to the active roster after eight weeks if he’s ready. Will he contribute anything this season? I doubt it. I would have shut him down for the season and kept Damontre Moore, a defensive end who can play if Nick Bosa misses time.


  1. Fred Warner
  2. Kwon Alexander
  3. Dre Greenlaw
  4. Mark Nzeocha
  5. Azeez Al-Shaair

Analysis: This is another strong position group. Warner looks better than last season. Greenlaw looks ready to play if Alexander has any setbacks from ACL surgery. And Al-Shaair looks promising. He is an undrafted rookie who’s too good for the practice squad, but probably won’t suit up for the games. He’ll be one of the 49ers’ seven inactives.


  1. Richard Sherman
  2. Ahkello Witherspoon
  3. K’Waun Williams
  4. Jason Verrett
  5. D.J. Reed
  6. Emmanuel Moseley
  7. Jimmie Ward
  8. Jaquiski Tartt
  9. Tarvarius Moore

Analysis: The 49ers have six cornerbacks, which means they’re deep at that position. But, they have only three safeties, and one of them is Jimmie Ward, who hasn’t played a full season since 2015. I expect the 49ers will re-sign Antone Exum Jr. after they place Street on IR.


  1. Robbie Gould
  2. Mitch Wishnowsky
  3. Colin Holba

Analysis: Stinks having to dedicate a roster spot to a long-snapping specialist, doesn’t it?


  1. RB Jerick McKinnon
  2. WR Nick Williams

Analysis: McKinnon was one of the worst signings in franchise history. A career backup who got paid to be a premier running back and never played a game. Maybe he’ll play next season, but I doubt it.


  1. FS Adrian Colbert
  2. OL Andrew Lauderdale

Analysis: Give the 49ers credit for seeing Colbert for what he is and cutting him. He was the starting free safety just a year ago.


  1. TE Garrett Celek


    1. LS Kyle Nelson

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      1. One or both of the TEs not named George or Ross are likely to be inactive on game day. It’s insane to put all 4 on the 53.

        Put another way, would you rather have Smith or Wilson on your offense?

        And frankly, keeping Juszczyk all these years is hard to understand. What strategic role does he play on the team, and what real contribution has he made (other than a witty YouTube video or two)?

        1. What strategic role does he (Juszczyk) play on the team, and what real contribution has he made (other than a witty YouTube video or two)?

          Is this a real question? Because if it is, it’s one of the dumbest question I’ve heard on this blog. SMH!

          BTW, Juszczyk plays fullback, and he only happens to be the best receiving fullback in the league, evidenced by being named to the Pro-Bowl for the last 3 consecutive seasons. He also happens to be the only true fullback on a team who’s offensive coordinator (and also HC) relies on a pass-catching fullback as an important part of his scheme. SMH, again!

          1. I would humbly suggest that he’s an all-Pro fullback at least partly because he’s one of the very few fullbacks left in the NFL. And what are we paying him for his 350 yards per year production (via 6 rushes and 32 catches)? Doesn’t seem like we’re getting much value (which could be said for many other players our genius front office has overpaid for little to show for it).

            Look, I’m sure Kyle is a nice guy — and Harvard-educated to boot — but come on, this is a business, and for whatever reasons, his tenure with the 49ers can only be described as underachievement.

        2. Balthazar

          As a three-time all Pro at Fullback, “Juice” isn’t a secret to any DC in the league….THEY KNOW WHO HE IS, and what he can do….soooo that makes him ‘a threat’…He’s a powerful blocker (the best at his position), which keeps Jimmy G upright and happy, …He is a great receiver out of the backfield, and can operat as a Tight End both blocking and receiving….A better question might be ..Why keep Toilolo, when we could have kept Jordan Matthews who is a good downfield blocker, can play any of the Receiver positions, and has size enough to block as an ‘occasional ‘ TE …and Has speed …other than the obvious fact that he is a STANFORD alum. I DID notice that we kept Solomon Thomas also….C’mon Lynch…get over it…they’ll still invite you to the BBQs…. Those players are robbing deserving players of their opportunities…

    1. All remains in flux. The 53 vs Bucs won’t match perfectly with today’s 53.

  1. Big surprise for me would be Harris getting cut and 4 TE’s? Didn’t see that coming!

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    1. Keeping 4 TE’s tells me that they didn’t think they would get Smith through waivers for the PS. He likely won’t be part of the 46.

      1. I agree with that Jack. Kaden Smith came on very strong this summer, after a relatively slow start. He looks like he has a chance to be a good all around TE. And Levine Toilolo is a very reliable in-line blocker, and knows the offense. Could it also signal that Kyle may use a little less “21 personnel”this season? I am not sure what Kyle has up his sleeve this season, but with the versatility at RB (3 capable pass-catching RB’s not including Hurd, and 2 WR who are very capable ball carriers in Hurd and Samuel. The addition of Coleman, Samuel and Hurd have really changed the play making dynamics on this team, and could have a real tangible difference in the way Kyle’s schemes up this offense this year. It would be an added bonus if Wilson clears waivers, which very well could happen considering he’s a UDFA with ball security issues (he lost 2 fumbles in limited duty last regular season, and had another fumble during the this preseason). Austin Walter will almost certainly clear waivers, and I wouldn’t sleep on the little-big man. Walter reminds me a lot of Darren Sproles (5’7″ 187 lbs), only bigger. I don’t think people realize just how stout Walter is for his height, as he is only 5’8” but goes 203 lbs. Both Sproles and Walter are quicker than fast, and both have excellent hands.

        1. I’m not trying to imply that Austin Walter is the next Darren Sproles, but there should be an asterisk in front of Walter’s YPC this preseason, as he had a number of big runs negated by penalties of which had no real bearing on the success of his runs. Walter stood out during a good number of training camp sessions as well, and at 203 lbs. he is easily big enough to be a rotational RB in this outside-zone scheme, snd Kyle prefers a running back by committee approach.

      1. 9-3 @ 3 pm est, if you or anyone needs a different time please contact me and we’ll work something out.

          1. Ninermd/Sour Yeast, I changed the time of the draft to Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 at 8:30pm EDT.

          1. You can assemble a chart list and auto tune your draft, but I’m gonna change it to a later time.

            1. Can we go really late in the evening then? I liked the original time and I think it is unfair to move it with total disregard to those who signed up on the original time. I don’t want to auto draft.

              1. I hope this burner account does not mess up your fantasy draft.
                He intentionally wants to be a divider and distraction.
                Good luck to the rest of you all.
                BTW, who has bragging rights?

    2. Haven’t posted any legal analysis in a while, but I’m back for the season. And I’m in.

  2. Guess the Niners like to do exactly opposite of what I advocated.
    I wanted to have them keep 24 on offense, and 26 on defense.
    They kept 26 on offense, and 24 on defense.

          1. Yeah he’s trying to make it seem like a joke now but he always throws in the “like I suggested” bits in his posts.

            What a bourgeois pig.

  3. Biggest surprise who made the 53.. Kentavius Street. Street over Moore? Biggest surprise cut.. Jeff Wilson Jr. Awful light RB crew, IMO..

  4. “In exchange for Clowney, the Seahawks will be sending Barkevious Mingo, Jacob Martin and a 2020 third-round draft pick to Houston.” What do you think Grant? Cheaper than Dee? Better than Bosa? Who could have predicted? Its the NFL. Going to be rough against Shehawks again.

    1. The Seahaks won’t look any better than last season.
      They lost their best pass rusher. And are plugging in one who could match it, or miss games.
      I would have liked to seen them get worse, but at-least they didn’t get better

      1. 2 marginal players and a draft choice for a one year rental. If they’re going to pay him next year, why not just keep the DE they let get away this year? ?‍♂️
        Clowney will probably play well in this his money year.

  5. 49er roster is fluid now based on transactions that take place after 1 p.m. on Saturday.

    At 9 a.m. PT on Sunday, NFL teams can claim any one of the over 1,100 new free agents who were waived by their respective teams. The 49ers will also begin putting together a 10-man practice squad at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

    1. On Sunday, Sept. 1, the claiming period for players placed on waivers at the final roster reduction will expire at noon ET. So they start claiming sometime today and end 9 am pacific tomorrow. 49ers get second pick off waivers. Tied into 2019 draft selection order..

  6. Levine Toilolo over Jeff Wilson, Damontre Moore and Marcell Harris? Yeesh. I hope they have some roster moves planned for tomorrow (IR to return for Street/Verrett).

    1. Briggsy

      I’m with you on Jeff Wilson, Damontre Moore and Marcel Harris, with Jordan Mathews as a cherry on top

    1. Anyone want to bet they will win more than 6 games? I have them at 6-10 with a lot of luck on the injury front.

    1. Mullens is the lucky one, but probably won’t make the opening day roster. A weak-armed qb has no upside. Two of the three teams he won against were cellar dwellers. Take them away and he’s 1-5, with only Kittle’s yardage to brag about. Bethard will be the qb after a few games.

      1. Nobody ‘really’ knows about Mullens upside. He may keep improving with more games and exp. His arm seemed stronger in preseason than last year. He’s not the fastest arm in the NFL but knows the offense good enough now to let it rip. Past win/loss is the past, the team is a little better but the OL needs to be the focus come the draft, 2 players need to be selected. Bethard will still be slow, terrible and hard to watch as he usually is when facing 1st string D’s in the regular season, just too fast for him and will eat him up. The guy can sure take a hit.

        1. Looking at this past preseason, Mullens was clearly superior. He was more accurate, had total command of the playbook, made the proper reads and proper adjustments.
          Niners may want to be patient, wait until the season starts and QB attrition sets in. Then CJB may garner a higher draft pick from a QB desperate team.

          1. You think Mullens was clearly superior, but his coach disagrees. I think I’ll go along with the coach.

          2. Mullens will be named the 2nd string qb by Lynch Monday because he deserves it. CJ for some damn reason is KS pet qb that he lets hang around. He can’t play effectively in the regular season because he’s slow, stinks and is on his back way too much. Nice guy and good blocker though! Maybe CJ will be part of a trade and be a career backup somewhere else.

  7. Franklin says:
    August 31, 2019 at 1:48 pm
    Yes indeed, it’s all about you as usual

    sebnynah says:
    August 31, 2019 at 1:55 pm
    Guess you are oblivious about self deprecating humor.
    Lighten up, Francis.

    REPLY: Seb’s numerous mock NFL drafts, then claiming victory if any of the 32 teams draft his player is not self deprecating; and Seb also claims NFL front offices take his advice.

    What advice will the NFL front offices give you when I light you up in a tackle football game, Seb?

    1. Dang I thought you were going to ignore me.
      Threatening violence? I expect no less from you.

    2. If you miss Tom, I will get him next and I play angry some would say violently…let me at em

      1. Whether in jest or not, publicly threatening elder abuse is not good optics, even for you guys. Channeling Bruise Miller, maybe?

        1. The Niners just announced their roster cuts, and we have to deal with these 2 yahoos?
          They are sad and pathetic, with their threats and bombast.

        2. Wait. Is there some sort of blog tackle football game scheduled? When are the team drafts?

      1. This is surprising in regard to the most injuried groups on the team. Let’s see if they make a trade or two to get OL and safety help

        1. The tricky part is that the Oline now has a premium value… there should be some fierce competition for talent available there :/

    1. Do you mean on quality or quantity? I didn’t expect them to keep more than 5. Most of the time you only have two on the field.

  8. Marcel Harris: Worst PFF grades in the NFL.
    Garnet: Shocked/Not shocked. A little sad.
    4 tight ends is weird.
    Not keeping JEFF WIlson Jr. and only 3 RB’s is asking for it the way our little guys drop like flies.

  9. After clearing injured reserve players and trading cjb we need to:

    Sign Jeff Wilson and Elijah lee back. Jeff to practice squad and lee to team.

    Find an OL

  10. 4 TE wonder if this is temporary, and the Niners will be picking up a back up Guard and Tackle tomorrow?
    With Street blind on short term IR will they resign either Moore or Givens.
    Rumor is Denver released 2_back up QB will they pick up either CJ or Mullens?

    1. Complicated now that Hoyer was released. Impacts what the 9ers may have wanted in dealing Mullens or Beathard.

    2. Only explanation for keeping four TEs
      Also really sorry to see Kevin Givens go. That kid is going to be outstanding. I hope he makes the Niners’ PS.

    1. What will he practice, tiddlywinks? Remember that Ket also practiced and look where he is.

  11. TomD says:
    August 7, 2019 at 8:34 am
    I reviewed Kaden Smith in April and posted on this site that he would make an impact this season.
    The offense has a chance to be special/ muli-faceted, if the O-Line is healthy.
    Smith will be percect in a 3rd and two, double TE formation!

    sebnynah says:
    August 9, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Not if they manage to trade away Bourne.
    Dwelley is incapable of blocking? That is news to me.
    Kaden Smith is superb? That is why he lasted until the 6th round?

    sebnynah says:
    August 7, 2019 at 9:16 am
    Kaden Smith, with his 4.9 forty, just does not have the speed or quickness needed to be a receiving threat.

    1. They also kept Toilolo, so he would probably be taking those snaps.
      I noticed during the preseason that TEs were dropping like flies. Guess the Niners saw all the interest in TEs, and kept 4.

  12. 4 TEs, 3 QBs and 3 WRs? Niners should grab Doss who just got cut by the Raiders and get rid of Bourne, James and Goodwin. Having Beatherd take a roster spot over anyone else including Wilson is just ridiculous and shows that Lynch/Shan have never heard of sunk cost analysis. Meanwhile they’re paying $1m guarantee to Mayo who was terrible and $18m for an RB who can’t play. Good grief. This Shan/Lynch era can’t end soon enough for me

  13. Marcell Harris (S) getting cut was a shock???

    That was a dumb move……keeping only 3 safeties was a dumber move…

    1. I’m actually glad they jettisoned Colbert and Harris. Both of those guys are massively overrated by many 49ers fans.

      Harris is an in the box thumper and the team has moved towards wanting to play more two deep safeties and be able to have them play interchangeable roles. Not only is Harris not very good, he was completely miscast in this amended system.

      The 49ers will likely add another safety.

      1. Agreed. Harris hits hard, but isn’t good at much else. I’d like to see them bring in George Iloka, who the Cowboys just cut, when they put Street on IR. And/or bring back Damontre Moore.

  14. Show of hands…. How many of us are certain that the 53 player roster as it sits at this hour will be unchanged come game day vs. the Bucs?

  15. TomD says:
    August 14, 2019 at 8:55 am
    49er writer agreeing with TomD LB on Azeez Al-Shaair, who I tipped my helmet to yesterday:

    TomD says:
    August 20, 2019 at 10:21 am
    Azeez Al-Shaair continues to make a case for the 53 man roster:

    ” Al-Shaair grabbed an interception last week and has followed that up with five tackles and a pass defended.”

    REPLY: Geez, Seb, I don’t need 53 mock drafts to find players for the Niner roster (maybe I’ll brag like you)

  16. Hindsight now but fun to think if we had drafted Quinnen Williams instead of Bosa and grabbed Ziggy Ansah then nabbed Clowney for a 3rd, Elijah Lee and Solomon’s Thomas.

    Hard to predict Clowney coming available like he did but sure is a fun line to think about for the coming year

  17. So my 53 roster from August 20th fared

    1 – Jimmy Garoppolo – obviously!
    2 – Beathard – not sure why KS loves the kid so much
    3 – Nick Mullens – he is important insurance

    4 – McGlinchey
    5 – Person
    6 – Richburg
    7 – Tomlinson
    8 – Staley
    9 – Garland
    10 – Garnett – if he’s ever healthy (Missed here and one leas in this group, which is a surprise as they are likely to suffer attrition, but the replacements stunk)
    11 – Skule – wins by default even if that means the team loses
    12 – Brunskill – Please, oh Please, no injuries to the starters!!

    13 – Kittle
    14 – Dwelley
    15 – Celek – he’s insurance and knows system well
    (Toilolo and Smith, though I still think they will keep Celek once he returns)

    16 – Taylor – JG’s most reliable WR
    17 – Pettis
    18 – Goodwin
    19 – Samuels
    20 – Hurd
    21 – James – Special Teams win the day
    Kept Bourne – a bit of a surprise but not really given he was the leading WR last year

    22 – McKinnon or Coleman if McKinnon can’t go
    23 – Breida – most productive back
    24 – Mostert – most explosive back
    25 – Juszczyk – most overpaid back

    26 – Ford
    27 – Buckner
    28 – Armstead
    29 – Bosa
    30 – Thomas
    31 – Day
    32 – Street (went to season ending IR – missed it)
    33 – Blair / Taylor (kept both)
    34 – Jones

    35 – Warner
    36 – Alexander
    37 – Greenlaw
    38 – Lee ( a bit of a surprise, and also one less)
    39 – Al-Shaair
    40 – Mayo / Nzeocha (no mayo on this sandwich)

    41 – Sherman
    42 – Witherspoon
    43 – Tartt
    44 – Ward
    45 – Moore
    46 – Williams
    47 – Reed
    48 – Verrett
    49 – Colbert (Missed this and there ended up being one less in this group)
    50 – Reed / Exum ( Reed retained but not Exum)

    51 – Gould
    52 – Wishnowsky
    53 – Nelson (Holba, though I thought that Nelson would count against the 53 – he doesn’t)

    So I missed 8 out of the 53. Given that so many were give mes it’s really not very good prognostications at all. Oh well!

      1. Don’t know why my last post went to moderation but I don’t think close cuts it. Should be a lesson in humility to all of us who spend time making these prognostications!

        Maybe it was the allusion to the game played with iron and sticks that horses wear

        1. I had that hunch of Bourne over Matthews. Since that was the only roster prediction I made I’m claiming 100% success. lol.

  18. His last year in Atlanta Shanny used 2-3+4 TE formations. On passing downs we may see Kittle in the slot now and then.
    Lean at safety although Reed can multi task.

  19. Wonder who the team will bring in from here? Street will definitely go on IR so that will open up one spot. Also wonder if the 49ers are actually playing a bit with keeping 4 TEs for now – don’t want to expose Smith to waivers just yet but might try and sneak him through later in the week after teams have picked up other players.

    Find it hard to believe the team won’t add a safety.

    I thought Moore had done enough to earn a spot, but just goes to show that preseason success is not an indicator of how the team views the player. Tbh, he wouldn’t play much if he was on the roster as they already have a lot of other guys that play at least some snaps on the edge.

    1. We’ll know much more come Sunday. I’d expect some changes over the next 18-19 hrs..

      Sunday, September 1
      NFL clubs may claim players who were waived by other teams until 9 a.m. PT.
      NFL clubs may begin establishing a practice squad of 10 eligible players starting at 10 a.m. PT.

  20. I am hoping CJB is traded away for a 5th round pick. There are plenty of waived QBs to choose from as the third QB,
    The Niners probably turned down a 7th round offer from Elway, and a 6th round pick from the Colts. JL is probably holding out for a 5th round pick. Thankfully, CJB did well in his last game, so his trade value is high.
    I wonder if Jalen Hurd or Trent Taylor, along with Street, will go on IR with a mid season designation for return.
    Then, do they bring back players, or do they poach them from the waiver wire.

    1. Really?

      The Niners probably turned down a 7th round offer from Elway, and a 6th round pick from the Colts.

      Probably… Yup, you’re guessing.

      1. Elway did express interest in acquiring a Niner QB. He probably tried to lowball them.
        Scangarello, coached both players, so he MAY have wanted Mullens, but did not want to part with a second round pick, which was PROBABLY what the Niners wanted for him.
        Grant thinks CJB is worth only a conditional 7th round pick. Elway MAY have offered that, but the Niners PROBABLY wanted more.
        OF COURSE, this is just idle speculation.

      2. Send Elway or Indy..Solly along w/CJ for a 4-5th rd pick. Or Mullens/Solly for a 1st-2nd round pick..too much?

        1. Naw, I want them to keep Solomon Thomas.
          However, bundling players to increase the trade value is a shrewd strategy.

          1. Why? Why keep Solly? Because he was the 3rd pick? Because he’s going to miraculously transform? Doesn’t happen like that.

            1. I think he was played out of position. With Kocurek, I expect him to play better.
              He also suffered a family tragedy, and one could see it affected him, both on and off the field. Now that a year has passed, he is recovering, and moving on.

        2. Well, the Broncos and/or Colts would need to be interested… Not known by us fans if they are at the moment or not.

          With Hoyer being released by New England, the value of Beathard or Mullens may have eroded a tad.

          1. Bundling. It works for fast food. Very shrewd! Perhaps we can throw it n a happy meal to sweeten the deal?

            1. Well, Frank in American Pickers uses it to broker deals. He succeeds where it would otherwise, fail.
              It is his signature negotiating tactic. Very shrewd and effective.

            2. And bundling a couple players for a draft pick has happened many times in the NFL. The tactic of ‘sweetening the deal’ does happen and can work for the 49ers.

      3. If Indy or Denver does make a deal taking CJ or Mullens w/Solly for a good draft pick, then maybe they resign Moore and Wilson Jr.

    2. Keeping 4 TE AND CJ is a puzzle, unless he’s holding out for some trades.
      Wilson deserved a spot since Breida is still brittle.
      Bourne seems to be good at catching balls that are a little out of his reach but drops the easy ones.
      I hope we pick up or trade some OL from the waivers.

      1. Problem with Bourne not being able to catch easy ones can be solved by just throwing him balls hard to catch. lol.

  21. None of this cut-down stuff matters unless the o-line can form a pocket for the qbs to operate from. Without that you don’t have a viable offense, and there’s no lead for the defense to protect. Watch the protection afforded to Tom Brady. He rarely has to scramble, and usually is not rushed, and not sacked. The o-line is even more important than the qb. If they can protect him, lots of qbs can be successful, if they have good arms, which Mullens doesn’t

  22. People laughed at me just a few weeks ago when I said Dwelley was the second-best tight end on the roster. Who’s laughing now?

    Ooh, Grant just a touch defensive there. Come on Grant, no one laughs at your observations.

    1. Ok, predictions v. Tampa Bay?

      TB 24 – 49ers 17

      Kittle and Richburg unavailable. Bosa gets hurt in game. Ford plays.

      1. Winston chokes under pressure, he wilts when attacked, he succumbs with the littlest of provocation. Taxi anyone, hey taxi.

      2. SY,
        C’mon buddy! How about Kittle plays and makes a TD catch. Bosa makes his NFL debut with a 2 sack game and 4 QB pressures.

        DF gets a sack and Kwon and Warner wreak havoc in the running game.

        On offense, Garoppolo looks sharp as he throws a couple of TD’s and Deebo runs a sweep for a TD.
        Oh, and Breida pops a long TD run.

        On a few 3 and out’s, the Big Wishnowsky pins the Buc’s deep in their own territory.

        That’s 28 pts which makes them 4 pts better for the win.
        SY, I may be a little exuberant here, but what the heck, I’m to old to care anymore ?

  23. 4 TEs makes sense with the thin OL. Need extra blockers in short-yardage formations. But I would have just gone with three.

  24. “McKinnon was one of the worst signings in franchise history. ”
    “Beathard, an unnecessary third quarterback who didn’t earn his way on the roster. The 49ers should have cut Beathard. ”

    Amen to above statements.

    1. Beathard must be the new Tom Celik. No one could ever understand why they kept him around so long either.

  25. First mistake keeping CJ. I love hime but if both our QBs get hurt we better be playing for draft position. Wasted roster slot. D. Moore is the first worthy
    Second mistake 4 TEs. Are you kidding me although M. Harris is the only other cut player id consider keeping 4 just eats up another roster slot
    Third mistake keeping Borne. There are 10 receivers out there right now better than him. Hopefully Lynch makes a move and replaces him
    All the other players cut can be replaced with rejects from the waiver wire and be considered an upgrade. We have second position so be smart ! Please upgrade interior OL with vet waiver move or how bout a trade? Guess what you don’t need three QBs if you have a great OL. Duh Everyone was moving and Lynch was frozen. Pull the trigger, commit and protect JG

  26. I agree. Many teams were wheeling and dealing. Niners, by insisting on deals too good to be true, just shut themselves off from improving their squad with trades.
    Niners are still in a good position to obtain players from the waiver wire, so I hope they will be aggressive, and had done their research ahead of time, so they can find those diamonds in the rough.
    They should look for talented players that were crowded out by Pro Bowl starters ahead of them. They should poach a player from the Seahawks, a playoff team, for that player’s intel. The Niners should target players from good blocking playoff teams. Maybe even a player from the Patriots, just for that winning mojo.

  27. It’s that time of year again folks, and that means our fantasy league, Poke Salad Shanny is up and ready. There’s room for one more lucky participant. Just click on the link below, and enter the ID number and password:

    Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=8015136
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    League Password: Gatorsgotyourgranny

    *** There has been a change to the draft date and time to accommodate some of the participants. The new date and time is Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 at 8:30pm EDT.

  28. Is Toilolo being kept as not only a TE, but a backup OT? I think it was one of the last two seasons where Celek was one injury away from playing OT in a game. Toilol is a much better blocker than Kaden Smith, especially inline.

    1. Hopefully K Smith is a place holder for another roster spot after a waiver move. Lynch get us a big nasty stud on the inside. Remember Gogan – iupati we need a beast with attitude like Nelson w/colts- dam we shoulda coulda. I know there must be some on wire that is better than our interior guys.

  29. Jerick was one of the worst signings, huh? Yeah, because the team could predict a devastating injury and then rehab not working out as well as hoped. Holding an injury against a player is bush league.

    1. I agree dude worked his butt off to come back. No crystal ball was available at the time so a good signing and intentions. I could think of many other moves that hurt the team more.

      1. He was a PT RB given top RB money who had never carried a full load. Yeah, bad signing.

        1. Yep. A horrible signing. Especially the top money part. In three years of film he never showed that aptitude.
          The fact that he got hurt only masks proving what a terrible signing that was.

  30. SF 49ers still one draft and F/A period away from being top tier team.

    Address OL & DB next off season: Super Bowl!

    1. “SF 49ers still one draft and F/A period away from being top tier team.”

      I agree. Next year the team will be looking for a couple of stud Olinemen, whether they come by way of draft or FA.

        1. The next Max Unger, he is.

          Heck, I’d take all of their interior line over ours. And their LT would be a nice successor for Staley.

    2. Not with the current leadership.
      At least get rid of Lynch (totally inept) and bring in a GM with experience and knowledge who can reign in the HC from making the amateurish moves that he does.
      We know that’s not going to happen. The current combination is the worst in the NFL.

  31. Serious question:

    Many credit Shanahan for making Mullens a viable backup. I suppose that credit may be due there. But if that is true, what of Beathard?

    Also the rumor is that the 49ers are asking too much for their QBs. How high is too much?

    1. Scangarello may have just as big an impact as KS. Maybe more, because KS has HC duties.
      He may want Mullens, but will accept CJB, because he has coached CJB, and knew he lost several games by less than a TD. Paxton Lynch to Denver might be an intriguing possibility, since he might have improved under a Pete Carroll offensive system.

    2. SY,
      You’re trying to hard to discredit Shanahan. There are many here that no longer defend Shanahan’ and Lynch’s poor moves.

      I knew when they took the job that there would be some rookie mistakes.
      But even with some moves that have backfired in their face they still are improving the overall talent on the team.

      We’re better than we were 3-4 years ago. The progress may be too slow for some, but they are close to what I expected at this time in the new regime. The talent may be good enough to get us 9 wins and if players stay healthy maybe 10.
      Patients my friend.

      1. AES, Not trying to discredit but rather point out that there may be some dissonance regarding Mullens’ success and Beathard’s lack of progress.

        I tend to think much of the success of Mullens is on him; his hard work, intelligence and hard scrabble personality. Same is true for Beathard and his challenges on the field. I neither blame nor praise Shanahan for either.

        Regarding team improvement (over 3 years, but not 4) this has definitely occurred and credit goes to both Lynch and Shanahan on this front. I do think that making a team competitive is the lowest rung to judge a regime by in the NFL (some other leagues have teams with more resources and this impacts recruitment – this is not so in the NFL).

        I always judge teams by maximizing their potential. Not sure if that has been achieved. Not sure yet if they can do this. Remains to be seen.

        Not sure I have your optimism regarding the team success this year but I would be happy to be wrong. Should be interesting, nonetheless!

        1. “Not trying to discredit but rather point out that there may be some dissonance regarding Mullens’ success and Beathard’s lack of progress.”

          Not sure what dissonance you’re referring to. If Shanahan (seems to be the case) found a better QB in Mullens, then that makes the QB position stronger. If CJ has moved to 3rd string that’s where he belongs.

          The only dissonance I see is that people are going to rake Shanahan for choosing Beathard.
          Shanahan/Lynch will just have to take their lumps for players that didn’t meet their expectations.
          This happens every year in the NFL, just look at some high expectation players that lost jobs recently.

          We can keep picking the scab of Shanahan /Lynch mistakes or move forward to a new season.
          I happen to chose the latter.

          1. Well there plenty of coaches who get fired every year for similar to coaches. Reading the blog one would think that Shanahan is on the cusp of Walshian proportions.

            The dissonance is that the very people who talk about how great Shanahan is for developing Mullens fail to see that Beathard is a failure in this system (as was Hoyer). They give Shanahan a pass, like it doesn’t really count.

            Look I hope the new season brings great promise. I think that our OL is very thin, as are the LBs and Safeties. Additionally, I think the DB group is rather weak. I’m a little concerned for Kittle’s health (4 picks will do that) and am still unsure of the QB situation. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do, except move forward, but some of us brought up these points when picks were made and FA not brought in back in the spring.

            1. “The dissonance is that the very people who talk about how great Shanahan is for developing Mullens fail to see that Beathard is a failure in this system (as was Hoyer). They give Shanahan a pass, like it doesn’t really count.”

              I don’t believe that anyone here is giving Shanahan a pass for choosing CJ. Many people just aren’t taking as hard as others are.

              SY, this is just one man’s opinion, but I don’t see CJ as a failure for the simple reason that he was not being looked at as a starter. He was viewed as a possible backup QB from day one. Now he’s looking like a 3rd string QB, but by making the 53R, I wouldn’t call him a failure.
              I guess with Beathard it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

              1. Meh… I think people still look at this staff as largely unknown.
                Some want to blame him for bad play calls or personnel moves more than others but that’s really it.

                Most don’t think this roster is very good, in fact while many experts think the roster has improved they still view this .500 team. That should tell you what they thought of the roster last year.

                And while some hold every personnel decision against them if there was a better option available, others give him a pass arguing that the hit rate on player selection is well below 50 percent league wide thus give him a break almost every move.

                This year should be very telling.

            2. Reading the blog one would think that Shanahan is on the cusp of Walshian proportions.

              Shark jumping , SY? ;) The only favorable comparison one can make between Shanahan and Walsh is their success after two years of NFL head coaching.

              After that we have decades of known Walshian excellence. Shanahan? Lets meet back again in 40 years and compare notes. No, I’m not not intimating Shanahan will have even approached the base camp of Mt. Walsh, because legends don’t just grow on trees. But I’m betting had there been an internet in 1981, Walsh would be taking his lumps on Inside the 49ers: Lowell Cohn. And Monty and Hammer would be whining about the decades of futility and here we go again.

              1. Rib, you aren’t the only one who has drawn comparisons with Walsh. I never hear comparisons with Nolan.

                Walsh has success as a coach, at Stanford. Shanahan hasn’t, so the comparisons are way premature.

  32. Two 1st’s and a 2nd for Tunsil? Makes me appreciate Staley and McGlinchey even more.

          1. Would be lieing if I said I wasn’t surprised about that.

            I won’t rate McG pass protection has high…..

  33. A few thoughts–

    1st-I did call Colbert and Smith not making the team earlier this week, although I thought there would have been some trade value for a former starters. Even if it would have been a trade of late round picks only.

    2nd–four tight ends? I know Lynch said that they do not want Kittle in on every play, but this is overkill. Juszczyk could have ran a few plays at that spot or an o-lineman in a pure blocking situation. And Hurd also. Even though running backs are ‘a dime a dozen’ this should have been Wilsons spot.

    3rd–CB Mosley and LB Al-Shaair played their way on to this roster and made other players expendable. Congratulations. And I love the fact they kept Jullian Taylor. He needs more development time, but he has crazy upside. Street will probably go on in season IR with designation to return. They could bring back Exum, Wilson, or maybe an o-lineman.

    4th–I still think they should trade Armstead and Goodwin. I still do not see them as long term with the team. With the talent and depth at those spots, There is no reason to be paying short term players big dollars.

    5th–this is obviously not the 53 man roster we are taking to Tampa Bay, but not massive changes. One change for sure with Street. TE, WR and DL are heavy areas were players could be moved out.

    1. Yep, I see only one, maybe two moves on the horizon. Street to IR, and a qb trade. Other than that, our roster is set.

      1. Cardale Jones was released by the Chargers, Paxton Lynch from Seattle and Hoyer from the Pats, so CJB will have some competition.

        1. Also Geno smith and Kizer were both released.

          “As NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero pointed out, currently there are three teams — the Broncos, Colts and the Seahawks — with only their starting quarterbacks on their active rosters, but there’s likely to come more roster wheeling and dealing in the coming days.”

    2. Robby,

      1. Nice call I’m glad they moved on from the undisciplined Colbert.

      2. Yeah, 4 TE makes no sense… but this is a position I think they cut a player from when they bring in some other rosters cut player. I expect a minimum of 3 roster moves within the next week.

      3. Agreed on all points here but I would have cut Street.

      4. Here we disagree, Goodwin and Jimmy have some chemistry and with Taylor being iffy they need to try and keep Jimmy as comfortable as possible. Additionally, he stretches the field a lot which opens up the underneath routes.
      Additionally, Armstead is much better than Thomas on the interior and adds some bulk there against more balanced fronts, when the run must be respected than Solly, Taylor or Streets.
      This staff needs wins this year that’s why these players are returning for 1 season.

      5. I think they bring in another tackle and trade a qb, Streets goes to IR with a midseason return as you said. That’s 3 changes by opening day.

  34. This Holland kid for Oregon looks like a safety prospect we could look at in next years draft.

  35. Just think, next year on cut down day we’ll be in turmoil. Again. Like Groundhog Day

    1. Let me see if I got all this right.

      2017 first round (#3) a bust. 2019 first round (#2) a bust. The unforgivable folly of drafting a punter a punter in the 4th. The worst signing (mckinnon) in the history of the franchise. Kept a QB3 over a RB6. Obviously the worst FO in the league, couldn’t recognize talent if it bit them in the @ss.

      A HC who has never figured out the RZ, never will. As OC made the worst blunder in the history of the game. Only got his job due to name recognition.

      A QB1, who is no better than the QB2 (and probably the QB3), even when healthy can only put together Ws over the dregs of the league.

      A paper thin OL.

      Over the hill CB1, either a bust or gimp at CB2.

      4 TEs? WTF?

      Did I leave anything out?

      Given that, forget SB, forget playoffs. Any wins at all should come as a pleasant surprise.

  36. I wish to praise John Lynch for a job well done. I think he created a 53 that can compete. I also hope they can improve the squad, and maybe trade away a couple players so they have room to add a few players, once Street is sorted out.
    This is a grief stricken business, with losses, player injuries, and the specter of CTE. This cutdown process is especially brutal. Some players exult, but others have their dreams shattered, even before they can get on the field. Almost every coach will eventually be fired, just not the lucky ones that go out on top. Jobs and livelihoods depend on his determinations, and I do not envy his task.
    I am not privvy to the inner workings of the Niners, but it sounded like he sat down with every player, and explained that while he thought they have talent, the other 53 also had slightly more talent, or value to the team. I hope he stressed that he thinks they could possibly move on, and find another team, and he believes they could help their new team win. I am sure JL thanked every waived player for their services, and wished them well in all further endeavors.
    Thanks to JL for changing the culture of the team. I think he is building a winning organization, and has assembled a competitive team, with depth. Now, we will judge JL by the wins he brings to this organization, but acknowledge he has a daunting challenge. Now, I am rooting for his success, because JL’s success will allow the Niners to succeed.

  37. It does seem obvious that they will have to make some changes before their first game. Being that they have the second choice for those waived,once all the IR’s are announced it seems sure there probably will be new additions to the roster in position groups that are thin.

  38. Jeff Allen, Spencer Drango, Parker Ehinger, Hroniss Grasu, Mitch Hyatt, Martez Ivey, Sam Jones, Marshall Newhouse, Rees Odhiambo, Jermey Parnell and J’Marcus Webb, are all O linemen who the Niners should look at.
    Adonis Alexander, George Iloka, TJ McDonald are safeties the Niners should look at.

    1. sebnynah says:
      August 20, 2019 at 11:32 am
      Me too, but I am also prepared for moving on from JG, if he continues to regress.

      sebnynah says:
      August 20, 2019 at 8:20 am
      Mullens is the best QB on the team.

      1. Pretty much parroting Grant’s assessment of Pretty Boy’s 0.0 QBR after the Denver game. If memory serves, Grant even brought up the idea of starting Mullins against Tampa Bay.

        So shame on Seb for Grant worship, and shame on PT for a hit after the whistle.

        1. Grant worship?
          Just keeping it real.
          Thank goodness JG did not continue to regress. He made some nice throws, and showed why they made him the franchise QB.
          Still, Mullens is fully healthy, so he may be the best QB on this team at this time. JG will have to prove he can play without worrying about re-injuring his knee, before I declare he is fully healthy, and the best QB on the team. That will take JG playing well in the first 4 games.
          It is not out of the realm of possibilities that JG may be trying to come back too soon. Just like Bosa, some have said it is not critically important that he comes back for these first 2 games, since they are touted as a couple of the easier contests on the schedule. Maybe it would be best for his rehabilitation to come back for the Steelers game, giving his knee a couple more weeks to get stronger. This is just being cautious, and planning so he can play healthy for the rest of the season.
          What if he tries to come back too soon, and becomes injured? Just expect a lot of second guessing and teeth gnashing. PT wants to throw JG to the wolves. I want them to be smart about the situation.
          Ignoring the fact that JG suffered a major ACL injury less than a year ago, will not make that fact go away.

          1. BTW, I chided Grant for not putting up a new blog post, forcing us to comment on the Chargers blog, about the 53 cutdowns.
            In the previous time I addressed Grant, I disagreed with him.
            That sure does not sound like hero worship to me……

  39. I actually disagree with the notion that CJ is worthless a believe he has shown the ability to be a serviceable backup. Especially, if he’s behind a line that can protect a bit more.

    He’s intelligent, has a better arm, is more mobile than I first thought and appears to be a team player. All great qualities for a backup.

    I think he’s proven he’s not as good as Mullens but not a lot of backups are. However, in short stints he could win some games and that’s really about all any backup can offer these days. He might fetch as high as 4th and that’s fine.

    1. See, I think that is way overvaluing a backup QB. A 4th is too high, IMO. Look at Hoyer, just let go by NE. Who has experience and has won more games than Beathard.

      Don’t get me wrong, I actually admire Beathard, but his negatives outweigh his positives.

      A guy who is drafted as high as he was, to be relegated to 3rd string, is a sign of a failed experiment. Especially with what was said about him.

      On other teams, he would likely have been cut!

      1. First of all, lets clear up a few things…
        I wouldn’t have done it, as I think its a gamble this team can’t afford, but it is one that could pay off.
        Additionally, I said he might fetch as high as 4th… (that’s the high end,) and I would take a 5th for him no problem.

        He was essentially a 4th rounder, to begin with. Yes I know they traded a 4th and one of their 18, 7th rounders to get into the very bottom of 3rd to get him. They hoped he could be a backup that had an outside shot at being more, that’s it… and right now I think he’s better than Hoyer.

        The gamble is not completely unwarranted because backups bring more value than you think…AJ McCarron went for a 5th, Brisset was a 3rd stringer brought in player who was drafted in the first round (1 year prior), Schaub brought back 2, 2nd round pick???. And those are just the ones I can think of.

    2. “I think he’s proven he’s not as good as Mullens but not a lot of backups are.”

      That should be the end of the conversation. Teams shouldn’t carry 3 QB’s unless you’re starting the season with an injured starter. No reason for us to be holding onto 3 QB’s.

      I think he’ll ultimately be traded this season after another team gets lean at the position. I think we’ll get a conditional 6th.

      1. “Teams shouldn’t carry 3 QB’s unless you’re starting the season with an injured starter”


        You have a new rookie prospect.

    3. Shoup he’s 1-9. He’s proven he cannot win games, as more than 1 of those 9 were lost from winnable positions, and when he’s needed to make some plays to clinch it he’s come up short.

  40. Al Sacco
    #49ers keeping 4 tights ends is odd to me, especially since Juszczyk is so versatile.

    1. It may indicate that Kittle’s injury is worse than we have thought. Otherwise, I can’t see the logic.

  41. The team is pretty much set with possibilities of tweaking it here and there during the next few days. The team is awful young, youth have tendencies to make mistakes.

    I am not convinced as of yet that Pettis and Bourne belong on this team. I would really would of liked Mathews over either one of them. With JG coming off of ACL and has a penchant for injury, I like the idea of carrying 3 QB’s for a period of time.

    As far as the O-line, I have been on that all year long. Problem there isn’t any out there to be had that would really be an upgrade of what we already have. For the most part college isn’t producing NFL ready O-lineman anymore. The talent is there the instruction is not.

    Next years draft slot number will be number 32. That’s right Sour 19 -0 baby 19 – 0 :)

    1. Look I would love the team to have an undefeated season. I’d also love for there to be world peace and everyone’s bills paid. But I’m realistic and don’t believe in big rock candy mountains!

      UC given what you say in the first three paragraphs, your final one doesn’t follow.

      1. Just because they are young and some are injury prone and the O-line is like many others in the NFL, questionable, you cant find 19 wins – smh. Some say they are keeping it real, I am too damn old for real – 19-0 baby. I reserve the right to change my story mid season :)

  42. Aside from the hypothetical improvements to the DL (given that both Ford and Bosa are ailing), how has this team improved from last year’s team?

    I perused some of the predictions for last year’s squad and 8-8 or better was a common theme.

    1. 1. CB1 an additional year removed from devastating injury.
      2. Moved on from last years disruptive LB circus. ‘law looks to be a more than capable replacement for the “play” of Foster. Alexander > Smith.
      3. Known quality/excellence in players that were unknowns entering last season, specifically Brieda, Kittle and McG.
      4. Say what you will about the WR corps, our high pick WR this year has the look of a breakout rookie star compared to last years high pick WR.
      5. Say what you will about the WR corps, there looks to be RZ size that was lacking of last year.
      6. Additional year of HC “growing” into his HC-ing.
      7. Hey, we have ourselves a punter!

      Depending on key player health and availability, I see this teams win range as being anywhere from 6 to 11. Anything less, then fire up that hot seat.

      1. 1-not getting the point on CB1, sorry.
        2-at the start of the season last year it wasn’t that big a circus. I also believe that Alexander > Smith but that remains to be seen.
        4-I think many saw Pettis as a breakout star last year. I love the Debo pick, not so much Hurd, but all unknown. In terms of what we know, we are in similar position.
        5- Yes. I hope the RZ issues are ironed out. If they are the team could really become something. If not, they will languish.
        6-I have to admit that Shanahan has shown signs of coaching maturity.
        7-Yes and he looks good. We should win 13 games with that kind of talent. Wonder if we will need a safety….nah!!

        1. 1-not getting the point on CB1, sorry.

          Last year, Shermans first year back from lengthy achilles rehab. And looked it at times, This year:

          “I’ve got two legs now. For the first time in a few years I get to move and groove the way I used to,” Sherman told reporters on Tuesday. “This season I’m able to just move and explode and just get to the spots I want to. I can stop when I want to stop. I can go when I want to go. It changes the whole dynamic.

          2-at the start of the season last year it wasn’t that big a circus.

          But boy did it as the season developed with the nadir right before the Tampa Bay game.

          4-I think many saw Pettis as a breakout star last year.

          I think we started to see that flash towards the end of the season. Can he build on that? Hopefully, if not, there are other options in that group besides Bourne. Sometime we will get Taylor back (also hopefully), he was never himself at all last season.

          1. Regarding Sherman, he spoke fairly similarly (without using the same words) last year. He is a year older and he looks less explosive. Either way we will see. Your point about being a year out of an injury is fair though.

            I think many saw Pettis as a replacement for Goodwin at the start of the year. But maybe I am misremembering.

    2. “I perused some of the predictions for last year’s squad and 8-8 or better was a common theme.”

      SY, was that before or after Garoppolo and McKinnon went down for the count?

      The 2018, 8-8 preseason talk was largely due to JG’ strong finish in 2017.
      When he and Jet went down the team went into a tailspin. But even with that, we saw some talent beginning to emerge with young players like Mullens, Warner, Kittle, Breida, McGlinchey, Bourne and Pettis.

      Obviously, these players were young and inexperienced to make a difference in the win/loss record.

      Now, we have JG back and have added more talent to the roster.
      I believe that the team is capable of 8-9 wins this season. Of course, that’s predicated on keeping players off the trainers table.

      If we can’t get to 6 wins, you are more than welcome to give me the business ?

  43. Hey all you up in arms about taking a punter/kicker in the 4th round. How about them Vikings who traded a 5th for a punter/kicker only to cut him 3 weeks later.

    But we have the worst front office, right CFC?

        1. If Grant were to select 4 posters from this blog and create a franchise front office with them, where would this front office rank against others in the league? #1?, #8?, dead last?

            1. Unless montyderhack is really John Dorsey in disguise. But he’s more likely John Schneider. Hmmm…

        2. They were going to lose him anyways because they can’t afford to pay him. At least they got something in return.

          1. They should have traded him away earlier, and gotten more draft capital for him.
            The bag of rocks included those 2 players.

            1. So what makes you think they didn’t try. Just because you want to trade someone doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a kings ransom. He was under contract, why would you trade him before this year?

              1. They knew he would be a problem to get under the salary cap.
                Anticipating a problem, and acting to prevent it, is just good planning.
                Seahawks traded away Clark, and got a first round pick. They then leveraged that pick into 7 total picks.
                KC traded away Ford, for a second round pick. I think Cook got a first round pick. It has been done many times before with shrewd planning.
                Texans do not have a GM, and were forced to give away Clowney for a bag of rocks. They need to work on their organizational skills.

        1. I think you are over valuing Clowney.

          They got a 3rd rd pick and a couple of players. Did you forget that they tried to trade him to Miami but Clowney refused? They wanted to get away from him so badly that they paid 7 million dollars of his signing bonus with Seattle.

          Clowney wants to be paid in the neighborhood of the six-year, $141 million deal for the Chicago Bears’ Khalil Mack and a six-year, $135 million contract for Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, according to league sources.

        2. Both. Trading a 5th and picking 4th isn’t smart use of draft capital. It would be forgiven if the team had 12 picks and a packed roster, but not with the holes this team has.

          1. So using a 4th rd pick to solidify a position and fill a hole on the roster for 10 years at a pro bowl level is a bad strategy?

            You do know that 4th rd picks have a very low success rate in the NFL right? First rd picks is only 50% roughly.

            1. So you’re saying, why draft at all, given its such a low success rate?

              Punters affect games very little, even pro bowl punters. And the difference between a serviceable punter and a pro bowl one is not great. Other skill positions not so much.

              You don’t know the future. We don’t know how long and if the punter is pro bowl either. Would you be ok with taking a punter a punter if we needed help at DB because teams score at will against us?

              Charles Haley was a 4th round pick, so was Andre Reed and Harry Carson. There are players to find in that round if you do your homework!

    1. “But we have the worst front office, right CFC?”

      Nope, the Texans have claimed that honor.

      Explain to me how the Vikings mistake justifies ours?

      1. Explain to me how the Vikings mistake justifies ours?

        I’m explaining nothing as I don’t see “ours” as a mistake.

        1. I’m explaining nothing as I don’t see “ours” as a mistake

          Yet you attempted to defend our front office by referencing another teams mistake.

          1. By comparing what some posters incessantly attack as a mistake, and further evidence of the FO’s incompetence, to a real mistake.

              1. Is reaching a mistake?
                Depends upon who they missed out on, if the player they selected pans out, and if they could have been patient, and still could have gotten him later.
                Looking at the draft, they could have selected an interior O lineman or safety, but we will not know how they will turn out until they play for a couple seasons.
                Wish seems to be working out, so I am happy.
                Since only one other punter was selected, and he was chosen after the Niners selected in the 5th round, maybe the Niners should not have been impatient. I would call this an unforced error. Of course, NE may have moved up 15 spots and selected Wish, but we will never know.
                I would call reaching an act of desperation. That is not a wise strategy.

              2. draft “reaching”, the same as draft “mistake”, is just another subjective take usually based on ones overall opinion of those doing the selecting. There is absolutely no way of knowing if your “reach” wasn’t on the next team up’s draft board.

              3. Only 2 punters were taken the entire draft.
                The Niners could have been patient, and still selected him in the 5th round. I think the other punter went 15 spots later to the Pats.
                Woulda, coulda, shoulda, we will never know.
                Patience is a virtue. Reaching is not being patient.

              4. Its not reaching, Seb, if Nowski continues to play at a Pro-bowl level. Getting him in the fifth is bases on a VERY limited idea of what other teams are likely to do in the draft.
                With Lynch’s contacts in the NFL, he is in a far better spot to make the proper judgement than you are………..
                He knows pretty much everybody in the NFL and what they are likely to do…………….who do you know in the NFL?
                In the meantime Nowski may be the best punter in the league–and nothin you can do about his excellent play.

                Country gravy on your crow, Sebs??????????

              5. Saw, I am rooting for Wishnowski to succeed.
                I am just wishing the Niners become more patient and get the player they covet, later.
                Sounds like you think I want Wishnowski to fail miserably, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.
                However, there are plenty of good punters in this league, so wait until mid season before you crown him all pro.

              6. Nobody said, inferred or implied that Lynch is infallible. You knew this, Sebs, but painted it that way-purposely. Seb-onian tactics taken from the writings of Zoo!!!!

            1. Nope, clearly cutting a player after trading for him was a mistake in your view. I don’t think either was smart use of resources.

              1. Not just a “player”, but a position near everyone here thinks is utter folly to give up draft capital for in the first place

              2. I hope you aren’t insinuating that we are super bowl bound just because we picked up a potentially all pro punter?

  44. The Seahawks, Colts and Broncos cut their backup QBs. Why? Maybe because they assume their starter will play all season, and the backup is not expected to play. They will cut their backups, in order to save roster spots for other players in other positions.
    Now, they may bring back their backup QB, but they may also be scouring the waiver wire to find a superior backup.
    The Niners have a rehabilitating starter, so it is wise to keep Mullens. However, CJB may be used to obtain draft capital, and I think he does have value, especially after his last game. Fortunately, the Niners can trade him away, and the waiver wire has several adequate replacements.
    Scangarello may covet CJB, since he coached him last season. The Niners should trade CJB to the Broncos for a conditional 6th round pick. If they make the playoffs, it becomes a 5th round pick. If they make it to the SB, it becomes a 4th round pick.

  45. We actually have 5 Tes if you count Celek. I am dumbfounded by this. Gotta think Kaden will be put on the practice squad by Wednesday. Just trying to protect him through the first wave of claims.

    1. I’m more interested in the waiver claims as they would be a part of the final 53. Got a tracker for that?

      1. The Niners, in their infinite wisdom, decided to forgo their waiver wire advantage, and did not select a single swing tackle or safety.

          1. Very, very quick to denigrate our 9ers-and then, Pope.

            Heapings of crow and Humble pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Regarding 3 QBs, at this point I don’t know if they had much of a choice.

    1) To play QB in Kyle’s offense, a guy has to have experience with his system. I don’t think you can just bring someone in off the street, unless they’ve already played in Kyle’s system.
    2) Last year Mullens was on the PS and was quite capable yet unknown. Therefore, they could leave him on the PS and call him up when needed (which was the case).
    3) This year if they part with either CJB or NM, then it looks like Speight would be the guy who is called up. You can really kiss the season goodbye if that happens. Both Kyle and John need to show progress this year almost regardless of injuries, etc.; hence a possible explanation for why they are keeping 3 QBs on the 53.

    1. You always have a choice, and they made the smart move.

      Starter coming off knee injury and has not demonstrated the ability to stay healthy. If he goes down again they are set.

      The uproar from some about Beathard making the 53 is just noise. He wasn’t kept over anyone who would be dressing on gameday, and in the end they chose Toilolo/Smith over Wilson Jr, not Beathard.

    2. What of JG doing well in Shany’s system without background?

      By the way, I’m mostly Ok with the three but Beathard should be traded.

  47. Albert Breer
    Jets third-round pick Jachai Polite went unclaimed on waivers.
    Dang, from 3rd round pick to unclaimed on waivers in less than 6 months.

    Oh wait, here comes Rib to explain how other teams make draft mistakes too which totally justifies us using a 4th round pick on a punter. ;)

    1. Well, Rib would have a good point if he did.

      The only justification here is that Wishnowsky is on a roster and those who touted Polite were wrong.

    2. Seattle Seahawks picked him up. 49ers could have picked him up. Interesting. A few people on here liked him. I saw his video after those statements and thought he was also talented enough to make a team. Guess something is missing. Hope so cause the seahags might have just gotten better…

  48. Niners may have missed the boat. Broncos signed Brandon Allen, who was cut from the Rams.
    Guess CJB to the Broncos is a dead deal.
    Maybe JL should not hold out for a deal -‘too good to be true’, and finalize good fair deals that benefit both teams.

    1. Yet you crap on the Clowney deal for doing exactly that? Talking out both sides of your mouth I see.

      1. They both waited too long.
        I do not need to crap on the Clowney deal. They did that to themselves.

      2. Talking out of both sides of my mouth? I did not heap praise on JL. I criticized his lack of action.
        Now, I hope he does not become desperate and give CJB away for free.

    2. Sebbs-how do you know that’s what he’s doing? Maybe this team doesn’t need anywhere near as much as your thinking? They know what they have better than any of us do…………looks like pretty good coaches now, too………..the pisser you must be having with how well this draft is looking……………….

      You are hypercritical of ShannyLynch before you see how it plays out……………..there’s a reason for that and it’s deep-seated, deep in your psyche………….

      1. Any 4-12 team should expect constructive criticism.
        I am not saying they suck or that they should be fired. I am pointing out mistakes so they can learn, and do not repeat their mistakes.
        Hypercritical? You must be referring to yourself. Just because I thought they reached for a player, does not mean I think the player is terrible and am rooting for him to fail.

  49. The league thought so much of the 49ers “depth” that not one player cut was claimed.

    The great Jeff Wilson Jr/C.J. Beathard debate has ended, with both as 49ers.

    1. So what does it say about what the league thinks of the talent on the team too?

      I actually agree with you Hammer that this is a moderately talented squad.

    1. Pope is interesting. Smooth mover for a 6’7″ 320 pounder. He’ll be tasked with technique and strength building if he wants to compete next year. Big hands at over 11″ and long arms at over 34″.

        1. I’d like to see Brunskill take Persons job next year. He’ll prove to be a very valuable asset if he truly can play all across the line as reported….

      1. From Maiocco’s article posted below:

        “The 49ers signed offensive tackle Ryan Pope, whom the Detroit Lions waived on Saturday. Pope was a highly coveted undrafted rookie from San Diego State. Pope (6-foot-7, 315 pounds) is highly athletic, and someone the 49ers believe they can develop.”

        1. Yea, I’d expect him to be ready to compete against Coleman/Skule/Brunskill in next years camp.

    1. Thanks much cubus.

      Valoaga, Harris and especially Wilson back? Good news! All that agita, all that chestbeating for nothing.

  50. No QB on the practice squad. Niners are serious about keeping all three. Of course this could all change quickly.

      1. I didn’t think we needed one. I was pointing out not having one is pretty much saying the Niners are going to keep all three all year.

  51. Nice PS squad. Especially like seeing Wilson, Givens, Valoaga, Reynolds and Lee.

    Reynolds was making a little noise early in TC. Evidently the coaches liked what they saw. Lee knows the D-system and provides experience.

  52. Many wanted CJB let go and Wilson put on the 53. But the team calculated correctly that Wilson would clear waivers and sign on the PS. The FO probably had an inkling that CJB would be picked up by another team if let go. Wilson will probably move to the 53 when the inevitable occurs: one of our small RBs gets injured (like last year). In the end, it looks like what they did effectively produced the same outcome most wanted (esp. if you believe Wilson would not have been on the game day 46; also, CJB is now probably the scout team QB).

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