49ers 25, Ravens 20: Grades


Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 25-20 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

KAEPERNICK: B+. His stats were better than his actual performance. He posted a passer rating of 128.2 and threw two touchdown passes. But the first touchdown pass came as a result of Shareece Wright biting on a double-move by Torrey Smith, and the second touchdown pass came as a result of Wright falling down while covering Quinton Patton. If Wright still were on the Niners (they cut him, and the Ravens signed him this week), Kaepernick’s performance probably wouldn’t have been so good.

RUNNING BACKS: C+. Carlos Hyde’s stats were worse than his actual performance. He gained just 55 yards on 21 carries – just 2.6 yards per attempt. But he had 48 yards on 12 carries at halftime. The Niners wanted Hyde to run down the clock in the second half, and that’s what he did. The real standout in this group was fullback Bruce Miller, who caught three passes for 89 yards, including a 52-yard catch when he was wide open. For some reason, the Niners haven’t used Miller much this season.

WIDE RECEIVERS: A. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith torched their former team – Boldin gained 102 yards, Smith gained 96 and scored a touchdown. Quinton Patton, the No. 3 receiver, also scored a touchdown. The wide receivers were the strength of the offense today. Ravens’ corners couldn’t cover them.

TIGHT ENDS: F. Before the season, the 49ers liked to say that the tight end position was the strength of the offense. It seems the coaching staff finally figured out they were wrong about that. Against the Ravens, Vernon Davis and Garrett Celek both caught zero passes, and Vance McDonald caught one. Strength of the offense, indeed.

OFFENSIVE LINE: B. After playing like the worst offensive line in the league the first three weeks of the season, these guys were solid for the third game in a row. For the most part, they gave Kaepernick plenty of time to throw.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B. Generated no pass rush, but shut down Ravens’ running back Justin Forsett, who played despite an injured ankle.

LINEBACKERS: C. Generated no pass rush and gave up 17 catches to running backs and tight ends, but none of those catches went for big gains. The underneath coverage did a good job tackling after the running back or tight end made a catch. And Michael Wilhoite made a beautiful diving interception.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: C. The Niners couldn’t cover Steve Smith, who caught one touchdown pass and dropped two in the end zone. If he had caught those passes, the Ravens would have scored 28 points, not 20.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. Jarryd Hayne fumbled during a punt return, and Bradley Pinion averaged only 38 yards per punt. But, kicker Phil Dawson was perfect.

COACHES: B. Give Geep Chryst credit for ruthlessly attacking Shareece Wright all game. Give Eric Mangini credit for holding the Ravens to just four conversions 13 third downs. Give the entire staff credit for outcoaching an opponent. How often will that happen?

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  1. As Jeff Deeney said on his twitter account, running more power runs last week against the Giants helped the play-action this week.

    1. When handing out the awards to the Toilet Bowl recipients, remember, Seattle, St. Louis, and Falcons are upcoming!…2-7
      My prediction was 0-9 at this point, not too far off.

  2. Dude you are the worst beat writer for the 9ers. Just go out and say, “Hey everyone I hate the 9ers.”

    1. I totally agree. Kap wouldn’t have such a high rating if. . . Did you ever take a journalism course?

    2. I agree…twisted “beet” writer…kap is now finding receivers, two consecutive games with great yardage, working more effectively inn pocket and to this dweeb he sucks…but the receivers are great.. Tim and him are two rotten peas in a pod

    3. “If Kap doesn’t want to put in the work to be a better QB, he should just hand in his Niner jersey now. ”

      -Grant Cohn

  3. We shouldnt have allowed Vereen and Eli to beat us last week. That said i believe we trully should be 3-3, but we would be the worse 3-3 team in the league so I guess that makes us exactly what we are 2-4. If that makes any sense.

  4. Way to lowball kaps performance. He still had to get the ball to th er reciever. It is up to the reciever to make the play and catch it and they did. Stop being so negative with your analysis. It comes off as nitpicking to find a issue.

    1. Again, appropriate comment. That “analysis” could have come from any Raider fan after 10 beers. How about some objectivity?

  5. IF… IF… IF… If the Ravens scored more points than the niners they would’ve won too.

      1. I think they are a bad good team. They still have a few great pieces but FA and injuries have taken their toll. There’s enough film out there to stop Wilson and the d isn’t a shut down unit any longer. Kind of like the Raven’s, a shell of themselves.

        1. By all rights they should be 1-5. It’s crazy watching them give up 2 score 4th quarter leads, especially at home.

      2. I think its still a good team that is a victim of its success. A few dissenting players, a little less intensity and hunger, and poor OL play due to personnel losses. But they’ll be up for the 49ers game so I expect a pretty lop-sided result Thursday.

        1. I don’t know about a blowout. They should have lost to the Lions at home and road teams haven’t fared so well on thursday nights. Of course it would be just like the 9ers to get blown out on thursday. Why can’t we have nice things?

            1. Same here Scooter. I think our team is going to get torched on Thursday.

    1. They are a team that had 8 players eat up much of the salary cap, so the rest of the team is not elite. NE showed the world how to beat them, and many teams have used that strategy to beat them.
      Just think, they were one play from being 1-5.

    1. I agree! You’re absolutely right. Who the FK is this guy Wright whom the 49ers cut last week. Because of all the injuries to the Ravens secondary the Ravens had no option but to play this horrible defender Wright who has no business defending against Tory Smith..

  6. Seriously Grant, QB a B+? What’s wrong with you? Seriously, what happened to you that turned you into a bitter person? Kaepernick had his best game since 2013, and one of the better QB in the NFL this season. He was accurate on just about every throw, even floating one of the better passes you will ever see by a right-handed QB rolling left. Didn’t make any glaring mistakes, and generally looked like a very good QB today.

    PLEASE…..go find another team to degrade and let someone take over this blog! Your obvious bias has really gone off the rails this season.

    1. Colin has generally not been great this season. Today, he was an A- at worst. Yah, the defender made mistakes against the 49ers receivers. So what? Those thing happen every week around the NFL. A good QB keeps his eyes downfield to take advantage when a DB slips and falls. Also, if I understand the game, a good QB takes advantage of the opposing team’s weaknesses, right? You look for weakness’s on the opposing team. You game plan to attack that weakness. And then a good QB executes. And for that you downgrade Kaps grade? Are you insane Grant?

      1. I agree with your comments. really ridiculous reasoning. BTW, then we should downgrade every QB who plays against us because they are playing our defense.

      2. If wasn’t Kap good instinct that won the game and the 49ers receivers were playing against a Raven teams that had horrible replacement placement in the secondary. Any QB can make a good throws against a this terrible defenders, whoever think that Kaepernick is great, he only played one good game against a horrible defensive team..

  7. Jeez I wonder how many td’s would be taken away from the greats without slipping and broken coverage. Grant you’re funny sometimes.

    1. I agree, what great offense? One game and Kaepernick and the 49ers offense are a great team. What a turned of event suddenly the 49ers team are world beaters now and going to make the playoffs..hmmm

  8. Solid article…you threw a lot of what ifs in there lol. If Smith would have caught the ball more or is smith/Patton didn’t get open kaps number wouldn’t be good lol. On that Patton play Kap had to dodge pass rushers and countinue to look down field…just give credit when credit is due.

  9. What Grant means is the Ravens would have been better off just playing with 10 men against Kap since Wright made it so easy.

    1. The point is you can’t downgrade a guy for doing his job. This is the NFL. Wright has been a starter in the league for a while. Yah, he’s not very good and he has only been with Baltimore for a week. But, those passes Kap made today would likely have been TD’s even against a better DB. The pass to Torrey was GORGEOUS, and Kap did well to keep his eyes upfield and extend the play long enough for Wright to take a bad step and lose Patton.Colin was throwing darts today, AND showing a feather touch on some of his deep balls. That throw he made rolling to his left was INSANE!

      Grant, you are clearly not a neutral observer. And because of that, you should not be covering this team!

        1. Kap deserved a B or B+ even with the great throws. He played well. Picking on a guy that’s new to the scheme. T Smith burned Wright and Kap made a great throw. They are starting to get those chunk plays which is good. He still has things to work on but he’s playing well enough to be competitive.

          1. There is nothing wrong with giving Colin a B+, but I gave him a B. The rest of Grant’s analysis of Colin’s play was pure unadulterated Grant.

  10. I’d say Grant’s grades are spot on, you guys are being too hard on him. He’s exactly right, the team is showing some positive signs in a few areas, yet show lots of weakness as well. For every nice play Kap made (there were many), there were also lots of lost plays that led to punts, and they barely hung on to beat a clearly poor team. But it’s great to see the progress so far….. Seattle will be a great reality check…..we need to beat them. A little more incremental improvement and I think they can do it!

  11. Grant,
    Great display of mass quantities of character and confidence to write what you believe. You show extraordinary mechanics by keeping your typing elbows high during each key stroke. At your level the small things matter. Great game 49ers.

  12. Guys the media helped run Harbaugh out of town and they will try to do the same with Kaepernicks,it has nothing to do with good or bad performance they don’t feed into the media song hey aren’t liked. CNN is the same way with global events and people

  13. On October, 4th Grant wrote:

    “Anquan Boldin caught three passes for 12 yards. He seems done – he’s slower than ever.”

    His next two games he caught 13 passes for 209 yards.

      1. Yep, Grant sometimes let’s his emotions get in the way of his writing prose. Truth is, CK has shown some improvement over the last two weeks. But that counts for naught, because it’s come against bad teams.
        Some guys just can’t catch a break in Grant’ world.

        1. AES, I doubt it’s Grant’s emotions that makes him write stuff like this. I believe that it’s our emotions that is making Grant write this way. He knows his audience and he uses it to generate internet clicks. He knows what he is doing.

        2. You’re absolutely right! If that was a good defensive team that he beat and played well, than he’ll get my vote of confidence. Until then he needs to show more against better teams with good defense 4 teams that beat the 49ers previously.

    1. He is done. He caught passes against a terrible NY D and an even worse Ravens D. You keep riding your rollercoaster of maybe SF and Kaepernick are good and it is going to be an incredible disappointing season for you.
      Many on here realized week 2 that Kaepernick was holding the ball too long. He needed quick passes, hot reads, etc. Last week and yesterday he hit those against 2 of the worst defenses in the league. He did his job and showed why he is not a backup this year. He also lost the game single handedly against Az who actually fields a great Defense.
      Pointing out the big picture. Chryst might not be an inept as he initially appeared. Taking from Grant, if Kaepernick hit those same passes earlier in the season, which he was throwing, perhaps Chryst would be getting the praise he deserves for the work he is putting in. It’s hard to argue with a guy who sits his QB down and goes over 1300 passes to find the ones Kaepernick can throw then build the entire game plan around it. Give credit where it is due.

      1. Yup, sucks when CK wins a game these days – kinda throws a wrench in people’s agendas around these parts.

        1. I don’t think for the most part its agenda driven. The most frustrating part with Colin Kaepernick is the inconsistency in his play. From week to week you never know what QB you are getting. So, as an organization, they have seen what he can and cannot do. Is it worth moving forward with him at $14 plus million a year? I would not want to be the guy who makes that call because like I said, one week you get good Colin, next you get bad Colin.

          1. FDM,
            No argument from me regarding CK’ inconsistencies.
            But the same could be said of the entire team.
            When is the last time our defensive front had a sack?
            Is anyone calling for their ouster?
            VD and VMac are just receiving paychecks, not too many here making much noise about them.

            So while I certainly agree with your Kap inconsistencies take, based on my above comments, I will have to say that some of the CK frustrations are agenda driven.

        2. AES,

          Couldn’t agree more. People get so wrapped up in their agendas and need to be a board genius that they can’t even accept when the evidence goes against their preconceived bias. If someone can’t enjoy a win because it makes their opinion look bad, I feel sorry for them.

          We shouldn’t be surprised that Kap has come back and played better the past two games, and we shouldn’t be making excuses either. This is what he’s done his whole career. He’s inconsistent and you can’t continue that way indefinitely, but it’s sad that some are forced to critique each snap in search of something negative too. I watched Russell Wilson make no plays from the pocket and play the sandlot ball Kap is always accused of playing and he lost. I also watched Phillip Rivers miss a wide open receiver in the endzone on the second last play of the game because he made a decision before the snap to throw it to somebody else. I wonder if the fans that live to rip Kap have ever watched other QB’s play around the league on a week to week basis. From the commentary it doesn’t look like it.

          1. Don’t compare kaepernick’s inconsistency to other great Qb’s like a Rivers and R. Wilson. Kap is only good against teams with bad defense , especially with a bad secondary coverage.

        3. I think some of it is agenda driven and some of it is confirmation bias. However, it seems to me that most are just frustrated at Kap’s inconsistency, as FDM points out, and that has pushed them toward a more negative assessment. If Kap continues to play better, than some of the frustration will ebb and the majority of posters will be less negative.

          1. JPN,

            The thing about agendas is they don’t allow for an honest week to week assessment. I understand frustration, but frustration continually directed at one player is nothing but hypercritical finger pointing. Too many contributors around here want blood and a scape goat instead of honest analysis. Kap is inconsistent, it’s frustrating yes, but the inconsistent play up front has been frustrating too. The pass protection getting better and Kaps better play is no coincidence.

            Sometimes it’s Kaps fault and sometimes it’s not. Too many around here want it to be his fault every week win or lose.

            1. When #7 had a good oline he still lacked field vision and accuracy outside the numbers. Now with what people call a bad oline(which played well yesterday) still lacks the same skills.
              So how is that an agenda?
              I think people just want to keep giving #7 the benefit that he will become better. It’s been 4 years. Those skills don’t magically appear even after seeking help in the offseason.

              1. Prime,

                The agenda is in focusing on the negative even when the guy plays well and wins a game. The agenda is in saying the player can’t play at this level and will be out of the league in a couple of years despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

                I don’t think Kap is going to be in the long term plans at this point due to his inability to play a consistent standard of football every week, but it doesn’t mean the guy sucks and should have taken up Baseball as his career choice either. It’s clear that there are people on here who can’t accept it when Kap plays well and that is truly sad.

              2. I’ll give him his due that he played well. But now what? And that’s the theme with #7. What’s next?
                I don’t think he is terrible. I just think 49er fans expect more at the QB position. I also don’t think he is the long term solution. I would be happy with keeping him at a lower cap number and bring in a vet and draft prospect to open up the competition.
                The problem is the 49ers have to make a huge decision in April as to what to do with him moving forward.

            2. Agreed, Rocket. But not all such posters are agenda driven – some merely suffer from confirmation bias. And while it may be true that must agenda driven posters are prone to confirmation bias, it is not necessarily true that all confirmation bias prone posters are agenda driven. Either inhibits “honest” analysis, but that does not mean they are coequal.

  14. I was watching Redzone and didn’t get to watch the entire 49ers game yet, so I have a question. Hyde averaged only 2.6 ypc, was that on him or the O-line?

        1. Don’t forget the he’s “working through” a foot problem. Adding a bad foot can cause many lost yards.

    1. No. It was on GEEP. Too conservative play calling, and too predictable. He should have let Kaep keep airing it out and scoring TDs.

  15. OFFENSIVE LINE: B. After playing like the worst offensive line in the league the first three weeks of the season, these guys were solid for the third game in a row. For the most part, they gave Kaepernick plenty of time to throw.

    The offensive line played well except that they couldn’t run block and they couldn’t pass block. Hyde ran 21 times for 55 yards and I would kill to see the 49ers put the kind of pressure on an opposing QB that Kaep faced today.

    1. We still gave up three sacks on key plays. The running lanes weren’t really there. They were better but there’s still room for improvement like the rest of the team..

    2. Improved, yes. Did the OL play well? Not really. The run lanes were non existant. They were better in pass protection, but they did allow 3 sacks, which is not very good. They seem to miss a few blocking assignments per game.

      I’d like to see a snap count. Seems like Devey played more snaps than Tiller, which is inexcusable. I gotta say, I come away every week thinking that our coaching staff doesn’t belong, and this game was no exception. I like Tomsula as a person, but I am getting tired of looking at his gaping mouth. He’s a mouth breather, and it makes him look like a dufus!

      1. Coach Tomsula should study bill Walsh, and copy his side line demeanor. At least he does not have Histrionics like JH.

        1. No, he should spend his time working out how to get this team to win, not on studying the sideline demeanor of other coaches to appease fans.

          1. If he wants to be a champion, he should act like a champion. If he does not want to continue to get ripped by the fans, he should not ignore friendly advice with his best interests at heart.

            1. The day Tomsula is more worried about what the fans think of how he looks on the side line than winning a game is the day he should be fired.

              1. Nolan wanted to wear a suit, and gave new meaning to the term – Empty Suit. Enduring bad moments with a mouth agape just does not inspire confidence. Studying every single thing that Bill Walsh did is not wasted time, but time well spent.
                At least he does not have that bludgeoned look on his face like Singletary did.

        2. Stop being such a wet blanket Seb. Coaches’ sideline antics are one of the most entertaining parts of football, or rather, sports in general.

          1. JH temper tantrums were infantile, and pissed off the refs, so they were counter productive.
            I want to be entertained by seeing Niner Football.

            1. Harbaugh won lots of games too. Took your niners to three straight NFC championship games. He was a dual threat. Entertaining and effective.

              1. In the end, he led a slow downward spiral, which ended out of the playoffs. JH was handed a supremely talented team. My cat could have won with that defense.

              2. Alas, the present defense could not lay a finger on Flacco, so it is in serious trouble, even with this win.
                I wonder if the Niners could beg Cowboy to unretire and save the season.

              3. JH was handed a supremely talented team.

                Look again. He took a team that was mishandled by the previous coaching staff, had a few missing pieces, and made it better thanks to building a capable coaching staff.

              4. Baalke did a masterful job assembling that supremely talented team. JH did not build it. He was fortunate to have Fangio, who controlled the defense.

              5. I find it interesting that the good players were Baalke’s doing and the bad ones were Harbaugh’s doing Seb. And once again you’re trying to alter the facts to your liking. Harbaugh built the coaching staff and any statement claiming otherwise is ignorant.

              6. Never seen a coach catch a pass or make a tackle. JH assembled a good coaching staff (except Roman), but the players were picked by Baalke. JH admitted that he was not into the personnel department, and was content to just coach the players he had.
                I find it interesting that you think I said that JH got bad players and Baalke got good players. Baalke got all the players, and JH coached them.

              7. A while back you were proclaiming James and Lattimore as solely being Harbaugh picks, so you’re showing your bias by your new proclamation Seb. You can twist facts and my words all you want, but all that does is make look like a biased and foolish person.

              8. We have been dancing around that conjecture for a while. JH did have his hand in the bucket like Coach Tomsula said, but ultimately, Baalke makes the pick even though the coach has input. I will emphatically state that Kaep was a JH desire, and Baalke accommodated him by moving ahead of the Raiders to select him. I still believe that they selected LMJ because JH wanted him, and Baalke never would have picked Latimore if JH did not want him because he was such a high risk.

              9. Your emphatic attitude is not evidence Seb. You’re saying that Baalke accommodated Harbaugh, but the reality is that Baalke would have told Harbaugh to go jump off a cliff before he would accommodate him. You’re also back on the ‘Lattimore was a Harbaugh pick’ shtick when the reality is that Lattimore was just another low-risk high-reward pick that Baalke made every single year.

              10. If you do not believe that JH wanted CK when Kaep stated exactly that, well I cannot change your mind. Latimore was a big gamble, but if you think Baalke made that choice in a vacuum, we will just have to disagree.
                Remember, this argument went round and round, and many likened it to the chicken or the egg argument.
                Sounds like you want to continue, and I will be happy to oblige.

              11. Funny, you seem to dismiss the tiniest possibility of JH wanting LMJ, but I remember a sports talk personality start with that premise as a matter of fact when discussing LMJ.. You accuse me of twisting words, but you do not explain why you think I have. I have been forthright in my opinion, yet you cannot accept me having that opinion, as if it is not remotely in the realm of possibilities.
                The Latimore decision had JH on board, and JH personally discussed the decision when Latimore decided to retire, instead of Baalke. If JH did not want Latimore, why was he so encouraging to him in all his press conferences?

              12. Nice try Seb, but I never once said that Harbaugh didn’t want any of the guys Baalke drafted. I said Baalke wouldn’t accommodate Harbaugh on such a premise, and I’m pretty sure that was one of the reasons their relationship deteriorated.

    3. Plenty of time is what our defense has given other QBs. Enough time is what our OL gave Colin in games 1, 5, and six.

      1. Count game 4 as well htwaits. The gifs from that game showed that Kaepernick has a fairly clean pocket through most of it.

        1. I agree that the pocket was fairly clean in game 4. That game was winnable with a good offensive showing.

  16. Grant, Grant, Grant

    The numbers don’t lie bud…16/27, 340 yards, 2 TD, and no picks!

    CK7 rocked it today and got the WIN…give the guy his due.

    Go Niners.

    1. Yes, he crushed a terrible team with a terrible defense, just like he should. Let’s see if he can do what Cam Newton did and beat the Hawks at home. Then, I will be convinced he is better than in the past.

      1. Colin has beaten Cam at home in the playoffs. Even if the 49ers were to win two games against Seattle this year, Colin’s critiques would contain plenty to whining.

        Colin is in that group of 49er QBs, Brodie, Garcia, Smith, and Young for much of his career, that some fans always want to get rid of.

        No offense, even if it improves, can overcome too much bad defense. One easy prediction for Thursday night is that if the 49ers win, there will be those who point out that the they only beat a team that should be 1 and 6 because Seattle didn’t actually beat Detroit.

        Maybe both the offense and defense will improve Thursday even though our new “bell cow” has a bad foot that made him ineffective in the second half against the Ravens.

  17. As read all these comments, mostly those attacking GC for his Kaepernick’s grade, I wonder if any of those people understand football, or a have perspective around what it means to beat a very bad Raven’s team. First, Kaepernick has played well against two of the worst passing defenses in the league. Period. They are awful. When he played two solid pass defenses, he was wretched, so let’s not get too excited about his last two games. Let’s also keep in perspective his history, which is pure inconsistency. If he was consistent, we would be 4-2 versus 2-4. He is not and will likely never be (a consistent QB). That’s OK, few QB’s are and those that are, are actual franchise QB’s. He is basically what Michael Vick from ten years ago. Which isn’t bad, but it is not a true franchise QB. In fact, his career could very well mirror VIck’s when it is all said and done. We’ll have to see.

    What we will also see is proof of who Kaepernick really is over the next 3 games. Those that suggest he has turned a corner and will continue to improve and be that franchise guy, and those like myself who think he is exactly what he has always been, a 2004 version of Michael Vick. Who will remain maddeningly inconsistent and struggle against the likes of the Hawks, Rams and Falcons.

    If we win more than 4 games this year, I will be surprised.

        1. Get off of your soapbox. The team won today and Kaep played well. That’s a good thing. Kaep may not be an elite QB, but writing an essay about how terrible he is after a victory is pathetic. It is copied and pasted propaganda and it’s tired. Plenty of people understand football, which is why they complain about York and Baalke as well. They also understand agendas, which is why people complain about Grant. You’re getting trolled and you think he’s agreeing with you. “Wha….wha……wha…..wha…whaaaaa.”

          1. Your are right, it is great we won. We are 2-4. We are tied with the Browns.

            People complain about Grant because he doesn’t like the 49ers and it shows in his writing. I have called him out more than most. However, he also happens to be right about Kaepernick and the team this year.

            1. We are also tied with Seattle, Houston, San Diego, Washington, Chicago, and New Orleans.

              Over the 49er history with the Yorks, the 49ers would have been consistently bad if it wasn’t for three of the Harbaugh staff’s four years. That’s not even enough to say that the 49ers under the Yorks have been inconsistently good. Kaepernick has been inconsistently good with scattered moments that were great.

              If the 49ers win no more than two or three more games this year, I at least, will look at it as a true reflection of the quality of player talent, coaching talent, and player personnel talent when compared to the NFL that they face.

      1. I get tired of the one week Kaep is crap and the next, he is our guy. After three years of watching an admittedly terrible offense and inconsistent QB, I personally would like the team to go a different direction come season end. He is not the guy. I watched Joe and Steve and I know what good quarterbacking looks like. This is not it. I don’t want Michael Vick for the next five years. Sorry, I saw how far that got the Falcons. Kaep was the beneficiary of having obscene talent around him. He no longer does.

        Again, we’ll all get to see who he is over the next three games. Pretty sure, it is going to be more like the first three weeks than last two. In my opinion, this team is not very good. That’s OK, I too thought they were going to be stellar, but they aren’t. Average, or below.

        There is nothing wrong with admitting your teams limitations. Browns fans do it every year, and they remain fans, they’re just realistic one’s.

        1. Even those guys in Cleveland can celebrate their bad teams win without giving credit to the opposing team. Celebrating the win doesn’t mean one’s not being realistic.

          1. Yeah, I know a few Brown’s fans and they don’t really celebrate their wins. They mostly complain all year. Right now, I feel like how I felt during the Nolan, Singletary era. I just didn’t have a lot of faith or exuberance. Kinda blows.

            1. It might help you to think of your experience as the York years, and keep in mind that the Yorks are not going anywhere.

    1. It’s not about who he beat. He’s saying his numbers or game wouldn’t have been so good if not for blown coverage and a slip. Which happens in every single NFL game and I’m sure ck has seen those happen this season and still couldn’t get it done.
      I called he would have a good two weeks because of the opponent. And I’m saying he will fail on Thursday…
      Unless Seattle has a fourth quarter lead huh Mary? Lmao!!!!! Welcome to the basement. Should be there alone. But it wouldn’t be a Seattle success without the help of bad calls and refs.

        1. We all know this team isn’t ready for the Hawks defense. I think we’d all be happily shocked save for Seb if we won..

          1. Yeah, I think it is going to be tough. If they win, I am 100% proven wrong on everything. Kaep will have to play like a champ. No errors.

            1. I think the only part I’d challenge is Kaep is only half the equation. Don’t let the defense off the hook. Containing Wilson and Lynch will be important. Soft coveage in the middle could hurt us if Jimmy G shows up. They both can’t afford any mistakes. We couldn’t get off the field today on 3rd down late in the game. Kap needs to again make smart throws and accurate ones. Finding open recievers will be much harder next week.

          2. I have said that the Niners have a small chance for winning, but being the eternal optimist, if the Niners roll out Kaep and let him be the Sundance Kaep, they do have a chance to win. The defense must get a lot better, or it will be a very hard game to win. If the Niners get 3 sacks and an interception, I predict the score to be Niners 27 -25.

        2. No. But he does have his special “Colin is Evil” glasses on. It’s Colin that losses, and an array of factors if the 49ers win.

      1. Kaep should have won last week and gotten credit for a 4th quarter comeback. Followed up with a very good game today.
        The playcalling helps Kaep get in rythm. Unfortunately the ay calling in the red zone gets him out of rythm.
        Like last week we ignored Ellington after the 1st quarter, we did the same with Miller today. Geep leaves me scratching my head.

        1. A good game against a lowly secondary team with mostly their starters are in the shelf..the truth is the Ravens defense, Especially their players replacements in secondary was horrible defenders.

    2. Most people are attacking him for his grades, rather for his “if it weren’t for” or “if you take away”…. then they really suck. Its marginalization of someone’s efforts. You don’t get to take away good plays or poor performance but the defense, it comes as a package. He doesn’t need to do it but its his way of making his predictions come true even when they aren’t.

    3. That’s like having a teacher give you a B on a test, even if you get all of the answers coorect, simply because the test wasn’t very hard. RIDICULOUS.

      Nobody said Kaepernick was going to play well next week. That doesn’t mean he didn’t play exceptionally well today.

    4. Somehow, your football acumen is lacking if you think that a QB that got to the SB after 10 games, was 5 yards from winning it, and one pass from returning, with playoff records and a 4-2 road playoff record, is a marginal player. Kaep made one throw while rolling to his left that made my jaw drop. He is a talented player with unique skillsets, but for some reason, you relegate him to the Vicks of the world. Next you will be calling for the Niners to trade him for Tebow.

      1. Seb, I tend to agree with you often! And this time is no exception. Kaepernick has enough talent to justify his contract, and to feel good about him as a franchise QB, IMO. His work ethic garners him the type of respect from his teammates that a franchise QB needs to command. The way his teammates circled the wagons after the Green Bay game was proof of this.

        From what I have seen, the zone, read-option stuff doesn’t not gel with our personnel on the offensive line, and that, along with poor protection, particularly pressure “up the gut”, had Colin on his heels against Arizona and Green Bay. The Arizona game hit Colin like a torpedo across the bows of a ship, and his confidence took a major hit. Confidence is one of the most important factors that drive NFL QB’s and I have seen a lack of it have a negative impact even on the leagues best QB’s throughout the years. It’s a tough think to navigate because, when a QB loses confidence in his offensive line, receivers, and his own ability to deliver the football, then he plays poorly. And when he plays poorly, he naturally can’t regain his confidence.

        It’s starting to look like Colin has his confidence back. IMO this could be the turning point for him. He hit rock bottom for a number of reasons and a lot of human beings would have faded away into obscurity the way things were going for Kap. Instead, he stood his ground, never pointing finger at his offensive line, his receivers, or his coaches. The way I see it, Colin has now passed one of the most important tests for a franchise QB. How well do you handle adversity and will your teammates continue to see you as a leader and rally around you when your season is on the verge of completely falling apart.

        Personally, I don’t think the 49ers have enough talent on the OL or at LB this season. A 3-4 defense is only as good as it’s linebackers and, along with the offensive line, it’s probably probably the weakest position group on the team. It really pains me to say, but Navorro has lost the explosiveness, quickness and agility he had had prior to his injury. He is barely getting by on instincts alone right now. I think Hodges is an upgrade over both of our starting ILB’s, and I hope he can be versatile enough to play either ILB position to keep Navorro fresh and limit Wilhoite’s snaps. Aaron Lynch has pro-bowl potential, but Ahmad Brooks is as inconsistent as any player on the roster and Harold seems to have the quickness, but not enough moves to get to the quarterback at this young stage of his career. Lemonier is a real head scratcher. He has the physical tools, but he hasn’t figured out how to get off blocks which is very puzzling to me.

        The 49ers are clearly at a rebuilding stage right now. Without getting into my problems with Mangini, I really hope Baalke makes upgrading the offensive line and linebackers the priority this offseason and really hope they stick with Colin Kaepernick at QB. He has already proven he is capable of big things and IMO he is in the process of taking the next big step in his evolution at QB!

        1. Thank you. Sometimes I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness. I guess my eternal optimism just sticks in the craw of all the doubters. After a 4 game losing streak, they had reason to dwell on the negatives, but this last game gave me hope. Right now, I would jump for joy if the Niners manage an 8-8 season, but for some reason, posters want to tank to get an unproven QB who just threw 5 picks.
          I agree, Bow is just not back to his old self. Maybe he should take a long hard look at the tape and voluntarily step back for the good of the team. Maybe he should sit back, let his knee heal fully, and regain his quickness before returning.
          Thanks again for your post. I am glad that some other fans are seeing what I am seeing.

  18. Grant,

    ” His stats were better than his actual performance. He posted a passer rating of 128.2 and threw two touchdown passes. But the first touchdown pass came as a result of Shareece Wright biting on a double-move by Torrey Smith, and the second touchdown pass came as a result of Wright falling down while covering Quinton Patton. If Wright still were on the Niners (they cut him, and the Ravens signed him this week), Kaepernick’s performance probably wouldn’t have been so good.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the idea for receivers to beat their man and the QB to find open receivers and get the ball to them? Yet, you’re trying to ding CK for taking advantage of open receivers. SMH. If you want to say that the Ravens are horrible and CK wouldn’t have done as well against a better team, OK, maybe so, but you can’t just say his stats aren’t real because the receivers beat the defense.

    Your line about the Ravens being better off without Wright, is humorous on the surface and seemingly makes sense, until you actually think about it. In reality, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    How can I say that? One, the Ravens picked up Wright (indicating he has some value to the team); two, the Ravens put Wright on the field in his first game with the team (further indicating his value to the team); three, the Ravens left him in the game after he got burned (showing as poorly as he was playing, the Ravens felt their other options were worse).

    1. Wright is terrible and they picked him up because they were decimated by injuries this year. You don’t pick up quality db’s during the middle of the season. The fact that the guy was starting, just tells you how desperate the Ravens were. Let’s wait until after Thursday before we crown Kaepernick anything. To me, he is exactly the same guy he has been for the past 3 years, inconsistent and awesome against bad teams with bad defenses (Giants and Ravens are two of the worst passing defenses in league).

      1. Daniners aren’t you one of the guys that was complaining that Kap couldn’t hit the open receiver and now your down grading him for finding the open receiver. Make up your mind. Whether he sucks or not he was on the field in a starting role.

        1. You got me, he found open receivers against two of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Including a team that traded for and started (after just one week) the fifth best CB from our team. Do me a favor, you have full permission to come back in 3 weeks and tell me how wrong I am. If you can’t, well, you’ll just have to continue to read my rantings.

          1. No one here has crowned this team on anything, but what a sad fan that hates when his team wins and credits the other team for the win. Guys have pointed it out all night here teams win all the time on blown coverages. In fact didn’t we lose quite a few games this year due to blown coverages?

            We’re still a 2-14 or 4-16 team. We won tonight, stop being so bitter.

          2. My advice, since you intensely dislike the Niners, go root for another team.
            Dissing the Niners after a win is bad form.

            1. Questioning another’s fandom is highly questionable, Seb. I mean look at Shareece Wright. You thought he’d spill the beans, but it turned out he’s a true 49er.

              1. I just gave him friendly advice. He probably would be much happier rooting for an undefeated team.
                I also said they should target Wright. Glad they took my advice. ;p

            2. And your advice is “s**t.

              Being a fan has nothing to do with criticizing your team. Over 30 years gives me a wide berth. I have defended this team through all the nonsense. I finally realized the situation has got to change. Baalke, Tomsula and Kaepernick need to go. We are rebuilding, we need a franchise QB.

  19. Colts v. Pats is a barnburner in the 1st half. The Colts would be dominating if the refs made the proper call on their onside kick.

    1. Lol and the hate continues. Boy you’re something else Grant. Woulda coulda shoulda land is definitely your home sometimes. The 49ers “coulda” had 7 Super Bowl rings if…………

      1. I love it when we redefine winning and losing. Its one way of justifying a loss when your unhappy with the result. The Raven’s have lost every game by 1 score or less meaning they’ve hung around teams that are decent. They had the 7th ranked offense. They didn’t make enough plays to deserve to win. We eviscerate our receivers who drop TD’s and beg for them to be traded.Why in the world would you celebrate someone who dropped 2 perfectly thrown balls? You either make it or you don’t. We still are terrible but we won tonight.

    2. Reasons one and three are legit while the others…not so much. The biggest reason the team won today was mistakes by a bad Ravens team, including the one made by Jimmy Smith.
      It’s a win and I’ll gladly take it, but it needs to be looked at all angles. This isn’t a good team at all, from top to bottom. I’m not looking forward to Thursday’s game at all.

      1. The team didn’t win due to making some good plays, then? The biggest reason the 49ers won is they made more plays when it mattered, and made less mistakes.

        Saying they only won it because of the Ravens poor play completely ignores the 49ers also made some good plays. The 49ers are not a good team right now. But there are some positives if you choose to see them.

        1. I’m not ignoring the fact that the team made some great plays, but would we be talking about them if Steve Smith had caught those two TD passes or if Jimmy Smith had not saved the day when Kaepernick foolishly ran out of bounds when we were needing to run down the clock? The answer is that we would be talking about another good performance that wasn’t enough, and there would be yet another overflow of the blame being directed where it shouldn’t be.
          As I said, I will gladly take the win, but Grant is correct in saying the Ravens lost the game more than we won it.

          1. Both teams made a lot of mistakes. 49ers were lucky the Ravens didn’t convert some FGs to TDs. Ravens were lucky the 49ers couldn’t either. Ravens were also lucky Acker didn’t elevate on Smith’s TD as he had a chance to break that up.

            There are a lot of people that seem to think the Ravens errors were luck for the 49ers, but the 49ers errors were just par for the course, and don’t think it was lucky for the Ravens to even stay close. Why is that?

            1. How many passes did the Niners drop in the end zone?

              Niners score 12-15 points if not for Shareece Wright.

              1. So no other DB could have been beaten on those plays? And the 49ers couldn’t have scored more points in the red zone with better execution?

              2. Wright tripped over himself and fell down on the second touchdown. The Niners took advantage of an extreme weakness most teams don’t have.

              3. As I said earlier Grant, that’s not a legitimate reason. I say that because the Ravens secondary was already classified as bad before adding Wright due to injuries.

              4. Sure did. Good play calling. That’s what smart teams do – exploit a weakness in the opponent. Say, like the Giants did last week…

              5. Wright wasn’t any weakness, he was an extreme weakness. He was the Niners’ fifth-string corner. He couldn’t have played the two TD passes any worse. If the Ravens had a No.2 corner who was only slightly less awful than Wright, they probably win.

              6. Wright tripped over himself in part because Patton made a good move on him. He wouldn’t have been wide open like he was if the DB kept his feet, but I think a fair few DBs would have given up some separation on that move.

              7. Took him a couple seconds to spot Patton even after White fell down. Didn’t seem like he was looking that way.

              8. He wouldn’t have thrown that pass back across the field if there had been a defender within 10 yards of Patton.

              9. It wasn’t across the field, it was down the line to a guy running a route breaking back to the outside. Patton would likely have had a step or two even if Wright kept his feet. Maybe he doesn’t make the throw, maybe he does.

              10. We’d be talking about an offense that scored no touchdowns if the Ravens had a cornerback other than Jimmy Smith who was better than the Niners’ fifth-string corner. Fluke.

              11. -Q: On the TD pass to Patton, you looked short right, moved left… what option was he?
                -KAEPERNICK: I mean he’s really No. 3 but on that play, we’re trying to get the ball to Vernon, they had two people jump out there and take it away. Started scrambling left, came back, he did a great job working the scramble drill and getting open late.

                I saw the DB slip but it was going up regardless.

              12. So the guy you (Grant) predicted to start at CB alongside Brock and found all those stats to back up how good a pick up his was is an extreme weakness? Haha you’re hilarious flipping on your own pick here. Can we believe anything you write, or are you always slanting stuff to fit your hunch? So what is it an extreme weakness or starter? Boldin said it best, they knew his weaknesses and went after him since he was new to their system. They owned him.

              13. Yes he was, until he saw the opportunity as he was looking downfield.

                Kudos to Kaepernick for not missing that opportunity. Baby steps.

              14. Grant,

                If the Ravens had a better CB than Wright available, he would’ve been playing. Your comments to the contrary are borderline nonsense.

            2. Scooter, a Ravens error kept the heat off Kaepernick for running out of bounds when he shouldn’t have. Two Ravens errors kept the tide from turning in their favor. Take away those errors and we’re talking about something else right now. That wasn’t luck; that was just bad plays by the Ravens just as it was a great play by the man Bowman was defending on against the Giants. We’ve been on the receiving end of the good and the bad the past two weeks.

              1. I completely agree. But it doesn’t change the fact the 49ers had chances to blow this game wide open too and the Ravens had some luck/ bad plays by the 49ers to keep them in it.

              2. I’m not arguing that, but it also doesn’t change that the two TD drops by Steve Smith and the dumb penalty by Jimmy Smith were the deciding factors in the game. That’s why I’m saying the Ravens lost the game more than we won it. It’s not a knock on the win; it’s just how it is. But again, I’ll take it. A win is a win no matter how it comes about.

              3. The TDs to Torrey Smith and Patton were also deciding factors. And if the Ravens had won by less than a TD the 49ers could also look at a number of plays they’d like to have back that were the “deciding factors”.

              4. I disagree on the account that the two drops and Smith’s dumb penalty had more of an influence on the outcome of the game. The chances of the TD catch and run by Smith and then the TD catch by Patton wouldn’t have mattered much if the Ravens had avoided thr aforementioned mistakes.

              5. If Steve Smith scored on those two pass plays the 49ers are saying the missed pass to Torrey Smith on their 3rd drive was the deciding factor, etc. The drops were obvious errors, but there were plenty to go around that decided this game. 49ers had their chances in the first 3 drives to blow the game wide open but only came up with 6 points.

              6. But again Scooter, it doesn’t change that those were key to how the game turned out. They potentially also would have made that missed pass to Smith on third down a moot point.

              7. All of those plays were key to how the game turned out. Its like saying the 49ers lost the SB on the last play to Crabtree. They didn’t really though. Lots of plays were key to losing. That was just the most obvious one.

              8. But they weren’t the main key Scooter. None of those would really have changed what we’re talking about now.
                And for the record, the bad STs play that allowed the Ravens punter to meander around in the endzone before scooting out of it was the key play that cost us the Super Bowl.

              9. I disagree. If the 49ers got out to a huge lead early it would have completely changed the complexion of the game. If Acker defends the TD to Smith it changes the complexion of the game. The moments you highlight were the key missed opportunities for the Ravens. But there were other key defining plays.

              10. But once again Scooter, they were the main keys. No other possible scenarios that you have mentioned would have had the same effect that those mistakes did. They’re tiny ripples compared to them.

            3. I’m right with you Scooter.

              The team is bad and probably will lose big on Thursday.
              But not to give them credit for today’s win is lame.

              In every game every team makes mistakes.
              The bad ones just make more.

              No point in playing the IF game.

              If Brock didn’t drop the INT last Sunday the Niners would feel even better about themselves.

              Or if they could just got the play on time Kap would be a Superbowl MVP today.

            4. I heard about the Torrie Smith TD, and how it was a beautifully thrown ball. I then saw the highlights and the dude was so wide open it was hard to Kaep not to miss him!

              And with the Patton TD, the DB fell down. I didn’t know it was Sharcee Wright, who the Niners just released and the Ravens picked up, like yesterday.

              Grant might have a point.

              But Kaep put up good numbers and most importantly made no mistakes.

              I would say my biggest issues with Kaep is that he does leave plays on the field. I know the Kaep lovers are going to jump all over me because they think I’m spewing hate. It’s not hate, but a desire to see progression and growth.

              Could Kaep have made the pass that Eli last week to win the game? He still does stupid stuff like when he ran out of bounds before the two minute warning, but got bailed out because the Ravens got a phantom holding call.

              We all know he’s a work in progress but you don’t pay that much money a QB while he’s still learning on the job.

    3. The 49ers were as lucky to win today as they were unlucky to lose last week. Which is to say both teams had their chances, but the 49ers made more of them than the Ravens today.

      Neither team is particularly good right now, and make too many errors. But games like this one are important for the young guys on the team that need to learn how to win.

  20. I know that Grant can be a tad over the top in his criticism, but we do have to have a really check. This team almost lost to a very bad Ravens team. The niners are a bad 4-2 team and the team has serious issues: a QB with bad feet, vision and questionable decision making ability (his near INT is a classic example); a brittle TE or one with hands made of stone; a weak LB core with a hobbled MLB who was rushed to play before he was fully healed; inexperienced DBs who tend to guard patches of grass instead of individuals; bad linemen who cannot achieve push on either side of the ball; a punter who is currently a liability and the list goes on and on…in short, a win here is a mirage because our problems are really very large.

    1. Again it’s not about overall team. It’s the fact that he’s knocking a well played game because of mistakes from the other team. Yes we are bad and so are Baltimore. But who on here expects them to blow anybody out? His title doesn’t read season grades, it’s for this game and no matter who they play grades should be given to units and players for their performance of the day/night. It’s a joke. He knocks the qb for secondary mistakes but praises the receivers for benefiting from the same mistakes. Smh!

    2. “The niners are a bad 4-2 team …”

      Maybe you should reread your post before you click on Post.

  21. 1. We barely beat an inferior team.
    2. Kap can make the obvious wide open completion.
    3. We need a change of pace back. Bush’s career is over. Change of pace means quick , fast pass catching – roy helu, dion lewis , hillman, Gio bernard etc. Mike davis is a slower less powerful clone of Hyde.
    4. Sure glad we drafted pinion in the 5th
    5. Lynch had a nice pass defense in the red zone. He is our best LB.
    6. trade vernon. Let’s see what we can get for him.
    7. We got rid of the wrong TE in preseason. Carrier is developing nicely in Wash. Vance mac flat out sucks. Sure he can block, but a block only TE could have been had in the 6th.

      1. Next year we could also have a better coaching staff that can maximize the value of our receiving corps.

          1. Jed would have to pay more and also find someone outside the organization looking for an opportunity to work with JimmyT.

        1. You are a dreamer unless Geep assumes the scape goat position. Maybe they will replace Cheep Geep with an even Cheaper Peep. No way they can get an upgrade to work with JimmyT.

    1. 8. I wish we had the ravens coach instead of ours.
      9. I really wish we had the raven’s GM instead of ours. This has to be the end for baalke.

    1. It’s the only factor that might cause the kind of misdirected worry that playing the Patriots causes.

    1. MD,
      Grant is getting the responses that he wants. It’s unprofessional for him to cover this team and give back handed insults disguised as compliments.

  22. Ricky Waters… “They’ve got to come out and find a way to win, no mater how but just find a way to win” with a 4 game skid you can’t argue that. That’s what they did.

  23. Just watched a clip of Cam Newton throwing the winning touchdown to Greg Olson as both Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas blow the coverage: BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Borrowing from Grant, IF this was the Seattle’s defense we saw in the NFCCG we would’ve have that game!

    2. Grant would downgrade Newton as not a true quality quarterback because of the inferior coverage by the bottom dwelling Seahawks. Grant would also proclaim that Newton’s inferior preparation is grounds for him being barred from the NFL for life.

  24. Grant

    340 yards on 27 attempts is an average of 12.6 YPA, which is in the area of Big Ben on a GREAT day, throwing to Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant.

  25. We can beat Seattle. Geep needs to do something he hasn’t done all year. Get ultra creative and make Ellington his main weapon next week. Lining him up all over the field

    1. I am buying the drinks if we beat Seattle. They may not be that good, but they are 17 points better than us.

  26. Grant your grades couldn’t have been more spot on about kaepernick and the secondary… people just don’t know how to look at the negatives along with positives and form an general opinon not just based solely on the positives

  27. Tight Ends – Better than F. Vance McDonald caught a pass for a first down. Church bells rung throughout the land.

    Quarterback B+ – CK missed on some passes, but the TD/INT ratio was perfect, and he completed “explosion” passes. The exact passing formula the coaches talked about before the season.

    Receivers A – Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith were no letting the Ravens win today.

  28. I only caught the 2nd half so I didn’t get to see any of the great passes. This is still the same Kaep to me like last year. He made a great pass to Brandon Lloyd last year in the Rams give, and then he goes inconsistent.

    The Niners won and against a weak Raven team, but a win’s a win.

    What I noticed is that he still predominately loves the improvisational play and sometimes it works. But the DB isn’t going to fall down all the time.

    You still want to see Kaep learn to be patient, go through the reads. You also don’t want him to do stupid stuff like run out of bounds on 3rd and 7 towards the end of the game. There was a phantom defensive holding call, otherwise the Ravens would have gotten the ball with plenty of time and two time outs. They made it to the 35 for crying out loud under a minute left and no TOs.

    1. Oh, you will hate the tape on this last game. Kaep had picture perfect throws to Torrey, Boldin Patton and Miller. Kaep threw a pass so pretty, Vance did not drop it.
      Kaep had a passer rating of only 128, which gave him a B+ grade, but there were definite flaws like the run out of bounds. he also wasted a time out, but luckily, the Niners did not need them to win the game. Kaep could improve, and he only beat a team that was just as desperate for a win.
      However, a win is a win, and Kaep helped win this game.

  29. Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff
    First time BAL brought both safeties near LOS, Kap hit Miller for 52 yards. Second time they did it, Torrey Smith’s 76-yard TD catch.

    1. They should have left their corners to fend for themselves. Dumb.

      1. That’s exactly what teams have been doing to Kaep for the past two seasons. Daring him to beat them. Now when he does, the 49ers are “lucky”.

        1. I don’t believe in luck Scooter. And the argument would be more valid if it was against a good defense and secondary.

          1. Why is my point less valid due to the D they played? My point is just that the Ravens weren’t doing something crazy. Lots of teams do that to the 49ers because history shows it works.

            Today the 49ers made plays in those situations, and according to Grant they got lucky. I disagree, those are plays that should be getting made.

            1. The Niners barely held on at home against maybe the worst team in the league which happened to commit two turnovers, drop two passes in the end zone and drop two interceptions.

              1. They got a phantom defensive holding call towards the end of the game to extend the drive and bail out Kaep for running out of bounds to stop the clock.

                I saw the Torrie Smith and Bruce miller passes. Those are nice passes but they were wide open. The scramble left and throw to Patten was his best pass.

              2. So basically any time an opponent makes a mistake the 49ers are just lucky, and any time the 49ers make a mistake the opposition isn’t lucky?

                The 49ers are a bad team that beat another bad team because they made less mistakes. Plain and simple. Thats not luck.

              3. The 49ers left point off the board, and played most of the game with a one-legged bell cow.

                The D’s one glaring weakness is still pass defense in the ILBs area. Wilhoite’s INT is a good sign, but anytime the NYGs and Ravens wanted to move the chains, all they had to do was throw short over the middle.

                Without that one vulnerability, I think the 49ers would have dominated the last two games. Not to make excuses. Even a single vulnerability is a legit reason to downgrade a defense, and there’s is no easy fix.

              4. Silly stuff Grant. That’s football. Your analysis seems so simple minded some times.

                The 49ers got off to a substantial lead. They adjusted their offensive play-calling based on the score. They took their foot off of the accelerator and went conservative. That was a calculated decision the coaches made as a direct result of the score. When they went up 19-6 at 7:34 in the 3rd qtr, they felt like they could win the game without pushing the ball downfield with the idea of milking the lead and limiting the possibility of turnovers. Personally, I think they went conservative too early in the 2nd half. And they played the final 23 minutes of the game not-to-lose, as opposed to keeping their foot on the gas and finishing their opponent.

                Yet, you don’t seem to have the capacity to see the way the game played out. All you want to look at is the final score and the statistics. We can do that on our own. We don’t need your analysis for that.

              5. I would love to sit you down and explain the game of football to you from the perspective of someone who played the game. You might then be able to see the entirety of a football game including all of the strategy that goes into play calling based on, not just the ability to attack an opponent, but also the score, and why so many times the final score of a game doesn’t always reflect the true nature of the way the game played out and which team able to DICTATE the way the game played out down the stretch.

            2. Why is my point less valid due to the D they played? 

              Because the main argument is that he can’t do it against a good defense and secondary.

              1. Mid,
                The main point is as someone once said; “You play to win the game!”

                The 49ers didn’t pick their opponents, league office did.
                We didn’t at the start of the season how bad the NYG defense of the entire Ravens team would be. We play what is on the schedule and take every win as an accomplishment, luck or no luck.

                Mike Ditka rode the “sometimes it pays to be lucky” adage all the way to a SB win season. Pretty sure the Bears fans aren’t nitpicking how those wins came about today.

                This is football and every game presents opportunities to execute or fail win or lose. I will enjoy this win for what it is: A victory by my team!

              2. That’s not the point of the discussion AES. The point is whether or not Kaepernick can pass on a good defense and secondary.

              3. Did I read somewhere that the Seahawks had petitioned the NFL to transfer their win over the Lions to a Lions win because the refs blew the final play? The proud Seahawks want their record to perfectly reflect their performance on the field, and not some unexpected bonus from sources out of their control.

    1. It was within 5 yards on the replay that showed at the bar. The audio was from another game so I don’t know what they said about it.

      I do know that Kaep ran out of bounds like the idiot he is!

      1. It was holding, not illegal contact. Doesn’t matter how close it was to the line of scrimmage.

        1. Looked like he was within 5 yards, he did what Richard Sherman does all the time.
          Did Kaep run out of bounds???? Immmmmmmm yeah!
          That’s not nit picking but common sense. Stay in bounds dude! Did the same thing against NO.

        2. Within five yards of the line of scrimmage one hit and no holds are allowed. Did that foul lead to Kaepernick escaping to the left instead of throwing a quick pass — possible but not certainly?

          Kaepernick’s role in going out of bounds probably has two sources. He is stubborn about giving up on a play, to his own detriment many times, and he was in an awkward position to go down once he was close to the out of bounds line.

          That situation is one that he’s played the same way throughout his carrier. I would never throw something at my Pioneer Kuro when I see it happen, but I do yell at Colin each and every time. For a tall man it may be harder to do than us shorties think it is.

          Gore is a master at dropping the elevator on a dime. He played a great game yesterday on those dead legs Grant like to write about. Of course his team couldn’t make the halftime adjustments which is something Frank is used to living with.

  30. Just watching what I missed from the 49ers game. First of all, Tomsula has a terrible haircut. Just awful.

    1. Did you notice him counting the players on the field for the last play instead of using his last time out to get organized?

  31. To all haters,

    Which 49er QB has more road playoff wins than Montana, Young, and Garcia combined…KAP!

    Kap is not the issue…the right side of the line, not having a pass catching TE, no edge rushers, and not having a productive change of pace back, ARE.

    1. Which means what exactly? He has more road playoff wins. So what? Two of the QBs you mentioned have more Super Bowl rings, and in the end that’s all that matters.

      1. I’m not inciting P ‘ Nelly. He threw up a random stat that is meaningless and excuses.

    2. That’s all relevant but is better if you include Colin as also being part of the problem. Still, no matter how one person played, there is probably only one loss this year that could have gone the other way given our talent level in all areas of the organization.

  32. It means he can win if you surround him with a good supporting cast. This roster is no where close to what it has been in the past.

    AGAIN, Kap is not the problem!

      1. And you have a realistic plan for the future that doesn’t depend on finding another mature Montana or Young? Or are you realistic enough to realize that we need a talent upgrade that matches a concept for the team as a whole. I can think of three teams that have been consistent in that way over the past ten years — Packers, Steelers and the Patriots.

        Who’s in your wallet? The Yorks of course.

    1. Make your point as to why road wins in the playoffs are more important than Super Bowl wins. Without lousy excuses.

    2. Grant sez :

      “….If Wright still were on the Niners (they cut him, and the Ravens signed him this week), Kaepernick’s performance probably wouldn’t have been so good. …”

      … and if the dog hadn’t stop to
      take care of his business … he might have
      caught the rabbit …

      Grant .. that’s apples n oranges ..

      I mean .. it’s not like Wright has never
      been inside Levis’ Stadium ! …

      How many DB’s did Joe and Steve
      torch in their time ?

      Would it really leave such
      a bitter taste in your mouth ..
      to … (once in awhile) … give
      Kap some kudos … especially ..
      when it’s due … ?

      C’mon, Grant …
      It’s not like this has been a common
      occurrence as of late …

    1. Which 49er QB has more road playoff wins than Montana, Young, and Garcia combined…KAP!

      Pretty close to it, so answer the question troll. Why are they more important?

  33. My review of the game:

    – Great to get the win, even if it was against a struggling Ravens team that came up with some big mistakes.
    – The offense had some impressive stats, but I’m not going to get too carried away with this performance. There were promising signs for the second week in a row, but the D made it easier than it should have been.
    – The two biggest plays of the game came off play-action passes where the Ravens stacked the box. Miller’s 52 yard reception was great to see him spring open and Kaep identify him, and Smith 76 yard TD was a nice double move. Both were nicely thrown balls.
    – However, the Miller completion was the safe play in the end. He was wide open, but he also had Torrey Smith streaking across the middle of the field on a post with a step or two on his man. While a higher risk pass, a pass on the money to Smith there could have been a TD. Later in the drive he had an opportunity to hit Boldin down around 5 yard line but waited too long to pass and in the end gave Boldin too much work to do and they had to settle for a FG.
    – Kaep also missed Patton on the first drive of the game with a ball that fell out of bounds. A better placed ball could have set up first and goal. He missed an open Patton in the red zone in the second quarter as well on a crossing route which may have gotten them inside the 10. That was another drive that ended in a FG.
    – The above are nit-picky things, and overall Kaep played well, but it shows he still leaves some plays on the field that perhaps another QB might make.
    – The running game didn’t get much done in the first half due to design, as they came out passing. In the second half they didn’t have much success as they kept it pretty simple trying to run down the clock.
    – For some reason they seemed to go away from the quick hitting passes in the second half, and I think the offense suffered a bit as a result.
    – On D, the pass rush was atrocious once again. This time even Lynch wasn’t much of a factor.
    – Part of the reason for that was the 49ers were in their base D a lot more this week, and Lynch ended up in coverage as the LOLB. He’s the best pass rusher on the 49ers by some margin, so having him out in coverage seems a waste, even if he did have a good pass break up near the end zone today.
    – On that, I think its time to just switch to a 4-man DL on a more permanent basis and let Lynch play as a down DL to let him rush on all passing downs. Teams are barely running against the 49ers anymore as they have realised they can attack with short passes to RBs and TEs with greater effect than running the ball. May as well go with an extra DB and dare the opposition to run.
    – The LBs are still a liability against the pass, though Wilhoite did well on his INT. Without a pass rush the middle of the field is an easy mark for opponents.
    – The young DBs are showing some promise, but there were some bad moments again this week. Acker could have prevented that TD to Smith – he even got his head turned to locate the ball but just needed to jump up and knock it down. Ward was abused on that final scoring drive of the Ravens, though he was solid the rest of the game. And I think Tartt was at fault for almost giving up the first dropped TD to Smith, as it looked like that’s where he should have been covering based on his self admonishment after the play.
    – The lack of a pass rush is going to continue to prevent this D from being anything other than poor this season, unless someone other than Lynch steps up or Mangini finds a way to blitz without giving up easy completions. Without blitzing it is simply too easy for opponents to drop back, find the open man and pass the ball as there is little to no pressure.

    All in all, this was a game in which the team that made the least mistakes won. Both teams have a lot of young players and are missing veteran leaders, and it shows. 49ers should be happy with the victory, but I don’t recommend cracking the champagne as there is still a fair bit of work to do before this team is consistently competitive against good teams.

    1. Scooter, I must say that you gave a fair assessment. While it was a win, there is much to be improved upon. Geep went way too conservative in the second half with the play calling, and it almost cost them the game. Settling for FGs instead of going for TDs almost cost them the game. Baalke should scour the NFL, and poach a pass rusher from a practice squad. Kaep, even with the missed opportunities, looked decent, and did not make any terrible mistakes.
      The good news is that Seattle is so bad, the Niners actually have a small chance to win on Thursday.

    2. Good review Scooter. Brock was on Smith and got beat at the line. He trailed Smith on the play leaving him open. Tartt was coming in providing safety help.

      1. Yeah, based on how Tartt seemed to be admonishing himself after the play I think he was meant to be covering the inside on that play but quickly dropped down and got out of position. Perhaps thinking it was a run?

    3. Good analysis Scooter. I agree in that the 49ers should go to a 4 man front now because its clear that with the 3-4, Mangini cannot generate enough pass rush without blitzing, therefore leaving the secondary vulnerable.
      Overall, I think anytime you get a win in the NFL it should be looked at as a good accomplishment. Regardless of circumstance, and who the opponent was, its still adds up to a win. Did the team play well? Could it have been better? Are the Ravens a bad team? All for not. 2-4 and back in the race but again, none it will matter if you lose a huge division game Thursday.

      1. What were the odd that we could beat the Seahawks Thursday after week three? Those odds may be slightly better this week, but it’s not a significant improvement.

        Our chances are better than Stanford’s chances the first time Harbaugh face USC, and certainly better than the chances that Harbaugh’s game Saturday would end the way it did.

        Maybe the Seahawks will try the same punt formation that the Colts surprised everyone with Sunday. That would help. We may not have an effective “Bell Cow” for the game so we need a lot of bounces to go our way. Trips and stumbles are all welcome too.

    4. Keep writing thoughtful, objective analyses like that Scooter and you’re going to put Grant out of work.

      1. Irrational behavior generates clicks and posts. Scooter has no chance in that arena. It’s not that he doesn’t have the talent, but just that he wouldn’t want to be associated with such behavior.

    5. Really good stuff Scooter. I was thinking the exact same thing with Lynch. Seems he was dropping into coverage a lot yesterday. When you have trouble, as a collective group, getting pressure on quarterback, why would you have your best pass rusher consistently dropping into coverage? Against a better offense, that would have have been a losing strategy, IMO. And it’s one of the reasons the Ravens were able to put some drives together despite the inability to run the football.

      I suppose Mangini deserves a full season to show us what he brings to the table but, 6 games into the season, I would give him a D+. I think he is really making some fundamentally poor decisions with the way he is attacking teams.

      And I would like to see him up in the booth, where he has a better vantage point.I know it’s a personal preference but I think a bird’s eye perspective gives you an advantage as a DC that you can’t get from the sideline.

      1. I think he is hampered by not having a few key pieces (another OLB that can rush the passer consistently well, at least one ILB that is good in coverage, and at least one DL that generate pressure), but I agree he has not been too good so far. A couple of good games, but some real stinkers too.

        1. I think Mangini is still in the “make the players fit my scheme” stage. As I wrote in another post, I do not think the 49ers LBs and safeties are a good fit for his scheme. That is not to say they don’t have talent – they just are not the right talent for the scheme.

          Learning the scheme better should help, but Mangini adjusting would likely help more. When he was DC for the Patriots, the defense was actually very good for the second half of the season. What is not clear is whether it was good because of all the players that came back from injury, because the players were executing Mangini’s scheme better, or because Mangini adjusted (or some combination of all three).

          1. JPN,

            I expect Mangini’s defense to better in the second half of the season. He’ll know the personnel better and the players will know the system better. As you noted, the question is, how much better will they be?

          2. I definitely agree with regards to the LBs that they aren’t a good fit for the scheme. Look at the guys the Patriots typically put at LB and that gives you the prototype. They value smart, versatile, high motor and athletic LBs. Guys that can do pretty much anything asked of them pretty well (run D, man and zone coverage, pass rush), and trust the scheme (no free-lancing).

            I don’t think it is a coincidence at all that the 2005 Patriots D struggled until they got Tedy Bruschi back, as they didn’t have a decent ILB without him. Its an important position for Mangini’s D.

            The 49ers are missing that type of ILB, and they are also missing another OLB other than Lynch that does everything well. Brooks isn’t that guys anymore – he should be a rotational player.

            I think they are also missing a highly disruptive player on the DL, which is something the Patriots also typically have.

            I do think the safeties are fine though.

      2. He is still in the chicken or the egg situation. Talent missing, talent misplace, good strategy that’s hasn’t been learned yet, poor strategy, or upstairs down stairs.

    1. How did you get me? You didn’t even back up your comment without a lame excuse. Nice try troll.

    1. Gannon would not be compatible with Baalke – Gannon doesn’t come over as a “yes man” to me.

  34. Call it a win for the defense…
    (with a little help from the Ravens).
    That’s right. If the opponent has the ball
    and the ability to score go-ahead points
    with time running out, then the Niner offense
    did not win the game, okay? Kaep stalled
    on his last drive, but then the Ravens were
    penalized for holding (5-yards) and fresh downs.
    Again, Kaep goes 3 and out. However,
    the Niner defense sealed/preserved the win.
    Give the game ball to the defense, willya.

    1. Kap went 3 and out?
      The coaches called 3 straight running plays.
      It’s hard to believe how stupid you are.

    2. That defense did not lay a finger on Flacco. Niners won in spite of the defense because the offense scored enough points. Flacco just ran out of time, or he would have scored.

    3. No. You would be better off giving it to the OC for the plays he called on that last sequence.

  35. Daniel Jeremiah ✔ @MoveTheSticks
    Passing yards vs Ravens this year:
    P Manning 175
    Carr 351
    Dalton 383
    Vick 124
    J McCown 457
    Kaepernick 343

      1. Does anyone have any idea how the next guy up would have done in Wright’s shoes. Was there even a body on the bench available. Maybe an extra OLB could have played for him, The Ravens had a hole and Kaepernick filled it for them. That’s what Pittsburgh did to our DBs and NYGs did to our line backers. and so on.

  36. You guys had me laughing until it hurt with your analysis of Grant’s analysis. I think Grant likes to be polarizing, it makes things more entertaining and generates clicks. He’s like the Colin Cowherd of Bay Area beat writers. I like how he even trolls the comment section. Anyway, I thought Colin put up a good effort and played easily his best game in years. We could play what ifs in any victory for any team. Only thing that matters is the Win! I can’t wait to watch Thursday’s game. Under JH Home games or road games didn’t play a factor, but with this young team, it appears they play better at home. Seattle plays poorly on the road (not new info) I think it’s a close one. I would like to see what we can do with a legit deep threat against LOB (looking like Legion of Busted-coverage).

    1. TomD

      October 19, 2015 at 8:18 am

      When handing out the awards to the Toilet Bowl recipients, remember, Seattle, St. Louis, and Falcons are upcoming!…2-7
      My prediction was 0-9 at this point, not too far off.

    2. It would help if our Bell Cow wasn’t gimpy, and it will certainly help if we play a relatively clean game. If all that happens and we also have a some go to weakness in the Seattle defense that we can use, then all we have to worry about is everything else — like maybe Seattle’s talent and the officials. May those officials see every Seahawk hold and not be so vigilante otherwise.

      One miracle would be a strong physical game from Vernon.

  37. According to many of the people’s comments on here, Cam Newton’s numbers wouldn’t have been that good IF it weren’t for Seattle’s numerous blown coverage’s. WHAT???

    Seattle screwed up, Cam took advantage. The Ravens screwed up, Kaep finally took advantage.

    1. 49ers survive nailbiter against an awful Ravens team, somehow share same record with

      Bay Area Sports Guy

      1. 49ers Paradise Staff Writer 2 Wins. Hardly time to celebrate…

        19 October 2015, 11:36 am

        The 49ers managed to avoid defeat to a struggling Ravens team, but they certainly made it interesting in the last few drives of the game. I don’t know what it is about the end of games, but the Niners came very close to letting this one slip past them in the final few minutes. Ev…

        1. Both teams were struggling. What’s your point. Nobody is putting this teamin the Superbowl! Get over it lil buddy

        2. they made it interesting because they tried to sit on the lead TrollD. It happens every Sunday around the league. The 49ers were having their way against the Ravens defense and could have put up many more yards and points if they felt like they needed to keep the foot on the pedal. 2-4 is a long way from 0-9 NimrodD. You know nothing about football so you should stop trolling this forum and go find something you’re good at. Analysing football is not your thing TrollD, you are in way over your head on this forum.

      2. Seahawks give up four fourth quarter leads to stomp there way into a tie with the the 49ers and several other like minded teams.


    2. Once again… Kaep taking advantage of blown coverage’s is a bad thing. Cam taking advantage of blown coverage’s shows his growth.

      Got it.

        1. We’ve lost to the Steelers, Cardinals, and Giants, all of whom are on top of their divisions right now. We also lost lost to one of the best when they were at their worst in Green Bay. And someome is smoking some weird stuff if they believe we could challenge the Patriots or Bengals. So no Steel, Torrey Smith is wrong. Reality sucks, but that’s the way it is right now.

          1. Scratch that on the Steelers. They have a good record, but they’re not on top of their division.

  38. I always pull for my niners. Glad for the win.

    Unfortunately, I think that we will beat a few bad teams this year and perhaps get a few wins in which we are not favored. It will be just enough to keep Tomsula/Baalke train on the tracks for a few more years.

    I just listened to Tim Kawakami interview Lowell Cohn and Lowell was talking about Bill Walsh’s pursuit of excellence, about how he pushed his players and how that made the players push themselves towards excellence. I just don’t see it with this coaching staff. I think that we are stuck with a pale version of the 1990s NY Giants (without Lawrence Taylor or even Phil Simms).

    I’ll keep rooting for my team, but this is going to be dreary at best.

    1. If the 49ers have been favored this year it would have to be the first game.

      Health and coaching on all sides will determine it they are favored again this year. If they hang in there and have good health they may win more than expected. Of course that will be because their opponents were depleted by injuries and bad coaching.

      A win Thursday might make them favored in a few games, but as we know, that can’t be because of the team was the best on on that occasion. It will because they were the beneficiaries of a criminal amount of luck.

    1. Leo,

      Unfortunately, you have the 49ers M/O down to a science. No way York admits he made a mistake on that uninspired Magical Mystery Tour called a coaching search, taking them halfway around the globe, only to realize Nirvana was inside 49er headquarters from the beginning.

      1. What I would love to know is who really made the decision, Baalke or York? I suspect it was York. York always seems to be more comfortable with internal hires. That suggest to me York does not know the league and more importantly when you are only comfortable with the known it suggests that you are insecure and afraid of strength and excellence in other people.

      2. I am forced to agree with you. Baalke must have an outstanding sense of what will please Jed. The York “big” picture is an endless stream of Superbowl Wins With Class”, and maximum family cash flow.

        Of course that’s where the rub is. Can Baalke’s idea of team building ever be matched up with a creative head coach who can build a strong staff? Maybe Baalke could build something like the Steelers organization if he had Steeler owners, but he doesn’t.

        I don’t think he would even want a Packer organization because they don’t match his world view. Don’t even mention the number one organization. Jed and his mom would never tolerate that.

  39. I had a response prepared to question just how far this place has fallen as a site to go and talk football, but I can’t even muster the energy to do it. The 9ers win a game after 4 losses and the big discussion is did they win it or did the Ravens lose it. Smh. I have to read through agendas and trolls to get to about 5% of interesting discussion. This place has really gone downhill in a hurry.

    1. Opinions don’t match yours and that means the site has gone down hill. That’s some ego Rocket.

      1. Cheers, Coffee,

        Rocket will never admit what Cosell, Ault, Young, Dilfer, Warner, Gruden, ect., etc., and others in the business see because Rocket is not in the industry, therefore, anyone quoting their exact words, Rocket treats like an attack on Kap.
        This has always been my M/O to test Rocket, without quoting sources.

          1. TrollD Looks like your prediction of another 0-52 loss did not come true. You just missed it by 55 points.
            I predicted a 27-24 Niner win. I missed it by 6 points.
            When will you start pontificating again about a Kaep for Tebow trade? I need a good laugh.

          2. But you know nothing about playing quarterback TrollD, so why would anyone care what you think?

        1. I find it ironic that when Cossell critiqued Alex Smith many people around here said that he (Cossell) was old and out of touch with today’s NFL.
          Not that Cossell points out Kap’ flaws suddenly he is one of the “go to” analyst around these parts.
          Whew, go figure?

          No one is making an excuse for CK’ poor mechanics, heck, Kap admitted to that himself last week.
          What is questionable is that after a win, CK still receives just as much criticism as when he loses.

          This guy just can’t catch a break from some people around here.
          Rivers threw for over 500 yrds and still lost. A.Luck has been subpar when he’s played this season. P.Manning is no longer what he used to be and R.Wilson isn’t looking like the same R.Wilson of the last few years.
          Point; even good QB’s will struggle.

          Cam Newton wasn’t always a good pocket QB, but he’s finally starting to get it. Some QB’s take more time than others to find their niche.
          Let’s at the very least see what Kap can do for the remainder of the season before running him out of town.
          Somehow I think that’s asking to much for 49ers fans given the fact that some are dinging him even after a win.

          1. I find it ironic that when Cossell critiqued Alex Smith many people around here said that he (Cossell) was old and out of touch with today’s NFL.

            I’m guilty of this, but the for it is because Cossell admitted that he dinged Smith for not having a strong throwing arm and also that he preferred the strong armed QBs. That showed a biased take that I didn’t particularly care for.

      1. I didn’t say you did Mid. That discussion was pointless imo but it’s your right to have it. The agenda comment was not directed at you.

        1. Ok, just checking to make sure that I wasn’t being lumped into a certain group.

    2. rocket,

      You’re missing the point. The clicks are at a record high. Of course, we don’t know if those clicks make any significant contribution the the Press Democrat. It’s clear that name recognition is more important to them than “clicking with class”.

  40. From Maiocco:

    “The 49ers continued their rotation at right guard, with backup Andrew Tiller playing 34 snaps and Jordan Devey on the field for 25 plays. While Tiller was on the field, the 49ers gained 268 of their 391 total yards with two touchdowns and two field goals.”

    Luck? I think not.

    1. I was gonna post the same thing Cubus. How long will it take this coaching staff to do the smart thing?

      1. Seb,

        You flunked history and did not qualify for high school creative writing due to cackling the same tired lines, and a history of misprepresentation.
        I will be happy when the homosapien/ cromagnon background of you familytree learn how to remember the facts while regurgitating your uncooked turkey leg this Thanksgiving.

        1. TrollD, I am disappointed with you. You seem to try to say something snappy, but digress into low brow insults. You really need to step up your game.
          Luckily, I have a good memory of all your pathetic statements and will be very happy to bludgeon you with them every time you attempt to engage me.
          Try harder.

          1. You’re right about that Seb. TrollD reminds me of a young boy trying to dress up like his father, but not knowing how to tie a necktie or button up a shirt.

            You would think he would have better things to do with his time, than troll a forum about a sport he clearly knows nothing about and consistently get’s schooled every single time he plays dress-up and pretends to have something relevant to add to the discussion.

            Though I will admit, having TomD on this forum makes everyone else sound a whole lot smarter, and maybe this forum is better with him on it.

            1. TomD is important to Grant. On his own he contributes a major number of posts plus his own clicks.

          2. The truly amusing thing above is that TomD thinks that he effectively insulted Seb, and Seb seems to think that he was insulted. The only actual insult from the above exchange is to the other H. sapiens who post here.

        2. Is it wrong of me to find amusement in the inept way Tom and Seb hurl poorly conceived barbs at each other?

          1. No, it’s definitely funny in a sad clown sort of way. I’d find it more amusing and less annoying, however, if they had their own dedicated thread instead of ruining various conversations.

            1. Hey, I have studiously avoided TrollD, but when he attacks me, I will defend myself. Notice how I have not engaged JPN? I will respond if some one wants to make snide remarks, but I am content to post in peace.
              Maybe JPN wants me to haunt his posts. I am perfectly willing to do it, but I am sure he wants to get in his dig at me without the grief that follows.
              So bring it on, I will not be kind.

            2. ” I’d find it more amusing and less annoying, however, if they had their own dedicated thread instead of ruining various conversations.”

              Good point, Grimey.

            1. I am affording you all the respect that you deserve. Whether the extent of the respect given aggrieves you or not is something you will have to decide for yourself.

              1. Since i respect your football acumen, I will endure your scorn, but I will maintain the right to defend myself. I just hope you will not get bent out of shape if I return the favor.

              2. It can happen, Mid. However, I am more likely to get a little ornery from time to time (like today, perhaps) rather than bent out of shape. Oh, and I was a bit annoyed that time Mary tried to make me out to be a liar regarding my profession, but we worked through that to the best of her ability to comprehend.

              3. Well, you’re more level-headed than me JPN so I commend you. And don’t be afraid to be ornery more often.

          2. Nope, just as it is amusing to watch Seb twist what someone says in order to fit his own belief.

    2. cubus,
      That’s very good info. It looks like Tiller will eventually overtake Devey. I’m interested to see how he does against a stout Seattle D-line this Thursday.
      If the 49ers offense has a respectable game this Thursday Tiller may lockdown the job for years to come.

      I haven’t heard much from the Brandon Thomas camp of late and was wondering where he is in his development. I had high hopes for him and he seems to be a fading player distant from the mix.

        1. I have also heard and read a variety of sources that suggest that offensive lineman coming out of college are not prepared to push defenders back in pass blocking. They are accustomed to pushing them to the side and/or giving ground to allow the QB to move. So, it may be a matter of strength and technique when asked to start pushing defenders back.

      1. AES,

        I certainly understand your doubting of Thomas’ ability. I was right there with you, until I heard Derrick Deese give an opinion on the subject. He said, in his opinion, young offensive lineman develop much, much more slowly now, than before the new collective bargaining agreement, because there are so many fewer padded (close to game speed) practices. He went on to say that, since defenders are much more athletic than O linemen, the only advantage the O line has over the D line is that they play as a unit, but only once all the members of an O line know what they’re doing.

        As a result, Deese said, many O lines aren’t looking very good, partly because teams are choosing to go with older, less talented players who understand the NFL game better than younger, more talented, but less experienced O linemen.

        It’s far from a guarantee that Thomas will make it, eventually, but it might be reason for some hope.

        Speaking of young O linemen, did Martin look any better on Sunday? The game wasn’t shown in LA.

        1. exgolfer,
          The O-line has been improving on their pass-blocking, but unfortunately the running game seems to be suffering. There weren’t too many open lanes for CHyde on Sunday, but that may be because Hyde is playing on a sore foot.

          I like the way our O-line is progressing and if it continues it’s upward climb we could actually see some good overall offensive play in the near future. A good on Thursday game could either be a turning point for the 49ers going forward or a reality check that we are still owned by the freegin’ seahags.

  41. I would of given Kaep an A for his performance until he made another bonehead play. CK fall down, do not, I repeat, do not go out of bounds. He gets a C in my book. The Niners offense seems to be getting better. It starts with Martin he seems to have settled down, the addition of Tiller seems to have made the OL better. Along with a better OL, CK (just fall down) is playing much better but maybe not thinking better (just fall down).

    Really though with the insertion of Tiller the offense has seemed to of woken up a bit. That’s a good thing. There has been improvement but we will see on Thursday. This is the kind of game that can get a team over the hump. Whole season could turn around with a victory against Seattle.

    1. CK’s done this multiple times. Drives me nuts how little game awareness the man has in his 5th season. Had he not been bailed out by a DH, it could have cost his team the game.

      1. I have to say I thought CK played extremely well. I don’t expect All Pro. I expect consistent improvement and we’ve seen that a few weeks in a row. Having said that, CK running out of bounds was a horrible decision. He MUST know better than that. If I’m Tomsula/Chryst I am in his face on the sideline after that play. You expect High School QB’s to have better game awareness than CK showed on that.

      2. I don’t get it either, Brodie! Like you’ve said, he has done it multiple times in the past and seems like it’s just not getting into his head for whatever reasons.

      3. That’s why I think the Ravens lost the game rather than the 49ers won it.

    2. If you are watching at home just yell at the screen but don’t throw anything. He also has lost a lot of yards three years of playing time by not throwing the ball away before he goes out of bounds. He may have shown some improvement but I can’t remember when, and that’s the only time I’ve ever yelled at the screen during one of Colin’s games.

      The louder you yell the better it feels unless others in your house yell back at you. There is even a therapy base on yelling your guts out. Enjoy the release.

      1. “He also has lost a lot of yards three years of playing time by not throwing the ball away before he goes out of bounds. He may have shown some improvement but I can’t remember when, and that’s the only time I’ve ever yelled at the screen during one of Colin’s games.”

        This frustrates me as well, HT. The same is true on some sacks.

        1. I’ve had so many typo gaps today that I feel like Colin playing against the Packers.

          I left out the sacks that didn’t include running out of bounds because they are not as clear cut.

          The out of bounds plays do not need much in the way of smart QB play at any level. Runners and pass catchers do the same thing on occasion when keeping the clock running is important. The QB gets a lot more opportunity for such bone headed plays.

          1. What is even more stupefying is that even during the Harbaugh years any negative or no gain plays were very likely to kill a drive.

            Only one aspect of NFL games bugs me more, and that’s the old shove in the back or grab the jersey on punt returns. I don’t know how often those penalties are missed such that they result in a net gain for a team, but I doubt that they do result in a net gain.

  42. Snaps Count Observations:
    – Defense 77. Not ideal for a short week.
    – Tank Carradine 14 defensive snaps. Vance McDonald 16 offensive snaps. That’s alot of draft capital riding the pine.
    – Tiller 34 offensive snaps. Devy only 25. Writing’s on the wall.
    – Hayne 9, Mike Davis 3 offensive snaps… a tiny number considering Hyde was hurting. Clearly the coaches aren’t very confident in the backups.

      1. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
        Jim Tomsula said RB Carlos Hyde does not have plantar fasciitis. He suggested the injury is more of a bruise to the foot.

        I guess if it’s just a bruise they’re ok.

        1. Hyde said that at one point yesterday he put too much pressure on his foot and that the pain was nothing like any thing he’s ever experienced.

      2. I’m assuming they though Bush would get more snaps. That fell apart vs the Vikings. Hyde had a great day, but a bigger run total then they want to maintain.

    1. Mike Davis seems to have screwed up on one of his three snaps. His stock level seems to indicate he’s having trouble with his assignments. Gore delivered a stone cold not an inch more block on a big play for Luck Sunday. Luck is lucky to have old dead legs Gore stumbling around in Luck’s backfield.

  43. Tomsula says he’s optimistic Bush will play on thursday. Even if he does, Mike Davis should be active.

    1. Davis s/b on the field period. Give Bush a few more weeks off in this position and let him replace the fumbler, Hyde on special teams against Seattle.

            1. More useful predictions, courtesy of Seb’s roster choices, INC.


              September 8, 2015 at 3:47 pm

              B2W, Hayne will be the Niners new Swiss Army knife. They should utilize all his skills. He is perfect to help set up mismatches.

              1. TomD, I hope you realize you sound like a fricken MORON. Hyde, Hayne, Hermit? It’s all the same to you I guess.

                Can you quit wasting space on this forum. Some of us actually know the names of the players on the 49ers whom we are talking about. You know, like a knowledgable fan should know/

                Sheesh. You sir, are an IDIOT!

            2. A frequent mistake for you. A 53 man roster is hell to keep track of even with Google available.

        1. 49reasons,

          Labels originating from one who reads incorrectly are without merit…You earn an F for the day…When reading, please consult your local academies with my post. I’m sure they will be more than happy to enroll you into their critical reading course and point out the names Gruden, Ault, Warner, Dilfer and young, mentioned there.

          1. Seriously TomD, you don’t know how to write. Every other post of yours misses the point, or makes no sense, and your obvious lack of knowledge about everything related to the 49ers sticks out like a porcupine at a nudest colony.

            If you think Hyde has been fumbling punts, you’re never going to convince anyone here, that your comments are worth reading.

            If dumb were dirt, you’d cover more than an acre!

  44. Revert back to bad football or continue to take steps forward. Big game for both teams.

  45. Chryst has done a good job the last couple of weeks. He’s helping the QB by giving him simple reads, and the oline by using play action to slow the pass rush.

    The defense got lucky a few times yesterday with the missed FG, etc. They really need to shore up the underneath coverage stuff.

    1. “Chryst has done a good job the last couple of weeks. He’s helping the QB by giving him simple reads, and the oline by using play action to slow the pass rush.”

      I agree, Jack. I think we have a large enough sample size to reliably conclude that Kap does better when the offense centers around defined reads and allows him to have his legs as his security blanket. It also does better when Bruce Miller is involved early. I think Bruce is Kap’s other security blanket because he can catch the fastball and is not as slow as he appears to be.

    2. I’d like to see Chryst get Hayne involved in space with sweeps, screens and quarterback option pitches. Play action is great but the one disadvantage is, it slows down the quarterback reads….

    3. I haven’t been a fan of Chryst’s play calling for most of this season, but he has done a better job of getting Kap into a rhythm the past couple of weeks. The WR screens, roll outs and passes to the FB are great ice breakers to get things rolling. Play action is also what made this offense successful during Kaps first two seasons as starter, so it’s great that Chryst is making more use of it. It took awhile but they are finally taking advantage of defenses that are crowding the box with their safeties in.

      Giving Tiller more snaps at RG has resulted in better pass protection overall, so that was also a nice adjustment.

    4. Jack your post generated nine intelligent replies before dumb and dumber jumped in with Kaepernick proclamations of no relevance. If I had come by earlier I would not have made the dialog any smarter but I would have agreed so make that ten posts.

      1. Jack and everyone else.

        This blog’s software drives me nuts. My post should have shown up sometime after Prime Time’s October 19, 2015 at 2:23 pm “contribution”.

  46. ” Play action is great but the one disadvantage is, it slows down the quarterback reads….”

    And it also helps the play develop more before the QB makes his reads. Kap trusts his eyes and his arm, not his anticipation. Play action allows him to look up and make his decision on what is, not what may be.

      1. Motion helps more with showing the coverage and pre snap reads. I think the issue for Kaepernick is more post snap.

        1. By putting a TE, RB or WR in motion, you can provide clues to the quarterback by the defensive reaction. I understand the Safeties are the first indicator and then post snap, the cornerbacks’ backpedal against the number one wide receiver. All I’m saying is, although play action is a very useful tool, it does put the quarterbacks’ rear to the defense, thus inhibiting growth in identifying and processing the information needed to make decisions post snap….

          1. I hope the Niners put a TE in motion back towards the center, then pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out, then move in the same direction of Kaep so he could be a short pass target if the WRs are covered. Aaron Rodgers did that very effectively his last game.

    1. At 28 years old, 4th year in the league,been to 2 championship games, a SB and yet we are still talking about how to help #7 read defenses. Wow!

      1. Its Colin’s 5th year. Drafted in 2011. When he started in 2012, people lumped him with Wilson, Luck and RG3. That’s part of the “young Kaepernick” perception vs reality problem. He’s only 3 years younger than Alex Smith.

        1. Alex Smith is so young he’ll be young for another ten years. He was getting pounded behind the Mike Nolan — Mike McCarthy offensive line when he was a young twenty.

      2. It really doesn’t matter what he does from this point forward, we know what we have in Kaep, in that we never knew which guy will show up. He’s inconsistent and flourishes in an undisciplined, street ball style, and the offense has to be simple in order for him to have a good game against a mediocore team.

        He is talented and athletic, so we’ll see flashes of what he can do, but it’s all really a mirage, false hope. He’s still making the same bonehead mistakes that you can’t have the leader of the the team make, like run of out bounds when you’re trying to run out the clock.

    2. Play action also is a benefit to CK because a good play fake and initially aggressive blocks by the O-line and TE before they reset for pass protection will draw up the linebackers and occasionally a safety, so the intermediate part of the field is void of underneath traffic and CK should be able to see more clearly the crossing receivers without as many defenders obstructing his vision. You also can have play fakes that impact coverage of the outside third of the field and the flat areas.

  47. • Colin Kaepernick finally showed some progress in the 49ers’ 25-20 victory over Baltimore. The Ravens blitzed him 52 percent of the time, according to ESPN Stats & Information, and Kaepernick completed 9 of 14 passes and had two touchdowns and 16.8 yards per attempt against that pressure. He had averaged 4.5 yards an attempt and completed 22 of 46 passes against the blitz in the first five games.


    1. Doesn’t matter Grimey. What matters is that he ran out of bounds on a play that didn’t count. Focusing on anything else is a complete waste of time.

      1. Rocket,

        You do realize how narrow minded you are. No what, there’s no stats for narrow-mindedness.

        THIS JUST IN — It doesn’t matter if the play doesn’t count, the QB has an ongoing issue with brain farting. Why would you even accept that? Do you know what separates Brady, Rodgers from the rest? A dedication and committment to the craft. The fact that Kaep didn’t seem to care, is an issue. He’s done it countless times! You think Harbaugh let that go? Heck no!

        But you will take all the yards he throws in a lost, and ignore the mistakes in the SB or NFCCG, because that’s all you care about.
        The little details matter.

        You can’t blame the OL or bad receivers on Kaep running out of bounds. He was on the other side of the field, he didn’t even see the flag. He ran out of bounds because he forgot the game situation — yet again. No wonder we have to simplify the offense for the guy.

      2. That play didn’t count because of a mistake by DB Jimmy Smith. We can’t count on that happening again so that Kaepernick can get bailed out. He did good yesterday, but Kaepernick did something that he has done again and again without learning from it. He has got to get that cleaned up.

  48. Oh my goodness. I’ve had a vision. I’ll be here ten years from now and 77 will be ranting about the current “victim” and will be blaming his faults on today’s 7. There is no fault so insignificant that it isn’t worth a rant from 77.

  49. Smith dropped two TDs? Heck, the one he did catch was because of a blatant, arm-fully-extended push off. If the refs weren’t being so kind, he would have had ZERO!

    1. Only certain “big time” receivers seem to get away with full extension push offs. They may just be afraid of Smith, but he is also “big time”.

      1. I’ve seen him make a play like that and then demonstrate it to someone on the bench with the camera on him. I guess the concept of full extension must be as subjective as intentionally batting a loose ball.

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