49ers announce 2015 practice squad

The 49ers just signed the following players to the practice squad:

WR DiAndre Campbelll
CB Marcus Cromartie
RB Kendall Gaskins
DT Kaleb Ramsey
LB Marcus Rush
NT Garrison Smith
QB Dylan Thompson
G Andrew Tiller
S Jermaine Whitehead

Worth noting: Pro Football Focus gave Tiller a preseason grade of plus-7.6 (highest on the offense), Smith a grade of plus-6.1 (second-highest on the defense), Rush a grade of plus-3.1 and Whitehead a grade of plus-2.8.

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  1. I like this team. Wonder who the last player will be. Hope he can come in and help right away.

    1. To 49er Nation

      Seb appears to be a Raider Fan as on 9/5 he proposed that we trade away a good players to the Raiders posted at 12:53 pm on Grant’s article: “49ers Acquire C Easton…”
      Other viewpoints expressed by Seb on this site throughout the months also have us getting rid of good players
      He is joined on this site by his Raider Comrades: CK:Elite and Join us at Raiders Eatery (AKA: Razoreater), all expressing similar viewpoints, and always agreeing with each others commentary.
      This latest post by Seb is only a ruse….WATCHOUT, THERE MAY BE OTHERS.

        1. RaidersEatery:

          I see your still stinging because I asked you to read a book now and again.
          Perhaps your other Raider Comrades (all aforementioned) would like a reading lesson also, so I took the liberty to find the reading material entitled: deadspin, why-your-team-sucks-2015-Sf 49ers. Please, everyjone, enjoy your reading over a good dinner tonight.

      1. Get lost, noob. The posters you accuse of Raider-dom have been on this site way way before you stumbled here.

  2. I’ve seen some comments about the potential phasing out of the fullback position. Is this because the team is moving towards ZBS?

    1. Absolutely. Fullbacks don’t have much of a roll in a ZBS. It will be interesting to see what they do with Bruce Miller.

      1. Tomsula said they would use a mix of ZBS and Gap scheme. They’ll have some plays for Miller still.

        1. Agreed. Miller is an accomplished lead blocker and an above average pass catcher – when given the opportunity.

          The traditional FB position is a dying breed, but given BM’ talent some offensive creativity could allow him to make an impact.
          Miller is a flat-out ball’r and any team would be wise to understand this and keep these type of players around.

            1. How about developing Jared Hayne into a blocking and receiving fullback. He has the tools and certainly is a quick learn by any ones yard stick. Certainly Rathman could get him there.

        2. It would require a strategy to avoid having Miller be a tell every time he comes into the game.

          1. I think Miller can threaten a D several ways:
            Lead blocker as a traditional and offset FB
            Line him up as an H-back to block or run a route
            He can get yards occasionally up the middle and on counters
            He’s got real decent hands and can catch the flare, FB screen or wheel route.
            I’m not seeing him as that much of a tipoff.

          2. They should just use him in a variety of ways on first and second downs, and insert a TE for 3rd down.

            1. On 3rd? I think I’d rather have Ellington or Reggie Bush than McDonald or Celek. Bell has a little ways to go.

      2. It also looks as though the tight ends will be the lead blockers more often and thus the higher numbers on this team.

      1. So what’s the scuttlebutt on Kam and Thomas? You have quite a few new faces on defense. Will it be the same old Seattle D? What’s your take? Your new WR Lockette looks promising.

        1. Wilson, read that articleI I posted for Cubus , it’s very informative.

          Our O-Line will be a little rusty but coach cable thinks it will be as good as the 2013 group.

          If you’ve got eyes you know what a great special teamer Tyler Lockette is shaping up to be; punt returns/TD and a 63 yd TD in Raider’s game. We have 5 WRs and 3 TEs.

          Our D-Line core is all here and healthy. Frank Clark is outperforming all expections. We’ll be as good or better than last year.

          Secondary: Kam is still out I can’t imagine he’ll miss out on paychecks. I’m losing patience. Anyway we have Dion Bailey and have signed Kelcie McCray from Kansas City.

          Earl Thomas missed Training Camp & OTAs so we’ll see if he comes out flying around the field.

          Cary Williams CB. He plays across from Sherman. Got a bad rap from Eagles but Kris Richard the DC and formally the cornerback coach thinks Cary is great. Everything is based on Technique and Finishing and is Cary there — I’m not sure.

          Jeremy Lane CB excellent player out injured for most of the year is a great loss but this year we have better depth.Seattle may have a slow start; last year we were 3-3 and then 6-4 and ended up playing in the SB.

          I predict we’ll win the division.

          1. Mary, I don’t think any fan base really sees when their team is about to take a dive out of contention. The Hawks have lost a lot in the secondary. Sherman can’t do it all by himself. Chancellor is a huge part of that teams success as is Thomas. The Hawks win a lot of close games, lose a player or two like those guys and all of sudden you go from 10-6 to 8-8. I see the hope in new receivers and weapons, but there’s still the questions surrounding the O Line and Russell’s accuracy. We’ve seen it all before here. Marshawn is getting older. Your window isn’t open forever. I could actually see the Hawks going 9-7 or 8-8 this year without Thomas and Chancellor.

            1. Wilson: I agree with you 100%. The odds were stacked against us getting back to the SB last year. Our division plays a lot of good teams this year. I pretty much know which teams are going to be the contenders and I’m waiting until 6 games in. Seattle’s going to win the ivision. Pls note, that was my only prediction.

              1. We lost Aldon, Willis, and Bowman last year plus Brock and Culliver and Anthony Davis for most of the season. It explains a lot around here.

                We’ve lost so much more this year, who knows. I think 6 game is a fair evaluation. The Steelers are beat up too and have suspensions as well. The Bengals and Ravens are tough teams. GB is a challenge for anyone and the rest of the NFC north is a toss up. This could be really interesting. Hawks could win the division, so could the Cardinals.

  3. Perhaps they are holding the last spot for Moody if he goes unclaimed. I think he is eligible for the PS? I don’t think this regime puts a lot of value on Fullbacks and I don’t even recall seeing Millard play in the exhibition season?

    1. Wilson: the 49ers have taken a hit players and coaching staff, no question. But the 49ers are a good organization and you’ll land on your feet.

      I haven’t really been following preseason that closely except for the Seahawk woes. I knew the 49ers were of course having probs. The Rams always give us trouble so I’m kind of dreading that 1st game. Oh well.

  4. Could the empty practice squad slot be for Trent Brown, Ian Silberman, Nick Easton if they sign Matt Barrow’s mystery OT castoff to the 53?

    1. Good call. I can see Silberman being the odd man out if they sign a OT. He has potential, and would makes sense for the PS. No chance they cut Easton, he’s a better fit for this offense. And I think Trent would be claimed. It’s hard to find guys with his measurables that move as well as he does. I think he will be our starter at RT in 2016, unless they welcome Davis back. Give Trent a year in the weight room and I think he could be really good.

    2. I had,to go over to check that out, I thought maybe Barrows had some OTs name in an envelope and was holding out on us! Nope, just the ‘Platonic’ OT-to-be.

      1. Mean of Barrows to tweet “Apparently, 49ers found an OT castoff they like. All will be revealed shortly … ” only to leave us hanging.

        I can understand any delay. Lots of moving pieces. First, they need to identify a player on the 53 that can be demoted to the PS without bolting or getting grabbed.

        I thought AD might be the guy, but he’s not a castoff.

        1. Maybe they wait until he passes a physical? And if it’s just to the PS they don’t have to bump anybody now.
          But Matt is a tease in this case, no doubt. He may be just proving his worth to a source so he can say “See? You can trust me with info on background.” Future dividends.

  5. It’s good that they were able to sign Rush. I think if Brooks stays active thy might move him up to the 53. He makes more sense rotating with Brooks than the other guys.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Razor regarding Mills. I think we are better off giving Pears a couple weeks and see if his play picks up now that hopefully he is playing with a better RG.. If not I would like to see Brown incerted.

  6. Now that the roster is basically set. I hope Tomsula can start game planning. I would recommend studying SB XXIV, a 55-10 blowout against the Broncos. Walsh had a player go in motion, and attacked the Denver defense by creating mismatches. they would flood a zone, Joe would just choose the open man, and they marched down the field. Putting a man in motion can pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out, overload the weak side, and avoid the jam at the LOS. It could also be used to run reverses and flea flickers. Putting a man in motion will help the offense get a step on the defense, and Kaep can read the defenses’ reaction and check down to the right play.The coaches should study and dissect that game to gain insights on how the Master worked.

    1. Studying a 20 year old offense that defenses have adjusted to isn’t really what we need. Trick plays are not the answer either. We need an offense that moves the ball regulary, isn’t predictable (something we haven’t seen for a while), can lean either the run or pass game, adjusts its game plan to beat defenses weaknesses (something else we haven’t seen for a while), and can impose its will on the game like the teams of old could. Could be a problem with out personnel and o line.

      What is it you think the coaches do? They just show up on Sunday’s and draw plays in the dirt? They spend every day working on getting better. Someday you should pay attention to how much these coaches study, review film, research and evaluate.

      1. “Studying a 20 year old offense…….”
        Why not?
        Harbaugh brought in the Wing T from 1960.
        : >)

        1. If watching the 49ers defeat of the Broncos made great coaches seems like we’d be in a better place today.

          I am sure there are concepts and things to be learned, doesn’t nearly everyone run some version of the WCO these days? Seems like defenses have adapted.

          1. I do not want them to only study it, I want them to additionally study it. I hope they are studying lots of things.

        2. I additionally want them to study a 34 yer old drive. They should study the drive before The Catch. Walsh coached a less talented squad and began a dynasty. He had ridiculously good play calling and the Niner coaches would benefit from dissecting his thinking.

            1. Well, maybe they have more urgent things to do, like work on the O Line.
              However, this could be included in the study time, because I am positive they schedule time to study. I want them to learn and gain insights, i do not want them to waste time.

          1. Here’s a question for you. Should they only study 49ers greats or should they branch out and study other teams greats too?

            1. Hmm, first you say they do not have time to study that, then you wonder if they should study other things. Make up your mind. I cant argue both sides.

              1. I am not arguing both sides. I don’t think watching Super Bowl tape will be what fixes this offense. I don’t think watching other teams tapes will fix us either. I was posing a question to you and exploring your line of thought and if you think watching Patriots or Steelers tape would help or if you only hold past 49ers teams with esteem? The question still remains, should they only watch 49ers greats or should they learn from other great teams too?

              2. You seem to imply that watching that game would be a waste of time and totally useless. I disagree.
                I cant change your mind, but I hope you can at least respect my opinion enough to not diss it.

        3. Look where that got us. 3 NFC championship and 1 SB. It was good while it lasted. Then it degenerated into run left, run right, throw to Anquan.

          1. So they should learn from their mistakes and improve. Devise new strategies. Install a new system. Be more efficient.

            1. Remember this is a new coaching staff save for Geep and Logan as well as Rathman. It wasn’t their mistakes but they have made all kinds of improvements already to past mistakes. Watching a superbowl tape doesn’t fix their issues. I do agree they needed a new vision for offense, seems like the have one. Depends whether or not our players can execute it.

              1. Someone already said it. Walsh would probably do different things with Kap. Different era, players, skill sets and defenses. I guess to put it this way did Walsh go backwards and watch old 49ers teams to help him win? No he understood the game as it was and developed something new to beat the defenses of the time. He may have incorporated elements of historical things but it was a new development according to the QB he had in place. I don’t think Kap is a WCO kinda guy. He plays better out of the spread and read option.

                I don’t know that the team has really displayed their playbook much in preseason so we’ll have to get in 3-4 games to see if they’ve created an offense that works with Kap or not.

              2. I would hope they look at them just to gain insight on the crispness of the offense and the smooth flowing style. The man in motion is also a revelation, but I just saw efficient execution and I want this new team to emulate that system.

        1. So we’re doomed to winning super bowls? Its a trite and cute phrase that’s well over used at times. Most of the time an unhealthy attachment to past cripples the future.

          1. Those who dwell in the past devour the future. I do not want them to dwell in the past. I want them to revolutionize the offense.I want a brand spankin new system. I want Kaep to change the concept of the position and shock the world. I want the Niner offense to be unstoppable, and a hydra headed monster of weapons that can take a bite out of the defense. I want them to score at leas 7 times per game.
            I want them to learn from past history to avoid the pitfalls in the future. I want them to utilize all their skills to their maximum potential. They need to seize the day. They must GO FOR IT.

      2. “What is it you think the coaches do? They just show up on Sunday’s and draw plays in the dirt?”

        That gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

    2. Seb,
      Honestly I think Bill Walsh would have come up with something very different if he had CK as his QB. Check downs from the pocket worked great with Joe not so with the Kap. I don’t even see sense in pinching in the DE since this is supposed to be a run first offense.
      As a run first offense you want to stretch the opposing defense to all corners of the foot ball universe. Two seasons ago I though a flex diamond formation was the best fit for this particular QB and the RBs at the time.
      If the O line tanks this year then the diamond might make sense again. It offers both extra blocking support and stretching out the box to help the inside running. The running game can then set up the passing game to match their current philosophy. Geep is apparently a big proponent of RB / FB receiving and a diamond formation facilitates that as well.
      Would the West Coast Wizard have gone there – I don’t know – but then he did not have a CK as QB.

      1. Bill Walsh would lick his lips and rub his hands together in glee just thinking of all the ways he could use Kaep. He would be like a kid in a candy store. Steve Young was a Walsh creation because he saw the potential of a mobile QB. Kaep can shrug off arm tackles, throw on the run and out race not only the LBs, or the safeties, but also the CBs.

        1. Or…..

          Bill Walsh would realize that a QB who can’t read defenses, doesn’t have patience in the pocket, and can’t make any of the throws besides throwing a fastball would have no place in his west coast offense. He would realize that after the read option was figured out by the other coaches and Kaep’s bad footwork and wonky delivery and unpredictable play a liability, he would cut him and start Blaine Gabbert.

          Walsh would have done the same to Alex Smith after year 2 or 3, when he showed no development, but would have kept Alex year 6, did was Andy Reid has done.

          Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?

      2. By pinching in the DE, Kaep can roll out in a designed controlled pocket and be able to deliver the ball on the run. Usually the DBs will be disoriented and befuddled by the thought of Kaep running wild, so they will forget all about the receivers and the WRs and Vernon should be wide open like many previous occasions.

        1. What about the OLB on that play when playing 3/4 defenses? Defense have figured this out by putting a spy on Kap. That way the DB’s and safeties can focus on their coverage. Its Kap’s best strength is that they have to respect his ability to run so there’s some truth to what you’re saying, but he has to capitalize on any opennings in coverage it may give him.

          1. Kaep should occupy the attention of the spy and deliver the ball in the hands of his playmakers, and make the spy useless.

  7. Another cut down day with a seemingly healthy player winding up on Injured Reserve
    Busta Anderson looked fine Thursday night. Tomsula said there were no injuries after the game.

    At some point I wonder if the NFL will start looking into this kind of stuff. I can only find two examples of teams getting punished for roster limit infractions.

    1981 Oakland Raiders
    Transgression: Illegally sequestering players in 1978
    Forfeited pick: 1981 fifth-rounder

    1980 Oakland Raiders
    Transgression: Evasion of player limit
    Forfeited pick(s): 1980 fourth-rounder

    1. Seriously, you’d think they’d make some attempt to fake some injury concern, i.e. holding him out of the final game, limiting practice reps,etc.

      Pretty blatant there.

        1. Man, the showers were a dangerous place at Perris Island back in the day.
          Guys were slipping on a bar of soap all over the place!
          ‘You slipped on a bar of soap and got a fat lip, broken nose and two black eyes?’ “Sir! Yes Sir!”
          : -)

    2. I think Baalke and the Niners are playing by the rules. They must have medical evidence to back their claims. No quacks allowed.

    3. Hush ….. we don’t want to awaken the sleeping NFL giant. You might create a faked injury gate to match the deflate gate from the other side of the continent.

  8. AJ Jenkins got cut by the Cowboys. That is a huge wiff by Trent Baalke. A first round pick does not get flat out cut like that.

    1. Jive Bologna! There are 1st round busts all the time. Everybody hates them, they set teams back and can eventually get people fired, but it happens all the time.
      The Genius had busts. Seifert had busts. Mooch? Drunkenmiller! Rashaun Woods by Donahue? You’re just piling on.

    2. Yawn. AJJ is ancient history to me. Long line of draft busts like Jamarcus Russel and Druckenmiller make AJJ pale in comparison. He was 29th, so he was almost a second round pick. AJJ actually had a decent game in the playoffs.
      How about 3 first round draft picks for RGIII? AJJ just did not work out.

    3. 1st rounders not getting cut only applies to their first team, not any after that. This is a well worn trench. 77 is there anything you like about the 49ers this year? Anything you’re hoping to see this year? Or is it just another abysmal doomed failure of a year in your view?

      1. Excited to Mangini’s defense, it could be exciting and exasperating at the same time.
      2. Hyde
      3. Return game looks better
      4. Safeties and DB’s
      5. Navarro
      6. D line

        1. Hilarious on the cheerleaders and where’s the sport in liking the back up QB position? Have you gone back and watched his tape when he was a starter? I guess I wonder what makes you think he’d be any better than Kap? It’s possible he could have finally grown into his high draft pick.

          1. I just joking man. Gotta have a sense of humor with this upcoming season. I want Kaep to be a leader and show signs of growth, more so then just getting the win. If he beats Minnesota by just relying on his running, then I think we’re in for a long season, like last year. If he show pocket awareness and gets everyone involved and they lose, I would see that as a building block.

            Blaine looks better this year because it seems the office suits him. It’s a bunch of check downs, move the chains.

            I don’t want Kaep to get hurt, but if the offense struggles and he gets a concussion on a run, and Blaine moves the chains and chews up clock, and the offense doesn’t look pathetic, that would make the 2015 season very interesting indeed.

            Like I said, not wishing that at all. Maybe Grant is the only one that sticks up for me on this one…….

          2. Sometimes its hard to tell when you’re joking in the midst of all your rhetoric and absolutisms.

            I think you’re right about having realistic expectations when it comes to this season. If Kap can’t play well and Gabbert is showing he can move the ball we could have a change at the QB position. I do wonder how Gabbert will fair behind our O line against the 1’s from other teams. Gabbert is Alex Smith 2.0. He’ll get the job done maybe? Kap has the potential to be more dangerous than either but consistency is key.

            Ninernation had an article on Kap’s first 50 TD’s. I know you don’t care but it was interesting they compared him to Alex Smith. “At first glance, it appears as if Kaepernick equally distributed his touchdown passes across the field with relatively high number of passes which traveled 31 or more yards past the line of scrimmage. Tight end Davis caught three of those five bombs and was Kap’s primary deep threat receiver, especially in 2013 when he was on the receiving end of all three of Kaepernicks’ 30-plus yards touchdown throws. In his two seasons with the Chiefs, Alex Smith didn’t throw a single touchdown pass 31 or more yards downfield. To no surprise”

            1. I like to keep the Kaepolgists on their toes.

              I was never a huge Alex Smith fan. But he had a magical turnaround with Harbaugh. Played it safe, and made just enough plays. Like Kaep, when was not good, he was not good. We’ll never know what he might have done with the SB team if he had a chance to come back from his concussion. It was almost set up for him. He beat GB in game 1 and ATL was not a great team. Once he left this was Kaep’s team, he couldn’t get past SEA, just like Alex couldn’t get past the Giants.

              I’m curious how Alex will do this year with the Chiefs and the Andy Reid Offense. He will have bigger gains this year but mainly because of YAC yards, and now true down field throws.

              Is Hyde a better runner then Charles?
              V Davis better then Kelce?
              Bolden better Maclin?
              MIller is definitely a better FB then anyone KC has, but Kniles Davis a better back-up. They both have bad O-Lines.

              Top 5 Reason I’ll watch the games this year:
              See Hyde became a beast.
              See Bowman come back all the way.
              See Kaep take the steps necessary to be a complete QB.
              See V Davis have a comeback season
              See Haynes/Ellington become ST studs

              Top 5 reasons I’ll turn a game off (which I haven’t done since 77!)
              If Kaep continues to show regression
              If the O-Line resembles suckiness
              If The Niners show no heart and play stupid
              If Tomsula gets out-coached repeatedly
              If Kaep gets an unsportsmanlike conduct for talking crap to a D-lineman to prove his manhood

    1. Max Dude-
      I let your first complaint pass as just a shot across the bow for fun, but you c’mon. If you don’t know the difference between a “Slipped on a bar of soap” story and a “Dropped the bar of soap” story, then either its your mind in some gutter, or you served time while I was in the Marines. Not angry, just calling bs on that.

      1. JFC! How complicated is this?
        “I slipped on a bar of soap” was the singular explanation EVER given in Boot Camp for visible bruises inflicted by our Drill Instructors and each other. And it was universally accepted as an explanation by Officers and senior NCOs.
        WTF? Nobody go through Boot in the old days? How about High School Summer Football Camp? BTW, we didn’t get a Participation Trophy either.

    1. Sorry, my rant was on-going when you posted! I posted another. Just a cranky old dude maybe.

  9. So much for the mystery OT being revealed. I wonder what the hold up is like you guys said earlier. Physical, contract terms, who to put on the PS?

    1. Maybe Hammer’s prediction about Gabbert replacing an injured Kaepernick were in fact presceint and simply premature.

    2. This is pretty generous of Pears considering how you’ve pointed out his shortcomings here.

      “Erik Pears is a solid pass-protector on the right”

    3. Good breakdown. Just a couple of notes:
      – Dime secondary may be a little fluid.
      – TJE: I think he may line up at SOLB on early downs now and then. Against A.Peterson? Stay tuned.
      – I agree Bush will be 3rd down single back sometimes, but perhaps not all the time. He’s OK, but not the best blocker. Hyde, and eventually Davis, can block and catch and will get reps on 3rd.
      I think Bush’s big plays may come on 1+2, especially 2nd when he can be used in formations to create mismatches. If, let’s say Hyde, rips off a couple of 1D runs, then bring in Reggie on 1st and keep the D on their heels. The Hyde/Hyde/Bush cycle may be too predictable.
      It’s not going to be like Chip Kelly, but the team worked hard on smooth, multiple personnel substitutions in TC. I think they don’t want to approach 3rd down the same way every time.
      This here, of course, is remote speculation.

    4. Grant, nice roster breakdown. Some thoughts…

      – Ward isn’t listed in any of the slot packages. Not even as backup. One of the less talked about secondary issues. I think he’d make a spiffy free/lurk safety.

      The trend would go against Baalke’s desire for interchangeable strong/free safeties, but you still need to match scheme with talent.

      – I think Chryst’s protection scheme for Kaepernick is running the ball down the gullet of the defense. Lots of play action and roll outs. Backs will be split wide to draw the safety out.

      – I love the idea of keeping VMac on the line. I think he was poorly suited for the H-Back role. That’s Vernon/Bell territory.

      – If Carradine or Armstead falter in the Dime Front, I could see Dial staying on passing downs. His pass rush abilities were hidden as NT last year.

      – Right corner is one of the biggest mysteries of camp. I guess we will know Monday night.

      1. Sounds like the Vikings have O line problems, too. So maybe the pass rush can sack TB and rattle him.

    5. Grant,

      Do you think the 49ers will look to use Ward in the slot at all moving forward, or do you think he has pretty much made a full time transition to safety now?

  10. No wonder we didnt bring Iupati back, he’s injured and out for 8 weeks! Now the cardinals got another offensive lineman out, looks like we are not the only NFC west team with a porous offensive line.

    1. I wonder if the Cards and Niners are in a bidding war for Barrows mystery castoff OT.

    2. If the Niners OL is Staley-Boone-Martin-Devey-Pears then at least each starter has real NFL game experience.
      The Seahawks new Center (post Unger) is Drew Novak who has never started in a NFL regular season game, a guy who started his NFL journey as a DE. Their RT is Garry Gilliam who was formerly the back up LT. The Hawks actually started their camp with Lemuel Jeanpierre at Center. Any one heard of these guys?

      The Rams and Cards are in not much better shape….which ever team manages their OL situation the best i.e. a play caller and a QB who can mitigate the OL weakness will win this division.

        1. I wonder if there’s any science to it when you pay your QB’s big money and your defenses too. It doesn’t leave much for stars on the o lines. Seems like all the NFC west teams have similar personnel situations. Could that be the issue, or is it that there just aren’t enough good o linemen to go around?

          1. Wilson-
            It seems like some QBs get that big payday and then do a series of renegotiations to free up cap money. CK’s deal found a different way to try to address it. I think Trent values OL but AD threw him way off schedule for replenishment. Looney should have been a bridge to next talent (not), Martin isn’t developing as fast as expected, nor seemingly is Thomas. Kilgore is experienced depth but dinged now.
            It’s a common challenge around the league. Ask Cam Newton. Heck, ask Chancellor!

            1. All great points. Martin should have had more time to develop but with Kilgore’s injury it threw him into the mix right away. High expectations are killer aren’t they. Thomas was certainly hyped as stopping Clowney coming out of college. Martin too as the best center in the draft. I don’t envy those guys, its got to be the hardest and most under appreciated position on the team. I hope those young players develop into the talent we hope them to be.

              Your AD point is a good one. We’d be a in a completely different place if he was at tackle and we’re just looking for a guard. I was thinking more that TB wasn’t going to give Iupati a big pay day nor Boone when he wants one. My observation is the NFC teams are all built really similar without much research. The money is given to the QB’s, skill positions, Dline, OLB’s and secondary. We paid our ILB’s well and had a rotating door at CB the last 4 years. One questions I have is who’s Staley’s replacement?

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    I have set the draft to be held on September 9 at 9:00 E/6:00 P. If the two vacant spots are not filled by midnight tomorrow, I will make the necessary adjustments to void those final two spots.

    1. To the other members:
      I apologize for the short notice, but certain things delayed me from taking care of this…namely preparing to go back to school. I have dealt with enrolling and applying for loans, scholarships, and grants the past few weeks hence the delay in seeking a date for the draft. I apologize for this and can assure you that won’t happen again.

  12. Coffee, you’ve probably already been doing this, but could post the invite to your pick ’em league? Thanks my friend.

            1. It’s not only a funny football reference it’s also got the 49ers tie-in. Win win :)

          1. Good point, he’s also always been a short burst receiver. Get’s caught from behind on long catch and runs.

        1. No he’s not, he’s still touring and drawing crowds. Willie is a classic!
          Wait….what? Oh. Never mind.

    1. Colts defense does not scare anyone, but Luck and Gore are formidable. GB will be whittled down due to attrition.
      My prediction- Niners Vs Bills with a 38-17 sixth ring.

      1. Are you serious? Bills and 49ers? Thats like predicting Redskins vs Browns in the SB?

        AFC SB options:

        NFC SB options:

        1. You may question my pick, but it is my choice and could be right…or wrong.
          I choose the Niners for obvious reasons, but I chose the Bills because they have a legitimate defense and I like Tyrod Taylor.
          Go ahead and make your choice if you have the guts to do it, then I can belittle your choice.

          1. They have Greg Roman! And Rex Ryan! The dad of McLovin in that Madden commercial.

            Are you related to Bay Area Fanatic? We need to do some DNA testing. You both love KAEP sooooooooooooooo much!

          2. I like the bills as well. Maybe not super bowl but much better than they have been and could be a playoff.

            Super Bowl in three years bills vs bears.

            Roman vs fangio

          3. Seb, not sure I see obvious for the 49ers. I love the team, but we’ll be lucky to see anything north of 6-10 this year. Realism isn’t being a downer or troll as you so often get upset with people for assessing the team as it actually is. I heard an interesting stat. Dockett had 40+ career sacks, do you know how many the current d line has (not including Brooks as an OLB)? 12, including 6 by Dorsey. You just don’t replace Justin and Ray that easily. This team is unproven everywhere as is the coaching staff. The Bills have potential as they are loaded with draft picks but not SB contenders. Your commitment to the 49ers is admirable, your objectivity is well questionable in regards to them.

            My best guess is Packers vs. Broncos or Colts. I haven’t seen enough of either to choose. The Bronco’s O is stuttering under Kubiak’s new system but their Defense is killer, the Colts are the opposite.

            1. That is a safe bet, and if I were to bet money, that would be my choice. However, I am just making a wild guess for the heck of it and now I am archived.
              I predicted 10-6, and the SF Giants proved you just have to get in the playoffs, and anything can happen.
              Sorry am so argumentative. The debater in me is hard to suppress.

      1. Sorry, but PM has a makeshift line, so he will not excel this season, and their RBs do not look elite. The offense will struggle, although that pass rush may keep them in the hunt.

  13. Did any of you see the clip of those HS players hitting that Ref? Game in progress, a Safety runs up and delivers a knockdown hit on the ref from behind, snapping his head back and knocking him face down, then a CB follows up right behind by spearing him with his helmet while he’s laying there. I’m an old dude and I’ve never seen anything like that at any level.
    The Ref wants to press charges, and I agree. smh

    1. I saw a quote that the league or opposing coach wants the players banned for life. Its shameful.

      1. It’s actually just battery. Assault is the “threat” of doing harm where battery is the act of doing it.

          1. Unless those words included a threat to do harm to him physically it’s still just battery. My guess is if they threatened the ref on the field he would have tossed them as well since they were mad at him for ejecting two of their teammates on a previous play.

            1. They conspired to hit him from behind. They did not need to warn the ref they were going to hit him to not call it assault.

              1. SMH. I think I’m done trying to talk to you Seb. You argue when you’re clearly wrong and are being told so. You argue when you have no clue about the subject you are talking about which tells me you just argue to argue and that’s a waste of my time.

              2. Look it up. They only have to have a general intent to cause injury to be classified as an assault. It was also premeditated, and could be defined as aggravated assault due to the use of a helmet to cause grave bodily harm.
                Try out thinking me all you want. This was a classic case of assault and battery.

              3. Perhaps JPN can chime in on this. I’d be interested in the legal ramifications and his comments on this.

  14. Plain and simple, premeditated mayhem by these players on another person.
    Not only should these players be banned from ever playing but the coaching staff and school should receive some form of discipline as well.

    Yes, I include coaches and school, and to some extent even parents (although it would difficult to place any legal punishment on them) because of the immense pressure they place on student athlete’s at this level to win at all cost.
    With athletics unraveling at the high school level its no wonder (to me at least) that we see the police blotter increase with players on the pro level.
    Ok, that’s my rant for today.

    Happy Labor Day, blog family!

    1. I assume the DA will be investigating it as a criminal matter, which it should be, and they will be in jail/”juvy”not school hopefully….. Eventually

      1. Evidently two teammates were ejected prior to these two players taking out the ref.
        I don’t know the particulars resulting in the original two players being ejected but one thing is certain, this team has a major issue with discipline – and I would investigate the coaching and locker room culture.

        Also, unless we want to see a repeat of this across the nation, there has to be swift and conclusive actions taken against the players involved and the coaching staff.

    2. What I came away from the article was that the boys have been dismissed from the team and suspended from their school pending further review by the school to ensure due process to the accused students. Their coach apologized to the other coach. All this shows me an appropriate response by the school and coach to the unforeseen rouge behavior. In that light I would not sanction the school. If the offending players’ team had won I would be OK with a forfeiture of the game, but that’s moot.
      The conference refs are going to consult with the Texas oversight group for Refs, but they are recommending that the players be permanently banned from playing football in Texas. The victimized Ref is waiting to hear the governing body’s opinion, but wants to file charges.
      I don’t see the need for sanctions against the school, team or its coaches. The school board and school administration should sit with the coaches privately and discuss the approach to teaching team discipline, self discipline, and sportsmanship. Two guys DQd in one game (seperate plays) is a black eye to the team even before the attack. How and why did these players go so far astray?
      If the coaches answers and proposed solutions aren’t convincing to the school board, then they shouldn’t be retained.

      1. These two players delivered a blatant attack. It is clear that the plan was for one player to initiate the attack by bowling down the ref while the other player would deliver the major blow by spearing the ref in the back while he was down.
        On the surface, it has the overtones of two players premeditating a revenge attack on a referee D’Qing two teammates.

        I find it hard to believe that a head coach was not aware of the character of his players. There had to be some inkling of over-the-top actions from these players during practices that should have sent up red flags.
        I do place some blame on the coaching and even the pressure put on by parents.

        Just as an aside; I’d be interested in hearing what the parents of these two football players have to say.

  15. 49ers to wear those barfy “alternate” uniforms Monday night. Count me as disappointed.

      1. I remember losing my mind when they showed them on the local sports channel. Disgusting! But I don’t mind these alternates. It’s only two games.

  16. I suggested the Coaches and Kaep read IF, by Rudyard Kipling, but the posters on this site could probably benefit from a little literary inspiration.
    If you can keep your head when all about you
    are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    but make allowance for their doubting too,
    If you can wait and not be tired of waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    and yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream- and not make dreams your master.
    If you can think, and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    and treat those two imposters just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop to build ’em up with worn out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word of your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them; “Hold on!”

    If you can talk to crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes or loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much,
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And- which is more- You’ll be a Man, my son

    1. Coaches reading to Kaep, says it all! We all Kaep can’t read past one sentence!

      Sorry that was too easy!

      Okay for the rest of the people hear not name Seb,

      I like Kaep and hope he does well. I don’t think he’s that good and there are better QBS out there. He had his chance, so did Alex. Life is about change and progress.

      I find it hilarious that some worship Kaep when he’s done nothing, ha had his chance for glory, a moment that QBs who dream of making the right throw to win it all.

      Now we know that QB probably dreamed about running it in to win it all, but I digress.

      Here’s to the 2015 Niners with KAEP leading the way. God save us all, and God save the queen!

      1. “Sorry that was too easy!”

        Obviously it wasn’t. The only thing funny about your joke is that you completely flubbed it.

      2. “Coaches reading to Kaep, says it all! We all (*know*, there fixed it for you) Kaep can’t read past one sentence!”
        ~ Fan77

        Sorry, your joke has no real punch line.
        Well, actually CK had a 3.5 GPA in college and had a high wonderlic score of 37.
        I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I’m pretty sure Kaep can read.

        You’re letting your personal negative emotions regarding CK get the best of you bud.

      3. Fan77- You must be able to type really fast, since it appears you were able to finish that post before you nose grew longer than your arms.

    2. I would add this 18 minute opus for those history buffs off of the new Iron Maiden Book Of Souls album, Empire Of The Clouds. Probably the greatest song I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to….

      To ride the storm, to an empire of the clouds
      To ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ghost
      To ride the storm, to a kingdom that will come
      To ride the storm, and damn the rest, oblivion

      Royalty and dignitaries, brandy and cigars
      Related giant of the skies, you hold them in your arms
      The millionth chance they laughed, to take down his majesty’s craft
      “To India” they say, “magic carpet float away”, an October fateful day

      Mist is in the trees, stone sweats with the dew
      The morning sunrise, red before the blue
      Hanging at the mast, waiting for command
      His majesty’s airship, the r101

      She’s the biggest vessel built by man, a giant of the skies
      For all you unbelievers, the titanic fits inside
      Drum rolled tight, a canvas skin, silvered in the sun
      Never tested with the fury, with a beating yet to come

      The fury yet to come…

      In the gathering gloom, a storm rising in the west
      The coxswain stared into the
      We must go now, we must take our chance with fate
      We must go now, for the politicians he can’t be late
      The airship crew awake for thirty hours at full stretch,
      But the ship is in their backbone, every sinew, every inch

      She never flew at full speed, a trial never done
      A fragile outer cover, her achilles would become

      An achilles yet to come…

      Sailors of the sky, a hardened breed
      Loyal to the king, and an airship creed

      The engines drum, the telegraph sounds
      Release the cords that bind us to the ground
      Said the coxswain,”sir, she’s heavy, she’ll never make this flight.”
      Said the captain, “damn the cargo! We’ll be on our way tonight.”
      Groundsmen cheered in wonder, as she backed up from the mast
      Baptising with her water, from the ballast fore and aft

      Now she slips into our past…

      Feeling the wind as it blows you
      Feeling the beams as they pass you along
      Watching the channel below you
      Lower and lower, into the night

      Lights are passing below you
      Northern france, asleep in their beds
      Storm is raging around you
      A million to one, that’s what he said

      Reaper standing beside you
      Wind inside cuts to the bone
      Panicked to make a decision
      Experienced men, asleep in their graves

      The cover is ripped and she’s flooding
      Rain is flooding into the hold
      Bleeding to death and she’s falling
      Lifting gas is draining away

      “We’re down lads!” came a cry, bow plunging from the sky
      Three thousand horses silent as the ship began to die
      The flares to guide her path ignited at the last
      The empire of the clouds, just ashes in our past
      Just ashes at the last…

      Here lie their dreams as they stand in the sun
      On the ground where they built, and the engines they run
      To the moon and the stars, now what have we done?
      Oh the dreamers may die, but the dreams live on

      Dreams live on
      Dreams live on

      Now a shadow on a hill, the angel of the east
      The empire of the clouds may rest in peace
      And in a country churchyard, laid head to the mast
      1840 souls, who came to die in France…

  17. What about Busta Anderson for the practice squad? Good insurance for if/when the light bulb doesn’t come on for Vance McD.

    1. When Barrows tweeted “Apparently, 49ers found an OT castoff they like” I thought it was someone going on the 53. He’s going to the practice squad.

    2. He’s really Ricky Bobby, but he has athleticism while lacking upper strength. Former 5th round pick in 2013….

      1. Doesn’t bode especially well for the 9 OL already kept that they are stacking the PS with further questionable options. Perhaps Kyle Nelson should be the starting C and he can long snap to Kaep in a glorified “shotgun” formation. Would at least allow Kaep a half a second to see the jail break headed his direction.

        1. We can call it the “Rifle” formation with Kap lined up 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

      1. As per nfl.com:

        STRENGTHS Frame has filled out during his career, should continue to do so early in his NFL career. Still possesses foot quickness to lead off-tackle runs, be effective on zone blocks, and reach/negate second-level targets. Lateral movement in pass protection is adequate to cut off the corner, has the length to push rushers around the pocket. Picks up twists adeptly. Quick getting down on back-side cut blocks.

        WEAKNESSES Lacks adequate strength. Can be bullied into the quarterback by powerful linemen and lacks the upper body to hold off defenders once they get the advantage inside. Stops his feet in pass pro at times, causing him to bend at the waist. Also overextends when attacking linebackers off the snap and quicker defenders in space. Doesn’t play with balance.

      2. First of all George, I’ve always been Mr. Negativity around here so that’s not exactly something new. Second, given the dearth of choices I would have liked them to go with someone that didn’t completely shat the bed in the run block department during the preseason like he did. His pass protection although not as horrendous as his run block still left much to be desired. I’m not saying my argument is because they didn’t pick the players I mentioned but the ones that I did faired far better in their early work then the player we signed.

        1. Hawkinson is better off at guard. If they intend on trying him there I would lesson my “negativity” about the signing.

          1. I agree with your comment about guard, Coffee. I’ve never viewed you as negative, just one of the more critical guys, which I don’t mind because there are two sides to every fence (one of my favorite Charlie Chan lines) and I’m the type of guy who implicitly trusts Baalke and the coaches since they know a lot more than me. Also, I’m aware there are things going on behind the curtain, so to speak, that we will never hear about. Besides which, it’s not easy to acquire good talent due to the competition for it, and even if they bring in one, the guy might not have it upstairs (football intelligence, work ethic, the “intangibles”). In the case of Hawkinson, he’s been a backup for two years, so I think the odds are he won’t be with us for very long.

      1. A former third round pick that has emerged as one of the best WRs in the NFL is overhyped?

    1. Why would we go into the game without Bowman’s backup and only three OLBs?
      Switch Davis out with Brown and Bell with Easton.

      1. I think they’ll only take 7 LBs into the game. I think one of the OLBs is more likely to be inactive, with the idea that both Bellore and TJE could play OLB if needed.

        And to clarify, in case it wasn’t clear, when I say “one of”, I mean one of them will be inactive, not one of them will be active.

      2. “Switch Davis out with Brown and Bell with Easton”.

        With Silberman and Thomas inactive that would leave you with only 5 active OL for the game…?

        1. Easton hasn’t had enough time to digest the playbook and the team is expected to utilize 2WR/2TE sets.
          Meanwhile Davis is our second best RB and Boone can switch to OT in a pinch.
          I also forgot to mention that Silberman switches out with McCray so we have a backup center in the case of an injury to Martin.

          1. So you would go with just one backup OL active?

            49ers won’t have all five RBs (including Miller) active.

            1. Will Miller play? There’s been talk that he could be suspended before the Vikings game.
              Hayne is a PR/KR before he is a RB, and I expect him to not be listed on the game day roster at RB.
              Boone can switch to OT if needed as can Martin who can also play OG. There’s also the possibility that the team could have an offensive linesman suit up instead of TE Celek.

              1. Hayne was born to run behind a ZBS, and he’ll get his opportunities. And when he does, I expect them to pay dividends….

              2. Miller may be suspended. But until we hear that is the case I’m assuming he’ll be available. And if available, he’ll be active.

                Hayne may be very raw as a RB, but even so he showed he has some talent there. 49ers depth chart during preseason listed him as a RB, so I assume that’s where they will continue to list him. And I doubt all 5 RBs will be active on game day. I think it is between Davis and Hayne as to which one suits up to be the 3rd RB, and in that battle I think the winner will be the guy that plays STs.

                I appreciate there is versatility on the OL, but it would be very unusual to only take 6 active OL into a game. Playing with fire if they do.

                “There’s also the possibility that the team could have an offensive linesman suit up instead of TE Celek.”

                Of course there is. The point of this thread is to say who you think will be inactive though. And you have said you think they will take 6 OL into the game. Seems unlikely to me.

      3. Who can play Center besides Martin and Eaton?

        Is Bellore realistic ILB depth behind? I think Skov suits up for every game.

    2. Fucillo’s prediction sounds about right.

      I have one of Purcell or JTE sitting. Purcell’s the hot player, but the 49ers already have three NTs suiting up. Its hotness vs depth.

      Skov suits up. I think Lemonier sits.

      I was toying with the same thing because of the chatter Hayne might sit Monday night, causing an international incident.

        1. I’m not convinced Armstead has earned that. At best he’s a back-up LDT. But he only has to convince the coaches I guess.

          Am I completely wrong here? I feel like the only game he played well in was the chargers game, against lesser competition.

          And Mike Purcell is a better football player right now. He’s made much more impact in preseason and is more experienced and consistent. Armstead may overtake him as the year goes on, but he’s not there yet.

          1. Thursday night Armstead was getting really good pressure using a variety of moves vs double teams. Its the best I’ve seen him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s pegged for an inside pass rusher role, especially with Dockett gone.

            1. I wouldn’t gleen too much from the 4th preseason game. It’s for guys looking for jobs and rookies who need snaps. While I like what I’ve seen from Armstead overall, he’s a rookie who’s not quite ready. Once he refines his technique and is able to consistently use proper leverage, look out. However, thinking he’s gonna play a major role week 1 is optimistic IMO.

              1. Smart to take everything in preseason with big lumps of salt. Based on preseason Glen Coffee was the next Franco Harris.

                Shortly after the draft I was expecting Armstead to not suit up for most games. But I think he’s shown enough to warrant being a situational pass rusher next to Carradine.

    1. Those black unis are barforamix. Reminds me of Eddie D’s awful logo design (posted a link above).

  18. I mocked Tanner Hawkinson to us as a seventh round pick back in 2013. I also believe he’s better suited to being a guard.

    1. Long arms, big hands, weak upper body that hasn’t gotten much stronger in the 2 years he’s been in NFL strength and conditioning programs. Concerning….

      1. He hasn’t been in the 49ers conditioning program though, one that I believe is the best in the league.

      2. From a website reviewing Tanner last season when he got switched from T to G. Sounds like another ZBS candidate.

        “He obviously has tremendous quickness and athleticism,” Alexander said. “He can pull and do things in space and he’s gotten a little stronger. He’s had to grow up in terms of filling out with strength and maturity. He’s a little better than he was last year. He just needs reps now.”


  19. Less than seven hours before the final two spots in the Quest4Six fantasy football league need to be filled or they will be removed. The draft is tomorrow at 9:00 P.M EST.

      1. Log into NFL.com and use this information:

        League ID: 2002359
        League Password: blueKollarKnightmare

          1. LOL. Sure. Find a plain shirt, then a Democrat, and press them together. Your very own Press’ed’ Democrat shirt.

          1. No, I know the Duke injury-prone. But if he is utilized more on offense, then wouldn’t it make sense to use him less as a returner?

        1. White has made it through the prison without injury thus far. His history suggests he does get hurt. How much of that is playing ST’s? I’d be interested to see who people think has a bigger upside?

          1. Gosh, I know it’s just auto-correct but I just can’t resist:
            Whaaaat? White’s been to prison?
            ; >)

  20. Let Ellington focus on being a wide receiver in the National Football League and learn how to stay active all season. Meanwhile let the man that was born to run bludgeon as the punt returner and spell Bush. Bush is another with glass DNA….

        1. I’ve only seen slow motion tidbits of him from NFL Films. Same combo of stature and shiftiness?

          1. Hugh was more slender, not as stout, but incredibly slippery and a change of pace move too. Jarryd’s elusiveness does evoke Hugh M.
            I’m considering another comparison for Hayne too, but I want to look at more tape before I risk heresy with a HOFers name.
            In dance they want performers to keep awareness of an imagined yardstick that runs from the base of the back of your skull all the way to your tailbone. This is keeping your balance over your feet and allows sustained controlled movement in all directions. Think of Jarryd’s shoulders, hips, and feet when he runs even when weaving. Add speed and strength, vision and elusiveness.

              1. In open space he can play without thinking and he gets into The Zone that Cfc referred to the other day.

              2. Durability doesn’t seem to be a concern, he has a chance to carve out a piece of NFL history if he so chooses….

      1. I’m looking forward to seeing Elliot, Fuller, C Jones, and who these teams have to offer at OLB/DE/pass rusher.

    1. I don’t like how Urban Meyer uses his QBs as battering rams. Even though Jones is well suited, If I were him I would question it in regards to my longterm health, and overall development as a QB.

        1. 1) Kaep gets paid millions.
          2)I never said Kap should run wild, but his mobility does create an advantage which the 49ers could effectively leverage, without too great a risk to Kap’s health.

        2. Also, this question has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick. You continually miss the point Prime.

          1. The point always seems to be in favour of your opinion Grime! Maybe you are the one who’s missing it altogether!

            1. Dude, I was commenting on the power dynamic between Meyer and Jones as it pertains to Jones development and future value as an NFL QB. I know you just want to start a fight over CK, but if you want to have an intelligent conversation on the responsibilities of college coaches and the rights of college players, now’s your chance…

              1. College coaches are gonna use their players in the best possible scheme. That means utilizing their best talents in every which way. If that means running the football or as you stated “as battering rams” which is an ignorant statement, then they will incorporate that.
                Pretty sure these coaches especially ones like Meyer who are highly revered, consider the safety and long term health of their players.
                As for CK, not too long ago you were advocating that he should be allowed to run free, throw outside the pocket, be who he is. Well is that not a contradiction to keeping him healthy? How many running QB’s have sustained a long term NFL career playing outside the pocket?

              2. Prime,

                Meyer called a play that had Jones take the snap and run right up the gut. If that isn’t using your QB as a battering ram I don’t know what is.

                Your main problem right now is you see things clearly in black and white. Don’t you get that there is a balance between using your QB in ways that accentuate his strengths and provide an advantage against defenses while not negligently putting him in harms way?

              3. It’s football man! And the coaches coach with the art of deception. Using a QB on a sneak is not new! It’s doesn’t mean you are putting him in harms way. If that was a mentality of coaching then football would seize to exist.
                Back to CK, the arguement around here is that CK is an athletic QB that needs to be effective passing on the run. My arguement is that does not work in the NFL. To be a successful QB you must be able to play from the pocket. He has not shown the ability to do that. You have preached that he needs to be who he is, running wild and playing outside the pocket. I’m saying that you need to be 80% in the pocket making plays and 20% playing free style. Is that black and white or is that the past 20 years of historical success of QB play in the NFL.
                As much as you college guys think the NFL is changing to these athletic, pass orientated type offenses, it will never happen. Wanna know why, because defensive players in college are equally fast and athletic. Therefore football will always be won in the trenches and with QB’s that can throw from it.
                This will eliminate defenses from cutting the field in half and having less of an are to cover.
                Roll a QB out consistently the defense does it have to cover the other side. Play within the pocket you know have to cover the whole field. Big difference!

              4. First of all Prime,
                You’re obviously not watching the game, so it’s actually you that’s making ignorant statements about Meyer’s play calling and use of his QB.

                Secondly, if Meyer cares about his QB’s future, why isn’t he teaching Jones to be a pocket passer instead of putting his head down and running up the gut on 1st down? Since, as you so predictably stated, “To be a successful QB you must be able to play from the pocket.”

              5. Not sure why a guy named Grime is questioning the play calling of probably one of the best professional coaches in the world? How many national championship has he won and how many have you been affiliated with?
                Second of all, did I say to be successful you need to play from the pocket in the NCAA or NFL? 2 different games Grime. Maybe that’s your problem. You think they are the same. They are completely different.

              6. You are so stupendously dense. I never questioned Urban Meyer’s ability to win football games. I’m trying to have a conversation that goes beyond football, but I guess that’s above your level of discourse.

              7. So you asked me to engage in an intellectual football conversation and so I did. You follow that up with calling me dense and not being able to counter my arguements. So now you know why I have never engaged you in a real football conversation because you are a nobody who knows nothing about the game and a pee on loud mouth talking smack good for others who think college football and the NFL are the same. Be gone Grime, learn the game before requesting me again!

              8. That’s why I keep saying that you’re missing the point Prime. I’m not trying to have a football discussion. And I’m perfectly happy with you never engaging me again.

              9. Prime, have you ever noticed that you are right in the centre of most arguments on this forum that descends into name calling and trading of insults?

                Just an observation.

              10. Scooter you ever notice that most of your posts sound like you know more than anyone else? Its like talking to Mr. know it all who really doesnt know it all. Just an observation since we are playing that game!

              11. Cartoon Grime says ” but if you want to have an intelligent conversation on the responsibilities of college coaches and the rights of college players, now’s your chance…

                Comprehension and short term memory need work kid!

              12. Yes Prime,
                and you tried to turn it into the difference between college offense and pro offense, and what effective QB play looks like. And you still haven’t read my name correctly. So now whose comprehension and short term memory is actually in question here?

              13. It really bothers you, doesn’t it? Here’s a question for you though – if you think I sound like I know more than you, does that say more about me, or you?

              14. Grime says “Yes Prime,
                and you tried to turn it into the difference between college offense and pro offense, and what effective QB play looks like”
                Because you asked why Meyer hasnt taught Jones to play from the pocket and that health and safety should be a consideration in play calling.

                You have questioned Meyers play calling. You have stated that he should then teach him to him to play within the pocket as I argued its much safer, all the while not understanding that the NCAA football and NFL are completely different games.

                So once again, what is your arguement? Meyer does not know how to use QB’s talent? He should not let his QB’s run up the gut but you are okay with CK free wheeling in the open field? Please enlighten me?

              15. Scooter just stating an observation. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong. Problem is you dont like being told you are wrong.
                i.e. Losing weight for football players is more effective running than swimming.

              16. Prime, the losing weight running or swimming is a great example of you not following the conversation. I never said that. You simply misinterpreted what I said. Again.

                If you don’t believe me, go back and re-read the conversation. You will (hopefully) see that I quite clearly said I didn’t believe a hamstring injury could in and of itself be the cause of Lynch turning up out of shape. And turns out I was correct. He had back surgery. That will do it.

              17. Prime,

                The question is and always has been: how much does Meyer really care about his players future? Since the rationale behind college players not getting paid is they’re receiving a college education(which is supposed to prepare them for the future), doesn’t Meyer have some responsibility in preparing his QB for a possible future career in pro football? Which, you so astutely pointed out, is different from college football. If you were a QB and had a legitimate chance of playing in the NFL, wouldn’t you want to go to a school that would adequately prepare you for that?

              18. That’s probably the best way to protect your quarterback, by being in command of the game early….

              19. Grime asks “doesn’t Meyer have some responsibility in preparing his QB for a possible future career in pro football?

                Absolutely not! The NCAA is not a development league for the NFL. Meyers responsibilty is to win games for Ohio State University and make them lots of money while earning his own.
                What makes you think college coaches are responsible for getting their student athletes to become pro players? How can they do that with coaching and playing in a different style than the NFL?
                Should every football program in America be geared to a pro style offense and defense? Highly unlikely as the talent to do that would be impossible to find. Thats why the game is so different in the NFL because college coaches have limited talent to work with. Thats why you see the gimmicky schemes in college because it shades inferior talent.

              20. Scooter he gained weight because he could not run. Wether it was a hamstring or back injury or both he could not run. You said that he could have done other things to keep the weight off. Like swimming. My point was football players need to run to shed weight. You diasgreed. Regardless of the type of injury Lynch had which neither of us knew about, you still felt that swimming was as effective for football players. You go back and check out what you said. I already know.

              21. “You said that he could have done other things to keep the weight off. Like swimming. My point was football players need to run to shed weight.”

                You do realise these are two different points, yes? One is about keeping weight off, the other is about losing weight. I even agreed with you at the time that running is the best way to lose weight. But if it had been a hamstring injury, there would have been other things he could have done to stay in shape. His fitness levels may have gone down, but he could have maintained his weight, at least better than he did. Swimming would have been one of them, weights another, even walking and light jogging after he got past the worst of it.

                The type of injury does indeed matter in this regard. It being a back injury explains why he was unable to stay in shape, as he would have been prevented from doing almost all forms of exercise for a while.

                You say you don’t need to go back and read what was posted, but you still continue to misinterpret my comments.

              22. Prime sez:
                “The NCAA is not a development league for the NFL.”

                So how come the NFL requires players to complete three years in college before they are draft eligible?

                “What makes you think college coaches are responsible for getting their student athletes to become pro players?”

                They are university employees and have a responsibility to best prepare their student-athletes for future success. If a player has an ability and a desire isn’t it a coaches job to nurture that?

                “How can they do that with coaching and playing in a different style than the NFL?”

                Ahhhhh… We finally get to the good stuff. This is the conundrum for NFL GMs and coaches. How do you suggest they fix this gap? If you’re an NFL GM how do you know a player will be a fit if you can’t judge him in a pro system? Due to the economics of the salary cap young players have to play earlier. Especially QBs. But players are coming from completely different systems and aren’t ready to play the NFL game. Who has to adapt? The NCAA or the NFL?

                “Thats why you see the gimmicky schemes in college because it shades inferior talent.”

                Urban Meyer runs a “gimmicky scheme” and he gets tons of talent.

              23. First of all you just proved my point that being told you might be wrong causes you to go mental. The arguement was not wether how to keep weight off based on the type of injury, but how football players effectively keep weight off.
                Next, back injuries will allow you to do work in a pool. They will not allow you to run, jog, sprint in most cases. Lynch’s injury was primarily a hamstring issue that reverberated into the lower back. Thus causing him an inablity to run and as a result gained weight.
                The arguement for the miilionth time was how do football players best keep weight off? You said swimming, I said running. Once Lynch got into camp and was able to run, he looked like his old self. Tomsula said so himself. “Hes now moving around real nice” He didn’t say the pool work he’s been doing is getiing him back down to a reasonable weight.

                You wanna keep going back and forth with this fine. My observation of you not handling being wrong is dead on. If it makes you feel better, you are correct, I do name call but all in good fun and most times with jerks that keep changing the parameters of the arguement. Case in point, staring at you in the mirror!

              24. Grime asks “So how come the NFL requires players to complete three years in college before they are draft eligible?

                Its an age thing. Cant imagine 18 yearsold playing against pros like Marshawn Lynch, Demarcus Ware. That would be suicide. Dumb question Grime!
                Second point, college coaches are university employees but their reponsibility is to have their student athletes graduate with a degree. No where does it say that if I attend university its my coaches responsibility to prepare me for pro sports? It might be used as a recruiting tool but pretty sure no wher in that letter of intent does it say you sign here, you will make it to the NFL!

                Last point. The NCAA football programs do not need the NFL. They are doing just fine without them. They make tons of money on their own. Players playing in college have to adapt to the NFL game. Not vice versa. Case in point Kaepernick.
                NFL teams have to evaluate college players based on what they determine the players they draft, regardless of system they played in pro or “gimmick”, on how they can develop into their scheme.
                How are college coaches suppose to do that when the talent they recruit is at best half of what thet NFL has? They cant, its impossible. Thats why they are running schemes completey different than what the pros are. Same with mens basketball. Completey different games. You dont see that?

            2. And this guy calls others idiots.
              You guys didn’t get your football knowledge from Madden. Prime says you’re an idiot if you didn’t. (True story) and scrolling down this page I should have called it…. Onelame the biggest clown on this blog and has been for years. Booted off 3 times and comes back like a loser would chime in for prime. The other clown that’s been booted off multiple times and came back to troll. You’d think a second time would buy you a hint. These two are absolutely useless when they can’t swing from Alex smiths nuts! So now one lame trolls my posts and adds nothing and slime trolls everyone and calls them a racist name or makes fun of someone’s wife with cancer. Wonder if he learned that on madden. Onelame how’s your “coldblooded assassin” doing these days? trolls will be trolls

  21. Why all this “watch tape” mumbo. All the tape in the world does not make for accurate passing. The game is played on the field, not the film room fer-F’s-sake

        1. Just because that’s the number I am familiar seeing him in. I kept forgetting he was 91 in pre-season, and was wondering who that guy was. So will be nice to have him back in #90 for the season.

        2. I guess it would also be good for anyone that owns a #90 Dorsey jersey from previous seasons.

          1. I guess it would also be good for that one person who owns a #90 Dorsey jersey from previous seasons.

            fixed that for you, Scooter ;)

  22. Here are the season totals for the Niners for the past six seasons, PF=Points For, PA=Points Against

    2014: PF: 306 PA: 340
    2013: PF: 406 PA: 272
    2012: PF: 397 PA: 273
    2011: PF: 380 PA: 229
    2010: PF: 305 PA: 346
    2009: PF: 330 PA: 281

    Any one want to take a guess/predict at approx what the 2015 totals will be, PF and PA?

      1. Niner defense have not given up more than 346, and now they will give up 415? I thought the defense looked pretty good this preseason.

        1. Niner Offense with Kaep under center looks pretty bad. And you think they are going to score 420? Hey I know what 420 is, and that says everything about you you, dduuuuuuuudeeee!!!!!!

          Although Haynes and Ellington look pretty dangerous so many the Niners ST scores a lot of points!

          1. You and I rarely agree except here. 420 is really high. I think we’ll be in the 340 PF and 340 PA range.

            If Brock can’t stay healthy we’ll have a really young DB group who can play well, but expect some mistakes. Mangini’s defense is risk and reward so they’ll be some times when we get burned because he sends the house. I think the offense will be more productive than last year because we’ll be quicker to the play and more decisive on the play calling. I think Hyde will score more than last year and we’ll see some more production out of the pass game.

    1. The biggest one for me is easily our OL vs. the Vikings pass rush. The right side of the OL was awful during the preseason, and I hope they clean that up fast or else Kaep is going to have a long season.

  23. Devey Vs Shariff Floyd is a critical matchup.
    I wonder how Trae Waynes will do. I wanted the Niners to move up and grab him, at one time.

    1. Seasquawks will find it hard to win the division, much less get to the SB. Looks like the smurf’s salary is impacting the roster.

          1. I love #25 and he is a shutdown corner. No one even throws to his side of the field haha except CK. Big mistake haha. You got to laugh or you’ll cry!

            1. The guy who VM ran over like a Mac truck? Guess with no ET and Kam, he will be exposed this year, and I hope the Niners run right at him.

    2. Woah! We have not seen you here Mary since the Superbowl. I guess the season has officially started. :)

        1. Everyone is chilling, just waiting til the season starts. Just like the Seasquawk fans are waiting,and reliving that goal line interception over and over again, just wondering what would have happened if PC did not have a brain freeze and had given the ball to Lynch.

        2. Mary,

          Your prediction for the NFC West and the rest? Hate to say it but it’s SEA’s to lose. I have no idea what the Niners will do, mainly because I have no idea what Kaep will do. He will win a game or 2, but can also lose 2 or 3. He hasn’t shown any maturity to show he can get past Seattle twice. Hyde has the makings of a top 5 back. Defense iffy on the run, although Bowman looks like he’s back close to 100%.

          I think the NFL, the league wants Green Bay Packers vs. Indy Colts.

          1. Fansince77:

            I don’t want to put a hex on anything but I think it’s the Packers time. Fame has a way of taking a toll on a team. It’s not even the money for the QB, I think PC/JS have managed the salary cap very well.

            I don’t see the Colts doing anything. Outside of Luck who throws quite a few interceptions, they always have a weak defense and they’re in a weak div. I see Denver.

            6 games in it will all be clear!!

    3. I don’t think you own the NFL’s best roster any longer without a healthy Thomas and Chancellor. Denver has the best roster on both sides of the ball.

  24. OTL reports that stealing signals is commonplace. Niners should have both Gabbert and Thompson using hand signals, and the coaches should predetermine who has the correct one so the opposition cannot know which one is the true call.
    I still did not like the way the players would have to wait for the calls to be signaled in. They should have 3 plays determined ahead of time and run those quickly and efficiently. Kaep should be the field general, and be allowed to call the plays with input from the sideline. The hurry up will prevent the opposition from making substitutions, or if they do, the Niners could catch them with 12 men on the field and get a free play. It would also allow them to create mismatches. I want tempo.

  25. Plenty of Looney Tunes checking in today. Some days this blog is like Ventura Blvd on a Friday night.

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